Hey guys! Merry Christmas! Sorry I've been M.I.A for awhile. But I kept my word and I've quit this whole lifestyle altogether! Every now and then an opportunity will arise and I will take it, but other than that I've been pretty much chikan free. I've been spending my time doing more productive and fruitful things.

I do have a few new stories that I WOULD like to eventually post but I also have somewhat of a responsibility to finish some of my other that I posted. Hahaha sorry for leaving you guys hanging (no pun intended) lol!


Nice story man! Not into touching relatives but that's still a nice story nonetheless! Sucks that it turned out that way.


Nice posts man! You totally should have banged the 23 year old chick! Unless you're married or something, I don't understand why you didn't! Lol

Hopefully I'll get around to posting some recent experiences and I also hope I'll get around to finishing some old posts ( Like the origin trilogy, and the line story). Until then here's a female involved in a recent experience that I'll post about. This the exact outfit she was wearing also. Look closely and you'll see the outline of a thing or G-string!who knows!

High School Humper

P.s. I saw some older posts with questions directed at me while I was on hiatus from the board. I can't find each post so feel free to ask me anything!

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