Replies To The Contreversy

Wow! This is crazy I didn't think that me talking about an experience would cause such controversy/uproar. I just wanted to share a surreal experience that I had. In my defense the was a fair amount of groping/humping. Thank you Ayashi for allowing me to post the 3 part story, and thank to The Informer and those who defended the posts.

Lewd Lewis - Name calling is pathetic and immature, your opinion is of no value to me.

GroinRubber - I actually enjoy your contributions and I think you have the right to state your opinion without being scrutinized. I don't think you should leave the board because of one person's opinion.

To the dozens of Guests - Thanks . And to the other guest (there are so many of you, it would be easier if you guys had handles lol). I completely forgot to finish the Lunch Line Humping story I'll post it later. And Monica and Jennifer look nothing alike, one is 15 and the other is 20, and they LOOK NOTHING ALIKE.

I'll wait for things to settle down before I post the final part of the experience. I'll share other experiences that stay ON TOPIC, later today.

High School Humper

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