The Aftermath (The Wild Party conclusion)

Thanks for the vote Groinrubber! I appreciate it man! Since I can't vote for myself I'll give you my vote for man of the month.

I was really hoping that I'd be able to post my origin story (the first time I humped, and came on a girl), and another experience where I humped my art teacher (she's the reason I fell in love with MILFs) Lol! Unfortunately I currently don't have the time to type those experiences (because both will definately have two parts to them). So, instead I'll post the conclusion to my controversial "Wild Party" experience.

After I left the party I was on a high!I couldn't believe all the things I had gotten away with! Especially after the "incident" with Monica. The events of the night kept replaying in my head, and my cock was burning a whole in my pants. Lol I toyed with the idea of going back to the party and getting some more "opportunities". But I knew that wasn't a good idea Lol.

After about an hour or so I finally started coming down from my high. The familiar "C.A.T.S" feeling took over, and it was bad.

A million questions started running through my mind: what if she gets pregnant? What if I get caught? What if she (or someone else) reports it? Will the cops be waiting for me? What shame will this bring on my family and I if i get caught?

The next morning I woke up, and went through the usual morning routine. I then took a look at the photos/videos I took from the night before, lol my cock was burning a whole in my pants just looking at them.

I then got on Facebook (as I said I went through Erica's Facebook and found Monica). I looked at her profile with anticipation that she would have made a status update where she talks about the events of last night. Lol unfortunately there was nothing new posted since last night.

Then I got a message from Erica, it simply read : "hey, call me"

Huh???? My heart was pounding! Why does she want to talk to me? Did she want to confront me about taking advantage of her?

I already had Erica's number, I had gotten it earlier in the school year. So, it wasn't like I could pretend that I didn't have it. After long thought I decided that since Erica was a school whore she was probably use to guys taking advantage of her, whether she was drunk or sober. I called her.

First she asked me if we fucked and if I was "feeling her up" Lol. I said yes. And guess what....she wasn't even mad! Hahahaha Seriously? I took advantage of this girl and she wasn't even mad? This girl really does live up too her reputation. She only gave me shit for not using a condom. She then made me promise that I wouldn't tell anyone (LOL! Yet I'm writing a whole story and posting it online) because, her boyfriend would "kill us". And get this, she called Sofia a "total Cock blocker" LOL. She then started rambling about how crazy the party was, and honestly she was getting annoying and I was almost about to hang up on her when she finally said something interesting. She told me about her "friend".

Her friend was "raped", and Sofia and some othe friends found her naked (which was an exaggeration, her dress wasn't removed) and covered in cum. Anxiety was taking over my body. HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE KNEW ABOUT IT?

This friend was Monica, I knew it, but I didn't say it. I just pretended to be clueless. I then asked her what her "friend" (Monica) was going to do about it. She said that her friends wanted her to press charges or call the cops. But Monica doesn't want to. Erica also said that Monica was "freaked out", and that the guy "nutted in her".
My palms became sweaty, and It felt as though the temperature was raised 200 degrees. I knew I had gotten away with what I did to Erica, but Monica would be a different story.

After that talk with Erica, I swear that was the worst week of my life. I became paranoid, and every cop car I saw, I thought was after me. I was a wreck lol. And from that point on I swore that I would never EVER try something like that, and I wouldn't try something so risky/stupid/heinous so close to home.

As I said before, this happened last month, so I'm not sure if I'm out of the water just yet. Even though there is a slim chance that she'll ever find out who did it, yet I still have irrational thoughts that I'll get caught. Monica didn't post a direct status about the "incident" but she did post an ambiguous one the day after that read : "I still can't believe what happened last nite."( Lol she could have been talking about anything so who knows).

The one good thing that did result from this experience is that I was lucky enough to develop a friends with benefits relationship with Erica, which is still going on to this day. Lol!

This remains one of my most wildest experiences ever.

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