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Guestz also gets Rookie Of The Year and entered the Hall of Fame.

January award: Slim Shady
For depicting a young boy and his well known obsession.
(And depicting a "hot" young girl too.)

Known Obsession (Sat 19 Jan 2013 02:13:02 GMT)

I live in a big suburb just north of los angles Im a short skinny white male and I was 14 when this happened. And that fine fat, bubbly piece of meat in the black n red dress was coming over to my house after school , her name is Haliee and she hung out with the popular girls but she wasn't one of them she was a little off you could say, not like retarted she just didn't fit with the other popular girls right. She was 16 but only one grade above my own. And when I asked her to come over and she said yes I almost shit myself. This girl knew I wanted her ass and so did all her friends. Every day I would grab her cheeks slap em and ultimately try to bury my dick back there, And she knew because whenever I saw her I would get hard just hugging her she would be like "damn calm down slim it's just a hug"well anyways it was just like any other Thursday and I was perving around school and when I saw Haliee's butt cheeks jiggling up and down up and down all the way down c-quad she was in some tight jeans with no back pockets so I ran up behind her and gave her ass one hell of a smack (now her reactions to my being perverted varied from grab to grab but this time she got a little upset so) I tried calming her down telling her sweet shit as we talked casually and as we got infront of her class I told her to have a nice math period and right before she walked inside I asked her "hey would you wanna come over tomorrow n help me paint my room tomorrow my moms gonna let me do it however I want"(Hailee's thing is art it's what she loves) she got real excited and said "actually slim that sounds awesome"we hugged she felt my hard dick against her crotch a smirked. I was so excited I sat in class the whole hour imagining her ass swaying, bouncing, jiggling right infront of me, I couldn't wait. That night at home I picked out my basketball shorts for the upcoming events I even called Haliee to make sure she wasn't gonna flake and leave me beating one out ..again.. when I asked her she said "oh ya I almost forgot I can for a couple hours cause at 6 im going to eat with Shels you can come if you want". Well Friday morning when I saw Haliee in this dress I got so hard I thought the skin around my dick was gonna rip off. I ran up to her told her that she looked fucking gorgeous my eyes looking at the side of her ass the entire time. she asked what I wanted my room to look like and, I told her I was gonna give her one wall to do what she wanted with she liked that idea and gave me a big hug and I think she was purposely rubbing her hip on my rager when hugging me. I didn't see her much during the day but after school we met up and started walking to my house about halfway there I asked if I could carry her back pack and said "please slim, thank you"so im walking like two feet behind her talking with both our backpacks on so I have access to her ass. Now her ass was jiggling around soo much and when the wind blew right against her you could see her thong string outline on her hip and going into her deep deep crack , I couldn't take it any longer, so in my basketball shorts with no underwear I pointed my hard dick straight forward with my hand and walked up behind Haliee holding my dick grabbed her left shoulder and pressed my dick into her crack she looked back still walking and said "jesus you didn't take it out of your shorts did you"I told her no I wasn't that bad she gave me a laugh like if saying yea right. Her cheeks felt soo good jiggling on eather side of my dick and it was in there deep too but after like 30 seconds she slapped my hand moved her hips up and said "oh my fucking god slim don't hold it like"but she moved her ass back against me once my hand was gone so I was stuck walking with my dick pointed at the ground it still felt fucking great though. Once we arrived at my house it was empty as planned we continued small talk as we made our way to my room, going up the stairs I was able to peak up her dress as it was shorter and loose and she had on a black and red thong the smallest one you can imagine. Just then she peaked back at me and gave me a cute smile, I blushed and smiled back. As soon as we entered my room she grabbed a pencil and got started drawing a heart with wings on it. I sat on my bed which was facing the wall she was drawing on I gazed at her ass for a good 2 minutes when she started erasing and her ass began bouncing furiously back and forth and pop goes the fucking weasel cause I snaped out of my trance stood up and pulled out my dick without hesitation. She had stopped wiggling but I knew what I wanted, so I stepped forward and holding my dick in my right hand and stuffed it in her deep crack hotdog style but it was so deep I couldn't see my dick. She had stopped drawing and had glanced back at me and said "so do you like it so far"referring to the drawing and I said "fuck ya Haliee ive wanted this for a long time"and she laughed picking up on the double meaning of my comment. She began drawing and no one spoke but it wasn't awkward. It was nice but I really wanted to feel her ass wobbling back and forth as she erased , so I told her she should make this one wing sharper so ass suspected she started to erase her ass started shifting , shaking, jiggling and, wiggling and my dick got thrown out of her crack and started bouncing back and forth from cheek to cheek and once she stopped I hurried to get it back in because I had had enough my piston was ready to pop. I stuffed my dick back in her crack deep hotdog style, pushed her cheeks together around my dick and started humping into her, she stopped drawing and put her palms on the wall and said "not on my dress slim, were going to dinner with Shells"so at the last second I pulled back and shot my load on my carpet.. I sat down and looked up at her ass as she started erasing again shaking her ass all around for me we began to talk again and things went back to normal and shortly after we left to eat which is when I took this picture of her and Shels.

Me and Haliee dated after this for a couple weeks and that consisted of many more accounts like this along with some bj's and shit like that. ive been following this board for some time now and I have a lot of encounters but there from when I was in highschool and all of the chicks I got off on knew what I was doing I know cause I had relationships with them and we would speak about it with them. I can post more but I don't know if this board is welcome to my type of knowing encounter

Assistance (Thu 17 Jan 2013 03:56:05 GMT)

How do I post a photo so I don't have to put a word document up it won't let me copy and paste ?

how do i post a photo? (Thu 17 Jan 2013 14:49:49 GMT)

i have a picture of this girl in this dress from this day how do i post it?Known Obsession
I live in a big suburb just north of los angles Im a short skinny white male and I was 14 when this happened. And that fine fat, bubbly piece of meat in the black n red dress was coming over to my house after school , her name is Haliee and she hung out with the popular girls but she wasn't one of them she was a little off you could say, not like retarted she just didn't fit with the other popular girls right. She was 16 but only one grade above my own. And when I asked her to come over and she said yes I almost shit myself. This girl knew I wanted her ass and so did all her friends. Every day I would grab her cheeks slap em and ultimately try to bury my dick back there, And she knew because whenever I saw her I would get hard just hugging her she would be like "damn calm down slim it's just a hug"well anyways it was just like any other Thursday and I was perving around school and when I saw Haliee's butt cheeks jiggling up and down up and down all the way down c-quad she was in some tight jeans with no back pockets so I ran up behind her and gave her ass one hell of a smack (now her reactions to my being perverted varied from grab to grab but this time she got a little upset so) I tried calming her down telling her sweet shit as we talked casually and as we got infront of her class I told her to have a nice math period and right before she walked inside I asked her "hey would you wanna come over tomorrow n help me paint my room tomorrow my moms gonna let me do it however I want"(Hailee's thing is art it's what she loves) she got real excited and said "actually slim that sounds awesome"we hugged she felt my hard dick against her crotch a smirked. I was so excited I sat in class the whole hour imagining her ass swaying, bouncing, jiggling right infront of me, I couldn't wait. That night at home I picked out my basketball shorts for the upcoming events I even called Haliee to make sure she wasn't gonna flake and leave me beating one out ..again.. when I asked her she said "oh ya I almost forgot I can for a couple hours cause at 6 im going to eat with Shels you can come if you want". Well Friday morning when I saw Haliee in this dress I got so hard I thought the skin around my dick was gonna rip off. I ran up to her told her that she looked fucking gorgeous my eyes looking at the side of her ass the entire time. she asked what I wanted my room to look like and, I told her I was gonna give her one wall to do what she wanted with she liked that idea and gave me a big hug and I think she was purposely rubbing her hip on my rager when hugging me. I didn't see her much during the day but after school we met up and started walking to my house about halfway there I asked if I could carry her back pack and said "please slim, thank you"so im walking like two feet behind her talking with both our backpacks on so I have access to her ass. Now her ass was jiggling around soo much and when the wind blew right against her you could see her thong string outline on her hip and going into her deep deep crack , I couldn't take it any longer, so in my basketball shorts with no underwear I pointed my hard dick straight forward with my hand and walked up behind Haliee holding my dick grabbed her left shoulder and pressed my dick into her crack she looked back still walking and said "jesus you didn't take it out of your shorts did you"I told her no I wasn't that bad she gave me a laugh like if saying yea right. Her cheeks felt soo good jiggling on eather side of my dick and it was in there deep too but after like 30 seconds she slapped my hand moved her hips up and said "oh my fucking god slim don't hold it like"but she moved her ass back against me once my hand was gone so I was stuck walking with my dick pointed at the ground it still felt fucking great though. Once we arrived at my house it was empty as planned we continued small talk as we made our way to my room, going up the stairs I was able to peak up her dress as it was shorter and loose and she had on a black and red thong the smallest one you can imagine. Just then she peaked back at me and gave me a cute smile, I blushed and smiled back. As soon as we entered my room she grabbed a pencil and got started drawing a heart with wings on it. I sat on my bed which was facing the wall she was drawing on I gazed at her ass for a good 2 minutes when she started erasing and her ass began bouncing furiously back and forth and pop goes the fucking weasel cause I snaped out of my trance stood up and pulled out my dick without hesitation. She had stopped wiggling but I knew what I wanted, so I stepped forward and holding my dick in my right hand and stuffed it in her deep crack hotdog style but it was so deep I couldn't see my dick. She had stopped drawing and had glanced back at me and said "so do you like it so far"referring to the drawing and I said "fuck ya Haliee ive wanted this for a long time"and she laughed picking up on the double meaning of my comment. She began drawing and no one spoke but it wasn't awkward. It was nice but I really wanted to feel her ass wobbling back and forth as she erased , so I told her she should make this one wing sharper so ass suspected she started to erase her ass started shifting , shaking, jiggling and, wiggling and my dick got thrown out of her crack and started bouncing back and forth from cheek to cheek and once she stopped I hurried to get it back in because I had had enough my piston was ready to pop. I stuffed my dick back in her crack deep hotdog style, pushed her cheeks together around my dick and started humping into her, she stopped drawing and put her palms on the wall and said "not on my dress slim, were going to dinner with Shells"so at the last second I pulled back and shot my load on my carpet.. I sat down and looked up at her ass as she started erasing again shaking her ass all around for me we began to talk again and things went back to normal and shortly after we left to eat which is when I took this picture of her and Shels.

Me and Haliee dated after this for a couple weeks and that consisted of many more accounts like this along with some bj's and shit like that. ive been following this board for some time now and I have a lot of encounters but there from when I was in highschool and all of the chicks I got off on knew what I was doing I know cause I had relationships with them and we would speak about it with them. I can post more but I don't know if this board is welcome to my type of knowing encounter

February award: GroinRubber.
For his numerous contribution.
(Gee, your stories have both quantity and quality and you have ability to find nice pics.)

RE: Frotting The Impaired (Fri 25 Jan 2013 00:14:07 GMT)

Yeah, I totally agree Shogie.

Just wondered if there were any chikans here with no scruples here. (I'm sure that there is, hiding in the woodwork somewhere)

I couldn't even bring myself to do it with a hearing impaired chick. I'd get C.A.T.S. Big time with any impairment in all honesty, but that's just me.

Anyway, on a lighter note, here's some smokin' oga zoola that needs some pigs eye juice blasting all over it!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!


Gig / Ticket Tip. (Fri 25 Jan 2013 20:00:04 GMT)

Well, gig tomorrow.

Grooming: Check
Cologne: Check
Fresh frotting Gear: Check

I'm hoping to go for a spermicide double, if not, a single....if not, I'll have an extra pair of trousers in the car for some bar chikan should the gig fail me.

Cant wait!!!!

Concert Tickets Tip.

A little tip for all you 'newbie' chikans out there. If you ever find a gig that you're attending, and you're not sure of the attendance, check eBay for possible people selling tickets who can no longer make it.
Sometimes (more often than not) there is a photograph of the tickets being sold, and on this/these ticket/s there will be a ticket number, and maybe even the date they purchased it.
This will give you some idea of how many may be in attendance! Simple!!

More on the gig after the event..AhhhhhhhhAArrggggaaaaa!!


Success (Sun 27 Jan 2013 13:08:54 GMT)

Successful night despite a worrying start due to poor attendance!


Hello / The Truth - Concert Crowd Footage. (Sat 09 Feb 2013 13:29:06 GMT)

Hello fellow spunkers.

Well, to answer Shogie.... I have only experienced two nutts so far this year, and they were both at the gig of a few weeks back. The first target fucking milked me big time, throwing my tube-steak every which way but fucking loose with her ample oga zoola.

The second nutt was a bit more of a strain as they often are, you know....uhhugghh ughhu ugg ahh ahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Anyway, more on that when the story is posted! I have been so busy, and I'm fucking bogged down with work at the moemnt. Not only that, I have a major concert dry spell coming up...Gaaahhggggaaaa!!

Re: The Truth/Concert Crowd Footage.

I understand where The truth is coming from, and I actually commend this idea, as it's so 'different', an individual, I feel the same as some of the other members.

That is....I feel our art should not be dealt out to the prying eyes of the general public and that as chikans we are left to enjoy our craft in secrecy and in our dark anonymity.
My two primary reasons for this is that, as one member said, it could give 'One of us' away!

OK, so the chances of that may be slim in the extreme, but it's possible at the very least. My other concern is that....well, what would I really get from that footage as a practising chikan.

I can totally understand why some may find this footage tantalising, as it takes all sorts (as they say)
But for 'personally' I would not see any cock on ass action as such. I would just be looking at some front row chick being chikaned (?) by some geezer, so I fgeel that all I would see is the distraught (or pleasurable) face of some chick, and the look of ecstasy on some cats face that is about to blow his stack, and how could one really be sure that frotting is really taking place? It would be minimal excitement for me personally.

Now if The Truth was a frotter, and he had gone out and filmes his own balls plastered all over some frotees ass, then that I would Luuuuurve to see!! lol!!

This is mainly due to our act being kept in a box to a degree. I'm not sure where stand on it just being posted here, I think I may be with Shogie on that.
I am just concerned that one of us could be given away, or it may wreck some innocent persons life that is not actually chikaning someone.
You can never quite be sure what is happening in a crowded situation. (maybe some of my feeling is parania, but maybe rightly so)

I'd like to know Master Ayashi's views on this if possible.

I'm happy with the regular postings of Shogun's 'Best Clips in The Chikan Universe'. That is real chikan.


The Three Spunkateers. (Sun 10 Feb 2013 23:17:54 GMT)

Who'd like to have their piston pipe smashed up against the asses of these three fucking sluts?? Triple Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa!!


RE: the truth footage. (Tue 12 Feb 2013 13:01:37 GMT)

I really want to try and stay clear of all this 'the truth' controversy and debate.
So this will be my only post on the topic. I have already made it clear that this is not for me, and I stand by that decision. The FACT, and I emphasise 'Fact' of the matter is this:

The footage posted was obviously shot by some professional or semi-professional videographer, and as someone pointed out, it appears multiple cameras have been used, so my chikan alarm bells are ringing instantly.

Now for the FACT! All this footage shows is a load of spotty rockers, emos etc etc moshing furuiosly in a pit at a fairly active gig. There is absolutely no proof of chikan, groping or frotterism whatsoever, and certainly none in the footage we have so far seen.
As The Shogun said...This is nothing more than edited rock concert footage that seems more like borrowed or filmed documentary material at best!!
I appreciate the art side of things, as I myself am a graphic designer so that's cool.

My chikan senses tell me that this 'the truth' character is here for other reasons other than this chikan footage stuff. I'm not sure what those reasons are, or may be, but whatever they are...that's cool too.

Also if some here do find this stuff tantalising or a turn on, so be it....who an I to intrude? Lol!!

I have a hunch that this footage stuff may be about lining one's own pocket more than anything else.....just put it up for Free if you must put it up!! Why do we have to pay or donate?? We're fucking perverts for heaven's sake!

As I've said, I commend the idea in all it's splendour and originality, but lets face it . I think this is a mountain out of a molehill subject in all honesty, and at very best, no footage could ever prove that chikan activity is taking place for sure.

For me, it's a bit like watching porn where you never actually see any cock and cunt action! Lol!!

Oh...A Warm Welcome to you Nazia Khan! I'd love to have my mushroom top and ball-bag plastered all over that sweet little ass. As soft as hard as you like it my dear!!



GroinRubber's Ass Of The Week. (Wed 13 Feb 2013 23:05:59 GMT)

Now, now you guys! Live and let live eh!

One thing that I can tell you cats for fucking sure. I'd love to get my spunk trumpet sandwiched between those two fucking delicious buns. Now that my friends IS the truth!


RE: Shogie's BEAT MY DICK UP . (Fri 15 Feb 2013 23:16:17 GMT)

Ahaaaaaaaaaaahhh...Shogie!! now that's what this fucking site is all about man. What a great clip. That's just how I like em. See how she hutches up her jeans to accentuate her crack for the chikan! I suspect she knows what's happening there dude. Now THAT is a real chikan clip. I commend you Shogun.

I think I might lie low a while until this 'The Truth' nonsense has all blown over. Lol!


Topic - TERMS OF THE CHIKANS WORLD. (Wed 20 Feb 2013 20:18:45 GMT)


Hey Fellow Frotters.

I was thinking earlier today about all the terms and/or abbreviations I use in my 'secret world' as an active chikan, and I wanted to develop a topic (if anyone's interested) about their own terms, abbreviations, names that you guys may use in your 'secret world' as a chikan. I have a few of these terms, a couple of which I've included below.

One of mine I use a lot here is the term "C.A.T.S." which is an acronym of 'Comedown After The Spunking' or 'Calm After The Storm' (depending on the feeling of course) lol!
Understand me, these are all terms that are happening in my own mind and are unshared other than here of course. They are just things that have come natural to my mind as I've been doing my 'thang' over the years. For me personally, it also enhances the high of the hunt.

Here's a couple more I use:

"Spunkarama" = A gig or event that is myriad with hot targets.

"Spermfest" = Outdoor event with copious amounts of booty to do the Right Thuur on.

"Cum Cum's" = Group/couple of Hot Chinese/Japanese/Asian Targets at events. (This is known to me as a "Cum Cum" in singular terms)

A more recent one I've found myself using:

"Poppers" = This refers to the teens or under 25 target that has the hottest ass in either skin tight jeans or leggings/suit trousers. (I call them this due to my bell end 'Popping' like a fucking over festered pimple as soon as it touches such an ass) BOOOM!!! Ahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!! (again, the singualr would be a "Popper")

I feel that these terms that I ( or we) 'may' use give our activity some fun, whilst exploring what goes on in the mind of a chikan/flasher/groper etc. Hence this topical and somewhat exploratory post.

I have another particular term called "Flash-dancing"which is not directly aimed at chikan and is slightly off topic, although some of you may disagree and say it belongs here on this board? It may even qualify as 'Flashing' but I'm not sure. I don't see myself as a flasher, but I dunno. A flasher would have a better view than me I'm sure.

I'm not going to go into any detail of my "Flash-dancing" activity here today, as I wanted to wait and see if enough interest is generated in the topic of 'Terms Of The Chikan's World' I'm sure SOME of you 'may' find "Flash-dancing" interesting though!

Anyway fellow frotters, gropers, flashers or general pervs. What names if any do you have for elements of your 'secret world' activity.

Really looking forward to hearing from you guys on this one.


PS: Re: Guest - successful night:

I second Shogie....You have to put this fucking story up man. What the fuck are you doing, trying to drive us over the edge??!! LOL!

GroinRubber's Caption. (Wed 20 Feb 2013 21:30:17 GMT)

Spider Chikan.

"Oh No....My spider mean my bell end is tingling"


RE: Terms of the Chikan's World (Thu 21 Feb 2013 19:36:23 GMT)

Hey Shogie.

No, I'm sorry. I didn't realise that there was already a segment for terminologies on the website, so sorry to you all for repeating something that has been done already.

However, I would still like to hear from you newer chikans, and those of you whom were also unaware that this had been dome before.
I also feel what I was trying express was a 'little' different from the terminologies section in itself, as I was only really interested what goes off in the individual chikans mind as oppose to general terminologies such as 'back-hand' and 'hand-swipe' etc. More personal things you know.

Hey Shogie, I loved your video man. Like you, I am not into arm humping, even though I have practised it before, but this video is just exquisite! Lol!!

Surely that young bubblegum "spunkster" (another of my terms for an extremely young and tender target) must have known that his cock was there...or is she just plain fucking dumb?!?! How the fuck did he film that, or was there an accomplice?

She must have almost been able to smell the forming cheese on his bell-end!! Terrific stuff made my laugh my fucking socks off! It was very risky, and I commend the arm humper in the video. It was plain suicide though in my book.

RE: just a guest who do you love?

Hi and welcome. My tastes chop and change from year to year and week to week. At this moment I'm well into 'Poppers' (See terminology in recent post) especially if they are dumb and caked in fucking make up. Arrwwwoooooooooo!!

RE: Nabacov:

You should have planted your sperm flute in her crack while you were tapping. Oh could have blown like a champagne bottle....Doh!!:-D

I have the chance of a gig on Sunday 3rd March, but I'm so fucking busy that weekend!!! mmmmmmmmm!!?


GroinRubber's Caption Of The Week. (Thu 21 Feb 2013 19:43:08 GMT)

Any suggestions?

PLAYERSLAYER - Part 1: (Mon 25 Feb 2013 22:55:07 GMT)

OK - Here goes. I have been meaning to post this for a while but have been so fucking busy. I have written this in a series of short chapter like bursts, and I have also included a little 'Personal Terminologies' to add to my recent topical post.
Man did I get a player! I don't want to use the term 'player' to start a fresh or uncalled for debate! Instead, I'll tell the story and YOU decide if she was a player.
OK OK, so she could have turned around at anytime and blasted me, and I could have got burnt if she had have done, but guess what.......she fucking didn't! For this reason my fellow chikans, gropers and flashers, I've called this one...


I had to shower up at my friends apartment due to working late, and If I'd have gone home, I wouldn't have gotten to the concert in time. I was pushed for time as it was, even being much closer to the gig, but nevertheless, I got there in good time with a good 15 minutes to spare.
I parked the Bat Mobile up a few streets away from the intimate venue. I felt good this evening. As I made my way to the gig, a train from a close-by track thundered past me covered in colourful and arty graffiti.

There was a feeling of magic in the air and I felt that I was back at my positive best as a chikan. I could smell better days in the air. sounds like bullshit to some of you, I know. But I also know that some of you must have felt this. It's a feeling that I only normally get when the sun is beating down and it's hot, and you're cock is ready to be milked for every inch of it's life.

The sun was trying it's best to break through the dense grey/darkening clouds but to no avail. I arrived at the venue, and there were about 25-30 people outside. This venue held around 500 people or so when it was packed to the rafters. I thought it was going to be a letdown. I had my dress trousers back at the bat Mobile, just incase I didn't get a nutt, I would be bar-hopping afterwards.

I went for a 20 minute walk to try and alleviate some of the now growing tension and negativity. When I arrived back at the gig, a Q of around 60 people had formed. There were quite a few chicks of all genres really, but mostly rockers and emo's and goths. I spotted these two chicks around 17-19 years old at the back of the Q. I immediately noticed one of them had these skin tight faded blue jeans on and these mega high heel suede boots. I felt my guts do a somersault.

Normally I would have guessed that under normal circumstances, this chick would be nowhere near docking level of my spunk pole, but the heels elevated her near perfect ass to 'tool level'. ('Tool level' is another 'Term' I use to describe just this situation)
As the Q slowly formed and lengthened behind me, I decided that I had already abandoned all targets as I felt I'd found it already in this young spunkster infront of me. I felt that it was time to test the bath water.

He friend kept suspiciously 'cornering' me with her eyes, so I gave her a warm smile with a little friendly nod, to which she smiled back and shyly looked down. I had to watch my behaviour tonight. There was no room whatsoever for complacency. I was gagging for a nutt, yes, but I didn't want to get sloppy due to my desperation and shoddy workmanship.
The Q got tighter and we started to slowly shuffle into the gig. With each shuffle I inched myself toward Spunkster, and lightly knocked my knuckles on her ass. No reaction. Mmmmmm...I wasn't convinced.

As we continued I waited until we stood still again and tried to get my still underwear clad prick close to her tender buns. I was within centimetres when we next stopped. Just then, Spunkster started to slowly jig and shake a little to keep warm in the cold evening air (My term for this is 'The Southern Freeze,' and I have enjoyed many a chikaning experience using 'The Southern freeze' technique). As she did this jig, her ass softly bumped my bell-end a few times. It felt amazing, and my guts shook and my mouth started to dry up. Ahhhaaa!! it had seemed like ages since I'd felt this. Oh that feeling makes you feel fucking ALIVE!!!

Spunkster could feel me hitting her with my now slightly semi'd helmet, and she stepped forward to open up the space between us, but she did it slowly, almost seductively. I still wasn't sure, but I knew there would be time for more tests inside this intimate environment.

To be continued...

RE: New Concert Booked. (Tue 26 Feb 2013 22:26:16 GMT)

Just to let you cats know.

I have a ticket for what could be a potentially great gig on Sunday night. I moved some appointments around at the office, and this freed up more weekday time for me to get other stuff done and out of the way, thereby freeing up my weekend. This gig is a great opportunity at a medium sized indoor venue. (About 5000).

This is a popular act with a huge cult following (and plenty of Spunksters, Poppers and Cum Cum's among I've checked out some clips and done my research, and this could be a fucking sizzler. I have a strange feeling that Lilac Balls may set in over the next 48 hours or so, just because I know I'm now going. (Another 'secret' terminology for this I use is "Shit Pain Syndrome) but that's usually when excitement affects the bowels as well lol!

Shogie, I like your twist on the player terminology. That's the kinda stuff I was looking for. Personal, and probably something untermed. Great!

Part 2 of PLAYERSLAYER coming soon my brother's!


GroinRubber's Caption Challenge. (Wed 27 Feb 2013 23:05:42 GMT)

RE: Sunday's gig.

I'll be staying in a hotel on Sunday evening, as I've a meeting the next day. This means I'm five kilometres or so from the hub of the city and the venue itself. I should get there in plenty of time with no rushing for a change.
I can't stop thinking about it. Fuck knows how I'll make it. My balls will be like water melons come the Sabbath!! LOL!!!!!!!


PLAYERSLAYER - Part 3: (Thu 28 Feb 2013 21:23:58 GMT)


I continued just letting Ellen Bound around to the support act's tunes and twang my rocky all over the fucking shop whilst she continued to shout to the lead singer of the not yet staged main act. " (Singer's name) I want you to split me in two" she roared, and her fucking lanky boyfriend just looked down at here admirably as if she'd just said something really cool!?!? I believe she wasn't aware what I was up to. She was just too fucking wrapped up in shouting and enjoying herself in her own way.

As she shouted this she put her hands through her hair, holding her short hair up on top of her head, while she writhed her ass, snaking my cock left, right, left. I curled my toes inside my light squash trainers. A little more of this, and I was gonna blow.......fucking BIG TIME!!

I backed off for the rest of the song to try and let my hard on subside a little. This is something I always do anyway, as I love feeling my boner grow against a swaying booty. Again and again......Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa!!

I had to be careful. The main act weren't due on for another half hour or so, and I didn't want to blow too early, even though I was going for a 'double whammy'

My hard on had turned to semi by the time the track had finished, so I put my hand down my jogger's and re-positioned my bell-end, ready for another anal assault on Ellen. The next track started, and Ellen immediately started swaying her back door whilst keeping her feet stuck to the ground. I moverd my groin forward, just enough to let her graze my mushroom top on her hip and then slowly moved right letting my prick just jump and bob around in her crack area.

(This was very much like Shogun's recent video 'beat my dick up') Ahhhhhaaaaaahahhha!! Just the way I like it. I wasnt long before I was getting that feeling of my balls back up ready for Blast Off!! It was still too early though, and I didn't think I could've stopped, even if I had wanted to.

I backed off quickly as I almost came. My prick jumped and tingled and I nearly blew without any contact. I grit my teeth, closed my eyes and luckily I didn't blast. (This is a term that I refer to as "Ghost-Load" or "Ghost-Loading".

"Ghost Loading" = This has happened to me a handful of times, and it describes the moment you come, but your target walks away, or gets moved away in an active crowd after the tingle but before the blast....and leaves you pumping semen without any target massaging it out for you).....Yup...that's "Ghost-Loading" Ha Ha!

Anyway, Just then, at my point of near ejaculation, her lanky fucking streak of piss boyfriend said something in her ear, and they both left the area. I followed them with my eyes as they headed toward the bar. People were getting refills ready for the main act.

The GroinRubber very rarely drinks at gigs, for obvious reasons, so I stayed put as the gap in front of me closed itself with more people. (Two fucking male geeks though, just my fucking luck) I went for another bathroom call.

It was pretty packed, but not shoulder to shoulder, so it was fairly easy for the chikan to manoeuvre and re-position. I wiped my pre-cum sodden bell end with some paper, and went back into the main gig area to scope out a fresh hunt.

I went to the opposite side of the stage to where I had been humping Ellen. There were some hot whores there, but not a lot of chikan friendly clothing ( my personal terminology for these are 'Restrictors').

Just then, I spotted these two chicks on the first row, but I struggled to get to them a little. Over the next 5 minutes I barged and edged my way through until I was directly behind the only one of them with Chikan friendly clothing.

It was a thin polyester type floral print 'silky' dress which showed off an ample wobbling Beyonce type booty. She also had on some dark colored tights and laced boots and a short green sued waistcoat, which only came halfway down her back. She was quite slim, and had more than an ample ass for her frame. It was also at perfect "Tool Level" too

I let my knuckles graze it though the dying notes of the support acts finale. Ahhhhhhhhhhaaa my grinds. It felt warm soft and inviting.

This chick was dressed a little old fashioned early 90's style. She looked like Keira Knightley, Pretty faced (just a few zits)and even had the new glossy cropped straight dark bob that Keira was now sporting. (We'll call this slut Keira)

The support act finished, so I know it was a matter of time before the main band came on. There was a lump in my throat, and I got that exited nervous feeling in my bowels. The dry ice began to refill the venue, and I waited patiently for the main act, my fireman's helmet only inches away from Keira's meaty firm buns.

To Be Continued....

Tonto's Dream (Thu 28 Feb 2013 23:26:52 GMT)

I bet Tonto would have loved this. Ahhhhhhhhhhaaaahhhhh kemo sabe!!


March award: Rock Hard
For his wise comments and amazing stories.
(You are the best of London chikan.)
And GroinRubber wins webmaster's special mention for his retirement posts.

not really back just had a mad moment of weakness: concert story (Mon 25 Mar 2013 17:15:15 GMT)

Concert experience

Been a long time guys maybe a few years. I quit the game but have been having some really mad weak moments recently. My usual stories are taken up by escapades of riding white chicks on the busy London underground, but to be honest that's too mainstream all the stories really only ever last 7 minutes max before the tube begin to empty out.
Anyway to this story. I was in desperate need a good hard experience and you can bet your life on it when I was going to absoutly destroy this victim. I mean completely humiliate her. I had so much testosterone built up inside of me, as I had not chickaned for so long. I was busting.

Anyway I found a concert up in Southampton. It was to see a performer called Example. His a modern music guy drawing a younger crowd of fans average age is about 18-30. I still fit into this bracket so im good haha.

So anyway I arrived at the venue early but the queue was already around the building and halfway down the road. I were abit disappointed by this as I had arrived with ample time yet the queue was so manic. I didn't bother target hunting whilst in the queue. there were no point usually when you get inside the people you see in the queue may not necessarily be the people you see inside. Plus I knew there would be choices, enough talent to go around for me the main thing was either find ing a willing humpee or a girl that wont make a scene.

Anyway after about 45 mins of queue in the fucking freezing cold swear my nipples dropped off.. we were allowed into the venue. The front stage area was already crowed which I had anticipated but getting to the front isn't exactly a problem as I will go on to explain. So I went toilet took my penis out of my boxers and out if my trousers, removed my jumper and tied up around my waist semi in front but also to the side of me, enough that it were covering my fully exposed penis but not covering my front compelty that it looked odd. Anyway figured I needed to get up front so took my phone into my hand and pretending to be on the phone (also remember I am alone). I begin to ask gently unprovokingly waddle my way through the crowd whilst maintaing to be on the phone so saying things like "where are you guys you must be right at the front' .. sometimes people were trying to block my path as they didn't want me to take their space so I just politely asked to let me pass and you will find people do when are polite yet firm and confident in you demeanour.

I was now several rows maybe 2 away from the barricade. I had to be very picky from here with my target hunting because when I would get to the barricade id no doubt be stuck there for the majority of the show as it's a hard place to move from without drawing attention yet it the best place to hump. I was now "off the phone' and just stood there. The trick to getting to my target from here would be to do this slowly working the crowd as the supporting acts wold come on and to just sort of shuffle through. Anyway there were 2 realistic targets straight ahead and another to the left slightly which were more complicated to get to. The only problem here was that it was kind of har dot se what they were wearing on the bottom half as there were no gaps in the crowd. I assumed it would be either jeans or leggings realistically. Boy I were in for a surprise. (kind off- sounds fake but I swear its true)

So anyway I decide the girl up ahead with her friend will be my best option. Ill describe her when I got to her.
This was easily the most challenging part, I had to use my weight to try and gently push against people whilst maintain my feet position to hold ground. Everyone wa shuffling now as the first supporting act come on. I really used this opportunity to get towards her.. in reality it probably took a good 15 mins to get there but it just seemed to feel like so much more longer.
When I got there she was an angel in disguise I swear . Must have been no older than 15 looked around 14 or so. Shit man I felt kind of guilty being so young and all but I figured she'd be naïve and I would be able to take advantage of her more. well I hoped. But this is usually the case with these younger girls. She was a brunette and had the big round blue eyes. She was actually a seriously pretty girl just smooth white skin and was built like a teen soft with puppy fat around her hips and thighs but with a tiny waist I could probably wrap my arms around several times. She wasn't tall my penis lined up with her dick so that my dick was slight over her arse rather than straight up in there but this would still go on to feel good as it would mean I can rest my balls onto the top of her rear which is an insanely good feeling.
So anyway she wore a white vest top which she had a thin pink cardigan over, then to my amazement evne in thes artic cold conditions out here she were wearing hot pants. these really sexy black hot pants which were so tight her arse was practically bursting out of them. She also had a pretty cute pair of dolly pumps which really completed her tiny feet. 
Anyway I began getting to work starting this one gently just ever so slightly brushing the back of my hand against her bum and over her thigh the feeling of skin to skin was insatiable. There was no reaction from her so I pressed my hand (backhand) against her bum again but this time slightly harder and left it there for a good 20 seconds before removing it. Still no reaction what so ever. I realised I was in luck here which instantly made me overly bold and perhaps somewhat arrogant which led to me being maybe complacent.
My next move was to put one arm over the barrier almost like it was around her she saw my hand against the raiing and turned around to look at the person who had her pinned in. As she done this her arse closed the spacd between her and my penis which mad eher brush right up against it. Upon contact my dick started to grow. She looked at me straight into the eye, which got me so fucking horny my dick was now fully standing. I realised this could be a really dangerous moment so would have to improvise. I said to her' sorry it insanely busy everyones pushing into me im in trying not to crush you' she half smiled and I think she was startld by the fact I had spoken to her she was caught off gurad and shyly said "oh ok I understand, thanks' I realised I were now in control here and it was going to take advantage of this verbal contact (usually I never speak to a target) I said to her "well if your cold in them daisy dukes im practically squashed against you anyway so im sure getting cold wont be a problem' she just smiled and turend back to her friend and spoke all the while my hard penis was now pressed right into her full on. (by talking to her I had made initial contact I had also established that I were going to be pressed into her all night I think this gave me the upperhand). Anyway I immediately got to work as the acts started to go through. She was swaying to the music half dancing but the gaps was so tight she was basically sandwiched between my penis and the railing it was really hard for her to move. But she stil tried to dance, she was literally swaying side to side which just dragged my bursting penis across her arse from side to side everyone now and then I would purposely make my penis twitch with excitement as I pressed it hard into her, whenever I done this she would stop dancing and just tense up. I realised I had maybe gone too far too soon but it was too late she knew my game. I backed off til the main act Example came on.
As he come on to rapturous applause and excitmennt from the crowd there was a surge forward even I wanted to not go into her I had no choice. My cock was down but the crowd behind me surged forward and I was now crushing her so hard my dick was fully aroused but could not get up stading in front of me as I was so tightly against her the I decided to squat down a little which was the best decision I felt my nake penis touch her bare leg and fuck did it feel amazing. I just left it there and slid my hand down as far as I could took my penis to my hand and began to drag it across her legs on the back of her thighs.. my cock was now going crazy. I pushed back on the crowed and made space to place my cock back into her arse and then I just pummelled straight into her full force I swear my dick was bent in half I mean the pressue was so intense. She was becoming quite clearly agitated now she was no longer boucing just sort of bobbing her head. She moved into her friend and leaned back which made her arse push out more she hadn't done this to excite me she done this to talk. She said something and the friend looked back at me with a realy creeped out look and then started giggling. The laughed somewhat and my target tried to move to the side of me to get away but there was really nowhere to go.. I wasn't going to let her leave without cumming so I forced back into her and rammed my full hard on back into her arse really quite aggressively looking back she froze up again but continued to bob her head slightly. I decided to go for it and put my hand around her waist softly. She touched my hand and tried to move it off, so I let go, then I put it straight back again (all the whilemy dicks up her arse), again she tried to move my hand and I let her, however I again (persistent bugger haha) put both hand on her waist this time she done notohing just let me have them there. I could sense defeat on her, she seemed to just drop (not phiysically) but this the impression I got like she realised the only way this was going to stop was 1- if the concert ended or 2-I got boerd. She no longer protested but was no longer dancing just standing there submissively. I pushed my dick hard into her and held her tight feeling victory I was on the verge of cumming but my penis needed a prompt. I held one hand in place and placed my other hand onto my shaft and begain to masturbate.. all the while whilst keeping myself pressed firmly into her.. my masturtbating hand was bashing with the motion against her arse, she would have known exactly was happening unless she is stupid. Anyway I felt that moement the rush of adreleine pass over me I lovewever the hand that was on her waist and placed it onto her bare thigh I pulled her into me as hard and I could and was practically hunched over over her back pressed right into my chest.. and then I came I shit loads I let go of her immeditaly but it were too late I had shot a load into her shorts and onto her legs and then as I pulled away and I held my dick pointing downwards I shot another load onto her foot. I was now panicking like madly. I hadn't planned to cum on my victim I wanted ot do this in my pants so there was no evidence. But instead I had left my dna on her.. I backed away from here ansd as the concert disco style lights flashed away I could see a big dollop of cum on her hot pants, on her bare leg and on her foot and shoe. This was all within the space of a few moments but it seemed like forever. She had immeditaly looked down surprisingly the first place she looked at was her foot LOL haha. She seemed to panic but had not told her friend of what had just happened. I stayed put realising if I split the scene now the people directly behind me would see the cum and I would be fucked as getting out of the packed venue would be a slow one anyway. I statyed put and watched her actions.

This is 100% true.. she neve once looked back but she took her hand and wiped my cum off of her butt with her hand.. I think she was paranoid that people could see and she was clearly no longer sure if I was still behind her as I was no longer butt fucking her. She proceeded to take the dollop of cum into her fingers and then try and wipe it as much as she can into the railings she done this twice and then wiped her hand as if to dry it off back onto the side of her hot pants. This nearly made me cum again just watching her touch my cum.. she never touched her legs or feet though.
I looked down at her bum and there was a visible wet patch but not so obviousand it could have been anything. She still never once looked back at me.
I decided now was a good time to split the hell out of there. To my knowledge she never looked back or said anything to her friend. But I panicked and still am just as I know my dna is there and who knows she she told maybe she got home and is acting quite in her family.. maybe shell eventually tell them and then they will look at footage of the concert. I duno its all speculation but these things cross your mind.
Its worth mentioning that the concert was always dark but the strobe lighting meant there was light moments also generally I was very clever to stay tight against her so no one can see my penis is poking outwards.

Anyway hope you enjoyed my story like I say its 100% true and easily the most satisfting concert ive ever done. I still wank thinking about it now.

I feel guilty but thats life her fault for being so sexy.

ps sorry about the lack of grammer typos and puncutation / spacing.. im writing this in a rush as if i dont do it now i never will... haha

Rock Hard

Train experiece / question / calling Roger Dodger and london chikans (pls answer regarding the final paragraph) (WARNING: she may be 23 years old) (Tue 26 Mar 2013 12:20:10 GMT)

How do i stop, i want too, but i just cant seem too.
everytime im on the train i see an opportunity and i just feel like i have to take it... shake up my journey in.. make it more life on the edge... cheap thrills and quick kicks.

I got on the northern line this morning at kings cross. now the stop before kings cross is Euston which is just as busy as kings cross you can guarentee that there will be crowds and that getting onto the train will be a nightmare as each passes.
A nightmare for the normal commuters.. but a thrill for the fucks up like you and I that get off on this sleazy cheap shit. ha.

i found my place in the crowd, i always ensure to land where the double doors will open. I do this as I know the double doors area are the best places to get your chikan on and are also the best places to be when you need to slip off the train for a quick exit.

Anyway my target was stading in line my usual white office woman wearing business attire (a suit jacket and business trousers) she was blonde but not the stand out blonde that are so conspicious that everyone can notice. She was more an everyday average woman with an average body.. nothing remotely special about her.. but that was perfect... sometimes its best to go for the discreet woman and everyone notices the super hot tarty looking girl which makes the guy pressed behind her look even more out of place than she does ha.

So anyway I found my way slightly to nher left but half behind her as the train pulled in. As anticipated it was busy as usual people are like animals and will even try and board the train as people are still getting off.

As people got off I noticed this indian girl in a tight short cotton material skirt she had on a short hunters style heritatge jacket and them shoes called smoking shoes and black nylon tights she had a french tip nails on her hand which i noticed and wore a fair amount of makeup which complemtnet her dark skin whith jet balck hair and the slim dark eyebrows. She was of medium build which was nce to see as she wasnt skin and bone nor was she plump just somewhere in the middle i suppose.behind her was a fat hairy greek / turkish looking man i mean he looked really greasy and sleazy liuke the kind that own a kebab shop that youd only eat off of when being wasted. (now im sure ive sen this guy before maybe a year ago or so at london bridge but im really not sure im like 8/10 that it was him - im good with faces.

Anywayhe was pressed right behind her which was awkward as he was closing the space beween him and her to make way for people to go around him to get off the train.. but this was not a natural movement it would have been much easier for him to pull away from her so people could pass through the gap between them to get of the train, OR he could hve simply got of the train and he would have been in the front to get back on again after people had finished getting of. Which made me realise his movments were not natural he was obviosuly up to something sinister. He was clearly a chikan... he would crush the gap between him and the indian girl everytime some had to forcibly push past his awkward position to get on.

As the last people got off the indian girl moved to the opposite side of the double doors but he had tried to follow her but now it was the turn for people to board the train... I was now stuck in 2 minds.. I had a target right here in front of me.. but something in my head was telling me to go for the indian girl. Watching another girl being chikaned has been a fantasy of mine for some time (hell i even dream about my wife being chikaned in front of me). I desperatly wanted to have my go on this girl.. this slim ball of a guy had clearly had a great ride and was going for seconds so clearly she wasnt a complainer...

As we all boarded I had to be very aggressive with my movments to get onto the train I shoved my way on litreslly bashing my previosu target out of the way... I hadnt mean to be sooo abrupt but everyone really pushes to get onto the tube being agressivle is really quite normal and isnt necessaily considered rude or anything when you are getting on a rush hour train... I managed to get close to the indian girl but I was to her side the fucking turk was right behind her.. he had her skirted arse all to himself. I was left with her side leg which was good enough for me anyway.

I was horny but after wrting my concert story yesterday I wanted to go easy I could be fucked to be doing some crazy rape shit i just wanted a nice cosy free ride. I opened my legs and let my dick rest up against her leg it was all firm and hard and it felt great, my balls were also reseting up against her and this was pure heaven, I wasnt humping, thrusting, pushing or shoving... i was just resting there firmly with my erection resting onto her thigh with my balls tingling with the sensation of also resting onto her.. fuck it felt so damn good.

I could feel pressure on her moving forward and to the side which was pressing her into me, this was not the natural movment of the train.. I could tell this was the dirty turk behind her the movments were totally unnatural her bottom half was being thrusted foward whilst her top half would maintain position.. i could tell this guy was really going for it.. i mean he was a big guy real fat and bulky must have been about 40 odd and was easy pushing 15stones i felt bad for her as he breathed heavily into her hair his breathing was abnormally loud to the average person you may assume that this is just a fat guy so his breathing is proably fucked but i am a chikan i know this was becuase he was probalby 1 ever letting her know he had her or 2 was on the verge of letting out a bucket load. Anyway i could tell she was unconfrotable about this guy as she kept shuffling closer to me and turning her head behind he rto look back at him.. every time she done this he mainted a straight blank face but it was becoming more obvious even to the average person that something wasnt right with the her and the guy behind her... this aided me as it made me look completly normal as she never once looked at me she was obviously so focused on him and his abrupt actions tat she could barely feel me getting of on her also.

i just stood there and took the moment in enjoying this ride the next stop was angel and i fugued be bes tto split from here and ge toff the train just in case shit hits the fan so i just stood there as the train approched and let me cock gently twich against her thigh i moved in a few csoft circular motions and pushed back and forth a few more times as the train pulled up and then i got off the train (i didnt manage to cum) as i left i stopped and looked back the turk had complelty resumed his position and was straight behind her again.

I know this isnt the most exciting story but im kinda on a high right now and was just keen to get writing again straigh after the expereinces...

But it made me realise how its also nice to have a discreet hump every now and then. But it also made me realise how much id love to work in a pair. pretneding to be complelty seperate and not together but id so love to do it.
I also fantaise of bringing my girlfriend onto the train or taking her to a concert as i done once before and letting her get arse fucked in front of me but pretending that i do not know what is going on...

Does anyone else she this fantasy or is it just me.....?

This maybe m last sotry for a week or so as it will be half term over here in the UK and the trains are gneerally quite empty.

PS does anyone know what happened to roger dodger i found him on several other forum from a few years ago about setting up his wife...

Roger Dodger.. if your still here let me know..

Also - any london chikans here.. if so im fantasing of teaming up but i know this is so risky and is big step to getting things horribly wrong... but maybe if we agreed to meet in a public place like near a phone box at liverpool street station or something that way we can be sure of who is who and if we decide agaisnt it many people will be in the area so we can be anyone... i duno maybe the ananominity of it all is what it makes it special.. just a thought... supose im just caught up of tsaking things to the next level.. maybe that will be my downfall.......

re: red dragon and all to whoever is reading (Tue 26 Mar 2013 19:29:23 GMT)

haha fair enough its a weird one and there is a fine line between bedroom fantasies and actually making it happen or maybe im jist so far gone in the head i dont really know... haha its mental what cjikan can do to you its becomes a lifestyle almost like a cult or something yer so addictive its such a dangerous game maybe that the thrill.. for me anyway. truth is i cant really quit becuase itsnalways there whever theres a crowd the thought will pass the mind and an east opportunity will never go missed. i alsp have a mad obsession with white girls i grew up in a predominatly black part of lomdon so maybe thats why and from living there i found black girls to be vert outspoken loud and abrasive which isnt me bad mouthing them just my own experiece although im trying to justify mt preference as i dont need to everyone has their own taste which is fine like the saying goes... 'the talent is in the choices'

RE : Crowd Spotter (Wed 27 Mar 2013 09:28:59 GMT)

Eze mate ye i do recal you were back in london and i remember talking to you about meeting up and tag teaming this shit... it was at a time where i was really trying to work towards quitting after i left the board i ws even clean for a few months but only that at most. problem is this game... its built inside me its part of my everyday routine. I mean ok going ton concerts and shit .. yeah that not your everyday life.. but as long as i work in london the tubes will always be busy at the times i travel and opportuniters will aleways present themself if not daily. hell i had a quick one today but it not worth mentioning as it was boring but anyway going off topic here haaha. i am into this whole gf / wifey thing just thats even harder to manuipulate and would take articulate planning but im all for it.. i think...

on another note... come on guys lets get some more stories on here... i know its been cold recently over here in London and over in NYC but come one... soemeone must have something...

Ill put another one up later about a specific target id like any london chikans who use the norther line to get her.. ill give the specific details of what she looks like...
Let me know if your game..

Guest / red dragon (Wed 27 Mar 2013 20:22:31 GMT)

Totally get what you mean about the immigrant chikans generaly its usually guys of indian decent or mexican and sometimes the nigerians and africans but mainly indians i find. They are giving the game up but they us favours becuase they make others stand out less and put it this way.. who would a chick rather be chikaned by.. an english guy or a freshy foreigner...
Not trying to offen anyone just passing judgement

Guest -
About this target:

Location- ok so she get the northern line from kings cross and gets off at bank station. She is always there daily around 8:40 but if you are there from 8:35 - 8:45 you will be sure to see her. On the platform at kings cross where the train enters so from the front of the train (from the driver side). There is a first set of double doors and then the very next set of double doors is where she stands. This is in front of the four seats at the station and is usually a packed part for peopele to stand as it is right near the entrance.

Looks- She has dark brown hair, which is almost always up in a bun, and drak eyes and eyebrows, she has pale skin and looks english average early 30's to 40's I cannot tell. She generally is always reading a book. Now since the cold weather (from december - now) she has been wearing a purple coat which is like a duffle coat the material type not waterproof. It comes down to her knees, she always wears a skirts never seen her in trousers, she always has black tights on aswell and will always be wearing smart black flat shoes which at current have a pointed toe front.
She has always had her hair up that ive seen.
Also to note that she is generally quite pushy getting onto the train she tries to get to the front of the queueas much as she can which has sometimes made targeting her a challange as she is nimble the trick is to gwt in freont of her and then let her get in front of you when she board.But on the plus side if she is the last one on she will still try to get on so there is ample opportunity to get in and squeeze behind her even if there is no space i pratically crushed her once.

Expereince with her:
I have had her twice before and never once has she complained but i have never gone overboard as i like to think of her as a backup plan in case the is no other material plus i like to change where i stand when waiting for the tube so not as to arise suspicion. Now the best time i got her she was obviosuly warm as she was waiting for the train and took of her stupid purple coat which exposed her skirted arse which is nicely rounded but bigger than the average arse.. great to ride as it sticks out and isnt just plain flat. She never complained or looked back at me and i had the most obvious erection. BUT the best thing about her is she cannot reach the overhead handle bars on the tube so if you are behind her she usues you to steady herself which gives you sufficent reason to have an erection especially as the train jerks about the place its kind sof like a unwritten deal.. you hump she uses you as a balance. I think the trick with her is to not make her feel targeted.. i have got the train before and stood near her without chikaning... why? becuase i know exactrly where she will be daily... why not keep a target and use them occasionally than to get them agressivly and have to leave them alone otherwise they will recognise you too often... she is my reserve tank for when nothing better or younger is local but she is a fine target.. i mean shes not the prettiest or uglisets woman youll ever she, shes just average. But this is great becuase it makes her blend in with everything and everyone else.
But like i said she will let you get her and she will not complain but please if you go for her use common sense her... ive just posted this on a public page.. anyone can see this.. instead of going for her straight away. why not make sure your confident youve found her first, get used to her routine, make gnetle contact and onyl when you feel completly safe getting her... then go for the kill...
Remeber guys.. brains before dicks... and common sense previals.
I dont have a picture i find taking pics very dodgy. I have tried to be as verty much detailed as possible and if you come while the weather is still cold she will guarenteed be wearing the same thing. I cannot say for the warmer months.
Hope this helps.

concert today!!! (Sun 31 Mar 2013 09:50:34 GMT)

hey you bunch of fuckheads :-)..... ive just managed to get a ticket to go see a rapper called French Montana concert at Birmingham 02 academy.. ticket were on sale off gumtree... trust me this will be a good one i have researched the venue.. its not a huge place so this will be mamazing.. im telling you if you can come.. pls do so.
Im going to work discreetly tonight.. will feedback later.

MOTM: GR hands down!

And GroinRubber gets webmaster's special mention.

RE: Wind n Bananas (Fri 01 Mar 2013 13:03:06 GMT)

Hey Lewd.

I can really relate to what you're saying there. Mall and store chikan can be so exiting, but like you, I've been caught by the sharper targets. The thing is, at times, the target has let me have a few minutes doing my thang and then turned around and said some shit like "Can you back off" or "Do you mind" really loud so other people can hear. I like think "Uh-you've neen letting me rub my boner on you for 5 minutes...why tell me now"?

Anyway, it was for reasons like this that I packed serious mall chikaning up long ago. It's too dangerous for me personally Lewd. Too many eyes, security, cameras and CTTV everywhere, and more often than not for a very meagre frott at best (Unless there's an event on and it's packed solid).
At a concert, the chikan is almost like a self working magic trick. The security is there yes, but if you do your tests things mostly turn out well and you and the night with a piston blower. It's usually dimly lit as well which makes things easier. But, each to their own. Be careful though dude, and take care.

Not long for the gig. My balls are gonna split I'm sure LOLOLOL!!
Next chapther of PLAYERSLAYER coming soon too!


PLAYERSLAYER - Part 4: (Fri 01 Mar 2013 22:54:50 GMT)

Hey Shogun.

Thanks for refreshing me with that story. Man that was a close one. I really enjoyed reading it, but kinda wished I hadn't at the end, what with attending my gig on Sunday. It's put the willies up me a bit. Maybe it's a sign that his should be my retirement gig????? Have you not chikaned at a gig since then. Is it all "Bar Hoppin" you do now?!?! Anyway fellow chikans, here's some more story.


After around 20 minutes, My hips are started to ache with tension. But then, finally, the main act come on to a surprisingly flat applause (with the exception of Ellen who I hear shout "(Siger's name, I'm gonna suck your cock after the show whoooooooo" To which the lead singer smiles, while looking down shaking his head.

All I care about is Keira. As the intro track is playing, I feel my prick swell into a semi, and I slip it from my underwear, letting it rest on my thin sweat pants. I lean forward and raise my hands into the air clapping the band and I let my chest press on Keira's back, but deliberately keep my groin back to test the waters and be sure.

She turns to the side and smiles, and I put one hand lightly on her upper back, under the pretence of steadying myself Hur hur harrrggle!!! She then turns the other way looking at her friend to her right and smiles whilst bobbing her head. I feel she's game.

I leave my chest against her back, but keep my prick back still, other than a few light touches on her ass. It feels fantastic, and my cock is rock fucking hard. I can feel, even with the light cock touches, the warmth of her ass through the thin material of her dress.

As the band climax their opening track and everyone begins to cheer, I keep my chest against Keira's back, but now letting my upward pointing prick slide across her cheek and drop into her crevice AHHHHHHHAAAAA! As I clap with my hands above my head, I slide upwards, and my foreskin slides back.

I feel my prick jump with the build up of pre-cum and the impending load. As soon as the next track begins, Keira swings her hips side to side, lobbing my piston pipe around like fucking crazy. She keeps looking to the side and behind me...but I knew she was liking my tool smashed up against her poop chute.

I had to keep backing off for a couple more songs to stop the Hydrant from blowing, but by the fifth track I could hold it no longer. As she continues to erratically sway, I began humping sliding up and down, rhythmless to the music. I kept tensing my abs up to ensure she felt me there, and then that warm rush swept over me from my prick to my shoulders, and I held my foreskin back against her ass and let her do all the work as I blasted out a mammoth load in fast and powerful bursts.

My cock banged and jumped against her, and I had to look down and close my eyes as she dregged me dry. I felt the piston juice cascade down my left leg, and I could smell it but not as strong as I sometimes do. I backed off a little, which caused her to look back at me, so I just smiled whilst looking ahead vacantly at the band, my bell-end still jumping every 6 or 7 seconds, but with nothing left in the tanks.

I edged back through the crowd slowly and discreetly and went to the bar and got a huge Coke and gulped three quarters of it back in seconds. I rested for 10 minutes or so, scoping around while I did so. The bar was slightly elavated by three small steps and I spotted Ellen, still erratically moshing and shouting on the third row next to her fucking beanpole companion. I felt spent, but toyed with the idea of having another crack at her. I finished my Coke, and edged my way slowly through the crowd towards her to see if I could bring my battered pecker back to life.

To Be 'Concluded' soon....

PLAYERSLAYER - Part 5: (Sat 02 Mar 2013 22:14:52 GMT)

guestz 3 Day Festival:

guestz, Gee, how fucking lucky are you man?? I'll be expecting at least one story of your outing at that 3 day event. I've enjoyed your posts thus far, and I know you won't let us down.

Award for February:

Well, my choice would be Shogie. Not for the recent story, as that's an old classic from the archives. Oh No brother's....I'm talking about his clip 'Beat My Dick up'. That fucker had my dong twitching, and I just pray I can get me some of that shit at my gig tomorrow. This will be my last post before the aforementioned concert, so wish me luck fellow spunkers.
Here is the conclusion to my most recent escapade. GR.


I got to my destination and I got in close to Ellen, I felt tired, but the sugar rush of the Coke had kicked in and given me a little more zest. I pulled my limp, damp cock from my underwear and rested it against the material of my joggers. I simply leaned onto Ellen, virtually holding myself up on her like a punch drunk boxer.

It wasn't long before her crazy dancing rubbed my tube-steak into a painful semi. I was still fucked from the colossal load I'd not long blasted against Keira. The band announced it's final song, and the lead singer said he was coming into the crowd straight after the show. you can imagine, Ellen went fucking ballistic, jumping around like crazy against my tired cock. I was hard again, and it almost felt unpleasantly 'pleasure/pain ' as my prick was ripped in all directions.
As hard as I tried, I couldn't quite come, but I got really close. Just then the track finished, and the lead singer came into the crowd, and there was a frenzied rush towards him.

Ellen produced a T-shirt to be signed and run over toward him, following the crowd. Lanky stayed still with his drink, but yours truly stayed close to Ellen, as I knew this was now the chikan killing ground.
Ellen shouted and tip-toed to get her T signed, but he was too busy with others in the crowd at the moment.

With no music to go to I just went for the pure dry hump, bending my knees and sliding my cock up really slowly, peeling my foreskin back and fourth Up, Down, Up Down. I even pointed my prick to three o clock, and went for the "Sidewinder" (Another term my friends).

My cock was rock hard and in some discomfort, but I felt the tingle whistle up my shaft as I continued to relentless dry hump Up, Down, and then moving my cock with my hand to he Sidewinder position, and sliding the full width of her ass. I began to breath heavy which turned into uhhh uhhh uhhhggghhhAhhhhhhhhhhh as I let out my cry amidst the loud PA music and the shouting as I side-winded a pleasurable orgasm pressing my tool across the width of her back door.

My cock pounded and thumped against her ass as I orgasmed, but I knew very few dregs were coming out. As my cock twitched in it's death throes, the lead singer took the T- shirt from Ellen and signed it.
Lanky was now next to me and she screamed at him "Whoooooooo,,,I think I've just cum in my pants" Lanky cunt just looked down at her affectionately grinning. Little did she know, but so had had I.....TWICE!!

The End.

A few hours to go. (Sun 03 Mar 2013 13:04:11 GMT)

Just time to post once more before the concert. Well, here I am in my hotel room finishing off some computer work. My suit is hanging on the wardrobe door ready for my AM meeting tomorrow, and my freshly laundered chikan gear hangs on the other door. I've just been looking at my clothing thinking 'there are my two lives hanging within 4 feet of each other, one normal...and one the 'secret world'. It made me realise how unhealthy all this feels at times.

On the other hand though, my stomach is fluttering with excitement, and as I look out of the window over the nearby rooftops, I can see the hazy high rises of the city a few kilometres away, and I think that The GroinRubber will be descending on a venue there soon. Now that my brothers makes me feel ALIVE ALIVO!!!

I've more work to do, which I can hardly concentrate on, and then I'm jumping in the shower around 4 to get ready for the hunt. I've some mail to post in the city first, so I have got to be on time and my mettle at the gig. Will report soon. Over and out.


RE: Gig/Shogun. (Mon 04 Mar 2013 19:46:08 GMT)

Hey Shogun.

Thanks for the kind comments and the clip. I did watch it, but not before my concert, and it was another belter my friend. As for the concert itself, well, it was an interestingly weird experience, but I guess it was successful.

I had two nutts, my first being a fucking "Ghost-Load".....shit!!! (I only mentioned this the other day). The second was cock-out action, which I have to say is rare to a degree in the environment that I was in. I went for a third nutt, but couldn't quite pass the baton, so I jerked it out in the bathroom LOL!!

I then had a bad dose of C.A.T.S. Which was not necessarily depressing perse, just plain fucking weird, and quite emotional. In fact, it had such a resonance that my future is in question.

I'll put up a story, but you'll have to put up with what some of you may find unnecessary or depressing. OR...I can leave the story in my head, which is where it probably belongs in all honesty.

I think Shogie made a good point about not writing stories stating 'I'm not one for writing original stories anymore'. I'm too starting to feel the same. I feel that this board has moved on from what were one 'classic days'

In the same way that cellular replaced the telephone, I think stories have given way to clips, images (random or other wise) and unwarranted abuse

Talking of which...Have any of you seen the abuse board lately? It seems I have had another lambasting from a certain member LOLOLOLOLO!!


You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore. (Sun 10 Mar 2013 14:08:15 GMT)

Hey Shogie.

I like the fact that you have requested some extra addition to the terminologies section with 'Marching'. This in one of my favourite types of chikan, and I've always referred to this in my own world and secret anonymity as 'Twanging', but marching is a much better, and more generic form of terminology for this nuance of chikan. I like it! (I like performing it better though) Ahhhhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhrrrrrrrrwwwooooooooo!! LOLOLOL!!

I think I'd like my differing versions of to C.A.T.S. To the terminology section, as this is a subject that remains largely unspoken, or at best, somewhat of a taboo subject in or activities and retelling of our escapades. It would probably read something like this.

C.A.T.S. (Comedown After The Spunking): The feelings of gloom and misery that a chikan may feel after he has fired his piston juice over some fine ass. This may lead to thoughts of worthlessness and a desire to 'quit the game'

C.A.T.S. (2) (Calm After The Storm): The feelings of elation and satisfaction that a chikan may feel after he has fired his piston juice over some fine ass. This however can be followed by the less desired C.A.T.S. (as above)

Can you sort that out Ayashi please.

Oh, and Shogun, thanks for your detailed reply with regard to technology having an effect to the quality stories that appear here. I appreciated that, and I feel you hit the spot on many points, and then some.

I think what I was attempting to relay was, how technology has made the chikan lazier (thus less stories, as they are too time consuming to compose) We seem to live in a technology fuelled world, which at times assists the world and it's occupants living life at break-neck speed, therefore missing the things worth stopping for, and things of some satisfactoryvalue (eg: Great stories)

There has been some real varied stuff here lately, and I feel it gives the board some essence and diversity. We are a motley crew of individuals with differing tastes and feelings, and all should be taken on board without fear of being labelled or lambasted (at least to a certain degree anyway) LOLOLOLOL!!


GroinRubber's Caption Challenge! (Sun 10 Mar 2013 14:13:52 GMT)

I think he's planning on prizing that thong from her crack with the hammer! Ouch!!

Recent Postings (Thu 14 Mar 2013 23:33:31 GMT)

Just responding to a few recent postings.

Firstly Red Dragon's: Cuming on girls vs cuming in your pants .

This was an interesting one for me, and one I've been thinking about only recently. I have no problem cumming in my pants, as I don't usually like leaving the 'Evidence' on my targets. But, recently I've become increasingly pissed about having a wet crotch after I have blown a load, as this also hampers the second nutting due to the fucking soggy discomfort of the piston juice on your pants (jogging pants in my case).

At my most recent gig a couple of weeks back, I wanted to try out a little experiment. I had some tiolet paper in my pocket with the intention of catching the bulk of the first, and, more heavy blasting of spunk. I was unsure though that when it came to blowing my perseverance soup I actually reach for the toilet paper and just fucking let go as I usually do!

However, as I have already touched upon, I "Ghost-Loaded" and just before I blew, I quickly went for the toilet paper and clamped it around my mushroom top and just let the load pound itself into my 'toilet paper catcher'. This was very unsatisfying to say the least, but luckily for me, I had a second nutting all over some sluts bare back, after she had fucking snaked my bare bell-end every which way but fucking loose for 20 minutes! LOLOLOLOL!! (This more than made up for the first nutt) Got Bad C.A.T.S. afterwards though.

So, having experienced this little catastrophe, I will keep nutting in my pants, and just go with the sogginess for any subsequent blasting. Another thin I have tried in the past is, as I blow, I point my piston pipe to three o clock so the 'side' of my pants retains most of the carnage. This way, I'm always reasonably clean and dry at the front for that 'difficult' second nutt. I very rarely leave any 'Evidence' on the targets now. I've a potential flurry of gigs over the next 6 weeks or so, but there may be some difficulty getting to all.

Now - the 'Guest' who likes as he calls 'fat gals'.

I understand RD's comments on these fat sluts, but in all honesty, I like diversity on the board, so I'm all for it. I like to try and remain fairly open about such material and I welcome anything that's a little different from the stereotypical hot slut. So good for you dude.

If fact, this posting urged me to ask if you guys have any particular nuances that you wouldn't normally share here. Me, I quite get turned on by the unconventional looking target, and I also love pock marked chicks. As long as the fucking ass is hot!

What about you guys...anything to report on this topic?

I have a gig in two weeks time, but there's a little issue (see my stories: "My Friend The Enemy" and "Between a Rock And a Rock hard Cock") and you'll have no need for any further explanation nor elaboration!


GroinRubber's Caption Challenge. (Thu 14 Mar 2013 23:43:02 GMT)

Look at this fucking silver fox eyeing up the beach candy!

GroinRubber's Ass Of The Week. (Fri 15 Mar 2013 19:23:38 GMT)

Ahhhhhhhhhhaaa......Turquoise Delight!!

BELL TO CRACK - TO NAKED BACK: Part One. (Mon 18 Mar 2013 12:04:19 GMT)

Hey Red Dragon. You didn't overstep any mark at all my friend. I too didn't find those fat sluts arousing as such, but to be fair, the things I've busted a nutt on over the years would make any chikan shudder! LOL!!

It is nice to have some differentiation on the board though. I'm no flasher (Or am I....(?)....ref: Terminology 'Flash Dancing') but I do like reading flashing and arm humping stories etc. It makes a change from the more 'standard' chikan over hot teens or hot sluts asses.

RE: Cum in pants posts:

I too would prefer constant cock out action, and to blast my waters all over a slut as oppose to in my pants, but I think my growing paranoia and the ever threatening world of forensics has made me a pussy in recent years LOL!! As guestz recently said, at huge multi thousand attendance out door summer gigs, you can virtually rape someone without detection, but in my current 'chosen' environments, cock out and cumming on targets is not always feasible. My recent outing was a rare exception, but I think it happened because I was so pissed more than anything else.

At my recent gig, As a little trial experiment, I had pre-made a disposable 'toilet paper cup' (which was in my pocket) with the intention of catching the first nutt, thus allowing me to blow freely in the comfort of dry pants for my second nutt. (a silly, SILLY idea really)!! Things took on a different twist though.

Talking of which guys, here 'IS' my recent outing as promised. It's in two parts, and I call this one...


Part One.

I had a steady drive to the gig and arrived in good time. The evening didn't begin well. When I arrived to the huge Q littering the outside of the venue, I was told that there had been a clerical error in the gig start times, and I (and the crowd) had arrived an hour earlier than printed on the fucking tickets.

It was a chilly evening, so I went for a swift drink at a nearby scummy bar, and Had a walk to kill some time. When I got back, the Q had intensified, and there were a few hot targets who I sniped out and put into the memory bank for later on, once inside.

I had still got 20 minutes or so left to wait, and after what felt like a fucking eternity, we eventually slowly filed in. Once I was inside, I went to take a piss, and then I excitably made my way to the stage area and to my surprise, it wasn't too dense around the front area yet. It was a huge venue, around 5 or 6 thousand capacity, so people were scattered around. I knew it would all close in though later in the evening. Hur Hur!

I immediately got behind these two couples (two chicks two dudes) to the left of the stage and up against the barricade. I started to bob my helmet around on one of the chicks denim clad crack. She was about 19 with a tightly clad denim jeaned booty Ahhhaaa!!
For some reason her boyfriend was next to me, and slightly separated from her.

It was only a minute or so until she starts looking back, playing with her hair and all that shit. (She knew that The GroinRubber was there) The support came on, and the crowd thickened slightly She started to bob around a little tossing my growing semi around, and looking back every half minute or so. (well, looking to the side, but eyeing yours truly).

Her boyfriend was to my right, and he kept leaning over to kiss her, and she responded, but gave no apparent second thought to why I was so close to his bitch. Ahhhhhhhhhaaaaaa!! I even started up a small-talk conversation with the thick cunt!

At one point I got my cock quite hard, and I know she felt it all. As she looked to the side, twiddling her hair, I noticed beads of sweat on her face, and the thought of this being her excitement sent me into a fucking frenzy. My cock quivered and the pre cum was oozing from my tap-end.

After the support act, followed a 20 minute intermission, her boyfriend tapped me on the shoulder (yeah, I worried for a split second) and said "Do you mind swapping spots so I can stand next to my girlfriend"? What could I say. I couldn't refuse, and he was so polite....the dumb fuck!! He didn't realise what he was doing. Would you guys tackle a lion whilst it's trying to enjoy it's kill?

I was fucking fuming, but smiled through gritted teeth and swapped places with him. This was a weird bit.....She said to her boyfriend whilst looking at me half grinning "Hey, he might not have wanted to move, he can stand where he wants you know" and then laughed a little, He turned back to me and said "It's OK isn't it"? I said "Yeah, of course it is" I was pissed badly, as was she I felt. She shook her head while smiling at her boyfriends apparent 'Ignorance' (?) to me.

I knew I could have really got my rocks off with her. But me and her knew our time was over. She kept trying to stick her ass back at me via a gap near her man, but it was fruitless. My work here was done. I got a few more bell end brushes, but it was too awkward to work well, and I decided to give up the ghost.

I sunk back into the crowd slowly like liquid night, just as the support act came on and I spotted this girl in this silky floral 'onesie' with shorts. (just like the one in the image in this post). My target was slimmer though but wearing a very, very similar outfit. It was mega thin floral print material, and she looked like the Sarah Jessica Parker, really slim and quite toned. Ahhhhaaa!! She was about 25-28 years old.
I felt it could be one of those 'beggars can't be choosers' nights, and whilst I'm not really into really slim targets, the 'onesie' kinda made my spunk trumpet tingle.

I swiped my hand near a few times her as the band began their energetic set. Her 'onesie' was really thin and I clearly felt a naked ass underneath, I continued to knuckle her crack and it felt great. My guts were doing fucking cartwheels, so I just slipped my dong from my underwear and let her obliviously bound it throughout the second song, and I was as solid as rock in a matter of seconds.

The crowd were too moshy and energetic for her to know, and she kept moving (as she was forced) so I stuck to her like a magnet in the pretence I was too being forced that way. It was really loud, and I groaned like a fucking amateur porn star.

Sarah's (as we'll now call her) warm crack was now enveloping my pre-cum lathered tube-steak. I felt the whizzing of orgasm take me over. My cock surged and I let out an Arrrgghhhaaaahhhhhhaa......just then, she was swept away from me by some fucking stupid over zealous moshers that were clearly drunk, or on something or other.

A guy was now in front of me, so I quickly reached into my pocket and caught 75% of the piston juice into my pre made toilet paper catcher. My cock pounded and protested as I muffled it with this paper to catch the load. I was so pissed off. I had intended to catch the load, but I probably know I wouldn't have done so if Sarah was there to coax it out with her pert back door. I spasmed as the last drops of spunk drained into my paper catcher.

The above all happened really quickly, in a matter of seconds.

I went to get a soda after discarding my piston paper cup in the bathroom. 20 minutes later The GroinRubber was refreshed and still 'dry' and ready for some more spunk-play. I tried a few targets, but was either dismissed by them, or it was just too rough. The crowd was just too intense, so I knew I had to work further back in the crowds where it was a little less active and I could work in a more productive way.

To Be Continued.

Chikan Wars. (Mon 18 Mar 2013 13:22:25 GMT)

Now, this is the kinda Star Wars character I like. No need for her to use THE FORCE on me, but I might use some fucking force on her LOL!

I've a Potential intimate gig this coming Friday. Just trying to tie up many loose ends at work to ensure I can hopefully get there on time...if at all! Keep you posted.


Teen compilation. (Mon 18 Mar 2013 13:34:02 GMT)

Check out this compilation of young teen spunksters. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....they deserve every horny chikan that they come across.

"Forgive them, for they know not what they do"


Toilet Paper Catcher. (Wed 20 Mar 2013 10:17:59 GMT)

Re: Leg Humper: (Tissue paper catcher)

I don't feel that this is the best idea I have come up with by any stretch of the imagination. But Leg Humper, for an outdoor all day festival it may work very well indeed. May I suggest you make two or three models if you plan a day of excessive nutting.

When I made mine, I used a chair leg to mould it into a cock shape, and it was about three and a half inches deep (To allow for the more opulent loads). You can always make smaller models for the more 'manageable' loads.

A way of making the cup more sturdy would be to put a short strip of paper masking tape around the bottom to hold it together. The paper tape allows flexibility of the cup, and allows you to squish it and conceal it easier.
It also remains fully flushable down the shitter, even with the tape. (maybe I ought to start a business up) LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

RE: Guest:

Sorry for cutting those feet of the pics. I'm a bit of a foot man myself Guest, so I'll bear this in mind for future images. LOL!

RE: International:

You will have a field day at the warped tour International. Report back with that one. The world will be your oyster, but don't get complacent due to the ease of the hunt my friend.


GroinRubber's Ass(es) of The Week. (Wed 20 Mar 2013 19:08:01 GMT)

Hey guys.

Anyone fancy a game of soccer? (in nice thin soccer shorts) Ahhhhhhhhhhrrrroooowwwww!!


BELL TO CRACK - TO NAKED BACK: Part Two. (Fri 22 Mar 2013 18:39:26 GMT)


Part Two.

I spotted this chick in a short cropped black T-Shirt which came half way down her slender bronzed egg timer back and
hips. Her ass was too low for docking manoeuvre, despite it being a pert little bubble of an ass in black thin jeans. It had
to be her back. either that, or go on the hunt for another target. I started to get C.A.T.S. a little. Tonight may well be a
decider for me wether or not I attend a gig of this magnitude again. These days, it seems to be the intimate gigs that I
get more action from, those 500 - 100 capacity venues. There's something magical about those intimate gigs that most
bigger concerts do not come close to touching.

The crowd was still tight where I had moved to, but no mosh-pit mayhem threatening to 'Ghost-Load' me again., other
than the odd crowd surfer flying overhead. My target seemed like she was in her own world, and she writhed like a
snake, and her back undulated. She was about 23
My cock began to fill with blood again, and I got in close, and began touching her hips, which as my confidence grew,
gradually turned to light holding.

She did glance down at my hand once, I think, but I couldn't be 100% sure. The gig was still lively, but getting closer
to its end. I wasted no time, and began to let my still tracksuit coverd top rest on her back as she writhed to the music.
No reaction, not a fucking blink!

I checked my surroundings as I contemplated my bell end greeting the ether. It was busy, and everyone was just doing
there own thing. I put my hand down my thin joggeres. my cock was like fucking marble, hurting with hardness. I
slipped it out and let it connect with Snake's back.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Her back was warm and slightly oily, so I wiped the precum off on my sleeve
(hate it when it's too slippery and I can't get the friction) I looked down and my bell-end was shining like brass and
looked like it was about to fucking pop.

Snake (as I'm calling her now) just twanged and 'Marched' my bell end around (a nod to Shogie there) and I got the
feeling that she knew, as she was dancing in kind of unison to my pricks movements, like she was massaging my meat
Ahhhhhhaaaa!!. The band went off stage and the audotoriem was subjected to darkness as we awaited their encore.
Snake jumped and tiptoed and my cock was tingling with that pre explosive ache of the deux nutt.

The band came back on to a rapturous applause, and snake started to 'widely' go side to side which just pulled my poor
pecker left and right. I felt certain now that she knew, and was enjoying it in her own way. I started to tip-toe and the
sweat on her middle-back felt too oily.
Now hear this. I rested my sleeved right arm against her back to absorb some of the wetness, and still no response to
speak of. My cock was still like granite, and was out the whole time, even during 'sleeve mop up' The oiliness was nice,
but I needed some dry friction, and I was running short of time

I re-docked my piston pipe on her back, just as the band began their second (and maybe the last) track of their encore.
It wasn't too long (20 seconds) before Snake's back was twaning my pecker all over the fucking place, and the feeling
of orgasm took over my being. I was going to let her back do the work, but just before I came, I let out a huge roaring I pulled my foreskin back to the stoppers, and watched my
cock pump thin jetting reams of piston oil all over her back. I then jerked off close to her until every last drop was out. It
sounds risky but I felt confident that I would not be seen. I put my prick away stepped back and could clearly see I had
covered her in spunk. T-shirt, back, and jeans had all been autographed by The GroinRubber.

The band 'did' play one more song, but my work was done for the night. I felt the C.A.T.S. kick in like I've not felt it for
a while. On the way home, I deliberately drove past my late uncles house (someone I was very close to) and I pulled up
the car, and I began to cry?! I won't go into detail here, as i know some of you don't like or appreciate this kinda shit,
and that's cool with me. It was a weird night overall, but for the first time in a long while, I was going home in virtually
dry pants.

The End.

GroinRubber's Weekend Ass. (Sat 23 Mar 2013 08:28:02 GMT)

Buy one, get one free!! Ahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!

Upcoming Gig/Caption Challenge. (Sun 24 Mar 2013 19:35:23 GMT)

Firstly, I couldn't get to the recent Friday gig due to work commitments.

Secondly, a little nod to Guestz and Red Dragon for 'understanding'. It's hard sometimes, and I cry for myself the same way that a heroin addict might cry for what he has to endure before scoring. Having the 'hit' is not the problem. It's what we/I sometimes do to get the 'hit' that worries me the most. It passes...

Anyway... OK, so here's the dilemma. I have a huge gig by a cult followed band this coming Thursday 28th. When I say huge it's another 5000 ish capacity, and this fucker is gonna be thronged. It's a medium rock/ambient tempo/genre, so that should take care of the moshers that last caused me a fucking 'ghost load'.

The problem is, somehow I'm in the predicament of meeting my friend (the enemy) again!! and worse still, he's bringing two other cunts.

I was originally intending to don jeans for this, and make it the first in many a year where I have refrained from our art. However, the closer the gig gets, the more the 'shit pains' creep in, and my freshly laundered frott pants are ready for a fucking good airing.

My problem is the three fucking stooges I'll have clinging to me all night. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagghhhhhh!!


GroinRubber's Asses Of The Week. (Sun 24 Mar 2013 23:35:08 GMT)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAA!!! Imagine this being the front row at a gig, but the tickets were $200.........fuck it, I'm selling a kidney! LOL!


RE: My Friend The Enemy 'Returns' (Mon 25 Mar 2013 19:15:21 GMT)

Yes Guestz, it's a bit of a predicament this one. Thanks for your comments. I too normally work alone....always, but this kind of just happened. I bumped into him in a store and he asked if I was going and if I had my ticket for the gig.
I said yeah, and the next fucking minute I'm giving the jerk a fucking lift to the venue. I reckon he must practice in hypnotherapy LOL!

I've just emailed him asking if he wants to 'meet' me at the gig rather than me 'pick him up' due to my workload. Hur Hur!! He's not replied yet. (This will give me chance to lose him) My worst encounter with him was at a food and wine event that I attend annually....and I couldn't shake him. (See story: My Friend, The Enemy)

I won't let him thwart my plans, and I'll lose him (and his mates) if I really need to. His mates are coming from a different direction to the gig so he/we are meeting them there.
I've a good feeling about this gig. I feel like Mike Tyson in his heyday, and I think it will be a success, especially if I play the game well, and my friend the enemy isn't too burdening. I have another potential gig on Wednesday, but the tickets are a little expensive, and why pay for a job that I can get sorted on Thursday? Ha!


Rock Hard's Story. (Mon 25 Mar 2013 22:26:39 GMT)

Utterly awesome story Rock Hard.

The best I have seen here for a while. I think the board misses this kind of quality story. Too bad for leaving your seed on her man. You should have made a GroinRubber paper catcher LOL! This is why I cum in my pants, so as to hold the evidence.
It's a shit feeling having a soggy crotch, but I take that over leaving the seed on the prey these days. My last outing was a risky one off, but like you, it's been on my mind a lot, and is only just fading now.

Sounded like a great gig, but I think I would have been a few rows back where it allows for more panache. Sometimes I like the viscous hump though, but it's not something I generally go for these days. I like the sway elagantly massaging by tap ent until...Bang!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa!! Brilliant stuff Rock Hard !!

Good news. My friend the enemy has emailed me saying he'll meet me in the gig. Hope I can spot him first so I can hide Hur Hur! I think I'm going for what I call a O.N.C.E. (One Nut Classic Ejaculation).
If it's early though, I may go for a double barrel. I can't get that chick out my head! The one that's boyfriend got in my/our way at the last gig. Hope I can find another like that.


Upcoming Concert. (Wed 27 Mar 2013 18:48:40 GMT)

Well. This will be the last post before my concert tomorrow evening. My friend, the enemy called me earlier as I was on the way to see a potential client, so he caught me off guard a little.
He asked me where I was parking the Bat Mobile tomorrow due to parts of the city in the region of the venue being gridlocked at that time in the evening. I told him where I was parking, and what time I'd arrive, and then he said "Cool, I'll meet you at the car and we can go into the gig together"

This cunt was getting on my fucking nerves now. Just when I thought I could get my rocks off before meeting him!! Gaaaaaaaaaaaagghhh!!!
Not to worry, The GroinRubber has a few tricks up his sleeve if required. It's hard to hunt when you have a tail!
Anyway, I have nutted many times when a friend is standing right next to me, including him in the past (See: Between A Rock and a Rock hard Cock). My secret term for nutting whilst next to a friend or relative is called "A Houdini" LOL!!

Anyway, I have a meeting with a potential future client on the outskirts of the city at 5:00 until 6:00 tomorrow, and then I'll be on my way to the show. Wish me look friends.

PS: I have another gig booked in for Saturday April 6th, which is a nice intimate gig, my preference over the one I have tomorrow, which is going to be rammed! I may work further back in the crowds, depending on the intensity levels. It's going to be difficult though with my friend the enemy shadowing me!! I want some slut to 'March' me into orgasm...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaa!!!

PPS: Rock hard, another story on it's way soon...after tomorrow Ha Ha!



??? Retirement ??? (Fri 29 Mar 2013 19:58:06 GMT)

Hi all.

Well, I had a successful night inasmuch as I went, I blew, I went home. However, I've decided to have a go at retiring, and for those of you that are remotely interested, I've put some thoughts down in the 'Quit Section'


RE: Retirement/Quitting. (Sun 31 Mar 2013 19:49:10 GMT)

I have put another posting in the 'Quit Section' for those interested in follwing. Please try not to abuse me if possible. If you hate this shit, or indeed hate me, DON'T read it!! save yourselves the frustration.

Be safe frotteurs and chikans.


April award: LegHumper
For the story of a hot girl in a chilly night.
(The girl drained of your .. card?)
And Shogie wins webmaster's special mention for his quality (and quantity) videos.

Concert leg dry humping (WARNING: she may be 18 years old) (Mon 08 Apr 2013 19:58:21 GMT)

I went to a show of a band I'm into Sunday night. I had been checking the weather all month long hoping it would be warm out, but unfortunately my show date was the one chilly night of the week, so I wasn't expecting much. As I queued up in line, I saw many hot college aged girls wearing mostly jeans and the tights that I know you arse chikans love to see. Unfortunately, I didn't see any girls in shorts like I was hoping for, so I put it out of mind as I entered the venue.

There were a few lame opening bands that very few people were there to see, and indeed I started to worry as the crowd wasn't that thick while they were playing. I did, however, start to spot a couple of girls who must have not got the memo that this particular day was cold and decided to wear shorts. Needless to say I was thrilled, but the problem was these girls were on the outskirts of the crowd, where my intentions would be too obvious. So I stayed in the growing crowd as the last of the supporting bands took the stage.

During this band's set, the first circle pit started up a couple people in front of me, pushing a fairly tall brunette girl in some thin tights material right into me. First contact was completely incidental, as her bum made contact with my groin upon being pushed back. I have to admit it felt pretty nice, so I rubbed back side to side against her cheeks for the few minutes that the pit was going on. The thin material of her tights really helped the sensation, and other than a sideways glance, I don't think she knew what was going on. When the circle pit broke up and the crowd re-positioned themselves, I didn't push the issue, as I was still holding out hope to get behind one of the girls in shorts.

As the headlining band came out, the crowd was suddenly at its fullest and tightest. The only problem was that it was mostly a sausage fest, as the girls were wary of the moshing and stood on the sides where their view was good, but it would be too obvious to get behind them. So, I enjoyed the band I had come to see, and had forgotten about my pursuit for the moment. The band put on a great set, and it was quite nostalgic. After they finished their set, everybody began chanting for the encore, only it oddly never came. Some began to leave, but most knowledgeable fans were standing around for quite a bit before it became obvious the encore wasn't coming as the roadies began taking down the equipment.

Finally giving up the hope of an encore, I started to head towards the exit of the venue when I saw a crowd at the merch table. I was debating getting a shirt when I saw the sight that made my heart beat quickly; two beautiful girls, completely unrelated to the girls in shorts I had spotted earlier, who I had not seen the entire night were at the back of the pushing crowd at the merch table. The girl on the left was a short blonde who couldn't have been over 5'2, with short denim shorts on. Her legs weren't overly tan as they had obviously been in pants all winter, but you could tell from looking at them that they were smooth and flawless. The girl on the right was a taller brunette, but wore longer shorts just past her knees. I wanted the blonde.

I casually walked up to the crowd at the merch table and stood behind the blonde. The line was moving quite slowly, so I waited for a few people to get behind me to cover my actions up and to let her get comfortable. Being about 5'11 myself, I knew I was going to have to bend down a bit to get to her legs, but it was crowded enough that it was safe to do so. I crouched down slightly and moved my groin forward, but misjudged the heights as I lightly rubbed up against her denim clad bum. Aha! She gave a sign of acknowledgement by looking back, but I gave her a smile as if to say, "Sorry, the crowd," and she smiled back and turned her attention back forward.

I waited a moment before crouching again. I aimed further down as I moved my groin forward and connected with the softest, smoothest legs i have EVER felt. I was wearing my favorite thin material khaki shorts and briefs underneath, and I could feel every sensation perfectly. I got completely hard in seconds during that brief contact. I backed away as she shifted to her other foot noticeably and looked back at me again. I smiled more shyly this time and she again smiled back, a bit longer this time, before looking forward again. I saw her lean over to say something to her brunette friend, but then she proceeded to shift right back in front of me! Did I have my first ever "player" as the retired Groinrubber coined them?

As the line moved forward, I kept behind her and bent down slightly once more to initiate contact with her legs. I stayed there this time far longer, just enjoying the contact before I tested the waters by rubbing side to side from her left to right thigh. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as the sensation was amazing. My cock was rock hard and sideways in my shorts as I rubbed up against her thighs. The merch table in this venue is near the double doors to exit, so every time somebody left, the cold night air would drift in to us in line. The coldness of her smooth thighs just made the sensation even better against my groin! I saw her brunette friend was shivering slightly, and overheard her asking the girl in front of me if she was cold. The blonde in front of me replied, "Nah, this guy behind me is really warm!" I froze in mid rub against her thigh at this comment, but the brunette friend looked back at me and just smiled! I couldn't believe it!

We moved up again and were now about half way to the table, and I was feeling pretty confident. I started bending down even more and moving my groin up and down the back of her legs, my cock now pulsing with pleasure. In all my years of rubbing up against legs, I can honestly say this was the best time. I was pressed up fully against her legs by this point, and was obviously bent down, but I decided to spark up a conversation. I leaned my head forward and asked the girls in front of me what they were planning on getting. The brunette remarked that the long sleeve shirt she was looking at was more expensive than everything else, and the blonde pointed out a particular shirt and said she wanted to get that one. As she started talking to me, she moved so she was standing sideways, so I straightened up slightly just to be safe, but it was as if she purposely moved the side of her thigh into my crotch. She was looking more at her friend as we talked, but she kept looking sideways at me during the conversation and smiling. This drove me insane! As she was talking, she was also doing this thing where she would sway back and forth, so the side of her thigh was moving back and forth against my rock hard cock. This had to be deliberate at this point, right?

We were getting pretty close to the front of the line, and my blonde beauty turned forward again. My cock was just swelling like a beast by this point, and I really had zero reservations by now, so I just crouched down for the last time and pressed right up against the back of her thighs. She didn't even turn around this time, as I could see her whispering in her friend's ear this time. I rubbed my groin back and forth against the back of her thighs quite quickly this time, sighing quite noticeably at the intense feeling. Back and forth and back and forth I went until I felt the orgasm coming. I wanted to feel her smooth legs as I came, so I gently reached down and placed my hands on the side of her thighs and pressed my groin into the back of her thighs. The soft feel on my hands and groin both was too much as I spurted cum in my briefs for what felt like a minute straight. She never even looked back. I stayed right there for a good minute after before straightening up when they walked forward to the table.

I watched as the girls pointed out 4 shirts that they wanted. The merch guy told them the price and the girls dug into their pockets to put their money together. I could tell by their expressions and by the way they kept counting and digging into their pockets that they were short, so I leaned forward and asked what was up. My blonde told me that they were short $10 and might not be able to get everything. She looked so sad when she said this, and had been so nice that I told her I was just going to get one shirt and I would buy it all for them. She gave me a huge smile as I told the merch guy what shirt I wanted and that I was going to buy theirs as well. He swiped my card and handed us our stuff, and the brunette who was handling the cash insisted on giving me what they had, but I told her not to worry about it. That got a big hug from both of them! As the blonde hugged me, I ran my hands over the back of her thighs, and the only reaction from her was a smile after the hug!

They thanked me again before they left the venue, and I went to the bathroom to survey the damage. It wasn't that bad at all as my briefs contained my orgasm well, and nothing noticeable had soaked through on my shorts. All in all, a perfect end to the night for the LegHumper!

Re: GroinRubber update & Warped Tour talk (Thu 18 Apr 2013 18:24:47 GMT)

Hey GR, it's good to see you still around.

First off, thanks for the story praise. That means a lot coming from you because your stories were definitely an inspiration for me putting my experiences in writing. I always enjoyed how you detailed everything in your stories, not just the chikan content, as it allowed the reader to imagine better and put himself in your shoes.

As for your idea to go to fewer shows, and for those shows to be of bands that you're actually into, I think that's a great idea. I remember suggesting that to you the previous time you considered retirement, in fact. That is what I personally do, because even if it's winter and I don't find a pair of bare legs to rub against, I still will have a great time just seeing the band. Maybe it would also help not being quite as aggressive. Don't get me wrong, I still scope out the area and look for a suitable target, but sometimes you can go overboard and make that your only objective. Since you're there to enjoy the music as well, you can control that a bit. Good luck either way.

Guestz: I am also planning on going to Warped this summer; I already got my tickets in fact! I went last year and posted my story under "Outdoor music festival story." I remember your Warped story well, as it was a huge inspiration for me going myself last year. I still can't believe you took your cock out right there in the daytime and humped her thighs, it is definitely something I want to try myself if the situation is right. You're totally right, it is leg heaven there! I can't wait.

And Shogie gets webmaster's special mention.

Post Anouncements (Mon 01 Apr 2013 07:35:04 GMT)

There's also no need to announce postings in the quit section here. We all know it's there if we want to read it. Just post. Those who want to read will.

Rock Hard My God! (Thu 04 Apr 2013 00:00:21 GMT)

Dude I love your stories, but there's no way I'm wading through what you just posted on the board! Please at least use some PARAGRAPHS man! Geez! Maybe I'll cut and paste it somewhere and create some paragraphs, but PLEASE post stories in a presentable and READABLE fashion. Don't get lazy! Oooops! Guest am I "policing" the board again? Well, you know what you can do right? Yeah, I thought so!

Fifth Grade Thugs (Thu 04 Apr 2013 12:42:17 GMT)

Yes, "5th grade thugs" sounds funny. But, I learned to fight as a result of the 5th grade. You see, I was bullied badly in the 5th grade. By the time the 6th grade came . . . I wasn't being bullied anymore . . . no, I was knockin' 6th grade niggas the fuck out! People stopped fucking with me. Quick! I felt your pain. And soon after . . . I would start feeling up, kissing, and dry humping girls! Now back to the stories (and clips!).

Proposed Name Change (Sun 07 Apr 2013 07:33:15 GMT)

OK, instead of "Female Board", how about "Abused Board"? You can include a little description to let people know what it's for.

Anti-Chikan Gear! (Wed 10 Apr 2013 01:36:42 GMT)

This would work against chikans too :-(!

Sticky Business (Sat 13 Apr 2013 14:20:34 GMT)

Chikan made a mess of things!

Searching For and Posting THE BEST Chikan Clips in the Known Universe! (Sun 14 Apr 2013 02:50:30 GMT)



Hola Don Carlos! (Sun 14 Apr 2013 13:59:10 GMT)

Ahora soy VIP en el foro despues de muchos, muchos meses! Nuestro trabajo no fue en vano. Gracias por todos amigo y hermano en chikan!

Another Fine Mess! (Sun 14 Apr 2013 18:05:37 GMT)

Here we go again!

Searching For and Posting THE BEST Chikan Clips in the Known Universe! (Sun 14 Apr 2013 18:08:17 GMT)

(You'll love the opening to this one!)

Searching For and Posting THE BEST Chikan Clips in the Known Universe! (Sun 14 Apr 2013 18:10:24 GMT)


Searching For and Posting THE BEST Chikan Clips in the Known Universe! (Sun 14 Apr 2013 18:38:38 GMT)


Searching For and Posting THE BEST Chikan Clips in the Known Universe! (Sun 14 Apr 2013 20:07:52 GMT)


Re: guestz - Summertime! (Sun 14 Apr 2013 20:18:53 GMT)

The late Winter/Spring has been good for me so far . . . TEN chikan nuts already this year! Right now, the summer is looking like it will be unusually quiet. One of my favorite Summer venues appears to be having fewer general admission shows this year. No good for chikans. We don't want asses in seats. We want them ALL standing up :-D! May have to wait for Fall for the action to pick up again.

Dick In Dat AZZZZ!!! (Tue 16 Apr 2013 00:50:37 GMT)


Searching For and Posting THE BEST Chikan Clips in the Known Universe! (Wed 17 Apr 2013 00:29:21 GMT)


This double boner . . . I mean double "bonus" is an old one but a good one . . . one of my favs . . . how this guy didn't nut while recording I do not know . . . he's literally slappin' his wanger off her ass!!!

Searching For and Posting THE BEST Chikan Clips in the Known Universe! (Sat 20 Apr 2013 12:55:37 GMT)


Warped Tour (Sat 20 Apr 2013 13:04:20 GMT)

Hey, who's headlining at this year's Warped Tour? May be time to go "poop chutin'" (there's one of my terms GR LOLOLOL!).

Make No Mistake (Sat 20 Apr 2013 18:12:37 GMT)

This is IT!!!

Re: Micky Worthless - Football Match (Sun 21 Apr 2013 10:45:14 GMT)

Visitors 2 . . . Home 0 . . . LOLOLOL!!!

Re: GR - Guestz/Shogie (Sun 21 Apr 2013 10:47:33 GMT)

There you go again. Asking me about players! You know I don't like to go there. I think she was just a timid girl who decided to "just take it". I woulda had my dick between them cheeks!

Chikan Sites (Sun 21 Apr 2013 15:59:49 GMT)

Anybody checked this out? Supposed to allow for access to three different sites featuring chikan-related material:

The price seems rather steep to me considering that you can find chikan videos and pictures all over the place for free these days. That's been one of the big changes to occur in the world of chikan over the last many years. You can find lots of vids and pics to see what chikans do versus just reading about it.

Van's Warped Tour (Sun 21 Apr 2013 16:05:55 GMT)

Come on guys! Give me the scoop on the Warped Tour! Yeah, I can look it up, but it's more fun to have some discussion about it too. Who's headlining? That helps determine crowd size and how excited those butts will be . . . jumping up and down and shit on your dick!

Re: JTCK - Shogie (Sun 21 Apr 2013 23:41:04 GMT)

Thanks JTCK! I know there are plenty of people here who enjoy the clips. Some of these, I had not seen myself. And if I haven't seen them, then I know damn well that there are others here who haven't seen them either!

And for those of you who claim that you've seen it all (that's bullshit by the way), then how about you just don't look at them again if you don't want to see them and let everybody else enjoy?! And why don't YOU (ahem HUNTER) write some stories yourselves???

In the meantime, I will keep searching high and low for THE BEST chikan clips in the known universe!

Searching For and Posting THE BEST Chikan Clips in the Known Universe! (Mon 22 Apr 2013 23:00:58 GMT)


GR Caption Challenge (Wed 24 Apr 2013 00:10:45 GMT)

What goes uuuUUUPPP . . . must come DOOOooowwwnnn . . . on muh faaaaaaaace :-D!

Re: Bad Boy - Shogie (Wed 24 Apr 2013 11:07:05 GMT)

Times have changed Bad Boy. Times have changed from the days when sites like this one were first established. New technologies and new techniques have made it possible to bring words on a screen to life. It's the 21st century! In fact, I believe we should be looking for new ways to recognize these brave chikan videographers.

We need to take advantage of the situation and enjoy all of what's out there, and just ignore those who offer only criticisms and demands for things that they do not produce themselves. Individuals who post under multiple aliases and who do not know who or what they want to be. Individuals who offer nothing, including commitment and consistency.

Nobody made any claims about the age of the clips. Nobody said they were new. Nobody said they were old. Nobody made any statements about how many had seen them already and how many had not. The only claim made was that they are some of THE BEST chikan clips in the known universe! And that's the plain truth!

So, if it's a clip (old or new) that you've never seen before and you like it, then enjoy! And just like a good story, if you enjoyed the clip before, look at it again like you might re-read a great story. And just like if you might not want to re-read an old story, then don't look at the clip again if you don't want to!

But whatever you do, do be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Don't just sit on your hind parts and complain and make demands of others! If you want more stories, then write some! If you want to see only new clips, then find and post some! Otherwise, that's just too bad!

It's like not voting, then complaining about how you're governed! Either actively participate, or just be quiet and accept things the way they are. You have ZERO credibility otherwise, and it just comes across as insincere, cry baby whining that nobody wants to hear. Save it.

Re: MrTeenGroper - Believe Tour 2013 (Thu 25 Apr 2013 00:08:00 GMT)

You produce well-written stories Teen Groper . . . but I just can't bring myself to read them through to the end! You see, to me the opportunity of a lifetime would have been to have had my dick buried to the hilt all up in those so, SO many butt fuckable girls!

They were every where just for the taking! Had to be like spearing pretty white teen butt holes in a barrel (just like fish)!!! And to think that you went to such a spectacle and NO nutting???? I'm speechless! I'm just SICK over it!

Now, I could never go to a JB concert just because I would stick out way to much. But man . . . talk about the opportunity of a lifetime lost (for me anyway)! Man! I posted a relatively NEW vid several weeks ago showing somebody who went to a free Biebs concert . . . guy had his dinga-lina out and all up in this teen girl's tight arse gap . . . she was wearing shorts and boy was all up in there gettin' a nut . . . if only I could attend a Biebs show! Jesus almighty!

Teen Controversy! (Fri 26 Apr 2013 11:24:09 GMT)

Teen Groper, you are easily one of the most controversial characters ever to appear on this site. Half the people love your stories, and half the people, for varying reasons, loathe them. You have a place in the annals of chikan history. I just don't know where or what it is yet!

GR Caption Challenge (Sun 28 Apr 2013 21:32:43 GMT)

I likes WHITE meat!!!

April 2013 Man of the Month - Leg Humper! (Mon 29 Apr 2013 22:45:19 GMT)

I have to throw my vote to Leg Humper. MTG certainly wrote a great three-part piece, but I'm always left feeling rather . . . unfulfilled . . . by his stories. No disrespect MTG. For me, this one all comes down to a matter of styles, and I just like Leg Humper's style more. It suits me. Therefore, I say Leg Humper is the April 2013 MOTM!!!

Re: Bad-Boy - Humping Children (Mon 29 Apr 2013 22:59:20 GMT)

Bad-Boy I respect your opinion on this, but I think that use of the word "rape" is way too strong. That's what some would say that chikans do in general, regardless of what type you like to hump, and that's just pure grade bullshit all the way around. Chikan may be called lots of things . . . but rape it is not!

Re: GR - Elevator Provoker (Tue 30 Apr 2013 01:50:46 GMT)

Thanks for the nod for MOTM GR! As I noted before, times have changed to where chikans are bringing the word to life on the video screen. I too believe that quality chikan clips should be eligible for awards and their producers recognized for their contributions.

However, the ones receiving top recognition should be those who are actually producing original content. Just like we don't give kudos to those who merely copy somebody else's story, we also should not give top recognition to anybody who merely re-posts somebody else's videos.

Thus, I cannot and will not accept the MOTM award for my THE BEST series of clips. I'll take a special mention though LOL! Seriously though, in 2004 Garry Groper won the Man of the Year Award for his then cutting-edge video clips (those were tame compared to today's standards!), and I was all for it even back then. You see, I could envision the impending wave that would come later. A tidal wave!

And since 2004, indeed chikan videography has EXPLODED onto the scene and can now be found all over the internet. Yes, times have changed my friends! Big time! And, I believe that NOW is the time for Ayashi BBS to open the voting up in all categories to any and all brave producers of real and original chikan clips who choose to step forward and claim/present their works before us. Lights, camera . . . . ACTION!!!

Both the best chikan story writers and the best chikan videographers should be given equal consideration for the chikan awards on this site. The time has arrived! The time is NOW!

May award: GroinRubber.
THE HANDS OF GOD, part one and two are great stories.
(Tanned Tilda Swinton must be sexy.)

RE: MTG/Shogie. (Fri 03 May 2013 11:29:36 GMT)

MTG. I'd like to see that footage too if you have it to hand. Ahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!! Maybe it will silence some of the Doubting Thomases here. (Just to let you know...If there was a spunking, for me, you would have blew the competition to smithereens)

I did forget about Leg Humper's story which got my fucking mojo rolling. This would have got my vote, but I made my choice, and feel I can't go back, sorry Leg Humper. I need more stories like yours LH, so come on man!

Nice clip Shogun. I especially enjoyed the intricacy of the slow motion. This, my friend, is what Summer is all about! The pre-cum is on tap for me at the moment! LOLOLOL!


GroinRubber's Caption Challenge. (Fri 03 May 2013 21:14:02 GMT)

Answers on a toilet paper spunk cup please frotters!

Response to recent posts. (Mon 06 May 2013 22:04:46 GMT)

@Guest/Camm. (blackie)

I have no real opinion about our man blackie. He has the right to post up anything he wishes, and if some of you don't like it, it's up to you to stress your feelings to Ayashi. What difference does it make what me and Shogie think? We are here for the same reason as blackie, and everyone else, that is, to see and read good quality chikan material.
I think what has rubbed everyone up the wrong way (no pun intended) is his derogatory comments to women (as Rock Hard has so rightly mentioned already) But, that's just his writing style. It is what it is I guess.

But come on guys, we're ALL derogatory to women every now and then. We're chikans, flashers and frotters, what do you expect.
Let's not stray from the real topic of Chikan by analysing and lambasting everything that blackie may say. He has his right to say what he wishes, even though some of may belong on the 'Off Topic' board. Keep posting blackie, and I especially look forward to your next orgasmic encounter.

@Leg Humper.

Congratulations on the 'MOTM' award. You sooooooo deserved it cat! Even though I originally picked the Shogun for his clips, I had somehow forgotten about your great story, which contained the three C's. CUM, CHIVALRY, CHICKS!! LOLOL! I think Shogie would be happy that you got the award. Love to see some more material like that LH!


Great photo man. I think all the white spray may be the piston water blast from the guy behind the chick in the headband. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....BOOOOOM!!!! LOLOLOL!!

@ Stone 7.

Great little story man. I'm wary about using the term 'Player' as it's not the Shogun's favourite term. However, I'll use it here for clarity.
I think when the chick froze, that was the moment that she realised you are doing your Thang. I love it when they do 'The Tip-Toe Drop' as I call it Arrrrrrrggggggaaahhhhhhhhhhh...drives me fucking Nuts. I think she may have been a 'player' as she was safe in the knowledge her boyfriend was close-by, whilst she enjoyed your cock ramming up against her right thuuurrr!! Ahhhhhhhaaa. Would like to hear about a few more of your encounters stone. Maybe you have laid the foundations for short, robust little stories that still get the old mojo rolling.


GroinRubber's Caption Challenge. (Mon 06 May 2013 23:12:00 GMT)

Answers on a gig ticket please!

RE: Pale Rider Story. (Thu 09 May 2013 23:45:21 GMT)

That's a great story Pale Rider, and is exactly the kind of thing that the board needs on a more regular basis. I noticed that at the end of your story that 'This is pretty tame compared to some of the stuff you read here' What's wrong with tame Pale rider?

What we have here (in my opinion) is good, genuine, old fashion basic vanilla chikan that was well written and robust, and more than enough to get my mushroom top oozing. I commend you on your first composition, and I wouldn't at all be surprised if you wasn't a prime contender for Man Of The Month award this time around, especially if you can wham another one up over the next couple of weeks.

I especially look forward to any concert stories you may have. Thanks for sharing it with us, and I look forward to more with bated breath. I dedicate this Summer Sizzler to you PR.

RE: Upcoming Gig?

I am contemplating attending a gig on Saturday 15th June, but wether or not I choose to go as a chikan is another story. I like the band, so I'll enjoy it regardless, but if it's hot, and all the chicks are out in abundance, what am I to fucking do?

Remember, I destroyed all my frotting jogger's, except the light coloured ones, which are no good for chikan due to the large wet patch that appears when you blow your fat barrel! But, I do have my thin knee length black soccer shorts, which also allow me to do some leg rubbing too. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I love the feeling of leg on leg whilst my cock is marching on an ass!

It's a difficult one.



RE: Shogie/RD /TOPICAL POST: "Is it worth attacking back" (Tue 14 May 2013 08:27:13 GMT)

Hey Shogie

You shouldn't take the bait like you did. I know you were/are pissed, but you're usually so calm and calculative, and it seemed so unlike you.

I remember, when I was put into the Hall Of Fame, you put a post up, advising me that a barrage of abuse may come (which it did), and gave me some opinions/advice of what I should do with that abuse. I took heed of your erudite words, and have never really looked back since.

You've been an inspiration to me at times, and I just wanted to say to you "Is it worth attacking back"

Having said that, you know your feelings and who you are and what you may want to say, and I trust your judgement to be reasonably sound and robust.

I didn't think Red Dragon's comments was/were particularly impetuous or offending, but I don't know how long this 'grudge' has gone on for.

Peace brothers.


GroinRubber's Summer Sizzler. (Tue 14 May 2013 21:29:33 GMT)


GroinRubber's Caption Challenge. (Wed 15 May 2013 20:51:38 GMT)

Answers on a paper spunk cup please! I think I might post an unread story up (from the past) if any of you pervs fancy it LOLOLOL!


GroinRubber's Summer Sizzler. (Fri 17 May 2013 22:43:46 GMT)

Hello fellow knights.

Well. I have decided to attend the concert on Sat 15th June. If I do participate in some chikan activity it will need to be a warm evening. Why? Because I only have mega thin shorts left to wear. I destroyed all my joggers when I'retired'.

I do have a few pairs of grey mega thin frotting pants, but they're no good as they show the piston stain up on the front when you blow your load. I don't want to buy any new ones, which I'd like to think is for obvious reasons.
I'm also contemplating putting up the story of my last outing before I 'retired'
Surely I can't go from retired to semi-retired can I?

I've put up another Summer Sizzler. This girl is 19. That ass looks just outside tool docking level for most of us, so this one's for MTG to get his feelers around LOLOLOL!


GroinRubber's Summer Sizzler. (Tue 21 May 2013 22:43:48 GMT)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuughhh uggghhhuuu ahhhhhhhhhhh!!

RE: Shogie - The Cyclone! (Wed 22 May 2013 19:34:08 GMT)

Fucking great story Shogie. Rare, and very welcome my chikan brother. As for 'Player', well wait until you hear the story of my last show, the one that got me all hung up on retiring. It's cumming soon! LOLOLOL.


GroinRubber's Summer Sizzler. (Fri 24 May 2013 22:37:26 GMT)

No words required fellow chikans!

THE HANDS OF GOD. (Part One). (Sat 25 May 2013 22:30:13 GMT)

Well, as promised fellow frotters, here is the last outing that I had. I have to say, all in all, it was a great encounter, and I hope you like the story. I have told it exactly as I remember it happening, and it's written in two parts. I've called this one...


(MFTE = My Friend The Enemy)

I arrived at the concert in ample time. It had been a nice warm day, but it had become a cool night. I parked up the Bat-mobile a couple of blocks from the venue and I the went to meet MFTE in a nearby bar as previously arranged. For those of you who don't know
MFTE (My Friend, The Enemy) is a friend of mine that shows up from time to time when I have planned to attend chikan gigs on my own. He's never actually thwarted my plans, but it's always really inconvenient all the same.

We had a drink, him beer, me just some Coca Cola. MFTE also had a friend of his with him, whom I knew, but not very well, so this evening was going to require some evasive action when hunting.
We made our short way from the bar to the venue. There was a small buzzy crowd outside, and my guts sent exited/nervous chikan shit pains to my bowels (I hate taking dump when I'm all fresh ready for chikan). Anyway, that's for another board possibly LOLOLOLOL!!

There wasn't nearly as many pepole as I had expected to be waitig for the venue doors to swing open. I knew tonight was going to be busier than this though...wasn't it? Eventually, we slowly filed in and it was quite busy around the merchandise stands, and I got some great knuckle grazes on this slut with hot-pants on. There were some great chicks around, all ages and all sorts. I told MFTE and pal to go to the main gig room while I 'went for a dump', and I'd see them in there. Under the pretence of taking a shit, I zipped back to the merch stand. I got straight in behind this shortish milf with denim shorts on over black leggings.

She was like a cute Demi moore and had a pert and rotund ass. I slipped my cock from my underwear and let it dangle freely under my thin jogging bottoms. Under the pretence of stretching past her to look at some badges I let my cock drag across her ass slowly. Ahhhhhhhh...I felt the seams tickle my shaft. I did this a couple more times and I felt my prick tingle it's way into a semi. I couldn't believe how exited I was, and how ready I was for tonight.

The merchandise crowd intensified a little as people were filing slowly into the venue, and I used the extra cover to my advantage, pointing my piston pipe up to 12:00 o'clock as it hardened. I kept stretching past Demi, intensifying the dragging of my prick across her ass, which was now twanging with solidity in and out of her shit boulevard. I felt the pre-cum burn it's way up my cock like hot oil.

She eventually bought a skinny T-shirt, and as she stepped back to get through the crowds, she dragged past me, so I stepped closer, as she had to squeeze past me, it was the only way out. Her thigh pressed my cock into my abdomen as she did so. As I made my way to the main gig auditorium I had a few more back handers across some fine ass. Knuckling in and out of cracks, and one girl said 'Hey' as I passed. Careful man, careful!

The GroinRubber was warmed up. When I got into the main auditorium, there was hardly anyone in and I easily spotted MFTE and pal (much to my fucking disappointment), and I felt fucking sick on seeing them so easily. I was planning on the hunt straight away, to find a target early and nest in behing her. I knew it was early days and that the crowds would come eventually.

MFTE then decides to fucking tell me he's got a bunch of CD's on him in his coat pocket for the hopeful signing by the band after the show, and could we zip back to the car to drop them off until later. Grrrrrrrrrrgghhhh!!! I said 'yeah sure' thorough gritted teeth, and I had to go back to the car with him, whilst his friend waited at the venue (saving us our spot). This is the kinda shit that MFTE seemed to do, but he had no idea what I was up to I guess.

As I say MFTE's pal saved us a spot while we went bacj to the car...Ha Ha...The GroinRubber had no intention of getting a 'spot' next to this fucking weasel. I was on the hunt later, and hot booty was my main course. Ahhhhhhhhaaaaaaa!! Anyway we went back to the car, dropped his CD's off, which took about half an hour, this is what I mean by him thwarting my hunting game. I expected throngs when we got back to the venue.

Anyway, we got back into the gig, and to my surprise, there was still very little crowding. I was still confident of a great turnout, but complacency was taking over. We were standing near this chick who was right up against the barricade in this long black thin dress. Ahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa! I was eyeing her up when I glanced at the security guy at the side and caught his gaze. His stare pierced me, and for some reason, I felt he was on to me, even though I had done nothing.......yet Ha Ha Harrrrghhh! MFTE then made some crude remark about her whilst making a vulgar gesture, and we all laughed together. I knew Mr. Security had seen this so I felt redeemed that I was blended in with the backgrounds again.

The atmosphere slowly began to electrify, and I began to feel that natural buzz of a great time coming. A few people started to lightly flock around us, so I edged slowly toward Black Beauty on the front row. (we were only a few yards away from her) and MFTE and his friend (now my other fucking enemy) subconsciously stuck to me while I inched my way toward this morsel hanging over the barricade like a drunk. Hey maybe she was...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaa!

I kept glancing at Mr Security, and we locked gazes again, and I quickly looked away. As I got close enough to Black Beauty I knew it was too risky to do 'cock' or 'hand' tests, especially with Mr. Security close by scoping me out. So, I did what I refer to as 'The Bumper'. This is where you test the water with your ass, bumping/touching onto your targets ass. This way, it can all be brushed aside as 'accidental' so there's very little room for error. As I was brushing my ass against her, I saw her turn out the corner of my eye, whilst I was ' innocently talking' to MFTE and pal. Her ass felt tender and warm against me, and my guts were doing fucking somersaults.

A moment later I felt two burly hands on my arms, and a husky voice said " Step back a bit please buddy" I just looked back and smiled with a frown, like I didn't know what the fuck he was on about. He then went to stand back around the other side of the barricade again. I felt beaten. The confidence drained away, and I felt like going home. Not because of him, but my stupid complacency. I felt sick that I could be so stupid. So unlike me.

Over the next half hour or so, whilst carefully watching Mr Security, the crowd grew more dense, and I began to feel safe, and confident again, like a panther in the fucking jungle slithering around for food. But, I was still badly shaken. The support act came on, and this only added to the swelling atmosphere. I scanned the ever thickening crowd again. I glanced over craftily to check Mr Security who was 15 feet to my left, behind the barricades and he was texting on his cell, and glancing up at other areas of the crowd. I think I had lost him. I took a few deep breathes and contemplated what my next course of action was going to be. It was now time for the GroinRubber to get down to some dark business.

To Be Continued.

RE: Shogie. (Sun 26 May 2013 09:53:13 GMT)

Hey Shogie.

Yeah Shogie, I know, I know, I know!! What the fuck was I thinking and doing? Well, to help shed some light on my silly actions on this particular outing, and to ever prevent this happening again, I've been doing a little self analysis, and I hope this gives you some insight into what I thought may have been happening.

I think that what happened was down do a delicate mix of complacency, desperation, and stupidity. Even though I knew for sure that the crowds would thicken, I chose to go for this ridiculous lone target, standing out like tumble weed in the fucking desert! Madness!!

I must have been a little 'switched on' though, choosing to go for 'The Bumper' test. This proves to me how risky this manoeuvre was, for me to choose this extra safe method of testing. I think I may have wanted to test the waters so early just to be sure that she was an option for later on, which, I know, is fucking ludicrous to say the least. (Just in case the crowds didn't come...which I knew they would) Gaaaaaghhh!

I have never before included such a ridiculous regime into my hunt, and I think this was why I was so 'rocked' for days after the event. What was happening for me there? This is where all the initial retirement decision came from. If I was going to make mistakes like this (even though this was a one off, lone mistake) then maybe it was time to call it a day?!

Having said this, I also think that part of what happened was that I had previously been attending far too many shows, most of which were second rate, and a little unsuitable for my usual activity, or any half decent chikan activity. I had adopted an approach that I would normally choose to use at a gig of a more intimate capacity and used it at a gig of maximum capacity that had not filled up. As I say...Madness!!

Sometimes as chikans with many years experience, and many stories under our belts, I think it can be easy at times to think we are better, and more adept than what we really are. That we are untouchable, undetectable. I certainly, and honestly speak for myself anyhow, and I hope some of you vets here can relate to this. (maybe you can Shogun)

I think the years can sometimes make us clumsy, inept and complacent, and lead us down paths we wouldn't normally venture down, discarding our tried and trusted methods for something that we would never normally do, just like my case here. I think being aware of stuff like this is paramount in our game, and I think that I need to learn from this awareness, and this ghastly experience. I was lucky, but this could have been disastrous.

If I am to continue in this game I need to do what the GroinRubber of yesteryear did. And that is, attend only gigs of quality and enjoyment, so I can enjoy the experience as a whole. I've been going to too many with the attitude of more is better. Wrong!

I'm back in the Bat Cave now under rigorous self assessment, and if I attend my gig in June, I need to be ready. I need to re-establish the techniques and attitude of yesteryear, then hopefully, all should be well again.

Hope that help a little Shogie, and thanks for your concern. It's nice that you recognised something wasn't right, and that to me shows your astuteness in this game. Thank you.

Part two coming soon, and the GroinRubber of yesteryear finally rears his head again.


RE: Shogie Comments. (Tue 28 May 2013 20:58:12 GMT)

Hey Shogie.

Of course I didn't take any offence or neither did I detect any derogatory tone to your comments. On the contrary, my reply was written to help explain my situation, and help you understand what I thought may have happened.

I know you understood what I was trying to say, and I suspect that you read between the lines a little as well, so thanks for concern and comments. You know me Shogie. Joe Bloggs graphic designer and business man by day, and fun loving insidious chikan The GroinRubber by night. However, I think a step or two back is in order to hone my astuteness, and control that complacency.

RE: normal guest.

Hi there. I think the chick went under a pseudonym like Brandy Callahan or something like that. I'll have a delve back and see if I can find some info for you brother.

Part Two to the story coming very soon!


THE HANDS OF GOD. (Part Two) (Tue 28 May 2013 23:44:16 GMT)


MFTE = My Friend, The Enemy.

The gig was beginning to finally fill up at an alarming rate. I needed to get into the hunt, but I couldn't seem to shake MFTI and company. I'd tried the 'trip to the bar' escapade only for MFTE to say "Hey I'll come give you a hand" Pity he didn't fucking pay though, which just enraged me even more. The support act were now on, playing away in the back ground, and I was getting more and more frustrated with the situation.

I tried to excuse myself to the bathroom, and MFTE said "I think I'll squeeze another piss out before we get trapped" I'll be sure never again to make the mistake of meeting MFTE again if I can help it. He has been my Achilles heel on more than one occasion. He just fucking catches me off guard.

MFTE and I went for 'a piss' whilst his pal stayed to save our ever tightening spot. When we got back the crowds were even denser, and I sensed a little hostility beginning to erupt here and there due to pushing and shit.
Just then, there was a huge tsunami like crowd surge which swept from the back of the crowd and rippled through to the front.
I used this surge to my fullest and most experienced advantage to let it take me to another nearby area in the crowd.

After the surge, I looked to my right and I had managed to get 5 people (about 8 feet or so) from MFTE and pal. I just looked over to him as if to say "WTF was that all about"? He looked over and beckoned me into the gap that he was 'still' saving near him. (didn't this cunt get it?) I shouted "Don't worry, I'll see you later. I'm more central here" and then laughed at him like I had the better spot. He smiled at me sarcastically, to which I threw back at him. Now we were getting somewhere...finally.

Meanwhile the support band were playing on to a great crowd reaction. It was getting busier, and that familiar smell of perfume and beer were in the air. The atmosphere was now becoming utterly alive. I was scanning around, and I was just about to slink backwards toward the less dense areas when I spotted this chick, with, what must have been her boyfriend, the way they were conversing and laughing. I couldn't see what she was wearing as yet, but this was my last gasp chance before getting out to sparser areas for an easier experience.

The crowds were clamping tighter, a bit too tight for my general liking, so I squeezed through the crowd a row or two like a fucking hamster to get close to the target. Her boyfriend was to her,and my left, so he'd stupidly left a gap behind her, and I slinked in close like a fucking slimy earthworm, all the while tip-toeing 'trying to see' the support act in their death throes.

This chick was about 25-27 years old and had on this black Basque top laced up at the back revealing a tanned criss-crossed tied strip of skin down the middle of her back. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa! She had short thin silky/cotton material shorts on, which were very thin, and slightly loose on her. She had short dark unevenly, feather like cropped hairstyle, and tanned/dark skin. She was unusually attractive, and she reminded me of a darker version of the normally pale actress Tilda Swinton.

Her shorts gave way to beautifully proportioned naked slender tanned legs, which were elevated by a pair of sloped wedges, which bought her onion up to perfect piston pipe docking level. I let my knuckles 'accidentally' graze her ass. My mouth went as dry as fucking bird seed. There was no reaction whatsoever, so I ever so lightly palmed her ass, allowing my cock to tantalise itself with the delights that were hopefully still to come. I was really tactful, and I didn't want any more upsets. This called for the more etiquette based side of chikan

Her ass felt warm and firm, with just the perfect amount of wobble that I like, and I felt my prick writhe like a salamander in my joggers. I again ever so lightly put my hands on her ass cheeks, cupping them like two fucking kittens. Her ass was soft, and I felt her flesh cushion as I continued palming her, just applying a touch more pressure. My cock was as hard as granite and poking from the rim of my fucking underwear.

Just as the support act were going off, there was another seismic crowd surge and I was forced into Tilda. In the midst of this action, I grabbed her ass to feel the real delights I had been gasping to feel. Ahhhhhhaahhh it felt so tender and warm and soft and I could feel the heat emanating from her crack area.

The surge settled, and she looked around, and her boyfriend had gone, pushed back by the surges from the crowd. I turned too. He was two rows back, and he playfully waved to her to let her know he was 'there'. She smiled back showing lovely white teeth like veneers. I smiled as I looked forward and said 'It's a rougher crowd than I expected' she just smiled like an angel at me.

It got close to the band coming on, and I continued feeling her ass with my palms lightly. At this point if time I felt like I had the hands of God, and could do no wrong. However, I wasn't going to sacrifice sure footing for a killing blow. There was absolutely no more more room for careless complacency tonight. I needed to get back to being that chikan of years gone by, whom took things in his stride, and waiting patiently like a vulture for the delights that were coming his way.

Anyway Brothers, The Roadies were just in completion of gear set up for the main act, so I knew it wouldn't be long. I then slipped my tool from my underwear (still under joggers though) after letting it go soft again. (I love doing this soft/hard thing repeatedly to tease myself. Any of you guys do this)? I pointed my soft tool upwards and hutched my joggers up a touch to help hold my flaccid cock in midnight position. I then took a little risk and put one hand lightly on her left hip, and the other just at the top of her right leg, whilst lightly banging my pecker against her ass in rhythm to the intermission music that was playing through the PA, which at this time was Faith No More's "Ashes to Ashes".

The pit of my belly tingled, and my balls gurgled with excitement. I think I could have blown here without the fucking band even coming on. She started to sway, and I sensed she had detected my presence. She swayred just enough to allow the friction to tease my pecker into another growing hard on. Just then, the music faded and the lights dimmed, and a red glow flooded the auditorium coupled with a deep doomy synth bass as roars of applause swept through the now scintillating atmosphere.

I immediately went to my knees and slid my tube-steak upwards, 'credit card style', swiping upwards the full length of her crack. I sighed a long 'Ahhhhhhhhhaaaa' as the guitar intro kicked in over the bass. The band exploded, and the crowds went into a fucking frenzy with three way surges. I grabbed Tilda's hips (tightly this time) and let my wooden cock pound around on her ass, ripping my foreskin back and forth.

My cock just slid all ways, Tilda doing all the work. Sideways, upwards and it felt huge against her pert swaying ass. She turned and looked me bang in the eye, but quickly, and I smiled, and she smiled back revealing those unnaturally white teeth. She then looked over me ackowledging her boyfriend with a smile. My piston pipe was super hard, and I was going to blow any time. I felt my loins tingle, and my shaft swirl with that oh so familiar spunky warmth and I quickly steeped back, narrowly avoiding ghost loading into my joggers too early.

I let a couple more songs pass whilst my pecker subsided back into a softy, all the while my hands were still on Tilda's hips, quite tightly, with no resistance whatsoever. It was going to be a long set so I decided to have a play, try something different for a change. The crowds were tight so I wanted to see what I could get away with after my shaky start with security.

As stated, she was bare legged, and I wanted to feel those fucking oily thighs. I looked down and I could see the toned curves of her thighs and calf's shine in the flashing strobes. It was time for the hands of God to go back to work again. I had my hands on her hips still, so I slowly slid them down about 8 inches or so, gently does it Groin.
The crowd was still swaying a little but the main surges had died off, and it was the perfect environment for this kind of chikan and feeling up.

As my hands rested on her smooth thighs, I just lightly circled so I could feel the smoothness of her flesh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa brothers, this felt sublime, and my cock went like hard instantly like a piece of iron.
She then looked back, and I panicked, but didn't move my hands, as I felt that would have been even more obvious. She looked past/through me to her BF who was a few rows back and playfully gave out a sweet girly scream at him while smiling. I though the scream was more about he crowd than me, but I felt that it was for my ears too. I looked back and he was laughing with her.

As I faced forward again, Tilda quickly caught my eye, but didn't hold eye contact, all the while smiling, more grinning. My guts swirled with excitement and I could feel piston water leaking from my bell end. I leaned forward and pushed my face right up against her hair, still holding her legs and softly feeling them. Her hair smelt sweet and soapy, and I playfully bit the feathered ends under her ears, being careful not to make contact with her neck/ear area.

It's been ages since I did this kind of shit, but something felt right and it seemed that she was a...P...(No, No, I won't say it Shogie). Every minute or two she'd look back at her boyfriend, looking over/past me, but I knew that she knew, and vice-versa. She just smiled at him, and this was cool with me, as she had her 'safety', and it made our 'encounter' feel somewhat genuine.

By now, I was sliding my fucking hands all over Tilda's legs like crazy and it would have been impossible for her not to know or feel what I was up to. They felt so smooth and warm with that oily texture which made my prick jump with pre-cum in my joggers. My cock had been rock hard for the best part of an hour and I didn't want to over tease myself and fuck things up. I contemplated getting my cock out. I wanted to feel my bell end and shaft on her fucking toned thighs. It would be a waste not too. Her reaction and the environment provided a perfect setting, but I wanted to be safe. I looked around. It was far too jammed for anyone to notice. Everyone was just wrapped up in their own worlds.

I pulled my joggers down a few inches, just enough to allow me to pull the waistband under my balls with relative comfort. My cock was like a steel rod, and I looked down and the dead pigs eye was looking right at me. My mushroom top was glistening with pre spunk.
Just then, a livelier track struck up, and the ensuing chaos of the up and down jumping was perfect concealment for my activities Hur Hur Haaaaaaaaaar!

I squatted down unnaturally low, so that my head was below Tilda's shoulder blades. I dabbed my cock on my sleeve, just to get the bulk of the pre-cum off. (Hate it when it's too slippery on bare flesh. It kills the friction). I edged forward, and as my cock touched her thigh (about four or five inched above her back knee) it felt like voltage pursing through my cock. I just let her sway, and her legs did all the work, and my cock just bounded from one thigh to the other, twanging forever upwards with the hardness.

Just then, she looked back to do the smiling 'boyfriend check', and she immediately noticed how 'low' I was. I came back up to normal level, smiling, and she just smiled and looked vacantly ahead toward the stage, but now, she had that bit of puzzlement on her face. She wasn't fooling The GroinRubber. She fucking knew what I was up to. Her behaviour gave me an indication that she may have been a lot younger than I initially assessed.

As soon as she looked forward again, I was back down, my bare cock bouncing on her thighs victoriously, and she just danced even more erratically than ever, my cock being tossed around like a rabbit in a bag.
I really wanted my cock on her calf's, but that was virtually impossible, but I tampered with the though for 30 seconds. LOLOLOLOL!

I applied pressure on her thighs and started sliding up and down, and I could feel the orgasm knitting together in my ball-bag and shaft. She want looking back for the BF anymore. I felt myself getting close, and I didn't want this to fucking end, but it had to. As I was seconds away from nutting, I let my still bare cock sit in her crack whilst she danced and bobbed to to the song.

I started breathing from the pit of my stomach. I wanted to enjoy this to the max, so I pressed hard into her crack, trapping my prick in between her thinly clad cheeks. Excitement got the better of me and I put my hands tightly on her hips again. (She must have felt me trembling) I was shaking like a crack addict minus a recent hit! I just started pure humping, like I was fucking her, and I looked down and I watched as my helmet appeared then disappeared as I slid deeply up and down in her booty crack.

She became a little more inanimate, which felt unusual, and I knew I had pushed my luck here, especially after the security guard shit earlier. but I was too far gone to get nervous now. I was grunting and breathing heavily (the music was far too loud for her, or anyone, to hear) and I felt my cock fill with warmth as the sensation took hold,. I continued sliding up and down and I let out a Ugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa really loud. I looked down and saw reams after ream of spunk fire out my pecker like jets, and it sprayed onto her clothing, and some of it ribboned across her left bare tanned shoulder.

I didn't think I was going to stop spunking. My cock just pounded and jumped in her crack and it was one of the better blowing's that I could remember.
As the sensation died, I quickly put my battered schlong back into my joggers. It was still jumping as I put it away. She looked back at her BF, still smiling, but with some unease across her face.

I stared to worry. I had left a huge load on her, but I managed to dab the blobs of piston juice off her shoulder with my sweater cuff.
The band went off, and as they came back to do encores, the crowd surged a little, but enough to allow me to 'sway away' from Tilda, and no sooner had I moved, the gap was filled. I found MFTE and co a few yards away and started moshing with hem to blend in, like I had re-found them naturally, and I enjoyed the last three tracks, but I wanted to get out fast. I felt unsafe, especially as I'd loaded on Tilda.

The band concluded their set, the lights came on, and I watched Tilda reunite with her BF as we slowly shuffled out. She looked OK, and I could see them laughing together, which made me feel better, but I couldn't get the thought of her discovering the dried spunk on her Basque the next day. (This has bothered me more in recent years, and I never gave this a thought at one time). I hate leaving evidence in such abundance.

Anyway, MFTE couldn't be bothered to go back to the car to get his CD's for signing at the stage doors, so we went for some chicken and a beer to wash it down. Over the next week I felt worried and the night kept coming back to haunt me. But it was over now, and as I write now, I have the memory of Tilda to cherish forever.

The End.

GroinRubber's Summer Sizzlers/Abuse. (Thu 30 May 2013 23:15:32 GMT)

Hi all.

Thanks Red Dragon for the kind comments on the recent story, I'm glad you approved and would adopt the same methods LOLOLOL! In fact, thanks to anyone who commented. On another note, It seems the board is turning into a bit of a skirmishing waist-ground again.

Remember guys, we are all (well, most of us) here for one thing. CHIKAN! Whether it be ass, legs, arms...whatever! The kind of verbal exchanges of late just detract from the board at times.

Shogie, the recent innings you had with Andy really weren't worth man. You're a great contributor to the board, and most of these abusers pass thorough like fucking tumble-weed, and then eventually leave, so giving them out attention adds fuel to their fire.

I know how much they can wind us up at times. But I'm only here for the chikan, and unless their comments are worthy of a response from a great veteran, and Hall Of Fame member like yourself, I'd just leave it man.

Oh, Whilst I have your attention Shogun, what's happening to those clips of yours? They've been a little thin on the ground in recent weeks? (I'm especially interested in any more 'Marching' clips you can find)...Ahhhhhhaaaaaaagghhh!! Love that shit!

Well, my potential gig is in two weeks so I won't have another 'New' story until then (If I attend as an active chikan that is). However, I wanted to tell you all about an old story which happened whilst I was staying in Sydney Australia, So I'll try and write that and get it up over the coming weeks. I'm busy though, so bear with me cats.


GroinRubber's Caption Challenge. (Fri 31 May 2013 22:51:55 GMT)

Ahaahh yeah, Tiger like that ass!
webmaster: ayashi (Fri 05 Jul 2013 22:46:56 GMT) June 2013 Man of the Month Award The Abuser for "Young Rock Blondie" in that young teen ass bouncing on his cock gets June award.

June award: The Abuser
For bouncing young teen ass.
(Blonde, petite, wide hips!)

Young Rock Blondie (Sat 01 Jun 2013 21:37:30 GMT)

Hi guys! Story time :)

This was around 3 years ago, probably one of my best experiences yet. I bought tickets to a local rock gig expecting a friend of mine to join me, but he backed out last minute so I was forced to go alone. I was a tad disappointed, but at the same time I realised this could be a really good opportunity for me to get some young teen ass bouncing on my cock! I'd been going to gigs and festivals for 4 years prior to this, and had quickly discovered the art of groping in a crowd.

It was a stadium tour so the standing area was massive, and I knew it'd be fucking packed and crazy. I came wearing some jogging bottoms with a long t-shirt, and because of my age and appearance (humble brag), I blend in quite nicely. Anyways, I got to the stadium quite early so I could get a place near the front, and waited for the crowd to fill.

By the time the support act had started, it was getting a lot more crowded. Not sardines yet, but still crowded enough to find a position and some possible victims. When the main act came on I knew the crowd would be jam packed and going mental, so I was pretty fucking excited.

I spotted her just as the support act was finishing. She was with a couple of friends, both of whom were disappointingly unattractive. Fairly overweight, shapeless bodies and they just looked slightly ungroomed. She however was a complete contrast to that; blonde, petite, wide hips with a juicy ass, and a young an innocent looking heart-shaped face. I'd say she looked about 15-16, but you'd never have guessed that by what she was wearing. She had on a SUPER tight pair of black spandex shorts that left the slightest hint of exposed ass cheeks, with a white cotton vest that stopped short of her ass leaving her lower back revealed. Her wavy hair flowed midway down her back, and quite frankly she looked incredible. It's quite rare seeing someone that fulfils all of your lust and desires, and this was one of them.

I edged my way behind her and just took in the sight. It was quite dark already so I was able to look down at her ass fairly easily. The way her shorts went right into her crack turned me on unbelievably. It wasn't crowded enough to do anything yet, so I waited for more people to fill in.

By the time the main act were about to start it was packed enough for me to create some contact. There would be sudden slight surges in the crowd forcing me to stumble into her even harder, but even when the crowd was calm my chest was pressed against her back. She made no move to resist which was a good sign.

The main act came on, and she started screaming and bouncing up an down. I closed the gap between her ass and my groin and suddenly I felt my cock pressed tight against her jiggly butt. Her bouncing made her ass swipe my dick (which was growing chubby) side to side, and I felt her cheeks press against my thighs. Dear lord this was perfect, I really didn't know how long I could stand this for.

The band started their set and blondie kept swaying her hips and shaking her hair all around, seemingly oblivious to the cock throbbing against her. My dick was nestled right in her crack, and I started moving my own hips side to side to match hers. We were pretty much grinding at this point, with me rhythmically pulling back and lightly slapping my groin against her ass. I was in heaven!

After a few songs of this, I was unbelievably horny. I'm sure you guys all have had moments like this where you just become reckless, completed focused on reaching your climax? Well that was happening to me. I put my arms down to my sides (which were previously crossed against my chest), and lightly held on to both of her hips. I could feel both the warm flesh of her hips and also the smooth nylon of her shorts in my hands. Carefully I started caressing her nylon-cladded cheeks, rubbing my hands over the mounds. As I got bolder I lowered them to the bottom of her cheeks and gently squeezed, all the while my cock was pressed tight into her crack.

She had stopped bouncing around as much by now, but I reckon she was just tired. She was still cheering and clapping and singing along to the music, so I took that as a sign that she either didn't care or didn't even notice. Looking back now, I'd have to guess it was the former.

By now my cock was seriously aching, and it was so dark that no one would be able to see. So I pulled my waistband down below my ballsack and let my bare cock free. It came into contact with her warm soft ass and felt fucking AMAZING. I knew I didn't have much time left now before I blew my load, so I escalated my game. She didn't seem likely to confront me, which made me willing to be pretty damn reckless.

With one hand still resting on her waist, the other hand pointed my dick into the center of her cheeks. The head of my cock was swallowed by her fleshy butt, and the nylon hot pants put up little resistance. Holy fucking god it felt so good, I used my hand to move my head up and down through her cheeks, and bounced it on and off her but cheeks.

She had almost completely stopped moving now, except she was leaning heavily back into my chest. Not sure what she was thinking this would accomplish? It made my lust meter explode, my nose filled with her beautiful hair. I decided to go for gold now, and used the hand on her hip to pull her back into me. My grip was vice like, my fingers digging into her hip flesh whilst my other hand jacked off my dick into the center of her crack. I pushed my hips hard into her ass and my hand kept bouncing off her cheeks as I masturbated onto her (there is absolutely no way she didn't know what I was doing now). The warm center of her asshole enveloped the tip of my dick, and I felt my moment coming.

As the climax began to build, I dragged my cock LEFT AND RIGHT into her ass cheeks while my cock head was still buried in her crack, making each cheek bounce and jiggle. I let go of her hip now and reached up to grab a tit over her tight cotton shirt, and then BULLED forwards into her, squashing her against the crowd in front. Everyone else was already packed like sardines so no one else would've been the wiser.

My cock was ready to burst, so while squeezing that incredible jailbait tit I forced my cock HARD into her asshole and thrust my hips in and out, feeling her cheeks slap against my thighs and groin. I couldn't take it anymore, and with my cock buried I blew my load all in her tight spandex hot pants. With each spurt I inhaled the sweet scent of her hair deeply, revelling in the fact that I had just completely used this little bitch. My cum was all over her ass and some even managed to get onto her exposed lower back. The animalistic instincts I felt were insanely hot.

I remained leaning into her for a few minutes so I could regain myself and enjoy what had just happened, then took a small step back. She was dead still while most of the crowd around her were cheering and clapping the main act. I looked her up and down from behind and saw my cum dripping from her tight ass hot pants, which had the biggest wedgie I had ever seen. She might as well have been naked, thats how much they revealed!

I knew better than to hang around so I put my cock away, left the crowd and headed towards the exit.

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For London tube stories.
(You give us good stories again and again.)

Same target again and again and again (WARNING: she may be 28 years old) (Wed 03 Jul 2013 10:38:23 GMT)

Sorry this a long story but take your time and read it. All of it because it intresting and a lot to take from it.
I swear this is 10000000% true.

Ok so ive been away from the game for sometime. I have had many life changes experiences and these have kept me away from chikan.
However just because I have been away from the board I haven't actually stopped I suppose chikan is like the lost treasures or sirerra madre or something. Just keep going back for more, even though you know quitting is the only way of succeeding.

Anyway I want to start with some chikan psychology which having spent years in the game has helped in choosing the rights targets for the job in hand. And also how you can use your own self traits for the benefit of the experience.

So here is my psychology:

London has changed and there are new players in the game, these are typically fresh Indian guys who work in groups of usually 2-3. I see them all the time, they are ruthless and undiscerning they will hump hard and fast sometimes even taking it in turns. They will use intimidation to make their targets submissive, now don't get me wrong this is a good technique BUT it has it limitations.. you will no doubt get a good ride, however you will be very visible and the victim may react badly and sound the alarm which I have also seen.

So here is my new game:

I have taken better pride in myself, I make eye contact with the victim before engaging the actions, Imay even smile or comment. Something simple that I can pick up upon in the situation usually id go for a person comment like for instance I saw a woman she was wearing a short sleeve top and it was raining that day but we were down below on the tube. I simply said to her " you lucky were underground its raining cats and dogs up there' she returned " that's why im getting the tube' I just replied "ha I blame you' even though this was probably the worse line you can ever use if trying to pull a woman I wasn't trying to do that, I was letting her know of my presence and that I wasn't a pshyco crazed freak. I proceeded to hump her whilst making small talk. It was the most erotic thing ever and makes it seem "more socially acceptable'

My story:

So basically you may not remember but there used to be a target of mine I used to get everyday on the same hammersmith and city line trains. She was a harsh faced blonde. I posted a picture of her up once.. Blackie and Red Dragon may remember as I recall them commenting on her.

Anyway I hadn't had her for a while im talking many months and one of the last times I saw her she had put on weight and was wearing a baby on board TFL (transport for London) badge so she were obviously pregnant.
However now fast forward to this week and last week. I cant remember how long it had been since I last got her but she was back into a nice shape but she looked older and abit "rougher' still had the nice face but was aged some (must be from having a kid).

Anyway I noticed her a few times and wondered if she recognised me as her predator. But she didn't seem to. The first few times I decided not to get her but to watch and observe her, se if she followed a routine, see if she was still a nonce complainer (I don't ever believe she ever "enjoyed' it just believe she is the sort that keep quite like a timid bitch) anyway she had an established routine she is always at the station at a certain time on the platform in the same place (I wont tell you what time as this will blow my cover) haha. But anyway after a few times watching her and getting her used to having me being near her at the same time everyday was part of the plan to get her used to me. Make her feel safe around me.

A few times I noticed Somali men get near her and stuff and I watched her get squashed against really hardly by a suited man once. But I noticed she always tried to push away from them, or adjust her stance. Sometimes she would look back which is always the tell tell sign that something isn't right when a woman looks behind her on a packed train when a man is behind her.
I wanted her so badly but from the above I knew I had to play games here, it wasn't going to be easy and to be honest there were many other targets who were nicer faced and better bodied and wearing sexier clothes. But there was an urge to get her, knowing she was a past target of mine, knowing I had "had' her many times before and that I could do the same again made me want her over anyone else. I was like a fatal attraction just not so fatal.
1st time getting her:

Anyway the day came where I was ready to get her. I stood near her as the train pulled up and on queue she boarded (now as youll be aware kings cross hammermsmith line is always busy bar Fridays so I knew I would be getting a good ride. As she boarded I got myself right near her and pushed my chest into her back so she felt my presence but I didn't push my cock into her. I done this as my actions on purpose as I wanted her to turn and look around, which as my actions were so abrupt she did. I said to her "sorry must be push of the crowd' she replied "tell me about it' I then proceed to say.. and this was risky but I wanted to take my chances "I haven't seen you here for months last I saw you you were wearing a baby on board badge?' she replied: "yeah I had a baby and was off for 6 months on maternity' from there we spoke a little but nothing too much I was friendly but not over friendly . The idea was not to let her think I was hitting on her as this would make her uncomfortable and may make her change her routine. So I let the small talk fizz out.
As the train moved I moved into her more and stood right up against her. I just let the movement of the train allow my member to softly prod her she kind of looked back but not really I held my phone and looked at the screen trying not to acknowledge her. She just turned back around. As the train moved more I held ground and rested my fully grown member on her now, I maintained the same pressure on her arse and just left it there. I could feel the excitement in my cock as my bell end grew but more I had to try desperately not to allow my cock to throb. But the feeling was uncontrollable and it throbbed against her.. maybe it the excitement of getting her after so long, after watching her get banged by Somali guys and the thrill of chikan but I my dick was fucking bursting out of my pants it hurt it was now full blown squeezing her and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I could feel my dick precumming. The moment was short lived though as the train pulled up at Farringdon and the train emptied enough for me to not against her. (she gets of a Liverpool Street).

2nd time getting her:

The very next day I was sure to arrive at the platform at the correct time. Not to early to seem like I was waiting around for her, but just on time so it looks like we arrive at the same time.

Again I stood next to her on the platform. She looked hot today. She was wearing a business skirt (which she always wears but sometimes they are not so tight) but this one was long but tight it showed her shapely arse, her arse was big bit not massive but big for a white woman. It was blue and made of a stretchy lycra material. As the train arrived I looked directly at her and said "usual rush good look getting on' and smiled. She looked directly back at me and said "good luck to you too may the best man win' haha this made me horny and I knew exactly what to do.

As the train pulled up and everyone boarded I decided to be a gentle man and I said to her "you first' I think she knew what was going to happen next but its natural reaction to accept to board first if someone offers and so she did. I had her fall right for my trap. She must have known what i was about to do next as she tried to shied herself from me but she couldn't get the angle and I just simply slid right up behind her and as people pushed us further on to the train I just pushed harder and deeper against her. I know decided to use some reverse psychology make her think this situation is her fault (this is always risky talking to a victim whilst mashing them like really hard) I had a full blown erection and it was right up on her I mean like if she was naked it would be inside her literally no word of a lie. Anyway I said to her quietly near her ear by pushing myself deeper into her eat and pressing my chest against the length of her back I said: "im really sorry, YOUR pushed right into me I cant help it' we both knew what we were talking about I had to say this erection was so obvious and she could blatantly feel every inch of it.. she kind of giggled awkwardly and said very quietly "I suppose it cant be helped its busy' I knew as soon as she said that I was in and could go all the way. But this was risky taking the chance fortunatly it paid of and I got the right response from her but it could have gone wrong. Now you see this is why I had got her used to my presence and made contact make her feel like im a safe person and friendly and outgoing.. not like a weird reclusive guy who might try and rape her haha. (its all in the head). Haha. Anyway I angled myself so my bell end was facing forward and pushing it right into her I let the movements of the train rub across her arse left to right, right to left sometimes stopping in the middle of her crack and pressing in there. She was trapped complexly and I was going for it now. I even put my hands both of them down by my side and rested each side hand softly against her arse as I let my raging erection press against her arse. It was the most delightful thing ever I was practically fucking her until two stops later.
She kind of looked at me nervously and got well away from me.I looked straight back at her and smiled a genuine smile in a not creepy way. She looked away from me but I can feel her corner eyes on me.. I just laughed to myself in my head.

Day 3: leaving her alone

After the previous day I decided to back off her and not go for it. I arrived at the platform early and knew she'd be behind me in the queue to get on. She would have seen me but I wouldn't not have seen her as she would have been behind me. But I just knew she was there.

As the train arrived there were many targets to choose from but I did not go near any.. in fact as we all boarded and turned around to look back and there was she was. She saw me look at her, I half smiled and looked away then stood next between some guys(doing nothinng im not gay) I knew she could clearly see me. Every now and then I sort of half turned my had to semi look at her then look away as soon as she saw me looking. This was all part of the game. You see heres the idea I had ample chance to chikan any other girl near me who were pretty and nice. But I didn't I choose to stand between two men and to look at my target as and when I could. The idea was to make her thing that I couldn't help myself for her, make her feel like I was wanting her only like she was special. Not that I was just some pervert going for any girl to get my rocks off. You see women hate chikan THAT IS A FACT they don't enjoy it like we do. BUT if you can make them feel like its about them like they have something over you that other women in the same place don't have and you just cant help yourself for this one woman then they become Players and the game is on.
Learning this was by trying and error and here is how it had worked:

Day 4: getting her again after the mind games.

As per usual the train was busy and on cue she came to the same i arrived 30 seconds later and stood right there next to her. I looked at her and said "not you again' in a joking way she kind of laughed and smiled at me and asked me where I work I answered and we spoke a tiny little bit about nothing but small talk. The train arrived and again I allowed her on first. However this time she made space for me get right behind her she said looked back at me and smiled and I mounted her as she still looked back. I said to her.. "lucky we talk or this could be awkward' I decided that the cheesy cheeky lad boy remark was the way to go and she sort of laughed and allowed me to get right up on her. I let her feel me and boy did she BUT this time was different she shoifted back sort of changing the weight so she was learning back into me, I actually didn't need to push as she was backing into me more and more. My dick was so fucking hard man I just kept it there It there and decided not to force the issue as she was working me nicely everytime the train rocked or bumped she would slam it back into me hard and move to the side so I slid across her arse in that fucking beautiful skirt. It was sheer heaven. I just stayed and let me her work me but I made no attempt to hid my throbbing erection. I made sure she felt every pulsation which I can tell she did. I was so fucking erotic.

As we got to Farringdon and the train pulled up se moved away from me exposing my full blown har on bursting out my trousers I had to use my hand to hid it haha. She kinda looked at me and was looking at my croutch. I didn't look at her but just looked down at the ground but I could feel her eyes on me. I didn't look at her as part of the game, I wanted to make her think she had the power and I was the submissive one she had the control today and by looking at her to initiate contact would mean I was taking the power away from her never do that to a woman who is in her element.
As we got to her stop then I looked at her and smiled as she got off.. She said bye to me and rushed of with a gleaming half smile. I knew I was a champion but the mind games are not yet over.

Day 5: playing it cool
I needed her to remember that this was just between me and her so I got to the platform nice and early. Today there was a fucking banging target near me and boy was it busy. But I needed to maintain self control so I had to stop myself I knew was target was there I didn't look back but I just felt her presence. I boarded the train and allowed myself to stand near a very old lady and a few men. Just to remind her that this was OUR game and I wasn't chikaning anyone else.

The train emptied and I said hi to her she seemed happy to see me. We spoke a tiny bit of small talk but it was abit awkward today BUT she was wearing a much shorter skirt than she ever wears and was wearing a lot of makeup I wanted to say she looked nice BUT she has a kid and probably then a partner I didn't want to hit on her even though I have a feeling she may be game. MAYBE. But that's another ball game and is dangerous if you fuck that one your fucked so ill leave that for now.

I intend to get her at least twice a week but never 2 days in a row. I want to play it cool to keep it going as long as possible but then I know that all good things end at some she point either she will get bored or will want more and try to encourage it. but I don't know. For now I'm just going to enjoy a good thing.

One of the biggest things ive learnt from years in the game is to get inside a womans head play the game and play it good be confident and a little arrogant. Remember to know when to stop though! Play safe. Ill keep you updated maybe a few more stories sometime.

changing route and getting a little blondey slut (WARNING: she may be 21 years old) (Sat 13 Jul 2013 13:53:04 GMT)

London geezer:
Yes I did try and give up, once a chikan always a chikan has an element of truth to it, in fact not merely an element but every bit of truth in it. By god almighty I have tried.
I think the day I probably will stop is the day I get caught and shamed. Sad really isn't it.i hate myself for knowing that and still not stopping. But the truth is, its just to easy, London is chikan paradise. The tube is every chikans dreams every victims worse nightmare.

Firstly: Sorry my stories are alway long and the grammer is shit i just like to be as detailed as possible so you can almost feel the feeling i felt and pitcure it happening like it did at the time.. i do that with stores on here so i try to write mine in a way you can do that with mine too. so here goes...

I change my game as often within reason as possible. This way routine is eventually shaken up. Ive left my usual girl for the last week, ive been experimenting with alternative tube routes. Im lucky as my job is flexible im not required to be in bang on 9 or leave at 5. I can work my own hours so I use this to source new routes. Eventaully if you keep using the same route everyday for years someone will be onto you. "Shaking it up' will provide a new cover by you always need a alibi for where you are going. Know what stop you will get off beforehand.. know the stations and where the other tube line links are and exits. Because remember London underground is FULL of CCTV everywhere and them little boxes with blacked out windows at every station inside them is someone watching the cctv looking out for suspicious people .. mainly counter terrorism but also petty thieves and sexual predators which we are under.

Keeping details to a minimum but if you know London you'll know what stations im talking about if you wish to use this route.
Tuesday morning 08:35: Jubilee line towards canary Wharf from a main station which also connect the northern line. Cough hint.
The station is busy and its a relatively small platform. To get onto the tube at this station there are doors which open as the trains pulls in (big station hint). Anyway the platform is busy with commuters and jubilee line trains are nearly always delayed and they are smaller in terms of capacity than other main line tube trains.

I scoured the platform looking for my target, there were a lot of men. It was like a cock fest. I mean fuck it there were women but they weren't what I were looking for. They were either too middle aged (lol) foreign (not racist but I wanted an English slut) or just not wearing the right attire. I walked the length of the platform and really honestly couldn't find what I were looking for. there were some but they were right at the front of the queue which would be impossible to discreetly get to.

I knew that walking one end of the platform to the other was making me look suspicious I mean my cover story was easy.. "im looking for a less crowed space' but I knew something wasn't right today. I could just feel it.. I was extra aware of the CCTV presence which I made a point not to look at.
But I just felt like something was wrong. I stopped in a queue of mostly men and decided to wait there just to get a hold of myself... stay composed.
The train was 3 minutes away which in terms of London underground is like waiting 30 minutes. I knew the station would fill with more people which would give me more choices. But times seems to move fast and it was now 08:45 the morning rush is dying down. rock hard needs to sort this out.

I took a general look around me and noticed a white man wearing a tee shirt with his arms folded. He looked serious and was quite well built. He was just staring straight ahead. He didn't stand out from the crowd but to me he did. There was something not right..

I decided to move to another queue this was again a queue of mostly men but there was a target in this queue but I didn't get the chance to scope her out. Because I looked in side view I can see this guy signal to someone who was obviously in my queue. The guy done this thing were he scratched his eyes but the movement just didn't look natural and he was using specific fingers his first 2. I just knew something was wrong and picking up on this confirmed it.

I then sort of turned to look at who he was signalling to.. it was a man in a suit. they were communicating together were they undercover cops. they must have been. Shit man I figured.. these guys are onto me. maybe they've been onto me for weeks and were trying to bust me today after having enough evidence . Maybe this was it. I was a fucking state but I held composure.. I stayed calm on the outside. I hadn't done anything wrong yet.. I was just another commuter.. right..

I decided to take a step back away from the queue so the suited man communicating with the other guy was in front of me.. this may have been an obvious move but hey.. arrest me if ive done a crime but right now im guilty of fuck all.. then I noticed something strange they weren't looking at me at all.. they were looking at the guy in front of me. the suited guy was closing in on him while the other guy made hand signals. then it occurred to me. These are fucking pickpockets. these are professional pickpockets at work to which I then noticed the guy in the suit getting ever closer the guy in fronts pockets..

I felt safe but also very vulnerable and exposed it made me realise the shadey characters the roam the dark undergrounds.. I felt like I had been robbed even though they weren't even targeting me. I felt naked for some reason like I wasn't the only shadey person there. I decided to let me anger out on this target I had scoped out.. I wanted to make her feel like I had been made to feel (yes I know im fucked in the head please don't tell me that) but I was something I needed to do. I get near to her as possible she was only young must have been in her late teens or early 20's no more. Petite little creature.. white, fair skin, fake blonde hair wearing a pencil skirt and white shirt.. looked like an office junior in a law firm or something she was going to get it. I was now in prime animal mode.. I got near to her as possible basically brushing shoulders.

I put my hand into my pocket and pulled my boxers sideways so my cock and balls were now out. I played gently with myself in my pocket but it took less and a few seconds to get a full on erection.. lol. As the next pulled in the surge of crowed pushed to get on as the doors to platform to get onto the train had barely open. boarding was like a stampede.. seriously.. (if you know london you will understand this) anyway i left the crowd shift me in front of her and then I simply allowed myself to press her into the train my chest pressed firmly against her back and all thew ay down to my dick just getting swallowed by her pert little firmed up arse.. I pushe her using my angry swollen cock onto the futher into the train, the silly girl kept trying to look back as if to get me to stop pushing her but I simply raised my arm above her head and held onto the pole directly above her head so she she could not turn her head.. she was now trapped completely against the person in front of her and the swollen cock against her arse.. she pushed back into me with her arse as if to create space. I laughed to myself. you see I never really understand why women try to do this.. are they stupid. its their way of saying back off me.. but it just heighten the pleasure to a whole new level..

As the train jerked and swayed side to side I used the motion to leudly drag my cock slowly yet forcefully across her arse side to side I just kept fucking going side to side side to side as cock trembled and twitched uncontrollably against her in sheer pleasure she felt my every inch as she kept trying to move forward a bit but everytime I simply shut gap with my cock, shoving it against her forcefully to let her know I was not going let her go.

After a few more thumps and pumps I adjusted myself so my cock was now directly pointing outwards it was fucking bursting out like 90degrees in front of me.. I pressed so hard into her that was cock was bent to a right angle.. I fucking hurt but yet was such incredible feeling. By now she must have figured she was not getting away as she stopped trying to move and seemed to just accept her fate. She just seemed calm now I knew I was a champion as I felt the pulsations coming "ohhhh my fucking god I wanted to scream and shout and just fucking ohhhhhh my lord' and there it was.. I came right there on the spot holding my breath but my dick twitching so insanely and my body slightly spasming. it was easily one of the best feelings ever. (maybe better than some drunk sex ive had before) I just felt so good everything just seemed to slow down. I mean this must have lasted 3 minutes max but it just felt like forever. I wanted to wrap my arms around this little booper and kiss her head but I didn't. as the train got to the next stop she was already battling to get off. she never once looked back.. I had to call in sick that day and go home and spent all day masturbating. has anyone ever done that?

Haha see usually the whole animal rage doesn't come out.. it used to be my game but I called it quits and decided to be more professional but you cant unlearn what you already know and from feeling like I was going to get arrested to cumming on some young slut that was probably up there with best of my experiences..

Sometimes you have an amazing experience you want the readers to feel the feeling you did at that time.. I know you wont as it was my experience not yours but when you read this just remember your best experience and the immortalness top of the world feeling you felt after.. that's exactly what I felt that day and it really is one of the best feelings ever..

london geezer (Sun 14 Jul 2013 07:34:26 GMT)

Paris metro is meant to be chikanb paraside if you simply google groping in paris there are numerous stroies from vitcims who this has happened too.. Maybe the situation has improved I'm not sure but be sure to tell us your stories.I like the way you said that back to the lady holdinh ground is good staying composed and remebering your not guilty til charged your just another innocent commutet on a packed train like everyone else haha. Good one. Will you be around for nottinghill carnival this is the only event really to look forward to in london then after that itl be months til nye..... A few concerts inbetween but no free large events happen in london... :-(

guest: met police crackdown (Tue 30 Jul 2013 08:17:54 GMT)

guest... blimey reading that and seeing things where chikans have been caught really puts me off the game. i realise every dog has his day.. im ive been wanting to quit public transport frotting for ages i know the system is getting harder on sexual predators. only problem is concerts are rare and expensive public transport is part of the daily commute and is easy.. such a shame.

August award: Guestz
For the story about magical experience in sunny kingdom.
(Wet in no rain land.)

NYC SUBWAYS (Fri 02 Aug 2013 16:15:20 GMT)

I've done my thing on the West Coast, which is where I started, to the East. I've done plenty in both places and have great memories. But to be honest I wish I could have lived in NY! From what I've heard for years is just how good the NYC subway is for us! But now it seems the crackdowns will kill it, without me ever having a go of it. I remember once on the Dave Letterman show, he made a "10 best" list, or something to that effect, and one of the jokes went something like this: "Scientist did a study and determined men in New York City have the highest sperm count. The only bad thing about the study is that you would likely discover it on the New York City subways! Lol..Ever since I have wanted to go, then I discovered this site!

"Sperming" on bare skin (Mon 05 Aug 2013 17:40:55 GMT)

I know there's a few of you guys that are like me. You love the idea of nutting on bare skin with your exposed member. Well, as much as I love it, I think I will refrain from it if I can help myself. Why? It's really just too risky. I know what some are thinking! Like, duh! Yes I know, but the truth is that I've done just that sort of thing for well over 30 years and not once had a problem, but a short time ago I almost got into some serious trouble, but dodged it. And the feeling I had while in the mist of it was sickening. I don't want to ever go through that again, although the "nutt" was excellent, almost unparalleled, it's just not worth getting busted. I realized that at that point of "no return" I didn't think straight, I was only concerned about letting her have it all, and that was not smart. So from now on ill keep it in my pants (thin as they might be) and not let my spasms attract her attention. I do like to leave cum on them, but I got other ways to achieve that goal without them being alerted as its being released. Gotta be way more careful these days! Re: guest, please write the story up about the hottie with the leggings!

Re: Red Dragon request (Wed 07 Aug 2013 18:51:38 GMT)

Red Dragon I actually already posted that story, a week or so ago. It appeared under "Guest" without the z at the end because of autocorrect. What happened was my target ended up in front of me by her own fault. Well to clarify, she wasn't a target by my own doing, but because of the chaos in the mosh pit I got really lucky. She was a blonde beauty, and when she bumped into me I immediately felt to see if she had on shorts, and as luck had it not only did she, but she also had the most beautiful skin, big perfect thighs, and she was the perfect height! Since it was so chaotic I didn't even try to test her, I just started feeling her up as much as I could! I stuck with her and to her for as long as I could, which was about 10 minutes. She moved to the front, obviously having the time of her life in the pit, but she had to be new at it because I was doing anything I wanted to her thighs, legs, ass. Only once did she look at me, we'll twice. But I had my hand under her shorts, and in between her thighs. I got so worked up, even in the rough pit, that when she got to the front and started dancing I couldn't take it much longer so I pulled my shorts to the side and stuck "it" right under her shorts! She jumped up and down furiously, and the sweat from her thighs was cool on my dick. I bent down so it would drag the from the back of her knees up to her g-stringed ass. Within about a minute, I started squirting, but I took it further and held the bell against her bare skin, and that is when it became a problem. She felt the gushing and without too much more info I finished, played it off, then got the hell out! I was so nervous because she made it clear at that point that she knew and I never had that happen, so I left. That kind of nutt is the absolute best, but not when you get that reaction, so moving foward ill be way more careful.

The dreaded "player" posts (Fri 09 Aug 2013 13:08:12 GMT)

I know it's a beating a dead horse, and ManaSteel is right. We should leave it be, but someone always brings up a good point on the subject. If you are a good-looking, nice smelling guy, that in itself opens some, certainly not most, but some women open up to your chikan activities. Not saying there's a relationship, just that they aren't about to cause a big scene. Just let you do it and be done. I'll say two things: In all the years I've chikanned, I've only had maybe 2 experiences where I was in fear of police problems. That's not bad considering some of what I've gotten away with. And in all the years, which is nearing 40, I can count on one hand how many targets I think that I could maybe talk to and take it into something more. It could be more, but I don't know. So these doctors know some things about us, but definitely not all aspects.

Re: Gagly/getting some (Sun 11 Aug 2013 19:06:40 GMT)

Gagly man! Don't be a real-life "40 Year Old Virgin"! Nothing wrong with getting a good call girl so you can get that monkey off your back! Get that out of the way first! Then worry about chikan activity. This chikan thing thing should only be a 2nd outlet for gratification, since its in you.

Re: Shogie post (Tue 13 Aug 2013 15:48:49 GMT)

I already know your stance on players, Shogie, so I'm not rehashing that argument. I just wanted to say that these juicy booty girls like the ones described in recent posts are what I would be inclined to call players. Now the thing is, if you target those more often I think the success rate goes up. For a ton of reasons those are better targets by far. In my experience the thinner girls are just harder to get because of various factors. But thicker girls with those bible butts make it good because you don't have to get so close on them. I like that onion poking out so far that all I have to do is let my dick get hard and I'm on it without having to breath on their neck. I think those with onion booties get harassed already, so they either accept it or steer clear of crowds where they might encounter it. I personally know girls like that, friends of the family, that won't Goot crowded places, so when at a packed/sold out venue, if you see them right in the pit or against the barrier chances are they know what to expect. Then the other thing in today's weight conscious society guys tend to go after thin girls, that's just how it is. So the big booties don't always get attention. That's just my thought: that they might sometimes welcome some dick on them, especially in close quarters where it might be overlooked. At least I hope this theory is right because right now I could use that scenario! Lol!!! I need to get out soon!

Humpers paradise (Mon 19 Aug 2013 00:15:19 GMT)

Florida has to be a chikan paradise! Was there for a week, and never have I groped and back-handed so much ass and bare, deep tanned thighs in all my life! The malls, parks, restaurants, etc., all have skin galore! Not once did anyone protest! My trip didn't allow me to do any humping, but I made a mental note to go back for that in the future. Unbelievable!

Disney nut (Wed 21 Aug 2013 19:31:33 GMT)

I wanted to share an experience that I had years ago in one of the truly "happiest places on earth", ad the saying goes. Growing up on the west coast as a child, my family often visited Disneyland, which for me was a magical experience. All walks of life would be enjoying the park, and since it was sunny Southern California in the summer, plenty of skin would be in abundance. I'm talking early 70's, so the mini skirt and "hot pants" we're the norm, so imagine a kid like myself going through puberty out among the crowds like that , but with his family?! I remember looking for every excuse in the book to breakaway for long enough to get out of sight so I could rub or touch something even if for a second. I'd go home that night and remember women or girls that I had bumped or groped and jerk myself to sleep. It was such torture! But when I got much older, I figured I could go on my own and explore, which I did back in the 80's/90's. I remembered how the crowds would gather before 9 p.m. for the nightly firework shows they put on in the park, and how "Tinker Bell" would descend from the mountain on a cable high up. The kids loved it, and then the show would begin. This was a chikans heaven! The crowds would be insane first of all because there would be a parade just before, where all the Disney characters would pass by on floats, so the streets would be lined 3 or 4 rows deep, and there were plenty of places to plant yourself to take advantage. Now this was way before I even knew other people did what I did. I had no idea that this "condition" existed, so I thought I was doing something special. Anyways, I knew from so many visits to the park that the entrance to fantasyland was the best place to be because it bottlenecked there. So that's where I camped out. This was a tremendously good outing because that summer had been a particularly hot one, and everyone (females of all kinds) was doing their part for a person like myself. I visited all the gift shops, eating areas, gathering spots, any place where I could have an excuse to squeeze by, and it was a groupers heaven, so I was worked up. So as the parade started, I found a family that I'm sure we're from another country, scantily-clad, and enjoying the outing so much that they didn't pay attention to the pervert lurking near there teenage beauty. She was pinned against a concrete railing and leaning over it with shorts on that exposed some beautiful bootycheeks. A tanned, long-legged beauty! She had to be European, because she and her family had quite a bit of height on them, which I always loved. I scoped out the scene as quickly as possible: the dad was oblivious, perched ont the opposite end, away from the object of my lust. There was another older couple with them, and I believe it could have been inlaws or something, but they weren't a problem; and their must have been 5 or 6 kids, girls and boys, younger than my prey, so she was kind of helping to watch them, but no one watched her!i eased in and immediately made contact with the back of my right hand. She paid no attention at all. Over the next five or ten minutes I back-handed her thighs, then cupped them. She didn't acknowledge any of it. The older women looked my way and said something to her husband, but that moment came and went fast. I went back to what I was doing, only now a little more boldly. Back then I had never thought of putting my bare member on anyone, but the way I was that night, it came to mind. Since she was bending over the railing I leaned with her and made contact, my protruding, clothes-covered dick was pressed against her bare thigh, and it throbbed as I made contact. I just knew she would turn and catch me, wondering what I was doing, but she didn't. I started grinding really good against her as the parade progressed. It was coming to an end, and I was worked up pretty good, but I wanted to do more. That's when I decided to slip my dick out. I unzipped my shorts and slowly pulled it out and nudged it against her thigh. That's when I exploded! Just the sensation of my bell end against her bare skin pushed all the right buttons! I pulled it away just so it would "spray" her thigh with cum. It happened at the right time because something got the crowd excited enough for her to rise up on her tiptoes and squeal in delight. Whatever it was it distracted her long enough not to notice the stream running down her thigh/leg! I felt I would pass out from the pleasure! What I did though, was I got nervous and tucked my sticky wick back into my shorts as the last spasm subsided. Panicky, I abruptly made my way out of the crowd, out of the park, and into my car. I remember riding home 20 minutes later, dick starting to throb again with the thought of what is just done, and a new chapter had begun in my chikan-life. To this day that memory gets me hot and bothered.

September award: Guestz
For "Weekend trip to Mars" story.
(No, it's not Mars. It's Paradise.)

A little friendly play (WARNING: she may be 24 years old) (Sun 01 Sep 2013 20:22:02 GMT)

Another surprise free concert in the park on Saturday. Yummy! The crowd wasn't really like I would want it, but the 6 ft. blonde helped me out! Yes Shogie, a player! Hehe! Girl had on those runner-type shorts, you know the ones that are loose-fitting and come up high on the sides, where it seems like you could almost see their groin area if lifted up. Well, check out what I did: she was about 5'11", perfect for me. I dropped my hand down so I could swipe the side of her thigh, and she stood firm in her spot like no big deal. So I just progress over an hours time to slowly moving it back and forth, to create enough friction almost to the point you could hear it. Swish, swish, swish, occasionally turning my hand around to get some really good gropes, only receiving a few nervous smiles. It was then I realized she was with some nerd that was standing a row away, in front of her. Apparently she didn't want him to notice what was happening, so I think she was just letting me know to be careful. Once I figured that out, I got hornier! Is once she was the perfect height, and by now the crowd a little tighter, I pulled my super-thin shorts to the side and let my water-hose just hang close to her thigh. Instead of my hand rubbing her smooth thigh, I let my now-throbbing dick just caress her skin. Every now and then I would turn to my right looking over my shoulder as if looking for someone, at the same time dragging my bare wicker against her. I knew she could feel it just by the look in her eye! Pre-cum was now undoubtedly getting on her and her shorts! But just as I was about to let her have it, dummy that she's with turns to leave, and she asked him what was up and I think he said something about a phone call, or something to that affect. Couldn't have been worse timing. But I thought pretty quick: Ias she turned to leave, I just grabbed my Johnson and wiped it against her thigh really aggressively, to let her know for sure that I was really gonna miss her standing there. That startief me to cum to no end! There was a black girl within 2 strides to my right that at the last second I was able to get behind, and she had no idea that in that short a time-span that I was shooting what should have been a load for my "friend" on her jeans! It was soooo good of a night!

Man of the month! (Tue 03 Sep 2013 13:25:34 GMT)

Wow! My little story won? Thanks fellas! Glad I could contribute!

To answer GroinRubbers' post (Fri 06 Sep 2013 13:15:41 GMT)

Just call me "Guestz". I'm definitely a well-seasoned chikan, and have been one since as long as I can remember. Even before I started grammar school! I'm in the music business by day, but by night i love to frequent concert venues where I can practice my professional hobby: rubbing on women's backsides, and when possible, their bare thighs!

Re: Shogie's concerns (Fri 06 Sep 2013 21:49:28 GMT)

Shogie, I do understand your concern, and I did think about it before I replied to GR's suggestion, but I think it can be done as to not give away to much info but to give a general picture as to the demographics of the chikan world. I'll just say to anyone that does it, be careful!

Shogie/Backhander discussion (Sun 08 Sep 2013 02:54:34 GMT)

Got to agree with Shogie on this argument. If you've been in the game as long as he and I have, you learn some things about people. When it comes to personal space, depending on the situation, some folks are oblivious to their own space! For instance: I tend to go to venues where there might be younger folk, or sometimes places where people gathering up closely just dismiss personal space. Like crowds on Venice beach on a busy Sunday afternoon. I've been all up in booty, sometimes with nothing on them but bikinis, and they don't even look back to see a dick dripping with per-cum! If they were all about personal space that would be the time to protest! But it often just doesn't happen in the scenarios I place myself in. That's probably why I've been so happily successful doing what I do.

GR "Round and round" (Tue 10 Sep 2013 14:37:18 GMT)

Sometimes it's like that! I (like any good chikan) hate to be caught-up in that situation. Case-in-point: I used to frequent a very busy International arrival-area at a big airport. On some days, it was not consistent, but some times of the day the crowds would be enormous, with people waitin for flights that might be hours late, and even when they would be on time it was hard to tell when their anticipated passenger would show-up after clearing customs. There was a long railing that everyone stood side-by-side hanging over, for literally hours! You'll would not believe the possibilities of this spot! Depending on where the flight was coming from (Phillipines, South America, Europe or beyond) you could hit paydirt. But you had to be careful because of who your target might be with. There were times I'd be on a gem, only to have dads or moms or boyfriends come over and let me know in their own way that no, I had to back off! I learned that I really had to survey the scene before I mounted anything, and sometimes that took a very long time. It would be painstaking, and yes there were a bunch of times where the crowd would thin, and despatately I'd try to get something just so my time wasn't waisted. It was always frustrating, knowing what good luck I'd had in the past, but how patient you had to be upon arrival before you could actually take the plunge. I'd get there sometimes when it was packed just right, but then spend hours figuring out who was with whom. Other times it would be obvious who was alone: that might get out of their car and make the walk to baggage-claim at the same time I did, and squeeze into the perfect spot right in front of me! I can say this though: I had some "nuttingly" good times and some crushing disappointments all at that one spot!

Next outing should be yummy good! (Sun 15 Sep 2013 17:56:29 GMT)

Since I don't really get out that often to do my thing I try to choose venues that almost guarantee success, like the Vans Warped tour earlier this summer. Well fellas I got another one coming up real soon, and its shaping up to be a winner: a 2-day, outdoors festival with some big-draw headliners; one of the days already a sell-out, and very warm weather forecasted for the days in question! OMG am I excited! My last outing resulted in a beautiful thrashing of an 18-20 year old blondes' deep-tanned thighs getting a load of cum splashed on her. I still relish that evening! This, if it works like I think it will, will be just as rewarding. I'll report back days after it goes down.

Re: Comment to GroinRubber (Mon 16 Sep 2013 11:30:36 GMT)

Just a quick comment about my upcoming gig: I trying not to get too excited because I hate to do that only to have it turn up a dud, but I just checked the schedule and it looks to be an absolute dream of a day! The crowds should be a mix of young, old, and of every nationality a chikan could dream of! And on that subject of abstinence: holding back for about 2weeks seems to work perfectly in my case. Any longer though and I got problems!

Dayglow! (Thu 19 Sep 2013 03:24:57 GMT)

Whoa! I'm with you on that one GroinRubber! Man! Where did this crap come from?! And when I say crap I don't mean crap as in bad! This is amazing! That is the kind of thing that keeps a chikan in the game. How can you give up knowing this type of thing goes on somewhere in this world? Jimeny cricket! Anyway, 2 days to fun time! I think I'll copy a pic of "dayglow" and glance at it while riiding something this weekend!

Re: GR/sold out (Fri 20 Sep 2013 18:12:16 GMT)

Hey GR, I know the torture you're going through bro! And I feel for you! Let me share two quick experiences with the board: One time I hesitated buying a ticket to a reggae festival, and within days the general admission tickets sold-out! I was heart broken! Reggae concert? Sold out? Imagine the booties at that show! Well this is what I did: went to the show anyway, bought a seated ticket with no access to the floor in hopes of sneaking down. But my luck changed dramatically as soon as the gates opened! A young white girl that was so eager to get in threw her ticket stub to the wind, not knowing she would have to show the stub to gain access to the floor! Guess what quick-thinking chikan got it, almost before it hit the ground! Lol...Another time I was on the opposite side of luck: had a ticket to a sold-out Keith Richards and the X-pensive winos concert and had to eat the ticket because of a last-minute mistaken emergency!

Night one experiences (Sat 21 Sep 2013 03:37:47 GMT)

Just got in from the first night of a 2-day festival. All I'll say right now is I haven't groped so much at a rock concert like tonight in ages! And some of the most beautiful women! I'll give and update after night two!

weekend trip to Mars (Sun 22 Sep 2013 21:40:14 GMT)

To tell the truth, I don't know where to even start this story because so much went on. I gotta try to keep it short though, because I'm having trouble with my no-so-smart phone. Attended my once a year outdoor music festival. Had waited in anticipation a very long time and had watched the weather so I would know what to expect clothing-wise. As I mentioned several days ago, the weather was going to help me tremendously, and it did, with only one snafu, which I'll discuss later. First evening I could hardly breath I was so excited. Got to the train station and before I could park I knew what type of evening I was in for: there were females in every size, shape, color and age, scantily clad, and all headed in the concert direction! When I tell you it was exciting, believe me! I hadn't been to an outdoor festival ever at this time of year with weather as nice as it was, so it was all falling into place better than I could have imagined. I get to my stop and the train empties! I wanted to run the distance from the train stop to the venue, but decided to take in the view and save my energy for the real fun, so I just kept a steady pace. Before I even entered the long line to get in I spotted one I had to grope: she looked to be of Mid-Eastern descent, maybe 5'10", and she was all bare, perfectly colored skin-toned thighs, with shorts right up to her bottom. I got right behind her in the haphazard lines, and within 5 minutes I was side-by-side with her, the back of my hand gently touching her soft skin. That went on for ten minutes without her even glancing at me, so when we made it through the cue I decided to make her the first target for the evening. Filled her for a short distance to see which of the 3 stages she was headed, but greed overtook me! There were so many potential targets I decided to go to the busiest stage first and then choose a target which was just as good. I get to the first show of the evening and since it was a hip hop artist, plenty of booty shaking is already in affect! I'm already swiping thighs, cupping cheeks, and grinding. I settled in in a white girl that seemed to be used to brothers rubbing on her ample caboose, and she was more that willing to oblige. I didn't want to blow too quickly though, so lucky for me I was catching the last 30 minutes of his set. This is just the beginning guys, but I got a lot more to tell before in done. To be continued.......

Being careful about chikan (Tue 24 Sep 2013 15:09:25 GMT)

Reading that recent link about the awareness has made me think a little differently now. Although I just had a very successful chikan-filled weekend, I think I'm going to start keeping the activity to a minimum. It's really hard seeing a concert in a particular venue being advertised and not go, but I think this has to be kept to a minimum because the more I go the more I wanna go! This past weekend really turned me on. There was just so much opportunity and such willingness on some my targets' part that it could lead to complacency, therefore bigger issues. Believe me, this weekend was phenomenal! My dick was raw when I got done, and I was drained of all cum. When it was over it didn't take a long time for me to be planning on going again. So for now I'm gonna hold back and just read stories on the board because I can feel myself getting like I was back in the eighties, and I can't take those risks anymore!

The whole chikan game (Wed 25 Sep 2013 20:15:15 GMT)

It hit me out of nowhere! I think we are making a much bigger problem out of the chikan-thing than it should be. Most problems with chikan activity occur in public places like train, bus mall, etc. I have yet to have a serious problem at a concert in the 37 years that I've been attending the, and to be honest, the one issue I had this summer, which turned out to be a non-issue, was that I got too blatantly nasty! Problem now solved: if we stick to really crowded places like general admission, standing room only venues where everyone KNOWS there will be contact, the chances of trouble are decreased dramatically! Think about it: how many stories have you read about someone being busted at a packed concert? Or a hastily put together World Champion celebration parade in a large city? If you keep your dick in your pants, no matter how good it feels you won't have a problem. I believe this to be 110% good advice. Only problem is it will reduce your opportunities, but hey, that can be a good thing too! Think about this: if somehow all chikan activity just ceased in public places, then soon enough their guards would drop! Lol

Weekend trip to Mars, Part two (Mon 30 Sep 2013 02:23:39 GMT)

It's been a week since I started this story, so I'm gonna gloss over it to get it done now: Okay, so after leaving the hiphop/rap set, I said to myself I gotta get where the skin is. That being the stage featuring the rock/pop groups, so I took a 5 minute walk over and on my way tried to grope every girl in arms reach! By the time I got to the stage I was in a frenzy! This was the first of two nights, a beautiful evening, and a perfect setting for chikan. It was crowded and I really wanted to get closer to the stage but it would be awhile before I could. In the meantime, I was able to get on one rump after the other. About 3 hours into the concert, with another 3 to go it started getting good. I was deep in the crowd, and three blondes come crashing to the near-front of the stage: 2 of them were okay, but the 3rd was the winner. What was strange though was that she would not stay still. She was constantly moving her hips from side to side and I was confused because as soon as I would get some good friction going she would move away out of reach! Then I realized it: the girl was high on something! Whatever it was she could not stop moving, and she seemed uncomfortable with it. She wanted to stand next to me, then she wanted to be next to this other guy, then she was kissing one of her female friends! A group of guys picked up quick on the situation and started chatting the three up, which was killing my chances, then all of a sudden, puff! They walked out of the crowd! The group of guys were pissed, and so was I! But what I did was, about 5 minutes later I left too, so I could start fresh in a new area of the crowd. About 30 to 40 minutes later I was on a lesbian chick, but it was a bit of work. I decided it was ok for a while, which turned out to be about an hour. When the next band came on I hit pay dirt! I'd seen a black girl in the crowd, there weren't many, but the ones that were there were usually "right", so to speak. Somehow when the crowd started going wild over the band that had just come on, she was somehow all of a sudden next to me! I put my hand down to see what she had on for me, and wahlah! She was all bare-thigh! That was it! As soon as I could adjust my shorts I had my member up against her thigh, bare dick to bare thigh, as she violently jumped up-and -down to the beat! That went on and off for maybe 5 minutes then she glanced back at me then her white friends. I had to play it off for a while so I found a Chinese girl with some shorts on to play with, but from time to time I just groped my black friend. A while later she was whisked off by a white guy so I gave up on her. Being really worked up now with the last band of the night coming on soon, I had to find an outlet for the weeks of build-up in me, so I found a nice little Jewish-looking girl with a fat booty and rode her like a bronco! I was on her for about 40 minutes, rubbing on her neighbor, when finally I said enough! I worked it up real good against her back-door then finally, with knee-weakening impact, I came, all all her white shorts and beige top! She felt me spasming against her because she stopped moving while I came, but never turned around or protested. It was so much come I was drained, so with the last drip I turned a started my long journey home so I could rest for the second day......

October award: GroinRubber.
(A gig makes you thirstier too.)

Autumn Ass! (Fri 04 Oct 2013 21:29:00 GMT)

How would you guys like to get behind this in a 'cock-out' situation...ahhhhhhhhhhhh...ugh uhhh...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaa!

I agree with you Shogie 'check's' add in paper post was unique, and it's great to see. A refreshing change!


Man Of The Month Award. (Fri 04 Oct 2013 21:48:48 GMT)

For Man Of The Month my vote goes to Guestz for his "Weekend trip to Mars" story. Awesome story and well written. I really felt that I was there with you Guestz.

I may perhaps be a little biased, as your technique and though process sounds very similar to mine. (Or is that just me)? You have my vote all the same, and I look forward to more soon.


PS: I'll put a short story up soon on my recent outing.

FOURTEEN 'POUNDS' LIGHTER. (Sat 05 Oct 2013 11:33:05 GMT)

Well, you all know that I didn't get that golden ticket for the Sold Out gig,which was gutting to say the least. But anyway, I got to my gig of original destination and things didn't turn out all that bad. I've called this...


I arrived close to my gig about ten minutes after door opening time. I could see people making their way to the gig. I saw quite a few chicks with the band's name on T-shirts, jeans and leather trousers, some with a gut flopping over. I felt sick to the pit of my stomach, knowing that half hour ago, I had just left a long line of teens in Daisy Dukes with bear legs, and skin tight leggings.

I had to get over this though, and I made my way reluctantly and grumpy to the entrance. Once inside, I noticed a loose crowd had already began to form about three rows deep near the barricades, and people were coming in in couples and groups quite quickly. I knew this crowd would soon tighten up, so it was time to scope out the target...Lee Harvey Oswald style..lololol!

I had a little walk through the loose crowd, in a way that didn't arouse too much suspicion (Like I had at this gig before). The pickings were slim but satisfactory. I spotted this couple...a fat chap with his wife/girlfriend. The girlfriend had on skin tight bleach died denim jeans, looked thin material too.
She wasn't great looking, but had a fantastic oga zoola on her...ahhhhaaaa!
Protruding and round, and curving nicely, but not to deeply, into the crack.

I got behind them when it hit me. This couple smelt fusty! An unwashed kind of smell...not like shit or anything like that, but like a laundry basket sweaty sock kind of smell...quite strong too. The GroinRubber couldn't be choosy though, so I stayed put...and like I say...the ass was worth it.
I soon got used to it, and it may even have been someone else nearby, I couldn't be sure. (this smelly issue happened to anyone else)?

Througout the support band I made some light cock 'accidental' contact with her ass with my cock still in my underwear in my thin shorts. She looked to the side a little but no fuss at all.
After the support act had finished, I looked back to see the crowd tighter than ever, but still a little room for manoeuvrability. The guy of the couple turned back also and said to me "It's getting Busy now" which allowed me to strike up a conversation about bands and stuff, in which his partner joined in.

She kept turning sideways to talk, sprawling her hip on my still panted twitching semi. Once she even looked down at my prick area, as I carried on chatting 'obliviously' to the fat husband/partner. I felt that I'd established some safety. Just then the thunderous intro music to the main band thumped through the speaker system.

Smelly (as I'll cruelly call her) turned to face the stage, along with Tubby (as I'll aptly call him) The band came on and this big tall youth next to Smelly went nuts, flailing his fucking stupid lanky piss-streaking body everywhere.
Smelly cowered a little, so I leaned forward and asked if she'd like me to hold the barrier to brace her in...Hur Hur Huuuur! She said 'yeah' but Fatty the fucking hero intervened and braced her both sides kindly saying to me 'Don't worry dude, I've got it...there's always one dick' I said yeah...little did he know my fucker was twitching.

I tried to edge and barge in, bumping Fatty out of the way, using the crowd as an excuse, but he was standing his ground and I was pissed man...PISSED!
I looked around to my left and spotted this nicely built milf around 35 ish, about 5,8 with lovely shapely thighs leading up to a curvaceous booty. I looked at her face and she'd caught me eying up her body, so I just cheekily smiled, and she smiled back!!

My insides tingled, so I used the crowd again to edge behind her over time. This was a difficult manoeuvre as she was one row back from me. I finally got behind her, did some testing cock brushes still panted up. No reaction, nothing, but she must have known I was there. She kept swirling her hips in a circular motion, doing the 'Laundry Cycle' on my cock. It felt amazing, so I just let her do her thang on my cock, whilst it was still under my pants. I was teasing myself, enjoying the moment

My cock was growing and my bell end was trying to escape over my underwear waistband. It was time to release the Kraken. I slid my cock out and pointed it up (still under my mega thin shorts) and just let her keep grazing my helmet with her as. It bounced around in her crevice, and she never looked back once. I can't say wether or not she was a player as I just didn't know. She may have been enjoying the band so much that she didn't notice me...I guess it's possible.

The night was getting on, and quite a few songs passed whiles I'd been teasing my now pre-cum sodden fireman's hat on her swaying back door. I felt like I wanted to cum a few times and had to keep stopping...I didn't want this to end. Another song come on, a ballad/mid-tempo kind of track and as she rocked and swirled, I just sank my cock into her crack, and my cock was rock solid, ready to burst. She made no reaction. No sidewards glances...NOTHING!

As she swirled I could feel myself getting close and I breathed heavy like a wounded tiger. This was gonna be a huge load, and I decided to count the contractions when the time came. My breathing turned into 'ahhh' 'aggghh' and I held nothing back audibly, the music was so loud. Just then a swirling tingling started in my balls and whistled up my shaft as I let out a huge 'Agggghhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaah' as my cock exploded in her crack. My fucking knees turned to jelly and quivered, and I swear I nearly fell to the fucking ground. The orgasm seemed to travel through my whole lower body. 'Pound Pound Pound' jumped my tube-steak in her crack. My abs twitched against her lower back and there couldn't have been any way she was not experiencing this.

I counted away with my eyes closed looking at the ceiling. After the huge orgasm I let my cock carry on pumping out the final dregs one pump every three seconds or so until stopped. I was fourteen 'Pounds' lighter, and I don't know whether that's an excessive amount or not, I've never counted in detail lolol! I could feel piston juice running down my legs in some abundance, and the air was full of the smell, but no one cared. Everyone was just doing their own thing. I took a bathroom break, cleaned up best I could with shit roll and hand dryer, and went back out in search of another nutt. I found another great target further back, but I couldn't get beyond a decent semi. I was fucked! On the way home, I still couldn't get that other sold out gig out my mind. Maybe I would have left that venue 16 pounds or so lighter? We'll never know. (Pound counts at your next outing chikans please) lolol!


RE: Shogie's Video. (Wed 09 Oct 2013 22:10:54 GMT)

Shogie's Video.

Ahhhhhhhhh...that was some video Shoges! Awesome quality, and and even better ass!! Beautiful legs and calf's I would have nutted in minutes if I'd have gotten behind her at a concert! Grrrrroooowwwwwllll! Made my thingy go hard just watching that fucker. Pure excellence Shogun! It's that shit right there that that keeps me addicted to this drug.


Got the chance of a great gig in just over two weeks. It's a sold out gig, but I think I'll be able to obtain a ticket for this from my sources. I've done some research and it's gonna be about 90% teens, which I know sounds great, but is that too much? I fear I may stand out a little...mmmmmmmmmm?

OR...I could hang fire for another gig in November, a band I've been to see numerous times and nutted every time all but once, and that was because I overly refrained and teased myself and left in a couple of songs too late. Gaaaaaaaghhh...Frustrating!! I did put the story up which pertained to last years gig of the same band but I can't remember the title of my story, and I've tried some keywords, but still can't find it! Maybe it will come to me.

I can't get those sexy slutty attitude ridden teens out of my head though, at a sell out show too...what to do? Don't want to attend two gigs as i'm already spending far too much on my drug habit this year.


RE:The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Thu 10 Oct 2013 20:53:22 GMT)

@ The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan

I'd rather not give away the name of the band/Artist that I am contemplating seeing, for obvious reasons, but how about this:

Which area/part of country/vicinity (down to a quarter of the country of you wish...just be really vague, the world is a huge place.) are you going to see your Artist/band in. If it's near me, I'll give you the nod and we can perhaps meet. I could wear something specific so you could find me and we can do a duophonic lololol!

Let me know, but be vague.

@ Shogie:

Looking forward to your trials and tribulations at the bar/disco Shoges!


Golden Ticket Worry! (Sun 13 Oct 2013 19:37:30 GMT)

Hello fellow frotteurs.

Firstly, guest. My show is no where near Philly so we can't go on the 'duo hunt' this time around. Have a great gig though Brother and please come back and tell us all about it.

Golden Ticket.

Well, I'm happy to say that this time I got that golden ticket to the sold out show of which there will be predominantly teens (about 95%. I got the ticket from my tout contact who came through for me this all if forgiven for letting me down at that last venue lolol!

I'm worried though!

As this show will be predominantly teens, more so than any I've been to for a long time, I'm concerned I'll stand out too much, but the chikan in me just had to buy that fucking ticket.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no old dude, and I don't see myself as an ugly or undesirable person, but I'm aware that there will lots of teen girls, and this can sometimes promote an unnatural paranoia which can ultimately make things worse...from walking in the gig past security to unnatural and suspicious behaviour when inside the venue.

I Would really appreciate some advice from any chikans who have been through this scenario/situation.


RE: Liquid Lapdance / Gig. (Sun 13 Oct 2013 22:43:16 GMT)

RE: The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan .

Sorry I referred to you as 'Guest' in the last post. Just a typo on my part. My apology all the same Brother.

RE: Guest. Liquid Lapdance.

It's strange that you posted this as my very next topical was going to be 'How to stop a piston juice mess in your pants'

This device looks good, and I guess solves this a degree! The only thing about this is though that I think it would take away the feeling of that cock on ass, with just a thin layer of clothing separating you and the targets booty.

This has been an issue for me forever, as I guess it may have been for some of you too. I've tried different things like home-made paper cups that fit the bell end which you put on the second you ejaculate.

This can be good, but it's a fumbling time perfecting technique required, so...that's a No No!
I've tried holding my thumb over my dead pig's eye, but that nulls the that's a No too!

My last gig second nutt was ruined as I was caked in piston juice, tons of it. I'd like to nutt twice this weekend, especially when there's going to be so much teen booty, and it will be so packed that I can't go to the bathroom to clean up as I won't get my space back.

Maybe just a load of toilet paper in my pocket is a good idea to mop up the excess to make the second coming a good experience. Any advice/Ideas anyone?

RE: Shogie:

There won't be any 'musty smelling' bitches at this gig Brother. Just loads of teens that all smell of Britney Spears perfume. Ha ha...ha haaargg haaargghg haaaauuurgle! Any advice on any of the posts would be appreciated Shoges!


RE: Shogie/Guestz/First Timer. (Mon 14 Oct 2013 21:55:59 GMT)

RE: Shogie and Guestz.

Thanks guys. Your words were encouraging! Of course - I have been to gigs with lots of teens, but some years back, and the last I went to more recently (about 2 years back which is on here somewhere) I got more odd looks from a teen or two but that was about it.

Once I'm inside the venue, I'm sure it will be so rammed things will be fine. I think if I look at what's really bothering me is the hand in of the ticket on the door where there is security man and CCTV. Can't an 'innocent' older guy go and see a younger band/artist without arousing suspicions? Lololol!

If my Spider Sense tingles, I'll probably just lay off the chikan to avoid danger, and just enjoy the show, even though I know nothing about the artists. Lol! I got the ticket for a good price, thanks to my tout, so all won't be lost.

But, I'm hoping things will be fine, and it's my prick that tingles and not my Spider Sense lolol! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa those sweet teen asses! Your cock explodes like a freshly squeezed fucking zit as soon as it touches those tender buns. I think I'm more nervous because I know how exiting this could potentially be.

First Timer.

Yes...I've seen Muse at a and I blew like a fucking fire hydrant over this 20 something's ass wearing leggings. Ahhhhhhhhhhhaaargghhhaaahhaaa!
Go for it. You won't be disappointed. My experience was a packed venue and spoilt for fucking choice.


Update. (Thu 17 Oct 2013 19:53:09 GMT)

@Tank Jnr:

Well firstly Tank, thanks for your comment/advice. I can see why you add 'Jnr' after your name. Unless you were just being flippant, the kind of advice you're giving is the attitude I had in the days of yesteryear when I was a rookie.

As the years pass we as chikans (or at least me) need to be more adept at our craft. I simply cannot ignore the growing technology of CTTV and security equipment used in the modern day chikan arena. And that's on top of the actual guards and bouncers etc.

If (in your opinion) analysing is turning me into a 'nervous wreck' then so be it. I'd rather be a nervous wreck than some sorry chikan who got his ass severely busted and has to suffer the consequences and repercussions of his actions. And all because he just 'Went for It' Thanks all the same Tank.


Well the gig is looming, just a couple of nights to go. I've been contemplating on finding a teen in some short shorts and getting some cock out thrills on them tender thighs...Ahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Only problem is the weather forecast in my area states a cool night (and I don't mean cool 'good') so there may not be any Daisy Duke wearing teens for the taking. However the crowd should allow for cock out, so we'll see how it goes.

Seeing as there will b eso much target material at this show, I'm planning a double piston blower, so I've planned to catch the bulk of the first load in some bathroom paper so I'm dry and fresh for the second. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We'll see how it all pans out.

I've been checking out the footage at the Band/Artists recent shows, and looking at the crowd and all the teens gave me diarrhoea lololol! I've not nutted for two weeks And strangely, LBS (Lilac Ball Syndrome) has not set in yet. Which is good I guess...Oh...and thats a GroinRubber term and not a Shogun one lololol!

Which reminds me often to you go bar nutting...weekly? Just curious.

I'll report back soon. Have a good weekend.


'No Nutter' (Sun 20 Oct 2013 12:23:40 GMT)

Hello all.

Well, after all that fucking build up I'm sorry to have to report it was a 'No Nutter' (a new term maybe Shogie?). The opportunities were there in copious quantities, and as The Shogun so rightly predicted, the Daisy Dukes were out too. I expected Daisy Dukes, but with leggings underneath...not fucking bare legs...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!

It was an age thing. I was one of a minority of older guys, and the audience was 95% teens. I stood out from the very fucking start and this ultimately affected my nutting opportunities. I got close on this couple of teens switching from one to the other, but they were cock teasing me, which was kinda fun/no fun if you understand.

Another major factor was the crowd was really inanimate, and I thing that was the predominant factor in me not shifting this heavy load. There was no friction, and it was virtually impossible for me to to do all the movement work without getting busted or spotted and shouted on etc! I couldn't move around much due to a packed crowd, so my options were really limited. I even noticed the support act lead singer keep eyeing me in the crowd with an odd 'Why are you here' kinda look...paranoia...I don't think so! lololol!

I've still not nutted today. Why? Well, I have another gig exactly three weeks today, one I've been too many times and nutted every single time with the exception of one solitary 'No Nutter' which came through me over teasing myself and not blasting! I don't thin I'll be able to hold this load, but I can be hopeful I suppose!

Depressed at the moment...lololololol!


RE: Shogie/Guestz (Mon 21 Oct 2013 12:46:55 GMT)


Yes, the whole thing was a bad 'Mix' as you say. The chicks were amazing, but I never really got out of second gear in the fear that I'd get nailed if I was too daring. The two teens that I did get some friction against kept looking back, whispering to each other and smiling, but I felt there was too fine a line between them consenting and teasing, to going over to security and pointing me out. It just wasn't worth that risk, despite an essence of 'healthy paranoia' on my part. It was frustrating though to say the least. I would have blew like a fucking volcano. FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!

As for your curiosity about my contact. Well, this guy deals in everything...and I mean fucking everything! Amongst the many pies he has his fingers in all kinds of tickets are another of his myriad ventures. Sports venues, concerts, plays and theatre, and most of his ventures are obviously a little more than shady.

I've been buying stuff from him for around twenty years, and along the way many a gig ticket. To be honest, I have no worry about any suspicions. He's really just into what he does for the money, and I'd guess has no real interest in the details of venues other than the mark up on what it is he's selling.

He's always done me a good deal (on most things I've purchased) as I've 'been with him' for twenty or so years, and I've had so many 'Sold Out' and just 'generally cheaper than the agency' tickets of him for many gigs of all genres, and he knows I'm a massive music fan of all genres. He's not a personal friend, but we're cool, and I only know him as 'K' but I'm told his name is Mack. He's very wealthy, but you wouldn't think it to look at him. We meet, do the deal, a few basic pleasantries,,,and that's it. It's all $$$$$ Shoges if you understand me. More info than you probably needed there...sorry abot that lolololol!


I connect with your little story brother. I've too had the 'sidewards hip brush' when striking up conversations, and I now use this as extra security when doing preliminary safety tests. You'll know from reaction whether or not she's up for the play.


ORGASM: Chikan V Sex. (Tue 22 Oct 2013 22:27:19 GMT)

Firstly, Shogun, I'm sorry I had no story this time around. I too was hoping to tell a great tale of my adventures. Instead I felt that I ended up looking like a soldier with no camouflage...and that element is something that the chikan massively relies on.

Like you Shoges, teen gigs are not for me anymore, unless it's in an environment of sorts where I can meld into my backgrounds. Rest assured The GroinRubber will not make any such mistakes at his next show on November 9th. COUNT ON THAT!! lolololol!

Anyway, time for some topical chat if you care to join. I'm not sure if this is one I, or someone else, may have mentioned before, so forgive my addled brain if I am on repeat offender.

ORGASM: Chikan V Sex.

Which you you guys prefer 'sensation' wise NOT perse. Of course there's nothing like a warm cosy pussy for relieving the piston hose, but I too get a massive high from the asses I spooge on at venues. Sometimes 'leg buckling' loads that rock me to my core, different to sex but very similar to the load of a good session under the eiderdown with the GF/Wife/milf etc...

But WHICH sensation of sperming is the best? Answers on a spunky paper tissue please chikans. Remember...I refer to sensation of, NOT sex v chikan itself!


RE: Shogie Cumming without movement. (Thu 24 Oct 2013 22:10:51 GMT)

I can relate to this Shogun. I'm no expert at this particular technique, but I have managed to nutt with very little, And/or, no friction at all. Same as you too...just with very subtle movements of my own, or using the slightest advantage of movement/s from the target.

When this is the only option though, I do like to get the ol' foreskin right back to the buffers at the point of no return. This ensures maximum blasting of the perseverance soup. Not always easy as it requires that 'extra pressure' at the penultimate moment. It is possible though to nutt in inanimate crowds.


RE: Crack sightings! (Tue 29 Oct 2013 09:39:30 GMT)

Uhhhhh...I've been really ill for 3 days, still feel shit now. Working from home for past two days and chikan being the last thing on my mind!

Anyway! Great video Shogun. I too have a story like Guestz, and with a crack not dissimilar to the one in your video. It was many years back at an outdoor venue starring a band who's popularity still echo's to this day...oh fuck it, it was ages ago... it was REM.

I gotten behind many a target and it was a triple nutter. The aforementioned crack one was great, the only problem being that the target had on those elevated goth boots which took the bare skin of the "Top Crack" (mmmmm...a new term shoges?)

I couldn't get any skin on skin action, so just went for the lower crack (cock out) but when I blasted the old piston waters, I pulled my foreskin back and shot reams of it on her back and watched it slide down into cocoa valley!

I remember these days well. And it has just dawned on me how safe I've become in my activities. There was non of that back then. It was no holds barred most of the time. Hmmmmmm...Food for thought eh...?


Thin Sweat Pants. (Body bulding type). (Thu 31 Oct 2013 20:23:35 GMT)

Well, I've been mega ill, but I'm getting back to my usual self. Been working from
home but back at the office tomorrow to tie the loose ends of the week up. I've felt really horny since I've started to recuperate. I'm ready for another outing. Just over one more week and I'll be gracing the crowds with my pecker hangin' free! Lololololol!

I'm trying to remember what I called last years story of the same band/artist so I can re-post the story as a 'warmer upper'. Stories have been a little thin, so I'm sure I won't be lynched for repeating another, just to whet your appetites for my upcoming hunt. Lololol.

More about that later!

Guestz. I love those fucking wafer thin 'weight training bottoms' that you mentioned in your post. I used to have about three pairs. They really are the best chikaning article of clothing bar NONE!
The only problem was, mine were patterned in colour. OK back in the day, but they'd get a few odd looks nowadays, unless you were at an appropriate venue. eg: beach, rock gig etc.

I have to rightly or wrongly assume here that 'most' chikans would know this kind of sweatpants. Anyone know were you can obtain this material/type of sweatpants in black. Please post a link. As Guestz so righly says, the material is so fucking thin that the cornflake juice shoots straight through them. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...halcyon days!

Here's a quick caption if there's any takers.


November award: Guestz
For his 70's stories.
(You are lucky to live the golden days of 70's.)

RE: GroinRubbers comment (Fri 01 Nov 2013 01:24:38 GMT)

Thanks for backing up my "thin pants" comment. Yes, those weight lifters workout pants were everything you also described them as, and they would draw attention these days. I remember after a particular concert that I left, I had that big "guilty" feeling after I got away from it, and I took the best pair I had and threw them away, drenched in cum stains! To be honest though, I'd worn them so much they'd developed holes in between my legs and could not possibly be mended, so it was time. I had two pair that were perfect, an one or two that weren't so thin. I don't know what happened to them. I look for casual pants that thin but have not had any luck. Maybe someone should go into the chikan-clothing business! Lol

Old story (Mon 04 Nov 2013 13:15:31 GMT)

There's not much happening in my neck of the woods right now:-( , so thought I'd share one if ggise experiences from about 10 years back that I recalled. Let me know if this has ever happened to any of you: I was at a huge outdoor concert (my preference for chikan) and it was a packed stage with a lot of pushing and shoving. It was really hot (early summer) so I had on shorts with no underwear. Made my way to the front just behind a 20ish year old with a summer dress on. An hour or so later it starts raining heavy but just for 10 minutes or so then the band comes on 15 or 20 minutes after it stopped. The pushing and shoving got worse when the music started and I'm joseling to keep my pecker in this girl when it hit me that with all the commotion going on I could lift her dress up and fondle/grind skin to skin! Which is what I did. She's wet, my dick it wet, and she's plastered against the barrier! She started realizing what was happening but it was too late: I came on her lower back/upper crack and got the ef outta there!

Re: "Cock out" (Mon 04 Nov 2013 22:13:54 GMT)

Yes Red Dragon! I too have done that a few times. In the summer months when I wear the really thin stuff or the easy access shorts, I look for the most crowded areas that are likely to bottleneck and let my semi "jam" their arms and hands! I freakin love it when they got no where to go and rake their knuckles and forearms across my Johnson! One girl yelled out 'ugh! I just touch someone's dick!' No one said a word! Love it!

Re: LegHumper (Tue 05 Nov 2013 10:52:18 GMT)

LegHumper your story was so good it was almost cruel! That scene you painted was what I consider to be ideal! I'm sure you read my story from this summers Warped tour, hopefully. I found a black girl in the wild crowd that had on daisy dukes! I rubbed furiously on her and she knew it, but since the crowd was so violent she didn't pay that much attention to me, until I held my exposed dick/bell against her sweaty bare thigh and started cumming! She felt it and she looked down and SAW my dick out and spurting! I didn't expect it and I tried to look surprised, but she frantically tried to wipe the cum off, then started backing away from me! I got the hell out of there. On my way home I was nervous, thinking I'd gone too far. Probably. But now I'm over that and have a very vivid memory of how I abused her beautiful thighs that evening!

Call me "crazy" but honest! (Sat 09 Nov 2013 21:34:19 GMT)

Went out to the international airport here in my city today and was enjoying all the sights, when a really nice, perfectly round caboose caught my eye. Fella's, this one, of which I don't have a picture of unfortunately, was a beauty: nice long athletic legs, but not masculine, tight uniform pants, and caramel-brown skin. Yes, all I could do was dream about riding her up against a barricade! Only ind slight problem: she was one of the cities female-finest! Yes she was a female cop! And I daydreamed about being pinned against her! OMG I would have loved to pull that one off! Anybody else ever thought about or actually done that? I vaguely recall someone years ago sharing a story like that that I think happened in an elevator.

Re: Shogie (Sun 10 Nov 2013 00:24:01 GMT)

Yes Shogie, you have a great memory! And yes I've been around a long time, and I've been doing my "deed" a lot longer. As I've said before, for a long time I thought only I did this thing, but then I heard about chikan from an article from Japan, and so I started searching the internet and found you fellas. I'm over the half-century mark and I remember grinding on bare thighs when I was about 5....!

Freddy and his twin (Sun 17 Nov 2013 20:10:23 GMT)

One thing I've learned from this whole groping/chikan thing is this: it can get so good that you can lose perspective of what it really is: a crime! It's true that a lot of women will let it go and a lot that actually enjo it, but you have to always be aware that things can go wrong. Little signs that you take as the go-ahead cue can be mistakes. I know I have had very few things go wrong but the times they have were scary, and I try to avoid that ever happening again. After it happened I just switched to getting prostitutes to let me do my little nasty thing, and it was okay because I was done and didn't have to worry no longer than it took to pick up, find a secluded place, and then drop off my mark. Never had a problem, and since I wasn't fucking they didn't mind making the quick money. I even had a few tell me I was a "freak" in a good way! One regular loved to see "it" erupt and another called it her protein! Remember fellas this pastime is great but be cautious always. Can any of you tell of your close calls when it came to chikan? Maybe we can learn something from it. I'll be glad to tell of mine if anyone wants to hear it!

Re: Red Dragon (Mon 18 Nov 2013 19:43:12 GMT)

To answer your question Red Dragon, to cum on those bare thighs! I don't take chances with pro's and I wanted to just release some steam, so to speak, because I was not in a relationship at the time, so it was a temp thing. But I had fun while it lasted. Anyway, the one time I got caught I was doing more groping than gritting, but I had gritted this one chic many times at a retail store I worked at, and about the 10th time I start in on her in this very busy checkout line, she starts screaming on me for security to come! I ran for cover but ended up losing that job, but no criminal charges. But my behavior changed drastically after that and I've had no problems now in more than 30 years. You live you learn.

Red Dragon (Wed 20 Nov 2013 22:55:47 GMT)

I'm with you on some points RD, but one difference: I love Black girls! It's just that I don't know of any good places where I can grotto them without it being a problem. Concerts rarely work at my age at least. The ones I would want don't do packed venues where I live. I rarely ride any crowded buses, they just don't get like that here. I stick to younger white and Asian meat, which don't put up such a fuss.

I'm really envious (Thu 21 Nov 2013 16:17:32 GMT)

Red Dragon and anyone this could apply to: I'll admit that I'm really jealous of some of you chikans. Some of you seem to have so many outlets for the game that I turn green with envy. Back before marriage and kids, when I had all the time in the world to go on the hunt, i let plenty of weekends go by without any activity. You young "member" need to take advantage of your youth and freedom. I'm not saying to devout all your time to this, but you can balance it so you have good memories. Face it: you like it, you do it, so make the most of it. I get very little time for it now, and would love to at least double my outings, but it's just not possible now. Take advantage!

Re: Black/White issue (Sat 23 Nov 2013 20:38:19 GMT)

This is what I say: I LOVE frotting my black sisters. It's just that more so than whites and others, they might get verbal on you. It's not that I like white/Asian/Latino better, it's just that they deal with it differently. Now the one time I got in serious trouble was with a black girl, but some of the best grinding known to man also came by virtue of a black women too! I just have better luck in my part of the country with non-black.

Imagine! (Thu 28 Nov 2013 03:41:13 GMT)

To the ones too young to know of the good old days of chikan! Imagine what men went through during the years of the late 60's/early '70's new fashion, the mini skirt! This is when I "came" of age!

Re: Red Dragon/story from the early '70's (Thu 28 Nov 2013 20:59:48 GMT)

Back in the early '70's, just like now, Black Friday was quite a big deal, only there was no cyber Monday or Internet shopping of any kind. This I think made Black Friday a bigger draw. I remember that my whole family would go to a very popular Mall in Southern California to start the Xmas shopping seaon. This was LA, where it could easily be cool and rainy or you might get up on Thanksgiving day to a forecast of 90 degrees. This day in question must have been mild, because there was plenty of thigh meat to grope. Well, the department store was a higher-end type of clothing store that mom liked to shop at, and we got there early on the day after Thanksgiving for a full day of shopping at that store and throughout the mall. The entrance to the store was packed, but I didn't think quite like a chikan back then, but I did some stuff on the sneak, so a few hours into it I went in to just look for my mom. I spotted this older blonde women, probably in her 30's which to me was up there in age, but she was wearing a mini that was almost as short as the one in the pic that I posted previously, and since it was so crowded I had to put myself in the position to touch her bare skin, which in short-order I accomplished. The feeling was so good to me! I can't really tell in words how good it was to actually touch what I had seen on T.V. over that time period in fashion! It wasn't the first time I'd ever ran my hands across a strange women's thighs, but it was the first like this one. The first time was awesome, but when I swallowed the lump in my throat and got her again, bing! This young man was sprung! I remember that she didn't pay any attention at all, and since it was so crowded, I telling you all that you could barely get around in this big Macy-like store, I attributed my luck to the shopping frenzy. I followed now everywhere she went, in lines to get to new areas of the store, up esculators, standing at display counters. She never looked at this young black kid that was having all this fun with her body! At one point I was plastered against he backside, at another my hand was windshield-wiping the smooth backside of her upper thigh! My goodness just thinking about it still gets my juices flowing! I filled her onto an elevator which was crammed, and stood next to her towards the right side of the car. It filled up and the minute or less that it took to go 2 floors still stands out in my groping days: her skin was super smooth and it would have been the perfect chance to pull my bare rod out but I really hadn't gotten to that point in the early 70's. I did reach around and feel the bottom of her ass though, which may have been my first time ever doing to a stranger. All-in-all it was a great experience for a young chikan, and I went on to do a lot after that moment in fashion history. Yes, those days were some of the best Red Dragon, because there were no cameras and no busy body's trying to make statements and stances against that kind of behavior. And what I really believe is that women that dressed that way back then knew what was coming their way if they went out like that, and probably liked it. Times have gotten worse in every way, even for Chileans.

Re: Another '70's groping story (Fri 29 Nov 2013 15:04:05 GMT)

Red Dragon, you seem to be a lot like me so I think you'll enjoy this story from my past too. Back in the mid-seventies I had been honing my skills as a grouper for at least 3 years, and had gotten quite good at it when we had some relatives from the south come visit us for a two week stay. During that time, which was summer in LA, I would see chances to grope beautiful girls my age (I was 16) but was always in my cousins' company, which kept me at bay. So I had planned to be creative in getting my gripe on. We went to a 4th of July cookout and during that day had to go pick up foods and soda pop for that evenings dinner, so now was my chance, but at the last second my cousin decides to go with me. Damn, foiled again! At least I thought, but when we got to the grocery store he didn't get out of the car, I told him I would only be a little while. When I get in the store I immediately scan the isles for a target and it only took a minute to find one: she was about a year younger than me, she had on days duke-type shorts, and was about the complexion of Jennifer Lopez-a lighter skinned black girl. She was with what must have been her grandmother. She was pushing the shopping cart, following her granny. I made a pass and dropped my hand down to swipe her bare thigh, and she didn't react. I made 2 more passes at her and that's when it got good: after I did it a 3rd time I knew there'd be no problem, so I got in the next isle they went to and waited until the grandma was preoccupied and moved in. My target now had a smirk on her face, like she knew the game and was anticipating the attention! I passed the granny and when it was just me squeezing by the girl,with a smirk on her face she stopped so it would be easier for me to grope her! My heart raced! This girl was so perfect In every way! Right height, I didn't even have to lean over or bend down, right skin-tone, right clothing or lack thereof, and she was a player! We continued this for 10 minutes and then I remembered I had shopping to do and a cousin waiting. Reluctantly I got one last feel in, or at least I thought! There wasore to come. I purchased my goods and went to the car where my cousin was waiting. When I got in I was beside myself for ever coming out. I was loving this targets easygoing resuscitation and didn't want it to end, so at that point I made up a reason to go back in! He fell for it sand I was on my way back in! Now I have no shopping to really do so it's all groping. I find her and continue the ritual. Another ten minutes of the same, then I see them getting ready to checkout,and I am hating that it's about to end! She's in a line now with maybe 2 people in front of her and granny. At this point I had grabbed something just so I can stand behind them in line, when I hear her grandma tell her she forgot something. I think at that point her and I both were thinking nasty! She walked past me and within 5 seconds I got out of line and took a similar path but one not to make it obvious. I went one isle over and practically ran to her isle where I found her searching the canned goods. She knew why I was on that isle and just stood staring blankly at the cans. I knew she didn't have much time so I stood to her right acting like I was looking for something too, all the while examining her lovely thighs, when I decided to go for it: I knelt down pretending to read the label on a can of whatever just so I could look right at her thighs up real close. At this proximity I could smell her skin. Hmm hmm! I couldn't take it! I reached down and ran my hand from her annulled all the way up her leg, knee,and thigh! I heard her moan and did the same! I squeezed the upper thigh and the her right buttock. It was so good and I was so horny I would have fucked her right then if possible, but something told me then to let go of her ass, and not 6 seconds later her granny appeared at the far end of the isle summoning her to come now! I left that store then still reluctantly but feeling good! I had to explain to my cousin why I was empty handed but that was cool!

December award: Red Dragon
For his arm hump / leg frott stories.
(Yes, arms and legs and they are attached to nice white onion booties.)

Re Guestz (Sun 01 Dec 2013 04:35:46 GMT)

Hi Guestz yup, loved the story, I have a story from a few days ago, I will post it up later on, been a long night!! ;)

Re Stig/Guest 667 (Tue 03 Dec 2013 12:31:07 GMT)

Stig you say that we're all pervs her yup true and I am a real big perv both flashing and frotting!! and you say that clubcummer was too disrespectful in his you think your behaviour as a frotteur is respectful to women?
I am not looking for an arguement, here I just don't understand the discrepancy in your logic.

Hey 667 you could always post the Thailand story in the off topic section!

Untitled (WARNING: she may be 23 years old) (Wed 04 Dec 2013 16:17:13 GMT)

This post happened during on one of my marathon days/nights out, lol.
Now we're in the season of Christmas parties, not to mention all that Christmas shopping, this equates to loads more people (read totty) on public transport i.e buses…yaaayyy

I had had a busy time already, showing loads of cock, but that's of no interest to you guys on here, ;) when I got to this bus stop, It was packed with people, I of course looked for frotting possibilities saw a couple, but immediately noticed these five girls, blondes and brunettes, my cock was literally twitching in anticipation, the bus was already full so people were pushing to get on perfect! my plan was to get in amongst them, there was a blond one that was particularly drunk, and just my type, tall leggy and very good looking :) they had all drunk a lot, but this one was having problems walking straight, lol, unfortunately due to the cold weather, all of them were in longish coats :( still the prospect was looking real good.

The bus pulled up, just one ;) everyone went for the doors at once, these girls weren't too quick though, luckily though they got on…with me in place in the middle….the doors could barely closed behind me, I was already in the arse of blondy, but I decided to back off and test the water a little, I did not want to blow it straight away, I was also close to the driver at the front doors ( now this will sound racist but I am not, and I am black ) I wasn't too worried though as he wasn't white, he was from a muslin country, and I have found both here in Scandinavia and in London that often they didn't notice too much or care too much either…perfect!! I had her in front, one girl to her right, and one to my right, both looking at her and not me, though only the girl on my right could have seen anything if she looked and then not that much ;)

The bus moved off and due to traffic and cyclists all over the place and what not, the bus was already moving around a bit, I of course used this to bump into her arse, her coat went down to her calf's so no chance of lifting it and slipping my cock under, which due to her being so drunk I would have if it were shorter! never mind, I pressed gently into her and man did it feel GOOD!! I let her and the bus move us around, I got hard real quick even though there wasn't a lot of feeling, but just being surrounded by all that drunk totty really helped.
As the bus stopped and started due to rush hour traffic, I dicked her with my hard on, I was still being careful but I made longer contact every time. Then she lost her balance and fell back into me, my cock bent sideways from her weight, the feeling was fucking awesome!! She was so drunk that she didn't even acknowledge me!! :) in fact one of the other girls said sorry on her behalf as she notice me prop her up!! I actually wanted to grab her thighs but I only held her back lightly and used my body.

After that I used every sudden stop to dig my cock into as I realized how drunk she was, then I got even bolder, I reached down put my cock straight forward and dicked her, then I placed it upright and leaned into her ( just remembering how that feels now is making me hard again ;) ) it felt fucking awesome, I was moving across her back with my body all the while my hard on was leaving a trail across her coat, good thing it was a light coloured one…lolol, though I had to be careful the one next to me didn't think I was doing it on and again she lost her balance, by now my cock and body were planted to her back every time she lost balance, lol

Then I heard her say where they heading, I panicked a little but only because it was not far, a couple of stops at most, this was going so well I wanted it to last longer, typical, if anything my girl was getting more unstable on her feet as she seemed to be falling all over the place, on her friends in front, on me mostly though, she was pulling my cock around my foreskin was being pulled back and forth, to be honest her coat was NOT the softest material, but as I could feel the shape of her arse through it I persevered lolol, I grabbed my cock and wanked it a little against her back, no response fuck I was going crazy on her!! Then the bus had to do a rather sudden stop, she went forwards……then back I was ready I put my right hand on her arse and slid it to her side making sure I got a real good feel, then slowly cushioned her falling back into me, again she moved side to side, what a drunk bitch she was, I at that point could have cum on her, but it was too early, for me ( 2100 ) I had planning on leaving the "fray" 0400 so yup, too early.

Then we were approaching their stop, she kept saying …it's this one, I know where to go, it's this one, we're getting off here… all the while my cock was squashed against her, she turned, I held her thighs and pressed hard into her as she turned as the driver was going to open the doors behind me, I had to be careful not to let anyone see my exposed cock, I timed it perfectly, I dragged my cock across her thigh, keeping real close to her as we almost did a dance, her tottering on her heels as I held her slightly keeping pressure on her thighs as she then turned around I still had my cock pressed in to her arse as her friends and others also wanted to get past me, so I had every excuse to be up close still :) then the doors opened at it was over! Sigh!!

My first instinct was to find the next soft arse or arm to press into, I saw a tall brunette standing to one side, I headed towards her subtly, she had her hands in front of her and I wanted to press into them ( love that )the bus stopped again, I moved forward to allow people on, I was now standing inches from her, I shifted slowly to my target, then I leaned forward she was tall so her hands were at the perfect height, then as the bus swayed I leaned stepped forward, made a little contact and then backed off,, she didn't move, I inched a little closer, then made contact again, I literally felt her skin on my shaft!!! Like electricity!! But she wasn't game she moved her hands back and actually looked embarrassed, she went red, yeah she felt it…oh well then at the next stop I moved along after another girl who was sitting, but that didn't work out as she got off too, after that there weren't any other chances.

This was the first of three really hot frott's that night, I will post the one about the …player… later on if I have time

Re Guest (Thu 05 Dec 2013 11:35:55 GMT)

Over in Scandinavia, why? did you like my story? always good to know mate!!

Bus frott 2 + grope (WARNING: she may be 22 years old) (Fri 06 Dec 2013 11:16:00 GMT)

After my success frotting earlier that night, I was really eager to get my hard on on to some more girls, finally after a few buses, I got on a bus heading out, I noticed four hot teens as I got on a bus, they were around 17-19, I went and sat across the isle from the hottest two, a blond and a brunette, both in short skirts, I started edging straight away as they were drunk and a little loud, I didn't get far when one of the other two in front of where I was sitting got up, apparently one of them wanted to barf, so she got up all bent over holding her mouth, the two I was trying to flash of course also got up and as they the bumped into my arm, her arse was so soft, so as they tried to almost carry that girl off blondy had to back up, her arse not just bumped my arm but rubbed it, I shifted brought my left hand up and rubbed my arm, making sure I back handed her soft cheeks, then twisted my hand and cupped her cheek, she looked back at me then turned and got off, teens have such soft arses

Now when I got off which was at the next stop since there weren't any other candidates to flash, I got a beer, and went back in the other direction, the buses were packed due as I said in an earlier post to Christmas, this bus was also packed, I had to squeeze into this one too, though there wasn't anything by the doors, but inside on the left in the buggy section, there were two girls one was super hot, tall leggy and blond, she was around 24-26 the other was a real pig, short fat and ugly, probably the same age, but as she was under my radar I took no more notice of her, ( yeah I like my girls tall and slim, and I am very fussy ) I knew which one I was going to plant my hard cock on I shifted towards that arse but had to wait till the next stop, loads of people were waiting, so we all squeezed along the isle, I made a diagonal beeline to blondy, but I had some women who just wouldn't move along so she blocked me for a bit, but that stopped more people from getting on, the driver came over the speaker asking people to move along the bus, YESSSS!! cock blocker moved off, I slid sideways and just bumped blondy......mmmmm soft, but a little to high up, she was wearing tight black jeans was already tall but she was also wearing heeled boots, so that made her arse too high up, I was only able to touch her lower left cheek, her thighs hot too.

When people finally got on, we were off, it was then I really attacked her arse, albeit gently I was already hard, I lifted my hoodie a little so that I could get better contact mainly because she was so tall!, then I bumped gently into her again...nothing no reaction, so far so good, thanks again to the busy traffic the bus mad lots of starts and jerky stops, at first this allowed me to bump her alot, then I decided to place my hard on against her and see if she would move off.....I adjusted my stance which allowed me to lean into her or not without looking like I was leaning too far these two were babbling on about some rubbish my girl was totally oblivious to my woodie planted against her thigh, I started to slid up and down very subtly, this allowed me to bump her high up arse ever so gently, man it was so soft, I was in heaven, the bus stopped again, more people got on and off, I had people passing me, so I had to squeeze in even more, the feeling was just sublime! and this girl wasn't even moving, I am not saying she was a "player" but she knew what was against her arse and thigh! then she moved a little I thought uo oh!!! she took off her jacket, and moved back....WTF!! she actually moved back into the space she was before, granted she only moved an inch or two to begin with, but that she moved right back onto my cock was fucking HOT!! all the time I was rubbing sliding up and down, I now had a better look at her face and neck, she was actually very pretty, she was just standing there and taking it, from time to time she would shift her balance from one leg to the other, let me tell you when she shifted back in my position the feeling was so intense, I could feel her leg muscles flexing as she stood.

I was reveling in this, I knew it wasn't going to last though,as I know this route well, then abruptly it had to end, three or four people along this area got off, making my position untenable, I moved off, as I did so I looked back at her arse and legs from a distance they looked even hotter
As the bus emptied I tried to get next to some hot totty, to get in a nice flash since my cock was still nicely hard well mostly, I got close to sitting near this gorgeous red head around 20 or so, but an old women changed seats from next to some old guy to this girl, I was livid, of course I had no intention of taking her old seat, I scanned the rest of the bus, one woman sat further back but she looked too old, yeah I know I'm ageist too can't help it though, teen or 20ish totty is just too hot to pass up.

Armhump (WARNING: she may be 18 years old) (Fri 06 Dec 2013 14:58:16 GMT)

As I had had a very successful night, I was eager to get in some more frottiing, the buses were just so packed due to the holiday season that it was almost like taking candy from a baby, buses packed in both directions, whereas normally it would be packed during rush heading out, then it would get a little packed heading during the party period ( which is a long one, much longer than in London, here they start at 1900 prepartying drinking or whatever and then the last party goers would head home around 0330-0430, in London the last party goers would be heading home around 0230, so all in all perfect for me! )

I got on a few buses but didn't really get anything worth, then I got to a bus stop where there were 5 girls all drinking and chatting loudly ( yup love drunk party girls ) again my cock twitched anticipation!!! they were a mixture of blonds and brunettes, on blond was short but VERY pretty, a couple were really nothing to look at, then there was one of the brunettes, tall leggy ( i'm in!!! ) wearing "sheer" black tights ( sooooooooo sexy, personally I LOVE bare legs but this is the next best thing ) she, was also very pretty, she had a bottle in her hand that had previously contained some form of soft drink, but now was clearly mixed with copious amounts of alcohol I followed her on and again managed to get in amongst them, no contact yet but as we passed the driver, it all bottle necked because of the ones who just don't want to stand in the isle, I bumped into "leggy" then she had on a jacket but it was that long ( I have attached a pic to show you ) so my cock out as always was in contact with her skirted arse then she moved off me then I heard one of the girls behind say move along, to "leggy" in front of me, which she did.

As they moved into the isle there was blond woman standing chatting to her friend blocking the way to the back, I thought great, I closed in on "leggy" again, but to my surprise as the bus stopped a large group sitting in the back got off all the people then moved along, with the exception of that fat arsed women chatting to her friend, she was loud drunk and in the way, as leggy squeezed past so did the other girls, I made sure I had my cock in the way as they squeezed past, one girl was not too steady on her feet almost fell into me, her hand brushed my cock through my hoodie, but FUCK it felt GOOD! I stayed standing because as soon as I realized I could no longer frott "leggy" I scanned and immediately noticed a slim petit blond sitting directly across from fat blond, so to plan "b" arm hump, people were close behind me and also past fat blond so I had cover, I changed hand rails so that I could turn my body to face blondy, she was very cute looking very pale white face, with red lipstick, she had a piercing in her top lip on the right, not a fan of those but hers looked quite discrete, she had on a pink jacket and was surprisingly wearing a skirt, as I could see her legs in her white tights, very sexy, I again used the bus to move myself closer to her, it took seconds then I placed my soft cock against her arm, it sprang to life, I backed off just a little because out of the times I have armhumped it hasn't been too successful, most girls move away, and I stop, so I was wary, again a rested it against her, I was not hard as I was nervous.....but that feeling was subsiding normally it only takes a couple of attempts for the girls to move away, this girl hadn't moved an inch!! that made me bolder, I could already feel that feeling at the base of my cock, the blood starting to flow, the beast starting to uncoil.

I took a look around, we had stopped again, no one got off at the back, so so far so good no one looking either, with that I reached under my hoodie, pointed my cock down a little and then pressed into her arm and even lowered myself just an inch or two to maxmize the contact, it was then I felt my cock grow, it was also then that I was most worried she might then move her arm.....I was hard in seconds!!! my cock moved to the "2100" position against her arm, I was sure she would move now I have NEVER gotten this far with the amount of movement my cock was doing against her arm, she wasn't overtly drunk either, I looked down at my contact with her, it was total, I also noticed she was now bright red, I loved that I also saw that if I moved across a little I could get my cock against her hands which were crossed in front of her but more over to my side than in her lap, but that would be hard and mean I would have to crouch down a little too obviously, I gave up on that idea though it was a hot idea

We were coming close to the main stop where I knew she would be getting off, and of course being the greedy perv that I am I wanted more!! now bearing in mind all the while I am ROCK hard plastered all over her arm...uh oh will someone calling...I will finish this later on.

Armhump part 2 (WARNING: she may be 18 years old) (Mon 09 Dec 2013 10:07:42 GMT)

Sorry about the delay, but I been busy with other stuff ;) but here is the continuation and last installment ;) of my long night frotting and you know what lolol.

Where was I, oh yeah, I was rock hard against her arm, and had been for at least a minute, an unusually long, lol still I wanted more, I started slowly, sliding from side to side, back and forth, to increase the sensation, not alot but a little, then I stopped, she was rigid, she never moved an inch!! I was totally shocked now...I had NEVER gotten away with so much as I was doing now!! then just as I was getting a little too complacent fat blond behind me moved back into me hard, which meant I went into my blond hard! She looked up at me all red faced I say sorry, but she had moved her arm a little, fuck!!! not much but enough to greatly reduce my contact with her,, I wasn't giving up though, her arm was too far away now so I moved slowly to my left, pressed the tip of my helmet against her upper arm just below her shoulder and waited so if she was going to move again, nope.

This time I gently slid my cock across her arm, much like a bow across a violin, all the way to my balls, then I reached under my hoodie again placed my cock upright then eased myself against her again, now my cock and balls were upright along her upper arm I gently flexed my cock again just pushing it, I knew she was going to just sit there and take it fuck it felt goooood!!! Then I looked over at the girl next to her she was a brunette around 26 not too slim and none too pretty either, but she had just given me an odd look, I wasn't too surprised as she would have to have been blind not to see what I was upto, she was also blushing,

Then fat blond backed into me AGAIN!! if I wasn't enjoying my girl I would have turned and told her to give it a rest but I didn't want to cause a scene, but it ruined the moment because my blond looked up at me and said it was her stop, I smiled and said I was getting of too
This gave me a minute or two more, I had now pressed harder against her not wanting this to end then we stopped fat blond behind was slow to move ( no surprise there then ) my blondy turned to me a little, I thought I could get my cock on her hands this time, but she raised them I knew then she knew what I was planning

As fat blondy moved I slid to the side a, little but only enough to force her to have to squeeze by, as she got up she actually lifted my cock slightly I twitched it a little too, she didn't look at me as she got past.

That was my most successful night frotting so far, okay I had some nights in London where I "came" on girls , my best of course and had my cock almost in the faces of some girls but having had so many girls frotted or armhumped makes this one the best, I hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed recounting it :)

Untitled (Sat 14 Dec 2013 23:17:19 GMT)

Have to agree with Guest there GR, no one wants to see that, rather some nice tight teen arse :)

Untitled (Sat 21 Dec 2013 11:46:46 GMT)

Guest, me too, love white girls, and with the holiday season in full swing that means packed transport for us to get on and crush our hard cocks against some hot teen arses or arms :)

Shogie loved the "A little wrist action" that right there is what I love to do to girls, but I bet you knew that already right? lol

Re Ruben (Mon 30 Dec 2013 01:35:17 GMT)

I am by no means a seasoned chikan but I will tell you where London is concerned women know but if you choose the right type I.e foreign girls like Polish or Russian or french then you are going to be able to get away with A LOT more!! I am a Londoner I know!!!

Sexy frotteur, that guy is a master, "touch the beast" he is awesome!!! :)

Re gagly (Tue 31 Dec 2013 00:03:42 GMT)

Yes that's mostly true...but if you go out on Friday nights or Saturday nights the girls like to wear short dresses! good luck

I have a story to post but it will have to wait till tomorrow or another day :)

happy new year to all the pervs out there ;)

Leg frott (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Tue 31 Dec 2013 11:24:51 GMT)

I was on holiday a few days ago, back in my home town London, when there I can never resist the urge to "tame" the hot tourists there :)

I had been out flashing but that story will be posted on the other forum I use for this, anyway as I was finished I headed down stairs, some of you may know that the buses in London are double decker which means they have two floors, I was upstairs so when I came down to get off I still had a little semi, then I saw this cute girl, sitting in the higher seats wearing a short skirt and tights, she had longish brown hair and looked a little Italian ;) around 19 or so.

I went and stood by the doors to get off then I thought and had been thinking since I saw her, ( you pervs know the drill, as soon as we see a potential target our minds are on overdrive looking for chances ) I thought I could get my cock on her thighs if I moved a little to my right the bus was full so I didn't look too out of place, as the bus stopped at the stop I moved to let others off, I was about 4 centimeters off her legs, as the bus pulled off I used the motion to slid over to her, then I bent my knees slightly and then made contact.....the feeling was soooooooooo hot!!!! but I wanted to put my bare cock on her, my jacket was still between us, I reached into my pocket and checking to see if I was being watched I slowly moved my jacket out of the way.

I now placed my bare cock on her tights my cock swelled to full mast!! I twitched it and flexed it!!! she didn't react, but as I looked at her face she didn't look at me but she blushed heavily, she could feel my hard meat resting on her thigh, if she had looked down as I did quickly ( didn't want to draw attention to what I was doing ) I could see my helmet just visible sticking out under my t-shirt, just that sight made my cock twitch involuntarily!!! the bus stopped again I moved off, I made sure my helmet was covered as she would see it if she looked, she knew what was abusing her thigh but she didn't need so see it just yet, that might be too much lol.

As the bus moved off again, I leaned back against her but this time I made sure my cock was out and she could see it, yeah I know risky but so fucking hot!! I slid it back and forth on her thigh, again she showed no sign she was still red faced, she looked a little uncomfortable but that only made me harder, she did look like she was sweating a little too, yeah I liked that too ;)I looked around as if looking for a stop, but I was actually looking to see if anyone was looking at me, no one was so I continued dragging my cock along her leg albeit it very slowly, I also had my balls on her now too, I know I was leaking precum too, sometimes I can't tell as I don't leak alot when I do, we were going to stop again and a few people looked like they were getting off which meant I would have to stop :( so I did what I always do as its about to end, I go mad, :) as the bus slowed I leaned into her twitching my cock and looking at her tits, easily a perky "b" I could have reached in and squeezed those babes!! but as I twitched she flinched a little, fucking awesome, I dress to the left so my cock and balls were pressed hard into her thigh, the feeling was so fucking hot!!!

As it stopped she wanted to get off but as people were getting up behind me I let them off first just to delay it and prolong my pleasure ;) I could tell I frotted her REAL GOOD!! :-) she was as red as a beetroot, her face was all sweaty too, she looked briefly at my cock area as I moved away, but my t-shirt had covered my cock as I did so, she couldn't miss the outline of my cock pointing to my left, lol fuck that was hot, I didn't see any stains on her dark skirt or her tights though, which was a shame, but probably a good thing as she looked down at her leg, she did rub her thigh where my cock was but that was I guess just a reaction, lol she didn't do anything or say anything to me, I looked her in the eyes as we got off, I smiled and winked at her lewdly, she gave me a dirty look back :-> it was then that I thought she could have been younger maybe only 16 or 17 that made it even hotter!! lol

I had planned to get in alot more frotting but due to family duties it just didn't pan out! but I have one arse frott to post up soon!

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