Michelle/ Origin Story finale

Sorry I haven't been posting as often. I've been taking a semi hiatus. Haven't been humping as much (although I still am). But, I have been repeatedly humping the same girl: she's thick, but not fat at all, she's white, blue eyes, her hair was blonde but she recently dyed it brown, and she has an UNBELIEVABLE ASS FOR A FUCKING WHITE GIRL. As I said,I've been trying to quit, so I don't go out actively looking for girls to hump, but this girl is an opportunity that I refuse to miss.

The way her ass bounces/jiggles when she walks, and it's perfect size and shape calls my name (and my cock). To make matters worse...SHE IS ALWAYS WEARING THIN CLOTHING (I have yet to see her wear jeans)! Most of the time she wears very thin leggings that wedge themselves in her crack. It is truly a sight to see!
The first time I humped her, she let me get away with murder in that crack! And I left a nice glob of cum on the back of her leggings. Even better, is that she never protest : she'll either move up in line or impatiently rock back and forth (she does this when with my dick on her ass or in her crack, so this definitely feels amazing).
I also lightly palm and grope her ass, and man, it feels great. Her name is Michelle and I'll probably be posting an experience about her soon.

As I've said already I'm trying to quit and since i don't go out looking for opportunities, this girl is the only one I've been humping recently. I've become nearly obsessed with her phat ass,
And its the perfect situation since she allows me to get away with so much.
I'm almost finished with the final part of my origin story. So stay tuned !

High School Humper

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