Lunch Line Humping (part 3) (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

So, I had just let my load go all over Jennifer's ass and I immediately left the cafeteria. There was a commotion in that area when I left so I had no idea what was happening.

My heart was racing, I went to the bathroom and wiped my cock clean and some cum off my pants. After long thought I returned to the cafeteria. I was NERVOUS.

I was wondering wether she had already reported it, or if she was looking for me.
When I got my lunch I sat down with my friends. I scanned the cafeteria looking for Jennifer, I found her sitting with her friends. SHE LOOKED FURIOUS. She had a bitchy look on her face, her boyfriend, who was sitting next to her, looked upset too. There was something that turned me on about seeing her expression. I started getting horny all over again lol!

But here is the part that gets me:

When Jennifer stood up...SHE HAD A SWEATER WRAPPED AROUND HER WAIST. LOL! So this told me that SHE SAW MY CUM ON HER ASS! As hot as this was I knew that she could report this, and this could be bad. I swear, during the rest of the school week I was paranoid that cops might bust into my classes looking for me........but that never happened lol.

But she may have reported it because I remember during an assembly, a vice principal made reference to the occasionally crowded lunch lines. He said something along the lines of "keep your hands to yourself", and "give people their personal space, there is never an excuse for harrassment in those situations". The school went "huh?" but I knew what he was talking about lol.

He could have been referencing anything, but I had a feeling it related to the situation with Jennifer. This assembly happened about 2 weeks after I left my load on Jennifer. So, I was somewhat nervous, but I had nothing to worry about honestly.

I had many more experiences with Jennifer (that ass kept calling me back lol). A look of recognition would come over her face when she would look back and see it was me. But after the first time I came on her she never confronted me. Whenever I humped/groped her she would let out an ocassional loud sigh. But she never said anything to me like she once did. There was something that turned me on about her sudden submissiveness. I would look her in the eyes when she would look back at me. I would make my cock twitch in her ass whenever I was behind her (just trying to get her to say something). Somethimes I would leave a nasty "stain" on her cheeks lol. She along with another girl, became my regular/frequent victims (I'll write about the other girl later). Lol and the other chick was fucking timid and shy to confront me. I would find myself "staining" this other girl's ass more often than Jennifer's, because this girl had one of the greates asses that I have ever laid my cock on. AND SHE NEVER SAID A WORD TO ME! I still get shivers just thinking about how good her ass was.

Well, that's the end of this experience with Jennifer. I'll share other experiences with the other girl sometime later.

Check - What dude? Lol up until that batman story ALL my stories have been about teens. I hump them more often than MILFs.

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