Sleeping Beauty (The Wild Party part 3) (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

I had just lost one of the most perfect opportunities......EVER. Now I was pissed and still horny as hell! I had been caught with Erica, and Sofia made a threat that she would inform Erica's boyfriend about what I did to Erica. I had two choices : either save my ass and go home, and call it a night. Or, go back in and hump some more wasted girls, and hopefully get a nut.

But I was still frustrated, and toyed with the idea of just jerking off and cumming in Erica's car and all over her seats.
It felt like I had been teased. Being soooooo close too cumming, then having my target get ripped right from under my nose. It pissed me off so much.

I decided too go back into the still raging party, and find some new chick's booty to cum on. But I had to be careful and watch out for Sofia and her cock blocking. I was SUPER vigilant. Constantly checking aroung to make sure that I wasn't being watched.

I'll skip ahead

I found a nice target a nice little target. She looked about 14 or 15 (way too young to be in here, lol). She seemed tipsy since she had a stupid smile across her face, and was just moving her ass left too right.. She had dirty blonde hair , braces and a cute face. She was wearing a short striped dress. When she felt me behind her I saw her turn around and give me a smile. She started grinding that ass HARD on my cock. Damn.It felt good, but then I started remembering the whole Erica situation and got frustrated again. I was lost in thought that I lost my boner. This chick actually was enjoying it and WAS A PLAYER bouncing her ass on my cock. But she just wasn't doing it for me. I reached my hand under her skirt and groped her soft young ass cheek. She didn't look back but grabbed my hand and pulled it out from under there.

I roughly kneaded both her ass cheeks like they were fucking dough. She just kept dancing on me. But after awhile I got bored. I went to go get a drink. I saw Sofia STILL WITH ERICA.Erica was dancing and Sofia had an annoyed looked on her face. Some girls came up to me and offered to dance with me. I happily complied! Under normal circumstances I would have LOVED this. But I just couldn't stay focused as these two girls took turns grinding on my pulsing cock. I enjoyed it admittedly, but not as much as I should have.

I then looked over and noticed a girl stumbling up the stairs (to the upper level of the house). She looked fucking drunk and out of it. But where was she going? Throughout the night I saw people stumbling upstairs, and I had no idea where they were going. Originally I thought they were going to the bathroom but, I never saw the chicks/guys come back down. I exchanged numbers with the two females and went off to investigate. LOL like a horny detective.

I walked upstairs and saw the girl stumble into a bedroom. Closing the door behind her. I followed and opened the door. Inside there were about 15 or 16 chicks/guys laying passed out on the floor and bed. Then I saw here the girl that I had groped earlier in the night...(After going on Erica's facebook and looking through her friends I found out this girl's name and facebook profile) I'll call her Monica.

She had blondish hair, she was spanish, and was 20 years old.

She laying on her stomach her slutty dress was hiked up over half her ass exposing the bottom of that phat juicy ass. I almost lept next to the side of the bed she was on. I stretched one hand out, throwing cautiong to thewing and pulled her dress up over her ass. She had on a nice little black thong. AND HER CHEEKS WERE AMAZING. I grabbed them, and started squeezing. For about 5 or 6 minutes. Then I got an evil idea. Before I could do it I had to make sure the room was empty.

I went around waking up the passed out kids. Saying things like "the party is over" "It's time to go" etc.
They listened and just stumbled up and out. Eventually the room emptied and it was just Monica and I. Alone. I started trembling. Ilearned my lesson with Erica and went overAND LOCKED THE DOOR. Lol I didn't want to be interrupted. I got on the bed next to monica. I took my phone out and took pictures (like I always do, and I won't post em lol.)

I then got started

I grabbed both her ass cheeks firmly. She stirred a bit, and I froze, hands on her ass. But she didn't wake up. I then gained confidence AND KNEADED THOSE ASS CHEEKS. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so fucking soft and bouncy. I slapped em, and did everything in the book with my hands. My cock was burning a hole in my pants, begging for attention.

I'll skip forward a bit

Then the evil idea returned, and before I knew it I was on top of her ass and I had pulled her thong off. I had my legs on both sides of her, then I laid my cock in between her ass. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM It was so fucking warm that my cock almost melted LOL! IT FELT EVEN BETTER THAN ERICA'S ASS TOO! This chick had more meat on ass. AND HER ASS WAS UNBELIEVABLE PHAT! This girl was definately better than Erica. And she was older. This turned me on soo much.

Before long my precum had lubed up her asscrack and I used my hand to press her together and Sandwich my dick. I was soooooo close to cumming then I got an idea.

I fought with myself against it. "This is wrong", "you cant do this" "Don't do it" and before I knew it I had ass sticking up in the air and my hand in her pussy. There was a rattle at the door. SHIT! I ROLLED OFF THE BED AND ONTO THE FLOOR QUICKLY! And leaving Monica in that position lol. Then I remembered I locked the door and felt stupid. Whoever was at the door left after a while. I was relieved as I got back into the position trembling uncontrollably as I used one han to grope her ass and the other to finger her increasingly wet pussy. Then I lined my dick up with her pussy, and entered

Here is where it gets off topic.

I became a beast doggy style fucking her hard! Damn it so warm and perfect. I couldn't believe I was having my way with A SEXY OLDER GIRL!!! And she couldn't even protest. She had one the phattest asses that I have ever fucked, and because that and along with her age, I was about to cum.
I pumped more intensely now. And wondered if should pull out or throw caution to the wind and nut in her. I decides on the latter. And before I knew it I pumped my dick as far it would go and held it there. My dick spasmed and my body jereked uncontrollably as I let my load go in this girl's nice warm, wet pussy. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my dick continued twitching in her pussy. I let out a loud roar. I couldn't believe this just happened. I took my dick out of her pussy and I made a pop noise upon exiting her pussy.

I groped ass some more. And then I rolled her over and released her NICE TITS and played with them. They were around a C or D cup. And she had tan erect nipples. After having some fun with her tits, temptation called me again. Ifucked her a second time, and this time, I instead of nutting in her. I rolled her over took her tits out and released my load ALL OVER HER TITS (some got on her face)! I rubbed my dick on her tits. Then decided it was time to get the hell outta there. I snapped some pictures fixed myself up then left. I didn't even fix her up leaving her ass and tits out. I took her thong and stuffed in my pocket and quickly got out the room and out of the party without raising suspicion. I left satisfied yet full of guilt.

Here is the picture i took from her facebook. I didn't add her as a friend, I couldn't risk it. But her facebook profile was public allowing me too see her pictures and status updates with having her as a friend. This picture is 3 in one. She looks so sexy even with her wet hair. I'll post another pic of her.

My final thoughts are up next.

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