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Gentlebrush (Tue 28 Mar 2006 02:10:38 GMT)

Man Of the Month

My Vote go to Reddy. Mother in Law. for man of the month. Great Story mate.

Gentlebrush (Thu 13 Mar 2008 23:47:37 GMT)

can't get by The Black Shogun

Thank Shogun for the re.introduction i knew if anyone would know the gentlebrush it would diffidently be you the king of concert. Your the one that got me going to those concert and i turn over a new lease and been successful at it every since. Gentlebrush

Gentlebrush (Fri 14 Mar 2008 02:48:16 GMT)

Re.How about some all new concert stories

I would like to tell a couple of stories about my concert visit, but there really not mush different from the ones i wrote on here in the past, but I will say i fond different behavior from the young Womens i was butt fucking. I will gather my information by memory. In last Three years the women are more understanding of our intention it seem like they know what we like when i was at this concert

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Gentlebrush (Mon 24 Mar 2008 02:07:26 GMT)

a cheer for all

oooeeWEEE BBS is whats happening today,! with the legend and cometary for the board The Black Shogun'' along with Easy rider'Max Mond, Bondoo7 Shadow,
T. bone, khabir, Cf3. smooovieee: Carlos, Blackie and the rest.

I had a great experience at the St Patty day parade and concert i will share later on this week.

Gentlebrush (Thu 27 Mar 2008 03:30:27 GMT)


St Patty day was an excellent day I started out early in the morning, went to a all day free concert downtown different bands playing every hour that stared at 6am and end at 4pm the small venue was crowded when i arrive there at 9am full of young partying fool with lots of young chicks to explore but i did not attempt to strike those asses right away because the main event was the parade that

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Gentlebrush (Fri 28 Mar 2008 02:57:44 GMT)

my vote

I second the nomination for Donald' High class chick at concert' that was a good one.

Gentlebrush (Fri 28 Mar 2008 03:10:02 GMT)


smooovieee regarding your question on why my nick name gentlebrush, I start out gentle with a touch here and touch there and then go for the crack and tear it up with my dick once i got my women trap in position.

Gentlebrush (Fri 28 Mar 2008 22:09:50 GMT)

Re Re Gentlebrush

Your right smoothie it was an enhance feeling with the effect of the spandex materal and I'm not sure if i came on her or not i was hoping i didn't because of her boy friend being right in front of her i came all on my shirt and drip some on my pant but the feeling was EXCELLENT MY FRIEND! EXELLENT!

Gentlebrush (Sat 29 Mar 2008 17:39:54 GMT)


Manhattan' that was a great story. I love the part, rubbing your bare dick on her soft expose butt cheek and cumming over her cheek and running down her tanned leg. That was awesome. EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT!

Gentlebrush (Sun 30 Mar 2008 00:20:57 GMT)

Re.Pimpinī AND Chikan Ainīt Easy

WOW great article Shogun good search,
I always sought we had a special talent' an art as you will, looking back, it did seem simpler in the days. It took a lot of practice eventually developed the technique, had bad days and good day. chikan work took a lot of time.
Today i don't make it a full time job but because I have a another life to live but my mind says i need to place my dick on a womens ass.

Gentlebrush (Thu 03 Apr 2008 03:41:26 GMT)

Re.Chikan action in the beach

Carlos that was a great concert story it must be great to rub your cock on bare skin South American has it made. Like the song says' I waned have sex on the beach.. I want to hump and grind asses on the beach

Smoovieee I think you ought to take a full tram you have almost guarantee ass grinning you might get a fox or settle for less but that chance you have to take. go for it.

Gentlebrush (Fri 04 Apr 2008 02:23:29 GMT)


After humping the girl in the Green spandex.. and no smoothie.. she wasn't as nice as the girl in the picture you posted but mines had a thick and firm ass that felt sooo dam good on my dick. I waited out side concert venue for my date i only waited ten minute before she sneak behind me greeted me with a pretty smile , I took a quick glance to see what she was wearing,.. to my relief she we

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Gentlebrush (Fri 04 Apr 2008 23:10:00 GMT)

Re. Black Shogun ST PAT

Thank Shogun i glad you like it. after the parade we spent a few hour downtown and took her out to dinner near where her car was park and hoping she would tell me about the other chikan molesting her but she didn't say a word about it. I was hoping for a second date not because i wanted a relationship with her just an opportunity to be invited to her place and get her horny and then lay her flat on her stomach and rub my dick all over her naked butt cheeks and then dive in her crack with all my weight lay on her.

Funny thing that you mention telling her girl friends, I will see her friend tonight at a social, but i got to play it cool;)

Gentlebrush (Fri 04 Apr 2008 23:14:02 GMT)

Re.Groping in a Gang

WOW! Carlos you out did yourself this time .
you had some help, be careful my friend.

Gentlebrush (Wed 09 Apr 2008 02:12:03 GMT)

Re.keep up the good work

Thank you blackie,
I had a quite a few womens that told me to stay out of their space, one women said to me,,, would you please keep away from me. then i exploded in my pants

I alway enjoyed reading you'll London fellows stories I wish i was there on the tube squashing those English business women buttock with my cock.

But I know i would have to look out for the inspector Callahan ;)

Gentlebrush (Fri 11 Apr 2008 02:15:33 GMT)

Re.Renting Hookers to exercise chikan techniques

Carlos, Shogun. I was seriously going to rent a escort lady in Vegas a few year back to ride with her on the over crowded Cat bus on the strip for an extra 200 dolor of her regurlar fee, I sought about and decided against it. I just went ahead with my regurlar stalking the strange women of Vegas ;)

Gentlebrush (Tue 15 Apr 2008 23:04:18 GMT)

Re.subway rat

Where New York sex beast?
He could be that New York grouper that might get life in prison.
We have quite a few New Yorker here on the board, Let say if it just so happen that the under cover cop found prove that the New York Grouper visit or write on BBS, it might go national.
So New Yorkers stay away from the Subway. For little Awhile that is ;)

Gentlebrush (Wed 16 Apr 2008 04:06:08 GMT)


wow! Max mond good thing you quit grouping on subways, perfect timing.
what made you make that decision?
was you too aggressive?
afraid you might go over the line?
afraid your fantasy toward some women you grope become a reality that they real don't want to be grope?
Maybe the cops were on to you?

Gentlebrush (Mon 21 Apr 2008 02:46:05 GMT)

Re. Max Mond Fake

LOL. Max Mond you are not a fake. You are a successful Sub Rat and a paranoid one at that, rightfully so' with the big bust in New York and all and we are talking life in prison.

Max mond presume your position and keep up the good work.

Gentlebrush (Tue 22 Apr 2008 17:55:52 GMT)

Re. X Video

X that was an excellent video of the Japanese dude wearing the Trent coast getting deliberately behind that business Japanese women at he end of the cut off point were the conductor close them in the last minute. how can you possibly not make sexual contact in that pack capacity.

I can see how Blackie call it a body drop your on top off that ass as you have your dick barried in that crack and she can't control her involuntary spasm in her butt crack that clinches your shaft.

You chikan that live in subway city have it bad if you wanted to quit.

Gentlebrush (Tue 22 Apr 2008 18:26:58 GMT)

Re.RITC Chronicles -- NCCA Tourney Booty

Good Story Rider,
I been in that situation where the body look good from behind and find out later the women has a few teeth missing lol but who care as long as you got that cock on that ass.

Gentlebrush (Wed 23 Apr 2008 02:07:04 GMT)

Re. fuckin' finally!!!!

Smooovieee, way to go You got the red head not once but twice tram 1 and then tram 2, excellent! excellent! The stalking period pay off for you.

I was going to give you another name because of all the bad luck you had in the last few post that you wrote about. The name would be'
MISSED OPPORTUNITY.instead of smoooovieee lol

Gentlebrush (Thu 24 Apr 2008 02:48:20 GMT)

Re. Tram Smooovieee

Smooovieee i can;t believe it'Two days in a row that dam good for a stalker, you pass the first crowed tram hoping your pray would get on the next one and luck had it' it was crowded now that took a lot of patient you trap Your prey in a corner amd went for the kill like animal in the wild kingdom.

You earn your name back 'S.M.O,O,O.V.I.E,E,E

Excellent Excellent

Gentlebrush (Thu 24 Apr 2008 03:19:48 GMT)

Re.jello pear luva (

welcome to the board jello pear luva
( That was a good story about your baby sitter she must of been well portioned and jellow Happy ;)

Gentlebrush? (Tue 29 Apr 2008 03:39:21 GMT)

Re.wonder why

That Video your referring to was posted on March 31 by Bystander. are you bystander? you seem to be offended of what chikan do on the train but yet you keep on visiting the board, what up with that?

Gentlebrush (Wed 30 Apr 2008 01:19:57 GMT)

Alumni House Booty Bandit good for man of the month for april' Easy rider

Great Story Easy Rider, now thats what I'm talkin about. damm...Classy older mature granny that has a booty that will not quit, shit brick house with super clue to hold together that last almost a life time. Yes you took that opportunity to feel that ass in the heat of the moment.
Excellent! Excellent!!! PS INVITE HER TO A CONCERT.

Gentlebrush (Wed 30 Apr 2008 03:18:21 GMT)

Re .Gentlebrush - Alumni House Booty Bandit

oh. lol my bad. sorry crack. I got so excited reading your story.
My Voted for April is Rider In The Crack.

Thanks Shogun for setting me straight.

Carlos did have good stories this month I like the Chikan Club of Venezuela, that would be nice if that became reality.

Gentlebrush (Sun 04 May 2008 15:08:39 GMT)

Re. Carlos

Congratulation Sr . Carlos for the man of the month.

Gentlebrush (Sun 04 May 2008 15:10:49 GMT)

Re. Guest

Please post those article on the quiting board were it belongs.

Gentlebrush (Sat 10 May 2008 05:00:29 GMT)

Re.Me at the Party

Yeah!' Archie that the kind of ass i hump, nice and round i had them side way as well and I know what your talkin about bro.


Gentlebrush (Mon 12 May 2008 00:03:58 GMT)

Re.Night bus action;)))

Smooovieee that ass must of been satisfying... at First,,but then afterwords she started to like the feeling of a cock up against her ass made her feel a little warm and wanted to push her ass back up against your dick because she wanted to bring back that friction. little that she knew that you already came.

Excellent Excellent!

Wher is Blackie?

Gentlebrush (Sat 17 May 2008 05:43:56 GMT)

Re.Blackie does pole dancing act on train with foreign white girl and expod

Good story blackie. you spit out a food particle on the girl hair? lol EXCELLENT EXCELLENT!

I need to know, did you lick the food particle out of her hair and chewed the food and swallowed it right after you relived your load? That must of tasted great and heighten the excitement.

Gentlebrush (Sat 17 May 2008 05:49:45 GMT)

Re kiss the girl and make her cry.

Thank smooovieee for sharing the stalking story with me you must of felt exhilarating after that kiss.

Gentlebrush (Thu 22 May 2008 03:22:04 GMT)


When I was a rookie humping on crowded bus back in the days there was this one girl I followed on the bus and got behind and took my dick out of my pants and had my sweater over my dick and i planted it on her butt cheek she had light brown hair to her shoulders and nice tight jeans with a nice round ass and her hair smelled nice as put my nose to her hair and sniff it. Well thing were going good

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Gentlebrush (Thu 22 May 2008 22:14:46 GMT)

Re. Smooovieee and Black Helmet

Thank Black Helmet and smooovieee.. actually i post that story in 2002 i dug it up from the archives since the subject about cumming on ass and leg i figure i add to the equation.

as far as enjoying cumming bare in the air? I don't, that was an accident
But it turn me on when she knew i was masturbating and she felt my cock on her ass before she sat down. Rule number one. never leave evidents

Gentlebrush (Sat 24 May 2008 16:45:11 GMT)

Re,Chikan theory part 1

Blackie that was Brilliants.. BRILLIANT.. BRILLIANT!

Gentlebrush (Wed 28 May 2008 22:53:29 GMT)

My Vote

I vote for Smooovieee for the month of May for the stalking success he did have.. But as far as smooovieee following Ass Creamer foot step' i spell disaster written all over it. Be Careful

Gentlebrush (Sat 31 May 2008 16:51:52 GMT)


ooooWEEEEE BBS IS WHATS HAPPENING TODAY!! with honorable Black Shogun, Ass Creamer ( Bon Bon Shadow long time no hear. along with master able Blackie with his chikan myth to bring us up to date on our psychic chikan mind he explain to us so simple that we won't say to him' 'ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR PSYCHIC CHIKAN MIND! ? and with Black Helmet who know when to whip his expose cock out to show the ladies where he CUMMING from ;)
and our stalking Polish friend Smooovieee who is now advancing to a new level or shall i say a sticky level lol FUCK!! right smooovieee? Where are the New Yorker? it been about 6 week now since the big bust on the Ney York subway rat I think it safe to come out now. New yorkers COME OUT AND PLAY..A LOL

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