Same target again and again and again (WARNING: she may be 28 years old)

Sorry this a long story but take your time and read it…. All of it because it intresting and a lot to take from it.
I swear this is 10000000% true.

Ok so ive been away from the game for sometime. I have had many life changes experiences and these have kept me away from chikan.
However just because I have been away from the board I haven’t actually stopped I suppose chikan is like the lost treasures or sirerra madre or something… Just keep going back for more, even though you know quitting is the only way of succeeding.

Anyway… I want to start with some chikan psychology which having spent years in the game has helped in choosing the rights targets for the job in hand. And also how you can use your own self traits for the benefit of the experience.

So here is my psychology:

London has changed and there are new players in the game, these are typically fresh Indian guys who work in groups of usually 2-3. I see them all the time, they are ruthless and undiscerning they will hump hard and fast sometimes even taking it in turns. They will use intimidation to make their targets submissive, now don’t get me wrong this is a good technique BUT it has it limitations.. you will no doubt get a good ride, however you will be very visible and the victim may react badly and sound the alarm which I have also seen.

So here is my new game:

I have taken better pride in myself, I make eye contact with the victim before engaging the actions, Imay even smile or comment. Something simple that I can pick up upon in the situation usually id go for a person comment like for instance I saw a woman she was wearing a short sleeve top and it was raining that day but we were down below on the tube. I simply said to her ‘ you lucky were underground its raining cats and dogs up there’ she returned ‘ that’s why im getting the tube’ I just replied ‘ha I blame you’ even though this was probably the worse line you can ever use if trying to pull a woman I wasn’t trying to do that, I was letting her know of my presence and that I wasn’t a pshyco crazed freak. I proceeded to hump her whilst making small talk. It was the most erotic thing ever and makes it seem ‘more socially acceptable’

My story:

So basically you may not remember but there used to be a target of mine I used to get everyday on the same hammersmith and city line trains. She was a harsh faced blonde. I posted a picture of her up once.. Blackie and Red Dragon may remember as I recall them commenting on her.

Anyway I hadn’t had her for a while im talking many months and one of the last times I saw her she had put on weight and was wearing a baby on board TFL (transport for London) badge so she were obviously pregnant.
However now fast forward to this week and last week. I cant remember how long it had been since I last got her but she was back into a nice shape but she looked older and abit ‘rougher’ still had the nice face but was aged some (must be from having a kid).

Anyway I noticed her a few times and wondered if she recognised me as her predator. But she didn’t seem to. The first few times I decided not to get her but to watch and observe her, se if she followed a routine, see if she was still a nonce complainer (I don’t ever believe she ever ‘enjoyed’ it just believe she is the sort that keep quite like a timid bitch) anyway she had an established routine she is always at the station at a certain time on the platform in the same place (I wont tell you what time as this will blow my cover) haha. But anyway after a few times watching her and getting her used to having me being near her at the same time everyday was part of the plan to get her used to me. Make her feel safe around me.

A few times I noticed Somali men get near her and stuff and I watched her get squashed against really hardly by a suited man once. But I noticed she always tried to push away from them, or adjust her stance. Sometimes she would look back which is always the tell tell sign that something isn’t right when a woman looks behind her on a packed train when a man is behind her.
I wanted her so badly but from the above I knew I had to play games here, it wasn’t going to be easy and to be honest there were many other targets who were nicer faced and better bodied and wearing sexier clothes. But there was an urge to get her, knowing she was a past target of mine, knowing I had ‘had’ her many times before and that I could do the same again made me want her over anyone else. I was like a fatal attraction just not so fatal.
1st time getting her:

Anyway the day came where I was ready to get her. I stood near her as the train pulled up and on queue she boarded (now as youll be aware kings cross hammermsmith line is always busy bar Fridays so I knew I would be getting a good ride. As she boarded I got myself right near her and pushed my chest into her back so she felt my presence but I didn’t push my cock into her. I done this as my actions on purpose as I wanted her to turn and look around, which as my actions were so abrupt she did. I said to her ‘sorry must be push of the crowd’ she replied ‘tell me about it’ I then proceed to say.. and this was risky but I wanted to take my chances ‘I haven’t seen you here for months last I saw you you were wearing a baby on board badge?’ she replied: ‘yeah I had a baby and was off for 6 months on maternity’ from there we spoke a little but nothing too much I was friendly but not over friendly . The idea was not to let her think I was hitting on her as this would make her uncomfortable and may make her change her routine. So I let the small talk fizz out.
As the train moved I moved into her more and stood right up against her. I just let the movement of the train allow my member to softly prod her she kind of looked back but not really I held my phone and looked at the screen trying not to acknowledge her. She just turned back around. As the train moved more I held ground and rested my fully grown member on her now, I maintained the same pressure on her arse and just left it there. I could feel the excitement in my cock as my bell end grew but more I had to try desperately not to allow my cock to throb. But the feeling was uncontrollable and it throbbed against her.. maybe it the excitement of getting her after so long, after watching her get banged by Somali guys and the thrill of chikan but I my dick was fucking bursting out of my pants it hurt it was now full blown squeezing her and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I could feel my dick precumming. The moment was short lived though as the train pulled up at Farringdon and the train emptied enough for me to not against her. (she gets of a Liverpool Street).

2nd time getting her:

The very next day I was sure to arrive at the platform at the correct time. Not to early to seem like I was waiting around for her, but just on time so it looks like we arrive at the same time.

Again I stood next to her on the platform. She looked hot today. She was wearing a business skirt (which she always wears but sometimes they are not so tight) but this one was long but tight it showed her shapely arse, her arse was big bit not massive but big for a white woman. It was blue and made of a stretchy lycra material. As the train arrived I looked directly at her and said ‘usual rush good look getting on’ – and smiled. She looked directly back at me and said ‘good luck to you too may the best man win’ haha this made me horny and I knew exactly what to do.

As the train pulled up and everyone boarded I decided to be a gentle man and I said to her ‘you first’ I think she knew what was going to happen next but its natural reaction to accept to board first if someone offers and so she did. I had her fall right for my trap. She must have known what i was about to do next as she tried to shied herself from me but she couldn’t get the angle and I just simply slid right up behind her and as people pushed us further on to the train I just pushed harder and deeper against her. I know decided to use some reverse psychology – make her think this situation is her fault (this is always risky talking to a victim whilst mashing them like really hard) I had a full blown erection and it was right up on her I mean like if she was naked it would be inside her… literally no word of a lie. Anyway I said to her quietly near her ear by pushing myself deeper into her eat and pressing my chest against the length of her back I said: ‘im really sorry, YOUR pushed right into me I cant help it’ we both knew what we were talking about I had to say this erection was so obvious and she could blatantly feel every inch of it.. she kind of giggled awkwardly and said very quietly ‘I suppose it cant be helped its busy’ I knew as soon as she said that I was in and could go all the way. But this was risky taking the chance fortunatly it paid of and I got the right response from her but it could have gone wrong. Now you see this is why I had got her used to my presence and made contact … make her feel like im a safe person and friendly and outgoing.. not like a weird reclusive guy who might try and rape her haha. (its all in the head). Haha. Anyway I angled myself so my bell end was facing forward and pushing it right into her I let the movements of the train rub across her arse left to right, right to left sometimes stopping in the middle of her crack and pressing in there. She was trapped complexly and I was going for it now. I even put my hands both of them down by my side and rested each side hand softly against her arse as I let my raging erection press against her arse. It was the most delightful thing ever I was practically fucking her until two stops later.
She kind of looked at me nervously and got well away from me.I looked straight back at her and smiled a genuine smile in a not creepy way. She looked away from me but I can feel her corner eyes on me.. I just laughed to myself in my head.

Day 3: leaving her alone

After the previous day I decided to back off her and not go for it. I arrived at the platform early and knew she’d be behind me in the queue to get on. She would have seen me but I wouldn’t not have seen her as she would have been behind me. But I just knew she was there.

As the train arrived there were many targets to choose from but I did not go near any.. in fact as we all boarded and turned around to look back and there was she was. She saw me look at her, I half smiled and looked away then stood next between some guys(doing nothinng im not gay) I knew she could clearly see me. Every now and then I sort of half turned my had to semi look at her then look away as soon as she saw me looking. This was all part of the game. You see heres the idea… I had ample chance to chikan any other girl near me who were pretty and nice. But I didn’t I choose to stand between two men and to look at my target as and when I could. The idea was to make her thing that I couldn’t help myself for her, make her feel like I was wanting her only like she was special. Not that I was just some pervert going for any girl to get my rocks off. You see women hate chikan THAT IS A FACT they don’t enjoy it like we do… BUT if you can make them feel like its about them like they have something over you that other women in the same place don’t have and you just cant help yourself for this one woman then they become Players and the game is on.
Learning this was by trying and error and here is how it had worked:

Day 4: getting her again after the mind games.

As per usual the train was busy and on cue she came to the same i arrived 30 seconds later and stood right there next to her. I looked at her and said ‘not you again’ in a joking way she kind of laughed and smiled at me and asked me where I work I answered and we spoke a tiny little bit about nothing but small talk. The train arrived and again I allowed her on first. However this time she made space for me get right behind her she said looked back at me and smiled and I mounted her as she still looked back. I said to her.. ‘lucky we talk or this could be awkward’ I decided that the cheesy cheeky lad boy remark was the way to go and she sort of laughed and allowed me to get right up on her. I let her feel me and boy did she BUT this time was different she shoifted back sort of changing the weight so she was learning back into me, I actually didn’t need to push as she was backing into me more and more. My dick was so fucking hard man I just kept it there It there and decided not to force the issue as she was working me nicely everytime the train rocked or bumped she would slam it back into me hard and move to the side so I slid across her arse in that fucking beautiful skirt. It was sheer heaven. I just stayed and let me her work me but I made no attempt to hid my throbbing erection. I made sure she felt every pulsation which I can tell she did. I was so fucking erotic.

As we got to Farringdon and the train pulled up se moved away from me exposing my full blown har on bursting out my trousers I had to use my hand to hid it haha. She kinda looked at me and was looking at my croutch. I didn’t look at her but just looked down at the ground but I could feel her eyes on me. I didn’t look at her as part of the game, I wanted to make her think she had the power and I was the submissive one she had the control today and by looking at her to initiate contact would mean I was taking the power away from her… never do that to a woman who is in her element.
As we got to her stop then I looked at her and smiled as she got off.. She said bye to me and rushed of with a gleaming half smile. I knew I was a champion but the mind games are not yet over.

Day 5: playing it cool
I needed her to remember that this was just between me and her so I got to the platform nice and early. Today there was a fucking banging target near me and boy was it busy. But I needed to maintain self control so I had to stop myself I knew was target was there I didn’t look back but I just felt her presence. I boarded the train and allowed myself to stand near a very old lady and a few men. Just to remind her that this was OUR game and I wasn’t chikaning anyone else.

The train emptied and I said hi to her she seemed happy to see me. We spoke a tiny bit of small talk but it was abit awkward today BUT she was wearing a much shorter skirt than she ever wears and was wearing a lot of makeup I wanted to say she looked nice BUT she has a kid and probably then a partner I didn’t want to hit on her even though I have a feeling she may be game…. MAYBE. But that’s another ball game and is dangerous if you fuck that one your fucked so ill leave that for now.

I intend to get her at least twice a week but never 2 days in a row. I want to play it cool to keep it going as long as possible but then I know that all good things end at some she point either she will get bored or will want more and try to encourage it… but I don’t know. For now I’m just going to enjoy a good thing.

One of the biggest things ive learnt from years in the game is to get inside a womans head… play the game and play it good be confident and a little arrogant. Remember to know when to stop though! Play safe. Ill keep you updated maybe a few more stories sometime.

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