Jennifer (Lunch Line Humping part 2) (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

So, I had just lost the PERFECT target, and because of this amateur chikan she got out of the line. I now have a boner that is dripping precum, and Im pissed. This chikan looked back at me awkwardly and he also got out of line.

I was about too leave the line too when I saw her, Jennifer.

Let me tell you more about her, firstly "Jennifer" isnt her real name, and Im using it protect her identity. She is Gorgeous, and she has a nice PHAT JUICY ASS! She's a sophomore (10th grade) and I cant believe she's 15 because, her body looks EXTREMELY matured like she is in her 20s. She's from Colombia, and she has nice tan skin, curly hair and some fucking sexy lips. She LOVES wearing leggings so that guys can stare at her juicy ass cheeks. I made countless attempts to chikan her but it was never the perfect opportunity, because she either had alot of thuggish guys around her, or she was in a lunch line that wasnt crowded enough for contact. So I was always watching and waiting for an opportunity to just feel or brush her ass.

Today she did something out of the ordinary for her. She finally got into a CROWDED LINE! I was fucking happy! But I was somewhat reluctant because at the time she was dating some ghetto thuggish hispanic guy who was rumored to be in a gang. Lol I wondered how a guy like him got a girl like her. So I knew, humping her was gonna be very risky, all she had to do was tell him about me and I'd be dead.

I slowly got out of the line I was in and slid over to the line she was in. I looked down and OMG SHE HAD ON THESE TIGHT WHITE PANTS! Her ass looked so phat and perfect in those pants, my cock was growing with anticipation. AND ON TOP OF THAT I could see a VISIBLE THONG outline! I could see alot of guys checking out her sweet ass. Before I began I took my phone out and took about 7 pictures of her ass. I saw some guys to my right catch me, but i didnt give a fuck.

I step forward really close to her and backhanded her ass. MMMMMMMMMMMMM it was PERFECT, so so soft and very very warm. It was literally on fire. Since this was the most crowded lunch line I didn't have to be to cautious. I then put the back of my hand against her ass again, and this time I added more pressure. Her ass felt even softer! Then I boldly palmed both cheeks. And she gave no reaction.

I looked to the right and saw these 2 black girls staring at my hand on her ass. Lol they wouldn't stop staring at me, and I didnt. My dick was now semi erect and begging to be released from my pants. I reached down and slowly unzipped my pants, and I covered it with my shirt. Without a second thought i stepped forward and let my cock SINK right into her soft juicy ass cheek. No reaction. I have never felt an ass this soft and phat. She didn't look back at me, but she stepped forward, so I knew she felt something on her ass. Since the line was crowded she didn't move very far. I stepped forward, and closed the gap between us. AHHHHHH it felt soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, this time my cock was in her ass crack and I could feel her ass cheeks spreading under that thin fabric, to accommodate my dick.Her ass crack was warm and my dick felt sandwiched deep between her cheeks.
The material her pants were made of, and having my dick out under my shirt made the contact feel AMAZING.

I closed my eyes for a second. When I opened them I saw her LOOKING RIGHT AT ME! Dammit, she has caught me taking pleasure from her sweet ass.

She then said "can you backup, you're way too close to me"
I said "sorry I can't, its too crowded" LOL stupid bitch.

She then looked down at her ass where my dick was sandwhiched. So, I knew she knew my dick was on her ass. She looked at me angrily, she sucked her teeth, I heard her mumble "fucking pervert" and took a step forward away from me. LOL! I looked down and saw that precum from my cock had begin to soak into her pants. Creating a few dark spot on it. My shirt had a medium sized wet spot. Once again I stepped forward closing the gap between us,but this time I pulled my shirt up and let MY BARE COCK REST BETWEEN HER ASS. Words cant describe how good it felt!

Her ass felt 10x more warmer and softer on my bare naked cock. My cock was twitching all in between her ass cheeks. Then she let out a loud sigh, looked back and said to me "You are too fucking close, you need to get off my ass!" Ididnt even reply to her, I then heard those 2 black girls from before start saying stuff like "ew thats nasty", "He's a pervert", "Thats so wrong".

Then I saw the black chikan materialize on my left again (where did he even come from?!)He had his eyes set on Jennifer. I think he saw my naked dick because his eyes got wide when he looked at my cock which being thrust in and out of Jenny's ass. He was trying desperately to get in line next to us but he couldn't, due to the line being crowded. I smirked at him. He gave me a jealous look and then got out of line. SERVES HIM RIGHT! I later saw him in another line plastered against some girl who was extremely UGLY, and a little heavy/borderline fat, her ass was phat but it was as toned and perfect as Jennifer's. Lol he must have been desperate to get a NUT! He was still staring at me and Jenny, even though he was all the way in another line, his eyes were burning with jealousy.

Back to my story

I was now lightly thrusting into her ass. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it was great. But now she pushing ass back against my dick trying to make some room. Why do girls always do this. It felt good, having her push her ass against my throbbing dick. Everytime I would twitch my dick she would sucked her teeth or let out a loud sigh. I stepped backed and saw her white pant now had a dozen spots/smears of my precum. I was close to coming , and I was now thrusting my hips more aggressively. She then turned her whole body and faced me, she said angrily and loudly"CAN YOU BACK UP!" She angrily turned around and pushed ass hard against my dick. Now my cock was sandwiched DEEEEEP between cheeks. I began cumming uncontrollably, it about 5 strong spurts. When I stepped back, I saw that her ass was covered in my cum, there was alot.

My heart was RACING! This was the first time I'd ever came on a girl in school. And it was obvious, anyone would be able to see that was cum on her pants. I saw an Asian girl on my right whose eyes were wide and her mouth was open. I shoved my cock back in my pants, and quickly got out of line and walked (almost jogging) toward the exit. When I looked back I saw a huge commotion in that area and those 2 FUCKING BLACK GIRLS were pointing where I had gone. Honestly, I was scared, and I knew I went too far.

The final part is coming soon, and I'm also gonna post some of the pictures I took of her ass.

Here are some pictures of her that I put together

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