Lunch Line Humping part 1 (WARNING: she may be 17 years old)

It was a normal day at school, and lunch had just started. Everyday at lunch, I always try to get in the most crowded line and find some whore to hump/grope.
First let me explain, unlike most schools, my school has everybody in the entire school have lunch at the same time. So it gets pretty crowded in the cafeteria. Our school has about 4 different lunch lines. Depending on whats being served, the line can be sparse to extremely crowded.

So, today my school's cafeteria was serving something special (i forgot what it was lol) So, the lines were very very crowded. I came in to the cafeteria early and spotted my first target her name is Angela she is a senior, she's peurto rican, and she was wearing a very tight skirt, and it was short and it literally ended right under her ass (it was that short), It was driving me crazy lol. Her butt isn't particularly BIG but its very round, and it has a bubble shape to it, it also protrudes to some extent. I immediately got behind her.

First, to test the waters I lightly backhanded her ass, It felt sooooooo firm, and warm, and her thighs were smooth. But I dont really prefer firm asses, I like my victims to have soft ass cheeks. But, I couldn't resist humping her bubble butt in that tight mini skirt. I looked around to make sure nobody was watching me and then I slowly unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi-erect cock. It was throbbing, and begging to get a piece of that ass.

I stepped forward and before I could make contact, she accidently dragged her Latina ass across my cock. This caused my dick to get a tingly feeling, and I felt my cock rapidly growing. I lightly moaned. She looked back and said sorry. I just smiled at her. Then she turned back around and continued talking to her friend (who was ugly, and fat). I stepped forward and my dick sank into her ass, since my dick was right under my short I could feel the heat radiating from her ass crack.

Her buttcrack was realllyyyy warm, and under that thin tight skirt she HAD to have been wearing a thong. It would explain why I didnt see or feel any visible panty line, and would also explain why her ass crack was HOT. The material felt Amazing, I would take a step back lightly palm both cheeks, then step forward causing my dick to sink into warm fucking ass. As i was humping I leaned forward to see her reaction. She was talking and laughing AS IF NOTHING WAS HAPPENING. I lightly pumped my hips to see if she would react. But, she didnt. And i slid my dick from left to right against all over her ass.

Then some black black guy materialized next to us, and he was trying to shove himslef between me and her, but HELL NO , there was no way I was giving up my target that easily. He was trying to shove me off her so he could hump her and that pissed me off. I zipped my cock back into my pants so he wouldn't see it. I stepped forward and plastered myself angainst Angela, I think I was on her too hard because she lost balance. She looked back at the black chickan with an annoyed looked. Lol she didnt look at me though.

I guess all the movement behind Angela caught her friends attention. She looked back behind Angela and said loudly to me "Damn, why you all up on her like that?!" Angela then looked back at me and said "yeah you two need to back up".
Dammit this chikan ruined it for me.

I was caught and I took a step back. As soon as I did, the black chikan slid in front of me and took my spot. I was pissed because I was horny and still had a boner that was dripping precum in my pants. I saw him just stand there pressed up on her ass. Lol she looked backed at him and looked extremley annoyed. Her cock blocking friend said "come on angie lets go to the other line", and just like that they left the line. This amateur ruined EVERYTHING.

Part 2 is coming up and I this is where Jennifer comes in.

Here is a picture of her from her Facebook account. She is in a slutty tight dress,it isnt as short as the one she had on when i was humping her. but you can see how nice her ass looks

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