The man of the year, 2008

is awarded to nobody. The Rookie of the Year 2008 goes to UNCLE BOB. He is also the winner of November and December awards.

January award: Rider in the Crack
And all hotties and freaks you befriended.
(Bar or club or concert, you are an all-round player, RITC.)

Riding the Big One (Mon 07 Jan 2008 20:00:25 GMT)

I went to the bar to cheer on my college's football team during their bowl game and had an awesome experience.

I knew when I saw her on my way to the bar to get my first drink that it was going to be a good night.

She wore a pair of low rise skinny jeans, a Hollister tee shirt, and baseball cap with her blonde pony tail bobbing out the back. She drank a long neck Corona and it was so hot watching her bee sting lips wrap around the opening of that bottle. Her ass was a bit on the small side but very well defined. I was behind her in the crush to get to the bar and when I rubbed the back of my hand across that tight little ass I got no reaction at all so I palmed a cheek and gave that booty a squeeze. Amazingly still nothing. At this point I decided to slide in behind her and rest my cock on that booty. I was rock hard and a little nervous, but the crowd was pretty tight and that booty had no choice but to rest against my cock. I swear I felt her press back into me. Wow. I decided not to hump that booty, but stayed in tight and rode it all the way to the front of the bar, keeping my cock in place while she ordered. When she finished she turned to get out of the crowd, making sure I got the empty space at the bar and reached down with her free hand and gave my cock a squeeze and smiled:

--Who you cheering for, she asked.

--Tech, I said.

-- Hell yeah, she said.

When I got my drink, I tried to find that hottie again. The bar was crowded with most of the folks bunched around the flat screens and the projection screen. I spotted her in a corner away from the televisions in a small group. When I got closer I saw that another guy had beaten me to it. He was standing close to her and had a meaty paw on that tight booty. But there was another girl with her who I can only describe as a Brickhouse with a but'her'face. This chick was big white and creamy with a big ole donkey butt and a pair of full heavy hanging jugs. And she wore a black mini dress with a halter top that didn't stand a chance of containing those udders.

By a twist of fate, I recognized the guy. His name was Phil and he graduated a year before me. Many a night I ran into him trolling for booty at bars, fraternity parties, and concerts. A fellow booty humping perv.

--What's up man?

--Damn long time no see bro, Phil said, with a smug look on his face. He had a firm grip on the hottie's booty the entire time. This is Katie and Helen.

--We meet at the bar, Katie said, grinning.

The girls went to the restroom and left me with Phil. When they were gone, he said:

--Man, Katie is a freak man.

I laughed and took a swig of beer.

--Fuck yeah. What about Helen, I asked.

He laughed and said, you looking to ride the whale bro, I know you like that big ass.

--No doubt.

The girls came back with a round of shots and we drank them down. The game was tight and we were yelling and cheering like a crazy, getting rowdy. Phil nudged me and said:

--Katie, turn around and show us that Tech ass.

And she must have been a freak because on cue Katie turned around and poked her butt out, put a finger in her waist band and pulled up his panties to show us her thong in the team colors.

I was like, damn. Phil gave that drum tight butt a smack and offered me a chance too. I smacked that booty and felt my cock twitch. Fuck yeah. Joining the team, Helen smacked that ass too, except unlike Phil and I she gave her friend a real whack.

Katie squealed and turned around and we all laughed.

--Helen's not wearing any panties, lil bitch, Katie said.

Phil was like shit and without pause snaked a hand under her mini dress.

--Shit, he said, only a little disappointed. Go ahead man, get a feel.

And I did, running my hand under that mini dress. Turns out she wasn't wearing panties, but she had on a pair of boy shorts with her massive ass cheeks hanging out. Needless to say, I got a major fill of that smooth white donkey butt, bare cheeks and covered crack. I really goosed that ass.

Helen immediately looked a little uncomfortable. Katie broke the tension by yelling, "Package check" then reached down and grabbed my crotch, then let go of my cock and putting a skinny denim thigh between my legs. She leaned close and her breath smelled like alcohol and she whispered in my ear:

--Everybody loves to ride the fat girl.

My cock was almost dripping, looking at Helen and those heavy tits I knew Katie was right. Like a true perv, Phil came up behind Katie and said:

--Sandwich time. Katie let us sandwich her and rub our cocks on her for a bit before prying herself lose and laughing. Phil and I high fived.

The night was shaping up pretty good, it just halftime and we kept the rounds coming and had fun flirting.

For the second half we moved closer to the projection screen and scored standing room against the back wall. Phil and I had our backs to the wall and Katie and Helen stood in front of us. It didn't take long before I had Helen's big ass press on my hard cock. I positioned my hardon so that it was laying right in the crack. Every time she cheered she humped that monster booty against my cock and pushed it deeper into her crack. She had to keep adjusting her mini dress to keep it from riding up over that big booty. Which was fine for the time being because I loved wedging it in her crack.

When the game was over the DJ cranked up and everyone continued partying. The basement dance floor opened and we made our way down there, feeling no pain at this point. We were dancing in the back by the speakers and the smell of weed was thick in the air. We assumed our previous position with Phil and I behind Katie and Helen, ready to hump. The DJ played Booty Meat and I was all over Helens Donkey Butt. A few times I tried to lift the back of her skirt and she would pull it down. When her hand went down I'd reach around and get two handfuls of Double D's and she'd move my hands away. After awhile she gave up and my cock was grinding against her boy short covered ass. I was so hard my cockhead was above the waistband of my slacks and rubbing on that booty. Helen must have sensed it because she wasn't working that booty as hard as before. And then Katie moved away from Phil and got in front of Helen, pressing herself into her hard so that my cock really jammed in that crack like a hotdog in a bun. When Phil got behind Katie and started humping her again Helen was as tight against me as possible. Now it was on and I was working that ass crack like a mad man. I wanted to take my cock all the way out, but just the head was going to have to do tonight. I could feel Helen squirming against Katie, but Katie wasn't budging. Katie was trying to shove her tongue in Helen's mouth while I humped that ass and Phil humped her. I reached around and grabbed her tits and used then to aid my humping, which was awesome because at the same time Katie's perky little tits were against back of my hand. Helen tried to get away from the kiss and the cock, but we held her in place until the song was over, riding her like a tandem rodeo bull.

When she finally broke free, it looked like she was done for the night. Almost immediately she was pulling her mini dress down and trying to find someway out of the sweaty basement. As she moved off, I could see Katie's lips mouthing:

--Moooo Moooo.

This was one crazy bitch! She leaned towards me, with Phil still glued to her ass, put a hand on my cock and whispered:

--We rode that whale good, huh.

I was like:

--What the Fuck!

But all ended well. After last call, Helen met us at the upstairs bar. She was cool. Turns out the basement jungle was a just little more that she bargained for. I suspect she'll be back, but I know it won't be braless wearing a mini dress. But then again, I hope it will be because that one was awesome ride.

Rider in the Crack (RITC)

Promised Land (Tue 08 Jan 2008 19:08:01 GMT)

RITC Chronicles -- "Hybrid Booty" (Wed 09 Jan 2008 16:03:12 GMT)

For a while I messed around with this half white half Korean chick who had a major hybrid BadonkaDonk. I'm talking wide round hips sitting up on the small of her back like a shelf. Fucking twin biege globes, nice and firm with just the right amount of bounce and wobble. She was 5'2" and in addition to that ass she had a decent c cup rack with dark grape-like nipples; the kind of rack that's made to be paraded around in a tight white wife beater.

Normally she just wears jeans and such, but one night we went out to a nice dinner and she wore a thin black and white dress, and for fear of panty line she did wear any underwear at all. Needless to say that big booty was rocking back and forth obscenely under that thin skirt and every once in awhile the fabric migrated into her deep crack. Her 4 inch black heels added to the effect. She comes from a recent immigrant ultra conservative family and lives with her parents, so I have no idea how her folks let her out like that; but I'm glad they did.

Needless to say, I had my grimy hands all over that Yellow Onion

But I wasn't the only one ...

After dinner we went the bar. It was a nice night in the bar district and there were super long lines for all the nice bars, so we ended up in a packed college bar. My hybrid Korean hottie went to the bar for a drink and when she came back about 15 minutes later she told me about all the hands she felt on her ass. She'd let the invisible predators rub and grope her and had swatted two hands away that tried to get a feel of bare ass. I fibbed and told her it's just something that happens when it's crowded and not to worry about it.

I got the next round of drinks and got to see exactly how crowded it was. It was perfect. On the way to the bar, I groped two asses. Nothing too intense, just causal gropes, the kind where you're hand is just down there and it's impossible to separate it from the masses. Both booties were shots in the dark. I had no idea of the geography of the prize.

The first grope was just a palm fitted into the shape of the booty, no squeeze, just a gentle cup. It was an ok ass: a petite pear (the kind of ass with all the curve in the lower cheek area) in a pair of jeans.

The second grope started out as a gentle palm but didn't end up that way. This chick was older, like 40's, and had on a pair of those wide leg type pants (sort of a cross between slacks and sweat pants). And her ass was like a cushiony bubble split but a thong. When I cupped her left cheek she turned to the right at the same time and my hand literally sunk right between her cheeks, swallowed up. She keep turning, moving that cushion right across my hand and jostled her way through the crowd perpendicular to the bar. Talk about lucky. I didn't have to do anything with my hand and got a nice tour of her entire booty. I got Vodka spilled on my nice sweater, but hey, I'll take that.

When I got back to my girl, I was like damn. What a night to be attached. The bar didn't have a dance floor, but I knew the dance bars would be packed to. Next round it was her turn to get the drinks, and I told her I'd come with her. Of course, we got separated a bit in the crowd. I was on her side with people actively trying to move, by/through/around us. I primed the pump but groping her ass and letting her know it was me. She'd be ready for some lucky groper and he could get a handful before she figured out it wasn't me. Well, if I could ever let go of that ass, which felt so good I left my hand right there, fucking pushing a bit on that thin fabric into her hybrid crack.

And then there was a surge in the crowd and this huge dude is right behind her. I have to move my hand because he closed the distance between himself and that booty like a freight train. The guy's older but must have been an ex-linebacker or something. I can see that he's right up on that Badonkadonk, his crotch glued right to it. She looks over her shoulder, a bit alarm because I'm sure he's right in that crack, and when she sees his salt and pepper goatee turns back around like nothing happen. She has a thing for figures of authority so I'm guessing because he's older she's not going to complain. I'm expecting her to look at me for help, but she doesn't. It's like I'm not there. At this point and I'm like this guy is bold, how far is going to go.

As we inched towards the bar he stayed behind her and laid a masterful hump on that Yellow Onion. Whenever we got enough space to move he'd let her create some distance and then sink back into that crack. This cat was using the "Inch Worm Hump." When the crowd was still he didn't move at all, just laid it that crack and waited for his chance to hump, one inch at a time.

When we got to the bar, this dude lends in over her back, doing what I can only imagine to be burying his bone deep in the crack, because my chick wrinkled her face. And while he's all up in that crack righteous like, he asks her what she's drinking because he's buying. I didn't know what he'd do when she ordered a drink for me too but he was cool.

After we got the drinks, she had to turn around, away from the Inch Worm Humper to get back out of the crowd and I took the opportunity to hop on that ass as soon as it was available. I assumed his place in the crack, her dress fucking so deep in there. I handed her my drink to hold and just like the humper before me gave her a nice "Inch Worm Hump" as we moved through the crowd. The big dude gave me a nod and a smile.

Back out of the crowd, I was like that guy was big. She must have been feeling alright after three Cosmos plus what we had at dinner because I was talking about his sheer size and she said, he was huge, he's hung like a horse. I laughed and said: "Well at least we got free drinks."

I guess I should have been pissed or alarmed but she was just a mess around girl and how much could I protest since he was a humper/groper just like me.

Rider in the Crack (RITC)

RITC Chronicles #2 - "The MILF Who Came in From the Cold" (Thu 10 Jan 2008 13:42:26 GMT)

I'm always amazed by the boldness in terms of fashion of some older chicks. The ones trying to hold on their glory days and compete with the all hot young things just begging for a hump.

You're seen them: tight jeans with their thongs hanging out the back, belly rings, tattoos, boobs spilling out of tops two sizes too small or hard nips showing, braless, short skirts and sky high heels.

But oh how I love them. The MILFs and the Cougars.

As much action as you can get in the Reggae and Latin clubs, of late I tend to stay away in favor of the bars and concerts because I don't have to deal with all the aggressive guys. I don't get a chance as often for the full on explosion but it's a much cooler scene with a better product whether I get a feel or not.

But this story isn't about one of those nights. It's about one cold winter evening when I'd had a few brews on the couch at the crib and said fuck it, "I'm going to the grimy Latin club in the hood."

On most nights this place has Salsa and big band shit and all the old heads come out all dressed up, but on Friday nights its straight ghetto/barrio/shanty town with Reggae, Reggaeton, etc.

When I got there on the Friday night in question, I saddled up by the bar away from the hooligans on the dance floor and continued by pow-wow with Mr. Corona. I'm chilling, getting that itch watching all the ass parade in. I was almost tempted into the chaos by the one Puerto Rican chick with that long wet look hair and a pair of jeans that have no pockets in back and zip right up the crack. Now I know you don't want to go grinding on that but I was willing to find a way to get to that booty cause she had the kind of swing in her backyard that made you want to try anyway.

But I resisted and order another brew with a complimentary shot thrown in by the bartender because unlike most of the assholes I was tipping him well on the $2 brew.

And then she came in from the cold: this chick with some funky, time warp, 80s big hair and a long black fuzzy winter coat. She looked older and she was totally out of place. As far as dudes the place was mixed, Spanish, Black, White, and even some shady looking Asian guys, but in terms of chicks it was straight African /Caribbean /Latin. And this piece of older tail was 100% white meat. I knew the wolves would either be all over that or totally ignore her.

When she checked her coat I still wasn't sure which the dudes would do. This chick had on high heels, black leggings, and a wide horizontal stripped sweater/dress that can to mid-thigh. And man, did her ass make an impression: poking out very nice, round and thick, that rare white donkey. I finished my beer and followed her onto the dance floor. A few guys gave her some attention, some arms length dancing with her moving around to keep a distance. The dudes were persist, but staying back, not wanting to let the honeys see them with this MILF and blow any chance they had of getting some of that hot young brown stuff.

Not me. I didn't give a damn. This was a night off for me, which is why I was in that hole. I moved within dancing range and caught her attention. Since I was clean cut and looked a notch above the other clientele (even in my cargo sweats and long polo) she let me get closer. At this point my cock was already getting stiff because I can't resist a sexy MILF. I wanted to make that Cougar purr. Testing the waters I got behind her and did a test grind, a light weight version of what the guys and hoochies were doing all around us. She was down, and surprised me when she started really bumping that ass into my crotch, mimicking the young girls. I let her work that ass against my cock, letting her do all the work, feel safe, feel in control, gradually crab walking her towards a corner. My cock didn't seem to bother her, and the Latinas all around us (more humping than getting humped) had me fired up.

A word on those grinding Latina Chicks:

It's amazing watching these chicks lined up side by side, each one dipping and popping their succulent booty into the laps of guys who can't do anything more than lean their heads back and grin, trying to play hard, but knowing they're on the verge because these girls know they can and most certainly will make them explode in their baggy pants before moving on to the next guy who can't take the heroic bump and grind these mamas perfected years ago: on clandestine webcams; in bedrooms, in their parent's basements after school . . .

Anyhow, knowing this MILF could feel the bone, I adjusted it in my sweats until it was pointed straight up, rock hard again my stomach. Then I proceeded to plant my bone in her crack. She move off a bit, but I put my hands around her waist and guided that Big Booty back on to my cock, getting in that crack as good as I could against her sweater/dress. Man I was juiced, and I want to nut bad, but I knew when the natives saw she was freaky they'd put the sandwich on, so I maneuvered us so that I was humping animal style, working that MILF BaDonkaDonk with her back to me and her hands against the wall. Every now and then she squirmed on the bone, but I had signed up for the long ride.

And I guess she had too, because when they played a Meringue song she started bucking those Cougar Curves with a vengeance. See even knock the Rider off that Booty, but of course I was right back on it. And I knew it was on. Getting back on that ass, I made sure to pull that sweater/dress up over her Hump so that I was riding right on her legging covered Ass. Now I could really get in that crack. This Nasty Momma was working like she'd come to the club just for this one jam, and I was oh so ready. I was glued to that Booty now, so when she bucked we bucked as one.

And you know it fellows. I had to do it. I reached down and lowered those baggy cargo sweats so that my cock was right on that stretch material covered Onion. I was planted in the crack and she bucked and didn't miss a beat. To make the situation perfect, I pulled her sweater/dress back down so that it cover my bare cock and rode away. Then I went all Pervman, letting go of her hips, reaching around and grabbing those MILF tits in my palms. Now she bucked like there was a spur in her saddle. She had on a bra, but it was thin enough to feel her aged nipples against my palm. Her tits weren't anything to write home about, but they were tits.

Like they're known to do, the freak took her hands off the wall and protect the jugs. She got my hands off those tits, but she didn't given a damn about the deep hump. I was poised to pop my cock back inside my baggy cargo sweats and make that exit, but she wasn't done with me. And I wasn't done with her either. As I rode that Booty I periodically played with those tits and once got bold enough to reach around and pat that kitty. Strangely this didn't bother her as much as groping her tits, but I wasn't that interested in my drunken state. I was getting close to spurting. I know precum already glistened on her legging covered Ass.

And I when I couldn't hold out any longer, I made sure my cock was tight in that crack and covered by her sweater dress and then I set off a geyser. Spurt after spurt of that Chikan cream on her covered Cougar Booty. I was so frenzied I don't know if she noticed, but I doubt it because I got less of a reaction from letting loose on her willing Booty than grabbing those tits.

Now I tucked my cock back in my baggy cargo sweats and made sure to pull that Sweater/dress back over her ass. For good measure I patted her ass right on the spot, gluing that sweater/dress to that sweet Bucking Bronco Booty. She turned around and I gave her the "I've had enough, its hot gesture" (we were both dripping with sweat) and moved away. Incredibly this MILF thought she'd found her hot young stud because she followed me back to the bar.

And then it happened. Priceless: the look on her face when she sat on the barstool and felt the sticky seeping through those leggings, through her thin panties, no doubt stuff deep in her pungent crack, and right onto her bare succulent ass. I was like, "oh fuck," I must be drunk or slipping or both because why was I still around. I looked her in the eye, wiped my brow and said:

"Damn, dancing makes you sweaty as hell, huh?"

Rider in crack (RITC)

Thanks Shogun (Thu 10 Jan 2008 23:21:30 GMT)

Thanks for the props Shogun. Thankfully a few old heads are still around, in addition to quailty cats like Manhatten.

You speak the truth about the hang around man. Totally can't even think about hitting that spot again. Also, I broke one of my own rules. Never get too trashed (drunk) to use good common sense when on you're the prowl.

Anyhow, peace brothers. Working on making my adventure from the 311 concert in VA Beach over summer worth reading. Was a great time, but only got near one chick. It wasn't a nutting experience and she wasn't random so not sure if it's worth relating.

Also, Manhatten. Yeah bro, VA Tech homie here. Wasn't in Blacksburg though. Was at bar in DC; huge Hokie community here.



RITC Report (Mon 14 Jan 2008 17:27:13 GMT)

Full Effect

I went out this weekend with a big group of folks to a bar and they had a band called "Full Effect" playing. There were so many girls there I couldn't believe it. The band is a cover band that mostly plays the East Coast (Jersey to DC) but they seen to have a huge following among the ladies. The band member seem to know it and really play of this aspect of there show. Not in an over top way, but there' definitely some booty shaking going on. When I got home I checked out their website and they even have a couple of booty videos from their shows. Nothing crazy, but it just speaks the atomosphere of their shows. A lot of girls who had either tits or ass had a "Full Effect" sticker stuck on them.

Friday night the line was super long to get in, and at one point member of the band came out and were looking for hot girls to get in. Basically, flash and you could go right in. Sadly, I didn't see any tits, but it the band was definitely "'bout it, 'bout it."

And so, I wondering: Has anyone had any experiences at shows with local college type bands? It was so crowded at the bar, I can't imagine there wasn't at least a little groping going on.

The Method

I thought it might be worth talking about my writing process a little. Most of my work derives from going out to bars and clubs. Although it's winding down, in my prime I was out every Friday and Saturday with at least one weekday (happy hour, Thursday night football game, etc.) thrown in. So on average I had at least 12 opportunities a month and roughly 144 in a year. When I get home I try to jot down little notes about the girls (if any) I encountered: what they were wearing, physical attributes, etc. and later write up the experience. As you might guess, there is a very small percentage of the time when a night out produces a great story. For every "Hybrid Booty" there is a night of been packed in a crowded, knocked around and having beer spilled on me. For every "MILF Who Came in From the COld" there's a dozen chill night with friends when you know you could scheme on the some booty but the times just not right.

On Retirement

I have notes about the 311 concert in VA Beach where I grinded on some hippie booty, but that's the last chikan story that I have to compile. At this point, I doubt if I'll be taking too many more risk while going out. Things might change, but now my interest are much more geared toward general hottie watching and just have a good time while out. Specifically, the whole party girl, flashing thing, etc. which falls outside the scope of this board. As far as groping/humping, I think I've had an ok run.

Peace Brothers,

Rider in the Crack (RITC)

RITC Chronicles #3 - Grassroots Booty (Tue 15 Jan 2008 18:57:56 GMT)

If you ever get the chance to go to a 311 concert, by all means go. In addition to all the hotties, it's an awesome community experience. I discovered that their shows attracted to types of chicks:

You got the super friendly hippie chicks that are there for the band and are totally down with anyone else who believes in the band. These are the girls who can be wearing anything, from a Hemp dress, to overalls, to your regular low riders and tee. These are the band freaks.

And then you got your hot young chicks that kind of like the band, but are there for the sheer fun of a loud ultra-hyper concert. The ones who misjudge the sheer chaos of the impending experience and end up as mosh pit meat.

I went to the show with a buddy and we got there early so that we could tailgate. Tailgating gave us the chance to hang out and drink with a bunch of chicks. These girls were the former, the band freaks. I got up with this honey that had a 311 tattoo on the small of her back (with just the hint of crack between the tattoo and waist of her jeans) that I couldn't take my eyes off of: all I could think about was how that tat who look all frosty with a load. She had on a pair of tattered jeans that hugged her full round booty real nice.

It was smoking hot day so tons of folks had on beach wear. I wore a pair of baggy floral print swing trucks, a tee shirt and flip flops. That was the uniform for most of the guys. A lot of the girls, like the big booty chick with the tattoo on the small of her back that I was kicking it with had on a bikini top. She was well tanned with nice (maybe a c-cup) firm tits.

Me and my bud as well as the hotties we were partying with at the tailgate had standing room tickets in the orchestra (da pit). I guess all the girls in bikini tops with there boobs looking all succulent took the "No Crowd Surfing/No Moshing" signs as gospel.

Anyhow, as the concert time approached I became more and more transfixed with that booty in the tattered jeans. She had a rip right where the top thigh meets the ass and every now and then when you she walked I could see some nice tan ripe booty meat. And she was so cool too. We had a great time talking about our favorite 311 songs and shit and by the time we made it into the orchestra and the opening act came on we're making out. An added bonus was the opening act: Matisyahu the Hasidic reggae rapper. Matisyahu tunes gave me my first chance to warn up to that booty. I got behind the honey and tested the water, rock on that ass a little as the reggae played, but nothing to strong because I didn't want to freak out this fine honey with the lethal shaft.

But I need not have worried. When 311 came on the chick became a totally different person. The pit was shoulder to shoulder and it was like I didn't exist anymore: she was so into the band. I took this as an opportunity to put that booty through its paces. I really got up on that plump ass and locked in tight. She was grooving so intently to the band that a forest fire could have been raging behind her. The more absorbed I realized she was the more intense I got. Like a good humper I can my wood pointed north for maximum effect. When she jumped around I humped that bubble. I felt like I was bouncing that booty like a trampoline. And the sensation was righteous.

I couldn't help but wonder what else was going on into the crowd, how many other booties I could have gotten up on. My bud was grinding up on this serious hippie chick (barefoot, long flowing ankle skirt, tie-dyed shirt with obviously no bra) and unlike most of the girls she wasn't hopping around, just leaning back on my bud like he was a cradle and soaking in the tunes like she was a microphone. And I knew from the tailgating that she had a big ole booty, like two balled up pillows: she was even Phat in a skirt. My bud told me later that he had wood planted square in her ass and she didn't do a thing. I believe it because a few times I reached my hand down and ran it all over the sides of her hippie shelf.

As the set dragged on, the hump/grind was so consistent with my chick that I was totally on the verge. It was so hard not to fire one off. But I didn't. Thank good she had on jeans or I wouldn't have had stood a chance. I remained strong and rode that tattered jeans covered tan bubble into the night.

I totally missed out on a lot of booty that day. So many chicks in daisy dukes, swim tops, jeans that showed a lot of crack, all packed in tight and with only 311 on their mind.

But it was worth it, in the end, thanks that Firm Tan Bubble crowned with the 311 tattoo; whose righteous didn't come anywhere close to its peak until those tattered jeans came off.

Rider in the Crack (RITC)

February award: The Filipino Chikan
And mia the nanny.
(Hey, she is 19. She must know all what you were doing.)

story time (Fri 01 Feb 2008 07:58:59 GMT)

sorry fellows just wanna test if my id is still functional. it's been years since i last posted.

well let's get to the story ever since my silence i've been hitting concerts and metro lines here in the philippines and i have a lot of stories to tell you guys..

i went to beyonce's concert here in manila not to chikan but because my cousin who is 10 wanted to go but her parents won't let her without a chaperone other than her nanny. let me tell you this nanny is a 19 year old girl that grew up in a farm in the province which means she's pretty much ignorant about sexual things, also she's hot as hell with a plump ass and c-cup looking tits and a cute face that make her look like a 16 year old.

my aunt and uncle went out of town 2 days before the concert. by the night of the concert i dropped by to their house 5 hours early, now i did this so i can have a say over what mia(my couin's nanny) will wear because she haven't attended any concert before. i told her to wear her real thin jogging pants and the tube top my aunt gave her for christmas. since she grew up in the province this means that she's uncomfortable to wear thoe skimpy clothes in public, i told her not to worry because it's gonna be dark there no one will notice and it's gonna be hot so it's better to wear the light clothes i picked. i myself am wearing a short no uderware, and a long t-shirt to cover my boner when i pull it out because i have already planned my evening *wink wink*..

now we arrived in the concert early enough that the crowd aren't so thick yet. we went in the masses of people and i got some feel up along the way as we pass some people to make me ready for my prime target..

then after about 15 min music begun to play the people aren't really into it yet so i contented myself with a few presses and palming of her ass with one hand while shuffling my cousins hair with the other to keep her and her nanny busy.. after about 3 numbers the crowd begun to get wild and we were crushed together my semi-hard weapon instantly in her crack i put my arm around her to hold my cousin and keep her from stumbling the nanny instantly grabbed my cousin and my left hand "accidentally" slipped from my cousin's arm to land squarely in mia's left boob i kept it there and she didn't react i looked at it and sawthat my cousin's hand is holding my arm (she might have thought that it was my cousin's) then i begun to gently rub my boner up and down on her crack with the sway of the crowd i took my hand from her breast to her hip and told her that i'll hold her so she won't fall boner is on full capacity and i freed it from my shorts and stuck it head first to mia's heavenly crack in front of me i hump her gently and slowly savoring how deep it is then i my right hand let go of my cousin where mia quickly took over the task of holding her. now i put my right hand on her shoulder to land on my cousin's head first then "because of the crowd" slipped to her breast i kept it there and i remembered that the tube top is actually a bit loose on her that it can be pulled down witout much trouble from her c- cup tits. so i pulled it not down but to the front just a little so i can see her nipple she can't see it because it'sblocked from her view by my cousins hair but my view is very clear i got so excited with her brown perky nip. that precum immediately oozed from my dick i withdrew it from her crack and pointed it to the ground because i can't have my pre-cum on the pants of a girl i know. so i pulled from my pocket a condom and wore it then went on with the action i was so engrossed with what i was doing. i didn't even know what song is playing.
after a few minutes of humping and nip looking and boob grazing i began to cum i didn't pull it out this time coz the condom will leave no stain. after tht i took off the condom but continue my humping.. and just enjoyed the concert.

sure had a good night. hope you get the same luck my chikan comrades

The Filipino Chikan

March award: Donald
He found that a high class chick can be a player, too.
(You don't judge a man by the appearance, either.)

High class chick at concert. (Mon 03 Mar 2008 17:20:13 GMT)

Last night I was driving through our Old Town district and noticed that a very popular group was going to be playing at a very small venue; bound to sell out. I went home bought tickets and headed to dinner and this was about six and there was already a line. Man there were hot chicks everywhere, I could not wait.
Once I got there at 8, there was a hella long line, but I am 5' 10", 250 lbs, not a muscle head, but muscular with no fat so people tend to let me do whatever I want, so I just went to the front of the line and walked right in.
Once inside I got a drink, and went to the front stage area, where a lot of people were forming. I stood next to these to Mexican chicks, they were cute but as I would find out later not game to any chikan activities.
So we stood there talking it is filling up, but not around me and to my surprise not too many girls at all. Music starts people are dancing and liquor flowing and people start trying to fill up the space between these Mexican chicks and me and the one is not having it. She pushes people away. Man am looking and no chicks, so I thought I just get behind this Mexican chick, I have been rubbing my elbow and forearm all over her tits and she has done nothing, so just as the thought entered my mind, I hear here turn around and tell this guy to get the fuck off her and to stay back, well she is not game. So as I am getting disappointed I she these two fine, drunk as white girls coming through the crowd and all the dudes are watching. Man they are dancing, jumping around. I open my space a little more hoping they will get in front of my and they do, heaven. Man this little white girl had an ass on her. She gets right in from of me, I reach in my pocket and adjust my dick, she is all over it and just as am getting hard and enjoying myself that Mexican chick says, hell nah, you too need to move this is our space, you can't just come up here and pushed them back, damn!
Man then I seen her this young 18ish high class white girl, she was fine, about 5' 4", 110 lbs, nice tits and a fat ass, she had blond hair and looked out of place. She made her was past me and all the fellas were pointing at that ass. Once she got to her friends, a few dudes try to talk to her and she just gave them that am to good for you look. Finally she left, too many dudes trying to get up on her.
About two hours went by and no luck, shit the concert was almost over. Then I see that fat ass blond again, she was dancing far to my right, it was her and a lot space all round her like she had this sign that said hands off. Did not think I could reach her, but I manage to get close. Just as I get about two feet from her, she gets sort of behind he and starts talking to her friend. Damn, I fought my way over here and she moved. Well when she was done, she stood behind but I was close enough to touch her, so I thought I'd test the water, I started rubbing my elbow, barley on her right tit, my she put her arms up so fast the wind could have knocked you over. Then I knew she was not game, and maybe it was not safe. She is dancing, so I keep kind of pushing her with my elbow on her back to make her move forward and it worked. I thought well if I can't grind on that ass maybe it I could touch it that ass a little.
I reached down a gave a few backhands to that ass and it was soft for her wearing jeans. She just kept dancing, so I reached down and kind of palmed and that motherfucker was nice. I had to have her. She moved again, way away this time, cuz one of her friends grabbed her to show her something. She stood there forever and then the best thing happened, kind of bad though, cuz once again it made me think she was not a player. Anyways one of her guy friends got behind her and starting grinding on her and man was I jealous. But after a couple of seconds she gave him a look like get off me and moved right in front of me. Again I started palming that ass and I was hard as a rock man, she had to know I was doing this but she just kept dancing. Then it happened. One of her male friends saw me am sure, he was standing right behind me to my left, and he asked he if she was ok and tried to pull her back, she said no if you want to talk to me you come stand next to me. That was it, she was a player, if she knew I was touching her, and she wanted to stay in front of me. I started slow, did no want to scare her and I had been waiting all night for this. I pushed up on her and that ass felt so good fellas, I got hard right away, but backed up not to scare her away. Got back up on her again, she was dancing and oh man, I got hard and backed away again. I waited to long to find out she was a player the lights came on and the guys stared to pick up the microphones, people were leaving. She walked past me to go over to her friends and I reached over and reached down between her legs and got a full feel of that ass as she past by and she did not even look at me. Damn, she was a player. Then it happened, they came back out for an encore and she ran over and got right back in front of me and this time I said fuck it, I went for it, she was jumping up and down and I planted my dick right up against that ass. I backed up and took my dick out my underwear, but still in my pants so I could feel it better and she was all over it, I was still worried that if I got hard she would move. So I backed up when I got hard and the unthinkable happen, she got pushed into me and I was hard a rock and she just rode it like a champ. I was grinding that ass and then I got brave, I reached around and started feeling on her tits, man they were soft. I was in heaven boys, I was about to bust a nut and it was over the lights came on, she moved over to her friends and I lost her. I could not believe I was able to get on her, wish I would have known she was a player sooner. I still cannot believe this high class chick, that everyone was scared of let me do that. I have been a chikan for 15 years now and know how to pick a target and she surprised me. Man that was a good time, ever if it was only for about 15 minutes.

April award: Carlos
He will be the President of Chikan Club of Venezuela.
(Barbie's ISO 9001 buttocks will held the chair of frottophilosophy, I guess.)

RE: Blakie (Tue 01 Apr 2008 04:25:19 GMT)

I like girls of Brazil who are called "Garotas". These girls are tall and beautiful. They are brunettes who have round buttocks and big titties. These girls are members of Samba schools and they dance in a parade dressed in costumes during carnival. Brazil is a country neighbour of my country Venezuela. Someday I will to Rio de Janeiro to see the beautiful buttocks of these girls of Samba Schools dancing during carnival.

Chikan action in the beach (Tue 01 Apr 2008 21:14:18 GMT)

Hi chikan friends. I posted herewith a picture of a crowded concert in a beach in Venezuela.

I went to the beach of the picture herewith 2 weeks ago. The beaches were very crowded because a lot of people took a break during Easter. According to wikipedia......... "Easter, also called Pascha, is the most important religious feast in the Christian liturgical year. Christians celebrate this day in observance of their belief that Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion........ ".

Since the beaches were overcrowded, I decided to look for chikan opportunities in the crowded beaches. Venezuela has beautiful sandy beaches near Caracas. I left Caracas driving my car 45 minutes and I got to "Playa Grande" and "Marina Grande", and other beaches. I saw a lot of girls wearing small bathing suits like thongs and G-strings. Since those girls were exposing their round and firm buttocks in the beach, I decided to walk in the sea shore. The beach was so overcrowded that it was difficult to walk in the sand without bumping against people. I saw a lot of fleshy and plump female bare buttocks all over the beach. It was like paradise to look at all those female bare butt cheeks having a jiggling motion, like the gelatin would jiggle on a plate as the girls were walking near me.

I saw a musical concert in the sandy beach. There were a lot of people pressing against each other in the barricades next to the stage where the musicians were playing and singing. I had never been in a musical concert in the beach before with girls wearing thongs. I was wearing a small bathing suit. Fortunately I had a long shirt to cover my penis just in case I got an erection.

I started to get inside the crowd. As I was trying to get to the mosh pit I was brushing my cock against the bare buttocks of a lot of girls. I was pressing my bare thigh in the butt crack of round and bare buttocks of many girls who were looking at the singers in the concert. I also let my hand dangle to feel up the skin of a lot of booty cheeks of those girls. Every time I forced my way towards the stage I rubbed the head of my semi erect cock against a lot of female hips and butt cheeks. Since it was hot weather I was smelling the scent of the hair of the young girls heated by the sun. There were a lot of brunettes and their hair and skin smelled delicious.

I positioned myself behind a fat girl who had big and round buttocks. She was brunette and she had big titties. She was looking at the singers. She was wearing a thong. I pretended to look at the singers too and I pushed my cock up against her bare buttocks. The girl didn't look back at me. I felt a heavenly sensation pressing my pole against her big bare bum. I felt the bare skin of her big booty cheeks rubbing against the skin of my thighs. I was smelling the scent of her hair. The girl was cheering at the singers and her body was moving back and forth as she was singing and dancing. Every time the girl was pushing backwards her bare buttocks on my cock I felt a pleasurable heavenly sensation in the head of my cock, and I my dick started to grow becoming erect in my bathing suit. After 30 minutes standing pressed up behind this fat girl, grinding my erection against her butt cheeks, I ejaculated on her big buttocks with a heavenly orgasm. The girl never noticed that I was ejaculating on her large butt cheeks as she was singing and dancing moving backward and forward in this crowded concert in the beach.

Groping in a Gang (Fri 04 Apr 2008 19:23:26 GMT)

Last week I groped for my first time in a gang in the subway of Caracas. We were 3 chikans. We had met in high school where we shared the same interest in chikan activies. Their nick names are Jose Chikan and Alex Chikan. We recently met in a party where we reminded our school memories of chikaning girls in the school cafeteria.

We seriously talked about our chikan techniques and we decided to formulate a chikan gang. Since we had never operated in a chikan gang before we weren't sure how we would work it out in a chikan team. We finally decided to operate in the rush hour of the subway of Caracas.

Last Friday, we met at 6:00 pm in a crowded station of the subway.

First girl groped
We saw a 20-year-old girl in the crowded the platform. She was wearing a small skirt and she had large and round buttocks. I stood behind the girl. Jose Chikan was on her left side and Alex Chikan was on her right side. When the train arrived we got inside the crowded carriage. Jose and Alex pressed their bodies against her. They blocked the girl movements with their bodies so I could press my cock against the buttocks of the girl while Jose and Alex were pressing their cocks on her hips. When the train rocked back and forth Jose was rubbing his arm against the tits of the girl and Alex was pressing his dick against the hand of the girl.

Second girl groped
We approached an 18-year-old girl who looked like a bit shy. She was wearing a jogging suit that were stuck in her butt crack. She had large buttocks. The girl was standing inside the crowded carriage. Jose Chikan was balancing his backpack with his left hand. He positioned himself behind the girl and he slipped his left hand in the middle of the buttocks of the girl. Alex and I were looking at the face of the girl trying to detect any reaction. Since the girl didn't look back at Jose, we the decided that the girl was safe. I moved to the girl and I pressed my cock against one of her ample butt cheeks. Jose and I fondled the girl's booty crack simultaneously with our hands. Sometimes my hand was inside her butt crack, and sometimes the hand of Jose was inside the girl's butt crack. Alex was pressing his penis against the hips of the girl and he was masturbating his cock at the same time.

Third girl groped
We went to a crowded station where we have to do a line in the platform in order to get into the carriage of the subway. I stood in a line waiting for a girl. I was lucky that girl a got behind me. Alex Chikan positioned himself behind the girl. Our plan was to sandwich the girl between our bodies as we would enter in the crowded carriage. Jose was also doing the line, and he was supposed to switch positions with Alex to rub up his cock against the girls' buttocks. When the train arrived we got into the carriage I could feel up the titties of the girl on my back and arms, while Alex was surging and pushing behind the girl and rubbing his cock against her buttocks.

Fourth and fifth and sixth girl groped

We saw three girls in the carriage of the subway. I positioned myself behind one of the girls pushing my cock up against her buttocks. Jose Chikan got behind another girl and pressed his cock against her butt cheeks. Alex Chikan also rubbed up his dick against the rear of another girl. It was very exciting to stand behind these girls at the same time. The three of us were pressing our bodies behind three girls and we were smelling their hairs. We got our cocks erect while we were grinding our dicks against their bums simultaneously.

RE: Gentlebrush (Sun 06 Apr 2008 03:23:51 GMT)

Thanks for your comments. I will be posting more stories soon.

Chikan action groping in a gang in the beach (Mon 07 Apr 2008 21:54:47 GMT)

Last weekend, I went to the crowded beach with my chikan friends, Jose Chikan and Alex Chikan to grope in a gang.

We decided that one of us would be the "test guy". I mean, that one of us would have to rub up his cock against the buttocks of a target girl to see if she would react. If the target girl didn't react the girl would be considered a safe target to be groped for the rest of the chikans.

We were walking in the sand of the beach and we saw a bunch of people trying to look at many famous venezuelan actors and actresses who were hosting a television program. We saw many girls wearing thongs and G-strings standing and looking at the show. I masturbated the head of my cock while I was staring at the naked buttocks of the girls.

We saw a gorgeous tall brunette girl who was in the crowd watching the show. She had big buttocks exposed by her thong and she had big titties too. I stood behind this brunette girl. I pressed the head of my cock in her butt crack. Her butt cheeks were so big that she didn't even mind to look back at me. It was like heaven to feel her fat buttocks on my cock. I rubbed up my cock against her bum. My cock got semi-erect in my bathing suit.

Since the girl didn't mind my groping her, Jose and Alex chikan approached me, and I let them stand behind the brunette girl. They pressed their dicks against her fat buttocks. It aroused me to see that Alex and Jose were pressing their cocks against each of the ample butt cheeks of this brunette lady simultaneously.

I stood behind a tall red hair teenager who was wearing a small bathing suit. She was 18 years old. This reahead girl was next to the brunette I just groped. She smiled when she felt the head of my cock poking her buttocks. I rubbed up my cock against her bum several times. Her bathing suit was still wet because she just came out of the sea. It was like heaven to have my cock pressed up against the wet booty of this redhead girl while I licked salty sea water from her beautiful vivid strawberry red hair still wet and heated by the sun.

Next I let Alex stand behind the redhead teenager and I moved behind a mature lady ( 40 years old ) who had round and fleshy fat buttocks. I planted my cock on her fat round buttocks. She was wearing a small bathing suit that was stuck in her butt crack. At any time this lady moved her body back and forth with the crowd, her delicious fleshy buttocks jiggled like gelatin on me, making me feel like in paradise. Her big fleshy buttocks vibrated with waves on my thighs, on my groin area and even on my belly. My cock soon became throbbing and beating with increased rapidity.

My chikan friends and I were swaying with the crowd pressed up to the brunette, the redhead and the mature lady. Alex, Jose and I were checking out each other's erections. I could see the heads of their cocks in their bulges in their swiming suits as a result of the erotic stimulation and feeling of pressing their cocks against the buttocks of the girls. Jose and Alex had grins in their faces showing a plateau phase of sexual excitement and arousal. Their eyelids were down a little bit and their lips were slightly open.

My cock was pressed up for such a long time against the fat buttocks of that mature lady that I started to feel a big and long lasting orgasm. I could have been pressed up behind this woman for ever and ever.

When the show was over, my chikan friends and I had a big semen stain our bathing suits.

RE.Veteran: trans_rub (Thu 10 Apr 2008 19:39:48 GMT)

Thanks for the information about the concert of Alejandro Sanz. The concert will be held on Saturday April 19th 2008 in "El Poliedro" of Caracas , Venezuela. "El Poliedro" is the venue or place for large gatherings in Caracas. The entrance fee of "arena de pie" (standing in mosh pit) is 295 bolivares, which is 150 dollars at the official exchange rate or 60 dollars at the black market exchange rate. I think it is worth to go to that concert. I will rent my favourite hooker who has large buttocks to go with me to the concert. Few months ago Black Shogun gave me a piece of advice about male singer concerts. He adviced me not to stand out in a crowd made of a high percentage of women, he meant more than 90%. It is likely that the mosh pit of Alejandro Sanz will have much more women than men. If the singer were female, for example SHAKIRA from Colombia, it wouldn't be unusual for a man to be in the mosh pit and I wouldn't be noticed. I am sure that I will enjoy the large and round buttocks of the hooker that I will rent for this concert.
I will tell how did the concert go.
I send you my best regards from Caracas, sincerely, Carlos

Renting Hookers to exercise chikan techniques (Thu 10 Apr 2008 21:05:11 GMT)

I went to a cheap brothel and I met a cheap hooker whose name was Barbara but everybody calls her "Barbie". She was brunette, she had big titties and she had big and fleshy round buttocks. The normal rate to have sex with her in the cheap brothel was 10 dollars. I overpaid her several times her normal rate to accompany me in the crowded subway and other crowded places. I explained her that I liked frotteurism, and that my fantasy was to stand behind her in crowded places. I told Barbie to wear a small skirt for me.

I trainned Barbie how to stand in front me, and how to press her bum on my cock to get my pole erect. I instructed Barbie to do same thing that we had seen in the video called "Lady on the Bus" of You Tube. I explained her that my most cherished dream ever, was that a girl gets in front of me in a crowded bus and that she presses her bum on my cock.

We got into a crowded bus. I instructed Barbie to behave as if we didn't know each other. Once we got in the crowded bus, Barbie slipped her body in front of me, pressing her bum on my cock. I rubbed up my cock against her buttocks and butt crack with the jerking movements of the bus and I got a hard erection while I was smelling the scent of her hair. I was very happy because Barbie made my most cherished dream come true: that a girl slides her body in front of me pressing her buttocks against my cock.

Next, Barbie and I got inside a crowded stand to buy a refreshment. We saw a guy who was standing behind a young girl. He was pretending to do the line behind her and he was pushing his cock up against her buttocks. When the girl bought a refreshment the guy got back and he did the line again behind another girl rubbing his cock up against her buttocks.

When Barbie got in the stand, the guy stared at her big and round buttocks and he tried to switch to rub up against her bum. According to my instructions, Barbie was behaving as if she didn't know me. I whispered in her ear to let the this guy grope her. I had dark glasses, so I could see that the guy positioned himself behind Barbie and he pressed the head of his cock between her buttcheeks pretending to do the line behind her. He was smelling her hair and he had a sensual smiling grin of pleasure in his face. His lips were slightly open and his eyelids were a bit down.

Then he feigned falsely that he was looking at a list of prices and got on the tip of his toes moving his cock up and down in Barbie's butt crack. Then he moved and grinded sideways his cock on Barbie's butt cheeks and after a while I saw that his cock was growing becoming erect. I saw that his big erection was sticking out in his pants. Barbie was silent. Barbie and the guy behind her were swaying because when the guy was pushing his erection forwards on her bum barbie responded pressing her buttocks backwards on his cock.

After a while, when Barbie was pushing her big bum backwards on his cock, I could see that a big semen stain was forming in the head of his cock. The semen stain was getting larger and larger around the bulge in his pants, because the guy was ejaculating on the buttcheeks of Barbie. The odor of his semen was in the air.

Next, we went to the subway during the rush hour. I instructed Barbie to behave as the perfect target for me. We went to the crowded platform. I taught her to stand in front of me as if she didn't know me. I pushed my cock up against her buttocks while we were waiting for the train. I told her to look down in submissive way while I pressed my cock against her buttocks. When the train arrived we surged inside the carriage. I told her to let her body sway back and forth as the crowd surged. I also instructed her that during the ride in the crowded carriage she should to press her buttocks backwards on my cock as hard as she could. My cock got erect. I was rubbing my erection against her round bum and I ejaculated behind her in the crowded carriage.

RE: Black Shogun and Gentlebrush (Fri 11 Apr 2008 05:11:19 GMT)

I got the idea of renting a hooker to practice chikan techniques after reading the interesting article "....Japan's Simulated Train Cafe - Groping Allowed...."
I posted herewith a picture of 2 girls who look like Barbara who is the hooker that I rented to go to the crowded subway with me.
The electronic address of the article of the simulated train is:
The article says that in the simulated train cafe a groper is allowed to fondle girls, to feel up their buttocks or breasts. The article says that in this way a groper "gets his kicks".

Since I don't have any simulated train café in Venezuela, I decided to "get my kicks" by renting a cheap hooker to go to the subway with me. I know 4 cheap brothels near some subway stations of Caracas. I went to those brothels and I selected the hooker who had the biggest round buttocks that I had ever seen. Her name was Barbara. She was brunette and she was 1.80 meters height. Her buttocks jiggled like the gelatin on a plate when she walked. Barbara told me that her normal rate to have sex with her in the brothel was 10 dollars. I offered her 10 times her normal rate, so I gave her 100 dollars to escort me during 2 hours in the crowded subway and other crowded places.

It was a pleasure for me to go out with Barbara. She learnt very quickly how to please my fantasies of frotteurism. I hope you can make a good deal with a hooker of big buttocks to fulfil any of your chikan fantasies.

I got the picture of this post in the following address

Japan's Simulated Train Cafe - Groping Allowed
".......The record number of women groped on Tokyo's trains continue to rise. As the suburban trains are usually crowded, bringing the workers to large cities and back to their suburban homes, close physical contact is unavoidable. Many men use this to their advantage, pressing onto women and groping them. The groping problem is so extreme that Tokyo started a campaign of women-only carriages.
So how's a groper supposed to get his kicks? Welcome to "Train Cafe," a simulated train where groping is allowed just minutes away from Tokyo's Ikebukuro station. The cost to ride is 5,000 yen (~$42US). Once each hour, Train Cafe holds an "all aboard" event, where the paying male members "board" the train together with the girls and engage in simulated ...chikan' (groper) play.
Each 20 minute ride allows gropers to grabs any girl's behinds or breasts. Upskirt grabs aren't allowed and will result in a violation. Since the girls are just normal folk that hang out at the Cafe after work, male attenders are free to ask them for a date or drink after the session has ended. Could you imagine an Amtrak version of this in the states?......."

RE: Budo, Best time for chikaning in NYC (Sat 12 Apr 2008 04:30:26 GMT)

I travel very frequently to New York City. The best time for chikaning is Friday and Saturday night in bars where the girls of New York get drunk. The bars are small and very overcrowded. I bring you this information that I posted in this board on January 03 2008 about the bars where I go when I travel to New York City.

Cherry Tavern
441 E. 6th St.
Between A & 1st Ave
(212) 777-1448
Comments: In this bar there is a massive amount of people in an enclosed space. It is easy to fondle drunk women who are standing drinking without being noticed by them. Some women play pool and I like looking at them when they bend over the pool table.

The Slipper Room
167 Orchard St.
at Stanton St.
Comments: I like some of the cabaret shows that this bar offers. It presents a variety of performances, including burlesque and vaudeville revues, sketch comedy shows, bands, and DJs. On a Saturday night, you'll find a woman wearing slippers—only slippers.
The problem is that I only like to see women on the stage. I don't like men on the stage. This place gets overcrowded on weekends. It is easy to rub up against the buttocks of women who are watching the show.

La Linea ( translation of La Linea = The Line )
15 first Avenue
Lower East Side, New York City
(212) 777-1571
Comments: I like this bar because I can see a lot of latin girls drinking beer. It is easier for me to grope women because I mingle in this crowd with my latin features of my face. I can overhear the conversation of women in Spanish. I feel more confident rubbing my cock against their big latin buttocks because I am a latin guy, and I can overhear any comment in Spanish, just in case a girl notice my groping her in the bar.

McSorley's Old Ale House
15 E. 7th St.
Between 2nd & 3rd Ave
(212) 473-9148
Comments: This place gets very crowded. The staff is great about helping seat people as quickly as possible, but the place gets too overcrowded and there are plenty of opportunities to brush my rub up my cock against the butt cheeks of drunk girls. Outside people start to line up at 11 pm to get in the bar. The line stretches halfway down the block on weekends. I think that the youngest people are attracted by McSorley's Old Ale House Bar. On weekends, there is a long line of tourists and college kids who want to get in the Bar.

Carlos Chikan in New York City Bars (Sun 13 Apr 2008 03:38:19 GMT)

I posted herewith a cartoon of a girl who has large buttocks sitting in the face of a man at a bar while drinking a cocktail. Every time I go to a crowded Bar in New York City I dream that a girl like the one in the cartoon herewith sits on my lap to drink beer with me. I would smell her hair while she moves her bum on my erect cock.

I love New York City girls. Guess what? I will be flying to New York City next month for business. The girls of New York City are beautiful and their hair smell delicious, like the finest flowers of the world.

I feel now like singing the "Theme of New York New York"

Start spreading the news
I'm leaving today
I want to be a part of it, New York, New York
These vagabond shoes
Are longing to stray
And make a brand new start of it
New York, New York
I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps
To find I'm king of the hill, top of the heap
These little town blues
Are melting away
I'll make a brand new start of it
In old New York
If I can make it there
I'll make it anywhere
It's up to you, New York, New York.
I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps
To find I'm king of the hill, top of the heap
These little town blues
Are melting away
I'll make a brand new start of it
In old New York
If I can make it there
I'll make it anywhere
It's up to you, New York, New York.

The groping governor: Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Gropinator" (Sun 13 Apr 2008 22:16:25 GMT)

I read several articles that say that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a groper. Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently governor of California, and he was a bodybuilder, actor and businessman.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to grope women, there is a great
likelihood that he has visited the web page of Ayashi-(frotteurism)-BBS. I believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger knows us. I believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger has read our stories and that he could have been even writing in the board as a "Guest".

According to the articles that I have read, he likes to fondle women that he mets, such as fans and women that interview him. He also like to fondle women in crowded bars. I wish Arnold Schwarzenegger would invite us to California, to have a party in his home, and let us fondle a lot of women in his house. I wonder if groping is allowed in his private parties that he might have in his place. I guess groping is secretly allowed at his home.

What do you think ?

You tube video

Article "Groping"

"....As Arnold Schwarzenegger attempted to thrust his governor campaign into high gear during the California recall elections of 2003, allegations of improper touching grew so extreme he was nicknamed the Gropinator. As many as fifteen women stepped forward to share their stories, including an unidentified 51-year-old who said Schwarzenegger "pinned her to him and spanked her repeatedly at a West Los Angeles post-production studio". Three other women named by the Los Angeles Times said Schwarzenegger fondled them in separate incidents outside a Venice gym in the mid 1980s, at a bar in the late 1970s and on the set of the movie Predator in 1986. The day after that story broke, six women came forward to claim they were groped them between 1975 and 2000 -- including two dames who said Arnold harassed them on the set of the movie Twins....."

"....E. Laine Stockton claimed Schwarzenegger came up from behind her, reached under her T-shirt, honked her breast -- and then silently walked away. "I was just shocked, shocked to the point where I almost didn't know how to react, because it was so out of the blue and so unexpected, "she told The Times. Another woman alleged Arnold pulled her into his lap and whispered "vulgarities" as other men watched and smiled....."

"....The groping reports could not have come at a worse time in Schwarzenegger's campaign, already under attack for reports that he praised Adolf Hitler as a youth. He stopped short of denying the women's accounts, insisting none of them told him (at the time) that he "went over the line." Schwarzenegger voluntarily took a training course about sexual harassment after winning the California election. He extended his apologies live to an enormous audience:
"I want to prove to the women that I will be a champion for the women, a champion of the women. Yes, I have behaved badly some times, yes it is true that I was on rowdy movie sets and I have done things that were not right which I thought then was playful but now I recognize that I offended people. Those people that I have offended, I want to say to them I am deeply sorry about that and I apologize because that's not what I'm trying to do....."

Article "The groping governor";jsessionid=P2lPHvyKjvLFVyhBQsbv1vRGKZy3zq2ZhHhC61MxvBVJXdn7nKlS!1093688657!-1407319345!7101!7102

".....This success only served to boost his arrogance and disrespect for women.
His mentor, publisher Joe Weider, said that when a woman asked Arnold for an autograph, he would say ...Only if you let me touch your breast'........."

Arnold the Clinton Barbarian

".........An article by Leigh titled "The Groping Governor" appeared last month in the London Evening Standard documenting some of Schwarzenegger's marital infidelities, such as his year 2000 on-camera grouping of British talk show host Denise Van Outen on the channel 4 program "Big Breakfast", viewed by millions of Brits. Van Outen, who interviews her subjects on a bed, was
apparently surprised, but not adverse to Schwarzenegger's antics, but Big Screen" talk host Anna Richardson was not so congenial. Upon being repeatedly fondled by the Schwarzenegger without cameras running, later told the Star "I wanted to say, 'You dirty bastard'. But you can't tell a powerful man like him to f*** off... He kept saying how fantastic I looked and staring at my [breasts]." At the end of the interview, claims Richardson, "He pulled me onto his knee, saying 'I really want to know if your breasts are real'". She says she stood up then and told him "You're making me nervous." But Schwarzenegger told her to relax and pulled her back on his knee, finally he let her up, and "patted my bum as I went off." She "left the room quite shaken", according to Premiere Magazine, and said. "What was more upsetting was that his people rushed to protect him and scapegoated me, and not one person came to apologize afterward......"

"....... Talk host Melanie Sykes was groped by Schwarzenegger during the same year 2000 tour of Britain during taping of her show. The National Enquirer printed at the time in "Arnie's Wife Hits Roof Over Grab-Happy Hubby" that she said she pushed him away and complained, "Get your hands off me!", but moments later he was on her again. She said Schwarzenegger told her: "You don't get the big money for nothing" before pulling her closer. The incident was caught on camera but the footage was never released........."

RE: trans_rub, site of frotteurism in Spanish (Thu 17 Apr 2008 04:59:54 GMT)

Hi chikan friends. Trans_rub will have to register in the Spanish site in order to gain access to the videos, pictures and stories. The registration is free. Click in the web page that Master Ayashi posted, to get a google translation of your registration process. Click the word "REGISTER" and follow the instructions. Good luck.

Chikan Club of Venezuela ( CCV ) (Sun 20 Apr 2008 01:48:27 GMT)

Dear Chikan friends:
I would like to inform you that I decided to create the Chikan Club of Venezuela ( CCV ).

The vision of the Chikan Club of Venezuela is to be the number one provider of chikan services and training program of chikan techniques.

The mission of the Chikan Club of Venezuela is to be known and trusted by our members to deliver top quality chikan services and training. Through trust and commitment, we build win-win relationships with our chikan friends. The Chikan Club of Venezuela creates an honest, creative, enjoyable and rewarding groping and humping environment for our members.

Together everyone achieves more. Chikan gang groping teamwork and humping success go hand-in-hand. This value means that 4, 6 or 8 hands grope more female buttocks than just 2 hands.

We are in search of excellence in groping and humping girls. We offer nothing but the best through a focus on delivering high quality chikan service and training and continuously improving groping and humping girls. We have a passion for excellence when we rub up our cocks against women's buttocks. This value means that we are excellent gropers and humpers when fondling and rubbing up against excellent gorgeous girls "garotas".

The Chikan Club of Venezuela is ISO 9001 certified of high quality standards and methods of groping and humping. Our Club achieves gropers satisfaction through high quality chikan services and beautiful girls that meet gropers expectations. This means that we only grope and hump gorgeous girls who have ISO 9001 high quality certified buttocks. ISO 9001 buttocks are round, fleshy, plump female buttocks.

Integrity is a necessity in our groping and humping girls. Open communication with other chikans and professionalism when groping girls drive each and every interaction with women's buttocks or breasts. This value means that we would place our hands and cocks in women's butt cracks with the expertness characteristic of a professional chikan, using professional methods. We would be 100% sober when we grope girls, and we would follow a groper's etiquette.

Every Chikan in committed to the success of each groping and humping action with girls to the best chikan ability. This value means that we will only fondle dumb girls who have super big buttocks so will not miss our targets.

The environment at the Chikan Club of Venezuela enables our ckikan friend members to be imaginative when groping, innovative when humping and to think outside the box. The value of thinking outside the box means to think outside the bum of a girl. This includes:
a) willingness to take new perspective to day-to-day groping,
b) openness to grope girls differently
c) listening to other chikans when they come up with new ideas.

Work hard, play harder. This value means grope and hump hard, play harder with girl's bum and titties. If a groper plays harder, he will ejaculate on women's buttocks in the crowded subway or concert.

1)We are currently creating a network of chikans who want to operate in a Gang. We will use the internet to update the members with events and concerts or any crowded situation that would give us chikan opportunities.

2)We will use the internet to meet girls who have frottophilia. These are girls who like to be groped. These girls will be contacted to accompany our chikan friends in the crowded subway every morning rush hour and every evening rush hour.

3)We will rent cheap hookers to make parties in our apartments to practice our chikan techniques. Our club will simulate special scenarios or situations for groping as following:
a)we will make line ups to grope hookers.
b)we will rent a small bus with strap hangers to simulate a crowded bus or carriage of a subway to practice frotteurism.
c)we will rent a pool or go to the beach to practice chikan techniques with hookers wearing thongs.
d)we will build a small stage to simulate the mosh pit of a concert to practice bumping a girl in a concert.

Members of our Chikan Club of Venezuela will operate in a gang in the following places:
a)Subway of Caracas during rush hour.
b)Concerts in Caracas
c)Crowded Bars of Caracas
d)Crowded beaches of Venezuela

The honorary members of our Chikan Club of Venezuela will be all the chikan hall famers of this board and ayashi web master.

I hope someday hall famers and I will do a gang groping in Venezuela with brunettes and blonde hookers who have big buttocks and big titties.

Carlos Chikan
President of Chikan Club of Venezuela.

RE: Veteran: trans_rub (Sun 20 Apr 2008 22:58:08 GMT)

Hi Veteran: trans_rub. Thanks for your comments. I like films like the one you mentioned E.T. : The "Phone Home" Adventure, and many others of fiction. I wish a girl who has big buttocks would "Phone Home", I mean would call me up to go to a crowded concert. By the way, I was in a crowded beer stand yesterday and a girl complained saying "women should be first in the line up" I let her stand in front of me and I enjoyed bumping her bum for few minutes. That was great. I will always let women first in the line up, like a good gentleman would do.

RE: Veteran: Trans_ rub (Tue 22 Apr 2008 20:27:21 GMT)

I couldn't go to the concert of Alejandro Sanz because I escaped from the shooting that happened the night before in another concert. That made me fear that another shooting would happen, so I decided to wait for another concert next month, so that I could have information on what was the cause of the shooting.

The concert of Alejandro Sanz was held on Saturday 19th 2008. The problem was that the night before, Friday 18th 2008 there was a shooting at a concert of reggaeton and hip hop music in an area called "Los Caobos" At 1:00 am Saturday 19th of April, four assassins arrived to the concert an started to shoot the people with their guns. According to the Venezuelan newspaper "El Universal" there were 2 people killed in the concert and 5 people were wounded with the bullets that were shot. Apparently the shooting was a revenge, retaliation, or action taken in return for an injury or offense .

I posted herewith a translation and the original of the news. The electronic address of the Spanish version is:

Two young people were killed during a concert in The Caobos park, Caracas.
Also five spectators were wounded in the concert the night of Friday, April 18, 2008.

Two young people, among of them the musical hip's singer hop, were assassinated during a concert held at the The Caobos park to commemorate the Week of Caracas. Other five people got wounded in the event.

A the 1:00am of early morning of the past Saturday, hundreds of people began to run from shots. On the premises fell mortally wounded the two young people, who were "santeros"(santero = people who practice Witchcraft) . The witnesses said that the injured people made good use of the confusion to go away.

The authorities confirmed that in the frame of activities named Caracas Antiimperialista, a young man died, whose name was Rodrigo Javier Ibarra Guillén, a youth of 18 years, Medellín's native, nicknamed "the Colombia" and Carlos Rafael Fernández Grisa, the voice leader of a group for "raperos" ( singers of reggaeton and hip hop ) of the North of the city of Caracas, nicknamed Carlos Ezequiel.

According to the subdelegation's detectives Simón Rodríguez of Caracas, the latter of the dead persons was being requested by eight homicides at the zone of Simón Rodríguez of Caracas and the young foreigner with few years of residence in Venezuela, was investigated by two murders. Both, just like his companions wounded, were wearing white-colored clothing.

His relatives recognized that in addition to be "raperos" (singers) they were "santeros" (who practice Witchcraft) . They said that Carlos was killed before he was crowned ( before he graduated as a person who practices witchcraft). He was about to be a "santero". "They told me that someone unknown turned off the light and suddenly the shooting begun" , according Rosa Margarita Grisa, mother of the "rapero" known as Carlos Ezequiel.

"There were decorative policemen because they did nothing", according to a relative of the young musician who was claiming the body at "Bello Monte's" morgue . The subdelegation's detectives Simón Rodríguez indicated that they had problems to locate able witnesses who confirm testimonies of another, because the majority were groggy, because they consumed drugs during the concert.

The victims of the shooting were taken to the Hospital Vargas. Some witnesses made good use of the situation to go away of the place. The witnesses only said that the murderers arrived to the concert in motorcycles. Four descended and attacked young people that were having a good time in the concert. Next they fled finding no resistance.

At the zone 9 millimeters guns and empty drugs cigarettes were found as well as shells bullets of caliber 9 mm gun.

RE. Blakie (Sun 27 Apr 2008 17:16:07 GMT)

Thanks for your application to the chikan club. Of course you have been accepted as a member of the club as well as all our chikan friends of this board. We can use internet to extend the network across the world. We can create The London Chikan Club, Tokyo Chikan Club, Madrid Chikan Club, New York Chikan Club, Sydney Chikan Club, Toronto Chikan, New Delhi Chikan Club, and many others.

Our chikan network would be helpful to meet girls with frottophilia. Those are girls who like to be groped in the crowded subway. I think that we can encourage those girls to post articles in the Ayashi-BBS board. I wish girls who like to press their buttocks against men's cock in the subway would write their stories in this board.

We could place an advertisement in the ayashi web page or in any newspaper like this:

"We are looking for girls who like to be groped in the crowded subway. We are men who like to rub up against women in the rush hour of the subway. If you are a girl who share the same interest that we have, we invite you to write your stories in the ayashi web page "

We can eventually (at some later time ) meet these girls personally. I think that it would be fantastic idea that gropers and girls with frottophilia could meet. I will place an advertisement in the local newspaper of Caracas to meet those girls.

I hope I get good results with this idea. I hope it brings good results in other cities too. For example I want to meet girls with frottophilia in New York.

This would be my advertisement for the New York City girls.

" I am latin businessman from Venezuela staying in New York business reasons. I am looking for girls who like that men stand behind them and rub up against them in the crowded subway. If you are a girl who like to be groped in the crowded subway every morning rush hour, and every evening rush hour please contact me in the following e-mail. "

I will post my results of my advertisements when I get good results.

Sincerely, Carlos

Booty dancing video (Sun 27 Apr 2008 19:06:17 GMT)

A found a video of booty dancing, also called "PERREO" in Spanish. "PERREO" comes from the word "PERRO" which means "DOG". The booty dance is like the sexual intercourse of a 2 dogs. That is why this dance is called "PERREO".
Click here:
Funk Vs Perreo ( booty dancing )

A girl bumping video

May award: Ass Creamer
He opened the new frontier, creamy bare legs.
(Aha! Every creamer has his perversion.)

Sharon & Kelly (Tue 06 May 2008 02:50:09 GMT)

I'm not sure if you two are really girls or not but it somehow seems to be real. I don't really grope girls, maybe except the occasional ass grab in a bar etc., but what I do is cum on girl's from behind, most of them have no idea, so seems pretty harmless to me.

I was wondering how would you feel if you discovered that some guy cumed on your back and ass? What that be a traumatic experience for you?

Jeremy (Tue 06 May 2008 23:34:09 GMT)

Jeremy you said that you cum on girls in night clubs. I never really have done that because I really don't go to too many night clubs. But I was thinking, are you not taking any extra risks by doing that in a night club? If she was to make a scene you would easily be trapped and would probably be beat up by the bouncers and the other guys in the bar. I heard plenty of stories and know bouncers personally who like to beat poeple in their bars.

Anyway, maybe you could tell me what kind of girls you like to cum on and what kind of clothing they should be wearing. Can you also tell me how you do it, is it so dark in the night club that you can take your dick out, or do you use something to hide it until you cum.

Have you ever cummed on a girls bare legs while wearing a skirt? This is actually a new goal of mine this summer, I want to cum on girls legs. I figure I will do this at night so that I can bounce if she makes a scene.

Sharon & Kelly (Wed 07 May 2008 03:53:48 GMT)

I was thinking more about your experience in the rock concerts. Someone just recently posted that his wife who was felt up and basically attacked similar as you at a rock concert and even the wife thinks her nephew had his hand up her skirt.

What is going on at these rock concerts? Also how is it possible to get raped? I mean, would all the other people around you let some guy start raping you?

I must admit that if I saw this going on I would try and maybe feel some tities and get a finger in a virgina, but to try and fuck the girl.. I don't think I could do it and get away with it.

I must also say I find both stories very hot, I liked how you said your husband found you topless with panties around ankles..

Appearing To Obvious (Wed 07 May 2008 04:06:51 GMT)

Hard, I know exactly what you mean about thinking everybody is watching yourself. I feel exactly the same way. Even though it must be that we are just more aware of what is going on around us, it does really seem that other people are watching.

I think its a good sign that we feel that everybody knows what we are doing, this is good because it will keep us aware if there is undercover cops or other people who want to stop us. I have gotten so good at watching people that I can tell almost instantly if someone is eying me. When I am in a big crowds I keep my eye on almost everyone, I look for anything out of the unusual, and usually I will spot trouble.

I also agree with you about only doing stuff when your horny. I don't really do much rubbing, but I like to get right behind the girl and shoot my load on her. I notice that the risk increases drastically when I'm trying to do this and am not that horny. Its much harder for me to cum, I will have to jerk off faster etc. All increasing risk. Even though I told myself that I will only do these activities when I haven't orgasmed in 2 days, I can't follow it.

Sharon & Kelly (Thu 08 May 2008 15:54:28 GMT)

Are any of you surprised that both Sharon & Kelly are lurkers on this board after being through their traumatic experiences. I think that both of them enjoyed the experiences and that is why they are lurking on here and reading our posts. They want to re-live the moment and in a way and wish this would happen to them again.They enjoyed being ravaged by hundreds of men. I think if they really were traumatized by the experience they would not be on here reading about what we are doing, that would just make this worse.

I'm not saying all girls like it, (But most do :), LOL) But if a girl is lurking here she obvious must have had a sexual thrill from the whole experience.

I remember reading somewhere like some Freud psycological stuff, that people who like something either do it or if they can't act like they are totally against it. It went something like if you really are gay you can either just be gay, or if you can't be gay, you are a homo phob who is actively against gay people.

Re: Jeremy (Fri 09 May 2008 15:44:50 GMT)

Jeremy, I was in a bar last night, and this bar was not that crowded and not dark enough. I was really liking all the hot girls that bars attract, they are all dressed up etc. And most importantly it offers many opportunities for getting up behind a girl. I think it could offer me some great potential for satisfying this urge of mine that must be satisfied on womens behinds.

You never went into detail on how exactly you do it, how are you able to jack off in the bar. Do you use anything to cover yourself up? Do you go alone to the bars?
How do you not look suspicious, or are most of the times you grind a girl while your dick is out?

Mr. Black Helmet (Sun 11 May 2008 05:46:18 GMT)

Black helmet, I was wondering if you can give me a little detail about how you masturbate across from women in a train without them causing a big scene. Do you pick your target where you kind of know that they won't make a big scene? Do you think part of the reason you get away with a lot of this is because you are black and they don't want to be considered a racist or something?

Maybe because your from the U.K. the girls there are a bit more mellow than American girls, but I also know British girls can be very loud. I would think that if I tried masturbating across from a girl in a train she would start yelling or something.

I also wanted to add that I figured out a way to cum on womens legs and get away with it. Basically the best way to do it is during a rain storm, especially when the girls are waiting for the bus outside in the rain, they will usually be bunched up together under the bus shelter. You can easily cum on their legs and they will just think it is rain, at least you have a great chance of getting away with it.
I must say that I tried this recently and this time I aimed for the bare legs of the girl, I didn't shoot such a great load but some did hit her legs, but it was too small to even see it. But I just started so I hope to be out in every rainstorm. You also have a good cover because you can wear hooded sweatshirt to help hide your identity.

Re: smoviee (Mon 12 May 2008 04:12:53 GMT)

Smooovieee I was wondering what your intent was with taking your dick out on the bus. Have you ever orgasmed with your dick out on a bus on a womens behind? Did you ever cream a womens ass. Have you ever tried just to jerk off and cum on a women? If your in a pinch and can't frott the girl you should try just to whack it off and shoot a load on her, its very satisfying.

I see that your in Poland, I have been to Poland before so I know what your dealing with there. Do you speak Polish? Do you actually like living there?
I know the girls dress like real sluts over there. I also know that the men can kind of be aggressive compared to Western Europe. Thinking of it, the women can also be more aggressive.

RE: Ass creamer comment/question to helmet (Mon 12 May 2008 04:16:13 GMT)

I am pretty sure that Black Helmet is a black person, I have read other posts by him and he says that he is black.

Black people definitely have an advantage when it comes to people complaining or making a scene, especially in Europe. Nobody wants to come across racist so they will just keep their mouth shut. You can get away with more but you also have the drawback of being easily remembered.

Re: night bust cum (Sat 17 May 2008 21:03:43 GMT)

smooviee, nice one! cumming on that girls ass I have to really try pulling this off. I'm going to have to find a really crowded place and when I'm close to cumming I'm going to lay my dick on the girls ass and cum. I'll probably do it at a really crowded dark bar that has a singing group.

But how was it actually cumming on her than shooting the load in your pants? Will you do it again? Was it just to messy? Was it better than shooting the load in your pants? How was it seeing that load on her ass when she walked off the bus?

I agree with you and Blackie about taking advantage of these hot ho women. They walk around so hot and smelling so good, I just love the bitchy ones also. Some of these women would not give me the time of day, so why would I not use her for my sexual urges.
I'll tell you even when I have a girlfriend I still like to hunt for girls in public. Its just so fun to pick and choose the hottest girl and use her for my own personal pleasure. It surely beats fucking the same pussy every night.

Black Helmet: cumming on girls bare legs (Mon 19 May 2008 17:09:59 GMT)

Black Helmet, Let us know if you are able to pull off cumming on a girls bare legs, I get hard just thinking about it because I am a leg person. Especially hot if they have hot legs and are wearing a short skirt.

My strategy for trying to cum on girls bare legs is I'm going to go out every time in the rain and try to cum on girls who are waiting for the tram or bus or just waiting somewhere outside where if they feel the cum hit their legs they will just think its rain. I already did this once but I was not able to shoot a big enough load on her legs to be satisfied, most hit her skit and floor. Her skirt was kind of at knee length so not a whole lot of bare skin was showing. It was hot nonetheless, I did see a few small specs fly on her legs but I could not even see it.

A second strategy is I'm going to be roaming the streets at night trying to find girls that I'm able to cum and run, so if I see a girl say waiting for the tram or bus I'm going to cum on her legs and if she makes a scene I can easily run away into the night.

A third strategy which I have done a few times is what I call "CUM Walking", this is where I actually walk around jerking off and following women. I then try to cum on them while walking behind them. This has worked but is difficult to get a lot of cum on them while walking. I plan on perfecting this technique by trying to time red lights. So I will try areas where I know the red lights are long and they have to wait at least a minute for the light to change in order to
walk again. This should give me enough time to get right in back of them and really cum on them, they will also most likely be by themselves so I can easily take off after the dirty deed.

IT will take persistence, and hopefully I save my orgasm for the right moment when the girl has hot exposed legs and not splurge on some hot girl wearing pants or a long skirt. Let me tell you that doing this stuff is so much fun, Its my favorite thing to do. It takes strategy, patience, intellegence, Risk, and the final reward is just great.

However, just to note, what I did notice about cumming on girls bare skin is that they seem not to notice right away when your cum hits them but 30 seconds or so later. It seems that hot cum directly from your sack is body temperature so its not that noticeable, but as soon as it cools you feel it. Have you ever whacked off and noticed cum on your own legs, and your like WTF how did that get their?? I've cummed on numerous girls and my cum hit their neck, arm, back, ankle bare skin and none of them ever noticed right away.

Good LUCK, and keep us posted.

Manhattan (Wed 21 May 2008 17:21:41 GMT)

Manhattan, could you please post the story about cumming on the girl in the sea-port. I would love to hear that story. How much cum did you get on her and how do you know she noticed? Greatly greatly appreciated if you can rewrite the story. Also Manhattan, its best to try and cum on them when its raining because they are a lot less likely to notice.

With cumming on girls you have to honestly take it very seriously because of the obvious extra risks involved. But to really give it to a girl there is nothing better and more memorable to a girl than leaving your manhood all over her.

Blackie, I know what you mean about being able to control yourself especially around the schoolgirls. Do they have private and catholic schools in Manhattan where they have to wear the skirts? You have to be very very cautions when dealing with school girls, but well worth the extra risk if you know what I mean.

Smoothieee (Wed 21 May 2008 17:33:35 GMT)

Smoothieeee, I have been a bit of a world traveler lately, But I mostly like to do a lot of my deeds in Germany. Germany and probably most of Europe is nice because you can get away with more, the girls are not so paranoid like they are in America about both crime and sex. Europe is more tolerant about sex crimes compared to America. If your behind a girl in europe your not there to rape her like in America.

There are also a lot hotter girls in Europe although you lose some diversity, like sometimes I like black girls and I'll tell you my targets of choice are Muslim girls. Muslim girls just seem to be so anti-dick if you know what I mean, and are very hard to find because there are not to many of them.

Also if you get busted in europe and have to face jail time your in much better shape than going to jail in America. From what I heard about Sweeden jails, your probably best off doing this stuff in those nordic countries, however I'm not sure how liberal England is for this kind of stuff.

Smoothiee, I remember reading a story here about a guy who got on the train in England and while rubbing his dick on her ass was able to shoot a load on her skirt. RIght before he was able to get off the cum dripped from her skirt on her legs and hse noticed. I was wondering if you would take the chance of frotting a girl in the night bus wearing a short skirt and taking the risk of the cum falling on her legs? Soon those polish chicks will all be wearing short skirts so you will have plenty of opportunities. Will you be worried about a girl finding out on the night bus that you cam on her? Will you be able to escape?

Creamed Ass like no other (Sat 24 May 2008 17:30:18 GMT)

I've been refraining from masturbation for the last few days saving up my manhood for a good ass cumming. Naturally after a few days I needed release at any cost, and I was not going to waste it masturbating, womens behinds are much more appropriate. After some unwanted disturbances where I had to help family, I finally got myself out.

After I was out and about with not much luck I noticed this clothing store which looked kind of dark. Upon entering it I realized this place offered me amazing opportunities. It was dark like a bar with loud music, it was very crowded and had HOT Girls everywhere. My dick was out in no time getting it primed to cum.
The store was rather small and had many different rooms. I walked into the womens sections and the girls were just amazing, some where wearing skirts etc. These are the type of women you just don't find on the street.

Since the store was pretty small my plan was to just walk up or squeeze behind a girl and cum on her. With the dark environment, loud music you don't really notice what is going on around you or really care.

I would've never thought things could get better until I noticed the check out line. It was starting to build up with hot girls and was basically surrounded by clothing. Everyone was packed together tight so that they would not be blocking some of the hallways. It was easy pickings here, it was almost too easy. A line in a dark room with beautiful young Angels everywhere. Was this heaven?

This whole time I'm walking around I have my dick in hand and masturbating. I have my dick covered by stuff I hold so it's not directly exposed. I get in line behind these group of girls which looked to be friends. I was checking out their sexy bodies trying to figure out which one I wanted to cum on. I decided against it because of extra unwanted risk and tried cutting them in line to get behind another hot girl who looked to be by herself. They of course said something to me which was not a smart decision on their part.

The line was so packed tight that I could not even get behind them so I had to wait on the side. I was masturbating looking and smelling these sexy angels, waiting like a predator for the perfect time to strike. These girls were all so close and were going nowhere. Finally the line moved up so I got behind them and finally picked the girl who would be the lucky recipient of my cum.

Things get even more interesting, I noticed a beautiful skirted girl get on line by herself. Decisions, decisions, get off the line or proceed?? Trying to take risk into account here in case I want to go back to the store. If things couldn't get more interesting it looked like to be a friend joined the group of girls in front of me. She was another beautiful angel wearing white tight sweatpants and shirt. I just love tight sweatpants. She got in the line behind them and I got only inches behind her, surrounded only by a clothing rack to my left and the high counter on my right. I was smelling her long brown hair and taking in the clean fresh scent and beauty of this young knockout. I felt the orgasm starting and I aimed my dick right for her beautiful ass and I masturbated violently as I poured my cum into her ass. She didn't move the entire time just standing there letting me pour my cum all over her behind.

Let me tell you, I milked every last drop out onto her body. I creamed her ass like no other, usually I only get a few dabs of cum on the girl, but this girl got every bit of cum I had to offer. This was just one ultimate experience.

After she let me indulge in pleasure on her beautiful young body she left her friends. I could see the speckels of cum in the dark room on her ass as she left, it was rather hard to see the extent because she was wearing white sweatpants and shirt. It is every important for me to follow the girl and admire my work. After she left, I exited the line and tried to follow her. Unfortunately I could not find her and looked outside the store. Checking myself for cum I was amazed to see that no cum had fallen on me like it usually does, I really gave this beauty every ounce of it.

Re: cum and run, ed (Sun 25 May 2008 05:54:57 GMT)

I was doing some preliminary planning for a cum and run. Actually one time I was following this 50ish women outside trying to cum on her and she went and sat down at a tram stop alone. It was late afternoon so there was plenty of sunlight. I was so horny I couldn't control myself and I had already been on the prowl for some time with no luck. She sat down and we were alone at the tram stop.

I was ready to do it but I talked myself out of it because there were a group of guys who were far away but too close for comfort.

Somehow I don't think that video is real or I heard in another forum that it was a fake, staged for a pay site. I would be scared doing this to western girls, they might just bite your dick off. Take a look at that sharking video when they rip the girls top off, some of those girls didn't hesitate to charge the man.

Re: Cum and run efforts (Mon 26 May 2008 16:05:18 GMT)

Guest, are you really actually trying to match that video? How long have you been trying to do this?
I also noticed that you are trying to video tape it? Why so? this would make it a lot more difficult. Are you only limiting your chances to oriental girls?

I've personally thought about doing this but never did. I agree that Asian girls would be best because they would not run after you or make a big scene. Probably finding 2 Asian girls together would be easiest.

My recommendation is to have a newspaper with you or magazine so that you can sit or stand close and masturbate. I personally could easily sit right next to her and masturbate to orgasm without her noticing.

When you say timing I guess you mean you want to be squirting on the exact second you approach her. Yes this does take a lot of practice, and I know from experience. Since I cum on girls, and sometimes in places where I don't want to be just inches behind a girl for long durations I try to time my squirting when I'm directly behind a girl and this is though, usually I go in to early and waste 3-5 seconds waiting to squirt. I can see that if your doing a cum and run you need it timed perfectly or she will move out of the way. I recommend to walk up to her with a newspaper covering your dick, and remove the paper the instant you start squirting.

Please keep us updated if you actually pull it off and the whole detailed story.

Creamed girls bare naked legs (Sat 31 May 2008 22:23:21 GMT)

I have been watching the weather looking for any hint of rain, hard to believe that I was hoping for rain! Well finally it was forecasted to rain and I was going to be heading to the busy city center to try my plan on cumming on a girls bare legs. I haven't been masturbating and have been saving up for this day.
When I got into the city it wasn't raining yet but I felt it in the air. The girls were out and as beautiful as ever, lots of tourists etc. There were a decent amount of girls wearing shorts and skirts showing their hot legs.

I was walking around trying to find a crowded area where I wanted to be when it started raining, my plan was to try and catch girls waiting under something to wait out the rain. I wanted to cum on a girl when it was raining because I figured she would be oblivious to feeling my cum hitting her legs, she would just think it was rain. I also noticed people are oblivious to everything when its raining, they don't really pay much attention to the guy masturbating behind them.

When it started raining there was nobody around, so I quickly walked to the last spot I saw lots of people. What I noticed was that everybody was quickly hurrying around and nobody was standing waiting for it to stop raining. I was really not in a great location. Well to my luck I walked past a group of school kids (highschool??) on a city tour. They were huddled around the speaker. Lots of the girls were wearing shorts, and it seemed very easy to just get behind them. The problem was they were not yet wet as they were under a barricade.

There were a couple of really hot girls who had really nice legs and I was going to just go for it and cum on them. Before I could pull anything off the group started moving this time through the rain. It started really raining hard as the group left, and I was going to follow this group. I decided to by an umbrella as it was raining so hard and this umbrella came to good use later.

I lost the group but later found them in a cafeteria style restaurant. It was packed and had long lines of people as they had to order the food. I got behind this school girl who had long shapely skinny legs, wearing short black shorts. While behind her I tested her reaction by shaking my wet umbrella on her legs and she was completely oblivious. I knew now I could shoot my cum all over her hot legs and she would have no idea.

With us lined up against the food counter on our left I quickly started masturbating and within a minute I felt the orgasm coming on as I watched her hot shapely long bare legs. I was not even nervous as my cum started oozing out and flying all over her ass and legs. Little droplets flew everywhere on her legs and a couple of big pieces were noticeable on her calf and ass. I admired my work for a couple of minutes before leaving the line.

It just seemed too easy, but I realize I've become a master at this through the years of continuous perfection. Afterwards I was testing girls reaction by shaking the wet umbrella on their legs and all girls seemed oblivious. When its raining you don't care if you feel anything hit your legs. I really hit the jackpot here and rainy days have lots of potential for cumming on those hot womens bare skin. I can't wait to the real hot summer rainy days hit! Where all girls are wearing short skirts or shorts.

Groping (Sat 31 May 2008 22:32:53 GMT)

I've been doing more groping and never knew it could be so much fun. When walking around the city there are plenty of crowded places including stores where you can easily slide your hand over the girls ass. Since I like to touch there ass with the palm of my hand (more feeling) and not let anyone behind me see I Just use my shoulder bag hanging behind me to block my hand view and while I walk by the girl I run my hand along their ass and let my bag slide along their ass afterward. This way if the girl looks she will think it was just the bag that hit her.

Most of the time I touch a girls ass she never even looks..

How much of this kind of groping do you guys do?

June award: Smenizer
For the tale of his strange habit.
(But remember, women don't like their dress spoiled.)

re: I've been caught (Fri 13 Jun 2008 00:16:29 GMT)

Can you tell us any more?

RE: my strange habit (Fri 13 Jun 2008 18:54:12 GMT)

I've now got a handle.
I would much rather jerk off on girls but I haven't gotten over the fear factor yet. Plenty of girls have noticed my cum. Some have felt the shot right away and just turn and give me a "what the fuck" look. Women don't really expect some guy to be walking around with a bottle of cum and they know that you weren't close enough to cum on them so they are confused and don't say anything. One recently was a woman in a grey skirt (I love the ones with the grey skirts 'cause the cum shows soooo nicely) walking down the street. I pulled out my camera and my bottle and the plan was to just record the shot on her skirt and take a few pics but she felt it right away and put her hand back to feel. When she felt the wetness she smelled her hand. She then turned and looked at me but then I was several feet behind her covering the cam with my hand so she dismissed me. I put the camera back on her as she kept wiping and trying to look at the back of her skirt. After about half a block she looked back again and I decided to keep the camera on her this time. It was then that she realized it was me. She said in a very low voice "pervert" and took off her sweater to examine it and I walked away.
Sometimes they don't notice until it has had time to seep through. By then I have backed off far enough that they don't suspect me and are just very confused.
They two coats. Well that was on the train during rush hour. Each time I was on a train behind a sexy woman. Very crowded of course and all backs were to me, so I would smell her hair while I pulled my dick out of my fly and jerk off until I blew on her coat. I would rather have done it to women not wearing coats but I'm afraid they will feel it and make a scene.

Here are some samples. I have MANY more.

I was drunk when I did 100_0783 so I went a little overboard. I've since seen her several times but I don't think she recognizes me.

RE: my strange habit (Fri 13 Jun 2008 21:42:34 GMT)

One more vid for now. This is a GOOD one.

The vid (Fri 13 Jun 2008 21:54:59 GMT)

Ok! Some dumbass forgot to add the link. Her it is.

RE : cumming on girls (Fri 13 Jun 2008 23:56:46 GMT)

Thanks stickybooty. Glad you liked the vids.

Mr. Black helmet. I was the guest who wrote about the bottle. I have since registered. I'm sure you've already seen but I posted a few of my vids a few hours ago. But here are some screens from those vids in case you haven't seen them.

Untitled (Sat 14 Jun 2008 00:04:07 GMT)

Here's an action shot

July award: deleted
For his unusual dick out frottage.
(And the unusual girl who slapped that naked dick.)


In addition to deleted, Ramrod Muff Diver and Ass Creamer are given webmaster's special mention for their age warning and Off Topic Board ideas.

August award: Blackie
For his transatlantic chikan.
(Where Blackie goes it smells semen.)

Chikan Olympics 2008 (Wed 13 Aug 2008 11:00:57 GMT)

Hi Smoothie my good friend Hi Guys,

I went alittle mad and took a break from chikan. I have had some recent adventures I am back. I would like to host the first world Chikan Olympics and require representatives from each country.

I have already choose the one and only Smoothie who will represent Poland. I need representatives from USA. In the next 15 days i will allocate a challenge to each one of you.

Prepare for Chikan Olympics coming soon !


Blackie goes to New York (Tue 19 Aug 2008 11:03:59 GMT)

I am in New York and spent a few days studying the crowd behaviour and rush hours on the subways. The women are sassy and tarty they smell good as they wash themselves in the morning. I have smelled there bodies and necks, hair ooohhh such goodness the hunger fills me grab these bitches and tear there tops of ehehehe. I am evil huh smoothie ?

I did some experiments and forced myself up against a latino girl in business suit yesterday. I exploded and felt the warm semen stains fill my jogging bottoms. These latino girls want to be fucked in the ass are they have boring lives. I have a week here so I am going to study the crowds in the mornings and evenings.

I spotted one 6 foot blonde which i want to fuck she wears tight skirts ohhhhh i licked her hair this morning. I left my semen smelling trousers on from yesterday so the women can smell semen ahahahah

more coming soon

Chikan Olympics (Wed 20 Aug 2008 12:13:59 GMT)

Thankyou the Chikan Olympics will begin tuesday..

Congratulations on those participants. Who will win the Gold Medal for bottom fucking the most women ? Who will win the speed bus squashing event ?

Black Helmet - Denmark and Sweden
Smoothie - Poland
Blackie - UK
smenizer - USA

re: jack (Sat 23 Aug 2008 09:39:34 GMT)

Hey Jack,

You must go out and practise in crowds. Practise with different girls fat ones thin ones young ones older ones. Its no good asking which is better you must find out for yourself. Look at Smoothie, black helmet, gentlebrush these guys are always in the field practising the black arts of chikan

thankyou g86 (Sat 23 Aug 2008 09:45:41 GMT)

I tried the lines you mentioned and i want to say thankyou my friend. I squashed up against this latino chick with a short skirt and tried hard to cum on her. My testicles had run out of cum as I had already unloaded 3 times earlier on beautiful blonde professional women. So I put my face on her neck brushed my nose through her hair smelling its goodness mmmmmmm. Ohhh these american girls always wash themselves so nice ooohhhhh smell so good ahhhhh

I started breathing really hard on her neck and she could feel my breath. I then started rubbing my cock trying hard to cum. Eventually i managed to unload some more cum. My jogging pants really stick of cum eheheheh its funny and the girls smell this and get turned on ahahahahah.

I want to live in NY g86 you are so lucky ahahahahahha

smoothie my friend (Sat 23 Aug 2008 09:48:31 GMT)


My friend what is best way to put on muscle mass on arms and chest my friend ?


Nottinghill Carnival Part 1 (Wed 27 Aug 2008 10:38:35 GMT)

Hi Chikan friends,

Hi Smoothie my friend I got back from NY yesterday in the nick of time. I rushed through airport security and was sweating like mad. My jogging pants still smelling from semen stains from my adventures in NY.

I put my bags at home then dashed straight out to the notting hill carnival. The jet lag was killing but I knew I could not miss the carnival as it is a prestigious chikan event.

Black Helmet, Smoothie, Gentlebrush,

I welcome you to chikan heaven. A paradise where chikans can rub against the asses of hot ass girls in short skirts tight jeans. Please come soon my friends. Here there no laws the crowds are tight so u can grope ass fuck any girl you choose. I fucked 10 girls in 2 hours in the ass my friends.

First stop I spotted two teenage girls in short tight denim skirts leaning against the barrier watching the parade. I moved behind the blonde and started sniffing her hair.

It smelled good. I then pulled out my camera as the parade came closer I leaned my entier body against the teenage girls backside and pretended to try and take photos. My dick hardened
like concrete. Slowly I inserted my hard penis into the teenager crack. It felt tight hmm so yummy and tasty. Teenage girls always have tight cracks as they are still fresh fruit virgins. i thrust my hips forward and moaned my penis dug deeper into her crack ooohhh.

Her ass was like a soft pillow ohhhhh ewwwwwwwwww such softness the penetration ehehehe.

I became braver and placed my nose on her neck and started smelling it. My mouth began to salivate I smeared my saliva on her hair. I felt shivers through my body ohhh and got horny
She didnt seem to notice i suspect she had drank too much beer and this had reduced her sensitivity. I decided to take a risk hey chikans what is a life without risks hey smoothie ?

I placed my arms around her waist and pulled her tighly against me. The carnival music was loud noone could hear anyone ehehe. She look round as she turned her neck I started rubbing my face on her face. She said "ERRRRRRRRRR". I said "Oohhhhh your so beautiful i want to kiss your body and fuck
your ass" She said errrrrr again and i started kissing her neck. She didnt move though her friend just
stared ahahahahah.

Hey Smoothie i have gutss hey ? ahahahahahahah. I bite her a few times in the neck and kept my arms
wound tightly around her waist forced my hard penis into her backside until i cum. When i cum it was like the gateways of heaven had opened eheheheheheheh. She was very drunk and succumbed to my advances maybe she was secretly enjoying what do you smoothie ? ahahahhahaha.

I laughed and moved on to meet my next victim ahahahaha. I was on the hunt for teenage party girls

I was very horny now I see a sassy blonde with tight jogging bottoms jiggling her big ass back and forth to the music. I get horny I am very bold and confident now I grab her from behind and started grinding my testicles into her buttocks. I raise my thighs and rub the inside of my leg with her leg.

My dick is beginning to harden again ehehe. Her friend sees me and shouts "Hey get off her". I ignore
her stupid friend and keep bum fucking her and licking her hair. Her friend grabs her friend and pulls
her away (she is drunk) I let go and am breathing very hard now.

I see a punjabi girl with her hair down owwwwwwww nice short, petit and chunky ass. I run foreward into the crowd and deliberatly bounce my cock onto her meaty buttocks and bounce of her ahahahah. She ignores
me tuts and moves on. I laugh I am feeling more and more tired.

I then grab a few teenage blondes from behind and pretend to ask them if they want drinks and tell themn they are beautiful yes i am charming chikan ahahahha. I kiss 3 teenage girls in the hair smelling kissing

I swallow two capsules of viagra and continue on my quest AHAHAHAHA

reverse karate chop (Sat 30 Aug 2008 09:50:30 GMT)

I am now very horny. I am what is termed challenging chikan i like to challenge myself i have come up with a technique called reverse karate chop. This technique is used to karate chop the girl in the pussy. In crowded carnivals go up behind the teenager and squash yourself as hard as possible on the girls body and grind her ass like crazy until she feels your hard on.

No push your fore arm between her legs and then push upwards forcing your karate chop hand into her pussy. Do this hard and she will moan ahhhhhhhh and you say oohhhh.

What you think smoothie good eh ? hey gentlebrush black helmet do you have any advanced techniques you care to share with us ahahahahah

webmaster please answer (Sat 30 Aug 2008 09:52:37 GMT)

Hey Webmaster,

I suggest we publish a magazine monthey called chikan monthly how about it. We can cover stories, articles etc.



September award: SHADOW
And girls of all colors and nationalities in Thames Festival.
(They show their colors in crowd.)

Grinding without even trying???!!! (Sat 06 Sep 2008 12:44:46 GMT)

Yes I feel like Charlie from the British kid's story 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' right now. I have just confimed a 'golden' ticket for GENERAL ADMISSION STANDING ROOM ONLY to the practically sold out show for the 'Material Girl' herself! may not realise why I am so ecstatic. Never my longtime veteran clique here are fully aware, as they already realise the BOUNDLESS benefits in store for such an event. My heart is racing at the mere THOUGHT of the THOUSANDS of women there with a VAST variation of asses packed up like sardines in that venue. OMG..I think I am gonna pass out...LMAO!! Royal Britannia like a muthafukka! I got..and always will have...madd luv for the US...that almost goes without sayin'...but the UK?! This is a chikan's playground, man....fa' real!...:-0 I have NO choice but to post that experience..believe me! Until then..stay up and keep grindin'.....

Blonde Ambition (Fri 12 Sep 2008 17:59:24 GMT)

Wassup brethren. Got an account to share on a concert that I atttended last night, coin one of my favorite British phrases... "Let's get right to it then, shall we?"

I attended the 'Madonna' concert here in the UK which, as I am sure you can already imagine, was a performance to a sellout crowd.
I arrived at the venue considerably later than I had intended...but that was no the lines were not organized, so I would have gotten to the front with considerable ease. I went to the box office, collected my talking with varying people in the mass leading to the turnstile well as using the guise of making calls on my cell phone...until I pushed to nearly the front of at least 500 (preoccupied?) Hey, wasted time equates missed opportunities in our line of 'work'.....
Upon entering, I grabbed a quick bite to eat, along with some bottled water..and headed straight for the pitch. From the top of the steps, all I could see were a sea of people...practically covering nearly every inch of the pitch standing area. I knew that it would be virtually impossible to get to the front through the depth of the crowd in the middle, os I chose to enter from the far right side, where I was already approx three rows from the barricade.
Once I got there, I saw a father and daughter set up. The girl was brunette, about 5'3, approx 18-20, dressed in some Madonna style garb. The father was busy, using his camcorder to film the crowd there. I immediately took my place behind the daughter...and moved forward slowly, pressing my dick on her left ass cheek. She had been swaying to the DJ music..but froze as soon as she felt me make contact. There were a few more people that arrived and stood behind me, so that gave me an excuse to push up on her some more..slowly...and swipe my dick from her left ass cheek to the right, back and forth. She looked to her right, to catch me in her peripheral, but I was looking at my cell phone. The father said something to her, but she did not answer him, so he turned away again. While I swiped my dick back and forth, she started to sway gently...which made me even harder. At that moment, I decided to be bold and center my dick to her crack, stepped forward a bit more, so I could ease it in. Upon feeling that, she stopped swaying all together..and I felt her body shiver a bit. I kept the tip of of my dick tickling her ass crack for about 10 mins, before she eventually asked her Dad if they could move from that area. Huh! She was probably a virgin...or maybe nervous that her puny little father would notice. Whatever. That was hardly a warm I excused myself to get into the depth of the crowd....
I then found this BEAUTIFUL Middle Eastern chick standing there by herself..with a few people around her, but not with her. She was about 5'6, dressed in a stylish black tank top with a fairly tight beige skirt and black high heels, which made me think how and why she would wear that in a general admission standing area? Who cares. After checking the scene out a bit, I went and stood to her right, allowing my dick to lightly press against her right ass cheek. She did not turn around. I then was just about to move right behind her..when something kinda crazy happened...and for was a FIRST....
A tall, Eastern European chick walked up....very pretty..almost looked like model material actually...and completely closed the distance between herself and the Persian chick..standing glued behind her! The Persian chick turned around, looked the tall chick up and down a bit..then turned and faced forward again, not moving. Now..i did not want to think that is what I I stepped back, inconspicuously, for a bit to observe. Within MINUTES, she was RUBBING her crotch area on the Persian chick's ass!!! A CHIJO!!!!!!!!! I am not kiddin' I type this, I am in as much disbelief as you are reading it. Maybe if I was living in Japan, seeing that would be more I have visited Japan several times and had HEARD that goes down over there (I had never seen it firsthand while there myself) but I had never seen it before in person. I must say this was a huge turn on to see ONE fine chick getting FROTTED by ANOTHER fine chick, man! Hey! I wanna play! With that, I eased in behind this tall chick, but she arched her back into me, to create distance from her ass. BEEEYOTTCHH!!! Once that went down, I moved away..whereby another prospective chikan took my place. He was shorter than me for he had no idea what he was getting himself into...LOL. At that, I continued to move on....
I made my way to a central view to the stage, still in the third row...(entering from the far left/far right is the easiest way to get to the front of practically ANY large concert)...whereby I found myself standing in front of a blonde. She was late 30's, about 5'2-5'3, very curvy, slightly tanned..with a Madonna t-shirt and jeans. As I turned around and saw her, I had a good feeling that her ass would be big, based on how her hips were shaped from my front view of her. I used the 'I'm taller than you so it's not fair that I stand in front of you' bullsh-t exscuse to get her to stand in front of me, to which she eagerly agreed to. She was one of four women there together, all of them married except one. The crowd had really started to get heavy in that area, so concealment was not a problem. I inched forward and laid my dick right on that phat bubble ass.....WHOA!! Her ass was firm and round in those figure-hugging jeans, it felt amazing. She did not move or turn around when I did so. The remaining three in her party were off to our right side, so they were completely unaware of me giving their little blonde friend the heavy duty dick swiping treatment, getting her warmed up for hopefully some serious grinding later.
The swiping lasted about 15 mins, before I realised that I should get some more water before the show was due to start. All the while, she had her back rested against my torso, while I slowly started to roll my hips a bit, in an effort to get the grind started. Although I never got her name etc, there was a little dialogue shared earlier...."I wish that she would hurry up and get the show started"...."Look at those weird guys dressed up like Madonna" etc etc. I leaned down and whispered to her that I was going to get some water..and could she save my space. To my amazement, not only did she agree...she even told me to hurry back and make sure that I come in through the right entrance to ensure that I make my way back to that very spot! LOL. That was all the confirmation that I needed in her wanting me to keep my dick in her crack, so I hastily made my way out to get some water.
Luckily there was a small line, so I had my water and was back at the entrance area in 10 mins. Unfortunately, I entered from the right entrance but too far to the left of where I was standing, so I had to excuse myself through a whole bunch of testy, impertinent people to get back to my spot.
Once I arrived there, I saw an Eastern European couple standing there, with the man pressed up on my blonde! Sly fox! I have to give him props I have done the same thing in a crowded event with any girl that I have brought along my target cannot turn around and make a scene, especially seeing me there with a girl already. That, my friends, is the ultimate 'cover'..which led me to believe that this guy might have been a 'professional'. Well, professional or not, I tapped him on the shoulder and informed him that I had been standing there. Before he could say a word, my blonde 'babe' turned and confirmed it, while taking my wrist to pull me in. HA!!! "I just love it when a plan comes together"...(<--pardon my 'A-Team' reference
The 'Material Girl' decided to be fashionably my haste was for nothing. Nonetheless, while waiting, I continued to ride my blonde, bending my knees at times to make sure that she felt my dick enter from up and under her...and using my dick to move across the curviness of the bottom of those apple ass cheeks of hers. She especially loved that, as she would arch her back and push her ass back even more each time I did so. Then...something odd happened.......
While I was having a WAIL of a time on my willing blonde babe's booty, one of the other women in her group...the most prude, unfortunately....suggested that, based on her height, the blonde should move forward in front of her. My blonde quickly declined.....but 'Nurse Ratchett'(as I will call her for now) was not hearing any of it. She continued to insist and insist...until my little blonde babe slowly made her way with hesitance over to stand in front of Nurse Ratchett, not without giving me a quick "I'm sorry" type glance back. At that point, Nurse Ratchett put her hands on the blonde's shoulders, holding her in place and was positioned behind her in the same manner that I was. WTF??!! LOL. The plot took a funnier turn, when the single one in their group stepped over to me and said "I will be switching places with my friend. Do you mind?" What could I say? No? Naturally, I agreed..and she stepped right in front of me. She was quite tall, about 5'8, brunette, pale..with a slim lean figure in a cardigan, t-shirt and jeans. Her ass was not that big...smaller than the blonde's ass but just as shapely. I thought 'what the heck' and stepped on in that booty...making almost immediate contact and started to give her a dick swiping, applying more pressure than I had initiated on the blonde, hence the crowd providing me with a worthy excuse. The single chick kept facing forward..kept her torso straight..but started to circle her hips slowly and discreetly. "Hmm. So THAT'S why you wanted to come over here", I thought...and laughed inside my head. I lined my dick up to her crack....eased in..and just sighed, standing there, allowing it to pulsate between her ass cheeks. I looked at the side of her face, she was starting to redden. She then leaned forward and said "It feels like I'm standing next to a radiator" to the remaining chick in the foursome. They both started to I decided to be adventurous. I leaned forward..and asked her what she had said. She tried to act shy..but I insisted that she told me...using a playful tone of voice. She repeated what she had said but, when she saw the look of confusion on my face, further sustained it by saying "that is my way of saying that you are hot" I didn't know what to I just said thank you..LOL. I mean, in the US, a girl will say that if she finds you attractive..and that is how I took it. Nevertheless, I was LITERALLY hot in there, even sweating a little based on the tightness of the maybe she felt the heat generating from my body. Hey, who cares what her intended definition was, right? I just took it to mean that she wanted my dick deeper in her I applied more pressure, using the heel-to-toe method...while allowing my dick to twitch around in that ass.
After about 25 mins of enjoying the single chick's ass, I had enough. I mean, her ass was decent and all..but I liked the firm roundness of my blonde babe. I looked in the blonde's direction...only to catch her looking back at me, with a slight look of what appeared to be disappointment on her face. I am attesting that to the fact that she was obviously a bit older than the single chick...who also probably did not get out that much...hence being married...probably had kids etc. My guess is that she was probably thinking that her single friend can probably go to any club at random and get that treatment....however she (the blonde, that is) probably did not have that 'comfort', so she wanted to enjoy the ride for herself. Well, either I should be a psychologist...or I am having delusions of grandeur...but, witnessing that look, made me ease away from the single chick, in an effort to make my way back to my blonde babe. Nurse Ratchett was still on the case but, just as I was about to cause a separation between them to get in there, it was done for me......
Less than two people beside me, a guy pushes this girl almost to the ground, based on a small altercation, involving him wanting to get past her and she denying him a pass. Now...away from our 'profession' just for a quick sec..I have a few pet peeves in this world: hitting a girl is one of them. At that, I played the 'hero' route, moved past Nurse Ratchett..(causing the separation I required) and grabbed the guy by the shoulders, easing him away from the stunned girl. At that point, I asked him what the hell he thought he was doing, hitting a girl..with the whole heroic "What kind of a man are you?!!!" bit...earning more points than you could ever imagine. His excuse was that she would not allow him to I turned up the volume on the 'heroism' and told him "Ok. I am not allowing you to pass try that with me." I can more than take care of myself in a brawl situation...but this guy was harmless...a skinny, effeminate gay type...which, in his feminine mindest in an odd way, made him feel justified to do that to a girl, as he probably thinks he is a girl? Twisted, right? In any case, he backed down immediately and tried to ask politely. I would not allow him to finish the sentence before pointing into the nether regions of the crowd, where he quickly disappeared in that direction. Once he had left, I asked the girl if she was alright, she stated that she was fine...and that she was....a fine, little Hungarian blonde...with a couple of friends. If I had not already had a target, I might have chilled out with her..but I was on a job. With that, I turned back around..and went directly to the Nurse Ratchett had moved away from the altercation area altogether to stand on the other side with the remamining group of friends. I noticed that the blonde was now at the barricade...with her friends a few yards away in the crowd...almost as though she was waiting for me to come back to her. Once I got there and pressed up on her back..with the crowd regaining their huddled shape to conceal me, she leaned and put her head back on my chest and said "That was nice of you." I said it was the right thing to do..and went back to normal riding programming.
At last...practically an hour later...the lights FINALLY went off, with the show lights filling the stadium. I deliberately backed off...applied pressure..then backed off again intermittently while I wanted to cum during the show, so I was glad that it had finally started. My blonde babe knew what time it was then..and it meant a lot more than just seeing Madonna finally. She stepped up onto a slightly elevated metal plate, bent over the barricade, with that phat onion making perfect contact with my crotch. Once everyone started getting manic, I made a quick manoeuvre to pull my jogging pants down slightly, whip my dick from my loose boxers, then put my t-shirt over only my t-shirt was separating my bare dick from that denim clad rump. I pressed and almost mounted that ass, man.....GODDDDDDDD!!!!! With all of the mania going on around us, she was in her own zone...filming the show with her cell phone camera..but pushing and gyrating her ass back onto my dick. I grabbed the barricade on both sides of her..locking her in..and gave that ass a PUNISHING....squattin' and gyratin' my hips in the opposite direction to her, for that added extra friction. At times, it almost felt like I was laying down on her I could smell the fruit scent of her shampoo. At that point, Madonna became oblivious to all the acts do regardless of any concert that I go to when that is taking place. Once or twice, my blonde babe looked back at me and they were only glimpses that I caught from her as the strobelights flashed across her face when doing so. I made sure that I broke out all the moves...I stood there at times to let my dick harden in her crack...I thrusted between her ass cheeks while holding the barricade...I swiped my dick slowly back and forth across her bubble cheeks so she could feel the sensation....I even held her hips in place a couple of times while I straight POUNDED that sh-t. One of my favorite situations also took place, when she got a call and was trying to speak amidst the noise....and I continued to violate and ride her while she was speaking. That could have been her husband. If so, what a thrill! Here she is, probably tellin' him that she is ok, she is enjoying herself..maybe even that she loves him etc...all the while with my dick breakin' new ground in her ass hole!! Jezebel....LOL.
Guys, I rode..and rode...and rode that ass STILL tryin' to hold back from cummin'. I had eaten earlier and replenished my hardness was in effect. It was about 15 mins before the end of the show, during Madonna using the stage as a platform for her social commentary...while I was so DEEEEP in blondie's ass, that I knew I was about to cum. I didn't want to I had been fightin' it..but what the hell, right? By this time, any outsider observing us would have thought that we were a couple, as my hands were now around her hips...while she continued to face forward. I could feel the cum build up in my dick shaft all it would take is the right gyration in the right direction from Blondie..and it would be over. Madonna burst into 'Express Yourself'...and that I Blondie started to jump up a bit, giving me a chance to 'credit card' swipe between her ass cheeks up and down.........oh no.......I can't hold it anymore............TSUNAMI!!!!! Luckily, the crowd was manic, which concealed my spasms..but Blondie felt she stopped jumping, leaned over the barricade again, despite all of the madness around her..and pressed back onto me, so as to soak in every drop. OH!!!!!! I almost wanted to kiss her, that was SO relieving! She then did a little sexy thing with her ass, moving it from one side to the other slowly..all the while keeping it firmly on my dick. The crowd behind me started to surge a bit to get a better view of Madonna as she came near to the barricade at crowd level, which allowed me to almost lay on her back and get some involuntary, momentary 'rest' after that dam bustin' cum. I reached down with my right hand and felt her right arm dropped too..and played with her fingers a bit. She responded and played right along with it. Ohhh..can't beat 'em when they are passive with what appears to be low self esteem...LOL.

Well, all good things come to an, once the show ended, I eased up, ready to move away. If she was not wearing that ring, I might have tried to talk to her some I am quite positive that I could have bedded her..but I had already surpassed many limits with I disappeared, as Shadow often does...:-0 I did look back to check any stain...but I did see her rubbing her ass with her right hand! HEH HEH!!

After that 'main course', I got a great ride for at least 9 stops on an incredibly packed tube homebound behind this voluptuous South American babe, who was talking to her friend. As soon as the tube came, I made everyone get on first to pack it up..then I looked for the right booty to ride...whereby she was the lucky winner. She was wearing a thin dress, with what FELT LIKE NO UNDERWEAR??!! OMG. WHERE was SHE during my exploits earlier? Nonetheless, it was EASY to push directly and effortlessly into her ass crack with the massive hard on that I had been carrying all the way from the venue to the Underground station. This South American chick must have been feeling that ALL NIGHT, if she was in the standing area, as she just eased back and tried to have me push as much of my dick into her crack..all the while with a completely cool, calm and collected look on her face, while talking with her friend. That earlier 'nut' had shut me down a bit..but I did get a GREAT DEEP ride into this chick's butt, with some pre cum. As she was getting off, she said something to her friend in Spanish..and they both glanced at me, smiling..while they got off at their stop. I took the Cloud 9 tube home last night...and floated off at my stop. Thanks Madge..:-)

Appreciation... (Sat 13 Sep 2008 23:15:21 GMT)

Thanks a lot Gentlebrush for the compliment, appreciate that. I had a feeling that show was going to produce an experience or two..but that certainly exceeded my expectations, so I was happy to share that with you all...:-)
I have a couple of events to attend tommorrow that are normally huge crowd generators so...if anything goes all will be the first to know as usual. Don't let the oncomin' fall weather fool ya, there is still plenty of 'work' to be done..:-0 Catch ya later...

Further appreciation/Veteran nods... (Mon 15 Sep 2008 22:06:22 GMT)

Easy Rider!! What's goin' on, dawg? To say that it has been a while has to be the greatest understatement. I know LA has gotta to be treatin' you right during these warm months. I might be out that way in the early part of next year on a quick vacation, so one never knows who thay may bump into while workin'...:-) My 'UK Invasion' is partially based on a job relocation, plus I have a lot of family out here too, so it was a win-win for me. I will still alternate between here and the US for a while though.
True thanks for the props there, homie...real talk. I would definitely suggest that you grab a ticket to see practically ANYWHERE she performs, you are guaranteed a buffet of 'subjects'. There are just some performers out there that you can count on to bring masses of chicks out...and Madonna is one of them. Plus, her music isn't that bad...particularly some of her most recent you can actually get a little entertainment during your 'ride.' By the way, that story is I just hope to have an experience like that guy....and something tells me that, here in the UK, that might not be as distant as I may think...:-) Don't be a stranger, I have not seen the additional grand likes of Shogun, Bad-Boy, v-dub, Senor Carlos, J-Money (<--I heard he may have quit though) recently either. I also like RITC's material too. Then again, I had been away for a bit, so perhaps I may have missed some of their posts. If you are reading this, guys...give us a shout....
More thanks go out to Black Helmet and Mauler...genuinely appreciated, fellas. Hopefully, I can throw some more accounts your way. Til then...stay on ya 'grind'. Catch ya later...

RE: TokyoAss - "CAUGHT DAMN!!!!!" (Sat 20 Sep 2008 20:04:13 GMT)

'Sup TokyoAss,

On the real, man...I wouldn't even sweat that little incident.
Granted, it may have stopped you in your tracks a bit, based on the old hag's "hating" intervention, however the girl did not call you out or act crazy. She simply 'played it off' with the whole 'shocked' bit, as a means to draw attention away from the fact that she actually initiated and LIKED it (which, of course, she was fully aware of the fact that is taboo in itself )...also as a way of consoling the old hag that she is not that type of woman etc etc.
Having visited Japan several times myself, I know that the people there are relatively reserved in nature...hence your surprise when the old hag stepped up. Nonetheless, I have always thought they are reserved on a surface I have been on the subway over there, sitting next to salarymen all suited up reading pornographic comic books (in the presence of other women, mind you) with a straight face, like it was the New York Times or something...LOL.
No harm, no foul regarding that incident...nonetheless, as you rightfully acknowledged, you may want to take a break from THAT particular train line...especially if it is one that you frequent...because, as a 'gaijin', you have NO COVER, homey..believe that, plus the old hag may take a picture of you if she sees you doing that again...which, as I am sure you have already imagined, would be fukkin' disastrous!! LOL. Good luck...keep ALERT while stayin' on ya grind.......

Senor Marley - The Tomahawk (Sun 21 Sep 2008 11:18:18 GMT)

"Hmmmm. Let's check to see if this crack is deep enough....ahhhhh....yeah...time to get busy".....

Double Up/A Woman's Scorn? (Mon 22 Sep 2008 01:29:06 GMT)

Hey yo! What's goin' on, chikan knights? Hope ya grinds are working in ya favours. Passin' thru to share another account with you all. This actually took place a few days after 'Blonde Ambition', however I am just finding a pocket of time to post it now.

On Sunday 14th Sep, I was among the thousands in attendance for the Thames Festival. This was actually a two day event, however I was informed that, on Saturday, the festival is spread out all over the South Bank area, therefore creating small crowds in different areas of entertainment. On Sunday, there would be a a massive fireworks display to cap things off, so I knew that this was the better of the two days to attend.
I arrived at Embankment, approximately 6p, after spectating the red carpet walk for the UK premiere of 'Righteous Kill' in Leicester Square. Seeing two of my favorite actors in person, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino was quite a treat, but I wanted to catch this festival. The parade was already in full swing, so I went out on the 'hunt'.
My first target was an ebony...about early 40's, 5'5, medium complexion with braid extensions, dressed in a thin summer dress, with a cardigan over it. She was leaning over the barricade, exposing an EXPLOSIVE booty, that moved side to side to the rhythmn of the music blaring from the Colombian float passing by. I almost started to salivate as I watched those ass cheeks work like that. The area was quite concealed, with a few people huddled near her. I made my way directly to her, only to be cut off by another mid 50's Hispanic chikan...who must have seen her at the same time. Unfortunately for him, his technique was he just glued himself hastily onto her behind, almost falling onto her back in the process! LOL. I stood back at that point, as I knew he was going to get screamed on...and..err..I was right. She raised up off the barricade, turned around and gave him a good 'ole English 'telling off'...."What the bloody 'ell do you fink you're doin', you arse 'ole? The floats are near enuff ain't they?!!" I was enough of a distance to laugh out loud comfortably, while I watched the others around her do the same, leaving our chikan friend no other option but to bow out but not quite gracefully. As he walked past me, I felt like gloating...but...nah...that is not good 'sportsmanship' I allowed the situation to die down a little before I had a go....
After about 10 mins, I made my way over there. She was bent over the barricade again, talking to what appeared to be her young daughter/niece whatever next to her. I approached her from the left side and, as I politely excused myself past the elderly couple directly behind her, I gave the ebony a sloooow dick swipe across her bouncing ass cheeks...from center (where I stayed for a few seconds) then across her right ass cheek, all under the guise of me paying attention to the set up of the camera on my cell phone to take pics of the parade. She kept her ass shaking during my dick swipe but did look at me briefly once I reached her right side. I looked directly at her and gave her a disarming smile, nodding towards the a way to appear 'harmless'. She smiled back and turned towards the parade, waving her arms at the passing floats. I raised my camera above her head and smoothly moved directly behind her, allowing the elderly couple to stand in my previous right spot. My dick was now centered in her crack, while her ass cheeks warbled back and forth. JEEEEZZZZ!! Her ass felt round and FIRM, like two overgrown melons. A few more people arrived in my area and thankfully (this time only) they were a little bit rowdy, therefore causing me to push up more on my ebony, and insert my dick that much further between her ass cheeks. She continued to dance, without turning around at all. I let my dick twitch in the crack of her ass, while she jumped up and down on it. While she did that, I stood on tip toe and came down in sequence, giving her the 'credit card' swipe action. The firmness of her ass beneath that thin summer dress was driving me wild!!
After the float started to drive off into the distance, after parking in front of us for about 10 mins, she settled down, back to her bent over position on the railing, pushing her ass back onto my dick..again without turning around....and still talking to the little girl beside her. As she bent over, I felt the head of my dick slip that much further into her ass crack. LAWD HAVE MERCY!!! I can barely put that feeling into words, it was that good!
I stayed and grinded her slowly..while she (consentually?) rotated her hips to the music that passed by on varying floats..and even in the quiet breaks between..she remained rotating her hips. I had been grinding her for at least 30 mins and...although there was pre cum at the tip of my rock hard on, I did not cum...based on me holding I wanted to see what else was out there among the thousands. I rested the back of my left hand (I did not want to put my palm there as she may have gotten alerted by the difference) on her lower back, while messing with my cell phone with my right hand...all the while pushing my dick in and out of her ass crack in time with the passing music, as a means to make her think that I was dancing and I was just happening to make contact with her while doing so..(which I am sure that she was aware by now was NOT the case...LOL.) I did so for a a further 15 mins, before giving her ass a palm before disappearing into the crowd. She didn't even look back when I touched her ass like that...which obviously meant that she was down with 'our game' all along. Hmmmmm.....
I then continued walking up the Embankment stretch, until I found a young British brunette, early 20's, 5'7, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. Her ass was ok, could have been just a little more shapely, however she was bent over the barricade too, so I decied to give her a try. Just as I was about to do that, another chikan, black early 30's, moves in on it....pressing up behind her with more tact than the previous intruder. I had to laugh at getting sidelined TWICE...especially with so much ass there to choose from anyway. However, I wanted to wait until this guy was finished, as he looked familiar.....
As we all know, I could have been waiting there 5 mins to an hour tops in our 'profession' but luckily, he decided to leave after 10 mins. As he was leaving, I went up to him and asked him where the best spot was to watch the fireworks. He stated that he was on his way up there at that time, so I walked up there with him, chatting about the good looking females there etc. This is totally out of character for I normally keep a low profile...but I felt that this guy was 'one of us' I asked him how he had enjoyed standing near the girl that he had just left. He could hardly contain himself, as a massive grin came across his face, as I talked about the shape of her ass. He said that it felt good, as he had been watching her for a bit, before I had arrived there. Confirmed. I knew it. I started laughing, telling him that he had cut me off on my way to her. We both laughed at that too. I then realised that his chikan nature was confirmed, as I recognised him from another festival that I had attended upon first arriving in the UK, whereby he confirmed his attendance there also. This was a first....Shadow working with a partner???????.......
At that, we decided that, if the opportunity presents itself, we would double up. We made our way up the Embankment stretch, riding various chicks and tomahawkin' others until the 'opportunity 'presented itself.....
I went and stood next to an Irish lady, late 30's, 5'5, dressed in a denim jacket and jeans with a HUGE booty. She was bent over the barricade, talking to another lady, who was also bent over the barricade...however her ass was kinda small, so I put my concentration on the big assed woman of the two. At that time, there was no real concealment, however it was getting dark and everyone was walking in the direction of the main bridge to grab a spot to check the fireworks out. I walked over to the women, again under the guise of taking pics...and raised the camera above them, easing my body nearer to that big Irish booty, until I made contact. Once my dick swiped her right ass cheek, she looked back at me, however I did not make eye contact with her, pretending to look through the lens of my camera. She turned away..and looked back towards the parade...but leaned her body towards me, pushing her right ass cheek further onto my dick. I was now between the two women, so the small assed woman went around me to the left side of the big assed woman to finish talking. All the while I dick swiped that round Irish booty all over until I was pressing directly onto it.
After about 10 mins, 'Mr X'..(as he will remain for now until he creates a handle and identifies himself here) walks up and creates a distance between the small assed lady and Miss Irish Big Booty...planting himself on her left ass cheek. The small assed woman was not quite sure what was going on, so she turned and faced the parade. Incredibly, Miss Big Booty did not say a word! She bent over the barricade, whereby her ass cheeks seemed to expand even more...and started to move her ass back hard in a back and forth thrusting motion to the passing music!! Mr X and I were actually RIDING her AT THE SAME TIME while she did this, I mean her ass was THAT big!!!! LOL!! With every thrust, I had an equal amount of disbelief as to what was actually fukkin' happening! INCREDIBLE!
After about 15 mins of this non stop action, an older man appears out of nowhere, on my right side...politely excuses himself to talk to Miss Big Booty. He asks her the which point I noticed the ring on her on her finger when she looked at her watch! He asks her "Babe, you alright?" She tells him she is fine, while still dancing!! OMG!!! You should have seen the look on that poor man's face, whom I immediately realised HAD to have been her husband. He kind of stepped to the side, almost in a wimpering fashion, watching us POUND his wife!! Oh no. I can't do this....LOL. At that, I HONESTLY felt too sorry for him and backed off, pretending that I was done taking pics. He looked relieved at my decision, however was still concerned that Mr X was still smashin'! LOL! Hey, I can't speak for another soldier now...he was on his own when dealing with him. After 5 mins, Mr X realised that I was not there and turned around, to find me sitting on a wall waiting for him. We both left to make our way to the fireworks area.....
Upon arriving, we rode some more asses here and there....until we found two Brazilian chicks. The one that Mr X had was thick...a little bit of a belly, but not fat. She was about 5'6, wearing a mini skirt over leggings with a corduroy jacket, her hair pinned back with glasses. Her friend, who was my target, was about 5'2, with a much smaller frame..and hardly any ass at all. That would NOT do! The girls were standing behind two blondes, who were leaning over the barricade...which is where ya boy Shadow needed to be....
Mr X started to push up on his target, who seemed to remain still, allowing him to dick swipe her. I attempted contact with my target and..although she seemed game for attempt was futile, as she just did not have the body type to participate. Mr X was on his target for about 10 mins, before he told me that he was going to look elsewhere. I said that I would meet him afterwards..and stepped into his place behind his target, the thicker Brazilian chick.....
Once she saw the exchange, she started to move her body back towards me, but I was after the blonde in front of her, nearest to me. As the Brazilian moved back to make contact with me, I moved to my left side, causing a little segway, allowing me to get closer to the blonde..and practically make contact with her. This blonde was Eastern European, about 5'8, wearing a black turtleneck and jeans, with a very shapely booty. I moved directly into position behind her...and then.....the craziness started.....
There have been a few 'FIRST' experiences that I have encountered in the UK chapter of my chikan exploits, my friends........however here is one of the strangest of them all......
The Brazilian chick LITERALLY put her elbow between my lower abdomen area and the blonde in front of me, as a means to separate me!!! I stood my ground effortlessly, while she pushed.....and tugged.....nd wriggled......UGH! All the while, the smaller friend stood a little further away from her, watching in embarassment. I was naturally taller and stronger so, while I never moved position, she was becoming visibly frustrated....getting even more irritated at the fact that I did not say anything to her in the process. Finally, she turned to me and said "Excuse me, why are you pushing me?" I turned to her and said "Have you seen me move from this spot even ONCE while you have been carrying on like this?" At that, she turned away from me...then practically rested all of her body weight on me, pushing her ass onto my right leg, almost sitting on it!! LMAO! No sh-t, crazy as this sounds, believe every word.....
I allowed her to do this for a further 10 mins, before I decided to embarass her and teach her a lesson. As I felt her practically laying all of her body weight on me, I stepped back from the position I was standing, whereby she toppled and almost fell onto the floor. Even though I should have let her, I caught her before she reached the floor and hoisted her up, saying "See? Now who was pushing who?" and started laughing. She straightened up, became quite embarassed and just quietly stared off into the distance of the Thames.....heh heh!
Well, after seeing that little fiasco, the blonde asked the Brazilian 'tyrant' if her other blonde friend can swap places to stand by her. To the obvious dismay of the Brazilian, she had to move away at that point, leaving her well away from me (HOORAY!)...AND...leaving TWO blondes at my disposal to completely violate during the fireworks display..and that I DID ! I mounted them both, rolling my dick between both of their ass cheeks, even getting away with the classic 'Dona Flor And Her Two Husbands' move.....grinding one while palming the other, listening with a smile as they giggled and discussed being taken advantage of in their language I imagined, without either of them turning around. There was more than enough crowd concealment by then, so I got away with a lot...
Once the fireworks display was over, the blondes left, without looking in my direction. Mr X came back over to my area, so we proceeded to make our way to the tube station. I started to tell him about the 'Glenn Close' style behavior from 'Miss Brazil', as we both laughed. While speaking to him, I watched Mis Brazil and her friend walk off into the distance, whereby I crept up behind her and gave her ass a MASSIVE slap, waiting for her to turn around and cuss me out in Portuguese or something, of which, by that point, I would not have given a shit anyway. Funnily, she did not turn around...just kept her head down, while walking and talking with her friend. Odd, huh?
Mr X's theory was that she obviuously wanted me to ride her...and got upset that I didn't. He said what made it worse is that he and I started off with her and her friend...then he left and I went for the blonde, leaving both her AND her friend neglected...which he feels pissed her off. Where my ass slap was concerned, he said that he she was probably relieved that I had did that, as it had indirectly given her the kind of acknowledgment she had LITERALLY been FIGHTING to receive earlier!! LOL! Gotta made sense. I remember in an account by my dawg Bad-Boy some time ago.....wher he had stated the line " as chikans, what a life we lead." I could not put it better myself..........:-)

Re: Veteran trans_rub (Tue 23 Sep 2008 20:28:39 GMT)

I attempted to find some nice crowd pics from the event however, for some reason, I cannot find any 'barricade crush' ones at all. In order to get an idea of the set up and size of the crowd, you may need to check the website out..which I believe is I will continue to search for some good pics in the meantime.....

Sorry mate... (Tue 23 Sep 2008 22:51:55 GMT)

Not every story here has a picture associated with it. My last two accounts just happen not to have pics either. Maybe next time? Who knows. For right now, you have the website that I had provided....and....your imagination....:-)

Re: Guest -black booty parade (Fri 26 Sep 2008 22:20:09 GMT)

Yo, I don't normally call cats out....ain't normally my style...but, after reading this, this sounds just a little TOO much like stuff I have posted. The writing style and content delivery is a little too close for comfort, dawg. Forgive me if I am looking into this too hard...but...sorry, this looks like some bitin' to me, man....word is bond.

Well done (Sat 27 Sep 2008 23:14:27 GMT)

Well said, T Bone. That post shows you to be a class act, homey. I also agree where Kevin is concerned. Though his recent contributionms may not be your, or my, liking, he has his right to post nonetheless. Here, here.
Thanks Mister Ayashi for directing our new members' particular comments to the appropriate areas. I think we have 'peace in the valley' now...:-)

October award: KL_Groper
For his Malay tales.
(LRT is full of beauties.)

Another Malay girl (Fri 03 Oct 2008 01:55:51 GMT)

Back at work today after the Malaysian festive season. The LRT was not quite so crowded so I had to content myself with standing by the centre pole and hoping someone would hold onto it lower down.

Straight aways three girls grabbed the pole in front of me. One a 20 year old Chinese girl put her hand on the pole level with my belt. Then soon after a Malay girl not wearing a scarf, looked about 19 or 20 grabbed the pole high up and an Indian girl grabbed the pole above the Chinese.

So for the first few stops I was nicely rubbing myself onto the hand of the Chinese girl but she just wouldn't put it lower, where my cock was waiting. All this time the Malay girl kept glancing down to watch me rubbing on the hand. Eventually the Indian girl got off followed by the Chinese. Now the Malay girl had the whole pole to put her hand but she decided to place it at my belt level. I started rubbing onto her hand. After a couple of stations she looked all around to see if anyone was watching and then moved her hand lower. I immediately started rubbing my cock onto her hand and wrist. I could feel her fingers exploring my hardness too. This went on for one stop and then she got off.

I'm hoping that on Monday when the normal LRT crush gets back to full operation that I can experience a lot more.

More Malay groping (Mon 06 Oct 2008 02:17:34 GMT)

Had a great time on the LRT today. Mostly everyone was back at work today so it was reasonably packed, but not 100%. Held onto the central pole again with a Malay girl on my right also holding on. I managed to turn towards her and and she was half turned towards me but keeping her distance. My right arm was hanging straight and continually bumping into her left breast. Not much feeling there though as these Malay girls wear underwired super padded bras, feels like armour plating! I kept rubbing my arm into it though just in case it gave her a hard nipple :-) Anyhow after a few stops of this she decides to get off the train. She turns to face the door, with my arm now hanging right in fron of her body. As the train is bumping along my arm and her body meet and I can feel the entire front of her. That Malaysian kebaya dress she is wearing feels like nothing at all. My hand is pressing against her pussy, I can feel the panty line, and the softness of her body. I had a major hardon at this point, but no one to rub against! She soon gets off though but not before I gave my hand a firm press against that warm pussy.

I went beyond my stop and got the train back since. I was the last person to squeeze onto a packed train. Right up against the arm of a Chinese girl. My cock was poking out through by boxers right into her hand which was hanging down holding a bag. I rubbed it all over her. She decided to turn away from me and lifted her arm up. As she did that her hand caught on my stiff cock and sort of pulled my cock up! A fantastic feeling!

Finally I managed to grind against the arse of an Indian girl but only for one stop. All in all tt was a great journey today, I just love multi cultural Malaysia. Tomorrow should be even better when even more people return to work.

35 minute Malay grope (WARNING: she may be 19 years old) (Tue 07 Oct 2008 06:12:18 GMT)

Today i had a great experience on the LRT. I got on an at Terminal Putra and held back near the door, turning sideways, because I knew there were lots of Malay girls behind me and I wanted to be jammed near the door with them. Sure enough I got next to a Malay girl who was also turned sideways so she was facing the same direction as me, with her left arm hanging at her left side, next to my right side.

She wore a head scarf and a blue kebaya. She was about 19, 5' tall, and slim. She had a gold ring on her right finger, with one or more small diamonds, so she may have been married but I don't think so? On her left hand she wore a bracelet of small coloured crystals. Her left hand had small brown marks , probably from a previous skin infection. Over her right shoulder she had a small shoulder bag, it was brown with random silver stripes. This was very unusual for a Malay girl to stand with her arm down. Normally they put their arm across their breasts.

I positioned myself in such a way that my cock, out of my boxers, but in my trousers, was against her arm. I kept rubbing it against her arm, all over. Even when she moved her arm slightly I was back on it, hammering into her. Sometimes we crushed together very tightly and I just laid into her and she must have felt my cock throbbing. She was definitely a player. Even when people squeezed between us to get off, she resumed her position with her arm next to my cock, and this happened several times. And when the crowd thinned out a bit she still stood there despite being able to move. I started touching her bum cheek slightly. I really wanted to move her hand onto my cock, but didnt, next time if I get the chance I will do that. At one point she stood up very straight, I think to get her hand on my cock, it sure felt like it. I was soaking my trousers by this point and she must have felt the wetness. Her hand played with me several times and was the longest time I've had with a player, about 35 mins.

I even threw caution to the wind in the thinning crowd and put the palm of my hand on her bum cheek and fully squeezed it. It was so soft and felt like she was naked, I love Malaysian kebayas! When the crowd got really thin we both moved over to the corner, it was difficult now to touch her without being observed, but once or twice I moved my cock onto her bum to let her know I was still there.

All this time she did nothing but look ahead, except when I squeezed her bum. When I did that she turned around to look behind her. She turned her head around on the side where I was, to look at me I guess. She saw there was no one behind her and then she turned back. She must have known I did it but she gave no indication of it, and no discomfort.

I wanted to give her my email address, so I hastily scribbled it onto a piece of torn paper and was just about to push it into her palm when we stopped at Karinichi and she got off!!! That was 16 stops I played with her. At least I know she gets on at my stop and I think I can spot her again. I just hope I meet her soon so I can take it to the next level. Since she is a player she might look for me, I am far easier to spot (being white) than she is for me.

LRT again (WARNING: she may be 14 years old) (Fri 10 Oct 2008 02:33:25 GMT)

I've haven't reported for a few days because I've just been doing my usual thing, nothing more special than before. Until yesterday that is. I was on a packed LRT train heading home standing right behind a schoolgirl, probably about 14, holding onto the centre column. It was difficult at first to get near her but eventually I positioned myself at her side. My hardon was out of my boxers and stabbing her in the side of her stomach. She must have easily felt it, I moved it around so she knew it was a hardon. I saw her eyes moving around a bit then she just closed her eyes. She could have moved away from me but didn't, just kept holding on. For the next few stops I pumelled her with my cock until she got off a few stops later. It felt great and my trousers were soaked.

On the LRT and bus (Thu 16 Oct 2008 13:47:20 GMT)

Today the KL Groper had a great double experience on the way back from work.

First off all the LRT was packed as usual. I had to wait ages to get on, and when I did I was in a male group so had to fight my way to the centre pole where the women were congregating. For most of the stops the pickings were slim but eventually I managed to stand facing at an angle onto a Malay woman who was holding on to the pole with one hand and holding a carrier bag with the other. I moved over so that I bumped my rod into her hand that was holding the bag. She looked down and stared, I guess she was seeing that my rod was tenting out slightly from my trousers, made easier by the fact that it was out of my boxers. She then appeared to move away, I bumped her again as the train moved, and she then moved forward and made contact. Then we began the game of me bumping her with the train movements and her feeling my rod with her fingers. I turned slightly so no one could see what she was doing. Eventually we were both pushing against each other, all the while her fingers were on my hard appendage. Alas, eventually she got off a few stops before I did, but it was good while it lasted. I guess she didn't get much cock, she was in her 20s, wore a tudung (head scarf) and slightly overweight, a good target profile for me in future.

Next I waited in line for the bus to take me from the station to home. I positioned myself at the end of the long queue, knowing that I should end up standing near the front of the bus. Planning is everything in these situations. As it happens I was standing up facing the front of the bus, in front of me was an Indian woman, probably lates 30s or early 40s, darki skinned, short curly hair, about 5' tall and slim. She was holding onto the pole at the side of her and in her other hand was holding a carrier bag, sound familiar? As the bus started off I bumped into her hand. She looked down, and saw my package. Then she moved away from me slightly, so I bumped her again, she looked down and then when the bus was making its way up the bumpy road from the station she moved sideways right into my rod. She didn't move back, so I obliged her my pushing towards her and gave her about 10 minutes of my cock moving around and into the back of her hand. Since she was a player and she was blocked by me from the other passengers on the bus I thought I would try my luck. I moved my hand and held onto the pole in front of her, level with her breast. Sure enough she moved her breast very close to my hand, so I let my hand open slightly so that the knuckles pushed into her breast. She didn't move back or react. So I went for it. I pushed harder into her breast and she just stood there. The bus was now standing still in traffic for about 10 minutes and while it was there my hand was cupping her breast, and my arm rubbing across her other breast. I squeezed the breast repeatedly, felt between the breasts, felt under them, down the side of her of her body also. She didn't wear an underwired bra like the Malays and it was nice and soft, a nice C cup if I'm not mistaken. She was very submissive, if I had been on an LRT with her I would have put my hand down onto her pussy but there wasn't enough crowd for that. After ages of fondling her breast, rubbing the outline of her hard nipple, and grinding my cock on her hand the bus stopped to let people off. Suddenly the seat in front of her became vacant and so she sat down. I noticed her hand was outstretched against her leg, near her ankle, on the side facing me. So I pushed against her leg with my leg, and let my cock occasionally rest on her shoulder. I spent a few minutes wondering if I had been very wise cupping her breasts, I didn't want a poilce report to be filed against me. I am easily spotted, I am the only white man in the town where I live. I needn't have worried though because I felt her very slowly moving her fingers up and down my calf, carressing almost, and hidden from everyones view. I guess she was saying thankyou for the game. She probably had not had a cock or been felt for a long time by the way she initially pushed into me. Just before I got off the bus I scribbled my phone number onto my bus ticket and placed it in the end pocket of her handbag, she saw me do it. Very risky stuff I know, but I was pretty confident she was okay about it. I shall look out for her on the morning and evening bus tomorrow, and the LRT.

Three in a crowd (Mon 20 Oct 2008 04:20:42 GMT)

I always have eventful journeys to and from work but don't report on all of them. However today I had a nice journey to work with three different girls which is still in my mind. First of all I got on the LRT but this time I couldn't position myself as well I wanted to, too many males around! So I took up my default position in such situations holding on to the central pole. Although I couldn't grope anyone I did have the pleasant experience of the Malay woman opposite me pushing her soft breast into the back of my hand. After a few stops I managed to position against the pole upon which 4 or 5 females were clinging to. In these situations I always signal my intent my allowing the rocking motion of the train to move my body back and forth and eventually bump against all the hands holding on. This lets any interested women know that I might bump my hardon into them if they move their hand down further.

I noticed a Malay girl to the right of me who was holding on with one hand at the bottom of the pole, right in front of my cock. I bumped against her hand, then did it again, and again. She kept her hand there and so I pushed right against it and I'm sure she felt it go from soft to warp factor 10 rigid. She was holding a document in her left hand but I saw her put the document under her arm so that she could grip the pole in the same location with both hands. I rubbed my hardon all over her hand, back and forth, and into her hand. I placed it near her fingertips and felt her fingers touching my cock head. Fantastic! All this time she was looking away from me. After about 5 minutes of this she got off. Once again I noticed she was a girl with a fuller figure, wearing a tudung, and also wearing lipstick. It seems to me it is the fuller figure girls who like to touch cocks, probably because they don't get many. I regretted not trying to rub against her earlier but I didn't because she looked too pretty to be the type, next time I will know better.

After that I stood behind an Indian girl with a large bum in tight pants. Normally I don't do girls wearing pants but this was too good to resist. I pressed into her and she pressed back. I rubbed over her arse for 5 minutes. When she got off I then stood behind a younger Malay woman and pressed into her, her bum was so soft it was incredible but it ended too soon. But a nice finish to the morning journey.

Same girl again? (Wed 22 Oct 2008 01:52:42 GMT)

Did I mention to you guys that I am from London? I mention this because if you think the Victoria line is bad wait till you are packed into the KL LRT. There is no room to even hump.

Anyhow, I was on the LRT this morning and I was sideways to a plumpish Malay girl who got on at my stop, about 5' 6" and was wearing jeans. Being jam packed I couldn't do anything but a few minutes after getting on I felt a hand holding my tackle. A few seconds later the hand is all over my package and I mean all over, squeezing everything for about 30 seconds. Then I felt the arm being moved away, I saw it was the Malay girl. Unfortunately I couldn't do anything except press my rod into her arse.

However after a few stops the crowd thinned out and the Malay girl positioned herself so she had her back near the door and her arm hanging by her side carrying a handbag. As it happens I was facing her arm and moved close so my rod was lightly brushing her hand. She didn't move at all. As the train bumped along I pressed my cock into ther hand, she pressed back. She was using my cock to prevent herself from moving around the train as it bumped. I was rock hard now and I could feel myself leaking down my leg. This went on for a few stops until she got off. I couldn't see her face because she kept it looking straight and she was wearing a tudung (head scarf) but I think it was the girl from the other morning who felt my cock while we were both standing by the central pole. She got off at the same stop too.

Hopefully this can be a regular thing!

Consensual pussy grope (Thu 23 Oct 2008 00:52:36 GMT)

Well it had to happen, and I'm very pleased to say it did. A few days ago I reported here that I groped a woman on the bus and she consented. You may remember that I left her a note with my phone number. Anyway she didn't call until yesterday morning. We had a short chat and she said I was being very risky and so was she as a lot of people know her on that bus. She did say she enjoyed what I did though and had never done that with anyone before. As I have said elsewhere, being groped by a white man in Malaysia allows women to remove their inhibitions. Anyway she wouldn't give me her mobile number but she did tell me what time she gets the bus in the morning to the LRT.

So this morning I'm on that bus :) , actually the bus before it because I left early to make sure I didn't miss her. I waited at the LRT and sure enough on the next bus 20 minutes later she arrives. I follow her up the stairs and into the queue right next to her. She saw me but didn't acknowledge me. When the LRT arrived we all bundled on and I happened to be right by her side, facing her, after forcing some poor guy out of the way :)

So off we go, she doesn't look at me at all. I am facing her left side, she is holding on to the pole with her left hand but her handbag was on her left arm blocking my tackle. I decided to breach the foundations from the rear. I couldn't actually stand behind her but I managed to slip my right arm between her back and the back of the woman behind her. I slowly started touching her thigh and then carefully touched her bum. No reaction so I assumed she was up for it. I then started massaging her bum all over. Up and down her back, the tops of her thighs, and down between her bum crack as far as I could get. Her bum was so soft I didn't want to stop.

Then she moved her handbag in front of her. I took this as a sign to advance to the front door. So I pushed by truncheon against her side and kept it there. Then I took my right arm and moved my hand down her side, in front of her on her thigh. She turned slightly to allow me access and I was on her pussy. I massaged that pussy all over, right down as far as I could get which was between her legs, I pushed my hand hard on it and probed it. She opened her legs slightly to allow me to get to her clit. Since she was wearing a sari I could feel everything. I could even feel the cushion of her pussy hair as I stroked her pussy. So for the next 25 minutes I groped alternately between her bum and her pussy.

This grope happened from the moment we got on until 2 stops before I got off by which time the crowd was thinning and she sat down. Just before she sat down I passed her another note which I had prepared yesterday once more asking her to call and to use her mobile. I shall wait and see.

November award: uncle bob
And his happy family.
(Your niece is too young and too lovely.)

tree lighting (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Mon 24 Nov 2008 14:40:40 GMT)

Hey guys,I've been busy so I havent posted in awhile but I have been stopping by to read the posts.Anyway its the best time of year for chikan in New York.My favorite spot is Rock Center which is loaded with tourist.I always go after the young daughters who are there with their families.Not only on the night they light the tree but for the following weeks when everyone comes to visit and ice skate.The balcony which overlooks the rink is a perfect spot.Everyone is trying to squeeze to the front so they can look below at the skaters.This allows for pushing and touching without being noticed.One of my best experiences was after work about 4:30pm.It was starting to get dark and the balcony was very crowded.I spied my target.She was about 16 years old.Long blond hair,tight valour pants and top.Her jacket was opened and I could see she had quite nice tits for her age..My cock got hard as I observed her,trying to spot all family members so I wouldnt be surprised.After I figured out she was with her mom,dad,brother and younger sister I began to move in.She was right upfront leaning on the rail.Her family was all around her but very pre-occupied with watching everything going on.I worked my way right up to her and decided I wanted to touch her tits first.I squeezed in next to her but got my shoulder in front.I was in perfect position to rub her tits if I moved slightly to my right.I had my usual newspaper in my hand and raised to my chest. I did a quick turn and sweep to the right.Rubbing my knuckles across both her tits.She didnt even flinch.So this time I moved slower and allowed my hand to stop.I now had the back of my hand resting on her left tit.I turned to the right which forced my hand to push harder on her.Again she didnt respond.My cock was Rock (lol) hard!!! I needed to hump her ass which was just waiting for me.I stepped back and allowed her younger sister to scoot in front,she smiled and thanked me for giving my spot to her sister.I stayed right there and did a quick hand brush to see if she would react.Nothing!!!! So I did it again,but slower.Again no reaction.My cock was throbbing because I knew she was mine.I moved one step to my right and was directly behind that beautiful,sexy 16 yr.old ass.I checked for her parents and they were a few people over talking to some other tourist.I began to press against my beautys ass.It was firm and round.I positioned my cock right between her cheeks and started to grind.She didnt have a clue as to what was happening.I wanted to slide my hands around her waist and then cup her breast but I feared that would be to bold and if she reacted her parents were right there.....I continued to hump her pushing my cock deeper and deeper.Now,I am not sure if she didnt have a clue or thought it was just the crowd pushing,but really,as we all know,a crowd surge is very different then a guy humping your ass.......anyway this went on for awhile and as I was building up my cum getting ready to explode,her parents call her and say they are going into a store.She turned,said excuse me and followed them. At this point I was over the top and was determined to cum on that ass.I think you all know that uncontrollable moment when nothing matters,no rational thinking process,just pure animal instinct.So I followed her into the store.Luckily the store was extremely crowded because of shoppers and others who were just trying to get out of the cold.Her parents walked ahead as she and her sister lagged behind.Her sister made her stop to look at some fake jewelry and I moved in quickly.Because of the crowd I was able to mount her ass immediately.This time she turned and when she saw it was me she looked nervous.But this was go time and I was not going to be denied.I knew she recognized me so I whispered these crowds are unbelievable.She just smiled.I leaned into her and put both hands around her on the counter.She was trapped.As her sister asked her questions I began to hump my captive.She now was very aware what was happening as she tried to turn to leave.First to the right,then the left,she looked for her parents,who were all the way on the otherside of the store..MMMM my prey was mine and I wasnt going to be denied.She gave up on trying to escape and just started talking to her sister.The crowd was getting larger as it began to rain and people were pouring into the store.I knew I was invisable,and so I humped her ass like no tomorrow.I grabbed her hips and held her as I fucked that sweet hands slid down to her thighs as I pulled her back into me and I exploded.She felt me cumming as she tried to pull away from me but I had a grip on her and wasnt letting go......she was mine .....and I enjoyed I left I whispered Merry Christmas

neice (Mon 24 Nov 2008 20:13:51 GMT)

Well its almost Thanksgiving and its family time at my house.Yes,my neice is coming and I had everything worked out in my head.I was going to be on my best behavior and avoid any contact with the little tease.Then I found out she is bringing her boyfriend.He is 24 yrs old and a swine.He is very disrespectful to everyone,no one likes him, and so I feel an obligation to strike back at him by groping and humping his girlfriend.The challenge is to separate them and isolate her.I will let you all know how it works out........

thanksgiving with my neice (Fri 28 Nov 2008 22:07:54 GMT)

HEY GUYS,...first off thanks for the appreciation of my stories I have been visiting this site for several years but only read others stories and never wrote about my own conquest..........NOW TO MY I stated in another post she was coming with her boyfriend,who I never met,but was told he was arrogent and a jerk.I was not disappointed....The first thing he said to me was uncles are evil.I said "what"!!!!! He tried to backtrack but the damage was done and even though I had doubts as to whether I would seek to fulfill my desires with my neice he made up my mind for me and it was game on!!!!! She was wearing a black tight blouse covered with a net type half cotton pants that were so soft and clung to every move she made.She doesnt have large tits but she does have an above average ass that was quite promenent in those pants.. I knew I would have to separate them to be successful and I must say I set him up perfectly...I suggested they go down stairs and shoot some pool,and he jumped at the chance to leave everyone upstairs...hehehe,...little did he know I had already sent my nephews down before him,so as soon as he and my neice went down I followed and suggested one of my nephews could beat him in pool.The fool took the bait and left my neice all alone.I asked her if she wanted to see the bunny and she said sure and followed me into the back room.I didnt waste a second,it was payback to the jerk.When I handed her the bunny I didnt try any backhand stuff I went straight to cupping her tits.She doesnt even flinch.I talk to her as she strokes the bunny annd I massage her tit.As this continues we see rabbitt hair flying all over.The damn rabbitt is shedding!!!!! I immediately think "fuck,thats it" because she is wearing black and it was all over her.But wait!!!! I tell her to put the bunny back and I begin to help clean off the hair.Now I must tell you fellow chikans,when opportunity knocks you must know when to take
advantage.I began by rubbing her legs and worked my way up to her thighs.I slide my hand between her legs and began to move upward.She just stood there cleaning the other leg. As she seemed to not mind I became more courageous and moved my hand from thigh to thigh,continually moving toward her crotch.I then reached the promised land!!!!! My hand was on her pussy and she didnt say a word.I began to massage slowly with one hand while the other began to slide toward her ass.Now,like I said "When opportunity knocks,you must take advantage" She asked if there was any hair on her ass and even though there was not,she couldnt see,so I said yes....hehehe.....God,I couldnt have planned this any better.I began to rub the back of her legs and thighs while my other hand was on her pussy.Now I wasnt sure how much time we had because everyone else was in the next room and I expected her bf to come looking for her.So I immediately moved my hand toward her ass,across her thigh and right where the ass and leg meet I began to squeeze.The cotton pants allowed me full contact to every curve of her leg and ass.I moved higher and began to massage her ass.All the time my other hand is on her pussy and she says nothing,but yet she acts like nothing is happeneing....I rub her left cheek and squeeze it then slide my hand across and stop between her cheeks and I push my hand forward as I bring my other hand around to grab her right cheek.My left hand now is between her legs and touching her pussy from behind,I begin to rub her pussy fom behind and rub her ass with my other hand.This went on for about 3 minutes then I could tell the pool game was ending so I stopped and we went to the game room.That was not the end.....I had a raging hardon,after that and I knew I needed more.I also knew the bf would be watching.I waited about an hour and when they were downstairs again I worked my magic and got her to go to the bunny room.Now,like I said before,I couldnt have planned this better then what was happening.But,this time the dog was downstairs and naturally I had to close the door to the bunnyroom because the dog would go after the rabbitt....hehehe......I brought a towel into the room,to wrap the bunny, so she wouldnt get hair on her.But what a shame that didnt work!!!!!!....hehehe...and so once again I had to clean off the hair.I went straight to her thigh and spread her legs apart and pushed my hand up onto her pussy,she sort of tensed for about a second.I think the quick,sudden move caught her off guard.I immediately turned her around and started to rub her ass.I gently squeezed and rubbed each cheek,my right hand massaged her pussy.Then I wanted to focus on her ass and just held her pussy while I worked her ass.I spread her cheek with my fingers and allowed my other fingers to slide into her crack,I began to push her cheek apart until I reached her asshole.At this point I wanted to pull her pants down and lick that sweet ass.God ,I was dripping pre-cum...I thought I was going to blow a load right then....Then again I could hear someone coming and we stopped...It was the jerk.You would think he would be getting suspecious already,I think he was because they were arguing about something later and I decided I would go one more time.........they were in separate rooms and not talking so I asked if she wanted to go downstairs and she said yes....we got into the room and shut the door,but he came down looking for didnt get to cum on her but I definitely came twice already just thinking about yesterday......Oh yeah,my wife invited her to sleepover sometime and I cant wait....STAY TUNED FOR THAT ONE!!!!!!!!

neice (Fri 28 Nov 2008 22:20:08 GMT)

I dont know if I could ever actually fuck my neice,but I definitely want to bend her over and hump that ass on the pool table.I want to have her bend forward and reach as far as she could while I give her a massage and then spread her legs wide apart so I can hump her till I cum all over her....THAT is my Christmas wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!......WHAT DO YOU GUYS WANT FOR CHRISTMAS????

December award: uncle bob
He has best train/subway stories and more.
(Because an old chikan have a history.)

TAD (Tue 02 Dec 2008 22:02:55 GMT)

Hey Tad......the ceremony has gotten alot bigger since my days of roaming the holiday crowd.Now that the event is broadcast on TV and they have top performers I am sure the crowd will be unbelievable!! Keep in mind even after it is over and the crowd disperses,it is prime time for grabbing ass and tits.There is so much pushing and shoving and people hurrying for trains (thats another story) they barely realize you have a hand on their ass.I will be watching on TV so make us proud,all of you guys....NY GUEST...TAD...and whoever else,we want some good stories...I am going to the hockey game but seriously cosidering stopping off at ROCK CENTER.....perhaps to relieve the glory luck and happy hunting!!!!!!

Untitled (Tue 02 Dec 2008 22:13:49 GMT)

That was a great picture Marshall!!!!!........Pehaps we can get him to legalize to all you who voted for me,let me say thank you and I hope to be able to "entertain" you next month also!!!!...and to you Mr Ayashi, a special thanks for selecting me.I have been visiting this site for several years but I never expected to become an award winner.

Untitled (Thu 04 Dec 2008 20:04:17 GMT)

As I await some stories of conquest at the tree lighting I must relate what happened at the hockey game.As I traveled to the Garden by LIRR (which was my favorite hunting grounds)I saw many young girls giggling and laughing and talking about going to the tree lighting.The conversations about the crowd and how they expected to get pushed and shoved made me regret I wasnt going.They seemed to understand that the crowd pushing and shoving was part of the event.Little did they know the event they were going to was totally different from the event my fellow chikans were going to......hehehe....Anyway,after listening to this for over an hour, I was in a hunting mood.Now keep in mind as I have mentioned before I have given up my chikan ways (except for my neice)but now I was ready to play.At the game the best time to get some groping in is when the period ends and everyone goes for refreshments or to use restroom.The line to use the mens room is always huge and very disorderly.The line closest to my seats has a souveneir stand right outside the restroom which makes the corridor very narrow.I stationed myself near the souveneir stand and waited for some unsuspecting cutie to come by.At this point you must be very careful that she is not with a boyfriend or dad.Another girlfriend is the best, because young girls like to chatter and dont pay any attention to anything.I spotted several targets who I moved in on but the best I could do was get a hand brush on their cheeks.The crowd got larger as more people were stopping to buy stuff.And then I spotted my next target.She was alone and wearing black tights and a sweatshirt which covered her ass,but I could see she had great legs and so I assumed they were attached to a great ass.As she got closer I positioned myself so I could step in line behind her.As I moved in the crowd slowed to a stop.I used this time to lean in close and get her sweatshirt up above her ass. I gave a quick hand brush,then another.She didnt acknowledge either,so I cupped her right cheek with my right hand and gave a squeeze....nothing......the crowd was moving again very slowly and people were pushing so staying in contact was easy.I slide my hand to her other cheek and cupped that also.I was surprised that there was no reaction at all.So I became even more brazen and moved my hand from cheek to cheek cupping and rubbing each one.She still didnt react and so it was time to go for the score!!!...hehehe...I moved my hand between her legs and pushed it right up to her pussy and gave a rub.....then the crowd started to disperse and I had to backoff for fear of being caught.I watched as she continued on and never looked back to see who just massaged her pussy.It was a short but enjoyable grope and certainly it was a good score!!!!!!..........

GROPE ON THE LIRR (Mon 08 Dec 2008 23:18:08 GMT)

As I have said before my favorite place for groping is the railroad.One of my most unforgettable conquest happened on my way home from work.I was not expecting anything significant to happen as the train was not crowded at all.There were planty of seats but as I entered the train 2 women were standing by the door.One was much older and was the mother,coworker or just a friend.The other was about 25 and was quite the looker.She was about 5'4" and had long black hair.She had a very firm set of tits and her ass was perfect.I noticed she was wearing a pair of silk pants to match a silk blouse.My god,the temptation was overwhelming.I wasnt sure how I would get my hands on those round cheeks,especially with the train not being crowded.This was going to be a challenge!!..I had my usual newspaper for cover,so I positioned myself behind the younger one but kept a safe distance.I was hoping as the train got more crowded she would be forced closer to me.As the bells began to ring signaling the doors were closing,there was a rush of about 5 people entering the car.Now this was by no means sufficent cover but it did serve to move my target directly in front of me.As the train began to move I lowered my paper to my side.Now I could use the motion of the train to help me make momentary contact.When the train goes thru the tunnel the lights dim briefly and so I waited for my chance.Then it happened,,the lights went out and so I raised my hand with the paper and casually brushed her right cheek.There was no reaction and the lights went back on.I was encouraged and so I began to formulate my game plan. I was pretty much out in the open so I checked to see if anybody was watching.Everyone seemed to be in their own worlds and so I brushed her cheek a second time.Again no reaction.I decided I would push the envelope and I allowed my hand to slide from one cheek to the other.Nothing!!!!! GAME ON!!!!.I was going to see how far I could get.I moved my hand still holding the newspaper firmly against her ass.All the while she was having a conversation with the other woman.I began to push into her cheek,then slowly slide across to the other.THEN all of a sudden she stands up straight and opens her legs and she tells her friend she was getting a cramp....hmmmm,,...I couldnt be sure,but I thought that was an invitation.I was going to find out!!..As I slide my hand across her ass I stopped in her crack,I began to let my fingers search her crack.Moving up and down.As I got more brazen I pushed one finger into her crack and felt her tighten up for a second.She then took her bag and held it in front of her.Still talking like nothing was happening.I was totally hard and my cock was throbbing.I knew humping or cumming was not going to be an option,but,I was going to give us both something to remember for awhile.I moved my fingers forward so that they were barely holding the paper.Then with my middle finger I began to massage her asshole.The silk pants felt like nothing at all and were easily pressed into her crack.I slowly moved downward and followed her crack right to her pussy.At this point she sort of looked in the window to see my reflection.I was waiting for that and I just smiled.She turned quickly but not before allowing a smile also.She was mine and she was going to enjoy it!!!! I felt totally free to do whatever I wanted,but had to be careful so others wouldnt see.I got my fingers up to her pussy and began to rub her gently.She sort of relaxed and leaned onto the partition but kept the conversation going.She was amazing!! I was massaging her pussy while she held the bag in front of her and talked like nothing was going on.I was ready to explode in my pants but couldnt make contact with her.Besides I decided it was going to be her night.I continued for a few minutes and she began to squirm around as she stood there.I knew she was reaching a climax.How was she going to avoid detection when she came???? I couldnt wait to see.She was all tense and ready.She was fighting to hold back.I heard her friend ask if she was alright.I could see the side of her face was beat red.Then just as if she had it planned the train pulled into the station and as her friend needed to step aside to allow passengers access she pushed down and shivered and exploded on my hand.She turned away so her friend couldnt see her face but that gave me the perfect view.She was gorgeous!!! She was mine!!! AND SHE ENJOYED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

A FEW SHORT STORIES (Wed 10 Dec 2008 15:31:00 GMT)

As has been stated many times on this site,you never forget the first time.....I was 13 yrs old and always took the subway to school.At that time just being able to touch a tit on the train was more then heaven for me.My first subject was about 19 and I would see her everyday.She had a nice set of tits that always seemed to be pressing against the pole.I would watch everyday as she leaned against the pole and her tits would just be squashed against the pole.I needed to get my hand in there,even if just a backhand.So oneday I decided today was the day.She always got on at my stop so all I had to do was get to the pole first,which I did.I held the pole low so as not to alert her.She held the pole for a moment then leaned in.There were people all around,several others holding the pole.I slid my hand upward and stopped just below her tit.She didnt notice.I waited to build up the courage to move higher.Finally,at the next stop as more people entered the car I moved my hand up touching the bottom of her tit.She backed off for a moment,which allowed me to move my hand higher, but the crowd forced her forward again.Direct hit.Her tit was right on my hand,I did not look at her but acted like I didnt notice.She had no choice but to stay pressed against my hand which made the next 15 minutes the most exciting train ride of my life...........little did I know what my life would become.........................We both took the same train everyday for the next several months each day I became more and more bolder.My daily feels began to become more daring as I would hold my books at tit height and when she wasnt leaning on the pole I would use the motion of the train to brush against her tits,in some cases pushing quite hard and other times just feeling her nipples as I brushed her.Sometimes I would turn my hand so books were held more between my arm and chest thus freeing my hand to turn and cup her tit.I never figured out if she was willing,naive or to embarrassed but she nevr said a word.......................My first cum was on the same train.I always spotted a nurse dressed in white which was a turn on for me..I started out by brushing her ass with my backhand,she reacted and turned around.I think after watching her so many days I wasnt going to give up to easily.I would continue for days brushing her ass.Again she would try to move but never said a word.As time went on she just seemed to think a casual brush was not so bad because she just ignored me...Little did she know her action was giving me more confidence everyday.Finally I decided d-day was here.I was getting my first hump......She always got on one stop after me so I was waiting.She entered the car and was wearing this perfect white dress that fit so tight my dick got instantly hard......she moved past mme to the center pole.I immediately vacated my spot by the door and moved behind her.The train was not crowded enough yet to do anything so I waited.At the next stop people poured in pushing me right up to her butt.I was directly behind and could smell her pperfume.I wanted to enjoy her so began moving my hand up the pole towards her tits.She seemed to notice because she was aware of who I was,but she had no means of she tried to pull off the pole I moved my hand right to her tits and leaned into her.She ws trapped and I just soaked in the feel o her tits on my hand.I could feel her nipples whichwere hard.I tried to open my fingers so I could squeeze them but I couldnt be to obvious.As the train began to move I rocked with the motion against her cheeks.She looked over her shoulder as if that was going to stop me.On other days it might have worked,but not today.As I continued to rub her ass and press her tits into my hand she became increasingly uncomfortable,but I felt confident that she would not make a scene.At the next stop,as people shifted to allow oncoming passengers a spot she turned and pushed her way toward the door and grabbed an overhead strap.I wasnt going to lose her as I now had a rock hard cock.I knew if I could have a few more minutes I was going to have my first cum on a girls unwilling ass.I was not going to be denied.I waited for the next stop, which on the subway is only about 2 minutes,as passengers entered and left the car I moved right up behind her.I waited for the train to begin before I made contact.I knew she would be scared or angry and probably move again at the next stop.I would need to cum fast.which wouldnt be hard because this game of cat and mouse had me horney as hell......the pursuit was so exciting.I eyed up her crack.She was holding a strap and I grabbed the one next to her and leaned into her.Her cheeks felt so soft I began to rub back and forth with my cock.She tensed up as she realized I was back.I pressed against her and then lined my cock up with her crack.I began to hump with the rhythm of the train.Although she was aware of what was happening she stood frozen.I began to move faster as I felt my pre-cum dripping.I had my cock right in her crack and was going to cum.I pumped her ass faster and harder as I felt spurts of cum shooting out of my cock............she just stood there totally helpless and defeated.As the train entered the next stop I leaned tight against her.When the doors opened I swiftly got off.As I left I turned around and she was just looking down......I noticed a wet spot on her white dress.I had her just the way I wanted.......and I enjoyed it.........

RE:JMONEY (Thu 11 Dec 2008 13:29:43 GMT)

I understand some stories will seem a bit much.As I said I am only telling highlites of my chikan career.I have been doing this for over 40 years and so you can bet there will be some unbelievable stories.I no longer chikan (with one exception which I am trying to stop)but after partaking on this site it becomes increasingly differcult to avoid temptation.I have a handful of stories which I consider highlites and you would consider unreal.I have been surprised many times during my chikan activities as you will be in yours.I can asure you I post only true stories.The life of a chikan is full of many surprises....some good and some bad.Before I leave this site I will tell the story of my worse chikan experiance.......but before that I have more good stories to share.....

NURSE (Fri 12 Dec 2008 23:02:07 GMT)

HEY "X" tell you the truth I am not 100% sure.I guess I would say somewhere between 19-23yrs.old.......And guest I have to tell you that I also am very young looking.I know that had alot to do with what I was able to get away with. I have many times chikened young girls who were much younger but never suspected my age.So to all you new chikens,and I know it has been posted many times but it bears repeating......presentation of yourself is very very important.Be clean and neat,be respectful,....BE SMART.......I will be back tomorrow with a story of my first arm hump.......

ARM HUMP (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Sat 13 Dec 2008 16:29:43 GMT)

I entered the subway as always,searching the platform looking for a prey.I was on my way to work so I had jeans on.I was carrying my newspaper as I walked up and down the platform but didnt see any crowds or targets.As the train pulled in I got on the nearest car which was somewhat crowded but not packed.I immediately spotted a young schoolgirl holding the center pole.She had long blond hair,pretty blue eyes and was wearing,jeans and a t-shirt.I managed to get right next to her but not close enough to make contact as the train wasnt that crowded.After a few stops people were beginning to get snug and I figured maybe I can get some tit action.I raised my paper to chest level and sort of inched my way closer.Since the next stop was a big transfer point I positioned myself to be ready for a quick brush of her tits.Sure enough when the doors opened a crowd surged in and began pushing.Well,forget a brush,my hand was pushed right into her right breast.It was firm and to my pleasure her bra was very thin and it felt like she was not wearing one.The doors shut and my hand was still wedged into her tit and she didnt try to move.I figured ok,maybe I could try alittle movement and see what happens.I started to move my hand toward her other breast.She just stood there looking straight ahead.My cock was rock hard.My hand was now resting on her left tit and my arm was across her right tit.She definitely knew what was happening because there was no reason for my arm to be in this position.I was holding onto the pole with my right hand and she was using her left.At this point I was trying to figure how to get behind her,but that didnt seem possible.She had her books in her right arm hanging straight down by her side.I never before attempted to arm hump but this seemed like the only option.I began to play with her breast by moving my hand back across to her right tit.She just turned alittle towards me giving me full access.This not only was a green light but it was all the encouragement I needed.At this point I could feel my hard cock filling with pre cum.I felt pretty secure because the train was crowded and I knew she was game.I turned slightly lining my cock up with her arm and pressed forward.What a surprise to feel my cock line up with her hand.She didnt turn it around to grab me but she kept it right there as I began to rub up and down.At the same time I manuvered my paper so 2 fingers were free to massage her tit as I pushed into her.I found her hard nipple and just held it between my fingers.She was now bein aroused and she closed her eyes.I was fucking the back of her hand and squeezing her nipple at the same time.I was getting ready to explode and I didnt care who could see.She was game!!!...When I couldnt hold back (and believe me I was trying,this was a great feeling)I pushed my cock hard into her hand and squeezed her nipple at the same time.I could feel my cock pulsating and I know she did.She bit down on her lip and looked straight into my eyes.She sort of got a little smile (like I know what you did and I enjoyed making you cum).My jeans were wet and at the next stop I got off the train and headed to the bathroom to clean up..knowing that SHE WAS MINE AND SHE ENJOYED IT.....I looked for weeks to find her again but I never did...

NOT ME (Mon 15 Dec 2008 21:15:43 GMT)

Although I have nothing against him,as a matter of fact I enjoyed his story......I AM NOT DIRTY UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KIOSK GIRLS (Tue 16 Dec 2008 00:42:39 GMT)

The girls who sell creams and lotions are so damn annoying.They never take no for an answer.So I decided they must be beat at their own game.Who better then a chikan to do it.When I walk by they always say "can I talk to you for a minute".I always tell them I am not buying anything.Now they are always young sexy and very charming and they know it.They start with their creams on your hands and arms and it feels so good.They always try to be very sexy as they do it,trying to wear down your resistance.My main objective is to grab,or touch some tit.They usually wont say anything if you are subtle.They want to make a sale.I ask questions and pretend I am really interested as I look them up and down.I allow my fingers to brush their tits.Sometimes I use my arm.Either way is effectiive.I get a hardon and they dont stop me.......When it comes time for the purchase I just remind her that I said I wasnt going to by anything and she said I walk away I politely say "thanks for the massage,perhaps we can do it again tomorrow".....AHHHH THE WAY OF THE CHIKAN!!! .........and yesI had such an encounter today!!!!

RE:J MONEY (Thu 18 Dec 2008 16:13:10 GMT)

Hey Money no offense taken.Like I said after over 40 years there are plenty of strange things that happened.I will sometime soon relate what I consider my greatest grope.I find it hard to believe alot of the stuff written here but then I just think back about what I have been able to get away with and I say "Sure it can happen"........Most of my attacks took place on either the railroad or the subway.I remember when I was traveling home from work one night.I always would scope out the station to see if I could find some cutie waiting for the same train as me.I spotted this brunette wearing a very nice fitting green dress.It was sort of a crepe material.It clung to her body as she walked thru Penn station.You could see her cheeks and the crack of her ass.She had nice tits and you could see her nipples.I watched her as she looked at the board to check train times and I prayed she was going to take my train.She seemed to be a secraterial type,which I like because they almost always have low esteem issues and are easy prey.....Well they announced boarding for my train and she headed right to the track.I followed closely and got behind her because I know when we get to the stairs there will be a bottleneck and I would be able to get some touching in.Sure enough we reached the stairs and everything came to a stop.I was directly behind her and was holding my paper.I pressed my hand against her ass to test her reaction.Nothing!!!! So I slid my hand across her cheeks and still nothing.People were pushing and so I used the surge to put my hand between her cheeks and into her crack....this chick didnt move.I began to move my hand across those cheeks again,they were like two melons pressing against that sheer dress.She had panties on and I could feel them thru her dress.Now we began to move down the steps so I backed off so not to be to obvious.This girl seemed like a willing or naive participant...I stood back and watched as the crowd waited for the train to open the doors.As the doors opened the push was on and she sort of stayed back waiting for everyone to board.I kept a distance to see where she was going to go.After everyone boarded she entered and stood in the doorway.People were still getting on the train and when I felt it was crowded enough I moved into position.I got right behind her.I had my paper in my hand and as soon as the doors closed I began touching her cheek with my hand.She was facing the door and there was one guy between her and the door.I could see her face reflection in the window.I began to rub my hand across her ass.The train was somewhat crowded but not packed.I didnt think I could get away with humping her so I was content to feel every inch of that beautiful ass.I allowed my hand to move from one cheek to the other.I was watching her face and there was no reaction,so I became bolder.I turned my hand aound and palmed her right cheek.She sort of tensed up for a second.I looked in the window and she had this far away look on her face.Since she did not move or turn around I decided ready or not she was going to be my piece of ass all the way home.I slid my hand from her cheek to her crack.I let my finger rest right at the top of her crack.I slowly slid it down the crack feeling the heat from her body.That dress was almost like she was wearing nothing at all.There was no resistence like from a tight skirt.It just allowed my finger total freedom.As I moved my finger lower I watched her reaction in the window.She looked down and sort of took a deep swallow.I was alittle concerned about the guy in front of her because he could probably know something was going on by looking at her face.He didnt say a word.Either he didnt notice or he was enjoying what was happening.I was in full attack mode and dont know what stopped me from humping this bitch,but I was going to touch every inch of that ass.I lowered my finger and pushed it into her crack,feeling the heat and her cheeks close in on my finger.I palmed her cheek with my other four fingers and kept my finger buried in her crack.The train was rocking back and forth and so I had very little to do.The movement of the train shook both her ass and my finger making for a very enjoyable grope.I slid my finger lower and could feel her asshole thru the dress.She was completely overcome with shock or fear,she continued to look down and I massaged her hole with my finger.I poked it in alittle just to let her know I was able to if I wanted.I was once again dripping pre cum and wanted so badly to hump her but I guess I knew it would be to risky....I kept my hand and finger on and in her crack,alternating from cheek to cheek ,squeezing,cupping and rubbing for an entire 20 minutes until we reached a transfer point and the train got quit empty.She took a seat and I took one acros from her.She tried to avoid eye contact butwhen she finally looked up I was watching and waiting.She saw the look on my face.You all know the look.The one we have after we had our way with our prey.The one that says....I had you,and I enjoyed it!!!!!!

Untitled (Fri 19 Dec 2008 21:28:05 GMT)

Glad you guys enjoyed the story.Its great to tell them because I get to relive them all over again.....And yes Smooovieee she tensed up but then just gave,it was great!!!!! and I didnt even cum!!!!!!!........As a side note an update about my neice.We are going to her parents house for Christmas day so I know not much will happen in the groping department but I am curious as to how she will act towards me......I realize I blew the perfect chance to see exactly what was going on in her head on Thanksgiving.....I should have asked her to clean off my pants and then see where she touched or rubbed....I guess I got so excited about having her standing there while I rubbed her ass and pussy my brain was in full attack mode....HEHEHE.....STAY TUNED......

NEIGHBOR (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Fri 19 Dec 2008 22:30:39 GMT)

I remember my first overly aggressive attack.It was with my neighbor.We were both 16 years old.She had a great body.Big tits,nice round ass and a sassy personality.She had been dating my friend and I always wanted to get her alone for 10 night we were hanging out at my house.We were on the front stoop. There were four of us 2 guys ,2 girls and we had a bottle of Vodka with O.J.We all were feeling no pain and we started to play around.You know tickling,poking,grabbing.Well we decided since the night was boring maybe we should liven it up a bit by playing a game.It was called 7 minutes in heaven.What you do is 1 guy and 1 girl go in a different room and do whatever they want to each other.Since we were outside we used the alleyway next to my house.On my turn I chose my neighbor to go with me.My cock was hard just thinking about what I should do.Well,she reluctently followed me into the alley.I was rock hard but for some reason I began to feel very guilty about screwing around with my friends girlfriend even though he wasnt there.So when we got far enough away from the other 2 I just said come here and lets kiss.She moved towards me and I put my arms around her and began to kiss her.Our bodies were very close and I could feel my cock throbbing.It took all my will power to not grab her and try to fuck her......anyway,after 7 minutes of kissing and talking we returned to the others.When her girlfriend asked if she had fun she laughed and said "he chickened out".HOLY SHIT!!!!! I WAS ENRAGED!!!! I said "OH YEAH" COME WITH ME....and I grabbed her arm and pulled her back into the alley.She must have realized I was going to be very aggresive because she started to pull back and fight me..................I just remember saying "CHICKEN,I'LL SHOW YOU A CHICKEN" and I went to kiss her and she turned away.Now her back was facing me.....oh boy,BIG MISTAKE.I grabbed her around her waste and started to grind.My hands were around her waste holding her as she squirmed to get away.I kept sliding my hands up across her stomach and to her tits.Man they felt as good as I imagined.I now had her by the tits and was grinding my throbbing cock into her beautiful round ass.She kept saying let go,but I kept saying "I'll show you whose chicken,whats the matter you cant take it".I think in my attack mode I realized I could be crossing the line and so I wanted her to know she provoked the attack by laughing at me...She fought to get free,but the more she squirmed,the more excited I became.I held her tits and humped her ass for what seemed like forever.I think she knew exactly what was happening and she was helpless to stop me.I never felt like that in my life.She dissed me but she was going to pay.....I humped and pulled her towards me,while she tried to push my hands off her tits.I was going to explode and cum in my pants.I gave one last squeeze to her tits and pushed my cock deep into her ass.God it was heaven.This little smart ass bitch wasnt laughing no more.When I was done I let her go and she was pissed.She was walking in front of me almost crying.I began to feel very guilty,but she deserved it.I think she realized it was part her fault because she just gave me a few dirty looks the rest of the night but she never made a big deal about it........

TEENY BOOPERS (WARNING: she may be 15 years old) (Mon 22 Dec 2008 13:50:08 GMT)

I know I have stated I have retired from groping but these young girls with their tight,tight stretch pants that just wrap around each cheek and hold them apart so their crack is just out there waiting for a hand to touch it make me crazy.I have to admit that the past few shopping trips to the mall became more of a hunting expedition.I have grabbed several of these round little asses.The best part is these girls are oblivious to everything.I just last night spotted a group of 15 yr.olds going into a very crowded store.Naturally I followed them and picked my target.She was so cute and her ass was wrapped in tight stretch pants that just lifted and separated her cheeks. Each cheek looked like a melon.Perfectly round and oh so inviting.I approached the group from behind and followed until we all reached a bottleneck in the aisle.I quickly brushed past my target allowing my hand to brush both cheeks.She didnt respond at all.I then reversed direction and went back past and again rubbed my hand across those cheeks.Nothing!!!!.So now I know she doesnt have a clue and I move in.I position myself right behind her and as the crowd moves forward I move slightly faster so I can bump into her,as I do so I have mmy hands in front of me and each one gets a cheek.I lightly press my hands into those 2 firm but oh so squeezable cheeks.She is to busy talking to her friends that she doesnt notice.I kept my hands there for what seemed like a very long time.I actually slid one hand toward her crack so I could try to poke my finger into it,but the crowd suddenly dispersed and I had to back off.......I dont care what any of you guys say.There is nothing like a tight young ass wrapped in stretchies!!!!!!!!!

BEST GROPE EVER,,,(for me) PART 1 (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Fri 26 Dec 2008 23:41:55 GMT)

OK...this is my best ever! As I have stated my favorite place was the LIRR and my favorite targets are young teens.It was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and I got out of work early.I was at Penn station waiting for my train and watching for targets.The problem was catching an early train meant there would be no crowds.As I waited I saw this young girl walking thru the station.She was wearing cutoff jeans that were so short her ass was hanging out.Well needless to say,she got my attention.I watched as she walked right past me and headed into a store.My train was due to arrive shortly so I didnt follow her.I waited and hoped she would return but I didnt see her when my train was called and boarding was anounced.I was so fucking disappointed.Even though there was no crowd at that point in time my groping had reached the very unsafe level of me sitting beside my target and gradually start rubbing her thigh.Most times this was safe because if the target showed any sign of resistance I would stop,but,if they decided to make a big deal,you are trapped.Another story for another time......anyway as I walk down to my train I spot this young girl with the cutoff jeans entering the train right in front of me.I walk past as to not be obvious and watch were she sits.I enter the car from the back door and walk to the front where she is and sit down next to her.She has her legs wedged up against the back of the seat in front of her so her ass is sort of forward and her jeans are way up on her thighs.As I sit I open my paper and allow it to overlap her legs.She is reading a book and totally doesnt have a clue that I sat next to her when the rest of the car was almost empty.I wanted to find out right away if she was going to be a willing target or I would get up and find someone else.I made believe I was reading the paper and I turned the page but as I did I moved the paper more over her lap and just slightly touched her reaction...The next step I slowly slid my hand down the page while I held the paper.I could feel the smooth,soft flesh of her response.I then slid my hand back up again along her leg and turned the page.She totally ignored my movement which in turn totally turned me on....I once again slid my hand down the paper but this time I allowed my pinky to reach out and touch her inner thigh.As I moved lower on the paper but higher on her thigh I could feel the softness of her inner thigh.I was getting hard!!I glanced over to see her face but she was still reading.I knew she had to feel me.Then the ticket taker came into the car and I had to be careful,if she reported me to him and he saw my hand on her leg I was dead meat....but,after using this technique for many years I could sort of tell who was game and who was not...after all to this point in time no one had ever screamed or turned me I was feeing confident and I left mu paper on her lap with my hand restring on her thigh as he collected our tickets.She never even blinked.After he left my cock was rock hard just knowing I had my hand on her infront of the conductor and she said nothing....SHE WAS least I was going to find out...As soon as he past us I was so excited I wasted no time.I again slid my hand down the paper but this time I barely had 2 fingers on the paper as my hand was almost totally on her thigh.I moved down and towards her crotch.I didnt stop till I reached her jeans.At this point there was no denying my intention.I had my hand on her soft thigh about an inch from her pussy.I couldnt believe she was letting me do this.I began to gently massage her thigh,feeling her soft ,young flesh in my hand.She suddenly lowered her book and opened her legs.Holy shit!! I was shocked.I glanced at her face and she was looking out the window.I wasnt sure if she was trying to stop me with the book on her lap so I knew I had to find out.I slid my hand from her thigh towards her crotch and pushed the book aside.There was no resistance at all.MY cock was throbbing.I had this 17yr.old in cutoff jeans at my mercy..I began to massage her pussy thru the jeans,suddenly she slides lower in her seat and opens her legs.I thought I was going to blow a load right then!!!! I kept massaging her pussy under the paper.There were several people sitting across from us,facing the same way, but on the other side of the car so they really couldnt tell what was going on.I was trying to get my hand in her pants so I could finger her pussy but those damn jeans were so tight especially the way she was sitting.I was rubbing her pussy and squeezing her thigh and just wanting every inch of her.I tried to unbutton her jeans so I could get my hand inside her pants and touch her cunt but they were so freaking tight I couldnt do it. I was doing this for about 15 minutes and we finally arrived at a main switching station I was praying she wouldnt get off the train.She didnt!!! Now I hadnt said a word to her.She was staring out the window and I whispered open your jeans,she didnt say a word but immediately opened the button I tried again to get my hand inside but they were just to tight.Now I thought all was lost but I took my best shot.I whispered "take them off" I almost fell out of my seat when she stood up and dropped her pants to the floor.She didnt even care that the people outside on the platform might see she sat down I wasted no time.She was wearing a green bikini panties........ WE BE BACK WITH PART 2

BEST EVER ....PART 2 (Sat 27 Dec 2008 03:48:58 GMT)

As I said she was wearing green bikini panties.She quickly sat down and spread her legs.I immmediately slid my fingers down into her panties.Her pussy was dripping wet.It was hot and felt so silky.She had very little hair,obviously just shaved.I had my paper on her lap and worked my finger into her pussy.I could feel my pants getting wet from pre-cum. I slid my finger inside her pussy and began to move it slowly.She closed her eyes and began to push her pussy to meet my finger.It wasnt more then several minutes until she pushed real hard and I felt her body moving and humping my finger.I knew she had come.I was so excited I couldnt think straight.All I knew was I wanted every inch of her.I slowly moved my finger from her pussy and worked my way to her asshole.She lifted her ass so I could get my finger inside.I began to slowly fuck her ass with my finger,she agin closed her eyes and moved her ass in rythme with my finger.I was ready to cum in my pants.I pulled my finger from her asshole and inserted it back in her pussy.I was finger fucking her when I decided I wanted her ass at the same time.I inserted my pointer finger in her ass.I had my middle finger in her pussy and was fucking her asshole with my pointer.I was totally nuts with desire.I wanted to touch her tits but that would have been to obvious for everyone around us,so I used my elbow to rub her tits as I fingered both her holes.It took about 10 more minutes and she was ready to cum again.She began to squirm and twist in her seat.She was humping my fingers.I wanted to make her cum again......I moved my fingers faster and faster.She was totally under my control and I was loving it.I fingered her till she came again.She stared blankly out the window,never saying a word.I took her hand and slid it under the paper and placed it on my cock.I dont think it was there more then one minute and I came so fucking hard.....she felt my cock pulsating and just smiled......I think she enjoyed our little session more then me.....When the train was one stop before mine I told her I was getting off...she should pull up her pants and she did.....when I got off as I walked by the window I could see her watching me....I just smiled the look .....she smiled back....I had her and she enjoyed it as much as me....

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