Harry Potter Film Premiere part 1 (WARNING: she may be 13 years old)

There's been some very nice experiences posted here recently. GroinRubber you've been posting some awesome concert stories, i'm looking forward to hearing your experiences from tonight. The pickings have been slim lately due to all the ass being covered up from the cold. I've got more experiences from the past year or so during my stay here in the UK, one particular day that stands out is the awesome time I had at the Harry Potter film premiere earlier in the year, i'll be posting this in two parts. The first part is a little slow, but come the second I go ALL OUT.

I arrived there around midday wearing thin trousers and carrying my trusty book bag in hand for cover, the place was packed. Trafalgar square was sectioned off around the red carpet and stage area. The only people that were allowed in had wristbands and had camped out for days, I could only imagine all the ass that must have been available inside. I circled around the barricaded fencing looking for a crowd to mingle myself into, I found myself in the section in front of the National Gallery, just checking out all the asses and staying alert to the fairly high presence of pcso's and police. I was backhanding every ass that presented itself, the weather was on and off rain, so the majority of girls were wearing jeans which was a let down.

There were groups of people lined sporadically along the fencing, and I noticed that they had cut holes in the material of the fence attempting to get a view of what was happening inside around the stage area. I was walking along side the fencing looking for a "hole" to get close to, when I noticed a gorgeous little bubble butt atop a shapely pair of legs in white leggings and ugg boots. I needed to get a better look at this piece of ass, so I moved closer all the while pretending my interest was finding a spot with the best view, I was now a few feet away from her right side, and at a good angle where I could study that shapely little body with the corner of my eye. She was a young english girl, who was anywhere from age 12 to 14, and had on a light colored hooded top and had long wavy hair (cant remember the exact color but I think It was light brown) to her left was another girl also in leggings of around the same age but lacking the ass that I crave, followed by a tall 40 year old looking blond Milf in jeans and a waist jacket who seemed to have some thickness in the thighs and ass. It was starting to drizzle again and all three were squeezed in tightly together under an umbrella held by the unattractive girl in the middle, and were plastered against the fencing laughing and talking away, completely engrossed in what they were seeing through a long cut in the fence. I observed their surroundings, there was a circle of french teens behind them providing good cover, with the french teens who were directly behind standing back to back with them.....perfect.

There was about a two foot long cut in the fencing available to the right of the attractive girl (my initial target), just then a Chinese couple came and occupied the space and started looking through the opening. They were now standing beside my girl, with less than a foot of space between, I then quickly moved into that space pretending to look through the opening, but was really eyeing up this chick who was now a few inches away from me to my left, I positioned myself so I was at an angle so my cock was pointing at the side of her ass cheek. My heart was starting to race as I looked down at her ass, I could see her colorful panties right through her thin white leggings, she was standing on the base of the fence, elevating her ass up a few inches to cock level...beautiful, from the side her ass stuck out like two little basketballs and she was leaning to her left to stay under their umbrella which raised her top up a little, exposing the waistband of her panties, man, I usually like thongs, but those colorful little panties were really turning me on. She looked so vulnerable in that position, completely oblivious to her surroundings with her ass just inviting me in. I then slowly inched my pelvis forward and rested my semi hard cock on the side of her ass cheek, wow, nothing like the initial contact. She was so absorbed in the show and her conversation that she didn't even acknowledge my presence. I just let my cock pulsate against her, I then moved my hand carrying my book bag behind her, near her ass, then turned it around and slowly edged my backhand forward, into her crack.....HEAVEN. I kept glancing over at my sides to make sure no one was watching, even though my back was covered by my "French friends", I was in plain sight to anyone approaching from the sides, especially the left where my hand was. I stayed like this for a while, but I needed more of this ass, so I placed my book bag in my right hand, and turned my left around and, ever so gently, palmed her crack. INDESCRIBABLE feeling......(RED DRAGON knows what i'm talking about), I think its the feel of the ass mixed with the danger that does it for me. She still gave no reaction, so while continuing to eye my surroundings I then gently moved my hand to her left ass cheek, and slowly rubbed my thumb up and down feeling her panty lines, this girl was definitely athletic because those cheeks were round and SOLID, I could spend hours just sucking on them. I was going slow, taking my time and this was turning me on to no end, I had to keep clearing my throat. My cock was now growing against her ass cheek, and I was slowly dragging it left and right, feeling the full contour of that beautiful solid mound. At that moment she shot me a quick glance, I immediately moved my hand from her ass, she said "sorry" and moved to make a little bit more room for me. She had fairly nice facial features, though her skin was pale and had a few freckles. I soon proceeded to inch forward again closing down the tiny gap she just made and rested my cock on her hip, just pulsating it again. I kept that position for a while, and continued "looking through the hole", she went back to her conversation. After some time, I noticed people approaching from my right side, they were going to pass by in between me and the french teens behind me. I had to use this opportunity. I calmly side stepped to my left, so I was directly behind her right cheek, and as the people SLOWLY passed behind me, I gently pushed my self into her "making space for them", I kept my head turned to the side concentrating on the passers by, I could see from the corner of my eye, she was giving me quick glances. These people were taking there time, so I adjusted my footing, pressing my pelvis into her just a little firmer, I now had her plastered against the fence, with my cock buried right into her crack, I held her there for as long as I could, until the people passed, keeping my head turned away the entire time, I eased off her a little once they were gone, but kept my position, literally breathing down her neck, I was so horny by now and was leaking pre cum. She was definitely aware of me being so close to her now, and kept looking my way with the corner of her eye, there wasn't any reason for me to be so close like that, but I knew she didn't have anymore space to move. I just had to get on her again. Doing another quick check of my surroundings, I moved in to look through the opening in the fence RIGHT BESIDE her face, our cheeks actually made contact, I still remember the dampness of her hair against the side of my face. I eased my cock into her ass again, and just left it there, enjoying every second that I had, hoping that she would take her time in moving. I could tell she was uncomfortable, but she just continued talking with her friends, but with an obvious change in her tone. The couple beside me shifted a little closer to me continuing their conversation, I kept glancing over at them, while I stayed on her. For a moment I actually thought I may be able to nut on this girl. As my cock became almost fully erect I tried to hump her as slowly as possible, but she was definitely way too uncomfortable with this. Since there was no more room for her to move, she just slightly changed her position, not allowing me to get in her crack. I now knew this was soon coming to an end, so I just rested my cock on the side of her ass again, which she didn't seem to mind, but as soon as I applied more pressure, she adjusted her postion. I decided not to push this any further, especially since we were out in the open, and not within a crowd. My heart was still beating fast, and this was definitely a good start to the day. So I proceeded to move past her, but not before VERY SLOWLY dragging my backhand the entire length of her ass making sure to feel every inch of it, I felt her pelvis move forward a little, trying to avoid some of the contact, so I just applied more pressure and upon reaching her left cheek, I curled my hand almost into a fist and dug my knuckles into her flesh forcing her forward against the fence. I swear this chicks ass was like a rock, it kept its form no matter what you did to it. She definitely felt that, but still, she never said a word.

I moved over to where the milf was, still pretending my interest was finding another cutting in the fence to look through. I looked over at the girl I just groped to see if she was watching me, but she had gone back to her conversation and was laughing away. My French buddies weren't providing much cover behind the milf, there were a few people to my left, but my back was almost completely exposed, but due to the rain and all the umbrellas, it felt like people weren't really noticing what was going on around them (if that makes sense), but I still tried to be as careful as possible. This milf was a tall meaty women, not fat, but very thick below the waist, and was almost a head taller than me (im only 5'8). There was only a few inches of cutting in the fence to the left of her, and she was leaning over a little to her right, and was slightly bent at the waist almost pointing that ass in my face, conversating with the two girls. The previous girl had really worked me up now, and I was horny as hell. After observing my surroundings, I moved in close to her, so I was at an angle facing the side of her left cheek leaving no more than six inches between us. I didn't even make an attempt to look through the hole in the face, I just stood there literally staring down at her ass. Her ass was at my stomach level, and was more wide than round, not really my preference but it did have a decent shape to it, she also had nice meaty thighs, and VERY wide hips. I didn't like that she was wearing jeans, they were a skin tight light blue denim, and were more faded and worn around her crack area, which is what I liked most about her. The wedgie those jeans were making in her crack was definitaly worthy of some attention. I continued to just stand there and stare at her crack, I actually wanted her to turn around and catch me staring, which would have turned me on even more, but she was completely unaware of my presence, and was talking away. I edged in as close to her as possible without touching her, the bottom of her shoulder length blond hair was brushing against my nose, and my head was tilted slightly still staring down at her ass and thick thighs. My cock was rapidly growing again in my trousers, I couldn't believe she didn't feel my presence, all I had to do was bend down somewhat and that ass would be available for my face. Just then, the previous girl shot me a look, she knew what I was up to, but she didn't seem to take too much notice. I backed away a little, then moved back in to look through the few inches of opening right next to the milf but this time used my book bag to make contact with the lower part of her left cheek. She looked at me and I noticed her look down at what was touching her ass, she adjusted herself trying to make some room for me, but I made sure that my bag stayed on her ass, hoping she would get used to the contact. Her slight adjustment had turned her more sideways, giving me even easier access to that big behind, I couldn't take my eyes off it, I was completly mesmerized by its sheer size and height level, I continued eyeing her up while resting my bag on her ass, and it seemed like she wasn't trying to avoid the contact. So I then slowly turned my hand around resting my backhand on her, making light contact into her crack with my forearm. Wow....she was radiating so much heat down there. and the material of her jeans felt quite thin. I watched for her reaction, she didn't turn to look at me, but I did feel her slightly tense up. I slowly began to apply more pressure into her crack, lightly rubbing my forearm up and down, still no reaction from her. My cock was now almost fully erect and was pointing out of my trousers, so I gently poked the tip of my head against the crease where her asscheek meets her thigh and rested it there. I once again looked around, and know one was paying any attention to my actions. So I moved in closer, bringing my face in contact with her hair again, and rubbed my cock along the outside of her thigh/hip, I widened my footing, placing my right foot behind her, and started slowly humping that big curvy hip, I kept up the pressure into her crack with my forearm and backhand, but this time I slowly extended my index and middle fingers out to make contact with her pussy. I had pushed my luck, because right then she once again turned and looked at me, and looked down at what was touching her, I moved my hand back, and just went back to looking through the hole in the fencing, never making eye contact. She had adjusted herself again, and I could tell she was staying alert to my movements. I kept my position for a while looking through the hole, but decided I did not want to risk anymore contact, so I turned and walked away, besides my day was just getting started. there was going to be plenty more ass for me to perv over.

Part 2 coming soon, and things get MUCH better.

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