The Wild Party (part 1) (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

So it was the last week of June and most schools were out. To celebrate the end of school many parties were being thrown here and there.I didn't want these oppurtunities to grope/hump drunk chicks to pass, so I carefully would find out from my friends which parties would have the most guests, (most didn't have huge crowds unfortunately) but i was able to get a blowjob at one.r. But then suddenly there was HYPE around an upcoming party...IN MY FUCKING NEIGHBORHOOD! And it was a walking distance from my house, which made it even better. I live in a high income neighborhood so this told me the house would be big and deffinately will be crowded.

Rumors were swirling
Many college kids/older kids were to be attending lol this was more than some little high school party. Also, there was gonna be lots of WEED, Liquor and alot of other stuff which would guarantee some wasted girls.

Fast Forward to the day of the party.

I didn't want to be to early so I waited an hour, then started toward the party. BTW The party would be going from around 11:00 to around 3 or 4 in the morning. When I arrived I could already here the music BLASTING! And out on the lawn I saw teens smoking weed?(Lol idk, who cares anyway) But what really caught my attention was the MILLION of slutty dressed girls spilling in and out of the party. Wearing short skirts, leggings, booty shorts YOU NAME IT! MMMMMMMMMM I began trembling with excitement. I knew I would cum on some ASS!

Inside the party it was CRAZY! It was packed in this fucking house, and the strong smell of weed/liquor was in the air. The lights were out and were replaced by various colored lights that made the place look like the inside of a club. THE MUSIC WAS LOUD. I bobbed and weaved through the crowd, groping asses left and right, with no reaction.

I was looking for the perfect target to nut on. And I found her.I saw a blonde white girl, maybe around 19 with a phat juicy ass! She was older than me which made her even more of a turn on. She had on gray leggings wedge in between and a loose top which exposed alot of her mature teen cleavage. Without a second thought I grabbed that bitches ass. Damnnnnnnnnn it was so fuckin soft and even better was that she didn't react. I stood behind her cock under my shirt and began pumping my hips into her ass crack. She was lightly moving her hips and making my cock swell. I lifted my shirt and sank my bare cock in between her ass Ahhhhhhhhh it was warm as hell in between those cheeks. She then took a couple of steps forward into the crowd to get away from my aggressive pumping. I put my hands forward and freely gripped both of her ass cheeks. Then I stepped forward and stabbed the head of my cock into her ass crack. The fact that she was older than me and was probably to timid to tell me to stop turned me onnn! I wasn't even trying to hide the fact that I was pounding her nice fucking ass. I was Openly thrusting my hips. Everyone was dancing dirty around the place so I didn't raise attention LOL!

I leaned forward to see what she was doing and if she was a player. She had an uncomfortable/bothered/annoyed expression on her face while talking with 2 of her friends. I was trying all techniques that I read on the board. Squatting and thrusting, hotdog in bun. Man was this bitch submissive. About 10 minutes passed and I felt that familiar tingling in my balls. Ahhhhhh I was almost about to cum. I grabbed her hips firmly. Almost there.....Then suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw two of my friends from school.
FUCCCCKKKKKKK! I should have known some of my classmates would show up here. Maybe if I was more vigilant I could have avoided them but oh well.

I discreetly put my dripping cock away and reluctantly turned to them. From the corner of my eye I saw the blonde look back and move away from me. Dammit, she was getting away. Thankfully, they didn't see me on the blonde. They said hi and if i saw how many wasted kids there were, how crazy and crowded the party was etc.
I was getting impatient and annoyed. I was here to hump/grope, NOT SOCIALIZE lol. I tried to lose them but every time I would sneak away to "get a drink" they would follow me like a bad odor. Ughhhhhh. Even Worse was the fact that I lost the submissive blonde chick. Dammit. They were making me lose potential targets left and right (like Groinrubber's friend lol), I couldn't release my load on a girl if my friends were with me. They were ruining it for me. But I do have something to thank for. They pointed out Erica to me.

Erica is a sexy 18 year old latina chick (I didn't even know she was here). She dyes her hair often so idk wtf her real hair color is lol. This year I took chemistry class with her and MAN, this chick has the nicest round ASS!! She loved wearing leggings and short skirts, and 80% of the time you can see her nipples stabbing her shirt! She was hot! I would always check her out and SHE KNEW IT! She was kind of slutty and kind of dumb/naive, she would let me and other guys grab her ass, grope her tits. I'm guessing she loves the attention. And she would laugh it off like it was nothing. She is also known for being easy (easy to get in bed) hehehe! I always fantisized of fucking her brains out. Currently she had a thug boyfriend whom I saw at the party with his friends. This would be risky.

Erica was in a TIGHT black skirt and looked out of it. She was with a group of HOTTTT girls who looked older (early 20s late teens. One HOT FUCKING LATINA girl was wearing a nice tight cheetah print short dress with BIG OL ASS! She had to be at least in her 20s (more about her in part two hehehe)

My friends told me she was WASTED out of her mind. She definitely looked like it: dancing wildy and grinding on her girlfriends. They were in a large group. Just sexy latina and white girls. I assume this was because guys were too afraid too approach them since they were so sexy it would be intimidating to them. Eventually while bobbing and weaving through the crowd, I lost my friends (THANK GOD), and found my way behind Erica's sexy group. I was behind the girl in the tight cheetah print dress. I groped her ass obviously, without trying to hide my actions. Big Mistake!

"WHAT THE FUCK !" she said in a shocked voice. I could tell she was drunk, but not drunk enough to not react. She spun around and looked at me, pissed . Her friends looked at me too and so did Erica.

"Hey (my name)!" Erica said drunkenly (this bitch was wasted lol).
Her friend said "you know him?" Erica then started rambling about how she knows me, and thankfully seemed to make everyone forget what I'd just done. The girl I groped moved away from me and continued dancing like she was.

Erica changed focus when a new song came on. She began POPPING that ass like crazy! Omfg this bitch could move. I got behind her and took my dick out from pants. I wiped those asscheeks, swiping my dick back and forth across her great ass. She then started gfrinding on me me. Increasing the pressure on my swollen cock. DAMMNNNNNNNN this bitch's thin mini skirt and her sexual movements were unbelievable. I put my hand on her hips, and WTF? I felt bare skin. The side of her skirt had tears (like a style or a new fashion trend). Her skin was soft and smooth.I had always wanted to fuck the shit out her when I saw her in class, so I was definately close to busting my load at this moment. I'm not sure how but her hand brushed my BARE cock.

"Someone has a BONER!" She said yelled drunkenly. She caught some of her friends attention, and they just laughed. But one of her friends came over giving me a dirty look (WTF was her problem). She was glaring at the place where my dick was wedged in Erica's asscrack.
"Erica are you okay?" Sofia asked, she was tall, and was in a short mini skirt, with brown hair. She then shifted her attention to me "Get your fucking hands off her hips!" Lol my hands stayed where they were, right on those hips!

"I'm fine Sofia! I know him! Its totally cool" Erica replied. (Sofia would prove to be a HUGE problem later in the night). But Sofia periodically looked over at me and Sofia dancing. Giving me the evil eye. She ruined it for me and I couldn't focus on cumming with this stupid bitch giving me the evil eye.

I began talking to Erica and trying to get her to go somewhere private, or to another part of the house (maybe a room). She would constantly insist but randomly she grabbed my shirt and started pulling me through the crowd (where were we going? lol). She then suddenly stopped at the front door told me she forgot something in her car (idk wtf it was, but I knew this meant we'd probably be alone). And she put her hand in her bra and pulled out a key (lol kind of sexy). "COME ON!" She said to me clumsily grabbing my shirt to make me follow her.. And we walked out of the house and towards Erica's car.

Part 2 is up next, and so are the worst things I've ever done.

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