Warped Tour Whore (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

This was somewhat of a reply to X and his post. It started off as a reply, but now it has blossomed into a full blown post of my own lol. It's sort of a couple of different stories where I feel I could've gone much farther if I wanted too, but didn't.
Here is the first one.

Warped Tour Whore

This was about a year ago in the summer of 2011. It happened at Warped Tour. For those who aren't in America Warped Tour is basically a music tour featuring multiple musicians/bands, it draws MILLIONS of teens every year. That is always guaranteed lol. And opportunities are EVERYWHERE! Hey TeenGroper you should definately check it out, you'd be in heaven. This year I went with my girlfriend (at the time) and with a couple of friends. Of course, my girlfriend and I were attached at the hip.

Just a quick note, when I'm in a relationship I don't grope/hump NO MATTER WHAT. I stay "faithful" in every aspect of the word. So groping/humping wasn't even in my mind.

Eventually my girlfriend wanted to go a different stage while I wanted to go to the main stage. Not to grope but to actually listen to the musicians. Lol how ironic. We split up and I went to the main stage.

Let's skip ahead

I was in the thick of the crowd and found myself behind a cute girl.She looked like she was maybe 15 or 16, had brown hair,was wearing a cleavage exposing shirt, and She was wearing a loose pink skirt. She had nice perky tits too . And she was dancing all sexy. I wasn't paying any attention to her until SHE initiated contact. Lol she held her ass there , and she looked back at me and gave a wide flirty smile. I backed up, out of guilt, since I had a girlfriend, but this girl wouldn't let up. Everytime I backed she just backed up and lined her crack up with my growing cock and held it there. Slowly moving her hips side to side with my cock planted firmly between her cheeks.

Temptation took over and I gave in lol. This bitch had basically chikaned ME. The chikan had now become the chikaned! Lol what a horny little slut. Then she started jumping up and down on my cock essentialy masturbating it with her crack. I held wrapped my hands around her hips and she stopped jumping and put her hands over mine, slowly swaying. AHHHHHHHHH my cock was twitching hard in between those fucking cheeks.

I groped her, at some point I released my cock and slid it under her short skirt. I planted it firmly in her panty covered crack. The heat from it was making my shiver lol. Could this be anymore perfect? Then I started making small talk with her. Asking her where she was from, what her name was, and I even got her number. We probably looked like a couple. With my hands wrapped around her hips. And her hands over mine. Mannnnnnnnnnnn I was so fucking close to cumming. Just imagine the sensation of having your bare cock on some girl's panties whom you just met. AND WITHOUT HER EVEN PROTESTING! NOT ONLY DOES SHE NOT PROTEST SHE ACTUALLY PLAYS ALONG. This bitch was a true textbook player. She knew how to seduce a man.

Looking back, my cock's precum was probably sliming her panties up, and she most likely felt it. I'm not sure what came over me but I put my hand under her skirt and rubbed her pussy from behind. She melted onto me and shivered a bit. I eventually slid my hand into her panties, first furiously groping her soft ass then I slid my hand down, and abrubtly rammed it into her pussy DAMMMMNNN THAT THING WAS WET!!! I was fingering this bitch in the middle of A FUCKING CONCERT. I forgot to mention that I pulled her panties down so now my dick was in between her bare cheeks, and I had my fingers in her pussy. The feeling is indescribable.

Then she did something that sort of brought me back to reality. With glossy eyes, and with a seductive look on her face.......she turned and kissed me. We were GOING AT IT. And THAT surprised me. I stopped, I didn't know what to do, guilt washed over me. I mean, i had a girlfriend, what was I doing ? Even though this was the perfect situation I knew I had to end things there. She looked into my eyes and I think she knew I wasn't feeling it anymore, and she turned red (probably from embarassment at her own horniness). HAD I been single then hell yeah, I would've shown this bitch what I'm made of, and used everything I know on her. And probably fuck her. But I couldn't do this, I had a girlfriend. She moved forward away from me and broke contact, and I saw her slyly pull her panties up as I put my cock away.

She then said "Oh my god I'm sorry, I'm so sorry". She looked embarrased and flustered.

"It's fine", I told her with a smile. She smiled back and looked somewhat relieved.

I then left the crowd, as I was walking away I looked back and saw her watching me. She gave me a smile with a sad/longing look in her green eyes, then turned back around. I found my girlfriend and my other friends.

Here's the part that gets me.

While I was holding hands with my girlfriend walking around the various stands and we stopped by a tent and I saw Alexa (that was her name by the way) in line for an autograph. When she saw me holding hands with my girl, I could see sadness/dissapointment in her eyes. As if I had broken her heart. And I felt guilty for using her and making it seem like we could actually be together. She seemed hurt. My girlfriend caught me and Alexa making eye contact.

"You know her?" she asked

"Nope, never met her in my life" I lied as I broke eye contact with Alexa.

I still remember the day vividly and if I could go back I probably would've have taken it farther and gone "all the way" I fluctuate between feelings of regret at not taking it further and with satisfaction that I got so far. What a weird experience this was. I'll never forget her. Here is a picture from her facebook.

High School Humper

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