Kelly (Origin Story part 2) (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

After getting yelled at by the MILF and her daughter, I got the hell out of there. Literally, I left the whole stadium and went to the bathroom. I realized that it was bad idea to firmly grab her ass out of spite like I did, but she deserved it. So, I stayed in the bathroom for about 5 minutes. While there, I toyed with the idea of just jerking off and letting out some of the frustration.

But, I decided against it.

I was determined to cum on a phat ass, no matter what. There were plenty of other asses to choose from anyway. So, fuck that stupid MILF, and her bitch daughter.

Speaking of her daughter

After this night, and after what I did to her mother, this girl HATED me lol. She never said necessarily said it to me, but whenever I saw her around school she would glare at me or give me a dirty look. Lol, I didn't care. And she still continues to give me glares to this day lol. Seriously, this happened nearly 2 years ago and she's still holding it against me. Haha, what a bitch.

Back to the story

So after 5 minutes I left the bathroom and hunted for a new target. I completely avoided the area with the MILF, and went scoped for target that weren't in her vicinity.

I spotted my next target, or should I say targets (lol, that was a bit of foreshadowing)

They were two college aged girls, I knew they were in college because one of them had on a jacket with the name of a college written across the back. But my target was stunning.
She was blonde with long hair, and she had some nice tits. She wasn't wearing a bra so her nipples were stabbing her dress.
She had a SHORT, TIGHT sweater dress that was sooo short that it ended right under her ass! What a slutty little outfit! And she was bent over the railing, with her phat fucking ass just sticking out, like she was saying "please fuck me" lol.

She was bent over like she wanted to be doggy fucked lol. And because she was bent over, alot of her thighs were exposed. God, they were beautiful, so thick and juicy. She had a slim and toned body but her was like a nice bubble. Not to big, or to small, it was just perfect!

I stood there behind her nearly drooling! I was waiting for her to bend over just a little bit more, so that her dress would raise more and expose some of her ass.

And thats what happened! Lol

When my school's team scored a shot the crowd went wild and so did she. She jumped up and down. When she jumped, the bottom of her dress rose up..... and exposed the bottom half of her ass! Dear god, the bottom half of her bare ass cheeks were exposed. I don't think she wasn't wearing any underwear, she may have been wearing a thong.

I lost it, lol I was a virgin at the time so seeing part of an older girl's ass was enough to get me going. Her dress stayed like that, above her ass for about 2 minutes. My eyes were glued to it.

Then she put her hand behind her to smooth her dress down. When she felt her bare ass she jumped a bit. And looked from left to right to see if any body saw her ass, and then she looked back....right at me!
I tried to look away, but since my eyes were glued to her ass, she caught me. Instead of giving me a dirty look she just stared at me blankly, then turned back to watch the game, and bent over against the railing. Something about the way she looked at me, made me identify her as a slut. She probably enjoyed the fact that some kid just saw part of her bare body. She then said something to her friend and they both looked back at me and giggled.

God, the way she would sway her ass drove me insane! My cock was burning a hole in my pants...JUST FROM STARING her! I slid next to her, I didn't get directly behind her just yet. First I wanted to feel/grope her sexy thighs. I was trembling from anticipation, as I lowered my hands.

My hands were shaking as they neared her thigh. The closer I got, the more heat I felt coming off of it. Finally, my knuckles SANK into her thick warm thigh.
AHHHHHHHHHHH it was so fucking soft and hot. I kept my hand there, loving every second. I increased pressure sinking my hand deeper into her thigh. And i screwed everything up. Lol

She jumped, and looked down to see what was touching her leg. I didn't snatch my hand back soon enough, because she then look at me with an annoyed look. Shit! Lol I guess this girl wasn't a slut after all.

She moved over a bit, away from me. I thought "Fuck it I'm goin for it". I slid behind her. With slick maneuvers I slid my cock out of my pants and covered it with my shirt.

My heart was slamming against my chest. As I inched closer to her ass. Finally my cock stabbed her right cheek and I held it there. AHHHHHHHHHHHH
God, it was fucking soft and phatter than it looked. The head of my cock sank in to her right cheek. All my worries melted away, once my cock touched her lol. I lightly rocked back and forth in her ample cheek. She didn't even react. I was losing it. I stayed on her ass cheek for about 7 minutes when...


It was now half time. The 2nd quarter of the game was over and there would be a short pause before the 3rd quarter began.

People began leaving the gym, and going outside, or to the bathroom. So did my blonde, she got up off the railing and she shifted a bit and inadvertedly caused my cock to slide into her crack.
Needless to say that my boner sannnnnnk into her crack, the material of her sweater dress posed no resistence. Her crack was burning hot, and her cheeks gripped my cock. But this was just for a moment, and then it was over.

NOOOOOOOOO!! Shit! It can't be over!I wasn't even able to get to her crack yet! She began walking towards the exit with her friend. I became desperate as I started following close behind her.

Obcviously there were crowds around the exited. It wasn't so packed that Things came to a standstill though. You just had to walk slowly.

As I walked close behind her I became a horny beast and lifted my shirt, exposing my bare cock. I would walk forward quickly and stab my naked cock against her ass. This was difficult, as I'm sure many of you have tried to hump a target while you were both walking. I grabbed my cock and stabbed it's head into her cheeks and crack. Ahhhhhh

She looked back at me everytime my cock would stab her jiggly ass./crack. I got so close to her that I accidently stepped on the back of her boot causing her and I too stumble forward.

She looked back at me, and she looked pissed. Her friend looked at me too. They both had a "what the fuck?" expression on their faces

S-s-sorry, I stuttered to them. Lol but they just ignored it. I just gave up....for now lol

Outside of the gym was crowded too! There were about 5 different stands where you could buy some snacks/drinks whatever. These stand were sparesly crowded so there was no way I was gonna get any humping done. I just followed the blonde waiting for my next opportunity.

Don't worry guys lol, it's not over yet. Part 3 and 4 are up next. I didn't anticipate that part 2 would be so long. So I have to split it into two, so that it won't be too lengthy.

This picture is perfect to describe my blonde's ass and outfit.

High School Humper

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