The Dark Knight Rises (an excluded part); Replies

I originally included theis in the story, but I cut it out because it did nothing but lengthen it and it didn't really feel like including it since it would just lengthen my time typing.

About midway through humping the woman, a black man in his late 30s approached her and tried to talk to her. She clearly blew him off, and rejected him. Then he turned his attention to me (man this fucker was annoying) and once he saw what I was doing he then asked if he could step in front of me so that he could "buy his tickets quickly" and that "people were waiting for him".

I wasn't stupid, nor was I born yesterday, so I said no. This guy was clearly trying to get a piece of my prey. Lol a theif chikan. He then tried to be discreet, but he was clearly trying to shoulder me off this woman. Wtf? He just got rejected, and now he wants to hump her? Pathetic. Lol after our short shoulder match he left, but not before giving me a look of contempt. Maybe he was a jealous chikan. I left this out since it seemed boring, and useless to the story. Who wants to read about a theif anyway?

TeenPerv - I don't think they ALL magically catch you, I just think that you may be obvious with your intention (like excessively checking her out before you make contact, and maybe you don't test the waters. I don't know.)
I don't really have any "advice" per se with MILFs . I usually go for Latina MILFs or White MILFs. They are least likely to raise noise or complain. A majority of the time they are either oblivious, or just don't care about the pervy teen digging in their asscracks Lol. But, Black MILFs are the ones I haven't had much success with. THEY ARE THE MOST LIKELY TO CAUSE A SCENE. Even from light contact. As I said I've had MANY close shaves with them, more than I have with any other race.
I think I cum faster on MILFs than I do on other girls my age, I think thats because of the forbidden aspect.

When taking your cock out BE VERY CAREFUL. Not every environment is safe for it (90% of the time concerts are the best place to whip out your member).The only reason I do it so often is because I don't enjoy cumming in my pants. It is gross. Lol

Most girls don't know that I've cum on them. Maybe they discover it later...who knows. But 80% of the time they feel my cock twitching/spasming against their ass, as I cum. I think only one or two girls have actually seen the cum (like Jennifer; see Lunch Line Humping part 2).

Hope I helped you fellow chikan

High School Humper

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