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@buttlover & @veteran lurker need help (Mon 24 Jan 2011 02:39:34 GMT)

I am a female in my late 20s. I am obsessed with being touched in my "sleep". I have been reading this site since a threw it out there as some awful thing that should be condemned. I don't find it awful at all, it actually is a huge turn on for the most part.

I do not have sexsomnia, I do not want to have sex in my sleep. I just like to be fondled and to feel someones dick or to have my hand put on their dick. I like to remain "asleep" during the experience. I was not molested or anything, I just am a very dominant woman irl and I guess this is the only way I can be physically submissive.

I especially care for the feeling of cum/precum. I am looking for stories or places where I can find stories/images/videos anything. If you share with me I will share some of my favorite times with you. I know this isn't really the right place to share (as that really isn't what this site is about) so I won't unless asked.

Female Frott fan from yesterday (Mon 24 Jan 2011 23:26:20 GMT)

I got a login ID. Hoorah.

I like the idea of being a victim of frott, however where I live there are no busy busses or trains and the concerts are small and spaced out. The clubs here are mostly sports oriented and there aren't dance clubs. I had to get creative. About 8 years ago I started initiating my own frott scenarios. It has become an addiction. To the point where I will explain more as I post more if my posts are welcome.

For frott to work the giver must think the victim is unwilling. When I meet a guy, I try to come off as prude, shy about my sexual nature. I comment specifically about my disapproval of sexual deviancy. I also make it aware that I am a heavy sleeper.

I frequently have male guests, friends or whatever. I have a two bedroom house but only one large king size bed. I tell them the bed is big we can sleep together as I am a heavy sleeper its no big deal.

I have different ways I initiate the act. Instead of dropping all my methods I will share what happened a couple of nights ago.

My guy friend crashed over after watching movies and some drinks. We watched the movies in my bedroom and I was laying on him during the film. He was paying close attention to the film and I began to simulate sleep. This is much more difficult than it sounds. It takes a great amount of concentration to make it appear realistic. I use meditation to focus the energy out of my body to allow it to lay heavy against his and to keep my limbs limp. I try my best to completely leave my body while staying mentally aware. Although sometimes I become so aroused I cannot help but to twitch my pussy an inner thighs. I positioned myself in a way that my face would slide down his chest and my hand would slide down over his crotch once I fell "asleep".

I could tell that he was aroused and could feel him pulsing through his pants against my wrist. He would slightly move his legs adjusting himself. I could tell he was uncomfortable with the situation, I am sure he was fearful that I would awaken to find his hard cock against my wrist. He pulled my arm up his chest but as he was sitting up the action was futile as his breathing would push my limp arm back into his lap atop his already erect penis.

It is unbelievable that someone could sleep through anything, so instead of allowing myself to be "awakened" by movement I allow myself to be "awakened" by loud noises. He coughed loudly. I used this as an opportunity to get some attention for myself. I stretched and turned onto my side pulling his hand into mine and wrapping his arm around me with his hand on my chest. I had on a loose thin V-neck shirt with no bra on. My chest is large (but proportionate as I am 6 foot tall) DD. I meditate myself back into sleeping status, my arms become limp releasing his hand onto my breasts and resting my plump ass onto his cock.

At first he was only semi hard. I use my breathing to make my breasts un-avoidable. Taking long slow breaths inflating/deflating my chest rubbing my breasts against his hand. I use the position of his hand in combination with my breathing to slide the tips of his fingers near my soft nipple. The touch of his fingers harden my nipple near his hand. He can feel this change. He lightly tries to move his fingers away but cannot resist. He wants to feel it. I feel him getting harder against my ass and squirm a bit pulling away and pushing in.

As I take breaths in I press lightly into his cock, slowly and lightly massaging him. At this point he is caressing my nipple, I feel his thump wrapping around my breast because he wants to squeeze hard but he is unsure. I hear him sighing and moving uncomfortably. Then comes the check... he grabs my shoulder firmly and shakes me and in a half whisper half speaking tone says "hey" my limp body moves a bit as he shakes me but I remain unresponsive. He sighs loudly, in annoyance and begins to turn away but cannot resist.

He turns back pushing his cock deep into my ass, resting his leg inside mine. Thrusting into me several times then he wraps his arm back around me and cups my breast and squeezes. I feel his cock jump against my ass, he is still uneasy though. He sighs in pleasure but I feel him frequently sitting up to check to see if I look awake or near to it. I am leaning into him as he pushes into me and caresses and squeezes my breasts. He sits up to look at me, I cant imagine what he was thinking. Then he lays back down a bit farther from me.

Because I was leaning against him and I must maintain my limpness I fall onto my back. The turn pulls one of my breasts from my shirt and lands my arm across his crotch with my hand right on his balls.

He sighs in pleasure but is still unsure. He reaches down and puts his hand in his pants to adjust himself but he cant help himself. My pale soft breast staring at him reflected from the light of the blue screensaver of my DVD player, my hand on his crotch, my slightly parted lips and shallow breathing, all to perfect. As he begins to pull his hand out of his pants he pushes back in to softly massage himself. I can hear his breathing become more labored.

He reaches over and begins to lightly massage my breast. Stopping occasionally to touch my face and run his fingers across my my soft protruding lower lip. He slides his hand down my chest, across my stomach near my crotch. I am wearing thin PJ pants with no underwear. The tips of his fingers touch the top of my crotch.

He wants to feel my crotch. He slowly pushes himself down to reach my crotch, dragging my hand to the base of his upward facing hard cock that he is still massaging inside of his pants. He very lightly rubs around my lips surrounding my pussy, he is so aroused his hand is shaking.

I allow my hand on his crotch to twitch slightly to remind him that I am there. He sighs in pleasure. Again he decides to check. He puts my breast back in my shirt and grabs my shoulder firmly and shakes me lightly with his near whisper "hey, are you awake?". No response. He reaches down and grabs my hand lightly and pushes it into his hard cock. Thrusting into me. He uses his other hand to caress my inner thighs and around my vagina.

I hear him panting, he is beyond turning back at this point. He is so hard. I cannot identify a single soft point on his cock. It must be killing him inside those jeans. Finally he slowly (quietly) unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. Rubbing it at first a little, then he turns to his side moving my arm over his leg and pulling my leg between his.

He thrusts his cock between my arm and thigh repeatedly. He has precum all over me and himself, making his cock glide across my skin. His panting has become more labored. He is playing with my breasts, squeezing them together, pulling on them lightly, catching my nipples between his fingers, stopping occasionally to pull on the head of his penis.

Finally he lays back on his back and takes my hand and rubs the top of his wet cock all over my palm, between my fingers, the back of my hand. He takes his other hand and wraps my hand around his cock and slowly starts to move it up and down. His precum is all over me, it feels like silk. I am so amazed at how hard he is and how aroused he is by how slowly and lightly he is moving my hand on his cock. I can hear his breathing become painful as he tries to keep quiet, holding in his moans. His hips moving slightly up and down begging him for more but his restraint only seems to turn him on more. finally he cums, spurting all above our hands. He draws his hand away leaving just mine as he continues to cum I feel the cum sliding down the back of my hand down my arm.

He lays there for a bit in disbelief catching his breath then realizes he must erase the evidence. He carefully slides out of bed sooo slowly and tip toes to the bathroom. Returns with toilet paper and cleans the wrong side of my hand leaving the back side covered in cum (which I love).

He slowly slides back out of the bed and goes to the bathroom and flushes the TP loudly with the door open, I "awaken" and in a deep slurred sleepy scratchy voice call his name and he replies "in the bathroom, be back in a minute" and I turn over and actually goto sleep. It was divine.

Proving myself? (Tue 25 Jan 2011 18:56:10 GMT)

How am I supposed to prove myself? I have played online games or been on anon/legion forums in the past, come into the same issue, given guys my phone number even and had them call after seeing my facebook/myspace and they still didn't believe me. Guys dont want to believe a chick can be sexually active, attractive, into gaming, shooting, and a techie. Nothing will change your mind on that unless you spend time with me in person.

I don't mind giving out a few details. My name is Nicole, its my middle name, a family tradition to go by our middle names. I work part time and goto college full time. I am getting my bachelors in digital arts and various certificates. I plan to get my masters in computer science. I am a competition shooter in my spare time. I shoot traditional sporting clays and 3 gun action shooting (handgun). I play video games, I have everything Nintendo or Playstation, I pretend the xbox360 doesnt exist. My favorite color is teal, or other variants of ocean blues and greens. I live in the desert, I like the look of the ocean but I wont step foot in water that is not clear.

I just came out of a 5 year long really shitty relationship with a guy who I discovered had been cheating on me with his subordinate at work for 2 years all the while he had been telling me constantly that my fantasies were sick, that I was worthless, and that I was too dominate and made him feel like my bitch (even though I was the only one who made changes for or relationship and I waited on him hand and foot). I feel like really whoring it up and sharing my adventures on a mostly all text forum where maybe I wont be judged if that is ok?

And this isn't a fantasy. Its part of my current sex life. Its happening for me. It takes work. And I take pride in it.

I don't know what else I can prove...

Proof & Story (Wed 26 Jan 2011 07:14:43 GMT)

Can’t believe I am giving you guys even a smidgeon of a glimpse of my tits before I show /b/. But you guys never call me oldfag (or you haven’t yet) so whatever I guess its ftw. Thats me with the hello kitty postits on my tits. All good?

Guess I want to tell the story about my first time. It was the end of one chapter of my life and the beginning of another. After reading the whole story some of you may disapprove of my behavior and I do too I have changed my ways since then. You guys need to post more stories too! No fair.

A long time ago when I went to college the first time, I was a HUGE party girl. Specifically a candy kid (dunno what that is? Google it). One of the down sides of such behavior obviously being the drugs. Being a cute girl I never had to pay for anything. It was the candy kid nature to just be giving so I would hang with a guy/gal for a bit and he/she would give me something in return maybe I would give them a bracelet/necklace, back rub, toys, or light show. I really had my heart set that night. I wanted to find some LSD but I was striking out. I ran into some buddies and we smoked some weed and snorted some K. A little later another girlfriend gave me a triple stack roll of ecstasy. Then just when I thought I was on edge someone came through and got me some LSD. This was over a 6 hour period at this HUGE rave in Texas called Massiv. My last rave too, as I am pretty sure I almost died.

Massiv was pretty underground so only the hardcores were there but they came from miles. There were no preppies or other losers and security was super loose. It was held in a foresty area at an old medieval renaissance grounds with a fake castle and lots of “peasant” houses and shops. Some of the houses and shops were set up as stages or stores. Others were just chill areas. It was at one of these such chill areas that I had my first experience.

I was laying on some pillows or something soft and pretty I cant remember what exactly staring up into the trees that they had lined with chiffon and Christmas lights. There were lots of other people chilling there, I think I had friends dancing to Spoonbender nearby. It was night time, the weather was perfect and everything was just so beautiful.

This guy came up and saw I was candy-flippin hard and gave me a lightshow then sat behind me on the ground and pulled me between his legs and started rubbing my shoulders. In the rave environment (at least at the time I have no clue now I haven’t been in 8 years) everyone was every ones best friend and lover even if you had never seen them before and everyone took care of each other. So the concept of snuggling up for a massage from a complete stranger was nothing new.
I was kind of a junglekid/candykid combo. I had on a white men’s button up shirt with a neon black light friendly bra, I had sewn ribbon bows and buttons onto it and tied it up into a halter. I of course also had on thin flowy wideleg pants with reflective ribbon down the sides. You wanna be comfy in these circumstances for dancing and tripping. And all the candy jewelry to boot which is downer now that I think of it because it covers all of your lower arms.

He rubbed on my shoulders softly caressing me, occasionally pulling me into him. Running his fingers through my hair and around my neck, furrowing his face under my hair where my neck met my shoulders. Usually the experience wasn’t like this. But it felt great so I surely wasn’t objecting (not that I could because I was completely demolished from the drugs and dancing). I was sitting with my legs bent sort of leaning forward on them. Another guy came up, I saw him more because he was in front of me and he said something to the guy behind me who was rubbing my lower back.

At this point a combination of his touches with the waves of different trips from the different drugs were getting me so wet. The other guy sat beside me then the guy who was rubbing my back moved to my other side and propped me up on some pillows or bean bags or something. Guy number two pulled my legs out straight, he put one of his legs under my leg and the other on top of my leg so I could feel him pressing into me. I swear he couldn’t have had on underwear. He was wearing some silky material wide legged pants. I could feel his semi hard cock pushing into me. He began to lightly drag his fingers around my upper chest near my neck and over my arms then across my face and lips. Occasionally over my eyelids when they were closed.

His cock was super hard now pressing into my leg. He was gyrating on me. I started to feel a bit uneasy, but then the song changed and I felt better again. I have no idea how much time passed. The original guy was still on my other side, I think he was watching us, possibly touching himself. I could only see him out of the corner of my eye. At this point the second guys hand was in my shirt. His dick was so hard pressing into me sliding up my thigh sometimes touching my hip. I could swear that it was out of his pants but I didn’t see it. I couldn’t really sit up.

The first guy leaned in and asked if I felt good (which is a normal raver thing to ask) I said yeah, because I really did. He then began to massage my other breast. I have no idea how many people saw all this. But I lived far away and I just figured it would be pretty unlikely that I would see any of those people again. My friends wouldn’t care, I had watched them fuck before so it wasn’t anything. I was the prude of the group really.

Then the first guy some how got between my legs and began to slowly push his cock into my crevice of my crotch. We both still had on pants. He had his face in my neck again. I was worried momentarily that I may be sweaty from dancing but it felt so good. I had one leg pulled wide open between the other guys leg and this first guy between my legs kissing my neck pushing his dick onto my clit through our pants. I could feel my pants being wet, I don’t know if it was from me or him but it only let his dick glide more quickly back and forth on my clit. He was doing this vibration thing with his hips, it felt so amazing. Then the second guy hit my magic spot on my nipple and I couldn’t hold back. I came. The first guy (between my legs) kind of laughed and jumped up, bent over and kissed me on my cheek and left. I don’t know if he was sober or what.

I was shaking hardcore, my leg had come loose from the second guy I had struggled and moved onto my side. He didn’t stop, continuing to caress me and push his cock into my ass and eventually into my crack. It felt so innocent and good, it was around then that I blacked out. I woke up later to this same guy (who I later discovered was named Ryan) throwing me into a pool at some apartment complex and my girlfriends were there. I was still fucked up and the water felt amazing.

We swam around for a bit (in our clothes) then got our wet drugged up asses into my car to make the 6 hour drive back home. It was on that drive that I came to the realization that I don’t need drugs to let loose and connect with people and I can do that same thing on my own terms sober. That was my last rave (only took me 5 years of heavy drug use to figure that out!). I don’t know what happened when I blacked out, but Ryan seemed good natured and I got tested afterwards so I escaped a dangerous situation without a scratch.

Thoughts on "Dirty Girls" and Another Story (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Thu 27 Jan 2011 07:08:11 GMT)

THOUGHTS ************************************************************
I don’t blame you guys for being scared. I am too. But I am not sharing any of my personal information with anyone here nor do I want any of yours. My huge douchebag of an ex I met on the net. Seems like everyone I have met on the net has turned out to be bad for me. I met a guy in a sexy chat place about 8 weeks ago and he turned out to be a total pussy and was completely full of it. He hadn’t a clue wtf to do. I felt like I was with a 12 year old.

As far as girls disappearing and me being afraid of being caught I want to go into that a bit. Girls are not raised like boys. It is completely different for us. Interestingly enough I had a conversation with one of my best friends from grade school about all this over Christmas break. She is into urophilia, and when she tried to tell her BF he was horrified and she had to recant saying she was only kidding. I told her about all my sick obsessions as well (which the sleep sex I assure you is just the tip of the iceberg). She has others as well. We were trying to identify why we are like this? Why we were into this stuff. Both of us are tall. I think she is an inch taller than me actually. So as young girls we were forced into pink, modeling, cheerleading, dance, and other activities. By the time we met each other we were on the edge of rebellion. We were 15 and they had just built a Barnes & Noble here.

Our parents used to take us there and drop us off. We would read anything disgusting or crazy we could find. We came across a book called “120 days of Sodom” by Marquis De Sade. I stole that shit (I was the more ballsy of the two of us). We read it together cover to cover. Oogling each page like it was some secret to fucking life it was ridiculous. I never forgot that shit. I mean aside from sneaking a peek at my dad’s girly mags when I was a kid I had never seen anything like that in my life. We felt naughty and rebellious so it all worked out. A few months later I lost my virginity at a rager and I think she held out for another year. We learned at a young age that consent does not mean submit, and that sexuality is more enjoyable when things are going according to your plan, not someone else’s.

We didn’t have other groups of people that hung out with us but I later discovered after graduation that people idolized us because we got invited to all the college parties and we had the hottest styles and whatever. We just figured shit out young I guess, and at my school there were whores and prudes, we were just like badasses. Because we understood our sexuality and we wanted to be the ones in control. Those were good times.

Some girls are perverse because they were molested or raped. Some witnessed sexual acts at too young an age. It happens but when it does, it fucks you up for life.

So what does all this mean? Well over the years my fellow dirty girls and I have learned a lot. There are two constants:
First: if you disclose your sexual fantasies at the beginning of a relationship one of two things will happen: 1) Either they will think you are a total whore walking sex pillow and it will prevent mental and emotional connections from forming fully or 2) They will think you are a total whore and want nothing to do with you. Neither of us have had an experience otherwise.

Second: If you do not disclose your fantasies at the beginning of a relationship but you do once you are well into it one of two things will happen: 1) Either they will think you are a total whore walking sex pillow and it will fuck up all mental and emotional connections you had or 2) They will think you are a total whore and want nothing to do with you.

My friend does not act out on her fantasies. She just is porn addicted, but she works from home and her live in guy is frequently away so she has opportunities for lots of porn. I too am porn addicted, however if an opportunity presents itself in real life I seize it. I wont hold back, even if in a relationship. Its just something I have to do. I cant see the point in living life feeling like you are missing out on something. Just doesn’t seem fair. And these opportunities don’t always present themselves.

We both understand though, you have to be very careful. Which is why I am horrified that I posted the picture I did post. I should have pulled up my hair and taken a bare chested picture at least. I mean I would have been less identifiable. I should have photoshopped out my freckles.

We have a choice. I, like many women, have chosen not to be labeled a whore. I need emotionally connected relationships more than I need to get off. I have vibrators, a massaging showerhead, and a vivid imagination that holds me over. I don’t what to have sex everyday, sometimes not every week. I don’t have a sex fettish. I have other fetishes. Make sense?

Once people find out you are porn addicted or into sick shit they will never respect you. You cant be a leader in industry, you cant form relationships that aren’t sex based. It’s a huge fucking deal for a girl. For a guy this shit is nothing, for a girl it’s a HUGE deal. Yesterday the guy I was seeing dropped by to drop off some shit for a class we have together and I took it to put it away and I had Ayashi and /b/ pulled up but minimized and I almost shit myself. He just sat down and started to browse my music on my computer. I was just saying over and over in my head: “please don’t get the urge to google something, please don’t bring up the web browser, please please”. I mean my tits were right there. He had just told me earlier when I was talking about /b/ that people that read that site are sick. I was like “oh yeah totally”.

He can love me now, but he wouldn’t if he knew. He would be furious if he knew I put my chest online. He doesn’t control me nor does he own me but he imagines me a certain way and expects that I am exclusively his as people in most relationships do. We haven’t actually had a conversation about it but I know that’s what he feels from his comments.

So why do the girls disappear? What I just said. If it gets to risky… especially if you have a live in partner or roommate you just have to hide the shit. I live alone and I still hide the shit. I hide all my stuff on an external drive that is encrypted and boots only in Linux that stays mostly unplugged. I browse the majority of the web from a phantom IP and an incognito browser window. My passwords have no letters, only numbers and characters, the shortest one is 13 characters long. I sacrifice sleep so that I can hide my secrets in the quiet of the night. When I was with my ex, I only used /b/ on rare occasion or maybe But never would I do anything like this or go to or whatever. No way I would risk getting caught on that shit. I was so worried about him leaving but he left anyway. I would only have discrete rendezvous with people in town on business or something that I knew were completely detached from our circle. I wouldn’t tell them my last name or give them my number or friend them on facebook, so trust me I understand the fear of getting caught.

Will I stay here on Ayashi? Well until finals week I will try to be a regular, but if someone shacks up with me or something yeah I might disappear. I don’t make promises I cant keep. Things I can promise: I don’t have a dick (although I wouldn’t mind if I did, I would put that shit to good use), I am not a reporter, cop, government contractor, other user from the board, troll or whatever. I am just me. I am different. I am not alone, there are others like me, we just have to be very careful. I am sure there are probably lots of girls that have checked out this site since the below article. Some of them may even be regulars now, but they are too scared to post or maybe they haven’t anything to post. You don’t know. Its not like this site comes up on google search. I didn’t even know my fettish had a name till that article.

This is the jezebel article that lead me to

STORY ************************************************************
All this talk reminds me of another time that was a super awesome experience for me because it combined several of my fetishes: frott, a younger man, and abnormally hard cocks (I don’t care about cock length as much as I do hardness, I want it thick and hard, not long/skinny/bendy I hate that shit).

I was seeing/living with this guy. He was around my age I think, we didn’t live together long, it was an impulse thing. I needed a roommate and I fucked the guy so I was like: you, lets live together. Anyway, again we weren’t really all that exclusive (that I thought anyway). He went to some river with his buddies one weekend and I decided I would use the days and close my house down (usually it was the party place) and get totally fucked up on different drugs and make some bad ass art and music.

I had taken some shrooms like 13 hours earlier and was coming down watching the game show network making some wild drawings of 70s gameshow inspired shit. I was getting tired but couldn’t sleep so I took a Vicodin and got ready for bed. All the sudden I hear a banging on the door. I was sure it was the cops (no clue why, probably because I was messed up) but the banging just continued. I tip-toed to the door and finally got the balls to look out the peep hole. It was my boyfriends 17 year old brother (btw, 17 is the age of consent here so no harm done on this deal). I was totally weirded out because we hadn’t ever really hung out and surely he knew his brother was out of town. (A little background, my BF and his siblings were from a broken home and they were frequently out and about on their own at all hours of the night and no one really gave a fuck about them. I was 22 years old at the time I think)

I cracked the door and was like: “your brother is out of town, didn’t he tell you?” and he was like “yeah” then I went to my second thought and said “no one is partying here tonight, I was about to go to bed” he just stood there in silence. It was one of those seize the moment things. He was so much hotter than my BF and he was an amazing artist and I really liked his taste in music so I was just like: “you can come in and watch TV while I sleep but you cant leave because you have no way to lock the door”, he quickly chippered up and responded “ok!”. I am going to call him Justin, Justin was about 6’2” tall, indie lookin kid, thick with muscle but not too meaty, no fat. He had short hair (which sucks cuz I am a hair puller) was wearing a polo, white undershirt, and some like athletic type pants (not sweat pants but like the silky ones). Justin had a girlfriend. He didn’t have a cell phone so sometimes she would come by looking for him, which later became pretty funny. She was so up his ass, what a stupid bitch.

Anyway, I got in bed and got under the covers. He took off his polo and got in with me. I handed him the remote to the TV. I told him that if he was going to be in bed that we had to cuddle, he consented and I had him lay on his back and I laid on my side with my arm around him and my leg over his. I told him I was a hard sleeper and if he got tired of me being on him to just move me. I told him I had just taken a Vicodin and was about to be out cold, I joked that I may snore and drool on him and I had everything all set up the way I like it.

It was really hard to fight the Vicodin but I had been wanting Justin, all the girls did but he was the type that would never cheat on his stupid little girlfriend because they were so “in love”. But there was nothing holy about that to me and I wanted him and he would be mine.

As I started to simulate sleep he put his arm down around my back and I could feel the tips of his fingers on the top of my ass cheek. He turned the TV down and squeezed me a little and slid down to where my head slid down his chest and it was resting on his crotch with my arm over his legs. He pulled his arm up and was kind of shocked like “what do I do with my arm, should I move, dunno what to do”. I was just wearing a thin nightgown. I hadn’t any underwear at all on. Good for me. He squirmed a bit but immediately came back. Resting hard against me, he started to caress my hair. He was being so lame I thought he or I was going to fall asleep. My face was right next to his dick and I hadn’t gotten any indication that anything would happen.

I could feel his caressing slowing. I had to do something. Usually I just vedge but I wanted Justin, I was so curious about his cock, I had to know. I let my lips part and started to breathe a little more heavily twitching my legs a little so my crotch would touch his leg. I forced some spit out of my mouth slowly with my tounge so it fell on his crotch. I wanted him to know my mouth was open and it was right there. Sure enough it was the spit that sealed the deal, little Justin perked right up and was hitting between my bottom lip and chin. I let long hot breaths out onto his cock. It would jerk up and hit my face. I could feel he was uncomfortable. According to him he was a virgin because his GF wouldn’t put out till marriage. I had virginal lust, and all that just made me hotter.

He could have moved me, I gave him my permission earlier. It was his choice to keep me there. I felt his hand get shakey. He touched the skin at the nape of my neck and slowly moved his stiff shakey hand down the back of my night gown. When he realized I was braless he jerked his hand back out and I felt his cock grow and pulse. Don’t know if he hadn’t done that before or what but I didn’t care, his nervousness was getting me wet. So wet that I am sure he felt it through those thin ass pants on his leg. I could feel him shift for a moment to look at me like “holy god what have I gotten myself into” I could tell from his breathing that he was a combination of aroused and horrified. I mean here he is, without his girlfriend who he is so “in love” with being all Christian and pure and he has his brother’s girlfriend drooling on his dick.

When in Rome I suppose, whatever the situation he was there and I was hot for him and surely he knew, or even if he didn’t, no virgin could turn down an opportunity like that. He started to move me, I was worried that it was all over. He put me on my back and made sure my head looked nice and comfy on the pillow which he fluffed for me, he covered me up to just below my chin and snuggled up next to me. So gentle and gentlemanly! His hands were large and his fingers were long. He was laying on his side, he put his hand down just above my knee and began to caress my leg lightly, an almost tickle with the tips of his fingers. The more pressure he applied and the more he touched me the shakier he got. His fingers made it to the bottom of my nightgown I could feel his fear, he stopped for a moment and then slid his shakey hand slowly up my nightgown.

Once his hand got to where my underwear should have been and he realized again that I had none on is the first time I really felt his cock. He pushed his hand into my pelvis and shoved his cock hard into my hip and let out a moan. It seemed involuntary, natural, and uncontrolled (at least that is how I imagined it). His cock was sooo unbelievably hard and wide. It felt like a brick or a floating rubber colored flashlight that pulsed with heat it was amazing. He let out a huge sigh and fell onto his back for a moment. I felt him sit up over me, surely looking at me again. He pulled down the blanket exposing my chest and slid his shakey hand slowly inside the cup of my nightgown lightly cupping my breast and squeezing it, he sighed again loudly. Again he turned away. This time I could feel him fidgeting. He was touching himself I am sure of it because moments later the athletic pants and whatever underwear he had on (boxers I am assuming from later encounters) came off.

In his head I am sure he was thinking he had some drug dead bitch here and he was going to have his way with me (kinda, he was still prude obviously). He covered us both back up and put his hand back up the bottom of nightgown and began to carress me all over. He laid his head right above my chest and put my arm over behind his back. He used his leg to pull my leg between his to where his bare precum covered cock laid right on my bare skin between my thigh and hip. He would caress me slowly with his on-and-off shakey hand occasionally grabbing my other hip to push his cock into me. He would bury his face in my chest to moan and sigh (like that would make it more quiet, what a moron).

After all this slow gentleness he got a bit more brazen. He slowly got to where he was on top of me, I don’t know if it was his intention but my legs ended up between his and he was laying on top of me, at first I couldn’t feel his cock as much anymore and he was just kissing on my neck and chest while breathing heavy and massaging my tits/playing with my nipples. Then he sat up and I felt him start to jack himself off over me. He would reach his hand down and squeeze his fingers between my legs/lips and touch my clit.

I was getting lonlely and sad but I guess he finally got an idea. He laid back down on top of me this time he straightened out his legs some and squeezed my legs together with his and pushed his cock in the area between my squeezed together legs and my pussy. His cock was so wet from precum that it slid in and out without a problem. I was shocked, it felt amazing, he was soooo hard. I couldn’t believe he was soo ballsy. He didn’t even check to see if I was awake. I guess I was doing a good job pretending, he thought I was drugged, or he just didn’t care but I didn’t either so it was good.

He wasn’t rubbing his cock in there long before he came. I was sad and thought surely the events were ruined because his virginy lameness. He laid down on top of me putting all his weight on me and breathed heavy. His face fell right between my tits. My pussy is sopping from my own wetness and his cum. I am internally going crazy at this point. He reaches up and puts his hands near his side like he is about to push himself up but he hesitates. Then the best thing ever! He let himself back down and moved his hands up to my breasts which he pushed onto either side of his face. He moved his face back and forth slowly between my breasts and little Justin perked right back up and was jerking for joy in my moisture filled crotch. I was elated.

Apparently he had another bright idea after massaging and kissing on my breasts. He sat up (all the while making sure that we both stayed covered with the blanket, so kind) and shimmied his ass onto my stomach. I had no clue what was next, I was hoping he wouldn’t poo on me or something weird, I was hoping I would get more of that cock.

He positioned himself on me where his super hard wide cock hit right between my tits. I was just dying with excitement. It was so hard to control myself, my mouth fell open but I don’t think he noticed, but I needed a way for myself to breath heavily and quietly without moaning so it had to open. He squeezed my tits around his cock and began to slowly titty fuck me, it was so smooth and silky from his precum and he was thumbing my nipple and bending in a way that he could watch intently. It was just divine.

Suddenly the neighbors upstairs did something (I lived in an apartment) and there was a loud bump. He stopped I somehow maintained and didn’t move a bit. He let out a sigh of relief. I loved his little noises they were just adorable! I think this is when he noticed my mouth. He sat up and started to play with himself and took one hand that had started shaking again and ran it down my cheeks, then dragged his fingers over my lips and down my chin slightly pulling my mouth open wider. I had been keeping my mouth wet (which is hard, you try breathing with your mouth open for a few minutes and keeping it wet) I move my tongue very slowly in waves covering it in spit. At the time I still had my tongue pierced and I had in a tongue ring that had a bright orange ball with a little hoop through the ball on top (had to take out the piercing not long after for a promotion at work). He slid two of his fingers slowly and shaking inside my mouth and touched my tongue ring. His pelvis jerked and he let out a sigh/moan.

He stopped moving for a moment (I am sure contemplating) then the most amazing thing ever! (This is the only time I have ever gotten this to work and I have wanted it to happen again but no one has ever gone this far) He got off of me and moved to beside my head. He was jacking himself hard at this point. I had my tounge covering my bottom teeth and lightly touching the inside of my bottom lip. He pulled my mouth open wider and while jacking touched his amazing cock to my tongue. He did this several times, then finally he took it all the way and holding my chin down to force my mouth open he slid his cock into my mouth. Holding himself up and away from my face so he didn’t crush me with his other arm. He very slowly pushed in and pulled out. At first not very deep, but slowly deeper and deeper. Finally he pulled all the way out then slowly (with his whole body shaking) pushed all the way in. The head of his cock moved just past my tonsils touching the back of my throat. He moved his hips side to side, I could taste the metallic saltiness of his precum all over his cock. Then I felt the urge (partially because I was suffocating) and swallowed sucking his cock head down my throat a bit (also letting in some air for me) he nearly died, he almost fell because his arm gave way but in a single motion caught himself and pulled out and started jacking off hard core and came right across my check and around my mouth.

I was smiling hardcore inside, secretly. I felt so dirty and great. This time he was actually done. Falling onto his back and breathing uncontrollably, wiggling even giggling like a little bitch. He slowly slid out of bed and brought a towel I had used from an earlier shower (I could tell because it was still damp) and cleaned everything all up (he even cleaned me up nicely). Then in a bizarre move he went and got a brush and brushed my hair too! He tucked me back in and cuddled up next to me and fell asleep.

A couple of weeks later when his brother went out of town again he showed up on my doorstep and I fucked him crazy that time. And then once again when he came over to watch a movie with his brother and his brother fell asleep on the couch.

Then things got all complicated and he broke up with his GF and wanted to be with me and stuff. His GF came to my house and was calling me a whore and blah blah. I had just gotten a promotion so I kicked his brother out and told him and Justin I never wanted to see them again. But still to this day he had the most amazingly hard and perfect cock I have ever seen. I dream about it and touch myself to the thought of it frequently. A night I will never forget!

Thoughts - Professor and Girly Humps (Fri 28 Jan 2011 04:14:47 GMT)

Why is it that women have to be the second greatest source of minor conflict only to money? I don’t want you to argue with each other. I certainly don’t want you to stop lurking the site, stop posting here, or feel like my involvement here excludes you or frightens you.

Please just calm down. It’s all good. I am just me, I am not like the other bitches that I have been here in the past (as I hope you can tell). I saw their posts and pictures in the archives. I am not here for your approval or disapproval. I won’t ever post pictures of my ass and ask what you think. I am not bringing you whack ass shit from clubs and mistakes that I regretted at first but learned to love. I can handle your criticism. I thrive on it at times. I am used to it being a female trying to make her way in technology and weaponry based industries. I am used to it being a female heavy internet user. It’s not like this is my first forum. But the fighting with each other and fear that I am inspiring brings me great discomfort.

What I do, my sexuality, my total essence and being are a carefully crafted artform that I practice. It is my pride and my form of control in a world of chaos. Surely you, my fellow artists, understand the need to connect with people who appreciate your craft. Not for attention, or to help placate your inner attention starved self from daddy syndromes, but because when you accomplish something alone, sometimes it is as though you have accomplished nothing at all.

I read something in the off topic forums yesterday from a suicidal member. He was heavily criticized. There is something about frott that makes it more of an emotionally connecting experience than just sex or getting off. It does bring one comfort. I can fuck all day and not feel the way I do when rubbing and humping. There is innocence to it, it reminds me of my youth, the times when I would be at public hang outs and parks on top of some boy making out in front of everyone and it was nothing but the two of us in spite of it all. The impermanenance of the act, especially for me right now, is just what I need. The emotional attachments are fleeting and disposable leaving no room for broken hearts or pain.

Thank you to Probeurhole for your compliments on my grammar; it was a fucking struggle I assure you. As most heavy forum users, sometimes I like to get a bit too creative with my English and I have been writing heavily since I was 11. I got my first BA in technical writing so you are lucky that my stories don’t read like a fucking computer manual! I can’t wait to see your pictures. Even if I have to go from poster to lurker so this forum can move on I assure you I will await them anxiously.

Also thank you to webmaster, eleven, Veteran Lurker, Red Dragon, buttlover, and others who have offered their support in my being here. If it weren’t for you I would have shut up already!

STORIES (<- See that an S!, no long diatribes today, just brief but blissful encounters)****************

I would be a vulgar liar if I didn’t tell you I had a thing for teachers, well specifically professors.

When I was in high school we had two options for gifted and talented kids. The AP program which was at the high school and if you placed high enough you could spend your entire day at the community college taking classes that gave you college credit and high school credit. At the time I thought I was going to be a lawyer (I had a computer but it was shared, it wasn’t until I graduated and started doing naughty things with my computer that I decided to go into tech). As such I decided to take some courses in Political Science, Philosophy, Government, and some other such shit. The same professor at our little community college taught all those classes. It started in the Philosophy class. I was excelling with the concepts, way faster than the other kids. I would buy books from various authors and read them up and turn in reports for extra credit. He told me when I could finish and comprehend either a Kierkegaard or Nozick book that he would give me something special.

Little did I know how special it was!!! He would have me over for tea and “privately” tutor me in politics, religion, and philosophy. He would have me sit on his ottoman and read and work through stuff on his coffee table while his wife and kids were away (his kids were my age, his daughter a couple of years older and son was same age). He would frequently come from behind me and lean over me to inspect my work and push a little surprise into my shoulder or head. I loved every moment of it!

He kept trying to hook me up with his son, but his son was a moron, and his daughter kept trying to hook up with me but she was a whore. More on her later. Anyway, we still talk at least weekly to this day, he is my greatest mentor, and when his wife up and dies I am on that shit like white on rice. I respect him too much to ruin his marriage. I got all A’s in his courses, needless to say after my special tutoring started I was given grades for stuff that wasn’t even curriculum related, but I guarandamtee you I got a lot more than most people will in their life working with him. I was also awarded a transferable scholarship by the board he was the president of. Most of my strength and resolve comes from what I learned then.

Then just last semester, I had this computer modeling class. The computers were all around the edge of the room in a ‘U’. I sat at the edge of the U just one table away from the end next to my guy friend and then on the other side of me was a plotter so the people on the other side of me couldn’t see me and everyone elses’ backs were to me. I had this super hot older (50ish) indie looking teacher with beautiful shaggy longish hair. I wanted his hippie ass. His hands were soft, his ideas were weak, he knew I knew more than he did about the modeling and frequently let me teach the class. He looked at me in adoration. I loved his looks. I got him hard just talking. When my guy friend missed class (a lot, he is a loser) the teach would come stand with his back to the plotter and put his hand on my upper back and lean into me and push his cock into my arm as he “critiqued” my work. That was just the beginning. I have him again fall semester and I am going to figure out a way to make it happen when I am moved into the much smaller room for upper level students. I’ll keep you posted. He knows I want his balls, and he wants to give it to me we just never had an opportunity. I told him I would be back, I wasn’t kidding and it wasn’t for his shit instruction.

Old Experience: When I was still in HS maybe 16 I had already had sex with a guys a couple of times and I was all obsessed with the movie Hackers. Anyway I met a girl at this rave that looked just like Angelina did in that movie. I decided I was going to go for her. I was sober, she obviously wasn’t. She was a couple of years older than me (she was in college). I danced with her a while. I felt like my best chances were to corner her. I tried to move her to the wall but ended up finally pinning her against one of those insane 10 foot tall concert speakers. It was a small indoor rave. In an old run down warehouse here. She had on a strapless tube dress. I reached down and touched her legs but I needed those tits. I finally reached up and touched them then we started kissing. It was fucking amazing. The kiss and the music moving through us, vibrating our bodies. I pulled one of her legs between mine and pushed mine between hers and we began humping each other while making out. My profs daughter was there and she walked up and was such a freak just straight out asked me in my ear “need any help?” I motioned for her to fuck off. Thank god she did. Because right then the song changed and the way the bass was hitting vibrating our legs on each other’s clits while we humped we both ended up getting off.

I told my other girlfriend about her later, she wanted a girly experience too. And that college chick ended up giving my friend head in the bathroom. I ended up dating that Girl for a while, but she kept cheating so I told her to fuck off and hooked up with some other girl. I used to think hooking up with chicks was hot, I don’t do it as often any more. Everything gets old.

More humping stories later. I have a male guest coming over will be here any min so no time to proofread!

Nah, no more pictures for a while (Sat 29 Jan 2011 06:55:57 GMT)

I read some things here that turn me on more than they should. Yesterday after reading a typo ridden tale from one of the users I blacked out during auto-stimulation.

Tonight, the guy I am seeing comes over, after I had a little to much to drink at the bar. I am still dripping and I kick him off of me and ask him to go home. He got all emotional, I stayed cold.

I am just as fucked up as anyone, If not more, and right now drunk also. I would rather fall into this gap or create new experiences of my own with a stranger... like these... and others I read online... dream of at night... or have lived in the past... than make an attempt at normalcy. A carefully plotted charade for those I am close to, at home with strangers.

Its better than love, its reality when it gets you wet. You don't have to lust for it, because its always there. A constant that feels like a soft warm hand sliding down your underwear, anytime your down. The poem that the poet could not write, absolute perfection.

Little Something While Shooting (Sun 30 Jan 2011 03:53:17 GMT)

@ Red Dragon, lets hear it! Do you read too? I don't post there, just read. About 50/50 between the fantasies and male experiences board. I like the bulge flashing stories. Here is one I particularly like: It is silly in a playful way but the self control and the holding back from her when he knows she wants it, is a huge turn on.

I love touch. I cannot emphasize it enough.

There is this married man that comes into work a lot. He is a friend of the family. He has been around for as long as I can remember (since my first memories as a toddler). Until I went to my current job I hadn't seen him in 13 years. Sometimes he shoots with me on my team over time we have begun to bond. Something naughty knowing he is same age as my father and was around like an uncle during my childhood (we are not actually related).

It all started at this shoot right after I left my Ex. I was particularly whorily dressed and I had on my Italiano Castellani shooting vest which is especially form fitting and doesn't even zip up around my tits. This man (I will call him David) and I were sharing a 2 seater cart and a shotgun (as it was an impromptu deal that he shot with me and he didn't have his gun in his car when I rang him up). We joked a lot he would touch my leg briefly or something it was comforting. He told me I was looking sexy and slapped my ass, I think his exact words were like "if you were a biscuit I would be gravy and be all over those buns" or something old and silly.

Typically when doing sporting clays I will shoot 50-100 birds depending on the course. This time after I finished my 50 bird sub-gauge course David and I decided to go out on the Master's course and fuck around. David is an excellent shot, much better than I at the game of sporting clays because that is still a new game for me.

He decided to give me some "pointers" (which frequently happens for me when shooting alone with a man, but this particular man I have an ongoing experience with). He is so much older than me, and he has a dirty dirty mind and dirtier mouth, just like me. We joke about dirty things and are frequently playful. Nothing solidifies that mental connection like a touch. I am attracted to older men but intimidated by them. I find it difficult to be my dominate self around them and frequently find myself just submitting.

David got behind me, his legs a bit wider than mine. I felt his crotch press into my ass but he wasn't hard at first. Then he brought his hand onto my side and up across the side of my breast and down my arm. He positioned me, saying nothing, his head right next to mine. He used his other hand to push the button to trigger the pair, they flew, his arm pushed my gun, he squeezed my arm and pushed into me when it was time to shoot and I shot, hitting each of the birds in the true pair every time. Each time the bird cracked I could feel his cock jump on my ass. Then he would pull away after the pair and we would head back to the cart as though nothing happened, just chatting away (mostly making fun of other people there and talking about porn and gore videos).

Overtime we text each other. Nothing dirty. Sometimes he tries to set me up with his friends kids and I always flake out. They are all pussies and I just cant get into it. His wife is nothing like me, a short thin framed blonde, medium sized tits, sassy attitude, uneducated, and sexually introverted.

David and I went to a shoot again together today. We went out early, it should have been an afternoon rotation, but they let us go before lunch. We were playful, caressing eachothers' backs, him dragging his hand non-chalantly across the side of my breast. Long unnecessary hugs where I could feel his cock. I decided to be a little more aggressive and told him he was to only refer to me as his main ho, he said "Ok Nicole, I mean my main Ho, you're so crazy" as he hugged me in and nuzzled his face in my hair. I could feel his cock jump on my thigh. We got back in to the event/retail area just as the rest of the shooters went out.

We were at the place we frequently shoot. They let us roam around while everyone is out on the field. I know David is into my tits and ass, I go behind the gun counter and bend over in a way that exposes my ass and keeps my arms away from my tits and start to examine a LWRC full auto tricked out 5.56 in the glass. David Is trying to sip his tea over at the clothing racks, but it was literally seconds after I positioned myself before he was behind me. I am in the center of the case with my arms spread apart leaning on the counter. The only way you could see what was in the counter besides looking over my shoulder was to go get on the ground and look from the front, which I knew David wouldn't do.

First he walked by me, slapped my ass and threw his tea cup in the trash to the side of me. Then he came back and got right up on my ass and said "you like what you see there?" as he leaned across my back and looked into the glass. He asked me what I liked about it, I started telling him about the bad ass guitar case it came in, the fact that the barrel is made from the same special super strong metal blend as NASCAR car frames. I could feel him pulsing on my ass cheek, Then I kind of moved so his cock feel between my cheeks and leaned to the side and pointed at the ACOG sight and the 2 click removable 3Xmultiplier. To lean in for a closer look he put his hand right up under my tit and leaned over. His thumb slightly squeezing my breast into the top of his hand. At this point I could feel him very slowly pushing into and pulling off of me. I decided it was as good of time as any and I had run out of shit to say about the gun I decided to turn around and see what he would do. Of course he pussed out and decided to go fetch us beverages. People started showing up then from the field.

We lost touch for a bit I went and rubbed up on some younger men, one married, one single. Flirting and drawing attention. Complimenting one's eyes, touching his face, he blushed and I caught a glimpse of a jerky bulge in his pants, it was hot. I was one of only 3 female shooters there and I was the youngest by far so the attention wasn't hard to come by. I come off as a real hard ass and make myself unapproachable so that when I do grant my attention to a male they feel special. Often I will insult them or poke fun at them for a while to see how much of a pussy they are before I decide if they are a pussy or if they can hang and are worth my attention.

I ran back into David at a clothing outlet and joked about him wearing some pink button up shooting shirt when I held it up to him I saw him immediately get hard under the shirt. Nothing we could really do at this point with so many people that know our families around. Didn't stop the playful hugging, caressing, and side breast brushing, but we were pretty much done for the day.

I had left my phone at a bar last night, I had told him about it. I went and picked it up after the shoot this evening and there was a text there from David saying "It upsets me that you won't see this" I responded that I had, and I was "back in business". He didn't respond surely because his wife was around.

I am interested to see where it goes, as he is so easily turned on by me, and at the same time such a huge pussy about it. Something about him in particular, being so sexually introverted and how I draw him out. I have never seen him anywhere near another female, he even acts scared of his wife. I have never seen him able to communicate with a female like he does me, which is a huge turn on.

@ Guest, it was the New Years eve and Niece story.

@Mauler, about your girlfriend (Mon 31 Jan 2011 01:55:59 GMT)

You should not be sickened by her, what happened, or what you are feeling.

There are some things you need to understand about humanity and instinct to be able to understand this. Rape is a very difficult topic to comprehend, by definition rape (in regards to sex) is when one of the partners is unwilling to commence in intercourse but is forced into intercourse anyway. As sentient beings it is our nature to often over generalize concepts or over dramatize them. It is rare to find an individual that is able to take the acts for what they truly are.

I think that any mentally stable human being could agree with the fact that we do not live in any sort of utopian society. Using that as a premise for understanding, we also must address the fact that humanity, the act of being humane, morality, religion, and philosophy are all concepts. If any of these concepts actually worked in practice there would be no war, no rape, no need for laws, governance, any form of control and no need for these concepts. Humanity as a whole is sadly just a technologically advanced mammalian species that uses concepts and technology to reason seemingly unguided decision processes. While some decisions humans make are made through logical deduction, it is also difficult and sometimes impossible to fight the decisions made based on the heart, fear, or lust.

If you study other mammals, there is not really much difference from humanity. The alpha male takes advantage of opportunities as they arise. The female sexual partners are not always willing, in practicing the concept of rape, anytime this happens the act is rape. However it is the instinct of the male to want to be sexually relived. Notice that I said it is the instinct of the male to want to be sexually relived, not to procreate. If it was truly instinctual for males to want to procreate and not just be sexually relived then there would not be child molestation/rape, masturbation, frottophila, necrophilia, or any other non-child rearing sexual activity.

To enforce the concepts of governance, religion, morality, and other various philosophies the majority of people want you to truly believe that it is a small percentage of humanity that is depraved. When you examine the fact that 45% of humans have been caught of committing a crime and take into account the number (like some of us here) that commit a crime without ever being caught, it is logical to deduct that the vast majority of humanity has been involved, in some way, in an act that was committed at the expense of another human being. Of course there is exceptions to every rule, but in this case I can confidently say the exceptions are rare. In more cases than not, the concept that a human has not committed any acts that harmed another human is a very “ignorance is bliss” concept. Taking pride in something that never really happened, a delusion. Committing acts at the expense of others is the essence of survival, pleasure, and the source of reason and conceptualization of boundaries.

I think that using the textbook definition of rape, there are many that have been raped that maybe never admit to it or just accept it for what it is. Others may want to internalize the rape because it was a source of trauma. This applies to both males and females as the boundaries of gender and gender roles become less and less clear. While not all of humanity has committed rape or a heinous crime, all of humanity is capable of committing such acts, and as unfortunate as it is, it is a natural event.

By textbook definition of rape, I have been raped personally 3 times and I have committed the act of rape one time. My situations were similar to your girlfriends, more the act of date rape or invited rape as it is sometimes referred to in legal cases. I consciously dressed and portrayed myself a certain way, let my walls down, and put myself in a situation where I was defenseless. A calculating individual was able to take advantage of those weaknesses. These are mistakes that were invited by me personally and I have not allowed to happen again. Being a positive forward-thinking individual I try to not dwell on the past in a negative manner. I am happy that my essence attracted non-typical rapists. In all three cases the male was a lusted after and highly regarded figure that had many options, however he chose me, and when I attempted to refuse, his desire for me overwhelmed my desire to refuse. This is a very uncommon way to deal with rape as many dwell on the rape and shut down sexually, others dwell on rape and have the need to relive that situation in order to be sexually stimulated, and even fewer use the rape as the catalyst for their own acts of sexual deviancy.

In my case, as in many cases, I could have avoided the situation by thinking logically about each of my actions those nights, but that in practice goes against my mammalian nature. I wanted to be sexually attractive and desired, I wanted to be flirtatious, I wanted to let my walls down and become inebriated, I wanted to allow myself to trust someone to be gentile with me and roll the dice on whether they may or may not. Those were all conscious choices I made those nights. However when you place your fate into the hands of another, sometimes the outcome is undesirable. This is the same reason I have a loaded gun in every room and carry a loaded gun with me everywhere I go. I never walk alone anywhere, I always drive. I certainly don’t place myself in compromising situations that I cannot physically or emotionally handle.

What is unfortunate is those too young or mentally undeveloped to make these sorts of prepared decisions such as children. Psychology and government has different views on when a child is capable of making logical self protective decisions. The age can be anywhere from 13-25 depending on your informational source and the day and age in which the study was performed or the concept conceived. For people incapable of making their own decisions such as children, they depend on their care-givers to protect them 100% of the time. When there is a lapse in the care from the care-giver then any calculating individual can take advantage of that situation (sometimes that may even be the care-giver themselves).

I certainly believe rape exists. It is up to the victim how much they allow the rape to affect them. There will always be victims of rape, as well as victims of other actions without utopian reason. Rape can be unfortunate, traumatic, and can sometimes result in mental disorders, suicide, and murder. However these things happen because humanity is capable of committing these acts. Your girlfriend is lucky to be alive and well, lucky to have not conceived a child, or any diseases. Just as death itself is traumatic and horrible, it is still a natural and unavoidable event. It is natural for the male species to derive pleasure from anything that will result in sexual release. Just as it is becoming natural for a new generation of females to feel the same way.

As to whether I found the story sexually stimulating, I did not. This is for a few reasons: I have had similar experiences that I have lived and gotten over some time ago. There is no true, natural definition of what should and should not arouse a human being (other than whatever will guarantee sexual release). I don’t even know what all will arouse me until it happens to me. Prior to having cum on my face for the first time I was almost positive I would not like it, this is however very obviously not the case for me now. For me I get off on control, I like to control my situations. Even if I am submissive by choice, I use my actions to lead the events, I am still in control and that’s the way I prefer it. I also get off on other’s stories of absolute control such as stories of sleep molestation/sex, frottophilia in places where the victim cannot fight back, sexual interactions with a drugged/drunk unwilling partner, and other similar tales of absolute control. I typically am turned off by the female perspective. I find that most females are weak and view things with sometimes flawed logic or they are either consciously/subconsciously trying to manipulate the listener/reader in some way that gives them the advantage. Control can be obtained by fear, lust, and other mammalian protective and continuative instincts.

As to how you feel about what happened to your girlfriend, I have dated someone in the past who was raped and I got off repeatedly (and still to this day) to his tale and I feel no guilt or remorse about it.

Probeurhole... and an image since I can't recall a story tonight (Mon 31 Jan 2011 05:51:37 GMT)

I admit I am very surprised that you are intrigued at all by me seeing as at first you were the most hesitant. Pick away. Who is that in your picture?

And a picture as well, here is my torso and beginnings of my legs. Its hard to get a leg shot taking a photog by your lonesome in an apartment with small rooms and low surfaces. Did my best. No that is not a bad photoshop here. That is my huge ass hips that connect to my bubble butt. Don't know why I would be shy about posting a big ass on a board full of Chikaners but you know, its hard to overcome my feminine weaknesses at times. Especially when you are a 6FT tall amazonian with a huge ass and plump tits. I get off on bitches like me, not that I am full of myself or anything (Ahem...). The background has been blurred of all identifying features.

Saw this and thought of you guys... (Mon 31 Jan 2011 07:15:29 GMT)

Pretty. Not me.

Nobody posted a story worth for the award in February.

Nobody posted a story worth for the award in March.
But chiking gets webmaster's special mention.
(By the way, how do you know she has regular panties?)

i found a gold mine (Thu 10 Mar 2011 21:35:20 GMT)

i stopped using trains for a while because buses are so much better. there are red lights and traffic and its easier to fill up and to predict. i found a bus that picks up students a an ESL school. mostly spanish kids. was passing by on a bus and noticed the crowd. i got off and waited in the crowd. half of these kids had leggings on. and they were waiting for the bus. when i bus came everyone rushed on and it filled up quickly. i made sure to surround myself with as many girls so once we got on the bus i would have a better probability. these were 9-12th graders who spoke little english. i faced the girl leaning on the railing because that makes it better. i didn't even test it. it was so packed i just put my rod on it. for the next 15 minutes she just held on. i used the stopping and going of the bus to hump her. i was so aroused because there was and is always traffic at this time. we stopped at a red light and i continued humping more harder. It felt so good i didn't want it to end. I'm pissed because i forgot my cell phone camera so i have to create new memories.

Nice try Guest (Mon 14 Mar 2011 15:02:04 GMT)

But if i were to put that kind of information on here that place would be crowded and useless to me. Like i have many different spots for different times of day. i even go to this hatian church because this one sunday i drove by and happened to notice some nice young girls where silky clothing. Which reminds me of a story, (i sure hope i don't go to hell because of this.)
One a Sunday when i started going to church on Sundays. Mainly during lent. Because for anyone who isn't familiar with the catholic tradition the priest comes around the church stopping every couple steps to chant something. I guess it supposed to represent the 40 days before easter. Anyways i dont care i only care that in this church, this was the only time that people weren't standing or sitting in there seats. the kids would all go crowd around the priests followed by old ladies and Mothers and teenagers females. the male teenagers stayed in there seats. i would obviously crowd around the priest too. every sunday during lent i would get a good 45 minutes of frotting with a complete stranger. They never even acknowledged me. My favorite was this time were there was this chick who was very healthy. Juicy ass and thickness. she had on tight silky long skirt. and it was light in color. that and her red underwear nothing erotic just regular panties, and her dark skin made the heart shaped very visible. (you know what I'm talking about.) every time the crowd stopped moving and the priest started chanting. i moved back behind her and press myself into her ass. in a church filled with people covered by a condensed crowd, i felt i only god knew what i was doing. But if the preist can do it why can't i. after a couple of minutes with a realization that this was heaven i could contain myself. My thing got rock hard and she must've felt it, but she probably didn't know. i put my hand lightly on her waist just to hold her in place. I Didn't mean anything by it i mean were in church. i had many more experiences but this girl was the one that drew me to the church to begin with. I'm not even haitian. Ladies please tell me your views on this story, am i a monster.

April award: smooovieee
He has good stories and posted hot ass women.
(Some pics are really nice.)

Untitled (Mon 04 Apr 2011 19:43:22 GMT)

So all females are innocent angels? I don't think so... Not dat it's right to do what we do, but to contimue on this line of thought, my French friends used to sometimes "coach" me ;) As he would say, I want to see you grab that blonde slut strong, or at other times he would say to me, "Wait man! Look! She is a sweet girl, don't touch her, touch some fucking slut who deserves it" And wots strange is dat ma "vision" is so tunnelized dat all I notice is thier ass, and if it's hot enough and in da right materail to touch and or rub ;-P I don't even notice so much if they are sweet, slutty, or whatever, all I notice is their hot and shiny asses :-D Here is a photo of da perfect "slut" dat ma french friend would like to see me molest

learning from mistakes... (Wed 06 Apr 2011 07:47:00 GMT)

Yesterday, I went to the big bus stop hoping fo some action, but nada :( So, I went to da mall. Some sexyass female walked by in shiny light brown trousers dat were fairly tight, they weren't leggings, but they were shiny and showed her ass very nicely ;-) I followed her hoping for a chance to strike :-D She went to a big shop that's like a department store. She was very short, maybe 5 foot, or 5 foot 2 inches, so there wasn't really a chance to slide ma cock over her ass, but I could definately get a nice hand drag in on dat hot ass ;-) So, I figured I'll wait til she is checking out and then slide on by her while she's paying for her goods. So, the time came, and she went to da register, but I just ended up being a pussy,and I didn't strike. FUCK!!! Like Pink Floyd so wisely said, "You've got to strike when the moment is right without thinking" from "Dogs" off of the Animals album. Anyways, I've got to follow those words and "strike when the moment is right". I'm still living in dis small city, and there isn't any trams here, and the buses are hardly ever crowded enough fo me to get ma perv on ;-) So, I'm looking to move back to da big city, where there are many crowded trams and buses. I'm hoping to be there next month, coz by summertime things really slow down. Today I will go to a bigger city and I will "strike when the moment is right" ;-P so expect to hear a nice story or two from me tonight :-D Also, I'm gonna try and film some of ma expolits, and snap some photos of some hot shiny leggings asses ;-D I have a video clip of some slut in shiny black spandex leggings dat I filmed in da mall a few months ago, but I'd really like to film ma hand brushing on a hot shiny ass, or even better, ma cock brushing over some hot shiny ass ;-) Yeah, "I'VE GOT TO STRIKE WHEN THE MOMENT IS RIGHT" Also, these Polish sluts are pretty oblivious to dis shit anyways, (as long as it isn't too blatent, like basically just grabbing and squeeziing their asses) since the concept of personal space doesn't even really exist here in Poland :-P

checked out the bigger city nearby yesterday... (Thu 07 Apr 2011 09:47:55 GMT)

and was suprised to find dat it's trams are more packed than normal, and there is certainly potential for some cock on ass action :-DDD Da strange thing was, dat it's only good til bout 16 or 4pm, after da crowding thins out... I'm going back there today, so hopefully I'll have a hot story or two to tell ;-P Yesterday, I touched 5 different asses lol The firsat was da most aggressive one, as I basically gave her a little grab as she went up on da tram, she was wearing a thin satin dress. The rest were hand slides acroos da asscheeks, and 2 were as da chick was getting on da bus. Another was in a mcdonalds, as da chick wa wearing black leggins, and one was in a small shop as dis chick was wearing jean style leggings, but made of a very thin material. So what I found out yesterday basically confirmed wot I said before, it's easy as fuck to touch ass and even get nice hand drags in, even when there is absolutely no crowd around LOL! As far as rubbing cock on ass, I think dat I will do it today even if I don't find a suitable prey pour moi, you see I am very, very picky as to who I want to assfuck :-D But if I even find a halfway decent slut in leggings then it's on ;-P And dis be da positon I want ma sexyass leggings slut to be in on da tram :-DDDD

I went a bit crazy ce soir... (WARNING: she may be 15 years old) (Thu 07 Apr 2011 22:05:31 GMT)

Well fellas, I didn't find a suitable slut to assfuck on da trams, but I had a few experiences ce soir ;-) First of all, I saw 3 girls, and 2 in shiny black leggings, so I followed ;-P They went to a small outlet type mall, and I thought, "Ok, I will just film these sluts and hopefully film a nice hand drag over their slutty asses. They went to a shoe store, and lo and behold I spotted a much better slut in blue polka dot leggings. Damn she had a nice ass on her :-D These other two black leggings girls were a little chubby for my tastes, but the blue leggings slut was quite fit, wit a pretty firm ass. I follwed her into a few shops, but really didn't get a good chance to drag my hand over dat ass. So, she went to a drug store, and I knew I could moleset her as she was checking out, as it's quite cramped in da check out area ;-P So, as she was paying for her stuff I got a nice hand drag over dat firm and fit ass, damn it felt nice ;-) I'm thinking dat next time I should just drag ma cock over dat ass instead ;-D So after dis I went back to da tram stop to scope things out, but nothing good came up. So, I decided to go to dis big mall in dat city. I spooted a pretty gorgeous slut in black leggings, and she was tall, bout 175 cm or 5'9". Her ass was ok, but not outstanding. She was wit a friend, so I followed them in some sjops, but I really didn't get a good chance to touch her. So I went out and looked around for others. There was this really foxy young blondie in shiny black latex leggings. OH FUCK!!! HOT!!! She was young, propably bout 15, and she was wit 2 young dudes, and one was her boyfriend. When I spotted them they were leaving da mall, so I foolowed hoping to get this sexyass young blondie in her shiny black latex leggings all to maself ;-)))) They took 2 different trams, aand then ended up at da bus stop. Finally these two dudes left her. BINGO!!! So there I am at dis bus stop hoping to buttfuck this hot little blonde tease ;-D She ahd straight long blonde hair, and she was VERY SLIM, about 5'6" and bout 100 pounds OH BABY!!! The thing is, her ass wasn't outstanding, but it wasn't bad. Yeah the blue polka leggings girl had a better ass, but this girl was so young and slim, and her bright blondie hair OH BABYDOLL :-P When da bus came, it wasn't crowded, so she had a seat FUCK!!! Well, I figured, I'll just wait till she gets off and then follow her and then come up behind her and give this little blondie tease wearing her super tight and shiny black latex leggings, and showing off her hot little ass what it deserves, ma hand grabbing and squeezing it :-D So she got off, and I followed. She was listening to her headphones, so I thought, just wait til da scene is clear of others, and "Strike when the moment is right witout thinking" :-) So da coast was clear, and I rushed up behind her and just grab and squeezed that slutty little blondie teenie ass ;-P She gave out a little scream and said "Jesus! You fucking asshole!" LOL! So I just took off, and got lost into da night... :-) By da way, some dude said to me "Later handsome" as her was getting on da tram. No, he wasn't gay, he was just being a smartass, as I was dressed pretty decently, like I was ready to hit da club, and ma face is getting more handsome, since I'm getting lean and fit. My bodyfat is uder 10% and I have visable abs, and wots strange is dat I really don't want to be too outstanding, as I would rather just blend in and be inconspicuous, as it's much better to blend in when you do wot we do ;-)Here is a photo of some slut in very similar leggings to the ones my little teenie blondie slut was wearing

Re: anonymous girlie (Fri 08 Apr 2011 06:48:48 GMT)

Well, I think it's best dat you wear some super tight and shiny leggings dat show off yo hot ass ;-) Of course dats just ma style, but I'm sure dat it makes you much more enticing to other horny fellas :-D Also, I would avoid smiling at guys, or making eye contact, coz most of us like to keep a really low profile, if you knows wot I'm sayin' ;-) So try and dress like dis sexyass girl dat I'm posting a picture of. Also, can I ask you a question? Do you wear leggings? If yes, what style are they? Yeah, I gots me a little obsession wit leggings lol

Re: to Red Dragon's question bout probe's problem (Sun 10 Apr 2011 10:40:34 GMT)

Hey Red D, I think dat his problem is guilt. As da dude displays massive guilt over his deeds, even though he talks all cocky and confident, I'm sure dat it's just a mask, and dat in real he ain't dat way.

I'm curious anonymous girlie... (Mon 11 Apr 2011 06:01:07 GMT)

Can you describe yourself physically? I liek very slim and small girls, but if they are too short then it ain't really possible to get in some cock on ass action on them lol I'm near 6 foot, so if she's 5'2" or so it may possible if she is wearing high-heeled shoes ;-) And da funny thing is, dat if I see a girl in shiny skin tight leggings then she can even be average and I still get horny ;-P Yeah, those fucking sexyass skin tight leggings drive me nuts LOL!

Re: Crowd Spotter (Mon 11 Apr 2011 16:27:55 GMT)

Well man, I'm in a smaller city now, and there are no trams here and only buses, and they hardly ever get crowded enough to really pull anything off :( There is one bus dat gets packed at 6pm, but that's bout it :( Now, I mainly try to pull stuff off at da mall, as dat is where da girls dress really fucking sexy and sluttly wit lots of hot and shiny leggings :P But da only problem is dat it ain't so easy to pull stuff off in da mall like it is in a crowded bus or tram. Soon, within a month or so I will be going back to a bigger city, and there are tons of crowded buses and trams there, even some really great night bus action also, so by then I should have some really hot stories to post :-DDD As far as da girls are concerned, it is real easy to hand brush and swipe asses, but as far as cock on ass action, well dat be much, much more difficult. But da thing bout da night bus it dat many of these sluts are a bit tipsy when they head home from da bars and clubs, so it's much easier to get away wit shit then :-P

Ass Preference (Mon 18 Apr 2011 07:38:51 GMT)

I'm always glad when fellas don't like da kinda asses dat I like, coz then it gives me much more freedom and oppertuinites wit da asses dat I do like ;-D

Re: registered member: Crowd_Surf_Groper (Wed 27 Apr 2011 06:55:53 GMT)

Great fucking post man! And now here is an ass dat da fellas who like em a bit rounder and fuller will most like dig, so dig it fellas! ;-)

Untitled (Wed 27 Apr 2011 06:57:17 GMT)

A little black tail for y'all :-D

Hey fellas! (Thu 28 Apr 2011 07:02:34 GMT)

Come on now! I like me all kinds of asses, and yeah it's true dat I do prefer the slimmer ones, but sometimes a sista can get me all up and going ;))) In fact, I'll post a story soon bout a time back when I was in NYC and got maself up on a really nice black babydoll :-D It's a pretty hot story, non-aggressive, at least I wasn't aggressive, but maybe she was a bit, but it was in a hot kinda way :-D So dis story will be coming soon, so be prepared ;-)

Here's a pic, but I think it's too small to see it well, so sorry fellas... I'll try to find da bigger versions of these pics of these hot sistas and post them up here :-P

A couple more black hotties for y'all :-D (Thu 28 Apr 2011 12:47:33 GMT)

And don't worry, ma story be comin' soon ;-)

and here's ma fav ;-))) (Thu 28 Apr 2011 12:48:38 GMT)


As promised, da story of ma hot black babydoll (Sat 30 Apr 2011 18:00:22 GMT)

Dis was bout 8 years ago, when I was living in NYC for a short stint. It was a hot July day and I was wearing some basketball shorts and a t-shirt. I was on board the A train, I think it was. Anyways, I spotted dis outrageously hot black female, and she was wearing a short skin-tight blue nylon spandex dress.... OH FUCK!!!! She was quite petite, round 5'4" and slim but wit a banging ass!!! It looked like someone had sliced a cantelope in half and placed it on either side of the back of her hips :-))) The train wasn't so crowded yet, but I made sure to get near her just in case the chance to strike arose :-D well, after a stop many people got on, and she came near me and got right in front of me! I shit you not!!!! Actually, I've had other girls on the subway come near me when things got crowded, I think it's coz I can appear as a very sweet and not dangerous guy, if they only knew ROFL!!! So when she was in front of me, ma cock got rock hard right away, so I tested the situation and just ever so slightly rubbed ma cock over her ass, oh man it felt SOOOOO GOOOOOD through my thin material shots and her nylon skirt and her solid firm ass ;-P So after this brush I backed off and played it cool. Well lo and behold, she backed it up on me :-) Oh babygirl, wots up wit dat? So once she was on me she moved her hips and ass around ever so slightly just to get ma raging hard cock caught between those two firm cantelpoe like asscheeks, then once she had ma cock in dat postion she did a slow and very smooth grind.... OH MY GOD!!!! I came very quickly, but she wouldn't let it end and stayed up on me, and within less than 5 minutes I was rock hard again and she rode ma cock once again really leaning back into me this time, with her whole body pressed back against mine, and after she finished her "ride" she said to me ever so softly "Thanks sugar"

May award: third eye open
For his adventures.
(Though your writing style is little exaggerated.)

i would like to have this posted for fellow reader to enjoy (Fri 13 May 2011 02:46:02 GMT)

please excuse my grammar, my english was never the best. i would like to share my first chikan experience. This incident happened when i was in college I was 23. I use to volunteer at a place in downtown, Toronto. Toronto is a city with many beautiful gorgeous women, whatever your taste is you will find it here. I personally like petite curly haired tan girls. It was a hot summer afternoon and I got off work earlier then usual and it was the peek hour about 5 pm on a Friday afternoon. I was annoyed by the thought of over crowed buses. I let the people get on to the bus while i waited and i thought to myself how much i hated the situation. I was the last person to get on the bus then she came running. She was about 5'6, mature business type about 35 to 39 yr of age, perfecting proportionate in terms of curves, she had straight blond hair little waivy at the edges came little down pass her shoulder, her face was gorgeous and her dress was very modern, stylist and it was her age appropriate. You could tell she is from a good family because she was well groomed and well mannered. She was on the phone telling the other person how lucky she was that she got the bus right away she did not had to walk for 20 minutes. She needed to commute for about 4 minutes to get to her $80 thousand dollars Audi. In downtown Toronto there are limited parking spaces so even reach people take public transit to reach to their car or home. All the sudden i started appreciating the situation. She surprised me with her perky breast when the bus driver breaked I felt it on my back. She was on the phone and fully occupied. She moved in front of me to gain some leverage from falling off each time bus breaks. WOW… at that moment I was in haven, she squeezed in from of me allowing me to feel her feel butt cheeks moved while rubbing my manhood and allowing to land right between her crack at first but then she made a little space between me and her back just so we are not touching each other. Her fragrance was sweet but rich, she was wearing a silk skirt and a cute business coat that was very expensive and the clothing material felt as if i was feeling her skin. I knew she was wearing a thong because my mild boner at this point got in about 2 inches between her cheeks for about 3 seconds when she was trying to position herself in front of me. i knew she felt me and also knew she tried to acknowledged my boner because her tone slightly changed on the phone. i was kind of paranoid at this point when i heard her voice kind of soften. She tried to turn and look me in the eye but she could not due to congestion. And it happened again the driver breaked and this time when the bus jerked i kind of placed my hand on the side of her right leg while my semi hard boner got about another 3 seconds between her bum cheeks (you know how it is when they are wearing silk). wow her legs and thigh was to die for. Her skin was soft but her leg was toned and in perfect shape. This time she kind of clears her voice and told the 3rd party on the phone she would call back once she gets off the bus in a sweet voice. Her intention at this point was to leave her phone in her expensive purse, make her hand available so she could hold on to the bar on top of us for leverage and turn around and glare at me. But her effort was fruitless because some more people got on the bus and to make room for new people she did not get the luxury to turn and look me in the eye. So far its been about little over 2 minutes since we have left the station. Now i could only think of one thing; how i could get one more chance to be in her again and at this point i am rock hard down there but she had manage to create more space between her perfectly shaped sexiest butt any man could ask for and my hard rod. I knew i was going to grope that lovely rich sexy ass but did not know how. So i was just building up courage and waited for an opportunity. Then i noticed she pressed the button requested for the bus to let her exit at the next stop, i panic because the next stop was less than a minute away and did not see any potential for another grope to haven. I quickly scan the place to see if anyone was looking but everyone was busy with their own life and everyone seem so eager to go home after all it was a Friday afternoon. I reached my right hand out about 6 inches front of me and there was the most lovely piece of god's creation, just placed it there gently. This time she turn around instantly and my feared kicked in. I thought she would probably say something nasty but she looked straight into my eyes with a surprised look because of our age difference and i look advantage of the situation and raised my left hand and groped her left breast while we maintained the eye contact. People….. let me tell you something up to that point i have had squeeze at least dozen or more strippers and they all had real breast BUT THIS WAS exceptional so surprisingly perky for her age, soft and most importantly real. Because she had to raise her arm to hold the bar on top of us, it made her perky breast even more perky. Her surprised look on her face changed to a look of disgust when I went for her breast. And right at this moment something happened, just about 3 steps in front of her. Everyone kind of fell back and she came right into me. Squeeze between the tall lady in front of her and me behind her. Her butt perfectly lined up to my erect penis, i lifted my right palm and accommodated her right breast. Her look of disgust disappeared and replaced by a look of plead and submissiveness. Her lips were quivering as if she was saying “stop it” with her sexy feminine voice. But I on the other hand kept forcefully invading her shame. She was trying to wiggle her ass to get my hard cock out of her butt cheeks, but I was already about 3 inches deep in her. She thought if she wiggled her ass maybe i would not enjoy it as much, but this feeling was sensational and no words can describe it. I messaged both her breasts while she wiggle on me. This look of submissiveness on this wealthy, powerful, gorgeous older woman's face was unbelievable. This lasted about 5 to 7 seconds but it felt like forever at that moment. Then the bus stabled and people settled and it was her stop. I said in a shaky broken voice to her "have a nice weekend". She did not reply, she kind of put her head down and exited the bus. I noticed her while she walked towards her SUV, she was in a shock and trying to fix her silky skirt and I could tell thought of what just happened was running through her pretty head. I got home about half an hour later, went directly to washroom noticed pre cum soaked my boxers. I looked for her about several different occasions but never found her nor her Audi. Guess what after that incident within 2 weeks they put camera's in the bus. lol

I still jerk off thinking about that nite ... (Thu 19 May 2011 06:26:09 GMT)

I seriously had the urge to grope someone that nite and I could only think of hot, loud, trendy nite clubs. But it’s been almost 6 years that I have gone to a nite club. Last time when I went to one, it was different, it was meaningful, it was to celebrate my friend’s birthday not to grope people. This groping concept here in Toronto is taboo, the society would see you as if you are a low life if you are ever caught. Only men with great skills or drunk brain dead people could go around groping (funny thing is sometimes these drunks might end up groping guys by mistake). I knew I had to do something, I knew I could not just rely on my luck like the memorable incident in the bus. --- see post from 13/05/11 ---

I put on my good clothes, I have very good taste in fashion and I look for victim that are fashion wise as well. I landed in Toronto club district on a Saturday nite paid $20 just to park my car. It was about 11:45 pm and streets were super crowed. But don’t you dare touching anyone on the street unless they invite you to touch because the street is full of police and club securities. I walk by many clubs saws many types of women standing in line trying to get in. Some club line up had trashy women, some had young girls, some had more guys then girls, some had superficial looking babes and some had gothic looking girls. None of those clubs meet my taste and most importantly when I tried getting into the line behind those superficial babes I felt strange because I was just by myself. And I’m damn sure those girls picked up on my insecurity so I left the line casually. I lid a smoke and kept walking by clubs and checking out all types of women. Some with men and some not.

I think I had a mild erection when I notice her in the distance, she was beautiful getting out of the car. I just stop walking and stood in a corner and casually smoked as if I was there for a long time. From the corner of my eyes I notice she was with her man. This couple kind of stood around their car instead of leaving the parking lot to get into a club or restaurant. I was kind of puzzled, then I saw another car pulled into the lot. It was a brand new Nissan 350 inside 2 blond listening to lil wayne lollipop with full volume. I told myself this guy was a lucky guy, 3 blondes and him. WOW.

I waited for them to passed by I could see their faces a lot better. Lady that was with the dude was wearing a sheer gray dress with 2 strings knot behind her neck and a sexy neckless that complimented her long thin sexy neck. I knew she had great breast because the way it was bouncing but I could not tell how her buttocks were because of her dress. She was about 5’2 brunette with straight silky hair and her hair was done up very seductively. She had a very sexy but innocent face with big eyes and small nose. One of her friend was wearing a colourful see thru legging with black cashmere sweater, she had long dark blond hair with lite blonde highlights with nice pair of ass and nice breast, she was about 5’6 but very thin about 90 lbs, sexy also had a sexy face but I would not be her boyfriend she seemed very conceited. and her other friend had a okay face, blond, dressed in black but she seemed very energetic and open minded. ( by the way I took a pic of the third friend I don’t know how to post it) she was also 5’6 but fun. I bet master carlos would jerk off anyday just watching her face even though she did not have a enormous butt.

I followed them, listening to their conversation, it made by heart beat faster and faster. Because I could tell all these fine white babes were very much drunk including the dude. I also discover this couple was married and they have a son 11 years old who is at grandma’s house. I made plans according to their plan in my head. The guy wanted to go to a restaurant to eat but these babes wanted to go to a club. After 7 min of walking they have decided the couple will go to some pizza joint and meet up with the girls in the club. At that moment I was disappointed because I could not wait to touch this married woman, who was stunningly beautiful. I had no choice but to follow the 2 friends to the club.

Line was not every crowed so people had their personal space. Everyone at the line seemed sophisticated professional who came to let loose. the demographic would be between 25 to 35 few were in their 40s. I admired all the colourful dresses hiding those lovely curves. These 2 babes went through security screening and went inside but my cell keep beeping at the metal detector so the securities gave me a extra search. By the time the search was complete I lost these 2 friends which I had followed all these time. Place was pretty crowed. Some areas you literally have to push through people and some area you could still find place to walk through. I search everywhere but these girls were missing I could not find them…

I went to the bar, did couple of shots and got me a beer. I walk through people and ran my finger through couple of nice buttocks and chatted with a group. Inside, I was not satisfied because I have not satisfied my chikan hunger. So I became a little creative, I took my suit coat off and dropped it on my forearm and down there I unzipped my pants and kept it open. It was crowed enough that people would not look down they would just look you in the face.

I walked pass by the ladies washroom and it had no doors and I noticed the 3rd babe I have had described she was by the sink putting on makeup. Ohhh it look so sexy while she did it, she even made faces to the mirror and did not know I was there in the dark watching her and touching myself. I definitely had noticeable boner at this point. It’s about 1 am and I have found my target, I told myself not to loose them this time. So I went to 2nd floor and watched them and their every move. These babes were so much fun they dancing SOOOOO seductively. Finally the couple shows up and they all head to the bar. I saw them doing shots and I slowly came down to the main level and approached the bar. Just when I get there they all head to the section with dj playing trendy dance music. I order my shots and 2nd beer. At this point im quite drunk. I slowly dance myself to that section where my targets were having fun.

There were too many people surrounding them I got hit by elbows, people stepped on my shoes trying to make myself close to them. Keep in mind I wanted the petit lady but I could not see her because her man was stand behind her and dancing. and I am basically hiding behind these great big guy. However ever I could see her friends dancing like professional. My heart was beating harder and faster I knew I had to make opportunity from this point on. I observed the whole situation and the atmosphere was toxic with sex and sexual feeling all around. I tossed my drink up high and it landed on one of her friend with blonde stripe back, who instantly got soaked she turned around to see who did that but she was oblivious to the fact it was me standing in front of her. This lucky guy went to the bar staff to complain and in the mean time music got wild to it’s fullest rhythm and production team cut off light completely so it became absolute black. I was standing right behind these petit fuck toy. Boy I molested that woman for about 10 sec. Everyone was screaming when they cut off the light so no particular person paid attention to her scream. I felt her sweaty hot perfect little frame and each curve of her drunk body. She fought to get away and her drunk mind did not know I had raised her dressed and my naked bare cock was being messaged by her unwilling small round buttock that made my dick feel huge in between.

I send my right hand to go under her dress and under her bra and feel her naked tits in my hand. She fought with all her mighty but I just picked her up from the ground and her scream became a cry. Then at that point she knew I was in charge and she gave up. I let her go before they turn the light back on and no one knew what happened. I came back to the car and jerked off like an animal and after i cum i needed to rest for about 5 min. thats how much i came. After that nite i have not been to any club

High risk adventure!! (Tue 24 May 2011 08:39:26 GMT)

This is a different form of chikan.

As per earlier post i have mentioned Toronto (Canada) is NOT a groping friendly place. There are ample of women just about everywhere teasing men. Women here are generally friendly you could approach them, talk to them, ask them out to dinner or anything interesting. Most of my past experiences I was able to win dates with beautiful girl or even girls that were way beyond my scale of option. Just to give you an idea how friendly these people are but as long you can convince them you are there to just have clean fun.

I on the other hand get turn on by adventure, step of actions that involve risk. This courses of action gives me great sense of pleasure and i ejaculate like a porn star. I discovered this side of me at age 23.

When the cold spring brought the hot warm weather (especially the starting point of summer) you would go crazy in some parts of Toronto just admiring the women and watching them dress the way they do. I wanted to capture this women on video and enjoy them on my own time but i was unsuccessful at it. As a result i was always frustrated. some general rule of thumb for me, I respect young girls for example i would not grope little teens in their 16 or 17 for my own personal reason, absolutely zero tolerance for unattractive females even if they have best physical features. OR Women that are going through other challenges in life and the stress is imprinted on their faces. I would stay away or avoid groping them.

My ideal candidates are female between the ages of 30 to 40 and maybe even older if they are attractive, wealthy (because i don't regret later knowing my victims could BUY happiness after what i do to them) also women that dresses very seductively to tease a young guy like myself. Due to my standards, opportunity for me come once in a blue moon.

During my final semester in college i was driving cab here in Toronto as a part time job money was good just had to work hard. One nite i was dropping my passenger home. It was between 3:30 and 4 am Sunday morning picked her up from a house party in richmond hill area from a million dollars mansion. She was in her late 30s. The owner of the mansion and his wife came by my taxi to drop her off. This guy gave me wad of cash and told me to drop her home safely. She was too drunk to drive. Average time it takes to get to Toronto downtown from richmond hill is approximately 30 min. That nite i took about 1 hour, drove really slow. Her husband called while we were on the highway to make sure she was not driving and she is on her way home. She was an exotic mature white female, very petit, weigh about 35kg or about 75 to 80lbs. maybe about 5'0 to 5'1 feet tall with a very little body frame maybe a frame of a slim 14 yrs old girl but she had delicious curves of a mature women. She had sort stright blonde hair just past her ear with gray highlights at front which looked very sexy. She was not wearing much makeup. Just the basic makeup women would wear but her face was heavenly. Her facial feature and her eyes would make you cum in a sec if she looks at you when she is giving you an oral.

Her dress was equally exotic, it was one of those fabric your towels are made out of (fluffy and soft). it was warped around her and seemed like the flowery knot that was on the left side of her chest was holding the entire dress. Her perfume was very strong and masculine. I tried starting a conversation about her perfume and the way she cut me short was a clear indication of her being utterly drunk because women of her caliber do not speak to guys like me in that manner (she was rude). She asked me to drive faster few time and i gave her excuses such as police would pull me over and shit like safety issues. She was angry but could not say anything because of the reasons i provided. But the real reason remained with me. She asked me if I had a cigarette told her i did not smoke (which was a lie). She did not smoke either but wanted to smoke at that time, so i acted like a good guy and offered to pull over and buy a pack of smoke, she agreed. This just prolonged our trip. So i went complete opposite direction to buy this pack of smoke. During this time she had no sense of direction. While driving to a gas station i notice she had fell asleep, JACKPOT!! Oh she was so beautiful just lying there all passed out from all that alcohol. I bought the pack of smoke anyways and when i got back into the cab i noticed she was so gone at that point that she was softly snoring. I adjusted the looking mirror on her and drove towards lake shore area (where she lived) very fast and made plan as to how i would handle this beauty.

My heart was beating like a drum and the thought of me having this beautiful elegant women passed out in the back sit was too much for me to bear. but for some reason i did not have an erection. So i pulled my self out and slowly masturbated watching her and raping her in my mind. Just before i reached to her house i debated weather if i should pull into their driveway or find a quite spot to park. before i made a decision, i automatically pull into their drive way. I waited there did not know what to do. then i slowly called for her to see if she wakes up but no response from her. So i decided to move to the back sit to touch her. When i got out of the car, that 2 steps to go to the back sit was the most difficult two steps of my life. My knees were shaking and mind was traveling faster then light debating if i should do this. Before i knew it, i have open the door to the back sit. unziped my pants again. but kept my self in. One hand in my pants touching myself and the other hand exploring her body. After softly rubbing her breast for 30 sec i located one of her nipple. but i could not find away to put my hand inside her dress without undoing her flowery knot that was holding her dress. I was way too nervous at that point to take that risk to unknot. So i put my hand underneath her dress and ran it up to her silky panties. i felt her legs and thigh on my way up, the way she was laying down it was difficult for me to finger her or anything like that. so i slowly moved that panty to the side groped her left butt cheek while feeling the warmth of her vagina. Her skin was soft and smooth but i could not grope her fully because of the way she was laying there. i was over excited about the thought of what was going on at that time. i took myself out and picked up her little hand to touch my manhood. Right at that moment i heard her phone ring and i felt movement in her so i quickly put myself back in my pants. and i notice she was slowly waking up so i shook her shoulder a little to wake her up fully. When she came to her senses she seem kindof disturbed that she had to wake up but did not say anything to me. I saw a light turn on inside the house and her husband came out with his nite dress on. And he gave me another wad of cash for delivering his wife and thanked me, without knowing the other guy already paid in advance and without knowing her wife also paid as well. After that event i had this job for next couple of weeks and then i had to quit because i could not focus on my job, i only look for another opportunity resulting me wasting more money then i made.

re: chiking (Wed 25 May 2011 02:15:05 GMT)

its $550 to $650 to rent the cab per week (depending on the company), your insurance would be another 700$ to 850$ per month + about another $40 to 45$ for gas every day and most importantly you need to pass a 3 weeks course (maybe be the time line had changed since) which is quite difficult to pass and long time to register...

After all that, there are no sure shot that you would get lucky. I have some clips for sale. i dont know if anyone is interested.

Untitled (WARNING: she may be 44 years old) (Thu 26 May 2011 05:09:56 GMT)

would u follow this one for 22 min, just so u could get into a revolving door that was meant for only one person?

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As the clear winner.
(Welcome back the concert master.)

Back in the game (Tue 21 Jun 2011 04:02:35 GMT)

Wondering whether I still remember my Member ID, I guess we'll find out. It's been 6 or 7 years since I posted here, anyone still remember me?

Been reading posts for a while now. There's been some great stuff that's right up my alley from guys like eleven, rock hard and lately mr teen groper. As well as more I'm sure I'm forgetting. Over the last year I've been back to my old bad habits (if molesting hot teen girls is really a bad habit) but I haven't been posting,I think now that'll change.

Any of the old hands still around and reading the board? I still see great posts from Carlos, but what about Black Shogun, Moshpit groper, feather, Jay etc. any of the old hall of famers still active? managed to quit? still reading the board?

I just got back from a punk concert and had a great time, so I figured i'd share the story if people are still interested.

teenie punk girls (WARNING: she may be 14 years old) (Tue 21 Jun 2011 05:47:18 GMT)

Got to the show before the headliners started, and went right up to the front to get a good place for later. Indoor venue, with a capacity of a couple thousand, wasn't sure what the crowd would be like, since it's been a while since i went to any shows, the last one was warped tour last summer. I was right in the middle of the stage 2-3 rows back in perfect position. There wasn't a lot of girls in the crowd, and most of the ones seemed to be with their boyfriends, so not a great situation.

As we got closer to the headliner that changed in a good way though. a cute blonde, probably 18-19 since she had a tattoo on her shoulder, moved into the empty space in front and to the right of me. she was wearing jean long shorts and a white tanktop that tied up in front and whose straps seemed to be way to big and constantly at risk of falling off. She had small breasts, and didn't seem to be wearing a bra, just a black tubetop under her tanktop.

at the same time two young teens, probably 14-15 moved in front of me and to the left. They were hot little things, both brunette and short with skinny bodies, one of them had braces, which i found really hot. they were both wearing shorts, one jean shorts, and the other some thin tight material. both were wearing tee shirts as well.

it's not too tight in the crowd, but then the headliners come on and there the usual push from the back and were all rammed together. I decide to make the young teen to my left my first victim. I get behind her and start backhanding her ass. it feels great, i rub the back of my hand over her cheeks and rest it in her ass crack. We're really crushed together so i start palming her ass too as the same time as i'm rubbing my crotch on her. bad news is these girls aren't ready for the pit and both of them quickly decide they can't handle it and leave. just like that there gone.

Luckily the blonde girl from earlier is still close by and i manage to fight my way over to her. we're super jammed in at the front of the stage two rows back, so i go to work right away feeling up her ass. it's nice but i prefer a younger girl and she was wearing thicker jean shorts which didn't give me much to feel. still she seemed super oblivious, and didn't seem to mind the ridiculous crowd crush, so i figure she'll stick around. I reach my arm around her and see if i can get a feel of her tits. there's not much there, but i get my hand jammed between her tits and the guy in front of her, and since she's not wearing a bra i can feel her perky little nipples. she doesn't seem to mind the fact that i've got one hand on here tit, one palming her ass, and my dick rubbing on her ass as well.

the crowd is really jostling us and all she's wearing is a loose tanktop and a thin tubetop underneath. a crowdsurfer is pressing us both down and i manage to rub my hand right down her chest and give her naked nipple a couple of squeezes. I pulled her top right down on one side and left her tit hanging out, and she still didn't seem pissed, just laughed and put it down to an accident.

after a while of groping her i figure i'm not gonna get much more and go see if i can find another girl. I push over towards the left side of the stage and one falls right into my lap. she's a small really punk looking girl, long dreadlocked hair and lots of piercings, so at first i figure she's not gonna be a good grope, cause she probably won't take much crap. but i reach down and give her ass a palm and know i've got to give it a shot. she's wearing some kind of loose, but really thin pants, no idea what the material was it felt strange. Her ass felt great though, just a single thin layer covering it, she didn't have a big ass, but it was jiggly in just the right way. a little later on i'd look down and notice her thong sticking out the back of her pants, which explains why it felt so good.

i start slowly with her, giving her back hands but it feels so great that i quickly escalate to palms and even light squeezes. she seems really determined to make it to the front row and keeps pushing past people making me follow her. her ass feels so good that it's wort the effort though, the best thing about her is that she's constantly hopping up and down and grinding her ass right into me. her goal of getting to the front row seems to distract her from the fact that i'm molesting her ass too and she doesn't show any sign of caring even though she must be able to feel me squeezing her ass. This is when i look down and notice that her pants are riding low and i can see the top of her ass crack with her thong sticking out. i reach down and palm the top of naked ass, so nice! she quickly got her pants pulled up though

she's rubbing her ass all over my cock, which i have out under my shirt and it's makin me nuts. I lean into her and moan in her ear even though she could never hear me. at this point i've got my right hand palming her ass, she's rubbing her ass on me, and i move my left hand to palm her boob, she's got decent b cups. this feels great and my dick is starting to stiffen in her ass, but the problem is she won't sit still, she keeps pushing to the front and i have to struggle to keep up with her. just as i'm starting to get close she slips in front of someone and i can't get my hands on her anymore.

the crowd is crazy, and i'm struggling to try and get the guy in front off me out of the way so i can keep groping her. i know if i can get to her i can bust a nut all over her ass, and i'm super frustrated that it takes me a whole song to get back behind her. When I do I start up where i left off, palming her ass while she hops up and down rubbing herself all over me. Damn what a feeling, but again i'm disappointed. She starts truing to leave the pit, it's crazy in there and she's having a tough time getting out ( especially since i have on arm on either side of her and keep pushing her back in) but she's not grinding into me anymore. I keep palming and squeezing her ass and it feels great, but i know i can't keep her there forever. I know she's leaving anyway so i start molesting her even more, running my hand all over her ass, squeezing each check and rubbing her crack. Eventually though she gets away and i'm left with nothing again.

I search around again and find a tall girl wearing spandex shorts. I prefer shorter girls in general, but tall girls are great to hump, since their ass lines up better with your dick. Anyway she was very energetic and hopping all over the place, which meant i got some good humping on her and she didn't seem too aware of my hand palming her ass. It was super hot in the pit though and I guess I'me getting old because i couldn't manage to get off to her either and eventually she faded back into the crowd.

I went back to the blonde girl who was still right near the front. Same as before she seemed oblivious to my groping but her ass wasn't that great and again it was super hot up there and I couldn't get off again. I was getting frustrated now. I managed to get another feel of her naked nipple, it felt so nice in my fingers, small and perky.

At this point I decided that there was great groping in the first few rows but it was too hot for me to cum, and my main goal is always to shoot my load on some girls ass. I decided to take my chances further back in the crowd where i wouldn't be able to be as aggressive, but i might get to shoot my load on some hot young slut.

There's more girls a little further out, but not nearly as much crowd cover. However I quickly spot some familiar targets. It's the two young teens from the start of the show, but what really interests me is their third friend. She looks the same age, but taller than the other two girls, she's got a decent body, skinny, but with slightly bigger tits than the other two and she's wearing a long loose t shirt with the sleeves cut off. Her sleeve holes are really big and I had a great view of her lacy bra and the side of her boobs. But what really interested me was her pants, or lack of them. She was wearing those patterned see through legging things you see girls wearing these days, full of holes and her big t shirt just barely came down low enough to cover her ass.

All three girls were hopping up and down and there was just enough space for me to squeeze in behind them. The crowd wasn't tight enough to grope any of them, but i had my dick out under my shirt and I just lightly pressed into the legging girl. She kept hopping, and I could tell immediately this was gonna be good. My dick managed to slip just under her tshirt and was pressed directly into her ass. It felt so soft and giving, I knew she must have been wearing a thong or no panties. my dick was just barely touching her and i wanted to get a better feel without spooking her. When the crowd jostled a bit, I gave her ass a nice backhand and omg it felt wonderful. It was cooler back here and my cock immediately began to stiffen.

She just kept hopping up and down while my hardening dick ran up and down the contour of her ass. As i got hard I eased off a little so it was still just a light press on her ass. Up and down she jumped, up and down on the now hard head of my dick, bringing me closer and closer to cumin. My dick was still under my shirt and I couldn't get it out at this point, because it would be to easy for someone to spot. I really wanted to cum on this little sluts leggings, but i knew i only had one shot at it.

I let her do her thing, rubbing her little ass on my hard dick, bringing me close and closer to cumin, while i just stood still. It felt so amazing, as i got close to the edge my leg actually started shaking. As i passed the point of no return I went for broke. I pulled my t shirt up, exposing my naked cock briefly and then violently pushed her into the denser crowd a foot in front of her, pretending that the crowd behind has shoved me into her. My rock hard cock jammed right into her ass and deflected up, putting the whole shaft of my cock in-between her ass cheeks. I grabbed her thigh pretending to try and stop her running into the people in front at the same time as my dick began releasing it's fluid all over her ass. I let out a moan as a small spurt of cum was ejected on to her, my dick twitched in her ass shooting three times, big shots of cum right on her. She pushed her ass back and my cock twitched again. The feeling was unbelievable, i actually close my eyes as i unloaded on her. The cum probably only lasted 5 seconds, but it felt like forever. I didn't want to back up as it felt so good pressing against her in the afterglow of orgasm, but I knew i had to, so i pushed my shirt back down and took half a step back.

Then i decided what the hell and gave her ass one good squeeze as i pushed past her and back to the front of the crowd. It felt so soft in my hand, perfect ass. And i came all over it! My cock was still twitching and i shot a little bit of cum onto my shirt, but oh well.

I took a little break on the side of the crowd to cool off and then decided to head back in to get a few more gropes before the end of the show. Nothing too memorable, except one chubby girl who was wearing just a thin half cup sports bra type thing. The second i saw her i knew i wanted to get my hands on her big sweaty tits, even if she wasn't really much to look at. So i got in front of her and just rubbed my arm all over her big tits. They felt great and she was probably happy for the attention lol!

All in all a really good night, but i still wish i could have cum on that punk girl with one hand on her tit and the other palming her ass, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Concert (Tue 21 Jun 2011 05:55:10 GMT)

Whew that ended up being long. Had a lot of fun at the show, but noticed a couple of things. I must be getting old, cause it was hard work in the pit and it was tough to bust a nut in the heat. Anyone older gropers have any advice?

Glad you're still around Moshpit Groper, I've been reading the board lately and i remembered your story vaguely. Tracked it down and i'll have to give it another read. Eleven has been one of my favourite contributors of the last while too. We have the same taste I think and I totally agree that it would be great to have a hall of fame page for him.

I noticed Ayashi hasn't been updating the man of the year and hall of fame, but i'm sure it's a lot of work so I won't complain.

welcome (Thu 23 Jun 2011 04:18:17 GMT)

Thanks for the welcome guys, glad you enjoyed the story. Smooovieee her pants were more like stockings i guess, I'm not sure what to call them, similar to the ones in this pic, but a little darker and they were a bit ripped up. Love the pics tho, I'd love to get my hands on all those girls!

Ayashi I hope you get your bird problem sorted out soon!

warped tour (Mon 27 Jun 2011 02:59:18 GMT)

Awesome warped tour experiences from Thomas and guest, can't wait for this years. There's gonna be a lot of teenage tit to grope and ass to cum on.

Probe, I'd love to see some more of your pictures. Please share!

Check, sweet video, wish it lasted a little longer though.

Anyone have any experience filming at concerts? I'd love to film some of my experiences, but I don't see how it would be possible in the sort of crowd you get front and center at warped tour.

July award: MrTeenGroper
His candy shop story and large outdoor concert story are great.
(Girls on your pics are lovely too.)

At the candy shop (WARNING: she may be 13 years old) (Sun 10 Jul 2011 21:09:51 GMT)

Long time since I've written here, hasn't really been much to share really. I'll share the okey ones as well as the better ones.

I'll start with the ass in the picture. My god this girl was hot, she was about 13-14 years old, had a pretty face, long blonde hair and an ass that was so hot words can't describe it! This girl was quite skinny except for her ass, which was big for her age and body. She was wearing some dark blue leggings which made it possible to see every shape and inch of her fucking hot ass. Since we where in a DVD shop in the middle of the week there was no crowd and no plan. I just saw her at random and I wasn't out on a groping session.

As she was looking at some DVD I just slowly walked past her and reached out the back of my hand stroked her ass lightly. It felt so damn nice, and there was no reaction at all, which was unexpected as there where very little people in the store. I then walked pass her again and stroked her as a little harder with the back of my hand, still no reaction! I now knew she wasn't the jumpy type which would mean I could go for a grope without much drama, if any at all. But unforunelty I never got the chance, I followd her and her fat friend out of the mall hoping for an escalator-quick-exist-grope, but I never that close again, to bad really.

Today though my luck was much better. I went to one of the movie theaters in my city as there would be alot of people out to catch a sunday flick. To my luck, right after I arrived this really hot little blond girl cought my attention, she was probably about 13 old, about 5 foot 3 and had blonde hair. She had a really grat body and an ass much like the girl in the picture, but even more plump and jiggly. She was wearing black leggings which sat super tight, allowing everybody to enjoy her beautifull ass. I just love it when young girls have an ass like this, I just find it incredibly hot, and young the hotter when they have an ass like this!

She was with what seemed to be her mother, sister, her friend and her friends mom. They went right into the candy shop at the movie theatre and to my luck it was very crowded, just perfect! She was standing by the candy boxes looking and putting candy into her candy bag. I wanted to test this one first so I sneaked my way inbetween the people and her. I walked past her slowly as stroke the back of my hand over her ass, from cheek to cheek feelings the shape of her ass. The fabric was to thin, it felt like naked ass.

There was no reaction and as the candy shop was crowded I knew I could have som more fun. I circled around, and then i got back to her, she was standing at a 45 degree angel to the wall of candy boxes. I sneaked inbetween the crowd and was now standing right behind her. I reached out my left hand and whent for a palming, I reached forward and grabed right between her cheeks and gave it a little grab. Her ass felt so damn nice and I could feel my chest full of excitment. She really didn't react, and I really wasn't happy with the grope as I wanted to get a hold of a full cheek. So I pushed my way out and circled back again

Again I was right behind her, this time I got right behind her, and there was a crowd infront of her. So just went for it, I reached out my left hand and cupped her left ass cheek. I was now standing there palming her left ass cheek, she didn't turn around after me doing this for 2-3 seconds. So while holding her left ass cheek in my hand I gave it a firm grab. That feeling was so amazing, her as felt so damn good in my hand. And this 13 year old girl actually had a soft and firm ass that was more than a hand full. It felt even better than it looked.

I pushed my way out, walked out fast and jumped into my car in fear that she would tell her mother that some guy just groped her. Ahhhhh... I just love young theens girls with hot asses!

Story coming soon! (WARNING: she may be 14 years old) (Thu 14 Jul 2011 01:48:12 GMT)

Thanks Concert Master! I love groping, palming and feeling up young girls asses. Today I had the best groping session ever at this large outdoor concert! It was simply amazing! Concerts are hands down the best place to grope. I'll post the story within a few days.

In the meantime I'll leave you with a hot picture of a smoking 14 year old posing in some jeans-tights (tights that look like jeans, but with much thinner materials than jeans).

Large outdoor concert (Sun 17 Jul 2011 13:44:56 GMT)

Here is the story I promised to post, it's quite long, but I had many nice encounters. I hope you enjoy this one, I defiantly did!

The other day I attended this large outdoor concert. After attending several smaller concerts at malls with around 500 people, I've learned that concerts are hands down the best place for groping. Concerts are crowded, loud and full of teenage girls. The concert I attended yesterday is tour that is held in four different cities, and is held every summer. I'd been looking forward to this for months now, and the only thing that could have ruined it would've been the weather as it is held outside. The weather yesterday was perfect, warm but not to hot and blueskies. Infront of the stage was a closed off area they called the golden circle, like a moshpit but not as crowded I would imagine. People would be turning up early to get access to the golden circle as there was a max number of people allowed into there.

I actually left work an hour earlier so I would get there early enough to be allowed in the golden circle. I Arrived about an hour and fifteen minutes before the concert began and the there were already thousands of teenage girls waiting for the concert and to get access to the golden circle. These concerts are know for their popularity with teenage girls and especially girls from 12-15 years old. I estimate that 80 percent of the people there where girls and 80 percent of them where teenage girls and 80 percent of them where beetween 12 and 15. I placed my self in the middle of the crowd and waited among hundreds of teenage girls waiting to get into the circle. I tried to find a nice target because I knew the entrance to the circle would be super crowded. As I knew I could grope about any girl I wanted to, I really wanted to find one as hot as possible. I found this really hot thing, she was about 14 years old, with blond hair and a very pretty face. She was wearing this matching shorts and top outfit which was loosly fitting, but of super thin material. It was just like a summer dress, put as a shorts outfit, she would be my first target.

After about half an hour they opened the gate to the golden circle the crowd behind, which was now a couple of thousand people, pushed from behind. I was pushed into the girl in the shorts outfit before I could even react and was only able to place my fist against her ass. But my god her ass felt great, while we where pushed I was able to place the back of my hand so deep into her ass I was separating her cheeks, it was really deep in there. Her cheeks where nice and round, and quite big for a 14 year old girl. Her shorts where so loose and thin that If really felt like naked ass. This went on for about a minute before the crowd was forced by security to calm down. I was then able to turn my hand around and cup her ass for a good five seconds and give it a nice squeeze then let go. Damn her ass felt so fucking amazing, round and soft, perfect cheeks. She didn't even react a bit, but since security was getting very agressive and telling people to push back. I didn't want to push my luck to much in fear of not getting into the circle.

As the crowd started to push once again I got behind this very cute 13 year old girl. I've seen here many times before since I used to work at a mall. So I knew her age. I've allways wanted to grope her ass. She had a vey pretty doll face, and a very hot ass. Plump and round, very hot indeed, she was wearing some purple fabric pants and they where so tight I don't think a peice of paper would fit in between. I was ready this time as the crowd pushed us near the entrance gate. I simply just put the palm of my hand on her ass, cupping and palming her ass. I was feeling her ass left to right and just touching it whateverway I wanted. My hand was glued to her as the crowd pushed back and forth for about a minute or two til we reached the entrance gate. The crowd was completely crazy, and the guards where shouting out to stop pushing or else they would stop letting people into the golden circle. At the same time this girl shouted out to her friend «my god this is crazy, and somebody is holding my ass». I then decided to let go of her ass, since there where about five guards at the entrance, I'd gotten this far and waited so ling I wouldn't what to risk not getting into the circle. I know had one guard in front of me, and he was pushing me back or trying to hold the crowd, I'm mean it was total chaos now. He was shouting out to not push, so I actually told him that «I'm trying to hold them back as hard as I can». He then let me in past the gates, which where like an entrance to the subway.

I was now inside the golden circle and there was alot of room to wander, but I had to fin a good spot to stand before the crowd entering filled up the circle. I got failry close to stage and just waited for the circle to fill. It was quite calm as the circle was filling. 20 minutes whent on without any groping opportunites and I was wasn't able to move much since it was now quite crowded. For some reason I was now surrounded by guys and boys, but I didn't want to move back since I was just about 10 meters from the stage. To my luck though, the two young girls pushed their way right in front of me. They looked to be very young, even by my standards, maybe 10 or 11. But closer inspection of the one standing right in front of me revealed her to be about 12 or 13 I think. Her face was very young, but she looked like to have well developed ass and hips. She was wearing a jacket that covered the top halv of her ass, so I wasn't able to see her ass that well.

I started slow with this one, and gently place the back of my hand against her ass, and sure enough she had a nice size ass. Her younger friend wanted to move towards the center of the crowd as we were standing a little to the left, but the crowd was now huge and moving anywhere seemed to be impossible. They managed to magically find a gap and went for it, and as they pushed through I placed my right hand under her jacket and plamed her ass. I got a good 5 or 6 seconds of grabing before they where gone. She didn't even react a bit. She was wearing some brown jeans type of pants that where very tight. Her ass felt very nice and firm indeed, and had a very nice size. I just love it when young girls have well developed asses, it really turns me on!

With her gone, I was now surrounded by guys. I tried to push through the gap, but it closed vey fast. I was now determened to have some more fun with this cute young girl, so I just went for it and pushed my way after her. It was abit of a struggle, but I managed yo get right behind her again. The show had now just started and the hosts where on stage. Before the first performance (each perfomance was two ro three songs by an artist/group) there where people on stage throwing out free stuff, such as t-shirts etc. and the crowd pushed back and forth as people where trying to catch the free stuff. Everytime something came near us I just pushed my self againt her and palmed her cheeks, squeezing and caressing her young and hot ass. It was so amazing, I felt I could just grope her as much as I pleased. One time some stuff dropped right down infornt of her, and while palming her ass she bent down to pick it up. My hand was just glued to her ass. She never looked back or even seemed bothered by my molestation of her. As the first performance hit the stage the crowd calmed down as bit, and it wasn't like super crowded either. Don't get me wrong in the golden circle alone there was about 3000-4000 thousand, and a total of 14000 where at this concert, but we weren't as pushed togheter like sardins in a can. But I now knew this girl wasn't going to do or say anything about me groping her. So throught the first performance my hands where glued to her ass, palming, squeezing, caressing and molesting her young ass. For about ten minutes non stop she just stood there taking it, it felt so god damn good, I was in heaven! After about 15 minutes of groping this sweet young thing she started whispering to her younger friend. Her younger friend looked straight at me a couple of times as they whispered back and forth, so I took this a hint that my luck was now all used upp. Do I backed down and pushed a little forward. Since my hands had been glued to this girl, there was a small gap infornt of me that I kept front moving into since I wanted to stand behind her while groping.

After moving into the gap there was a group of about 6 girls aged 14-15 that seemed to be there together, all of them where really hot. I recognized the girl right infront of me (the girl in the picture) from an outdoor event here in my city from a couple of weeks ago. She was really hot, and even though I couldn't see her ass that well, since she was wearing this thin sweater that covered her ass. But I had seen her ass before, watched her, so I knew she had a very hot ass. Nice and plump and round, her slim body made it even stand out more, she was so fucking hot. She was a small girl, long blonde hair, very pretty face and had braces which I find very sexy. She was wearing some small and tight jeans shorts and was 14 years old, this I know because I found her on facebook. I was a little worried about groping her because since I had seen her before, and she had seen me to, it would be very easy for her to ID me if she'd make trouble.
The second performance was now starting and right before the corus began the preformer told every body to jump and sing along. This was my chance, and as she started jumping up and down, I jumped in tune with her and grabbed her ass right in between her cheeks, deep into her ass. My palm was placed there through the whole corus, while we where jumping up and down, just glued to her ass. When the corus stopped she stopped jumping and I removed my hand. She was laughing and smiling and bent over to her friend infornt and said something, her friend looked right at me. Her friend just smiled at her and laughed, I got a little nervous then, but she didn' turn around or even try to move away from me at all. As the second corus began, she started jumping again, but I waited this one out in fear of beeing cought. When the third corus began I when for it again, jumped up and down in tune with her with my hand glued to her ass. It felt so god damn good, her ass felt as good as I imagined, it felt so nice and round in my hand. I was now shure this little sweet thing wouldn't make any truble, and that I could have more fun with her.

In between the performances while the crew on stage threw out freebees and crowd would jolt forwards and backwards I would palm her ass, feeling her cheeks through her little jeans shorts. My hand was just glued to her ass, cupping and squeezing. Her cheeks where so round and plump. While cupping her right cheek I would be humping her left one, it felt so amazing! The crew threw som stuff right infront of her and she jumper uo to reach it, and I rammed my hand right up in between her cheeks and pressing against her pussy, that was a great feel as I literatly pushed her shorts into her crack. I was havinga great time, and this little girl didn't even seem to mind me molesting her any way I wanted. For the next 20 minutes I groped, palmed, squeezed and humped her ass.

In the fourth perfomance things got really interresting as I was very horny and I got even bolder. This girl was dancing to the music and while goring her left cheek I put my hand on her right hip and pulled her a little towards me, and she complied! She actually put her back into my chest and her head to my chin. This was fucking amazing, my heart raced and my dick was dugg into her ass now. We where now moving together to the music and the space to her friends infront wideend. After about a minute of this her friend turned around and looked at her with a kind of « what are you going you dirty little thing» look. I didn't what to make her uncomfortalbe with her friends so I let her go. She took a smal step forward, but didn't even look back.

The fifth performer took to the stage, a big international star with a number one world hit at the moment. The song was a slow and romantic song. So I again moved forward and really grabbed her hip and pulled her into me, she didn't seem to object that at all. My dick was dugg into her crack and my hand held on the front side off her hip. We swayed together throughout the duration of the song, and it was actually very romantic, haha. We stood there like we where dating or something. When the song ended I let her go and her friends kinda blushed and where very happy for their friend. She bent over to talk to them and they said things like «aawwww, that was so romantic, and to a perfect song to». I felt amazing, this was great, but I now felt that I was done groping this sweet teen, this a perfect end. So for the sixth and last performance I moved back into the crowd a little.

The sixth performance began and the crowd went wild, and while the artist reached out to the crowd on the right side of the stage, the crowd went crazy! I spotted this very hot girl in some super tight black pants in some very thin fabric. Almost like leggins, but not that thin. She was about 14, quite tall, but with an amazing ass. Big and round but very firm. I struggle my way through the crazed crowd, reached out and grabbed her ass. The crowd was completley crazy so I didn't hold back at all, I plamed, squeezed and groped the hell out off her ass for about a minute. Feeling her sweet teen ass, and shoving my hand up into her crack. I really abused this hot thing. The crowd was so crazy that she couldn't off stopped me if she wanted. The crowd calmed down and for the duration fo the last song I stood behind her plaming her ass. She didn't even react and her ass felt so fucking amazing, probably the best looking ass I ever groped.

As the show ended I knew that the exit would be ass crowded as the entrance, so I got beind this very cute readhead with freckles. I had been scoping out this pretty girl troughout the concert, and had plans to grope her. She was about 13 and wore som blue jeans that where very tgiht fit. So this would be my chance. The exiting was very crwoded and packed, so while exiting behind this sweet little readhead I just placed my hand on her right ass cheek. Her ass wasn't very big, but felt nice enough. As I was plaming and squeezing her ass, she turned around with «who's groping me» kind of look. She didn't seem to understand that it was me that was molesting her. So I just continued groping her sweet ass for the next five minutes it took us to exit. I even had my hand glued to her ass while passing the guards at the gates.

The thing is, when I'm out groping, I never seem to get enough so I had to get one more feel of a teenage girls ass. I spotted this very cute girl with er mother, she was about 12 and wore some pink pants. Her ass looked really hot in those tight pants. There was still a crowd after exiting hte golden circle to get out of the concert area. So I placed my self right behind her, it wasn't like super crowded, but I didn't care. I just went for it and plamed her right cheek while walking with the crowd behind her. She didn't react at all, so I just keeped my plamed glued to her ass for about a minute. Plaming and groping this young girls ass, a nice finale to a great two hours of groping.

I now this was very very long, but I had the best day of groping in my life ever. It was just amazingly easy to grope any girl I wanted for as much as I wanted. I can't wait til next summer, I'll be then attending all four concerts in four different cities!

Untitled (WARNING: she may be 13 years old) (Mon 18 Jul 2011 16:09:34 GMT)

I'm with you Rock Hard, but in my opinion it all depends on how well developed the girl is. I've seen 12 year olds who looked like they where 15, and vice versa. Her body was like a 15 year old, but her face was young. Who knows, she might of been 14-15, but I don't really care as long as they have a nice body, it's all about the body. I admit though, I get really turned on by a young girl with a hot body, that's just the way I am. I'm in my 20's.

GuestMan, no I didn't get the chance because it wasn't like crazy crowded, so I would have been spotted right away.

The picture is actually from the concert I went to, 14000 crazed teens! Gotta love it!

RED DRAGON (Tue 19 Jul 2011 00:28:53 GMT)

This is an actual picture from the concert I went to, the one from my story "large outdoor concert". I don't want to reveal where it was, because I live in this city and I do a lot of groping here, more than I write about. I'm kinda playing it safe that way.

you see that guy with the orange hat and green sunglasses to the left in the picture, I was standing about two meters left of him. I made sure my picture wasn't taken, every time they took a picture of the crowd I turned my head down or away. And YES, there where so many hot teens!

Re RED DRAGON (WARNING: she may be 13 years old) (Tue 19 Jul 2011 23:01:29 GMT)

Yeah I know, it was literally pick and choose at this concert! I had been looking forward to this concert for months, and I wonder why I never went before because they have actually held this tour for since before I was born. When I wrote my story I thought that you guys wouldn't believe the sheer amount of teens at this concert, but I guess this is the evidence :) hehe. I can't wait to go to all four concerts next year, the biggest one actually attracts around a 100 000 people, and most of them are teen girls!

The picture is from the same concert last year, more hot teens!

Concerts (Thu 21 Jul 2011 23:45:16 GMT)

Seasoned Lurker

Yeah I hear you, I've felt that way too about standing out. But at a concert like this it's almost hard to get caught, you've gotta really do something stupid at least. At this concert it seemed like the girls didn't give a fuck about being groped. I mean, I groped like 7 or 8 teen girls really good with out any reaction or trouble. They just stood there doing or saying nothing while my hands groped their asses freely. The 12-13 year old in my story just stood there while my hands molested her ass, there was no reaction. Usually there is at lest some reaction when you put your hands on a girls ass, but most of these girls none what so ever!


Thanks, coming from you that's great! My favorite age group must is also 13-14, or even 12-14 if the young girls have really nice bodies. And some of them really do, it's fucking crazy how well developed some of those girls are! I did some humping at this concert, but I'm really a hands on guy. Feeling their asses with my hands is what really turns me on. I mean, if I see a hot ass, more than anything I want to feel it with my hands!

My next step it to try to finger a young and hot girl at a wild and crowded concert, and even fuck them if it's possible!

August award: probe
He gets the award for the joyful bus rides.
(Though the stories are rather flashing.)

weirdest thing happened (WARNING: she may be 15 years old) (Thu 18 Aug 2011 05:18:33 GMT)

Theres an Asian girl who I have literally cum all over her ass dick out and sperm all over her ass three times already! Well this time I had already did the deed and just wanted a place to sit and the bus was crowded and I saw empty seat in back of bus so I quickly gravitated there and sat down! I didn't even bother to see who was sitting next to me but I felt someone staring at me and when I looked over it was the same girl I had literally rubbed my cock all up and down her ass and in her crack and left huge loads of cum on her each time and I witnessed her check with her hands the last time as I was leaving bus and she felt it and look on her face was shock! I decided to try to talk to her and I turned to her and asked her where she was from and to my surprise she turned around and smiled and said she was from China! We talked about her school and bus rides and she was literally so cute and innocent I wanted to pull my cock out and say: Do you remember this? but just a fantasy lol! I noticed however as we talked she kept staring at my crotch and i started to get hard! I know in the back of her mind she knew I was the one who had rubbed my cock and pressed my body against hers and came all over her ass a few times and I was so tempted to ask her about it but instead we had talked and kinda made friends! Hopefully I see her again but don't know if I will be able to chikan her as we now have a little friendship! Weird shit huh? Well hope all is well here with everyone! Peace out! probe

teeter totter weeny (WARNING: she may be 15 years old) (Sun 21 Aug 2011 13:31:15 GMT)

I am lmao so hard cause I had the weirdest time on the bus and I guess I was in an extra devious mode! I realized by accident that most young girls never have seen a penis moving up and down. I decided to flash these young chinese chics and it was three of them on crowded bus. So I got real close to them and was standing basically where my cock was almost to the first girls mouth and being tha close made me super hard. I looked around saw everything was cool and pulled out my cock and positioned myself that when she turned around she would see my erect cock and her friends would too! So they wouldn't look for a a little while so I just decided to move my cock up and down on it own like see saw and it moves alot so I kept doing it and the first girl closest to me caught it in her view and turned to me but turned and jumped and the other two girls started looking so I stopped moving it! I got scared for a minute but she started telling them something and they turned back around watching my cock but in an expectant kind of way so I decided to move my cock up and down teeter tottering it again and they started laughing! I was so amused by the fact they were so amused. So I stopped and they got stopped. So they were still waiting. I decided to keep moving it up and down and they started laughing and smiling again! THis was strange everytime I moved up and down they laughed and smiled and said things to each other and I did this for them for at least 5 minutes till my next stop! Before I got off I grabbed my cock and started jerking it and they just got quiet and watched! I didnt finish but I was about to get off the bus when I turned to them and smiled and said bye and they all looked at each other and started laughing and said bye as If I just finished a performance or something.....
Next bus right about 30min later I see a young Jewish chic had to be about 16yrs at most she has her bible open in front of her and she is praying. I instantly have hard on and bus is getting crowded. I feel wicked as hell,. I know she has never seen a cock before and one that moves up and down the way I can do it! I position myself right next to her and have my cock out of my pants and its had its throbbing hard cause she is pretty and sooo fucking innocent just the way I like em! I get closer to her and the head of my cock brushes her right shoulder. SHe looks at me for a moment and I think she may have gotten a glimpse of my cock cause she immediately put her right arm to cover her face but i can see her eye looking in almost fear directly at my cock. I know she can see it now even though she is covering her face I know this will be surreal for her! I start moving my cock up and down and do it really hard to even where I think it looks hilarious! She turns and sees my cock right next to her face moving up and down and yells Oh my god and people turn to see! I get scared but I calmly move out of way and let her bolt to the back door. I go to front door and bus is coming to stop and I look back and her face is complete red and she has on hand on her face and she is praying in hebrew or something and a she took one last look at me and as I exited the bus I looked her dead center in eyes and blew her a kiss! and walked off bus. I don't know why but the reaction of her being so scared of my bouncing cock made me want to cum so bad. I wished I would've cum on her. Lmao I am so evil! Now forever she will think of my teeter totter cock! hahahahahahahahaha! right next to her face! I am going do more experimenting now!

re:red dragon (WARNING: she may be 1 years old) (Tue 23 Aug 2011 01:58:00 GMT)

Hey man yeah its fucking great and I love the reactions i have gotten! Well i have done other stuff i have a panty i carry on with me and when the back of the bus is filled with teen school girls I take it out and start sniffing it and they look at me like confused but then it clicks in their minds what it is I am really doing and I start to lick the crotch while a few of the girls watch then i see the utter look of disgust but confusin and intrigue cause they know what part of the body of the panty i am licking and sniffing and then if its only a few girls and no one else around i usually pull out my cock and start rubbing the panty crotch with it until i cum on panty where they can see it all! I have seen real reactions to that one! As a matter of fact a while back i posted a pic of some of those girls watching me! I every once in a while bump into that chic in the picture and have started talking to her and she stares at me intensely on other occasions. I know in the back of her head she is trying to piece together why i would be sniffing and licking and cumming on a girls panties? Jewish girls are the best! So fucking innocent! love it1 London must be great bro! cant wait to visit!

Damn i got lucky (WARNING: she may be 9 years old) (Mon 29 Aug 2011 15:55:04 GMT)

I was riding the bus with my bare cock out on this thick spanish chic and I kept rubbing my bare cock up and down her shoulder! Her head was turned to side I am pretty sure asleep the thing is my bare cock was on her bare shoulder and feeling how soft her skin felt was turning me on more than I thought! I did for a few minutes and bus was super crowded! I kept checking to see her face and reacting but she must have been asleep cause I was really putting pressure on her shoulder whice felt so soft and sooo good! I am getting hard again thinking of this part! I noticed some pre cum on the head of my cock so I decided to put the head of my cock into her arm to rub the precum on her! I started pressing the head of my cock into her arm and it felt ooohhhh soooo good I pumped slowly watching the head of my cock sink into the softness of her skin silky fucking smooth and and then I didnt even realize but I started to cum and instead of trying to hide or pull away I kept cumming and cum was spurting out so hard I am in shock that she didnt wake up! But feeling my cock pressed into her so hard and feeling the hot cum flowing out my cock made me double turned on and It seemed like I was cumming longer than normal and I had no choice but to try and conceal what was happening! I came all over her arm and kept my cock there and it drained all out and my cock instantly went limp and I realized I needed to wipe up some of the cum so when i leave no one would notice. I opened my shirt and pressed into her with my body and created this big wet stain in my shirt and when stop came I was about to rush of bus and the same girl yelled hey wait a minute?!!!! i got terrified and I almost bolted off bus but she said you left your bag here! And I realized she was right I turned around and looked at her and thanked her and I got to see that there was cum all over her shoulder and arm and she didn't even realize it and I noticed this other woman staring at her arm and looking at me suspisicously! Damn that was close! I can't believe I came on her I mean it was the best fucking feeling of cumming on her bare arm cock pressed into soft tan warm skin! Damn I will be jerking off to that for a long time! I am not gonna chikan for a while though I am scared to go out until a month or more maybe! I am content for now! I couldnt get pics cause it would draw too much attention! but got some before cum shot! I def couldnt get any after too much attention drawn to me! anyway just wanted to share! I only did something like this 2 other times with bare flesh and man its like heaven! just watching my cock spewing cum on bare arm of luscious spanish chic with such beautiful skin is surreal! The only thing is it was hard to conceal the big wet spot on front of my shirt! kept trying to conceal it but dont know how successful i was! anyway hope your all having fun!

September award: Mauler
He has a girlfriend who has a cousin.
(You have a good network of contacts.)

My girlfriends cousin.... (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Tue 20 Sep 2011 15:40:31 GMT)

Me and my girl had a little get together for friends at my house the other day. Just a few friends and familt which included her stunning 18 year old cousin. Now this girl is a real knockout, slim brunette with shoulder length hair and a killer body. She was wearing a tight little red minidress and some heels that showed off her delicious curves and long tanned legs perfectly. I could'nt take my eyes off her all night and she had a good bit of cleavage on show too. I groped her as much as i could possible get away with during the night without attracting too much attention. By about midnight everybody was beat and started going home leaving just my girl and her cousin who had agreed earlier to staying the night on my couch. They were both in a bit of a mess from drinking and my girl went to bed shortly after leaving her cousin alone and very drunk with me. I suggested another drink and a joint and she agreed happily. I poured her a large vodka and coke and rolled probably the strongest spliff i've ever rolled and lit it up. After passing it back and forth a few times her speech was starting to slur and i could tell she was having trouble focusing. Very soon she was out cold on the couch. She looked so pretty lying there in her killer dress with her brown hair framing her face. I just had to touch her. I moved onto the couch and kissed and licked her lips. Absolutely nothing. I was already very hard so i started to gently massage her tits through her dress and i was rubbing her legs easing them apart little by little. My heart was pounding and my cock was straining to get free from my pants. I slowly moved towards her g string and eased it to the side exposing her beautiful pussy lips, she still wasn't making a sound so i decided to slip a finger inside. She was wet probably from the weed and alchohol so my finger slipped in easily. She was so tight, not a virgin but incredibly tight all the same. Man i wanted to fuck this girl so bad but i knew if i did that she's probably wake up and there would be big trouble. Thats when i got my idea. What if i didn't fuck her but just came inside the little bitch? Yeah that'd do perfectly and it'd be all over very quickly. I kept looking at her pussy and her legs in the heels and pulled my cock out and started masturbating furiously. It wasn't long before i could feel the cum rising in my balls. I positioned my cock about 2 inches from her pussy and kept on wanking. Then a few seconds before i was ready to cum i eased my dick about 4 inches into the little beauty queen slut and unloaded my cum into her sweet teen pussy. She flinched a small bit and groaned but still didn't wake up. I didn't give a shit at this stage anyway i was in complete ecstacy shooting my load into her hot passed out kunt. When my cock had finished twitching i withdrew it from her very slowly and pulled her underwear back into place and put a blanket over her. I didn't even bother to clean up my cum because in honesty i wanted it in the little whore all night. The next day when i entered the room she was already up making breakfast and not a word was said about any strange goings on the night before. I can't believe i actually managed to shoot my cum inside the hot little bitch and she never suspected a thing! When her parents came to collect her later that day i have to say i had a wide smile while talking to her dad knowing that i had shot a big hot load in his little princess only a few hours before! Hahaha....

October award: smooovieee
Besides nice stories, he gave us amazing pictures.
(Da PERFECT ASS is perfect and the stewardess has no panties.)

Re: probe (Sun 02 Oct 2011 12:13:26 GMT)

Hey man, wot was dis school girl wearing? And please don't tell me dat she was wearing tight and shiny nylon spandex leggings and/or tight and shiny latex leggings lol

Re: probe (Tue 04 Oct 2011 11:19:05 GMT)

Yeah, I hear ya bout da jeans ma man! Jeggings (jean leggings) are much better, but they are still not as good as nylon spandex or latex leggings ;-P

AND HOLY SHIT MAN!!! I'd just love to see dat other jeans girl you posted, the one wit da gorgeous big round bubble ass in nylon spandex leggings :-O Oh fuck!!!!!

And da funny thing is, I usually prefer very slim girls wit tight little bubble butts, but dat girl got it going on man!!!!

Dis girl here is kind of a mix btw da big round bubble ass dat you posted, and ma ideal type of da super slim round little bubble butt ;)

Da PERFECT ASS (Tue 04 Oct 2011 15:32:40 GMT)

By da way fellas, dis be da ABSOULTE PERFECT ASS IMO

Re: RED DRAGON (Tue 04 Oct 2011 20:25:06 GMT)

I hear ya ma man! But I'd MUCH RATHER have her wearing some latex or nylon shiny leggings, but made of a very thin latex or nylon material ;-) OH YEAH!!!!!

And check out dis hot brown girl :P Get some shiny leggings on your hot round ass brown babydoll, and let da smoooove one get up on yo round brown ass lol

Re: Guest (Wed 05 Oct 2011 18:41:48 GMT)

Sorry ma man, but I don't know who she is or where to find mo' pics of her.

Here's another delicous round firm bubble ass for you fellas, and look at dem fucking sexyass white nylon spandex short-shorts she got on :-0

OH FUCK!!! Imagine seeing her in dat outfit (but wit a short top on of course, so dat all her hot little ass is visable)at a crowded bus/tram stop and following her up onto a crowded bus/tram, and taking your throbbing hard cock out of yo trousers and pressing it right up on dat sexy firm little ass and getting it right between dem two silky cheeks and humping dat ass silly OH BABY ;-D

One mo delicious ass :-P (Wed 05 Oct 2011 18:46:40 GMT)

I am one crazyass mofo lol (Thu 06 Oct 2011 19:49:05 GMT)

Damn fellas! I went out to hit da bankomat to take out some cash, and after I got ma cash I saw csome hotass polkas looking all slutty wit their tightass trousers and high heels ;-P One was a bit far away and I thought dat she might be wearing shiny leggings coz her goddamn trousers were skintight on her sluttyass, so I waited for her to get closer and I noticed dat she had on real tight jeans... FUCK!!!

Anyways, I decided to wait a bit and she if maybe some slut would be wearing nylon spandex leggings, and guess wot?! One fucking appeared coming out of da shopping mall (you see I was at an big intersection dat has a big mall on da corner) and she was wearing shiny black nylon ones wit her ass showing ;-)

I wasn't absolutely sure dat they were black nylon spandex leggings coz I first spotted her from bout 300 yards away, but I was quite sure dat they were lol

So I made sure to follow her and get up closer to her to make sure dat ma feeling was correct, and when I got with 40 yards of her I saw dat BINGO! she was indeed wearing dem OH YEAH SLUTTY POLKA!!!

So I followed her as she walked and walked (she probably walked near a mile, but I wasn't bothered too much coz I had dat hot shiny ass in ma sights :-D)So I'm thinking to maself "Alright baby! Get to a point where we are a bit isolated and then I will go in for da kill and grab dat hot shiny Polish ass" ;-)

Yeah fellas, I was hoping she would get on a packed tram or bus, but I just knew dat it would be highly unlikely, so I setteled for da idea or grabbing dat slutty Polka :-P She did go to da tram stop and of course I followed her on, and of course it wasn't crowdwd enough for any cock on ass action, so I just decided to wait til she got off and follow her and grab dat little slut :-D

She got off after 2 stops and I followed her for bout 400 meters and then she started heading up to a door so I thought "Now's da time to strike Smoooove one" and I quicked ma pace to get up behind her and gave dat slutty shiny ass and good grab :-P She looked at me wit shock in her eyes, but she didn't scream or make any kind of sounds, just a shocked look on her face ;-)

So Polkas, if you be dressing like dat, then you just be asking for da Smoooove one to molest you baby!!!!

In fact, dis little escapade has inspired me to go out tonight and check da clubs and maybe da night buses for some cock on ass action, as it is October now so all da students are back and everything is in full swing, so hopefully I'll be able to find a packed club and/or night bus andbe able to rub ma cock up on some slutty Polkas teasing me wit thier hot shiny spandex leggings asses, as dey just be asking fo it baby!!!!

Dis be to motivate ma ass ce soir :-D (Thu 06 Oct 2011 20:00:28 GMT)

So dis be da kinda sluttyass Polka dat I be hoping to molest tonite, so I'm posting up dis pic fo some visual stimulation/motivation fo maself dis night ;-)

And one mo :-D (Thu 06 Oct 2011 20:01:45 GMT)

Busy Thursday and Friday nites ;-) (Mon 10 Oct 2011 10:33:07 GMT)

Well fellas, after da ass grabbing on Thursday evening I decided to hit da clubs for some action :-D There were a few shiny legings asses out and about, but I saw some young thing (bout 19-20 years old) in sexy black nylons and a short fairly tight lace type dress. Her ass was a pretty nice little bubble, but it wasn't displayed so greatly due to da not so tight lace dress, but man oh man! Those sexy slim shiny pantyhosed legs were looking damn fine!!!!

I followed her and her friemd into da club and got a few handswipes on dat ass, and when she went to da dance floor I got up behind her and pressed ma cock into her ass (I had ma cock out of ma trousers and was wearing ma silk boxers). There was also a girl working at da bar wearing grey skin-tight legggings, and she had a nice bigger ass on her, not a fat ass, but a full woman's ass, and when she went to get da empty glasses I made sure to get behind her a get a few hand swipes in, also I brushed ma cock over her ass a few times ;-)

Later I left da club and hung around outside looking for more prey, and there wasn't much there, but the sexyass slut in da nylon stockings and lace dress came out, so I knew dat dey be heading fo da bus to go home :-D So I followed dem hoping dat I get could ma cock on dat ass fo a long time (when I say a long time I mean at least 2 or 3 min, yeah 2 or 3 min ain't so long, but it's MUCH BETTER than 2 or 3 seconds, which is da time of a typical cock brush by da way lol). So da bus came and it was semi-crowded, but she found a seat FUCK!!! So I was near her, but there was a dude btw us, so it kinda killed ma other plan, which was to cum on her sexyass pantyhosed legs as she got off da bus (basically I would jerk ma cock and get it ready and hard, and then over the min or so dat it takes to get off da bus get right behind her and jerk it and shoot dat hot cum on dem sexyass legs) but dat wasn't to be, since dis dude was btw us, so I just reached out and gave dat ass one last squeeze ;-) Yeah I wanted to blow ma hot load on dem legs, but wot could I do? I couldn't just go and push dat dude out da way, coz then it would be too damn obvious dat I be up to something lol

So dat was Thursday nite, I'll finish up da Friday experience here soon Ciao!

P.S. Dis hand brushing, cock brushing, and even ass grabbing still leaves lots to be desired since it only lasts a few seconds at most :-( Basically wots good about dem is da anticipation about dem and not da actual action of dem, if ya get ma drift fellas?

P.P.S. On Friday nite I actually got to play wit a few asses for at least a few minutes, which again is MUCH, MUCH BETTER than a few seconds lol

Re: 3rd eye (Fri 14 Oct 2011 13:14:37 GMT)

I got in da swipes and cock brushes when she went out from behind da bar to collect the empty beer glasses left on da tables near da dance floor :-D

Imagine getting dis hot bitch... (Mon 17 Oct 2011 00:17:51 GMT)

cornered on a packed bus and pulling up her skirt to work on dat sexyass :-D

November award: Rock Hard
He has very nice mate who has very nice girlfriend.
(And you gave us her pic.)

churro (Wed 02 Nov 2011 11:47:39 GMT)

churro.. u are a sick peado.. that is wayyyyyyy to young.

blackie (Mon 21 Nov 2011 10:45:02 GMT)

blackie i have done missionary once but it very difficult i try not to do it for seveal reasons as follows: 1- you will stand very close to the woman.. the train has to be sooo busy that this close contact looks normal. 2- she can see you in the face which can means she knows exactly who the offender is and might expose you.. you cant deny it if your the one directly in front of her 3- its not discreet people will notice... however i have done it once and it was fuckig amazing this was some years ago i dont really rember too much about it but i remember this happened: she was on the train already i allowed myself to be bundled on and ended up right in front of her at first i was right up on in front of her it was awkward i was immediatly erect i had a bad feeling about this she seed jumpy i knew she was preparing herself to say something (i may be wrong but every chikan has this sixth sense which is a feeling which can identify a submissive player or a none player within the first few seconds). so anyway i shifted to the side so my erection was on her thigh i proceeded to just hump her thigh which was wedged between my legs my balls were rested on her legs also it was very erotic she didnt seem to mind this as much i think vagina humping is risky prehaps its too full on almost like you want to have sex with there and then.. i would certainly advise against it unless it really cant be helped... but seldom do we find opportunites where this happens where it can look normal in a crowed....
anyway has a excellent time today ar Euston station during the rush off to centreal london wont tell you what platfrom you can go figure it out yourself haha so anyway found this pretty little white girl must have been about 19 she was in jeans but they were the skin tight ones a brown leather jacket and some cute pumps ahe wasnt my usual i prefer tight skirts but i couldnt afford to be picky and its winter skirts is somewhat rare in this weather anyway as we pulled up to get onboard i just let myself sink into her the jeans never let me get the feeling i wanted but i just discreetly let myself bury right into her crack i never humped, jumped, bumped licked or sucked i just let the movements of the train discreetly rock into her ever so gently i never allowed myself to fet fully erect i stayed semi so i can stay there longer without feelin conspicuous..
british transport police ate hot on this sorta thing at current esp with the upcoming olympics so just be careful remain discreet i have a good concert story a full 2 hous of butt fuckin the same chick i came severl times... i will type it out at some point ita just so long and i cant be bothered right now.... lol

my mates girlfriend got hadddddd (Wed 23 Nov 2011 12:08:00 GMT)

Had a fantastic time today I was out with my mate and his girlfriend a few nights ago we were all drinking and getting properly wasted. I had a fantastic time with her I took this picture at the beginning of the night when we were drinking in her room.
She was wearing this black dress really short and tight just how I like it. The black tights made her legs shimmer I was already hard just looking at her. I didn’t feel in the slightest bit bad looking at my mates girlfriend they had not been together long and although he is a friend I would not consider him to be a ‘good’ friend so I really didn’t care.
So anyway we were drinking in her bedroom downing vodka lemonades we were all getting kind of tipsy and as you can see in the picture she was dancing on the bed. Her boyfriend was on the laptop must have been on Facebook or something. I joked with her that she might spill her drink and offered to carry her off of the bed she said she was ok but I jokingly got up and moved quickly towards her before she had the chance to get off herself, I moved into her and put her arms around her tiny waist and slung her over my shoulder she screamed playfully begging me to let me down, I walked with her on my shoulder across the floor I held her legs right into me they pressed right onto my now fully erect penis, her legs felt incredible against my dick I kept my legs wide open as I stood there with her on my shoulder as she squirmed her legs would shift my erection side to side, her feet were pressed just beneath my balls I was throbbing I knew I was precumming already I was going mad. I decided I best let her down I lent backwards and sided her down me her legs slid all the way down my dick it was an awkward slide as my dick was poking out so much as she got to the floor my arm was still around her and on the lower part of her back but just above her arse, my dick was pressed right into her pussy area. She looked straight at me she had obviously felt all of me on her… she knew I was horny for her… she joked ‘haha someone enjoyed that’ I just laughed it off she smiled at me… I don’t think for second she wants to get with me but I am almost 100% certain she is a cock tease for the rest of the night she would tease me to the point of no return as I will go into.
Before we left to go out we done a gram of cocaine… we were fucking flying high as kite… totally of our heads I was bursting for her we hit the spot and I queued for drinks. Her boyfriend was behind her up and tight against her she was grinding against him slowly at the bar, he had his hands all over her body I was going mad I could feel my dick was wetting more and more… he whispered to her ‘I coming back to your tonight’ she whispered something back that I never heard but he had a shit eating grin on his face… drinks were ordered we went to the dance floor to pop some moves… him and her were grinding away on the dance floor. I began to feel awkward the coke was making me have a come down (if you know what drug related come down is) I felt depressed I was disappointed seeing them so grinding hard I thought the world was going to end I felt lonely and empty inside I just stood on the side watching her pleasuring him song by song. My world felt like is a breaking (the cocaine come down had hit me hard) she noticed me standing there all alone and come up to me she was clearly still high and flying she had a massive grin and dilated pupils she told me to come dance, I declined, she came up right against me and pressed herself into me placed her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek and said come on dance with me, what the matter don’t you want me.. I said of course I do she said I know you do I felt you earlier you cheeky bugger I began to cheer up and get aroused again she dragged me onto the dance floor her boyfriend was still dancing but on his own he was in his own world just enchanted in the music I don’t even know if he knew we were right next to him he was totally wasted. She began to dance with me grinding up and down my dick I was sobering up slowly and began to feel sexually aggressive I wanted to really get 110% of this girl I wanted to really make her feel every inch of my perversion she was teasing me, toying with my cock.. I was no longer dancing I was forcing myself on her I wrapped my hands around the front of her thighs and squeezed her arse into my dick I pressed into her I was obstructing her movements I was commanding her body making her move I just stood there and pushed into her real hard and slow she was hardly able to move I ran my hands up and down all over her really throbbing myself into her arse… she turned back and looked at me like maybe feeling like I should ease of but she said nothing I think she now felt awkward she just dancing realizing that she could not move away unless I let her go but I didn’t I was still angry I moved towards her ear and said ‘dance more I wana feel you dancing with me’ she APOLOGISED and said ‘sorry I abit wasted’ she continued to dance on me I held her real tight her boyfriend now noticed us dancing and moved in on us he moved to the front of us and began pushing himself into her I removed my hand from her things and held her waist she was now sandwiched between us we were both grinding onto her real hard real slow I got super horny from this knowing we were both absolutely molesting her I pushed my precumming dick right into her sooo hard it hurt and breathed in her ear I think she was a little creeped out but was sandwiched I began to cum I kept squeezing her and began palming and squeezing her arse I had forgotten she was my mates girlfriend I think it was because I was soooo horny, so angry and frustrated and the drugs and alcohol were still influencing my judgement. I cam in hard spurts I don’t know if she knew but she would have definitely have felt me throbbing so she probably guessed esp as her dress was so thin and tight. So anyway we went back to the bar to order drinks she got near me in the queue and said ‘wow you’re a crazy one aren’t you’ I just laughed it off and said im pretty wasted she agreed and suggested we should all gone home.
Her boyfriend suggested we all go back to her family’s house and watch a movie or something and get some food. I didn’t have an appetite as I was so horny so went back to her and were sitting on the sofa was laying down between us she rested her head on her boyfriend lap I could tell he was imagining he was getting a blowjob his dick was too the roof I could tell by the way he was breathing. She said my feet are cold and placed them on my lap they were right on my cock… I got horny all over again… I got my phone out of my pocket and began pretending to text really I was resting my hands on her feet I was pushing her feet down hard onto my cock but on the surface it just looked like I was texting I open my legs wide and her feet sunk onto my cock more the arches of her feet resting on my helmet her toes were on my ball’s.. I adjusted several times to allow myself to get a good feel. I continued to use my phone to get a good feel of her feet all soft and small and clean. I pushed real hard and kept at this for a full 1.5 hours until I decided to leave she showed me to the door it was a really awkward goodbye but she did hug me…. I thought about groping her but my better judgement decided not too. She had that look like ‘I know exactly what you done to me tonight’ kind of look. The next day I spoke to my mate he made no mention of any foul play from my part so I am assuming she never told a word. I haven’t seen her since but were all going Thorpe Park next week I might try some gentle brushes in the queues. I had so many wanks over that unforgettable night. She is such a tease I wish I had a girlfriend like that… I love girls that tease other guys... makes me really horny I would wife a girl like that she will make all your fantasies come true…. A real minx…

my usual train chick / reply to GroinRubber (end of my stroy paragraph) (Thu 24 Nov 2011 15:46:50 GMT)

Guys this aint my usual sort of arse humping story but since my expeirence from last week (humping my mates girlfriend) I must admit that I am a total horn dog like ALL week I had to go get myself another experience.So I swear down this is 100% true to the bone...
I don’t know if you recall I have this white woman with a harsh face, she is a regular customer of mine. (she is proably a few pages back in the archive- she is pictured sitting o a train seat with her legs crossed and eyes shut) I have humped her several times. She is definitly not a enjoyer but she is also not a complainer. So anyway I know exactly what route she takes and exactly at what time she will be there, such is the way in London. You will see the same people in exactly that same places at the same time pretty much every single commuting day this is better if the station is generally a croweded one. So anyway this particular station of mine is a main link with main tube lines so of course it is always busy. Sometimes it is not very busy but the majority of the time it is….. (clue) its on the northern line within the square mile.
So anyway there she was my chick, my doll, my repeated target… blonde hair, lots of makeup, business skirt, pumps and a small leather jacket which did not cover her arse… tasty I thought… I considered burying my face in her arse and licking it clean… but I remembered that I was in public (sometimes my mind wonders and im not sure that oneday I might just go ahead and do it… LOL). I discreetly watched her bringing myself off in my pocket… being careful that no-one could see me masturbating and also staring at her… I never looked straight at her but rather just in her direction. This was my cover to avoid being caught. As the train pulled in my made my way near her, she clocked me. Nevermind I thought shes not exactly a complainer I just hoped she wouldn’t try and escape me…. As we boarded the tube carriage I got right up behind her she knew my game and moved forward so it was hard for me to mount her arse… it was now a struggle… I needed meat she wanted to escape… I pushed through the crowds but she outsmarted me before I could trap her… she was able to turn and face me side on…. I was gutted…. If only I was a second earlier I would have got onto her arse… &#61516;
However all was not lost… she was holding her bag by her side.. her hand was there in front of me. I was all or nothing. I moved in on her hand, closing the space between us I never made contact yet… I wanted to play it cool she could easily just move her hand.. I realised I had to just wait, to wait for the tube to make it to the next stop, more people would get on and no-one will get off. I would have about 10 seconds to ctrap myself on her hand as people surge on this would mean her arm was stuck meaning her hand would be crushed againt my full on erection. I played the waitging again. The train made it to the next stop (wont say the name) I moved in quickly. She had no idea of this move, reason being is because I had always got on her arse so she was protecting her arse so much that she had forgotten to protect her hand… I closed the gap on us and just let the surge of people trying to board to trap me on her hand….my dick was instantly hard. I could feel her fingers, I brushed and wiped myself over her hand it was bumpy as my full blown erection slid over every finger… I just stood there taking her all in… I opened my legs wide and pushed my helmet on her fingers.. corrr this was real hot… I couldn’t get the same feeling as humping her arse as fingers don’t protrude in the way and arse does lol. But I was still in heaven. I just absorbed her.
For the whole time she never even looked at me, but she did looked fed up. I wanted to take a picture of her but decided not too (way too obvious).
Anyway so for the next 3 minutes I just rode on her hand she neve tried to move away or anything she couldn’t otherwise she would have to swipe my erection with her hand… I stayed discreet and just gently rubbed her hand with my cock…. I never let him throb like I usually do to her arse as I had to be careful… I precum, I could not finish because I was too hard.. hand humping is good but can never beat a delightful arse.

Groinrubber – I know what you mean after I kind of feel the same sometimes usually when I have a real serious hump like at a concert and im straight bum fucking the same girl for like 2-3 hours straight without her really enjoying it….. I always end up feeling terrible like, for a moment I begin to hate myself… I think is this really it… is this the person I am.. Is this the man I want to be…. I get up extra early for work just to get a bum fuck… I waste money on concert too and going out drinking just to get a good rub….. I want to quit…. But the truth is I probably wont… its has become an addiction… a lifestyle…. If I get a hump its not an amazing thing anymore its just ‘a standard journey into work’ in fact if I don’t get a hump that pretty rare…… that’s what life has become…. I will stoip oneday… just not today…… in fact… on the tube home tonight….. I AM GOING TO GET A HARD HARD RUB …..even if it means getting home later than usual… :-P

shogie (Fri 25 Nov 2011 08:27:04 GMT)

shogie- i understand what you are saying but my question is- at what point does it end, chikan is an addiction there are some of us who will oneday just abrubtly quit there are others who will gradualy quit... but what about the rest? i think its important to know that at the end of the day it cant just continue every day or every week or whatever for 'x' amount of years... it does have to stop at some point in everyones lifes and then a new generation of chikan will evole its like a cycle... you see the problem is this.. if we dont eventually stop one day we WILL get caught chikan is like pickpocketing... people do it all the time all over the place in the largest crowds... victims are aware if pickpockets in the sam way they are aware of chikans so the probability is the longer you stay in the game te more chance there is of being caught... im not trying to be a kill joy or to persuade anyone to quit all im saying is... is that oneday we need to sit down and say look i have had 'x' amount of years of good humping but now i will quit whilst i am one step ahead becuase i know i cant keep winning forever life doesnt work like that.. its like gambling at a casino... win win win but people dnt quit whilst they are still in the game they want more more more and eventually falter... chikan is similar all my point is that for now like yourselves im good in the game and cant see myself quiting tomorrow or anytime soon.. however.. i accept that my days are numbered and that i wish to quit before someone (police) make that decision for me.
having said that- new years eve in london... it going to be a chijan blast akways is always has been fucking cannot wait- loss if appetite from food hust thinking about it.... lol ;-)

rogerdodger (Mon 28 Nov 2011 18:01:31 GMT)

Mate I'm black and have a large dick so tell me what time your wife will be at stratfrod station, what platform and wearing what and I will get her for you.. I will proceed to take my cock out and rub it bare on her so she has my precum on her all day whilst at work..
Guys- personally I prefer white women it not a matter of which have the best arses its what I find to be the most submissive... White women (english) anyway are generally timid will not speak out just today I saw some kid try and get up behind a older white woman in a skirt she only half turned at looked at him that was all.. He backed off after... But this is what I mean.. They won't say anythhing becuase british culture is to not speak out esp on public transpor.. I mean read the papaers.. You hear about kids stabbing eachother in the street on buses and trains and people just keep their head down and don't say a word - why? - becuase they are scared of making a scene and they are scared for their life a woman in london would much rather allow herself to be humped than make a scene and risk confrontation.. This is how london works trust me I know I was born here and have lived her since....

rogerdodger (Tue 29 Nov 2011 07:31:35 GMT)

Thursday I will get her pls explain her more and let me know what times what she will wear ect maybe a photo will make my life easier you can pm this to me if u dnt wana put on the board??

December award: eleven
for finally telling us the hot high school student.
(And thank you for the nice pictures, too.)

Sorry and Intro (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Thu 29 Dec 2011 07:49:10 GMT)

It looks like I'm not going to finish that epic story I promised before the end of the year. Just so I can get at least one story in during 2011, I'm going to share a story I wrote 3 years ago.

I alluded to this finished story once, but I had decided I was not going to share it. I wrote it shortly after it happened. It seems a little too good to be true, plus the girl was still in high school and I was worried about admitting to doing this with her. Especially if I shared pictures too.

But she has graduated now and I feel confident that sharing this won't come back to haunt me.

I'm sharing it exactly as I originally wrote it.

These pictures I'm sharing are from around the time period this took place. Obviously, I didn't take them. I have MANY pictures of her, but the best ones I pulled off online. I think back then it was her Myspace page. She eventually dyed her hair, so it's been a while since she was a blonde.

Young, Dumb and Crack Full of Cum (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Thu 29 Dec 2011 07:51:00 GMT)

I just had an absolutely amazing experience. I'm still in shock. I can hardly believe what happened.

In order to explain what happened, I need to explain what I do for a living. However, considering the circumstances, I don't want to reveal any personal information.

So you'll have to use your imagination a little. I'm not exactly a teacher, but I work with high school students. I don't work for the school district, but I spend much of my time at different high schools. I'm also around students after school and some evenings.

It's actually a horrible job for someone who enjoys humping teen ass at concerts. But, despite seeing hot teenagers every day, I've never done anything with the students I work with. In fact I have no desire to. I see those kids differently because I know them.

It's all the hotties I see walking around that I don't know that get my heart racing. Sometimes I fantasize about them, but that's been about it.

Until the first week of December, 2008.

It was an after-school activity, in the evening. I was supposed to be meeting about 20 kids, but only 8 showed up. Six boys and two girls. It was right after Thanksgiving, it's getting dark really early now, and this day was the first marginally cold day we had here.

With only 8 kids, we weren't going to be able to do the planned activity. I let the kids just hang out for awhile while we waited to see if more showed up.

The building we're in is not on school property. It's right across the street from a park. Usually there are several adults, but this week I am the only adult for the entire evening.

While we're waiting, some kids are standing in the street, throwing a football back and forth. The sky is covered with clouds, so the moon is not visible. It's even a bit foggy.

It's so dark that the kids can't see the football, which makes it fun. Soon, all 8 are playing. I joke that we should go in the park and play "smear the queer". To my surprise they all want to.

If you don't know, "smear the queer" is a pointless "game" where everyone tries to get the ball. When someone get it's everyone else tackles that person and tries to take if from them. Most people throw the ball before they are tackled, but plenty of tackling and wrestling goes on.

The six boys have all played this before. Probably in grade school. The two girls have not. It's quickly explained to them, the kids tell me I have to play too, and we start.

One of the girls, I'll call her Ashley. Ashley is an extremely hot 16 year old. I knew her a little last year, and something happened to her between 15 and 16. She started wearing makeup and skimpy tight clothes, her ass filled out and her tits ballooned out big and perky. The curves on this girl will just stop your heart from beating. She must bleach her hair because it's now bimbo blonde.

She also has a feisty personality. So we're playing this game, and most people try to avoid getting tackled, and give the ball up pretty easily once they're caught. Not Ashley.

Not only does she get tackled every time, but once she's down she doesn't let go until the ball gets ripped from her arms. She really puts up a fight.

So it's pitch black, foggy, and 8 people are piling on top of her, trying to get the ball. Oh, and did I mention she's wearing a tank top? Despite the cold, all the running around caused everyone to shed their coats. Ashley had on tight jeans and a skin-tight tank top that her large, jiggley tittties were HANGING out of. Her ENTIRE cleavage was visible for all to see.

It was just TOO easy to grope those exposed boobs.

She'd be rolling around on the ground, with all kinds of hands grabbing for the ball. It was so dark even I couldn't see where my hands were. I'd usually have several seconds where I would get my hand on her breast and I'd just hold it there until someone would get the ball out.

She got it quite often too. I started getting bolder and bolder. I'd squeeze a little harder, positioning my fingertips on her skin. Once I was able to get both my hands on both her tits at the same time. I could feel her hard nipples pressed against my palms.

As we went on and on I started staying close to her, so that when she got the ball I cold be the one to tackle her and have even more time to grab her breasts.

I started thinking about putting my hand down her shirt. But I never did. I did stick my index finger down into her bra and swiped her taut nipple. But only for a second as she was rolling on the ground.

Eventually everyone got tired and we stopped. It seemed I had completely gotten away with it.

We went back inside and I started acting like the adult again. We went down in the basement where I meeting room was. This room has several couches, a big screen TV, pool tables and the like. It's a great hang out room for teens.

We did some of the things they had come to do, and I ended it a half and hour early. We went upstairs and the kids left. The last ones were trickling out.

Just as I was about to leave, Ashley asked me for some papers. The papers were still downstairs. We both went down to get them.

Now here we are, down in the basement. The front doors are locked. Everyone else has left. No one else is coming. And since we ended early, no one is expecting Ashley to be anywhere for at least 30 to 45 minuets. Not that I'm planning anything at this point.

On the way down we're talking about....whatever. The papers are on an end table, beside a big cushy couch. Ashley is still talking to me. I'm thinking about her large swollen juggs. We're just standing there. We start to talk about the game we played outside.

This is the part that still blows my mind.

She smiles coyly, gets a twinkle in her eye and says something like, "well you sure enjoyed it."

My body freezes. I realize that, not only does she know someone was playing with her breasts, but she knows it was me.

I act confused. "What do you mean."

She has that same look in her eyes. "It's ok, I kinda liked it."

She may have said something else here, I'm having trouble remembering. But when she was done, she bit her lower lip. I don't know why, but my heart just skipped a beat and I seriously had trouble breathing.

I managed to say something like, "You did?"

She just nodded and smiled and continued to stare at me.

I gently rubbed her bare arm with the back of my fingers.

I could feel my heart beating inside my head. We just stared at each other. I could hear her chest rising and falling.

My hand moved onto the top of her shoulder, then to the top of her chest.

She was looking at me with flirtatious "fuck me" eyes.

The next thing I knew, my right hand was on her left breast, gently rubbing and squeezing. The smile left her face and she was now breathing harder and more deliberately.

I broke my eyes from hers and looked down at her breasts. My left hand was now caressing her right breast. Both my hands were on the outside of her tank top, but as I massaged her tits in a circular fashion I could see her cleavage rise and fall.

I looked back up at her face. She looked so young and innocent....and eager. I just went to town.

I pulled her body up against me and rubbed both hands on her shoulders and back while I kissed her neck and cheeks. I reached down and squeezed her ass. She was wearing tight jeans and her cheeks were so firm. At the same time I was pressing my erection against the front of her body.

With my hands roaming all over her body, I licked her ear, then sucked on her earlobe. She made an audible sigh of ecstasy. She gyrated her crotch against mine. That absolutely got me going.

I unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, then spun her around. We were standing right in front of the big cushy couch. Standing there, I jammed my cock onto her asscrack, pulled her close to me and grabbed ahold of both her breasts. My tongue continued to play with her ear, as she seemed to like that. At the same time my cock rocked up and down her ass.

Her jeans were fairly soft, but there was a big seam across the top that the head of my cock kept rubbing against. It got to be uncomfortable, so I backed up a little and pointed the head of my cock directly in her ass crack. However, her jeans were so tight that it didn't go too far. Still, I just kept it pressed there, making slow jabs into her ass.

At the same time, my hands were all over her tits. I rubbed them hard and squeezed them. At the same time I put the forefinger of each hand down her shirt and into her bra.

I used each finger to find her nipples and teased them in a circles. Then I jammed my thumbs down and captured them between my thumb and forefinger. I gently rolled them around. Then I stuck the rest of my hands down and cupped a full breast in each hand. I was now palming her naked 16 year old tits.

They were amazing. They felt firm and round and full. I wanted more.

I pulled her tank top down under her bra, then yanked her bra down as far as it would go until her pert mounds popped out.

Right then I felt her reaching her hand behind her body. She was either trying to touch my cock or push it away. I took it off her ass and put it in her hand. Her fingers closed around it. Jackpot!

It seemed she didn't really know what to do with it. She just kind of held it and maybe squeezed slightly. I imagined that this was something she's fantasized about, but never actually done. So I thought I'd see if she was game for more.

I spun her around again so that she was now facing me again. I kicked off my shoes, reached down and pulled my pants and underwear off. She didn't let go of my cock. I pushed her down so she was sitting on the couch, and let my cock up to her mouth.

Now here she hesitated. Her head jerked back a little, but here eyes were wide open and looking straight at my cock.

I reassured her, "It's ok, just open your mouth."

She didn't really open it but she didn't pull away as I pushed it up against her lips. For a moment she just kept the head of my cock on her lips and her hand on the shaft. I thought maybe she didn't want to try this, but I knew that I did.

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it towards me. I slowly thrust my pelvis toward her face. My cock parted her lips and entered her mouth.

Again, it seemed she didn't really know what to do.

With my right and buried in the hair on the back of her head, I would gently pull her head towards me as I slowly thrust in, then pull it back as I my cock came back out. I was ever so slowly fucking her mouth. I wasn't going in far and my cock was mostly riding on her tongue.

She seemed to be getting more used to it. I pushed my cock in a little harder and she gagged and pulled away. I pulled her to her knees on the floor and sat in her spot.

I pulled her close and told her just to suck on it. It was a little awkward, but she did it.

I took this chance to pull her shirt down around her waist and undo and remove her bra. Now she was shirtless. I reached down and took ahold of her young, naked bosoms. I rubbed them and kneaded them. I tugged on her nipples and crushed them in my palms. I squeezed them together shook them to test their weight and sway.

I pushed her head down a little more, reached over her back and groped her ass. I then reached down into her jeans and felt a bare ass cheek. Her jeans were just too tight. So I reached down and undid the front of her jeans. Now I could squeeze and fondle her bare ass cheeks.

I suddenly had a great desire to see her in her panties. Actually, to see my cock ON her panties, ON her ass.

I pulled her head up off my cock. She really didn't know what she was doing down there anyways. I placed it between her tits and pushed them together. I thrust it up and down a little, then rubbed it side to side and all over them. I took one breast in both hands and jabbed the head of my cock straight into her nipple and pushed hard, creating a boob-dimple.

I then pulled her onto the couch so she was on her knees with her hands on the top. I started pulling her pants down, but she protested and tried to hold them up. I said, "I just want to see you in your underwear" and kept pulling them down.

I got them down to her knees, but I was a little disappointed. I was expecting sexy panties, but they were old worn-out white cotton ones. They looked like the sort that your mom would buy you when you're 12. It really made me think about how young 16 is. But it was too late for me to stop now.

Still on her knees with her rump sticking, I pushed her over the back of the couch. I mounted her from behind and rammed my cock straight into and up her pantied ass crack. Those old panties were very much full coverage, and so old that they were very soft. I just kept thrusting up her crack and didn't let up.

It felt amazing! I would occasionally reach down and palm her ass cheeks and play with her panties. My cock was creating quite a wedgie as I kept thrusting it in. Her panties were very loose on her body and my cock was creating a groove between her cheeks.

I pulled my cock off her body and pulled her panties out of her crack. They came down a little and I could see the top of her crack above them. I pulled them a little further down so they were half-way down her ass.

"Do you want to take these off?"

She quickly reached around and pulled them back up.

"No." She turned her body to the side until she was just about facing me. Denied.

Without skipping a beat I cradled her body with my arms and kissed her neck and face. I guided her into a sitting position while I was straddling her lap.

I kissed and licked down her neck onto her chest. I was now on my knees on the floor with my face between her breasts.

I rubbed my face all over her tits then licked and sucked on her nipples. I'd hold each breast and try to suck as much of it into my mouth as I could. I was really having fun with those young tits.

Eventually my right hand slowly wandered down to her crotch. I started rubbing my forefinger gently between her crotch and her leg. Next I used two fingers to rub on either side of her panty crotch. Her body was wiggling around now.

My mouth was still going to town all over her breasts and my fingers were applying more pressure. I placed all my fingers on her crotch and cupped her pussy with my whole hand.

Starting slowly, I rubbed my hand in a circular motion, eventually going faster and harder. Now her body was going crazy, and she was making high pitched moaning sounds.

I raised my middle finger up higher so that it was pushing up her pussy lips through the outside of her panties. I'd stopped with her tits and was focused on fingering her pussy.

I could tell she was loving this new sensation and I felt that it was time to try again.

I stopped abruptly and immediately flipped her over. Her head was on the couch cushion and I pulled her ass up into the air.

My cock was rock hard and I jammed it straight against her pussy. I pushed it hard against her panties then quickly pulled it back. I pulled the crotch of her panties down and to the side, just enough to get my cock straight on her cunt.

The head of my cock was resting right between her pussy lips. Holding the shaft of my cock I rotated it around while slightly pushing forward.

She didn't try to stop my so I figured she was game. Even if she wasn't, I couldn't stop now.

I began slightly thrusting my pelvis forward. The whole head of my cock was now in her young pussy. Enough teasing, I was going to go for it.

I grabbed her around her waist and pushed my cock in as hard as I could. She was so amazingly tight that it seemed it wouldn't go in. She was pretty wet, but it only went in about halfway or so. I quickly pulled back and thrust forward quick and hard.

This time it went it nearly all the way. I couldn't believe how tight she was. It felt so amazing!

It must have been too hard though as her body jerked away from me and she flung herself to the other side of the sofa.

"Stop, stop." She whimpered.

One thrust. That's all I got.

I was greatly disappointed. Looking at her now, she looked different. Gone was the face of the young vixen. Now she looked like a kid who was being taken advantage of by an adult nearly twice her age.

I felt sorry for her, huddled on the end of the couch, and I felt a little guilty. But I really wanted to cum on her and there would be time to feel bad later.

I tried to flip her over onto her stomach again. This time she struggled and tried to stop me. She didn't look like she wanted to do this anymore.

"I won't do that again" I promised.

I got her onto her stomach, lying on the couch. She was flat on the couch with her head up against the arm.

I mounted her ass and mashed my cock in the middle of her pantied ass crack. I held her down and began HAMMERING my cock into her ass. I was slamming her body forward with my cock and her head was hitting the arm of the couch with every thrust.

She wasn't struggling, but just laying there, accepting it.

The top of her ass crack caught my eye and I paused. I unmounted her and spun her body around like a rag doll. Now her knees were on the ground, her torso was on the couch cushions, and her magnificent ass was sticking up in the air.

Her panties were drooping low off her ass with the upper three inches of her crack visible. I slipped my shaft up the leg hole of her panties and slid it between her bare naked ass cheeks. I used both hands to help part her ass so I could get it as deep as possible into the valley of her ass.

I pushed my cock down as deep as I could and pushed her cheeks back together. I began thrusting up and down her crack as I pushed and pulled her cheeks together.

Her panties were keeping my cock from sliding out of her crack. My cock head was protruding out of the top of her panties as it glided up her young ass crack.

My thrusting got quicker and harder as my hands were bouncing her ass cheeks together and apart faster and faster. Right before I ejaculated I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back as I took one last extra large thrust. The head of my cock went as low as it could and I pushed up very hard as I exploded with cum. I was expecting to see a strand of cum shoot up her back, only my cock-head got caught in her panties.

I kept the final thrust up and forward as I unloaded under her panties. A large bead of cum appeared on top of her white panties, having forcefully shot through the cotton fibers. Every gob of cum after that stayed in her panties. I just kept shooting load after load. It covered her white ass cheeks and filled her deep crack. Her panties were getting completely soaked from the inside. There was so much it ran down her crotch and got on the couch.

After that it was a little awkward. I helped her clean up the cum and clean her panties off. She was very grossed out and I was worried that she wouldn't be able to handle it.

I told her how amazing she was and how hot she was and how sexy she was and she was the greatest blah, blah, blah. I made sure she understood that she couldn't tell ANYONE about this because if this got out I would lose my job and end up in jail.

She said she was ok and not to worry, she wouldn't tell anyone. But the look on her face didn't ease my fears. I offered to buy her some new panties as she didn't even want to take those ones home with her. I told her I'd buy her new clothes or whatever she wanted, only it had to be stuff her parents wouldn't notice so they couldn't question where she got it.

Eventually she went home and I cleaned up the couch the best I could. I went home very numb and very worried.

It's been a week, and for the most part she seems to be her normal self. She tells me not to worry, but it's hard not to. She could come out with this 15, 20 years from now, and I'd be screwed.

Even though it was an AMAZING experience, I'd have to say it probably wasn't worth it.

Update (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Thu 29 Dec 2011 07:53:15 GMT)

Actually, I was wrong. It was TOTALLY worth it.

Turns out this was the beginning of a great thing.

I was around Ashley quite a bit for the remainder of high school. In private I would joke about sexual things. I would tell her how hot she looked or tell her what I wanted to do to her. I would commit on her ass or her rack. She would smile and somethings tease me. She played along and I became less worried that she would ever expose me.

In public I mostly acted professionally, but it was hard. Somethings I would cup her ass cheek or paw at her breasts in a way that no one could see, just for the excitement of doing licentious behavior in public with an underage hottie.

After this Ashley got a lot more loose. I never asked her, but she went to school dances with older guys and went to parties where there was lots of drinking and drugs. My unofficial goal was to fuck her before she graduated. When I finally got to she seemed comfortable and experienced at it.

I'm sure this first experience with me helped form her attitude about sex and sexuality. But really, with a body like that, if I hadn't sexed her up, someone else would have. I just got to do it first.

I have a couple of more stories involving Ashley that are worth sharing. One time I took Ashley and a group of kids to a concert. Another time I picked up Ashley and two other girls from a party when they were extremely intoxicated. I won't tell the story of when I finally fucked her, as that's just a straight sex story.

But I do have a few experiences I can share if you'd like to hear them.

NICE, Jay! (Fri 30 Dec 2011 11:04:06 GMT)

Great video, Jay!

I'm not sure if people realize how hard it is to film yourself humping a girls ass, and have it come out looking decent. Or even being able to see what you are doing at all. I've tried it and it is not easy.

Sometimes it's hard enough just to get the courage to DO it. Then filming yourself…you have to split your focus in so many ways. You have to think about where the camera is pointed. You have to consider the people around you, so they don't notice what you're doing. You have to concentrate on the ass in front of you, so you don't go limp. And you still need to look for the usual signals from the girl.

I tried it about 2 or 3 times before I just gave up. Either the videos were worthless or I wasn't able to perform. I get more enjoyment when I don't have to think about all that ancillary stuff.

Kudos to Jay for not only attempting to make viewable clips, but sharing them with us. This was your best video yet.

Only next time would you PLEASE cum on her ass? I watched the whole 18 minutes just BEGGING to see you cum on her ass. She NEEDED to walk out of that concert with a big splotch of cum on her her skirt.

It looks like the venue's you frequent are not super cram-packed, so you don't have the luxury of thrusting up against them until you cum. So jerk off or do whatever you need to. Please, CUM ON THAT ASS!!!

Hey maybe we could work together? Come to one of MY type of concerts and stand right next to me. I'll grope 'em, hump 'em and spunk on their asses while you video it. That would be sweet! (if unlikely)

Keep up the great work!

Young, Dumb, Concert Cum (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Fri 30 Dec 2011 22:56:05 GMT)

Here is another story involving Ashley.

A several months after I practically fucked her in the ass, I found myself taking a group of students to a concert on a weekend. These students got to pick a weekend activity as a reward, and they choose going to this outdoor rock concert. There were four adults and about 20 kids. Ashley was going, so I signed up to be one of the adult chaperones.

For many of these kids, this was the first big concert they had ever been to. I took several pictures of the kids when we first got there. Her are two of Ashley cropped together.

We all found a place to sit, way in back. The other three adults pretty much stayed in this spot the whole day. Some of the kids stayed there with them, others went off in groups to do their own thing. I announced that I was going to get as close to the front as I could and if anybody wanted to join me they were welcome to. About 8 kids, all girls, joined me. Including Ashley. None of them had ever been in a moshpit before.

When the concert began, it was still light out. So for several hours I didn't do anything, except pretend I enjoyed the music. It started getting dark when the second to last band was playing.

As this last act was playing, more and more people were streaming into the pit. It was getting more and more crowded and we collectively were inching forward. Trying to get closer before all the new people tried passing us to get to the front of the stage.

For most of the time we had been down there, I had been standing in the middle and behind this group of girls. I had been talking to them between bands and telling what to expect when the headliner played. I told them if it got too intense for any of them, they should go back to where the others were sitting.

But now, as we were slowing moving forward, our positions were changing. As the clump of girls were forced to reform their circle, I made sure to move over and stay close to Ashley.

As you can see in the pictures I've provided, Ashley was wearing a white and black t-shirt with pink DANCE, DANCE on the front that would sometimes reveal her beige bra straps. She had on a tight jean shorts that were so small, her front pockets hung down from the inside.

And of course she still has blonde hair, big tits and I small, tight faceable body.

At some point, shortly after we got up into the pit area, she pulled her shirt up and tucked the bottom up into her bra, exposing her waist and midsection. Unfortunately, I didn't actually SEE her do this. But I sure noticed it the rest of the evening.

So now moving up with the rest of the crowd. When we come to a stop, all the girls are in front of me and to my right. I'm standing directly behind Ashley, who is on the far left of the clump. Another girl is standing on my right.

From this point on I'm playing with Ashley's body as much as she'll let me. I was very discreet, as I didn't want the other girls to see. But I wasn't trying to hide from Ashley that it was me.

I started by putting my left hand on her bare skinned waist. I had to use my left hand only, as that was on the far side of the other girls. I rubber her waist and back for a while, but eventually moved down to her sweet, young ass.

At first I just cupped it and gave it little squeezes. Then later I slowly rubbed and massaged it. She gave me some backwards glances, but basically just let me do whatever I wanted. So I really tried to see how far I could go.

First I would stick the tips of my fingers up the leg of her shorts and caress the underside of her ass cheek. The first time I did it she pushed my hand away, but I kept trying and she gave in. Her shorts were so short, I was now pulling them up, wanting to get more of my hand on her ass flesh.

I tried to slide my hand DOWN her shorts, but they were so tight. I reached my left hand around the front of her body and rested my hand on her navel. After a moment of this I lowered my hand and popped her shorts open. Her left hand grabbed the top of her shorts and attempted to re-button them. But I had quickly reached back around and slipped my hand down the backside of her shorts.

It turns out she was wearing a thong, because my hand was now cupping her young bare skin ass cheek. I stood very close to her and took another look around to make certain the other girls could not see what I was doing. Ashley tried to push my arm away using her elbow, but I just clamped my hand tightly on her teen cheek.

Now my cock was begging to get in on the action. I reached my right hand forward and latched my forefinger onto her belt loop. I pulled her rump back and leaned slightly forward. I couldn't thrust so I just held her there, with my cock pulsating against her ass. I removed my left hand from her naked ass cheek and held onto her waist. I bent my knees and put the head of my cock, still in my pants, in the center of her ass.

Eventually that band ended and we all waited for them the main act to come on. I had to completely release her and step back, as the girls regrouped and talked. Ashley made no attempt to reposition herself further away from me. But the time the band was ready I only had a semi. I intended to change that.

As they began there was a huge rush from behind. Now the nine of us were not all together anymore. I was still right behind Ashley and there was another one of our girls next to her, but the others were now a stranger or two away.

I positioned myself directly behind Ashley with my pelvis smashed against her ass and both hands on her waist, gently caressing her soft skin. Using my left hand only (the other girl was still on Ashley's right) I slipped it up and cupped her left breast. I stroked it a few times and brought it to rest on the underside of her large teen tit, holding it like I was shining a flashlight.

With my left hand holding her breast and my right holding her waist, I used the motion of the crowd to gently take a few thrusts into her ass. I was wearing my normal thin-pant chikan attire. I had pulled my erect cock through the slit in my boxers, so now only my thin pants were between my cock and her jean'd ass.

I stopped thrusting to focus more on her fun bags. Only an amazing thing happened. She started bouncing her ass against my crotch. Her ass was, every so slightly, undulating on my fully erect shaft.

I squeezed her breast a few more times, then started playing with her shirt. The bottom was still tucked up into her bra, but that's where I wanted my hand to be. I slowly tugged at the left side of her shirt until it came out. Then I slid my hand up under her shirt and latched onto her breast on the outside of her bra.

Her bra was was a smooth satiny material. I rubber her large boob in a circular motion. This was causing my cock to get even harder and I wanted to unleash it on her ass. But I didn't think I should do it with my right hand and I wasn't about to let go of her mammoth breast.

I reached my forefinger up into her bra and teased her nipple. Looking down I could see that if was a little too obvious that my hand was up her shirt. I needed to stop, but I didn't want too. The strangers around us didn't matter, but the Ashley's friend on her right, did.

The current song was making the everyone move and jump around, so I momentarily didn't worry about it. I stuck my fingertips under the base of her bra and pushed my hand up. I was now had her entire underage naked titty in my bare hand. If felt so great! At the same time I had started doing slow thrusts into her ass.

It felt like I was going to cum soon, but I didn't want to let go to pull my cock out. Besides, I didn't want to cum on her, did I? Well yes, I did WANT to. But I knew I shouldn't. I was driving her and a bunch of other kids home after the concert. A big ole cum stain wouldn't do.

I continued fondling her tit and humping her ass. I knew it was going to be time soon. The last place I wanted to cum was inside my pants. THAT would be impossible to hide from the others. I waited as long as possible. Almost too long.

I gave her big breast one last hard squeeze as I dug my cock into her ass very hard. All of a sudden I was going to cum. I pulled my hand out of her bra as fast as I could and pulled the top of my pants down. My right hand reached in and pulled my cock out as I began ejaculating. I leaned back a little and pointed my erupting penis at her butt.

It was pretty obvious what I was doing. My left hand held my pants down while my right hand stroked out as much cum as it could. I didn't want to get any one my pants, but I KNEW I was getting it on her shorts. The first salvo had hit the center of her butt crack, but I thought most of it landed on the ground. I wasn't sure, and it was too dark to really see for certain.

I put myself back together and looked at Ashley's friend. It appeared she saw nothing. I didn't even bother looking at the people to my left. There was still quite a bit of the concert to go, but I didn't touch Ashley anymore.

Apparently she never fixed her shirt from where I pulled it out of her bra. She DID have a cum stain on her ass, but it wasn't nearly as big or noticeable as it could have been. It just looked like a wet spot. I also noticed a small stream of cum across her calf, but it didn't necessarily LOOK like cum. No one ever mentioned it too her, or even seemed to notice it.

After the concert some of the girls wanted to wait in line forever to get autographs and pictures with people from one of the bands. I took all the pictures for them. Ashley looked so hot, all the band guys were eyeing her chest and body.

She smiled real big for all the pictures, with these rocker guys arms around her.

But it was MY cum on her ass.

Concert Cum (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Fri 30 Dec 2011 22:57:32 GMT)

Here are a couple cropped shots of Ashley getting her picture taken with band members after the concert. I cropped out the guy AND the other kids. You can still see where I pulled her shirt out of her bra. I had my hand all over that soft naked teen tit. I was unable to get a picture of my cum on her jean shorts, but while she is standing there smiling, a gob of my cum is planted on her ass.

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