Erica's Body (The Wild Party part 2) (WARNING: she may be 17 years old)

So off we went, out into the night. Erica was just stumbling all over the fucking place. I walked behind her groping her nice juicy ass cheeks aggressively. She didn't even protest, she was just mumbling some incoherent shit. While outside some guys saw how I was taking advantage of Erica and they yelled words of encouragement. "Fuck Yeah Dude!", "Nail that Bitch!". And nail her I would

More about that later lol

Finally after about 5 minutes of following this clumsy bitch we got to her car. She opened the front seat and I pushed her inside. Lol looking back, that must be what rapist do to their victims. I went around and got into the passenger seat. Im not gonna bore you with all the bs. So, I'll skip ahead to when I started taking pictures with my iphone, about 3 or 4. Oddly, she was receptive (smiling, making faces etc.). Then I lied to her I told her that I saw what she was looking for in the back seat of the car. Lol it would be more comfortable and private in the backseat. I could grope her freely, and other stuff. hehehe.

She complied and climbed into the back of the car. I followed close behind burying my face in her ass. MMMMMMMMMM I LOVED IT! She plopped down in the back seat and just sat there. I began trembling with anticipation. I WAS ALONE WITH ONE THE SEXIEST GIRLS IN THE FUCKING SCHOOL! NOT ONLY THAT, BUT SHE WAS WASTED TOO! PERFECT! I was sitting next to her and I reached over and grabbed her right tit. So soft, so perfect. She let out a giggle "(my name) get your hands off my boob!" She said jokingly. But I squeezed and kneaded that fucking tit like there was no tommorow. I used my right hand to grope her other tit. So perfect and she was giggling like this was some sort of joke. But once I started pinching/tweaking her nipples...she stopped laughing and would let out short moans.

Then I got a dirty idea

Here I was alone with this drunk chick. Who couldn't protest or stop me if she if she wanted too. I pulled her cleavage exposing shirt down and her nice black bra was exposed! I now completely forgot about the idea of groping her tits through her shirt and thought about how good groping her BARE tits would feel. I then pulled her bra down and her perky tits fell out. DAMN!!!!!!! They were around maybe a B or C cup. They were so nice and perky. Her nipple were erect and they were light brown. So fucking sexy. I took my iPhone out and snapped more pictures (which I won't post since that would be kind of fucked up lol) She was fine with it too! She was now moaning and she was almost panting. Her BARE tits felt unbelievable, so soft and warm. Then I became an animal and started licking her nipples. She began moaning more loudly. I then slipped my hand between her thighs and found her pussy. I struggled for a bit but I took her panties off. And STUFFED THEM IN MY POCKET, like eleven! hehehehe, I wanted it too serve as a Memento.

As I shoved my finger in her pussy, she melted onto me. Panting more loudly. "Fuck yes" she moaned (LOL she almost sounded coherent). This bitch was wet already! I took my cock out grabbed her hand and made her hold my cock. She instinctively started stroking it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I COULDNT BELIEVE HOW LUCKY I WAS! One thing led to another and things ended up with her laying on the seat, on her stomach with her face down and her ass sticking up. The car was small so I was awkwardly positioned behind her. In the doggystyle position. I had one finger in her pussy and the other hand on her hip. I pulled her skirt all the way over her ass. GODDAMN! THOSE CHEEK WERE BEAUTIFUL! I laid my dick in her asscrack and started rubbing my cock vertically up and down her BARE ASS CRACK! She was moaning even louder now (was she getting turned on by this? lol) My precum was lubing that asscrack up, and my dick was now SLIDINDING up and down that crack. I grabbed my dick and started slapping her ass cheeks with it, as she lay there submissively.

I was sooooooooooooo close to cumming. Then I got a dirty evil idea. I fought with myself against the idea, and I started feeling guilty. I could get any chick I want, its not like I'm ugly or anything lol! I had luck with the ladies. So why would I need to get off on some drunk chick? Before I knew it I lined my dick up with her pussy.

Here is where things get off topic

"Stop" I told myself "you're taking advantage of her" "you're being desperate"

But I couldn't stop myself and before I knew it, my dick entered her warm tight pussy! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh It was soo unbelievable. This was the first time my dick has ever entered a pussy without being obstructed by a condom. It was like sensory overload. My heart started pounding and I started sweating a I pumped my hips. She now started moaning as I started fucking her. DAMNNN THIS PUSSY WAS GOOD! I've had sex before and have never been this close to cumming so soon. Her pussy was that good. I was now slam fucking her, and fucking her roughly. She was now mouning more loudly and they were long and throaty moans. I slam her so hard that my pelvis started hurting, I could see her ass getting red, and the car was slightly shaking. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS WOULD I EVER THINK THAT I WOULD GET THIS LUCKY WITH ERICA

Let's skip ahead a bit.

After about 10 minutes I felt that familiar tingling. I was about to cum in this bitch's pussy. I was almost there when she started protesting OUT OF NOWHERE. WTF?!

"Stop...I don't wanna do boyfriend" she said. Even though these sentences were nonsense I understood enough that she didn't want it anymore. GUILT AND ANGER WASHED OVER ME. Why did she have to protest right when I was about to cum?!?!? FUCK! I stopped fucking her and listened to her protest and slowly took my dick out.

I know I could have disregarded her obvious protest, and just fucked her til I nutted. But, I wouldn't be able to live with the fact that I'd basically raped an unwilling girl. She then sat up and pulled her skirt down (lol she didn't even ask for her underwear, lol slut). I put one hands on her still exposed tit, squeezing it. She now became quiet, no more drunken jokes or drunken rambling. I asked if she was okay. She said yes and that she was just tired. I could see her face was covered in sweat. Maybe she felt guilty about her boyfriend, who knows.

The car smelled of cum, and sweat, an odd mix. I was frustrated with her and myself. Without thinking I grabbed the back of her head and forced it down on my still exposed cock. Forcing her to blow me. I pumped her head up and down, determined to get my nut one way or another. She now instinctively started sucking my cock by herself. I was almost there. WHEN OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE. There was a knock at the window. I pulled Erica's head off my cock and looked at the uninvited guest. It was Sofia. DAMN THIS BITCH WAS A COCK BLOCKER!!!!

A million questions went through my head: how did she find us? Did she follow us? How long was she there? Was anyone else with her? (thankfully one other heavy ugly looking girl was)

"ERICA?!" she yelled" WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS DOING IN THERE?!" She yelled and then she ripped the door open (stupid mistake on my part, I should've locked the door as soon as we got in, oh well). I fumbled and put my cock awa. But not fast enough since Sofia was able to see it, and widen her eyes at the site of. She became furious. She pulled Erica out of the car, and was shocked looking at Erica's exposed tits. Man this bitch looked beyond angry. And she started cursing me out.

"You sick fuck!" she yelled furiously "SHE'S FUCKING DRUNK AND SHE HAS A FUCKING BOYFRIEND! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! YOU ARE GONNA BE SO FUCKING SORRY, IM GONNA KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS". She started toward me, fist balled but her fat friend held her back (hmm, I probably wouldn't have hit her back maybe just a couple of light punches). I was so horny that all I saw was 20 something year old Sofia in her tight dress, With her curly brown hair big tits and sexy lips. Lol I wasn't too focused.

"Fuck off" I said to her.


"I don't care" I replied.

Sofia looked SO FUCKING FURIOUS! In retrospect, I don't think I've ever seen a woman get so angry over something THAT DIDN'T EVEN HAPPEN TO HER.

With the help of her fat dumpy friend they supported Erica and walked off. I watched Erica's ass wobble uncontrollably under her skirt ( I still had her thong heheehe). I was now got pissed as I watched a perfect opportunity get taken away.

In retrospect, I have to thank Sofia. If she hadn't stopped us, would I REALLY HAVE NUTTED IN ERICA'S PUSSY, AND POSSIBLY GET HER PREGNANT?? WHAT WOULD I HAVE DONE NEXT? ASSFUCK HER? I shudder at the thought.

Sorry for being so long, and going off topic. I just wanted to share everything. Part 3 and the Truly worst thing I've ever done is up next. Lol this isn't even close to how bad part 3 is. I still have guilt about it.

Here is the pic I took of Erica in the car.

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