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registered member: stone_7 (Sat 04 May 2013 01:32:21 GMT)

Watch your step

So it's been quite a while. Today I decided to go hunting at the street fair if you will. When I get there were a few performers but it wasn't crowded right away. There were crowds around many different street performers however I couldn't find anything worth interest. I finally get to one crowd and I noticed an Italian looking girl with a black and white striped dress on. The dress

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registered member: stone_7 (Thu 09 May 2013 21:38:48 GMT)

My 2 cents

To be honest ppl this website is really just a message board in which everyone has the freedom of speech. If u don't like what somebody is saying then the only thing u can do is ignore it. I of course think that we should all put more time into sharing the Real life experiences that we have in common being chikan. I love to hear the comment of ppl who are here to give advice in better techniques. Ayashi is probably not going to get involved with the problems most of u have with others on here. He's probably just trying to be fair to everyone as he should. So guys if u are mature enough lets relax and just be adults here. We're here for entertainment not to fight so let's just change the subject now because that's what's going to end up happening anyway.

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