The Dark Knight Rises

Friday I went to the mall with two of my friends. This mall is usually crowded but, I notice that the mall was more crowded than usual. But I didn't know the exact reason. So, I just ignored it.

While there my female friend kept trying to convince me to go and see "The Dark Knight Rises" with her. After what happened in Colorado (for those who aren't in the US there was a massacre TODAY at a movie theatre screening this movie) I was a bit indecisive and iffy. On one hand I REALLY wanted to see this new movie from my favorite franchise but on the other hand I didn't feel like getting shot just to see it. I live in a major American city, so the risk of a copycat attack was high.

After her and my other friends constant begging I complied, and said that I'd see it with them. So, we had to split up as I went down to the theatre area to buy my tickets for later. As I was closing in on the theatre area more and more people seemed to appear. And I saw that there was a crowd at the THEATRE! There was like a mass of people at the theatre just trying to buy tickets! Maybe seeing the movie on the premiere date wouldn't be a bad idea after all. Lol

As I was approaching I looked to my left and saw what would become my target. A college aged woman (maybe, I'm not too sure, she looked like she was in her late 20s or more likely her 30s), she had on a nice gray jogging/leggings, a tight black sleeveless shirt with held up with thin straps and her tanned shoulders were exposed. Her race was ambiguous. She had nice light caramel skin. She could have been spanish or black or anything else. She bared resemblence to the model/actress Stacy Dash. I wasn't too worried about her race after I caught a glimpse of HER PHAT ASS!

DAMN THAT THING LOOKED AMAZING! It wobbled and jiggled after every step she made. It was an ass you could only find on a minority woman (no offence). It was just so phat and perky. I HAD TOO GET A PIECE OF THAT ON MY WOOD. She was talking on the phone and clearly oblivious to the various men turning their heads to check her out ( and to the horny teen that had just started trailing her).

Eventually I realized that she was heading for the theatre/ticket area. YES!

Upon arrival she didn't even stop walking she just shoved her way through the crowd. I was close behind her.

Eventually she came to a stop, and since I had been holding my shaky hands out in front of me (in anticipation), my hands rammed into her backside. I didn't mean to do that lol!

And she (of course) spun her head around and shot me a glare. LOL, I stuttered out an apology to her and she ignored it turning around and continuing her phone conversation. Lol what a bitch! How could she have known that my hands didn't touch her by accident?

But man her ass felt amazing, I was hooked. It was firm, and it felt like clay. Let me explain lol, It felt firm when touched but if you pressed it you could feel that it was also somewhat soft. I encounter asses like this mainly on MILFs ( I guess because of having kids) and Black Women. The latter of whom I've had many "close shaves" with.

Back to the story

So as we stood there in this mass, I felt my cock growing. I knew I couldn't hump her through my pants, due to the fact that I was wearing jeans. So I slowly unzipped my pant and released my semi erect cock. No one saw me as I slowly pulled my shirt down (which wasn't long enough to cover even HALF of my growin cock).

I lightly backhanded her, and (suprise) she turned around again and gave my another glare. "Fuck you" I thought to myself. This bitch's attitude was becoming annoying. But this was TOO perfect of an opportunity to miss. Here I was behind this phat ass, with no one even paying attention to me or her (as if we were invisible lol), I could get away with murder! Lol. So i very slowly laid my cock on her right cheek. AHHHHHHHHHH it was amazing! I stepped back and waited for her reaction. None. Ironic? She gave me the evil eye when she felt me back hand her, yet she gives no reaction to my hard cock? Lol weird isn't it? So my cock was now dripping. I didn't want to dig in her crack just yet (since we weren't deep in the crowd yet, and probably wouldn't have a reason to justify being so close), so I stepped forward and layed my dick on her left ass cheek. Man, my cock was pulsing her firm ass. I actually wanted her too turn around and see this horny teen getting off by using her phat bubble ass. I increased pressure and felt my cock sink into her left cheek. MMMMMM the feeling was great, like the head of my cock was stabbing it. This was such a turn on, the forbidden aspect of it. The idea of a teen Humping a GROWN WOMAN, who isnt even reacting. Perfect.

I humped her left cheek discreetly by shifting weight between my heels and toes. Lightly rocking against her. I had kept my cock mainly in the same spot so when stepped back and looked down I saw A DARK SPOT (My precum) ON HER GRAY PANTS what a turn on!

We were progressing forward as we did I would switch from left asscheek to right asscheek, saving her crack for last. When the crowd got thicker I was now gaurded from all sides. So nobody could see me. I dropped the discreet humping and started pumping my hips, against her juicy cheek.


IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! The HEAT FROM HER CRACK FELT LIKE IT WAS GOING TO MELT MY BARE DICK! She COULDNT HAVE BEEN WEARING UNDERWEAR! Maybe this explained why her ass jiggled so much when she walked. My cock was in the perfect hotdog position. Her ass was spreading, just trying to accomdate my twitching cock. I was now plastered against her, it looked like my cock fused into her ass lol, and I shuddered against her from the unbelievable sensation this woman's crack was giving me. I was now purposely making my cock twitch in between her cheeks just trying to get a reaction. Still she gave none.

I was pumping and digging deeper, this amazon ( a reference to her ambiguous race) woman was letting me get away with murder! HOW COULD SHE NOT FEEL THIS?! I discreetly squatted and thrusted (nobody was watching my actions) into her, I just wanted to hold her hips and slamfuck this bitch. It was taking everything in me to not cum.

I'll skip ahead, so that I won't be repetitive.

As we got closer to the ticket booth. She thrusted hertass back on my cock. And began rummaging through her purse (I assume she was getting her wallet), and her ass was wiggling all over my dick. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my cock was pulsing in between her deep cheeks. When she got her wallet she stood straight, and I swear it felt like she clenched the inner walls of her crack. The head of my cock was trapped Lol!

When we finally got to the booth I felt like I was gonna cum. She put her purse on the counter, put her elbows on the counter and BENT OVER! IMPALING HER ASS ON MY THROBBING COCK. I tried to hold back but I couldn't.I started cumming in her crack. My cock was jumping/twitching/throbbing hard between those fucking cheeks! I let out a muffled groan, as the last drop left my dick. NOW SHE GAVE A REACTION!

She turned her head to the side, I guess to look at me from the corner of her eye. And thats the only reaction she gave me. Then I heard her say "Oh my god Amy, I think this kid just...." I didn't here the rest of what she said. Even after cumming my dick was still twitching/jumping between her warm asscheeks. I stepped back to examine the damage. SHE HAD A deep WEDGIE! ALL AROUND HER THE CRACK OF HER LEGGINGS WERE DARK! My cum was soaking into her pants but some of it was still visible. I was feeling light headed from releasing this load into her. She still stayed bent over, as she payed for her tickets. She then left the line, and shoved her way past me with a blank look on her face as we made full eye contact with each other. I put my cock back in my pants disscreetly, and payed for my tickets.

Then as I left I found her not to far away, and the damage was worse than I thought. THERE WAS A HUGE STAIN IN THE CENTER OF HER ASS. I'm guessing she pulled out the wedgie, and in the wedgie was probably where most of cum was, since I was so deep between her cheeks. It was a site to see. That bubble ass wobbling with my DNA on it. I noticed to teenage girl look at the woman's dark stained ass and laugh, pointing at it. More people noticed, as I followed her. I actually got scared that someone would say something to her, and then maybe cause her to report it. But there is no way she didn't feel my cum, which I'm sure soaked through her pants and onto her skin. I'm still kicking myself for not snapping a picture, but I included a different picture to give you guys a clear image of this girl's ass.

I left her behind and met up with my friends. When we saw the movie later in the day, a MILF with her two sons sat next to me. She was gorgeous and looked like the talk show host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She had on a nice thin dress, and some nice phat ass cheeks(as most MILFs do) , and thick thighs, which I saw when she walked in front of my seat. There is a gap between the seats, so I was able to grope her thighs and her cheeks through the gap in the seats for the duration of the movie (over 2 hours). I didn't cum but I worked up a nice amount of precum in my pants from groping her. These two experiences are definately two of the best I've ever had!

High School Humper

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