Re : Freddy Johnson Jr / The Olympics

Awesome story Freddy jr, lol I even enjoyed your reference to me haha. Foam PARTIES ARE ALWAYS AWESOME! And Websterhall is a great location to get your hump on lol. I've tried to find a foam party to attend but most require you to be 18 or older, which is bullshit for me lol.
Did you take your cock out while you were humping those chicks?

Even though your story was great....I have too disagree with you on one thing...Freddy Johnson IS NOT someone to be idolized. I think he needs help.

He represents a cracked reflection of all of us on this board. He is an example of what we could become if frotteurism is allowed to take over our mind and our lives. I don't think it's "cool" or that he is a "legend", he needs psychiatric help in my opinion. Seriously, the got caught groping so many women that he could get a life sentence. How is THAT cool?

Freddy Johnson makes me thankful that I haven't allowed groping/humping to dominate my life. I don't ever even want to be like him.

Lol! I didn't mean for this to be an essay. But, I just wanted to express my opinion.

On a side note, like most of the world I've been watching the Olympics. I recently tuned into the volleyball competition, and guess what team the Us was playing? BRAZIL!

I swear I had a boner watching those Brazzilian girl's phat asses bounce/jiggle after every serve. God, I would love to bury my cock in between their juicy cheeks.

High School Humper

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