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Guest (Sat 18 Apr 2015 06:30:28 GMT)

Untitled ⁄ category: others

Thanks for repeating exactly what i am saying jay. I know that i am deluded. i suppose this is why i do what i do... when i choose to do so. but you are missing the point of what i am saying.

Are you familiar with the concept, "Honor among thieves" ?
Disambiguated, it is the concept that criminals do not compromise the activities of other criminals.

How about the term &

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IDFWU: Shoges (Sat 18 Apr 2015 00:09:25 GMT)

Couple I Like ⁄ category: others



Newguy: Jay (Fri 17 Apr 2015 05:12:54 GMT)

Guest ⁄ category: others

Great videos shoges, please keep posting

And yes guest, you are deluded. You talk about consenting girls, which is ideal for most of us. What you forget is that no one here ever asks a girl, hey can I rub up on your ass? 99% of all stories and videos here are of chickens STARTING the frotting. That is fucking wrong no matter how you put it.

You can pretend to give it shades of gray b

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IDFWU: Shoges (Fri 17 Apr 2015 01:12:45 GMT)

It's all . . . ⁄ category: others



panamanianperv (Thu 16 Apr 2015 15:39:28 GMT)

nice vid I found ⁄ category: others


Guest (Thu 09 Apr 2015 08:33:19 GMT)

@ jay ⁄ category: others

There is a lot of stuff posted here that i don't agree with jay. Still, i watch the vids, read the stories, and speak when i feel the need to on this board... i guess i am retarded.

I remember the time when there used to be talk about consenting players, those who "upped the ante" of the game. How rare they were and how you would have to really come of as appealing in attract

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Newguy: Jay (Thu 09 Apr 2015 02:00:50 GMT)

lol guest ⁄ category: others

lol guest you are a retard
give chikan a bad name?? chikan is already molestation, borderline rape in some cases, you're worried about the rep of this activity??? LOL

pissing on her is no worse than stick your dick up against her ass without her permission, it's all bad, try not to think that this hobby is in any way OK, or you're basically becoming delusional

Guest (Sun 05 Apr 2015 05:18:49 GMT)

leg pissing vid ⁄ category: others

Leg pissing vid wasn't cool. That type of shit shouldn't be condone or encouraged. The hobby is already taboo and frowned upon. Let's not give it a bad name with crap like that.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 04 Apr 2015 21:42:48 GMT)

Re Shoges ⁄ category: others

Great vids, that guy pissed on her for sure judging by her reaction, hot legs though!! lol

IDFWU: Shoges (Wed 01 Apr 2015 21:50:39 GMT)

More? OK! ⁄ category: others

And they don't stooooooooop. These aren't the best recorded but, what can you do?



registered member: AlmightyTrojan (Tue 31 Mar 2015 23:23:21 GMT)

Shoges ⁄ category: others


IDFWU: Shoges (Tue 31 Mar 2015 23:07:42 GMT)

Correction ⁄ category: others

Sorry, meant looks like the GUY is takin' a piss . . . what you think?


IDFWU: Shoges (Tue 31 Mar 2015 23:05:35 GMT)

OH YEAH! ⁄ category: others



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IDFWU: Shoges (Sat 28 Mar 2015 16:28:17 GMT)

More from Brazil ⁄ category: others

At least I think it's Brazil:



IDFWU: Shoges (Thu 26 Mar 2015 22:02:28 GMT)

Carnival in Brazil ⁄ category: others


DAMN boy busted a huge nut!


Guest (Sun 22 Mar 2015 20:14:52 GMT)

Untitled ⁄ category: others

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Complicit%C3%A0-Erotica/1606146516271985 nice video :D

IDFWU: Shoges (Sat 21 Mar 2015 16:34:45 GMT)

A long play ⁄ category: others

With pre-cum and jizz!


IDFWU: Shoges (Sat 21 Mar 2015 12:53:26 GMT)

From Mickey Mouse . . . ⁄ category: others



Guest (Thu 19 Mar 2015 15:13:30 GMT)

Mmmm.... ⁄ category: others

Is there a second part of this, Shoges?

IDFWU: Shoges (Wed 18 Mar 2015 22:00:07 GMT)

Mr. Stink Finger! ⁄ category: others


Newguy: Jay (Wed 18 Mar 2015 20:53:07 GMT)

more! ⁄ category: others

more, master Shoges

IDFWU: Shoges (Sat 07 Mar 2015 14:29:43 GMT)

Public Transit Nut Jobs ⁄ category: others





IDFWU: Shoges (Fri 06 Mar 2015 15:05:16 GMT)

Discovering the Cum! ⁄ category: others

Woman discovers a chikan's cum in her butt crack!!!


IDFWU: Shoges (Fri 06 Mar 2015 14:58:38 GMT)

Lycra Butt ⁄ category: others

Short but sweet!


IDFWU: Shoges (Thu 05 Mar 2015 15:40:07 GMT)

Phat Ass in Black Leggings! ⁄ category: others

MMMMM, mmmm, mmmm!


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