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Arm Humper (Mon 27 Sep 2010 15:24:12 GMT)

Re my First Job

Guest said: The desire to touch strangers of the opposite sex is also found in women. How true. I remember years ago writing about women who did this to me, and some guy replied that I must be telling lies. Recently I was pressing myself into this lady's shoulder, and another girl standing next to me starts to put her arm against mine, flesh against flesh. Then she tries to rub herself against the shoulder of the young man who is sitting by her. But she didn't get through. When I saw him sit forward to avoid her, I felt sorry for her.

Arm Humper (Tue 12 Oct 2010 22:08:39 GMT)

Strike Three

Today was a big day for me. I had the kind of experience that keeps me in this business. Last year I wrote about how I came against the same women twice in the space of a week. The first time I did her left shoulder, she looked up at me when I made my penis twitch on the stationary bus. The second time, she played coy with me, holding her arm up and away from me when I stood by her before finally

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Arm Humper (Wed 13 Oct 2010 16:00:59 GMT)


I didn't have time to mention yesterday that after I came, my partner pushed her full body back against me then turned her head around and smiled.
Rock hard said he wished he had a picture of that girl on the train. Before the social networking sites tightened up on security, I used to use them as a source of photos of my frottees. In most cases, I looked for them after finding out their names. That could happen in a number of ways including reading a name-tag or overhearing a friend using the girl's christian name in conversation (in a small country like mine, a first name can be enough to find who you are looking for). Even without a name, sometimes I cd. get pics if I knew what school the girl went to.

Arm Humper (Sat 06 Nov 2010 18:36:22 GMT)


On Tuesday I pressed into AND orgasmed against a female acquaintance. First time I've done this in ten years. Thanks, Sherryann!

Yesterday I came against a youngwoman who was like viagra on two legs: 6 feet tall, braod arse, oval face, regular features, early twenties. If you ever have a chance with a girl who looks really great, never tell yourself that she looks too good to say yes. Go for it!

Arm Humper (Sat 13 Nov 2010 23:03:39 GMT)


When Carlos says a repeat client is "safe", I am not sure whether he means that she is not going to react badly and call you out, or whether he intends to say that she is going to continue saying yes. His English is very good, but it is poss. that he is thinking of the Spanish word "seguro" which means "safe" as well as "certain" or "sure". Carlos

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Arm Humper (Thu 18 Nov 2010 00:47:58 GMT)


Hi, Carlos. I'm doing fine, thank you. I appreciate your complimentary words. That cartoon is very witty. I came across this joke on a Russian site, but it doesn't translate well:
Him (on the subway): Madam, please don't press against me like that, I am carrying eggs.
Her: So what? All men carry eggs! (Eggs can mean testicles in Russian).

On consent, the women I 'm

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Arm Humper (Thu 18 Nov 2010 22:40:33 GMT)

former mumbaiker

Welcome. Look forward to hearing more from you, esp. where you rub your dick against your target.

Arm Humper (Fri 26 Nov 2010 00:46:40 GMT)

Viral video

What was the name of that guy who said that humping arms is way more dangerous than taking your dick out?

Arm Humper (Wed 01 Dec 2010 23:35:44 GMT)

International Day, Viral Video

Longtimegroper, I have humped women who are teachers, but never any women who taught me. It wd. be nice to do, but as I get older, my former teachers are advancing beyond my age limits. It must be something genetic with those boys who groped your wife.:)

International Day of Frotteurism

On the face of it, Carlos, the last Friday of the month sounds like a good day for frotteurism, bu

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Arm Humper (Sun 12 Dec 2010 03:08:27 GMT)

Thanks, Fan.

Thank you Fan, for the reposts, esp. the one of Black Shogun's story. I found his story to be quite revealing. The following are some of the more revelatory quotes:

"She seems to be oblivious that the black man standing behind her has his dickhead in her butthole...I stood with my [stiff] black pecker up her butt for another 30 to 40 minutes."

"As they worked their way across the crowded bar to the door, I stayed in the blonde's ass crack...all up on her back...and digging deep into her bum and hunching like an animal. I stayed up in her white ass until they got to the steps to leave..."

Arm Humper (Tue 14 Dec 2010 19:02:37 GMT)

I receive an early Christmas gift

Let me say two things before getting to the main body of this piece. Firstly, over the last few weeks, I have been gathering images of former partners in frotteurism from online sources. I have done many women over a long period, but memory fades, and it is kind of sad that you have relations with different girls today, and, as the years roll by, you cannot even remember the faces of some of these

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Arm Humper (Thu 16 Dec 2010 01:48:32 GMT)


Blackstroke: I have rubbed against a few acquaintances, but only one friend. She, her husband and I all worked at the same place. The three of us were at a concert the night that I frotted her. Maybe frotted is not the right word. What happened was that I found myself standing close to her when I got the urge and put my erection against her leg. I was standing at right angles to her, facing her si

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Arm Humper (Wed 22 Dec 2010 21:20:54 GMT)

A Suggestion to the Webmaster

Hello, webmaster Ayashi. I would like to suggest a way to make your excellent site even better. People come here for different reasons. Some want to read an exciting story and may not care whether it is true or not; and then there are others like me, active frotteurs, who are not looking for entertainment, rather they wish to share useful and accurate information with each other. At present, the f

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Arm Humper (Fri 24 Dec 2010 22:14:35 GMT)

Response to Suggestion to the Webmaster

First of all, let me wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank you for your replies. And I also congratulate eleven on his labour intensive contribution. I always wondered what panty thieves were all about. :-D

I am not surprised that people who mainly wish to read exciting stories are not in favour of the suggestion, since they don't see what's in it for them. However, they shoul

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Arm Humper (Sat 08 Jan 2011 22:56:46 GMT)

Mc Donald's

In that story the author was behind the woman for, according to him, 45 minutes to an hour, and he still was not able to come. Strange.

Arm Humper (Sun 09 Jan 2011 01:05:00 GMT)


One of the things that makes an experience special for me is active participation from the frotee. (Some of the other turn-ons are doing a woman more than once and doing acquaintances. There was a time I was very keen on schoolgirls, but I got that out of my system.) Yesterday I had an encounter with one of those girls who clearly enjoys taking part.

She was a tall, plump, chocolate coloure

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Arm Humper (Wed 12 Jan 2011 01:39:45 GMT)


This afternoon I rubbed myself to the point of orgasm against a woman who had previously let me do the same thing on June 10th, 2009, and July 14th of the same year. I remember writing here about both of those encounters. This is the fourth or fifth time (depending on how you count them) that I have done a girl three times. Rather than giving a blow by blow account of how I managed to shoot my loa

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Arm Humper (Wed 12 Jan 2011 20:45:55 GMT)

Red Dragon

You say it's impossible to frot to orgasm where you live. I used to wonder why I was reading stories, not just by you, that didn't end with a climax. Then a post by Carlos explained that some men ("partials") relieve themselves alone after rubbing against the woman. I don't know if that's what you do, Red Dragon, but, in general, I don't think it would be a bad t

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Arm Humper (Tue 18 Jan 2011 17:37:43 GMT)

For David Henry

You asked how women feel when being frotteurised. This is from an Indian girl called Sarita. She posted two other stories in September 2001. You can find them by searching for her name. The second one is very hot.

It all began when my friend Ranya came to me and related one of her experiences. Ranya was my best friend in school and we told each other everything. We were at an age when sex w

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Arm Humper (Tue 18 Jan 2011 22:19:38 GMT)


This afternoon I was able to return for second helpings with that girl I wrote of earlier this month who let me shoot my load against her leg. This time I rubbed against her plump right arm. I don't know if my excitement showed on my face, but she looked up at me just when I was ejaculating.

I think this is the first time I have reeated with more than one woman in one calendar month. (

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Arm Humper (Wed 19 Jan 2011 16:14:38 GMT)

Something more for the Jamaican

More of the female perspctive.

Name: Sara

Title: Disney

Well I guess I'll add my adventure into the mix.
I was in line waiting in line for a ride at one of the Disney parks recently, and anyone who's experienced this madness knows how crowded it gets. I kept feeling someone bumping into me with any movement in the line. This happened over and over for about 20 mi

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Arm Humper (Wed 19 Jan 2011 16:38:37 GMT)

Yet more for David Henry

My last repost illustrating what a woman might think about while being humped. This is one of my favourites.

Name: annabelle

Title: Untitled

the only time something
like that has ever happened to me was a few years ago.

I was seeing this lad at the time and his idea of romance was to take me to see
a football match! it was when you still had to stand up and as

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Arm Humper (Thu 20 Jan 2011 18:37:12 GMT)

At least once every year

The question of arms versus arses comes up at least once every year or so. For your information, guest, I go for both arms and arses. When I first started contributing to this site, I was in a phase when I more or less specialized in arms, hence my name. Since then I have become an allrounder which is what I was when I started out.

If nothing else, shoulder humping is a matter of convenienc

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Arm Humper (Fri 21 Jan 2011 00:00:43 GMT)

Creating loyal customers

This evening I had the special pleasure of repeating with yet another frottee. Sometimes a frotteurism month acquires a distinct character, like October 2008 when I humped a lot of arses (I think then it was six out of ten humping orgasms came from arse humping). This Januaury is definitely going to stand out for the number of repeat customers. So far I have had six orgasms and four of these have

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Arm Humper (Mon 24 Jan 2011 19:15:11 GMT)

For D86

Some more female perspective for you. I wasn't able to respond to you earlier. Actually, everything that I posted before on this theme comes from this very site, frottophilia.com. Enjoy!

Name: longislandsue


I was groped on a train in India last year. I never told my husband because I was embarrassed that I let it happen and by how turned on I got.

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Arm Humper (Wed 26 Jan 2011 14:26:25 GMT)


Yesterday I had the high privilege and distinct honour of pressing my erection into the welcoming shoulder of an acquaintance. She and I had been workmates seven years ago. It was five days since I last had an orgasm so I was really hot and she must have been impressed by how much I wanted her.

Esperanza, as I will call her, is tall and well built, with nice long legs and a flattish chest.

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Arm Humper (Sun 13 Feb 2011 22:54:26 GMT)


Okay, Probe, I for one would like to see the picture of the mexican chica.

By the way, Vet, I wouldn't discount out of hand the stories posted by the last guest. One of them was told by a nurse who said she let people feel her right breast when she was taking blood from them. I had a female doctor who used to do exactly the same thing when checking my blood pressure. And she used to do that test herself eventhough a nurse had already done it. It must be a "trade secret" among women in the medical field. There actually are many willing frottees out there, but it seems there are some men who can't take yes for an answer.

Arm Humper (Wed 16 Feb 2011 19:48:48 GMT)


In past years, I thought it would be impossible to successfully hump a woman on Valentine's Day, the day of romantic love, but this year I decided to try my luck.
I began the chase by spending a lot of time at the bus station looking for a woman to repeat with (one of my fav. things). Eventually I spotted a girl with a big ass who had let me masturbate to orgasm agaianst it last year. I wa

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Arm Humper (Thu 17 Feb 2011 15:01:06 GMT)

Red Dragon

If I am in town, or on a bus, or where ever, and I see a former humpee for a second time not too long after the first encounter, then I remember her face. In my other stories of repeats, I mentioned that I recognized the woman because I had seen her in between the two humpings.
I think you disagree with me about Valentine's Day because the two of us operate differently. Sure, you can get your dick on a woman any day of the year if you don't care about "consent", but for me a successful hump means one where the woman is willing. It seems to me your chances of getting that are drastically reduced on February 14th when girls are being taken out to dinner and showered with gifts of chocolates and roses by their true loves.

Arm Humper (Fri 18 Feb 2011 20:01:02 GMT)

Red Dragon

Well, maybe I do have a better face memory than you, but I wish it were even better. I have said many times that I would like to be able to recognize all the women I have humped.
I don't mind you questioning me, because I also sometimes have doubts about the things I read here. And thanks for the feedback; you don't get much of that around here (unless you are a woman). ;-)

Arm Humper (Fri 25 Feb 2011 22:39:56 GMT)


This looks suspicious to me. It looks as though he is coming.

Arm Humper (Fri 25 Feb 2011 22:53:07 GMT)


And what about this?

... attached file (bmp) 270054 bytes

ArmHumper (Fri 25 Feb 2011 23:11:05 GMT)


And this. The first fellow can get the benefit of the doubt, but this and the last one look obvious.

Arm Humper (Sat 26 Feb 2011 22:45:40 GMT)


My nomination for the February award is ask_japanese_student. ;-)

Arm Humper (Fri 04 Mar 2011 21:28:27 GMT)


Re T-Gatsu: "Nice pics"

Thanks very much. It's women like that Guyanese girl you mentioned who keep me in business.

Re Guest: Arm Humper's Song

I remember hearing that song (Put your head on my shoulder)alot when I was a boy and before I started humping. Actually some years ago someone used the title of that tune as the name of a story about arm humping.

Arm Humper (Thu 10 Mar 2011 03:16:44 GMT)


Re guest who did the latina in the red pajamas.

So you have a hit-list! For me there are also some girls I would like to do, one way or another, on the bus or in bed, before it's all over. One is a girl I used to work with, the other is a girl I knew since childhood. Buena suerte! Good luck with your ambitions!

Arm Humper (Wed 16 Mar 2011 17:29:30 GMT)


First of all I would like to extend my sympathy to the webmaster and any other Japs who might read the board. Secondly, Chiking, you asked for ladies to respond, but I want to say that I enjoyed your story. It reminds me of the handful of times that I have practised frotteurism at gospel concerts. Each time it was during intermission, when people were buying food and drinks. In one case I wrote ab

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Arm Humper (Tue 12 Apr 2011 21:34:09 GMT)


I have to keep this brief. For the last two months or so I have been on medication that makes me want to have sex all the time. That's no exaggeration. It would be great if at the same time I didn't have an injury that makes it difficult for me to get out and do what I like to do.

I spent ALL of Monday night/Tuesday morning looking at porn. My injury is healing so I was able to go

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Arm Humper (Wed 13 Apr 2011 16:00:55 GMT)


Creamer: About women getting to know you're a chikan, you should try to use as wide a variety of routes (lines) as you can, or try doing it at concerts, bars, parades, or on buses if possible. I read about a man who used to do it to women who were in the crowds that formed around hot dog stands in parks. Maybe that's something you could consider. It's always good to mix it up. I kno

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Arm Humper (Sun 24 Apr 2011 03:38:55 GMT)


This is not really about frotteurism, but I want to correct a popular misconception that was stated here recently.I know this is not exactly what was said, but chiking said something close to this, and it something that you often hear people saying:"In the 18th century average life expectancy was 35 therefore 17 was middleaged."

The truth is that in those days large numbers of peo

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Arm Humper (Mon 25 Apr 2011 23:13:31 GMT)


Stone 7 wrote: "The average is not going to tell you how long MOST ppl lived."

That in a nutshell is the point I was making. People read that the average life expectancy in century X was 35 and think this means that most people died at 35 which is just wrong. Maths (as Stone 7 pointed out) and History both tell us this. We are straying a little from frotteurism but I will produce some facts later to satisfy doubters.

Arm Humper (Mon 25 Apr 2011 23:23:29 GMT)


From wikipedia: (Sorry about this, but I was told that I was guessing).
Interpretation of life expectancyIn countries with high infant mortality rates, the life expectancy at birth is highly sensitive to the rate of death in the first few years of life. Because of this sensitivity to infant mortality, simple life expectancy at age zero can be subject to gross misinterpretation, leading one to b

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Arm Humper (Mon 25 Apr 2011 23:43:50 GMT)

This puts it in a nutshell

From www.suite101.com:
The Miracle of Surviving Birth and Living to Age 11
In the Colonial era, parents loved their children but still held them somewhat at a distance emotionally. After all, kids weren't expected to live long. The infant mortality rate was between 25 and 50 percent. If a child made it to the "magic age" of eleven, he or she had a good chance of living a long time.

Read more at Suite101: Children in Colonial America: Pre-Revolution Kids Had to Grow Up Fast | Suite101.com http://www.suite101.com/content/children-in-colonial-america-a129228#ixzz1Ka6tBZyY

Arm Humper (Tue 26 Apr 2011 03:53:58 GMT)


I accept your original point about 18 being a number. In some countries the age of consent is 16. When I started humping I was 14, and almost all of my willing 'partners' for the next few years were fullgrown women. Probably some of them enjoyed the fact that I was a schoolboy in uniform and all. But of course sex with minors is risky, esp. for men, and there are so many women out there

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Arm Humper (Thu 28 Apr 2011 00:14:04 GMT)


Chiking, I think you're right to stop pushing that argument. I also think you know you're wrong, but don't want to admit it. I can inderstand that. Clearly,the published sources I provided (at your request)have to take precedence over impressions gained while wandering about in cemetaries. But, if you really still think you're right (which I doubt) it's a free country, people can believe what they like. The Birthers wont believe that Obama is a native born American no matter what evidence is presented to them. Anyway, 18th c. life exp. has liitle to do with frotteurism.

Smoovie: That black girl doesn't look like the type you normally go for.

Arm Humper (Wed 11 May 2011 19:40:21 GMT)


All of these stories about minors remind me of something I heard from someone who went to my old secondary (high) school. When he was about 16, he danced with and grinded one of his female teachers during a carnival parade. When they were finished, she said to him, "If you tell anybody that you danced with me, I'm going to mark you down." As far as I know, he kept the secret until he left school. So you see, it's not only male teachers and university lecturers who use the old let-me-have-my-way-or-your-grades-will-suffer technique. I tend to like stories of older women and minors maybe because, as I said before, from ages 14 to 18 almost all of humping partners were full adult women.

Arm Humper (Fri 13 May 2011 04:20:20 GMT)


Re Red Dragon/Bello

Your attempts to analyse women remind me of a joke I once read. One man says to the other, "I don't understand women!", to which the other replies, "Do you understand television sets?". Came across that years ago, but have never forgotten it.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 11 Jun 2011 20:19:41 GMT)


So near and yet so far. There's something about this picture that I like. And something tells me the girl in the photo (Serena Williams)would like it too. Some fellow has spilled his seed all over her athletic arse. Who can blame him?
I know many frotteurs who would love to that in reality, except, of course, Red Dragon and a few others. :)

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 11 Jun 2011 23:01:53 GMT)


I have a little story that some might interest some. It's not sensational or pornographic, but it does make some points about the way some women speak and behave about frotteurism that I consider noteworthy.

In my country, in addition to the morning and evening rush-hours, you can also ride on standing-room-only buses around noontime. They are not crammed full enough to allow for rubb

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 12 Jun 2011 15:56:46 GMT)


Just in case anyone didn't get the point I was making about population density (I'm sometimes accused of not explaining myself properly) it was simply as follows. The important thing for the frotteur is not the physical size of the territory, nor the size of the territory's population, the key factor is the size of the population RELATIVE to the land area of the territory, that is, the popultion density. So if you live in somewhere small like Hong Kong or Singapore where everyone lives on top of everyone else, you are better off as a frotteur than someone living in say Alaska where people are more scattered. And I would say that being on a cosy tiny island with a high population density gives you at least the same chances as being in a big city.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 13 Jun 2011 05:05:26 GMT)


Red Dragon, I understood clearly you were talking about the picture of Serena.

On the point of population density, I was explaining in full a point in an earlier post, as I said, "JUST IN CASE someone didn't get it". Because sometimes if I don't spell everything out, people complain I'm leaving blanks for them to fill in. And no, guest, I was never trying to make a "revelation". I was responding, as I said, to 'someone' who always stresses the fact that I live on a "tiny island". Somehow, he seems to have been long unaware of the point I made, which, as you say, is so very "obvious".

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 13 Jun 2011 08:16:52 GMT)


And guest, don't leave me out. I like white women too; even, I could almost say, especially, if their arses are, in Red Dragons unforgettable phrese, "fat enough to feed a herd of lions". The girl in the picture should be careful not to go on an African safari. Stay away from those big cats, woman.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 15 Jun 2011 17:05:07 GMT)


Rock Hard, it's good to have a picture with the story. I get my pictures of frottees in a more roundabout way. If I can find out their names, (it's possible in a small country), then I look them up on a social network. And then you can sometimes get literally scores of pictures of the same girl.
You did well to guess where she was going to go after the Indian guy did her. Two rubbings in one journey is unusual. She'll be talking about you at her workplace.
Red Dragon, I realised after I posted that you weren't having a go. It was guest who was putting a negative spin on what you said.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 24 Jun 2011 17:20:13 GMT)


It's pleasant when you have an encounter with a girl who really welcomes your advances. I had that on the bus yesterday with a short, big-butt young woman who works at a fastfood chain. When she first felt me behind her she stepped backed a little. Then she she put her hand against mine on the rail we were both holding. When I was getting close to orgasm with some quite strong thrusts, sensing that I was about to come, she looked back at me to see the expression on my face. After I climaxed she stepped aside and looked for the stain on the left leg of my trousers. It's so enjoyable when they want it as much as you do, and at the same time are not afraid to show it. Those girls who just want to play games really need to grow up.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 24 Jun 2011 20:28:39 GMT)


This is for anyone from law enforcement who may read these pages. You must know it already, but I'll still say it. There are some women out there who deliberately lead men on, and then turn around and tell them "no" after they've got them expectant and excited. It happens in frotteurism, and I am told, in other types of relations. Some men will get angry at being manipulated and do something foolish that lands them in jail. This sort of behaviour is dishonest, so a woman shd. not be surprised if it leads to an unpleasant end. I'm not condoning rape; my line is, there's no woman out there worth going to prison for, but girls shd. be honest. Say "yes" or "no" but don't try to have your rape and eat it. Games are for children.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 25 Jun 2011 03:24:54 GMT)


And now for the topic that refuses to die. Hopefully I can put it to rest once and for all. Chiking, when you are reading headstones in the cemetaries and drawing conclusions abt. 18th c. life expectancy, remember that in those days many ordinary and some not so ordinary people were buried in unmarked graves (i.e. with no headstones). When the composer J.S. Bach died in 1750 he was buried in an unmarked grave. True 100 yrs. later they dug up his bones and gave him a more dignified interment, but if that cd. happen to Bach, it cd. happen to any average Joe. And Mozart was also buried anonymously. If you go to Vienna looking for his headstone, you wont find it, because there's none. So headstones alone will give you a very incomplete picture.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 30 Jun 2011 07:53:08 GMT)


The time when I came against that fastfood worker with the big backside, I also had an encounter with a very attractive girl that I knew. We had worked together for a short while a few years back and after that we spoke on the phone a few times. Whenever we see each other we exchange greetings and sometimes even stop and chat. She let me touch her shoulder with my member, but I knew she wasn't going to let me go all the way because she knew that the woman sitting next to her knew what I was doing. Better luck next time.
On a different note, I have a problem for one of our mathematicians. If the probability of an event is 1 out of 20, what are the odds against that event occurring 6 times in a row?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 30 Jun 2011 08:14:46 GMT)


By the way, probe, if I can presume to give you two little pieces of advice. Firstly, don't take anonymous critics too seriously. Secondly, it's nice to do daring things every now and then, but if you want to live long and prosper, you might need to be a little less wild.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 04 Jul 2011 16:14:58 GMT)


Female Chikans (Chijo).
Normally when I take the bus, I am chasing women so I don't pay too much attention to what others might be up to, but lately I have been more observant, and I have been seeing what might be termed female chikans both hetero and lesbians. I hesitate to use the word chikan, because there seems to be a big difference between their methods and aims and ours. Simply put

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 04 Jul 2011 17:39:44 GMT)


First of all, thanks for the responses to my maths question. Now for the hetero chijo. Before that though, someone reading my last post about lesbian chijo (or maybe really feamle bisexual chijo) someone might think that an awful lot of humping and grinding goes on in my country. He wd. be right. Have you ever noticed that at any given point in the history of this board, blacks have been very well

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 05 Jul 2011 01:22:51 GMT)


My guess abt. the lesbian chijo is that she is likely to be a dominant female who, like us, sees crowded transportation as an excellent chance to get up close and personal with desired targets. Such a woman is likely to be well represented among the numbers of dedicated chijo. She may even try to take your 'prey' away from you, but that is the subject of another post. I think a straight

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 10 Jul 2011 15:44:30 GMT)


Here's a somewhat funny picture. The young man is clearly grinding the fair- haired woman. She's dressed just right for what they're doing. What humper could resist those leggings? Seems to me she went to the party hoping to get pressed against. By the way, judging from the other pix, I think she was the only white girl at the event. Notice that he's gripping her hip with his right hand, and she's holding his hand to encouraging him. At the same time, she's using her handbag to hide the action from the photographer. After all, she has her reputation to consider...

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 14 Jul 2011 01:46:16 GMT)


I witnessed some more girl-on-girl "humping" today on the bus. One woman was rubbing her crotch against the other's ahoulder. I was sitting just two seats behind them, so I had a ringside view. The young lady who was being touched didn't show any signs of irritation. The active female was wearing jeans. If I wanted to rub against someone, I wouldn't wear jeans. Maybe the reason why there seems seems to be so many lesbians or bisexuals here in my country is because there has always been an unusually high female to male ratio. Perhaps girls turn to each other for compaionship beacuse men are relatively hard to find. On that point, I once heard one girl say to another, "You have to share, because if you don't share, you don't get anything."

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 27 Jul 2011 22:15:19 GMT)


Someone made an interesting statemant that I think is worth pondering, "Getting arrested for a 'sex crime' is the modern day equivalent of the Salem witch hunts." Think about it.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 13 Oct 2011 00:20:01 GMT)


Is anyone familiar witn Carl Jung's tneory of syncnronicity? I came against a woman's arse on tne bus tnis afternoon, tnen came nome, and went online to discover tnat a gunman snot and killed six people in a nair salon, at about tne same time tnat I was ejaculating over tnis female's benind. Today is also Discovery Day, tne anniversary of Columbus's voyage to tne New World. Nappy Dia de la Raza to all nispanics!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 09 Dec 2011 21:44:59 GMT)


my most memorable recent experience was humping the shoulder of a schooldirl to orgasm on the bus. She had let me ejaculate adainst her shoulders on two earlier ocassions. She goes to my old school. When I was doing her, I thought about the ladt time I came against her dhoulder, and her arms are nice and plomp, she ciukd be the mother of a rugby player, that's the dort of build she has. For some reason when I came, she raised her shoulders a little bit. She always does that.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 10 Dec 2011 12:51:56 GMT)

Life in the tropics

Another experience from a few months ago that I remember well was when I did girl in front of her mother/aunt or whatever. The mother, a black Englishwoman was playing the game with me. The daughter made some mild complaint about the bus being overcrowded and her mum responded by putting her to stand squarely in front of me. While I was pressing into the younger one, I looked at the older who was quite good-looking and showing a fair bit of bare flesh. A man was taping me in action on his phone so the video must be circulating. A few days before this another mother had virtually watched me do her daughter. It's hot in the tropics!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 27 Mar 2012 18:57:42 GMT)


When I was in town this morning, I saw a girl who had let me ejaculate with my penis pressed against her shoulder over a decade ago. She is now working in a small shop as a sales assistant. I do not know how it is in other countries, but in my own, female sales assistants are hired on the understanding that they should be sexually available to their employer. This is not something that I am guessi

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 02 Apr 2012 23:20:21 GMT)


When I was in town this morning, I saw two former apoyadas (frottees). One of them was working in a boutique. So I can now say that three of my apoyadas are shop girls, which means that I can see them whenever I wish to, so long as they keep their present employment. On another note, I recently discovered that most of the policemen, in my country, are nothing but queers, which would explain why their sort never gets into trouble with the law, despite their very large numbers.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 05 Apr 2012 15:32:24 GMT)

Encouraging commerce

I couldn't resist this one. Speaking of shop girls, one of them works in the very internet cafe in which I am typing this.
On a related note, one of my biggest coups last year, on the 16th of December, was coming against the backside of a girl in a jewellry store. It was a small place with just one central aisle, and it was crowded with mainly women who were spending relatively long periods of time admiring the sparkling stones and so on. She looked back at me suddenly when I was coming, as if surprised, but I was not fooled; I stood my ground until the excitement died away. I had another climax a few days later in the same store, but it was not as satisfactory.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 13 Apr 2012 16:47:56 GMT)

Very Good Friday

My second last encounter was with a slim fairhaired white woman, who was wearing a red summer dress. She was travelling on the bus with her darkhaired husband. Making no attempt to hide my actions, which would have pointless, I gave my bag to a local woman to hold, and she put it on her knees, as if it were something dirty. The same local woman started to laugh when I made the first approaches to

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 12 Sep 2012 01:49:23 GMT)


Birds do it, bees do it, even educated flees do it,
Let's do it, let's fall in love

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