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Arm Humper (Mon 19 Dec 2005 21:16:35 GMT)


I have just returned home after humping the shoulder of a willing young woman on the bus. This 20 something was wearing a ring on the fourth finger of her left hand so she was probably somebody's wife. She was also wearing a white shirt and black jeans. While pressing against her I looked down at her oval face with its narrow nose and projecting jaw. I also noted her slender frame, elegant hands and her honey-coloured skin. When I was building up to my climax the bus was halted behind traffic lights, perfectly still, so she had to notice the small movements I was making against her arm. When I started to come I backed off a little so she wouldn't feel the full force of my tremors. That might have been too much for her. I know from experience it is for some women.

Vin (Tue 20 Dec 2005 16:23:17 GMT)

It happened. I knew it would and it did. (sorry that this is so long)

I�ve wanted to write this for three days now. I wasn�t going to but I decide that I�ve already started so I might as well continue. As you know from my other two posts, my cousin came to visit this past weekend before going to her parent�s house. She arrived late Friday night and was tired so we didn�t go out like planned. I made her some thing to eat while she went to change. When she came out I

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NIlli (Tue 20 Dec 2005 21:19:34 GMT)

Coz Sex

I WILL NOT have sex with a relative!! With that said--I have a cousin who has the biggest, ROUNDEST Azzz that's too much temptation!! She let's us "accidentally" bump into, stumble onto, rub up against, ride behind etc, when she in the mood. And she's usually in the mood around the time of her period!! She's also very nice about sitting on my lap when there's no seating!!

Guest (Thu 22 Dec 2005 02:05:24 GMT)

Lucky today

Crowded shopping center at Christmas time. I was walking through the foodcourt area around the jewelry stands. This young-20s Indian girl was helping customers, wearing skin tight black pants (the clingy kind that sort of shine) and a tight green sweather with "bebe" written in black across her chest.

I circled a few times just to get a better look at her ass. On my final pass, I just fi

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Fri 23 Dec 2005 03:02:30 GMT)

Christmas Greetings

Hi dear Chikan friends and Master Ayashi:
I would like to send you my Christmas Greetings and my best wishes for the year 2006. I have been away traveling and working countless hours in my assignments. Fortunately I am finally on vacation and I am able to write again. I will share with you soon some new chikan stories. Sincerely Carlos.

Tommy III (Fri 23 Dec 2005 14:47:49 GMT)

Little sister's friend 4

No luck with my little sister's friend the other day. Maybe I'll see her this weekend for Christmas. I think I need to throw some alcohol into the mix.

John (Fri 23 Dec 2005 14:56:56 GMT)

Christmas party

I went to a Christmas party for my job last night. We have an eighteen year old intern working there who is smoking hot. Me and two other co-workers got her so drunk. She was a mess. We kept taking turns feeling her up while she was drunk. It was great. Two of us would block her from view while the third one would take advantage of her body. I love interns.

The Latin Groper: Carlos (Sat 24 Dec 2005 02:01:17 GMT)

RE: "Chikan Christmas Cake" Black Shogun

Hi Black Shogun, It`s great to be back here again. I got the image of "Chikan Christmas Cake" searching in using the word "Chikan" and clicking IMAGES. Yahoo has a variety of options such as WEB, IMAGES, VIDEO, AUDIO, DIRECTORY, LOCAL, NEWS and SHOPPING. I liked the image of the girl with the small skirt about to be groped by the hand of a chikan, so I just picked it up, storing the image in my computer.
By the way, that image reminds me when we sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a young girl around a table with a cake. I usually stand behind any unaware young teenager and I press my thigh against her butt crack rubbing up my dick against her hip at the same time while we sing. It feel so good !!!!!!!

Arm Humper (Sat 24 Dec 2005 23:12:48 GMT)

Spreading Xmas Cheer

I have a kind of tradition of humping on Christmas Eve and I kept it up today. The idea is that the event will have a special place in my partner's memory because of the date. My willing accomplice today was a big, buxom mother of about 35 accompanied on the bus by her two sons, both small boys. One boy was sitting next to her, one in the seat behind.
I like to hump women when other family mem

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Sat 24 Dec 2005 23:39:23 GMT)

Arm Humper Classic

Arm Humper wrote:
And that is exactly what I did! On a stationary bus I was rhythmically pressing into this woman's shoulder, looking at the cleavage of her big breasts, with extremely pleasant feelings coming from the head of my penis with every pressing motion, my penis that was getting a little bit longer with every pressing movement.
The moment of truth soon arrived and I felt my instrum

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Sun 25 Dec 2005 16:44:00 GMT)

I spent my summer 2005 rubbing up against young girls buying ice cream in the beach

I live in a small city that has big rivers with beautiful beaches. I went to the beach of a river in August. The river was really crowded. Since it was school vacation time, I saw a lot of teenagers wearing small bathing suits like g-strings and thongs that were very erotic to me. I like looking "wedgies", pieces of clothing stuck between girls` butt cheeks. It turned me on looking those young gi

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letme (Tue 27 Dec 2005 11:43:58 GMT)


I can remember being fully aware of my fondness of women well back to kindergarten. But it was not until at least 3rd grade when I started grinding, rubbing, and brushing against the girls in class. Once while going to the restroom we were in line and it there was a white female in front of me (I'm black) and we were talking very randomly. She repeated backed into me as I stood behind her. The

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letme (Tue 27 Dec 2005 12:16:40 GMT)

Initiation II

Although the line rubbing went on for more than half of the school year, we never spoke of it per se. That is until the end of the school year. She brought it up at lunch that she really enjoyed being in class with me and she hoped we would be in class together next year (I was not so lucky). But she wanted to hunch (simulate sex fully clothed also known as clothes burning, clever eh) in the co

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Tue 27 Dec 2005 15:00:02 GMT)

I like to fondle girls and women in a bus stop

In this small city where I live there is a bus stop near my apartment. Every afternoon it gets crowded of commuters. The bus stop is near a big commercial mall, with cinemas, restaurants, and a great variety of entertainment for teenagers. That is why on Saturdays and Sundays afternoon the bus stop is crowded of teenagers.

The people in this city rarely do any line to board the bus which i

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Arm Humper (Thu 29 Dec 2005 01:31:32 GMT)

Humping a Hottie

Before I begin: RITC, I think Punjabi Butt Humper has eloquently sung the praises of the punjabi female buttocks. He attributed it to the amount of ghee they eat. Ghee is a type of butter, I think.
I was not planning to go hunting today because I knew that half of the available buses, all of those going to town, would have free seats. It's always that way in the afternoon and evening when the

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Thu 29 Dec 2005 19:42:00 GMT)

I fondled girls in a crowded bar on christmas eve in the city where I live.

I went to a crowded bar to celebrate christmas time. I wanted to buy a beer. There were a bunch of people trying to buy drinks. The drinks were sold in a small counter which was full of young ladies (older than 18) . The people here were extremely desorganized. They didn`t do any line. There were just a mass of people trying to drink beer.

I stood behind two girls who wanted to buy beer.

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Rider in the Crack (Thu 29 Dec 2005 20:39:22 GMT)

Puerto Rican Tail Feathers

My big booty deep crack Bangladesh coworker got me thinking about a recent memorable groping experience. Taking in that nice brown impossibly round low slung hump encased in gray heron bone slacks, all I could think was: "I bet she has a nice layer of carpet on the lawn."

Which brings me to my previous furry experience.

My two homeboys and I hooked up with 3 chicks at a club. We we

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(Webmaster) see memorable comments about Bangladesh coworker.

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Sun 01 Jan 2006 21:08:12 GMT)

How was everyone New Year Eve

I was actually down in times square but really did not get any good positioning at all. I got there late at night though. I could tell anyone who got there early and had some real hot ass around them must've had a ball. I only got to grab one puerto rican carmel complextion girl. I happened to wait for a time when she started to move through the crowd in my section of the barricades. I just w

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Ramrod: muff diver (Mon 02 Jan 2006 03:44:55 GMT)

mamma mia!

A Christmas dance party with a couple of bands performing.I didn't really know what to expect.I had heard of some of the bands and knew they were alternative/indie etc...That type of stuff.So I envisioned a bunch of people in their 20's 30s and maybe 40s complaining about life,their job,but out to have a good time and hopefully for me,there would be free food.That's all I cared abou

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Dalek Dick (Mon 02 Jan 2006 17:58:32 GMT)

Gorgeous lycra clad blonde

It was the summer of 2002 & I was out hunting in a famous British seaside town that was staging an airshow. I must have spent allday hunting, I was well prepared as a Chikan wearing soft fabric shorts & no underwear. I arrived at some sort of fair & was looking around when I stumbled upon this blonde woman in her thirties. She must have recently had a baby or something because she w

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registered member: Stath2 (Tue 03 Jan 2006 00:04:50 GMT)

New Years EVE

A small little post about my New Year's. It started off slow. I was actually supposed to be on a blind date that fell thru. I wentto my regular bar and some good looking girls. I didnt get a kiss at 12 but I dance with some. Some was music I could grind to, got a little action but not much. They also played some slow songs. I got to grab some asses. The girls were drinking so I dance with the

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Bad-Boy (Wed 04 Jan 2006 18:43:51 GMT)

December award

Wow!! You like me !! You really really like me!! lol!

I was on the train this morning standing behind this woman about mid 40's kinda thick, she had a big ass in some blue sweat pants that i wasn't trying to look at cause i didn't want to get tempted, plus i get so much more willing ass in the clubs then all the bullshit you have to go through on trains and buses(freaked out

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Mastert (Thu 05 Jan 2006 02:32:17 GMT)

nice experiences at school

Hey guys, been reading your stories for a while now, I thought i'd tell you about the stuff i've done. I'm not as adept as you guys, not yet anyway =p.
My school is meant for 700 students. It contains a bit over 1500. As you might expect, the hallways get a little crowded between lessons. Theres a couple of girls with hot asses that I try and get behind after lesson, and when we walk into the packed corridors I try and crush up against them as we go through the congested sections. One time I got really excited and grabbed a girls hips and pulled her ass against my crotch, but it was really crowded so she couldn't turn and see who I was. I love my school.

chikanery (Tue 10 Jan 2006 23:47:02 GMT)

just happened

I was walking in the city when i spotted a mom with her daughter heading into the subway. The mom was wearing grey sweat pants and boots. She had a huge ass but i was instantly attracted to her. I decided to follow them into the subway to see what might happen. I entered the subway and stood near them waiting for the train. The train came and luckily it was crowded. The #6 is usually always crowde

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vishal (Wed 11 Jan 2006 06:51:07 GMT)

mother in law

i was watching the tv one early morning while everyone else were sleeping my mother in law came and sat in the sofa in front of me...the light was dim and i was feeling horny i slowly unzipped my pants and started to masturbate my hard cock she got to and went near the window i followed her and pushed my cock against her ass as she was closiing the windows i lifted her saree and fucked her in her anus.....since it was morning i could feel nice thick creamy shit in her anus.....i pushed harder and inserted my hard cock her shit started coming out....i kneeled down and let her reamy shit in my mouth

Bad-Boy (Fri 20 Jan 2006 22:31:42 GMT)

Big Butt White Girl

I know the title sounds Kinda racist, But you had to see the Ass on this Chick!! She got on the train and stands right in front of me! she had on a long dark grey overcoat but as soon as she grabs the pole and stands in front of me she takes off her coat revealing a cream top and some dark grey slacks that were loose fitting everywhere but on her ass! her ass was a phatty for sure i had to take a

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vip (Sat 21 Jan 2006 07:24:54 GMT)

Seeing it for the 1st time.

True story. I didn't think this sort of stuff happens too often but i got to see it and i couldn't believe it. I'm from Melbourne, Australia and after work i caught a tram. And on there I saw this old dude had to be 60 at least, the tram wasn't even full (a lot of available seats) and he just stands crotch first next to a seated asian girl. I couldn't actually see becos wh

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LetMe (Mon 23 Jan 2006 06:37:03 GMT)

True Story 3

I wrote a while back about my initiation to frotteurism. I have a hundred more situations I could write about.

I remember whenI was still in grade school, I had a little fling with my "cousin" (my step father's neice). We were the same age and grade and it started off innocent enough as we were taking a short ride to the store with some older "cousins". The car

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vip (Mon 23 Jan 2006 10:11:16 GMT)


old timer, are u serious, could it have been u or are you just pulling my leg? To be honest if i saw the guy again I wouldn't recognise him. As to where and when, it was last Friday after I finished work which means 5 - 5.30pm. It was a Swanston st tram going past Flinders St station from Melb Central end.

There was no molesting going on, he just positioned himself crotch first toward the girls upper arm. Looking at him it just looked odd. I mean, there was plenty of room in the carriage and he was standing right up to this girl.

Arm Humper (Mon 23 Jan 2006 22:30:55 GMT)

First time 'handjob'

I had a first time experience today. The story is a simple one. Where I live the back of the seats of the buses have handles at the top, maybe it's the same every where, I don't know. Anyway, I was out hunting and I boarded a bus at the station, selected a seated target and stood beside her. As the vehicle is filling up a woman enters, stands next to me, and because she is quite short, r

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Tue 24 Jan 2006 00:40:05 GMT)

Good Vibrations

In mid spring I succumbed to a growing obsession to attend every show possible in the entire Tri-state area. Operating like that leaves you open to all types of surprises. One pleasant surprise was having a great time at a Bluegrass concert. While attending that show I was so jazzed at how well my night was going that I bought a ticket to the next scheduled show without bothering to even ascertain

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Wed 25 Jan 2006 23:16:40 GMT)

3 sexual situations

LetMe, Arm Humper and Oppy all presented sexual situations that a thoughtful chikan can file away and draw on for wisdom when needed.

1)LetMe's cousin was quite the participant and instigator in the ensuing humpfest. Never doubt that women communicate about getting jollys that don't amount to full out sex. They talk and such talk begins at surprisingly young ages.

2)Arm H

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Dr. Dry Hump (Thu 26 Jan 2006 02:43:33 GMT)

Subway Adventure ... "Asian Suprise"

A couple days ago while I was waiting on my train I spotted a very pretty asian girl standing there also waiting. When the girl started walking towards the train I looked at her butt but I didn't see any ass at all. There was no shape sticking out through her long black coat that covered her ass. I was thinking that she had nothing going on at all.

I was wrong.

After getting

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Dr. Dry Hump (Thu 26 Jan 2006 03:22:39 GMT)

Party Night part I

Last weekend I went out partying in a very busy City. This was not my usual partying city but I basically used the same routine.

1st I went to a bar to get my fill of beer and then I started on the club scene.

While in the bar I drunk plenty of beer while the joing started getting filled up. I was standing at the bar and girls were all around me. Girls to my left and girls to m

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rik (Fri 27 Jan 2006 02:09:26 GMT)

Last summer

I had an experience last summer that I don�t feel very proud of but I have to share it because it was one of the hottest experiences of my life. I was spending a day at a New York beach when I spotted a girl no more than 13 with a body as perfect as a young girl could have. She had shoulder length light brown hair, an adorable face and was wearing a really skimpy bikini. She was standing on lin

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lilterror (Sun 29 Jan 2006 05:46:49 GMT)


surveillance in my school isnt that great. i always upskirt biches and i never get caught. one time this hot bitch step back and land right on my dick. she was wearing a nice little skirt.. DAMN.. she look back and seemed disturbed but she kept on getting pushed back to my dick cuz someone in front of her was actin a fool.

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Sun 29 Jan 2006 20:07:28 GMT)

check it out

I have been kinda out of it the past 5 weeks or so. I usually take advantage of the holiday crowd to get my ass grabbing on during the holiday season but lately even if I have been on a crowded train I can never get any good positioning behind some fine ladies. I think I am just not aggressive as I was before. I mean nothing seem to stop me in the past few years until 2005. i did sort of experienc

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Guest (Tue 31 Jan 2006 07:04:16 GMT)

mothers butts

middle aged mothers have very big round soft protruding butts
which are ideal for buttfucking in crowded places.
their husbands may not bother about them after childbirth and
they have sexual urge to be fondled by others without noticed
by others.
that is why these mothers are amenable for groping and buttfucking
and they normally cooperative with chikans in crowded markets

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Butt Reynolds (Wed 01 Feb 2006 10:04:56 GMT)


has anyone explored the immense possibilities offered by the convents? in other words have you savoured the nun's butts? Well, it's been my experience that the nuns, being deprived of the opportunity for regular access to the male faculties, are naturally frustrated, and are on the lookout for covert means to satiate their lust. Leaving the theretical fountations of nun-frottering , let

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likegropinglilgurls (Wed 01 Feb 2006 16:33:46 GMT)

Subway Saturday

Another great Saturday on the new L.A. subway. Very crowded, and packed with Catholic schoolgirls. What a sight. Shiny shoes, plaid short skirts, white panties. Yum yum. I was forced to stand next to a pair of 11 yearolds. The crush of people pressed them both up against me. I placed my hand into my right front pocket, which was up against the blonde 11 y.o. girls bum. I hope I never have to retur

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Bad-Boy (Wed 01 Feb 2006 21:45:32 GMT)

The Retirement has been postponed again..

I was boarding train heading to work yesterday when i saw one of my favorite type of players, an older west indian black woman looked about mid 40's,about 5'5" with a short jacket tight dark jeans on with a juicy ass she was standing near the door facing sideways so i could get a nice view of her ass sticking out and looking plump. I immediately positioned myself back to the door a

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Guest (Fri 03 Feb 2006 06:49:11 GMT)

wet humping in market

i am a chikan for the last 10 years. i cannot sleep that night when i dont
have the opportunity to grope and hump the butts of women. i am so much
obsessed with female butts. i too agree that middleaged mothers are good
for humping and they dont mind. evening time in the crowded market with
mothers is a hunting place for butt fuckers.

i went to a vegetable market one evening. si

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Granny-Groper (Fri 03 Feb 2006 11:31:55 GMT)

tapping excitements from aged butts..butts of wisdom

The granny I humped in swimmingpool in Sledrecht (near Dordrecht City) in Holland was among the most pro-active among my butting partners.Well into her sixties , she was a regular at the pool, and had, not surprisingly, a body that was well-proportioned, well maintained, with a shapely , comely butt which went well with her round, smiling face.She had milky white complexion and was quite plump.You can imagine how she drve me crazy in her two-piece bikinis, as she clampered on to the diving stand. The rear view ticked of motor reactions that sent me floating across to her from wherever I was , in the pool. (to be continued)

Bad-Boy (Fri 03 Feb 2006 17:44:14 GMT)

Oh What a Morning !!

I woke up this morning late as hell for work, i went to the Shadow Nightclub in New York City last night, And i was on so much ass i stayed way longer than i should have, My most memorable hump from last Night was this tall black chick in a tight mini with a Phat, Juicy ass and hips, she was my exact height too. i was rubbing on her ass while some dude was begging her to dance, at first she was te

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Bad-Boy (Tue 07 Feb 2006 01:34:08 GMT)

Thick Girl.........

Got on the train going home from work today and caught a female Chikan. YUP!! a female one not just a willing player but one who knew what the deal was and intiated it. As soon as i stepped on the train i caught her staring at me, She was a black woman about 30ish a bit on the chunky side with a short red ski jacket. Her hips were'nt that big but She had a Booming ass, I don't know how o

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Dr. Dry Hump (Wed 08 Feb 2006 04:56:11 GMT)

Too much ass to count!

Dr. Dry Hump has been on so much ass over the last few months that he is losing track of the stories.

Just last night I was stuck behind this very pretty blonde lady wearing glasses on the subway. Her ass was firm and thick and she had a great body. The subway train was so packed that she was forced on my dick and had no where to go.

I felt her ass really good because I was only

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Dr. Dry Hump (Sat 11 Feb 2006 02:00:04 GMT)

What's your flavor? (ice cream)

Today I was on three nice booties. Three different flavors. Kind of like that Ice Cream that has Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.

First I got on this Arabic ladies ass on a crowded train. She was near the door with head dress on and her ass just stuck out for the humping. I was on her for about 3 minutes until she adjusted herself to behind the glass in the doorway. Her ass was real

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Guest (Sun 12 Feb 2006 02:37:49 GMT)


Earlier this week I had a great experience!!! I head to work taking the #5 train uptown in the morning. The platform was crowded as hell around Fulton street. I spotted a sister wearing super tight beige pants and a killer ass,a heart shaped one at that!!! I said I was gonna hump that!! I never got the chance cause there was someone else thinking the same thing. As the train pulled in packed to t

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Dr. Dry Hump (Mon 13 Feb 2006 17:06:35 GMT)

"The Arabic Woman"

Details ..

When Dr. Dry Hump got on the subway train he was forced into a very crowded spot on the train. That spot was right near the door way. In that spot was the Arabic Woman with the big booty. She was on the pole holding on for dear life while Dr. Dry Hump was smashed in behind her with people pushing from behind.

The movement of the train and the people pushing me from b

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Tommy III (Tue 14 Feb 2006 19:45:19 GMT)

Little sister's friend 5

I want to thank everyone who voted for me in December. I haven't posted in awhile because nothing new has happened. Well, at least not until last night anyway. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then go check my posts from a couple of months ago titled, Little sister's friend. They are four of them. Now that that's out of the way let's move on to the story. My sister, her friend, and I all

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Dirty Uncle (Tue 14 Feb 2006 21:24:23 GMT)

Concert Last Summer

Hi, some of the old timers here may remember me from way back. Still got loads of stories to share.

Last summer I went to a rock concert here in the UK. The concert hit the news for reports of overcrowding and safety fears as opposed to the leading acts appearing. Reports suggest that the safety figure of 125,000 people per day was exceeded by around 75,000 people on the Friday.

I wa

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aswin (Thu 16 Feb 2006 06:43:15 GMT)


i went to a consumer exhibition last sunday evening. being holiday it was
heavily crowded with women and men. many stalls were selling expensive and
decorative articles. so the show was packed with rich and fashion concious

my interest was mainly to see and admire those voluptuous and fabulous
apple bottoms of women standing out with soft silk sarees clinging to the

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philothefucker (Sun 26 Feb 2006 00:59:27 GMT)


lol we did it i fucked her on the train after weeks of building up the courage i pulled her skirt up and no panties!!! i cant beleive it! it was sooo crowded she moved right toward me when i walked in we timed it perfect i could tell she was running late her hair wasnt done quite as neat as usual but she was on the 8:02 #4 heading toward manhattan i pulled out and penetrated her she moaned and a lady looked at her i was so sneaky!@!!! i stayed in her for almost a minute but the station was coming and i didnt wanna get caught it was great.....

i havent seen her in 3 days i dont know if she moved to an earlier or later train or simply to another car farther up or whatever but it was a dream come true...

Gentleman Frotteur (Mon 27 Feb 2006 10:11:41 GMT)

the Generation Gap!

Wee, my dear friends, I have pleasure in announcing my turn of incredible luck, during the last fortnight. Events that occurred during the aforementioned period have reinstated my belief in the good tidings for our venerable calling ( not venereal, for sure!).It so happened that the family staying opposite my flat have started taking a more than passing interest in the affairs of this humble chika

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swiftgrope (Tue 28 Feb 2006 07:34:11 GMT)

A gropeful siesta

When I was around 16 years old I had to stay at my uncles place for a few days as I had just moved into the city and hostel accomodation was a problem at the new school I had joined.My 15 year old cousin sister was very happy to see me and so was I ,happening to touch the lemons blossoming under her shirt at the very first welcome hug(I returned the hug with an affectionate squeezing of her buns

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Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Thu 02 Mar 2006 05:27:49 GMT)

Not much today

Oh man, I really like the ass I see in the picture. I wish I could get on that. Fuck yeah. I was on the train today coming home from work and it was really crowded but fuck I could not get any good position. I mean it was crowded but I could not get the hands near any sweet ass, well not really. There was a black woman about 5'8" near me and I sort of only got one or two fingers right at her ass crack. I only touched it real quick maybe 5 seconds and well at least I could tell it was a tight ass. I wanted to do more but even with the crowd just not enough cover.woman

REDDY (Thu 02 Mar 2006 06:49:57 GMT)


I got married about 6 months back with a young girl..I was having satisfactory
sex life with my wife for last 5 months..Last month my wife told me that her
widow mother was finding it difficult to live alone and so we brought her to
our house to stay with us..This was the starting point for the storm in my
sex life..

My MIL aged 40 has well developed big firm tits and an astound

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KUTTY (Fri 10 Mar 2006 06:38:26 GMT)


I happened to come across this site by chance. This is a great site for chikans. I am hereby narrating my chikans experience for others.

I am 25 yrs old. I have been buttfucking big round butts of women since
i was 10 yrs old. When i was a boy, i used to mingle with crowd of women
and used my dick to rub and hump big round butts of women. Women will treat
me like a small boy and al

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INSEMINATOR (Sat 18 Mar 2006 22:01:07 GMT)


Hey you fellow fellow chikans,

This is my second post in a long time so I apologize for not writing very often. I believe that this story had a Master movement so it is worth to share with you. By the way I was trying to find my previous post using the search engine and nothing came (any reason for that?). Some of you may remember from the previous post that my specialty is what I woul

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greenfingers (Sun 19 Mar 2006 21:59:42 GMT)

thong woman

My awakening of everything horny becomes more than I can manage nowadays.
Few days ago I needed to go my college very early in the morning.
I decided to take the most crowded train.
I saw a young woman with a short overcoat.
She had a short skirt and short boots.
I followed her to the carriage and sticked myself to her back.
I had a gut feeling that she would not make a sc

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say what (Thu 23 Mar 2006 22:39:21 GMT)

when & who

I do not have many encounter other than in trains.I like where the next station is distant. I feel young girls like highschoolers are docile and make good targets. Occasionally I see a woman breathes hard. You know a man must be tightly on her behind. Sometimes he is on her front.Also the woman may wiggle suddenly. I doubt if she is resisting or feeling good.

confessional (Sat 25 Mar 2006 11:40:46 GMT)

old sore

i confess my sin. i was a chikan. coz young women were there. and i had a weakness for female uniforms, especially school uniform of a checked skirt. although the most of them wore knee-length skirts then. if i found a miniskirt girl, i could not resist the temptation. i got into the train after the girl lifting her skirt. i did just that. i stood behind her with her skirt up. occasionally i passed my fingers over her panties seam or touched her thighs. the most of girls either ignored me or put strong resistance. rare girls pulled down the skirts quietly. then i aimed my cock where her hand was coming. hehehe. girls, here is my advice. when you resist, do it with a resolute attitude.

LETME (Sun 26 Mar 2006 22:16:13 GMT)

Interracial Chikan

I have been in a variety of sexual situations in my life. My experiences with the opposite sex (I'm a guy) have been plentiful and I am pleased to say that I started my sexual experience in kindergarten. My first penis/vagina insertion intercouse came when I was nine. Needless to say, I was young and very conscientious of sex and desire. I have shared with you stories of having sexual con

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Guest (Mon 03 Apr 2006 01:53:44 GMT)

snow day

i find this site lately. i share my experience with you. i went to ny on a business trip last year. it was this heavy snow day. I chanced on a young girl around 14 or 15 on a metro line. she was blond and wore miniskirt but had no panty hose. she was short but she had nice round behind. it was a little after the morning rush but it was still very crowded due the heavy snow. i took the position rig

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touch55 (Tue 04 Apr 2006 18:16:49 GMT)


i live here in tokyo and i love to ride the trains and grope. I am not asian so and pretty good looking so a lot of women go for it. Anybody can tell me which lines are best for High school girls that are crowed. I have so many stories in just a week . Just yesterday a hot jap girl pressed her pussy on me over and over we were face to face. She had a silk miniskirt. Then she turned around and had a nice ass! i hit paydirt. She pressed her ass on me and i stuck it up her between her cheeks. I think i penitrated her a little cause i was a little wet when i checked later on the outside of my pants. Wow that felt so good.

Gentleman Frotteur (Fri 07 Apr 2006 10:05:03 GMT)

Much a do about nothing!+Part II of Market Humping

well, how should I begin. I had a hearty laugh over the absurd-theatre that's presumably alive in these sacred grounds..this website that's Jerusalem for the frotteur community! unfortunately the high priests of chikanery are at loggerheads, hopelessly entangled in a war of words! And the most hilarious aspect relates to the very context, viz. all of it commenced with the bestowing of wh

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vdub (Sat 08 Apr 2006 15:33:21 GMT)

pajama parties

first of all i've learned some new terminology. chikaning and jacking, but it is all the same. we call it grinding or freaking. my favorite event to grind girls at is at pajama parties. i am a college student and i try to catch pajama parties all over the south east. i live in north carolina. i love freaking at pajama parties because the girls are all wearing thin pajama material or pan

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Wick (Sun 09 Apr 2006 08:30:34 GMT)

sort of chikan at work

I posted a story on here a while back, but have forgotten my login id. Anyway, I would love to hear some stories about chikan with friends or at work, though I'm not sure it's really chikan. Anyway, I will share my story which I hope some of you will enjoy. (And I am a woman in case you didn't see the first story).

I have a co-worker (who I find attractive) and once in a whi

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buttluver (Mon 10 Apr 2006 09:06:20 GMT)

girl at work

I have been flirting with this girl at my job for a while now. she has a nice round jiggly ass. It sticks out very well. I told her a few weeks ago that I was going to go over to her house after we closed up and spank her. (she has no other way home late at night so I drive her home) She always told me I was just playing and won't do it. Well about a month ago I did go into her apartment and

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buttluver (Thu 13 Apr 2006 03:04:59 GMT)

mr roman

No this is not the same Indian co-worker. I have not humped on her in a while. She seems to be a little hesitant about letting me hump on her now. Maybe her husband is taking care of that butt. This one is a 29 yr old black woman with a nice round tender butt. I go over there every sunday night when we close. I drive her home and simply go in her place and hump her or screw her. I love to hump on

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dave (Sat 15 Apr 2006 22:53:00 GMT)

Tokyo Train

I had a great ride last friday. Im new to tokyo and love to ride crowded trains. It was pretty warm last friday and i hit the jackpot. I found a station that is 70% H.S. girls!! So many to choose from. Well those skirts are so short. I got on the train and got behind a real cutie. I saw her fix her hair a few times which means she is interested. I pressed on her and got hard quick. Then she stood on her toes which i could not believe, and raised her ass and put it right on the tip of my dick. THen she lowered herself on it. I started humping slowly going in and out. Man this felt so good. Then i put my leg inside against her thigh and started rubbing it.

auto industry (Sun 16 Apr 2006 05:20:45 GMT)

last christmas

i went japan last winter as my dad works for a japanese car manufacturer.there i lost my way when i went christmas shopping.a young woman of about 14 to 15 years old came from the opposite direction.she was very kind.she showed me the way to the station.while we wlked side by side we made small my surprise she was 25.i said i couldnt believe that.she said she could show me the proof.she took me to a rabuhoteru.rabuhoteru is a hotel especially for soon as we enterd the room,she undressed me waist down.she laid me down and sucked my dick expertly.she also fucked me.her pussy was hot and wet.i still couldnt understand what was that proof.

timid man humping (Thu 20 Apr 2006 19:11:22 GMT)

just be4 i get off

hi eris, you may love my story 2 ;)

i am not timid by nature. but i live in a big city where girls are beautifil but
nasty. i need 2 be very careful or otherwise i have 2 pay dearly.

i couldnt enjoy the activity during the winter as girls here were wrapped in
heavy overcoats.

but i found a young girl in a miniskirt few days ago. i guessed she must be 18 or
19. her h

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Reddy (Fri 21 Apr 2006 12:06:30 GMT)

My Mother-in-law and I

Yeah. It is a long time.Season was dry.Not many dealings with MIL. Dry spell ceased yesterday.MIL wanted to visit a temple.Wife could not accompany.She had her monthlies.Not auspicious for women.So I took MIL along.long bus ride She got up as soon as there was a crowd.She stood in front of me.As the crowd thickened - it weas a market day- I unzipped.I took out my dick and rammed it up her ass.She

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old tale (Thu 27 Apr 2006 02:01:00 GMT)

elevator operator

I am very old. I was born and raised in eastern europe. I went through WWII as a kid. My father had died during the war. Therefore my mother took many odd jobs to support us. During the war, almost everything was rationed. It continued for a long time under the communist regime. Since my mother was busy with her work, I went out to draw the rations.

One day I was told to go the department s

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victor (Wed 03 May 2006 20:02:59 GMT)

this is good for may award, hehehe

Recently I was standing at the front of a long line of people on the platform waiting for the train. A very attractive young woman was standing next to me. She was wearing a business suit with a rather low cut blouse. How can I put this delicately? Well, uhmm. . . she was probably also wearing one of those . . . uhmmm . . . "wonder bras" and her blouse buttons were, . . . uhmmm. . . stra

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chikan little (Fri 05 May 2006 07:12:01 GMT)

Humping ladies in india

i am new to this site and the art of telling facts so spare me..............once i got into this ST bus which is ideal for chikaning.........i was standing near the bus door and there was this female standing next to me.......she was rubbing her fingers over mine.........i was really new to this kind of stuff.....i thought it was an accident as she was not looking at me........the comes the exciti

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Tommy III (Mon 08 May 2006 13:45:14 GMT)

Little sister's friend 6

Well, it happened once again. This is my sixth post about my little sister's friend. If you want to know how this all started just search back for the other posts. They are all titled Little Sister's Friend 1-5. Now, on to the post...

On Saturday my little sister's friend spent the night. I love when she stays over because it gives me a chance to hook up with her. My goal is to fuck her an

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GentlemanFrotteur (Tue 09 May 2006 10:50:44 GMT)

Butting at Butterworths

The heat has taken off my spirits I thought and I transformed my forays in search of butts to liesurely promenades at sundown time.I was particularly lucky yesterday at the supermarket.Ransacked the whole building-centrally airconditioned- from the basement floor to the top.It was uncalled for, since the place was packed with females- comely matrons, beautiful heifers...Most of them seemed to be t

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sloth (Tue 09 May 2006 18:08:48 GMT)


You are surrounded by a group of us on the subway and shielded from view of the riders. Twelved of us surround you and 5 take turns feeling you up.

You plead with us as you squirm to evade our hands. You gasp and struggle as fingers slip under the elastic of your panties and frig you rectally and vaginally at the same time.....your face become bright red and you can't look us in the

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Gentleman Frotteur (Wed 10 May 2006 10:14:36 GMT)


Yesterday I was walking down the road.Hawkers selling fruits swarmed the pavement on either side.I saw a well-to-do lady parking her car and approaching one of these.I quickened my pace as I approached her.She was bent over choosing mangoes stacked on the pavement. I stood behind her and thrust.Good response. I positioned myself so that my little friend was soon nudged in the gap on that bulbous r

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chikan little (Wed 10 May 2006 17:38:05 GMT)

Another humping incident

Guys this world of chikanning is invisible at times..........this incident also happened in an ST(Mumbai transport).And it is about 2 jealous women.there entered this mallu lady with a not sure if it was her husband.This ST was really crowded, so as soon as this lady entered as i was standing near the door.......i took the opportunity and pressed her boobs w

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gynecologist (Mon 15 May 2006 08:32:14 GMT)

first menstruation

I'm a gynecologist. I work in my private clinic which is contiguous to my private house. The clinic must be closed every Sunday. But whenever asked I open it. One fine Sunday, a young lady came to the clinic. She said that she had sudden bleeding. (from between her legs. That was why she came to the gynecologist.) I asked the patient about her condition and soon deduced that she had her first

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