Update (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)


Hey guys, nice to see things lively on the board! Since school has started up I've been quite busy, and I have humped some more girl (I even butter on two of them, one of them was my little sister's friend btw) I'll try to get up the final parts to my origin story up, and I'll also try to write these new experiences!

This video is nice, sorry for the shitty music. This loser took the original video from somewhere else and added the music. Unfortunately, I can't find the original video. So enjoy, I only posted it to give you guys an image of the girl's ass that I nutted on. It wasn't phat necessarily, but the way it jiggled and wobbled was enough to call my name (and my cock lol). I'll hopefully post the story soon.

As for now, here is her picture!

High School Humper

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