New story/Groinrubber/Trendychikan

I have a new story I plan on posting later. It doesn't end like most of my other stories but it was a nice experience none the less. It will be posted today and it will be called "Black and White"
I will postpone the posting the final part of my origin story. Sorry lol.


Thanks for the compliment dude! I always try to include as much detail as possible, to create the ambience.

But yes, groinrubber your stories sometimes include too much detail. Like when you start drifting into unnecessary references. Sometimes you interrupt the "momentum" as I call it. For example when you write about humping a girl one second and then you randomly insert a sentence or two about her hair color or what she reminds you of.
I enjoy reading your stories, so this is not a critique or anything like that.


I think you have inspired me to get back into taking pictures of my victim's asses. Lol

High School Humper

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