Kelly and The Tease (Origin Story part 3)

So,the buzzer had just ruined a semi-perfect opportunity. I was ready to snap, and lose it. My cock was pulsing like crazy in my pants, it's pulsing was visible even from the outside. I was fully erect son I had to walk around with my arm awkwardly placed in front on my groin area.

I stalked Kelly and Emily (the name I overheard Kelly call her friend). There were various stands (about 5 if I remember correctly) set up around the place, and ALL of them were mildly to sparsely crowded, this meant that there would be no excuse for any type of body contact. Shit.
To make matters worse, Kelly and Sam got in the LEAST crowded line. Dammit! I was pissed and frustrated. To let off some steam I did some brazen "Brush-ups". Where I would walk by Kelly and brush my arm against her phat white ass. I didn't "brush" lol, I literally dragged my hand across her ass boldly. I did this about 3 more times then decided to get in line behind Kelly. I was gonna hump her one way or another.

But, I couldn't do it.

As I already said this was the least crowded line which meant there was no protection from view, and I became paranoid, it felt like everyone was watching me. I felt like I was being teased, my cock was mere INCHES from her bubble booty. But I couldn't bring myself to make Contact, it was too risky.

I left the line, reluctantly, and spotted a teen not to far away. White, brunette, about 16, with a bubbly round ass stuffed into some leggings. I've never seen her at my school before, so I assume she's not from this school and is here for to root for the opposing team. She was beautiful, so with a face and an ass like that, I DEFINITELY would have noticed her if she attended this school.
The line she was in had a mild crowd, not to big, but just enough to cover my actions from view. I took my cock out, covered it with my shirt and lined up behind her while watching and keeping tabs on Kelly's movement. I wasted no time and I immediately sank my cock into her crack. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH it was perfect, it was firm, yet soft, and her crack just swallowed my cock whole. I didn't want to nut on her, because I was determined to release my cum on Kelly, no matter what. and it took all of my power not to explode all inside of this girl's deep tight sublime crack. I was biting my lips, and doing everything possible to stop from exploding.

She seemed uncomfortable, and her body was stiff. She then looked back at me. She gave me a shy, but cute smile and I smiled right back. When then turned back around and her body relaxed a bit. She then leaned backwards, putting forcing my cock deeper in her crack and leaning against me. Lol we looked like a couple.

The irony of this is what gets me. Lol.
The one time when I don't want to cum on a girl is also the one time I get a player. And add to the irony....NO ONE EVEN NOTICED/CARED. This was such a perfect situation, oh how I wish I hadn't been trying to stop myself from cumming. To make things worse (or better lol) when she got to the front of then line she bent over the counter, and pushed back against me, spreading her ass all over my cock. This bitch was teasing me.
When she purchased her snack she looked back at me with a embarrassed/flushed look on her face and smiled.
I bought a bag of chips and left the line, and returned my attention to Kelly. Halftime was almost over so the game would be resuming soon.

Let's skip forward a bit.

The game has resumed, and I spotted the tease, seated comfortably with some of her friends. I somehow lost Kelly when we re-entered the stadium, but I found her after searching for a short time, and I was back at it.
As soon as my naked cock made contact with her ass, all my frustration s melted away. I wasted no time and promptly sank my cock in her ass. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGHH nice, and warm, just how I left it. Her crack tightened/clenched around my cock, as the heat from her crack engulfed it. when then looked back at me with a "not-you-again" looked on her stupid face. She scoffed, rolled her eyes at me. Then she whipped in the face with her hair. Lol, she turned her head quickly, and that made her hair whip my face. She did this on purpose, I'm sure.

What a bitch! She had some fucking nerve to do that. I pushed my slammed my pelvis forward in retaliation for that "whipping" lol. And when I slammed my pelvis forward, she lurched forward, and swung her head and looked at me with a "how-dare-you" look on her face. She was not happy about that. Serves her right.

Lol, if she hated this so much, then why didn't she leave?

My cock was in heaven. But, we had ALOT of time left in the game, so what the hell? Why not have some fun?
I stepped back a bit, but still kept my helmet in her ass. I dropped my hands to my sides and LIGHTLY dug my knuckles her soft bare thighs, MMMMMMMMM, They were so warm and soft. I did this repeatedly then got bored with it after a while. I got a risky idea, then acted on it.

I wanted to put my dick under her dress. Yes, it was a very risky move. But, I was determined. I VERY SLOWLY grabbed the hem of her short slutty dress, and began lifting it. I was cautious so I was lifting it about a millimeter every minute. It felt like forever lol. My fingertips accidently brushed the bottom of her naked asscheeks. I snatched my hands back quickly, Then She reached her hand behind and just simply scratched the side of her thigh. That was a close one.

I decided to see how far along I was. So I took my cock out of her crack and stepped back.

Remember in part 2 when I said her dress got hiked up, and i saw her part naked ass?

Well that's exactly what I was looking at. Ass!
The bottom half of her ass was hanging out. My heart started pounding, and my cock started pulsing.

I stepped forward and held my cock with my trembling hand, and stabbed my cock helmet into the bottom of her naked left ass cheek. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOD GOD! I almost came on the fucking spot. I was trembling like crazy. It was warm, soft, and good. She didn't react AT ALL. I stepped back to control myself. I was a virgin at the time, so the fact that my helmet made contact with the girls body was enough to send me through the roof and almost make me nut.

After doing it enough time I decided to let my hands in on some of the fun. I lightly palmed her half dress half flesh ass, with my fingertips sinking into her ass. I was on such a high that I wanted to go for a pussy grope. Yes, I was extremely horny and extremely reckless.

I put my right hand in between her legs and lifted it upward, slowly toward her pussy/taint area. But that's when everything went wrong.

The home team scored. Kelly was excited, so excited that she jumped, and her legs clamped together. My hand was trapped between her thighs as my knuckles became mashed firmly into her pussy. And that's when she flipped shit.

She let out a yelp, one that sound like she was shock. Then she looked back at me and let out a LOUD gasp.

" OH MY GOD" she yelled, I snatched my hand back just in time. " WHAT THE FUCK?!" She looked back a shocked/angered look on her face yanked her dress down with force. She was red as an apple. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" She barked at me.

Emily looked back at me with a puzzled look on face. She clearly didn't know what had just happened to her friend.

I was scared, shocked, stunned, and I didn't know what to say. She was beet red and looking at me furiously, waiting for an answer.

"I-I-I don't know" I stuttered. "I-I-It was an accident--" I basically contradicted myself. How could I not know, but call it an "accident"?

I didn't even finish my sentence when she snapped back at me.

"YOU BETTER BACK THE FUCK UP, AND KEEP YOUR GODDAMN HANDS OFF OF ME, I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD IF YOU... " she roared, I was so shocked and scared that I don't remember the rest of what she said. I stepped back, and my heart was pounding fearfully. She had gotten the attention of some people nearby, and were staring at me. I kept my poker face on, avoiding all eye contact. She turned around and let out some more curses, as she began telling Emily what just happened.

All I heard were little bits and pieces of what she said: "Emily, oh my god, this asshole just.....fucking sick.....I'm gonna beat the shit out of him....wait until Mark hears about this shit". She would periodically glance back and glare at me. Man, if looks could kill... Her jaws were clenched and her fists were balled, like she was getting ready to swing at me. She was enraged.

Emily just periodically looked back at me, and would either simply smirk at me, or look at me with a strange look in her eyes. What was so funny, why was she looking at me like that? I'd soon find out, but not before I noticed something that I completely missed.

Here is a picture of a girl in a sweater dress like Kelly's (except Kelly's was shorter and tighter). And with a similar ass.

Stay tuned for the finale.

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