Re: GroinRubber and others

GroinRubber - Nice story mann, lol but what the hell was that guys problem? Did he remind you of anything other than a creepy fag?
In the case of mtg I feel the same way. I found it strange and somewhat dumb in another one of his stories where he spent MONEY, burned gas, and bought a hotel room, just to go to a concert and TOUCH teens, lol at LEAST cum on one. It sometimes feel like I'm just reading a very long story about how he just went around touching/feeling teens. I too found it ridiculous that he would jerk off back home, when he had the perfect opportunity to cum on a teen. In all fairness , I'm too am not an avid groper, so I dont really read his stories often. But they are admittedly good, just not my style.
Terry- THANKS MAN! I appreciate the compliment.

On a side note I'll try to post an experience today, if I get to it

High School Humper

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