The man of the year, 2014

is third eye open. He had won January and February men of the month.
But 2014 has no rookie of the year and nobody enters the hall of fame newly.

January award: third eye open
For his Crack Invader story.
(Willing girls make hot summer hotter.)

31st nite (Fri 03 Jan 2014 04:03:48 GMT)

It was fucking cold. Went out but could not do much prospecting due to cold.
Went into a establishment without proper research. Not too many frott worthy potentials (i'm super picky).

Ones that caught my eyes any time I was in 3 yards radius of that ass, it figured me out and moved away (amazing how their instinct works - even in a dark room and 'em being tipsy).

Line up at the bar was b.s some many people and a dumb bitch (super cute though) behind the counter looked clueless. Staring at her helped me pass time. To my surprise she decided to comeout from back of the counter and get help. In process gave me a nice butt message. My drunk cock cut that vanilla cake all the way into that warm cosy crack (YES O YES). A minute later she brought some help. But her way back in she had to pay her tax. This time gave her firm squeeze. She turn and gave me a confuse look but too busy to cause a fuzz. Her little friend's butt was not that great. It just washed way the after taste of that sweet pretty face and butt of my dick. She told her little short friend about what i did to her and the shorty gave me a bad look but served me a cold one.

On my way out just became bold and palm that sexy lady that have been trying to run from me all nite. That was a memorable ass, fit into my palm like a nice pair of gloves. I was soooo hot from that final encounter that i felt warm on my walk to the car. I did not even bother looking at other drunk girls that were on the street.

caught him in action (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Sat 11 Jan 2014 00:45:24 GMT)

saw this 'ol man fondling this little girl (maybe 16 or younger) really bothered me today. First i was shocked watching daddy butt fucking daughter. Then his wife came out of shoes shopping and they walked away together. This little paki chick was about to burst out in tears. She was alone, guess that's way she didn't say nothing. If she goes home tells her parents, that guy would definitely be caught on camera. PLEASE GUYS, IF YOU ARE THAT OLD AT LEAST THINK OF THE AFTERMATH. i would probably not grope after seeing that.

lamest excused i've ever heard (Fri 24 Jan 2014 03:42:23 GMT)

Times Square 'Woody' Claims Women Asked Him To Grope Their Butts

crack invader (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Wed 29 Jan 2014 03:07:51 GMT)

She was a willing participants. Here is how i know.
Still I am, but back in the days (y2k) i was a good boy among the bad boys. I was new and dumb. J zay was kickin it with big pimping, bunch of us were all at an all ages clubing event that took place once a year late summer b4 back to school. Unfortunately they stopped it for too many reasons (mostly for guys like us) but they level the reason as "safety issues".

Rich downtown blonde teens was basically pick and choose kind of a thing. That is how easy it was. Club was called goverment (did not put the right spelling on purpose but will show up if you google it).

Every step inside this club was an ass rubbing paradise. I could bet you any money you can Not get in this place without not getting your cock brushed by at least couple of beautiful teens butt.

Line up was huge and narrow closed with metal barricade, anytime security turned their attention elsewhere people would do their best to squeeze in front of then line. My buddies would smoke their blunt while waiting and pass it (i was separated from them) to me and girls would watch :) (because security was beating the shit of guys that were selling or doing drugs). Some memorable moments as far i could recall: security turned their attention to something and i noticed this 3 cute blonds squeezed (got some free-b) and passed me by, while people behind me shouting at them. At one point i did the same and 2 girls behind me followed. When i stopped from getting any further, had this tall skater chic with tight t-shirt pinned to my back. Feeling from those round soft breasts made my knees weak and I only wanted to stand at that position. When i did not keep up with the phase of the crowd that was moving inch per minute, this girl would forced me forward with her chest. You have to be in my place to know what i'm talking about.

After pushing me to the tail of the crowd during the wait she would talk to her friend and draw stuff on my back with her thin long finger. That was a f-ING hot tease, my ears would turn red and i felt stem were shooting out of my ears. This would go on for minutes. Then there was not much left to the line and to my surprise this group front of me choose to cut the line and move forward (which is uncommon because security see you they push you back all the way). This worked to my favor. They left me with a gang of girls with their lovely ass exposed for my pleasure. Here was a short space maybe about 5 meter that is even narrower and lead us to the checking area (almost dark). Since the line narrowed i was left with one pair of tits and a pair of ass. In this dark space I reached out my hand and i would hold my index finger downward and slide it right into that canal (fit in tightly) feel the warmth and when i would pull it out i would feel the ever so gentle clap/bounce of her teen pear. I did that few times.


When I got in: BOY OH BOY, shit was off the hook. They were blowing hot air to get people all sweaty and thirsty (it was full on summer time). They were selling 3$ a cup of rum and coke for people over 19 and 5$ for a bottle of spring water lol. ***I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT BUTT FUCKING SCENE AT BAR LINE*** That's mostly because you did not have to line up at a bar go get your dog in the buns. But thinking back people who likes to get that bar line going they would love it. Sooo many naive little blonds with fit bodies pressed against each other.

Rebellious little girls would take their tops off and just be in sport bras and shy little girls would keep their top on, that is because they were not wearing a bra (hot summer). Their sweaty body would stick to their thin top and once that was wearing white their little 16 years old pink nipple would show.

I can't count how many teen bubble i humped that nite but a conservative guess would be 8. Each I would do for a minimum of 3 songs. But here is a kicker: I did not know the objective was to get a bust on lol. My objective was to get their number. So i would try to pick who look the hottest (best of my ability judging by their body and dress-up under that dim light condition). I would basically stand near and try to observe them and little that i know they would dance their way on my dick. Sounds like bragging but it is the ultimate truth.
Some would let me squeeze their tits under my palm, some would first resist by putting my hand down a couple of times and then accept my molestation and finally some would simply walk away as soon i would grope those tits.

One of them was exceptional; she wowed me by showing how much she knew. So as usual after getting a number i would hunt for next one. Some how i ended up beside this one. Considering the earlier girls that i picked up (rate it an 8 or 9) this one would a 7, she had dark oburne wavy should length hair. She had on a pinkish long soft silky summer dress. Her skin was pale and stood about 5'4 or 5'5. Maybe a B or a C cup NO BRA, NO PANTIES OR EVEN THONG. As soon the initial contact was made, my dick sunk right in between that soft ass and inviting crack. She communicated with her friend by signs because cant hear one another. She was so casual as if there wasn't a curious horny guy trying to figure out why her ass feels so much better then the rest. i was running my hand to see if i could locate a panty or a thong line but there wasn't one. This i think made me pre cum in my jeans. Just the idea, my hard on was thrusting this strange pussy and just a smooth silk material and my jean and boxer was the only thing in between was mind blowing for me at that age. Now my next mission was to discover bra territory and when that perky nipple just glided under my palm gave me confirmation bra wasn't there. I saw her friends giggled when i reached for her little soft teen tits. With her ass still stuck to my mid drift she just turned and made faces (you can't hear music too loud) she asked me not to do that. But after a minute i need assurance so i run my fingers on her back, shoulder and every place to see if i could locate an under garment but there wasn't any it made me pre-cum little more and made me soo happy. In the mean time she is just casually chatting away with her friends. If u saw us you would think we are a couple.

Even-though i was having such a goodtime it was time for me to move on to a different girl and also i was getting tried and dehydrated.
Oh my god you could not believe what happens next. This girl was watching me b4 i got to her and she knew my game. As soon she sensed that i maybe leaving she held on to my forearm that was wrapped around her waist turn around with my dick still in her crack with literally an inch away way from my lip, her soft lips asked: whats wrong? In my head i was like holly shit! I replied: Ah i'm gonna get bottle of water. She replied back: My friends are getting it stay with me.

Both her friends went off to the water bar and my little princess heat the game up a notch. She softly dragged me short distace do a darker spot, then she was dancing to bennie-mon in a particular way that was unbelievable. Her soft butt cheeks would just bounce my cock around as if she was flipping my dick one cheek to another, then drop in da crack and repeat process. I had my jaw open breath heavy like an raging bull ready to charge. She did not mind this time me squeezing the her tits so much as if i am trying to squeeze the cum out of my dick. She knew i was not going anywhere. I was hers for the nite all to herself.

2 min into our journey to haven my monkey friends show up and the formality of introduction takes place and by the time friends got us some waters. We all came outside for smoke. And felt the cool breeze chatted again exchange numbers. NEVER CALLED A SINGLE NUMBER THAT I GOT THAT NITE. Maybe a girl did call about a week or so later on my homephone my mom answer but dont know if it was her or not.

shogie (Fri 31 Jan 2014 18:45:00 GMT)

I'm glad you was able to comprehend my writing despite my poor grammar and errors.
But Lady Victoria here looks like a half scratched non-winning fake lottery ticket. I would like to see sexy stars are following this trend.

February award: third eye open
gets the award again.
(You have good memory to recall all things about a sexy woman.)

Salom (Sat 01 Feb 2014 06:09:43 GMT)

i've been 2 P.Rico for work, did not get any opportunity to chikan or fuck. But found the girls to be hotter than i expected. But i hear Peru is having a financial crisis maybe u get a nice lady at a discount rate.

Subin (Mon 03 Feb 2014 00:10:39 GMT)

How to grind or grope in club u ask? lol

If its an adult u want to grind, just start a simple conversation and give her some compliments (noo cheezy pickline) Just be honest and be a little careful with your wording. As long she's not there with her man your success rate will increase by multi-fold. Work for me like a charm, i dont know a thing about dancing its usually them grinding on me after 10 min.

As far groping goes i'm no professional, just have limited experience. One thing i could say, let your instinct guide u (lay off a target if u dont feel comfortable). For me groping only apply when its someone i cant have, example, married, age gap (older then me by significant margin) or babes that are way out of my league. Aside from that i will pick em up and do what your doing for 2 seconds but instead for 2 hours. lol

Lot of people think they can't talk to girls and that is not true. Just say "hello, how are you" that's all, everything else will fall into place. Good hygiene is a key beside dressing well and looking good.

---------keep up the good work avoid uglies---------

RE: SUBIN (Mon 03 Feb 2014 01:31:58 GMT)

Sorry to take up board space, about your last statement what if your hand was grabbed? I strongly believe your hand was grabbed or at least she gave your the impression that she could have grabbed your hand but she decided to let you go. Reason i'm saying this because i did not know it was a possibility until it happened to me.

Dude, the hand that grabbed me was so masculine something from the "seinfield" cute ass but manly hand. lol

That only happened because i got greed on that ass, spend more then a second. She did not say anything but i don't know what i would do.

re: shogie (Tue 04 Feb 2014 23:51:55 GMT)

This older bro, i knew few year back actually like to watch his wife get dick poked by dudes. She was a yoga instructor (i don't need to describe more?) i would give her face a solid 8. They were persian. At pubs we b at the booth having our drinks and her and her friends would be dancing on the floor. All the guys (ppl we don't know) would try to take turn. My man here would watch and then he would go in move all the guys and hump her himself. So, it's just not safe to assume all guys out their are dummies. Some are just chikan hosts. lol

Thanx for the award (WARNING: she may be 42 years old) (Thu 06 Feb 2014 01:43:25 GMT)

Thanks master ayashi, for giving me the award. If i may, your comment "willing girl make hot summer hotter " I'm going to token that.
Shogie, thanks for voting for me and i was actually commenting on crack invader's post "death metal crack invasion". I felt his strawberry blonde was enjoying it; hence she was a willing participant
I want to celebrate my award by sharing a quick story with u (all my butt humping ninjas out there)
People who know me are aware i was a cabbie (taxi driver) back in college days.
I use to meet people from all walks of life. After that nite, story title "high risk adventure" i would always look for another opportunity which didn't materialized by the way. But this is the next best thing that happened:

I was a part-timer so just weekend nite shift. One Sunday morning around 3 am i picked up this middle aged couple in their mid 40s from 4 season hotel here in Downtown and dropped them to oakville which was about a 30 to 40 min drive.
This lady was beautiful, well dressed; good manner seemed to me someone who holds a respectable position in a big company. She was tall, fair skin complexion, long dark blonde hair, very well defined cheek bones that gave her a strong bold look but in a fine feminine way. The way her curves was hugging her dark navy blue evening dress gave me the impression she was a runner or at least works out. They may have been attending a party of some sort 'cause her husband was wearing a tux. He was kidda tipsy. When they were getting into the cab they were fully occupied in their conversation but within 5 min both just became complete silent. Guess both were utterly exhausted, especially the guy, I guess he had too many cold ones.
Anyways, when i was on the highway each time we would pass by a lamp post the overhead light would ascent and highlight her breast in my looking mirror. After seeing this several times i was gradually gaining a mild wood in my jeans. I saw this guy at one corner and she was at the other corner. He had his head down (don't know if he was drowsing or not) and she was just looking out the windows. I decided to fix the looking mirror on her face. Think she noticed it. 1st glance at her, she is looking outside, 2nd glance back to admire more of her gorgeous face, she caught me looking at her. I kinda got nervous thinking, oh maybe that was too quick to glance back. Or maybe it's a coincidence, okay lets checkout that sexy face again, oops she caught me(eye contact) checking her out again.
So, i thought what the fuck, her man is half passed out, it's late, i'm young and she is hot. Even if she complains i would just say, only way she would know i was looking at her because she was looking at me. After rationalizing this in my mind I came up with a game plan to see what her reaction would be. 1st i checked out the guy with the corner of my eye and saw he wasn't sleep just tired and leaning his head back. Then I quickly looked into the looking mirror and Boom, she is looks at me again. I put my hand on the gear and then slowly started to masturbate the gear handle (I actually mean the car gear). I look into the looking mirror to see her reaction and if she is noticing what I'm doing, well she seemed entertain by the idea. And she had this naughty smile reflecting in her eyes which was sooo seductive and no little teen can imitate that.

Within 2 min i felt some movement in the back seat. Next i felt a sudden jerk coming from the guy's side while both are completely silent. Poor guy never got a handjob back sit of a cab. He was very nervous/ shy at first minute or so. He was keep checking me out to see if I could tell what they were up to and I'm noticing this from the corner of my eyes. Then his wife kindda settled him down. When he was settled and comfortable, he was looking out of the window trying to pretend nothing is going on.

Thanks god highway was almost empty, the whole time me and wifey was having a staring competition. Oh boy the bedroom looks she was giving me was amazing. She would lick her lips, bite them, raise her eyebrows, and squint her eyes. She had me completely mind fucked. I felt as if i was having sex with her in bed and i was doing her missionary. I wanted to take my cock out and jerk off sooo badly, it would have taken no more than 4 to 5 strokes for me to bust.
The way she would capture and hold the eyes contact, guide my thought about us having sex with her eyes and facial impression was unbelievable. She would indirectly allow me to lead as if she is a cheating submissive wife that needs to be punished. She would make this hot "fuck me face" and blow these little passionate kisses at me was way too overwhelming more me. I wish that ride never ended

When we got to the destination this guy happily gave me a tip, in his mind he got away with a handjob without me knowing but silly goose don't know i lead her up to it. But does he know what i got from his wife? In the end I was shocked to see when she got off she did not make a single eye contact with me. Her face was very conservative as if nothing had happened. I wanted to watch her sway that ass while she walked but their drive was dark. fuck

RE: (Sat 08 Feb 2014 04:38:21 GMT)

Men eat meat raw but once they discovered joy of cooked meat they never went back to raw meat. We are those men who tasted cooked meat. How far we travel to cook our meat under fire is based on how hungry we are. GR I LIKE THE WAY U PUT IT TOO.

michael - couple of questions (Sun 09 Feb 2014 19:06:59 GMT)

Use your height to your advantage;
women climbing up the stairs (you are immediately behind them)... ass on your face... yummy.

When a tall lady of your liking is immediately behind you quickly turn (make it seem accidental of course)... tits on your face... double yummy.

When she is sitting and you penetrate through her comfort parameter to get up close and personal... your dick in her face... lol

But don't forget to finish your assignment first. Advice from 5'9

don't chikan these uglies (Sun 09 Feb 2014 19:47:10 GMT)

This ugly going on about ninja at work. Fuck u UGLY... gotta pay me to touch her a capital EUUU..

GR - Spandex (Mon 10 Feb 2014 21:32:43 GMT)

JT concert here in Toronto (Wed 12 Feb 2014 17:37:41 GMT)

anyone here could give me some suggestions. I didn't have much luck at k west/rihanna's concert.

Comment (Thu 13 Feb 2014 03:34:04 GMT)

taking your tool out is as addictive as crack (figure of speech - I don't do it). I've tried it one time and it was the ultimate pleasure. I guess it's the rush of being caught and being destroy like Jay said. there is a psychological factor that add more pleasure to the thrill. And recording it, I guess just adding gasoline to the fire (never recorded myself). If you cross over to the other side of the boundary then frott will never be the same with cloth on.

I am still expecting some valid input about Friday's concert ANY NINJA's out there I am hoping this would be great I stopped polishing my coin from sheer anticipation for the past 3 days.

re: JT concert here in Toronto (Mon 17 Feb 2014 23:27:40 GMT)

Land where cock can't come out of pants; buy HEREM SHEER PANTS its worth the investment. Its stylish(i fucking hate it) and its the next best thing to having your dick out. Face it you can't wear shorts or track pants everywhere.

About the concert experience, i will post it hopefully by the end of the week.

RE: B- BOY comment (Tue 18 Feb 2014 23:10:44 GMT)

lol. I know what u mean, "sheer" sound homo. It's NOT see thru lol. Got mine through "rug & bone" they carry it only in few selected retail store (expensive). But if u ask my opinion it's thinner then sheer!!

Gettin' DEEP up in that ASS! (Sat 22 Feb 2014 21:22:10 GMT)

"this year will be about how many nuts I cannot get" hehehe.
how was u humping her friends, on the dance floor?

I'm going to be typing my feb/14th memories; do you guys wants the detail version or cut to the chase version?

hump day special - JT concert (Wed 26 Feb 2014 09:09:12 GMT)

***guest the detail version is as per your request****
Peep if u want the action only then start reading from the middle

You may have noticed I'm more active for the past couple of months that's due to my girl being away overseas to visit her family, so I got some freedom to f-around.
Few weeks ago a work colleague told me about JT being in Toronto. I personally don't like the guy (my colleague). He is more of an asshole than anything but he is useful when it comes to this type of information. He tried to sell me the idea with possibilities of meeting a lot of fine single women with a wink (even though he knows my girl). He invited me to join him and his fiancée on the 14th at this concert. I gave him the impression that chance of me attending would be bleak but I'll consider it.
As soon I got home I was google-ing JT up with when, what, where and how questions. Aside from the idea of having my cock pressed against some fine booties, I actually like JT LOL… (I know it's sad).
Found out JT was performing 2 days back to back 13th and 14th and 13th being the single's nite. All tickets were soldout for the 13th even sculpt ticket couldn't be found and for the 14th ticket master had tickets left for group sitting. So I had to drive to a ghetto hood 35 min from where I live to pickup a sculpt ticket from this crackhead looking guy which put a huge doubt that I was about get fucked (it won't work at the door ). I told him straight, if I'm embarrassed at the door I will find him and take more than my money back. He took 20$ more than the face value of the ticket $140. After all these trouble I found out on facebook whole bunch of girls from high school days bought into group sitting and asking to see if anyone wants to join them. This made things worse because not only the a-hole from work but there is a possibility of bumping into familiar faces.
Now it's time to visit my wardrobe, it consist of work cloths, party cloths, going out cloths, casual cloths ect. But no chikan wear. This is where herem pants come to play. Took some time to visit some stores but nothing was worth buying, every store carried their winter collection. Fortunately one of my favorite boutique where I actually know an employee helped me get it. I told her I was travelling to very hot climate and winter cloths would not work. She took almost an hour to help me pick these pants. It was discontinued back in '12 fall but they had it in stock. The material really impressed me (super thin) and the stitching allows room for full raging boner. This pant is very different from our conventional pants, it has velcro/ buckle waist and buttons on pockets (very cool look). It would give you the illusion I'm wearing regular herem (not sheer looking, Bad Boy lol) but when I put it on it feels as if I'm wearing nothing at all. It was hand made by a designer brand (rag & bone) with a sticker price that made my eyes roll back but she gave me a very handsome discount (still darn expensive) because it was just packed away in the back stock. I was very happy with my purchased.
With my new pants that allow my dick to stretch I wanted to try the blue pill (viagra) I never done it before. I really wanted to LEAVE AN IMPRESSION on these booties lol. I wanted my assault to be imprinted on their mind. Following day at work nice old guy (I trust him not to open his mouth) who work at the IT dept chatted him up to see if he could get me a blue pill. His eyes became the size of ping pong balls and started giving me advices about how I shouldn't try it without seeing my doctor. So I had to move my business to a street pharmacist and consult his opinion lol. This hoodlum was scared shitless when selling me this (thought I was an undercover).
Now me being fully equip for the mission, I've noticed my boner getting more and more rigid with each passing morning. But my newly acquired gear does not go well in this balls freezing temperature. So I had to decide between long johns or freeze my balls. You can't just slide these pants down without undoing the velcro (that shit makes lot of sound). I was really looking forward to this concert because it fell on a long weekend. Here we take a day off work on Feb/17 so it was a 3 days weekend (people tend to have an extra drink during long weekend events).
Friday, came home early from work and took a nap, showered and got ready for the event (yes!! I did wear my long johns underneath; no piece of ass is worth loosing my dick to hypothermia lol). My drive to ACC (venue) I was praying to the one above for showing me a goodtime (I was thinking about shogies video posts - motherlovers that walk around with their dick in hand as if he is Rambo with his guns). At this point my only 2 pressing concerns were 1) crackhead fucking me with a fake pass 2) running into people that I may know. Plan B for concern 2 is telling them half-truth about me being a fan (shame) except the asshole from work if I do bump into him I won't even talk lol.
One thing u would need to know about toronto chikan , we operate in a stealth mode, no foolishness, people don't expect an unexpected dick to fill their crack out of blue. But if u is as picky/selfish guy like me, you would really enjoy the Variety and Quality girls/women toronto presents. From my limited travelling experience I would say only other places I felt the girls were higher quality then here would be Hollywood, CA and Manhattan NY. I prefer Toronto girls better then London and other places that are not even worth mentioning. Also on a good note; 95% of the girls (ones who born here not the foreigners) here haven't encountered a chikan therefore they are less likely to cause drama unless u really tick them off. People (not chikans) always tend to respect each other's private space especially during formal evenings (such as valentine) But I was hoping this evening would be different, JT does his work entertaining while I do my thing enter-coursing lol.
Fast forwarding to the important stuff, no real line up, no pushing or shoving at the main gate. Show started at 8 but I got there at 8:10 and I did it intentionally because I didn't want to get rejected front of the crowd. Fortunately ticket was valid security scanned me in. Because I showed up late and they already turned the house light off they had stand by usher (blondie) to escort me to my seat (yes!! designated seat, no going behind people at your free will ). While I was being escorted to my seat I saw this group of people standing around coat checking area about 3 or 4 girls and one real pretty boy. The one that seemed like pretty boy's girlfriend was Fucking Stunning. Dark hair, petite, slim body in a dress that was literally fishnet but Not the type hooker would wear on the street but the one you would find runway models in. She had some colorful sexy bra and it was completely visible. She had this mediterranean look and her girl friends were very pretty too (I could not just stare that them because it would seem impolite). They seem as if they were waiting for more people to join them. After seeing these girls at the entry, I knew house was going to be full of exotic birds. And I had this strong desire to fuck the shit out of this pretty boy's model girl. Without making it obvious, I told usher I need to use the washroom so she could just show me the area where I will be sitting and I will find it on my own after I return back from the restroom. So she took my ticket read the seat number and pointed out from a nearby distance.
I quickly went to the men's room lock me in a stall undo my velcro and made sure my dick was nicely out through the fly of my long johns. Swallow the already broken in half of the pill. I hurry back to the entry to revisit my exotic birds but they were gone. fuck!! (only a matter of 5 to 7 min). The same usher (blondie) saw me and yelled out from the entry door "do you need help finding your sit?" I said no with a smile. But I was surprise to see that people were still coming in.

I halfheartedly walked to my seat. At this point I noticed that people were fully into the show. After locating my seat in the dark I was pleasantly surprise. I had an aisle seat (this I already knew) and to my right there was an empty seat but next to the empty seat there was a BOMB looking babe with her man on the side. With no obstacle in the middle I had a great view of her. She was fixated at the stage (she didn't bother looking who was taking a sit almost beside her). By the looks of it, she was wearing skin tight tattooed print full sleeve bright top and a red skirt. I was only able to see the profile of her face and it was gorgeous. Her long brunette hair was tied in a loose pony, the tightness of her top really helped accentuate her lovely breasts, which weren't too big but a healthy size, seem firm/perky yet look soft at the same time. I looked around but it was pretty dark couldn't make out faces beyond what's nearby. After a min or two as soon I got comfy I started touching myself looking (very discreetly) at her. It was great; this beautiful babe at my disposal for my pleasure. But what amazed me is that, somehow her 6th sense sent off the pervert alert, she first started to squirm in her seat (it felt sexy watching her do that) and then she actually looked at me for the 1st time but she couldn't tell what I was doing. I turned and look at her as well (held eye contact for a full 3 seconds before she turned her attention back to the stage). I got a clear view of her face, she was very pretty indeed. She was definitely cum worthy. After seeing her face jacking off became little more pleasurable lol.
These pants were really helping me jack my tool through the pocket eventhough the pocket is made out of a thicker material. It is still better than other pants I own (for fortt). I had ample space to jack a fully erect tool. While I am giving my full attention to this beauty to my right instead of the dancing clown on the stage; out of nowhere a light hit me and it was the same usher (blondie) with a couple behind her. She told me I was sitting in their seats. Shit!! She caught me off guard and gave me a panic attack with my hard dick in my hand. As soon I stood up to give away the sit "I Felt It". It was the motherfucking V pill at work. I was so light headed. I almost collapsed on my feet (maybe I stood up too fast). Bad thing about these pants; it will also expose your erection. So I kept my hands in my pocket to press "it" down. I don't know if the couple saw it or not.
After the couple took their seats, usher (blondie) asked for my ticket again. Getting the ticket required me to take my hand out of my pocket. In the twilight ms. usher saw my bulge and I saw ms. usher's eyes widen and take a deep swallow. She was shocked; bet she did not see that coming. She took my ticket read the sit number and without looking at my face she hand me my ticket and said "follow me" in a shaken up voice. I quickly put my hand back in my pocket to hold the horse down. While I was following her, my normal feeling should have been "embarrassment" because she may just go and tell her co-workers about me but instead I took an interest in her body eventhough she was in her uniform and had a flat ass (that's how fucking horny I was).

Next thing I know I got fucking got downgrade to several rows back, same aisle seat but beside an unattractive 17 -19 years old girl. Blondie left saying "there u go" pointing at my seat, without looking at my face but she did try to take a last peek at my bulge but couldn't see it this time. This new girl I was sitting next to was a big girl and sometimes I like big girls when they have shape but this one does not seem to have any shape. Fuck me.
Right beside ugly I knew there was a lady but couldn't see beyond the lady (I couldn't make out how the lady looked at this point because fatty was blocking my view). This time I had a better understanding of my surrounding: a bunch of girls were behind me and front of me were couples. And I am beside fatty. I had no choice but to pay attention to the stage. But I could not concentrate, I felt drowsy and light headed, anxious and actually felt my blood rushing through my body. This went on for almost an hour.
This JT guy would talk to audience sometimes as long as 15 min. Sometimes during this, people walk pass me because I was sitting on the aisle any touch from any women on my knees or on my hand would give a shiver through my body. During some popular songs everyone would stand from their seat how I was wishing a nice ass would go by during that time but nothing.
Eventually the high lessen because I could actually understand what JT was saying and notice my dick also soften. Fatty here was suggesting something to the lady beside her and in time her (fatty) and another girl most likely her sister or cousin left to go somewhere. As soon I got the chance I took a good long look at the lady and WOW!! She was THICK and CURVY but above all she was a haaawwwtttt MILF. And the girl that went with fatty was also fine ass teen in spandex (little too young for my taste 16 to17 a little chubby). This milf was very protective of the young daughter maybe she knew noone would want older one. When fatty passed me by she didn't look but when the good-looking one was passing she (yummy-mommy) SURE had me on her radar. When we were alone together she gave me a bad vibe, I felt maybe I shouldn't masturbate at her because she was watching me very carefully (just a hinge). I think she saw me coming up to my seat with a hard dick held down by my hand and maybe she knew I was up to no good lol. Well good or no good I knew time was limited and I was taking PURE MENTAL PICTURE of this milf before fatty comes back. I can't really tell the color of her dress in dark but It was a dark color dress. Exposed shoulder, and it offered a real good view of her cleavage, I'm talking about a mature women's AMAZING VOLUMPTOUS rack. She was wearing bright red lipstick, big puffy dark hair and this bitch colored her hair with grey/silver highlights in certain places that gave her a SUPER FOXY older woman look. In my mind I was slapping that face with my dick. I was imagining her forming her mouth into an O shape and me sliding that dick in&out while my cock wrap tight with those red lips and looking up at me with those big eyes… ahhhhh. While I'm having this nasty thought of her, she grabs her shawl from the side and covers herself lol. Eventhough I can't no longer secretly ogle those lovely breast but it was a turn on for me at a different level thinking that I probably made her uncomfortable (who knows maybe she was getting wet too).

During the show I got up few times to go to washroom, answer phone, to get something to drink But the REAL REASON was me following asses. Anytime I saw something worth following I didn't hesitate, I would simply take my phone out of my pocket pretend I'm getting a call and be two steps behind these asses. And believe you in me I saw some amazing asses that nite. Surprisingly not very many spandexes (few young ones had them on). It was dressup nite; lots of skirts in many different, shapes, types and colors. Some leggings were there as well but majority had nice makeup on and they tried to look good that nite. One piece of ass made me pop the other half of the pill. I saw these 2 blondes coming up both with amazing face, tits and attires. Just the way I like ‘em. One of them was (I guess) recently married that diamond on her finger was flashing in the dark. Married one was the better looking of the two. She had pearl necklace, her hair was done in a nice knot and she was wearing a black evening dress that was hugging her body and showing off those curves. I was soooo lost in that wobbling/jiggling ass/ apparent crack (like shogie said) that my fake conversation didn't make any sense and they caught on to that. Not the married one but the other one actually turned around and looked at me. It was worth it lol.

About half an hour before the show ended (when I took the other half of the pill). This time I was more aware as to what to expect. So I just sat tight and ready to enjoy this wired ride. Instead of that anxious feeling or drowsiness I was actually sweating for no apparent reason. I was feeling blood drenching from my brain to my cock gave me a light headed feeling. This was all good and dandy until the light came on. Eventhough I didn't have any blood left in my upper body but I felt my face being red like a tomato and going through motion like a sweating bullet. I saw people getting up from their seat and I could imagine a crowd forming at the top of each aisle (without me actually looking). Me being at the corner sit any female, young , old, tall or short that brushes me by gives me a shiver through my body like a mini orgasm. I was feeling each of these little orgasms is being accumulate into my system for a grand finale.

As soon the light came on my Yummy Mommy addressed me before she addressed her two young teens. I believe seeing my sweaty red face did not make the situation any better for her. Especially when she caught me looking at her like a petty thief. Fatty and her chubby but cute little sister were eager to leave but my sexy milf here wasn't ready to risk it so she was just staying put in her sit. And I on the other hand was waiting for her to get up and pose and model that sexy mature body for me to analyze and attack. This waiting game went on for sometimes, her kids didn't know the reason for her waiting this long but I knew. I could tell you this would be the 2nd event (after TIFF) where I have seen sooooo many women, all dressed nice under one roof. Men to women ratio were 1 to 7.

Eventhough I was determined to reverse metaphase for mommy but I craved into the temptation of the first lady whom I sat next to. When I saw her coming up the aisle my heart skipped a beat; those legs were to die for. Under proper light I was able to better see her face/body and her dressup. That red skirt would be classified as pencil skirt. It gets narrow and tight around the knees and really gives a nice bang around the butt area. She had well defined face structure, with burgundy hue on her cheeks and smoky shade on her eyes. She had small fine structured nose that sat well on her face with small mouth and thin lips (I don't usually like thin lips) that looked great on her. For the 1st time I saw this babe use light grey lip gloss (sounds wired) that was very sensual (it's kindda looked like the color of clay). I know majority may not have seen this yet but wait until the trend hits the mainstream. It was freaking amazing. Her straight silky hair was parted from the middle with few strings on hair hanging over her face and rest was tied in a loose pony. The top she had on was made out of those thin see thru white material but because it had all sorts of prints on it only limited part of her actual skin was expose under the right shade of light. But if you look closely with your chikan vision you could also see the lacy black bra she was wearing underneath. If an average woman was to wear what she was wearing you would see a little belly. But this one had a flat stomach. With each step she took her lovely breasts bounced. The entire time I was fixated on her I didn't have in blood in my brain for any judgments. I didn't care who saw me. I was wishing I had a binocular at that time. The only fuckup was that she had her overcoat in her hand. And a 6'6 husband/body guard with her.
I wasted no time I started praying right away: please… please… please… don't put that shit on and ruin my raging boner. I didn't even look back at milf-Y. I was waited for the exact second to move directly behind her. They did not pay any attention to me. Tall man was looking up at the sky and her looking straight and time to time she would look at him and vice versa. Once I secure my position literally 3 feet behind her just so we don't bump into each other ---YET----
Top of the aisle a small crowd has already formed. The phase of the movement has already slowed down by a significant margin. But not crowded enough to make any physical contact. My view looking down was formidable, that ass in that bright red soft skirt can be used as aphrodisiac. It would make an impotent old man hard again. Her back and shoulder was thin and lean it gave her a great posture and body narrows down to a thin waist and from there -VOILA--- a chikan dream come true and perfect round shape ass. A thin waist complimented by a thick white, tone shapely butt. My heart was pounding and holding my dick down was as difficult as holding a slippery fish under water. To sum up all this you also need to take into account we are moving up in a 25 degree angle. Do you what that means!! Do you know what it does to booty like the one I'm describing? Well, well, well 
There was so many asses its not funny, a neck would break if you want to take those mental snapshots. Anywhere u look there would a great fine meat to look at. House was full of all types, brown girls were minority but I also saw sprinkles of Chinese (saw some amazing yellow skins - beautiful looking) and blacks.
More than making that initial physical contact I was more concern with when she is gonna put that coat on. Because I have already notice a handful of women already have it on but majority still off coats. I didn't wanted to missout on the view I was being presented. She would take a step and her booty would form into perfect large round and it would even out then the next cheek would form a perfect large round with the step taken before it evens out. I could feel my cock throbbing in my hand just begging for release.
When we climbing and got to the flat surface the crowd kindda spreads out being within 3 feet wasn't an option anymore. So I had to back off a bit but just close enough not to allow a 3rd party getting in between. My fear of missing out on this ass deepens because at this point I notice half of the women already got their coats on. She is still talking and I could imagine her talking about the show. Still no negative vibe to this point ----GREEN LIGHT----
Guys, there was soo much ass catching my eyes at this tier, each one is better then the other one and it keeps getting better. I didn't want to loose my position that established. I knew so much about their movement that I was able to walk at the same phase as them without arising any type of suspicion. Ninja move with the shadow and went unnoticed for almost 5 to 8 min now. Now here comes the grand finale I didn't expect AN UNEXPECTED SURPRISE at it's highest magnitude this couple takes the first exit. Why it's such a big deal because the coast checking area is located here. So 2/3 of the space is occupied / Physical contact is quite natural. At this point my cock was ozzing pre cum from anticipation from the past 20 second since I notice them taking this exit. Just the realization that in less than a minute time I will have a very good chance of making physical contact which what I have been fantasying about over past several days.

I started with an elbow first, when we got into the crowed spot accident elbow of a girl jabbed me in my rib case. She was so apologetic but I didn't make a sound because it didn't want distract their attention but I had confirmation physical contact was in effective. And it's keep getting better, 2 feet, than 1 foot, than 6 inches and there goes my aching cock. When I removed my hand from my pocket, my cock jumped and fling on her butt. Aaaaaahhh She doesn't look back but she takes a larger then usual step to widen the gap. I know she felt it that was the reason behind that step she just took. We are no longer touching again. So I take a bigger step and boom Aaaaaahh my rock hard dick pokes her in the center on her right butt cheek. I aimed for crack but I missed. It slide over to the meat. This meat was amazing I could tell underneath that œ inch of soft sexy fat it was all muscle. She immediately looks over her shoulder because she wasn't stupid, she knows it's a dick that just poked her and the force it poked her with was unnecessary for the density of the crowd. It had to be intentional just she wanted to see who was the person. I had my face down in semi-fear / paranoia / embrassement but at the same time I couldn't help myself. Keep in mind we are still touching. Her skirt was tight I could feel are butt crack because my cock would slide over it and feel the gap. But due to the tightness of the skirt it also created great resistance. I secretly looked around people around me are all looking straight all shoulder to shoulder and people are too busy discussing the show. I took this opportunity to use my hand to slightly hold the shaft of my cock and gave it a good push. OOOOHHHHH it didn't go in very far but I was in her at least 1 œ inch and the each baby step she was taking to move forward was basically rubbing my dick in between those butt cheeks. From where we were situated and where the resolving wheel to let people out was at least another 20 to 25 seconds away. With every step she would take it would sure rub dick but it would also push it out little by little. But because I was in and lined up perfectly with very little effort I would regain my 1 œ depth. It has already been at least 5 seconds and she knows exactly what is going on but she is not turning back. I know this would end very soon. I gave another thrust but it was slightly harder this time. Oh O she notice this thrust was more bolder and invading/ stealing strictest confidentiality with access to maybe 1 2/3 inch this time. She didn't like it at all she wanted me out. GUESS HOW SHE TELL ME: GET OUT OF MY BUTT she basically tighten her butt cheeks IT WAS REAL HAVEN my dick head was squeezed out of breath for long 3 seconds like this and the next step she take, her husband basically puts his hand behind her and move her in front of him with still almost good 17 to 20 seconds worth distance left before exit.

When it was coming out of her the skin of my penis gets pulled between her cheeks we apart. I spurt out 1 line of pleasure I know I cum but I don't have the full orgasm. I walk behind the guy for next to steps and I turn around. I was like motherfuck u just ruined my orgasm; go and have your sloppy second. When I tried turning back I couldn't going opposite of the crow was almost impossible. So I did my best to step aside, making fake call and pretending I have someone still inside I need to get before I exit. But the truth is I was actually more concern about where the cum went. I knew I didn't empty the barrel but some spurted out but I could feel any wet spot. While doing this I find milfy within 1 min. Her and her fatty and chubby trying the make it out of the scene. HAHAHA
I fucking wasted No time. She was smiling while pushing and shoving through the crowd and talking and laughing with her kids. I waited until I was my time. As soon I move it behind her she fucking froze for a mili second. Oh that look on her face was fucking amazing. She quickly puts on her jacket as soon she sees me. But I didn't understand any rational behind that because her jacket only came down to her waist didn't cover her butt. I showed her no mercy I had to prove her right. I knew me and treated me like a pervert and now I was acting like one. Even with her jacket on her ass was fully exposed. Her dress was tight but offer no resistance I went straight into her crack. I felt she was wearing a silky panties and her panties somehow bunched up and wedged into her poophole. That how much I was feeling her dress was thin and my pants (it was almost me being nude). That crack was deep her ass was quite impressive for an woman her age. The way her cheeks would message and rub off my cock was indescribable. It didn't take too long When I noticed her fuming in anger. I felt this great heat rush through my bundling up and preparing to shoot all at ones. Maybe maximum 10 to 15 seconds. I shoot about 2 long and strong ones and 2 after taste ones. I knew she felt me cumming because time I would shoot she would tighten her buns.


Reply (Wed 26 Feb 2014 23:15:28 GMT)

1. Guest, you may want to search the archive for my older posts.
2. Rider, I did take 3 pictures. 2 pic of the women that caught me faking conversation on the phone, and 1 pic of a girl who is not mentioned. Risk vs Reward was not worth it. My phone makes sound each time a pic is taken plus motion and lack of light ruin all the pic. It turned out shit.
I know that model got lucky, i would have destroyed that :)

***SORRY ABOUT THE ENDING*** i was rushing but i promise you it was actually better then it reads

Jeremy - Moving Through Packed Concerts (Fri 28 Feb 2014 22:58:54 GMT)

"Jeremy: How do you justify moving through a sardine-packed crowd? Do you say excuse me or just barrel through? "

Dude the question u r asking is basic chikan 101. But here we go, U think i got behind the babe in red skirt because no one was there? No wrong!! It was crowded and there was a family behind her. I made good eye contact with the person (it was a lady) i crossed to get that position. KEY IS TO MAKE GOOD EYE CONTACT WITH PERSON U ARE ASKING TO LET YOU MOVE FRONT OF.

If its another chikan u r trying to cross then u may not get lucky

YES RED DRAGON thanx for the support

March award: Rico
For pool party concert stories.
(Great stories and great pics.)

Pool Party Concert (Wed 12 Mar 2014 01:28:57 GMT)

We all love our packed crowded concerts ! Now imagine the same packed like sardines crowd in a pool party with all the girls in bikinis ... wow !!! this is what I experienced at this party ... lots of bubble butt black girls with all the skin on show ... my cock rubbed up against so many of these asses ... at one point I had my cock rubbing up against the pussy of one of these girls ... she wouldnt let me pull her knickers to the side and fuck her though ... but she did let me get busy all over her nearly naked ass. I did however cum twice on the bare asses of 2 chicks ! As you can see from the pic ... its so packed in there ... no one can see below shoulder height ... so I had my cock out of my swim shorts and rubbing up against all the naked skin in that place. Also bear in mind ... lots of girls already drunk in a very hot day ... this is the ultimate for me ! wow !

pool party concerts ... (Wed 12 Mar 2014 01:39:33 GMT)

check out these pics ... imagine being right in the middle of that !

pool party concerts (continued)... (Wed 12 Mar 2014 01:40:53 GMT)

and here is a closer look at some of the chicks at the party ... and what they wear (practically nothing !). I came all over the ass of the one on the left whilst in that packed crowd and everyone was going crazy jumping up and down when the performer came one !

Pool Party concerts (cont'd) (Fri 21 Mar 2014 04:55:52 GMT)

spot the chikan !
another view of the packed pool party I talked about. There is just no turning back from this ... blow away anything else you may have experienced at a packed regular concert or club. Nearly naked bodies packed together in that space ... drunk hot and horny. Everyone's been drinking all day and even more drunk due to the hot weather ... I was rubbing up against so many girls ... cock out of my swim trunks (no one could see below shoulder height) ... the sweat on the bodies was acting as the perfect lubricant. This party was a a different one to the one I posted about earlier ... but same kind of action. In fact I did manage to get further in terms of action in this party ... my cock was hard as rock ... just before the main act came on I had been rubbing up against so much skin ... moving around from ass to ass ... my balls were so heavy with cum. I manage to push through the crowd and land myself behind a latina chick ... average face ... average tits ... black hair ... lovely body with a small waist and gorgeous round bubble ass ... she was wearing like a g-string swimsuit ... she was by herself in the crowd (probably separated from her friends in the packed venue). Also she was clearly very drunk ... and was so into the main act ... was jumping up and down and dancing like crazy in that packed crowd. It was the best feeling when I manage to squeeze in behind her ... a lovely phat ass and thin waist. I already had my cock out the top of my swimshorts .... the moment it touched her fleshy ass cheeks it sent shudders down my spine. I wiped some of pre-cum all over her ass. As she was clearly quite drunk and dancing (or should I say trying to dance) she was falling back on me a lot ... I placed my hands on her hips to stabilize her ... she turned around and smiled to say sorry for fall back on to me ... I grabbed her by the hips and said not a problem its fine ! She smiled and carried on moving her ass from side to side against my naked cock, which by this time I fully had out of my swim short (my balls were out too). all my cock was now rubbing against her left and right ass cheeks as she moved side to side. Then just as the main act came on there was a greater surge in the crowd pushing us all even tighter against each other ... and the first track started playing ... and everyone was jumping up and down ... including this latina chick in front of me. By this time ... my cock was firmly planted in between her ass cheeks ... wow ! felt so amazing. The only thing that was separating my cock from her ass hole was the thin g-string she had on ! I still had my hands on her tiny waist ... and she could definitely feel my naked cock against her ... just going up and down between her ass cheeks. I then got bolder and positioned my cock so it was actually in between her legs (underneath her ass) and pushing up against her pussy. fuck .. it felt amazing ... the sweat acting as lubricant ... I also had my face into the back of her black hair which was wet with sweat ... my lips against the back of her neck. I couldnt take any more ... the crowd was going crazy ... she was so into the main act ...screaming out his name ... and dancing like crazy ... I was going to cum so soon ... I just nudged her G string to one side ... and with one of my hands reach down to her pussy and slid a finger inside ... no reaction ... kept on dancing ... I then had to get my cock inside her ... and had my cock rubbing up against her pussy !!! naked pussy. absolutely no reaction from her as she kept dancing and was transfixed on the main act. I had to bend my knees slightly to get a better position against her pussy .... it was nudging up against the entrance to her hole. Felt so hot ..... I had to be inside her ... by this time I had lost any tiny bit of inhibition I had left and push my cock inside her as I grabbed her tight around the waist (with everyone just jumping up and down around us). i only managed about 5 or so thrusts inside her before I felt my cock explode and start to cum ... quickly pulled my cock out and came all over her ass ... my whole legs were quivering and nearly gave way .... but there was so much cum all over her ass and dripping down her legs ... in fact I think some of it may even have cum inside her. I just couldnt believe what had just happened and left trying to make my way to the toilet. As I left ... I noticed another black guy had just taken up my position and had a big smile on his face ! hahaha. What an amazing party ... I didnt see her again.

Pool Party concerts (cont'd 2) (Fri 21 Mar 2014 04:58:32 GMT)

check this pic of the girl up against the front railing with the guy behind plastered behind her ...
You could see this same guy in the previous pic I posted ... he looks like he's really up inside her in that photo ... his arms around her grabbing onto the railing as he gets right up in there ! :-)

Pool Party concerts (cont'd 3) (Fri 21 Mar 2014 05:00:11 GMT)

some other chicks there ...

Pool Party concerts (cont'd 4) (Fri 21 Mar 2014 05:02:15 GMT)

another girl I was rubbing up against ... soft soft skin on this beauty. And check out what it says on her cap ... "SLUT" ! Love it !

May award: Lurker
For his Good Run story.
(MILF & gorgeous brunette cannot be boring.)

Good run (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Wed 07 May 2014 23:45:16 GMT)

Right, so I don't post anything, but have enjoyed reading everyone's experiences on this board for years. I'm not much of a writer which is why I don't bother, but I'm going to try my hand.

For the past months my chikan adventures have been slim to none. It seemed everything was against me...people, strikes you name it. Women also seemed to be able to sense my intention as if it was an odour and quickly scurry to the opposite side of the train.

Anyways, the last two weeks have been good. I've managed to have some good chikan experiences on buses and tubes. I won't share them all, but I'd say 3 out of 10 have been willing and even did the old shifting from right foot to left to get a good rub.

My morning journey puts me on a bus rammed with school kids, people on their way to work etc. the other day this MILF gets on the bus with her young daughter. This lady is hot. Tight little body and those yoga tights on. My cock started twitching just thinking of it! They manuervered their way towards the rear doors and I got as close as possible in the crowded bus aisle, because I knew at the next stop, people would get off but more people would get on. As this happened I positioned myself right behind "mummy". As we pulled away, I let my semi bump in to her left bum cheek - no reaction. I then did it again, but this time let it linger and rubbed my now stiffing cock left, so the length ran across her entire left cheek. I seen her head go up, as if realising what it was that just did that. She didn't move, but just continued talking to her daughter. At seeing this, I figured she was ok so I shifted a bit to the right so I could get my raging hardon into her crack. Ah the feeling of that smooth material...

I didn't do anything else, just left my now fully hard cock on her cheeks, because I had the feeling this one may give me much more fun in the days to come. Anyways her stop came and they left.

Next day, her comes mummy. Today however the bus is so crowded that we are stuck near the front door. This bus has the double seat near the front door and one directly behind the driver. I am I front of the seat behind the driver and mummy is to my right. At the next stop, she has to move forward to let people on, but this is where is gets innate resin because she stand directly in front of me when she didn't have to. She then reaches forward to hold the rail where you can out bags and pushes her ass out just grazing the tip of my dick. Instant hardon! She has on some very tight jeans, and her beautiful ass is there, crack lined up with my cock so I dive in. I stuck in the crack, and then turned my hips so it slipped out and on to her cheek. Then I went back to the crack, I bent my knees slightly so I could get under her so my hard cock would hit her rigt in her pussy and then stood up so it laid the length of her crack.

This all lasted no more than two minutes when we had to shift again to let people on and off, but I stayed glued to her and for the next 10 minutes I was humping the life out of her. All the time she is talking to her daughter about whatever!

As she gets off at her stop, I notice this gorgeous brunette who was probably about 15 sitting on the aisle seat. I was still sporting a semi, so I thought what the hell, let's get some arm humping in. Again I managed to find one that didn't shift but just let me gring my cock on her shoulder and upper arm. What a turn on, knowing that if she turned she would get up close of my massive cock.

This has been the same for the past 3 days, the girl sits in the same seat, which to me shows she enjoys it. If she didn't she would move. I've had good luck because after all this I get in the train and get some more chikaning there. I tell you by the time I get to work my pants are wet from all the precum!

Hope this wasn't too boring. I will try to get better at details, and try to get a pic of the MILF

Go Gooners! (Thu 22 May 2014 21:58:38 GMT)

Well, to those of you who are lucky enough to live in England, lucky enough to live in London, you would have had ample opportunities on the past Sunday to enjoy! Here is a picture of the girl I was smashed against during the celebrations. I had my cock wedged right in between her cheeks and she didn't seem to notice or care, as long as she got the video of the players!

Pic 2 - go Arsenal (Thu 22 May 2014 21:59:55 GMT)

Re:latinchikan (Fri 23 May 2014 22:04:07 GMT)

Damn, she perfect! Yes mine had a nice firm ass and I was able to get right between her cheeks! Greatest was when she had to get on her toes to look over the person in front of her (the crowd had left at time of pic) up and down strumming my cock like a guitar!

June has no man of the month. No one was nominated nor selected.

July award: GroinRubber.
For WINE OF THE LOINS and other storie.
(Good to refrain from the wine at the wine event.)

Praying For Rain. (Fri 11 Jul 2014 20:13:53 GMT)

Well chikans, it's less than 24 hours to my 2014 attendance at the food and wine event. It was a fucking wash-out last year and I left frustrated and disappointed. This year, I'm praying for rain my fellow chikans, and I've just checked the forecasts, and it looks like I might get lucky. Why does the GroinRubber want rain, you may's a chikans arch enemy.

We'', I'll tell you why. The building at which this event is held consists of one ground floor banqueting room, which is quite large, with a a few other smaller side rooms, hosting wines and cheeses from around the globe.

Well, last year it was warm, and there are outside areas for people to eat drink smoke etc, and obviously, people are out enjoying the sun.
Need I say more? The rain, or cold weather keeps the punters inside, that means packed halls, and plenty of opportunity for The GroinRubber to take on the hunt.

So with that, I'm praying for rain, hoping that the internet forecasts of light showers for tomorrow evening becomes a fact.

On another note, I attended a gig about a fortnight ago. A popular rock band with a loyal following of fans at an intimate 500+ venue.
Man, I had a whale of a time, but guess what happened again...I got fucking chikaned! This huge rocker kept doing the window wiper with what felt like a huge cock across my ass. I was fucking furious, and initially there was not a lot I could do as the crowd were so rammed.

After a while I just pushed back with all my might (which he probably loved) and I dislodged him and he fell two rows back...the bastard!
I checked my chikan gear when I got home and there were no signs of piston juice on my ass, but there was plenty on the inner crotch...Hur Hur Hur!
Why do I keep getting chikaned? I must have a great ass..lololol!

PS: That was a fantastic photo you posted up. I could almost feel what that chikan was experiencing. Wicked! made my pecker twinge...lolol! Hope I can get me some of that tomorrow!


Untitled (Mon 21 Jul 2014 08:04:59 GMT)

Hey all.

I stumbled across this video whilst browsing the web. There's many other videos around this as you'll see. (No need to post all of the links).

I guess this is more for the flashers here. Red Dragon, Arm Humper etc, so I'd like some feedback, see...I do this shit regularly, and I guess I've always wondered whether or not this shit truly qualifies as flashing.

My shit is a little more modified than this, but watching these videos really gets my piston juice flowing. I've always called this 'Flash Dancing' in my own private world. It's pretty risk free I guess.

I appreciate all of you here won't be into all this, and it's not chikan perse, so I repeat that this is for those who are!


PS: Short story from Food and Wine event coming soon. It was a good night.

WINE OF THE LOINS. (Part 1) (Mon 21 Jul 2014 13:54:51 GMT)

Well I had a fabulous time at the Food and Wine festival, which more than made up for last years disspointing outing. I call this one...


Part 1.

OK Brothers, so my coach arrived at the Food and Wine event around 5:15 pm. It was a little busy, and the weather was scorching...not good! I needed rain so that all the people were 'inside' the venue to fatten out the crowds. Anyway, I sampled some cheeses, but I refrained from the wine at this point for obvious reasons.

Slowly over the next two and a half hours the place slowly filled up. I'd not had a good nutt for a while and my cock was writhing with every fucking ass I looked at, whether you'd lick it, kick it, or put a god damn saddle on it. I was a beast, to say the least.

The weather was still warm, but I needn't have worried. The place was getting fuller every 10 minutes, and the outer facilities were already packed to the hilt. I'd got on my mega thin sweatpants shorts, sneakers and a T-shirt. I started to scope around, my face wet with sweat. I knew that tonight could be my best event ever at this particlar venue.

I spotted this chick with thin pink cotton Daisy Dukes on, about 23 years old. She was a little chubby, but in a nice way, and all the curves were in the right places. Great rotund ass too...and she knew it! She was at a popular stand for red wines, so I slithered close to her like a fucking insidious marine. I back knuckled her ass, and her crack was deep and warm.
she looked to the side a little, so i did a few more preliminary knuckles, until she settled in and accepted me as 'there'.

I slipped my cock from my underwear and pointed it upwards in my thin sweat shorts. It was already a twitching semi at this point, and I dropped it onto her left ass cheek. I saw her head 'jerk' a little. She was still shaky, so I had to be careful here. Under the pretence of looking at the wine menus on the wall, I tip-toed and dragged my semi across her ass, and it bounded into her crack, out again and along the right ass cheek. Ahhhhaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa! cock jumped like a bagged up frog, and it grew almost instantly into a raging boner. The girl kept turning, and shouting to someone a couple of rows back to see what they wanted, and every time she did this her hip scraped across my now dripping piston pipe. She had to have felt it.

I kept swinging left to right, and the feeling of  my cock now clearly dribbling pre-cum was almost too much for the GroinRubber to take.
Just then she got to the front of the stand, and my time was up. As she turned to get back to her friends with the wine, her hip and whole mid-rif scraped past my pecker, and then it'twanged' back into the midnight position she'd so cruely left it in. I slipped it back into my underwear, and exited the crowd to get back on the hunt for another target.

Another 40 or 50 minutes past. I was like Lee Harvey Oswald sniping out nearly every potential possibility. Just then, at another wine stand I spotted huge crowds surging forward due to some special offer. I snaked over and immediately got behind this slim dark haired chick with glasses. (Looked Puerto Rican).She was with a man, but The Groin didn't give a fuck!

She was about 25, with a thin cotton dress on, and a huge boom booty...daaaayuummm! I popped out my spunk trumpet and plopped it on her right ass cheek (Still under my thin shorts) She looked immediately to her right with a sharp flick of her head, but then straight back to the front. There was hardly any materoal separating cock from ass.

Ohhhhooo...her ass was heaven fellow chikans and looser abusers. I increased the pressure, too much though, almost knocking her off balance, and again she glanced to the side. She didn't seem to care. There was NO WAY she couldn't feel my prick. It was like a fucking relay baton. I started to slide up and down fast, as she was getting closer and closer to the front, and I was getting closer to blowing. I got that tingling sensation that I never tire of. Just then she got to the front bar, and lunged her ass back at me and my cock sank into her crack, so i tip-toed again, still sliding up and down.

When I got to the 'up' position, my cock must have been two to three inches clear of the top of her ass (You know, like when you get a tit-job, and your cock pokes out the top when the slut squeezes them together)
I could hold it no longer, and as I came up, I tip-toed as tall as I could, so my skin was right back to the mid-shaft, and I erupted in huge spurts, my cock pulsing, and jumping with each bolting spurt. I spasmed a little and kept my face as vacant as normal as I could, biting the inside of my cheeks.

I felt the chicken soup run down my fucking legs, and even as she got her drink and turned to leave my cock was still jumping and thumping ot the last dregs of a dying load. Fuck...I'd just exploded, and it felt fucking sublime my brothers (and sisters on the abuse board). I stepped away, and went to a stand selling Perrier and other soft fruit drinks, and got myself a large one, to try and put some energy back into my system. No alcohol tonight brothers.

It was a great load...but little did I know, the best by far was still yet to come in around two hours time.

To be Continued.

Red Dragon - 'Bulge Flashing' (Wed 23 Jul 2014 19:13:38 GMT)

Hey Red Dragon.

Yeah, I absolutely agree with you RD. The Video is Crap, and the girls are pigs...(for the most). I just posted it to get my point across, that , as you call it, is a bit of a thrill for me. (Seen the vid you posted too...watched them all brother) Hur Hur!!

Don't Get me wrong, it doesn't touch chikan, on any level, and more often than not, a day of doing this shit usually ends in a jerking off in some public bathroom.

My method is a bit more modified than this, and I mostly do it to compensate for the lack of chikan events. LOLOL!! I do sometimes get real turned on though brother, and at times I get a patch of pre-cum on the shorts...I don't like that, and I feel it also puts off the 'Bulge Watcher'.

Any little stories of your best 'Bulge Watching' experiences RD? Would love to hear em...without 'Cock Out' flashing though.


Massage Parlours. (Thu 24 Jul 2014 22:10:40 GMT)

Hey Guys.

I know this post is a little off topic, but I wanted to be sure all the chikans/flashers here read it, so refrained from putting it in the off topic post.

Most of you know, I struggle with chikan at times, and in my hunt for a cure of this, I as wondering about massage parlours.

Now, I know 'some' might say (mentioning no names) get a real woman and fuck her, but That's easy, and I want to keep my personal life away from here.

I was wondering if any of you had ever visited a 'masseuse' at one of the more 'seedier' massage parlours. It was something I was toying with, and whilst this is also wrong to a degree, it feels more above the law (and safer) than chikan, or maybe even using this to accompany, and ease the pressure of chikan.

You may find this strange, but I'm actually not looking for a fuck. Just a long slow seductive hand job, where I can blow my stack all over some masseuse.
There's a place I know which is really 'cheap' (in more ways than one lolololol!!) but some of the women aren't fantastic, although they are nice.

This just turns me on more in some respects, as it 'keeps it real' and I'm not expecting some hot Hollywood slut with a toned anatomy and white unnaturally white teeth! Just wanna keep it real.

I was wondering if any of you cared to share your stories. Not brothels and whores as such, but just the massage parlour, where you may have had a little extra. Some may think they are one and the same (massage parlours and whore houses) but I don't necessarily think that.

What was the experience like? Where you nervous? Did you feel ashamed? Ect etc.

Later Brother's


Massage Parlours / Conseting Targets. (Mon 28 Jul 2014 13:23:05 GMT)

Massage Parlours.

I think when I said using this service as a 'cure' I chose the wrong word. Perhaps relief would have been a much better option.
Just something to take off the overpowering aspect of chikan, which can, if not careful, lead to antics that could get a chikan "Caught".

I've not used any of these 'services' since me last posting, but I ws just wondering how most of you guys felt about it, so thanks for all your input! Appreciated!

I'd also like to challenge a certain Troll about getting a 'Real Women'. Well, for his information, I have a REAL women, who satisfies me in more ways than one can imagine.

I never mention much of my personal circumstances, as that is not what this board is really for I guess, but smooovieee, I think you'll find that most chikans have real women (whatever 'real' means for you) and like me, I'm going to gamble on a guess that they keep the chikan part of their lives separate from the 'Real' aspects of life.

Recent posts about targets responding favourably:

I've had this lots of times, but here's a couple to whet your appetites, and I'll post some more when I get a little more time.

I went to see Simply red with a neighbour of mine.
Here is the extract where she responded:

As Simply Red came on and Ginger Bollocks made his suave entrance the crowd exploded into a pop frenzy. rested and 'knocked my under-panted cock on her arse a few times and got no reaction whatsoever. It felt silky shorts against that light floaty dress, and I'd not even released my cock yet. as a few songs came and went, my neighbour started to sway a little, and I knew that she knew I was there, brushing and bumping...but it was all accidental innocence...Ha Harrrghaa! My cock was now so hard, that the helmet was poking out the top of my underpants, so I though 'Oh fuck it' and slipped it from my underwear. My prick was pounding like a heartbeat as I rested it lightly against her left cheek. I then proceeded to slide it across her arse. As I did so my cock bounced into, and then back out of her crack and onto her right cheek. She definitely had either no underwear on, or the thinnest cheese-string I'd ever known. I did this for another song, and I saw her look to the side with her eyes closed in ecstasy. I did a few credit cart swipes, sliding my tube steak up and down,the full length of her crack. My cock was thumping with pre- orgasmic tension. She must have been able to feel every vein, every twitch of my fucking 'Fireman's Hat' felt as big as a tomato. I didn't want to come. I was enjoying it so much... I did not want this feeling to end. but I knew this was only gonna end one way. Just as I thought this could not get any better, she turned to me and said "(My name)..I can feel your willy on me" I said "I'm sorry..just getting a bit over zealous, with the music and the atmosphere" she said "It's OK, It feels really nice, feels like you're enjoying yourself too" I nearly fucking exploded like a volcano. (The Full story of this is titled "Hump Thy Neighbour")

Another time I went to see Pearl Jam (at a special mega intimate gig), and I was brushing and bouncing up against this chick for half hour when She turned and said "You don't mind me brushing up and down on you do you" I said (half joking, but deadly serious) "Nah, as long as it's in time with the music".

She then turned again a few minutes later with her tongue seductively, but subtlety moving across her teeth "Wow, you're really warm down there" I said "It's very hot in here".

Great times. More later.


August award: Guest
For warped tour concert story.
(Men and women love daisy dukes.)

Untitled (Sun 03 Aug 2014 17:25:35 GMT)

Well hello my fellow frottors!! I have been a long time viewer, reader and observer of this site and I have truly enjoyed read some of the most insane stories about this activity we enjoy!! I have enjoyed my time participating in this for many years, and I have rubbed up on the best asses in the world. I will post some of my many escapades shortly!! Stay tuned

Warped tour whore (Thu 07 Aug 2014 14:36:29 GMT)

I read stories here all the time and enjoy what I learn. Recently I decided to put it to good use at a big rock concert that came to town, the vans warped tour. If any of you have ever been, it's a big nationwide tour of mostly bands that play punk-type music and it attracts mostly teens and early '20's age group. I've been to it before and groped probably 100's of girls' thighs' and tits as they passed over while crowd surfing. This year, after reading stories here on the board, especially one from Guestz I decided to take it further by going with no underwear on and thin shorts. It was the best choice for what I had in mind. I got there to the venue kinda late because I had transportation trouble and I was going alone. This concert is so wild nobody really noticed much that goes on, especially someone a little older like myself. I made my way into the most crowd area of what looked to be the main stage. It was super packed, so on the way in I groped maybe 20-30 young teenage girls- it was such a turn on because all had on either daisy-dukes or some type of super short bottom. It was at least 90 degrees when I got there and everyone was hot and sweaty. I love the feeling of white girls sticky, sweaty smooth skin! By the time I got near the front I was just as hot and sweaty. Within 1/2 an hour I was plastered on a young Asian morsel: deep tan, short-shorts, and oblivious to the sausage jammed in between her buttocks! I had to bite my lip to keep from cumming so soon! That passed over and I just slowed down and continued abusing her ass and thighs for maybe 20 minutes before a mosh pit erupted when the next band came on. I took that oppurtunity to move right upto the barrier, where I hit pay dirt! Blonde 20 year-old. High on something, with daisy dukes on over a great ass! Because of the moshing behind us she didn't even have enough room to turn around and look at me! I knew what I was gonna do to her as soon as I reached down a grabbed a handful of bare ass/thigh: I was gonna nut in between her thighs! With the crowd going nuts, I was all over her, bending at the knees probing her backside, dick all under the edge of the shorts she had on, then down lower where my upwards thrust would lodge my boner in between her hot, sweaty, smooth thighs. I would hold it there watching her try to look back then give up because of all the pushing and shoving. After ten minutes of constant friction I just knew it was coming: felt it start right behind my balls. I made sure my feet were planted on either side of hers tight, held her against the railing and squeezed every last drop of jism right then and there in between her thighs! She stood still while I did it too! I reached down 2 minutes later and put my hand in between her thighs where I had nutted and felt my slippery cum intermingled with her sweat! As I went soft I had to get in some final squeezes of her ass as I turned to leave, to hopefully let her know how good shed been. Then I got out of there! It was so good I still get hard just thinking about it! I'll definitely go back next year!

September award: Guestz
For his Weekend Bonanza series.
(They are detailed well written gig stories.)
And Groinrubber gets webmaster's special mention not only for his PUNCHING & HUNCHING and other exciting stories but for his comments on various topics.

Summer blues! (Thu 04 Sep 2014 02:53:31 GMT)

Talk about stir-crazy! I haven't been out for most of the summe-at least not to frott, and it's driving me nuts! I've done some steady groping, which I like, but my need is now much greater. I find that by the end of the summer months I can barely stand it. I see girls in shirts and I almost but at the thought of pressing up against them. All I can do is imagine different scenarios where I have my dick out and in their ass or against their bare thighs. I'm at a critical point now-summer is about done with but I got two more large concerts to attend. Only problem is both are several weeks away, and they are sure to bring much needed relief- if I can just hold out!

Re: GR disasters! (Thu 11 Sep 2014 20:30:19 GMT)

Disasters? Hell yes! One in particular comes to mind: I'd spent hours at an airport spot that years ago I'd discovered, well before 9/11. I'd had so much luck at this spot that when I went to the city in question, I made it a point to go back for old-times sake. Well, I get there, at night, and it's packed! My heart is racing. Dick throbbing. Now the only thing about this spot is it's crawling with danger, so-to-speak. Post 911, the police are out watching for anything strange. The way this airport is set-up, at least back then, is there's a long railing in front of a long walkway that passengers deplanung from long international flights must use to emerge from customs. Waiting family and friends and even limo drivers and travel agents must wait in this area, which gets extremely jammed packed at times. Especially at night. It's risky because you don't know if a nice booty packed in against the railing is by herself or with a family member sitting down in a chair away from the crowd. All you can do is watch when they arrive or who they ineractions with. Sometimes they can be plastered there for hours, so you could be on it for that long or not. Well, I'd been there for hours, and nothing was going my way even though it was crowded. I'd get on a target, her passenger would show up. Or I'd try one and a dad or brother or friend would show up out if nowhere a cock-block! I was running up a sizable parking fee, it was getting late, and since nobody knew where I was the phone was starting to ring! I couldn't answer it, so now I had to move quick. I was desperate for a but, having started and stopped so many times, and the crowd was thinning. I found a target, not a real good one, one I hadn't really scoped out, and went in for a fast rub. I think it may have been so obvious that I attracted attention. I nutted real good. I was wearing ultra thin sweats and when I came you could see it. I didn't care cause I had finally released that pressure and I could go home. But what happened next, I hadn't anticipated: I'm walking fast to my car, and I see a cop in the parking lot. There's a ton of people walking to and froe, so at first I think it's just a coincidence. But then I see another, and they're both looking at me! They're looking and following me through the lot! Now they're coming towards me. I'm do scared I panic. I figured I'd break the silence by approaching them, which really was stupid, in hindsight. But I just walked over to them and asked them why they were looking at me! Maybe it was a weird thing to say, but it kinda shocked them. The one officer says "why you think we watchin' you?" I replied that it seemed like you were. The cop then told me to turn around and he quickly frisked me! I'm sweating because I know I've got cum soaked into my joggers, and if he had frisked thoroughly I'd have had something to explain. But my luck was with me and they asked a few questions and let me go! I didn't go there for two years after that!

Re: GroinRubber (Fri 12 Sep 2014 13:22:10 GMT)

Hey GR, that "event" back when you were young had to happen! We need those, scary as they may be, to learn from and wake us up to the dangers we face! I had one so bad I feint even talk about it-and it happened over 30 years ago! I'll just say this: It was a life altering situation! In the scheme of things it turned out better for me, but at the same time I'll never get it's bitter taste from my memory. Now, fast-forwarding to the near future, my next outing is roughly a week from today, and it's a 2-day end-of-summer outdoors festival. The event draws 70-80k, and I'm guaranteed cock-out action. Got some little blue pills to help me get through it, just in case, and my chikan gear is all picked out and ready! As you can tell I'm hyped-up! Only a veteran like yourself can imagine my emotional state at this moment: for instance, I was crossing my fingers yesterday (911) hoping it went well so that wouldn't disrupt my plans. Everything has to go right from here on end for me to enjoy what I've waited a year for! Keep your fingers crossed too! And good luck!

Re: GR comments and questions (Sun 14 Sep 2014 02:46:42 GMT)

I'm gonna be honest here GR. I'm a a chikan. I have always been and will always be. I've had some "situations" come up being one, but I've learned to adjust as to eliminate those incidences. I limit my activity now, and I feel I can indulge just enough to be content. I have my big weekend coming up, and just today learned id get another ticket to a sold-out gig! This one is the following weekend, and I can hardly believe it, given that it's a hiphop show that sold out three shows within hours! It's outdoors also. GR, I'm dumbstruck! I'm just trying at this point to stay calm.ive not been this lucky in years. 1986 to be exact, when in a one week stretch I saw David Bowie AND The Police, both outdoors in festival-style seating! I'm stoked brother!

Too much free time! (Mon 15 Sep 2014 15:03:04 GMT)

Lately I've been posting a lot, but the reasons is not because I've been active, but because I've really been inactive. Even on my job lately I've had way too much time available, so I delve into the archives to have something to read. It's been slow in this board, so it's been me and GroinRubber exchanging thoughts and experiences. One thought came to me and I wanted to share it, as you chikans may find it interesting. Back in HS, I was very active as a groper and chikan, and I had some targets at school that I could always count on to let me indulge. But I was not the only one that would partake of these particular girls. Nope, I found out in my junior and especially senior years that they'd been giving their "love" to others! LOL. Let me explain. I had one target that I'd abused for the first 2 years in high school, and she still stands tall in my accomplishments as a groper/chikan. Thing is though, as I got to know her over time, I took advantage of her less. Oh, occasionally I'd find an opportunity to get her, but it was kinda an unspoken thing between us. We were friends by our senior year. Well what happened that year still baffles me, and at the same time makes me rock-hard, although I haven't seen nor spoken to her in decades! This is the story: As seniors in a small school, we'd become a close-knit group that liked out for each other. We only had months left together and we'd be going our deprecate ways into the world. Well, as the freshmen classes came in behind us they would bring in strangers and occasionally New chikans. One such gentleman was the most aggressive I'd ever witnessed, even to this day, almost 35 years later! One day I spotted him and my female friend, mentioned earlier, outside a secluded room where he was somehow wrestling with her. I went to see what the problem was only to "see" the object of their scuffle. This skinny, maybe 4'11" guy was forcing his seemingly 1 foot dick against my female-friends thighs and legs! As soon as I appeared she started pleading for me to stop him! Me, a chikan that for years enjoyed her oh-so luscious body, being asked to stop another chikan from that pleasure? I was in between a rock and a hard place, no pun intended! On one hand I would try to pull him away, but on the other I wanted to join him! It was quite a spot t be in! I'd pull him away, but only just enough to make her think I was trying. Then he'd block her way into the building and start all over again, rubbing it along her thighs and in her ass! It got to a point where I think she was kinda turned on by the whole scene: him obvious super-turned on, me watching and trying to stop it, and me myself getting turned on! Yes I was standing there watching and at the same time wishing I was in his shoes. This went on for 20 minutes, and during that time this little pervert (hahaha) was talking to me and telling me she deserved it for wearing the clothes she wore! I couldn't take it any longer and had to pull him off of her for good, or at least I thought! It happened once or twice more, where I had to save her, and one day as I pulled him away, we kept talking about his "antics".. He confessed to me that he was getting her everyday, after school like that. Sometimes until he would "bust"! Yes, from that time on I realized that she was loving that attention, and I got her good myself one more time before we graduated. She was a true gem, and I saw her years later at an NBA game with her fiancé. She gave me a warm hug and kiss on the cheek as she introduced me to him as an "old friend"! I just beamed! This same type of thing happened with another friend and fellow-chikan in the same HS. Just thought I'd share this twist of a story!

Re: GR/Long week (Mon 15 Sep 2014 17:53:40 GMT)

Yes GR, these days are going to creep by! I have a bad feeling that something is going to happen to change my plans. It all seems too good to be possible! Even the weather is drastically improving from earlier projected forecasts!

Re. Fraternizing with targets (Tue 16 Sep 2014 15:01:24 GMT)

Only time I ever fraternized with my targets was in school. It was always so uncomfortable for me!
One girl that I nutted on almost daily would keep quiet, for the most part. But one day out of nowhere she tells a group of people, with all of us sitting in conversation, that "oh, everybody thinks you (me) shy and innocent, I can tell you he not"! I thought she was getting ready to let it out, once and for all, but she just fucked with me for the hell of it! I squirmed, but I got the message too! I love her to death! But generally I don't like any communication. If they're a player, all I want is a smile or a moan or whisper under their breathe. That's what turns me on, knowing they can be just as sneaky and nasty as me!

Re: The GroinRubber (Wed 17 Sep 2014 16:53:52 GMT)

Man! It's tough! Brother GR, this waiting is excruciating! If I didn't know any better I'd swear the clock is ticking backwards! LOL! I know, I know. I need to relax-just breath! The problem is I don't get out enough, then this smogoboard of an oppurtunity comes along. Hey, if you only knew! I've been going to this one since the mid 90's, and each year has been yummy. The difference in recent years is that I've cut down on other outings during the years. I even skipped a mid-summer outing that guarantees a few moments of pure bliss, so here I am, dependent on this late-summer/early fall indulgence. I'm not one to fraternize with other chikans. That's not my thing. But I wish you could experience this festival. I can't name it, but you would love it! Especially since you go for the same types of things I do. I remember a friend if mines used to practice some of what I practice, and I used to cover for his activity, but we never discussed what he was doing, and I never did anything in his presence. I can't enjoy anybody watching me. It kills my pleasure!

Re: GR post (Fri 19 Sep 2014 01:23:11 GMT)

Hey GroinRubber, don't be like me and worry! It'll be just fine. One thing about the intimate gigs is the fact that it's more of a concentrate viewing area, which has it's advantages. My setting is definitely different, but it has some drawbacks as well. I'm going to have to make sure I'm hydrated, as I'll be in the sun for an awful long time. And as the evening sun sets I won't be able to leave the stage area, so I have to be situated behind promising targets, which is a job at a venue like this. A lot to lookout for! Then there's the fact that it's quite large: there are 3 stages, and the acts are staggered in time slots! That means a lot of foot traffic, which helps in "target practice", but then I could find the perfect specimen then it ups and leaves me for another stage! My work is cut out for me this weekend, but somebody needs to do this job! LOL!! Thanks!

Re: GroinRubber- My Round one report "teaser"! (Sat 20 Sep 2014 03:37:47 GMT)

GroinRubber, I don't want to rub this in, but round one of my two-day gritting weekend lived up to, and beyond my expectations! I've been at this game well over 35 years, and my outing today was magnificent, in my experiences! I won't give the full details yet, as I still have round 2 to go, but you're gonna be impressed.....

Re: My "report" to GroinRubber (Sun 21 Sep 2014 04:24:47 GMT)

GroinRubber, I know your waitng to hear if my successful outing, but I just got in from the last of a two-day rump and hump fest, and to tell you the truth I'm exhausted! In fact, so much went on at this latest out that I may not have the time and energy to put it all together in one cohesive posting! I truly had one of the best chika-experiences of my life! I'll try later in the week to relate it...

Too much. To detail, it was that good! (Sun 21 Sep 2014 19:54:51 GMT)

If you've been following, which I know GroinRubber has, you know that I had a big weekend lined up. Well, to start, I have to say it was no doubt the best weekend of my chikan life! GR, it was the complete and total opposite of your outing! To put it simply: I will only tell how easy it was to do whatever I wanted. I groped so much bare thighs and bare ass that I actually got tired of it! I knew the weather was going to be good, but I never realized the skin it would bring out! It was by far the best combination of bands that could attract the perfect crowds and conditions for a chikan! I'm still shaking my head at just how many targets that I rubbed my bare prick against, and with the help of an herb a friend of mines gave me to try, I had a strong erection throughout the days. First night I came twice, as ditto on the second. The crowds were so big and the room in front of the three stages so packed that once in, you weren't leaving, for 4,5,6 hours! At many, many times I would be surrounded by multiple targets, each with shorts on, each barely acknowledging my presence. I nutted on one target, my first on the first night, that knew and helped me along by turning her body in a way, away from her male friend, so I could access her daisy dukes shorts-wearing ass! When I came I had to be careful there was so much in quantity! I could smell it in the air even with all the sweaty bodies! I could go on and on, but I think that over the next few weeks I'll pick a story here and there to tell. It's simply overwhelming how good a time I had. I'm convinced that outdoor concerts in warm climates are the only way for me! The pic I chose was a mistake-I wanted to post pics that gave a good example of how good things were, but failed to take one! This was an early shot away from the stages- nothing special about it. Their was probably over 140,000 in attendance over a two day period!

Re: GroinRubber buildup (Tue 23 Sep 2014 12:53:44 GMT)

Although your buildup to your event didn't payoff, mines most certainly did! To tell you the truth, if it would have been possible, I could have used four more pairs of hands and four more dicks hanging from my crotch! Lol! I simply couldn't grope and grind on all that was coming at me! I tried to stay hydrated so I wouldn't tire, but the crowds and the heat were too much. GR, I rubbed my member in between no less than 20 pairs of naked-women's' thighs! It was way more than I anticipated. I still have a bunch of stories to write, and I attempted to yesterday but kept getting interrupted. I'll try again soon

Re: The GroinRubber (Wed 24 Sep 2014 10:10:31 GMT)

EXCELLENTE! GroinRubber! You said it well. I too, "get mine" when it comes to sex. I see the two as different. In fact, GR, I only go out for chikan 2 or 3 times a year, usually in the warm months only. Now as for the "round peg in a round hole" comment: I only got lucky this last weekend because the gods were smiling down on the situation! The concert thus year was geared more towards a younger crowd, who came out by the tens of thousands! The weather cooperated, and all else lined up just right!

Weekend bonanza! (Wed 24 Sep 2014 13:53:07 GMT)

After a rough start (I got halfway to the venue but forgot my ticket!) I hit the porta pottie line, which already had a 30 excruciating minute wait and got down to the business at hand: chikan/groping. I found the stage with the nights headliner that would draw the crowd I wanted to work, and no need to worry, there was already an estimated 20 to 30 thousand on hand! I literally didn't know how I'd get to the front, as it was packed probably 50-100 yards deep in front of the stage! Immediately chikan-experience told me to attack from the sides if I wanted to get anywhere near a barrier, which is what soon happened. All along the hustle to get there I was groping at will. Not once did I hear a complaint or catch a stare! It was as if they knew to expect a touch here and there, which was great, because I touched any thigh I wanted to! Thirty minutes into the crowd I had myself plastered, cock-out, against a ravishing blonde! She was all leg and thigh, and had on some daisy-dukes with just a little ass hanging out. For whatever reason she had her left side turned to the stage, so her right thigh was jammed into my crotch! I gyrated into her with my hard cock, whic, because everyone was sweaty, slipped back and forth across her bare, slippery thigh! I had taken an herb that I'd not tried before, and it reportedly keeps you from coming so soon, and I was putting it to the test now. I'm here to tell you all, it worked! I decimated this girl till she finally got the nerve to move and give up her prime spot there along the side of the stage against a barrier. Now, the spot we were at was super-packed, but it was a good spot to see from, so you really didn't want to leave it. I stayed because it was a nonstop supply of targets! If I wasn't grinding on one, dick out, then I was groping on two or three in a group! I could go on and on about that, but let me move on to my first nut. She was with a friend or brother, it couldn't have been a boyfriend, because as soon as I realized I could rub her with my cock, she started responding, in a positive way. She had big round eyes, clear, tanned skin, and mandatory short-shorts that I wanted to do my dirt against. At first, because she was to my left and slightly behind me, a had to turn like I was looking back to place my member against her. But once she looked down and saw what I was doing, she moved forward and I got behind her. I was working her for an hour: I rub against her, bending at the knees and dragging it up, then when I felt too excited I would just knead her thigh, even pinch it! Once I held her thigh with both hands, with my dick in between my left hand and the inside of her right leg! Finally, at a point while everyone started jumping up and down, I exploded! I came so intensely and with so much cum, I just stood absolutely still, as she worked my prick up and down and around the most knee-shuttering spasms I've ever experienced! I had cum everywhere, on the inside of my own leg, on her right leg, but I wanted to do one more thing before I left her: I took my leg and positioned it in between hers and rub it in tween gets to rub some more cum onto her! After that I was satisfied, until I got a second wind!

Weekend Bonanza, first night, nut 2 (Thu 25 Sep 2014 15:58:07 GMT)

After my first, knee-shuttering nut, I waited till I came to my senses, then slowly backed off my target and made my way out of the massive crowd. I'd gotten to the venue late (the gates opened at 3p.m., I didn't get in until 6!) and at first I was fuming at my late arrival, but in 3 and 1/2 hours I'd made-up for it! I was thinking that since I'd done so exceedingly well this first day, I'd leave early to get home and rest-up for the next days long hours. Tomorrow would really be the killer day! I knew the trains, with a crowd this huge, would be unbelievably packed, so I wanted to get a head start leaving. Yes I was leaving all of it behind me, at least for tonight! On the way out I looked down and saw cum all on my own legs, so I wiped it off of me and as I groped passing thighs, transferred it to them! I made my way to the station and of course I was not alone in my thinking: the platform was packed! I noticed plenty of potential targets while waiting, but my main focus was getting home to eat and to rest up for the next day. I did notice one in particular, wearing stockings that came up to about 3 inches short of a onion shaped, and exposed ass, but I moved on. We waited about 12 minutes for a train, and when it arrived it was almost full. I had to get on, I thought, so I moved to the nearest door when it stopped. I needed to get to a pole to hold onto because on the way out I guzzled a beer down in record time, so now I got a buzz. I also have my second wind! I get to a pole, and guess who squeezes past me? Stockings! And she plants that ass right in front of me! At first I don't react, but as soon as we hit the first stop, where it became even more packed, I said 'why not?' I let the train do the humping for ten minutes, during which time I noticed an old lady watching my dick prod into the meat just below my girls daisy-duke panty line. I could care less she was looking! She said nothing so I kept at it, then at the next stop someone got on and blocked her view, so I made quick work of the task at hand, and by the next stop I had busted no. 2! I didn't have nearly as much stored up, so it was just an intense feeling of spasms more than a whole lot of volume, but left me almost as wobbly as the first nut! She existed at the next stop, and I just found me a place to stand where I could hide yet another wet spot on my extremely thin underwearlike shorts. The first day at this two-day chikan-fest was over, and I was feeling like a million bucks! Day 2 would start in about 14 hours. Had to get home, fed, and rested!

Re: Shogie! (Fri 26 Sep 2014 10:26:35 GMT)

Now you gettin' it Brutha! Pretty close, only much tighter confines, creating a pleasurable, almost horrifying nutlock! Hahahaha! Yessir!

Re: Weekend Bonanza crowd photo! (Sat 27 Sep 2014 07:08:03 GMT)

Okay Shogie, here is an actual photo of one of three such stages of the gig I attended for the "Weekend Bonanza" story I've been sharing! Any wonder how I was able to do my thang?

Weekend Bonanza part 2 (Mon 29 Sep 2014 12:28:29 GMT)

After a highly successful first day of rubbing, humping and cumming, I went home, ate, and got some much needed rest. The next day I was up just hours before I was to return to my chikan playground. This day was gonna be extra long, and I wanted to get all my money's worth. I arrived 3 hours earlier, and it was quite warm for a fall day. The gates had opened two hours earlier and there was no wait to get in, like the day before. (I failed to mention how unorganized the lines at the entry gates had been the day before: it was an absolute cluster-fuck, with people merging together and almost pushing to get through the gates, which is where my groping and light-humping started the fabulous day I described before). Once in the second day, I knew exactly where I was gonna spend the day: up front at the second biggest stage of the venue. My only mistake is I didn't hydrate myself like the day before, with Gatorade and water. I ended up regretting that later in the day, but for now I was on go! As soon as I got near the stage, which was almost as crowded as the on earlier, I started my grope-fest. It was literally minutes-in and I was grabbing ass and thighs at will! I got in while a rapper was performing one of his signature tunes, and the crowd was a little hyped. He wasn't the best, but it was early and he did well enough for me to find some openings in the crowd where I could move in where it was tighter. If you know how to work a crowd like this, you know to move when everybody momentarily lets their guard down. I moved in on the right side of the stage, maybe 30 feet back, which in a crowd this big is pretty close in. Immediately I'm in a prime spot- skin and ass all around me, and for the next 4 or 5 hours I worked on various targets. I can't describe all of them, but what I'll do is highlight my triumphs: I had two "sisters", figuratively speaking, that it jumped for so long and so good that a white girl behind me finally had to say something to screw it up for me. I heard her tell her friend that I was humping the two black girls like they were my girlfriends! She was right! At one point late that afternoon, one of them turned facing me as the performer made his way down or side of the crowd, and I had her skirt up, my dick out, and planted against her upper thigh, almost in her groin area! She turned around and I continued in between her ass cheeks! Got her friend too! The crazy part about the white girl was, in between me humping the sisters, I put my bare dick up HER thigh! Later that next act, I started moving closer to the front barrier. Since there's too many mini groping and humping episodes to tell, I'll concentrate on the finale: When it got close to the headliner for this last night, I knew it would get wild, so I devised a plan to keep my duke at maximum pleasure: I found a way to tie my shorts up with its drawstring by pulling one string down through my crotch and the other the outside of my shorts. What it did was hold one side of my shorts up, exposing my entire dick and balls! It was too dark and tightly packed for anyone to see, and since I was surrounded by females of all sorts I'd have a ball! When it started getting rough, a young black guy with a white girl in tow came pushing past me. He really couldn't go too far so when he stopped his girl stopped right next to me. I soon found I'd hit a goldmine: she sheepishly apologized to me that she didn't mean to invade my space, but that she had just met the guy and since she was by herself she had let him show her how to get to the front! She said she was 17, and had never been to a concert like this! I went to work, fellas! My dick almost jumped in between her thighs! She had on a thin, short dress, and I ground into her with one leg raised up, trying to get my scent into her skin. I'm quite sure I did, and then all hell broke loose: the main attraction came onstage, and the massive crowd behind us surged forward. I stuck with girl, and when we came to a stop we were crushed together lik sardines against two other rows in front of the stage. I had my dick I between her smooth, sweaty thighs and was pushing in-and-out, when she finally caught on to what I was up to. I'd been rubbing my member on her for 30 minutes and I know she knew it, but now I'd gone too far. I saw her lean over and tell the black guy she was following what I was doing to her, and he just looked back as if to say, "oh really"?, and turned back to the stage. I just thought maybe I should move on, but now I was really worked up. I looked to my left and all in one move found my next two targets: they looked to be Italian, maybe sisters our cousins, and both had bubble-butts in shorts showing off deep tans and beautiful legs/thighs. I had to push away momentarily off them just to get enough room to look down to see them! Once I confirmed what I was gonna be working on, I started in on both of them, alternating grinding on those asses, or bending at the knees so I could swipe my dick against the back of those thighs. But when the crowd started jumping up and down I just let nature take it's course: the up and down action against my erection was heaven, and I kept alternating from one to the other. One of them kept pulling away, so I'd get her till she pulled away, then go to the other one. This continued for several minutes, until finally I felt that "no turning back" urge to blow! And blow I did! Cum hit first the one on my left, then during the third or fourth gush, I turned to give the one in my right whatever I had left. I reached down and wiped some of it from the tip of my hose and transferred it from my fingertips to the one on the rights ass cheek while she was still jumping up and down. I was moaning loa sly now at the whole idea of what had occurred. I'm standing here with all this pleasure around me and nobody really even knows, as the last spasms subside. I felt great, although I was so dehydrated by then I didn't think I'd be able to cum. I started the long ordeal of getting out of that crowd so I could recoup some energy for the ride home. I managed tho get out, get a drink and get to the trains. I got on behind my last target and barely managed to get one last, although weak, erection and squeezed a small nut out against a woman that happened to be on this crowded train, possibly coming from work. That ended my wildest weekend in years, and one I'll not forget for at least until next year! I already started counting the weeks! 51 to go!

Re: This "James" character and his comments! (Mon 29 Sep 2014 18:38:05 GMT)

James, you don't have to believe a thing I say, but I'll tell you this: I've been at this shit probably longer than you've been alive, and every damn thing I said is 110% true! I really don't write these stories for the amateurs on this board. It's for the benefit of those like Shogie, GroinRubber, and the veterans with like stories that know the deal. It takes years to get to this stage, son, so go ahead and doubt all you want! Real Chikans stand up!

Re: Apologies to James are in order! (Mon 29 Sep 2014 22:28:02 GMT)

I misread and responded totally out of line to something I thought "James" was directing at me, when it was "Guest" directing it to "James"! My apologies! But Guest, maybe it's true! Maybe he just didn't tell the story well!

Re: Weekend Bonanza-warning! (Tue 30 Sep 2014 12:56:30 GMT)

ATTENTION! Fellow chikans! One thing I failed to mention while recounting my fabulous weekend: a new problem is beginig to rear it's ugly head! The whole weekend we had "Big Brother" watching, so I had to be extremely watchful when it appeared: Drones with cameras flew overhead all weekend long! It's gonna become a problem really soon. When I saw one coming I made sure to keep my head down, but kept my dick snug as a bug in a rug! LOL

GroinRubber gets my vote! (Wed 01 Oct 2014 02:39:16 GMT)

GR, you pulled that off just great! Talk about improvising on the spot! Brilliant! My man gets caught just ah humpin' and ah pumpin', and turns it into a freakin' Nuremberg rally! You get my vote! What I did was handed to me on a silver platter, but you worked it till you got what you wanted, masterfully!

And GroinRubber gets webmaster's special mention.

CHIKAN DISASTERS. (Wed 10 Sep 2014 13:07:49 GMT)


Ahhhhaaaaaaaaaa!! I'd forgotten about that clip Slim Shady...awesome. I shouldn't have watched that...I've got a gig in just over a week, and like Brother 'Guestz', I'm holding out for a splendid nutt. More on that later.

First, apologies for not getting up part two of my 'Wine Of The Loins' story, but I've been so unbelievably busy, which is good, but just so time consuming.

I know I may have touched on the subject of Chikan disasters in the past, but seeing as I've recently had one, I though it 'may' be a good topic to help get the site up and rolling a little more with that usual chikan momentum.

Disasters can be all-sorts of stuff, eg: Low attendance, nearly getting busted etc etc etc...the list goes on. So I for one, would love to here anyone's stories. Here's what happened to me about three and a half weeks back, and this is 100% TRUE! Possibly the worst ever chikan experience I've endured.

I'd been perusing over two gigs that were happening on the same night. 1 rock gig in a place just outside the city where I'd never been, and the other, an acoustic set. Both has advantages and disadvantages. I went out with $100 in my pocket, and headed to the rock venue. I paid $20 on the door, and when I got in, there was about 15 people in there! I was fucking gutted!

I hung around for as long as possible, and the crowd perhaps moved to about 25-30 pepole. I went back out into the evening air, arrived back at my car to find it had been wheel clamped, despite there being no signs!
(I know 'now' that this was a renowned snare for motorists that weren't familiar with the area)

Anyway, to cut it short, 20 minutes later, Id sorted and paid the campers a 'backhander' to un-clamp my car. (twisted bastards) I then preceded back into the city at break-neck speed, went to the bank, and took out another $50 to attend the acoustic gig. I was so desperate for a nutt, I would have done anything.

I parked the car and headed toward the gig on foot, and then got caught in the heaviest showered of rain I'd experienced in a loooong time! I was fucking drenched, but I couldn't shelter otherwise I'd have been late for the show.

I finally got to the show looking like a drowned rat, and hung around (across the road in a doorway) whilst I watched some of the crowd going in. It looked fairly promising, but I still wasn't convinced it was 'nutt-worthy' (another one there for the dictionary of chikan).

I had no nutt, or $30 to take a chance on a possibility. Well, you're all chikans, so you know what I did don't you.....BUT I didn't!!
I put my hand in my pocket of my thin chikan pants to retrieve my cash, but it had GONE! My heart jumped into my throat! I couldn't believe what was fucking happening, it was a chikan nightmare. I scanned my pockets again, Nothing!

I must have lost it in the heavy rain as I was running like a crazy man to get to the nutting ground. I raced my steps carefully scanning for the money, but there was no hope, and by now, I'd be too late for the meat of the gig anyway. My training shoes were so wet they were squelching with every fucking soggy stride. NIGHTMARE!!

One last gasp chance was to check out the busy bars. I had no money, and the bank was empty when I went to get more, and the next working one was a few blocks away.
I want into the busy bars, and guess what...they were all as dead as fucking barn!

I squelched my way back to the car, and drove back to Groin Manor. I was gutted!! That was my last chikan outing, and I have another a week and a half away, which looks fairly promising. More on that later.

Any chikan nightmares to share Brothers?


Reposted: CLOSE SHAVE WITH THE HULK: (Fri 12 Sep 2014 08:20:12 GMT)

Nice disaster there Guestz! Close shave there! Airports too...risky!!

Hers another disater from the archives.


It was early in my chikan days, before I became skilled and experienced. I was mall chikaning in a large city, and I was in a huge music store. I spotted these two chicks about 18 - 19 years old looking down the aisle. I immediately got onto them.
I was wearing joggers with my cock out of my boxers underneath. I Started to brush against one of the chicks who had on a knee length summer dress, thin material...Nice!! It felt fantastic, and back then, I easily got carried away.

She made no reaction to my rubbing on her, so I just did it the stage where I was pushing her whole body. She must have liked it, and I know she definitely felt it.
My cock was hard, and I was getting ready to blow my stack, but was not watching my surroundings, other than a quick glance now and then.

I rubbed sideways, up and down, all under the pretense of 'reaching past her' you know.

All of a sudden, this huge hand as big as a fucking tennis racket landed on my shoulder, another hand on the cuff of my collar. He picked me up and dragged me through the store like I was a fucking fluff filled rag doll.

We got to the door and He flung me out, (the way that Lou Ferigno as the Hulk used to throw people back in the old TV series).
I landed outside the mall with a bounce and skid.

I looked back at the security person whom had just flung me out. He was massive, and actually LOOKED like the fucking Hulk!!

He Poiunted his finger, and red faced angrily shouted at the top of his booming fucking voice...... "If I see you in here again, I'll cut the fucker clean you understand!!!".

Everyone outside the store had heard and was looking at me as I shamefully and pathetically got up off the floor. It was impossible to act cool and shrug this one off. I'd been rumbled..but I knew I was lucky!!
If a cop had been around, I'd have been fucked!

I went home, and I couldn't forget it for days, and it really shook me up quite badly, so much so, I didn't chikan for about 5 months.
Slowly though, I got my confidence back, but it was a massive learning experience for me. I cut down on mall chikaning, and started gigging!

ON ANOTHER NOTE: (This is more for you Red Dragon)

I went out yesterday doing a bit of 'bulge flashing'. That was a disaster too. No one was was if the whole town had died. I saw about a dozen people on my route, and the women I saw seemed to be just ignoring my swinging bulge.

Any of you bulge flashers seem to get more men looking down at your crotch than women, or is it that women see it, and at times choose to ignore it?


After the bulge flashing yesterday, I broke my 'Hold out' and had to jerk off when I got home. This was good, as I know I would have had a severe case of blue balls by the time the gig had arrived. Blue balls, for me, can make a nutt seem a but anti-climatic, don't know how you guys feel about it.
I've still gt over a week left, so plenty of time to get the perseverance soup flowing again. How's your 'Hold out' going Guestz? When is your event?

Mine is in just over a week, a 1500 capacity old school rock gig. I'm not totally convinced that this will be a 'Nutt Cracker' (another one for the dictionary), but I'm reasonably convinced it will be a good outing. This particular band are renowned for playing ridiculously long sets too, so a 'Double Nutt' may be on the cards. That's my plan anyway.

More later!


Fraternizing with the targets???? Good or Bad??? (Sat 13 Sep 2014 20:46:06 GMT)

Hey Guestz. It sounds like you went through some pretty awful shit there, to make you feel faint thinking about it, and I think the sad thing chikans learn from it, but very seldom quit. It makes me wonder...what would actually scare us enough to make us quit. It makes me feel kinda sad too.

I know exactly what excitement you're feeling right now Guestz, as I'm feeling exactly the same thing. My guts are in knots, and I'm ready to burst like a fucking geyser. My chikan gear is too washed and ready, and I've still got a fucking week to go. Gonna be a loooong week!

My band are playing tonight, in a similar venue to which I'm attending, so I'll be sure to check out the crowds on YouTube over the next few days. I hate 'Holdon Out'! How are you coping Guestz?


How do you pro's out there feel about fraternising with the target (especially the suspected 'player')?
I sometimes like starting up a conversation like 'How long til the Band's on' or 'Wow, it's busy in here' Sometimes I even use flattery about their hair, or perfume, in an attempt at endearment/trust, or to take that 'creepy guy' element away. DOES THIS WORK? Is it dangerous, or is it a good idea to flirt a little and be nice, or are we drawing too much attention to ourselves. More often than not I get a favourable response, and if I don't...I just leave it alone. What are your guys takes on this topic?


Welcome Back Shogie. (Sat 13 Sep 2014 20:56:33 GMT)

Great story Shoges, and so very good to see you back here doing what you do best. It got me all hot and bothered dude!


A Long Week Ahead. (Sun 14 Sep 2014 22:33:47 GMT)

Ahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! I'm with you Guestz. You're gonna have a great time're one lucky cat. Cock out too! This week can't go fast enough for me.
I've been bulge flashing a lot, and I think it's a substitute for chikan, as it's been a bit dry my way recently. Got two though within the next few weeks, one of those just days away.

More soon.


RE: Fraternising with the Targets (Mon 15 Sep 2014 18:27:37 GMT)

Well, my 'holdou't came to a swift, leg quivering end last night, as I had to jerk off quickly after watching some recent footage of the band I'm going to see. (YES I WAS THAT RIPE!!) I'll still be fired up come the weekend and ready for action.

Nice story Guestz, and I hope you're holdin' out better than I did. I'm starting to pump up again already though, lololol!

I'm hoping you'll post up your escapades of the coming weekend, as will I.
Any of you guys got an opinion about my recent post regarding fraternising with the targets?


RE: Guestz: Don't Worry - Be Happy! (Tue 16 Sep 2014 19:34:44 GMT)

Guestz, I know what you're saying about something going wrong brother! LOOK - You're in for a weekend of what will be literally a chikan's paradise, so you're bound to feel a little paranoid about something thwarting your hunt.

I used to feel the same, years back, and I always used to think the gig/event was going to be cancelled. The reality is Guestz, that other than a death in the family, a disaster, severe illness, you getting flattened by a bus...nothing will stop you attending what sounds like absolute euphoria. Relax cat...don't worry, you've waited a long time for this amidst your dry spells so it's your just deserve brother!

Well, we're half way through the week, just a few days left until Saturday...AHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
I'm meeting my 'tout' connectin, Mack on thursday, just for coffee and a catch up, and I'm hoping he can give me some reasonably accurate information as to how many tickets have sold for this show. The gig is 1000 capacity, so pretty intimate in the grander scheme of concerts, so hopefully by Thursday, I'll have more of an idea of attendance.

RE: Fraternizing with Targets.

I love this shit, but it takes tact. I had a gig a couple of months back, (I'll post it when I can) and I got behind this girl with long curly red hair. A great ass too. During my preliminaries, hair hair got tangled on my facial area a little, and as she turned, I helped her 'off' with the tangle, and I simply added "I really like your hair" to which she responded with a timid "Thanks". Well that was it. There seemed to be a an essence of flirting from there on, stroking her hair, looking to the side as I made 'contact' etc...just from a few words...that's all I necessarily mean by fraternizing. If it develops, so be it, be be careful what you subconsciously give away cats!
Needless to say, 20 minutes later I uncontrollably exploded all over her ass, in which she was doing a 'tailored swishy, sexy dance' just for my piston pipe...HUR HUR!!


It's The Final Countdown! (Thu 18 Sep 2014 22:39:18 GMT)

Well, in around 40 hours, The GroinRubber will be donning his chikan gear and going to the hunting, I'm so fucking ready.

I met my tout friend 'Mack' today, and after drinking copiues amounts of esresso, and catching up, I turned the conversation and told him I was curious as to how many thickets had sold for the concert on Saturday.

He seems to think that the last ticket 'he' sold about a fortnight ago was around number 250. Now, remember this is a 1000 capacity venue, and although this is only a quarter full at this count, 250 pepole huddled in the pits can be heaven, so I don't want to worry myself 'too much' over that.

Anyway, this figure was around two weeks ago, so we have to take into account two more weeks sales, plus those that will buy on the door on the night. Happy days...hopefully! I'm starting to take on Guestz recent paranoia that something's gonna go wrong! LOLOLOL!

Good luck for the weekend Guestz, not that you'll need it by the sound of things. Be safe brother!
I want a full report on my desk as soon as you get chance! LOLOL!


Double Nutt Issues. (Fri 19 Sep 2014 23:02:11 GMT)

Well, the chikan gear is fresh and clean, for now LOLOL! When I met 'Mack' yesterday, I took the liberty of purchasing a couple of 'uppers'. My intention is to take one about half hour before the gig, and hopefully, take the second after the first spunking, so I can hopefully get a second nutt without too much of a struggle.

I tend to prolong the first nutt, as I hate blowing the piston too quick, and this is where I go wrong. So I'll 'try' and go for the quick nutt, so I can recover better for a decent second nutt. Ahhhhaaaa!
Any of you guys sometimes have problems with the second, cos you took too long on the first?

The thing is, if I get a 'player', It really turns me on, and I tend to flirt and prolong, and 'play the game' if you will. I guess I won't plan too much, just yet, as it might be a damp squib anyway for all I know. I wish I had the liberty of 'cock out' action like brother Guestz. You'll be as exited as hell come Saturday Guestz...Good luck, and stay safe brother.

More soon.


Here We Go Boys! (Sat 20 Sep 2014 10:13:20 GMT)

Thanks to Guestz and Same Old Groper for their recent comments...cheers Brothers! Groper,I know what you're saying about expectations being too high, so I'm trying to stay relatively calm and collected and just go with the flow, and not be complacent. If worse comes to worse, I can do some 'bar hopping' afterwards, but that's not guaranteed these days neither.

I'm fairly confident tonight will be a good turnout. All of the other recent shows of similar size have been graet successes, and I've seen it with my own eyes on YouTube clips. Sluts jumping and bouncing around on the first two rows...Ahhrrrrggggaaaagghhh! It's giving me nervous diarrhoea pains just thinking about it. LOLOLOLOLOL!

I can't wait for your upcoming reports Guestz, and I'd be a fucking liar if I said I wasn't Hulk green with envy! LOLOLOL! You're absolutely right about intimate gigs having advantages, and I guess all gigs and events have various issues and problems that make make either light work or difficult work for the active chikan.

To be honest though, once I'm behind a target and I know 'the game is on' for sure, I could be anywhere! I just slip into my own private heaven, and I don't want it to end...(The reason why I struggle with 'double nutters' at times). The band I'm seeing play a ridiculously long set, so that's an advantage for the 'double event'...and my guts are curdling just thinking about it!

I'll be setting off in about 5 hours. The Bat Mobile is polished, and hopefully, my bell-end will be too a little later, hopefully to the point where it's just a pathetic piece of hanging flesh LOLOLOL! Man, I'm ready for this.


TOTAL DISASTER!! (Sun 21 Sep 2014 13:50:58 GMT)

TOTAL DISASTER!! I got a nutt, but I had to work soooo fucking hard, and be so persistently relentless that I could have easily got caught. I got spotted in the process, and then cock-blocked (By the spotter). But I got lucky...THIS TIME!

I think I may need to somehow take a step back or I'm gonna get busted! My own fault though, wrong environment, just not busy enough to engage in full chikan. I can't afford to get busted brother's, but I don't feel that they're are enough events that I get can to that have the right environment to satisfy the need to chikan. So, therefore I tend to go for totally inappropriate environment out of need and desperation. What does a guy do...I'm stuck between a rock and a rock hard cock.


What To Do ? (Sun 21 Sep 2014 20:41:05 GMT)

Oh, Guestz...I'm so hopelessly envious and depressed tonight!
LOLOLOLOL! I've another event in two weeks. Similar status regarding the band, and exactly the same capacity as my recent shitty outing. What to do ?????

My cock is saying "Go" my common sense is saying "Stay home"


RE: Jack - Sex and Experts. (Tue 23 Sep 2014 19:14:43 GMT)

Hey Brother Jack!

Thanks for your recent post, and I appreciate and understand what you're trying to say. I just feel I need to point out a couple of things here though Brother.

I wouldn't call myself an 'Expert' (as you put it), even though I know I do use this word...although mostly to be flippant or add humour to stories. I'd like to say I see myself as 'Seasoned'...sounds so much better doesn't it? LOLOLOL!

Firstly, you say: "Why don't you get some real sex and have chikan as a side hobby"? I was a little offended by this, as you know what they say about assumptions, don't you? LOLOL!

I do not like to bring my personal life into this too much, but let's just say, regarding 'sex' … I get's mine brother, perhaps more than you may care to imagine.

Then you go on to say: "chikan must be your only sexual outlet for you to feel the way you do." I kinda know where you'd get this idea, so The GroinRubber won't lambaste you for this. But dear Brother Jack, chikan is most definitely NOT my only sexual release...please believe me Bro.

I think you 'may' find Jack, that most seasoned chikans live very normal lives, with Wives/girlfriends, and maybe even families, and that their chikan activity is a completely different 'secret world' which is kept separate from everything else. Maybe you Vets may be able to shed a little light on this?

I DO think that lately, Jack,...I've been trying to be a square peg that fits in a round hole, if you understand me. That is...chikan in a wrong environment just doest fit/work.

Unlike Brother Guestz, now he's a round peg in a round hole, That is...perfect chikan activity in a perfect environment...(Lucky bastard)! LOLOLOLOL!

I guess this is me making errors, perhaps trying to make up for what has been a reasonably dry spell with slim pickings, and you're right in one account, and that is....desperation DID take hold.
I'm still undecided as to whether or not to attend my next outing, as I feel it will be an almost identical setting, but I am surmising here. so......(?).

As you bought up Sex though Jack, I'd like to end this post with one 'fact' that will need no elaboration to an 'Expert'.


I get where you're coming from though jack, and Thanks.


PUNCHING & HUNCHING. (Mon 29 Sep 2014 15:39:24 GMT)

Here's a telling of my recent outing brothers. I've called this story...


I got to the gig with a good half hour to spare.
The gig itself was in a tall building at the heart of the city, so I had to go through the buildings main doors and find the venue entrance, which was in a lower ground floor room, which was normally used for corporate events and banquets etc, so I wasn't entirely sure how this was going to be for a concert.

My guts dropped when I saw that there were only around 35 people outside the venue. I was heartbroken. I went for a drink in a nearby bar, trying to pass a little time, and trying to forget the sight I'd just seen.

40 minutes later, I was back at the gig. When I arrived in the 1000 capacity room, I did a rough head count on the sparse crowd. There were around 60 people. I almost walked out, but decided to give it some time, as it was still early.

Slowly, slowly, the venue began to fill, and it wasn't long before a reasonably healthy 400 or so were in. I scoped around, but didn't have a lot of room for hunting, without suspicion being aroused.
There was no support, and the main band came on to an insipid applause. The crowd were not as lively as I expected.

7 rows back,I got behind this round assed chick, about 40 ish, who was with another woman and a cat whom I assumed was a boyfriend/husband. I stayed clear of the wife, and edged in to test the water on the rouns assed chick. She was fine. No problem.

I began to softly let my prick swell against her. At one point, I even did the 'crowd push test' This is where I completely flatten my self against a target, pretending I have been pushed by the crowd.
She didn't even glance. I felt annoyed, as I wanted her to know I was there, acknowledge me.

I leaned forward to her ear and said "Sorry, I got pushed" she half turned and just acknowledged me with a smile, without saying a fucking word brothers!
I kept letting her light swaying massage my tube-steak, and I felt the spunk bubbling in my under-carriage. It wouldn't take much to nutt this evening.

Just then, the cat stepped back and looked at my crotch that was in an naturally close proximity with his friend. I never looked at him, but I could see him out of my peripheral vision. I immediately, but naturally backed off, and angled my body, so he couldn't see the full extent of my cock pointing up like a fucking tent pole.

He watched me as I inched away, and I got nervous. It wasn't crowded enough to allow for my usual stunts, so it was time to knock it down a gear. I edged away, and he finally stopped looking, and I think his suspicions were doused.

I edged more toward the front, oozing my way through the crowd. I got behind this dark haired girl around 22, with her BF. She was already dancing enthusiastically, so it was easy to let her graze my growing member. She glanced sideways with a smirk, and her boyfriend was totally oblivious, which is what I expected from the cat from my earlier target.

Every time the band hit a power chord on the chorus, I plunged my hand into the air, (as were some of the crowd) simultaneously pushing my rock solid pecker into her cotton dressed but crack. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa! Finally I was in heaven. Just then she turned, and I got nervous. LISTEN TO THIS CHIKANS...and I swear she said "Good to see you doing that (meaning punching the air with my fists) keep doing it" Wa this an implicit message...her telling to keep ramming her?

Anyway, The GroinRubber obliged and kept on 'punching the air' whilst ramming and hunching myself into her...and I was near ready to explode. I carried this on for two songs, I got so close to blowing, when all of a sudden, someone left the very front row, and she grabbed her BF and moved into the gap. And left my cock supended and jumping in pre-orgasmic state.

5 seconds more and I'd have blown, but I wasn't tempted to follow here, as I felt she was saying..."That's enough".
I edged around and got behind two more lively front row sluts. One was real slim with a perfect tightly denim clad bubble. I was getting desperate for a nutt, and my cock was still almost fully hard from the prick-teaser of minutes before.

I just lightly put my chest to her back, and let her ass do all the work. I was so close to spunking anyway, I knew it wouldn't take much. She swished and swayed, and I breathed hard, almost growling, as I approached the point of no return. The music was booming, and I let out a huge Ohhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhaa, and my legs buckled as pump after pump of white lava ponded from my jumping pecker, lathering the inside of my jogging bottoms. My abs pulsated agaist her lower back, and and I just smiled and bit my back teeth as she massaged every single drop of chicken soup from my hot mushroom top.

Two minutes later, my cock was STILL doing the odd jump in it's death throes. The band was plying it's last song, and some pepole began to leave, and I joined them. I went to the nearest food outlet I could find, and feasted like a rapist Viking. Part of me started to worry about that early 'spotting' and I reminded myself how careful we chikans need to be at all times. I found the Bat Mobile, and drove home.


RE: Guestz Story. (Mon 29 Sep 2014 23:52:48 GMT)


Sounds like you had a great time Guestz, utter euphoria brother! It made me feel a little better about my ordeal, the fact that you got spotted, and 'could have' got busted twice, and in such dense surroundings as well. Made me feel that I didn't do so bad in a crowd of 400-500 people.

Still not sure about the coming weekend concert, but after reading your story Guestz, I can feel the piston juice hissing in my balls. LOLOL! I Guess I just need to be extra careful in those more intimate of venues eh...? Great story brother Guestz, and MOTM hands vote required!


October award: Merciless
For his recount of juicy round onions.
(Red head is the best.)

Dream Moment (Tue 07 Oct 2014 10:13:45 GMT)

Hello there. I just found this place last week with another friend of mine who does the same thing. We were shocked that there are so many people doing what we thought was a dark secret all these years. I would like to share something that happened last weekend.

On Saturday of last week, I went to a concert. When it got crowded enough, I got behind these two girls, one was a white girl with red hair and the other was an East Indian girl. Both of them looked about 17-19 yrs old and had really nice big round onion butts in thin dresses. I could even see the dent that the their cracks made in the back of the dresses. I tried to control myself, but looking at that just got me so hard as steel. Once it got crowded enough, I started to lightly rub my dick on the Indian girl's butt first but she looked uncomfortable and kept turning around, so I moved over to her white friend. I started doing the same thing but got no reaction from her.

As soon as the first group came on to the stage and the lights went a bit lower, I moved my dick to the dead center crack of her butt and eased my dick straight then up in between her butt cheeks. As soon as I did that, she started to shake her head, kind of like she had experienced this feeling before. After about five minutes of humping her, the Indian girl turned and looked me in the face, looked down at my dick area then leaned in and whispered to her friend. The music was quite loud but I was close enough to hear what they were saying, because the tightness of the crowd caused me to lean in close enough to do so. I did not catch what the Indian girl said but the white girl responded with something that I have never heard in all the time I have been butt humping women. I heard the white girl say ''Just forget it. No point in saying anything. Normally, I just let them get on with it and when they are done they usually leave anyway.'' OMG! I looked at the Indian girl's face after hearing that and she looked a little surprised but seemed to settle down a lot more and started waving her hands to the music.

When I heard that, I tried to push my dick as deep as possible between the white girl's butt cheeks s it did not seem I was going to get any problem from her. I enjoyed doing that for about 2 or 3 minutes more but there was a big push from the crowd which pushed me back behind the Indian girl. Because I did not do so well behind her the first time, I tried to stay off of her but the crowd was too strong so I was plastered against her but I stayed still and did not move my crotch around. She turned around and looked at me again. I did not look directly at her but I could see that she had a much more pleasant look on her face. When I saw that I tried again by rubbing my dick on her butt for a minute or so then stopped.

After doing that on and off for about 10 minutes, the crowd changed position again which gave her a bit of breathing room. The Indian girl used that few seconds of a gap in the crowd to lean over the barrier and rest her forearms. When she did this, her big onion butt crashed against my crotch. I looked over at the white girl but she had some other girls around her because of the crowd push earlier so I could not get back.

It was a daring move because of what happened earlier but I went for broke with the Indian girl. I started to use my hand to line my dick up with the crack dent of her dress and force my dick hard and deep into the crack of her butt cheeks. I was a bit nervous as I expected her to now turn around and scream at me but no reaction. I let my dick throb into between her butt cheeks. No reaction. I then started to SLOWLY slide in and out of her crack and I felt my dick getting even harder. Her butt cheeks were fleshy and looked like they were bouncing and jiggling each time I pushed in between her crack. She was not dancing or jumping at all, just leaning over the barrier and standing still. Only her body jerked each time I pushed into her. I caught the white girl look at me, look at her Indian friend and smile. The Indian girl smiled right back at her. I thought that she might have been a bit uncomfortable because my dick was actually splitting her butt cheeks open in a kind of open and close motion but she said or did nothing. I wanted to keep this feeling as long as possible but I could not because the crowd started to sway a bit which caused me to push so deep in between the Indian girl's big butt cheeks that I could not go any further. I actually hit a wall in there. LOL.

Probably afraid that I was going to enter her asshole or something, she started to clench her butt cheeks and grip my dick. That was it for me. I let go a long jet stream of cum that shot straight into her crack valley, while I held onto her hips. I could not believe that this fucking Indian girl that gave me so many problems earlier now did nothing not one reaction, just stayed leaning over the barrier. The only thing I felt was her opening and clenching her butt cheeks while I was cumming but she did not turn around at all. I looked over at the white girl but she was now focused on the group on the stage, waving and shouting.

Before the night was over, I ended up slightly lifting up the Indian girl's dress and feeling the back and front of her thick and toned thighs and her bare onion ass cheeks all with no reaction. Not even to her friend. I wanted to touch her breasts too but did not want to force my way into that area because the crowd was still a bit tight and that would have looked much too obvious. I ended up giving that Indian girl the fuck of her life at that show and flooded her crack with cum once more with no reaction at all.

Once the crowd started to leave a bit, I left before both of them could see me. I turned around while leaving and saw the Indian girl use her hand to wipe her butt while talking to the white girl, who were both smiling. For the way all of that started I really thought that I would have had all of that success on the white girl. I still cannot believe how I managed to pull that all of that off on the Indian girl. You guys should have seen how bitchy she was in the beginning! lol. I am glad I found you all here. Thank you for letting me share. I have more times to tell you all about if you want.

Thanks Guys (Thu 09 Oct 2014 20:49:00 GMT)

Thanks a lot for all of the feedback and the welcome. I really appreciate it from you all.

To Guestz, RED DRAGON, Guest and SHADOW - I am glad that you all liked the story. Honestly, I am not much of a writer but I would like to share more of my experiences with you all. I took some time to read some past stories on this website, including stories from Guestz and RED DRAGON. I am impressed with what you all get away with as well. I tell you, that Indian girl was a victory ride for me. I was starving after I had finished with her; actually felt like I had just fucked her! LOL. Thanks again.

SHADOW, PAIGs! LOL. i like that. I never thought of using that before but thick white girls are called PAWGS so their thick Indian sisters need a name too. Heh heh heh.
I saw what you had said, about the white girl possibly helping me out. Now I look back, that really does make a lot of sense. I mean, that Indian girl was super bitchy at first. I was BARELY rubbing my dick against her butt and she would constantly turn around and stare at me with this 'get lost' look on her face. When I saw her look after hearing what her white friend said, it was like a 360 degree change in her mood. Gosh, I get hard just remembering how much I pounded her ass that night. Wow.
I also read some of your stories too as I saw your name in the 'Archives' section as Man of The Year for 2006. Damn. You have been in this site for a very very long time. I have been missing out all those years. I saw your story that you wrote about your time with an Indian woman too. Jeez. It looks like you really had a ball with her. That was fantastic, man. Thanks again and respect to you for your input and those amazing stories you have on here.

To Guest - I totally agree with you. I just found this place with my friend last week but I have been doing this for many years now.
In my experience, I normally leave girls alone once they give that kind of reaction at first but the change in that Indian girl's mood made me stay. I was really surprised at what her white friend said! You are right though, females can and do get annoyed at times but I think I can guess why.
It must be more than a bit annoying for them to have us poking and jabbing and ramming their asses with our dicks knowing that we are getting pure pleasure but they cannot let loose in the same way. I do think that some of them do get pleasure from it but I think women hate to be turned on without anything resulting from it. Just me, but I think that these women have a harder time physically, dealing with the difference between us riding their asses at concerts and us actually fucking them from behind. That is why I think women make such a big deal about getting turned on without actually getting fucked. In a way, this groping thing we do is like a kind of foreplay for them, rubbing on and groping them like that. For us, it really is nothing. We can switch off whenever and move to the next woman. For them, that experience lasts for the rest of the night and then some. LOL. Just my own observation through my experiences when humping women.

Thanks guys and I am glad I have found an outlet! And a NAME for it too: CHIKAN. LOL. Love it!

New Name (Mon 13 Oct 2014 10:06:34 GMT)

Hello guys.

This is Chuck. I just wanted to let you all know that I have a new name. I think it is my own description of the feeling I have when I am riding a woman with a big butt. LOL. I saw the chance to become a member here on the homepage, so thought it would be good to do that, now that I have finally found a home for my 'secret.'

To erudite: Yes. I think that can be another way to look at it as well. I found it interesting when the redhead girl looked at the Indian girl with a smile too after looking at me first, while I was still riding. It looked like she was saying with that look, 'see? not as bad as you thought, right?' then with the Indian girl looking back at the redhead girl with that smile, almost like she was agreeing with her or something. I would have loved to have completed the circle by getting that redhead girl but oh well. That Indian girl gave me more than enough.
I also agree that a lot of women seek out what we do as well. That has happened to me a s well, more than I had expected. I guess a crowd must be the best place for them to find what they are looking for and the best place for us to help them find it.

I have something that happened to me this past Friday and more I want to share here but just wanted to tell you all that I will not do that under my first name from now on. Thanks.

Wiggle Wobble (Tue 14 Oct 2014 00:42:35 GMT)

Hello again guys,

I got quite a lot of past situations that I want to share, but I really want to tell you all about something that happened to me last week.

Last Friday afternoon, I was on my way to the gym. I was just about to walk into the station to catch the train when I heard a lot of cheering, also a voice through a loudspeaker. I also saw a lot of people walking towards that area. I was off that day, I had no real time limits so I followed the group and headed down to the area as well.

Once I got there, I saw a big mass of people, in what looked like a kind of procession or demonstration, in a square with a lot of barriers, with rows of people packed against them. I asked a guy standing nearby what was going on, he told me that it was a protest rally for the problems in the Middle East. I decided to look around a bit then head to the gym afterwards.

There were a lot of people watching the speaker, so I could not move to the front. After about 10 minutes, there was a shift in the crowd near to where I was standing, from people leaving but the space closed quickly. I walked to different parts of the crowd for about 20 minutes and saw no openings to the barrier at all. I was just about to consider leaving, when I saw another shift in the crowd with people leaving. I looked into the gap between the moving crowd and quickly changed my mind, as I saw a very shapely black woman with a small waist and a BIG round ass, standing up straight at the front of the barrier, talking to another person in front of her, on the other side of the barrier. The woman was wearing an ethnic print pant suit and her butt cheeks looked like two volleyballs on a shelf that were packed together in the back of her pants. I had to stop myself from drooling as I watched her big butt cheeks wobble every time she moved to make gestures while talking.

I immediately worked my way past the people leaving and stood behind her. The problem was, once those people left, I realized that there was no one standing behind me, as we were just at the edge of the barrier. I stood there, trying so hard to look forward over her head and not stare but I was completely dumbstruck by the size of this woman's ass and I was just hoping and praying that the crowd would settle in more around us.

I moved a little closer to her, then used the back of my hand to brush against her right butt cheek, pretending to reach for my phone. She didn't move or show a reaction to that. A couple of minutes later, I brushed against her butt cheek again while going into my bag and there was still no reaction. I wanted and needed to turn up the pace so bad but I had to be careful, with no one behind me to give me necessary cover. My dick was quickly getting hard so I inched a bit closer until my dick made pressure with her right butt cheek and pretended to take pictures of the demonstration. She glanced at me but I stood looking ahead, taking pictures. When I was done, I turned to her, while she was still glancing at me and asked her what was going on. She had a thick accent but explained the reason for the protest, I asked her where she was from, she told me she was from Somalia. She said something about her accent when speaking English then turned back around to finish her talk with the other woman but I did not care, as my dick had become fully hard and was now pressing firmly into her soft and ample right butt cheek.

Just as she turned to finish talking to the woman, a couple of people came and stood behind us, a little to my left, giving me cover on that side. I dropped my hand to my side, while holding my camera and I made complete contact with both her ass cheeks, resting the back of my left hand on her crack. As the people behind me moved around, I carefully moved my hand back and forth, I did not feel any panty lines at all. I looked behind me and there were more people arriving to check out what was going on. My dick was so hard thinking about how I could get fully behind this woman, I did not even realize that the speaker had stopped and there was some kind of intermission. My luck took a bit of a turn for the better because the center area of the crowd had cleared enough for people on the side to get better positions in front of the stage. As those people were leaving, the Somalian woman quickly picked up her bag from the floor and moved towards that area. I followed right behind her closely but making no contact. She stopped nearly dead center in front of the stage, dropped her bag and then leaned over the barrier, where her friend walked up on the 'invite only' side of the barrier to finish talking to her.

The crowd now started to form to grab the better positions in front while I made sure I was directly behind the Somalian woman's big ass, taking pictures of anything that was on the stage area. The intermission was almost finished as I saw more featured speakers and musicians setting up. My dick was already outside of my boxers, so with the help of the crowd movement, I was able to lower my tracksuit pants neath my dick and balls and then place my t-shirt and tracksuit jacket over it to keep it hidden. Once I was finished, I rested my hard and now exposed dick lightly on her left butt cheek while taking pictures of the crowd and used the crowd forming behind me to apply pressure, as I moved my dick from left to right across her ass. She turned around again but this time I looked back at her and smiled. She smiled back, showing teeth this time and said something about the crowd becoming bigger. When she turned back to face front, she started to wiggle her round firm ass a bit, like she was eager to hear the band. The feeling of her big firm as wobbling through her thin baggy pants on my now naked dick was incredible. I looked around and everyone was now in their chosen positions and there were at least three or four rows behind me. Meanwhile the Somalian woman's ass was now making my balls tingle when she did that all that wiggling and wobbling.

Once the speaker came back to introduce the band, there was a bit more movement in the crowd, so I lined my dick up with the crack between her big butt. She kept on moving her jiggly cheeks like she was already dancing without music. As the local African band walked towards the front of the stage, a couple of people behind me started to take pictures, which gave me a chance to ease the head of my dick straight into the Somalian woman's ass crack. I stayed still like that for a minute or so to see if that would alarm her, but she did not even turn around. The crowd pushed forward a bit more, which allowed me to ease even more of my dick a bit deeper into the warmth in her crack. So I could get steady, I put both my legs on either side of her legs but she pushed back abruptly. At first, I thought she was pushing me away but she reached down into her bag to get her camera. When she did that, my dick dug into her crack some more and was dragged the full length of her butt crack while she was moving around down in her bag. She stood up and turned to me, smiled again and said sorry then put her elbows on the barrier to take pictures, pushing her wobbly ass back out again. My dick was now in a horizontal position, which was perfect as I allowed the crowd to push me a bit, causing me to now push and surge deep between her butt cheeks which were even more separated now, causing more of my shaft to enter her. I felt her tense a body a bit and steady herself while holding her camera but she did not take to look at me at all. The Somalian woman's butt crack was very deep, it felt so good with my dick pushing deeper into her butt crack, I had a feeling of dry mouth.

All the while, she kept wiggling her big butt, with my dick firmly lodged between her butt cheeks. When I looked down, all I saw was her ass looking like it was sitting on a shelf while the head and upper portion of my shaft had vanished between her two wobbling globes. LOL. What I found really sexy about this woman was that she was not even really moving the top part of her body. She was resting firmly her elbows firmly on the barrier, but was steadily bent over and actually just moving her ass to the African beat from the band. I was moving my dick between her ass cheeks in opposite directions to her movements to cause some friction and one point, it looked like she was almost twerking or something! Or at least movements that looked very much like that anyway.

I put my camera away in the outside pocket of my bag then lightly put my hands on her hips then onto her lower back, just above her butt cheeks. When I did that, she turned to her right and looked at me from the corner of her eye. I smiled at her and nodded towards the band. She smiled, kind of widened her eyes a bit and turned back around, all of this of course done while my raging hard dick was stuck and throbbing like mad between her separated butt cheeks. I was so hard, she must have felt like she had a steel rod shoved between her ass but really I was so relieved that she gave me no trouble whatsover about it.

The band had gone through about three or four songs now and I could feel that I was getting near to that time we all know about. I did want to circle my dick around in her ass some more but honestly I did not even have to because all of her dancing and circular movement of her own was massaging my dick like crazy. The band was finishing their song and started to throw some items, t-shirts badges etc into the crowd, which could not have happened at a better time, as I was really trying to hold back from cumming to enjoy my dick in the crack of this woman's ass as much as possible but really this woman was driving me so crazy with all of her ass wobbling while sitting on my dick like that.
Once the people started to reach for the items in the air behind me, the Somalian woman dropped from her elbows to her forearms on the barrier and lowered her head to avoid getting crushed. When she did that, my throbbing dick gained more ground and I was able to push even more of my shaft deeper into her fleshy ass crack. The rush from the crowd only lasted a few minutes but when she got back onto her elbows, she started to shift her body to get the original position for her feet and caused A LOT of friction on my dick when doing that.
Once she was comfortable, she started to wobble (and what felt like) twerk her ass again all the way til the end of the song. The speaker came back out after the band was finished, yet she was still wobbling her big butt. The crowd moved a bit directly behind me like people were leaving but the people that replaced them slammed straight into my back, pushing me forward. When that happened, my dick was lodged in her crack so the push only ended up with me getting even deeper between the Somalian woman's butt cheeks but I really could not take any more. Getting deeper into her ass crack felt too good, I started to spurt and spurt cum while my dick was still stuck in her crack. My heartbeat was in overdrive and I almost felt faint, because the feeling was that good. She seemed to stop wobbling her ass for what seemed like a few seconds but continued wiggling her ass again, like she was trying to drain me or something. I am sure she felt me cumming as my dick was deep between her butt cheeks for her to feel the gush of my cum. She started to fix the wrap she was wearing on her head, cleared her throat a few times but did not look back at me, just started to examine the pictures that she had taken. Even though she did not do or say anything, I knew that after shooting cum from my naked dick directly between this woman's butt cheeks, I could not chance talking to her again so, under pretense of going into my bag, I put my dick back into my boxers inside my tracksuit pants then quickly and politely exited from the crowd. There were some chatty teenage girls behind me who quickly filled my space and surrounded the Somalian woman, as soon as I left.

Once I was out of there, I went over to a near by wall, just to sit down and compose myself. After that, I went into a McDonalds restroom to check on and clean myself up a bit, then decided to leave the gym idea to Sunday (yesterday) then stayed and ate right there at McDonalds. I was starving! Ha ha ha ha. I ate and thought about what I had just gotten away with on that Somalian woman's big phat ass. Gosh, any chikan guy that gets that next is going to have a time he will not forget easily on her!!

Guestz and same old groper (Wed 15 Oct 2014 09:40:33 GMT)

Thanks a lot guys for your feedback. I had never had a Somalian woman before that time but I will now look for more now because she was fantastic. Her butt made J-Lo look basic, with all that shaking too. I have done other African women before, like Nigerian women but that was a little while back. Just glad to be here with you all.

Example (Thu 16 Oct 2014 08:30:04 GMT)

Here is an idea of what the Somalian woman's big ass looked like. It looked like the one in the top right corner but her pants were a little more baggy.
I also wanted to show you what her dancing looked like to that African music. This is why I thought it looked like some kind of twerking. Oh she was so great guys.

ManaSteel (Fri 17 Oct 2014 20:14:23 GMT)

Thanks a lot Manasteel. Really glad you liked it.
I looked on the net for the Mapouka dance you talked about. I'm not sure if this is what you mean but here is another video showing the dncing style that the woman was doing. In this video, the women are only moving their asses without much upper body movement, just like she was doing at the barrier. So so sexy, I'm getting hard just looking at these women do this. LOL.

To Bad-Boy and SHADOW (Tue 21 Oct 2014 20:12:07 GMT)

Thank you. I am glad you both like what I shared. It means a lot getting feedback from you all here because it feels good to get understanding from guys who also enjoy humping big butt women, I cannot talk about this to anyone anywhere else.

To Bad-Boy: I see you like African big butt women too. I came close to riding a big butt woman from Sudan at a festival sometime last year but I remember she kept moving from space to space so I gave up following her. I made this Somalian woman get what she missed instead LOL.

To SHADOW: Thanks again for the welcome. I really want to become a part of everything here so I needed to choose a name because I see everyone is not using their first names so hope it makes sense. I hope I get another Somalian woman again, I really enjoyed her.

I will be back to share more. Thank you both again.

To ManaSteel (Tue 21 Oct 2014 20:17:48 GMT)

I really like that video, when she squats down and starts shaking her butt. Just great. Good idea to put those type of festivals on your list for next year, if you do I really hope you will get a woman dancing on you like that. You will cum quickly with all that butt shaking.

''Mr Pitt!!'' (Fri 24 Oct 2014 02:03:45 GMT)

Hey guys.

Here is something I want to share here that happened to me last week.

This past Sunday, I was in the city, having dinner with friends. After we hung out for a bit, they took off and I was heading home.
As I was on my way, I passed by a large area with a massive set up including projector screens and barriers all over the place, with some people waiting in a line, while a security guard stood nearby. I walked up to the back of the line and asked two teenage boys, what was going on, they told me that there was a premiere for a film a bit later on. The line looked to have about 40 or 50 people standing there at the time, there were a few well shaped women in the line as well. I was in two minds, I wanted to stay and check this thing out but I was dressed in some designer stuff, a suede jacket, turtleneck and expensive jeans and shoes, instead of my more relaxed and favorite clothing which I like to wear when I go out to ride big butt women. The people in the line were all dressed casual but I did not look out of place because there were a lot of guys passing by the line, dressed like me in the city that day. I stood there, looked around and thought about it for a few more minutes because I really was not dressed the way I wanted to be but decided to stay anyway.

I needed to go the toilet so I asked the two boys if they would hold my place in the line. They said they would, so I went to the toilet and took my dick out of my boxers, inside my jeans, just in case I got lucky. It is easier for me to do that outside when I am dressed in my favorite clothing but I did not know how easy it would be to do that dressed like this.

I went back to the line and could not believe my eyes. I must have been gone for about 20 minutes or so but the amount of people standing in the line must have tripled, along with some more guys, there were even more girls and women standing there now. I stood off to the side, out of sight from the line and looked at the big asses on some of the women. They were wearing coats but quite a few of them had jackets which reached their waists, leaving their asses exposed. I walked slowly down the line, trying to find my place which the boys held for me.

I saw the boys but almost stopped in my tracks because just behind them, there was a pale blonde woman standing there, about mid height 5 ft 7 or so, with a pony tail, a tiny waist and two big round butt cheeks pushing out of the back of a long light purple loose fitting skirt past her knees and a short black leather jacket and boots. She was standing there with a young boy, who looked about 10 or 11, who was talking to the boys holding my place, in front of him and looking at their pictures. I casually walked up, reminded the boys of me being there earlier, they remembered and I settled back into place. I turned and smiled at the blonde woman, she flashed a smile back at me then called the boy back over to join in her in their place in the line. I noticed that she had a nice set of breasts too, that were stacked underneath her open front jacket.

While standing there, I stepped away from my space a few times to pretend to look at the set up, but really I was looking at this blonde woman's big round ass cheeks bulging out of her skirt. Sometimes, she would stamp her foot a bit, like she was getting tired of waiting and her big butt cheeks would start jumping up and down. I was starting to get semi hard looking at that, even stepping back into my place and hearing her stamp her foot behind me, I was still getting a blood rush just picturing how her big ass was shaking when I watching her do that.

After about 45 minutes to an hour, the line started to move forward, as the security started to move people into the barrier areas. All the waiting was the hard part, especially with this big butt woman behind me that I could not touch yet There were now a ton of people behind me, the line had gotten very long. Everybody got quite excited and started to break away from the line, trying to get inside but the security wee letting people into barrier pen areas in small groups of 20.

After another 15 or 20 minutes, I reached the front. The security guy led us in a group of 20 to a pen with barriers. I hung back a bit to make sure I was walking behind the big butt blonde woman. As soon as we got inside the pen, she and the boy rushed to a space at the barrier, with me following right behind them. She stepped up onto the small platform at the barrier, while the boy was next to her on her right side, with the boys who held my place in the line next to him, on his right side. There was still a lot of room in that pen area, so I just made sure that I was directly behind her in case it got packed.

Roughly 15 minutes later, more people entered our pen area, I was glad I got my position because finally our pen area had become completely packed. I was in the second row from the barrier, there were three more rows behind me.
I asked a couple next to me when the event was starting, they told me in about an hour or so. So much waiting. Everyone around me was talking among themselves. The blonde woman turned sideways and started talking to the boy, at one point she said ''you excited son?'' so I knew who they were to each other now.

While she leaned sideways on the barrier, she pressed her right butt cheek against my dick. Standing behind her expecting to make contact soon, I was already hard as stone when she did that, she realized and looked straight at me but I was looking at my iPod the entire time. She kept leaning over to her son and fixing his hat, scraping her big butt cheek hard against my dick while doing so, by now the crowd had pressed me up against her. I made brief eye contact with her when I looked up from my iPod, she smiled at me and asked me if I was excited. I know she must have been asking about the event but her question caught me off guard because my hard dick was against her butt cheek when she said so. I smiled and was about to answer her when she cut me off, saying she couldn't wait til it started, with a really strong accent. I guessed Scottish, I asked her and she confirmed it. The crowd was still shifting around a bit, as some people left the pen area, new people were coming in to replace them. The boy started moving around a bit awkwardly while wearing a back pack and innocently bumped into me a couple of times. The blonde woman saw him do that, apologized to me then took his backpack off and put it on the floor in front of her, which caused her to brace up against me even more. My dick was now like iron, completely rested on her big butt cheek, she remained leaning on the barrier in a sideways position, talking to her son, actually massaging my dick as she kept reaching over to look at pictures that belonged to the boys next to him.

After about another 15 or 20 minutes, I saw everyone on the front row lean forward. The blonde woman backed up and braced on me as she moved her position to face forward with everyone else. She placed her son's bag upright, put her legs on either side of the bag and leaned over the barrier. I looked over her head, people were watching the staff place the red carpet down in front of our pen area. I looked down and almost cried tears of joy when I saw this blonde woman's big butt cheeks jutting out, with her legs apart because of the way she stood over the bag on the floor in front of her. The best part was, the size of her son's backpack made her adjust her feet to stand at the edge of the small platform on the barrier, leaving her no choice but to push her big butt cheeks completely against my crotch, leaving my hard rod now resting on her crack. She turned around when her ass made contact with my dick, apologized for bumping into me and asked me if I could see. Once I told her I could, she said ''good', turned back around to face forward and leaned over the barrier, her big ass remaining crushed against my crotch, with my dick resting on the crack area of her dress. This position made my dick feel like it was now trying to tear through my jeans, I was that solid. She was in the perfect position but somehow I had to make this better.

There was a reporter asking people questions further down the right side of the barrier, Once everybody turned to face that way to look at the reporter, I got some really good coverage with all the pushing behind me. I put my iPod away and in a swift move, I opened the button fly on my jeans, pulled my dick out, then put my sweater and jacket over to cover it. As soon as the reporter moved away and left, the crowd adjusted back to normal. When the Scottish woman adjusted to her position leaning over the barrier, I broke ground as the upper portion of my dick went straight in between her big butt cheeks. She turned around and looked over my shoulder at the crowd then turned and faced forward, not even looking at me, as I pretended I was still looking at the reporter in the distance. The pressure of the crowd had become quite tight now, I felt her clench her butt cheeks once or twice while my dick was planted in her butt crack and would bury a bit deeper into her each time the crowd would move forward behind me. I commented to myself that I was getting tired of waiting, not loud just close enough for her to hear. I was not talking to her but she turned her head to the side and said ''me too'', while my dick was still tunneling into her ass crack. While leaning, she started to go up on tiptoes then down slowly, which caused my dick a sensation that you would not believe and only increased each time I would enter her even more with each push from the crowd. I did not want to cum yet so I pulled out of her ass crack, braced myself against her to cover my naked dick and moved side to side, pretending I was trying to see the presenter on the stage. Doing this was pleasurable enough but not enough to make me cum before the time I wanted to. She kind of shook her butt a few times, like she was trying to position my dick in her crack again but I did not go back between her butt cheeks yet. I knew my plan.

Finally, the presenter started to announce the event and some people started to arrive. The crowd adjusted again and I put the back of my hands against her bouncy butt cheeks. Each time the crowd would sway to take pictures, I would rub both the back of my hands and my palms against her butt cheeks. I looked at the back of her neck and she was flushed red. Her son turned to her and asked if she was OK because of the crowd pushing, she giggled and said she was fine. He handed her an autograph pad an turned back away from her, not even looking in my direction. She almost dropped the pad but I caught it and gave it to her. She smiled, thanked me and asked me if I was alright. Her talking to me while my naked dick was braced against her butt cheeks AND my hands feeling her at the same time felt awkward but such a turn on. I told her I was fine and I hoped this was all worth the wait. She agreed and turned back around, bracing her big ass against my dick, which I was rubbing all over her as cheeks by now. I had my hands at my sides, feeling her round as and thick toned thighs as the crowd shifted, I felt thin skimpy panties and the thin material of her skirt must have made her realize easily that I had a naked dick against her.

The crowd shifted a little, the first car had arrived. With all of the commotion, I now lined my dick up with the crack imprint in her skirt and literally actually forced my dick back up between the firm round butt cheeks of the Scottish lass. Her cheeks actually jiggled when I pushed into her, I blew air out of my mouth once I pushed in because it felt so good. The force of my thrust made her tense her body and I felt her shiver a little bit, but she leaned further over the barrier, shouting ''over here'' while holding out her autograph book. My dick really felt quite deep in this woman's butt crack, I just stood there and let it throb inside her while she kept shifting to try and make herself comfortable with my still hardening erection pushing into in her butt. All her movements felt great, as my dick was locked between her phat butt cheeks, which were jiggling all over the place as she reached out waving her notepad. Every time she jumped to get attention from people on the red carpet, she would hop up and down on my dick, like she was actually riding it. Eventually, she stopped as my dick felt like it was getting even harder and I continued to let it throb in her butt crack. I checked on her son again, he forgot she was even there, shouting towards the red carpet with his own autograph pad.

I thought my position could not get any better and was almost happy to allow myself to reach the limit right there but then a black Benz arrived and parked further down from us. When the person got out, the crowd roared like thunder. My Scottish lass leaned way forward to see what was going on, the crowd pushed forward behind me to see also, which braced me even heavier against her, leaving her stuck against the barrier with her ass a bit higher, in what looked like a doggy style position, with my rigid dick going deeper inside her ass crack. She started to scream in her strong Scottish accent ''Mr Pitt!'' along with everyone else screaming ''Brad.'' My heart almost skipped a bit when my dick drifted a bit and made contact with the bottom of her crack, right close to her pussy area. I used my strength against the crowd to adjust myself, so my dick could press against her pussy area through her dress. I looked down and all I saw were her two big round butt cheeks sticking up.

With the pushing of the crowd, I twisted my hips and pushed my dick directly onto what felt like her pussy lips, the head of my dick feeling as though it was almost making it's way inside! She let out a sound like ''eeeee'' when that happened, but I kept the head of my dick rubbing against that area, hoping, just maybe, it would slip in somehow. She used one hand to flip her hair back and the other hand to wave for attention, she was really flustered and red now.

The crowd continued to push, I was still rubbing my dick against her pussy area, she looked at me a few times from the corner of her eye . She blew a lot of air from her mouth nervously, like a few sighs back to back then kept shouting ''Mr Pitt.'' The crowd swayed again, so I backed off to let her stand properly. Rubbing the head of my dick against her pussy area felt unreal but I could tell she was not fully comfortable, also the crowd pushing caused me to put a lot of my weight against her while she also was not able to plant her feet properly. I wanted her to stand in a position she found more suitable so she could focus on the event without too much discomfort from being completely crushed at the barrier. I did not want my selfishness to make her feel the need to move or tell me to move back or something.

She quickly took that opportunity to adjust, settled with her feet either side of the bag on the floor in front of her like before then jutted her phat round butt cheeks back out again, in a way like she was trying to make room for herself but still made no protest at all towards me remaining braced against her. I put my left hand on the barrier, she leaned a little to her left then dropped and rested her big breast onto the back of my hand. She turned around quickly and looked at me, smiling. I smiled back and told her the crowd are pushing, she said ''I know, it happens like that here'' and turned forward, waving the pad in her hand again.

That was all I needed to know. This woman now had her breast resting on my hand, had felt me all over her since I had been behind her here so she must have been used to my overbearing presence on her by now. I liked, no loved rubbing against her pussy but I think that might have been a bit too much for her, I settled for her deep as crack instead.

As soon as she was settled in her position again, the entourage moved closer signing autographs nearer to us. The crowd swayed again, so I flipped my left hand over to palm her breast, got more than a handful and back my dick went in between her big butt cheeks again, digging nice and deep and pushing in as far as I could. The thin material of her skirt felt like a curtain, her butt cheeks opened up for my dick with no resistance. The combination of my hand on her breast and my dick deep between her round ass cheeks made me smile, so I faced forward so the smile would be justified, like I was happy to be at the event. People were going crazy reaching over and past me to get an autograph as he got closer. The Scottish woman, now feeling my hand on her breast and my dick deeper in her crack, made every effort to talk.

''Mr Pitt! Ugh. Mr-Mr Pitt!''

I put my right hand on her lower back, her breathing had become quite heavy The crowd was screaming and moving forward quite heavily now. I knew that I had to grab this moment. I started to thrust and twist my my hips slow, bracing hard and pushing as deep as I could between her thick round butt cheeks. She continued on.

''Mr Pitt, Mr Pitt, Mr Pitt! (Cleared throat) Hello! Mr Brad!!''

He and his entourage had now reached our area, he was signing for a few people, about 10 people down to my right. The crowd was getting crazy. I was gritting my teeth and grunting under my breath, I had actually mounted this thick Scottish woman and was riding her like a damn horse. I felt her pushing her ass back against my thrusts, I started to thrust into her crack a bit faster, even more of my dick getting swallowed between her butt cheeks while the crowd was still crazy. He got nearer, his entourage told everyone to stop pushing. My Scottish lass continued on.

''Mr Pitt! Please! Oh! (Cleared throat) Mr, um Mr Pitt!''

The funny thing about her awkward speaking is no one noticed at all but me. At times she would look to her right but not once over her shoulder at me at all.
By the time that ''Mr Pitt'' was in front of us, I was thrusting and circling my dick between her phat separated butt cheeks like there was no tomorrow. He leaned in and took a picture with the Scottish woman, I stood back out of the camera shot but did not remove my buried dick from between her butt cheeks. She thanked him, he looked at her and me and thanked us both for coming out. Wow. Hahahaha. I couldn't believe it.

As he walked away, she tried to ease up to jump a little bit with excitement but could not do so easily because of lack of space plus my dick was still forced too deep in between her butt cheeks for her to adjust, so she stayed leaning over the barrier, shaking her body while she looked at the picture, still paying no attention to my left hand gently holding her breast. Another star started to move towards us, the Scottish woman got her camera ready again then leaned further forward over the barrier, pushed her ass upwards and braced back against me, keeping her feet more firmly on the ground this time. With the sway of the crowd, I moved my left hand from holding her breast at the barrier now then held onto her hips lightly, pretending to steady myself but really to cause a kind of in-and-out motion while I was thrusting and circling my dick between her firm ass cheeks. The other star was getting a bit nearer but I did not care who he was, as my time was now.

As the crowd all started reaching forward to get the attention of the new star, I pushed as deep as I possibly could between the thick butt cheeks of the Scottish lass with a few more hard and deep thrusts, continued to grind my hips then started to spew cum directly into the crack middle of her thick Scottish ass. She tried to hop up and down a little bit but I held her hips a little tighter, pretending to steady myself from the pushing crowd but really stopping her from hopping while I was cumming. Oddly, she did not react to me holding onto her at all but she did stop hopping while I continued to pump the last of my cum between her warm and soft butt cheeks. The other star was nearly in front of us but I did not stick around. I looked down at the back of her skirt, there was a wet patch on the crack area but I managed to catch the rest of my cum on on my sweater. While everyone pushed forwards towards the star, I thankfully got the cover I needed to pretend to avoid getting crushed but really to put my dick back inside my jeans, pull my sweater down, zip my jacket up and get out of the crowd. The Scottish woman did not even see me leave, she was busy trying to get a picture with the star in front of her.

As soon as I left, this short Hispanic older man, looked like late 50's who also looked like a chikan, moved to my place quickly but was pushed almost immediately to the side by two taller women who got behind the Scottish lass instead, looking for autographs. I felt bad for him but he found a little young early teenage girl, about 13, which I do not like as a choice but that is his business.

I went to a public toilet and cleaned up a bit. Even though my sweater was quite expensive, shooting cum into it as a blocker from covering that woman's skirt was probably not the best idea, but I did not want to take too much chances because there were a lot of attendants standing around. Anyway that Scottish woman's big onion bubble ass was worth every drop plus this is what dry cleaners get paid for. What a great Scottish woman she was.

To same old groper/guest/Shoges/RED DRAGON (Sun 26 Oct 2014 17:35:31 GMT)

Hello guys.

Thank you all very very much for your feedback. I am just so excited about being here. I am trying to get my friend to write about what happens to him on here too but he said maybe he will later on.

To same old groper: I like to stumble into events too. I also think the same thing about the girls that get crushed at barriers in these things too. The girls I saw all were screaming and did not care about who was around them. But I think a lot of them know what is happening maybe all of them do. That blonde woman was taking my dick in her buttcrack and looked to me like she did not care at all. But you are also right about getting caught too because I did see attendants looking around for a bit. That is why I wanted to try to be careful. I saw that older Hispanic little guy trying but he looked really obvious about what he was doing to me, maybe because I am like him. Hahaha.

To guest: Thanks for your compliment. I have not gone through the whole website but I have read a few really good stories so far. I can see that there are very experienced chikan guys here so I really do thank you for feeling that way about my story. Sorry I did not tell too much about her panties, I enjoyed her very much though.

To Shoges: The name Chucky Da Merciless. Hahahaha. That was funny. I wish I had thought of that when I chose my website name here. That is a good change from being called the Chucky doll from the horror films, I have had so many people say that to me a lot and I will not get any relief with Halloween coming now. LOL. When you say ''The Shadow'' do you mean the chikan SHADOW on this website? Yes I have read two stories by him so far, he gets in very nice situations, I really liked them too. I read where he was at some concerts but I did not know he likes film premieres, if so he must really enjoy himself because there is a lot to get there, what I saw that day anyway. I found that one by mistake, it was a lucky find. It looks like you got very lucky too with a blonde girl in a thin curtain dress, I can imagine how her ass must have felt on contact. Wow. Thank you very much also for your compliments too.

To RED DRAGON: Thank you. I think it is a preference, I also agree. But for me I did not feel bad about riding that blonde woman's big butt with that boy there. He was not a very young boy, he was not clinging to his mother, if he was I think I would have thought about finding someone else. I read your story, it was good, you got a nice woman there. You went against how you feel about kids right? The Jewish woman had a baby in a pram but her ass was too much resist probably. LOL. Things happen. The older Hispanic chikan guy almost got lucky but those two women that pushed him trying to take pictures towered over him, he looked back at me when I ws walking away, he looked really disappointed, but he got a teenage girl, she was a bit young for who I look for, if she was like 17 or 18 yes but she looked really young like 13 or something. But everyone should choose who they want.

To Guest (Sun 26 Oct 2014 20:01:07 GMT)

Hello Guest.
I was walking away and leaving the area at the time. She was standing off to my left when I left so I saw her first before seeing him. I remember her wearing a pink wool hat and bubble jacket and I think black leggings or something. I am so sorry that is all I remember for her because she was so young for one and skinny, just not my choice. When I looked back the Hispanic guy tried to step in my spot behind the blonde woman but after getting pushed off, we made a quick eye contact then he moved to that young teen. I hope I answered your question.

To SHADOW (Mon 27 Oct 2014 11:55:05 GMT)


Thanks a lot for your feedback. I never really used the phrase PAWG before but I like it. It makes sense, the blonde woman definitely had some big ass cheeks. I read a few more past stories on this website, I saw your story called Blonde Ambition a few days ago, that was really good, you had a lot of fun.
When I saw you like premieres I looked for a story from you about one, but I see you said there are none, if you do go I would like to read about it. I want to go back to another one but I want to be wearing more comfortable clothing, that was the only down side for me that day but I still really enjoyed myself. I will keep sharing here, thank you again for the compliments.

November award: Teen Humper
For his Halloween themed concert.
(A concert is best and Halloween makes it better.)

Concert Story Incoming (Sat 01 Nov 2014 14:33:00 GMT)

I attended my concert the other night and it was not quite what I had expected.

The main weird thing about the crowd was that there were NO crowd surges whatsoever until the very end of the night which as you can tell made traversing the crowd and humping targets very difficult.

I have quite the story to tell you guys I just need some time to gather my thoughts and I'll post the story ASAP! I already have a name in mind.

Just like the Lenny Kravitz song I'm naming my story "It Ain't Over Till It's Over".

See you later fellow Chikans.

It Ain't Over Till It's Over Part 1 (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Mon 10 Nov 2014 23:40:30 GMT)

First of sorry for the delay to be honest it took a wile for me to recover from the gig both mentally and physically lol. @Guest I'm based in the UK and before I post the story keep in mind that it has a very slow start. To save time and space this story will be in two parts. Now without further ado.

Started off the night arriving at the venue later than I had intended due to train delays. By the time I had found the venue and joined the line (after getting lost for a while) I had 15 minutes before the doors opened. I was positioned near the back of a snake like line which was controlled with barricades. The line wasn't packed together so there was no chance of "warming up" so I decided to scope out some future "prospects".

Due to it being a Halloween themed concert with a medley of artists performing a lot of people were in costume. I spotted two white brunettes on the other side of the barrier wearing a rather slutty and very revealing devil costume (the usual tight and short black dress with red horns and a red tail)even though it was dark and freezing at this point.

I wasn't the only one who noticed these two she-devils as the group of girls behind me were making snide comments about how disgusting and "tryhard" the brunettes were. Of course me and all the other guys in line had no problem with this (Lol).

Anyway I made a mental note to keep an eye on the she-devils and without much of anything happening after a few minutes we were allowed inside around 15 minutes before the doors were scheduled to open.

To my immediate disappoint upon entering the venue I could only see 2 rows of people standing tightly together in front of the stage and knew it would be almost impossible to make it to the second row without attracting a lot of attention. Disheartened I went to empty my bladder after having a drank a lot on the way to the venue.

After taking care of business I made my way back to the cluster of people in front of the stage. By now it had grown into around 4 or 5 rows and with chikan like agility I squirmed my way into the 3rd row. There was music playing on the over head speakers but no one was moving. I looked around at the audience and noticed that the audience were younger than I expected as the average age of the crowd was probably 17.

After a few minutes of non-movement the Dj descended onto the stage (the Dj was scheduled to play for an hour before the main assortment of artists arrived).
After a few songs from the Dj the crowd started getting into it, screaming, jumping and taking pictures. I had a blonde girl (lets call her Patches) in front of me and slightly to my left she looked around 17 years old and would wiggle her butt in an extremely seductive way. She wore tight black jeans and a patterned jumper. I had been planning on easing the guy behind her off and easing myself in but every time I eased in she would move away after a few seconds.

I didn't want to push the subject so early on, I decided to pull back slightly until the first artist took the stage. During one of the Dj's most popular songs I noticed something odd with the 2 guys in front of me, they too looked 17 and were dressed in the typical "badboy" hoodie attire. The leader of the 2 was Mixed-race while his friend was Asian. What struck me as odd was the way they were dancing, it seemed too violent and aggressive for the song. After observing them for a few minutes it became apparent that they were humping the girls in front of them and the were girls were giving it back!

After watching this display I was more than ready to get my own hump on. At this point I noticed a Black haired girl slightly to the left in front of me she was white and wearing a tight black sleeveless top and a green miniskirt (lets call her Kat). She had her camera out and was snapping pictures every few seconds I used the next song to edge my way behind her and eagerly waited... And waited... And waited.

She wouldn't move! She appeared to sense my presence somehow (like a Cat) and stood perfectly still in the midst of all the jumping and dancing just snapping pictures. Now I was mad. By a stroke of luck a blonde woman in her early twenties wearing a nurse outfit came hurtling out of the second row and bashed into me. Her friends around her apologized to me but she stayed perfectly rooted to the spot in front of me.

The next song started which was a popular urban track everyone started jumping and dancing including the blonde nurse. Her ass gyrated left to right on my dick as it started to harden into a semi. It was bliss. She started jumping up and down which would made her back into me I stood tall and strong determined to ride these waves of pleasure until I reached I rock bottom.

I suddenly got hit by this weird sensation. It felt like I was being watched. I used the corner of my eyes to check my surroundings. I noticed a group of blonde girls behind me there was round 6 of them all dancing in a circle behind me and exposing my activity. I reluctantly backed away from hot blonde nurse who then moved further to my left until it was impossible to follow her. Damn!

I moved back behind Kat and waited for the crowd surge that would happen when the first artist took the stage. During the break as the first artist set up I struck a conversation with the 2 guys on my left (who also looked 17) discussing who we thought the first artist would be. I noticed that one of them had his crotch in close proximity to Patches' bubblebutt.

There was a scream of excitement as the first act took the stage I waited for the surge to sweep me up annnddddd... Nothing. No crowd surge at all just cheering no one even took a step forward. I noticed however that Kat had started to move her ass left and right I took a step forward and after a couple of swipes started to get a semi. Just like her name Kat was turning out to be a great big Scaredy Cat. Constantly looking back over her shoulder and edging into her friend. While everyone around us was jumping she would stand perfectly still filming. I also seemed to be in a weird pocket of the crowd, I was on the right side of the crowd and everyone had like a mini bubble of room to move in.

This meant that I couldn't step into Kat without making my intentions known to everyone around me. I was stuck in a stalemate. As the acts went on one after other each playing 3 or 4 songs before dismounting the stage. I was trapped in this pocket with everyone hardly moving. I looked to my right at the center which seemed far more crowded and lively. I also noticed that one of the guys I had been talking to earlier was now getting his own helping of humping goodness from Patches. It seemed that everyone was getting "some" but me.

I tried to leave a space in front of me to allow one of the blonde girls from the group of blondes behind me in. It worked but after a few swipes her friends would pull her back as they had formed a circle and were facing each other. They were to focused on dancing with each other so were constantly keeping each other under tabs. 5 acts had performed at this point and I got extremely scared that I would leave this apparently sold out gig with not even a decent hump. I decided to leave the crowd and reenter from a different area. I pushed past the boys on my right and exited the crowd. I rushed to the toilets to empty my bladder yet again (nerves lol) pulled my dick out of my trousers and hid it under my T-Shirt.

I went back into the stage area to find that one of 2 the main acts I knew would draw a crowd and maybe cause a crowd surge was already performing. I was having terrible luck. I surveyed the crowd and decided to enter from the left this time. Only one thought in my mind.

"I'm gonna nut even if it kills me!"

It Ain't Over Till It's Over Part 2 (WARNING: she may be 30 years old) (Tue 02 Dec 2014 21:12:15 GMT)

@Rock Hard Yeah that's what the concert was called glad to hear I was in the company of fellow chikans. About your rap tip I'll certainly take it on board, I'm looking for a few rock shows atm and hopefully I can secure a few tickets to the major festivals next year.

Now to continue the story...

I made my way round the outside of the crowd until I was on the far right of the stage, about 5 rows back. I was wearing a costume so I was trying to stay as incognito as possible.

I was stuck behind a group of middle aged males with no sign of movement until a group of girls dressed as devils decided hat they'd had enough and were heading home. The males in front quickly moved into the now vacant space which put closer to the stage and left me directly behind a group of about 6 females.

They appeared to be 2 all female families on a night out. At the front of the pack was a late 30's woman with long black hair tied into a pony tail and red highlights (I'll call her Mary short for Scary Mary). She wore a long black witch outfit and was dancing rather drunkenly (WHILE HOLDING AN ALCOHOL BOTTLE) with the woman on her left. On her left was a slightly taller blonde woman wearing a black top, jeans and boots. Both women were covered in makeup and appeared to be the chaperones of the pack.

The 3 girls at the back of the pack all looked around 17 - 19. 2 of them being blondes while the one directly in front of me had light brown hair. She wore a black top, black leggings and white trainers. I had been standing behind her thinking about how I was gonna make it up to the front and center of the stage when a shock-wave of pleasure spread through my groin and up my body. I allowed her light brushes to stimulate my cock into a semi but unfortunately a few people leaving left my back uncovered. She broke contact as Mary pushed past her heading away from the crowd. I unfortunately couldn't resume the earlier contact without my movement looking obvious so I moved into Mary's vacant spot.

After a few minutes I sensed movement behind me, I turned to see Mary slide past me and back into her old space. This left her nice mature right cheek on my groin. As the next song started playing Mary started drunkenly swaying left to right unknowingly applying pressure and pleasure to my dick. This woman was out of it folks. I am 100% I would've busted a nut on her if it wasn't for what happened next.

Me and Mary had been quietly and calmly enjoying ourselves when all of a sudden the blonde mature from her pack grabbed hold of Mary and pulled her in front of herself. The blonde then apologized to me (she thought that Mary had been bothering me with her gyrations lol) and turned back around. I was fuming! Yet another hump interrupted.

After a few non eventful songs and with about 45 minutes left, more people pushed their way from the front as they left the venue. I used this chance to move into the center of the crowd (around 4 rows back) and slip in behind these two Brunette Eastern European females who both looked like they were in the late 20's or early 30's. The woman directly in front of me who we'll call Pippa (she had an ass and face like Pippa Middleton) was wearing a tight black and white dress with sunglasses (pretty odd in a dark venue). The other girl on her right we'll call Tulisa (she looked exactly like Tulisa Contostavlos pictured). Tulisa was wearing a tight green dress and had her ass pressed against another guy when I took up position behind Pippa.

I had seen both Pippa and Tulisa drinking earlier. This was important as it seemed like Pippa was not feeling well. Using the darkness as cover I slinked in and just pressed myself against her large round cheeks. Her dress was tight but thin which meant I felt everything. Within a few short moments my dick was rock hard, leaking precum and sinking deeper into her two soft marshmallows. Pippa just took it all in as she rested her entire body on me. Her ass felt firm but soft.

Pippa would gyrate her as tightly on me like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I was plundering her deep crack, digging for more treasure. Pippa presumably because she felt sick would sometimes stop dancing and just bend over with her head down and thrust her two soft mounds towards me. I took my chance and would dive even deeper. Tulisa after seeing Pippa do this multiple times just grabbed Pippa by the arm and left the crowd. I was still on a high from Pippa to realize what just happened and in the space of those few seconds a thick mixed race girl took Pippa's spot.

The mixed raced girl now in front of me had to be 18. She had light brown curly hair in the same fashion as Scary Spice (Mel B) from the Spicegirls. Lets call her Mel. Mel was wearing an extremely tight and figure hugging grey cotton dress with a large protruding bubble butt. My hard rocket had ended up between between her grey pillows as she squeezed into Pippa's place. She didn't do much dancing but would lightly sway as she talked to her friend in front of her. I explored her crack slowly digging in and out but something felt wrong. I looked behind me from the corner of my eyes and realized the crowd behind me wasn't very tightly packed which left me uncovered. I slipped into the empty space on Mel's right (now in the 3rd row) right behind her friend.

Mel's friend (lets name her Sporty) was a freak she was giving her all to dancing. She had blonde hair tied into a tight shoulder length ponytail and was wearing a tight black hoodie and had a cute, small and sporty bum encased in thin black leggings. As soon as I entered her radar I came under attack. She backed her ass wildly into me vigorously shaking it all over the place and mashing it into my crotch. I returned fire with my own quickly growing war machine covering her cheeks with precum. Her sporadic dance moves were creating a lot of friction, I knew that with her help I wold reach orgasm before the show ended.

The last act took the stage and almost as if on cue (I was getting real sick and tired of this) another one of Sporty's girlfriends pulled her over to the left and out of range. I felt like all was lost as the final act launched into his first song. Until...

Out of nowhere Tulisa appeared on my right. I was panicking at this point the first song was almost over and all the other artists performed 3 songs each. I took a step back praying that the chikan gods were smiling on me... She fell for it! Tulisa takes the place in front of me and starts grating her plentiful buttcheeks. Left. Right. Up. Down. Around the world! I pressed up on her as the crowd tightened slightly. She would stimulate the entire tip of my cock as she jumped up and down with my naked member in between her soft cheeks. I never would have thought a dress could feel this good. My mushroom tip pulsated. At this point the final act reached the end of his 3rd song. But then began playing a 4th!!!

The crowd was tight enough now that I cold move in closer and hump Tulisa without drawing attention. I thrust my slime covered, pulsating alien into the deep dark depths of her cheeks with all my strength. The friction caused by my thrusting and her gyrating was heavenly. All I could feel in my dick was an intense but pleasurable burning sensation and the soft touch of her bountiful cheeks on either side of my rod. She had to feel this!!!

The final act was in the last stretch of his 5th and final song. As the song heading to its climax everyone started jumping . I thrust into Tulisa as deep as I could go (I could not get any deeper in her crack) and hit paydirt (as Shogie would say). I started jumping in an opposite pattern to Tulisa. As she came down I would go up. I jumped forward mashing her into the person in front of her as we continued jumping with our bodies glued together. The song reached its climax and multicolored streamers burst forth from the front of the stage covering everyone and obscuring everyone's vision. I reached my own ball breaking, knee shuddering climax too as Tulisa fell back on me tightly as she came down from a jump. She slowly slid down the entire length of my cock from tip to balls with a great amount of pressure. I spunked 2 weeks worth of stress all in her crack for what seemed like ages. I was done. She continued gyrating sucking me dry as the last few strands of my seed escaped my pulsating tip. I waited a few moments to catch my breath then calmly left as the crowd dispersed.

My verdict is the crowd at the show was terrible, no crowd movement whatsoever but I experienced the best orgasm I have ever had.

Remember brothers all hope may seem lost but "It ain't over till it's over".

December award: 2ND TIME CHIKAN
For his FROT ALL DAY LONG stories.
(Though it is not really 24hrs, Philippines LRT Train is busy as usual.)

FROT ALL DAY LONG (Tue 02 Dec 2014 18:39:30 GMT)

Hi chikan brothers ! Its been long time since my last post because. Several years ago i think but I am reading posts here regularly for the past several years. Since this is very special day for me because of plenty amount of asses that i frotted. i have applied techniques that i read here & i am so pleased that it really works thats why I want to share with you brothers.
By the way Im Asian who lives in Philippines. To start my story: Its my day off today & I decided to frot all day long. I left home at 5pm to ride LRT Train. I decided to buy a train ticket thats good for several days, so I can tour the train stations & look for targets everywhere. nice idea i thinked to myself. By the way, im wearing dark blue jogging pants w/ no underwear to have a really good feel. First train that I rode, it was almost jampacked & i got in. 1st girl beside me was hesitant to decide to move around to look for another ass..luckily 2 office ladies wearing blue uniform (office long skirt & top) i adjusted my position so when she's entering the train, my dick is beside her ass. my dick got semi-hard & i let the train movements swipe her felt good. her girl office mate was laughing and so is she, so i continued for few minutes wiping her ass my dick. I guess shes enjoying my dick. but i didnt cum..after that i decided to get off on another station & go back to route where it is crowded. its 6pm.. next train, asian girl wearing jeans, glasses carrying brown hand bag & groceries on the floor. everytime she checks her groceries at the floor for 4 times, her ass touches my dick..I think its intentional but I cant maximize touching her ass because its not too crowded but i managed to position my dick in her crack a bit. it feels nice for a few seconds..after that i transferred to another MRT train w/ different route..thats 7pm i think.. after 2 good frot, i was frustrated thats its not that crowded on the station that i was expecting to be crowded. i had a seat since its not crowded.. i decided after to get off the train & ride where it is crowded & lots of girls waiting to enter train. this is my favourite part of story for today. LUCKILY, I SAW A TALL ASIAN BROWN SKINNED ASIAN LADY 5'8 IN HEIGHT W/ BIG, ROUNDED ASS BUT HER HIPS IS NOT WIDE. THERE ARE 3 GUYS AT HER BACK BUT I WAS STILL HOPING TO GET NEAR HER THAT AMAZING BIG ASS. I COULD REALLY SEE THE SHAPE OF HER BIG ASS ON THAT LOOSE GRAY STYLISH PANTS w/ gray OFFICE TOP.. THE TRAIN DOOR OPENED & I MANAGED TO GET NEAR HER W/ THE HELP OF MY BIG PLASTIC ENVELOPE BLOCKING THE OTHER GUYS FROM GETTING NEAR HER. SHE EVEN COMPLAINED BECAUSE OF SOME GUYS PUSHING. BUT AT LAST, IM BESIDE HER BUT I DIDNT MOVE TOO CLOSE YET TO AVOID SUSPISION. I GUESS SHE'S PRETENDING TO COMPLAIN BUT IN REALITY SHE WANTS TO BE FROTTED..THERE'S A FEMALE AREA & WHY IS SHE THERE WITH THE GUYS? WE ARE BOTH FACING THE DOOR THIS TIME.. THE NEXT STATION, MORE PEOPLE GOT IN..SO I DECIDED TO POSITION MY SLEEPING DICK & LET IT TOUCH THAT BIG ASS CRACK.. SHE HAD NO COMPLAIN BUT SHE LOOKED BACK A BIT..NOW I LET HER TAKE CONTROL OF MY DICK..WOW! LADIES COOPERATE MORE IF YOU LET THEM TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DICK..THIS TECHNIQUE REALLY WORKS SPECIALLY FOR 25YO-YO LADIES FROM EXPERIENCE.THANKS FOR THIS TECHNIQUE THAT I LEARNED HERE BROTHERS.. MY DICK WAS GROWING & GETTING HARD. HER ASS WAS SO SOFT & HER GRAY PANTS ARE SO SO THIN.. I JUST LET THE MOVEMENTS OF THE TRAIN HELP ME. SHE'S ENJOYING MY DICK I WAS THINKING BECAUSE SHE DIDNT HAVE REACTION AT ALL & THERE'S STILL LITTLE SPACE IF SHE WANTS TO MOVE MORE BUT SHE DIDNT TAKE IT. MY DICK HAD MAGNET & HER ASS CANT GET OFF OF IT..HAHAHA..MY DICK WAS INSIDE HER CRACK & IT REALLY FELT GOOD. THAT ASS IS ONE OF THE BEST ASSES I'VE FROTTED THRU THE YEARS.IM SURE SHE'S PLAYING WITH MY DICK THRU HER ASS BECAUSE HER MOVEMENTS WERE A BIT EXAGGERATED IF SHE'S REALLY STANDING STILL.. THIS GIRL IS DEFINITELY GAME...THAT WAS 10 MINUTES OF HEAVEN.. ITS HER STOP & I DECIDED TO FOLLOW & TALK TO HER.. I ASKED HER WHAT TIME THE TRAIN CLOSES & SHE ANSWERED THAT SHE'S NOT SURE.. IM TRYING TO GET HER NUMBER BUT SHE WONT.& LATER SHE SAID SHE'S MARRIED & SEEM EVASIVE SO I DIDNT FOLLOW & TALK TO HER MORE..AFTER SEEING HER ASS FROM AFAR, I SAID TO MYSELF THAT I SHOULD'VE TAKE A PICTURE OF THAT SPECIAL ASS BUT UNLUCKILY MY CELLPHONE CAMERA WAS LOW BATTERY..I DECIDED TO MASTURBATE AT THE TOILET OF A NEARBY MCDO RESTO THINKING OF THAT AMAZING ASS...MMMM....IM PLANNING ON WAITING FOR HER TOMORROW & ACT AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED & PLANT MY DICK AGAIN IN HER ASS....MANY FROTS CAME AFTER THAT.... TO BE CONTINUED....





To Trendy Chikan (Sat 13 Dec 2014 15:14:36 GMT)

Whats up chikan bro? its me addicted chikan before. nice video by the way. i also like the teen w/ gray leggings. I can imagine her jumping to the music w/ my dick on her crack.. what a feeling! hehe.. nothing like concerts because the chikan experience is longer :-)

to guest (Mon 15 Dec 2014 05:51:55 GMT)

In my opinion, I think she's interested & into you & wants to get to know you more because girls dont normally give their names unless you ask them. There's a possibility she might be interested to be your girlfriend. I have a non-serious girlfriend now who I chatted also after she brushed over my cock first in the train which is not full. It was a great night. After she brushed my cock, i let her take control & it was 2 minutes of heaven then she took a sit. I saw her sleeping & I thought she cant look me in the eye because she felt ashamed of what she's done..After she woke up & we reached station, I chatted w/ her, immediately touch her hand and complimented that she has beautiful hands & we got in line. i keep on pointing my hard dick into her crack while in line & she didnt reacted..We ate McDonald's & after convincing & warming her up, I managed to fuck her after in a motel near her house but thats another story..

So what happened after she asked your name? did you ask for her number?



to Guest (Tue 16 Dec 2014 07:03:38 GMT)

very think silk dress w/o underwear? you must have really felt her butt crack & pussy. LOL. how did your hand end up in her pussy as the lights came up and the show ended?a girl dancing w/ your dick on her buttcrack in a concert is the best & because there's an excuse that you didnt intentionally grope her. what a feeling i had experienced before! since its christmas rush, later ill be enjoying asses & pussies in the trains & night market for many hours..OMG.. its hard to give up this addictive habit..hehe.. happy hunting!

TEAM UP (Thu 18 Dec 2014 00:00:50 GMT)


Reply to Assjob lover (Sun 21 Dec 2014 10:06:03 GMT)

RE: Assjob lover

kamusta bro? maganda yan! yung last time panalo din sa train. Espanyola :-) best ever! kwento ko sayo next time. Meet tayo after new year. Turuan tayo at tulungan tayo para mas madali ..hehe.

my email bro:
text tayo: zero 9 one 6 two 9 one nine zero 9 five

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