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The Italian Girl (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Sat 14 Jan 2012 17:59:25 GMT)

Hey brothers, its been a while since I posted anything, but have been checking back occasionally enjoying all the stories. I was tied up with work during the weeks leading up to the holidays but am now officially a free man for the next couple months, so be expecting more experiences from me within the next few weeks. I will also be posting two concerts from last year, part 2 of my HP premiere and I recently acquired a connection to get me into a club BY MYSELF (yes without a female) that is notorious for getting over crowded, so expect some upcoming club stories.

My new years eve was fairly uneventful as far as chikaning is concerned. I was at a club and had a blast though, but was accompanied by friends and a girl i've been seeing on and off for the past few months, so groping and chikaning other girls wasn't on the menu. But I wanted to share the first of a couple experiences I had during the days leading up to christmas in the mad rush for shopping. The first was an overall awesome and quite reckless experience I had with a rare gem I found in a department store. My apologies for the shitty quality of her picture, it was taken with a small spy cam I recently bought, so me getting caught at the scene with any pictures is virtually impossible lol.

I know retail stores aren't the safest place to molest and chikan these girls, so staying alert to cameras, security and other customers is a must, and during christmas with all the crowding it was easy to backhand swipe, but chikaning and doing other perverted shit had to be done with the right girl in the right surroundings, and if your patient it is possible......

So I was in Central London and it was packed, the weather was quite mild and not that cold, but still most females were covered up so the pickings were fairly slim. I was wearing thin suit trousers and carrying my trusty book bag in hand as cover and a couple bags of shopping in the other. I was both shopping and damn near groping every ass that presented itself, as long as the waist was small and ass was round my backhand or (if I was lucky) my palm was on it. All this groping was making me horny, and Idk about you guys, but the HORNIER I get, the BALLSIER I get.

Most of the stores were so crowded that contact was inevitable, so most girls weren't that jumpy about being touched and almost expected the contact. I stayed on the hunt, and was backhanding and briefly humping as much as I could. and also getting a couple of pics in here and there. It was getting dark which would make groping and humping on the crowded streets more safe, and I saw how packed the buses were starting to get. So I thought i'll kill some more time in another store and then i'll come and have my way with these asses on the street and buses.

I made my way into a large department store with two floors, it was by far the most crowded store I had been in. I grabbed a basket and began my usual "browsing", paying attention to the postion of cameras and store employees as I made my way through the aisles. Running my backhand along every girl I came across was childs play, especially with my book bag as cover, most girls didn't even react, even as my groping became firmer, but I needed more.

I found myself in the homeware section which was much less crowded, and thats when I saw her. She looked to be about 16 or 17 with pretty facial features and had on a tight fitting black jacket which hugged that thin waist and was wearing those infamous black leggings with dark brown ugg boots. Her butt was nice and plump and I LOVED the way it stuck out from the side, that picture does not do it justice, it wasn't perfect but it was nicely rounded with just the right amount of meat on it. She was with her mum and little brother, they were speaking in Italian, I could understand a little since i'm part Italian, both her mum and her had fairly loud, husky sounding voices.

Initially she didn't seem all that special since I had seen a lot of sexy girls that day with even nicer asses. At that point she was just another ass to feel up, but I wanted to do more, I needed to find a way to get my cock into that crack which looked to be at perfect height level. I watched her briefly from a short distance, she was in the exact same position as the picture, leaning against the shelving, with her mum and brother around the corner.

I needed to have a feel, I approached her from the same direction the picture was taken, still pretending my interest was browsing the products in the store. My goal was just to run my backhand carrying my book bag along that mound, but my "browsing" mis-judged my approach and I actually hit the edge of my book bag against her right hip and my backhand aggressively rubbed past her cheeks. I thought I had fucked up, and that she had noticed because that was way too aggressive. I was now to her left "looking at the items against the wall", But as I slowly turned to see her reaction, I realised that she hadn&# 039;t even moved an inch, and just continued to talk to her mum.

So I turned around placing my book bag in my left hand and walked back in the opposite direction, but this time I placed my backhand on the side of her left cheek and TOOK MY TIME very firmly feeling across her cheek, then wedging it into her crack and then out along her right cheek. Wow what a fucking feeling, there is nothing better than the feeling of a firm round teen ass in leggings, I also couldn't feel or see any panty lines so she must have been wearing a thong. I again watched for her reaction and I swear it was like she didn't even feel it, and her family and her were in their own little world.

I then took a few pics of her as I looked around for cameras and employees, and once again approached her, repeating my movements, but this time I used my palm. I palmed her right in the crack leaving it there for a good 5 secs and she just continued talking with her mum while I did it! Usually you get the sense that they know what your doing, since their spot wasn't even crowded and there was no reason for me to be so close to her, but none of them payed the slightest bit of attention to my presence. I then realized after watching her further that this girl seemed a little slow mentally, she would occasionally talk to herself, or sway her head around and do other "weird" things.

I now knew I could not let this go to waste, my heart was racing just thinking about what else I can do to this little whore. I stayed close as they eventually moved and proceeded down another aisle, I continued my "shopping" occasionally placing "items of interest" in my basket, keeping a close eye. I loved the way she walked, she was one of those girls that arch their back when they walk so their ass sticks out even more, it looked like she was walking on her tip toes, It was a struggle just to take my eyes off that ass, I could only imagine the smell in between those gorgeous cheeks, what a little whore.

I watched as they approached the units of shelves containing small accessories and jewelry, this section was crowded as fuck with people taking ages to walk past. I quickly got in right behind her, I had to be real careful though, since there were so many eyes, most of them female. I got right up on her repeatedly bumping my backhand against her cheeks as they slowly moved foward. Movement then came to a halt, as they continued talking and looking at the jewelry, I took the opportunity to gently rest my cock into her crack, I think I let out a sigh of pleasure because although it only lasted a couple seconds, the feeling of finally getting my cock on her felt heavenly. I continued to stay on her through the slow moving lines of shoppers past the jewelry section towards the kids clothing section alternating from bumping her with my backhand to gently palming her crack.

I briefly separated from them as they walked into the childrens clothing section, they were now again in much less crowded territory. I went back to browsing, and slowly circled my way around to them. I watched as they were looking through kids clothes for her brother, and made their way into the very corner looking through the coats. I couldn't directly see them, due to all the clothing racks but they seemed to have stopped in the narrow aisle in the corner between the clothing along the wall and a center square unit of racks by the corner which provided perfect cover. There were no cameras in that corner nor were there any other customers.

I slowly approached walking around the center rack, I stopped at the very corner, she was less than a foot away with her back to me in the tiny space between the coats on the wall and the coats on the center rack. The aisle was only wide enough for one person to stand, so her mother was in front of her trying coats on her little brother.

I started shuffling through the coats on the center rack, I wanted her to hear me and know I was there so I didn't startle her, and for the first time she seemed to acknowledge my presence and turned her head to the side but did not directly look at me, she then began talking to her mum about her brothers coat, and continued just acting overall weirdly. Then the little cock tease adjusted her stance and I swear, she arched her back again and was standing there purposely sticking her ass out! This little slag was fucking taunting me I thought to myself.

I then did a quick check for other customers and then slowly moved closer to her, my heart was literally jumping out of my chest as I stepped up RIGHT BEHIND her and just stood there for a second just looking up and down at that gorgeous body. I had the perfect cover and I was going to take my time with this little cock tease. I then slowly moved my face in and softly took in the smell from her hair, at this point I didn't even know if she was aware of me being so close and I didn't care. I was almost shaking as I looked down at those tender cheeks, then proceded to gently rest the back of my free hand on her right cheek. She definately felt that but at the very same instant I made contact she again began talking with her mum and brother, and even started "oddly" laughing about his coat, I then realized she knew EXACTLY what I was doing, but she just played it off, and didn't care, or maybe she enjoyed it. But her overall "weirdness" was really turning me on.

I pressed my backhand harder into her all the while pretending I was looking at some coats on the racks, and this girl actually pressed her ass back against my hand! so I turned it around and palmed her, feeling everything from cheek to cheek and into her crack, and she continued pushing back against my hand and talking with her family like nothing was happening! I was loving this and my cock was RAPIDLY growing in my trousers dying for some attention. But first, I just had to get my face in that stinky arse.

So I did another quick check of my surroundings, then removing my hand from her and placing my bags on the floor, but keeping my position right behind her I slowly lowered myself to squatting position. I turned myself slightly pretending I was looking at the coats on the lower rack right beside her thigh. My face was now no more than six inches away from her ass, I could already feel the heat it was radiating on my face. My breathing got heavier as I visually studied every curve she had down to her thighs and calves, I even lowered my head tilting it sideways looking up at her, I love the view of the ass you get from that angle, especially since her back was arched and ass was sticking out, I thought about taking a pic but didn't want to waste anytime (sorry fellas).

I looked down at the back of her ugg boots lowering my face near them and sniffed the odor they were letting out, I couldn't pick up much, only a slight damp smell. I then looked up at that gorgeous crack, and got my face right on it lightly touching it with the tip of my nose and inhaled deeply, I ran my nose up and down her entire crack taking in everything all the while looking up at her while she talked with her family. At this point I was almost shaking from the pleasure and danger. I turned to look for anymore customers, I could see right through the racks if anyone was approaching from the same way I came, but it was all clear.

Her mum seemed to be trying on more coats on her brother, so I kept my position but shifted myself onto my knees getting more comfortable. I again got my face in her crack, but this time pressed my nose in slightly deeper and I promise you guys, she pushed her ass back against my face! I doubt she even knew it was my face she was pushing back on. All I wanted to do at that point was wrap my arms around her legs, and shove my face in her ass as deep as I could, but somehow I controlled myself. I pulled back slightly to see her reaction, but she gave none, so I repeated and she again pushed back against my face, I could feel the string of her thong on my nose. I then moved closer, so I was knelt right at the back of her feet, and straightened myself pushing my pelvis forward and resting my cock on her upper calf/lower thigh area.

For the second time she turned her head to the side and slightly down, I turned my head to face the coats on the lower rack pretending I was looking through them, but kept my position with my cock on her leg. It was only then I think she realized that I had moved down there, and she didn't even move an inch! and just turned back towards her family. Words can't describe how turned on I was now, I widened my legs so I was knelt on either side of her feet and started slowly HUMPING HER LEG LOL. I kept my head turned towards the coats and was rubbing the side of my face against her hip and lower back area. I then noticed that all my face rubbing had raised the back of the t-shirt under her jacket up and the tag of her leggings had popped out, I didn't even think twice and put it right in my mouth, I even pulled on it a little, I actually wanted to bite it off and swallow it.

I noticed she had gone silent, and felt that she had stiffened up some, so I backed off a little, and just started rubbing my cock through my trousers, while sniffing her arse some more. I was almost drenched in precum by now, it felt that I had already nutted on myself lol I then saw that there was now a lady on the other side of the center rack, so I stood back up, and pretended to look through the coats while continuing to rub my dick in my trousers. Fuck my cock was sensitive, in no time it was almost fully erect and sticking way the fuck out of my trousers. I had to get in her crack.

I moved right behind her again and placed my cock right in her crack...HEAVEN. The other lady remained on the other side of the rack so she could only see our heads, she was facing us, but was looking through the clothing. I was slowly humping her and she again started pushing back on me, she held herself with one arm on the rack to her side, and I felt her even get on her tip toes at one point!

I pretended to be interested in the coats to her left just infront of her, and managed to let out the faintest "sorry" (without choking) as I reached around her making a pathetic attempt at looking through them, all the while my cock buried deep in her crack. She didn't even move an inch to make room for me! even keeping her arm in place which blocked me, had I been really shopping I would have been pissed, but she knew exactly what I was doing. It was then her mum made brief eye contact with me, and then looked back at her. Her mum gave no signs that she was concerned with me being all over her daughter, she seemed like one of those mothers that just doesn't care about their children.

I then thought fuck all this pretend browsing, and just decided to go for it. I braced myself with my left arm on the rack and had my right palm on her ass cheek then started slowly thrusting into her with quick, short humps, keeping my head turned towards the coats. I tried to be as discrete as possible and didn't go at her hard, I couldn't believe I was doing this in a retail store, especially with her mum right infront of us. I kept adjusting my footing and widening my legs to get in her as much as possible, she again started to go quiet, and even stopped pushing back on me lol. Man I had to control the urge to just grab her hips and just slam into her. I was now hard as a rock, and was gently holding her right hip. I started rubbing my cock side to side across that mound, then burying it deep into her crack letting it pulsate against her, wow what a fucking feeling, I LOVE this chikan shit fellas.

Her mum and brother had started to move on, but she was not even following, and stayed in the same position, and was actually pretending to look through some coats, she must have been either curious or she was just straight enjoying it. Her family had now walked around out of view not even looking back for her and she seriously just stood there taking it! I think this bitch was a little crazy lol.

My heart skipped a beat when I realized I know had her on her own, I looked around and saw that lady was slowly making her way towards us and there was now also a couple nearby, fuck, I had to be quick. I let out another "sorry" as I pretended to be interested in the coats on the wall just infront of her to her upper right. I used my left hand to firmly hold her left cheek, even spreading it open a little with my thumb, and pushed her foward with my pelvis, staying on her like glue as I turned her to face the coats on the wall. She then swung her hair around and actually smiled at me, but I didn't even make eye contact. Then she started looking at the coats, and even began talking to herself! completely ignoring that I was all over her.

I then reached around her left side and griped the lower rack which was a pole that ran along the wall, and pushed her forward plastering her against it. I held the rack on either side of her and buried my cock into her crack as HARD AS I COULD widening my legs to lean into her. Her head got lost for a second in the upper rack of thick coats. She then reappeared, still looking through the coats, and was actually talking to herself in some broken english, I remember "I...don'" and "not..nice..enough".

Man, words can't describe how much I wanted to just go at her, but that fucking lady was now right behind us. So I had to ease off, but kept my cock deep in her, but just pretended I was going through the coats against the wall, and just hoped the lady wouldn't take notice and just pass by, but she didn't leave. She excused herself, and stood right behind almost back to back with us looking at the center rack, she must have thought we were together. Also the other couple had come into view, also standing with their backs to us looking at the coats on the wall in the corner.

It was now or never, I thought. I then clamped my legs around her, and again griped the rack either side of her and plowed myself into her and just held my cock deep in her crack. She didn't even make the slightest attempt to move, so I pushed against her with all my weight, our heads literally disappeared through the coats, I had her face almost right up against the wall as I buried my face into her hair, and she just completely ignored me continuing to talk to herself and even laughed a little while she now struggled to look at the coats due to the position I held her. Damn I wish we were by ourselves I would have humped the fuck out of her, no joke.

I held my cock DEEP inside her, and just pulsated it there, and I could already feel the cum building up, thats how sensitive it was. I brought my head back "out of hiding" and looked around, the lady had moved on a little still with her back to us and the couple were now facing eachother talking, and the husband briefly glanced my way, but I just had to stay on her. I soon felt myself starting to cum, I kept my head looking towards the coats, and my pelvis glued to her as I released shot after shot of cum all over myself. As I was cumming, the couple walked right into our aisle, I had to move off of her and tried to keep a straight face as I continued to shoot while they walked right behind me! Talk about fucking up the moment lol

I had worked up a sweat and had to catch my breath, my cock was still erect with a huge wet spot around it. My girl continued talking to herself and looking through the coats with a smile on her face and occasionally glancing at me. It was obvious that she wanted to talk to me, but I just quickly grabbed my stuff and walked away hiding the wet spot with my stuff.

Damn was I uncomfortable, I hate the feeling after you cum on yourself. I stuck around a little longer as I "dried" off keeping an eye on things. Things seemed normal, security didn't seem to be looking for the pervert who just humped a girl in the corner of the store, and things looked to be back to normal with my girl and her family, so I placed my basket nicely on the floor and got the fuck out. I was spent so I decided to just head home without looking for more action.

Thats it fellas, not the best hump i've experienced, but most definately the riskiest lol (what the fuck do I expect in a retail store). Overall a very pleasurable experience though. More stories on the way, so till next time take care all.

GroinRubber (Sun 15 Jan 2012 17:08:00 GMT)

I just realized how long my story was lol. Sometimes I get a little carried away when writing:-) But I try to write things EXACTLY the way I remember them, i'll try to cut down on the excess detail next time.

I was planning to get over to the club last night, but something came up. Damn, I really wanted to perv over the arses of all these drunk slags, next weekend for sure.

But yeah Groin, I agree that shop chikaning is a dangerous game. But in this case, I found a target who was willing to let me be all over her, and even encouraged it, plus she was a little "insane in the membrane"...definately a rare find.

Also I definately think you should post BOTH your stories when you get the time, which ever one comes first is all good. I'd personally like to hear about the cum story first.

Take care brothers, and more perverted shit coming your way.

Robbie/smoooviee (Thu 19 Jan 2012 14:26:16 GMT)

Hey Robbie, IF your story is indeed true, I have to give you props for pulling that off. Shit, I thought I was ballsy with some of the things that I do, but shredding a girls leggings with nail clippers makes my actions look tamed LOL. Nice one.

Good luck with the Polish slut smoooviee. If she turns out to be Russian it'll work out even better for ya :-) I agree with Shogie that some of these Russian girls are racist, but since your a whitey like me, that won't be a problem.

I'm not really into these Eastern European bitches, although I have seen some gorgeous ones and the Polish girls are quite easy to pull for a shag :-) But the majority have distinct features that I don't find attractive. I prefer English, American or Australian when it comes to white girls.

Harry Potter Film Premiere part 2 (Sun 22 Jan 2012 16:03:19 GMT)

Hey fellas this is part 2 of my Harry Potter Film Premiere.

Part 1 can be read here

Things were pretty uneventful for the next half hour or so after my actions from part 1. I continued my usual backhanding when I could, and also attempted to hump a few girls but I just couldn't find myself in the right crowd. There were small crowds everywhere trying to look into the barricaded area. I also spotted at least 5 other chikans doing their thing ;-)) I was horny as hell by now and I really needed to find an ass for myself,

I walked over to a crowd gathering at the far end of the National Gallery. They stood behind a metal railing and I saw that they had a good view right into the barricaded red carpet area. There were a few stewards/pcso's behind the railing, so I stayed alert to their eyes. I noticed that this crowd was quickly growing and getting closer to the railing so I scanned around for potential targets to get close to. I then saw a fairly tall blond right at the front by the railing, I moved in closer and saw that she was talking to a friend who had dark brown/reddish hair, both were a few inches taller than me. As the crowd began to close in around them, I got in close, until I was in between them, with the blond to my left and the red head to my right. Another lady had moved in right behind the blond and stood next to me and to my right was another chikan and he was right up on the red head, damn.

This chikan was wearing a hood and was so short in comparison with this red head, it almost looked funny, he was on her like glue. I looked at the reaction of the red head, but she paid no attention to him, and continued talking to the blond, with both joining in the occasional screams and cheers from the crowd. Both seemed to be in their mid 20's and I realized that they were Australian. My impatience began to grow as I studied their "assests& quot;. The blond was wearing tight black shorts over some black tights, by now I had rested my backhand on her thigh and was gently rubbing it up and down. The feeling of her tights was great, she gave no reaction. She had a slender body, but as I looked more closely at the red head, my cock instantly started to grow. I could see why this chikan had chosen her, she looked like a typical slut with tons of makeup, I remember the bright red lipstick. But it was her body that really did it for me, it was built for chikan, small in the waist and PHAT in the ass and thighs. She was wearing a tight blue skirt over thin see thru black leggings. I decided then, that I just HAD to have her.

By now the crowd had grown considerably, with everyone slowly forcing themselves towards the front. I felt myself getting pushed towards the railing, in between the girls. They both began looking back, not at me but at the growing crowd, and were smiling as they said for each other to "stay close". I then decided to start moving to my right to try and muscle this guy off of her and to my delight she moved in closer to her friend placing her almost in front of me. My heart was racing as I wasted no time pressing my growing hard on against that soft round ass cheek continuing to move to my right at the same time letting the crowd push me forward, I was now plastered against her left cheek The other chikan was now quite blatantly palming her hip, I knew she could feel his hand but she only gave a few quick glances to the side and that was it. I saw the bulge in his trousers and was grateful he didn't have his bare cock on her.

I then reached around her with my right hand grabbing the railing and used my forearm to slowly nudge her directly in front of me, I then slid my cock along her left cheek, and buried it DEEP into her crack, I used the crowd behind me as an excuse to apply more force into her. She looked down at my right hand which was gripping the railing, I made sure to hold the railing right in front of her resting my arm firmly around her completely trapping her right side in. I looked around and noticed that the other chikan had disappeared. Everyone was so packed in tightly now that the people behind me were practically resting there chins on my shoulders and were cheering in my ears. No one was paying attention to anyone else, only the big screen near the red carpet which was showing scenes from the film, even the pcso's and stewards were just talking amongst themselves. I had finally found myself in the perfect crowd, which left everything from the neck down hidden, I was going to enjoy every bit of this phat round arse.

I was now officially in heaven with my cock buried inside her. I knew she could feel my growing hard on and felt her tense up a little while she kept talking to her friend. I just let my cock pulsate in her crack, occasionally adjusting my footing to get as deep into her as I could. I was almost drooling at this point as I looked down at that fat mound, her skirt was slightly raised and bunched up around me. Her ass was at the PERFECT height level, she was literally sitting on my cock! As my cock grew and I pushed deeper into her, my cock was actually rubbing against her pussy with her thighs clamped around it, it gave me such an intense feeling. I had her so tight against the railing, her stomach was squashed up against the back of my hand which held the railing, I knew she was uncomfortable, but she didn't attempt to move, I don't think she wanted to attract too much attention and embarrass herself. She would occasionally look down at my hand and then to the side, I made sure to apply more pressure when she did that and get my face right up against hers. It went on like this for the next minute or so.

After a while, she began to "settle in" to the situation, and once again began laughing with her friend and cheering with the crowd. I guess she got used to the feeling of my cock literally in between her legs. I started running my face all over her hair, which was freshly washed and had a nice shampoo smell. As my pleasure grew I became more animalistic, running my nose across her neck, at one point she raised her arms above her head and began clapping, I pressed my nose against the side of her armpit and sniffed it. I wanted to enjoy every bit of this sluts body. I then started to slowly hump her, but not using full on thrusts. Since the position my cock was in already felt heavenly, I kept it in its place and just moved my pelvis around rubbing my cock all over her pussy area, I was going back and forth and side to side, WOW I just can't describe the feeling.

I checked my surroundings and watched her reaction, no one was watching me and all she did was again look to the side one time and that was it! I was also DYING to get my bare cock on her, but just couldn't risk it due to the presence of the pcso's. By now I had the back of my left hand carrying my book bag firmly against her hip and upper thigh and was rubbing it all over. But I needed a better feeling, so I literally threw my book bag down against the ground and firmly pressed my palm into the side of her left cheek/hip area. She showed no reaction. I was all over her now, leaning into her with ALL MY WEIGHT and rubbing my cock all over inside the tiny gap underneath her pussy and inbetween her thighs. Everytime she cheered or there was a cheer in the crowd, I would hump her with slow HARD thrusts, at times even releasing the railing and holding her stomach with my right hand, while my left got firmer in its groping of her hip. She would do her usual look down and to the side and that was it.

My rubbing began to intensify, and I felt the cum building up, but I slowed down.....I just didn't want to cum yet. My breathing was heavy now as I looked down at her ass, backing my pelvis away a couple of inches, but keeping my cock in contact. Damn I was so hot down there and was drenched in precum. I then used my left hand to slowly try and raise her skirt up higher. I really wanted to get it up around her waist, so I can feel around her leggings covered arse. I pretended my interest was watching the big screen as I slowly raised her skirt up higher, I looked down briefly and saw that the middle part of her skirt was now up and exposing most of her legging covered crack, and I got a flash of her pink thong knickers.

That sent me through the roof, and like an animal I pressed into her again but this time I wedged the back of my left hand right into her leggings covered crack, I could feel her thong. She probably didn't even realise my hand was deep inside her since I had it flat against me. I then pressed it deeper into her and left it there enjoying the feeling and the heat, she was quite moist and sweaty down there and her leggings were so thin it felt like I was touching her bare skin. I then stated rubbing my cock side to side and all over her right cheek, this gave me shivers, my cock was so sensitive now and just wanted to explode. I heard her clear her throat, and she slightly adjusted her position trying to create a little distance, but it was pointless, I had her so tight against the railing that there was no where to go.

The crowd then let out another roar and I slammed my cock back into her "gap" with everything I had, my upper body pressed into her causing her to slightly bend over the railing. For the first time I had attracted the attention of her friend who briefly looked over at me, but since everyone was so tightly packed in she couldn't get a view of my mid section, they both just laughed. I just played it off that it was because of the crowd, and did not back off her even the slightest inch keeping my cock and hand buried in her as I again started to slowly hump her.

The pcso's then started calling out for anyone with wristbands to come forward and that the rest should leave because this section is going to be closed off. Then came the sea of complaints from the crowd including from my red head and the blondie. I took the opportunity to turn my hand around and firmly palm her crack, she paid absoloutely no attention to me. So I began full on groping her crack and left cheek, while I pressed my cock into her as hard as I could. She was actually complaining to the pcso's about the wristband situation as I buried my face into her hair and began thrusting into her HARD!

People started closing in even tighter around me continuing to complain, I felt invisible at that point. I then reached around her with my left hand and griped the railing, I now had her completely trapped in with both my hands either side of her on the railing, SHE WAS ALL MINE. I used the hold I had on the railing to press into her with everything I had and held myself there as I began slow HARD thrusts into her, she never said a word and just continued complaining with the pcso's! It was great hearing her voice as I continued humping her, actually its one of the greatest feelings i've ever experienced ;-))

I felt myself cumming as I pressed into her as deep as possible leaving my cock there as I released LOAD AFTER LOAD of cum. Damn it felt like it lasted forever, and I stayed pressed into her until I was completely finished and my dick started to go down. I was literally resting my head on hers as I slowly came to my senses. All she was doing at this point was just talking with her friend about leaving. I now had to deal with the discomfort you have after you nut all over yourself and I just wanted to get the hell out of there. But as I looked down at her ass, the sight I got caused my dick to immediately begin "stirring in its sleep". Her skirt was raised up exposing the bottom half of her arse and I had created the deepest leggings wedgie I had ever seen. I crouched down slightly as I picked up my beloved book bag and got my face closer to it, WHAT A FUCKING SIGHT.

So I decided to stick around after all, and for the next 30 mins I was all over her again. It went from making room for the wristband wearing people to come through, to the pcso's asking everyone to take a step back (which was HEAVEN) so they can move the railing back to place a barricade there, and finally SLOWLY turning around to leave the area. Throughout the entire time people continued to complain and I remained pressed into her and touching her all over, I didn't cum again but I enjoyed every second. All in all, I had my cock in that round arse for a good 45 minutes.

Well thats all for now guys, hope it was a good read, I know I enjoyed writing it and "reliving" the experience in my mind.

So till next time, take care all.

A few things (Wed 25 Jan 2012 18:18:08 GMT)

Wow I agree with Rock Hard, its because of guys like him that people are becoming more aware and more vigilant towards us. He's lucky he didn't get the shit kicked out of him by the other passengers. I admit, I can get a little careless at times IF the arse i'm chasing is worth it, but if I feel too many eyes on me, I will keep my distance. ALWAYS pay attention to your surroundings people.

On a side note, thanks for the feedback on Harry Potter fellas. Shogie that other chikan was tiny even compared to my 5'8 frame so he was an easy win hehe, and Red Dragon now that I look back I regret not getting my bare cock on her, even for just a few mins, I would never have got caught....oh well.

Also GroinRubber, brilliantly written story. I too have experienced the "C.A.T.S", but it sounds like your becoming increasingly self conscious about your actions and if you choose to stop then thats your decision my man. But I plead you to keep posting your past stories here, they are awesome to read.

Anyways fellas, I recently had some fun with a couple schoolgirls, which i'll be posting about soon.

Till then take care all.

GroinRubber/Mark (Mon 30 Jan 2012 13:25:52 GMT)

Thanks for the comments and nomination GroinRubber, I was getting worried you might disappear after the downer you experienced at your last gig. I loved the Ebay Thriller story, i've always wanted to help a hottie load things into her car while I perv over the arse, and your story makes me wonder, maybe we should let these bitches come to us instead of chasing around after them LOL.

Also Mark nice experience, you touched on a fantasy of mine. I always wanted to get my face in the arse of a hot chick on someones shoulders. The icing on the cake would be if they were the shoulders of another hot chick so I can hump her ass at the same time :-)) I was tempted one time with a GORGEOUS milf carrying her daughter, but her daughter was WAY too young so I had to pass.

Keep the stories coming fellas, if anything they get you "in the mood" to go out on the hunt :-))

And GroinRubber gets webmaster's special mention.

Happy New Year! (Mon 02 Jan 2012 23:19:39 GMT)

Hello fellow frotters, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all, from GroinRubber.
Thanks to all whom posted kind comments on the stories I put up.

Well, the Christmas and New Year hiatus is finally over, and it's back to reality. I didn't get much action over the Festive period, but I do generally take a break this time of year. I've been out and about a little bit, and despite the cold, I couldn't fucking believe that the girls are still wearing those fucking sexy leggings that are as thin as shit paper.............Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

I half heartedly popped on my chikan gear a few days back as ihad to fetch a little shopping, and I had to get on some ass. I didn't get any luck, other than a brush up with a gift shop sales assistant, who couldn't feel a thing cos her jeans were so fucking tight..Ahhhhaaaaa!! They must have been cutting off her circulation.

I have a potential concert coming up in about a fortnight, which should be full of teens and emo's, similar to the gig I recently attended (RE: Little Red Riding Jeans). It's given me the squits just thinking about it.

I also have a gig on Saturday February 4th at a tiny intimate venue. Now, I went to see this same band about a year ago at EXACTLY the same venue, and I got up on this hot fucking bubble arse wearing thin tight trousers...BUT......I teased myself with her too much, and I didn't fucking shoot my fat. Also, a lady at the side of the stage was watching me rub her up, and it kinda put me off more than turned me on. Think it was because of the intimacy of the setting. She kept looking down at my solid cock, pointing upwards like a fucking large carrot under my thin frotting joggers, as the bitch in front of me gormlessly (but knowingly) tossed my throbbing cock around whilst dancing.

I'm hoping, no begging, that the same bubble butt woman is there again, because if she is, I won't fuck it up by teasing myself this time. So I'm really looking forward to that fucker.

Meanwhile, I've sent Alfred down into the Bat cave archives to fish out a story from the past, which I'll post up soon....that is...if you'd like to hear it...huuraa aaagg Haaagghhaar Har Ha!!!

I think most of you may agree that the board was becoming a little insipid of late....BUT...This past month or two, the Board has been getting better and fucking better, and dare I say it, back to it's old self. Gone are the random photos of chicks, and bullshit banter.
The true essence of the board seems to be back, with stunning stories, Vids, and even the comments are memorable and meaningful again. I hope it continues through the year.

Finally a couple of mentions:

eleven: Awesome story mate, those two blond bitches are HOT!! I'd have had to come on her tanned, toned back though. Those bodies are to die for.

Jay: BRILLIANT video mate Ahhhhhhaaaaa!! But I really want to you nut on her mate...can you sort it out on the next vid? Shame about that last one. Sounds like you were close to cumming.....That sucks man!!! Outstanding Jay!!!

May I take this opportunity to once again wish you all a Happy new Year


Note for Ayashi. (Thu 12 Jan 2012 15:09:13 GMT)

Hi Master Ayashi.

It's been a week or so since I've been here, My PC had a fatal error, so that's why this suggestion is a little late.

Firstly, Thank You all for the Rookie award...I hope I can keep up the good work!

Ayashi, in your awards post you quoted:

"The Man of the Month, December 2011 is awarded to Eleven. Although New Guy Jay give us great videos, I feel that they are too dangerous".

I kinda agree, yet disagree here. Safety for me is the first factor of frotting. That's why I could never flash like our man Red Dragon.

However, New Guy Jay's Vids are awesome, and it's up to him what risks he's willing to take. I admit, the video implies it wasn't busy enough for 'Cock Out' action, but fuck man, she was willing. She loved that cock thrasing about on her, and the slut of a friend fucked it up for spunking..Shit!!!

I kindly suggest to you Ayashi, you either give New Guy Jay a belated Man Of The Month Award for December, or credit him in January for his risky, but awesome vids. Any of you guys agree?? I don't think he should be lambasted for being risky when he is delivering that kind of quality! However careful....find a denser crowd for 'Cock Out' action.

This is a CAMPAIGN FOR NEW GUY JAY!! He deserves a joint Man of The Month Award.If he films himself spunking....well who knows!!

Thank You Master Ayashi.

OH.....RED DRAGON. Awesome story where you came on the girls hand. Mega Risky though. I take my hat off to you!! MORE PLEASE!!


Some of you guys have no idea.

All you ever talk about is butt humping, and all the stories on the subject are the

Hey Guest why the mardy rant?? Don't come here if you want to complain, no one wants to hear it....but I do see what you're saying. Maybe you should post up a story, and show us 'never evolving Idiots' how it is done!! he prrof is in the fucking pudding Guest!! Take care man.

Gig coming up soon, and an old story to come.



Leo187 / Stories. (Sat 14 Jan 2012 23:27:00 GMT)

Hey Leo187.

Great to see you back after the Christmas/New Year Hiatus. What a fucking great story to come back with. "Ahhhaaaaa" The girls ass was knob on man...GREAT PHOTO YOU FUCKING ANIMAL!! There is a lot of risk with mall/shop chikan, and sometimes, very little result, so I credit you in your outstanding efforts to nut on this sluts ass....Nice One!!
Usually, unless it's a packed environment Sales etc (Like your story) mall chikan is, or can be hard work, and that's why I'm not a general practitioner of this kind of chikan nowadays. Ace story Leo, and we can't wait for your Harry Potter story conclusion. Bring the fucker on man!!

Also a little mention for 'caribbean buttluver' and his story 'caribbean butts'. What a story man! I've always wanted to attend a Caribbean festival so I could blow my pink exhaust all over some bikini clad ass. Maybe I'll get to one one day. Your story was fine...Ahhhaaaaa!!

Well my fellow perverts of the ass shaped table, I have a gig on Saturday Feb 4th. Remember,I mentioned in a previous post that I had been to see this band, almost exactly a year ago at exactly the same venue. But I failed to cum due to a fucking 'Watcher' and over teasing myself. I'm sincerely hoping the same woman that I didn't spurt on will attend again this time around.

Even though I did not come, I was gonna post up the story of last years encounter, as a warm up for the upcoming gig, just to get you pervs in the vibe, you know.

Would you guys like me to post that up, or would you prefer a 'cum' story from my archives. I have a fucking great story of when I went to see The Fun Lovin' Criminals in 1996. "Ahhhaaaahhhaaaa" (But I can always put that up at a later date) Maybe I'll try and get both posted up if I get chance. I've been really busy with things, and sometimes it can be time consuming composing the stories.

Take care for now.


BREAKING NEWS!! (Mon 16 Jan 2012 13:31:38 GMT)


I have a gig TONIGHT!! Kinda unexpected in some respects. I had my eye on this gig at Christmas time, but then found i couldn't go due to having new furniture delivered, and the 16th was the only day available!! SHIT!! fellow chikans...the furniture company rang this morning explaining they had double booked, and that they couldn't get to me until Thursday. (they compensated me with a little cash) Any normal person would have been well pissed, but not yours truly, as the gig is now a defo!!

I've done my homework with this gig, and it should be very similar to the last. plenty of Emo's and Teens, and a decent attendance too!! AHHHHHHHHHHHAAAA!!!! I'm so exited I keep getting shit pains!! My load is ready!!

My chikan gear is fresh and out waiting for me, and come 6:00pm, I'll be ready to go!! The hours will be slow this afternoon. I will of course report on this later in the week, before I put up any older stories. Wish me luck. Fuck..I need another shit!!


Leo 187 / Long Stories (Mon 16 Jan 2012 15:33:58 GMT)

Hey Leo.
Your stories are well cool mate. They're not too long. The long stories are the best, and the most memorable. detail helps the reader build the picture, or at least that's what I think. I don't thin it will be long before the Master Ayashi notices your efforts Leo.

I will post BOTH stories up eventually, but my unexpected gig of tonight (16th) will be slapped up on the board first of course.

I'd really like to think I could get a nice ass in real floaty clothing tonight. You know, a floaty dress, or thin joggers etc. BUT I feel this gig could be 90% jeans, and denim shorts....the normal emo stuff. I'm not complaing though, I just miss the female 'thin' clothing this time of year.

I think it's gonna be pretty packed, and the genre is metal/hardcore, so all the asses will be bouncing about like fuck, but I'm going to hunt for an ass that's a little more steady, and calm. There's usually no consent usually a 'metal&# 039; concerts, as it's so crazy no one gives a fuck whos smashing against who. (I hate metal gigs a little for that.) Maybe I'll stay a little further back in the crowd tonight to find the teen that WANTS a cock squirming around on there dirty little shitter, we'll see...Har Harrgg Harrghh!!
I might go and polish the Bat Mobile to kill some time....only 4 hours to go..Ahhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhh!!

I Will as always keep you posted.


PARANOID ANDROID (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Tue 24 Jan 2012 11:44:01 GMT)

Hey Fellow Chikans. Well I went to my gig, and let me tell you, it was a strange experience. I don't know why. Maybe just pure paranoia, maybe wrong setting etc etc.....maybe a combination of a few things. it was such an odd catalogue of affairs, that I have contemplated quitting. Don't get me wrong, I reached my goal, But I was not myself for some odd fucking reason.
I don't know wether or not it was the fact that this particular outing was spontaneous, with no anticipation or planning...I just DON'T KNOW!! Anyway, the story follows, which explains away the state of confusion this event has put me in. I've called this outing...


I had a shower, went to my bedroom, and sniffed my freshly washed chikan jogging bottoms. For some reason, I did not feel in the zone tonight, and I initially thought it was due to the haste and the spontaneity of this gig. I'd found out last minute that I could attend this show, due to a delivery date of mine being cancelled.

I lathered myself in after shave, and with a hint of reluctance, made my way to the gig. I wanted to get there in plenty of time as I expected a bit of a crowd. As I got close to the town in which the venue was in, I started to get a feeling of worthlessness. It came from nowhere, and I pondered over reasons that were for and against chikaning (and there was a lot more ticks in the against boxes). Recently, I'd started to feel like a bit of a loser, No, a lot of a loser, and maybe this was just one of the many attributes to this peculiar night. Anyway, on with the show.

Despite knowing there would be a bit of a crowd, Nothing could have prepared me what awaited me outside the venue. The fucking Q was about 400 metres long, two people wide, and even three people wide in some parts of the Q. It was so long that it went up one side, and then down another side of a street that was right next to the venue.
I immediately panicked because of the ticket availability, so I sprinted like a mad man to the front of the Q to find a member of security. I asked if there were still any tickets, and he said "Yeah, but only a few" I asked him if he could find out how many were left, but he was too busy with the Q and refused.
It was not like me to make myself so conspicuous when chikaning, especially to a member of security. This was just not my way, and never had been.

I went to join the back of the Q, which was now another fucking 70 foot or so longer!! The Q was full of emo sluts, dressed in denim cut offs, black skin tight leggings, leather shorts and trousers....AHHHHHHHHHAAAHH!! I had never seen so many people at this particular venue, and I had frequented it many times over many, many years.
I slipped into the Q behind these two dirty looking teens. One was a sexy little blond about 15, and kept tossing her hair back. She had on black tights, and cut off denim shorts, covering a pert, but small tender ass. I tried to get my panted cock close to her, but I then noticed this group of teens watching me and laughing from the other side of the street ( Which was in front of me in the Q)

I backed off straight away, and looked around me pretending I had not spotted the sneering teens. The watched me for 30 seconds or so, and then just started chatting again. Meanwhile the Q continued to build up behind me, and I could not bear the thought of not getting into the venue, especially with the sluts that could be on offer here.
The Q was moving forward very slowly, so slowly that half an hour later, I was at the other side of the street where the teens had been eyeing me trying to chikan the slut in front of me.

Just then, a T-shirt selling tout came past, with bundles of T's draped over his arm. I asked if any of his dudes had any tickets to sell. he said "Leave it with me, give me 10 minutes". I said OK, and some of my panic faded. Whilst I waited, and the Q continued to slowly move forward, I tried again, a little more tactfully, to get my impatient prick on the ass of the teen in front of me. I got close and just lightly grazed her back door, whilst pretending to look at the Q ahead. I then spied this spotty youth with his emo chick girlfriend at the other side of the street.(Where I had been half hour or so before) He was watching me, and so was his chick. His fucking gormless mush was so spotty, he looked like he'd been blasted in the face by a shotgun loaded with oregano. I gave him a mean "What the fuck are you looking at" stare, and he looked away, and they then carried on about their business of being fucking gormless! I knew I had to take it easier though. i was being complacent, and again, this as just not the way I worked.

15 minutes later, the tout returned with a small bundle of tickets. He wanted a ridiculous price for them (more than three times the face value) but I haggled him down, and bought one, paying the face value and a half, so not bad I guess. I tried once more with the teen in front, but this time, she looked back at me and whispered to her friend, who looked back and giggled, which got my balls tingling like fuck!! Ha Ha!!

I wasn't doing very well, so I gave up, as I knew there would be rich pickings once inside the gig. 25 minutes or so later, and I was in the venue which was seething with emos, and skater dudes. The place stunk of sweat and shit....don't these dirty fuckers ever take a shower? I made my way into the main auditorium, and it was heaving with fucking kids and teens (was this why I was being watched, and looked at so much?) There were a few older people, but the crowd mainly consisted of 98% teens, which I know sounds great my fellow chikans, but this can be a risky, and dangerous affair...and I felt that's exactly what this evening was, and was going to be. As I said, I'd done my homework, but I did not expect this. Teens were bouncing all over randomly, and not many people were standing still.

The support act were already a few songs into their set as I got into the main auditorium, and I spotted this slim, mixed race chick,about 16 with skin tight grey jeans, and an orange cotton top. Ulike the rest of the crowd, she stood calmly with her hands clasped in frony of her. She was being pushed around a little by the intense swaying of the rocking crowd, I got close in behind her, and with my spunk trumpet still in my pants began to press hard against her, swishing my prick from side to side. Ahhhhhaaaaaa!!
As I looked around to check the situation, I kept being met with strange gazes from various teens. I don't know wether this was just pure paranoia, or they were looking at me because I was looking at them. I just turned away like I'd not seen them and got on with the task in hand.

My cock started to swell and pre-cum a little as I continued to pound and brush hard against her ass. There was no room for subtlety at this gig, which was a shame, as I like to take it slow, and get some kind of consent. I decided I wanted to get my prick near her clasped hands, so with the surging crowds, I slipped to her right, so I was now facing the side of her head. I continued watching the support act whilst all this was happening. I slipped my tool from my pants (But still under my thin frotters) and brushed my bell end around her clasped fingers. My bell end twitched with delight, and felt huge against her petite hands. I desperately wanted to slip my bare cock out but It was too risky, and I was nowhere near my usual top form, so I refrained.

After a few minutes of this, this emo youth leaned over to me and said in my ear "Hey mate, Do you do that just for a cheap thrill" I fucking froze, and felt the fuck did he see me? I leaned back to him and said "Pardon" He replied "I said can you let my mate through please" I said "sure mate" and let his gormless mate pass me. Grade one 'Paranoia' had now set in. I mis-heard him so badly.....fuck. ..I thought I'd been rumbled. What the fuck was up with me tonight??

I continued to brush my now pre-cum soaked helmet around 'Mixed Races' knuckles and fingers, and I tried to slide my bell end 'Into' her clasp, so I could fuck her hands, but then the support act wrapped up, and the crowd seemed to part a little while beer glasses were re-filled. "Ahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaoorr! I'd enjoyed that, but now it was over. FUCK!!

I had a walk around, but it was difficult, as it was so fucking busy. I kept squeezing my way through, and continued to get odd looks from the people I pushed passed. I got as I just wanted to go home, but I was here now, and I had a mission to accomplish.
Just then, at an outside edges of the crowd, I spotted the two sluts that were in front of me in the Q outside. They'd hooked up with two young zitty skater boys, but yours truly easily slipped past there noses, and was instantly glued to them. They kept looking back, with frowning brows. It was clear they did not want me there. But as the crowd swayed, my unpanted cock was squashed against them like a chip shop suasage, already stimulated into a strong semi. After a few more frowns and confusing looks at each other the two chicks decided it was too crowded for them, and they left, with the two boys, to find a new spot. "Doh"!!

To be honest, it was too busy for me too. I've never been into chikan where it's so crowded, that's it's almost too easy, or where it's so crowded you cannot move around. That is not my pattern, as you all know. Anyway...what to do next?
I started to squeeze, and barge my way through the crowd. There were dozens of people crowd surfing, and rings of youths pushing each other around to the warm up music. Just then, the lights dimmed. The crowd roared with excitement, and I used the surges to throw myself to a slightly less denser area. The band ripped into their first song, and the crowd went fucking ballistic, and as I tried to find a better spot, I was tossed around like a fucking rag doll.

I eventually found a calmer spot, and I spotted my next potential target. She had brown hair puled into a ponytail on the top of her head. She was about 16 or 17. She wore A white short sleeve T-shirt, with black braces holding up a tight pair of denim shorts, with black tights underneath, and Doc Martin type boots with no laces in. She was ever so slightly chubby. She had a gorgeous round bubble of a butt. She was very much like Charlotte Church in looks and build, so we'll name this bitch Charlotte.

As I mentioned, it was a metal/hardcore gig, so Charlotte was jumping around like a maniac, but every now and then, she would stop, and just sway her body sexily, almost resting before the next insane jumping session. For the first time this evening, my heart started to beat in my chest the way it usually does. I got slipped in behind her like a fucking grass snake. My tube steak was out in my thin frotting bottoms, and I did not hesitate planting in on her right ass cheek. At this point, she was in her swaying phase, so my cock instantly hardened at the feel of her ripe ass cheeks swaying my wet bell end from side to side. The smoothness of her dancing was moving my cock around in the most exiting manner. It was delightful..... Ahhhaahhhhhaaaahhaaa!!

A new song started, and Charlotte bounced around like she was demented. She rubbed my cock up and down with her ample booty, so much so that it was a little uncomfortable. She nearly ripped my fucking foreskin!! I stepped back a little. My prick was sticking straight out in my joggers like a fucking iron spanner, But I had got adequate cover from the crowd. It was at it's hardest. My bell end was wet through with pre-piston juice.

Charlotte then started to bounce erratically again, and every now and then, she she would come down so hard on my upright pointing tool that she'd nearly snap the fucker off. This was no good. I had to catch her in one of her her 'swaying' phases to release my love liquids. Another track exploded into action, and Charlotte again jumped around like a mad animal. I closed in again for the kill but I either got too close and she nearly tore my bell end off, or I couldn't get close enough due to her, and the crowds erratic movements.

Once again she went into that dirty swaying routine. I got close to her, and re-aligned my prick so it was 'dead pig's eye up' She swayed sexily, massaging every single centimeter of my pink shaft and helmet top. I'd be a liar if I said this was with her consent, and she was aware that I was there, but in my opinion, she wasn't. She was just enjoying the show in the outer rings of the crowd chaos.

Finally, I got that sublime tingle of the spunk starting to swell in my lower tube steak. My prick started to heavily twitch as She continued to sway all the ways of the compass until my bell end blew like a fucking sawn of shot gun. I let out a mega loud "RRRRRGGGHHHAAAAAAAGGGHHHHAAAAAAHHHAAA", half out of frustration, and half out of pleasure. Pump after pump of cum pounded from my Jap's eye, while she blatantly swayed every which way but loose, massaging all of the tool tension clean away.

She then started to jump again to a faster segment of the heavy track. my cock was still thumping out juice, so I stepped back slightly, quickly but discretely put my hand down my bottoms and pulled my foreskin back around my fireman's hat. My cock jumped slowly as I dregged away it's final offerings...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaahhhhaaaaa.

After resting a few moments, I stepped further back into calmer waters. As I retreated, I tried to see if I had left a nice 'map if Italy' on Charlotte's denim clad ass, but I couldn't tell for sure, it was all too erratic in the crowd. I felt my joggers and it was like a massive blob of frog spawn all over the font of them. I went to the toilet to soak a little of it up with some shit roll, and then went back out and watched the remainder of the show. The band were actually very good, but I don't think I'll be going to see them again in any hurry.


I left the gig, and went to find the Bat Mobile in the car park. naturally, I felt down. I always call it C.A.T.S (Comedown After The Success OR Calm After The Storm) and I tried my best to shrug it all off. I was't sure if this would be my last night of chikan, and maybe even my last story posted here. I had a gig planned for February 4th (as mentioned in a previous post) but I wasn't sure anymore. As I headed home into the cold night, I knew I had a lot to think about.

EBAY THRILLER (WARNING: she may be 43 years old) (Sun 29 Jan 2012 11:40:22 GMT)

I didn't think this would turn out as a story as such, but as I typed away, I could see it was going to be just that! So fellow perverts, I think I'll title this one...


OK Chikans, It was a few days after my somewhat 'troubled gig'. I had been in chikan hibernation. This particular day though, I had someone coming to my home at 6:30 to collect an item I had sold on eBay. The item in question was a two piece antique wall unit/sideboard kind of thing that I hated as it 'looked' like a fucking antique...Ha Ha!!

Anyway, I knew the person that was coming was a female, and she sounded real sexy on the phone. My original chikan joggers were still in the wash, full of dried fucking semen from my gig of a few days earlier. (See: PARANOID ANDROID), but luckily I'd got a pair of those joggers that have a high school logo emblazoned on them, you know.
They weren't half as thin as my concert chikan joggers, but they were still fairly thin.

I am telling you all this, as I thought I may get a little action here. I'd got the antique piece all padded up, wrapped and ready for when my victim.....Ahem!!.....I mean my 'buyer' came. Yak Yak Yak!! She called around 5:45pm to say she was nearby, and to expect her in 20 minutes or so. My heart was pounding in my chest when I came off the phone....I fucking felt alive man....ALIVE!!!!

I was dressed in my 'College' joggers and a hoody which I'd dressed in to casually to look like evening lounge-wear. Half hour later there was a knock on my door. I smoothed my eyebrows and opened the door. This gorgeous MILF about 43 stood there in skin tight navy leggings that stopped halfway down her calf, revealing a shapely tanned leg and ankle, and some cool little black slip on pumps. She wore what looked a little like a man's shirt untucked, and it bibbed down halfway over her shapely ass...Ahhhaaaaaahhhhhhh!!

She cheerfully said "Hi I'm (Name) " I introduced myself and said "Are you on your own" (in case shed bought a bloke to help her) She said "No, my daughter's with me" I glance behind her and saw this moody little girl about 15, long black tied up hair, one of those short parker coats with collar fur, and black joggers. Her ass had a nice roundness about it, but it didn't protrude as I normally like them to. The mother, who looked like Gabby Logan (so we'll call this MILF 'Gabby') helped me out to her van with the large part of the sideboard, It was a small van, and i could immediately see this would be a squeeze, so I was gonna seize this opportunity, in an attempt to banish the hangover like symptoms from the last gig (Re:PARANOID ANDROID).

Gabby was a giggly chirpy sort of girl. and this made my pecker twitch with delight. We put the first part of the unit in the van. Gabby started to put the dust sheets (blankets) over the unit to protect it. I slid close to her. My cock was out my pants under my joggers, and under the pretence of helping with the blankets, I slid my cock across her ass. I felt it slip into her crack, and then bounce back out again. I Thought I'd gone on a little too hard, but she said nothing. As Gabby continued to fuss with the blankets, I went in 'to help' saying "Do it like this so it doesn't mark on the side of the van" as I did this I writhed my semi all over her ass (She must have thought it was just an accident, as she completely ignored me..and she must have felt it) Did this Milf like my salami on her back seemed so?

Listen to this chikans....she said "Would you come and give me a hand round the front" I said "Yeah, sure" she went round to the drivers seat, and kneeled with both knees on the seat. I couldn't take my eyes off her sun-kissed calf's. She pulled another couple of blankets out, and started to put them over the cabinet, so it didn't get marked against the back seats. I virtually SAT on her calf's, and as I helped with the blankets, I rubbed my balls up down and around on her her bare ankles (still in my joggers, but out of the underwear). My cock was now overly erect and rock fucking solid! It was pointing straight up like a fucking upside down banana...Ahhhhhhhaaaahhhhh!! I* wanted to slip her shoe off and rub her sexy foot all over my prick.

I was being too risky here..and I knew it...but Gabby didn't give a fuck. All the while her daughter walked around the back end of the van, gormlessly texting on her i-phone.
I leaned in to 'help' Gabby with the blankets, and my cock rested upwards, docking perfectly into her warm arse crack. I helped with the blankets, but kept my pelvis still, and just let her 'busy arse' massage my cock. (God if this was a gig)

She started to back out, so I 'got off her' and cunningly slipped my prick back in my pants to try and hide the hard on. I saw her eyes 'very quickly' corner down to my crotch area, but she seemed cool. We just laughed and joked small-talk as we went into the house to get the final, and smaller second part of the sideboard. Under my joggers, my bell end was poking out the top of my underwear like a fucking blue toadstool. My prick was honestly twitch-throbbing...I was so fucking exited. (This was the kinda thing I craved).

We lifted the unit, took it outside to the van, and slid it carefully on the top of the larger piece we had already packed in. The daughter started to put some protective blanketing around one of the back corners, and I managed to get in a few crafty back handers. Her ass felt firm, warm and petite, but it wasn't as good as her mum's. Just then Gabby said "(Daughter's name) leave that, it needs doing properly" he daughter pulled her i-phone from her coat packet, backed off, and started to fiddle with her phone. I helped Gabby get the blanketing on the back end, and I got a few hard cock brushes on her shapely back door. This was more than enough to get my cock hard again. In fact, it was never really soft while fetching the second piece of the unit. I nervously asked if she wanted some help with the blankets around the front end of the van. She replied "Oh you've been really helpful, yes please".......Ahhhhhaaa!! Gug Gug Gug!!

This woman was a female chikan in some respects. I felt she was enjoying my cock writhing on her immensely. Again, she knelt with both knees on the front drivers side seat, with her back almost straight up. I straddled my legs either side of her calf's, and as I went in, I slid my cock upwards on the sole of her tiny slip on shoe. The rubber soul allowed me to pull my foreskin right back with the pressure I applied. My bell end twitched, and I was flooding out pre-cum...had been for the last fifteen minutes. once again I assumed position, resting my balls on her sweet brown calf's. My cock was near exploding by now, and was thumping with that ' almost there' delight. We both knew this was a game of cheap thrills, and we hadn't got long left together before the game had to end. I leaned over, telling her the 'best way' to distribute the protective blanketing. I slapped my rock solid tool hard against her ass, rubbing it all ways. I was getting close to shooting. I was almost fucking her doggy style, it was unbelievable. I could feel her calf's brushing mine as I writhed my iron tool around on her bubble. Just then she said "Oh, that'll do" and started to back out. I hastily put my prick back in my underwear through the pocket of the joggers. I stepped back, and she said "Thanks, you've been so helpful" I said "That's OK, just make sure you leave me some great feedback on eBay" You probably won't believe this fellow frotters, but she then said "Your help deserves a hug, I couldn't have done it alone, or with my Daughter...come here" We hugged, and in the process of the embrace, she pressed her pubic area hard against my throbbing, solid pecker. She said "Don't worry, you'll get excellent feedback" with a fucking wry smile on her face. Gabby and the daughter said "Goodbye" and before they'd even slammed the doors on the van, I rushed in locked the door, and bolted to the bathroom. I ripped down my joggers, leaned over the bath putting my left had against the wall and started to furiously wank my still solid cock. Within 15 seconds the sharp warmth of orgasm whizzed throughout my shaft, and shouted "Ahhhhhhhrrrgggaaahhhhaaaaaaahhhhaa! and I blasted shot after shot of semen all over the fucking tiles of the back wall. My bell end jumped furiously as strings of piston oil splurged from my jap's eye like silly string. I continued to moan "Ahhhhhh" "Ahhh" as my cock finally stopped pumping. Now I was fucking starving, so I ordered pizza, and enjoyed a night in front of the TV. I felt a little like I had avenged my somewhat strange lack of chikan professionalism at the recent gig (Re: PARANOID ANDROID) but I knew today that it was all just pure luck.

A Couple Of Things. (Sun 29 Jan 2012 20:43:22 GMT)

I forgot to mention a couple of things.

Firstly, Leo 187. The second part of your harry potter story was excellent man. Very well written indeed. It can be very exiting when you get another chikan nearby, or trying to challenge you for a victim. It can either be a real turn on, or they can be a fucking nuisance. Anyway Leo...great story!

I'd also like to nominate Leo 187 for Chikan Of the Month, as he is the only Chikan posting good 'detailed' stories of a certain quality. He deserves It just for his harry potter part two story alone!

Any of you seen Novak Djokovic's girlfriend Jelena Ristic? Fuck she hot or what!! I was watching the final of the Aussie Open, and the camera kept panning over to her, and I though, I'll bet old Novak has blasted a few loads over her..and up her...Gug Gug Gug!!

You may be pleased to know that I am considering going to my aforementioned gig on Saturday February 4th. If I do, I may post a very edited account of my last visit to this venue seeing this exact same band, just to get you all in the frame. I did not come last time around, due to my self teasing, and the bird i was smashing up against was giving me full consent. I'm praying she'll be there this time around.

More later dudes.

Prologue To Upcoming Gig. (Tue 31 Jan 2012 11:00:58 GMT)

Hi Chikans and fellow Pervs and Frotters. As you know, I have decided to push my recent concert demons aside, and attend my upcoming gig on Saturday 4th. Now, as said, I went to see this band at the exact same venue and time last year, and I wanted to post a BRIEF account of that gig to put you all in the zone on intent for the upcoming gig.

It's important to me that you note that this post is NOT IN ANY WAY INTENDED TO BE STORY. It is just a quick account of what happened last year, so please treat it as such.

Anyway, I'll outline the gig with very little detail to whet your appetites, and give you an account of the gig. So once again this is NOT a story, but just a precursor of this coming Saturday:

Gig Precursor.

OK Chikans, so this is how it went last year.I put on the same chikan gear that I will be donning this coming Saturday. I arrived at the gig in ample time, a little too early actually. I made my way to the town centre which is about 10 or 15 minutes from the venue. I had a coffee, and made my way back to the venue. On my way, I saw these three chicks around the 'Town Map'. Obviously they were not familiar with the town, and I didn't pay much attention to what they were discussing, but I remember in particular noticing one of the girls asses and saying to myself, I'd like to get behind that at a show.

Anyway, |I got back into the neighbourhood of the venue, but I was still a little early, so i went for a small beer at a nearby bar. After I'd supped up, I made my way directly to the venue. A small crowd of about 30-40 people had gathered outside, and as said in previous posts, it was a tiny venue, about 200 capacity...and these type of gigs can be good or bad, for all the obvious reasons. I then noticed the three women I had seen around at the town map 20 minutes or so earlier. Ahhhaaaaa!!

Anyway...Blah Blah Blah.....

Later the three chicks ad placed themselves at the front left hand side of the gig, right up against the barrier. Yours truly slithered in behind the 'Star Ass' one of the three. The other two were short so of no use, whilst my target was perfect for docking on.

Anyway...Blah Blah Blah.....

I won't go into detail, but she was happy with me being behind her, and I sublimely brushed my semi, and hard tube-steak all over her, and got close to cumming twice. I then noticed I'd got a girl watching me from the side wings of the gig. This unnerved me a little, yet I was of the opinion she was watching more out of curiosity than of grassing me up.

Anyway...Blah Blah Blah.....

I continued my usual protocol, with my 'Watcher' intermittently watching me and my crotch area. (I know some of you guys would be turned on by a 'watcher' but it's not my way of working) My time was up though. The gig was close to ending, and I'd teased my prick far too much to enjoy the success and feeling of blowing this late in the game, and my fucking &# 039;watcher' hadn't helped.

The gig finished, and I went home, upset that I had ruined a great opportunity with too much self teasing. For the first time in a very long time, I arrived home with clean, un-spunked chikan gear.

I wanked like a demon when I got home and blew the great load that I should have blown all over that sweet ass. Teasing yourself is great...but be careful can backfire.


If know it's a long shot, but I'm hoping the chick will be there again with her friends. It's a small band, but with a dedicated following so there's a good chance I guess. If so, I'm planning on a similar routine. IF she is there, I'm hoping she'll have similar clothing on to that of last year, and I'm hoping she will be just as consensual as I felt she was.


Swaying Ass. (Wed 01 Feb 2012 19:27:08 GMT)

Ahhhhhhhaaaaaa!!! I love it when they sway like this. I'm hoping I can get some movement from my like this at my gig on Saturday! This is my kind of Chikaning!!

Talking of Saturday's gig. Whilst I'm hoping that the female/s from the same gig of last year make an appearance, I won't be limiting myself to her if a better opportunity presents itself.
The reason the bird from last year is my number one target though is because I feel she was very consensual, and has a great ass at perfect prick level. There seems to be very little risk as such. We'll see what happens.

On a side note, I wanted to ask you guys a question:

When you have a 'planned' chikaning event/routine, how long do you refrain from coming BEFORE your concert/event? I know it's probably a silly question as such, but I just wanted to compare notes.

I usually leave it anything from 3 days to a week, which as you can imagine is never easy! It'll have been about a week for me on Saturday. I've been that busy that 'Blue Balls' hasn't set in yet, but I'm starting to get exited now, so the next 48 hours is gonna be a tough one. Am I the only chikan that holds his load longer than he should?? I'd like to think not. Opinions and answers please fellow frotters!!



Video/ Master Ayashi. (Thu 02 Feb 2012 19:11:49 GMT)

Another nice chikaning video. This chick 'Must' know he's there. She gives his prick a nice little massage at 8:32 for a few seconds.

Here's the link:

Another nice chikaning video. This chick 'Must' know he's there. She gives his prick a nice little massage at 8:32 for a few seconds.

Oh, and big thanks to you all in reply to my 'holding your load' question.

Counting down the hours to the gig. The band have just started their tour, so I'll be checking YouTube out for any potential videos...just to see what the female turnout is like...Ha Ha !!!


Master Ayashi....Is there a link/tab on the site where I can go to 'All my past postings, without having to dredge back through the archives? (Preferably without having to sign in/sign on/give information). Even though I have an endless archive of stories I don't want to repeat myself.

Thank You


February award: Risker
For his festival to remember story.
(Your description of swinging hips is hot.)

A Festival to Remember (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Fri 10 Feb 2012 00:08:58 GMT)

Hi everyone, this is my first story so I hope you all enjoy it. It took place about 4 years ago.

I went to a music festival with some friends, and I was extremely looking forward to seeing all my favourite bands. The line-up was great, plenty of electronic bands which always draw the best crowds. A friend of mine had some other mates of his that were camping right next to us, which included two girls. Now if you've ever been to a music festival then you'll know that girls dress very slutty. Tiny cut-off denim shorts seem to be the fashion trend that most stick to, but leggings are also big too.

The girls I'll call "Jenny" and "Emma", and were both 17. Jenny was about 5'7", blonde and quite petite but also very full. She was wearing leggings the first day we were introduced, and her thighs and ass were just unbelievable. Thick but not too thick, in a sporty way. Her ass was full and round, didn't sag at all. For her top she wore a tight white tank top that exposed the lower of her stomach where her leggings started. Her tits were ok, nothing to write home about but also nothing to complain about. When I met her I first noticed how shy she was, which took me by surprise because of how she was dressed. Emma was taller, brunette at about 5'9" slender and toned. Her legs were long but like Jenny her ass was very nice. When we first met she was wearing those tight denim jeans I was talking about, that exposed the lower part of her ass-cheeks. Personality wise she was quite loud but not in a bitchy way, more of a friendly way.

They both came single, just tagging along with two other male friends who both had girlfriends of their own (who weren't at the festival). I'd brought along some pills (ecstasy), and had plenty to share with everyone. My pals were all quite experienced with a bit a drug use, but the girls were slightly intimidated, albeit curious. I told them they were more than welcome to try it if they felt like it, and in the end they said they'd maybe consider it, but not that night. The first night I dropped some pills with my friends, and spent all night off my head in the dance tent, not one regret haha. Those who have tried E will know exactly what I mean. I'm going to just go straight on to the last day of the festival, as that’s what this story is really about. Emma and Jenny came up to me in the morning after I had just woken up. They seemed to have put on their most provocative attire for this last day, going all out. Emma was wearing a tiny white dress that hugged her figure like a second skin. As she moved I could tell it was quite stretchy, like some kind of nylon. The best part was watching how her ass jiggled as she walked, I could even see the dimples in her ass cheeks. The dress ended about a couple of inches below her ass. Jenny was wearing leggings again, but this time they were white. White leggings look 10x better, much easier to see all the details. They weren't cotton either, but made of a stretchy material similar to that of Emma's dress. This covered her legs and ass like magic, and it was creating a wedgie that went right along her ass crack. Oh, and the jiggling. I love it when I see a tight and meaty ass jiggling, and her's was the best. Her top also made me stop in my tracks. It was a cut-off top that ended JUST under her bra, and had a thin strap over each shoulder. Just imagine a tank top that had been cut with scissors right under the breast line. There were some girls at this festival that even walked around with just a kinky bra on, so this didn’t completely shock me. When the wind blew it you could even make out the bottom of her bra. One of my favourite things about this was that her lower back was on full display, and something about a lower back really turns me on. The way it has that curvature along the spine, and also lower back dimples.

They chatted with me for a while and we just chilled in my tent, talking. They had both travelled here on the train from about 4 hours away with Ben and Mike (the other two guys). They'd all been friends from secondary school, Emma and Jenny didn't really know the guys too well but they'd found that each pair were going to the festival so they all decided why not go as a group. While we were talking I couldn't help but notice how hot Jenny looked, I was almost getting aroused right there. They then asked me a few questions about pills, what they were like, is there anything dangerous about them. I told them all I knew, that there’s nothing to worry about as long as you have a bottle of water but don’t drink too much. They both agreed that they'd like to try some for the last night. Now, being quite experienced with pills I was super excited for them, I knew they would have a magical time with it being their first. I had about 6 pills left, and these were very strong with about 160-180mg of mdma in them. They would only need a pill each to last through the night, but since I'd taken some two days ago my tolerance was way up, so I planned to take about 2 over the course of the night (the 2nd and 3rd pill in booster increments). The great thing about mdma is that there's pretty much no risk of an overdose, you'd need to take at least 4 of these pills in one go for it to even start getting dangerous, and you'd need to be retarded to do that in the first place.

Emma and Jenny decided to stick with me for the night, so we each took our first pill and headed off into the stage arena. As the pills started kicking in we were watching a light alt-rock band that we all liked. Emma and Jenny both started having an amazing time. Jenny's eyes were rolling and she was swaying her hips to the music. I knew exactly how good she was feeling. I reminded them occasionally to drink a bit of water from the bottles we each had, but apart from that there was nothing else to do except let them enjoy the experience and the music. Emma was dancing pretty enthusiastically now. I should probably describe the situation a bit better; Jenny was to my immediate left, and Emma was next to Jenny. I was completely aware of how Jenny's hip was bumping into mine, and when the crowd got a bit rowdy I moved into a better position behind her. The crowd was incredibly packed, we were quite near the front so there was enough movement too. I was wearing some normal chinos and a t-shirt, and as I got into position behind Jenny her ass immediately made contact with my dick. Her ass swayed back and forth massaging my cock and I grew hard almost instantly. If she was aware of my cock squashed against her legging-clad ass she didn't mind at all, she was obviously in her own little world right now. I held her hips lightly, my hands resting on the meat of her waist that was exposed, half on her leggings, half on her skin. My chest was lightly pressed on her upper back and her hair was right in my nose, fuelling the recklessness inside of me. I became more obvious in my grinding, pulling back and lightly smacking my groin back against her jiggly ass. I let my left hand wonder and groped the side of her ass cheek, not too hard but enough for her to notice. Right then, Emma was trying to get our attention, she wanted to go to the dance tent and see a popular electronic band. Damn, just as it was getting good! It was quite dark and Emma hadn't spotted any of what had happened (I could see her the entire time, she was oblivious to it all, looking at the stage) so everything was cool.

As we exited the crowd from the main stage they were both giggling excitedly, and kept telling me how good it was. They had some major jaw clenching going on, so I knew they were rolling hard. We made our way into the dance tent, and got near the front as the electronic band were setting up their equipment. It was very dark in this tent which I was pleased to see. The act took about 30 mins to get ready, so we chatted a bit about how they were feeling, and I told them how electronic bands were the best to see while rolling, as they always had crazy strobe and lights setup. By now they were probably about 120 minutes into their roll, so they had around 2 hours left before it started wearing off. The plan was to stay in this dance tent for about 3 hours until the last act finished. The first act came on, and we all had a blast dancing like crazy. The strobe lights were dazzling and the perfect companion for the pills. Nothing happened between me and the girls in this first act. When the band had finished, I took another half of a pill to keep me going. The next electronic band came on, and they had a 50min set. Jenny was to my right, and Emma to my left. Jenny's ass was just too inviting, so I neglected Emma again and got into my position behind Jenny again. As I said earlier the entire tent was extremely dark, the only lights were the on the stage, along with the strobe lights. After a bit of light grinding I pulled my dick out through my zipper, and it mashed straight against Jenny's ass. The feeling of her stretchy legging-clad ass against my bare cock was just indescribable. Emma and her were both continuing to dance happily, with Emma slightly in front of us to our left. I took my time letting my cock bounce against her cheeks, and letting her swaying hips massage her juicy ass right into me. It was creating a massive wedgie, and my hands went back to holding her hips. I looked down and almost came at the sight; her lower back dimples, my cock buried into her crack, and also her panties were slightly showing above her leggings.

I reached my right hand down again and just full-on groped her cheeks. I tried feeling for a panty-line, but felt nothing on her cheeks through her leggings. It then occurred to me that she was obviously wearing a thong, otherwise the wedgie wouldn't exist. I jammed my hand in her crack sideways, and felt the thong. I should mention that by now I really have no care about getting caught, I'm extremely horny and also the pills were making me pretty selfish in that I just wanted myself to feel good. She had stopped her enthusiastic dancing and her head was now looking at the ground while she swayed her body and nodded her head to the music. She obviously had no complaints, or was too fucked up to care. Pills also seem to give me quite a bit of trouble at cumming too, and I was beginning to experience that now. I decided that I needed to see her thong, so I grabbed hold of the top that was exposed and just pulled, enough to really show it off. I let go, and now her thong was very exposed in a V shape on her hips. The crowd was getting even more crowded, so I began slapping my groin against her ass. If there was no music I'm sure I would've heard the sound of my dick clapping against her ass. I felt her ass jiggle with every thrust. This went on for a while and I started to get tired, if I wasn't on pills I would've came ages ago.

Now I could feel myself coming down from the pills. I did not expect it to be over that soon, and now I was getting frustrated. It seemed Jenny was also slowing down, while Emma was a bit further ahead of us having an amazing time. I really did not care about being obvious, I just needed to finish. I position my cock so it was pointing right in Jenny's crack, and plastered my upper chest against her back. I humped her ass methodically, and wrapped my right arm around her so my hand was resting on her stomach, pulling her towards me. My left hand was holding her left cheek open, constantly squeezing and grabbing her and also allowing better access to her crack. My cock was throbbing against her asshole with just her leggings and a thong between us. I slapped her ass cheek and grabbed it, enjoying how it rippled and jiggled. By now she wasn't very lightly swaying, she was now definitely aware of what was happening to her. I was getting very firsty now and had finished my water bottle about an hour ago. I stopped my fierce groping and asked someone next to me if I could have his water. He gave it with a grin on his face, and said I could keep it.

I took a few gulps, and looked down at her ass again. Without thinking, I spilt the remaining water left in the bottle onto her lower back and ass. It wasn’t too much, but it was enough to get her leggings wet and clingy. I've never been this bold at groping before, but I felt like nothing could stop me now. She turned back and looked at me, her eyes were fucked but I could tell she was not enjoying the experience. Her face was pale and she was not smiling. If I was a good person, I probably should've taken her from the crowd and helped her out and let her rest, but I just did not care. I needed to finish. I dropped the empty bottle and planted my cock back onto her ass. She was so sweaty that her drenched ass was warm, and the feeling against my cock was like none other. It turned me into a reckless douche, and my right hand wrapped around her again and pulled her into me. With my remaining hand I pushed her cheek inwards, and together her ass cheeks milked my cock. I pumped in and out through the soggy leggings, the dampness turning me on even more. I was close to finishing, I could tell, but my antics went further.

Knowing my time was nearly up, I thought why stop at this. I grabbed hold of the top of her leggings, and started pulling on them, pulling them down at the back over her ass. She finally started resisting at this, and reached back to grab my hand. I instead grabbed hers and roughly moved it back in front of her. She didn't resist anymore, and she was completely still. I managed to pull her leggings down to just below her cheeks, and the sight almost made me blow my load right there. I could see her beautiful tanned and full ass cheeks completely exposed, and saw her thong disappear through her crack. She was holding her leggings up at the front, and I decided to let her have that victory, I'd got what I needed. I placed my dick on her naked ass for the first time, and humped it against her. My chest was fully plastered against her back now, and the crowd was so tight in front of her and behind me that she was completely trapped. I moved both my hands downwards, and felt her ass with a cheek in each hand. If I got caught doing any of this I would've been fucked, this was borderline rape. But as I said, the lights were virtually non-existent and the crowd so fucking packed that no one could see below anyone’s shoulders.

I kissed her neck and nuzzled her hair, letting out the monster inside of me. She was not moving, and must've just accepted what was happening and hoped it'd be over quickly. Luckily for her it was almost over. I pointed my dick directly into her crack, and felt her thong. I squeezed each cheek and just milked my cock, letting her cheeks grip my dick as it pulsed, while I moved my hips in and out. I crushed into her hard, and could feel the heat of her asshole against dick. I slapped my cock against her faster and faster, completely obsessed with blowing my load. I had my mouth on the side of her neck and felt the end approaching fast. I pulled out, pointed my cock so it was aiming down her crack, and pushed in again. This time it was throbbing against her taint, and at this I began to cum. I put one hand on my dick and viciously dragged the head of my cock along her ass, from her taint to to top of her crack, spilling my seed all in there. It was like I was in heaven, the hardest I have ever came. When I was finished, I let my dick throb in her crack with my cum dripping from her asshole. I had never been so content as I was that moment. After a minute, I began to grasp the gravity of what I had just done, and panic took hold of me.

What the fuck did I just do? This girl knows who I am, all she has to do is tell someone and I'll be in fucking jail. I pulled her leggings up and left the crowd asap. I went back to my tent and my mind was running wild about how fucked I was. It wouldn't be hard to prove it happened with my evidence all in her ass crack, all she'd need to do would be to go to the police and have a dna test done. If she tells ANYONE, any of her friends, I'm done. I didn't sleep that night, and was just waiting for someone to come into my tent and confront me. No one came. By morning, I kept wondering what the fuck I'd say to the girls if I saw them. Turns out they left in early morning, so I didn't have to face them. My friends didn't seem suspicious about anything, but I was still in complete panic mode. What if she decided to tell the police when she gets home? I planned to just flat out deny it if it came to it.

A week passed and I had calmed down a lot. Nothing had happened, and I assumed that she's just decided to keep it quiet. Plus she must've washed her leggings by now, so no evidence to worry about. Just my word against hers.

So obviously, nothing was reported, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this story. But that's the furthest I have ever gone with groping, and it'll be the furthest I'll ever go. Risking so much for such a small moment of satisfaction is too fucking dumb. Looking back I feel horrid about what I did, but I also feel thrilled going over this moment in my head, so it was a good experience writing all of this down. There are bound to be a ton of inaccuracies in this story, I've been sat here for the past 2 hours writing it all and I can't be bother to review it so I'm just posting it as it is. Maybe I'll go back through this someday and edit it. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this story, I've been lurking here for a long time so it feels nice to contribute. I have more stories too, not as bad as this, but I'm sure that doesn't matter.

P.S. I would love to post pictures like eleven does, and I could, but I'm way too paranoid about doing that. Sorry all, text will have to suffice for ya'll.

March award: MrTeenGroper
Especially for his free outdoor concert story.
(It may not be a typical concert story but it is vivid and well written concert story.)

RE: Crowd Spotter (Fri 02 Mar 2012 00:49:40 GMT)

Congrats on finally taking the step ! Took me a long time to finally attend a gig, but after reading stories here about concerts I finally had to try it out my self. As the story goes, I've had great success at concerts and they are now my favorite venue for groping.

I'm a hands on guy, as you can read from my stories I love to grab and feel up a girls ass with my hands. So my tips are going to be about that. I usually start by palming a girls ass when the crowd moves and pushes around, this way you can get a good feel without the girl knowing who just groped here. I've found that this is a good way to start of because:

A) Since the crowd is pushing around, she or you can't control where you're going to get pushed, you just got to stick with her as best as possible. Everybody is just getting pushed either one or several directions, either way when this happens it gets really tight and crowded. This is a great opportunity to get some palming and squeezing action on because there is no way she gonna know who groped her. I've gotten a lot of groping action on this way, not just at concerts, but also at packed clubs, subways and other places.

B) When this happens it's often a little chaotic and she very likely to concentrating on standing on trying to stand on her feet, her friends etc and not the guy right behind her. She very likely not even notice your hands up her ass and even though she notices it she got other things to worry about. She's also got no place to go if she doesn't like it at all.

C) While groping her or even after the crowd has calmed down, you can check her reaction. Did she turn around? Did she try to get away from you, or move her body in an away motion? did she try to move your hands of her ass? did she even react at all? By watching her reaction you get a pretty good idea if the girl is game, oblivious, uncomfortable etc.

In my experience at concerts 8/10 girls don't even react or just seem oblivious to me molesting their asses. 2/10 times I just get a "is someone groping me" or "who's groping me" look. Not to brag or anything, but girls say that I'm a pretty handsome guy (their words, not mine) so this may help me a bit, a lot, not at all, I don't know !?

As for security, I don't find it a problem at all a large concerts (5 - 10 000+). Just don't stand out and you'll be fine. At smaller concerts though, you gotta be more careful I guess. The last concert I went to was at a mall, so the crowd wasn't more than 150 - 300 and I counted like 20 + guards. Some of them were even standing on a walk bridge over watching down at the crowd. I was a little nervous while they where talking on the radios looking down at the area I was standing in, but I kept cool and the young teen I was groping with my hands dug up her ass while pushing her up against the rail just seemed oblivious to me molesting her.

Well hope that helps a bit. Those are my two cents.

MrTeenGroper out !

Clubbin (WARNING: she may be 20 years old) (Sun 04 Mar 2012 04:33:48 GMT)

It's winter up here in Scandinavia, so it's really not easy to get any groping on. The last couple of weekends though I've been getting my groping on in the clubs with a lot of success.

It started two weekends ago at this club. This club is really crowded and the dance floor is really packet and crazy at times. Two weeks ago the dance floor was really packed and it was heaven for groping ! I spotted this blond hottie about 20 years old and wearing some black leggings. She had a great body that was just begging to get groped. Since the dance floor was packed there was no problem getting close to this girl, but even though I was out drinking I had my head with me. By now I'm an experienced groper and I only grope when it's safe, even though if I'm drunk. So I got close to this hottie, but didn't stand right behind or next to her. I reached my hand out and just palmed and grabbed her ass, her leggings were so thin and tight that it felt so amazing ! The first time I did this she didn't reach at all, so I just kept on reaching out and grabbing her ass a few seconds at a time.

Each time I gave her soft but firm ass a good squeeze with my hand wrapped around her cheek. She would occasionally turn around to see who was feeling her up, but she had no chance to now it was me due to all the people on the dark dance floor. I really played with this girl for a good while, just palming and squeezing her ass as much as I wanted, it felt really good. She was dancing with her friend who was about the same age wearing a loose knee length dress, nothing too hot though. As they turned around while dancing, her friend was now in my "groping zone", so I just went for a really good grab right between her cheeks. Her ass felt really nice in that loose dress.

This was a great night because I must have groped about 15-20 girls asses in that club. No one really reacted either, but it was so packed there was really no chance in getting caught either. I just played around and grabbed who even girl I wanted, but I was quite careful and only groped girls asses when the crowd was pushing around (this happened a lot) and it was very dark and packed. I got some really nice ass gropes on that night !

I repeated this action last week, but can't really remember much since I was quite wasted. I really like groping girls asses in clubs while out drinking, but it really doesn't come close to groping while sober. And I really get off on groping young teens, I just find it much more exiting ! Maybe because it's so easy groping 20's something girls in clubs.

I went to the same club today and repeated much of the same groping action as earlier, but I got some more action this time. The was this 20's something girl dancing with this guy and the floor was packed as usual. She was okay looking with an okay body and wearing a loose mid length dress. As she was turned against me I gave he a nice full on ass grope, just palming her full cheek. She gave no reaction, so I found out that I was going to try to grope her under her dress ! As she was turned against me again I just reached under her dress and placed my palm on her right cheek. I felt amazing as I was feeling up her stockings covered cheek. The crowd pushed me into her and I kept my hand under her dress and I just gave her cheek a good squeeze. I must of got about 10 seconds of up dress groping and after I released my grip she turned to see who had just violated her, but she had no chance to spot who.

I groped another 15 girls tonight. I finally left around 3 o'clock and met up with my friend and went home. This was another good night of groping !

Free outdoor concert ! (Sat 10 Mar 2012 02:09:01 GMT)

PICTURE: I actually found a video of the "Mall concert" I went to back February. As you can see, it's a nice gig to get some action on. The crowds about 70 percent teen girls !

Free outdoor concert !

Read on-line that there's gonna be a free outdoor concert here my city tomorrow ! My timing seems to be right on target every time these concerts are being held.

This is apparently a tour being held all across the country and I actually went to this concert last year, and for that reason I don't have high hopes. The concert is being held in the same large square as the "Large outdoor concert" I attended last summer, but this concert has a much much lower attendance rate. When I went to this concert last year there must of only been about 100 - 150 people, which is terrible. I mean, there was about 15 000 at the "Large outdoor concert" and still room for another 5000. So it's a big square and I'm afraid that not a lot of people are gonna turn up.

So I checked out some of the concerts that have already been held in much smaller cities and in one small town the turn up was about 3000, so I'm hoping that the turn up will be much much better this year ! The artists performing are also a lot more famous and and cater a teen audience this time. I'm really hoping the turn up will be good, but I'm not holding my hopes to high. Even if the turn up is ten times better than last year, that's still no more than 1000 - 1500 people in a large square. And it's still quite cold in the air, so I might find trouble finding a suitable target. All though the forecast shows quite mild temperatures and overcast tomorrow, I might actually catch a break.

We'll just have to hope for the best and see what happens.

MrTeenGroper Out !

!! Free outdoor concert !! (WARNING: she may be 12 years old) (Sun 11 Mar 2012 03:44:03 GMT)

The actual concert was not very successful at all, but the day in total was quite successful indeed.

I arrived in the city center about one and a half hour before the concert began. There where all kinds of activities and contests on the square previous to actual concert. And there was quite a few people there so it was looking good already. I started to feel butterflies in my stomach as I was really looking forward to groping and some young hot teens. I still had a lot of time to kill so walked over to one of malls in the city center. I could tell that there were more young teens than usual at the mall and in the city center in general, so my hopes where starting to build.

I spotted this group of three young teens around 12 – 13 years old, one of them had an okay body, with an okay ass. She was small and cute with blond hair and freckles. I followed them to up the escalators to the sixth floor, I was at this point just trying to kill some time and not do some actual groping, but of course if the opportunity presented it self I would go for some action. I followed these girls into this store just pretending to browse while checking the blond one out. After some browsing another girl caught my eye, what really caught my eye was that she was wearing black skin tight leggings. She looked to be about 13 – 14 years old with brown long hair and a round and full ass. She was very cute too, but her body was hot. I felt that this store was not the right place to get a full on grope, so I was gonna wait till she left the store so I could try a “quick escalator exit grope”. I hung around a while and got a couple of back hand swipes and man did her ass feel sweet. Finally she left the store, but didn't go to the escalators, she went into another store. I didn't want to follow her, because I already had hung around her for a while in the other store.

I have this internal rule I call “hang time” among many groping rules. The rule is very simple, don't hang around a target for too long, because it might make them more aware of you than you want. You want to keep the time and times they have seen you to a minimum. Remember that most girls have an good instincts when there is something wrong or some body is watching them. You also don't want to stick out of the crowd or make them remember you apprentice either.

As I walked around the sixth floor I saw these two young girls standing by the elevator. They looked to be about 12 or 13 years old, but only one of them caught my attention. This girl had at least a body as good as the brunette, her ass was even fuller and rounder. She was wearing some light colored jeans-leggings that where skin tight, they where really hugging her fully developed ass. Her ass was really hot and it was on full display because her sweater didn't cover any of it. She had an okay face, but who really cares with an ass like that. She was about 5 foot 3 inches, had dirty blond hair, and the rest of her body was skinny like a 14 year old. As the elevator arrived I quickly got into it right behind her, my plan was to get a quick exit grope, just a light palming while making my way out the elevator at the bottom. As we got in, there was already some people inside and a few got into it with us. Already the elevator was crowded, but not packed though. The girl and her friend placed them selves all the way in and to the right, the wall opposite of the door where large glass windows with a view of the entire mall. They faced towards the view looking out, I place my self with my back against the right wall. This meant her back and her ass was facing my right side, her ass was just a couple of inches away from my hand. As we went down a floor the elevator stopped and a woman with one of those large baby strollers for infants entered. This was perfect timing and my luck couldn't be any better. I was now forced to move closer and all the way into little young hottie, and while we all where squirming around a bit to make room for the woman I bumped the back of my hand against the girls ass a couple of times to test her reaction. The young girl gave no reaction at all, so as the elevator started to move downwards again I was now resting the side of my hand in her crack. Her ass felt so sweet in those thin jeans-leggings, I was pressing the side of my hand with some force, so there is no doubt that must of felt it laying there, but she gave no reaction at all. She was just talking to her friend about where their other friend was, and when we got down to the third floor they saw her. Their other friend was on the fourth floor and they said that they'd have to take the elevator up again. I now knew that if I was going to palm her sweet ass that I'd have to do it before we exit, there would be no quick exit grope. There was now way that I could ride the elevator up with them again, that would be too suspicious.

Her friend was now stressing that the girl who had my hand in her crack should press the fourth floor button again. I was now moving my hand some, switching between having the side of my hand in her crack and the back of my palm on her cheeks. She then decided too reach over the baby stroller too push the button for the fourth floor. This meant she had to turn around, squeeze her self partially in front of me and a lean over the baby stroller. I really couldn't get much luckier than this, as she turned around I turned my hand around and placed my palm on her right cheek. While my right palm was on her right cheek she was trying to move partially in front of me to lean over to the button. Because the elevator was now packed this was not easy for her, so it took some time. As she managed to squeeze in front of me I gave her cheek a light squeeze. Her ass felt so god damn amazing, soft and firm, it was like a medium bubble butt that only a young girl could have. When she leaned over my hand followed her every movement, she had to stand on one foot as she did this. That meant that her cheeks parted and I was now grabbing her crack, my middle fingers lightly touched and stroked her vagina. She then pushed the button and returned to where she was standing before. I let go of my grip, but kept the back of my hand on her cheek. This girl still gave no reaction at all. The elevator had now reached the first floor, and to make room for the woman with her baby stroller I pushed my self against the girl and while doing this I turned my hand around again and gave her right cheek a full on palming. For about ten seconds or so while the woman and the rest of the people on the elevator where getting out I was grabbing this young teens hot ass and she just stood there taking it. I then exited the elevator and made my way over to the concert.

This is hands down one of the best groping experiences I've had, even though the whole experience didn't last more than a few minutes. This one is about quality not quantity.

The concert area was starting to fill up and there where many young teen girls, but it was now raining on and off and most of them where wearing jackets that covered their asses. The concert was to to start in about half forty minutes, but I got there as they where about to start a contest to win a car. A small crowd formed to watch and I got behind this very cute girl who was about 14 or 15 years old. She wasn't all that special looking, just your average cute teenage girl (which I find very attractive), but she was wearing a short jacket and she had a really phat ass. She was wearing some tight purple jeans. She was watching her little brother and she kept leaning over him which meant pushing her ass against my crouch. She was also standing with her mother and there was piratically no crowd behind me just some random people watching from a distance. I really didn't dare to do anything but let her ass move into my crouch and backhand her ass. I was just to risky due to the lack of a packed crowd.

After the contest I moved towards the stage, and there where already about a hundred people standing waiting, but it wasn't in any way packed or even crowded. There where actually no good targets to find, and less teens than I had hoped for in the front. I placed my self in the third row behind this cute girl about 14 years old just because I couldn't find anything better. She was wearing a jacket that covered her ass, but underneath I say black leggings. If the crowd would get packed of crazy enough I could easily lift her jacket up and feel up that ass. It was hard to see if her ass was nice, but she had nice thighs which usually means the ass is fine to. Before the concert started I tested her a little, with some back hand swipes on the outside of her jacket. Her jacket was fairly thin so I could easily feel some of that ass, and it felt good. But this girl gave a reaction right away, so that wasn't a good sign. As the concert started the crowd grew large, I would estimate about 5000, but it never got packed at all, not even all the way in the front where I was standing. So for the duration I stood behind this girl in hope that things would get crowded or a little crazy. It only got this as the final artist performed after about one hour of nothing. The artist which is very popular amongst teen girls reached out to the audience and crowd pushed wildly against him, only thing is that this didn't happen where I was standing, but only to the far left of us. I actually saw some other potential targets, it would awkward for me to push into some other area after and hour standing in one place. All in all this was a fail on my part, I simply chose the wrong target and stuck with her for too long, even after my initial testing was negative.

After the concert ended I saw lots of teens moving fast to the back of the stage. I found out that tis was to get a last glimpse of the singers and artists. I followed them and there was a fairly sized crowd around two of the singers. They where surrounded mostly by young teen girls, but also some adults so my presence was not weird. The crowd was not more than 50 or so, but it was really packed and tight since everybody was trying to get their picture taken or a signature. This was the type of crowd I came here for. I knew I could be a little ballsy since these girls where almost pushing and shoving instead of waiting their turn, and they would be to focused on getting a picture of signature than anything else. I spotted this very pretty blond girl who was about 5 foot 5 incehs and around 13 – 14 years old, she wearing some tight blue jeans that was only partially covered by her jacket. Her ass was very hot and had some meat on it. She had the body of a 20 year old, but the face of a young teen ! Those jeans looked so good on her, and at this point I had no time to waste, I literally was only looking for an okay ass, but one that was not covered by a jacket. I got right up behind her, and that was not that easy, it was really packed, these girls didn't show much manners. I first tested her with the back of my hand and she gave no reaction, I then turned my hand around and rested the palm of my hand of her left cheek. She still gave no reaction, so just kept on palming her cheek. Her ass felt so damn good, I can't even describe it. As the crowd pushed a little back and forth, left and right I got a better grip around her cheek and managed to lift her jacket up further so her ass was fully exposed. I moved to palming her right cheek and in her crack, just basically molesting her. Her little sister actually was standing right behind her, my hand was squeezed between them. This hot blond actually turned around a one point, I then removed my hand from her ass. She then asked her sister if she was okay, her sister said yes and she turned back around. I then put my hand on her ass again just palming her cheeks and crack for another minute. It was then her turn to get her picture taken, so kept some distance and when she was finished I got right behind her her again. I again glued my palm to her ass and walked behind her groping those cheeks till she cleared the crowd. I got about 5 minutes or so with full on ass groping with this girl, and she never reacted or even looked back at me, she just seemed completely oblivious to me molesting her.

All in all this was a great day, I'm very pleased with the action I got, but disappointed with the actual concert though. You just gotta love these young teens, sometimes it seems like you can do what ever you want to them and they don't even notice that your actually grabbing their asses !

PS! The girl in the photo is 12 years old in that picture, that's why I love young teens with developed bodies, they are just so fucking hot !

Till next time, MrTeenGroper out !

Re: Crowd Spotter (Mon 12 Mar 2012 17:09:53 GMT)

I'm glad you liked my story, even though I didn't get any action during the actual concert. As I said, this was outdoors and the weather is still pretty chilly, if this was later in the spring or indoors I have no doubt that I would've been successful. If you've picked a good gig I've got no doubt that you're gonna have some good fun!

I think this year is going to be great, I'm now much more experienced both at groping and concerts. I've grown more balls when it comes to groping, but I can also read a target much better too, so I'm much more comfortable with it. This year started slow, but has started to shape well already. I just read that the mall where I attend those mini concerts are going to have six of these concerts a year, meaning every other month! That's means the next one is only a few weeks away. I've also got a big holiday in Mai too look forward to, where I got some nice action last year. The one I'm really looking forward to is the tour I attended last year with the "Large outdoor concert". So you can definitely count on lots of stories form me this year! I at least am really looking forward to some great action !

Good luck at your upcoming concert Crowd Spotter !

RE: rppp (WARNING: she may be 12 years old) (Tue 20 Mar 2012 23:41:29 GMT)

From my name you know what I'm all about and if you've read any of my stories you know why. As I always say, I love the young girls because: A) I think they're really hot, especially when they have a well developed body but a young face. B) They usually don't even react at all and if they do they never make any trouble. But I've had a couple of scary moments where I thought I was gonna be caught.

Last summer I was cursing this mall when this young girl about 12 years old with a nice ass caught my eye. I got behind her and her mother down this escalator, when we reached the bottom I cupped her ass for a about two seconds and gave it a soft grab as I exited the escalator quickly (know as a "quick escalator exit grab"). I then took another escalator up a floor again and headed for the parking garage. As I reached the second escalator to the parking garage the girl I grabbed came running around the corner, she looked right at me and shouted to somebody around the corner. I presumed she was shouting to her mom, so I legged it into the parking garage and down some stairs Jason Bourne style. At this moment I was in full flight mode, thinking about where the cameras where and if they the guards could follow me and give the police some pointers. I was really scared that this was it and started to make up stories in my head about how to explain why I grabbed this girls ass. I hid about half a mile from the mall in a cemetery for about an hour, dumb as I was I had parked my car in the parking garage and at some point I was going to have to return to the garage. I for than entire hour I kept checking the newspapers on my phone for groping incidents. After an hour I sneaked my way back to my car and got the hell out of there, I was still nervous for about a week after that and kept checking the on-line newspapers for a groping incident, but nothing ever surfaced. I didn't visit that mall for about three or four months and it's all fine now, but at that time I was really scared about getting finally caught. I've done those "quick escalator gropes" more times than I can remember, but that was the first time I ever gotten a reaction worth worrying about.

During Christmas rush last year I also had another scary episode. There was this really cute girls about 13 with a really really hot ass on some tight pants, her ass was really well developed for a girl that young. I followed her into a clothing store at a mall. She was looking at some clothes on a wall in between all these clothing racks and shelves. Her lower body was really well hidden from the sight of other shoppers and where she was standing there wasn't anybody around. I walked towards her in this tight isle while she had her back against me and her ass on full display. As I had reached her she was on her tip toes reaching for some clothes high up. I just jammed my right palm in between her round cheeks and up her crack for a second or two as I pushed my was passed her. She didn't even react at all, and it felt so damn amazing !

Since she didn't even react or look at me as looked back at her as I exited the store I wanted more of this young hot teen. I then followed her into this DVD store, I kept an eye on her to see if she was looking suspicious my way, but there was still no reaction and she didn't seem nervous at all. The isles in the DVD store where quite tight and I again got behind her, As I squeezed my way past her I placed my right hand on her right cheek just palming it. While doing this I managed to trip a DVD off the shelve making lots of noise, I then stopped for a second to look back at her and the DVD, she then had this very angry look on her face as she stared at me. I then walked quickly out of the store and she walked out also quickly looking really mad. I then got really scared that she was on her way to her parents to tell about the groping so I got the hell out of there quite scared again.

I've gotten some reactions before, some less than others and vice versa, but some of my actions are at times very bold and even stupid. I now keep a close eye on on-line papers and even blogs to see if anybody is writing about groping, but I've yet to read about my self. So to sum up, be careful and not reckless, young girls are usually a safe bet when the place and amount of groping is right.. I've been groping girls since I was 13, and have only been confronted once when I was 18 or 19 at this club. I was really drunk and groped this 20's something girl and she went and got her boyfriend and he was a big fella. I got a little ugly, the guy banged my head against a wall, but I didn't feel a thing since I was drunk. It ended fine as he turned out to be the big brother of a friend of mine, so we actually laughed about it later that night.

Be careful and not reckless, make your own rules for groping and follow them. Always have an exit plan before groping and asses your environment at all times.

MrTeenGroper out !

RE: Malls (Wed 21 Mar 2012 10:50:40 GMT)

I guess it all depends on where you live, I've my self worked at a mall for several years and even during that time I would do some groping. In all my years of groping I've only had those two experiences where I might have been caught. Those incidents where never reported either because I've been to those malls plenty after those incidents. As I've written before young girls never make any trouble, they don't report incidents and they keep it too them selves. Either they don't think it's that bad being groped or they are too embarrassed too tell anyone, either way it works out well for me.

I also know several security guards at these malls and I've never been confronted with anything by them. You would believe that if anything was ever reported I would have heard about it. I'm usually very careful, and pick my targets carefully, and most of the times I grope could be thought of as an accident.

Over the past years I've lost count of how many young girls I've groped at concerts, Christmas rush, subways and crowds where they just stood there taking it and not even reacting at all. All the time I have been just standing behind them and palming and groping their young and hot asses without even a slight reaction. That's why I love young teens and they are my favorite to grope.

MrTeenGroper out !

RE: Mall Groping (Thu 22 Mar 2012 12:52:12 GMT)

I'm not in any way promoting Mall groping, as I wrote these are also the only times I've had potential problems. All I'm saying is that it's not that black and white as some guys are saying here, doesn't matter where you grope you've always got to analyze your environment and your target. If the risk is to high due to any number of circumstances then it's not worth the risk, very simple.

RE: Guest - Mall Groping (Fri 23 Mar 2012 15:27:52 GMT)

I wonder if you've ever read any of my stories? My Mall concert stories maybe? I've been groping at Malls for more than 10 years dude and have only had two accounts where things got a bit scary. I agree if you're new to the game then it's not the best place to start, but if you're an experienced groper like me and many guy on this board you can grope practically anywhere, even at Malls. I also assume that you live in the USA where surveillance is on every street corner and Malls have hundreds of cameras, but here in Europe that ain't the case.

The last Malls concert I went to I must have counted at least 15 - 20 security guards around the concert area, but I know how to grope from a lot of experience so those guards were no problem at all. I counted them and kept an eye on where they were positioned and hid my actions from their view. It's all about knowing the game, if you're not experienced or confident enough to grope at Malls then that's okay, nobody's judging you. I for one am still going to continue to grope where I grope, and Malls are one of those places.

RE: Crowd Spotter (WARNING: she may be 20 years old) (Sun 25 Mar 2012 03:16:08 GMT)

Thanks bro ! Nice to see someone's getting what I'm saying, nothing is ever black or white dude, it's all about the circumstances. I would never discourage anybody to grope anywhere they feel they've got fair control or oversight.

I went to this club tonight and got a fair amount of ass palming and ass grabbing. Maybe I'll tell the story on detail another day when I'm sober, hehe !

RE: NYC bad luck Colombian (Mon 26 Mar 2012 22:37:09 GMT)

RE: Stone_7

That has been rapper was a total idiot and that's some really bad luck on your part. I guess that's like a one in million that happening, but still a reminder that you're never really a 100% safe ever and that you've always gotta stay on your toes. Other than that, great story dude.

As for my name, you're 100% correct I call my self MrTeenGroper because I love them young teens and not because I'm a teen, I'm in fact in my mid 20's.

RE: Crowd Spotter

Did you ever go to that concert? I remember you talking about a concert after I wrote my "Free outdoor concert" story. Would love to hear about it.

RE: Crowd Spotter (WARNING: she may be 20 years old) (Sun 01 Apr 2012 02:22:01 GMT)

Aha, I thought your concert was sooner than that. Keep us posted when it's approaching, I hope you succeed though. Great story with that teen on the tram CS ! I actually had a similar experience on the subway in my own city a couple of year ago. I got really close to this teen in some jeans (jeans aren't the best to grope, but if they have a bubble butt in some thin jeans it can be awesome). When the subway got really packed I palmed her butt cheek, but this girl didn't seen to like my groping, she was giving off a negative vibe you see. To my pleasure she pushed her ass towards me as an expression to not liking my groping, but this was just gave me more pleasure and I groped her even more. I just kept my hand on her cheek for three of four stops till I got of, that was one nice experience !

Since I've been super busy with work lately I haven't been able to grope any teens, so I've been acting out my urges at clubs on Saturday nights. I've been going to the same club for groping the last 4 or 5 weeks, this is the same club I wrote about earlier. The dance floor in this club is alway crazy packed which is perfect for groping some nice asses. As I've written before groping while drinking isn't even close to as good as groping while sober,it's still very pleasurable. Since I'm under the influence of alcohol I don't remember every account and can't fully describe those accounts I remember.

In the middle of the dance floor it's so crowded and crazy that you can grope any girl you want without any reaction at all, it seems like the girls who go to this club are so used to getting their asses groped, palmed and felt up that they just don't care anymore. Like this girl who was standing at the outer part of the dance floor, a place where it wasn't really that crowded. You still had to get close to people to pass, but it wasn't like super crowded either. There was this blond girl in her 20's wearing black leggings standing there with some friends just drinking and having a good time. As I passed her I got right behind her and placed my right hand on her right butt cheek just cupping it for three of four seconds, She had a nice and round ass, and her thin leggings made it feel so damn good ! she gave no reaction at all, so turned around and walked pass her again and repeated groping her ass. As I entered the dance floor and exited it a couple of times during the evening I would grope this girls ass every time. She never gave any reaction at all, and this was the case with many other girls standing around the dance floor. This place is just heaven when it comes to groping girls ! I must have groped 10 or 15 girls asses in this club, and none of those girls gave any reactions at all. And today was a "bad" night since there weren't that many people out due to spring break. Usually I get to grope maybe 20 or 30 girls asses on that dance floor. That club is just gropers heaven !

Later that night I spotted this really hot Latina looking girl in her early 20's with a slim figure in a white short dress, what got my attention was fine bubble butt, which just looked so sexy and hot in that tight white dress ! She was making her way through the packed dance floor which meant I could easily get right behind her. She was pushing trough quite fast so it wasn't that easy staying right behind her, but since it was quite packed she would occasionally have to stop. When she stopped I simply just moved my right hand down towards her ass and placed my palm on her right cheek, and man did that feel great. her dress was so tight as thin that I really got a good feel of that bubble butt. As I was palming her ass I gave it a good squeeze, but as the other girls she gave no reaction at all. She would then fin a hole to squeeze trough and I would follow, but as she stopped again, I would repeat my action. I would palm and squeeze her fine ass again. I must have gotten at least a good 3 or 4 gropes before I parted way and exited the dance floor. The best part is that she didn't ever react while I molested her fine Latina bubble butt.

All in all it was a great night out for groping, but I still can't wait to get my hands on some nice young teens as they are my absolute favorite !

MrTeenGroper out !

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Back story (Sat 07 Apr 2012 07:17:13 GMT)

Hi, today I plan on posting my first story

As my name says Im in high school, and Im 16. I love chikaning/humping girls with big asses, and I love humping white girls that have phat asses. I also love humping latinas.

Whenever I hump a slut I ALWAYS have my dick out under my shirt, and I always try to take a picture of my victim's ass.

My first story will involve a latina that I humped in a crowded lunch line, she became the first girl that I came on in school. I'll call her Jennifer to protect her identity.

This is a picture I took from her Facebook page

Lunch Line Humping part 1 (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Sat 07 Apr 2012 08:23:11 GMT)

It was a normal day at school, and lunch had just started. Everyday at lunch, I always try to get in the most crowded line and find some whore to hump/grope.
First let me explain, unlike most schools, my school has everybody in the entire school have lunch at the same time. So it gets pretty crowded in the cafeteria. Our school has about 4 different lunch lines. Depending on whats being served, the line can be sparse to extremely crowded.

So, today my school's cafeteria was serving something special (i forgot what it was lol) So, the lines were very very crowded. I came in to the cafeteria early and spotted my first target her name is Angela she is a senior, she's peurto rican, and she was wearing a very tight skirt, and it was short and it literally ended right under her ass (it was that short), It was driving me crazy lol. Her butt isn't particularly BIG but its very round, and it has a bubble shape to it, it also protrudes to some extent. I immediately got behind her.

First, to test the waters I lightly backhanded her ass, It felt sooooooo firm, and warm, and her thighs were smooth. But I dont really prefer firm asses, I like my victims to have soft ass cheeks. But, I couldn't resist humping her bubble butt in that tight mini skirt. I looked around to make sure nobody was watching me and then I slowly unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi-erect cock. It was throbbing, and begging to get a piece of that ass.

I stepped forward and before I could make contact, she accidently dragged her Latina ass across my cock. This caused my dick to get a tingly feeling, and I felt my cock rapidly growing. I lightly moaned. She looked back and said sorry. I just smiled at her. Then she turned back around and continued talking to her friend (who was ugly, and fat). I stepped forward and my dick sank into her ass, since my dick was right under my short I could feel the heat radiating from her ass crack.

Her buttcrack was realllyyyy warm, and under that thin tight skirt she HAD to have been wearing a thong. It would explain why I didnt see or feel any visible panty line, and would also explain why her ass crack was HOT. The material felt Amazing, I would take a step back lightly palm both cheeks, then step forward causing my dick to sink into warm fucking ass. As i was humping I leaned forward to see her reaction. She was talking and laughing AS IF NOTHING WAS HAPPENING. I lightly pumped my hips to see if she would react. But, she didnt. And i slid my dick from left to right against all over her ass.

Then some black black guy materialized next to us, and he was trying to shove himslef between me and her, but HELL NO , there was no way I was giving up my target that easily. He was trying to shove me off her so he could hump her and that pissed me off. I zipped my cock back into my pants so he wouldn't see it. I stepped forward and plastered myself angainst Angela, I think I was on her too hard because she lost balance. She looked back at the black chickan with an annoyed looked. Lol she didnt look at me though.

I guess all the movement behind Angela caught her friends attention. She looked back behind Angela and said loudly to me "Damn, why you all up on her like that?!" Angela then looked back at me and said "yeah you two need to back up".
Dammit this chikan ruined it for me.

I was caught and I took a step back. As soon as I did, the black chikan slid in front of me and took my spot. I was pissed because I was horny and still had a boner that was dripping precum in my pants. I saw him just stand there pressed up on her ass. Lol she looked backed at him and looked extremley annoyed. Her cock blocking friend said "come on angie lets go to the other line", and just like that they left the line. This amateur ruined EVERYTHING.

Part 2 is coming up and I this is where Jennifer comes in.

Here is a picture of her from her Facebook account. She is in a slutty tight dress,it isnt as short as the one she had on when i was humping her. but you can see how nice her ass looks

Jennifer (Lunch Line Humping part 2) (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Sat 07 Apr 2012 10:18:10 GMT)

So, I had just lost the PERFECT target, and because of this amateur chikan she got out of the line. I now have a boner that is dripping precum, and Im pissed. This chikan looked back at me awkwardly and he also got out of line.

I was about too leave the line too when I saw her, Jennifer.

Let me tell you more about her, firstly "Jennifer" isnt her real name, and Im using it protect her identity. She is Gorgeous, and she has a nice PHAT JUICY ASS! She's a sophomore (10th grade) and I cant believe she's 15 because, her body looks EXTREMELY matured like she is in her 20s. She's from Colombia, and she has nice tan skin, curly hair and some fucking sexy lips. She LOVES wearing leggings so that guys can stare at her juicy ass cheeks. I made countless attempts to chikan her but it was never the perfect opportunity, because she either had alot of thuggish guys around her, or she was in a lunch line that wasnt crowded enough for contact. So I was always watching and waiting for an opportunity to just feel or brush her ass.

Today she did something out of the ordinary for her. She finally got into a CROWDED LINE! I was fucking happy! But I was somewhat reluctant because at the time she was dating some ghetto thuggish hispanic guy who was rumored to be in a gang. Lol I wondered how a guy like him got a girl like her. So I knew, humping her was gonna be very risky, all she had to do was tell him about me and I'd be dead.

I slowly got out of the line I was in and slid over to the line she was in. I looked down and OMG SHE HAD ON THESE TIGHT WHITE PANTS! Her ass looked so phat and perfect in those pants, my cock was growing with anticipation. AND ON TOP OF THAT I could see a VISIBLE THONG outline! I could see alot of guys checking out her sweet ass. Before I began I took my phone out and took about 7 pictures of her ass. I saw some guys to my right catch me, but i didnt give a fuck.

I step forward really close to her and backhanded her ass. MMMMMMMMMMMMM it was PERFECT, so so soft and very very warm. It was literally on fire. Since this was the most crowded lunch line I didn't have to be to cautious. I then put the back of my hand against her ass again, and this time I added more pressure. Her ass felt even softer! Then I boldly palmed both cheeks. And she gave no reaction.

I looked to the right and saw these 2 black girls staring at my hand on her ass. Lol they wouldn't stop staring at me, and I didnt. My dick was now semi erect and begging to be released from my pants. I reached down and slowly unzipped my pants, and I covered it with my shirt. Without a second thought i stepped forward and let my cock SINK right into her soft juicy ass cheek. No reaction. I have never felt an ass this soft and phat. She didn't look back at me, but she stepped forward, so I knew she felt something on her ass. Since the line was crowded she didn't move very far. I stepped forward, and closed the gap between us. AHHHHHH it felt soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, this time my cock was in her ass crack and I could feel her ass cheeks spreading under that thin fabric, to accommodate my dick.Her ass crack was warm and my dick felt sandwiched deep between her cheeks.
The material her pants were made of, and having my dick out under my shirt made the contact feel AMAZING.

I closed my eyes for a second. When I opened them I saw her LOOKING RIGHT AT ME! Dammit, she has caught me taking pleasure from her sweet ass.

She then said "can you backup, you're way too close to me"
I said "sorry I can't, its too crowded" LOL stupid bitch.

She then looked down at her ass where my dick was sandwhiched. So, I knew she knew my dick was on her ass. She looked at me angrily, she sucked her teeth, I heard her mumble "fucking pervert" and took a step forward away from me. LOL! I looked down and saw that precum from my cock had begin to soak into her pants. Creating a few dark spot on it. My shirt had a medium sized wet spot. Once again I stepped forward closing the gap between us,but this time I pulled my shirt up and let MY BARE COCK REST BETWEEN HER ASS. Words cant describe how good it felt!

Her ass felt 10x more warmer and softer on my bare naked cock. My cock was twitching all in between her ass cheeks. Then she let out a loud sigh, looked back and said to me "You are too fucking close, you need to get off my ass!" Ididnt even reply to her, I then heard those 2 black girls from before start saying stuff like "ew thats nasty", "He's a pervert", "Thats so wrong".

Then I saw the black chikan materialize on my left again (where did he even come from?!)He had his eyes set on Jennifer. I think he saw my naked dick because his eyes got wide when he looked at my cock which being thrust in and out of Jenny's ass. He was trying desperately to get in line next to us but he couldn't, due to the line being crowded. I smirked at him. He gave me a jealous look and then got out of line. SERVES HIM RIGHT! I later saw him in another line plastered against some girl who was extremely UGLY, and a little heavy/borderline fat, her ass was phat but it was as toned and perfect as Jennifer's. Lol he must have been desperate to get a NUT! He was still staring at me and Jenny, even though he was all the way in another line, his eyes were burning with jealousy.

Back to my story

I was now lightly thrusting into her ass. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it was great. But now she pushing ass back against my dick trying to make some room. Why do girls always do this. It felt good, having her push her ass against my throbbing dick. Everytime I would twitch my dick she would sucked her teeth or let out a loud sigh. I stepped backed and saw her white pant now had a dozen spots/smears of my precum. I was close to coming , and I was now thrusting my hips more aggressively. She then turned her whole body and faced me, she said angrily and loudly" CAN YOU BACK UP!" She angrily turned around and pushed ass hard against my dick. Now my cock was sandwiched DEEEEEP between cheeks. I began cumming uncontrollably, it about 5 strong spurts. When I stepped back, I saw that her ass was covered in my cum, there was alot.

My heart was RACING! This was the first time I'd ever came on a girl in school. And it was obvious, anyone would be able to see that was cum on her pants. I saw an Asian girl on my right whose eyes were wide and her mouth was open. I shoved my cock back in my pants, and quickly got out of line and walked (almost jogging) toward the exit. When I looked back I saw a huge commotion in that area and those 2 FUCKING BLACK GIRLS were pointing where I had gone. Honestly, I was scared, and I knew I went too far.

The final part is coming soon, and I'm also gonna post some of the pictures I took of her ass.

Here are some pictures of her that I put together

Jennifer's ass! (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Sat 07 Apr 2012 10:23:48 GMT)

Sorry its sideways. Look at how fine her ASS looks

Jennifer's ass! (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Sat 07 Apr 2012 10:24:58 GMT)

Another picture, its kind of blurry

Jennifer (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Sat 07 Apr 2012 10:36:21 GMT)

Another picture of Jenny in Leggings!
Stay tuned for the final part to find out what happens after I came on her.

GroinRubber and Jack (Sat 07 Apr 2012 22:58:07 GMT)

GroinRubber thanks for the complement. Yes, I know I should be more careful. But, I just didnt want to waste this opportunity. I think Angela was a player because she only reacted badly toward the black chikan. Maybe she did enjoy it more than she let on.
Yes, I do go to gigs. But, the problem is that I usually go with a group of friends, so that makes it difficult to hump/grope. I've been to Warped Tour 3 times, IT IS HEAVEN. But once again, I went with friends, so it made it difficult to hump.I went with my girlfriend (at the time) to the last Tour. So you can imagine how hard it was to get any opportunities.

Jack, thanks I know I should have been more careful lol. I play sports so I would be able to handle things if it ever got physical.

By the way, I still have to write the final part.

Re : Shadow (Wed 11 Apr 2012 19:57:44 GMT)

THANKS MAN! It mean slot coming from you lol. I loved "Blonde Ambition" lol, its probably one of my favorite stories. AND YES THAT CHIKAN THEIF WAS DAMN ANNOYING. He always attempts to this to me whenever I have a target. I see him watch me sometimes, and sometimes I see him get on a target that I just finished with, and it usually doesn't work out for him LOL.
He has a pretty harsh looking face, so he probably cant get normal female attention anyway.LOL

Afterwards I was horrified that I her boyfriend would murder me lol (assuming that she'd tell him).

Thanks for that comment Shadow

BTW I still have several stories to post, and I still need to post the final part of lunch line humping( the outcome, her reaction,ETC)

May award: eleven
For his young, dumb, great stories.
(And nice pics, too.)

Working on Stories (Tue 29 May 2012 10:42:58 GMT)

I'm about half finished with my stories from camp last year that I promised back on 11/11/11.

Here are some more stories involving "Ashley". I shared two stories involving this girl at the end of last December.

Some of this is off topic. If that bothers you then you might want to skip reading them.

Young, Dumb, Cheerleader Cum (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Tue 29 May 2012 10:44:16 GMT)

Summer came and went, and the next school year had started.  Ashley was a cheerleader at her high school.  I went to as many games as I could, just to see her shaking her ass in her cheerleader uniform. Sometimes I'd dream of humping her ass while she was wearing it.

But I never thought I would ACTUALLY get a chance to do it.

Every Fall, as part of my job, I would participate help host an evening "Lock-In Party" with the group of kids that I worked with.  Usually about 20 - 30 kids would gather at the building across from the school, along with 4 -6 adult chaperones.  Everyone would then be "locked in" and we'd stay up all night playing games and such.  This particular year it was held on the same night as a home Football game.
Most of the kids arrived after the game was over.  We met in the basement, went over the rules, and started with a large group game of hide and seek.  On a typical evening or after school event, we only use the basement.  During a Lock-In Party, we can use the whole building.  All the lights in the building were off as the students were going around finding places to hide.  Some adults participate and others stay down in the basement.
As I was walking around, I happened to walk past the front door.  Standing outside, looking in the window was Ashley in her cheerleader uniform.  She was not on the list of kids who were coming, so we were not expecting her.  I had not gone to the game, but apparently she had decided at the last minute to come here without going home first, or even changing.  She was standing there with her cheer duffel bag, looking tired and worn out.  She looks so sexy and vulnerable.
I was aware that no one else was around at that moment, and no one knew she was there.  Also, the kids didn't necessarily know if I had intended to play or not.  So no one would be looking for me.  I quickly let her in, grabber her by the wrist.  She started to ask if it was ok if she came to the party, but I pulled her in and told her we were playing a game.
Right in the main entrance, there is a door that goes into an office of sorts with desks and chairs.  It's always locked, but my key opens it.  There is absolutely no reason anybody would need to go into this room.  I quickly unlocked it and pulled Ashley in.  The only light was moonlight coming in from the window across the room.
Without a word I slid her duffle bag off her shoulder and pulled her body up against me.  I took her cheeks in my hand, pulled her face close to mine and just held it there as I inhaled and exhaled loud and deliberately.  She didn't protest or attempt to pull away, so I went for it.
I started by gently rubbing my lips across her cheekbone.  I slid one hand behind her neck, the other up the side of her face.  I brushed my lips across her lips and she actually kissed me first!  Our lips locked together as we started to make out hardcore.  I was sucking on her lips, sticking my tongue in her mouth and kissing her hard and sloppy.  At the same time my hands were rubbing her entire body.  I felt up and down her back, rubbed her shoulders and slid my fingers into her hair, grabbing the back of her head.  She was reciprocating the entire time.
I backed toward a chair and pulled her along with me.  I sat on the edge of the chair and pulled her down to straddle my knees.  Both my hands slid under her cheerleader skirt and latched onto her ass cheeks.  I massaged and groped her ass hard.  She shimmied up my lap so that her crotch was positioned on top of my hard cock.  I had jeans on, but she was gyrating her pelvis hard, like she was searching for my cock with her young cunt.  I wanted to pull my pants down, but I knew that once I did that, there would be no return.  I wanted to have some fun with her first.
I let go of her ass cheeks and latched both hands onto her big tits.  Her cheerleader uniform covered her cleavage and had a turtleneck top, so I couldn't get my hands inside.  I groped and squeezed her young titties, though I could tell she had on a sports bra that was holding her big breasts close to her body.  I stopped kissing her for a moment to rub my face on them as I tried to squeeze them together with my hands.  Her uniform was pretty stiff and thick, so it wasn't doing all that much for me.  I went back to sucking her face as my hands felt around for a way to get her cheer uniform off.  It was tightly fitted and there was no way I could get into it.  But I couldn't figure out how it came off either.  I wasn't going to ask her, so I gave up and went back to feeling up her legs and ass.
I would start at her knees and slide my hands all the way up to her ass cheeks.  I slid my hands INTO her spankies from the sides and palmed her bare teen ass cheeks.  I squeezed and mashed her cheeks in my hands.  At first I couldn't feel any panties or even a thong, but exploring more I felt a small strip of fabric high above her crack. I followed it down and discovered a teeny, delicate strip of fabric buried in her crack. She was wearing a tiny g-string. My cock was now DYING to get out of my jeans.  I kicked my shoes off, getting ready for what I was about to do.
I stood her up, undid my pants and pulled my jeans and boxers off at the same time, kicking them to the side.  Bending at my knees I slid my fully erect cock up under her cheer skirt and stuck it against the crotch of her spankies.  She put her legs together, clamping my cock like a vise.  I glommed onto her ass cheeks and used them to pull her body close to me as I thrust my cock in and out, sliding against her pussy lips.  I was now kissing the upper portion of her neck, being careful not to suck too hard and leave a hicky.
This felt amazing, but I NEEDED to fuck her this time.  I didn't actually think she'd let me fuck her, so I'd have to either coerce her to fuck me, or straight out force-fuck her. Since we were both going to be here the rest of the night around other people, that was not a realistic option. I'd have to settle for sticking it in her crack and humping that tight ass.
Without warning I spun her around and up against a desk.  I flipped her skirt up and rubbed my erection all over her butt cheeks.  The cheer "spankies" she was wearing were white and made of a smooth, silky spandex.  They covered her whole ass, but were loose from me having my hands in there.  I pushed her body down so her whole torso was resting on the desk.  This caused her ass to stick up and out.  I spread her legs apart and jammed my cock up into her ass crack.  The looseness of her spankies allowed my cock to get deep into her crack. I could not even tell that she had a g-string on.
I immediately started thrusting hard.  Her spankies were bunching up in her crack, wrapped around my cock.  The smoothness of them was having the same effect as lube.  I slid my hands onto her exposed naked ass cheeks and squeezed as I thrust up and down.  Her whole body was lurching forward and the desk was creaking, but I continued to pick up my pace.
I started to think about where I was going to cum.  I WANTED to cum on her ass, deep in her ass crack, or pull her spankies to the side and cum on the skin of her bare ass.  But I had to think about cleaning it up afterwards.  Afterwards we would go out and be around all the other kids and adults.  I'm sure she had clothes to change into, but I couldn't risk that someone would see her with cum dripping down her leg.  I decided I would lean over and cum on top of the desk.  It would be easy to clean up and she could go join the others as I was doing it.
I was just about to cum.  I grabbed her waist to hold her still as I finished up with some extra hard thrusts.  My cock was gliding through her deep crack groove, ready to explode. Just then she timidly says, "don't cum on my cheer uniform".

Why did she wait until now to say that?  I HEARD what she said.  I UNDERSTOOD what she said.  But in my mind, all I could hear was "cum on my cheer uniform". Screw it, that sounded WAY better!
I pulled her skirt down as I gave my last up-thrust, pulled my cock out of her ass crack, and unloaded on the back of her cheerleader uniform.  The first stream went all the way up her back and the next one halfway up the back.  The next several shots SOAKED her cheer skirt.
At first she couldn't tell what was happening.  Her uniform was so thick she couldn't feel the wetness of my cum.  As I was jerking out the last drops onto her skirt she turned her head around and saw where I had deposited my load.  She was not happy.  I stuck my wet cock back into her crack and thrust a few times to get some cum on her spankies too.
I told her I was sorry, that I thought she had told me to cum ON her cheer uniform.  She didn't believe me. Apparently it was "dry clean only" and she was worried about having to explain what was on it. I told her that I would get it cleaned and no one would even know.

She made me leave the room before she would change her clothes. Before everyone left in the morning she secretly gave me her cum soaked cheerleader uniform and said she HAD to have it back in two days. I secretly snatched her spankies, which only had a small dollop of a cum stain.

I did get them cleaned and back to her by the time she needed them. But not before I had jerked off with her spankies and ejaculated all over the logo on the front. Might be the last time I have the chance to cum on a cheerleader uniform, so I wanted to take advantage.

Young and Dumbs with my Hands on her Guns (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Tue 29 May 2012 10:45:36 GMT)

It would be over a year before another major incident happened with Ashley, which I'll tell in the next story after this one. In the meantime there were little incidents where I would play around with her and paw at her tits & ass.

Sometime between the last story and this one, Ashley dyed her hair light brown. She would remain a brunette for the rest of high school.

Whenever I talked to her, even when other kids were around, I would always touch her arm or shoulder.  Sometimes I would even stand so close that my hand or arm would lightly bump the tip of her breasts.  The stuck out so far that it was easy to seem unintentional to other people standing around.  At least that's what I told myself.  Of course, SHE knew.
On time at this after-school activity, she was wearing these jeans that were SOOO tight and her ass was such a perfect bubble that I couldn't stop staring at it.  I was joking around with different kids, including Ashley.  She had her back to me, standing in front of a counter.  I leapt up to her, bent over and grabbed her ankles, and lifter her body onto the counter like I was going to push her over the counter where several kids were standing.  It was a little thing that seemed all in fun, but it allowed me to smash my face against her perfect ass.
Another evening I was in the same building with the same kids and they were all making Gingerbread houses.  Ashley had on a low-cut shirt that showcased her large bouncing bosoms.  Near the end of the evening some of the girls were wiping the frosting that's used to "glue" the pieces together on each others arms and necks.  It's very sticky and hard to get off.  They were laughing about it but it kept escalating until it was getting on hair and clothing.  They the boys were getting involved.  Me and another adult stepped in to calm them down when Ashley came up behind me and wiped a large dollop on my face.
The kids were howling with laughter.  I tried to grab her and she took off.  I grabbed a handful of frosting off a table and chased after her along with other students.  I caught her in the hallway where she fell to the ground and tried to wiggle out of my grasp.  I fell on top of her and wiped frosting on her face.  She spun around so her face was towards the ground and her ass was stuck up in the air.
Some boys were now there, also wiping frosting on her face and hair.  I was straddling her ass and tickling her so she couldn't fight the boys off.  My hard cock and was grinding her ass as she wiggled around.  We were then descended on by several more girls with frosting who were equally trying to wipe frosting on me and the boys AND rescue Ashley.  The huge pile of wrestling bodies was the perfect cover for me to reach around and palm her breasts.
I squeezed and groped her melons, then stuck my right hand straight down her shirt.  My hand slipped down her cleavage crack between both of her squeezed together breasts.  I twisted my hand and caressed her bare left boob.  I gave it a good squeeze and had to pull my hand out as the pile was dispersing.
There was some more playing around, then everyone pretty much quit and got up.  Everyone was covered with frosting, and there was still a lot of laughing and giggling, but when Ashley got up I could tell there was a slight pause as everyone got a first look at her. 
She was smiling and laughing a bit, but she had frosting all over her face, cheeks and forehead.  She had to wipe it away from her eye sockets just so she could see.  There was a moment of awkward silence from all the kids as she stood up. 
There was very obvious frosting handprints on her shirt, gripping both breasts.  There was also smear of frosting on the bare skin of her cleavage.  No one said anything, but I could see it in the eyes and expressions of the kids that they noticed.  I wasn't sure if they suspected me or not.
Not more than a month later, she arrived at an evening activity wearing a skin-tight black mini-dress.  The front went up to her neckline, but her breasts bulged out and bounced as she walked.  The hem dropped barely below her juicy ass.  Some of the boys were joking with her, "how much?" implying she looked like a hooker.
Those bouncing boobies and juicy ass just mesmerized me and, without thinking, as she walked past me I reached out and slapped her ass, getting a handful of her tight buns.  Right in front of everybody.  WHILE they were watching.
She gave out a little yelp and kids giggled, but I immediately realized my mistake.  If any of these kids had suspected that I had been the frosting culprit, they now probably had no doubt.  Luckily there were no other adults around, but I had been way too careless.  I knew I needed to back off Ashley of awhile.

Young, Dumb, Boob-Crack Full of Cum (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Tue 29 May 2012 10:47:38 GMT)

It was about a year later when another great opportunity presented itself.

This picture was taken early in the evening that this next incident takes place.

Late one Friday night I got a call from a female high school student.  She told me that she had gone to a party with three other girls and they had been drinking and couldn't drive home.  I had often told these kids that, if they ever found themselves in this situation, they could call me instead of trying to drive.  I would pick them up and take them home.
She told me who the other three girls were.  When she said Ashley's name my heart-rate quickened.  I had been WAITING for this day.  The whole reason I volunteer to drive drunk kids home is the hope that I'll be able to feel up some hotties.  I didn't know how drunk she was, only that she was bad enough that other drunk high school kids felt she shouldn't drive.  This could be my lucky day.  I grabbed a condom and some lube, jumped in the car and sped off.
This was maybe a little presumptuous.  Everything would have to go exactly right for me to finally have the chance to fuck her.  My makeshift plan was to drop the other 3 kids off first, park my car in an discreet location, then hope she was passed out enough not to put up any resistance.  If she was awake enough where she might know it was me, I'd use the condom.  If she was completely passed out I'd skip the condom and flood her cunt with my cum.
I arrived at the location of the party and saw that the girl who had called me was standing outside.  After a brief word she went inside to get the others.  One of the others stumbled out somewhat on her own, but the other two, including Ashley, literally had to be carried.  Ashley was wearing tight jeans and a gold and black tunic that hung below her ass.  Her boobs were HANGING out of her top.  Large portions of her bra were exposed, making me think that someone had been playing with her titties at the party.  Later I discovered that this shirt just couldn't contain her ample bosom. This picture was actually taken earlier that night, before she arrived at the party. The three drunk ones were thrown in my backseat, the sober one jumped in the front and we were off.  I couldn't wait.  I really felt I was going to be able to pull this off.
I had to get rid of the sober one first.  I knew where all 4 of these girls lived, and Ashley was NOT the furthest away.  But with a creative driving route, she would be the last in the car.  I dropped off the really drunk one first.  I had to carry her to her front door and even spoke to her parents.  Next I dropped off the sober one.  I needed to get her out.
Ashley was now completely passed out in the back.  However, the other girl back there was not.  It was quite a drive to get to her house and she stayed awake for probably half of it.  I kept checking in my rearview mirror.  As soon as it looked like she was either asleep or passed out, I reached my right arm back and started stroking Ashley's leg.  She didn't even flinch.  She was so far gone.  I was getting really excited, but I NEEDED to feel those breasts.  I have pretty long arms, but I couldn't reach them.  She was laying in the back seat with her head against the door on the passenger side.  I tried pulling her body closer, so her tits would be in reach, but that didn't work.  Instead I tried to unbutton the front of her jeans, but they were so tight that I couldn't get 'em undone.
Finally I arrived at the girls house.  I helped her out of the car and she was awake enough to walk herself.  I walked her the front door and darted back to my car.  Before I left I went to the back seat and grabbed Ashley's ankles.  I lifted them up onto the seat and pulled her body down so her chest would be within grabbing distance.
As soon as I pulled out of the driveway I stuck my right had back and started groping her big tits.  I knew exactly where I was going next and it wasn&# 039;t far away.  I wasn't even being careful and I just took for granted that she was completely passed out and was not going to wake up.  Luckily that was the way it worked out.  I squeezed and cupped thier fullness, then slipped my fingertips down into her cleavage.  I really needed to get a better look at them.
I arrived at my desired destination.  It was at the top of a bluff, across a gravel lot, out of view of the main road and any houses.  Some big piles of gravel further protected the view and even on the off chance that someone did drive up here, they still wouldn't see my car unless the knew exactly were to look.
I parked quickly and jumped into action.  It looked like I was NOT going to be needing that condom, but first I needed to play with those juicy teenage melons.
I walked around to the other side of the car and opened the rear door near Ashley's head.  The moon was full and bright and lit up her chest like a spotlight.  I could see each breast in it&# 039;s entirety, almost down to her nipples.  Her bra cups were peeking out, smashing her tits together and looked like a glowing marquee that blinked "DEVOUR ME!"
I patted her face a few times to make sure she was still out cold, then immediately started licking each breast from the top of her chest up to her nipple.  I forced my tongue deep into her bra until I found each one.  They were both soft as she was completely relaxed.  At the same time I slid my hand up and down her cleavage, then slipped my hand deep down into her cleavage crack.  The crack of her cleavage was so tight as pulled my hand back out that at that moment I knew I needed to stick my cock down there.
I threw off my shoes, pants and underwear.  I was now standing half naked in an empty lot, with my naked, fully erect cock inches away from this hot teenagers face.  Her half exposed tits BEGGING me to violate her.  It was enough to make me want to cum right there.  I cupped the outside of her tits and bounced them together, watching her waves of flesh jiggle.  I stepped into the car with my right foot and had to put my left knee up on the seat-back.  I leaned forward and slid my boner deep down into her cleavage.
Her breast flesh felt cool gripping my steaming hot cock.  I thrust in and out a few times.  I grabbed my cock and slid the head up and down her cleavage crack.  I jabbed it sideways at each breast, pushing it all the way up to her nipples.  With my back blocking most of the moonlight it was a little harder to see.  I considered turning on the dome-light but then thought better.
I began digging the head of my cock between her tits against her chest, then thrust upwards until I had slid it the length of her cleavage canyon.  I could hold onto my cock with one hand while the other could hold both tits in place.  Despite everything I was doing to her, I wasn't putting any weight on her.  It's like I was hovering over her violating her tits.
I pulled the top of her shirt down below her nipples to fully expose her bra.  This succeeded in bubbling her tits out even more.  I slid my cock straight down her cleavage as far as I could and began thrusting.  I didn't need to hold them anymore.  My nut-sack was smacking her chest as my cock thrust deep between her titties.  I could feel the soft, bubbly flesh of her young bosoms bouncing against my pelvis.  I knew that I wanted to fuck her, but at the same time I didn't want to stop doing this.  I cupped the underside of her breasts as I thought about it.
On one hand, I may never get a better change to fuck her.  She's completely helpless and even if she woke up a little I could hold her down until I filled her up with cum.  It wouldn't be hard.  On the other hand I'd love to drench her beautiful young flesh globes with cum.  I was already in position for it and I wouldn't likely ever get this chance again either.  As I watched my cock continue to thrust down and disappear between her breasts I decided that I couldn't stop doing this.  I was going to soak those teenage melons.
I started picking up my pace, holding the underside of her breasts I pulled them towards me as I thrust forward.  I raised my cock a little and squeezed her tits against my erection, smashing my cock between them.  I even flipped her bra up exposing her nipple and rubbed my cock head in a circular motion directly on her nipple, trying to arouse it.  It didn't work, and really, even though it all felt amazing, it was going to take me a long time to cum.  Then I remembered the lube I had brought.
I stuffed her breast back into her bra and reached up to the glovebox to get the lube.  I covered my cock with lube, then squirted a generous glob at the base of her cleavage.  I then flopped my slicked up cock on the center of her chest and stuck the head in the glop of lube.  I grabbed ahold of her bra-straps and pulled them back tight as I slowly slid back down her the tight groove between her tits.   I stirred my sloppy cock around in her cleavage, greasing up my substitute fuck hole.  There was so much lube it was making a loud, wet "clocking" sound.

I wrapped my hands around the fullest part of her breasts and held on tight as my cock started to ASSULT her cleavage crack.  I thrust in a drumming, staccato rhythm as I held her big tittes in place.  With everything all lubed up the difference was SENSATIONAL!  I could barely breath.  I could FEEL the large, plump, bouncy flesh of these two mammary glands with my cock.  I squeezed her tits together even tighter, so that if felt like I was actually fucking her pussy.  I then yanked the tips of her bra down enough to flip her nipples out and finger them.  I wanted to stop and suck them, but I couldn't.

I was pounding her so fast and hard that I couldn't stop, even when I started to cum.  I knew I was ejaculating, but I just wanted to keep fucking those tits.  About halfway through I finally stopped thrusting and just jammed my cock down as far as it would go.  I drained EVERYTHING on her.  My whole body was shaking and convulsing.  I rested my head on the seat beside her knees and just waited to finish draining.  I shook out the last few drops, but I still didn't want to get up.  Eventually I lifted my head up, but I still had not pulled my cock out.

I noticed that I couldn't see any cum.  I knew it was down there, but it was so deep in her cleavage that it wasn't visible.  I reluctantly slid out, and then I could see it.  There was a large gob of cum deep at the center of her cleavage that had got caught in the center of her bra.  The rest of the massive load was on her upper stomach, just below her bra line.  It was starting to soak through her shirt.  That wasn't were I had wanted it.  I wanted to see her tits dripping with my cum, but it was too late now.  My cock still had a large glob on it, which I wiped on the pale fleshy part of her breasts.  Staring at the mess I had made, I quickly dipped the head of my cock into a glob of cum and wiped it on her nipples before I tucked them back into her bra.  I pulled her shirt up, stepped out of the car and shut the door.

Now I had to take her home.

I quickly got dressed and sped off.  The reality of the situation was making me worried.  Her friends know I'm the one who brought her home.  They also know she was not cum-covered the last time they saw her.  Ashely's mom was going to be at home, and it's going to be pretty impossible not to notice her current state of cum-covered-ness.  I really had no idea what I should do.  As I pulled into her driveway my only plan was to say "this was how I found her" and hope everyone's memory was foggy.

Luckily, her mom wasn't there.  I found a door that was unlocked and carried her inside.  She reeked of cum and I briefly thought of laying her in the shower and turning on the water.  Instead I put her in bed and pulled her covers up to her neck.  On one hand, I was a little disappointed because had I known there was no one home I could brought her straight here and fucked her in her own bedroom.  But then I never would have got to do what I did, which was awesome.

Before I left I rifled through her underwear drawer and filched a bra, a thong, some silky panties and some smooth bikini bottoms.  I never heard anything from Ashley or the other girls about that night.

Young, Dumb, Teen Cunt full of Cum (WARNING: she may be 18 years old) (Tue 29 May 2012 10:48:43 GMT)

Ashley's senior year of high school, I didn't see her that much.  She was associating with a different group of friends and didn't come to the after school activities anymore.  She had a falling out with all her friends, dropped out of cheerleading and was hanging around some girls linked with drug use.  However, I still talked to her often through texting and online, but sometimes on the phone.  In fact, she would often be the initiator in our conversations.  There was a lot of sexual innuendo by me, but she played it pretty coy.
She still looked as hot as ever.  She kept her hair even darker now, and she wore even sluttier clothing.  I'd invite her to things where I knew I'd have a opportunity to grope her, but she always declined.  I never, ever brought up the past experiences I had with her, but we both know they happened and she was still talking to me.  She knew how bad I wanted her, and lucky for me she finally relented.
Prom was coming up.  High School was almost finished.  Ashley had just purchased a dress and she posted some pictures online of herself.  I saw them minuets after she put them up.  There were 10 photos, including several where you can see down her dress into her cleavage.  Seeing her pouty lips, large round tits and big tight ass made me incredibly horny.  I messaged her that her dress was pretty and she looked amazing.  I told her that I REALLY needed her to come over to my house so I could get a better look at it.  She responded "ok", but I didn't think that meant she would actually come over.  Soon she texted me, asking if I had been serious.  I replied that of course I had, and she said she was in her car and she'd be here in minuets.
I couldn't believe it.  Was this really going to happen?  Sure enough she showed up, still wearing the dress from the pictures she had just posted.  As soon as she entered the house I started making out with her.  Despite all the fun I'd had with her the past few years, this was only the third time she let me kiss her.  I rubbed my hands through her hair and on her back, but I purposely kept them away from her tits and ass.  Not yet.
I led her to my bedroom where I guided her onto my bed and continued to suck her face.  Laying beside her I could now grab and rub her ass.  I kissed down her neck to her cleavage.  My face was buried in her cleavage kissing and licking her exposed breasts.  My throbbing erection was pressed up against her leg and I was sliding my hand up her other leg, under her dress.  Then she grabbed the inside seams of the top of her dress and pulled them out to the sides so I'd have access to even more of her full bosoms.  This 18 year old offering me her young titty meat drove me absolutely wild.
I slid my hand up her dress onto her bare ass.  She was wearing a thong and I was hard groping her thick ass flesh.  My tongue was probing deep down in her bra for a nipple and I was tugging at my jeans, desperately trying to release my cock.   I got my pants unzipped and pulled down a little when she stuck her hand down my underwear and grabbed ahold of my cock.    Her young hand felt cool on my burning man-rod.  I reached up and yanked her bra down so I could latch onto her nipple.  I licked it hard and sucked her whole areola up into my mouth.  Her hand felt great gripping my cock, but I just had to jab her with it.
I got up a little so I could get my pants off.  I didn't stop sucking her breast, but she got up off the bed and started to take her dress off.  I wanted to hump her ass while she had her dress on, but she slipped it off and was standing in front of me in her bra and thong.  She looked like a greek goddess.  Or like a cartoon girl with exaggerated curves in all the right places.  She was thin and skinny, but at the same time curvy and thick.
She was reaching around to unhook her bra but I stopped her.  Her tits looked perky and sexy with her bra on.  With beasts the size of hers they were liable to look saggy with her bra off.  I was completely naked now.  I spun her around at the edge of the bed and slid my cock deep inside her ass crack.  I had her put her arms on the bed to hold herself up while I slid my cock up and down her crack.  I pulled the string of her thong out of her ass and around my cock.  As I humped her ass my cock thrust up out of her crack and stretched her thong out.  My hands were jiggling her ass cheeks against my thick erection.  This felt amazing, but I wanted to fuck her.
I stopped thrusting and just held my cock in her crack.  I reached up and groped her breasts.  I pulled my cock out and laid it on the side of her ass cheek, stepped up closer and got a bigger handful of her dangling lady lumps.  I grabbed the underside of her bra cups and pulled them up hard so that her breasts popped out.  I spun her to a sitting position on the bed and buried my face between her large melons.  They weren't saggy at all.  I kneeled in front of her and rubbed those teen boobies, all over my face.  I squeezed them and licked them and sucked on them.  She reached around and removed her bra.
I stood up, right between her knees, holding the underside of her breasts like two slabs of meat.  I pointed the head of my cock at the center of her chest and slapped her boobs against it.  I bounced them in my hands with my stiff shaft laying between them.  I just kind of looked at the view of my cock between her titties.  I smashed them together and thrust straight back and forth with my cock clamped in between them.  She looked up at me with her innocent eyes and smiled a sly smile.  This felt great but now it was time to fuck her.
I gently guided her to lay on her back.  Her ass was still sitting on the edge of my bed.  I reached underneath her on either side of her body and slid my hands under her ass cheeks and lifted them up.  Her knees were bent and hanging in the air.  I pressed the base of my shaft up against her crotch.  She still had on her skimpy thong and I was rubbing the shaft of my cock against the thin triangle of cotton, essentially humping her cunt.  I stuck my arms under her knees to help hold her up and I was banging against her pussy.  I was standing right up against the bed thrusting against her with her legs up and spread apart.  I tried to slip the head of my cock underneath the front of her thong, but it was too tight.
I set her down and pulled her thong out so I could slip my cock into her.  However, she wriggled free, lifted her ass up and pulled her thong off.  She was now laying on my bed in front of me, completely naked.  I guess she was ready to get fucked.  I couldn't believe this was about to happen!
I spread her legs apart again and got into position to enter her, when she asked me if I had a condom.  Which put me in a dilemma.  I DID have condoms, but I really, really didn't want to wear one.  If I got to fuck this young thing I wanted to FEEL it.  I wasn't worried about her having any STD's, however I DIDN'T want her to get pregnant.  She was obviously going to let me fuck her, so maybe I should wear one as a way to thank her?  I didn't want to press my luck, but this naked goddess was laying in front of me and I wanted to fuck her brains out and drench her in my cum.  What should I do?

I hadn't stopped moving my cock toward her honey pot and my cock head was pressing against her pussy lips when she again told me to put a condom on.  I told her it would be ok, that I would pull out in time.  My cock head was parting her pussy lips and entering her when she told me she just didn't want to get pregnant.  I pushed hard to enter her tight twat and was now deep inside her when she said in a breathless voice, "please put on a condom".  I told her I would in a minute.

I had my cock all the way in now.  She felt AMAZING!  She was SO TIGHT!  It felt like vice grips were clinging to my cock from all sides.  I told her again that I'd put on a condom in a little bit to appease her as I started thrusting.  She was flat on her back with her knees up in the air.  I was leaning into her with my hands on the bed holding me up.  I started building up a solid rhythm thrusting  inside her tight fuck-hole.

I was REALLY enjoying the feeling of my bare naked cock inside her teenage twat. But she wined about a condom again. I finally relented just so she'd shut up about it. I leaned over to my bedside table and pulled one out. I reluctantly pulled out, put it on and lubed it up. I figured if she was going to make me wear a condom, then I was going to fuck her rough and hard.

I lifted her knees up again and entered her all gentle like and started fucking her again. With my sleeved cock all lubed up I was gliding smoothly in and out of her tight young cunt. After a moment I lifted her legs up and put her ankles over my shoulders. With her legs straight up in the air, I leaned into her and started thrusting HARD. My hips were slapping against her bottom, making a loud slapping sound. I reached down and pawed at her ass cheeks a little. I lifted them so I could get a better angle as I pounded her.

I pushed both her legs to the right and, with my cock deep inside her, rotated her body so she was laying on her left side. I adjusted her legs so she was laying in a fetal position. Still standing, I grabbed ahold of her right hip and fucked her HARD. Her legs were together and I was fucking her sideways.

I then lifted her right leg, which was on top, and slid my right leg underneath it to rest my right knee on the bed. In this position my crotch was extremely close to her crotch, so I could get really DEEP. I was thrusting hard and just pounding away on her teen pussy. She was still laying on her side and I had one hand gripping her ass, and one gripping her waist, pulling her towards me as I slammed against her. From the look on her face it must have felt like I was going to split her in half. I stayed there for a long time, pounding away, then finally let up when she yelped in pain.

I got off of her and moved up towards her face. Hovering over her I caressed her breasts with my right hand while I kissed her cheeks and neck. I made her scoot up onto the middle of the bed and I adjusted her onto her hands and knees. I was on my knees behind her with my cock pointing at her like a compass.

Her ass was up in the air and she was resting her head down on the bed. I covered my cock with a generous amount of lube, and slid it up her ass crack. I pulled her rear-end as close to me as I could as I pressed my sloppy sleeved-up cock deep in her crack. She was bent such that I could slide my cock against her pussy and up her ass in one motion. With the large amount of lube, my thrusting was making loud sloppy noises. I thought about how great it would be to fuck her in her tight virgin ass, but being 18 I need to get her drunk before I tried something like that. I didn't want to blow what I had going on here.

Finally, I rammed my cock up her pussy again and fucked her doggystyle. I pounded her as hard and fast as I could. I had my left knee down and my right knee up. I held tightly onto her hips so she would't fall over as I slammed against her. She was making loud whiny noises now, so I just continued to fuck as hard as I could.

I would thrust at a steady hard rhythm, then give an extra hard forward thrust that would nearly push her over. I kept inching up to her, trying to get as close as I could so I could get as deep into her as I could. My stomach was slamming against her ass cheeks, which would jiggle and bounce between slams.

Eventually her arms and back gave out and she collapsed onto her stomach. She was now laying flat on the bed and I was laying flat on her back. I kept right on slamming my body against that bubble butt ass, fucking her pussy raw. I was moaning loudly now and I knew I was about to cum.

Since I was wearing a condom I didn't have to pull out, so I just kept right on fucking her as I began to ejaculate. There's something that's just great about unloading directly on a girls bare skin, but instead I imagined I was filling up her pussy with cum. As I finished draining my cock my body was shaking and I was moaning loudly. Even after I was finished I just left it in there, half hoping the condom had broke.

I told her all the right things, like how AMAZING she was and how great she looked and felt. I said how I wished I could do that with her everyday (which was true). I even mentioned, in a light-hearted way, that her dress DID look great crumpled up on my floor. I eventually pulled out and rolled off of her. I stepped out of the room to get rid of the condom and laid back down beside her and just held her in my arms.

Eventually she got dressed and left. She went to prom, graduated and went off to an out of state University. I communicated with her a little before she graduated and she didn't seem to feel guilty or used. I haven't talked to her at all since she left to college.

It's probably for the best.

June award: MrTeenGroper
Technically this may be wrong. His Mega Outdoor Concert story should be given the July award. But in the middle of June, he wrote that he was going to go the concert and he went the concert and he wrote about it. So he got the June award.
(Anyhow, great stories!)

The Balloon Drop (WARNING: she may be 13 years old) (Thu 21 Jun 2012 23:44:24 GMT)

So I just got home from the balloon drop I wrote about yesterday and here's how it went.

I arrived down town about 45 minutes before the balloon drop was going to take place. Both the large down town square and the malls surrounding it where full people and teenage girls. As I suspected there would be a lot of teen girls, but also as I suspected most of the girls where 15 - 20 years of age. When I'm out groping I prefer young teens, 12 - 15 years of age. When I see a phat, round, shapely or full ass on a young it really turns me on, call me what ever, but I love em young ! Don't get me wrong though, I love girls and women all ages, but when it comes to groping, nothing is like a young teen with a hot ass. I can hook up with 18 - 20 year olds any weekend in the clubs, and even grope them on the dance floor or crowded clubs. I guess that's why I get so turned on by the young girls, basically because I only get to grope them every now and then.

There where plenty of teens aged from 13 - 15 though, and I was on the look for a really hot one with a really hot ass. 30 minutes before the balloon drop I checked out the mall where they where doing the drop. The area where the drop was wasn't crowded at all, so I strolled one of the other malls just to kill some time. There where plenty of people around, but it wasn't crowded, it was actually less crowded than on a Saturday. So there really wasn't any opportunity to do any groping safely. Since I haven't been doing any groping in a few months, I was also a bit nervous and not feeling on top of my game. The sight of tons of hot teens would have to do for now, and my god where there many of them !

About ten minutes before the balloon drop I got back to the mall where the drop is happening and to my pleasure the place is filling up with people. The fist floor of the malls is actually one store, it's kind of a strange mall, some kind of hybrid between a department store and a mall. Anyway, in the middle there is a wide plateau with a few steps up to it. On one side there's an escalator to the second floor and on the other side there are stairs also leading to second floor. The balloons are place right above the plateau and the steps. As the clock is ticking closer to drop time, the plateau and steps are starting to fill up. I'm just hanging back waiting for the plateau to fill up, when I spot this gorgeous girl with a beautiful face, brown eyes and long dark blond hair. She looks to be about 13 or 14, about 5ft 4 wearing a zip hood and some tight jeans. Her ass is very shapely and round and just looked amazing in those tight jeans (she the girls in the pic, I didn't get a good pic, but it's better than nothing). This girl is one smoking hot teen !

A few minutes before the drop a spokesperson from the malls announces that the drop is gonna happen in a few minutes and every body suddenly rushed closer to the plateau and steps. I also move and move quickly because there is no doubt in my mind that this is the girl I'm gonna grope. I manage to behind the person standing behind her, but this guy is a big fella so there's no way I'm able to get right behind her, which is where I really wanted to stand. I'll just have to push forward and try to get close when the balloons drop and the crowd goes wild. As the the spokesperson is asking everybody if they're ready and is about to drop the 100 balloons containing 35 gift certificates I'm warming my right hand and getting ready to grope this fine young teen.

When the balloons drop the crowd goes completely wild and everybody is pushing forward, I just love how predictable crowd behavior is. The guy standing between me and little miss hot ass didn't move too much out of my way, so I push and reach my arm forward. I'm stretching my arm out and I manage to move my hand close enough to palm little hot teens left ass cheek. I leave it there for a good ten seconds, just grabbing and squeezing her wonderful cheek.I then let go and manage to move right in behind her, jackpot ! Since many of the balloons have now dropped to the floor she bends down to pick on up, I then place my hand again on her left cheek palming her ass as she's bending down and up again. She gives no reaction and just babble to her friend about how crazy this all is. I then just leave my hand fully palming her left and right ass cheek. Damn her ass felt so daaanm good on my hand ! It had such a nice size and was really firm and round. I then let go after about 15 seconds in fear that she might turn around to look at me, but she never did. As the crowd is thinning I don't feel that safe groping her, people behind me could now easily see me if I did. As we are are all now trying to get out, she moving left and right trying to find an exit through the crowd. I take this opportunity to palm and grab her hit ass few more times. She then exits the crowd and leaves the mall. This girl didn't react or seem stressed at all, like many others she just stood there taking it obliviously. This girl definitively goes into my "top ten hottest groped by MrTeenGroper" category. The whole groping session didn't last more than a few minutes, but it was definitively a great experience ! I loved every second of it !

With today I'm only getting warmed up, tomorrow I'm going to yet another Mall Concert. Then there's next Friday, the Mega Concert with more than 100 000 pople !

MrTeenGroper out !

Mall Concert (WARNING: she may be 12 years old) (Sat 23 Jun 2012 01:22:22 GMT)

As promised, I went to the Mall Concert today. (@ High School Humper, keep reading as your question will partly be answered in this story).

I arrived at the mall about 35 minutes before the concert began and as I was hoping there where tons of young teens aged between 12 and 15. As I also suspected the mall wasn't super crowded, it was just like an ordinary Saturday, but with a concert and mostly teen girls present. This was probably due to the big sale down town yesterday and another large outdoor concert with a big international star being held the same night. This I actually just learned right before I went to the mall concert. Right of the bat I spotted security, as I'm used to this I acted cool as always, but I was feeling extra nervous or exited. As the concert was nearing, I noticed there where a lot of kids pilling up to in front of the stage. It seemed that this artist was very popular amongst them, so the crowd might be a little too young for my taste. Still though, be patient and a perfect target will turn up.

About 15 minutes before the concert I stood a little back just waiting for the crowd to fill and for a hot target to show up. There where a bunch of grown ups and older people in the crowd, so I wouldn't have that hard of a time blending in. I always clean shave before these concerts, so I look at young ass possible. I'm in my late 20's, but when I shave clean I have no problem passing as 18 - 20 years old. After a few minutes I spot this smoking hot teen aged about 13 - 14 with a real nice and big ass for her perky body in some dark jeans. The crowd isn't packed but building up in size, so I follow her in to the front of the crowd. She meets up with some of her friends who are standing up against the rail, I'm thinking "what luck". I'm managed to place my self right behind her, and she's standing right behind her friends who are pushed up against the rail. This is just what I was hoping for, but in a ninja move she pushes to her right and all the way to the rail with some of her friends now standing behind her. I'm thinking "damn, what a turn of faith right there". Her friend who to her place isn't hot at all and doesn't have a nice body. I could still just hang there till the concert was finished and try to get a grope in when the crowd goes crazy to get to the signing Que, but I decide to get out of the crowd and try to find another target.

I'm again standing in the back waiting for a target when I spot this cute blond girl, she looks to be about 12 - 13 and quite skinny, but has a really nice round and big for her body ass. She wearing some right colored denim leggings, which are just the best of two worlds. Those type of leggings look so hot and are also much thinner that jeans. I again, just into the crowd and get one row behind her. She then suddenly decides to go far left and to the left side of the stage. Again I'm left hanging, so I again exit to the back. At this point I&# 039;m a little worried about my behavior in regards to the guards, I action very cool, but to our left there are at least three guards standing on the second floor looking and watching down on the crowd. There are also a lot of other people standing in the same place as them, but these guards have a perfect vantage point for surveying. I walk a little in the back to see where little miss hot leggings went, and a few minutes before the concerts begins she moves back to where she was standing before and I move into the crowd for the third time. Again I'm standing a row behind, and behind some adults in their 40's, so I'm not just goring to push my way past them. But I'm an experienced groper by now and know a few moves. As the artist enters the stage to crowd pushed a little forward and manage to ninja my way to the left and right behind girl standing right behind little hos teen. A few gentle pushes and I manage to get right behind my target! (btw, she the one in the picture, as I'm standing right her it wasn't easy to get a good picture).

As the concert proceeds I very slowly just bump the back of my hand into her ass, aaaaahh, I feel the softness of her teen ass in those denim leggings. She gives no reaction, but it's not packed and I'm bumping very lightly. She then starts stressing a little looking for some other friends right behind me and then turn completely around and starts pushing her way backwards out of the crowd. I'm thinking "dammit, not again!". I take this opportunity to backhand her ass a little harder feeling her soft and round ass in between her cheeks, her ass feels so damn good! But her friend didn't leave (looked to be young and not developed, so not interested) so I'm pretty confident she'll be back soon. I push forward into the gap she left, so she'll be forced to push in in-front of me if she's coming back. After about two minutes she's back and to my right, she squeezes past me, but it's a little tight. As she squeezes past me I back hand her ass in between her cheeks again, I then turn my hand and I cup her left cheek and let my fingers run off her cheek as she pushes her way in front of me. My god did that ass feel good in my palm, those thin denim leggings let me really feel her soft ass!

She gives no reaction at all, so I'm feeling more confident. I back hand her ass as she stand in front of me a couple of times 2 - 3 seconds a time. The crowd isn't packed to I just lay a little low, and will get some real groping on when we're close to then end and the crowd to goes bananas to get to the signings Que. All of a sudden the artist ends a song and says, "that's it and thank you for coming" I was not ready for the concert to be over this soon. I'm not ready to get into position for crowd craze. Little miss hot denim leggings, then does a fast 180 looking to exit the crowd, this girl moves fast! I almost panic, since I'm not finished with her, I&# 039;m not satisfied with molesting her yet. So in almost sheer panic I turn 180 too and get behind her. I'm thinking, well no biggy, I've done tons of these before, groping while thinking on my feet, when the playing field is not in my favor. I get right behind her so I can grope her ass while she makes her way through the dense crowd, this usually work very well. So I just fully on grope her right cheek, pressing my self and squeezing her cheek firmly, not hard, but firmly as I push my way through. GOD DAMN did that feel so damn good, those thin denim leggings let me feel her really good, her ass is just soft and round! Right away a gap opens in front of her and then in between us, as she moves into the gap there i no crowed pressure against her from behind which is a bad thing. When groping like this you always want pressure from behind, so if she does react, the crowd is too strong for her to react in any other way than to move forward and out of the crowd. Because of this she almost immediately turns not just her head, but her whole body around in reaction to my groping, I'm now thinking "oh shit, not what I expected". So I quickly turn the other way, but there is now where to go. I'm keeping a stone face, but she is really stressing now, apparently she didn't like a stranger grabbing and squeezing her ass. I'm almost panicking now, but keeping my cool as hard as I can, but then I hear a shout, "MOM!". I'm not sure if she's the one shouting, but now I'm thinking "I really got to get the hell out of here". I move as fast as I can through the crowd, not stressing, still keeping my cool, but just legging it in a walking pace. I exit the crowd and head for the nearest exit.

At this point I'm expecting to get stopped my a guard any second, hell these guys where standing with perfect view to the what just happened or at least this young girls reaction. I walk out as fast as I can with out drawing any attention to my self. I exit the mall into the parking lot and I start heading to my car, but I'm no amature, I've been doing this for a while now and have had a few close calls earlier. When I got to the mall I parked my car close to the parking lot exit in a parking lot without any video cameras a place that is usually pitch dark in the evening. I always have an exit plan, just in case, but since it's summer, it's still light outside. As I get close to my car, I turn to she if any body is following me. I then see a guard in the distance looking my way, so I walk past my car and cross the road and walk into a residential road and out of sight. I wait there a few minutes and then start walking back to my car, there is no guard in sight so I jump into my car and drive away.

As I'm driving I'm feeling very nervous, so I find a parking lot and stop after about ten minutes. I start thinking though what just happened and if I'm fucked or not. Worst case scenario they they got my plate number and confront me, but then it's very much a case of her-say. I deny groping her and also say that it was crowded and everybody was pushing in all directions, so it could've been anybody, what's your proof? I figure I've got a good chance there, I have no prior records of sexual or other offenses, I'm a good guy. Even if by the slim chance a guard so me grab her ass, there is a big and wild crowd going crazy, how could the guard be sure? Also I've got no idea if she was the one who shouted "MOM!", it could've been anybody for any reason. I don't even know if they reported it, or if she even told her mother about it, was she even there with her mother? If so, did she know who groped her? could've been anybody. So by now I'm quite confident that I'm pretty much in the clear, there are to what ifs for me to be caught. So to be 100% sure, I'm thinking maybe I should go back? A guilty man always runs right? but an innocent man has nothing to run from? And mall guards are not exactly known to be the smartest people, no pun intend though, but I know quite a few malls guards. But this is a risk, if I get caught I can loose it all, then it's game over, at least worst care. If I go back and nothing happens I know I'm in the clear. So I make a decision to go back, If I'm not caught, best case I can do some more groping right?

So I get back to the mall, park even more remotely than earlier and enter the mall in one of the least used entrances. I enter a high traffic area feeling confident that I'm in the clear, I just gotta act cool. So a walk around for ten minutes without seeing a single guard or little hot denim leggings. If I see her I might be fucked to, if she knew it was me. After 15 minutes I spot a guard, I just calmly walk past him and he gives no reaction. So I walk past the information where the chief guard is sitting, I stay in that area to make sure he sees me, but neither he gives any reaction. Iæm pretty sure by now, that if the groping was reported they would have at least walked over to me. Another 20 minutes passes and I'm just checking out all the young and hot teens when I pass the chief guard walking with another guard. They stop and I hear the other one say "is that him?", I'm feeling a bit nervous, but I keep my cool and just walk into a nearby clothing store. I pretend to browse and turn my self so they can see my face, just playing it totally cool and innocent. I then turn to look at them and they are still standing there, so I "browse" some more, when I look up now they're gone. I exit the store and see then walking down one the main halls and in the opposite direction of the information, which is where they have surveillance monitors. They're just strolling, I keep my distance and watch them, but they don't seem to be up to anything. I hang out at the mall for another 30 minutes, actually trying to do some groping, but I'm not taking any risks at all, so I didn't grope anymore. I'm now thinking that if they'd gotten any reports and that I was at least a possible suspect they'd look at me or approach me, but even though I passed several more guards nothing ever did happen. The comment "is that him?" could've been about any body, the mall was very crowded. Still though, it was scary enough, and even though I was careful (or maybe not) different girls react differently, but in my experience these type of reactions are very rare, at least if the groping is done right. In this case it was a mix of too aggressive, bad luck and the wrong girl.

I'm sorry about the lengthy story, but it was actually also related to High School Humpers question.

Next Friday I'll be attending the MEGA CONCERT, I hope I don't encounter any hick ups there. I'll say this though, it's all about how packed and crazy the crowd is. Today crowd wasn't packed or wild enough, like the crowd yesterday which worked out with out any trouble at all. Till next time !

MrTeenGroper out!

RE: GroinRubber (Mon 25 Jun 2012 23:26:11 GMT)

Thanks for the nomination and nice story as well.

I'm trying my best to write good, long and detailed stories, because that is also what I was reading back then when I first discovered this board. I'll also in the future try my best to keep that up, so don't worry too much, I'm at least not going anywhere. Not only do my and others stories bring pleasure to others, but it's also a good way for me to remember these great experiences I've had in the past. I'll have more coming this summer, the next concert I'm going to is the Mega Outdoor Concert this Friday. I can't wait for that concert, I'm hoping it's gonna be epic. I'm in fact so dedicated (or addicted) to groping that I've taken the day off to drive 8 hours to the city the concert is at. I'm even spending a night in a hotel, so I can properly prepare and get enough rest for the many hours I'm gonna be out groping that day ! In return I hope I can write a great story from my experience, but I don't want to hype it or myself too much in case it doesn't turn out as planned.

I've also go the same tour visiting my own city later this summer, so expect a "Large Outdoor Concert" story number too later. I' also hoping I can attend a third concert from this tour which is "only" a 4 hour drive away, but I'll need to get another day off from work to manage to attend that one. We'll see though, once you've gotten back into the flow it might be hard too just pass these great opportunities.

MrTeenGroper out !

Re: MrTeenGroper / Mega Outdoor Concert. (Wed 27 Jun 2012 16:39:31 GMT)


First off, nice story Thom and you'll quickly learn that groping is an "art" because it takes patience, skill and awareness. It's even at times almost like being a spy in some sense, hehe, because it's like living a double life. These are thing you'll learn over time and also get better at them, but sometimes it's just pure luck, or in your case bad luck. I've gone to more gigs, been out at malls etc to grope than I write about here on this board, but the reason you don't hear about them is because things don't always (often never) go as planned. Sure you could've gone further to the front and gotten more action, but what if you didn't get any action? would you be thinking that you then shouldn't have left the other girl? probably ! Just read my last "Mall Concert Story", I went back and forth like four times before I even got close to a target. It's more about taking the chances that are presented in front of you and enjoy them. There will be many "lost" opportunities, but enjoy the ones you actually get and don't think to much about the "lost" ones.

@ GroinRubber

You're right, I'm more of a hands-on groper than a GroinRubber, hehe. I do grid, but I don't get as much pleasure doing it as when I grope with my hands though. Sometimes I do combine the two though, like my "Large Outdoor Concert" story last summer I grinded and gropes my main target in the story. Also in the story a few months back at this concert where people (including me) were drinking and I almost went mental on this 20's something girl. What I'm really hoping for though is indeed climaxing, but not by cumming on a girls ass. What I really want to do is to take it to the next level, I really want to get some pussy rubbing (with my fingers) on, on the inside of a girls shorts or under her skirt, rubbing the outside of her panties. If I can get her wet I can even get under some panties and slip a finger in, and if she's really game I can get my dick out and fuck her ! Now that's my ultimate fantasy and a real climax ! I guess that's my ultimate fantasy, but also very risky, but if I find a really game girl then that could happen. The only downside is that nobody would believe me if that actually would happen, but on the other side I wouldn't care ! So wish me the best of luck you guys, I'm at least gonna have a blast and molest some young teen hotties. Just booked a hotel room yesterday, so all I have to do now is wait till Friday come !

MrTeenGroper out!

"Mega Outdoor Concert" Story comming ! (Fri 29 Jun 2012 23:19:02 GMT)

I'll be posting the story in a few days, it was a great concert, though not as good as I expected. On the other hand I had pretty damn high expectations. Possibly too high, but it definitely wasn't a waste of time either. Right now I'm just completely exhausted, I got about four hours of sleep last night, drove seven hours, waited more than two hours before the three hour concert began. A seven hour drive followed by standing for more than five hours really takes it's toll on you know.

MrTeenGroper out !

!!! Mega Outdoor Concert !!! (WARNING: she may be 14 years old) (Sun 01 Jul 2012 02:51:49 GMT)

Here's my story from the Mega Outdoor Concert I attended on Friday ! This year "only" 50 000 turned up, opposed to last years 80 000. The record is apparently 100 000 from a few years back.They say since it's out door it's heavily dependent on the weather. I know it's along one, but I hope you enjoy !

(Sorry for typos, it took me a few hours to write this and it's really late and I'm tired)


After about four hours of sleep I woke up at about 07:40 in the morning, I got freshened up and packed the last few things before left home about 08:00. The drive ahead was estimated to take about eight hours, I would then be arriving at 16:00 giving me about two hours before they opened the gates to the inner concert areas at 18:00. After some fast driving I arrived at my hotel at 15:00, so I took my time to check in and get some rest. My lack of a good nigh of sleep and a seven hour drive meant I was already not feeling that great. I got about forty minutes of sleep and then drove down to the concert area, I got there at about 17:00 and the weather was quite bad, it was raining so most of the girls where wearing long jackets and rain coats. The gates to the inner areas opened at 18:00 so I got there early so I was guaranteed to get in where the best action would happen. There was already a Que of a few hundred people waiting to get into the inner areas. This bothered be, because it was actually a Que and not a crowd of people standing waiting to get in. Since I'm there all alone it's not very easy to blend into a Que, but a crowd is a totally different story. So I browsed one of the nearby malls to kill some time and planned to get back to the Que at around 17:45. fifteen minutes before they opened the area. One of my other worries was that the concert wouldn't actually begin before 20:00, meaning waiting two hours in a waiting crowd before some action could actually take place.

At around 17:45 I went back to the concert area, but when got there I didn't see a Que anymore, but what I did see where police and lots of guards. Let me clarify how the concert area was broken into, you've got the inner areas (which open at 18:00) that are broken into the inner inner (all the way to the front) and the outer inner (behind the inner inner). Then you've got the area behind the outer inner where they serve alcohol and the you've got the outer area.The place where I wanted to stand was of course the inner inner area. So got to entrance area to get into the inner areas and the Que was gone (damn it) and I now saw the inner area filled with people. This was one chance missed (or not) because I was hoping to get some groping on while people pushed their ways into the inner areas through the gates. I got some nice action at the "Large Outdoor Concert" last year in the same type of entrance area. This crowd seemed to be better behaved though, possibly due to security, who knows.

So I made my way through the gate and into the outer inner area and it was already full of people, and that was bad. This meant that the inner inner area was already full and that no one else would be allowed in. So I tried to find some nice target to get behind, but to my disappointment there didn't seem to be any good targets. They where all to "old" (16 - 17+), where wearing longs jackets that covered their asses or didn't have a nice ass at all. I was starting too think that maybe this was a bad idea, I mean, I hadn't driven seven hours and spent money on gas and a hotel room to grope girls ugly girls with ugly asses. I also not been able to get into the inner inner area and I'd missed the crowd push into the area in the first place. I eventually found placed my self behind this group of three girls, two of them weren't hot at all, but one of them who seemed to be about 14 or 15 was very cute, but had a long jacket on. So with about two more hours of waiting I just stood behind them and waited. As the outer inner area was filling up more the crowd of people where moving and shifting about, and so did my target until she had moved away from me. I wasn't at this point gonna go out of my way to stick behind her, because there was still a long time to wait. So as she moved away from me others presented them selves and then they moved way to. I must have counted about four different target get in front of me and them move away. Things were looking quite bleak indeed, only where targets moving away, the targets weren't that hot, wearing long jackets and too old.

At around 19:00 and waiting for more that and hour already a bunch of people started to push and move to the right, and as people moved more follow and so did I. At this point I'd gotten zero action, just a few back hands, but that not actually action. So I followed in hope of getting some groping on, but I stayed cool, didn't want to scare potential targets this early on. As the crowd moved to the right and forward it was now appear-ant why we where moving, they were letting more people into the inner inner area ! So I moved as fast forward without being too aggressive and managed to get into the inner inner area. That long long wait was starting to pay off. When I got onto the area I was felt relived, because I now knew I had a much better chance at getting some good action on. I followed some of the people I was standing around in the outer inner area and we quickly moved our way towards the stage and deep into the crowd. It had now stopped raining and the girls where both hotter and younger, things where looking much better ! It was also much more crowded and packed, but there was still almost an hour too go before the concert began, and I didn't want to put of any girls yet. I was probably still a little shaken from my "Mall Concert" experience from last week.

I then spotted a target, and when I was her I was determined that I was gonna grope her tonight. She seemed to be about 14 or 15 and was a real beauty, I mean this girl was beauty queen material. She was that hot. She seemed to be white mixed with Cuban or some sort of south American. She looked really exotic and was just stunning at 5ft 5inches, brown eyes and long brown hair. She had a real Latin booty too, her body was slim and fit, but her ass was big and round in some skin tight dark gray pocked-less pants. I didn't want to stress too much yet at this point and decided just too go with the flow, but I stuck near. About thirty minutes before the concert began I had managed to slip in right behind this Latin beauty using my crowd skills and of course some good luck. Nothing happed for the next thirty minutes other than me sticking too this chick, but I noticed as the concert began that I was now surrounded by young hot teens. Directly to Latin beauties right (and right in front of my right side and LB was in front my left side now) was another very hot teen. This girl was about 13 or 14, had a very pretty face, had long blond hair, blue eyes and a really nice ass in some tight blue jeans. She was a little shorted and skinnier than LB, and her ass wasn't ass big either, but it was still very nice and round ! The tables had now turned completely and I was now standing in a packed crowd full of young hot teens and with two great choices right in front of me !

Latin beauty's ass was so hot it was almost hard not to just give it a good grab, but I was gonna be here for three hours (the concert ending at 23:00). Her ass was just so juicy and plump and looked to hot in those tight pants, but didn't want to scare her right away. My plan was gonna wait till the crowd went wild when an artist came on or when they trough out free stuff and everybody pushed and goes crazy to try to catch the stuff. So I laid a little just pressing the back of my hand against her ass and letting it slide from one side to the other, just to let her know I'm right behind her and so she would get used to me & quot;bumping" into her. I then pushed my crouch a little into her ass and she actually leaned a little back into my chest, we did this a little back in forth and it felt really good. I wasn't sure tough if she was game of if this just wasn't anything, and my scare from last week meant I wasn't as daring as I'd been last year. So I just took things really cool waiting for the crowd to push of go crazy.

The inner inner area was kind of divided by an extended stage (like a catwalk) extending into the crowd on the left side, that area was guaranteed to be crazy when the artist of the night would walk almost on top of the crowd. We on the other hand were standing to the right of this area, about 10-12 rows to the right of the catwalk and 12-14 rows from the main stage. To my disappointment the area where we were standing didn't get any wild and those freebies that was great for the "Large Outdoor Concert" last year wasn't even a part of this show. This was a real disappointed, because this meant I hadn't the crowd on my side to move tings forward faster and test the waters. This meant I had to take things slowly and test this girl one small step at a time. The only time there was some movement from the crowd was when the artist would walk onto the catwalk, they'd then turn to the left and move a little towards it. But not all girls around us would move at all and this created gaps where other people could clearly see any action by me. So I started slow on LB.

Every time she turned to left to see the artist on the cat walk she'd try to film it with her cell phone, and she'd also move towards it slightly meaning I could follow her movement and push my self against her. I took this opportunity to push the back of my hand in between her cheeks, and damn did that feel good. As she moved slightly backwards I'd just leave it there pushing her ass. I'd then move it away when she turned to face the main stage again. I could only comfortably do this while she was turned to her left due to get pressure of the crowd. This meant that progress was very slow for the first hour. After an hour I'd progressed very little, but she never reacted to my moves thus far. So after about and hour and a half I went in for a palming. As she again turned to her left I followed and gently cupped her right ass cheek for about five seconds. And god dam did her ass feel good in my hand ! It was just so big and round. She gave no reaction at all, which was great. But I was now placed to her right and not behind her anymore, so couldn't plam her ass unless she was facing to her left. So the next time she tuned I went in again and gently palmed her right cheek, this time leaving my hand there until she turned back again. Ahhhhh, this left so damn good. The fourth time she turned to a new artist she was moving and dancing more and by mistake when I went in for another grab her ass moved right into my hand while and I gave it a good squeeze. That felt so good, her ass was really firm in those tight pants. But at the same time she stopped for dancing so I backed of a little nervous. She then whispered something to her friend, but she never did move away from me. Actually when there opened a gap on front of me and I moved forward (so it would not seem like I was trying to stand near her) she'd kinda move towards me. So even though I moved, she moved with me.

At about 22:20 we where moving closer and close to the catwalk for every time an artist went our on it. The crowd was moving much more meaning more opportunities were gonna come. I had now stood near this girl for more than two hours and only gotten light ass grab, nothing for a few seconds at a time. I was happy with what I'd gotten from her, but it was now time to find some new targets. The last time I moved with her it seemed like her friends had started to take notice that I was always behind them, so I left them to find a new target. It seemed like the people who'd been standing against the railing towards the cat walk had moved away, because I was now able to move very close. The area around wasn't that packed anymore meaning I could move more freely when the artist where on the main stage, and this was perfect. I could now find a target,get behind her and grope her freely as the crowd pushed crazily towards the catwalk when an artist walk onto it, and all artist did walk onto it as they performed a song. Altering between main stage and cat walk.

I got behind this cute blond with a nice ass in some pink pants who looked to be about 14. As an artist took to the cat walk and reached down towards the crowd the crazy push came. I was perfectly placed, and no foreplay was required. So when then push came we where all crushed and I placed the palm of my hand on pink pants right cheek cupping it completely and squeezing it freely. She gave no reaction as she was probably too busy trying to touch the artist on stage. Her ass felt amazing in my hand and I groped her ass for a full 30 seconds. Now this is why I came here ! As the artist moved back to main stage I retreated from pink pants.

It was now nearing the end of the show and I knew the final act was gonna be a crazy finally. So I quickly started looking to a new target. I spotted this very cute girl in some while leggings, she was wearing a a jacket that covered her ass, but from the thickness of her thighs I knew she had one juicy ass. She had the cutes face covered in braces and looked to be about 12. She was about 5ft 3inches with dark hair. She wasn't standing near that near the cat walk and didn't seem to move much towards it when the other girls did, so I quickly found a new target. This time it was another girl with braces (young girls with braces and juicy asses just makes me cum) who looked to be about 13. She was very pretty, with longs dark brow hair and had a juicy and round ass in some skin tight blue jeans. She was about 5tf 3inches with a slim body, but that ass was just plain hot. So I got close to her, but she was almost all the way to the railing, but I knew I could get a hand in there when the crowd again went wild.

We were now waiting for the last act as they showed some boring interview on the large screens. As the last act entered the stage the crowd went crazy and they moved to the cat walk right away. This 13 year old hottie then moved back and to her friend who was standing to my right, this meant she wedged herself right in front of me ! And when the final act came onto the catwalk and the push came from behind she was crushed in front of me. I then just went for it, I placed my hand on her right cheek, cupping it and squeezing it really good. Her ass felt even better than it looked, it was so round and felt so soft in those jeans, it felt like heaven ! Maybe those jeans where jean leggings because I've never felt an ass that good before in jeans. I've never felt an ass that soft before in jeans, it felt so amazing ! After me freely groping her for about ten seconds she started to resist by twisting her body, so let go of my grip, she then stopped twisting. I then went in for a seconds grab, feeling her soft and heavenly ass again, after a few seconds again she started to resist so I pulled back from her ass. But that ass was just amazing, this 13 year old has possibly got the best feeling ass I've ever felt and that girl is one of the hottest girls I've ever groped too. So pretty and so innocent looking covered in braces.

I then turned my attention back to pink pants who was standing to my left, I just rammed my hand up her ass cupping and grabbing her left cheek and she gave no reaction. The last act was now performing the whole song on the cat walk getting undressed and trowing their clothes to the crowd. At this point the crowd was just plain mental. People where pushing so hard that and these girls where just out of control, meaning this was my playing field now ! My hand was now rammed into pink pants crack and I gave vagina a nice squeeze, aaaahh that felt so good. But she gave a small hint of resistance by twisting a little so I just groped her ass for another 10 seconds when I spotted Latin beauty to her left. It was really tight, but also so crazy. I managed to squeeze my hand pants pink pants and grab LB juicy ass. I gave her right cheek a full on grope and and good squeeze. Her ass was so fine and so firm and so round, it felt amazing. She then turned around and we locked eyes and the she turned back towards the cat walk. I released my grip and moved back towards the right.

The crowd had gotten even wilder and 13 year old blue pants brace-face was really crushed to my right and I just couldn't resist her hot ass. So I rammed my right down and grabbed her ass again. This time really squeezing her cheeks right to left and a in between her cheeks. My hands was planted between her cheeks into her crack and I gave it a really good squeeze as she resisted again. I then felt I'd pushed my luck enough with her and I stepped back from the crazy crowd. I moved a little back into the crowd and saw little cute white leggings standing there, I got right behind her to see if I could get some action with her. At this point the crowd was so freaking crazy and wild and so was I, I'd molested these two girls and I wanted to molest little white leggings to. As another push forward came I saw she wanted to move onto the the crazy crowd in front of us, but she didn't. So I have her some help and pushed her into it and other followed behind us.

I was pinning this girl to the crazed crowd, but she didn't seem to mind as she was smiling with her hot braces. Me on the other hand was having a blast and had no time to waste. As I pinned her to the crowd I knew the last song was finishing soon. So I pushed my hand down to the back of her thigh and and lifted her jacket as I moved my hand upwards and cupped her left cheek. I could feel every inch of her soft and round 12 year old ass, it felt so amazing in my hand. I just palmed and grabbed the hell out of her ass, it felt so god damn good !! Her ass was round and had a nice size, and felt so soft and good. Those thin leggings really let me feel the softness of her ass, letting me run my hand all over left cheek and into her crack. After about 30 seconds of this she started resisting as I groped her harder. She then managed to get loose from the crowd and stormed towards the back.

I then got a little scared since she actually got out of the crowd. Was she gonna tell a guard about what I just had done ? So with just minutes left I out out of there. I actually passed the 12 year old hottie on my way out. She didn't look scared, maybe just a little uncomfortable from the the crazy crowd, but I wasn't taking any chances. So I got out of there and walking without looking back. I was now almost 23:00 so it was fairly dark to. I took of my sweater so I couldn't be that easily recognized from the back. As I walked to long walk amongst many others the long way out of the outer area I was pretty sure I was in the clear. When I got to the exit of the outer area I saw this guard walking straight against me. I was now sure I was gonna be busted, but he walked right past me and I was in the clear.

This was yet another great concert experience, though the real action didn't happen until the very end It was definitely worth the trip. This became one of the best groping experiences I've had thus far, with many others though. I didn't get to grope as many girls as at other concerts of this size, but those I got to grope I really got to grope !

I know this was a long one and I hope you enjoyed it, I defiantly did ! (the picture is from the same concert last year)

MrTeenGroper out !

Thanks guys ! (WARNING: she may be 14 years old) (Sun 01 Jul 2012 23:42:45 GMT)

I'm glad many of you guys liked my last story, I was almost staring to think that this board had become completely negative ! I'm glad to see that that's not the case :D

@ third eye open

Glad to hear you enjoyed my story ! I've still got a boner !

@ Guest (Sun 01 Jul 2012 10:47:03 GMT)

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your vote !

@ guest (Sun 01 Jul 2012 12:32:07 GMT)

I actually agree with you... as for the girls being to young, that's just my preference, we've all got different preferences so I'm cool with not everybody
liking them as young as I do.

On another note, the girls here are and the ones I grope are very well developed. That's what turns me on, a well developed young girl with an ass which belongs on a much older older girl. Young faces and round and developed asses just makes me cum in my mind ! Just look at the girl in the pictures, she just turned 14, but has a smoking hot body. Just a few months ago she was only 13 with still a smoking hot body ! Just something to think about !

@ Guest (Sun 01 Jul 2012 19:38:54 GMT)

My last story was posted in the first of July, so it's technically not qualified for a June award I would guess. I actually posted it on the first of July for exactly this reason, so people wouldn't accuse me for going for an award. I also post the stories as soon as I can after they happened, this is because it's fresh in my memory. I announced that I was going to this concert almost two weeks ago also, so it was no secret that the story was coming now. I also reject that all my stories come at the end of the month, because that simply isn't true.

@ GroinRubber

Thanks for the vote and the support bro !I'm glad you liked the story, I sure as hell had a good time there ! Well I released my self when I got back to the hotel and recapped the events in my head, didn't take much to release my self if you know what I mean ! And yes, those asses just defy resistance, not doubt. I don't have an huge desire of cumming on them, and things happed so quick that I just don't have time to get my dick out or think about that. These events are kind of different from say a rock concert when it's dark and the girls have been drinking. The only time I would of felt comfortable getting my dick out was the one I went to back in March or April when I really molested this 20's something girl in jeans. I was humping and groping her like crazy, groping her ass and tits. I'm pretty sure if she was wearing something with easier access I could have fingered or even fucked her, because she seemed quite willing. That's something I have a much higher desire for than cumming on a girls ass, that's just my preponderance.


Thanks for the vote and support too, and yeah these teens up here in Scandinavia are very well developed and have such fine asses ! They are indeed very well developed for their age, but are still so young looking, just gotta love it !

Mega Outdoor Concert (WARNING: she may be 14 years old) (Wed 04 Jul 2012 00:08:28 GMT)

Just wanted to share this pic from the "Mega Ourdoor Concert I attended last Friday ! The picture is taken from the catwalk I was talking about in my story, which went out about 20 meters from the main stage. Around the catwalk the girls where just pushed and pinned against it, like you see these girls are in the pic ! In the last section of my story I was practically right behind the girls who were standing pinned up against the catwalk ! Just look at those crazed and hot young teen, just gotta love these concerts where they go completely bananas !

Big Outdoor Concert (WARNING: she may be 14 years old) (Wed 04 Jul 2012 00:30:29 GMT)

So you thought that you wouldn't here more from me in a couple of weeks, or what ? Not until I'm attending this years "Large Outdoor Concert" ? Well you guessed wrong ! Now that I'm in my flow after a long break from groping, I just can't ignore events when I've gotten back into the game again can I ? Of course not ! I'm still young and you only live twice, so I thought what the hell ! So I'll be attending yet another outdoor concert tomorrow, this concert being a part of the "Mega Outdoor Concert" (50-80K) and "Large Outdoor Concert" (20-30K) tour going on this summer. The concert had 10K showing up last year in bad weather, but tomorrows forecast is much brighter, so I'll be expecting 12-15K to show up (if I'm lucky). I'm off to yet another road trip by myself, since it's a 3-4 hours drive. The only thing that "worries" me is that I'm not sure if this concert has a inner area, it's described in the concert information, but not shown on the map of the concert area. I really want to get started as soon as possible with groping, and the crowd pushing through the gates to enter the inner area is a nice place to start and get warmed up for later action. It's a nice ice breaker, you know to get going, that's the only thing i missed at the one last Friday. I'm also hoping that they'll be trowing out free stuff, which always the the crowd started and moved around. I'll at least try my best to get some nice action on, on some young and hot teens with delicious asses !

(the pic is from the same concert two years ago when they had nice weather, aaahhh I can't wait !!!)

Wish me the best of luck !

MrTeenGroper out !

!!! Big Outdoor Concert !!! (WARNING: she may be 13 years old) (Thu 05 Jul 2012 22:23:37 GMT)

After a four hour drive I arrived in the city where the Big Outdoor Concert was being held, the second concert of the tour. The concert was set to begin at 18:00 and one thing that I was curious about was if there was going to be an inner area, or Golden Circle as they call it. They wrote about the Golden Circle on the concerts web page, but didn't show it on the map. So I set my GPS towards the concert area and arrived there about 16:10, parked my car and walked into the concert area. The first thing I saw where around one hundred teens standing around a metal fence watching an artist practicing before the concert. That was what I was looking for, the metal fence was surrounding the Golden Circle, and as I walked closer I found the gates all the way to the left. This was great, because as while entering everybody usually goes crazy due to the limited capacity of the Circle, everybody wants to get inn. I knew that they wouldn't be letting people inn before 17:15, so I took a drive and was planning on returning a little later on.

I got back to the concert area about 16:45 and the area was starting to fill up nicely, I would guess a five hundred already. As I walked towards the gates to the Golden Circle I was around a hundred people standing crowded up around them, this was great because this meant that there wasn't a Que like at the Mega Outdoor Concert. As I got closer there was a separation band right behind this crowd and a few security guards. Behind the band about 50 people where standing behind it, and I managed to get all the way to the front. I was expecting there to be a band, because they always let "VIP's" first into the Circle, and that's what was going on here. As the crowd hind the separation band grew more and more where asking the guards if we would be let inn, and the answer was yes. They just had to let all the "VIP's" inn first.

As I looked around the crowd was mostly young teens girls between 12 and 15, but opposite to the weather forecast it was still raining. This meant that most of the girls where wearing long jackets or rain ponchos. I've just had the worst of luck at these events so far this year, because if the concert had been held today it would have been both warm and clear blue skies. I spotted a hot target right of the bat, a 14 year old blond with an amazing ass. She was about 5ft 6 and with braces in some skin tight blue jeans. Her body was smoking hot, like a 20 year old, but her young face revealed her young age. She had a nicely sized bubble butt in those skin tight jeans, it was so hot ! I got right behind her and started just to slowly backhand her ass, first just two fingers, then eventually my whole backhand giving it a swipe from left to right. It felt so good, and I really wanted to palm that fine ass. As the crowd started to build behind us more, they let the "VIP's" into the circle at about 17:10. The crowd from behind had been pushing us a bit and I had been separated from the hot blond. I was now standing between some other teens, all in long jackets....

At about 17:45 I had managed to get right behind the blond hottie again. I continued to back hand her fine ass, but didn't want to push things two far, I would soon get to grope her as we would be let into the circle. Then one of the guards walked towards the separation band and said. "no running as we let you go to the gates" and lifted the band. The crowd behind the band was now about five hundred or so people and about 30 meters wide. I knew that my opportunity was coming now, but I wanted to obey the guards wishes and not run. Since I was by my self and one of few males in the crowd they might keep an extra eye on me. As the guard lifted the band the blond in front of me just ran the 20 meters to the gates, I didn't even have time to react and she was already far from me. The rest of the crowd ran too so I ran with them, but I was far from the hot blond. As we got the gates we all where stopped in our tracks as they didn't actually open the gates, but had just let us come over the entrance.

I had quickly forgotten the blond teen, and had to find another target fast. As we stopped I was standing behind this 13 year old girl that I'd seen earlier. She was a little chubby, and had a quite big ass, not to big though. She had an okay face, but I didn't care about that, as I was there to grope ass and not face ! She was about 5ft 3 and was wearing some gray jeans, her ass looked nice enough. As the people in front of us stopped to due the closed gates, the crowd came from behind, big and fast. I was instantly crushed into this young teen and I didn't hesitate at all. I immediately lowered my right hand and just grabbed her right ass cheek and man did her ass feel nice, it was big and round and very soft. I could really feel it trough her jeans, because they where of some really thin fabric. The push from behind was even greater now and we where all just squashed together, you could barely move your arms at all. This is actually the greatest crowd squash I'd ever experienced ! I just kept my hand down there giving her ass a full on grope, palming and squeezing it hard and firm, just molesting her ass. She didn't react at all either, no turning around or squirming about, she just stood there taking it like a trooper ! The guards where now screaming to crowd to stop pushing as people where literally being squashed. The pressure then decreased some, so I removed my hands and let my groin instead be pushed against her soft and big ass.

We where still very mush squashed together, so I let my groin have some pleasure. As my erection started to grow I just started to make some hard humping motions, making her cheeks squash apart every time I gave a push. We where still not being let into the circle, but that was just perfect for me, I was having a good time. As they started to let people into the small gates (there where only two gates) the crowd shifted some, so I again just went for her ass with my right hand again. Giving it a full on palming and squeezing those cheeks hard left and right. her ass just felt so damn good, and she was kind enough to let me molest the hell out of her. Eventually she made her way forward through the gates and so did I.

As I made my way inn the circle I tried to spot the hot blond I'd been behind earlier, but there was no sign of her. So I made my way towards the right side of the stage, just right of the center. I even passed the girl I just molested, but she never turned around or anything. She must have enjoyed my hands on her body. Since most every girl was either wearing a long jacket or a rain poncho it wasn't easy to find a new target with a fine ass. I eventually got behind this group of four teen girls, they looked to be 12 or 13, most of them very skinny and not developed at all, but one them was both taller and looked to have a very well developed body. Since she was wearing a long jacket it wasn't easy to tell though, but I could see she was wearing some blue jeans leggings. I placed my self behind them and was now standing only 5 or 6 rows from the stage. She was very pretty though, with light brown hair at about 5ft 7. All the other teens around looked cute at well, but because of their attire it wasn't easy to find targets to focus on. I like to see the ass I'm going to grope, the look of it is what turn me on.

It was now past 18:00, but show hadn't started yet. The show was actually delayed till about 18:20, but that only let more teens fill up the area where I was standing. To my right two more targets had made their way to my area. They looked to about 12 with some nice asses in jeans. The one to my right was quite short at 5ft 1, with dark curly hair, and her friend was about the same height, with red hair, freckles and braces, very cute indeed. They didn't have the biggest asses, but they still looked very nice and shapely. The show started and nothing much happened before after the second artist left the stage. What then happened was another thing I was hoping for that the Mega Outdoor Concert didn't have, and that was an intermission where they would throw out a bunch of free stuff for three to five minutes. This is what really got me going at last years Large Outdoor Concert, because this creates a lot of movement and people crash and squash as they try got catch the free stuff. I placed my self right behind the tall 13 year old with the long jacket, and as free stuff came raining down she pushed forward as expected. I followed and as some stuff came directly at her my right hand went down towards her ass and gave her right cheek a full on grab. She was stretching her whole body which meant her jacket rode up exposing her fine and developed ass. Groping her ass felt so darn good, it was firm and soft at the same time. She gave no reaction so as some more free stuff came our way, I palmed her ass again giving it a good and long squeeze and god damn did her ass feel like heaven. I now made my way to my right towards the 12 year old with the curls and got right behind her. And as free stuff came her way I planted my right palm on her felt cheek and have it a good and long squeeze too ! Her as felt very nice and firm, and as the other girl she gave no reaction at all. I was now in teen groping heaven ! This is just what I was hoping for and thing where going great.

After the intermission another hot 13 year old teen made her way forward, and I made a small gap for her so she could stand in front to my left. She was about 5ft 2 with dark blond hair and very very cute. She wearing some dark jeans and a long black jacket. Again the bad weather wasn't helping me, but she was very pretty indeed and looked to have a nice body. In front on my right side was the curly teen I'd just groped moments earlier, and she didn't give any reaction and seemed to act normal. I wanted to see if I could grope her some more when the crowd was not moving and squashing about. I was sure since she gave no reaction I could grope her when we where standing still, but I had problem with some girls standing behind her.

There where these two girls around 16 who where making a quite large gap to this people in front of them, so my actions would be fully visible. So I would then have to concentrate on the new girl who just showed up. After the last intermission I was feeling more confident as I had groped three girls and gotten no reaction at all. So I quickly got to testing this girl, I started to back hand her. Just letting my left back hand rest against her ass, her jacket kept riding up exposing her ass, and damn did she have a fine little bubble butt. I rested the back of my hand against her cheek and kept testing her by applying more pressure. Her ass felt nice and firm in those dark jeans, and I really wanted to palm that fine ass. After about ten minutes of this she stated to talking to her friend and thought I heard her say "he's touching me" and then she pointed at me. She didn't seem uncomfortable or scared though, but I then backed up some. She didn't move away either so after some time I was feeling confident that either I was just paranoid or she didn't actually mind me touching her. So I then stood closer to her occasionally back handing her ass.

After another 3 - 4 artist the seconds intermission came and I was getting ready grope this cute 13 in tight dark jeans. I had realized that I was probably to close to the stage to get the most of the action as most of the free stuff where being thrown behind us, meaning not to much pushing and squashing in our area, but still some though. So I kept close to little cute hottie and when stuff came flying towards us I pinned my self against her and gave her right cheek a nice and firm squeeze, and god damn did that small bubble butt feel great in my hand ! Her ass was just so round as soft, aaaahhhhh ! Just gotta love young teen ass ! She gave no reaction at all either, so my earlier concerns weren't anything to worry about. As some other free stuff came towards us I again planted my right hand deep into her ass, groping and palming it long and hard, I really had my hand dug into her fine little young bubble butt. It felt so freaking amazing ! Again she never gave any reaction and was really happy that she got a hold of some free stuff as she was telling her friend, and I was standing right next to them. No reaction at all, this was heaven !

The next few songs and artist followed, but her damn jacket covered her fine ass, so I wasn't able to get any more action. As the last intermission came I focuses on the 12 year old with dark curly hair on my right. As free stuff came I again groped her firm little ass, really giving it a good and long squeeze, digging my hand and grip deep into her ass. God almighty did her ass feel darn good ! Her other friend, the one with braces and red hair had now moved closer to me and I got right behind her. She also was searing jeans and had a small, but shapely ass. As free stuff came I got up in her ass and gave it a nice and firm squeeze and kept my hand there as she was pushing forward to catch stuff. I just kept it there for minute or so, squeezing, palming and molesting her young and firm ass !

After the last intermission I managed to moved closer to the stage as the last few artist performed their songs, but I didn't spot any more nice asses and most where covered in long jackets, rain ponchos or where just out of reach. As the concert finished I knew I had one last chance to get some more groping, and that was when the crowd would push out of the gates. So I quickly scanned for another target, but again the long jackets and ponchos where covering everything up ! Then I spotted a very pretty 13 year old girl I had seen earlier, but before she'd been wearing a long jacket that covered everything up. Now though, her jacket was risen up exposing her fine and round ass in some skin tight beige pocket less pants. Her ass wasn't that big, but it looked so damn sexy exposed in those skin tight pants ! I moved in behind her ass the crowd was getting denser and moving towards the gates. As we got closer to the gates it got really crowded and packed so I slipped my hand down and placed it on her sexy little ass, just palming her right ass cheek, holding her sexy and round cheek in my hand and it felt glorious ! Her ass was so fine and felt so firm and soft at the same time, it felt like heaven. I kept palming her for about 5 - 6 seconds before she made her way past eh gates and out of the circle. She never turned around or gave any reaction at all, it was just amazing !

The concert wasn't finished before 20:30 as it was half an hour delayed. I then made my way out of the concert and got into my car and drove the four hours back home. Even though the weather was a real let down, and I didn't get to grope that smoking hot blond I first spotted it was a great concert and I successfully got to grope 6 teens without any reactions at all, no head turning or discomfort. This is just why I love these young teens at the concerts ! I'm just free to grope whoever I want ! Gotta love it !

The picture is from the concert yesterday. The girl circled in pink is the tall 13 year old in the blue jeans leggings, the girl circled in red is the 13 year old in dark jeans and drak jacket. Sooo hot, just sooo hot !

Till next time ! ( in a few weeks, Large Outdoor Concert coming up ! )

MrTeenGroper out !

July award: High School Humper
For his well written adventure stories.
(And nice pics, too.)

June Award (Sun 01 Jul 2012 23:57:24 GMT)

Hhahaha niceeee story MrTeenGroper! But what happened? Forgive me if I'm wrong but, I could've sworn you said that you planned on CUMMING on some ass! I vote for MrTeenGroper for the June award, maybe Ayashi can make an exception and count the Mega outdoor story as part of June.

Worst Thing I've Ever Done (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Sat 14 Jul 2012 05:01:06 GMT)

I recently read Eleven's "Citrus" story (which he considers the worst thing he's ever done) and I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. And since then I have been trying to keep a low profile lol I haven't posted because it still feels surreal and like it was a dream. After long thought I am ready to post the story. It may stray offtopic a bit but I just felt like sharing the experience. If I have time I'll post 2 other experiences! Here is the girl that is in part 1! I couldn't decide on which picture to post so I just put two pictures in one, one where she shows her ass and the other where you can see her face and boy, I'll call her Erica to protect her identity of course.

The Wild Party (part 1) (WARNING: she may be 18 years old) (Sat 14 Jul 2012 07:00:00 GMT)

So it was the last week of June and most schools were out. To celebrate the end of school many parties were being thrown here and there.I didn't want these oppurtunities to grope/hump drunk chicks to pass, so I carefully would find out from my friends which parties would have the most guests, (most didn't have huge crowds unfortunately) but i was able to get a blowjob at one.r. But then suddenly there was HYPE around an upcoming party...IN MY FUCKING NEIGHBORHOOD! And it was a walking distance from my house, which made it even better. I live in a high income neighborhood so this told me the house would be big and deffinately will be crowded.

Rumors were swirling
Many college kids/older kids were to be attending lol this was more than some little high school party. Also, there was gonna be lots of WEED, Liquor and alot of other stuff which would guarantee some wasted girls.

Fast Forward to the day of the party.

I didn't want to be to early so I waited an hour, then started toward the party. BTW The party would be going from around 11:00 to around 3 or 4 in the morning. When I arrived I could already here the music BLASTING! And out on the lawn I saw teens smoking weed?(Lol idk, who cares anyway) But what really caught my attention was the MILLION of slutty dressed girls spilling in and out of the party. Wearing short skirts, leggings, booty shorts YOU NAME IT! MMMMMMMMMM I began trembling with excitement. I knew I would cum on some ASS!

Inside the party it was CRAZY! It was packed in this fucking house, and the strong smell of weed/liquor was in the air. The lights were out and were replaced by various colored lights that made the place look like the inside of a club. THE MUSIC WAS LOUD. I bobbed and weaved through the crowd, groping asses left and right, with no reaction.

I was looking for the perfect target to nut on. And I found her.I saw a blonde white girl, maybe around 19 with a phat juicy ass! She was older than me which made her even more of a turn on. She had on gray leggings wedge in between and a loose top which exposed alot of her mature teen cleavage. Without a second thought I grabbed that bitches ass. Damnnnnnnnnn it was so fuckin soft and even better was that she didn't react. I stood behind her cock under my shirt and began pumping my hips into her ass crack. She was lightly moving her hips and making my cock swell. I lifted my shirt and sank my bare cock in between her ass Ahhhhhhhhh it was warm as hell in between those cheeks. She then took a couple of steps forward into the crowd to get away from my aggressive pumping. I put my hands forward and freely gripped both of her ass cheeks. Then I stepped forward and stabbed the head of my cock into her ass crack. The fact that she was older than me and was probably to timid to tell me to stop turned me onnn! I wasn't even trying to hide the fact that I was pounding her nice fucking ass. I was Openly thrusting my hips. Everyone was dancing dirty around the place so I didn't raise attention LOL!

I leaned forward to see what she was doing and if she was a player. She had an uncomfortable/bothered/annoyed expression on her face while talking with 2 of her friends. I was trying all techniques that I read on the board. Squatting and thrusting, hotdog in bun. Man was this bitch submissive. About 10 minutes passed and I felt that familiar tingling in my balls. Ahhhhhh I was almost about to cum. I grabbed her hips firmly. Almost there.....Then suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw two of my friends from school.
FUCCCCKKKKKKK! I should have known some of my classmates would show up here. Maybe if I was more vigilant I could have avoided them but oh well.

I discreetly put my dripping cock away and reluctantly turned to them. From the corner of my eye I saw the blonde look back and move away from me. Dammit, she was getting away. Thankfully, they didn't see me on the blonde. They said hi and if i saw how many wasted kids there were, how crazy and crowded the party was etc.
I was getting impatient and annoyed. I was here to hump/grope, NOT SOCIALIZE lol. I tried to lose them but every time I would sneak away to "get a drink" they would follow me like a bad odor. Ughhhhhh. Even Worse was the fact that I lost the submissive blonde chick. Dammit. They were making me lose potential targets left and right (like Groinrubber's friend lol), I couldn't release my load on a girl if my friends were with me. They were ruining it for me. But I do have something to thank for. They pointed out Erica to me.

Erica is a sexy 18 year old latina chick (I didn't even know she was here). She dyes her hair often so idk wtf her real hair color is lol. This year I took chemistry class with her and MAN, this chick has the nicest round ASS!! She loved wearing leggings and short skirts, and 80% of the time you can see her nipples stabbing her shirt! She was hot! I would always check her out and SHE KNEW IT! She was kind of slutty and kind of dumb/naive, she would let me and other guys grab her ass, grope her tits. I'm guessing she loves the attention. And she would laugh it off like it was nothing. She is also known for being easy (easy to get in bed) hehehe! I always fantisized of fucking her brains out. Currently she had a thug boyfriend whom I saw at the party with his friends. This would be risky.

Erica was in a TIGHT black skirt and looked out of it. She was with a group of HOTTTT girls who looked older (early 20s late teens. One HOT FUCKING LATINA girl was wearing a nice tight cheetah print short dress with BIG OL ASS! She had to be at least in her 20s (more about her in part two hehehe)

My friends told me she was WASTED out of her mind. She definitely looked like it: dancing wildy and grinding on her girlfriends. They were in a large group. Just sexy latina and white girls. I assume this was because guys were too afraid too approach them since they were so sexy it would be intimidating to them. Eventually while bobbing and weaving through the crowd, I lost my friends (THANK GOD), and found my way behind Erica's sexy group. I was behind the girl in the tight cheetah print dress. I groped her ass obviously, without trying to hide my actions. Big Mistake!

"WHAT THE FUCK !" she said in a shocked voice. I could tell she was drunk, but not drunk enough to not react. She spun around and looked at me, pissed . Her friends looked at me too and so did Erica.

"Hey (my name)!" Erica said drunkenly (this bitch was wasted lol).
Her friend said "you know him?" Erica then started rambling about how she knows me, and thankfully seemed to make everyone forget what I'd just done. The girl I groped moved away from me and continued dancing like she was.

Erica changed focus when a new song came on. She began POPPING that ass like crazy! Omfg this bitch could move. I got behind her and took my dick out from pants. I wiped those asscheeks, swiping my dick back and forth across her great ass. She then started gfrinding on me me. Increasing the pressure on my swollen cock. DAMMNNNNNNNN this bitch's thin mini skirt and her sexual movements were unbelievable. I put my hand on her hips, and WTF? I felt bare skin. The side of her skirt had tears (like a style or a new fashion trend). Her skin was soft and smooth.I had always wanted to fuck the shit out her when I saw her in class, so I was definately close to busting my load at this moment. I'm not sure how but her hand brushed my BARE cock.

"Someone has a BONER!" She said yelled drunkenly. She caught some of her friends attention, and they just laughed. But one of her friends came over giving me a dirty look (WTF was her problem). She was glaring at the place where my dick was wedged in Erica's asscrack.
"Erica are you okay?" Sofia asked, she was tall, and was in a short mini skirt, with brown hair. She then shifted her attention to me "Get your fucking hands off her hips!" Lol my hands stayed where they were, right on those hips!

"I'm fine Sofia! I know him! Its totally cool" Erica replied. (Sofia would prove to be a HUGE problem later in the night). But Sofia periodically looked over at me and Sofia dancing. Giving me the evil eye. She ruined it for me and I couldn't focus on cumming with this stupid bitch giving me the evil eye.

I began talking to Erica and trying to get her to go somewhere private, or to another part of the house (maybe a room). She would constantly insist but randomly she grabbed my shirt and started pulling me through the crowd (where were we going? lol). She then suddenly stopped at the front door told me she forgot something in her car (idk wtf it was, but I knew this meant we'd probably be alone). And she put her hand in her bra and pulled out a key (lol kind of sexy). "COME ON!" She said to me clumsily grabbing my shirt to make me follow her.. And we walked out of the house and towards Erica's car.

Part 2 is up next, and so are the worst things I've ever done.

Erica's Body (The Wild Party part 2) (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Sun 15 Jul 2012 00:52:26 GMT)

So off we went, out into the night. Erica was just stumbling all over the fucking place. I walked behind her groping her nice juicy ass cheeks aggressively. She didn't even protest, she was just mumbling some incoherent shit. While outside some guys saw how I was taking advantage of Erica and they yelled words of encouragement. "Fuck Yeah Dude!", "Nail that Bitch!". And nail her I would

More about that later lol

Finally after about 5 minutes of following this clumsy bitch we got to her car. She opened the front seat and I pushed her inside. Lol looking back, that must be what rapist do to their victims. I went around and got into the passenger seat. Im not gonna bore you with all the bs. So, I'll skip ahead to when I started taking pictures with my iphone, about 3 or 4. Oddly, she was receptive (smiling, making faces etc.). Then I lied to her I told her that I saw what she was looking for in the back seat of the car. Lol it would be more comfortable and private in the backseat. I could grope her freely, and other stuff. hehehe.

She complied and climbed into the back of the car. I followed close behind burying my face in her ass. MMMMMMMMMM I LOVED IT! She plopped down in the back seat and just sat there. I began trembling with anticipation. I WAS ALONE WITH ONE THE SEXIEST GIRLS IN THE FUCKING SCHOOL! NOT ONLY THAT, BUT SHE WAS WASTED TOO! PERFECT! I was sitting next to her and I reached over and grabbed her right tit. So soft, so perfect. She let out a giggle "(my name) get your hands off my boob!" She said jokingly. But I squeezed and kneaded that fucking tit like there was no tommorow. I used my right hand to grope her other tit. So perfect and she was giggling like this was some sort of joke. But once I started pinching/tweaking her nipples...she stopped laughing and would let out short moans.

Then I got a dirty idea

Here I was alone with this drunk chick. Who couldn't protest or stop me if she if she wanted too. I pulled her cleavage exposing shirt down and her nice black bra was exposed! I now completely forgot about the idea of groping her tits through her shirt and thought about how good groping her BARE tits would feel. I then pulled her bra down and her perky tits fell out. DAMN!!!!!!! They were around maybe a B or C cup. They were so nice and perky. Her nipple were erect and they were light brown. So fucking sexy. I took my iPhone out and snapped more pictures (which I won't post since that would be kind of fucked up lol) She was fine with it too! She was now moaning and she was almost panting. Her BARE tits felt unbelievable, so soft and warm. Then I became an animal and started licking her nipples. She began moaning more loudly. I then slipped my hand between her thighs and found her pussy. I struggled for a bit but I took her panties off. And STUFFED THEM IN MY POCKET, like eleven! hehehehe, I wanted it too serve as a Memento.

As I shoved my finger in her pussy, she melted onto me. Panting more loudly. "Fuck yes" she moaned (LOL she almost sounded coherent). This bitch was wet already! I took my cock out grabbed her hand and made her hold my cock. She instinctively started stroking it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I COULDNT BELIEVE HOW LUCKY I WAS! One thing led to another and things ended up with her laying on the seat, on her stomach with her face down and her ass sticking up. The car was small so I was awkwardly positioned behind her. In the doggystyle position. I had one finger in her pussy and the other hand on her hip. I pulled her skirt all the way over her ass. GODDAMN! THOSE CHEEK WERE BEAUTIFUL! I laid my dick in her asscrack and started rubbing my cock vertically up and down her BARE ASS CRACK! She was moaning even louder now (was she getting turned on by this? lol) My precum was lubing that asscrack up, and my dick was now SLIDINDING up and down that crack. I grabbed my dick and started slapping her ass cheeks with it, as she lay there submissively.

I was sooooooooooooo close to cumming. Then I got a dirty evil idea. I fought with myself against the idea, and I started feeling guilty. I could get any chick I want, its not like I'm ugly or anything lol! I had luck with the ladies. So why would I need to get off on some drunk chick? Before I knew it I lined my dick up with her pussy.

Here is where things get off topic

"Stop" I told myself "you're taking advantage of her" "you're being desperate"

But I couldn't stop myself and before I knew it, my dick entered her warm tight pussy! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh It was soo unbelievable. This was the first time my dick has ever entered a pussy without being obstructed by a condom. It was like sensory overload. My heart started pounding and I started sweating a I pumped my hips. She now started moaning as I started fucking her. DAMNNN THIS PUSSY WAS GOOD! I've had sex before and have never been this close to cumming so soon. Her pussy was that good. I was now slam fucking her, and fucking her roughly. She was now mouning more loudly and they were long and throaty moans. I slam her so hard that my pelvis started hurting, I could see her ass getting red, and the car was slightly shaking. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS WOULD I EVER THINK THAT I WOULD GET THIS LUCKY WITH ERICA

Let's skip ahead a bit.

After about 10 minutes I felt that familiar tingling. I was about to cum in this bitch's pussy. I was almost there when she started protesting OUT OF NOWHERE. WTF?!

"Stop...I don't wanna do boyfriend" she said. Even though these sentences were nonsense I understood enough that she didn't want it anymore. GUILT AND ANGER WASHED OVER ME. Why did she have to protest right when I was about to cum?!?!? FUCK! I stopped fucking her and listened to her protest and slowly took my dick out.

I know I could have disregarded her obvious protest, and just fucked her til I nutted. But, I wouldn't be able to live with the fact that I'd basically raped an unwilling girl. She then sat up and pulled her skirt down (lol she didn't even ask for her underwear, lol slut). I put one hands on her still exposed tit, squeezing it. She now became quiet, no more drunken jokes or drunken rambling. I asked if she was okay. She said yes and that she was just tired. I could see her face was covered in sweat. Maybe she felt guilty about her boyfriend, who knows.

The car smelled of cum, and sweat, an odd mix. I was frustrated with her and myself. Without thinking I grabbed the back of her head and forced it down on my still exposed cock. Forcing her to blow me. I pumped her head up and down, determined to get my nut one way or another. She now instinctively started sucking my cock by herself. I was almost there. WHEN OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE. There was a knock at the window. I pulled Erica's head off my cock and looked at the uninvited guest. It was Sofia. DAMN THIS BITCH WAS A COCK BLOCKER!!!!

A million questions went through my head: how did she find us? Did she follow us? How long was she there? Was anyone else with her? (thankfully one other heavy ugly looking girl was)

"ERICA?!" she yelled" WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS DOING IN THERE?!" She yelled and then she ripped the door open (stupid mistake on my part, I should've locked the door as soon as we got in, oh well). I fumbled and put my cock awa. But not fast enough since Sofia was able to see it, and widen her eyes at the site of. She became furious. She pulled Erica out of the car, and was shocked looking at Erica's exposed tits. Man this bitch looked beyond angry. And she started cursing me out.

"You sick fuck!" she yelled furiously "SHE'S FUCKING DRUNK AND SHE HAS A FUCKING BOYFRIEND! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! YOU ARE GONNA BE SO FUCKING SORRY, IM GONNA KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS". She started toward me, fist balled but her fat friend held her back (hmm, I probably wouldn't have hit her back maybe just a couple of light punches). I was so horny that all I saw was 20 something year old Sofia in her tight dress, With her curly brown hair big tits and sexy lips. Lol I wasn't too focused.

"Fuck off" I said to her.


"I don't care" I replied.

Sofia looked SO FUCKING FURIOUS! In retrospect, I don't think I've ever seen a woman get so angry over something THAT DIDN'T EVEN HAPPEN TO HER.

With the help of her fat dumpy friend they supported Erica and walked off. I watched Erica's ass wobble uncontrollably under her skirt ( I still had her thong heheehe). I was now got pissed as I watched a perfect opportunity get taken away.

In retrospect, I have to thank Sofia. If she hadn't stopped us, would I REALLY HAVE NUTTED IN ERICA'S PUSSY, AND POSSIBLY GET HER PREGNANT?? WHAT WOULD I HAVE DONE NEXT? ASSFUCK HER? I shudder at the thought.

Sorry for being so long, and going off topic. I just wanted to share everything. Part 3 and the Truly worst thing I've ever done is up next. Lol this isn't even close to how bad part 3 is. I still have guilt about it.

Here is the pic I took of Erica in the car.

Sleeping Beauty (The Wild Party part 3) (WARNING: she may be 20 years old) (Sun 15 Jul 2012 18:58:58 GMT)

I had just lost one of the most perfect opportunities......EVER. Now I was pissed and still horny as hell! I had been caught with Erica, and Sofia made a threat that she would inform Erica's boyfriend about what I did to Erica. I had two choices : either save my ass and go home, and call it a night. Or, go back in and hump some more wasted girls, and hopefully get a nut.

But I was still frustrated, and toyed with the idea of just jerking off and cumming in Erica's car and all over her seats.
It felt like I had been teased. Being soooooo close too cumming, then having my target get ripped right from under my nose. It pissed me off so much.

I decided too go back into the still raging party, and find some new chick's booty to cum on. But I had to be careful and watch out for Sofia and her cock blocking. I was SUPER vigilant. Constantly checking aroung to make sure that I wasn't being watched.

I'll skip ahead

I found a nice target a nice little target. She looked about 14 or 15 (way too young to be in here, lol). She seemed tipsy since she had a stupid smile across her face, and was just moving her ass left too right.. She had dirty blonde hair , braces and a cute face. She was wearing a short striped dress. When she felt me behind her I saw her turn around and give me a smile. She started grinding that ass HARD on my cock. Damn.It felt good, but then I started remembering the whole Erica situation and got frustrated again. I was lost in thought that I lost my boner. This chick actually was enjoying it and WAS A PLAYER bouncing her ass on my cock. But she just wasn't doing it for me. I reached my hand under her skirt and groped her soft young ass cheek. She didn't look back but grabbed my hand and pulled it out from under there.

I roughly kneaded both her ass cheeks like they were fucking dough. She just kept dancing on me. But after awhile I got bored. I went to go get a drink. I saw Sofia STILL WITH ERICA.Erica was dancing and Sofia had an annoyed looked on her face. Some girls came up to me and offered to dance with me. I happily complied! Under normal circumstances I would have LOVED this. But I just couldn't stay focused as these two girls took turns grinding on my pulsing cock. I enjoyed it admittedly, but not as much as I should have.

I then looked over and noticed a girl stumbling up the stairs (to the upper level of the house). She looked fucking drunk and out of it. But where was she going? Throughout the night I saw people stumbling upstairs, and I had no idea where they were going. Originally I thought they were going to the bathroom but, I never saw the chicks/guys come back down. I exchanged numbers with the two females and went off to investigate. LOL like a horny detective.

I walked upstairs and saw the girl stumble into a bedroom. Closing the door behind her. I followed and opened the door. Inside there were about 15 or 16 chicks/guys laying passed out on the floor and bed. Then I saw here the girl that I had groped earlier in the night...(After going on Erica's facebook and looking through her friends I found out this girl's name and facebook profile) I'll call her Monica.

She had blondish hair, she was spanish, and was 20 years old.

She laying on her stomach her slutty dress was hiked up over half her ass exposing the bottom of that phat juicy ass. I almost lept next to the side of the bed she was on. I stretched one hand out, throwing cautiong to thewing and pulled her dress up over her ass. She had on a nice little black thong. AND HER CHEEKS WERE AMAZING. I grabbed them, and started squeezing. For about 5 or 6 minutes. Then I got an evil idea. Before I could do it I had to make sure the room was empty.

I went around waking up the passed out kids. Saying things like "the party is over" "It's time to go" etc.
They listened and just stumbled up and out. Eventually the room emptied and it was just Monica and I. Alone. I started trembling. Ilearned my lesson with Erica and went overAND LOCKED THE DOOR. Lol I didn't want to be interrupted. I got on the bed next to monica. I took my phone out and took pictures (like I always do, and I won't post em lol.)

I then got started

I grabbed both her ass cheeks firmly. She stirred a bit, and I froze, hands on her ass. But she didn't wake up. I then gained confidence AND KNEADED THOSE ASS CHEEKS. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so fucking soft and bouncy. I slapped em, and did everything in the book with my hands. My cock was burning a hole in my pants, begging for attention.

I'll skip forward a bit

Then the evil idea returned, and before I knew it I was on top of her ass and I had pulled her thong off. I had my legs on both sides of her, then I laid my cock in between her ass. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM It was so fucking warm that my cock almost melted LOL! IT FELT EVEN BETTER THAN ERICA'S ASS TOO! This chick had more meat on ass. AND HER ASS WAS UNBELIEVABLE PHAT! This girl was definately better than Erica. And she was older. This turned me on soo much.

Before long my precum had lubed up her asscrack and I used my hand to press her together and Sandwich my dick. I was soooooo close to cumming then I got an idea.

I fought with myself against it. "This is wrong", "you cant do this" "Don't do it" and before I knew it I had ass sticking up in the air and my hand in her pussy. There was a rattle at the door. SHIT! I ROLLED OFF THE BED AND ONTO THE FLOOR QUICKLY! And leaving Monica in that position lol. Then I remembered I locked the door and felt stupid. Whoever was at the door left after a while. I was relieved as I got back into the position trembling uncontrollably as I used one han to grope her ass and the other to finger her increasingly wet pussy. Then I lined my dick up with her pussy, and entered

Here is where it gets off topic.

I became a beast doggy style fucking her hard! Damn it so warm and perfect. I couldn't believe I was having my way with A SEXY OLDER GIRL!!! And she couldn't even protest. She had one the phattest asses that I have ever fucked, and because that and along with her age, I was about to cum.
I pumped more intensely now. And wondered if should pull out or throw caution to the wind and nut in her. I decides on the latter. And before I knew it I pumped my dick as far it would go and held it there. My dick spasmed and my body jereked uncontrollably as I let my load go in this girl's nice warm, wet pussy. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my dick continued twitching in her pussy. I let out a loud roar. I couldn't believe this just happened. I took my dick out of her pussy and I made a pop noise upon exiting her pussy.

I groped ass some more. And then I rolled her over and released her NICE TITS and played with them. They were around a C or D cup. And she had tan erect nipples. After having some fun with her tits, temptation called me again. Ifucked her a second time, and this time, I instead of nutting in her. I rolled her over took her tits out and released my load ALL OVER HER TITS (some got on her face)! I rubbed my dick on her tits. Then decided it was time to get the hell outta there. I snapped some pictures fixed myself up then left. I didn't even fix her up leaving her ass and tits out. I took her thong and stuffed in my pocket and quickly got out the room and out of the party without raising suspicion. I left satisfied yet full of guilt.

Here is the picture i took from her facebook. I didn't add her as a friend, I couldn't risk it. But her facebook profile was public allowing me too see her pictures and status updates with having her as a friend. This picture is 3 in one. She looks so sexy even with her wet hair. I'll post another pic of her.

My final thoughts are up next.

Monica (WARNING: she may be 20 years old) (Sun 15 Jul 2012 19:00:34 GMT)

Another sexy pic of her, and you can see that nice cleavage

Replies To The Contreversy (Fri 20 Jul 2012 14:57:10 GMT)

Wow! This is crazy I didn't think that me talking about an experience would cause such controversy/uproar. I just wanted to share a surreal experience that I had. In my defense the was a fair amount of groping/humping. Thank you Ayashi for allowing me to post the 3 part story, and thank to The Informer and those who defended the posts.

Lewd Lewis - Name calling is pathetic and immature, your opinion is of no value to me.

GroinRubber - I actually enjoy your contributions and I think you have the right to state your opinion without being scrutinized. I don't think you should leave the board because of one person's opinion.

To the dozens of Guests - Thanks . And to the other guest (there are so many of you, it would be easier if you guys had handles lol). I completely forgot to finish the Lunch Line Humping story I'll post it later. And Monica and Jennifer look nothing alike, one is 15 and the other is 20, and they LOOK NOTHING ALIKE.

I'll wait for things to settle down before I post the final part of the experience. I'll share other experiences that stay ON TOPIC, later today.

High School Humper

The Dark Knight Rises (Sat 21 Jul 2012 17:13:32 GMT)

Friday I went to the mall with two of my friends. This mall is usually crowded but, I notice that the mall was more crowded than usual. But I didn't know the exact reason. So, I just ignored it.

While there my female friend kept trying to convince me to go and see "The Dark Knight Rises" with her. After what happened in Colorado (for those who aren't in the US there was a massacre TODAY at a movie theatre screening this movie) I was a bit indecisive and iffy. On one hand I REALLY wanted to see this new movie from my favorite franchise but on the other hand I didn't feel like getting shot just to see it. I live in a major American city, so the risk of a copycat attack was high.

After her and my other friends constant begging I complied, and said that I'd see it with them. So, we had to split up as I went down to the theatre area to buy my tickets for later. As I was closing in on the theatre area more and more people seemed to appear. And I saw that there was a crowd at the THEATRE! There was like a mass of people at the theatre just trying to buy tickets! Maybe seeing the movie on the premiere date wouldn't be a bad idea after all. Lol

As I was approaching I looked to my left and saw what would become my target. A college aged woman (maybe, I'm not too sure, she looked like she was in her late 20s or more likely her 30s), she had on a nice gray jogging/leggings, a tight black sleeveless shirt with held up with thin straps and her tanned shoulders were exposed. Her race was ambiguous. She had nice light caramel skin. She could have been spanish or black or anything else. She bared resemblence to the model/actress Stacy Dash. I wasn't too worried about her race after I caught a glimpse of HER PHAT ASS!

DAMN THAT THING LOOKED AMAZING! It wobbled and jiggled after every step she made. It was an ass you could only find on a minority woman (no offence). It was just so phat and perky. I HAD TOO GET A PIECE OF THAT ON MY WOOD. She was talking on the phone and clearly oblivious to the various men turning their heads to check her out ( and to the horny teen that had just started trailing her).

Eventually I realized that she was heading for the theatre/ticket area. YES!

Upon arrival she didn't even stop walking she just shoved her way through the crowd. I was close behind her.

Eventually she came to a stop, and since I had been holding my shaky hands out in front of me (in anticipation), my hands rammed into her backside. I didn't mean to do that lol!

And she (of course) spun her head around and shot me a glare. LOL, I stuttered out an apology to her and she ignored it turning around and continuing her phone conversation. Lol what a bitch! How could she have known that my hands didn't touch her by accident?

But man her ass felt amazing, I was hooked. It was firm, and it felt like clay. Let me explain lol, It felt firm when touched but if you pressed it you could feel that it was also somewhat soft. I encounter asses like this mainly on MILFs ( I guess because of having kids) and Black Women. The latter of whom I've had many "close shaves" with.

Back to the story

So as we stood there in this mass, I felt my cock growing. I knew I couldn't hump her through my pants, due to the fact that I was wearing jeans. So I slowly unzipped my pant and released my semi erect cock. No one saw me as I slowly pulled my shirt down (which wasn't long enough to cover even HALF of my growin cock).

I lightly backhanded her, and (suprise) she turned around again and gave my another glare. "Fuck you" I thought to myself. This bitch's attitude was becoming annoying. But this was TOO perfect of an opportunity to miss. Here I was behind this phat ass, with no one even paying attention to me or her (as if we were invisible lol), I could get away with murder! Lol. So i very slowly laid my cock on her right cheek. AHHHHHHHHHH it was amazing! I stepped back and waited for her reaction. None. Ironic? She gave me the evil eye when she felt me back hand her, yet she gives no reaction to my hard cock? Lol weird isn't it? So my cock was now dripping. I didn't want to dig in her crack just yet (since we weren't deep in the crowd yet, and probably wouldn't have a reason to justify being so close), so I stepped forward and layed my dick on her left ass cheek. Man, my cock was pulsing her firm ass. I actually wanted her too turn around and see this horny teen getting off by using her phat bubble ass. I increased pressure and felt my cock sink into her left cheek. MMMMMM the feeling was great, like the head of my cock was stabbing it. This was such a turn on, the forbidden aspect of it. The idea of a teen Humping a GROWN WOMAN, who isnt even reacting. Perfect.

I humped her left cheek discreetly by shifting weight between my heels and toes. Lightly rocking against her. I had kept my cock mainly in the same spot so when stepped back and looked down I saw A DARK SPOT (My precum) ON HER GRAY PANTS what a turn on!

We were progressing forward as we did I would switch from left asscheek to right asscheek, saving her crack for last. When the crowd got thicker I was now gaurded from all sides. So nobody could see me. I dropped the discreet humping and started pumping my hips, against her juicy cheek.


IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! The HEAT FROM HER CRACK FELT LIKE IT WAS GOING TO MELT MY BARE DICK! She COULDNT HAVE BEEN WEARING UNDERWEAR! Maybe this explained why her ass jiggled so much when she walked. My cock was in the perfect hotdog position. Her ass was spreading, just trying to accomdate my twitching cock. I was now plastered against her, it looked like my cock fused into her ass lol, and I shuddered against her from the unbelievable sensation this woman's crack was giving me. I was now purposely making my cock twitch in between her cheeks just trying to get a reaction. Still she gave none.

I was pumping and digging deeper, this amazon ( a reference to her ambiguous race) woman was letting me get away with murder! HOW COULD SHE NOT FEEL THIS?! I discreetly squatted and thrusted (nobody was watching my actions) into her, I just wanted to hold her hips and slamfuck this bitch. It was taking everything in me to not cum.

I'll skip ahead, so that I won't be repetitive.

As we got closer to the ticket booth. She thrusted hertass back on my cock. And began rummaging through her purse (I assume she was getting her wallet), and her ass was wiggling all over my dick. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my cock was pulsing in between her deep cheeks. When she got her wallet she stood straight, and I swear it felt like she clenched the inner walls of her crack. The head of my cock was trapped Lol!

When we finally got to the booth I felt like I was gonna cum. She put her purse on the counter, put her elbows on the counter and BENT OVER! IMPALING HER ASS ON MY THROBBING COCK. I tried to hold back but I couldn't.I started cumming in her crack. My cock was jumping/twitching/throbbing hard between those fucking cheeks! I let out a muffled groan, as the last drop left my dick. NOW SHE GAVE A REACTION!

She turned her head to the side, I guess to look at me from the corner of her eye. And thats the only reaction she gave me. Then I heard her say "Oh my god Amy, I think this kid just...." I didn't here the rest of what she said. Even after cumming my dick was still twitching/jumping between her warm asscheeks. I stepped back to examine the damage. SHE HAD A deep WEDGIE! ALL AROUND HER THE CRACK OF HER LEGGINGS WERE DARK! My cum was soaking into her pants but some of it was still visible. I was feeling light headed from releasing this load into her. She still stayed bent over, as she payed for her tickets. She then left the line, and shoved her way past me with a blank look on her face as we made full eye contact with each other. I put my cock back in my pants disscreetly, and payed for my tickets.

Then as I left I found her not to far away, and the damage was worse than I thought. THERE WAS A HUGE STAIN IN THE CENTER OF HER ASS. I'm guessing she pulled out the wedgie, and in the wedgie was probably where most of cum was, since I was so deep between her cheeks. It was a site to see. That bubble ass wobbling with my DNA on it. I noticed to teenage girl look at the woman's dark stained ass and laugh, pointing at it. More people noticed, as I followed her. I actually got scared that someone would say something to her, and then maybe cause her to report it. But there is no way she didn't feel my cum, which I'm sure soaked through her pants and onto her skin. I'm still kicking myself for not snapping a picture, but I included a different picture to give you guys a clear image of this girl's ass.

I left her behind and met up with my friends. When we saw the movie later in the day, a MILF with her two sons sat next to me. She was gorgeous and looked like the talk show host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She had on a nice thin dress, and some nice phat ass cheeks(as most MILFs do) , and thick thighs, which I saw when she walked in front of my seat. There is a gap between the seats, so I was able to grope her thighs and her cheeks through the gap in the seats for the duration of the movie (over 2 hours). I didn't cum but I worked up a nice amount of precum in my pants from groping her. These two experiences are definately two of the best I've ever had!

High School Humper

Image (Sat 21 Jul 2012 19:06:13 GMT)

Just to be clear. That image is not the girl, as i said. But I posted it with the story because the girl in the picture has the same ass type and the same type of leggings.

High School Humper

The Dark Knight Rises (an excluded part); Replies (Sat 21 Jul 2012 23:34:46 GMT)

I originally included theis in the story, but I cut it out because it did nothing but lengthen it and it didn't really feel like including it since it would just lengthen my time typing.

About midway through humping the woman, a black man in his late 30s approached her and tried to talk to her. She clearly blew him off, and rejected him. Then he turned his attention to me (man this fucker was annoying) and once he saw what I was doing he then asked if he could step in front of me so that he could "buy his tickets quickly" and that "people were waiting for him".

I wasn't stupid, nor was I born yesterday, so I said no. This guy was clearly trying to get a piece of my prey. Lol a theif chikan. He then tried to be discreet, but he was clearly trying to shoulder me off this woman. Wtf? He just got rejected, and now he wants to hump her? Pathetic. Lol after our short shoulder match he left, but not before giving me a look of contempt. Maybe he was a jealous chikan. I left this out since it seemed boring, and useless to the story. Who wants to read about a theif anyway?

TeenPerv - I don't think they ALL magically catch you, I just think that you may be obvious with your intention (like excessively checking her out before you make contact, and maybe you don't test the waters. I don't know.)
I don't really have any "advice" per se with MILFs . I usually go for Latina MILFs or White MILFs. They are least likely to raise noise or complain. A majority of the time they are either oblivious, or just don't care about the pervy teen digging in their asscracks Lol. But, Black MILFs are the ones I haven't had much success with. THEY ARE THE MOST LIKELY TO CAUSE A SCENE. Even from light contact. As I said I've had MANY close shaves with them, more than I have with any other race.
I think I cum faster on MILFs than I do on other girls my age, I think thats because of the forbidden aspect.

When taking your cock out BE VERY CAREFUL. Not every environment is safe for it (90% of the time concerts are the best place to whip out your member).The only reason I do it so often is because I don't enjoy cumming in my pants. It is gross. Lol

Most girls don't know that I've cum on them. Maybe they discover it later...who knows. But 80% of the time they feel my cock twitching/spasming against their ass, as I cum. I think only one or two girls have actually seen the cum (like Jennifer; see Lunch Line Humping part 2).

Hope I helped you fellow chikan

High School Humper

Replies (Mon 23 Jul 2012 02:45:30 GMT)

GroinRubber - Thanks man I appreciate it.
Red Dragon- I somewhat agree with you. When it comes to dating, I prefer my girlfriend to have more normal body proportion (nice average sized tits and ass). BUT when it comes to humping/groping, my target MUST have a nice phat ass for me too sink my dick/hands into. Feels better than a flat ass. lol.
Guest - As I've said before I will post the final part of my controversial story when things cool down a bit more. Lol I wouldn't want to start things up again. I'm somewhat wary about posting more stories/experiences because I don't want to clutter the board with them. As for the Lunch Line Humping conclusion? It won't be too long of a post so....... How about I finish that now? In my next post.

High School Humper

Lunch Line Humping (part 3) (WARNING: she may be 15 years old) (Mon 23 Jul 2012 11:58:45 GMT)

So, I had just let my load go all over Jennifer's ass and I immediately left the cafeteria. There was a commotion in that area when I left so I had no idea what was happening.

My heart was racing, I went to the bathroom and wiped my cock clean and some cum off my pants. After long thought I returned to the cafeteria. I was NERVOUS.

I was wondering wether she had already reported it, or if she was looking for me.
When I got my lunch I sat down with my friends. I scanned the cafeteria looking for Jennifer, I found her sitting with her friends. SHE LOOKED FURIOUS. She had a bitchy look on her face, her boyfriend, who was sitting next to her, looked upset too. There was something that turned me on about seeing her expression. I started getting horny all over again lol!

But here is the part that gets me:

When Jennifer stood up...SHE HAD A SWEATER WRAPPED AROUND HER WAIST. LOL! So this told me that SHE SAW MY CUM ON HER ASS! As hot as this was I knew that she could report this, and this could be bad. I swear, during the rest of the school week I was paranoid that cops might bust into my classes looking for me........but that never happened lol.

But she may have reported it because I remember during an assembly, a vice principal made reference to the occasionally crowded lunch lines. He said something along the lines of "keep your hands to yourself", and "give people their personal space, there is never an excuse for harrassment in those situations". The school went "huh?" but I knew what he was talking about lol.

He could have been referencing anything, but I had a feeling it related to the situation with Jennifer. This assembly happened about 2 weeks after I left my load on Jennifer. So, I was somewhat nervous, but I had nothing to worry about honestly.

I had many more experiences with Jennifer (that ass kept calling me back lol). A look of recognition would come over her face when she would look back and see it was me. But after the first time I came on her she never confronted me. Whenever I humped/groped her she would let out an ocassional loud sigh. But she never said anything to me like she once did. There was something that turned me on about her sudden submissiveness. I would look her in the eyes when she would look back at me. I would make my cock twitch in her ass whenever I was behind her (just trying to get her to say something). Somethimes I would leave a nasty "stain" on her cheeks lol. She along with another girl, became my regular/frequent victims (I'll write about the other girl later). Lol and the other chick was fucking timid and shy to confront me. I would find myself "staining" this other girl's ass more often than Jennifer's, because this girl had one of the greates asses that I have ever laid my cock on. AND SHE NEVER SAID A WORD TO ME! I still get shivers just thinking about how good her ass was.

Well, that's the end of this experience with Jennifer. I' ll share other experiences with the other girl sometime later.

Check - What dude? Lol up until that batman story ALL my stories have been about teens. I hump them more often than MILFs.

High School Humper

Re: GroinRubber and others (Tue 24 Jul 2012 21:50:21 GMT)

GroinRubber - Nice story mann, lol but what the hell was that guys problem? Did he remind you of anything other than a creepy fag?
In the case of mtg I feel the same way. I found it strange and somewhat dumb in another one of his stories where he spent MONEY, burned gas, and bought a hotel room, just to go to a concert and TOUCH teens, lol at LEAST cum on one. It sometimes feel like I'm just reading a very long story about how he just went around touching/feeling teens. I too found it ridiculous that he would jerk off back home, when he had the perfect opportunity to cum on a teen. In all fairness , I'm too am not an avid groper, so I dont really read his stories often. But they are admittedly good, just not my style.
Terry- THANKS MAN! I appreciate the compliment.

On a side note I'll try to post an experience today, if I get to it

High School Humper

Warped Tour Whore (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Fri 27 Jul 2012 00:52:08 GMT)

This was somewhat of a reply to X and his post. It started off as a reply, but now it has blossomed into a full blown post of my own lol. It's sort of a couple of different stories where I feel I could've gone much farther if I wanted too, but didn't.
Here is the first one.

Warped Tour Whore

This was about a year ago in the summer of 2011. It happened at Warped Tour. For those who aren't in America Warped Tour is basically a music tour featuring multiple musicians/bands, it draws MILLIONS of teens every year. That is always guaranteed lol. And opportunities are EVERYWHERE! Hey TeenGroper you should definately check it out, you'd be in heaven. This year I went with my girlfriend (at the time) and with a couple of friends. Of course, my girlfriend and I were attached at the hip.

Just a quick note, when I'm in a relationship I don't grope/hump NO MATTER WHAT. I stay "faithful" in every aspect of the word. So groping/humping wasn't even in my mind.

Eventually my girlfriend wanted to go a different stage while I wanted to go to the main stage. Not to grope but to actually listen to the musicians. Lol how ironic. We split up and I went to the main stage.

Let's skip ahead

I was in the thick of the crowd and found myself behind a cute girl.She looked like she was maybe 15 or 16, had brown hair,was wearing a cleavage exposing shirt, and She was wearing a loose pink skirt. She had nice perky tits too . And she was dancing all sexy. I wasn't paying any attention to her until SHE initiated contact. Lol she held her ass there , and she looked back at me and gave a wide flirty smile. I backed up, out of guilt, since I had a girlfriend, but this girl wouldn't let up. Everytime I backed she just backed up and lined her crack up with my growing cock and held it there. Slowly moving her hips side to side with my cock planted firmly between her cheeks.

Temptation took over and I gave in lol. This bitch had basically chikaned ME. The chikan had now become the chikaned! Lol what a horny little slut. Then she started jumping up and down on my cock essentialy masturbating it with her crack. I held wrapped my hands around her hips and she stopped jumping and put her hands over mine, slowly swaying. AHHHHHHHHH my cock was twitching hard in between those fucking cheeks.

I groped her, at some point I released my cock and slid it under her short skirt. I planted it firmly in her panty covered crack. The heat from it was making my shiver lol. Could this be anymore perfect? Then I started making small talk with her. Asking her where she was from, what her name was, and I even got her number. We probably looked like a couple. With my hands wrapped around her hips. And her hands over mine. Mannnnnnnnnnnn I was so fucking close to cumming. Just imagine the sensation of having your bare cock on some girl's panties whom you just met. AND WITHOUT HER EVEN PROTESTING! NOT ONLY DOES SHE NOT PROTEST SHE ACTUALLY PLAYS ALONG. This bitch was a true textbook player. She knew how to seduce a man.

Looking back, my cock's precum was probably sliming her panties up, and she most likely felt it. I'm not sure what came over me but I put my hand under her skirt and rubbed her pussy from behind. She melted onto me and shivered a bit. I eventually slid my hand into her panties, first furiously groping her soft ass then I slid my hand down, and abrubtly rammed it into her pussy DAMMMMNNN THAT THING WAS WET!!! I was fingering this bitch in the middle of A FUCKING CONCERT. I forgot to mention that I pulled her panties down so now my dick was in between her bare cheeks, and I had my fingers in her pussy. The feeling is indescribable.

Then she did something that sort of brought me back to reality. With glossy eyes, and with a seductive look on her face.......she turned and kissed me. We were GOING AT IT. And THAT surprised me. I stopped, I didn't know what to do, guilt washed over me. I mean, i had a girlfriend, what was I doing ? Even though this was the perfect situation I knew I had to end things there. She looked into my eyes and I think she knew I wasn't feeling it anymore, and she turned red (probably from embarassment at her own horniness). HAD I been single then hell yeah, I would've shown this bitch what I'm made of, and used everything I know on her. And probably fuck her. But I couldn't do this, I had a girlfriend. She moved forward away from me and broke contact, and I saw her slyly pull her panties up as I put my cock away.

She then said "Oh my god I'm sorry, I'm so sorry". She looked embarrased and flustered.

"It's fine", I told her with a smile. She smiled back and looked somewhat relieved.

I then left the crowd, as I was walking away I looked back and saw her watching me. She gave me a smile with a sad/longing look in her green eyes, then turned back around. I found my girlfriend and my other friends.

Here's the part that gets me.

While I was holding hands with my girlfriend walking around the various stands and we stopped by a tent and I saw Alexa (that was her name by the way) in line for an autograph. When she saw me holding hands with my girl, I could see sadness/dissapointment in her eyes. As if I had broken her heart. And I felt guilty for using her and making it seem like we could actually be together. She seemed hurt. My girlfriend caught me and Alexa making eye contact.

"You know her?" she asked

"Nope, never met her in my life" I lied as I broke eye contact with Alexa.

I still remember the day vividly and if I could go back I probably would've have taken it farther and gone "all the way" I fluctuate between feelings of regret at not taking it further and with satisfaction that I got so far. What a weird experience this was. I'll never forget her. Here is a picture from her facebook.

High School Humper

The Aftermath (The Wild Party conclusion) (Tue 31 Jul 2012 02:44:54 GMT)

Thanks for the vote Groinrubber! I appreciate it man! Since I can't vote for myself I'll give you my vote for man of the month.

I was really hoping that I'd be able to post my origin story (the first time I humped, and came on a girl), and another experience where I humped my art teacher (she's the reason I fell in love with MILFs) Lol! Unfortunately I currently don't have the time to type those experiences (because both will definately have two parts to them). So, instead I'll post the conclusion to my controversial "Wild Party" experience.

After I left the party I was on a high!I couldn't believe all the things I had gotten away with! Especially after the "incident" with Monica. The events of the night kept replaying in my head, and my cock was burning a whole in my pants. Lol I toyed with the idea of going back to the party and getting some more "opportunities". But I knew that wasn't a good idea Lol.

After about an hour or so I finally started coming down from my high. The familiar "C.A.T.S" feeling took over, and it was bad.

A million questions started running through my mind: what if she gets pregnant? What if I get caught? What if she (or someone else) reports it? Will the cops be waiting for me? What shame will this bring on my family and I if i get caught?

The next morning I woke up, and went through the usual morning routine. I then took a look at the photos/videos I took from the night before, lol my cock was burning a whole in my pants just looking at them.

I then got on Facebook (as I said I went through Erica's Facebook and found Monica). I looked at her profile with anticipation that she would have made a status update where she talks about the events of last night. Lol unfortunately there was nothing new posted since last night.

Then I got a message from Erica, it simply read : "hey, call me"

Huh???? My heart was pounding! Why does she want to talk to me? Did she want to confront me about taking advantage of her?

I already had Erica's number, I had gotten it earlier in the school year. So, it wasn't like I could pretend that I didn't have it. After long thought I decided that since Erica was a school whore she was probably use to guys taking advantage of her, whether she was drunk or sober. I called her.

First she asked me if we fucked and if I was "feeling her up" Lol. I said yes. And guess what....she wasn't even mad! Hahahaha Seriously? I took advantage of this girl and she wasn't even mad? This girl really does live up too her reputation. She only gave me shit for not using a condom. She then made me promise that I wouldn't tell anyone (LOL! Yet I'm writing a whole story and posting it online) because, her boyfriend would "kill us". And get this, she called Sofia a "total Cock blocker" LOL. She then started rambling about how crazy the party was, and honestly she was getting annoying and I was almost about to hang up on her when she finally said something interesting. She told me about her "friend".

Her friend was "raped", and Sofia and some othe friends found her naked (which was an exaggeration, her dress wasn't removed) and covered in cum. Anxiety was taking over my body. HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE KNEW ABOUT IT?

This friend was Monica, I knew it, but I didn't say it. I just pretended to be clueless. I then asked her what her "friend" (Monica) was going to do about it. She said that her friends wanted her to press charges or call the cops. But Monica doesn't want to. Erica also said that Monica was "freaked out", and that the guy "nutted in her".
My palms became sweaty, and It felt as though the temperature was raised 200 degrees. I knew I had gotten away with what I did to Erica, but Monica would be a different story.

After that talk with Erica, I swear that was the worst week of my life. I became paranoid, and every cop car I saw, I thought was after me. I was a wreck lol. And from that point on I swore that I would never EVER try something like that, and I wouldn't try something so risky/stupid/heinous so close to home.

As I said before, this happened last month, so I'm not sure if I'm out of the water just yet. Even though there is a slim chance that she'll ever find out who did it, yet I still have irrational thoughts that I'll get caught. Monica didn't post a direct status about the "incident" but she did post an ambiguous one the day after that read : "I still can't believe what happened last nite."( Lol she could have been talking about anything so who knows).

The one good thing that did result from this experience is that I was lucky enough to develop a friends with benefits relationship with Erica, which is still going on to this day. Lol!

This remains one of my most wildest experiences ever.

High School Humper

August award: High School Humper
He wins two consecutive months.
(Nice original stories.)

Re : Freddy Johnson Jr / The Olympics (Wed 01 Aug 2012 18:12:27 GMT)

Awesome story Freddy jr, lol I even enjoyed your reference to me haha. Foam PARTIES ARE ALWAYS AWESOME! And Websterhall is a great location to get your hump on lol. I've tried to find a foam party to attend but most require you to be 18 or older, which is bullshit for me lol.
Did you take your cock out while you were humping those chicks?

Even though your story was great....I have too disagree with you on one thing...Freddy Johnson IS NOT someone to be idolized. I think he needs help.

He represents a cracked reflection of all of us on this board. He is an example of what we could become if frotteurism is allowed to take over our mind and our lives. I don't think it's "cool" or that he is a "legend", he needs psychiatric help in my opinion. Seriously, the got caught groping so many women that he could get a life sentence. How is THAT cool?

Freddy Johnson makes me thankful that I haven't allowed groping/humping to dominate my life. I don't ever even want to be like him.

Lol! I didn't mean for this to be an essay. But, I just wanted to express my opinion.

On a side note, like most of the world I've been watching the Olympics. I recently tuned into the volleyball competition, and guess what team the Us was playing? BRAZIL!

I swear I had a boner watching those Brazzilian girl's phat asses bounce/jiggle after every serve. God, I would love to bury my cock in between their juicy cheeks.

High School Humper

Origin Story (Fri 10 Aug 2012 21:13:14 GMT)

Guest - a MILF is involved in my next story. And I'll make sure to share experiences I've had with other MILFs. I'm not to excited about sharing them because, as you know, I enjoy including the pictures of my targets. So any MILF experiences I post wont have pictures of the target.

I will be posting about THE FIRST TIME that I ever came on a girl (or should I say woman.. hehehehe, there's some foreshadowing for you guys lol). It will most likely be in 3 parts. And it might take me awhile to write it, so be patient lol. But, since I have time I'll share a short experience in my next post, the first time I remember orgasming against a girl.

High School Humper

Brilliant Idea (Sat 11 Aug 2012 22:54:14 GMT)

I think that you have come up with an absolutely brilliant idea Groinrubber!

Instead of only posting when we have recent stories...we can start up topical post. It is a good way to keep things lively on the board!

Now we could possibly continue this trend. Who knows
, maybe our next topic could be about the first time we humped/came on a MILF, or the worst experiences we've ever had, or the first time we've ever got caught . Lol there are endless possibilities.

Almost finished with the trilogy lol, hopefully I'll put it up tommorow.

High School Humper

Prequel To My Origin Story (WARNING: she may be 14 years old) (Mon 13 Aug 2012 22:41:47 GMT)

I'm calling this a prequel because it is sort of a prelude before my trilogy. But, I donjt consider it my first time because I had no idea what the hell was going on.

I was about 12 at the time and like all boys that age I began to get interested in girls. At school we played a game that many teachers and students dubbed "grabass". The guys would go around and randomly grope/fondle girl's tits and assess. And the girl were naive rarely did anyone yell or throw a fit if they were touched, they would just laugh or playfully hit you. I dodn't really get off on doing it, but definately I enjoyed touching/grabbing girls more than most of my male peers. The girls were so stupid/naive that you could get away with bloody murder.

It all happened one day in our schools occasionally crowded cafeteria. I was standing behind a cute/sexy white girl named Stacy.

Too me she was gorgeous. She technically wasn't white. I believe her mother was hispanic and her father was white. She was definately biracial

Stacy was somewhat of a bimbo, and kind of an airhead. So much so that she got held back in eigth grade. She was 14 in 8th grade. She was older than almost everyone and it showed. Her tits were HUGE (too me at that age)! She was probably a c cup. She had the phattest ass in the school! No questions asked. She was too mature and developed to be in middle school. I would've given my right arm to grab a piece of that ass. In retrospect, that was quite an ass she had on her.

But as dumb as she was, Stacy wasn't naive at ALL. She didn't take shit from nobody. And guys knew that. Whenever someone would playfully grope/touch her, she would either curse them out or report them to a teacher. I remember when she almost got this poor guy expelled. This girl was a bitch.

With this in mind I kept my distance. But my eyes were glued to her ass! We went to a private school, so we wore uniforms, and she was wearing a short slutty skirt. It was exposing her thighs, and it wasn't necessarily short, it was hiked up as high as she could get away with.

I had a raging boner from just staring at her. Lol I was 12, can you blame me? I tried to make my boner go away, but it was impossible lol. It didn't help that her ass jiggled and bounced everytime she stepped forward. It was like she was teasing me. I wanted to fuck her brains out.

Her friend suddenly came up to her and they started talking. At one point Stacy laughed and backed her soft left ass cheek into my hard cock. AHHHHHHH. I suddenly felt a strange tingly sensation. One that said "hmm, this feels good!". But my heart stopped and I paniced.

In fact it was I who broke contact, she seemed oblivious that her phat ass cheek was massaging my boner.

I didn't know what this was, bbut I knew I had to do it again. Lol, but I wouldn't have to. Her friend asked her if she could step in front of her Stacy said yes. And to create room she stepped backward and THUS SMASHED HER ASS IN TOO MY HARD FUCKING DICK!

Her body was smashed against me, and she shifted a bit....and MY COCK WEDGED INBETWEEN HER ASS. AHHHHHHHHHH. My cock was wedged perfectly in her crack. And we were both in thin material, so the heat from her crack completely engulfed my cock. Lol, in retrospect, she is probably the reason why I'm addicted to feeling my cock so deep in an asscrack that I feel heat. I absolutely love the feeling. My cock was deeeeeeeeep in her crack. Looking back, it was probably so deep because it was so small lol I was 12, so it's not like it was huge. Getting that DEEP, so easily is something only a smaller sized cock can do.
A strange feeling shot through my entire body, it one of pure pleasure. I had never felt this before. I had conflicting emotions. I was mortified that she would turn around and curse me out or tell on me. She didn't do either. She just faced forward. I instinctively started pushing my pelvis forward and sinking my cock deeper and deeper into Stacy's bottomless crack.

Our bodies were almost glued to each other. My face was mere inches from the back of her head. I wanted to hold her hips sooooooo bad. She would often fidget and thus massage my cock. One time she bent over, for god knows what and my cock sank deeper in her butt.
I wish I knew then what I know now, because I would have gone insane in that crack.

After about 10 or so minutes I felt a weird sensation. Something I'd never felt before, it was a feeling that started in my cock and shot through my whole body. My cock began jumping/twitching madly. I trembled, and bit my lips to stop from moaning. I had just had my first orgasm.

I'm careful not to type that I "spermed" on her. Because I'm not exactly sure what the hell came out. I was 12, I don't think you can fully ejacualate at that age. Who knows, maybe it was a dry orgasm. But I do remeber noticing a small dot of wetness on the crotch area of my pants.

Even after I orgasmed. I didn't backup. I stayed plastered against her until we left the line.

After this experience with Stacy, I developed a crush on her. Somewhat of an infatuation with her and her body. I never told any of the other of my other male friends about this. I wanted to keep this all to myself, like a greedy little fucker lol.

Stacy was the only one that I humped, and it would always end the same way, with that "strange" feeling shooting through my body. I humped her whenever I could and EVERYTIME I could. I would hump her no less than 3 times a week for the rest of the school year. She never even raised a cry and almost never noticed me.

Lol in retrospect what I was doing was pretty obvious. It wasn't a coincidence that the same kid seemed to be plastered behind her on an almost daily basis.

Many boys discover they can cum, through masturbation. I discovered I could cum while humping lol. One day I came home and noticed that there was a large white stain on the inside of my pants LOL.

Ironically I discovered this board one day after humping her. I'm exactly sure what words I typed in but I remember they lead me to Shadow's "Blonde Ambition" story. I WAS SHOCKED! I was so naive that I thought that I was the only person in the world that discovered this weird fetish. Unfortunately, by the time I learned all the techniques shared on this board, the school year was over, and Stacy was out of middle school and would move on into high school. I wish I would've discovered this site earlier, so that I could've used these techniques on Stacy. But this site also would allow my TRUE first time to be phenomenal.

High School Humper

MILF (Origin Story part 1) (Sat 18 Aug 2012 15:20:54 GMT)

This all started 3 years ago, when I was 14. I was a horny little teen. Since humping Stacy, I significantly improved in the chikan department. I copied various techniques and honed my skills. For me, I didn't continue to hump/grope because I had no confidence or because I was sick in the brain lol, I did it mainly because I've always had somewhat of a fetish with female asses.

I was a freshman in high school (which was heaven, all the older girls were great for humping) during this time.

This all happened at a high school basketball game. The two schools playing were rivals, I mean HUGE rivals. There rivalry is well known in this city, and rumors were already flying around the school about how packed it would be. At the time I didn't really care about sports at the time (I didnt get involved in sports until my sophmore year), but I became interested after hearing so many people talk about it and seeing how many people were planning on going (nearly half the school), I was definately going to go.

On the night of the game, I arrived about 15 minutes late. I had already formulated a plan, where I would take my cock out and hump some ass when everybody was cramming to get outside.

Boy, was I wrong.

The PARKING LOT was crowded! So much so my parents had to drop me off on a nearby sidewalk, just so they wouldn't risk getting trapped in the madness.

Indoors was another story.

IT WAS PACKED! There were so many people in the Gym that people were cramming around the above railing to watch the game below.

Allow Me to explain: my school's gym has 2 floors. The lower level is where the basketball court is and the upper level has more seats and railing that surrounds the entire court. Sort of like a barricade in a sense. It's complicated to explain but, if you get confused just tell me and I'll try to do more thorough explanation.

Back to the story

All of the seats in the bleachers were taken. So now there were dozens of people crammed around the railing.

I was so excited, not about the game but, because of the variety of targets (MILFs, teens, even college aged girl). This was to much for me lol. I had to stop by the restroom to calm myself. Lol my heart was literally hammering against my chest. Once I calmed down I came back out, and went to the gym.
And thats when I spotted my first target. A beautiful MILF.

I knew she was a MILF because she had her daughter with her. Her daughter is a student at my school, I've seen her before.
This MILF looked to be in her early thirties. She had long black hair, nice big tits (probably D-Cup), a tight long sleeved shirt, and a nice phat ass packed into some tight athletic pants. Athletic pants look like leggings EXCEPT they
are lose around the legs. Jogger often wear these type of pants.
This MILF, she had a nice onion. Not tooo big but just phat enough to catch my attention, and make my wood tingle.
So I slowly wormed my way through the crowd until I was behind her. She was oblivious. I slowly reached my hand forward, looking left and right to make sure that no one was watching me. Everybody was focused on the game. My trembling hand sank slowly into her crack. AHHHHHHH what an ass she had. It was somewhat firm, but also soft. This told me she worked out or jogged often.

I kept my hand there but snatched it back once I noticed it in there to long LOL! Her daughter looked back at me, with a suspicious look on her face which I didn't like. Since she went to my school, it would be pretty damn risky humping her mom. She turned back and continued watching the game. I was trembling, I believe this was my first time with a MILF, so it was pure ecstacy for me. I repeatedly put the back of my hands forward, sinking it into her plump cheeks. She never gave a reaction as I increased pressure. Did she feel anything?

My cock was rock hard after 5 minutes and now ready for some action. I released it from my pants.

Let me explain first. I discovered this board when I was 13, and I learned a multitude of techniques from it. One being, the cock-out-under-shirt technique. I absolutely loved this and since learning of it, it has become my signature technique.

I pulled my shirt down over it and sank my cock into her left cheek. I trembled at the firm/soft sensation of her plump ass. This was my first time doing this to a MILF, so I was on a high.

She didn't seem to notice or care about this young cock on her phatty.

So without wasting any time I slid my cock into her crack. AHHHHHH I loved the way her athletic cheek spread and tightened aroung my cock. It was on fire in that crack. I just wanted to fuck her right then and there. Lol she was talking with her daughter when i did this, and as soon as my cock hit her crack she paused mid conversation, then continued talking. She knew what I was up to.

My god, my legs were getting weak it had probably been a little over 5 minutes, and I was getting light headed.

But she never once looked backed at me. Then she did something that almost made my helmet explode. She leaned over the railing and pushed her ass back on my cock. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH was this slut teasing me? No, I doubt it. I think she was trying to make me back up. But I held my ground and just allowed to spread her own asscrack onto my dick. I made the simple mistake of letting out a muffled groan when she bent forward.

I caught the attention of her daughter. Who immediately looked back at me with a "what the hell was that?" look on her face. I avoided eye contact. But it was too late. She looked at my crotch area which buried firmly into her mother's ass. SHIT! SHE CAUGHT ME! She looked at me with a disgusted look on her face then turned around. I prayed to god that she wouldn't say anything to her mom, or to me. Can't I just have my nut in peace?

She tried to be sly but I could see her watching at me through the corner of her eye. Lol this was making me rather uncomfortable.

"Fuck her", I thought to myself, "if this bitch wanted to do something then she would've done it."

I shifted presuure between my heels and my toes, strongly rocking into her phat motherly asscrack. I was also squating and thrusting into her. I also got my hand involved and lightly held her juicy thighs. My cock was twitching all in her crack.

I lightly brushed my hands against the upper part of her inner thighs, and inadvertedly brushed her pussy I think.
She stood up, and froze up. She then leaned over and wispered something into her daughter's ear. I heard her daughter reply "Are you serious?"
Her daughter then finally looked back at me, with a look of disgust/shock/anger on her face.

"Can you, like, get your fucking dick off my mom, and stop touching her butt?"

"I don't know what you're talking about" I said naively. My heart was punding like crazy. This was the first time I had ever been confronted. I was freaked out. And not to mention that this girl looked pissed, and like she was about to beat my ass for nailing her mommy's ass.

It was now that her mom then decided after keeping her fucking mouth shut for the past 15 minutes, she was ready to say something.

"Um, I think you know EXACTLY what she's talking about" her mom said finally acknowledging my prescence and looking me dead in the eyes, and with a very unhappy look on her face. I saw this expression on the side of her face while humping her. I thought it was sly grin. But, no, it was more of a grimace.
And looked even more unhappy when she glanced at how my pelvis was buried in her booty.

"You've been rubbing on me for the past 20 minutes, you know exactly what you've been doing, so don't pretend." she said with a stern look on her face. "I suggest you take a few steps back"

I did just that. But remember my cock is out under my shirt, so as I stepped back, I awkwardly placed my hand in front of my boner, to cover it from view. The daughter saw this and scoffed in disgust. Her mother saw me do this too, she smirked, and promptly rolled her eyes. She then tugged the deep wedgie out of her ass. It was sexy watching her do that lol. But man, was this embarrasing. I got frustrated at the way these two women had just ended things. And I hated the way the MILF smirked at me, as though she was happy that she had embarassed me. I knew that this opportunity was over, and that it would be a smart idea to get the hell out of there.

So out of spite I dropped my hand and FIRMLY gripped her ass. Stupid bitch lol. I got out of there quickly lol!

When I looked back, I saw the MILF with an extremely PISSED look on her face. Serves her right.

Part 2 and 3 will be posted soon.

High School Humper

Ayashi/MILF appearance (Sat 18 Aug 2012 15:44:45 GMT)

Ayashi i didn't mean to post the story twice. The site said that my first attempt at posting didn't go through. Would it be possible for you to delete one of them?

By the way, the MILF beared somewhat of a resemblence to Jessica Biel. Same face, except she had black hair and bigger tits. The picture i posted with the story is to give an idea of what her ass looked like.

High School Humper

Kelly (Origin Story part 2) (WARNING: she may be 20 years old) (Wed 22 Aug 2012 00:18:34 GMT)

After getting yelled at by the MILF and her daughter, I got the hell out of there. Literally, I left the whole stadium and went to the bathroom. I realized that it was bad idea to firmly grab her ass out of spite like I did, but she deserved it. So, I stayed in the bathroom for about 5 minutes. While there, I toyed with the idea of just jerking off and letting out some of the frustration.

But, I decided against it.

I was determined to cum on a phat ass, no matter what. There were plenty of other asses to choose from anyway. So, fuck that stupid MILF, and her bitch daughter.

Speaking of her daughter

After this night, and after what I did to her mother, this girl HATED me lol. She never said necessarily said it to me, but whenever I saw her around school she would glare at me or give me a dirty look. Lol, I didn't care. And she still continues to give me glares to this day lol. Seriously, this happened nearly 2 years ago and she's still holding it against me. Haha, what a bitch.

Back to the story

So after 5 minutes I left the bathroom and hunted for a new target. I completely avoided the area with the MILF, and went scoped for target that weren't in her vicinity.

I spotted my next target, or should I say targets (lol, that was a bit of foreshadowing)

They were two college aged girls, I knew they were in college because one of them had on a jacket with the name of a college written across the back. But my target was stunning.
She was blonde with long hair, and she had some nice tits. She wasn't wearing a bra so her nipples were stabbing her dress.
She had a SHORT, TIGHT sweater dress that was sooo short that it ended right under her ass! What a slutty little outfit! And she was bent over the railing, with her phat fucking ass just sticking out, like she was saying "please fuck me" lol.

She was bent over like she wanted to be doggy fucked lol. And because she was bent over, alot of her thighs were exposed. God, they were beautiful, so thick and juicy. She had a slim and toned body but her was like a nice bubble. Not to big, or to small, it was just perfect!

I stood there behind her nearly drooling! I was waiting for her to bend over just a little bit more, so that her dress would raise more and expose some of her ass.

And thats what happened! Lol

When my school's team scored a shot the crowd went wild and so did she. She jumped up and down. When she jumped, the bottom of her dress rose up..... and exposed the bottom half of her ass! Dear god, the bottom half of her bare ass cheeks were exposed. I don't think she wasn't wearing any underwear, she may have been wearing a thong.

I lost it, lol I was a virgin at the time so seeing part of an older girl's ass was enough to get me going. Her dress stayed like that, above her ass for about 2 minutes. My eyes were glued to it.

Then she put her hand behind her to smooth her dress down. When she felt her bare ass she jumped a bit. And looked from left to right to see if any body saw her ass, and then she looked back....right at me!
I tried to look away, but since my eyes were glued to her ass, she caught me. Instead of giving me a dirty look she just stared at me blankly, then turned back to watch the game, and bent over against the railing. Something about the way she looked at me, made me identify her as a slut. She probably enjoyed the fact that some kid just saw part of her bare body. She then said something to her friend and they both looked back at me and giggled.

God, the way she would sway her ass drove me insane! My cock was burning a hole in my pants...JUST FROM STARING her! I slid next to her, I didn't get directly behind her just yet. First I wanted to feel/grope her sexy thighs. I was trembling from anticipation, as I lowered my hands.

My hands were shaking as they neared her thigh. The closer I got, the more heat I felt coming off of it. Finally, my knuckles SANK into her thick warm thigh.
AHHHHHHHHHHH it was so fucking soft and hot. I kept my hand there, loving every second. I increased pressure sinking my hand deeper into her thigh. And i screwed everything up. Lol

She jumped, and looked down to see what was touching her leg. I didn't snatch my hand back soon enough, because she then look at me with an annoyed look. Shit! Lol I guess this girl wasn't a slut after all.

She moved over a bit, away from me. I thought "Fuck it I'm goin for it". I slid behind her. With slick maneuvers I slid my cock out of my pants and covered it with my shirt.

My heart was slamming against my chest. As I inched closer to her ass. Finally my cock stabbed her right cheek and I held it there. AHHHHHHHHHHHH
God, it was fucking soft and phatter than it looked. The head of my cock sank in to her right cheek. All my worries melted away, once my cock touched her lol. I lightly rocked back and forth in her ample cheek. She didn't even react. I was losing it. I stayed on her ass cheek for about 7 minutes when...


It was now half time. The 2nd quarter of the game was over and there would be a short pause before the 3rd quarter began.

People began leaving the gym, and going outside, or to the bathroom. So did my blonde, she got up off the railing and she shifted a bit and inadvertedly caused my cock to slide into her crack.
Needless to say that my boner sannnnnnk into her crack, the material of her sweater dress posed no resistence. Her crack was burning hot, and her cheeks gripped my cock. But this was just for a moment, and then it was over.

NOOOOOOOOO!! Shit! It can't be over!I wasn't even able to get to her crack yet! She began walking towards the exit with her friend. I became desperate as I started following close behind her.

Obcviously there were crowds around the exited. It wasn't so packed that Things came to a standstill though. You just had to walk slowly.

As I walked close behind her I became a horny beast and lifted my shirt, exposing my bare cock. I would walk forward quickly and stab my naked cock against her ass. This was difficult, as I'm sure many of you have tried to hump a target while you were both walking. I grabbed my cock and stabbed it's head into her cheeks and crack. Ahhhhhh

She looked back at me everytime my cock would stab her jiggly ass./crack. I got so close to her that I accidently stepped on the back of her boot causing her and I too stumble forward.

She looked back at me, and she looked pissed. Her friend looked at me too. They both had a "what the fuck?" expression on their faces

S-s-sorry, I stuttered to them. Lol but they just ignored it. I just gave up....for now lol

Outside of the gym was crowded too! There were about 5 different stands where you could buy some snacks/drinks whatever. These stand were sparesly crowded so there was no way I was gonna get any humping done. I just followed the blonde waiting for my next opportunity.

Don't worry guys lol, it's not over yet. Part 3 and 4 are up next. I didn't anticipate that part 2 would be so long. So I have to split it into two, so that it won't be too lengthy.

This picture is perfect to describe my blonde's ass and outfit.

High School Humper

Replies (Fri 24 Aug 2012 16:55:21 GMT)

@Jamal - No, that sounds like a stupid idea. Do you want me to get arrested? Are you insane? Lol

@Terry - Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it. But, I don't think you should bash/criticize other stories on the board. But, then again, I think we all have the right to express our opinions, as long as we keep things respectful.

If there is anybody that deserves to be criticized, it's Arm Humper and his pathetic and irritating posts. Seriously, who the fuck gets off on humping a shoulder/hand/arm? I think it's really stupid, and the whole concept of it has always been beyond stupid in my opinion. I think that he should be banned.
AYASHI pleas do us a favor and ban Arm Humper.
And also am I the only one who really hates the way he posts pictures of toddlers? What does that have to with chikan?

Lol, I didnt mean for this to turn into a rant. Part 3 of my Origin will be up soon!

High School Humper

September award: GroinRubber
He gave us many good comments and stories.
(Sometimes the number counts.)

RE: Pheromone Sprays/Lotions (Sat 01 Sep 2012 20:56:00 GMT)

Hey Frisby.

Pheromone has been around for years and is easy to obtain from sex shops or on-line.
Don't get me wrong, it's not a chick magnet. How I have always known it to work is that it works on the females subconscious, and it's something only they can smell.
It's usually fairly odourless (maybe just slightly perfumed) but it secretes chemicals that attract a positive (but not always sexual) response.

I used it years back ...(before I became The GroinRubber lol)...when I was single and on the hunt for cunt, and I have to say, my success did improve quite significantly. (don't get me wrong...I'm not ugly...but I was always a fucker for maximising opportunities, even when I didn't need to - still am Lol Lol)!!

In fact, I might get some and try it at gigs again. In the gig environment it works even better, as your not after a fuck or on the pull. All you want is to be close enough to eventually blast your muck over some juicy booty, and if the target senses an attraction of some kind, coupled with your expert chikan skills, you're onto a cock quivering winner!! Ahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Have a read about it, and do a little research. It does work! There maybe some examples on YouTube.

Here's just one link if you’re a newbie to it, but you can get it all over the net (probably even eBay) In fact...I'm going to have a look there now!



RE: Pheromone - axcitelp7 (Sat 01 Sep 2012 21:05:44 GMT)

Here you go Frisby. This may help you a little as far as information goes.

(It seems to be working for GroinRubber Jnr)...Hur Hur Huuurrgle!!


??? POTENTIAL GIG ??? (Sun 02 Sep 2012 10:38:52 GMT)

@Third Eye Open:

Thanks for saying you liked my posts. I appreciate that.


I Have the chance of a small gig this coming Saturday (8th) and I'm not sure what to do! This is a gig I 'overlooked' deliberately for the following reasons.

I attended this 'exact' gig last year at the 'exact' same venue. It was a satisfactory turnout, but due to the over-sizing of the venue, the crowd cover didn't allow for any major GroinRubbing and I left with a full fucking load still walled up in my aching purple ball-bag.

I did get behind this one hot rock chick, and rested my cock on her ass for a few moments whilst she did a little swaying and got me to a good semi, but then she headed off toward the front, and following would have been stupid and obvious at this kind of sparse venue. I was frustrated to say the fucking least.

The band are actually quite good, so I will enjoy the music, but the problem is the venue is just slightly to big for them. The venue is about a 500 ish capacity (and that would be packed) and I'd say the attendance last year was 300 ish. If they notched down to a smaller gig (by about 100 capacity), it would be Heaven indeed.

Maybe with some more risky skills I could have had success. But having said that, I may have been spotted...maybe I played too safe??!! Do I attend, or sit it out until my 'guaranteed' gig of Saturday 30th of September?

I'm gagging for a spunking on some ass, but I don't want to get desperate or complacent and fuck it up.
Maybe I should attend and just have a sniff around and see what opportunities are available. I'm pretty much assuming the turnout will be the same, which I feel is a fair assumption. The crowd needed to close up more to the stage, but instead they stayed back a little, and this created the problem with the crowd spacing. Damn!!

Mmmmmmmm...what to do??

Help guys! (would like some good sensible advice, as it's my cock that's thinking and not my brain!!



Photography class part 2 / The Coincidence of Chikan: (Tue 04 Sep 2012 22:15:27 GMT)

Photography class part 2 / The Coincidence of Chikan:

Guest has my vote for chikan of the month for his Photography class part 1 and 2 story. That was so hot man. And I'll tell you this......she deliberately brought her iPod along so she had an excuse to dance against your tool whilst you were 'Developing her photos' lol lol!! She liked your meat on her!
I like your style man....more stories please, give yourself a handle so we know who you are. What about The Nuttcracker (due to cracking her back, and nutting in her crack) Lol!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, a weird couple of days for me. I was at work a couple of days back, and an external female accountant was sent in to do some minor work for us.
When she came...the GroinRubber nearly died!!

It was only some chick that I had chikaned at a rock gig a while back (about a year or so ago)!!!! Let me tell you, she was fucking game as well. This particular day, she had on this grey tight trouser suit, which hugged her perfect bubble. Her ass was better than I remembered.

Luckily she didn't recognise The GroinRubber, but even if she had have done, she knew - that I knew - she was game.

At the gig - I remember her looking back at me from her peripheral vision as she bounced and writhed with my spunk trumpet pressed against her forever moving ass!!
I blew a huge load in several powerful spurts as she bounced my prick around like it was a fucking rag dolly.

Anyway, I didn't try to chikan her, and something told me she wouldn't have allowed it anyway. There's something about gigs that bring out the inhibitions in women. The music, the smell, the atmosphere....all work wonders.

We spoke like we'd never met (which was true) but I'd had a closer encounter with her than she fucking realised. (unless she did know who I was)?

The GroinRubber's spider sense told him otherwise though. It was a strange day, let me tell you.


HSH Video. (Tue 04 Sep 2012 22:47:39 GMT)


@ High School Humper:

Hey man.
Your recent video post didn't show up, so I've posted it on your behalf.(don't wanna take the credit for it)

She is just something else....I'd come in minutes...seconds!!! Damn!!

Here's another great ass you may like to get behind at a gig...Ahhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!


Strip Clubs??? (Wed 05 Sep 2012 18:21:45 GMT)

@ Guest: 'why don't you guys just go to strip clubs and get lap dances'?

A: If you don't know the answer to that one're on the wrong board pal!! lol lol!!


RE: GOING TO SAME GIG. (Wed 05 Sep 2012 19:20:50 GMT)

@ guest:

To put your new name 'handle' just put it in the 'Your Name' box. No need to register. It just helps us all know who's who, especially as there are so many guests. Some of the guestd seem to have potential, so I wish all you 'guests' had handles. I'm not sure why you havent, as there's no requirement to register. Still....whatever!!


Well, my upcoming Saturday gig dilemma is sorted. I've decide to go to another (different) gig in another part of the city. This is one I complacently overlooked in favour of bigger bands.

It's in a small bar with a capacity of around 250. So this could be potentially very good, or it could be shit. If 200 turn up, it will be rammed (ish)

It's a rock band in the vien of Europe/Bon Jovi etc.

I've checked out some YouTube footage of them, but there's not a lot there to go on. Loads of 'Festival' stuff, but not much in the vein of intimate gigs.

I'll also be unveiling my new Chikan joggers. My old ones are spent and spermed up to fuck.
My new 'improved' bottoms are a much more delicate and softer material which should maximise friction opportunities. They're hanging up in the Bat Cave as I write.

I've not blown a load for two days, so I should have a good long as the setting allows it.

I've got a mega busy day on Saturday. I then have to drive home, shower up, and back out to the concert.
I just prey it's all gonna be worth it.

First gig in what seems like fucking ages. I feel sick with exitement. Ayashi....please pray the Chikan Gods are on my side on Saturday!!


PLAN: B. (Thu 06 Sep 2012 09:57:14 GMT)


I have a Plan B if the gig is a let-down on Saturday. I'm taking a pair of mega-thin dress trousers with me. This way, If the gig is a let-down, I can either leave early or after, dress into my dress trousers in the back of the van, and then hit some bars for some chikan action. (maybe I'll do both, dunno yet)

The security won't let people in with joggers/shorts/sport-wear on, hence the change of attire. Hopefully, if the gig is shit attendance wise, the bars will be a little busier Ha Ha!!

SURELY I can't have a double let down...can I ?? (I much prefer the gig to be busy though. You simply can't beat a gig for chikan in my opinion)

Will report soon.

Take care guys.


RE: Elevator Hump (Thu 06 Sep 2012 16:26:34 GMT)

Mmmmmmmm...that's a nice little encounter story there. I've had a few elavator experiences. One was when I went to the top of the Empire State Building (wow the lifts get so packed there) Nice little story!!

The picture is about the size of the gig that I'll be attending on Saturday, just to give you all a rough idea of the intimacy.


Saturday Gig. (Fri 07 Sep 2012 18:52:54 GMT)

Well fellow frotters, this will be my last post before my gig and/or bar trawl tomorrow night, and I can't wait.
It's funny...I've had thousands of cock on arse chikan sessions over the years, but why do we always forget what it feels like when we've not done it for while..?? weird.

I'm quite nervous in the sense of how busy the gig will be. But like I say...If I get no joy, change of bottoms and I'm off around some bars. (I just wanna blow my stack man)

Hopefully, I'll have something worthwhile to report.

PS: Don't you just hate it when you're at an event and your target ties her top around her waist covering her ass!! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagghhh!!


Great Gig. (Sun 09 Sep 2012 08:22:13 GMT)

Great Gig.

Hi All.

It was a great night for me and exceeded all my expectations for such a small and intimate concert. (It was a double nutt) It was not without it's usual awkward moment though.

It may take me a while to write the story as I'm really bust with other stuff too. Leave it with me (feeling the usual C.A.T.S (Comedown after the Spunking) today)


@ SHOGIE: (Sun 09 Sep 2012 20:32:18 GMT)

Thanks Shogie. Nice to hear about your 'Dubble Bubble Nutt' in the bars. Well Done!! My cock was in a sad state at the end of the evening lol lol!!!

Guest (Sun 09 Sep 2012 19:56:13 GMT)

Re: guezt - Techniques

What did she write in your yearbook that hinted that she knew what was going on and was game all along? Also, what did she do to let you know that you took her breath away when you twitched your boner on her body?

HSH and Nuttcracker (Fri 14 Sep 2012 13:10:27 GMT)

@The Nuttcracker:

Excellent story my man. I love the way you say that your cousin moved fast then slow. You got your cock in the beautiful hot dog bun for the explosion too. A fantastic story, right up my street. It really made my carrot twitch!! It was obvious she gave you consent too, and even though it was your cousin, it takes two to tango!!
I suspect you have many more stories, and I for one would love to hear about your other experiences. AND SOON!! More man, please!

@High School Humper:

Looking forward to the finale of your story man. Be careful what you say about quitting, and taking a hiatus. I've said it on the board twice I believe, only to come back with egg on my face.
It really is like a drug HSH, and I commend you for being so upfront and forthright about quitting, but I suspect as some say, we never really quit. We just take breaks if we meet someone. I really thought I'd beat this game at one particular point. I didn't even get many urges, but I seem to be worse than ever these days, planning events with insidious and meticulous detail.
The only thing that is different from now and yesteryear is that the C.A.T.S. Is twice as for me, that's an alarm bell of some sort.

I know lots of guys that go to clubs to get cheap thrills dancing up against chicks asses, but the difference between us and them is WE PLAN!! we do it with intent, we wear special clothing, we make sure our timing is right and we hone our skills in the way any other professional would.

As I've said, that scares me, and makes me very sad all at the same time, but that HIGH you get when planning or doing is so powerful could put the Incredible Hulk down!!


guest's festival event. (Sat 15 Sep 2012 21:16:07 GMT)

@ guest:

It sounds like you're onto a sure winner with your upcoming festival my friend. If I were you, the question on my mind would be 'Realisticly, how many times can I come' Ha Ha Ha!!!
Plenty of skin, alcohol, Hot weather and top rock bands....FUCK!! you cannot go wrong my man. I wish I were you. (will you be going for cock out action if the surroundings are good, and opportunity knocks)??

I'd opt for blowing a load early on, and then go for more nutts later in the day.
Don't worry about the C.A.T.S. It always happens. The way I 'try' and help my way through C.A.T.S. Is convincing myself that I feel no different than a guy that's had a great night on the beer, followed by a monster hangover (that's C.A.T.S. In it's own way). I envy you and look forward to your telling of the event.

Hey guest: any chance giving yourself a handle lke Nuttcracker recently did)??

I have a big rock gig event on Saturday 29th in the early evening, going through to the night. Also the recent story of last weeks gig outing coming very soon. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!!


C Y B E R Spunk ( Part 1) (Sun 16 Sep 2012 10:33:19 GMT)

Well guys, here's the brand new recent gig story as promised. I'm sorry it's a little late but I've been really busy. I hope you all like it. Enjoy.

C Y B E R Spunk ( Part 1)

It was a pleasant night weather-wise, perfect for my chikan state of mind. But I'd arrived home late from work and had to rush like an idiot to get to the show on time. I quickly showered up, whacked on some nice fragrance aftershave, put on the chikan gear (New thin cotton joggers and T-shirt) and soared off in the van to the gig at breakneck speed. I seemed to take forever to arrive, but I got there in good time which was a relief.

I'd been reluctant to come to this gig, as I was not sure how good attendance would be, and it was such an intimate setting, maybe around 300 people to pack it to the seams.

On my way around to the parking lot which was at the back of the gig, My eyes just caught sight of a small crowd of people , sauntering outside the venue. My mouth was as dry as a fucking cat litter tray in excitement.
I parked the van up and made my way around to the venue, with that exited sickly feeling in the pit of my guts. You know the feeling guys. Ahahhhhhaaaaahhhhhaaaaa!!

(Remember Plan B ?? I had a change of thin dress trousers in the van, so that I could go to some bars if the gig was a failure – Little did I know I would not be needing them)

I arrived at the gig, produced my ticket and entered the dark and dingy bar. It was busy, but not yet packed, and a few people were still seeping in. Two rows of people had already began to form against the barricades at the front of the gig. The clientèle was as I expected. It was an array of Goths, but more so Cyber punks with pink and green and blue mohicans and other 'Big' hair, and outlandish make-up. Teens and 40+. There really was a great spectrum of people there, and I knew immediately that I would not be short of targets. (These Cyber Punks have been quite accommodating to The GroinRubber in the past). Hur Hur.

I worried a little about blending in well, but I noticed there were a few 'guys' there without make-up on. (The GroinRubber has displayed smoky eyes many times to blend in at gigs, especially in my earlier chikan days) lol lol!!

I went to work straight away, but I knew I was being sloppy due to my non attendance at gigs for a while and my over heightened zeal. I edged in behind this scruffy teen couple about 16 or 17. The girl had on tight jeans and a white top which just draped over the belt loops of her jeans. Her ass was a little flat but acceptable, but The GroinRubber was on malfunction at the moment.

I tried a few 'panted' cock bumps to test the waters which were met by constant sideways glances from the chick, as well as sly cornering glances from the boyfriend. I continued a little (but not too much) hoping they would both settle. I now had a small semi, and my cock began to writhe a little. As I stuck out my groin a little to keep connecting, her boyfriend suddenly whisked her away, and placed her in front of him, giving me a sneering sideways glance as he did so.

I wasn't too worried. There were plenty of targets, but I was concerned that I was being complacent, and that was most certainly not my way. I went for piss, and noticed a lathering of pre-cum on my helmet. I dabbed it dry with some shit roll and made my way back into the venue area.

The support act came on, and after a little scout around I settled in close to this other teen couple. The male was a right dopey looking fucker. He looked like Napoleon Dynamite. (so we'll call him Napoleon) The chick, whom I assume was his girlfriend was about 17, with dark tussled log hair to the middle of her back. She was very cute with dimples in her cheeks, slim, about 5'5. She had on a black vest with 'designer holes' in it, a pair of tight jeans with a thin pyramid studded belt. She had on chunky goth boots, which elevated her (and more so her ass) to perfect docking level with my spunk trumpet.
Her ass was not a 'bubble' ass as such, but it was small and pert, and jutted out from her slim frame.

I scoped out my surroundings. It was still a little sparse, so care was needed. I also noticed the male (from the first couple I'd honed in on) was looking at me from time to time. I started a conversation up with Napoleon, asking him if he's seen the band before etc. (this quashed my watcher's suspicions, and he stopped looking at me eventually)

Napoleon's cute chick looked back and me with a smiley face as we talked. Napoleon was in front of me (against the barricades) to my right, and his chick, (whom we will call Cutey) was 'directly' in front of me.

Just then, these two girls pushed their way to my right, and I had to stand my ground. One of them had blue Cyber Punk hair, and a very short tight red dress on, bare legs and these stiletto type shoes with Glass/transparent heels.
Her ass was amazing in that tight red dress, and her legs were athletic and muscular. She was about 35, and looked like Marie Fredriksson from the band Roxette. (we'll refer to her as Roxette, as she comes into the story later)

Anyway, Roxette asked Napoleon to let her on the front row up against the barricade. Napoleon was tall maybe 6', so he politely obliged. He pushed his way in front of me, and I panicked, as I thought he was going to block Cutey's ass, but he was polite, knowing he'd block my view, and he stepped to my left.

Even though he'd let Roxette directly in front of him, somehow she ended up two people away on the front row.
During all this the support band (who were quite good) had been playing, so I started with some preliminary cock brushes. These were meet with sidewards glances, yet Cutey always had a smile on her face. My cock began to grow now, and Cutey would start to notice. Just then Napoleon moved back to my right.

As the support band went off, Me and Napoleon began chatting again (about similar bands) and just then, Cutey turned sidewards and said to Napoleon “This is gonna be awesome”As she did this her right hip smashed up against my cock. I twitched my cock in response, and I just caught her give me 'that glance' a millisecond of a look which told The GroinRubber that she was game. There was a set up intermission of about 10 minutes, after which the main act finally came on to a fanatical applause. My back was aching now from tension.

My cock wasn't on full bone, but it felt big against her dainty warm hip, and as she swished back to look forward again, she jerked my tool sharply right...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaa!!
The main act greeted everyone then proceeded their opening number, so I slipped my prick from my underwear (but still under my new ultra thin frotting pants) and rested it on her ass.

She bobbed about speedily, but not to the rhythm, so I just lightly laid my helmet on her, and moved slowly side to side. Her ass did all the work, and my helmet was soon lathered in pre-come. I knew I was gonna come quickly, but nothing would prepare me for how quickly.

She kept looking back at Napoleon, smiling at him, but I now knew she was using this to acknowledge me (why are some teens so fucking horny, and yet others are so fucking moody and miserable – I've encountered both at gigs with a 70%/30% ratio in favour of the horny ones!)

I applied more pressure slowly under her consenting charade. And towards halfway through the first song, The full length of my tube-steak was smashed against her fucking ass. 'Ahhhhhhhhhhaaaarrgggaaaaahhhaaa'!!
She continued a relentless 'dancing' assault on my prick, tossing it around like crazy. Just then, something even better happened. I could feel a virtually naked pair of voluptuous tits writhing across my thinly T-shirted back, and it felt deliberate.

I could feel her nipples tickling my back, and she made no subtleties in her actions at all. I looked back at her to be met by another smiling Cyber Punk with bright rust coloured spiky big hair with long platts down each side..
She just fucking smiled at me, so I just smiled back at her nicely, checking out the thin bra-less grey dress she had on, I saw her ample tits, and her nipples pushed against the fabric like fucking gorillas thumbs.

I was in fucking euphoria. Cutey just splayed and writhed her ass all over my achingly solid cock, and Cyber slut sandwiched me in sliding her fucking tits and nipples all over my back.
I began to tingle in my loins as Cutey massaged my prick into 'over-hard' and I imagined in my minds eye blowing my monster load all over Cyber Sluts stonching tits.

During this time, I kept on tip toeing and letting Cutey's studded belt tickle and scrape across my ball bag. Uhhhuuu Ahhaaaahh!!
I was close now, but I didn't want to come as it was so early, only the third song into the set. What with Cyber slutt rubbing her tits across my back and Cutey tossing by bell end around It was all too much.

The tingling turned to a swell, and I backed off with a step in hope of stopping the oncoming orgasm, as I disconnected from Cutey's ass, my cock started to jump, and a jet of semen fired from my dead pigs eye. I immediately reconnected to Cutey's swaying pert booty applying full pressure, and I continued to spurt one blast after another, and I could feel the mess dribbling around the tops of my legs. I looked vacantly ahead at the band, my body jerking spasmodically whilst my prick was forced to throb out its piston juices by Cutey's erratic rhythm-less ass. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa!! It was a ground-breaking load!

I had a breather, backing off from Cutey. Cyber slut continued to mash her fucking tits over my back, but at this present moment, I was spent...her tits meant nothing to me at this very moment in time, as great as they fucking were. I let myself come round for a few moments, deciding how best to make a decent exit.

I was exhausted. I needed a drink to revitalize myself, and I also needed to try and clean up some of the piston slop in my joggers. I then realised how early it still was and how much of the gig there was left. I didn't want any opportunities to go to waste. With this thought in mind, I decided to go with my plan of a cock clean up and then a quick drink at the bar, and then somehow slither my way back into the crowd to find Roxette or Cyber slut for another anal assault.

To be Continued...

Consensual Chikan. (Tue 18 Sep 2012 22:52:35 GMT)

Lucky Bastard!!

LegHumper. (Thu 20 Sep 2012 19:45:46 GMT)


I did want to get onto Roxettes legs, as you'll read in part 2, but it wasn't possible because of the crowd placing/capacity/surroundings etc. Great minds think alike eh? lol!!

Part 2 soon my man!!


RE:TrendyChikan (Fri 21 Sep 2012 18:27:51 GMT)


That was a great video man, and a great ass. (looks reasonably consensual too) Not seen that one before. How did that elude me?


How many times have you come at one event? (Sat 22 Sep 2012 20:57:43 GMT)

@ guest:

How can you not come when she's rubbed against you for an hour lol!!!??? And you even had the Indian friend too. Sounds like you had a ball man. But no nutt...?? Damn!!

New Topic:

Though I'd post a new topic for some possible debate:

Q: 'How many times have you come at one single event/gig/etc'

This can include all day festivals/events, and evening gigs...whatever really!!

Me?? Mine was 'Three times' at an outdoor Simple Minds concert many years back! 1. Ahhhhhhhhaaaaa! 2. Ahhhhhh uughh ahha! 3. Ahhhhhhauuuurrggghhhu!
I maybe couldhave managed another but I was so knackered after three bolts!!

It was a great day for chikan for me. Stories/comments please guys. No exagerations though duded...truth only!! lol lol!!!


Imagine. (Sun 23 Sep 2012 12:54:29 GMT)

Imagine getting behind this at a packed gig, and imagine if she was conseting...Ahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaahh!! (it would have to be 'cock out action' on that flesh, surely)

The chick is the singer Toni Braxton by the way! she is fucking HOT whatever she wears!! ssssssssss!!

Part 2 to my recent story very soon frotters.


Third Eye Open/guest cumming. (Sun 23 Sep 2012 18:38:44 GMT)

@third eye open/guest:

Hey Guys.

third eye open - I can't really agree with you regards your last post, unless I've misunderstood you somehow.

Guest says he had 'at least two hours against one chick, and an hour against the Indian chick' (that's a three hour gig) and I fail to see how he couldn't come 'IF' that's what his intentions were (unless he went to the gig for other reasons of frotterism)

Your scenario appears to be completely different, as you talk about “peeping” and coming twice.
This is Voyeurism and not chikan, two totally different ententies (in my opinion)

I assume you come due to masturbation whilst being a 'voyeur' (peeping tom as some call it) so you get your gratification from watching women, and coming via masturbation, which is cool...that's what you do.


The chikan obtains gratification from rubbing up against someone/something to reach his/her orgasm.

This is why as you say “I never came by rubbing a sexy stranger woman” because it appears you are a voyeur and not a chikan. Would that be fair to say?

The only time I have not come at a lengthy concert is due to either poor attendance, or if I have teased myself too much for too long, and left it too late for a spunking.

I'm sure that guest has his own reasons for not cumming which he may or may not want to share with us, but if he went to the gig as a 'chikan'with the intention of blowing his load on an ass, I fail to understand......UNLESS he teased himself too much or did not find his targets sexy or is maybe a 'different' kind of chikan, like our men Leg Humper or MrTeenGroper.

As long as you all stay safe and don't get busted – that's the main thing.


C Y B E R Spunk (Part 2) (WARNING: she may be 26 years old) (Mon 24 Sep 2012 09:17:44 GMT)

C Y B E R Spunk (Part 2)

I edged my way the the back of the room, the areas of the crowd where it was more sparse. The bar was at the back of the venue, and to the left of the bar the bathrooms.

I went to the bathroom, squeezed out a piss, moped my pecker dry with some bog roll, and then preceded to dry the inside of my joggers under the blast of the powerful electric hand dryer.

I was always reluctant to do this, but most people were in the gig, and if anyone came in and caught me, I’d have just said someone’s split beer on me. Anyway, I sorted myself out to as near new as I could get, and went to the bar for a large icy lemonade.

I was surprised to see how sparse the gig looked from the back end of the room. There was a cluster of 4 rows at the front, which slowly diminished as the crowd came back to where I was now standing, yet when Standing where I been standing ten minutes or so before, it was like being at the hottest and busiest rock gig ever.

This is one of the reasons why I love intimate gigs, but up and coming chikans, if you've not attended an intimate/small venue like this before, extra care is needed.

I necked my ice cold soda and winded myself slowly to the front area again (most people were quite obliging and just let me through) I spotted Cyber slutt's head, so I made my way towards her. As I got there though I noticed she had a leather jacket tied around her waist (chikan nightmare this one) so I couldn't get any action there. Fuuuuck!!!

I spotted Roxette, and slowly edged in behind her. As I said she had this great short thin cotton dress on, mega high heel shoes, and gorgeous legs. She was about 26 years old.
Her ass was much more of a bubble than Cutey's (whom I could still see from where I now was standing) It wobbled firmly as she danced and jigged to the music. There was one little problem though. She had on this novelty ruck-sack thing (that looked like a dead animal of somesort) on her back which deterred me from getting in as close as I would have liked to.

I still tightened up though and got as close as I could. I put my legs (one at a time) at the side of hers letting her calf’s rub all over mine. I could feel the smoothness and firmness of her skin under my thin cotton joggers. For a few seconds, I contemplated doing some cock out chikan on her athletic legs (her skirt came just below her ass).

This was too risky though due to inadequate cover, and I couldn't get low enough to connect without looking blatantly obvious. Damn!! Her ass would have to do, but I must admit, I felt I was settling for second best. Not to worry! My cock was already getting hard from me rubbing my legs against hers. I had to really push into her to get good contact because of her stupid fucking ruck-sack think (it was jutting out by about 8 or 9 inches or so).

I kept putting my hands by my sides/front, and when I put them to the frunt I let her legs brush over my knuckes. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa!! I turned my palms and just let my palms connect to the backs and then sides of her thighs. I had to be extra careful here. She made no visible response, and her legs felt smooth and warm, and just laightly doused in sweat Ahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgghhhaaaaa!! I would have done anything to get mt prick on the skin of those legs, but the surroundings were just that bit too risky. That fucking ruck sack wasn't helping neither.


I did some soft cock bumps (still in underwear) and she never responded in anyway whatsoever. She seemed to be really into the music. I could hardly see over her big Cyberpunk hair, so I side-stepped sporadically to brush my cock across her ass. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaa It felt fucking amazing. Warm firm and soft all at once. I released my prick from my underwear resting the elastic under my bollock bag, but with my joggers still covering my tool.

Man, these new joggers were so fucking thin I could see the shape of my bell end as I looked down. (they were as thin as a cheap wall-mart T-shirt). I rested my prick on Roxettes left ass cheek. She was bobbing around a lot, but her ass didn't seem to be moving much in proportion with her wild dancing. I wanted to get my face nearer her head but couldn't due to the back pack thing. I could have got my nose right in her fucking hair if wasn't for that stupid fucking bag!! Gaaaaaaaaaagghhh!!!

I decided to go for broke, and just stuck my hips out and put cock pressure on her bubble ass. Ahhhhhhhhhaaaa. I could feel her crack through her thin dress. I found her crack, and kept sliding my cock left to right across her ass, letting it thud in and out of her warm crack. No response whatsoever....not a fucking wink!! I honestly believe she just wasn’t aware. She never looked to the side or back...not once!! I started to bend my knees and slide up and down in her crack. My cock was like fucking granite and the piece of skin that joins the foreskin to the helmet felt like it was going to snap like a rubber band under the hardness of my pecker.

My cock started to tingle, and I closed my eyes and rocked my head as if listening intensely to the songs. I took a risk and put my hands on her hips (albeit very lightly) Keeping the 'light approach' I slid my hand down a little, just so I could feel her warm sweaty legs. This again sent me wappy. I felt the tingle of no return, and my cock started to pound first lighly, and then a whoosh of warm sensation whizzed around my shaft as I continued sliding up and down.

I let out an Ahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh as orgasm took over, and my solid cock jumped against her ass, spurting out what little come I had left in my body. My abdominal muscles spasmed as I drained my spunk trumpet bone dry against her swaying buttocks. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaammmmm!!

I was so tired now. My back was killing me and I was hungry. As the band left the stage, and came back on for a two track encore, I snaked slowly backwards toward the bar and ordered another ice cold drink. My head and hair were wet through and my prick felt like it would never need to blow a load for the rest of 2012. The Groinrubber had felt like this before though.

Strangely enough I didn't get C.A.T.S. That evening, so it was an overall cracking night. The next day though the C.A.T.S came with a vengeance and depressed me all day fucking long. Never mind, I live to chikan another day.....or will I???? ...... Ahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!

The End.

Prologue To Upcoming Rock Concert !! (Mon 24 Sep 2012 15:56:47 GMT)

RE: Prologue to upcoming concert:

As most of you may know, I have a long awaited HUGE gig on Saturday in a 5000+ capacity venue. This gig is a little further away from me, and as I'm working most of Saturday, I'm getting showered up and changed at my friends rather than going home first, as his place is so much closer to the gig than mine. This will save me an hour and a half. (my work is a lot closer to my friends place you see)

The concert is a 'Rock' gig, so I'm expecting lots of denims and leathers. But...having been to see this artist before, I know there will be some Cyber punks, emos, and teens there too, but not in the same abundance as an older 40ish+ clientèle. ( plenty of MILF's with a little luck)

I'm not being pernickety but I really want something other than a denim/jeans cladded ass this time. I'm not complaining, and I will settle for jeans IF I HAVE TO! But – I would really prefer thin cotton material or a dress.
I know, I know...I had this with Roxette at my last gig, but she was my second nutt. I want that quality, but for the first nutt. Leggings would be nice option too!

I'll most likeley be going for a single spunking at this gig, but we'll see how the situations pan out. Can't fucking wait Ahhhhhhhaaaaaaaa!!


RE: Guest/Venice Beach in Cali. (Tue 25 Sep 2012 19:51:22 GMT)

RE: Guest/Venice Beach in Cali.

Hey Guest.

Check out my older story 'Beach Bummed' (type it into browser at bottom of page and hit click)

You'll love it, as it's similar to your little outing, only I had no one to ruin it for me thus giving me a little more success..Ahhhhhhhhhaaaa!! (It was nearly ruined by a cock-blocker though)


Guest/Dream. (Thu 27 Sep 2012 10:14:10 GMT)


It is a horrible thing when you have to give up a consenting makes me feel ill reading your predicament. Forcing yourself on someone (even if it's a 'hotter' target) is no consolation at all when you've had 'a player'. Never mind Guest...'Next time' as you say!


I had a dream on Tuesday night about my upcoming weekend gig. In the dream I was in the surrounding suburbs of the city of the venue, and I was late and desperately trying to get to the concert on foot. Every short cut I took just made me further away from the venue at the heart of the city! When i finally got to the venue it was gone 11PM and the gig had all but finished!
I think I need to see a Chikan shrink!! lol lol!!

On the plus side, I felt really turned on when I woke, and I've been abstaining since Sunday evening. The ache of lilac balls is going to kick in any time now!! Not long to go!


DETAIL IN STORIES. (Thu 27 Sep 2012 18:10:47 GMT)


Just a little open topic. I often wonder when writing stories of actual events if I go 'too far' with unnecessary detail?
Personally, I love reading a detailed story as it helps me visualise the setting and I get that vividness in my head.

But what about you guys????

Do you always skip through the blah to get to the best bits. I'd hate to think I was writing in too much detail, explaining layouts, weather, settings, descriptions of things/people etc etc and no one was reading it all. (you know, a little like skipping to the hot stuff when watching a porn movie)

If this is the case, I can shorten my stories just including the 'Hotter' content that you all read stories for in the first place. It would save me a lot of time when writing, that's for sure!!
However, I'm happy including the whole detail IF that's what board members feel they want to read.

Eg: High School Humper's stories. Personally, I love the detail and the way he creates the ambience and sets up the visuals with his detail. However others may think some of us waffle on too much...I dunno?



PS: I'm just in the process of writing about a concert that took place at the back end of the 90's when I was visiting a friend in London. It will be up soon (in detail) lol!!

Gig at the weekend too...Ahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa!!

The night before the night. (Fri 28 Sep 2012 20:32:57 GMT)

Hi Frotters.

Well, it's the night before the night...Ahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa!! I'm looking forward to my outing, but I feel extra nervous for some reason. Maybe it's because I haven’t been to a gig this big in what seems like an eternity, when in fact it's just a few months.

Like all chikans, my moods switch and change in what I fancy as a target. Sometimes it's MILF's, other time it's teens, and sometimes the more mature lady (40's+)

As I feel this evening I'm fancying a teen target, although this gig may not accommodate too many teens because of the band, so I may have to settle for the MILF.

I really fancy something other than 'Jeans' too! I guess if a quality ass presents itself, all these feelings may go out the window. I have a mega busy day tomorrow working, so I'm starting early, to finish early so I get to the gig for in plenty of time...hopefully.
Travelling from a friends too,(someone that lives nearer the city) I'm even having a meal before I go....that will give The GroinRubber plenty of spunking energy Hur Hur Haaaa!!

More soon. including a new 'old' story (unpublished here)


Nobody posted a story worth for the award in October.

November award: GroinRubber
In hindsight November award goes to Groinrubber for "SPUNK ROCK" and other adventures.
(They are in unknown territories, or when you least expect it.)

SPUNK ROCK!! (WARNING: she may be 19 years old) (Thu 01 Nov 2012 22:23:53 GMT)

Here is a 'Shorter' account of my most recent outing. I call this one...


This gig was a last minute thing, and last minute gigs always make me feel shit for some odd reason. I was attending a gig with a local reggae artist, an electronica act, and a more 'renowned' main headline artist. The gig was fairly intimate, and attendance looked 'fair' when I was researching it beforehand. There was going to be a twist though tonight.....

I felt really down as I drove to the venue. I was in the mood, but I just felt 'wrong' for some reason, so I wanted to be sure I had my wits about me this evening. there was no room for silly mistakes.
I parked up the Bat Mobile, and headed for a quick bite to eat before the show (I was quite hungry and I knew i needed the energy if I was to blow my load).

Despite this being a last minute venture, I was surprisingly early to arrive. My car was parked a half mile or so away from the venue, and as I got a little closer to the venue, I began to notice some punks and rockers here and there. Certainly not the clientèle I would expect for the gig that I was attending. mmm?? What's going on here??

I discretely followed a few of them to see where they were heading and what was happening. I soon learnt there was a popular renowned band playing at a nearby venue. There were loads of rock chicks and punk chicks, and for a moment I didn't know what to do. I wanted to attend the reggae gig, but this looked more promising for targets. However, I wasn't sure of the venue size inside as I had never been in here, and I had obviously not researched it.? Mmmm!!!

I thought fuck it. I paid my entry fee (which was more than the ticket price, but less than the other gig) and made my way into this new unknown territory.

The place was fucking thronged with around 500 or so rockers, punks, cybers and emos etc. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaa!! My cock quivered in my joggers and I finally came to life!
I insidiously sank my way to thee front area, and I immediately spotted this chick with an older more conventional looking dude.
He wanted a drink and I heard him say to her he was going to the bar and 'Will you be OK'? The girl embarrassingly said 'Yeah' with one of thise 'teen attitude' frowns.

She then turned to me and jokingly said 'He's got to take care of me or he knows my dad will kill him' I never got to find out who he was, but I started up some small-talk with Rockchick, and also the guy when he came back from the bar.

Rockchick had got on skin tight thinnish gray jeans and a short brown suede coat. She was about 19 and had a great firm almost black chick bubble with a lovely deep ridged crack. As I chatted to her I kept bumping my semi against her ass as I leaned forward to say Pardon, she didn't respond at all. (you know the trick guys.

The main act were due on very soon, and the crowd got tighter toward the front. She was row 2 I was obviously behind her in row 3. Hur Hur!! The band came on to a rapturous reception, and I wasted not a fucking second my friends.

My cock was already 'almost' fully hard. I slipped it from my pants, and it 'twanged' upwards under me mega thin frotting joggers (a spare pair I had not yet cut up in a quitting attempt Ha ha)!!

I put my hand on Rockchick's...(as we are referring to her)...sholders as eveyone began to insanely jump up and down to the bands opening number. My cock slid straight into her crack and wrenched my foreskin up and down violently. I reached full hardness almost immediately. I had to keep backing off to stop myslef cumming, but by the third track I could hold it any fucking longer. She kept getting a sidewards glance at me, and she bounced and swayed my bell end around for all it was worth.

I slid my hand down from her shoulders to her hips, but after a few seconds she moved my hands gently away. OK, message understood Rockchick! I put both hands behind my back and clasped them together and thrusted my pelvis forward into her swishing ass-crack. I let out out a grunt followed by 'Ahhhhhaaaarrgghhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhuuuhh! as I began to come in fast powerful blasts of thin water like piston juice as she just bounded my solid pecker around with her booty. As always, I felt the thin piston juice running down my legs, It was a massive load but somewhat 'thin' and watery for some reason. I convulsed a little as the final dregs oozed from my tap-end.

My cock was still jumping slowly as I stepped back out of connection distance from her ass to rest myself. I was so fucking tired. I squeezed myself to the bar ordered a drink, gulped it back, had a ten minute rest, and made my way back to Rockchick for a second helping of booty pie.

I watched a couple more songs, and then put my thinly covered cock back on her active booty, I soon got hard again, and I could tell she was happy to have me there again. I felt she felt safe as she was with the older dude.
I got close to cumming, but The GroinRubber couldn't quite cut the mustard again due to fatigue, and the bands very short set (50 minutes)!!

I left the gig feeling frustrated, but fulfilled, and happy that I had abandoned my planned reggae gig in place of this surprise rock gig




RE: Jay/chikan star (Sat 03 Nov 2012 22:12:15 GMT)

Nice little story chikan star, an excellent beginning!

Jay, your cock looks a little flacid in them there halloween vids. Mine would have looked like an iron rod....pinting up at 12 oclock lol lol!! Nice vids jay!!

Hey what do you dudes think of Cheryl Cole.Me, I hate her, but I love her fucking semi blak booty Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaa!!


RE: Guest - Katy Perry. (Sat 03 Nov 2012 23:14:49 GMT)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaarrgghh! I'm with you on that one Guest!! Lol!!!


RE: Jay - Cock Out/Filming Risks (Sun 04 Nov 2012 10:50:53 GMT)

I know Jay. You're very brave filming it, and doing 'cock out' Grat vids. keep em coming but BE CAREFUL man! Once I was spotted at a gig with my cock out. I was being a bit sloppy and cocky (Excuse the pun) and I had to get the fuck out of there fast!! I had a full shiny bell-end hard on, you know the one lol! I thought it was all over....I never went back to that venue again. luckily it was way out of my town but It still shit me up big time, so TAKE CARE!

PS Did you cum on haloween, or was it a jerk off job later on?? Lol!

PPS Imagine being behind these two fuckers at a packed gig!


Caption Of The Month (Sun 04 Nov 2012 11:02:21 GMT)

GroinRubber's Caption of the month suggestions: (That's not you is it Smoooovie)??

Time to work those brain boxes chikans! Ha Ha!!

Re: Guest - Celebrity Nutting: (Sun 04 Nov 2012 19:38:07 GMT)

Re: Guest - Celebrity Nutting:

Yes, this has happened here on this board. It took me agaes to think who it was
THIS IS NOT MY STORY but another board members that I remembered and found out to paste here. ENJOY!! (The celebrity is Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child)


How about this for brave?...

You're welcome, I said, this site is cool, you guys are all kindred spirits!
I know I am new to this site so, with all due respect to the current vets, naturally, I will not try to challenge their experiences. You guys are real brave. I have had a bunch of situations myself but, so far, the one that tops 'em all is a CELEBRITY!! No bullsh-t...check this out.......
I was in Houston for the SuperBowl festivities in '03. I didn't go to the game..(wish I had a ticket) however I went to the Main Street stage set ups that they had downtown. As you can imagine, it was star cameras, radio stations, the whole nine. I have a couple of friends that live in Houston, so I drove up there to hang out with them for the street party.
In any case, one of my friends knew a bouncer that worked at an upscale club there called Club Mercury. As you can imagine, access to these places, during that night, were extremely limited but...luckily...he was working the door with three other guys so, once no one was paying attention, he slipped us in.
Now...the particular friends I was with are not least I didn't think a HUGE PACKED club like that, I had to make my we agreed to keep our phones on vibrate to access each other...then split up.
I went upstairs..and chilled by the bar...ass front of me and both sides. Got a few rides in from chicks waiting to be served at the bar. I was sipping a Heineken...then I saw some radio station dude interviewing a woman...near the railing overlooking the dancefloor downstairs. I worked my way to the front..but by the time I got there, the interview was over...but the woman being interviewed stayed right there, bent over the railing looking down. The crowd was getting thicker, so I moved in behind her..allowing the crowd to bump me against her ass. There was no reaction. So..a few mins later...I moved closer on her, my dick rubbing her ass like crazy. She then stood upright..and looked to her left, not all the way around at me. I backed off a little. Then a min later, she bent over and rested her elbows on the railing. I moved in my dick is practically in her crack. I then started to dance while grinding on her...she started swaying too..all the while not looking back at me. Man, that ass was INCREDIBLE! Firm as hell! I started acting the fool...left, right..around and around..pushed harder...she still swayed gently. I put my hands lightly on her hips, she still gently swayed. This went on for about 45 mins...until the music stopped...and the club owner (I guess..I don't know who he was) started speaking on the mic. She then turned around, gave me a sly smile, politely asked "excuse me" and went downstairs with this other guy and two women. It was Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child!!! I was f--kin' dumbstruck...but VERY HAPPY, as you might have gathered, nonetheless. I rode a few more asses that night..but was STILL left with the imprint of my unusual achievement imprinted on my brain the whole time. Goes to show....celebs are easier targets than we think. One celeb notch on my pursuit of the next opportunity........

Captions?? (Mon 05 Nov 2012 11:03:50 GMT)

Nice to see you back Shadow! Any quick stories to share while you have a little time?

Any more takers for a GroinRubber caption?

I'm going for “Damn, a that bar stool would look mighty fine in Huggie Bear's crib”.

PS: What about a caption for this backdated October caption?? That dog has gotta be thinkin "mmmmm I don't know wether to lick it, kick it, or put a saddle on it".


RUB IN AN ELEVATOR. (Thu 08 Nov 2012 00:00:04 GMT)

How can a chikan quit when things like this happen naturally and innocently, when you least expect it? True story!!...


Last week, I was at work. I work in a graphic design company, a small department within a huge office block with 4 elevators. I'm taking out the trash one afternoon, and I'm in the works elevator with the trash, when the lift stops and in walks this very pretty lady about 55 years old (yeah I know)...but with the fucking hottest body, and a deep slitted bubble ass.
I've got baggy sweat pants on, and because of the amount of trash in the lift with me (bags and broken down cardboard etc) there's not much room. She comes in, smiled sweetly, turns her back, and stands in-front of me whilst the doors close and we go down.

My prick is just inches away from her ass, and she has on these smooth silky trousers and a corduroy jacket on. I can smell her fucking dark dyed hair..mmmmmmmmm! Luckily, the elevator cameras were out of order, had been for a week or so. With this in mind, I slipped my tool from my sweatpants, and lightly touched her ass chhek with my pecker. Nothing!! My cock tingled against the silky touch of her trousers tickling my undershaft. I knew I'd only got a minute or so to work here. I apologised about too much trash being in the elevator, she was cool with it, but I used this to edge closer, but just went overboard by accident. My cock hit her left ass cheek and slid across, bounding in and out of her silky crack.

My cock was rock solid within twenty seconds or so, and she made no response other than shifting her weight foot to foot, so while I stood still she just kept moving my bell end around in small circles inside my sweatpants. It felt better than any ass at any recent gig I've been to. I don't know why, maybe the different environment? She was so hot for a woman her age! Damn!!

My cock started to jump and go warm with that luscious tingle of orgasm swelling. I can't remember wanting to come this quickly outside of a gig environment. Just then, the fucking BASTARD doors 'pinged' open and she walked out, craftily cornering me with her eyes, with a semi-vacant look across her face. I pulled my rubbish from the elevator, abandoned it for a few momnets and rushed to the nearest bathroom.

My cock end was shiny and lathered in stretchy pre-cum, and I was still hard, so I began to jerk off, and within seconds I was shooting a huge powerful load of stringy jets of piston juice all over the porcelain god. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa......I was cured again.......but for how long??!!


RE: Chikaning on wives and girlfriends (Sun 11 Nov 2012 11:52:06 GMT)

Chikaning on wives and girlfriends.

I see where you're at, but no fun in that for me 'as a chikan' and I don't know wether that can even be classed as chikan perse?
There is no element of risk or mysterious consensual activity,no sniffing of the 'strangeres' hair etc etc.... you know.
Having said that, I have done exactly the same as you before, but I just classes it as 'girlfriend stuff' and not chikan.

I have two scorching gigs in December, but may only attend one due to Christmas funds. The gig I want to attend most of all is a band that I adore. The question I go in chikan gear, or wear jeans as part of the quitting thing?? Gaaaagghh. Test of character or what.



RE: Chikaning on 'OTHERS' wives and girlfriends (Sun 11 Nov 2012 12:13:51 GMT)

Re: Wives and Girlfriends.

This is slightly off the topic, but still connected....

As said in last post, not for me...BUT...I do have thoughts about one of my best friends girlfriends. She is a bit of a conventional ugly Betty type of geek, (which for some strange reason, turns me on more than a stunning chick) ?! She has an amazing ass which bounces healthily when she walks , and I don't think she's even aware what that does to a man (like me) lol!!. Ahhhhhaaaa.

My friend is a bit of a miserable cunt, and thinks gigs are a waste of money, unless it's something he's really into. But...his girlfriend loves rock gigs but has no one to go with, and about two months ago I said 'I'll go with you' (for obvious reasons) but then when I got home, I felt bad. I love my friend, and don't want to jeopardize that friendship, and although I've tried, I cannot read wether or not she would be 'game' or 'squeal on me' ?????

She always says 'Yeah, ok' when I ask her, but she's a yes person anyway, a little timid...which again turns the GroinRubber on like fuck!!

The situation is still open I guess, but I feel the risks are far too high. I'm not asking for advice, but I'm curious what you guys would do...but think before you rush in with your permanently slimed up bell-ends!

Do you guys have any friends Wives or Girlfriend stories.

Also: Do you guys get turned on by the slightly ugly/gormless/inoccent targets?
Especially if the ass is HOT!!! ???


Lewd/HSH/MTG (Mon 12 Nov 2012 22:03:08 GMT)

Looking forward to your story Lewd, sounds as though it could be a hot one. I hope there is a nutting!!

Great to see you back MTG, looking forward to some stories.

I think High School Humper 'maybe' on the quitting game. He mentioned it when it was a topic a while back. I salute him whole heartedly and wish him well.

I have an oppurtunity of a great gig on Saturday, in the genre of AOR.(I know it's gonna be packed) I'm not sure what to do??? I've been ill for a couple of days, so I'm not thinking straight. I'm also battling against the 'quit monster'.


It's not the end of the world. (Fri 16 Nov 2012 20:02:32 GMT)

Hi frotters.

So, a little bit of bad news last AOR gig for Saturday was postponed to a future date...Gaaagghh!! Luckily, it's not the end of the world though. I have a 'back up' gig, which I was actually debating to go to instead anyway, so maybe it's a sign. (It's a similar genre too)

The new gig 'Should' be OK. It's in the same city (but different venue) as a recent story (see: LEOPARD SKIN SPUNKSTER) so I'll be staying at the friends house for some dinner and a shower to save me time. I've got shit pains from being so exited, and I'm desperate for a nutt. Ahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa!!

It's a bit of a chancer this gig, as I've not been to this particular venue for a few years!! About a 500 ish capacity if I remember right, but I know they've refurbished it recently so I'm not sure until I look on-line later.

Wish me luck.


Not So Sloppy Seconds! (Fri 16 Nov 2012 23:03:57 GMT)

It's second from left for my first choice, or first from right for not so sloppy seconds!


PRE-STORY (?) WRITE UP. (Sun 18 Nov 2012 23:17:12 GMT)

Well chikans. Whilst the following content may depress some of you, or you may feel that it's off topic, I have to post it because of it's relevance to me and to chikan. To put it bluntly, I had a successful evening at the gig on Saturday, but saying 'successful' doesn’t feel right at this moment in time!?

Before the gig, during the day at work (where I was tying up the weeks loose ends) I felt like I didn't really want to attend the gig, and this pretty much lasted all day long.

After I'd showered and changed at my friends place, I almost sank into a mist of gloom whilst driving to the show. I have felt this before, but not quite in this way, as I'll explain.

Even after I had parked up the Jeep and made my 15 minute walk to the nearby venue, I felt really down. Sure....I wanted to nutt like crazy, but I didn't feel 'Turned On' like I normally do.
No gut swirls, no leaking bell end, no dry mouth etc, etc. I had no idea how I was going to feel after the gig, but I knew a bad dose of “C.A.T.S.” Was on the cards. (that's: an acronym for Comedown After The Spunking for you newer members here) I won't go into the detail of the gig (just yet) but It wasn't so much C.A.T.S. That I got afterwards.....just a very different feeling to those I've had before.

On the way too the gig - I wondered what my 'Target' would be like this evening. I then hated myself for referring to another human being as a 'Target' in this context. I just thought 'What fucking kind of man are you”?
I'm also starting to feel that there's a higher risk these days. I don't feel that there particularly is, but I think it's cos every time I attend a gig in these more recent times, my heart is not in it anymore, but my cock is.

Sometimes, I catch sight of myself in mirrors and windows etc, and I just see a secret pervert....and I don't like thinking this way. I was thinking about High School Humper recently and him saying he has a 'quitting date' and the fact that he's not posted for a while means that date may have come for him.

On the other hand he may just be mega busy like Mr Teen groper has been. Now let me tell you, I have a huge workload and other things that make me one of the busiest people I know and yet....I STILL make the time to and visit and write on this fucking damn site lol!!! How sad is that fucker?

I've noticed recently (about the last three months or so) that the more I come to visit Ayashi, the more I realise how 'Sad' and 'Pathetic' it all is (for me prsonally) and the more down I feel about being a chikan. Don't get me wrong guys, each to their own and all that shit, but this is just my perspective of 'my' feelings and thought patterns.

Let's face it....we're all perverts here, whatever colour you paint it, and I'm not sure that I want that as a label, or what to be a part of that anymore.
As exiting as it sometimes is, I'm just starting to feel like a sad pathetic perv these days.

I know some of you may not understand this and say 'why tell us' or stop being depressing' blah blah....but I know all you more active and/or experienced chikans on here will know what I'm talking about, even if you may not like to admit it. This is not aimed or intended at you guys, it's just ME and HOW I FEEL ABOUT MYSELF!

I've not said this before, but like HSH I too have quit date which was New Years Eve (regardless of whether I go out or not) but I brought it forward to December the 8th. Why...???? because that is the date of a show that I attend for my final nutt!! I do actually adore the band too!

Even now, I contemplate on whether or not to attend, or whether or not to go as a chikan or not. For the first time in many years, I'd love to go to a gig in jeans (civilian clothing). Or do I go out with a bang and go for a final nutt?

Oh that's another thing.....OK it's a small price to pay you may say, but, I'm fed up of soaking myself in fucking spunk. (I've even contemplated wearing a condom, but it just wouldn't be the same, and it just makes it seem twice as perverted)

I shot a great load this time, one of better ones due the movement of my second 'Target' but I was saturated in sperm from my cock to my knees!
All this is obviously a quitting process (isn't it?) so I'm sorry if I've brought the board down

Anyway, feedback please guys, and I'll post the story if you lot still want it...but my guesses are you won't after this 'moaning' and 'depressing' posting.

I'd like to hear from you too Ayashi...what are your thoughts?

Please don't be utterly predictable and say "See a Shrink" etc!! I know what's wrong with me!! I hope you respect the honesty I have poured out here.



Re: Guest. (Mon 19 Nov 2012 10:03:41 GMT)

I'm not trying to gain audience - Just some insight. but I hear what you're saying guest and I apologise, and I'll use the quit page from now on, if there's need to that is.


Re: Thanks. (Mon 19 Nov 2012 11:34:38 GMT)

Thanks Guest - your comments are very empathic, and much appreciated.

I will enjoy the gig if I go. Something else 'small' happened on Saturday night, and I don't know if it became a sub-concious major factor to my feelings that night, and my feelings hereafter.

As I said, I was staying at a friends house so had my chikan gear in an overnight bag. BUT..I forgot my trainers, and I had to wear the shoes that I had on for work and I felt I looked like a fucking clown, yet I still went ahead! Shouls I have bailed out and gone home and saved myself for a more natural and enjoyable chikan session??

I don't know if this was a factor at all, but I feel it 'may' have been!
The last time I got changed at my friends I had a great 'classic' kind of evening. Was I sub-conciously trying to repeat that night?? I dunno??

Onece again, apologies to you all for the original off topic post. I WILL use the quit section from now on for more detailed posts such as the recent one.

SORRY!! and the greatest of respect to each and every one of you. Thanks for the empathy.


Re: Guest quote: (Mon 19 Nov 2012 11:40:43 GMT)

Re: Guest quote:

"As funny as this sounds, you are good at what you do at the gigs. If you focus on other things, you can be good at them, too. So in some ways you are a "good"/talented person... who spends time enjoyably at gigs. You can spend your talent and time elsewhere if you wish".

Guest - I think what I was trying to say with my 'detailed' post in a nutshell is, I enjoy gigs, but just lately I've started to 'feel' like an insidious pervert!!! I hate this feeling as generally I am a good, kind person.It stains and tarnishes me both mentally and physically at times. - I'm analysing, and picking out the debris of what can be a great evening in the most. - Can you relate to that?


Pervert bastard (Thu 22 Nov 2012 11:35:03 GMT)

Ayashi, must I listen to Pervert 'bastard' insult me like so??

Done. (Thu 22 Nov 2012 11:38:26 GMT)

I think I'm done here guys. Thanks

Be safe - All of you.

(even Pervert Bastard and Don)..

..I won't lower myself to your gutter level of name calling and negative nasty comments.



Don and Pervert. (Sun 25 Nov 2012 11:04:54 GMT)


you look at things too one dimensionally my man! I respect both your and PervertBastards views and opinions, but you call me a loser for quitting chikan!!!! That's almost a paradox!

Some may that chikan is a game for losers, wouldn't you agree? For me, quitting is not a losers game, just moving on to the next phase in life. (I've not quit for sure just yet, as it's a long and arduous process)

You have to look at these things from different angles Don. Thanks for the comments though, and I'm sorry you feel so bad about me!

As for saying I can't handle an ass or her ass, or whatever you said....That's just a childish and rash comment, and I don't think I even need to respond to that do I.

As for you PervertBastard, I'm so sorry, you'll have to forgive 'Dyslexic' Jane's spelleing of amateurs! She's a bit of a fucking bimbo! (as you can see) Lol!


RE: Don. (Sun 25 Nov 2012 11:31:51 GMT)

Hey Ayashi.

I think you should consider banning people like Don from the board. OK, so I had a rant, and maybe said some things a little too intense or sensitive, or maybe too truthful...I'M SORRY for that!!

But do we/I really have to listen to 'one post wonders' like Don, that crawl out of the woodwork to post abuse when it's totally unnecessary!! I'm starting to actually wonder if he has ever tried rubbing his cock against an ass to any degree!


Re: Don's opinions etc. (Sun 25 Nov 2012 19:04:25 GMT)


I've been questioning Don! Are my stories really shit like he says? I know my stories are far from classics and are nowhere near the best on the board. My stories are also very similar and one dimensional, but that's because I virtually repeat the same process when I'm out on the hunt, as It's tried, tested and it works well 'for me'!

As I say, I know they're not the best stories here, and as Don said, you have to go to the likes of Shogun, Red Dragon etc for such, but I think saying they're shit is a bit strong and uncalled for.

I sit and painstakingly type these stories as they add essence to my chikan life, and I tell them as it happened, and inject a little humour for you guys. However, I'm not posting stories no more, and I'm going to see where the cold turkey process leads me.

By the way Shogie, excellent artwork that you put up!! did you do them?


Mirka Federer! (Sun 25 Nov 2012 20:46:05 GMT)

Mirka Federer! Not the greatest ass maybe but still worth a little Ahhhhhhaaa!

Workout. (Mon 26 Nov 2012 09:42:22 GMT)

Any of you guys like a workout with this??


LACK LUSTRE PISTON BUSTER. (Wed 28 Nov 2012 00:46:14 GMT)

Hey Guest. I'm still here for now, Just trying to put some perspective on recent feelings and events. I've decided to put the story up seeing that I had already written it. Seems a shame for it to go to waste. I just wish I could stop feeling so shit about the aftermath of a chikan session. As I say, key word: Perspectives.
Giving up is NEVER easy and as straightforward as “Fuck it..I'm quitting'” and I for one should know that by now. I'll keep that shit to myself from now on.

I enjoy posting here too, and I enjoy everyone’s responses. Maybe I should just try and look at it as a bit of fun (both the chikan and the posting of stuff) like I did in 'the old days'. (before this board probably existed) That way myself, and others may not get into abusive or nastily streaked comments. Maybe we could all learn a little from each other, either as chikans or as mere observers. Who am I to judge anyone??

I once again apologise for putting all that personal shit on the main board. In some respects, Don was right. It was uncalled for and was more a topic for debate rather than to fire it at you guys.

Anyway I know it was 'too deep' for here on the board and I have both acknowledged and apologises profusely for that, so lets move on if that's cool. I know you don't like my stories Don, but this one's for you brother as a peace offering if you will.

For obvious reasons that will remain unspoken again, I have called it...


I made my way to the venue from my friends place. I'd felt shit and 'wrong' all day at the offices but still went ahead with the hunting game in hand. I had forgotten my fucking trainers and had to wear these stupid fucking shoes with my thin joggers. I looked like fucking ZoZo the Clown, so that didn't help the situation at all. I had some trousers in the back of the Jeep to change into after the gig should it have been unsuccessful. That would allow me to get into some bars and Spend my load over some slut in a packed bar in the event of an unsuccessful evening. Ahhhaaaaaaaaa!!

Anyway, I parked up and made my way apprehensively to the venue. When I arrived there were a few people outside, all ages, including some fresh meaty teens and emos with firm pre-womanly asses. The beast stirred a little.
I had not eaten at my friends due to more being rushed than I thoght, so as I was unexpectedly 25 minutes or so early, I went for a bite to eat. This is most unusable for me as I'm normally too exited/nervous to want to fill my guts with grub.

Anyway, I ate up my burger and fries and then made my not so merry way back to the venue. there was a few people going in now, and I followed with the influx of more traditional gig goers to blend in. Once inside the gig was quite busy. Not mega packed but better than the light sprinkling I though it may have been. The place was quite dingy, but kinda cool and stunk of sweat and perfume mixed togeteher, and for the first time in the evening, my heart gave that little flutter of exitement, and sent a swirling signal to my guts. I scoped out the thickening but smallish crowd and I immediately spotted two teens on the second row back. I barged my way slowly through and planted myself behind them. They both glanced back, and my presence was acknowledged.
One of them had the looks of a lesbian (and I don't mean to be stereotypical, but you know what I mean guys)
The friend of Lemon (as we'll call her) was Hot, but the booty a little flatter than I tend to go for. It still protruded a little bat lacked the juice of the classics.

As the support act began playing, I went to work with some light bumps and taps both with my cock and my hand, and other than a quick sidewards glance, I got the all clear. She was my target! After the support act had finished, and as the main act got close to making an entrance the crowd tightened a little, and this made The GroinRubber's job a little easier.

My target was a bit emo(ish) had on tight jeans and a black,or dark hoodie sweat top on. Lemon kept watching me from the corner of her eye, so I sparked a little conversation up, and she was soon laughing with me. My cock swirled and semi'd itself as I chatted to her. She didn't have a bad ass, but just was a bit of a turn off for some reason.
Just then the main act came onto the stage. Everyone bounced and jumped, and I released my semi solid pecker form my underpants, but still under the thin joggers. (It was far too dangerous for 'cock out' action).

Emo started to bounce, so I just rested my helmet on her left ass cheek and she twisted and massaged it into a iron rod in no time at all. To say I wasn't much feeling in the mood, I wanted to come virtually straight away, so I had to back off and let my prick subside, and then go back to work again. I didn't feel she knew I was there. She was just engrossed in the music.
Just then fucking disaster struck.....Yes, you guessed it.....she took off her hoodie top and tied it round her fucking waist!! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhaaaa!! Chikan NIGHTMARE!!
I could still feel her ass with my cock over her now freshly cladded ass, but the sensation was all but ruined by the thickness.

OK, what to do? I spied this chick and her fucking huge chinned boyfreind/partner whatever on the front row just in front of Lemon. I had to barge through to get to her which made me look a bit suspicious, so I held off for ten minutes while I re-blended back in and was 'accepted' by those behind me.

Fuuuuuuck!! She had also got her top tied around her fucking waist. She was really hot though and was a similar look to kelly brook in size, build and looks. (She can be Kelly then) I'd had enough now and was a little complacent, so I just went for fucking glory. Over the next two songs, I insidiously slid Kelly's 'tied round waist' top up to reveal a huge thinly denim cladded ass. ( she didn't notice as I was real slow and careful)

Ahhhhhhhhhaaaaa! The thing that turned me on the most was the fact that she kept swaying really seductively. My cock was as hard as oak, and I could feel pre cum dribbling from my twitching helmet before I even did anything to her. Her ass had a semi muscular feel to it, yet was still incredibly soft.

Once I had got Kelly's top up, I held it inconspicuously up and out of the way with my left hand. I reshuffled my prick to the midnight position with my right hand and just planted it on her ass cheek, and then scraped it right across her fucking bubble with intent and a little pressure. She froze and turned sharply to her right and looked at Chinny (as we'll call him) She had a look of shock on her face. I thought I'd fucked it, I thought she was gonna tell him that the guy behind has a massive hard on against my ass. I was complacent and unruly, and this was not my way. The boyfriend smiled at her, and then she kinda hesitantly smiled back at him, and settled herself with his assurance.

She then looked to the front and back at the band and started doing that seductive swaying with her hips, and this just bounced my shaft left to right. It felt fucking amazing and I was tingling like mad. She kept looking at her boyfriend and he smiled, and then she smiled back at him, rocking her head to the music. She then...wait for it... took her top off her waist and draped it over the fucking barricade Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!! My heart nearly came through my fucking breast plate!! What a fucking invite!

She just kept on swishing my cock side to side, and I think she was really enjoying the sensation of my hard pecker bouncing in and out of her crack. Before long my cock was tingling like mad. I grit my teeth and tried to hold back the inevitable, but her intermittent sexy swaying and bobbing was just to much. I tensed up my abs, and almost shit myself. And as the swell of orgasm hit me I let out a huge “Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh” in pure bliss, and even though the music was loud she heard me. (First time this has happened for a long time) She looked at her boyfreind, Chinny with that smiling surprised look as I released a humongous fucking load. My cock pounded as huge spurts of piston juice creamed the inside of my joggers and leaked onto Kelly's bubble. It was so intense, and the feeling lasted forever compared to some of my nutts. My cock was still thumping slowly a minute or so later.

I noticed Kelly then became a little uncomfortable, and even though she continued to sway a little on my still quivering, wet semi, she didn't seem as enthusiastic any more. I think the 'Ahhaaaaaa' took her by surprise, and my guess was she knew what had just happened.
After another song, she kinda came back to life again, looking at Chinny from time to time and clocking yours truly in her peripheral vision. I was spent though. It was too late in the gigs short set to go for another bolt, but I didn't feel in the mood after such a huge blast of baby fuel anyway.

I salamandered backwards, and surveyed Kelly from the back of the hall. She looked back for me, but soon forgot about me once she knew I had gone. I wanted to watch to check she didn't grass me out to Chinny, or the security men at the front. She didn't!
I was now at the back of the venue and felt exposed, especially in my shoes with joggers (lol) so I took out my i-phone under the pretence of fiddling with it, and I dropped the fucking thing and the screen cracked...Fuck!! It was about the right ending to the evening, and maybe was another factor of the C.A.T.S aftermath.

I left the venue with the crowd after the two song encore, found the Bat Mobile, and headed back to Groin Manor. When I took my joggers off, my pubic hair, and some of the hair at the top of my legs were mattered up with spunk. Yuk!! I had a hot blast in the shower and went to bed in a midst of chikan confusion.


Well, I have a definite gig on Saturday 8th, as I've mentioned, but there was a gig I had overlooked, more because of the amount of money I'm spending at gigs. I have a fantastic gig opportunity on December 5th, and it's the same artist as from my story 'SECOND COMING' so I know what a huge crowd that these attract. If I attend, which is likely, I may look for my last year target 'Vanessa' (as I called her) as she let me have it all last time around. But i'll keep my eyes open for fresh meat too. It's a long time since I attended two gigs this close together, so I'm not sure how it will all go down. I'll be prepared though this time, That's for sure!!


A Point Worth mentioning. (Wed 28 Nov 2012 21:01:28 GMT)

Thanks for the note Guest. I appreciate that. I know what I put up here was too much, and I've apologised, and I'll try not to get too hung up on the negative aspects of the game. Thanks.

A Point Worth mentioning.

Re: My upcoming gig on December 8th.

I have been to see this band periodically every year for the last 7 years or so. More often than not the concert is held in December, mostly at the same venue,
When I went in 2009, I decided that after the gig, I would get my stuff signed by the band afterwards in the car lot where the travelling tour buses were situated.

After the gig, I went to the car, grabbed my stuff and joined a longish messy queue of avid fans. I already had a huge sperming about halfway through the show, but I spotted this woman, around 40, not very attractive, but with a hot ass and legs to match.
She had on these thin baggy (ish) linen trousers, so I just casually slipped my cock from my underpants, and planted it on her ass whilst pretending to look over/around her to survey the crowd.

Anyway, long story short....her ass felt amazing, and there was a disco bar over the road playing loud music, and she rocked her fucking booty to the beat of the music, sprawling my tube steak all over her ass.
Her ass felt naked, her trousers were so thin. Even though it was December, it was a mild evening, and it was drizzling with rain. She made some comment about her hair going curly as it rained. I said jokingly 'Your hair looks great' As she turned to give me a smiling sarcastic look, her ass pressed hard against my semi hard pecker. She MUST have known, especially with the 'consensual bobbing' around to the music.

I didn't Nutt, and never really got close, although it felt fantastic. The year after in 2010, I kept my eyes peeled for her, but still never saw her in the gig. She was out back again afterwards getting stuff signed, this time wearing skin tight trousers.
I couldn't get close with my cock, but got a few little feels with my hands. It falt fucking good man.

In 2011, I never saw her at all, despite looking for her in, and after the gig. I'm hoping this year, I can find her in the venue and do my thang Ha Ha!! The fact that she's less than attractive turns me on for some odd reason...but you know what they don't look at the mantelpiece when you poke the fire Lol. I know I gonna cum bucketloads if I can find her and 'get on' her.


Yummy! (Wed 28 Nov 2012 22:09:21 GMT)


RE: WORKING IN PAIRS. (Thu 29 Nov 2012 11:12:33 GMT)

Go for it West Indian. just go with the flow and see where the hunt takes you man. Be steady and don't rush things, gain the trust!
I nominate GroinRubber for 'Asshole Of The Month'


Any of you guys worked, or attepted to work in pairs as a chikan. I don't mean with an 'enemy' chikan, but maybe with a friend or someone you know where you may have attended an event and then discussed your nutts and/or resuts afterwards. Where it has all been pre-planned.

I know most chikans would feel safer inside their anonimity (as do I), but I'm curious, as I've sometimes been tempted to ask a pervy friend to work in pairs.
Even two on one, that would be awesome...Ahaaaaaaaahhhhh!!
BUT it would mean giving away my secret, and my innermost perversions, and I don't know how I'd bare up when the C.A.T.S kicked in after the nutting. lol!!

Comments please guys.


RE: Guest and Guestz (Fri 30 Nov 2012 20:05:06 GMT)

I most definitely agree with what Guest and Guestz are saying. This can, and DOES happen, and I speak from very similar experiences. The flip side of this coin is that I find more often than not that it works in another way too, that is when a girl is with a boyfriend or male friend that the chick seems to give more consent. Take my last story for example, and this happens a lot with me. In some ways I feel safer and more confident when a target is with a dude, but I'm always extremely careful testing the waters here too, before I go to work 'properly'.

Well, I have a double event next week (not quit just yet) One on Tuesday and the other on Saturday. The time until Tuesday cannot go quick enough. I've been abstaining since mid-week too, so it should be a monster load...assuming the action is there as it was last year.

Then it will be onto another spate of abstinence until Saturady. We'll see what other feelings it brings up, but I promise not to share the shit here, OK!
It may take a while to get the stories up, as I'm really busy and it's a double event too, but I'll do my best to get em up before Christmas, if they are worth telling. I'll let you know if it's a failure too, but I think that's quite unlikely, especially at the Tuesday event.

PS: Looks like old Barrack's at it again! lol!

Have a good weekend chikans and be safe.


Hot Ass Clips. (Fri 30 Nov 2012 21:12:22 GMT)

I apologise if I have posted any of these before, but just look at these asses!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!! In the SECOND clip, I am not referring to the chick in tight jeans at the beginning. Watch on and you'll see a chick in light grey Aladdin pants with a hot ass. I'd blow in minutes if I got behind these fuckers at a concert!!


Another Ass Clip. (Fri 30 Nov 2012 21:22:12 GMT)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrgggaaaahhhh! I think I need to jerk off! I stand need watching this shit when I'm abstaining for gigs!!! I'm gonna end up with a case of Lilac Balls.


December award: Shadow
For his "Festival Of Lights" and other enlightenment.
(No pun intended.)

Gotta Smash An Ass Right At The Festival Of Lights! (Sat 01 Dec 2012 06:26:32 GMT)

Chikan Knights Of The Grand Order...

How goes it, brethren? Always good to see the board come to life on a positive note...

Been a hot min since I dropped anything here...however Guest has asked for a lil somethin' it...why not, right?

Based on scoring at this particular event before, I looked forward to this festival with heavy anticipation of what was to 'cum'....(yes, pun intended.) .

I got to the location, well ahead of time in an effort to scope the area and possible 'entree' targets, that would lead to the main course/s that I would 'dine' on later. Upon arrival, I saw that a few rows had developed on the upper balcony level, to watch the opening dance routine below. After grabbing my bottled water as per usual, I sauntered over there casually, to check on the scene. I knew that, once this dance routine had concluded, the focus for the entire event would be on the main stage, so I had to get 'warmed up' here, prior to securing my spot at the main stage barrier on the lower level.

While strolling past, I saw two Indian women, approx 30's, dressed in sarees and thin overcoats, at the balcony stone fixture; one of them was about 5'9, average looking with a chubby build and a wide flat ass, standing upright. The other was about 5'6, more voluptuous with more pronounced hips and a bigger ass, leaning slightly but very talkative. There were two young teenage boys standing with them, both of whom gave me a blank expression as I stood nearby. I wanted that shorter broad but I knew that I could not just push my way in. So, I said 'fuck it'..and played 'Mr Tourist.' I sparked up a little chat with the boys to put them at ease, asking them about the events, who they were there to see, how I had never been there before, I like cultural events like this yada yada yada. While speaking, both women turned around and got involved in the conversation. Once I took my camera out, the taller broad asked me if I wanted to get a better view. I pretended that I was fine..however, based on the two rows that had now formed behind me, she insisted, stating that it would only get more crowded..and moved the two teenage boys to her side, leaving the short broad with the phat ass CLEAR on my runway! I acted nonchalant, thanked her..and moved in place, deliberately not making contact with Shorty's ass yet. The shorter broad simply turned around, smiled at me, then did a full lean over the balcony fixture, making a PERFECT pressure contact with my dick..and kept on talking with the other woman.

Ok! I guess the swipe test just went out the fuckin' window here! My dick was already outside of my boxers in my trousers so, while pretending to take pics of the dance below, I swiped my dick slowly back and forth across this woman's phat buns. The crowd behind me were slightly pushing which, eventually, allowed me to effortlessly EASE my stiff dick up in between her butt cheeks. UGH...there is no better feeling! I literally stood there, taking a bunch of fake pics, while she continued to adjust her positioning, in order to accommodate my solid dick that was now snug in the hot walls of her butt crack. I wanted to roll my hips and really 'get to work' but there was an older couple behind me who were so short, they would have been watching my ass roll from back there (no explaining yourself outta that shit! LOL!) so I just chose to stand there and let me dick pulsate and twitch deep between her ass cheeks. The friction that she was causing, while trying to adjust her position, was giving my dick a great massage but not enough for me to bust a nut, just create some pre-cum.

After about an hour, the dance routine was over..and the crowd started to disperse...yet Shorty remained there, bent over, watching the crowd below. I remained there, composed, with my dick still snug between her butt cheeks. I think that we had both lost a little control because..when I turned around casually, there was no one behind me for concealment anymore. The only people that were behind me were the woman and the two teenage boys, who both stood watching quietly in disbelief! Real talk, man; I had not even seen 'em leave! Shorty was singing along to the songs over the loudspeakers, waving at members of the crowd below...I don't even think that she had seen them leave either. LOL. Naturally, I could not keep my dick in her ass with no cover so, once I saw that, I tapped her on the shoulder then moved off her, so her people could see her. She pretended to be surprised, thanked me while hoping that I enjoyed myself for the day..and walked over, chatting away as if nothing had happened. Most times, I never look back when my targets leave however, this time when I chose to do so, I saw both women looking back at me smiling...and one of the teenage boys with an inquisitive look on his face. HA!! HELL, she might have been his mama... but ya man Shadow ain't got no love for them hoes, yo! Come on now.....

Now that the dance routine was over, I made my way to the main stage. Along the way, I stopped at the majority of the stalls on an 'all-you-can-feel' mission of PLENTY of asses. Tits and thighs in the crowded lines but, more importantly, I knew that I could not remain doing so for long, as there was a 45 min intermission before the barrier area would get too crowded for me to get a spot. I also realized that I needed time to test the compliance of any of my chosen targets as, once the crowd forms, it is very difficult to move and leave if my target/s starts trippin'....

I walked over and positioned myself behind two Indian chicks, student types, 19 or 20's, both wearing thin cardigans and leggings. They were both pretty, same average build with perky bubble butts...a little smaller than I personally like 'em however they were both already leaning over the railing so I figured I would bet on those two for a nice lil 'Dona Flor Seus Deux Maridos' routine; dick in one crack with my hand tomahawkin' the other crack. Not bad, could be worse, I thought. So I moved in and created momentum...

Well, at least I TRIED to move in and create momentum....because some other buttjackin' chikan muthafukka swooped in and tried to create a wedge between me and my chosen targets!! This was an older Indian dude, approx early 60's, short and husky, dressed like a fuckin' vagrant. I could not believe the nerve of this fool! He started to mutter some indistinct chatter, while pulling an event program from his bag, using his weight to deliberately create a greater wedge between me and my targets. Now, I could have shoved this fool into the nether regions of the now growing crowd..however I had to realize, of course, the culture of the event plus I was younger than I stepped back slightly..where he was able to gain ground on the broad that I was going to tomahawk. The chick that I was going to ride looked around at me, then at the older dude..then whispered something to her friend. At that point they both turned around, looked both of us in the face, then turned back around, continuing to lean over the railing. Moments later, some music started playing from the stage loudspeakers, whereby the broad in front of me started to push her ass back until she made contact with me. The older dude saw the compliance and...before I could even get moving on this chick, would you believe this playa hater from HELL started JUMPING to the music in MY direction?!! Man, at that point, he had amped his hateration up to the TOP degree so, again based on the event, I stepped back. He moved into my spot and felt vindicated. I stood there for a min, a little heated obviously.....but I quickly realized something...

You see, based on all the jumping this fool had been doing, he had actually created a space in the still growing crowd area around us, which opened up some barrier space to my right, on the other side of him. As I moved over there, I saw an Indian couple moving directly to the same space. Because I was nearer, I got there first, however the guy asked if his woman could stand at the railing because she was shorter than me. I said it was cool however, when he asked if he could stand there too, I played the 'there's only room for her' tune for him, whereby he backed down and said nothing else. When the woman stepped up, I moved away from the railing..and...JEEZZUUSS!!!...

The woman was late 30's/early 40's, very pretty, elegantly dressed in a saree, shawl and flat sandals. She thanked me and took her place at the railing, standing upright at first. I looked down and saw the PHATTEST ASS on her that I had seen all day!!! The husband was trying his best to keep a watchful eye on her however, as the crowd had really started to increase now, it was getting a little difficult for him to do so. I looked to my left..and the playa hatin' vagrant had his eyes fixated on my target's phat ass, obviously realising that my new target's ass was phatter than both of the original ones put together. LOL. He looked up at me..and I gave him a BIG TOOTHY smile..which I think irritated him even more..because he started his 'jumping routine' in my direction again, only a little more toned down this time. Dumb move, not only did the girl in front of him move out of the crowd now, with my original target following her...but the husband of my new target got into it with the playa hater, worried that his wife would get pushed by all the jumping. The playa hater had overstayed his welcome at that I took the liberty of helping the husband to oust the hater from his position, allowing the husband to move to the barrier on my left, next to his wife, whereby the crowd closed in around us quickly.

First objective achieved: disposal of the hater, basic assurance for the husband being next to his wife (removing the possibility of him watching what I was doing while standing behind me) and having his wife's PHAT ASS in front of me to ravage! Oh yeah, I did wave at the hater as he was being pushed by other people as he made his way out of the crowd! :-D ….

The intermission was over and the program was about to start. The playa hater had really served an alternate purpose, as I was on complete speaking terms with the husband, based on our earlier joint effort. The crowd had already gotten thick with at least five rows behind me, however I was making sure that I would not get up on the wife yet, bracing myself against the pushing crowd behind me to create space for her to lean over the railing. As the presenters made their way to the stage, the wife started clapping and getting excited, turning to her husband and even me to show her excitement...and then FINALLY leaned over the railing, exposing that big, BUBBLE ASS underneath that thin saree. As soon as I saw that, I moved in, aligned myself....and..while bracing a bit....I allowed the crowd to slowly push me back into formation, with my dick as a torpedo HARD AND DEEP straight into her crack tunnel. FUCKIN' HELL! I thought I went quite deep into the earlier broad on the balcony....but this broad?! She must have had a thong on or some shit..because my dick spread her phat butt cheeks practically immediately! Plus, her crack was as hot as fire! The husband was speaking casually to some people to his left, so he was completely unaware of what was taking place. The presenters were still announcing, however the wife had stopped clapping and was now silent, standing very still. I decided to ease back off her a I did not want bust a nut too early...

As the first act started, the husband turned back to face the stage again, asking his wife if she was ok; she replied she was...and he even asked me if I was enjoying myself. Man, with my dick, hard as a rock, long and deep BURIED in his wife's crack split, I practically grunted a ''uh huh'' to him while facing the stage, just so he could turn his focus elsewhere LOL. He continued to talk for a bit, all the while my dick hardening even more between his wife's bouncy bubble cheeks. I felt her shiver a bit as I slowly pushed a bit deeper between her cheeks and stood there with my dick twitching.

I was able to control myself from nuttin' too early by backing off and pulling my schlong out of her ass to give her a break, between stage acts. By the time I had done that after the second act, she gave me hardly any time to do so again, as she now started to mess around with contents in her bag, all the while moving her ass around to search for my dick. Once she found it, she kept lining up her crack for me to shove it back between her butt cheeks. See, here I am, tryin' to take it easy on this broad...but she ain't havin' it! Funnily, with all of that action on her part, though, the basic dialogue that I had shared with the wife before had now come to a complete standstill. Her husband, however, still continued to run his mouth nonetheless. I was content as long as he did not fuck up my groove! Then, right at the point when I thought he was never gonna shut up...(even as I looked at the profile of his wife as she turned to him occasionally, she had the same 'Man, give it a rest!' look on her face LOL) he..and the whole situation...took a turn for the better....

As the sixth act was about to get going, he started fidgeting. His wife has found her comfort zone now; completely composed and supposedly 'focused' on the stage entertainment from the surface but actually, down below out of sight, writhing her ass in small circles on my dick by this point, causing my dick to tunnel deeper and deeper like a fuckin' corkscrew all up in between her ass slot now. While all of this is going on....along with his wife semi- ignoring him at this point, I ask him if he is ok. He tells me that he needs the bathroom but he is afraid to leave because he will lose his space. Once he said that, I jumped at the opportunity to encourage him to go by way of ridicule, saying ''Is this space worth wetting your pants in public?'' His wife laughed..but said nothing else..which I think was the humiliating and determining factor that made him leave. He asked me to hold his space; I humored him, already knowing that there was no fuckin' way that he would make it back here, even if I TRIED to hold his space for him. LOL. Hey, it's not my fault, right? What else could I do? :-D As soon as he left, I went to work....

As he made his way out, there was a brief space around me. I used that opportunity to put my hands on either side of the wife, completely closing her in..while the thick crowd re-formed back around us. I feel that she was hoping that he would leave as well..because she turned her game up. After quite some time of not saying anything, she turned around and thanked me for not allowing the crowd to crush her at the front. Shit....I guess! LOL. After that, she turned to face the stage, then lowered her elbows and her torso onto the railing. I felt her legs moving position, as she got onto her tiptoes!! FUCK! JUST what I had been waitin' for but never thought that it would happen!!

With my dick still tunneling DEEP into her butt crack, she started to wiggle her ass from left to right to the mid tempo beat of the music. I wasted NO TIME once I felt that, particularly as the crowd was COMPLETELY manic now and it was heading towards twilight, I pushed back away from her to release my dick into the open and conceal it.. Once doing that in one quick and undetected motion, I lined it up between her ass cheeks and PUSHED right back in. Man, my dick felt like they were between her BARE BUTT CHEEKS, her saree was THAT thin!! She clearly felt the difference and started to look to her right, which really was at me in her peripheral. She then looked past me at the crowd behind me..then at the crowd either side of her..then turned and faced the stage again, saying nothing. Naturally, that was clearly her way of making sure that no one had noticed anything. Now, with my BARE DICK all up in her ass socket, I moved my hands back to the railing and cupped her breasts from the sides; she even moved back off the railing, as best as she could within the crowd, to allow me to touch them for a short time, while looking around at other people every now and then..but the crowd was so manic, they had not noticed anything, anyway.

Still in delirium from my sudden stroke of luck, I dropped my hands to my sides and held her hips, then squatted up and down, dragging my solid dick through her ass crease, credit card swipe style. I could feel her clench her butt cheeks around my dick while I did so. The crowd surged every now and then which, during one surge, I was able to move my hands from her sides to the front of her thick and shapely thighs, with the aim to touch her pussy area..but I could not as the space was a bit too I returned my hands to grip her hips, while I rolled my hips in the opposite motion of her ass wiggling and circling. I felt so tempted to close my eyes...the feeling was THAT good..but of course I knew better.

In the mania of this crowd, as I rolled..and she I squatted up and down...and she circled...I knew that I was about to bust a madd nut. At that point, I wanted to hold her ass still so I could just BUST all in her....but she must have felt the sensation and did one better. She pulled her ass away as best as she could, tiptoed as high as she could to reach the tip of my dick (I squatted down a little to help her) and then jammed her ass crack on my dick and slid down slowly like a pole, where I pushed up in the opposite direction. As I looked down and saw my dick between those PHAT ASS CHEEKS that I was now gripping on both sides, I lost it and SPEEEEWWWWWED A FOUNTAIN OF HOT LAVA into that broad's DEEP ASS CRACK!!! I was a bit worried as I thought I was not going to stop nuttin'! Man, I was actually SHAKING as I was nuttin'. LOL! I felt like kissing the top of her head...but I thought otherwise..which probably was better not to do at the moment...

Once my nuttin' frenzy had subsided, I felt like I was being held up by the crowd. My trousers had received some of that nut, so I ws partially drenched however, based on my bare dick being out and between her saree clad ass, I had an absolutely strong feeling that she may have received the majority of my 'offering'. There was still no sign of 'hubby' however I already knew he would not be able to return. I moved my hand in front of me to touch her ass..and yep..sure enough...that area felt very damp, which really was not surprising at all, particularly based on the thin saree trousers she was wearing. Still, nonetheless, she did not turn around and acknowledge me in any way. She got down to her regular height from her tiptoes, remained leaning over the railing and simply stroked her hair, while continuing to watch the activities.

I remained there throughout the next act, with my chest glued to her back, and my hands on her thighs. Her breathing pattern was all over the place! As the act finished, I figured that I would make a move, as the crowd was slowly starting to thin out...leaving enough room for her husband to make his way back to the front if he wanted to. As soon as the pressure of the crowd had died down behind me , I stepped back and....from the flashing lights of the event....was able to glimpse what looked like a pretty big wet patch right on and around the crack area of her saree pants! Shit!! Yep, it was time to make a move! I moved away and over to my right casually amongst the small crowd build up there but, while doing so, I caught her glance at me face to face, after what seemed like ages. Her eyes looked lost; not upset by any means..just kind of empty...almost longing. She quickly took her shawl and wrapped it around her waist..then looked back up at me and cracked a small smile. Once I saw the smile, I felt a little more at ease..then I was outta there!! I made my way towards another small crowded area..then looked back over to the railing area from there. After about ten mins, I saw the husband make his way over there towards her. I chuckled to myself...and then headed for the exit. A couple more bit the dust, SHADOW style! :-D

Appreciation... (Sat 01 Dec 2012 16:03:11 GMT)

Thanks West Indian; much appreciated, brotha. You are RIGHT ON THE MONEY, where the Trini and Guyanese chicks are concerned as well. Based on the locations of Trinidad within the Caribbean and Guyana virtually considered as South America, the Indian chicks in both countries practically, for the most part, CANNOT ESCAPE the 'phat ass' gene. :-D Outside of chikan, I have 'dipped' into quite a few chicks from both countries over the years however, from a chikan standpoint, I have ALWAYS enjoyed them as willing targets that hardly ever complain, if at all.

I see that you agree with how these nutty broads think at times too, guestz. It would be hard for most cats out there to believe that these women actually get down like this..but I watched these broads in action...and they never fail to amaze me.
On this note, I remember a particular chick that I met in a club a few years back, standing at the bar. I approached her with the usual 'you wanna dance?' bullshit line that gets us guys shot down almost 80% of the time. This time, though, ol' girl was cool as she was waiting for her girlfriends to arrive, so we danced a couple of songs. Shortly afterwards, her friends arrived at the club and she got so into yapping her mouth with her friends on the dance floor, we had practically stopped dancing, so I walked off. About an hour or so later, I was standing at the bar and another chick comes and buys a drink, then stands next to me. We sparked a conversation...then, as I made a few jokes, she starts playfully hitting me while she is laughing. Next thing I know, the broad I was dancing with earlier LITERALLY shoves her way between the chick I was talking to and myself, saying ''Dang! Y'all can't be hoggin' up the bar space. I want to get a drink, do you mind???!'' while looking me directly in the face, then giving the chick I was talking to a sideways sneer. I simply smiled to myself, asked 'my girl' to join me at a table across the room...where we finished our conversation...while the rude chick (who did not buy a drink after all, by the way) stood there with two of her girlfriends at the bar, giving me and the chick I was with a mean look!! Huh?! WTF?! LOL!! See, I just gave you that previous example to sustain what you are saying as well as to show you how crazy and erratic these broads can get, when they are not getting the 'attention' they think they deserve at times...

By the way, as a friendly side note West Indian and guestz, when ever you get a chance, go ahead and get a handle to make yourselves official here, brothas. The both of you have some GREAT insight that brings a worthy contribution to the board. Come on in to the clique, fellas :-D

More appreciation... (Sun 02 Dec 2012 03:10:21 GMT)

Hey fellas,

Just wanted to post this real quick (before my woman gets here LOL) to show more gratitude and much appreciation for all of your feedback. Real talk.

Shogie - homie said ''curry crack''! LOL. Yeah, man...I had to get my Eastern grind on, son. All phat ass applications are welcome, you of all vets know that!

GroinRubber - thank you for your kind acknowledgment, man; I like your material as well. I thought that I would throw that account together based on a request here...which happened to coincide with the available time that I had to do thanks again.

Thanks Don and Guests, I really appreciate your acknowledgments and comments.
As a sidenote, personally, I have never believed in writing accounts to compete with anyone, as I just prefer to remain humble in that regard; just my nature, I guess. I am sure we all enjoy the PRACTICE more than the THEORY of this game, right? I know that I do! LOL!
Nevertheless, I am..and will ALWAYS remain..extremely thankful for the acknowledgments and recognition that I have received here over the years...and will always rather acknowledge and encourage other talented writers here as well as give advice to newbies, if requested; as, I feel, that quality is the most dominating factor that should exist within the measure of ANY extremely confident chikan. :-D

Gotta run for now though, fellas. Stay on ya grind and be careful out there...

More captions.... (Tue 04 Dec 2012 01:27:21 GMT)

Firstly, thank you to same old groper, Leo187 and amir for your comments, much appreciated.

NICE pic GroinRubber! Two more captions for the list:

Guy: ''Maybe if I stare long enough...and wish hard enough...I can zap this basic and pathetic excuse for a girlfriend standing next to me outta my mind and replace her with that fine ass bitch in the window? Even for a FEW minutes? Fuck it, it's worth a shot...let's see..''

Woman next to him: ''Oh, here we go! Now this fool is gonna want to me to lose weight, get tanned and start dressing like this bitch now! I bet his dumb ass thinks I don't even know that he is looking at her too. Bitch giving him all these ideas now. I KNEW that we should have went to KFC.''

Bustin' Out... (Tue 04 Dec 2012 02:23:26 GMT)

As an extremely avid boxing fan, I knew that Shane Mosley was not up to par AT ALL in this fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Thankfully for us, though, Shane's girlfriend stood up out of her seat to express the same thing..and got me IRON HARD when she did! Bella, Bella!!

Ho, Ho...and more hoes... (Thu 27 Dec 2012 20:09:03 GMT)

My chikan brethren,

A belated Merry Christmas to you all. Here...have a phat ass...Shadow's treat :-D

What? Mo' Hoes? (Thu 27 Dec 2012 20:12:52 GMT)

And of course..happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa to all those who observe. :-D Here, feast on the same delicious treat on me...

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