Hey guest could you please shut your mouth. Don't compare my stories to trendy's or anyone else's because, you make it seem as though I'm competing with him. I appreciate your compliment but I dislike the context in which It was given.

Nice to see that you're back on the board again trendy. And I too have about 5 or 6 videos of myself in action lol. But the only reason why I haven't posted them is because I dislike the idea of broadcasting my naked cock to the entire internet. And also because I'm under the age of 18 which means the video would be considered "child pornography", and that could land me and this board in a shit load of trouble.

And sorry to those who've been waiting for the last two parts of my origin story. I've been quite busy now that school has started. With all the sports practices, homework/projects and hanging out with friends I haven't had a chance to get on the board as often. But I'll hopefully post the final parts today or tommorow at the latest.

High School Humper

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