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Guest (Wed 12 Sep 2007 08:36:01 GMT)

Concert Stories

I have been lurking on here for close to five years. I only look for stories, pictures and videos, and skip the rest. It seems there have not been any good concert stories in a long time. So I guess now is as good as time as any to tell some of my own.

Here's my latest adventure. I'll write up some past one's as I have time.

Guest (Wed 12 Sep 2007 08:46:03 GMT)

Staying for more

Summer of 2007 I attended a large outdoor 4-day Christian concert. I went with some friends who neither share my addiction, nor know that I partake in it. We stayed in the campground at night, went into town or swimming in the river during the day, and attended the evening part of the concert.

This is the second time I've attended this festival, and I actually try to control myself.

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registered member: eleven (Thu 13 Sep 2007 08:54:28 GMT)

Re: Guest - Staying for more

I wrote "Staying for more". I actually thought I had a handle, but it didn't pop up. So I have one now. Hopefully it works this time.

I completely agree that I was not careful in this situation. After I spunked on the white dress girl I should have got the hell out of there. It was really stupid of me to stay. Also, humping her that hard without working her up to it wa

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registered member: eleven (Thu 11 Oct 2007 07:21:08 GMT)

beginning of a new consciousness

As promised, here is the story of my first time. As I wrote this I realized that I MYSELF find it hard to believe I actually did this. I would never and have never been so bold as I was this evening. You must understand, I didn't know what I was doing. I was just doing things as I though of them. One aspect I want to point out is just how much of a trance I was in. Groping a complete st

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registered member: eleven (Thu 11 Oct 2007 07:22:26 GMT)

A groper is born

A Groper is Born

Foo Fighters concert, 1996. I was in college and their first album had just come out. There was a lot of excitement about them because the lead singer was the former drummer from Nirvana. Despite this, they were playing in a ballroom at my university that held about 500 people. I distinctly remember that they sold 3,000 tickets. I was very excited to see them and bough

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