Prequel To My Origin Story (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

I'm calling this a prequel because it is sort of a prelude before my trilogy. But, I donjt consider it my first time because I had no idea what the hell was going on.

I was about 12 at the time and like all boys that age I began to get interested in girls. At school we played a game that many teachers and students dubbed "grabass". The guys would go around and randomly grope/fondle girl's tits and assess. And the girl were naive rarely did anyone yell or throw a fit if they were touched, they would just laugh or playfully hit you. I dodn't really get off on doing it, but definately I enjoyed touching/grabbing girls more than most of my male peers. The girls were so stupid/naive that you could get away with bloody murder.

It all happened one day in our schools occasionally crowded cafeteria. I was standing behind a cute/sexy white girl named Stacy.

Too me she was gorgeous. She technically wasn't white. I believe her mother was hispanic and her father was white. She was definately biracial

Stacy was somewhat of a bimbo, and kind of an airhead. So much so that she got held back in eigth grade. She was 14 in 8th grade. She was older than almost everyone and it showed. Her tits were HUGE (too me at that age)! She was probably a c cup. She had the phattest ass in the school! No questions asked. She was too mature and developed to be in middle school. I would've given my right arm to grab a piece of that ass. In retrospect, that was quite an ass she had on her.

But as dumb as she was, Stacy wasn't naive at ALL. She didn't take shit from nobody. And guys knew that. Whenever someone would playfully grope/touch her, she would either curse them out or report them to a teacher. I remember when she almost got this poor guy expelled. This girl was a bitch.

With this in mind I kept my distance. But my eyes were glued to her ass! We went to a private school, so we wore uniforms, and she was wearing a short slutty skirt. It was exposing her thighs, and it wasn't necessarily short, it was hiked up as high as she could get away with.

I had a raging boner from just staring at her. Lol I was 12, can you blame me? I tried to make my boner go away, but it was impossible lol. It didn't help that her ass jiggled and bounced everytime she stepped forward. It was like she was teasing me. I wanted to fuck her brains out.

Her friend suddenly came up to her and they started talking. At one point Stacy laughed and backed her soft left ass cheek into my hard cock. AHHHHHHH. I suddenly felt a strange tingly sensation. One that said "hmm, this feels good!". But my heart stopped and I paniced.

In fact it was I who broke contact, she seemed oblivious that her phat ass cheek was massaging my boner.

I didn't know what this was, bbut I knew I had to do it again. Lol, but I wouldn't have to. Her friend asked her if she could step in front of her Stacy said yes. And to create room she stepped backward and THUS SMASHED HER ASS IN TOO MY HARD FUCKING DICK!

Her body was smashed against me, and she shifted a bit....and MY COCK WEDGED INBETWEEN HER ASS. AHHHHHHHHHH. My cock was wedged perfectly in her crack. And we were both in thin material, so the heat from her crack completely engulfed my cock. Lol, in retrospect, she is probably the reason why I'm addicted to feeling my cock so deep in an asscrack that I feel heat. I absolutely love the feeling. My cock was deeeeeeeeep in her crack. Looking back, it was probably so deep because it was so small lol I was 12, so it's not like it was huge. Getting that DEEP, so easily is something only a smaller sized cock can do.
A strange feeling shot through my entire body, it one of pure pleasure. I had never felt this before. I had conflicting emotions. I was mortified that she would turn around and curse me out or tell on me. She didn't do either. She just faced forward. I instinctively started pushing my pelvis forward and sinking my cock deeper and deeper into Stacy's bottomless crack.

Our bodies were almost glued to each other. My face was mere inches from the back of her head. I wanted to hold her hips sooooooo bad. She would often fidget and thus massage my cock. One time she bent over, for god knows what and my cock sank deeper in her butt.
I wish I knew then what I know now, because I would have gone insane in that crack.

After about 10 or so minutes I felt a weird sensation. Something I'd never felt before, it was a feeling that started in my cock and shot through my whole body. My cock began jumping/twitching madly. I trembled, and bit my lips to stop from moaning. I had just had my first orgasm.

I'm careful not to type that I "spermed" on her. Because I'm not exactly sure what the hell came out. I was 12, I don't think you can fully ejacualate at that age. Who knows, maybe it was a dry orgasm. But I do remeber noticing a small dot of wetness on the crotch area of my pants.

Even after I orgasmed. I didn't backup. I stayed plastered against her until we left the line.

After this experience with Stacy, I developed a crush on her. Somewhat of an infatuation with her and her body. I never told any of the other of my other male friends about this. I wanted to keep this all to myself, like a greedy little fucker lol.

Stacy was the only one that I humped, and it would always end the same way, with that "strange" feeling shooting through my body. I humped her whenever I could and EVERYTIME I could. I would hump her no less than 3 times a week for the rest of the school year. She never even raised a cry and almost never noticed me.

Lol in retrospect what I was doing was pretty obvious. It wasn't a coincidence that the same kid seemed to be plastered behind her on an almost daily basis.

Many boys discover they can cum, through masturbation. I discovered I could cum while humping lol. One day I came home and noticed that there was a large white stain on the inside of my pants LOL.

Ironically I discovered this board one day after humping her. I'm exactly sure what words I typed in but I remember they lead me to Shadow's "Blonde Ambition" story. I WAS SHOCKED! I was so naive that I thought that I was the only person in the world that discovered this weird fetish. Unfortunately, by the time I learned all the techniques shared on this board, the school year was over, and Stacy was out of middle school and would move on into high school. I wish I would've discovered this site earlier, so that I could've used these techniques on Stacy. But this site also would allow my TRUE first time to be phenomenal.

High School Humper

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