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Moshpit Groper (Wed 09 Mar 2011 22:53:47 GMT)

Teen Leggings in Concert (WARNING: she may be 13 years old)

I thought I would never post again but I had such a great concert groping experience last night that I had to share. The concert is in a big city and the headliner is a very popular pop punk band that attracts a lot of teenagers. There were 3 openers and they attracted similar kids too. The headliner was actually popular 8 years ago when I used to go to a lot of concerts so I was surprised they

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Moshpit Groper (Tue 21 Jun 2011 04:17:00 GMT)


Pervman, great to hear you're back! You, Eleven, and Shogun are my all-time top 3 easily. I like concert stories more than anything else (more than bars, clubs, etc.) Well actually, I like school stories a lot too but not quite as much as moshpits! Tell us your story in detail! I actually wrote one about a concert within the last 6 months.

Does anyone know if the search engine still works? It doesn't work for me, but if it does for you, you can just run a search for my handle. Welcome back again, Pervman!

p.s. Mr. Ayashi, when will Eleven get his hall of fame page in the Archives link?

Moshpit Groper (Thu 11 Aug 2011 14:52:18 GMT)


Crowd Surf Groper, we can't wait to hear your warped tour stories! I can't believe I missed it this year but I love warped tour. Hopefully the girls were wearing thin little shorts or spandex instead of stupid jeans!

Mr. Ayashi, do you know when Eleven's Hall of Fame page will be up? It would be great to see all of his stories in one place. Eleven, if you're reading this, please know that we still appreciate it you! I know you got no love at all when you posted your marathon of panty stealing stories from camp but I loved them all as I'm a panty stealer myself. Can you reveal what city you're in? I'm in the biggest one in the U.S. Maybe we can team up.

Moshpit Groper (Wed 17 Aug 2011 05:24:47 GMT)


Eleven, are you still here, buddy? I really hope so. Give us a sign! If you're in the Northeast U.S., we should try to work our game at concerts.

Moshpit Groper (Sat 03 Sep 2011 01:44:06 GMT)

X , what other board?

Hey X, you posted a story from another board - what board is that? I wasn't aware of any others. Thanks.

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