Black and White (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

It was an average day at school, and as I've said a thousand times, since I'm trying to quit I wasn't out looking for any girl to hump. That was before I spotted a potential in a lunch line. I'll call her Naomi. She's a tan skinned black girl, not necessarily lightskinned, and not necessarily dark, but she's somewhere in between. She has a pretty face and has medium length black hair. She is 18 and has quite an ass to show for most black girls. HER ASS IS MASSIVE, and it basically looked like a huge bubble! She is also on the cheerleading team. When is somewhat of a tease. According to rumor, she purposely got a short cheerleading skirt so that all the guys could see her ass. What a tease!

It didn't help that she was wearing leggings, was this girl insane? An ass like that, would not be supported properly by thin leggings. Her ass wobbled uncontrollable with every step she took. She was talking and she was moving left to right with her ass cheeks bouncing uncontrollably with every movement she made. Was she wearing underwear? With her cheeks jiggling every time she moved....I doubted it. The way her ass protruded was enough to make grow below the belt.

I slid over and got behind her. Immediately I sank my right hand into her ass, it was perfect. Not necessarily firm but not exactly soft either. It was somewhere in between. This is most likely due to the fact that she is a cheerleader. I kept my hand on her massive cheek, then slowly slid it slowly toward her crack. AHHHHHGHHHHHHH, it was on fire in there, and I could feel her ass cheeks spreading as I karate chop it with my hand lol. I pushed a bit and my hand sank into her. The feeling was amazing. My cock was now growing like crazy in my pants. And even she didn't react, she just kept talking as though nothing was happening. She was still moving left to right and thus rubbing her ass all over my hand. Did she not feel anything invading her crack?

My cock was now fully erect and begging to get in on the action. I looked around to see if anyone was watching and spotted some nosy female watching me. She's always nearby whenever I start humping a target, almost as though she enjoys watching? Who knows what her deal is lol.
I released my cock from jeans and stabbed them into her left cheek, I almost came on the spot. Her cheek was perfect, she was still moving and fidgeting around. This caused her to rub her ass all over the head of my cock. Omg, I wanted bend this slutty tease over and fuck her brains out! Lol she was turning Me on like crazy.

I'll skip ahead a bit

After sliming the head of my cock with precum humping her bubbly cheek, I decided I was ready to sink into her crack. I entered head first lol! I almost fainted on the spot. I pushed my cock into her crack and felt her ass crack spreading, and her crack was deep. Heat engulfed my cock, it was unbelievable. The top half of my cock was now firmly buried in her crack. I bit my lips, to stop from moaning. My cock was sandwiched, it felt like she was clenching her massive cheeks together, that's seriously how good it felt. She did most of the work from there, it felt strange, I could feel her ass jiggling on my cock. I don't think that has ever happened before lol. I was pushing in and out of her cock and making it twitch at the same time. In was twitching my cock deep in her cheeks. She was also rubbing her ass all over me, and driving me insane.

Although she was rubbing her massive cheeks all over me, I doubt she was a player, I honestly think she was just oblivious. Who cares really? Lol I was loving every second of this.

Wherever she moved her ass, my cock followed lol! I kept biting my lips to stop from moaning. I think she may have dropped her phone and she bent over at the waist to pick it up. She pushed her ass strongly against me, sinking my cock deeper into her crack.  I almost fell over lol!

We were nearing the front of the line and I swear I was about to cum, I was almost ready. I started palming and groping her cheeks desperately while humping her cheeks. This was impossible, there was no way that I wasn't gonna release my load all over this little tease. I was desperate as the crowded line began to thin out as we neared the front. Once she got up to the counter, she bent over pushing her ass back into me one last time. And that was it. I didn't even cum on her.

I was frustrated, actually beyond frustrated. My cock was still tingling, I'm sure that you guys know that feeling. When you are almost there, but not quite. I swear, I was gonna erupt in my fucking pants. I watched Naomi walk away and her massive ass jiggling madly behind her. Shit! I missed it! I wished I would've been more aggressive with her. I only encounter an ass like that every once in a while. To this day I still haven't gotten another chance at Naomi's ass. Maybe this truly was a once in a lifetime deal I missed lol!

I moved backward to the crowded part of the line and found my next target.  A blonde girl in leggings, her ass lined up perfectly with my cock. And she was listening to music and lightly dancing to it while talking with her friend.

I posted a nice picture of naomi here. I was reluctant to post it at first, because of how much skin she's showing and also because some idiot might call it fake. But why would she post if she didn't want people to see it? And I could care less what people think anyway. So here's a picture of her with her nice boobs nearly exposed. Lol enjoy!

More about the blonde in part 2

High School Humper

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