The man of the year, 2007

is Max Mond.
He is also the winner of November award.
The Rookie of the Year 2007 goes to deleted. He is the winner of October award.
And Shadow, the March award winner is entering the Hall of Fame.

January award: NYBootyluver
And hot actions in chilly NY.
(You need to cool your head and dick, brotha.)

My Addiction (Wed 17 Jan 2007 08:26:01 GMT)

Damn, I was trying to look up my addictionto see what was written about my obsession for rubbing phat asses in crowded trains and buses. I never knew Id find a site like this.

This is NYC and my long dick stay mounted in the phat asses of Black and Latino women. Starting at 7:45 am on some weekday mornings. Shhit sometimes depending on the quality of asses Im riding I end up being real late for work.

Every day aint heaven. Sometimes a brotha dont get shhit out there. But when heaven comes its usually in 3s and it is so memorable it makes you stay in the game even on those real discouraging days.

Take yesterday morning for example, on the platform scooping out the asses. This spot here is usually semi- or fully crowded. Im mapping out a game plan for a tough ghetto-lookin black chick in a lite gray sweat pants has on a black goose down almost cover the ass. But the ass is big I can see it real well through the coat can even see the lower part of the cheeks. She looks hard probably intimidate some cats. But them lips and the aura tells me she wont mind bouncing this long hard dick for me. As I get ready to approach from left back sideletting just enough people get in Im on her like a shadowbut just then right off to the right of that ghetto booty is a tall Puerto Rican or Dominican chick with a carriage and baby. Good look at the side profileass is is banging the ass is in a tight dark blue jeans. Mami is trying to get on this motha fuka. Yo I decide to help her on. Im like: Folks we got a baby her please make a little room..please Muta fuckas moved only a few inches in but she was in and I was right behind that ass.

My first prospect was off way inside. But I was set on this piece a Latina ass. First things first. I always keep my dick hangin down my right leg (the shit is long). I use the leg to bring my dick up on the bitches ass so it dont look like Im really on the ass. But Im on that shit 100%. The first few seconds I just lay the dick gently on her ass letting her feel it as it grows across her ass cheeks along the crack of her ass side ways. Her ass is firm but soft-like. Its goood.

Mami already knows its going down. She is as cool as a breeze. She now bends the ass back to me, her face is straight ahead frontin like she is talking to the baby in the stroller. I give her the 3-wheel motion. I rub the dick across her ass easy-motion from left to right, and right to left stopping in the crack or center of her ass each time only to bounce and hump ithit it with the hard dick 4-5 times then press up in the crack deep and prolongedthen chill a few seconds. I gotta chill cos an ass like that will make me bust real fast and I didnt want that to happen. Sometimes I had to get off the ass for a few seconds. In that time, Mami was moving her ass around searching for the dick. Thats when I got back on it with the 3-wheel motion again. This lasted for 3-4 minutes as the next stop came a lot of people got out and new people got on and I couldnt really re-capture our first position so I let her go. I needed to chill anyway cos I would have cum.

Damn, right at the next door was that black ghetto chick with the big butt poking out that goose coat. White boy standing kinda close to her but nothing is happening. Next stop I hurried over there. Now she is holding on to the poll over the seats. Not very crowded but enough people to justify why I was close up on her. I stood behind her without any contact just slowly getting hard just by her prescence and the anticipation. Once I begin to get hard where there is some soft still in the dick thats when I gave her ass a soft bump with the dick then chilled a second just to see whats up. She knows right a way its a dick. She moves up away from me about a few inches. I am still charged up from the Latina. I need this black ass, so I inch up on her. I wait a second then rest it on her softly full length sideways, so she can feel it and picture it. Yes indeed, she aint moving now. I get right up on that black assit feels real spongy like two big round pound cakes. I started bouncing and humping on it with a quiet rhythm. I humped the right cheek and the crack while my left leg firmly on her left cheek. I am a mess, I felt I was gonna cum so I stopped and just kept my dick pressed across her crack. My dick fit that ass right. She is accustomed to this shhit.she aint frettingshe turns around slightly perhaps to see me on the peripheral. She knows its a young black dick. This lasted for two stops about 5 minutes.

Next episode, this is not really my stop but its a busy connecting point. There will be some ass here. I can take 15 minutes before going in to work. More white chicks than black and Latinas. White girls dont really have that..thattempting aura.that get-up-on-my ass-look. They dont usually have pronounced asses. Okon the platform there is a frumpy- kinda ugly dark-skinned black girl. She is slim about 23 or so. She is wearing a crochet skirt red, white and light green. The ass is small but rounded outthat will do just fine. I get close but not too close. I notice some of these bitches can sense me and will run away from the dick before I even approach the ass. Ok Im in but too closeand Im already hard. She felt it and jetted deeper into the carbitch got a seat.

No worry, there is a broad hips black woman with little freckles and glasses. I know the facial structure thats a Jamaican. She looks about 50 years old. I hoped she wouldnt get off the next stop because I need the train to stop in order to get over to her. You cant just say excuse me on semi-pack train to walk over behind asstoo obvious. I waited and as the door open a Mexican dude was trying to climb that ass. She feels him I can tell she turned back and looked at him hard. He wont pursue--its over he is soft. Im at her side, she can see me. I aint fuckin around. I lay my hard dick on her right hip pressing up on her. She is moving away a bit I am moving with hershe sees me. I maneuvered and got right behind her. Im all in that ass. Its firm as hell. She a bit tall, got my kness bent and a bit on my tippy toe. I humped that shit, grinding all up in it. I adjust my dick with my hand, raising it horizontally along my right leg up sideways so she can feel it across her fat ole ass. While I adjust my dick Im palming and rubbing her ass with my hand. I even look down at that shit These women are no jokeyou never know what to expect. I thought she would bark on me. All she did was give up her ass. But I suspect they like a big hard wood....even when you chase a little.

When I do my shit I dont really look around at people, I find it draws more attention when you look around. But I felt someone watching me. Ha Ha it was the Mexican dude he looking at us like he wanna jerk off. Im stabbing that ole firm yet fat 50 year old black ass sideways. I feel the rush cumming up out my dickI stop and press up tight on her ass bracing myself for the explosion. My cock was jumping violently, beating like a over pressured heart, Im gushing ooze down my pants. She is pressing her ass back on my dick. After it was over I felt fucked up and weak. I just got off her ass. I chilled by myself. I got off the next stop with her and as I went up the stairs I look over at her and she looked intently at me. I whispered thank you your ass was good. She just stared at me dumb-founded and went out the station. I got back on the downtown side and headed out.

About the weather and ass (Fri 19 Jan 2007 12:01:04 GMT)

Big up Gtheasslover. Thanks for the hail. I stay looking for your stories because they are a lot like my experiences. Good shiit

The weather dont change much for me in the way of riding womens ass. Coat or no coat. Of course, the less layer between you and your target the better (no doubt) but I have been able to feel the softness of some phat asses with their coats on.

The issue with the weather is the womens disposition. A lot of them dont feel themselves sexy or in the moodthey dont feel sexy when they are all bundled up. So for me, I suffer more of a hard time getting good willing sshiit

Its also about luck and timing. For example, yesterday, I got on two jammed pack trains. First was a hazel eyed stunner (possibly light-skinned black or Latina) Tight blue jeans with white trims, she had a chunk a around grade A top choice ass. As soon as I walked in behind her she scowered for more space and was now facing me from a good couple of inches. As the next stop came and people flooded on, she had to move off to the side, so I jumped over to heryo she got huffy and moved a way with serious annoyance I chilled cos I could feel she might be on some bullshit.

Next, I transferred and found another ram-cram joint with a brown-skinned chick early twenties wearing white scrubs (the shit doctors wear in the operating room) Ass was wide and meaty. She had on a furry coatagain the ass was there to be pumped. I walked up on it and made a nest for my dick. The sensation against her ass was silky and nice. She was nice about it no drama. I felt her ass nicely even though she had on that furry shit.

The issue with coat is from you the ass-rider, if you got on some big old bomber with shit in your pocket you won't get much feel.

Anyway, it was a lot of work and wasted time yesterday.

But I need to chill out now! On the reals. I am getting psychologically fucked-up. Ass is like a drug that is threatening my job.

I hope to stay away from this shiit for a while.

Warning (Fri 19 Jan 2007 12:02:28 GMT)

WARNING NYC cats do not mention the trains you hunt on. Be smart. I was reading some other post on here where the cat mentioned specific lines and all a that.chill.

Hats off (Sat 20 Jan 2007 07:28:07 GMT)

Really interesting shiit on being too greedy: Shadow, Bad-boy, Black Shogun the player Ghteasslover. Big! I laughed at the joint about the older Latino gentleman who stayed glued to the ass even when his spot was on fire.

Yeah but for real one has to practice discipline and just chill sometimes. It all makes me look back to how I first got the love for this sport..back at Club Ark in Flatbush years ago. I remember I was in high school and my friend's mom took us to the Ark for his birthday ( we were under age) but they knew her and we got in.

When I got in there I couldn't believe my eyes. Nice big butt women rolling their asses while dudes was grindin them down. I remember this slim mama with a brown satin-type dress with a cord tied around her waist. She was slim but the ass was obsenely phat about more than 30% of her body fat laid just in her ass. This old dude was riding her like a donkey. I was watching enthralled.

I watched over one time and saw her alone dancing. Quickly, I wanted to get up on that extraordinary shit. I knew I wasn't in my right mind, surely old boy would be back in a minute or so. But I..I lost control..I had to feel it.

As she was whinning I rushed over to her (no skill no technic) just wild adolescent hunger. I press my wood right in her crack. My dick went in with a certain "gooiness" I can't describe it. As I made contact my body shivered and trembled. I entered a place of unbelievable softness and warmth. No way could she have had any panties on with that sheer dress. The ass felt really goood.

When she placed both her hands on her knees and pushed back rolling the ass on me I was in heaven...banging away at her ass like a retarded kid having a seizure.

Now, not once did she even care to turn back to see who it was. She knew I wasn't her man.

But that was the beginning. I was 15/16 back then. From that event I became bent on this subtle pleasure.

What have I become? (Tue 30 Jan 2007 02:46:17 GMT)

Hey thanks for the nomination brothers. But I don't know if you will consider me after to hear what happened recently.

Have I shamed myself before my chikan brothers? Am I really a degenerate?

Saturday I was invited to a Baptist revival by one of my co-workers. She has been trying to save my soul for months. This was a storefront church here in Brooklyn. It was packed.. We got there about 10-15 minutes late, standing room only.

Anyway, my host and me were able to move from the back closer to the podium.she was telling me about the pastor and how long the church has been in existence and all that. As Im listening to her I noticed something outrageous in front of me. What appeared to be a short little lady about 55 brown dyed hair, black dress over a magnificently protruding ass.

Now keep in mind, I have been chilling out on the chickan-business. Its just too cold and the mood is not there these know. Ive been a good boy for 2 weeks now.

Im listening to my host and the pastor on and off. I decided to play like I wanted to hear more so I inched up while talking to my host and stood right smack dab behind this most amazing piece of ass.

I felt my wood starting to grow. With it laying straight down my leg, I brought my leg up to the little ladys ass. Only the head and neck of my dick made contact on that ever so soft yet firm derriere.

She turned back slowly like, I didnt look at her, I just continued to whisper to my host acting like I was oblivious to any wrong-doing and kept my dick right where it was.

I kept getting harder right on her assbecause she was so short the head of my dick was the only part of my dick really making full and deep contact down along her phat right cheek.

She remained there clapping and screaming: Amen. Then I started using my leg to press the head of my dick over to her crack. I was in there like whoa! The circumference of my dick head covered and completely stuffed her crackI pretty much pressed her panty and her dress inside her ass. I was in and out her crack..hitting that shit lovely all while I am clapping. I found it hard to talk to my host at this time for it was all so exhilarating. The crowd, the clapping, the fact that I was doing this in a church with my co-worker right next to me not even suspecting what I was doing.

Then my spirit was jolted when a womans voice over to the left-front said: Kara.where is Damian? My target turned to talk to her and I saw my targets face .OH NO! She was so young. She looked at me and said: Excuse me mister I have to get over there. It was a pretty little thing no more than 15 or 16! AWWW! I didnt know. As she walked over to the lady you could see the indentation in the back of her little dress where the head of my dick was sooo deeply pressed. Awww I felt bad. But I didn't while I was up in it.

February award: Indian_pool
And mother and daughter and their nice buttocks.
(But my cheers go to your adventures with willings.)

Mom and her daughter (Thu 15 Feb 2007 16:13:10 GMT)

Back again is your Indian pool .Fellow Indians hope you have all quit this great habit.No updates!!!.Request to spread the service our boss Ayashi is doing.The last few weeks had a lot of chikaning action.
I was on the busy streets of T Nagar in Chennai for groping.A mom and her daughter was there in Saravana Stores.The mom should be around 39 and the girl atleast 16.They were on the 5 th floor where you get these fancy items.The mom wore a green saree and a low neck blouse and the most voluptuous ass protruding out.Somebody has taken enough care to shape it ?The most exciting part of her body was her hair.It was black shining and well oiled to make a very big bun.Her neck hairs were visible and exciting to watch on the whitish skin.Her daughter wore a churidhar and she had certainly got her moms ass.Otherwise was average and not very great.These two women were searching through the flower vases area and looking one by one.The standing area in between these lanes were very less.As usual my dick was out of underwear well hanging through my pants supported on my balls.I just passed through the lady slightly palming the moms ass.Couldnt believe deep cleavaged buttocks.The greatest thing is no panty inside.Indian women dont wear underwear when they put on sarees.I walked again on the other side again palming the buttocks.This time took enough care to ensure my fingers felt the joint of two bums.She was busy and no reaction.I got courageous.I just stood there and started checking the flower vases.My dick was positioned on the bum centre and slightly pressed on it.WOW I would die for that feeling.My penis could feel both sides of the flesh without much pressure.My nose just touched her hair bun.Exotic and oily smell.Suddenly there was a crowd that sprang out and started pushing.I took advantage and just leaned on the aunt and kept my lips on her ears very careful not to mouth it.I was able to get the hairs on it and just licked.I said sorry and she understood my position and said OK.I just did not move but slowly kept applying pressure on my penis.It slowly sunk in.No hesitation from her side.
I could not balance in the crowd.So I kept my hands down and accidentally it landed on the daughters buttocks.Not much difference from her mom in circumference.But the flesh was erect. (She wore a panty).I dint move my hand.I was able to see her face reaction.She was not enjoying a bit annoyed but showed that she did not want to create a scene , hence kept mum.I started feeling her bulgy bottoms my palms took the shape of a semi circle feeling her back flesh. Meantime her mom was enjoying the feel of my dick.Certainly she should be starving a lot for sex.What the fuck her husband is doing ???Gaining more bravery I started Chewing her neck hairs and slowly kissing it.No reaction believe the next move I made was mouthing her ears.She enjoyed the sensation.All this while my hands were busy pressing the dough of her sibling which she release from her vaginal hole.The girl was so upset she was not looking anywhere but just kept head down and trying to move from that area, but her mom was hesitant.My hands kneaded her dough and felt the pantyline.I pulled the elastic and played.Slowly my hands moved down to find she had a pad which created a thick bulge below.I was excited and constantly started kneading it as we wash our ass after shitting.She was totally in a fix.Her mom had started moving the buttocks and giving me a rocking action.I pressed and she pushed as I was nearing orgasm.My whole leg was now in contact with her every part of leg.Two women even stared at my guts but who cares !!!I erupted and the cum dripped through my pants wetting my leg through thighs and some part of her saree.The stage of orgasm made my hands to squeeze her daughters butts from just pressing.It was kneaded as a dough and made soft enough and panty lines were lifted to allow more frredom on the bums.I just left the spot immediately of fear of being caught.I then groped asses of various sizes and ages ,even a old ladys pussy and then just came to the lift to leave.Luck again hectic crowd waiting to get down and my favourite mom with her daughter and sexy hair bun.Now I just wanted to strip her nude and mouth fuck thereitself which was simply not possible.I said myself to control.Approached her back and just stood waiting for the lift to come back to 5 th floor.Her midriff was bare because of saree.I just brushed my hands there and saw her.She recognized me dint say a word nor smile but turned as if she knew nothing.That was enough for me.The crowd was getting heavy and squeezing.I just grabbed her hair bun and started kneading it until my hand became oily.She dint utter a word.Meanwhile my fingers traveled inside her from bottom of neck and felt her scalp.So oily and erotic.Just then the lift came.She climbed arly and now her daughter was exactly in front caught in the crowd and the whole lot of people were pushing.I decided to show no mercy on her.Just brought in my hands to her friend caught hold of her right mammaries and mashed like potatoes until the cloth in that area was dripped by the oil of her moms head.Poor girl had no other go and I became a real pervert.If at all she had some milk in those mammaries thay would have totally spilled off to my squeeze.My other hand had been placed in front of this young ones bottom hole.I could feel the young pussy with cat hairs through her light pyjama pants.I literally damaged that area too.We got into the lift in that position and I just stood sidewards of her mom and behind this daughter.The moms hand was down and I just pressed my dick on the moms palms.She just felt my erection through the pants and gave it a little squeeze.I kept as it is and she fondled my boner meat but only for two minutes.The stoppage of lift in all floors increased the duration.She got excited and tried her best to get my pole juice but the time was not enough.We came out and in the crowd held the moms shoulders and pressed my dick on her penis and smelled the hair bun.To my surprise I found her husband waiting there in the ground floor.He had been in the mens wear shopping his dresses.
Might look to be a long narration but these all happened in an hours time and since I thoroughly enjoyed wanted to take enough time to put it as it is.Thanks for my fellow chikans for the patience.Bye for now

Dear Mohan Poompuhar (Fri 16 Feb 2007 06:30:23 GMT)

That was a golden chance might be one in thousand of my adventures and hence elaborated so excitedly.No idea on the crowd of sivaratri bcause me moving 2day to blore.Any inputs to grope there.Pls let me know.

Nazeer (Mon 19 Feb 2007 05:12:48 GMT)

Thanks 4 ur applauds.Me very careful.but would play only with willing aunties or helpless girls.At any cost with otherwise.I know chennai is dangerous.They say Hyderabad,Kolkatta and Ahmedabad get "A" class rating for aunty groping with no resistance.Bangalore is one place where you dont find crowds except for vehicles.Any variance in my comment pls let me know.

March award: SHADOW
The bigtime concert lover.
(And a little chikan romance lover, too.)

Big Sis, Lil Sis.... (Thu 01 Mar 2007 07:05:28 GMT)

Peace, brethren. Good to see the board in good form; some great posts...keep 'em comin'.

Well...the second of the scheduled five concerts I have on the agenda this week was somewhat better than the disappointing intro....
I was in Austin to see a legendary hip hop icon Big Daddy an indoor venue. Those of you who are unfamiliar with this artist, the one thing you need to know is that he was/is a favorite with the said, right? LOL. That show was a must!
I arrived at the venue in good time, considering my drive from SA. I was a little disheartened once I saw the snake-like line around the this was a free event with no guaranteed admission based on limited space. I was just about to walk to the back of the line and pout..(lol)...when I got a stroke of luck: a couple of guys that I knew from SA were near to the front of the line, so I joined them, cutting close to one hundred people....yeah baby!!
As I stood in line, I checked out the scenery....a nice, diverse set of honies...some voluptuous, some so-so. Either way, I could not wait to get inside.
Finally the doors opened. I checked in...hung with those guys for a bit...then took off solo in pursuit of some 'bubbles'. There were a few support bands, however their popularity was not enough to generate a crowd at the front yet. I made sure that I positioned myself near to the stage, in a dark as not to be already seen by my I knew that BDK would have all the women running to the front.
And...boy...was I right!
I had my hands everywhere all over these women, grinding on some, 'parade resting' on others...but the most memorable ride/s were on two sisters from Atlanta, who were in town visiting. The older one, who was probably in her early thirties, dressed in a white polyester jogging suit with her hair tied back looked a little like the actress 'Sallie Richardson'...(<--'Google' for reference) The younger sister, who actually told me she was 23, was wearing some lowcut Brazilian style jeans with a tank top, with her hair frizzed out. She looked more like another actress named 'Stacey Dash'. I mean, these were some prime cut ebonies, yo. Both of them were about the same height...approx 5'5..with Coca Coca bottle figures....nice breasts, small waists..and nice, solid round portruding buttcheeks. As soon I saw them making their way through the thickening crowd towards the barricade, I did not waste ONE MIN to ensure that I would be behind them. There were two novice-style, early term chikans that made attempts to follow them..however they were too busy looking at each other nervously with that 'no, you go first' type of weak attitude. While they were busy deliberating, ya man Shadow stepped up and stood tall like a big dog on those 'onions'..believe dat.
Anyway, fast forwarding a little....I got to talk to them while the last local band was performing. I complimented them both to build rapport..and got rewarded by BOTH of them leaning over the barricade with those big 'bubbles' sticking out. I was already incredibly hard when speaking to those asses...made me that much harder, on the verge of passing out! The host announced BDK's entry...the crowd was thick I moved in...
I started on Big Sis first...who cooperated BEAUTIFULLY swingin' those hips like a stripper...leavin' me ridin' like a champion. Lil Sis was watching me every now and then, with a smirk on her face. She didn't attempt to say anything to Big it was quite apparent that Big Sis was enjoying my penis pushin' into the wedge of her buttcheeks. Did I roll my hips?! Come on KNOW Shadow had to do that, right?! All the while, Big Sis had her hands in the air while I violated her...with my hands all over her thighs...(that is a move I save ONLY for willing participants...newbies, beware!)
After a solid ride for approx 20 mins, I broke loose on that ass, while she pushed back harder and jiggled as I was cummin'. Oh, mama! What a fuckin' sport! LOL!!! Priceless!
I recuperated for a few mins, then decided to get some water. I asked them to save my spot..and they both agreed. I didn't care if another chikan stepped I got my spot confirmed enough for him to move along upon my return...'boyfriend' rights an' shit! LOL. As I was leavin', I felt someone tug on the back of my was Lil Sis...who wanted to accompany me to get a drink at the packed bar! NICE!!!!!!!!!!
I made my way to the most crowded area of the bar, allowing her to get in front of me...because Shadow is SUCH a gentleman...:-) I stood there, talking to her while waiting, my lips practically touching her ear. Good lawd..she smelled and felt so good! I stood behind her, rubbin' my dick from left to right on that ass, holding onto her hips lightly. She let out a that, I backed case she was getting pissed. Just to check, I asked her if she was ok. She said that she was gettin' tired of waiting...and was going to go back..but she wanted to wait for me. I thanked her, 'playfully' hugged her from behind, whereby she wrapped her arms around mine.....and I just remained that way...she did not object. My dick reached the center of her crack and I slowly pushed it in until I felt that familiar warmth from her booty wedge..(woo hoo!) whereby she just laid her head back on my chest. She complimented me on my cologne, while I circled my dick nice and snug in this fine female's ass. By that point, I did not even care about a drink, the show, her sister...nothing, yo! I blew lightly in her ear..and I felt her shiver, then look back at me squintin' her eyes, smirking asking me 'What are you up to?' I said 'Nothing, except enjoying you' She chuckled and started stroking her hair. Well, guys, I wasn't lyin', right? I really WAS enjoyin' that ass!
Finally, it was our turn. I purchased our drinks...then we made our way back to her bigger I guessed...had some old dude behind her. Funnily, Lil Sis alerted Big Sis...which got old chikan away from the area real quick. I had cum on Big Sis I just rotated my hips on Lil Sis while she leaned over the barricade until I came again. She remained still, facin' the stage...even while I was cummin'.
Once I got my bearings again, I just went back and forth between the two bubbles, riding one while palming the other. I am quite positive that they both knew what I was up...but all I got was smiles from them both...and looks of killing envy from a few other chikans. Fuck it..I told you all that I was goin' to get even more ferocious this year; I wasn't lyin'!
At the end of the show, my dick was still planted into both their asses, interchangeably, while they waited for autographs. By this point, my arms were around both their waists, while doing so. I was delirious with what I was able to get away with!
When they finally left, they gave me a ride back to my car. They were homebound for Atlanta on they were staying with an aunt at a full house, so phone numbers were pointless. I would just like to thank Atlanta for those wonderful imports.....I hope my next concert is equally blessed....I shall keep you posted....:-)

Stoppin' by... (Sat 03 Mar 2007 03:03:53 GMT)

What's goin' on, people? I hope the ridin' is going well for you all.
Thanks Bad Boy for the props...always appreciated, homie. With that said, your last post was smooth too...even on what you considered as a bad night for you. Man, you always pull through, though. I have to post my new experience from last night's concert...however the irony is that I do not have the time to do so right at this I am on my way to another concert this evening! If all goes well, I shall treat you all to TWO accounts back to back.
Peace to the whole clique...(you guys know who you are)...eternal damnation to the haters..(you DEFINITELY know who you are)...congrats to indian_pool for the Feb award and I appreciate the HOF mention, X...thanks. Gotta run....hopefully I can add tonight to my posting tommorrow...:-)

Austin Revisited... (Sat 03 Mar 2007 11:50:04 GMT)

Ok, gents...I have just returned from the fourth of five concerts, scheduled all within this past week. This evening went quite well, I was quite fortunate.
So...with no further is the first of two accounts; the following took place two evenings ago, on Thursday.

After the mutual chikan success AND genuine enjoyment of the Big Daddy Kane show in Austin, I went back to that city to check out another of my hip hop favorites, a duo called 'dead prez.' The guys I had met at the BDK show thought I was crazy for making that drive again so soon...however...those particular dudes do not understand the almost insatiable chikan hunger, so it was pointless trying to explain...:-)
Having taken the drive so recently, my timing was spot on...arriving just before a line had formed. I paid and entered the venue...looking for somewhere to sit for a moment and contemplate my strategy. The age range appeared to be between 18 to late twenties at this show...mostly college students. I was considerably dressed down in jeans, a t-shirt and baseball cap so I slid right in.
There were two support groups that performed, prior to the main act. The first support group got no love from the crowd, with no one at the barricade. The second group garnered more attention; I heard that they attended college in the, by that point, a small crowd had quickly formed at the barricade. I casually walked over there, once three lines had formed away from the stage. There was a blonde, tanned 'Barbie doll' looking Caucasian lady, about 5'8, probably late twenties...standing with another Caucasian man, who looked about late forties. Her dad...uncle...boyfriend? Who knew...shit...who cared? I was too busy looking at that athletic body of hers...some perky breasts covered by a black tank top with some thin denim shorts that covered a ROTUND booty! I could see the lower portion of her buttcheeks portruding from the lower part of her shorts. The older man was just standing still to her left, while she stood facing the stage, swaying to the music. Her stomach chain provided a good segway to build rapport, so I complimented it...whereby we made some small talk...allowing me to position myself behind her when the support group were throwing free cd samples into the crowd.
By the time 'dead prez', the main act, came on, I was glued to her...her back pasted against my dick fully erect piercing the buttcrack area of her shorts. I used the 'parade rest' on her while the group introduced themselves...enjoying the twitching of my dick all over this chick's ass. She was in no position to move, as our area was quite tight. The man that accompanied her looked bored..and kept looking off into the distance. That was fine by I was now caressing Barbie's thighs, concealed by the growing rowdiness of the college crowd. She kept looking to her left...then to her right...but never turning completely around to look at me, probably in fear of embarassment. I could have been wrong..but I got the impression that she had not been chikaned I could feel her pulse racing, while she stood there, frigid. I was so close to her that her hair was practically in my face..whereby I would smell it on occasion. I whispered to her that her hair smelled good..whereby she gave me a very enthusiastic 'thank you' before turning around. I had to tap into her femininity, in order to put her at ease. That strategy seemed to have I could feel her posture relaxing considerably, practically to the point where she just rested that round, firm booty on my dick. As the uptempo tracks came on, I used every excuse to push my dick on her ass and ride her crack..while keeping a subtle eye on the old dude with her. He seemed to have struck up a conversation with someone standing next to him. While holding onto Barbie's hips, I bent my knees slightly to slide my dick up and down in her crack. Her naivety and meekness made me even harder, while I ran my fingers along the sides and front area of her stomach. This all occurred for approx half an hour before I started to flow...with her buttcheeks clencing as I shot a load into her crack. Her breathing became a little irregular...faster, based on nervousness, I assume. All the while, the older man paid no real attention to her...only occasionally asking her if she was ok...whereby she would reply 'yes' very quickly, with my dick stuck in her crack. After I shot a load, I left that area promptly to position myself elsewhere. As I was leaving, I looked back at her...laughing to myself, as I watched her reach behind her to pull her shorts from within the wedge of her crack...LOL! Thanks, Barbie..:-0
Throughout the remainder of the first half of the show, I went into the thickest area of the crowd....and palmed as many bubblebutts, thighs and breasts as feasibly possible...all going unnoticed. At the intermission, I went to get some served...then saw my next target...
She was Asian...soon thereafter, I realised she was Japanese, by listening to her speak with her friends....who consisted of two nerdy-looking girls and a guy. She was about 5'4, her hair was in braids, wearing an eye-catching black tracksuit with a pic of Bob Marley on the back of the jacket, with sneakers. Now, I had read in earlier posts where the impression was that Asian women do not have big asses...which, admittedly, may generally be true...HOWEVER...THIS ONE had BOOTY, my friends...enough for Shadow to follow their little clique and post up behind her..without having to lean on her back or anything..her ass stuck out on it's own merit.
I kept my arm down, allowing my hand to bump against her right ass check firmness, roundness etc. My hand just bounced off that ass, it was that firm. At one point, my hand went in a bit too strong, where she turned to her right and looked at me. I used the disarming 'smile' technique and apologized. She was extremely receptive and introduced herself: her name was Kyoko.
Well, after some small talk, ya man Shadow had managed to manoeuvre her away from her friends, assisted with the jostling of the crowd..up to the barricade. She did not lean over..instead she just stood up against the railing. Luckily, her booty was more than ample I was able to make contact by simply standing behind her. Given the rowdy nature of the crowd in that area, I used another quick motion to take my dick out, and leave my t-shirt over it. Once I did that, I pressed closely against her so she could feel it. Upon contact, she turned around and looked at me blankly, her eyes slightly widened....but I just winked at her. She simply raised her eyebrows, turned around and FINALLY leaned over the barricade...assuming the! Guys...let me put it this way...I rolled my hips and pushed so hard into that girl's crack that I could see her little fists gripping the barricade. I got incredibly brave after that...and reached around the front and started to fondle her pussy area, outside of her clothes. After a good while where I was BASICALLY fucking her asscrack, I could feel a little moisture in the area where I was caressing her pussy. This broad was getting WET!! Woo hoo!! LOL!! That ALONE got me so hard that my dick wasn't twitching anymore...just simply rooted into her crack while I pushed and pushed. After about 20-25 mins of pummelling that chick's bubble with my naked dick, I streamed cum into her backside. While this occurred, I felt her shiver a little...but she NEVER made eye contact with me...just continued to face the stage.
Well, all good things came (literally!) to an end. She told me that she had just arrived a few weeks ago and lived there in Austin for school..(as I had already guessed) but would be willing to come to SA so I can show her around. As I was leaving, I hugged her..and our faces rubbed together on the break. She did not move her face away, so I kissed her..with her responding. I will be showing her the inside of a hotel room before she sees any other part of can give that the GUARANTEE stamp, homes. I am going to dick that woman up, down and sideways, when I see her in a couple of weeks. Hey, ain't nothin' wrong with a little chikan romance every now and then, right? LOL.
Reagrding the account of the show this past evening, I will post that tommorrow. Stay tuned..:-)

Vet Appreciation... (Sun 04 Mar 2007 00:17:57 GMT)

Firstly, I have to give a 'real-recognise-real' thanks to you, Shogun. Puttin' pride aside, I have to say, with full admission, that a number of your posts, among others, have served as inspiration for some of the posts I have contributed. As you had noticed, I have...and continue to use...a couple of moves that you had originated. I continue to say that props are always appreciated...particularly from the clique of veteran chikan masters like yourself, among others here. I just hope that my truth continues to entertain. If I happen to arrive at 'Man of the Year' again, it would be a great bonus....however, if I do not...I can say, with all honesty, that I get equal satisfaction and enjoyment from indulging in this 'game' as well as posting my experiences afterwards.
In regards to whippin' my dick out on the blonde, I see what you are sayin'; she would have been a perfect target. I chose not to at that time because, in addition to what you had speculated as me nuttin' on her bare booty, in retrospect, I think I was a little too bold with her; given her meek, tense demeanour. I got away with it...which of course is a plus...but I might not have been successful, had I whipped my dick out. The remaining two possible factors of concern were the possibility of her alerting the dude she was with plus, at the area where we were situated, we were directly beneath the lit glare of the stage, facing the center. Also, admittedly, it was so tight in that area that my shuffling around to do so would have brought unnecessary attention. I am naturally an extremely observant I have to take everything into account before making moves on the chikan tip. Where the Japanese honey was concerned, that was further right of the stage, SLIGHTLY less dense crowd-wise but still packed enough to whip my dick it was considerably darker in that area.
In reference to your coined 'parade rest' technique, I am almost sure that I use that move in the same way as you do. Basically, I interpreted it as 'standing behind the woman, with my dick in the wedge of her ass crack without moving my hips, while my dick pulsates'. Is that right? The only INFREQUENT addition to that move is when I, at times depending on concealment, will lightly palm her asscheeks or slightly stroke her thighs, while doing so. I have also found that move helpful, when I am in a REALLY thick crowd, with no space to move around. I had been performing that move before becoming a member here; I just did not have a name for it, though. Props on that, my friend.
Luckily, I have had a string of successes recently..but you are absolutely right; I HAVE to remain careful. In my experiences, I have seen novices...even relatively experienced chikans get 'screamed on'..(as the homie JMONEY so I try to assess each situation carefully before going in. In this game, I have quickly realised the necessity to pass up on the QUANTITY=going crazy on every available ass possible and go for the QUALITY=women that I have observed long enough to judge as a basis for a good riding. Hell, I would go to a concert filled with women and stay on ONE...if the potential to ride her for a loooong time is good enough. Nevertheless, thanks for the advice...I shall certainly stick to it.
Where Austin is concerned, it is considerably more diverse than SA...therefore the majority of acts that conduct national tours have a tendency to stop addition to Dallas and Houston. The club/bar scene is considerably more lively...and there are more concerts, pound for pound, there than in SA. The majority of the concerts take place in clubs there too...or large bars. In Dallas, Houston and SA, there are also concerts that take place in small venues, but the majority of them are in larger arenas or outside pavilions. If any of you get a chance to check Austin out, I would advise it. The South by Southwest Film/Music Festival takes place from March 14-19....another MUST for chikan that festival garners GLOBAL attention, bringing actors, musicians and those involved in entertainment from all over the world.
In regards to the recent concerts, the 'Big Daddy Kane' show took place in a large bar...with approx 800 people. The 'dead prez' concert took place in a small outside venue with approx 1,000 people. The 'Trae' concert that I attended last night (post comin' soon) was in SA, at a nightclub which held approx 1,200 people. In fact that was the same venue that I had mentioned in some previous posts...including the the first of these five concerts that was hardly worth mentioning. I shall attend the fifth one tommorrow, at a custom car show that I anticipate approx 2,000 people...(yeah, they come out for these car show concerts down here!)
Thanks for the official welcome into the Majors, Shogun. It is always a plus to be recognised by the veterans. Hopefully, I can work towards Hall Of Fame induction one day. Again, thank you all for the props I have received...where, as you have seen, I NEVER hesitate to return. I shall wait until I attend this car show concert tommorrow before I post the 'Trae' concert from last night. If all goes well, I may have TWO posts, as a pose to one more. Stay tuned, peeps..:-)

Shadow...aka Ghetto Rider???... (Mon 05 Mar 2007 15:42:09 GMT)

What's goin' down, brethren? I hope the ridin' opportunities are increasing for you all. First off, thanks for the correction, Shogun; I had checked out the frottin' glossary some time back...but evidently got my terms mixed up. Have there been any updates? I will check again after this post. In addition, thanks for the props JMoney and gtheasslover; you all can trust in the fact that I will always keep the board informed of my 'missions'. Hey, with that said, that provides a nifty little segway to one of two posts...(the car show concert went well too!) The following took place on Friday night......

Funnily, I was not even going to check this concert out...following the disappointing intro last Saturday at the same venue...especially as this particular artist was considerably more local than 'Rich Boy', the artist from Saturday, who at least has some radio play. Nonetheless, I had left my schedule free to accomodate it, so I figured....what the hell? Might as well; however, this time, I tentatively scheduled a lil 'drive by' on some punani after the concert know...a lil 'insurance', to avoid the possibility of 'blue balls', know what I'm sayin'?....LOL.
I arrived at the venue in good time...but almost did a U-turn out the parking there were hardly any cars there, in comparison to what I normally expect at this place. I mentally surveyed some spots in the surrounding area..but did not come up with anything worth checking I sat in my car for about 30-45 mins talking with a couple of homies/broads on the cell, in an effort to wait for some more heads to show up.
Thankfully, that strategy I observed the parking area becoming quite busy. I exited my car, practically hanging up on this other broad that I am smashin'...(you know the usual: "where are you?" "Are you comin' over?" "Why haven't you called me these past few days?" type!) I wasn't tryin' to hear what could I tell her? "Err..I have been on a concert rampage this past week, ridin' bubblebutts in two different cities?" I think not.
Upon entering the venue, I could already tell what kind of night I was to expect. The broads here were G-H-E-T-T-O.....horsehair weaves down their backs, neighbourhood set tattoos, multicolored 'claws' (nails) and half dressed with lil miniskirts, Daisy Duke type shorts and figure huggin' dresses. Shit...that didn't bother my experience with these settings have always been easy....
I walked mu usual perimeter around the club, which appeared to be filling up by the min...grindin' on voluptuous ebony/Latina onions with ZERO resistance; in fact, these particular type of broads EXPECT that shit when they go the majority of the thugs in there are on a chikan level anyway...(the only difference is that they do not execute their strategies with the kind of finesse that we do...LOL)
After doing the perimeter thing for about 3 laps, I went to one of the crowded bars and 'flexed' on some BODACIOUS of them, a 5'5 lightskin ebony dressed in a pink minidress, let me sink my boner into her pantyless crack, with me glued to her back. HEAVENS ABOVE!! WHEW! That shit right there epitomized the JOY of this 'sport', man. Once she reached the bar, she just bent over...without trying to get the bartender's attention...a subtle hint to me, I guess, to stay on my grind....and that I did! I put my palms face down on her lower back and went up tiptoe and down...draggin' my dick through her slot like a credit card swipe...(Yeah! One for the glossary! LOL!) However, I did not want to 'nut' yet before the concert the crowd behind me was starting to thin I gave her at least ten long thrusts before I bounced. As I was leaving, I looked back...she did not turn around..but another dude took the baton and ran with it, jumpin' right on that ass. I chuckled..and kept it moving.
After about another hour, the host started to do a mic check. With that, these ghetto jezebels started hightailin' towards the front..with some thug chikans in tow. I stood off to the side, looking for some of the most voluptuous, portruding buttocks...but I didn't see any from that side. I went across to the other side of the stage...and found my target....
She looked like she was half ebony/half Latina, dressed in a beige midriff top and a mini skirt, with her hair in a bun. She was actually sitting on a stool near the stage, talking with another girl...but her ass was so phat, it was practically hangin' off the stool. There was a tight space behind her, with a ledge for me to rest my beer. The area was dark and quite crowded, so I casually eased behind her and posted up. As soon as I did that, my dick made immediate contact with that phat ass...which I was able to straddle, under the guise of reaching for my beer, then putting it back on the ledge. She only turned half way around once, not looking at me...but I built my usual rapport to put her at ease, by complimenting her hair. I even stroked it while telling her...(this place was ghetto, I knew I would get away with it) whereby she reached back and rubbed my leg softly, saying 'thank you'. At that point, I stood upright, so my dick could reach her open wedge and pushed up on her. She half-turned again, with a smile...knowing what I was up to. She then eased back onto my dick even more, making my space just a little tighter. Good lawd...a player!
Well, as you may have guessed, I let her have it. There were two supporting groups before the main act...and my dick was tunnelling into that crack. She gyrated a little while sittin' down, makin' my ride that much more pleasurable. As the main act came on, the girl she was talkin' to had left in an attempt to get on the stage with 'Trae' the artist...but my 'queen' stayed, her ass practically sitting on my dick, concealed beautifully by the dark area and the crowd around us. I started an 'up-down-up-down' movement on that derriere, making sure she felt every one of my thrusts. As I realised that she was a player, i took it up a notch and placed my hands on the side of her thighs. She lightly placed her hands on top of mine and rubbed them gently. Yeah, she was enjoying that stiffie, that's for sure. We were going at it for close to 20 mins, but there was only pre-cum. However, my friends...THAT is when my 'queen' stepped HER game up....
While I was thrusting, she lightly pattted my hands, a subtle indication for me to stop. I did so with the quickness, as I was not sure what was going on. At that point, she got off the stool, put the stool in front of her and BENT OVER that muthfukkah!!!!!! I would be lying to you all if I said that my mouth was NOT open once I saw that shit! LOL! All of this done by her, with NO dialogue OR a look back at me! Brothas, I took the bait and practically mounted that bitch! She was dipped low, with her elbows on the seat area of the stool, with that ass raised up and pushed back on my dick. JEEZ!!! At that, I knew I wasn't going anywhere else that night, so I dropped down and started 'squatting' on that broad, with my dick raising her plump buttcheeks each time I arched up. She started to wiggle her ass a bit, but I gripped her thighs as I wanted her to stay still so I could cum. There was another chikan next to me, posted up behind an unaware, standing woman, that had apparently been watching me, on the sly, the whole time. While I was thrusting my dick into the inner regions of this ghetto broad's backside, he tapped me on the shoulder, winked at me, then gave me a pound. With my right hand grippin' this broad's right thigh, I gave him a low key pound with my left..and went right back to work. I then started actin' THE FOOL: I raised my left leg up and placed my foot on the ledge of the stool, so my dick could penetrate her hole, while rollin' my hips. Again, all of this was concealed by the chaos of the near stage crowd...she knew it and I knew it. I was poundin' that ass and almost speakin' in TONGUES, it felt THAT good! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!
Well, as you can imagine, there is only so much that a brotha can after close to at least 40 mins of pumpin' the shit outta her, I came like a BIG DOG!! In fact, I was laughin' while I was cummin', all concealed by the loud music and noise from the crowd. While I was cummin', she pressed her ass HARD onto my dick...and even allowed me to rest on her back for a bit. WHAT A SPORT!!!!!!
The show was still in effect...but I needed to get replenished. I excused myself to get us both some drinks...(hell! She deserved one, right?)...while, of course, securing my spot behind her. I made my way to an empty area of the bar, got served quickly by a bartender whom I normally tip well..and went back....only to find THAT SAME CHIKAN who gave me a pound earlier making a plea to get on my shorty's ass! He got dissed by her the min I showed up. As he walked away, he gave me that sly, knowin' smile. It's cool though..I know it's a jungle out there...however he was fukkin' with the wrong pride...this lioness was MINE!!! LOL!!
While I drank my water...and she drank her Grey Goose...we chilled and made small talk. I got Rebecca's digits with considerable ease...and she just stood backed up on me, sittin' on my dick while I 'flexed' til the end of the show.
Once the show was over, I walked her to her car. She proceeded to tell me that her sister was staying with her and she wanted to kick it with me and all kinds of other shit...but I simply made a movie date with her on, after that, I could tear that ass out da frame. I slid my tongue in her mouth, kissed her neck...and sent that broad home in HEAT....AS WELL AS anticipation.....something that some old players taught me a while back.
With that, I took off to the 'drive by'...and smashed that willin' ass up...LOL!
Stay tuned...the car show concert post is comin' next, peeps..:-0

Boner in da back, 'BONE' in da front... (Tue 06 Mar 2007 07:08:42 GMT)

Hey, hey! Back to attack, my chikan knights! Yeah, I know that 'credit card' shit was off da wall, right Shogun? LOL! Almost as off the wall as the title of this you read will become quite apt...:-)
Nice lil 3-part account there, NYBL. I know that Lolita's ass must have felt gooooooood! I would have given that lil broad a quarter and told her to call me when she reaches 18!
Ok...again...with no further ado...let me share my most recent experience with you all; this was the fifth and final concert...the following took place on Sunday....

The concert was a part of a custom car show set up in a park, hosted by a popular radio station down here. I arrived at the park much later than I had intended...basically due to procrastination. I knew that there would be a gang 'o' hoes at this place, as I had attended a few concerts here before....experiencing great success each time. The park was located in a undesirable part of my 'ghetto rider' status was going to be on overtime today. In addition, this particular area was predominantly inhabited by our Mexican brothas and I knew some Chicana 'bubbles' would be in effect that day.
By the time I got there, the line was snakelike....EASILY about 300 people altogether. Normally, whenever I had arrived around this time, there would be a bit of a line...but nothing like this. I had seen the artists 'Paul Wall', 'Ludacris' and 'Webbie' here before...but the artists 'Rob G' and 'Bone Thugs 'n' Harmony' REALLY brought everyone and they mama out da woodwork!
While in line, I struck up conversation with a couple of military cats from the Caribbean, so that passed the time. After close to 45 mins in line, I got in...and the place was PACKED!!!!!
I knew that I was on a 'ghetto extension' I did not really contemplate too much of a strategy here. Having attended concerts here before, these mamacitas let you RIDE all all I needed to do was find one set of voluptuous, portruding buttocks at a time. I went to the bar area....grabbed some bottled water...and headed for the crowd.
My first targets were ebonies; a mature lady, approx early forties...mocha..about 5'6...short 'Halle Berry' style haircut, dressed in a black blazer with jeans and heels...with whom appeared to be either her daughter?/niece?...who was about 18-21, 5'4, honey complexion...shoulder length hair...wearing a camouflage colored top with some white pants and flip-flops. The floor area in front of the stage was so crowded...there was no need for a hand fact, barely a need for a dick test, in actuality. I excused myself politely and subtly past a few heads just to get to their area..(remember: chikans DO NOT like attention, so subtlety is KEY!)...and posted up behind the daughter first. Her delicate back was in the middle of my chest...with my dick rubbing both her butt cheeks back and forth. Her butt was not so big...but it was round and portruded a little. I started to straddle that lil nugget. She turned to her right side...maybe to catch me in her peripheral...but turned to face the stage, without turning around to face me. After about 5 mins of rubbing my dick on her ass cheeks, I started to explore her crack. She became completely silent at that point, not even talking to her mother anymore. Luckily, the crowd was so thick, I had plenty of case I was questioned. The slight surge of the crowd kept me poking my dick into the center of the daughter's ass, where I would move in a circular motion at times. I could clearly sense that she was nervous...particularly with the fact that Mom/Aunty was right I just pushed gently and moved around slightly. I also got the impression that, if the older lady was not there, that the daughter would have let me get even crazier.
Soon thereafter, I got bored with the fact that I would not be able to nut on the the size of her ass was not fulfilling enough for I decided to give 'Aunty Mom' a go. She was thick; she had some jeans on with her ass sticking out of her blazer like a fukkin' hen. I stepped to my left and positioned myself right behind Aunty, pushing my dick a little more obviously into her, being more mature, I was convinced that she would know what was it would be more embarassing for her to blow my spot up in front of the younger woman, particularly if that was her daughter. This woman's ass was so round and firm, I could not get her back pressed against my I just enjoyed shafting her from the outside, while she moved around to the music. It was wonderful to already feel the difference between the two I started to get even harder in her booty...keepin' it there so she could feel it. Each time my dick pulsated, she started to wiggle her indication that she was enjoying it. With a little help from the crowd, I pressed my dick DEEP onto Aunty's ass, moving it around in the crack fact, I was getting deep enough where, even with that big booty, her back was almost on my chest. She HAD to have known what was happening to her. Nonetheless, ya man Shadow got a lil I started to do the 'credit card swipe' on her, holding lightly on to her right thigh. After about 10 mins of that, I already felt pre-cum....but she excused herself with the younger woman to go elsewhere. FUCK! Oh! LOL!
After using my hands to guide me through the crowd by way of phat asses, thighs and titties, I got on my next target: an olive-skinned Chicana, about 5'7, with a thin cotton lavender summer dress covering a 'tear drop' booty. I was about to pass her but...after brushing against that ass and feeling how firm it was...I decided to post up. She was talking with some of her homegirls in Spanish...which was making me even harder just listening to her soft accent. One of her friends asked me the time...I replied, using that as an excuse to move in and glue myself to my Chicana's back. I was practically at full salute by that point, so...again with the help of the crowd...I let my dick twitch all over that phatness. She made the experience that much more pleasurable by moving around while she talked...every movement meant a rub of her asscheeks on my dick. The radio station was simply playing music at this point...even the supporting acts had not taken the stage yet. After about 15 mins, they stopped talking with each other and all faced the stage, where two (of the five of them total) started to make attempts to get to the front. My Chicana did not make eye contact with me, even though I was ERECT AS HELL poking into her hole, barely covered by a thong. Her buttcheeks almost seemed to PART to accomodate my wood. The crowd got a little thicker in my area, so I started to feel her up...putting both my hands on either side of her an effort to keep her glued to me, so I could continue rollin' in that ass. The DJ asked everyone to put their hands in the, as she did, I lightly stroked her breasts...whereby she put her hands down quickly...(easy, Shadow! Quit while you're ahead!..LOL!) so I just continued to lace that ass with some wood, which she did not seem to mind at all. After saddlin' that booty for almost 25 mins, I bust deep in her crack...while SHE moved in her ass in a slow, circular motion, pressed back against my dick while I was cummin'...(evidently a sly way of showing her appreciation, but not so obvious to be exposed to her friends) I did not want to bust that early before the concert...but I needed to get that 'nut' outta the way, based on Aunty stoppin' me in my tracks earlier...:-)
As soon as I was composed...(luckily, it was not a groundbreakin' nut) I moved along. There were quite a few support acts...I continued to worm my way through the crowd, flexin' on UNTOLD asses...felt up COUNTLESS thighs, got some involuntary titty-feels in..and even kissed the back of a girl's neck while she was straining to see the stage.
How was I to know that it would get EVEN BETTER than this?!

To fast forward...the last support act had completed their performance..and there was a 15 min intermission before the main act, 'Bone Thugs 'n' Harmony' were to hit the stage. After the nut on that Chicana, I had flexed on so many different asses...but did not post up long enough to nut on another one. I wen back to the bar to get another bottle of water for rejuvenation...when I saw this one cat that I knew from the gym. He had seen me first..and called me over to talk. I did not want to waste too much I needed to find another ass to post up on for the concert...but he insisted I stay with him for a min. I could feel myself getting kinda just as I was about to leave, some other dude walks up to both us, wearing a 'Bone Thugs 'n' Harmony' tracksuit. Apparently, the dude was a part of the artists' entourage...and was this cat's cousin. He introduces me...then asks me if I want to get up on stage with at least fifty other people to stand behind the artists, while they are performing. I am not really starstruck like that, so I declined. After ensuring that I was sure, they took off...however the cat that I knew said the invitation was still open...just to make sure that I let him know. I said 'cool', then bounced...
My next target was an older Chicana woman, probably late forties, dressed in a baseball cap, white t-shirt with cotton white shorts to match..and sneakers. Her asscheeks wobbled as she walked, like two great big melons. I approached the stage from the left side where I could already see that she was at the barricade. There was a crowd quickly forming in that area, so I made haste to get behind her, while she leaned over the railing. I put my hands either side of her on the railing...and pushed my dick in a DISGUSTING manner into her ass crack, with help from the thickening crowd. She turned around...I apologized...she smiled, then turned back towards the stage. I was stuck on her ass..while she remained still. At that point, I started to give her the sloooooow grind, really penetrating that crack..(AGAIN covered by a thong) while I leaned on her back. She stuck her ass out even more, so I could really get under her asscheeks...of which I obliged! This mature woman obviously enjoyed having some lethal wood killin' that crack, as she simply move her head side to side to the intermission music..keeping her body still. I felt pre-cum already...and was REALLY startin' to get my 'dig' on when....the cat I knew from earlier had spotted me. He was standing in the left wing, beckoning for me to go around to the entrance and get up there with him. I kinda waved him off...BUT...then changed my mind RAPIDO when I saw all of them half naked hoes up there...with all that crowd concealment onstage. I gave my Chicana Aunty 5-6 GOOD long hip rolls, then bounced....with her looking at me longingly as I was leaving!! LOL! I'll bet ya wages that she ain't had no dick in a while. Hell..NOW I wanted to get on stage with all that booty up there....
Finally, 'Bone' graced the stage...gettin' straight into their hits. I am now in a crowd of like fifty or so people, just standing around behind the artists. Th cat that I knew was having the time of his life...I, on the other hand, was looking for a booty to grind. All of the half naked hoes were in the front with the artists. I was just about to exit stage left...when I saw this one ebony....about 5'3, lightskin, her hair pulled back with a black 'Bone' t-shirt on, a white miniskirt and white sneakers. She was standing way in the far back that, if you were in the crowd facing the stage, you would not have seen her. I walked over to her..and, through the noise, asked (or to her, asking if she was having a good time. She kinda shrugged her shoulders, saying 'yeah, I guess'. At that, the group finished one of their songs. The crowd on stage started getting a little everyone kind of repositioned...putting me behind this ebony. I saw her from the front...but LAWD HAM MERCY!!!! This ebony had a KILLER ass, yo! You could have rested a beer bottle on that badonkadonk! As 'Bone' went into another classic, 'Ist Of Da Month', I eased up on that crazy ass..and started to drag my dick across it. There were at least two lines of people in front of us, completely obscuring our view to the crowd. The people either side of us were not paying no mind either, jumping and cheering. I think she must have been waiting for this kind of, now, she started to wiggle that ass and gyrate a little to the music. I got even bolder and really pushed up on that firm set of buttcheeks, easing and circling my dick in her crack area. She then pushed me gently back on the wall behind me...and kept me there, riding my dick like a professional. Admittedly, her sudden change in demeanour was a cause for SLIGHT concern...but I dismissed it...shoving my dick forward between her ass each time she brought it back on me. I almost took my dick out..but I thought that would be the ultimate in embarassment if I was caught ONSTAGE like I just maintained on that ridiculous derriere. The pre-cum was heavily in effect...especially as she kept grinding her ass on my dick while there was no music...where the artists were simply speaking to the audience...
Well...approx 30-40 mins soon as the artists broke into their other classic 'Crossroads', I knew what direction I was heading...into I let loose the groundbreakin' nut I had went to that fukkin' ghetto ass park for in the first place!!! OMG!!!!!! I stood, almost knee buckled on the wall...while she pasted her back against my chest..and started moving her booty up and down....then around and around on my dick. This bitch must have been the Energizer she just kept on going, yo. While she did that, I just palmed those creamy soft thighs, became intoxicated by her perfume, closed my eyes for about 5 mins and almost lost my bearings....
The show was over; there were still people trying to get autographs. I couldn't find the cat that I knew, so I just exited the stage with my bodacious 'player'. I asked her for her number but got politely 'shot down'...(I never fear rejection) so I just simply kept talking to her. I noticed that she started to look around, a little uneasy. I asked her if she ws ok, but she just gave me short one word answers. I decided that it was obviously my time to I bounced. As I was leaving, that same cat called me out. I walked over to him..and he had this weird look on his face, half smiling, half serious. I asked him what was up. He asked me who I was talking to. I told him some girl that I had met onstage. He proceeded to tell me "No, homey. That 'some girl' is Layzie Bone's girl!" I was like " SAY.....WORD?!!!!!" He replied " Don't believe me? Look over there.." and he pointed behind me. I looked over....and there she was, with one of the group members Layzie Bone draped all over her! LOL!!!! I was speechless....nevertheless, her nervousness now made sense...particularly if he would have seen us together. You see: fame...fortune....and these tricks are STILL up to no good! LOL!
I left that show on a high, my friends. I mean, I had did some damage on some asses that day...but THAT was an entry to my SPECIAL archive right there...word up! CHIKANS FO' LIFE, baby!...:-)

"Tims for my hooligans... (Wed 07 Mar 2007 06:36:42 GMT) Brooklyn!" Whaddup peeps. Yeah, that quote from the late, great B.I.G doesn't have any particular relevance....I just felt like sayin' that shit...:-)
Thanks for da nod on the quote, NYBL....appreciate it. Yeah, man...I try to be as visceral as I possibly can when posting; as you can see, I leave few details out..that way, you guys can almost feel as though you were right there with me. Where Layzie Bone's girl was concerned......I still shudder when I think about that ass...and what I got away with!...:-)
vdub...what's goin' on, homie? Good to see you back. Hey, where those idiotic haters are concerned, I put those fools on blank AGES ago. Unfortunately, whether a handle is acquired or not, those imbeclies are going to post dumb ass shit. Hell, they still use my name in crap on occasion....and I expect they will after they read this post. The funny thing is....I don't care.....seriously. Regardless of how graphic, vulgar or otherwise they may get when associating my name in these ridiculous posts, I just continue to ignore them...NO MATTER WHAT THEY WRITE ABOUT ME OR HOW MANY TIMES THEY USE MY NAME IN FAKE POSTS. The most important thing is this, v: The real chikans will know who you are when you post...AND THAT IS ALL THAT COUNTS. Paying attention to their immaturity only fuels their fire. Simply ignore those eunuchs; they are only venting the frustrations of what they are subjected to on a daily basis, using this board as an outlet, that's all. They are not worth getting mad at, trust me. You are LIGHT YEARS ahead of 'em...:-)

No question... (Thu 08 Mar 2007 06:17:33 GMT)

Wassup Bad Boy...thanks for the nod, dawg. Yeah...this past week has been EXCEPTIONAL! I can only hope for it to continue. The South by Southwest Film/Muisc Festival starts next week...then....FIESTA throughout April!!! It's gonna be on, man!
Oh, by the way, Mister Ayashi, feel free to throw the trash off the board at your earliest convenience...thanks..:-)

HOPEFULLY, the saga will continue... (Fri 09 Mar 2007 05:24:36 GMT)

Hey peeps, what's goin' on? Thanks for the props, afro d and gtheasslover. I'm sure we can all relate to what Senor Carlos describes as that 'heavenly' feeling when we are pressed against a woman's AMPLE buttocks. Thankfully, I have hardly any trouble gettin' my smash on with these women....but, admittedly, the taboo of 'chikaning' is a pleasurable substitute. The weather is gettin' better, in we will all enjoy that familiar feeling sooner than we expect...
I have signed up for another free concert in Austin...(almost known as 'ASStin' based on my recent we shall see how that goes. Hey, a popular artist...combined with standing room only...with a lil alocohol in da mix....makes for a great riding session. All of the three components mentioned will be in effect for this upcoming concert next I've got my fingers crossed. Oh, by the way, I left the 'stool queen' Rebecca from the 'Ghetto Rider' account HALF DEAD yesterday. We went to see 'Hannibal Rising'...however her outfit kept ME rising...:-) After a quick meal, I took her to a nearby hotel and...was almost charged for murder...LOL! I will schedule round 2 real soon...but I am expecting Kyoko from 'Austin Revisited' next I gotta see whaddup her first. BIG shout out and 'thank you' to Osaka...LOL...holla!..:-0

With pleasure... (Mon 12 Mar 2007 05:24:29 GMT)

'Sup Bad Boy...I shall keep postin' with pleasure, homie. Right now, I have two more concerts this week...Fri and another car show/concert next week Sunday on the agenda so...with the usual fingers crossed...I will share whatever damage takes place on the most SUPERB bubblebutts I can feasibly mount...:-)
However...before those events take place...I shall be giving the lovely Kyoko from the 'Austin Revisited' account a VERY SPECIAL welcoming tour to SA on Tuesday...heh heh...:-)
Oh, by the way, for those of you who, like myself, are willing to travel a bit for some prime female derriere....I hear South Padre Island....(one of the top college spring break capitals) is supposed to be CRAZY! Nightclubs, bars, name it...packed to the rafters!!!

Back to attack... (Wed 14 Mar 2007 16:06:45 GMT)

Hey...welcome back Senor Carlos. I see that the 'Latin Groper' has emerged upon us once again with those great pictures...glad to see that you made it back safely to Caracas, man. Keep postin' whenever you can...:-) friends....I did MY DUTY on Kyoko (from 'Austin Revisited') Naturally, this site is primarily for chikan I won't go into detail. Nonetheless, she was supposed to go back to Austin yesterday evening (after arriving at my house about 8am yesterday morning on my day off...A LOT earlier than I had planned for) however she left about an hour ago THIS MORNING! LOL!! Plus, she intends to make this weekly thing..but I may have to have some input on that. Once again.... A HUGE, ECHOING shout out to Osaka, yo....good lookin' out!..:-0

For the 'pathetic' haters.... (Thu 15 Mar 2007 06:37:31 GMT)

....only because you are STARVING for a little attention....:-) Those of you who think my accounts are fabricated, continue to think so. There is nothing I can or will do to change it certainly is no concern of mine. With that said...while you are exhausting yourself using unnecessary energy 'hating' and disbelieving me...(instead of channelling that same energy in experiencing a lot of what I, among others, have documented) I shall continue to use caution and remain enjoying the exploits that I get/have gotten away with. The accounts documented by me, as well as other regulars here, may appear as fabricated....if the reader has never experienced any of what they have read. Granted, many novices may well try and get caught...but, when 'performing' such actions in carefully selected environments, an observer would be AMAZED at what a seasoned chikan can get away with. Nonetheless, this was a deliberate waste of time on my part, as 'haters' can never be convinced otherwise...even if the facts slap them in the! Have 'fun' in your hatred....while I have fun experiencing and posting...(wink)

They can't handle the truth!.. (Thu 15 Mar 2007 16:18:06 GMT)

Sorry Mr (Jack) Nicholson...I had to switch your infamous phrase up a little to fit the The support is always appreciated, Shogun...thanks homie. As I stated at the latter part of my last post, haters are never it is a futile effort trying to do so....particularly with one of them using a temporary handle called 'hater of shadow'? LMAO!!!!! Wow..that is INCREDIBLY pitiful..:-)
Congrats and thank you Mister Ayashi for the work involved, in obtaining the new server. As time progresses, I am sure that this site will gradually become more refined...nevertheless, right now, this is a great forum for our expressions so...again...appreciate the efforts.
Senor Carlos...back with a vengeance! The 'Perreando' post was GOOD stuff. In fact, during your temporary absence, our fellow esteemed playa, Bad-Boy, had posted a FANTASTIC video account, displaying that dance on ANOTHER level! I believe that it can be found by scrolling back to approx the Dec-Jan timeframe. Please keep them comin', Carlos; you are giving the board some excellent animation, my friend....
On the concert tip...I think I am going to pass on a particular concert I had tentatively scheduled for Friday....based on finding out that the artist is, like, 16 years old or some that will bring out some junior onions..which ain't bad...but, even though I look young for my age, I don't look I won't bother with that. I would have considered it, if there were other, more mature artists on the, at least, I would have other older patrons there to sustain my reason for being there. In fact, that right there is one of the MAIN factors that can expose a chikan: attending concerts designed for the junior high/high school age groups e.g Bow Wow, Chris Brown, Omarion etc. Those events will leave you in SPOTLIGHT mode...believe dat! In place of that concert, I may attend two on Saturday that seem, as usual, I will keep you posted...:-)

A report....of sorts... (Sun 18 Mar 2007 23:13:49 GMT)

What's goin' on, chikan knights? Admittedly, not much to bring to the round table. Whaddup vdub...good to see you posting, m'brotha. Yeah...that 'Lil Bootsie' concert was the one that I didn't attend, on Friday...based on the expected age range. My attendance would have put me on BLAST, dawg...I couldn't risk that. As much as I am almost SURE that there were tons of broads there...this time around...I had to grin and bear that was an 'all ages' event...which could have left ya man Shadow saddling onions that, despite their portruding forms...ummm...are not quite ready for that kind of activity just yet. Your friend is right...that club is kinda small but, when they have performances! It's chikan heaven, playboy...believe dat! As a reminder, FIESTA is practically up on us so, along with anything that I can inform you on, ensure that your friend also keeps you 'in the know'. I am sure that he will agree with me...hell...I am feeling a blood rush right now just THINKING about the abundance of voluptuous asses that I am going to attack during that period...:-)
I had tentatively scheduled two concerts on Saturday...however I was not able to make it to the earlier one, based on some other commitments. I attended the second one in the evening...but it was in an awkward venue. I don't know which promoter had the 'bright' idea to conduct a concert in the middle of a fukkin' pool hall....but obviously this promoter/s exists...because that is exactly what happened. Unfortunately, there were a string of factors that made this event hardly worth my while: there was a small crowd but not enough to conceal my activity, the venue was fully lit, the standing room crowd was sparse and not standing there were no barricades. With that said, I essentially got nothing...not even some feels this time. The only, small in comparison, situation that took place was by pure happenchance. Once the concert was over, quite a few patrons made their way to the side of the makeshift stage area, for autographs. I was already kinda frustrated by the whole theme that night, so I made a call to my favorite smashin' shorty and was ready to jet. As I walking out, I decided to give the autograph area one more scan....and saw a mature Hispanic woman, sitting down on a stool, facing the autograph area...while everyone else, who were waiting for autographs, stood around her. I posted up on a wall for a moment...and quitely observed her; there was hardly any time taken to realise that she was not sitting there for that purpose. I had been at this venue several hours I was there to also watch a televised boxing match...whereby there were a great deal of women, in her category, there with their husbands to watch the fight. Once the match was over, the majority of them left...and were quickly replaced by younger chicks...who arrived solely for the concert. I had not seen this woman earlier, though...based, I am sure, on where I was standing to watch the big screen. I did not see her standing at any point..but, once a couple of people moved so I could get a better view, I saw her phat ass hanging off the stool she was sitting on. Hell, based on the lack of action the whole night, I almost started to! I made my way over to stand behind her quickly. Funnily, this area was slightly less lit..and the autograph seekers almost made the area a lot more dense with people. I did not get a full view of her face, only a quick profile shot...but I didn't care. She had long, thick curly brown hair...wearing a burgundy, cotton sleeveless dress. She was close enough to the makeshift stage to rest her elbows on the floor area, therefore positioning her body in a 'bent over' position, causing her ass to portrude even more. I chuckled to myself as I noticed that there were mostly guys standing near her; the autograph seeking girls were nearer to the artists. I took my camera phone out and held it up as a guise to glue my chest to her back. The stool was raised, so her bulbous ass cheeks were prefectly centered with my dick. With literally no effort, I pushed my dick into her crack..leaving it there to pulsate for a while, in the meantime pretending to fiddle with the settings on my phone. Based on my thrust, I immediately expected her to turn around...but she didn't. I then raised my cameraphone in the air, faced the occupied artists and started to RIDE this woman's ass...going up on tiptoe then dropping down. The crowd was not thick enough, however, for me to roll my hips...but I got some long thrusts dick twitching between her asscheeks like mad! After about 10 mins of riding her like that, she raised up and and sat upright...moving her ass back on my dick a bit..without turning around. With my right hand still in the air holding my phone, I let my left hand drop down to her left side and placed my hand lightly on her left thigh...while I continued to thrust into her ass. Still no reaction. After about 15 more mins, the precum had developed heavily...but the artists were whisked away by their security...causing gaps in the crowd whereby, naturally, I had to stop. As I walking away, I saw a younger girl, about 18 or so, walk over to her to and speak to her..then hug her....perhaps her daughter, maybe. I just wish I would have seen her she was not necessarily what we may define as a 'player'...but her subservience and submission made that short experience almost as exciting. Nonetheless, that was all that took place...which, based on previous experiences...WAS NOT ENOUGH! Next week, I shall attend the car show/ I expect that to be another ghetto ridin' affair...based on the 'locale' and the 'clientele'. As always, i will keep you posted...

Great minds... (Sun 18 Mar 2007 23:27:26 GMT)

...think alike! The homie Bad-Boy posting almost simultaneously...LOL! Grade A stuff, man...vivid and descriptive....even with the satirical ending when you bounced after catching the nut stain! LOL! Wicked! Great post as usual...
Oh..I forgot to give props in my previous post to Senor Carlos' fish market experience. That was, also, extremely detailed. The guy you were observing must have been having the time of his life. I know those markets can get packed as hell; I remember many summers visiting similar markets with family while on vacation in Jamaica when I was younger...with my youngin' rubbimg on the round, thick asses of bent over female stall vendors.....:-)

Damn! (Wed 21 Mar 2007 17:15:10 GMT)

Whaddup's it goin', brotha? Good to see you postin', man.
That blog was crazy! I mean....I know some chikans are out there doin' their 'thing' and whatnot...but THAT kind of behavior appears to be of a chikan who is SCREAMING OUT to get caught! OMG!! I gotta say...I categorize that in the same vein as another account you had given some months back...where some dude had his dick laid out on a little boy's head IN A CROWD! I-N-S-A-N-E!! Unfortunately, there are some novice/kamikaze chikans out there...that are simply fukkin' up the 'game' for everybody behavin' like that....
Oh, I see my 'hater' has reared it's ugly head again...LOL! These, recent futile posts might actually be slightly more entertaining if the hater actually UNDERSTOOD the accounts that IT has read....because that kind of understanding would have prevented IT from losing 'bets' and constantly embarassing itself on this the man described in Easy's post does not fit my well as the fact that I am not in New pitiful waste of forum space...:-) Naturally, all the chikans on here that use their common sense and appropriate wit (<---something that a subhuman like yourself will never comprehend) already know that. I am , however, willing to bet that may have been an attempt to impersonate WHAT YOU THINK was me, creating even more consistency in the embarassment that you will continue to encounter here....:-)

April award: Carlos
The genius chikan entrepreneur.
(You kept men happy whilst serving women first.)

Man of the month award (Mon 02 Apr 2007 20:37:43 GMT)

I vote for Ricardo for the award of March. I liked his story " Spring / Summer in London " ( 14 of March ). I liked that story about rubbing up against a lady on the Victoria line in London. I included a picture of Victoria Station. I got that picture from the following address

Groping rampage in a little town (Wed 04 Apr 2007 02:05:34 GMT)

During my vacation I went to a little town in my country. The women of this little town are friendly and innocent compared with those of the big city of Caracas. In this small town there was a fair with music, clowns and artists for entertainment It was crowded. I saw a lot of beautiful and innocent women of this little town all over this place.

I saw a 80-year-old man in the festival who was masturbating his cock while his leg was pressed in the butt crack of a 18-year-old-teenager who was looking at the musical concert. I saw a 70-year-old man who was fondling another teenager ( 18 ) and his cock was erect. The hand of this man was stuck in the butt crack of this girl. He was feeling up her bum and the girl didn't mind.

I felt that my obsession of standing behind women was taking over control on me. I masturbated the head of my cock while I was staring at women's buttocks. I tried to stand behind as many women as possible. I stood behind one girl who was watching the musical show. I pushed my cock up against her buttocks. I enjoyed feeling up her round and firm buttocks. I changed to a beautiful mature lady who had large and round buttocks. I planted my semi erect cock between the big buttocks of this mature woman. I rubbed up my cock against her buttocks while I was trying to see the show and my cock became fully erect. It was a heavenly sensation to stay pressed up behind this woman for a long time.

A girl approached behind me trying to see the show. The girl leaned against my back and I fondled the nipple of her breasts with my elbow. Then I moved as if trying to let the girl be in front of me. The girl slipped her body brushing my cock and balls with her booty. I was pressing my cock and balls on her round bum while I was smelling her hair. I rubbed up my dick against her booty for a while. Then put my leg between the buttocks of another lady while my cock was pressing one of her soft butt cheeks. At the same time I fondled with my hand another girl's buttocks. It was like paradise to feel up a girl's bum and press my cock against another girl's booty.

I approached from behind two twin girls who were bending over looking at the artists. I put my hand in the butt crack of one of the twin girls and I felt up her pussy. Her pussy was warm and her butt crack was deep and warm too. Then I felt up the other twin ass crack with my hand. Her pussy was warm and wet. Then I jammed my cock between the butt cheeks of one of the twins. After a while the girl smiled and blushed and she was talking to her sister about my hard cock between her buttcheeks. The girl pushed her bum backwards on me, letting me grind inside her butt crack for a long time. I rubbed my erection against her round , soft and ample buttocks. I moved from left to right several times behind her butt cheeks. It was like heaven to rub up my cock against her butt cheeks. I climaxed behind this beautiful twin girl while smelling and salivating her hair.

I put some of my sperm on hair the beautiful twin girl who let me climax behind her. I smelled for a long time the scent of her hair mixed with the odor of my sperm. It was a wonderful experience.

I had my own commercial stand for groping (Sat 07 Apr 2007 12:33:13 GMT)

I went to a little town during my vacation. There was a fair for fund rising purposes. I got the permission to build a small stand to sell beer, refreshments and food. I included herewith a diagram of the stand. It shows the crowd of women and men inside the stand. I wrote a rule in big letters in my stand: ''PLEASE MEN SHOULD STAND BEHIND WOMEN.'' That is the rule that I like most. I love to see men standing behind women, I love to see men pushing their cocks against women's buttocks.

This crowd didn't do any line in my stand. They were a mass of people trying to reach the counter. In the diagram herewith, the pink circles represent women and blue circles represent men . I was the clerk in the counter selling beer and refreshments. My stand had many peeps under the counter and on the side walls so that I could look at the groping scenes.

Records of that day:
10: 00 am
This was the opening hour of the fair. A bunch of girls and boys got in my stand. I reminded them the rule loudly. ''PLEASE: BOYS SHOULD STAND BEHIND GIRLS''. All the girls were trying to push their buttocks on the boy's cocks. Some boys grabbed the girls' shoulders pressing their dicks on the girl's buttocks. Five girls were in my counter. I saw one guy who stood behind one of the girls. He pressed his body behind the girl. The guy was moving his head as if trying to see the prices of the refreshments but he was actually smelling the girl's hair The girl remained quit while the guy behind her was rubbing his cock against her buttocks. The girl was pressed against my counter. The guy behind her moved his cock against her buttocks sideways from left , center , right, several times. The girl pushed her bum backwards on his cock. The guy had an orgasmic grin on his face. The guy climaxed behind her. Other guys were doing the same thing, frotting all the girls they could following the rule of the stand. All the boys were pleased to follow the rule ''boys should stand behind girls''

11:00 am
A guy with a sticking out bulge positioned himself behind a girl in my counter. The girl smiled broadly when the guy planted his erection in the middle of her buttocks. She was silent and looking down concentrated in the hard cock buried in her butt crack. The girl had a sensual expression on her lips and her eyes lids were partially down while she was feeling a hard pole stuck in her butt crack. She stood in my counter for a long time while the guy behind her was on his tip toes rubbing his erection up and down the girl's booty crack.. The body of the girl moved back and forth against my counter while the guy was pushing his erection against her butt cheeks. After this girl left, this guy pressed his sticking out penis in the buttcrack of other girls in my counter. All the girls had a sensual grin in their faces when they felt a hard pole in their ass cracks. I noticed that when the girls felt an erect cock in their butt cracks they delayed asking me refreshments.

12:00 m
A 60 year-old-man got in my stand fondling all the girls and pressing his legs in the middle of the girls' buttocks. This man positioned himself in the corner of my counter next to the wall, waiting for the girls. When a girl got in the stand, this man would stand behind the girl as if trying to read the prices of refreshments and food. He would put his hand on the thigh of his leg to feel up the girl's buttocks. He liked to have his hand stuck in the buttcracks of girls wearing short pants made of light material. He was masturbating his cock at the same time that his hand was onto a girl's butt. He kept groping as many girls as possible feeling up the girls' butt cracks.

1: 00 pm
A bunch of older teenagers (18-years-old) and adults came to my stand to buy beer. I reminded them the rule loudly. ''PLEASE: MEN SHOULD STAND BEHIND WOMEN''. I purposely let them wait so boys would be pressing against girls' buttocks. Some girls were pushing their buttocks on older men's cocks. Some young guys were standing behind housewives of ample buttocks. One girl was bending over my counter. I saw a guy standing behind her and bending over her back and smelling this girl's hair. The girl was rubbing her bum against his cock. He had a sensual smile and an aroused grin on his face. I saw in the peep under my counter that the guy had a bulge in his pants and his hand was fondling the girls' buttocks. I sold a beer to the girl being fondled. When the girl left the stand, another girl slid her body in front of the guy. She was bending over the counter and brushing her bum on the guy's cock. When the girls bent over the counter all the guys behind them would bend over the girls' backside smelling their hairs. I saw in my peep that the guys would also bend their legs so that their thighs would press the girls' thighs.

2:00 pm
People were getting drunk. A lot of women and men got in my stand looking for beer. There were 6 women bending over in the counter and 8 men behind them. There were 15 girls and guys behind them who were pushing against each other to reach the counter. Men and women had been drinking beer and they were following my rule: ''PLEASE MEN SHOULD STAND BEHIND WOMEN''. Some men were grinding their cocks on women's butt cheeks. Some men were touching women's breasts with their bare arms. The ladies didn't mind being fondled or rubbed up on their buttocks or breasts. Some women were even reminding the rule to the men to stand behind them. All women were trying to position themselves in front of men. As women were trying to keep their positions in front of men, they were rubbing up their buttocks against men's cocks. I could smell beer odour from their breath. The crowd was swaying back and forth looking for beer. Breasts and pussies were felt up. Girl's buttocks were fondled and rubbed up all over my stand. Nobody cared about the groping that was going on which was too obvious for me since I was sober.

3:00 pm. Many old men got in my stand to fondle young women. An old man was behind a drunk lady who had a fat ass. He was rubbing his cock against her large buttocks and smelling her hair. The old man had a big semen stain in his pants. Another old guy was pressing his cock against a mature woman with ample buttocks and fondling the bum of another lady who was drunk. I saw many old men who were trying to stand behind as many women as possible. Some men had semen stains of pre-ejaculatory fluid. They kept rubbing against all women that they could.

4:00 pm.
Drunk women were bending over the counter of my stand. The men behind them were leaning against their backs. Men and women were rubbing against each other without control. Women were pushing their bums on men's cock in my counter to follow the rule of my stand. ''PLEASE MEN SHOULD STAND BEHIND WOMEN'' There was an odour of sperm and beer filling the air inside my stand. Many men have ejaculated in the counter pressing their cocks against women's buttocks.

5: 00 pm
I lost control of myself and I decided to masturbate my cock while I was watching through my peep the people pushing and shoving in the counter. A relative of mine helped me out substituting me in the counter while I masturbated my cock.

RE: beer stand (Sun 08 Apr 2007 23:51:53 GMT)

Trans-rub: The action took place in the city of Merida, Venezuela. The name of the fair was ''Feria del Sol'' ''Fair of the sun'' In that fair I saw concerts, parades, and the election of a queen of the fair.

Black Shogun: A relative of mine helped me in the stand. Next time I will hire someone to run the stand.

NYbooty lover, afro d, J@ck the ripper : I should have taken a video of the crowd, but I was afraid to show faces of minors or people who would not like to be in the video. Next time I will figure out the way the take the video without showing people faces, for example, I will take scenes from behind the crowd or above the crowd.

Manhattan: Thanks for your professional advise. Some times I feel guilty about this perversion of groping and humping women without their explicit consent. I feel bad when I think that this is an aggression against women who might not deserve to be treated that way. When I grope women I always try to read their body language to figure out if they don't want to be groped. I feel a relief that at least they don't feel pain when I grope them. I have tried to go to the quit section of this board several times. I will probably go to that section in the near future.

RE: SickIndividual (Mon 09 Apr 2007 02:34:51 GMT)

In my beer stand I saw girls who were reluctant to get in the crowded line up of people. They were commenting, ''OH It's too crowded, I won't buy anything'' ''Let's go somewhere else'' ''We will buy later'' ''Let's ask Peter ( a friend) to buy us beer''
I remember that I saw a 30-year-old lady with tears in a bus. A guy offended her fondling her buttocks too roughly as she was boarding the bus. The guy ran away after touching her bum. This guy was operating like this, fondling women buttocks very hard and then running from the scene. After the girl got in the bus I saw drops of tears in her eyes and her face was very upset. If had tried to stand behind her, she would have screamed or yelled at me.

Cho Seung-Hui was not a groper (Fri 20 Apr 2007 04:31:01 GMT)

Hi fellow chikans. I read an interesting article from yahoo news that says that the Korean guy who killed students in Virginia Tech liked to be stalking women, but the article didn't say anything about groping.

''.....The 23-year-old South Korean immigrant was evaluated by a psychiatric hospital after he was accused of stalking two women and photographing female students in class with his cell phone.....'';_ylt=Ate1lkpH1ycI8Nf0E.p90JKm1OFF

May award: Paki Humper
For his wet concert stories.
(But don't wet women's panties. They aren't your diaper)

goth woman (Thu 03 May 2007 21:06:13 GMT)

props to my boys shogun and shadow for blending in and doing their thing no matter what type of crowd it is. sometimes it's tough for darker skinned chikans like myself (i am two generations removed from pakistan) to fit in at rock/punk/metal concerts. i think the fact that i listen to hardcore and metal music and dress the part helps my cause. i'm also young-looking (i will be turning 18 in july) and don't look "sketchy". if an older paki man went into the pit at a korn concert dressed like so many immigrants from that country do, every female in the crowd would know he was a pervert and i'm sure that security would figure out what he was up to as well. same thing goes for african americans. if you show up at a punk or metal concert wearing a do rag, a 3XL g-unit shirt, baggy designer jeans and talk ghetto, you are going to stick out. i typically wear a band t-shirt that actually fits, gym shorts and stylish sneakers, and maybe a wristband from a store like hot topic. that's how i actually dress every day, but it wouldn't be hard or expensive for a chikan who doesn't listen to the music to purchase a "costume".

i've been doing this ever since my friends first got me into punk back in junior high school and i started attending concerts. my tastes have since changed but i still attend any concert in the area that i know will have a sick mosh pit. i've been able to do this much more often now that i have my driver's license. i've also picked up a lot of good tips from reading the work of the masters like shogun and opportunist and now shadow. i've been reading this board for a long time. jay actually used to be my favorite chikan, but now it's opportunist and shadow. shogun was my favorite when he was still active. i think that jay and shogun and opportunist let everybody know what was really possible. opportunist not only has great stories but he helped me understand the psychology of chikan.

the last concert that i attended was cradle of filth. i got to the venue early so that i could set up shop in the 2nd row. i got behind a brunette teen with a bubble and humped her while the openers played. she was wearing black cargo pants, not the best for chikan. i dug the head of my cock into her crack as best i could, but the pants gave some resistance and the crowd wasn't very violent at that point. i actually found that it felt better to scrub my cock across her cheeks than to outright buttfuck her. i worked up a lot of precum but was never really close to cumming. things definitely got better when cradle came on. the crush was so bad that my girl had security pull her out before the first song was even over. i put both of my hands on the barricade and pushed back with all of my might to try and keep a small space open between me and the barricade, hoping that a new female would slip in. i was looking around for new targets but all i saw was short girls, fat girls, girls heavily guarded by their boyfriends, etc. i was considering moving but didn't want to give up my prime spot in the 2nd row. when the next song started i was still looking around for a new victim when i saw a middle-aged woman (40? 42? 44?) trying to push her way to the front. she was with her boyfriend or husband, who looked like a biker with his salt & peper beard and tattoos and sleeveless t-shirt. the woman had a goth look which is typical for this type of band. she had jet black hair and dark makeup and was dressed in all black. i don't know how tall she really was, but she was about 6 feet or just under in her black vinyl boots. she had on a black tank top that was sheer in certain places like her cleavage and parts of her stomach. i couldn't see her lower half yet but she was also wearing a black pleated mini-skirt made out of a really thin material and thigh-high stockings. she was sweaty from fighting the crowd but had a big smile on her face and a glint in her eye. her husband didn't seem too happy to be there in the thick of things but she was screaming for dani.

by the next song ended they were right behind me with her tits squashed into the back of my right arm. i heard her husband suggest that they return to the bar but she wasn't having it. so before the next song started he took off leaving her alone in the crowd. i again created a space between myself and the barricade. when the next song started the crowd went crazy and there was a huge surge. she wound up right next to me. i pushed back really hard and opened up a space of about a foot in front of me and she squeezed right in without ever even making eye contact. i quickly pulled my gym shorts below my balls (i was already hard btw just thinking about what i was gonna do), and then let the crowd force me onto her. she immediately leaned over the barricade once she got up front, so her butt was waiting for me. my cock plowed right into her crack and split her butt cheeks apart. due to the thin material of her skirt and the fact that she was wearing sheer panties (which i would discover shortly) i immediately hit paydirt. no reaction from her expect to flip her hair back, she stayed bent over the barricade. since i was already buried in her ass i started to slowly drag my cock out of her crease, and then shove it right back in. my dick got harder with every thrust and she would throw back her head and kind of arch her back when i would hit paydirt. she never looked back at me, or to her side, she just kept screaming for dani (frontman of the band). buttfucking this woman felt so, so good that i was having trouble keeping a straight, not suspicious face. i could not keep my mouth from hanging open. when my cock reached full erection i jammed it into her crease as hard as i could, and i felt her thighs and pelvis push forward against the barricade and she clenched her cheeks, sandwiching my cock. she arched her back again and i got a mouthful of her hair as she leaned back. at one point she started to lightly jump up and down and my cock was just sliding up and down in her crack like crazy, her cheeks jiggling around and massaging the head and sides of my penis. the crowd was still very very tight and out of control so i took my hands off the barricade (i had a hand on either side of her so that i would not lose her) and found her thighs. i confirmed that she was wearing thigh high stockings when my fingers danced up her nylon-clad thighs, up her skirt, and then found sweaty upper thigh and lower butt cheek. i went a little higher, tracing her crack with my index finger, and it felt to my touch like she was wearing sheer panties.

she was bent all the way over the barricade now, with one hand on the barricade and one hand on one of the speakers at the front of the stage. i grabbed the hem of her skirt and guided my cock underneath it. the crowd was so tight and chaotic that my goth woman never noticed the difference. i pushed my dripping cock into the lower crack of her ass, pushing her sheer panties against her butthole. she leaned waaay over the barricade with her head down, and then put both hands on the barricade and straightened up for a sec, like someone going up on their tippy toes. she then resumed her normal bent-over-the-barricade/screaming/headbanging position. i then dipped my knees a little bit and started to ram the head of my cock against her pussy lips. all that she did was headbang while my cock was sliding between her sweaty upper thighs, knocking against her woman-meat. i could only take so much of that action and i was not trying to rape or impregnate the bitch, so i pulled out before i exploded all over her sheer panties. i then copied a move that i read about on this board, that somebody used to use on married females shopping in an open market, and basically draped myself over her and buttfucked her while running my hands all over her thighs. it only took a few more minutes of deep riding in that wide crack and feeling those soft, mature butt cheeks press into my pelvis and sandwich my cock before i was pumping cum into the crease of her only regret now is that i did not finger the bitch. i was done with her so i turned around to leave. the really funny thing is that another local chikan swooped right in and took my place. i have seen this guy at a bunch of shows recently. he is this badly potmarked asian kid and no matter what the show is, he wears dark club clothes with these ultra-thin pants and im pretty sure nothing on underneath (i know this because he knocked me off of my hump once and as i tried to fight my way back in i had the unfortunate experience of having his crotch glance my hand). the minute i stepped off goth woman he was on her with a hand up her skirt and jamming his small dick into the crack of her ass.

i will have more stories later on because the stories here lately have sucked. i think i will post one about the soccer mom that i got GOOD at a flogging molly concert.

Suburban Ho (Tue 08 May 2007 22:22:20 GMT)

2 years ago I went to a Flogging Molly concert with some friends. Flogging Molly is a weird band, they mix Irish and punk. But the pits are very sick. You would think the most violent pits would be at a metal show but people at Flogging Molly concerts for some reason really go crazy. If you are on the floor it can be hard to stay standing! Another band that you wouldn't think would get huge mosh pits is the alt rock band Primus. But it's the same thing, even though the music isn't that hardcore the floor is chaos and if you are in the first few rows you will get crushed, and anywhere beyond that, it is tough to not get trampled because the entire crowd pushes from left to right and forward.

I had been humping and groping various girls while the openers played but nothing too memorable. I was in the third row which is pretty much the worst to be in because you are getting crushed/pushed off balance and there is no barricade to brace yourself against. But it's also great for all-out assaults. Right before Flogging Molly went on and the second to last band was wrapping up a mother and her teenage daughter slipped in front of me and to my slight left. I had no interest in the daughter, she was redheaded and kind of average looking and dressed in jeans. But the mother had a plump ass (she was not overweight, but had a real "phat" ass as Shogun likes to say) and was wearing an ultra-thin, wrinkly green skirt that came down to mid-thigh. She was blonde and looked like your typical suburban soccer mom (that you wanna rail). You could see her panty lines and shit just like in this picture:

I knew that the MILF had no idea what she was in for and decided that she was going to be my chikan meal for the main act. After the second to last band left the stage things started getting really tight up at the front. She kept saying to her daughter how tight the crowd was getting but in a jovial kind of way. I was digging my quickly hardening cock into the crease in her butt for almost 30 minutes while Flogging Molly was getting set up and she never looked back at me for even a split sec. Eventually when she didn't respond I pulled out my cock and let her have it. Every time the crowd tightened I would sink a little deeper. My boner was eventually about 80-90% of the way into her crack and I just let it throb in there. She didn't have that small, round bubble butt that the younger girls have, but it felt amazing. Her ass cheeks were like two ultra soft pillows and underneath that were firm muscles that would grip the head of my cock. She also had those wide child bearing hips to hang onto. I had been to Flogging Molly before so I was leaking precum like crazy all over her skirt, half because my cock was lodged up this MILF's ass and she was completely unaware/oblivious and half because I knew what I had in store for her when they took the stage.

When Flogging Molly came on there was a huge surge and the MILF was plastered against the person in front of her and I was plastered against her. I pushed forward as hard as I possibly could and just plowed my rock-hard cock all the way into her crack, splitting her butt cheeks wide open and leaving them jiggling away on both sides of my shaft. She threw her head back and let out a squeal as I hit pay dirt. She had nowhere to go and was completely pinned against the mass of bodies in front of her, so I just bent my knees and started humping her like a dog. Her hair was in my face and I wasn't "sinking in" anymore...her cheeks were jiggling away and giving my shaft a great massage but my head had nowhere to go except into her butthole! Her daughter was laughing but I could tell that her mother was not used to this because she kept yelping and squealing every time I pushed into her and going, "Oh my god!" every time there was a massive surge. "Eee! Ah! Oh my GODDD...eeeee!"

Feeling completely secure to have my way I took my hands away from her hips and found the hem of her skirt. I rolled it up in the back until my oozing cock was now stabbing into her pantied ass crack. It was amazing to be ramming with her only her thin ribbed cotton panties between us...who else would ever get away with this besides her husband??

When the next song started we got crushed closer to the front and she had her feet on the little ramp that leads up to the riser in the front row, but she wasn't quite on it. So she was basically leaned back into me with all of her weight, her back on my chest, her hair in my face and my cock firmly socketed between her legs. The head of my cock was rubbing against her pantied crotch but my shaft was getting massaged by her now sweaty thighs. I placed my hands on her waist to "steady her" and slowly inched them around to her upper thighs. I had my hands roaming all over her legs, both below and above the hem of her skirt, as I thrusted up and into her crotch and the lower portion of her ass crack. I eventually went under her skirt in the front and started massaging her naked thighs. She was still squealing but it wasn't any different than it was before I started groping her, and she wasn't trying to swat my hands away. My hands creeped all the way up to her pantied mound and I started to rub her pussy. She let out a very loud, "OH MY GOD" and tried to evade my hand by doing a dip/bend at the knee. I just kept my hand buried in between her legs and eventually after a few seconds of squirming she realized that this move wasn't going to help her escape. I started to give her slow but forceful humps that pushed her entire lower half forward and her upper half back against me, while rubbing her pussy furiously. She actually let out an "Oh my GOD!" with a slight laugh when I started to rub her pussy lips through her panties but once I started to massage her clit it became a series of rapid-fire panicked "OHMYGOD"s followed by a series of squeals. This was too much for me to take and I spurted jizz into her ass crack and all over her bunched-up panties.

I usually move on or leave after I cum but she was too good. I tried to finger her but before I could enter her vagina she managed to squeeze her arms away from her sides and grab my wrist. I slipped a finger under the leg band of her panties and started rubbing her between her lips though. I was like "fuck you bitch try and stop this" and stuck a hand up her skirt from the rear and plugged my thumb right up her butt crack. I started shoving my thumb up her ass like I was humping her with my dick, and even though I had just cum the feeling of this got me hard. She was squirming like crazy but she couldn't get her hands behind her, she was trying to pull down her skirt on the sides but my hand was already underneath it. She tried to push forward but there was nowhere to go and on the next surge I got plastered against her really hard and grabbed her left boob with my left hand. I started massaging her boob while I was jamming my thumb against her butt hole and she was squealing mom was so not ready for the mosh pit! She managed to yank my left hand away from her tit (which was just as big and soft as her ass cheeks) but she couldn't stop me from having my way with her ass. Her panties were wedgied up her crack so I easily slipped my thumb underneath and started sticking it into her naked crack. My thumb was too big so I switched to my index finger and started trying to get it into her. Holy shit was she squirming and screaming now! I think the other teenage dudes around us were getting turned on bc they could probably tell what was happening and with her screaming but not really resisting or doing anything...they were definitely trying to push their way in on that shit. Her daughter looked over and asked her what was wrong and she screamed back again half laughing (what the fuck was with this bitch??) that somebody had their hand up her skirt. Her daughter tried to get a look at me but couldn't even turn. I managed to ease my finger a little bit into her asshole with her writhing and clenching her cheeks on my finger but I had to stop because the song was ending. So I fought my way out of there just before the song ended to be on the safe side. The funny thing was I kept an eye on her after I left the floor and she didn't leave the pit! And sure enough there were at least two guys trying to get directly behind her, battling for position. What a dumb suburban ho.

Nobody gets June award but hueyduey
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For the nightmare video.
Aand you have a nice wife story too.)

Untitled (Sun 03 Jun 2007 17:58:16 GMT)

humping wife when asleep


wife humped (Sun 03 Jun 2007 18:00:31 GMT)

we decided to visit meuseum on sunday. For that there is a big snake like curved que that we had to pass through even after getting the tickets bought. One has to stand and they will allow in batches through a series of doors. So we started together in the que. Suddenly the meuseum admin thought something and broke the que into two parallel ques. The crowd is so much there that the security people do things as if they are handling a mob. So in the process me and my old wife got separated from each other to different ques. This happened so fast that we could not get chance to be together. I didn't give a serious thought to it at that time too. Now she started proceeding to the meuseum in 2 different ques. I was a bit behind her. There were 2 guys standing and proceeding in her que. One was behiind her and the other infront of her.

I could see both of them talking to each other and making symbolic remarks about my wife. My wife is 5'1" tall, inocent looking etc etc. She was in a saree that day. Then the guy who was behind here started making moves as I see. He took adavntage of a jerk in the que and pressed himself strongly onto my wife. In that event he touched her shoulder and the guy in the front enjoyed her soft things without doing anything. I started worrying and thought of calling her back. Then to my honest confession, the whole thing started exciting me. I thought to give it some more time. As the que was proceeding more towards the entrance of the meuseum, it was becoming more tighter with people coming more closer to each other. The guy in the back took all the advantage of the situation and started pressing himself on her body. Standing very close to her and occasionally pressing himself on her body. I could see my wife initially getting irritated but later enjoying the whole episode. The guy's courage was slowly increasing. Then he started touching her exposed back and belly - I could see that clearly from the parallel que behind. The two guys were symbolically talking to each other about the event - the guy behind giving update to the guy in the front. Then the guy in the front started his move. While acting as if he checking his purse in his pant's rear pocket, he skillfully touched my wife's breasts with his elbow. The guy behind was too smart to slip his hands on the railing at the side and confidently touching her waist several times. The que was becoming more tighter and tighter......

We are about 10 feet away from the entrance door. People are pushing each other in the ques. The guy in the back was pushing himself onto her and pressing his bulging penis on her back, touching her waist. The guy in the front has several times checked for his purse by then. I could see my wife pretending as if she is not understanding the move. My pulse rate was going up and up. Finally the guy in the back became more courageous due to her silence and put one of his hands directly on her waist. I thought here she shouts but to my astonishment, she did not even resisted to this physically. The guy was confident by then and started fondling her belly and back in the exposed portion in saree and pressing his penis on her back. Now both of his hands are on her waist. People around were thinking as husband and wife with hubby protecting his dear wife or something. But who knows the real hubby is enjoying the scene from behind. Then he started touching her breasts by his thumb. Here comes another jerk in the que and he left no chance and squeezed her breast hard. The only person who could know this apart from the guy and my wife was me as I was thoroughly enjoying the scene. My wife looked back after that scene and both of them exchanged a naughty smile. By then the guy has got his part of approval from her. Now he started rubbing his pennis back and forth and sideways on her back, butt ... and pressing her breasts, fondling her butt, belly back and even the shoulder etc. The 10 ft distance till the entrance was ecstatic for both of them. I could see the guy taking his shirt from the pants and putting it on front so than he could hide the stain of his ejaculation on his pants. They entered the entrance 5 mins before I entered. The very entrance of the meuseum has a dark section where they have simulated a night in jungle. I could find my wife waiting there for me and I could see a sense of satisfaction in her face in that darkness too. Uh.

After we comeback hotel, I asked her the story and she was astonished to hear my version of the complete story. Then she also admitted that she enjoyed the whole episode and it was a diff experience. We had a good friendly laugh on the whole story and went for a sleep.

The last thing that she revealed to me and I didn't know was what happened after they entered into the entrance in dark before me. Here we go...

After they enter into the entrance the guy pulled her to one side into the darker side of the room and hugged her tight and planted a kiss on her lips. She also reciprocated. Then other guy joined in a both of them fondled her breasts, butts etc etc quickly, squeezed them kissed her here and there in a hurry. Finally they exchanged their phone numbers and names etc.

As per my wife what she liked was the last part of it with two guys fondling her breasts and kissing her simulteneously.

Chikans worst Nightmare! (Thu 14 Jun 2007 13:57:22 GMT)

footage of a chikaning attempt gone wrong!

The worst nitemare guys!

July award: T-BONE
And sophia the sexiest woman.
(Oh, whatsoever is her true name.)

Rome (Mon 23 Jul 2007 17:46:39 GMT)

Hello all. I have viewed this site for some time. Now I must be apart of it. I will tell you first that all my stories are true,and I do not add anything to them. My experiences have covered usa,italy,greece,england,germany,switzerland,france and soon to be australia. I read many post that seem to be contrived. I am a true chikan at heart. I'm not a pervert or criminal. I firmly believe most women love to be felt and pressed upon in public places. The key is in not being too obvious until they are really aroused or remaining nonchalant & not to attract attention to what you are doing. Be patient & focused. Know what is going on around you as best you can,and have an exit plan. Always remember a sincere "I'm sorry" or "my apology maam" will lure a girl back in sometimes. Then you can have your way,but ALWAYS remember each time is unique & different. So I begin
I was in rome on the subway,going to vatican city. The subway was really jammed. It was my first time in italy,and everything was so new to me. Women are a bit different in behavior everywhere you go,so I was taking this into account. Hoping for some good rubbing and feeling . I prefer to press myself against women,I almost never grab them unless,they touch me,or it is very very obvious they want me too. I am quite happy to rub my penis on a womens ass and leg. I have a large penis 11 inches sometimes a tad more if I get really aroused. I believe this is the reason most women let me rub on them because they don't really believe it could be a dick. Plus they are curious and aroused,because I try to be very suave about it.I am fairly good looking & have a very athletic build. So I don't look like a desperate pervert. I think all these things arouse a woman to be more in touch with her desires,rather than her fears of perverted behavior in public, or being embarrased. So it was the afternoon,and as I said it was packed. I got on the subway with my girl,but I knew we would get moved around. I hoped anyway. I love my girl and all,but I love fresh new ass. So there is this woman about 35 or so in a very plain dress,like sophia loren would wear in the old movies. Like a peasant dress,form fitting though around this italian womans perfect hard ass. I couldn't believe how tight she looked. But there was a catch,she looked meaner than a junkyard dog. I had to get close to that ass to see if it felt ass good as it looked. It was so packed that even if she felt my cock and got pissed off,I felt certain she would just flash me a stern look or at most just move away,so I went in for the kill. I didn't know how much time I would have,and was fairly certain I wouldn't have time to cum,but still thought it was worth it. Thr train stopped and my girl friend was pushed down in the train while I remained near my sophia(let's call her)I told my girl to listen & watch for the stops & was pretty sure we had at least 20 min or so. I really couldn't believe the ass on this woman. She looked like she definitely had at least 2 kids and an asshole italian husband who never fucked her well.I imagined all this and it really got me going. I had my backpack ready to hide anything like my fat cock pressing that damn dress into sophias asscrack. That was my dream,little did I know what would happen. I was wearing shorts,I almost never wear underwear UNLESS I'm suiting it or it's really necessary. So I'm freeballing it and I'm right behind sophia(remember fantasy name)It was a really hot day in rome,about 90 so you can imagine how humid it was on the train. That fuckin dress was sticking to her ass and back in the best ways. I finally worked up the nerve for first contact,and it almost made me faint.I pressed my cock on her ass and pulled it back right away. No reaction,so I did it again,but longer,than pulled back. She gave me absolutely no reaction,so I got really bold and pressed my cock,which was so fuckin hard I almost passed out,on her ass.She was still looking forward as I kept it there. She definitely felt it,she had to. I started to rub it back and forth pressing a little than pulling away. I reached down to reposition my cock as she turned to the side,and then looked around a little. She glanced at me and I couldn't fuckin believe my luck,but she smiled. All the hardness I saw before in her face was gone. My girlfriend was facing forward several feet away,and everyone else was doing there thing. I went in for the kill. I just hoped I would have enough time to cum,and we didn't get to my stop before I did. This time I positioned my cock perfectly so it went in between her ass cheeks. The dress was sticking in her ass cheeks because of my cock pushing it there,and she was holding a rail so we both had balance. I started pushing harder and side to side. It was so fuckin tight I couldn't believe it. I pulled back and saw that the heat from both of us made her dress stick to her even more.She had a full ass round and just perfect. I lost my mind and did something I don't recommend anyone ever do. I took my cock out and held it to my body with one hand while using my backpack to shield the other side. I hoped she would not freak out. I pressed my fat dick to her ass and prayed she would let me continue,and she did something I didn't expect. She pushed back on it. There was no mistake. She was into it. So I pressed hard into her asscrack the flat of my cock,and watched around for any jealous assholes or prisses. My cock was sweaty because of the humidity,so it stuck to her dress and moved it around a bit. This was the ultimate. I pressed hard and rocked back & forth and she kept her weight leaning back on my fat dick. I was pressing and pushing harder and faster and as I came my cock was pulsating and throbing cum all over the ass of her dress. I couldn't control it. I didn't want to. We were already sweaty back there so I didn't think she would really notice too much. I finished cumming on her dress and rubbing my cock on her backside kind of cleaning it off the tip of my dick. Her dress was a pattern with many different colors so you couldn't see the cum unless you were really looking for it.I HAD A BIT ON ME TOO BUT RUBBED IT OFF with the underside of my shirt. But it was obvious if you looked directly at certain spotson her dress. I pulled back after really feeling her ass with my cock and back of my hand. Remember,never push it toooo far. I was already so fuckin grateful I wanted to thank her personally. I was fuckin horrified when I saw her hand reach back to check out the damage. I thought even though she obviously enjoyed my dick in between her ass cheeks,she would get pissed I came on her. But all she did was feel around a bit. When she placed her hand in a big wet spot on her lower back,she brought her hand to her face and smelled it. I couldn't fuckin believe she wasn't pissed. I really came on this girl. She was rubbing her fingers together and smelling more. I was turned on again by this,and wanted to help out but thought it best to stay the invisible stranger if you get me. My cock was back in it's pant home,and my stop was coming up pretty quick. Perfect timing. I was moving to get near the door to leave when my stop came,also my grlfriend had looked over a couple times and signaled. As I moved past my sophia,I reached in a pocket of my backpack and pulled out a paper napkin. We came to my stop,and I turned 1/4 ways to my fantasy girl and said"Would you like a towel"I still couldn't believe it happened so perfectly. She smiled a little and flashed the sexiest look any woman I had never said a word to,has ever given me and took the towel without a word. I swear I wanted to fuck her right there. I will never forget my sophia,and I'll bet she remembers me for quite some time. I masturbate to her memory whenever I remember that day. In fact,I think I'm gonna rub one out right now. Hope you enjoyed my experience. More to follow. I've been at this for years now.
Great site, I only hope my luck continues.

RESPONSE (Wed 25 Jul 2007 11:24:35 GMT)

Let's stop fuckin around & get real. The goal of this rubbing & touching is to cum.Either in your own pants or in the extraordinary occasion,on the girl(in public) What happened in rome has only happened 3 times to me. Like I said in the story,I couldn't fuckin believe it was happening so smoothly,but I went with it. My goal is ALWAYS to blow my load. I took my dick out because she gave me such green lights, that anything (with discretion) would fly. I just had to put raw dick on her. I couldn't resist. It took me over completely. It was as if I was willing it to happen,and she couldn't refuse me. It's called BEING IN THE ZONE BABY! Next time I'll tell you fellas,and ladies if your out there,about my shy little korean girl in Los Angeles on the bus several years back. I still think about her the look on her face,then what happened. That's for next time. Gotta search for porn then hide my cock in my girls ass.
It's good to be the king.

August award: Jeremy
But you don't spoil a girl's dress.
(Some big brother are really big, you know.)

Some Experiences in College (Sat 11 Aug 2007 12:34:17 GMT)

I'd like to share with everyone a little chikan experience I had three years ago while in college. I'm not going to embelish it with any bullshit, just exactly what I remember.

Every Thursday night in my college town this one bar/club allows people 18 and over to enter the bar to dance/hang out/do anything but drink alcohol. This was a big turn on for me since I'd be able to grind on even younger girls then normal.

One Thursday night I was grinding up on this one cutie who was about 18 or 19; either a Freshman or Sophomore. She was about average size for a girl, maybe a little smaller then normal. She was definitely cute though. She had on really tight jeans that were light colored. I remember I was shitfaced drunk at the time.

We were out in the middle of the dance floor grinding. She was really into it, gyrating her ass up against my crotch. I had my dick out through my jeans grinding up against her ass. I had my hands on her hips and I was thrusting my naked cock into her tight ass along with the beat from the music. I had on my relatively long shirt that went a little bit below my crotch. I was so drunk at the time I probably didn't even care if anyone saw my dick.

I knew I wouldn't have long with her so I kept one hand on her hip and my other hand was jerking my cock into her ass. She continued to grind her ass up against my naked dick while I stroked my dick up against her ass. After about two minutes of stroking in the middle of the dance floor i blew my load all over her legs. I put my dick away and admired the work I had done.

About 30 minutes later I was at the bar getting a drink when I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder. I turned around and this short, pissed off looking dude about 5'6"-5'7" with a muscle shirt on wanted to know if I had came on his sister. You could tell he worked out and had muscle, but he was short and pretty small. Now I am 6 feet tall and had about 80 lbs on this dude and had been lifting daily in college so if he wanted to get physical he would of been in for quite a fight. Actually now that I think about it I think I had on one of my tighter shirts that showed off my muscles pretty well.

He had his sister turn around and show me the cum stains. I looked at the cum on her legs and then back at him and said, tauntingly, "yeah, it was me". I was so piss drunk and was ready for a good fight so that's why I said that to him. To my surprise he didn't punch me or get physical at all, despite the fact that I just told him, tauntingly, that I had just blew my load all over his sisters legs whom I've never met in a crowded club.

Anyway he ended up calling me a few bad words and tried insulting me, then told the bouncer I had cum on his sister on the dancefloor, who promptly removed me from the club, despite me telling him he had no proof. As I was being kicked out, I yelled at him "Fuck you you fuckin' pussy" to try and get him to come out and fight me, but he didn't do shit.

All the while the girl I had cum on looked slightly annoyed but at the same time not really. I don't think she would of said anything if her brother hadn't noticed the cum. I didn't give a shit because I didn't know anyone in the bar at the time and my reputation was still intact. After I got kicked out I went up the street to another club and grinded on some more girls, hahahaha

I saw the brother a few times at the club over the course of the semester but he didn't do shit. I still went about my ways grinding on chics even with him there. You wouldn't believe, but he actually bought me a drink about a month after the occurence, lol.

Experiences (Sat 11 Aug 2007 19:16:34 GMT)

Yeah i'll be posting another short story that happened at that same bar. BTW Black Shogun I am a huge fan of yours, no one tops your stories. I wouldn't mind seeing some more stories from you in the future.

warped tour (Sun 12 Aug 2007 04:31:59 GMT)

Anyone have any warped tour stories to share this year?

Dance clubs, New york (Thu 16 Aug 2007 11:33:55 GMT)

Anyone have any idea where the best dance clubs to chikan are in New York, specifically the Westchester County area, or even New York City?

I'm looking for a club that has a lot of drunk girls in their 20s dancing, who don't mind guys coming up behind them and giving them a little hump.

I'm not looking for a place that has a stupid dress code or this or that, just a bunch of girls dancing to a rap beat.

ANY info appreciated!!!! Feel free to email me if you dont want to post on the board!!!

my little rant (Sat 25 Aug 2007 10:16:29 GMT)

In my opinion, if you didn't cum on a girls ass, it wasn't worthwhile, and it's not exciting to read. Even if you didn't cum on her ass, at least tell us you came in your pants or something.

What fun is it to hump some chic with your dick in your pants, and then go to the bathroom and wank off? That's not exciting at all. Please post more stories about cumming on asses :)

Ballzy (Sat 25 Aug 2007 10:35:02 GMT)

Just wanted to comment on this story:

Very ballzy to stick around the club even after the chic knew you had cum on her ass. She could of easily gotten 5 of her male friends to beat you down, or told a bouncer. You lucked out though as it seems she didn't say anything, and went and came on another ass! Total balls

After I cum on an ass I usually split, unless i'm so piss drunk i dont really care about anything, which is usually not the case.

Cum on ass pics (Sun 26 Aug 2007 09:56:38 GMT)

Would I be out of line requesting pictures of girls with cum on their ass?

I think nothing is more of a turn on then a girl walking around in public with a gob of cum on her ass.

Her face doesn't have to revealed, so anonymity can be maintained.

But Christ, is this board dead or what? I'm thinking of making my own webpage dealing with "chikan"

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Getting asses and tits however difficult to reach them.
(And you get her elbow too.)

Concert Stories (Wed 12 Sep 2007 08:36:01 GMT)

I have been lurking on here for close to five years. I only look for stories, pictures and videos, and skip the rest. It seems there have not been any good concert stories in a long time. So I guess now is as good as time as any to tell some of my own.

Here's my latest adventure. I'll write up some past one's as I have time.

Staying for more (Wed 12 Sep 2007 08:46:03 GMT)

Summer of 2007 I attended a large outdoor 4-day Christian concert. I went with some friends who neither share my addiction, nor know that I partake in it. We stayed in the campground at night, went into town or swimming in the river during the day, and attended the evening part of the concert.

This is the second time I've attended this festival, and I actually try to control myself. Last year I was not able to, but this year I did much better, as I decided to try to avoid going down into the pit for the evening concert. As you can probably guess, a Christian concert is not the best gig to be groping girls at. While there are tons of hot girls wearing tight, revealing clothing, there are many reasons it's less than ideal.

There are 30,000 people camping for four days, so it's an outdoor arena, which means it doesn't get dark until the last 2 bands or so. While the pit has hot girls like you'd expect, sometimes they can be too young. The way girls dress these days, it's sometimes hard to tell. There are still plenty of older high school and college age girls, you just have to be careful. Crowdsurfing is not allowed and NO ONE is drinking.

The worst part it, and this is often a deal breaker, while the pit looks pretty normal from far away, get in it and you'll notice a difference. It is crowded, but it's not THAT crowded. People are very close, and there is some natural contact, but not the usual crammed bodies like we need. Movement is also rare. For the most part people stand where they are and stay there, so fighting to get behind some girl would really be noticeable. Conditions CAN be suitable, depending on the band/song playing, where you're standing and how rowdy the people behind you are. But it's really a crapshoot.

That's why I tried to avoid the pit, to avoid the temptation. I was able to do it for three of the four days. On the fourth day my friends decide we should get as close as possible. After three days of staring at all the hot girls, I couldn't resist anymore.

Bands play all day, but the main evening concerts are from about 5 to midnight. There's usually two bands, a speaker, then two more bands. We make our way towards the front during the speaker and sit down with everyone else.

There are two things that make me nervous. If I'm near a hottie, I'm afraid I won't be able stop myself, even if the conditions are not perfect. That can be very dangerous. Second, I'm afraid that, even if the conditions ARE perfect, my friends will see what I'm doing and I'll be exposed.

Once the speaker is done, we all stand up and move forward. It's not crowed at all yet, but I'm already scouting out the people around us. I'm trying to stand at the back of my group of friends. I keep telling myself to forget about it and just watch the bands. Like that's going to happen.

As people continue to fill in behind us, a group of five friends squeeze up right behind us. They look young college aged, four girls and one guy. They are all lined up directly behind where we are standing. As the crowd countinues to push forward, I don't try as hard, so my group is moving away from me, and these girls are moving closer.

Two of them are absolutely gorgeous. Directly on my left is a hot skinny blonde in a blue mini skirt with Abercrombie printed across her ass. The skirt is very short and very thin. Her top is low cut and I have a great view of her tits. On her left is a short brunette with tight jeans and a great ass. On her left is their guy friend. Behind me is a blonde wearing a short casual white dress. On her left is a hot skinny brunette wearing soft sueded brown cotton capris. They cling to her ass, but sway on her legs and look super soft and thin. She has the bigges tits of all of them, and she's wearing a tank top that really shows them off.

Looking at them, the brown capris look AMAZING, but how do you pass up a soft cotton mini skirt? Besides, she is CLEARLY the hottest of the two.

The crowd keeps inching forward in anticipation of the next band coming out. When they do there is a sudden surge of several feet. EVERYONE moves up. As I was expecting it, I allowed myself to wind up right behind Abercrombie skirt with my hand pressed against her ass. It is much tighter now, so I am able to get several feels on her ass. WOW! It feels amazing. People are still jockeying for position and so I'm able to bump into her, cupping her ass cheek with my right hand.

The band has started now, and I'm not taking it slow. I know I SHOULD be, but I just want to get my hands all over her amazing ass! I'm thinking about how great it's going to feel grinding my naked cock into those Abercrombie letters. I put my left hand down and cupped both ass cheeks at the same time.

Now this is really stupid, because of course she can feel it, and I'm really going too fast here. To make matters worse I squeezed both hands and "palmed" both cheeks at the same time. She must of been wearing a thong because I could tell there was nothing between her cheeks and my hands except that thin skirt. As I was enjoying the sensation of squeezing that wonderful ass, she reached over to their guy friend and pulled herself over to where he was. Gone!

Having no girls in front of me, and moving around to find one out of the question, I did what I could with the girls behind me. Brown capris girl was now behind me on my right. I held my arm just right so my elbow was pressed up against her left breast. I held it there, and as she jumped up and down she would be rubbing it against my elbow. Eventually I would rock forward to remove my elbow, cross my arms so my left hand was under my elbow, and face it out towards her breast.

This worked great, but only for short periods of time. Otherwise it would be too obvious. I mostly held it there and let her natural movements push her breast onto my hand. I was able to get several good feels of her nipple, and at one point when she was jumping up and down with more force, I even palmed her entire breast.

It felt so great that I wanted to do it again. But I didn't wait for a good enough time. She was moving, but not as much as before. I didn't palm her entire breast, but I put my hand on it and squeezed a little.

The next thing I know she was moving to the left behind me. I don't know if it was because she felt me grab her tit, but she was trying to get closer to her friends.

Luck, this time, was with me. Once she squeezed over, she then stepped up in front of them, directly in front of me. I guess she didn't realize I was the one who had grabbed her. This time I was going to take it slower.

I cupped her right ass cheek with my right hand and just held it there for a moment. I could tell she was wearing a thong too, as that ass was firm, yet free to just bounce around. And those capris! They were so soft! They clung to her ass cheeks and right down her crack.

That band finished their set and the next band, the last of the evening, came on and were playing. This is a very popular band and it was now more crowed than before.

As the concert went on, I would bump into her and touch her ass with my hand or place my finger on her ass crack. Eventually I started pressing my erection into her ass. I would just hold it there, pressed into her ass but I didn't grind into her. Not yet.

I was working her for the entire set. I knew that this band had a song that everyone just went ape shit on. It has a chorus that just makes everyone jump around and go crazy. So I was working her up for that song.

I had been testing her ass with my erection for a long time now. Pressing it up against her ass, backing away, pressing it again, holding it there. It was finally time to pull it out.

I was wearing baggy cargo shorts with boxers underneath. I unzipped my shorts and pulled out my hard cock. I was wearing a long black t-shirt that hangs down low enough to hide what I'm doing.

First I pressed it up against her ass while it's still under my t-shirt. I just left it there for awhile, letting her get used to it. She kept jumping around and acting like it was just crowd contact. When I felt enough time had passed I slowly pulled my shirt up and finally placed my cock right on her ass crack.

Words cannot describe the sensation that soft cotton gave my cock. I would not have been surprized if I had cum right there. But I didn't lose control. I just kind of held it up against her, moving with her body.

It turned out my timing was perfect. For a whole 4 or 5 minute song I stood there with my cock in her ass crack, wanting nothing more than to grab her by the waist and grind it up and down. With the first chord of the next song, I finally had my chance.

This was the song where everyone goes nuts, it has a long opening and everyone went crazy as soon as it started. The entire crowd was pushed from behind while jumping up and down at the same time. Many people struggled to just stay standing. Of course I took advantage of the chaos.

While my left arm was keeping me balanced, I grabbed her waist with my right hand. I shoved up cock up into her ass crack as hard as I could. I got in several good thrusts, up and down that crack, when I had my balance enough to grab her shoulder with my left hand.

Holding onto her with both hands, I stopped being descreet and jammed my cock into her ass as I leaned backwards against the thrust of the crowd. I humped her several times in a short period of time. Having my cock buried deep between her firm ass cheeks, surrounded by that super soft cotton, felt AMAZING.

Her body froze up. I was pumping her ass quickly, but to a rythem that was to the beat of the song. With each thrust I pulled her body towards me, so I was getting my cock as far up in her ass as was possible. There's simply no way she couldn't tell what I was doing, but I was going all out, determined to come on that young college ass. I was going fast enough to tell I was about to come in seconds.

I wanted to squeeze her tit's while I came in her ass. Just as I started to reach up to grab one, the opening of the song ended and the crowd became still. I just needed to pump her a few more times! Even as I was holding onto her, she turned to the left, and stepped away from me.

NOOO!!!! She was gone! I'd been working on this girl for over an hour, and she just up and leaves. There was nothing I could do. She had stepped over and past the guy with their group. I covered my naked erection with my shirt, but here I was still about to come. I knew the next time the chorus played would be the perfect time, but there was now a guy standing in front of me.

I didn't have any time to really think about it. I looked around me. The blonde friend with the white dress on was on my immediate left. She was decent looking, but not as hot as the other two. She wasn' t as small and skinny as the other two, but she was still very shapely and had a sexy body. She had a almost flat cheast that didn't seem worth bothering with.

I leaned towards her and backwards, creating a seemingly empty spot in front of me. She took the bait and stepped right in front of me. I stuck my right hand straight on her ass. Her ass cheeks were a little larger than a handful, but still felt great. Her cheeks felt tighter, like she was wearing full coverage panties instead of a thong. Her dress was not soft, but hard and crinkly, like seersucker material.

I didn't have much choice, but I did have an idea. I kept my cock away from her, afraid it would go off at the slightest tough. I held the bottom of my shirt down tight with both hands, while I placed my pointer fingers up under the bottom edge of her dress. Right before the chorus hit, I acted.

In one motion I pulled my shirt up over my cock, pulled the bottom of her dress up enough to get my cock under it, and placed it on her pantied ass crack.

At the same time the crowd went crazy again, with even more pushing and jumping around. Most people jump straight up and down. I grabbed her around the haunches, leaned back and JAMMED my cock into her ass.

She was trying to jump up and down with the song, but I was thrusting my cock up her ass so hard that her body was flailing forward every time she when up. I had a great view of what I was doing to her. As I was holding onto her right below her waist and keeping her ass pressed into me, the top part of her body was bent forward and she was using her arms to hold herself up. Looking down I could see my cock thrusting under her dress on her ass.

This poor girl. She probably hadn't been touched all night. All of a sudden she's got a cock under her dress hot dogging her ass crack. I was humping her as hard as I could. It only took five or six thrusts before I started cumming.

I came a lot too. But I just I kept thrusting into her ass. I could feel the tension her panties created, shoving it up her ass crack. I felt gobs of cum shoot on her panties, up her crack and probably up her back too. I didn't stop as I kept cumming, but the song did.

The song abrubtly ended, the lights went out and the band walked off the stage. I had finished cumming but my cock was stlll under her dress pressed up her crack.

I knew it was time to leave. I knew I had to turn and walk out. Everyone had stopped moving and was just standing and cheering. The darkness made it the perfect time.

Only an unexpected thing happened. While I was standing there with my arms still around her, numb from cumming on her ass. She turned to the left and walked away. She didn't look at me or her friends. She just left. My cock was exposed for a second before I could get it under my shirt. Luckily the darkness concelled it.

I wanted to see the cum stain soaked through her dress, but she had left too quickly. So now what should I do.? Do I still need to leave? Her group of friends were now a little further away from me on the left. I couldn't even see brown capris girl anymore. I decided I might as well stay where I am so that I don't have to make up a story to my friends after the concert.

With the lights still out I zipped my shorts up and pushed over a couple of steps to my right. Just so I'm not in the same area. The band had walked offstage, but this was just the part where everyone yells for one more song, and they come out and play two or three more.

It looked like there were all new people around me who had managed to move up during the chaos of the last song. Directly on my right were four girls who were friends. They all looked younger than the last group of friends, maybe 15 to 16. All four were wearing similar outfits. They had on thick cotton shorts that made groping their asses pointless. But all four had on bikini tops, covered with skimpy tank tops.

Their shorts were all different, and their bikini tops were different colors, but their tank tops looked the same. Thin, see through white with spaghetti straps. Low cut so their cleavage is visible, depending on how big their tits are. Their bikini tops were very visible, not only the straps around their neck or shoulders but also down the front of their tank tops.

The were standing close together in a pod. Two in front and two behind. Desperately trying to not only get closer, but to see, as they were on the short side. The girl next to me, the front left side of their pod, was the shortest. She was slightly tubby, but had amazing tits that I could see clearly. Slightly more than a handful, round and jiggling around in her bikini top.

I reached over and tried to feel her ass, but those shorts were just too thick. So I crossed my arms with my left hand at my elbow, and got some feels of her left breast. It felt very firm, and I was able to rub and feel her nipple through her shirt and bikini. They were still trying to push up and jump around, so she wasn't standing still. She kept trying to push her body forward, which just smashed her firm tit into my hand even more.

Eventually her group had moved up a little, and now the girl behind her was in front of me. Her tits were smaller, but still very inviting. I went straight to doing the same thing with her. I wanted to have my hand tough her tit on her skin, which wasn't possible with the first girl.

Before I could try it, the band had stopped playing and the singer was talking to the audience. There wasn't enough movement to attempt it just yet, but I was getting glances at her very visible cleavage, just dying to reach over and grab her tits.

When the band started the next song, everyone surged forward again. It caught me a little off guard because I was unfamiliar with this song. I didn't realize they had ANOTHER song that made the crowd jump around and go crazy.

I was pushed forward, right into the middle of this group of girls. The first girl was right in front of me, with her arms above her head, trying to stay standing up. I reached around with my right hand, palmed her right breast and squeezed it hard. There was so much pushing behind us that people were nearly falling down. I reached around with my left hand and grabbed her left tit as well.

I squeezed and massaged both tits at the same time. Her arms didn't come down and try to block me, so I'm not sure she could even tell. Both tits filled my hands and felt firm and round.

I could feel the crowd surge stopping, so I had to let go and back off. I quickly decided that, the next time that happened, I was going to go all out. Next time I was going to stick my hands down INSIDE her bikini.

As we were standing there I looked at my right. Now standing beside me was the girl who had been the furthest away of these four friends. I hadn't really noticed here before, but SHE...WAS...HOTT!!! She was a skinny blonde, not more than 15. Her hair was in two pigtails. Her tank top was so low it might as well not have been there. And her TITS! They were ENORMOUS! Not big and saggy, but big and firm and round. Her bikini barely covered them, as they looked like they were just begging to break free. Every move made them jiggle and bounce around. I wasn't going to be careful this time.

I also noticed that most of the pushing behind us was from a large group of boys. It also appeared that their eyes were not on the band, but on the breasts of this group of four girls, particularly the one at my right. When the chorus hit again, the crowd surged forward, but this group of guy really pushed hard.

One guy pushed up past me on my left, while another pushed up around the right side of these girls. Another guy tried to push up between me and pigtails, so I put my right arm around her and stepped closer up onto her body.

The pushing was causing the girls and me to lean forward. I used my right arm to push pigtails even more so that she was looking at the ground. While holding her there I reached my left hand down into her cleavage, brushing both tits with my fingers and hand. I pushed my hand down between her tits, and my fingers and hand went under her bikini on her right breast.

My entire hand was now palming her naked breast. My fingers felt her nipple as I pushed in, but now I had my hand on the front of her large tit, squeezing and groping it. It felt so amazing and I couldn't believe what I was doing. She struggled to get up, but I just kept holding her down.

Meanwhile the three guys who had run past me were up in and around the other three girls. It looks like they had run up, grabbed their tits and took off to the left. All of a sudden the song ended and the crowd stopped pushing. But here I still had this girl bent forward with my hand on her tit under her bikini.

I took my hand out and let go of her a second after everyone else had already stood up. So she obviously knew I had been holding her down. When I stood up I saw that my hand had pushed her bikini off her tit. So I got a quick view of her completely naked breast. I noticed that her nipple was pink and didn't look fully developed. She just as quickly covered it up, pulling her bikini back on.

This was all about the same time those other three guys took off fast to the left. I should have followed them, but my first thought was that maybe she would think it had been one of them, what with how fast they took off. But the right after she pulled her bikini back on she elbowed me hard in the stomach with her left elbow.

I just stood there and looked onstage. That was the last song. The concert and the festival were over. Many people turned and started leaving, and all of a sudden the lights came on and there was plenty of room to move around.

All four of those girls looked mad. They took a couple steps away from me and were looking and pointing towards where those boys had run off. My girl was talking to them and pointed right at me. I just kept looking forward. She walked right up to me, turned her body, and again elbowed me as hard as she could in the stomach.

The high I was feeling from cumming on white dress girls ass, plus what I had just done to her, made me not care nor really even feel it. Actually it felt sort of good. Seeing and feeling her reaction just added to my high. She walked back over to her friends and they walked away. I found my friends and we walked out a different direction.

I want to admit, what I did was wrong. Being aggressive like that is how you get caught. I'm lucky she didn't go grab someone from security. Plus, knowing that it was me, she knew what I looked like. I admit I was a little nervous while leaving the venue. But it all turned out great (for me) and I was able to learn something.

I just can't go into the pit anymore at this concert, because I can not control myself.

Re: Guest - Staying for more (Thu 13 Sep 2007 08:54:28 GMT)

I wrote "Staying for more". I actually thought I had a handle, but it didn't pop up. So I have one now. Hopefully it works this time.

I completely agree that I was not careful in this situation. After I spunked on the white dress girl I should have got the hell out of there. It was really stupid of me to stay. Also, humping her that hard without working her up to it was much too risky. But I had to cum on SOMEONE!

For the second girl, the situatiton was ok for grabbing her tits, but holding her down while I stuck my hand INSIDE her bikini? That was WAY to aggressive.

There are times when it's ok to be aggressive with a girl, but ONLY after working her for a long period of time. I didn't work on either of these girls before I humped/groped them. Stupid, stupid, stupid....

With the white dress girl; I was about to cum. I had to make a split second decision at the EXACT worst time for me to think logically. Had brown capris girl been able to get away from me sooner, I probably would not have spunked on anyone that night.

With the bikini girl, I should have been able to think more clearly. I guess I had that "I can get away with anything" ego thing going on in my head. Plus, I don't know how to explain this, but her tits were just to DIE for. There was NO WAY I could stop myself after I got a look at them.

I freely admit, I should have been more careful. But I gotta say, it was totally worth it.

If my friends want me to go with them again next year, I might just say no. Or if I do, I GOTTA stay out of the pit. There's just no way of telling if there's going to be an ideal situation. And I CANNOT press my luck by forcing something out of a bad situation.

I actually don't know that much about this type of music. My friends just invited me to come along and I figured a four day concert with 30,000+ people would have an awesome mosh pit area. The band playing at the end was called Tobymac. I don't know if these concerts are really ideal becaue it's such a crap shoot whether you'll find the right situation. I also went to this music festival the year before, and that's when I learned that it wasn't the ripe picking ground I thought it would be.

I do have more stories to share and I will post them as I'm able. The story from last year is not as good as this years. I didn't have as much success, but I will tell it anyway. I don't really go to concerts as much as I did when I was in college. I went to many concerts in college, with the sole intention of humping asses. But the best stories are ones with clear details, and unfortunatly many of the details of those experiences are lost or jumbled together.

However, one of my clearest memories is from my very first experience. From when I thought I invented this art form. Until I found this forum I thought I was the only one who did this. I have never written down the story, so as soon as I get a chance I will post it.

October award: deleted
Foreign language study helps communication.
(Even when you never speak a word.)


November award: Max Mond
for his regular and casual encounters.
(You must smell pheromone.)

Dumb Cops (Fri 09 Nov 2007 03:57:46 GMT)

Hey guys,

I haven't checked in here for a while, but I see I didn't miss much. My no chikan period was short lived. As soon as I broke up with my new ex-gf for the 2nd time, for the same reasons again, I've fallen from grace back into transit chikaning. Today, on the way home, my cock was on a tall blonde's skinny ass, just about to get erect, when all of a sudden I felt cop eyes staring at me. It was like I heard his voice without him speaking. I looked back and this guy was behind me staring at me intently, as if trying to figure out what I was doing. Needless to say, my dick went limp in a heartbeat. I knew it was a cop and not a faggot. He had this stare, this sloppily aggressive, continuous stare, as if he had high blood pressure from eating too much red meat and donuts. I quickly turned around with my limpness and looked right back at him with a "I know you are there" look, " what are you going to do now." He just stared back. I looked away. I'm big, but I not stupid. I didn't want him to remembe me for another day. I calmly got off at the next stop. And you know what, so did he. And he kept looking at me from about 10 feet away. It was like he wanted me to know he was a cop, and that I was being watched. So I walked over to the stairs, and suddenly ran up the stairs to go to the other side, I noticed he followed me...then I walked around the platform on the other side walked slowly back to the staircase, and ran up again, and came back to original side. He didn't follow me this time for whatever reason. What a relief. I swear cops cannot hide themselves. When I was driving a cab in Manhattan last year, I could pick out their undercover cars from the way they drive. They have this obvious aggressive way of doing things. No matter what it is. They are always hanging around dunkin donuts, getting free coffee and finishing up the boston creme. Are Godzilla, Geego, Paul Falkner, other random idiots who write like idiots about irrelevance cops? Are they trying to instigate Shogun, maybe trying to get him angry (like the incredible hulk), so that he may lose control and give away some clues to his personal info. Shogun, ignore them. If you write anywhere else on the internet, change your writing style, so they have no idea who you are or what you do. But then again, chikaning is so low on the crime list, do the cops care? Probably, because cops always there to bust you for petty things, like jaywalking(a friend was ticketed for this) or speeding, and never there when your getting robbed.

Helmet, Sandy, Indian Chikaans (Mon 12 Nov 2007 04:45:20 GMT)

Helmet - you know i enjoy your stories. They are absolutely the best current stories. I have to try the "tourist syndrome" in NY, but its easy to get laid by tourists in NY. Currently, unfortunately, but in moderation, I'm enjoying the "regulars". I've picked a few good willing women on the way to and from work everyday. I see them almost everyday, or alternate days. They are more than willing to rub me, or place their asscheeks around my dick. Its amazing. I don't do anyting, say anything. I place myself near them, and they do the rest. Oh, I'm always on time to work now. On the first train, there is always this one short Asian or Southamerican women, depending on my timing. They both rub my cock with with there arms. The Asian closes her eyes and presses her arm on it until it is hard. Once she sandwiched it between her arm and her body. The SouthAmerican woman is a little more aggressive. She will move whatever part of her is touching my cock. She rocks it side to side usually. She almost makes me cum, but I don't want that in the morning. She really gets my temperature going. On the 2nd train, there is the Nepalese, or Tibetanish, type of woman. She does similar things. There is also a dark haired tallish bookreader who uses her wrist to feel the area above my crotch, and then she teases me, slowly going lower and lower, until finally she touches me in the right spost. I've had her a couple of years ago. She recognized me and I recognized her as well, and we are up the same thing. There is Latin(?) or Greek, darkhaired fair skinned girl with sunglasses. She has felt me up a few times and let me hump her once. I have no regulars on the 3rd train, not yet. But on this train, the girls are mostly white and tall, and I find someone who wants a hump. I just place myself near them, and then don't don't do anything, but start emitting my own spider sense, er, I mean chikaan sense. It words every now and then. A girl will will usually lend an ass, or tits. The way home is the blondish twitching girl i've mentioned before. I wait for her everyday. I will pass a train if she hasn't arrived at the station. Her ass is so warm and soft, and so irresistable. I would go out with her had we met somewhere else. I've come close to cumming with her. Hope to cum soon on her and hope to gather the courage to snap a Jeremy type pic of her ass. Part of the problem on her train (and my train too) is that it runs into an endpoint. So I see the same people on this train. And since I stick out with my height and weight, people recognize very easily. So I haven't humped her vigorously like I so desire.

Sassybrat, er I mean Sandy - not all guys here are like that. I am frotted (not frowned) upon by women. I only go with women who are into it. For me the high doesn't come from the forceful frotting, rather doing something willingly with someone, and only the 2 of you know, everyone else obvlivious, and getting away with something when you can be caught.

Indian Chikaans, you are having the biggest holiday of the year - Diwai. Someone has stories?

Taxi confession: european tourists (Mon 12 Nov 2007 04:52:28 GMT)

Last year I was driving a cab about this month. Every week I would pick up out of town women at the airport, or hotels. Their code words are "we're here for shopping and pleasure" and they are willing to start the pleasure part right away. Needless to say I was flattered and overjoyed everytime, but it meant that spending time with them would not afford me the lease of the taxi for the night, and there was a good chance these sluts could pass some disease. I never did it, but there isn't a cabby in NY who hasn't taken advantage of this opportunity. I've asked cabbies of every race and age if they've had such encounters, and all of them have said yes. Most guys did not do it, because of loyalty to their wives, and the loss of income from fucking rather than working. But every single young and single guy has fucked a few good tourists. They say Autumn is the best season as NYC is flooded by Europeans. They are lured here by the low exchange rate and advertising in Europe by NYC as a destination for "shopping and pleasure." Now that I have a regular job and the weekends free, I'm seriously considering getting behind the wheel every now and then to check out the craziness only this city can offer.

Taxi confession: accidental pickup of ho (Mon 12 Nov 2007 05:05:19 GMT)

There was this one time last year I was a driving a cab in uptown manhattan near Spanish Harlem. A whole bunch of cabs were not picking up a girl at a corner. Luck for me I thought, a fare! And a good looking latin girl, even better! She gets in, I start the meter, we go to the destination. An abandoned looking place. Then she wants to go back. OK, more money for me. We go back and she starts asking things like if I have time to spend with her? Huh? Now this has happened with non-professional girls where I have accepted (story for another time), so I thought this was no different. So I said sure. Then I look back at her, she is a latin hottie, tan skin, long black hair, and luxurious body (my term for not skinny and fat in the right places). Its raining, so I parked the car and went to the back, and told her we can spend time here, no need to go back. I start feeling her up, running my hands from under her shirt and jacket up to her nips. I was surprised there was no resistance. She looks at my crotch and says I'm looking kind of big. At that point, a ford crown vic in black with black windows is coming down the street. From the donut-fueled, high blood pressure styled aggressive driving, we both realize its a cop. I'm a cabbie so I recognize them, but why is she concerned? Dumb me, thats when I realized she's a ho. She says she wants money for cigarrettes and condoms for us. So I give her like 10 dollars, she goes to the bodega 5 feet away, and comes back in 2 minutes. I'm still hard. She unzips me and comments on my hard cock. She is ready to blow me. I stop her lips from touching me and make her put a condom on. She puts it on and gives me a blowjob. It was great. I exploded in the condom in her mouth. It was the cheapest blowjob ever. Needless to say, I was very relaxed the rest of the night.

Whats a good concert to go to? (Tue 13 Nov 2007 21:02:35 GMT)

So far it seems like any concert thats packed is a good concert. Does anyone know of bands or musical genres that are better?

twitching girl thanked me today. (Thu 15 Nov 2007 04:26:37 GMT)

I've mentioned this blondish girl who I frequently run into on the train on the way home. Today, I got to the platform where I wait for her, and it looked like she was waiting for me. There must have been some problem on the trains, it was super packed. So when the train finally came, we pushed our way in...she in front, me making sure to be right behind her. I fought to stay behind her, there were so many other guys who were trying to get behind or near her. No way, she was my regular and I wasn't going to give her up. So pushed some guys around till I was as close to her as possible, but not right behind her as some other women somehow ended up there. So she looked back, and she made sure to move close to me. This has become our regular thing lately. I moved to the end of the train against the conductors door. She right with me. Now no one else was involved, and it was just the 2 of us. I bent me knees, I was already hard. She moved her warm and soft ass cheeks in position. She did all the work today. She started right away doing that dancing, twitching move I've been mentioning. I could feel those soft cheeks on my full erection. She was jerking me off. She moved those hips with intensity. I could her ears were changing to red. And so was her neck. She looked back only once. I saw her beautiful brownish-greenish eyes full of lust and full of gratification. The train stayed crowded till her stop came. Just before that I've done something I've only done once or twice before - I busted a nut! Wholly shit, it was intense. I felt my stomach muscles tensing, then I heard vioces from heaven, and the whole of the universe slowed down, almost to a stop, and then the train began to shake, the earth moved, and then my body began to twitch - as I came, she pressed me down with her whole body, and I could feel the warmth of her whole body against mine..and she stayed there for a minute or two. Then before she left, she said did something no one other chikaan woman has done. She turned around, locked her eyes on mine, then opened her perfectly cut red lips and said, "thanks" and she left, and I swear I saw a glow around her body as she left the train. That was the first time a "chikanee" spoke to me, and with her soothingly feminine voice gave me thanks.

Re: Omg that's what I am talkin about :) (Fri 16 Nov 2007 03:29:14 GMT)


I'm from NYC. I accidentally discovered frotting as I was very pleasingly attacked by the luscious bottom of a blonde in blue jeans on an overcrowded nyc subway on my way to work. I didn't know what to think of it, until it happened again. Then I knew something was up (other than my penis) and I was sure to reap this crop. Do a search on my name, see if you can read some my experiences. Almost all of them are unitiated by me. Women can smell men like us, and like exitar says, they will gravitate to you if they find you attractive. Well I'm not attractive in my opinion, but I am unique in my own way, which leaves an impression on everyone I meet. This new discovery time is the most exciting, so enjoy it!

Some guy was busted (Wed 21 Nov 2007 03:07:25 GMT)

Today on the way home, I boarded a crowded train. I blonde with a huge ass got in front of me, but she had these discouraging dangerous looking bags near my croch, so I turned sideways, and then someone else boarded and pushed me into an the side of an Asian woman. Somehow her arm is right on my cock. I guess she was happy to have me there. While she is pressing cock repeatedly getting it hard, a tall guy gets behind the blonde. She pushes him away and gives him a nasty look. The idiot doesn't get the hint. She moves behind her again and tries to hump her. She pushes him again and gives him an even nastier look, at the same time moving closer to me. I made sure to put my hands where everyone can see them. You never know with girls like that. You can falsely accused. Then the idiot tried again! This time she turns around, pushes him, then yells at him and tells him to stand away from her. He has this dumb look on his face, but I know he was embarrassed. I was embarrassed for him. I had to look out the window. And his ears were red. Idiot. I've also noticed there is more uniform police at the usual chikan stations. Aggressive idiots like this are ruining for the men AND WOMEN into chikaaning.

Re: Clean Yourself Out Before Chikaning (Sun 25 Nov 2007 14:45:41 GMT)

If you want a boner that never goes down, eat more meat and vegetables, less carbs.

Re: Women feeling the boner & techniques (Sun 25 Nov 2007 14:52:21 GMT)

Of course women feel the boner. But not all women are into it. And most women dont' like aggressive behavior. While they may be ok to chikan, they are not open to abduction, rape, or other violent behavior which you project when you are aggressive. So be calm, always test the situation, and read the archives! You have all the guidance there.

Women know (Mon 26 Nov 2007 01:41:54 GMT)

Yes indeed women really know what you are upto, or up in, when you are about to blow a load in their soft ass. For some reason, with me they lean back and press their whole warm bodies when I'm close to blowing, and almost never move away. I try not to wet myself, especially in the mornings, but its very hard to resist. In fact, I want to bite their necks when they press their whole bodies on me as I'm cumming. I don't go faint after cumming like a lot of guys. I think because I'm large and in getting in better shape, I have lots energy. And lot of blood for the instant rebound hard on. Just last week I came, and then changed trains, and ran into my "twitching girl" who I keep mentioning, got hard and almost came again. Remember to eat meat! You are what you eat. Fish, chicken, and the best - beef, provided you can control the cholesterol with occasional cardiovascular exercise. It also helps to workout your core (torso) and legs with weights. This will you increase your stamina in the train and the bedroom!

Mistry (Tue 27 Nov 2007 03:39:32 GMT)

Hey Mistry,

I am a white American, but am related to Pakistani's through my aunt's marriage to one. I was in Lahore the whole summer and could not find an opportunity to do. The public transport is segregated, and at the parks and other social venues, the girls just smile, but thats it. I may go next summer, or winter. What are some places to do this where the women are willing, if any. I too felt the stare of many people over there, and due to the segregation, it will be hard to not get caught, and subsequently get beaten. Maybe you should quit.

RE: Guest: Mr. mond you are truly skilled (Tue 27 Nov 2007 03:47:31 GMT)

I not really skilled. In fact I'm a newbie compared to others. I accidentally fell into this and have dumb luck ever since. WSorry its not the diet thing for you. Diet and exercise make a big difference for me. If the girl turns around and looks at you and doesn't like what she sees, it not going to work. Either you are too ugly (which I doubt because I've seen some really ugly guys doing this) or you seem threatening with your demeanor. You need to practice your staring first. Don't touch. Keep staring until you get positive responses from women most of the time. Positive responses mean, a small smile when they look at you, or look at you from the corner of their eyes, when you are behind the ass staring, not touching. Yes thats the answer for you, practice your staring. Let them feel your eyes before they feel your dick.

First Black Beauty (Tue 27 Nov 2007 03:55:34 GMT)

Sorry this is slightly off topic. I got my first black beauty in the sack last weekend. We are going out. Her pussy is tighter than any white pussy, and her body is super toned. She she makes beautiful squealing noises with every thrust. Her breasts look and smell like perfect mangos. And the best part is her brain. Man she is something else. When she speaks the room lights up, I smell fresh spring flowers, I hear birds (going crazy?) and their is a flow of warm energy emanating from her direction. Ahhh! She is perfect! I am now forever hooked on chikaning big black booties on the subways.

Diamonnd Market in Lahore (Wed 28 Nov 2007 01:39:30 GMT)


My Pakistani cousin tells me there is a tribe of people in Pakistan, called kanjar, who make a living on entertaining men with dance, especially in the Diamond Market in Lahore. I've been there. They are sexy as hell, and even there, you cannot touch, but only watch. Some kanjars sell their (abducted) daughters into prostitution. I have no idea who these people are who don't protect their daughters. My advice is to stay away from kids, anyone under 18. Its just plain immoral, and in the US illegal. You can pay a heavy price. I'm sure there are plenty of housewives in the markets and servant women who clean your house who may like you touching them. Speaking of salwar kameez, the chicks in Lahore are so damn hot. The Indian chicks in the US are nothing like them. The way they dress, whether rich or poor, with the intricate patterns, flowing garbs, dark hair, olive skin, big eyes, big boobs and ample hips is intoxicating. I was often staring and they didn't mind. They can sense from there backs when you are looking at them. They are much better looking in Lahore than any of the local Indians we have in NY.

Its easy for us in the western hemisphere to chikan. If the Taliban find you out, they will bury you up to the neck and stone you, so you should stop. So lay off the kids, and just try for the women.

Incidentally, my white aunt lives in Lahore. When I was a kid, she told my parents that she was stared down by Pakistanis like they've never seen a woman, and she often was bumped into or groped my men while out shopping.

RE: Chikan handjob (Thu 29 Nov 2007 04:17:44 GMT)

Hey Jeremy,

I got awristed today. This short girl on the subway kept pushing her wrist on my cock, making me hard. She was smart, she stopped a moments before it would be hard to stop the cumming. As far as hand jobs, I thought that was your envious dept in a certain bar, with a girl whom you later had an im chat?

My nomination (Thu 29 Nov 2007 04:23:52 GMT)

Thanks Shogun! I do want to vote for quality, not necessarily quantity. So vote for whoever you think is the best. One good black helmet story can blast all the numerous posts I've made.

Ahem, Black Helmet, how about a story?

December award: Manhattan
The true New Yorker.
(You had a merry Christmas, hadn't you?)

Pulled back in (Sat 01 Dec 2007 08:37:17 GMT)

I used to post on here a couple of months back, and then I quit again for a while save for consensual grinding in clubs, but the Rockefeller Tree Lighting ceremony pulled me right back in.

Getting in was a maze since most of the streets in that area are barricaded and crosswalks are blocked off with police enforcement. Of course, this was a good pregame for me; there would be these huge crowds near the barricade where it was enough to get a few good feels in, but the crowd moved too much for any serious action. I should mention at this time I was wearing these really thin sweatpants I bought at the GAP and a long overcoat so from the side my erection would not be visible.

Anyway, when I finally got in, for a long time there was nothing, only a bunch of dudes and older women in my vicinity. Finally I found my mark, this group of hot teens, probably college freshmen. Unfortunately, they were somewhat far, so it took a lot of jostling through the rare crowd movements to get there (literally we were packed like sardines, so the only movements were when a group of people left).

At first I was behind this cute blonde with a decent ass in jeans. I slowly rubbed the back of my hand around her ass, slowly working my way to the crack and increasing the pressure. I wasn't sure how she would react because she was pretty talkative, but she didn't say anything. When I started to get an erection, I finally pressed in. Unfortunately, the jeans prevented me from really getting too far in, and the lack of crowd movement meant I had to keep my crowd movements minimal. Luckily she was tall enough where a few times I pretended to be trying to see ahead of the crowd, so I would get up on my tippy toes and press my dick into her. After about five minutes however, the crowd shifted again and she started to get away. However, as she was leaving, she half turned around and give me this awkward smile, but as a psychology PhD student, I know that could mean virtually anything (and no fellas, it doesn't mean she's necessarily all into you).

This one big guy tried pushing in between me and her friends but I used pretty much everything I had to keep him away and found my place behind her hotter brunette friend. I didn't notice before because her sweater covered her ass, but the brunette had a much nicer ass, and best of all, it was covered in thinner black pants. At this point, the crowd was jostling a lot more, as people tried to push ahead as far as possible, so I got to really jam my dick into her ass. I made sure on one movement to lift up her sweater off of her ass; the less layers the better. After a few minutes of getting in humps while "just moving with the crowd" I knew I was going to cum soon. To make it even better, at one point I pretended to reach down to pick up something (not bent over, but sort of lowered one shoulder and bent my knees), and on my way up, I slid my hand up her leg (people could not see my hand because of my long coat), and placed it in between her legs right on her pussy. I squeezed it gently for a few seconds, rubbing it ever so slowly, and then straightened myself up so people don't catch on. Luck was on my side then, everyone looked up when Josh Groban began singing so I pressed in hard, grabbed her hip with my left hand, humped her a few more times gently and then came buckets in that ass. It was made all the better by the fact that I hadn't cum in days; the orgasm seemed to last forever. The icing on the cake however, was when I placed my hand on her hips, she almost instinctively backed her ass on to me harder, then moved it forward when she realized what she did, and then backed it hard against me again a few seconds later when she realized how much more comfortable it was to put her weight on me (since we had been standing there for quite some time).

Rockefeller II (Sat 01 Dec 2007 09:00:14 GMT)

Because the first orgasm was so powerful, it took me a while to get hard again. I was too tired to keep fighting to stay behind the teens, but unfortunately a few crowd jostles got me stuck behind a latino family with little kids. It was good in a way because the mom kept bending over to interact with the kids which make the humping all the better, but the kids being there just wasn't doing it for me.

I decided to move over slowly to get to these two pretty blondes, but by the time I got there, they both started to leave. That's when I noticed the girl in front of them who had been previously obscured by her giant boyfriend. Not only was this latina amazingly attractive, but her perfect ass was being covered by only these very thin sweatpants (which worked perfectly with the very thin sweatpants I was wearing). Best of all, with how tight the sweatpants were, it was obvious she was wearing a thong. Unfortunately, the crowd wasn't thick enough in this region for me to hump her without raising suspicion, so I decided to play the waiting game.

Over the next 20 minutes, the girl kept moving around to talk to her boyfriend and her other two friends, and during this time, she must have rubbed her ass on my hand and my crotch a thousand times. It was incredibly firm; it was literally an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. At one point, I even used a minor crowd jostle to get a few squeezes in, which was heavenly.

By the time the crowd crushed us together, I was incredibly hard again. My dick literally just sank into her ass crack, and it was indescribable. I slowly humped back and forth into that ass while palming it with my left hand (with my right I pretended to try and take pictures). The girl was a real freak too, on a few circumstances she would bend slightly forward to talk to some neighboring couple's little kid, or slide her ass across my crotch while talking to her friends. She did stiffen up when I tried touching her pussy however, so I backed off that avenue (although the heat emanating from it could have burnt my hand off). Unfortunately, after a good 15 minutes of this, I still could not orgasm and I knew the crowd was starting to part since the ceremony was over. Every time she would move forward I would quickly resume my spot, but the crowd was moving too quickly. At one point she got pretty far ahead so I walked as quickly as possible without being too obvious to keep up, and then bam, she stopped all of a sudden with the crowd and I bumped right into her ass. At this point, I was desperate to cum, I said "To hell with it" and humped her hard. With all the crowd movement around, no one was focused on me, so once again I held onto her hip lightly, humped her a few more times and came. As I came this time, I sort of leaned back a little so I could hold onto her ass cheek with one hand, which probably made me a little too obvious.

As she walked away, I admired the way my dick had pushed up her sweatpants into the crack of her perfect ass, but it was too dark to see if there was a wet stain (she was wearing gray sweatpants so it was quite possible).

Tree Lighting (Sun 02 Dec 2007 23:57:53 GMT)

The best places are literally everywhere. The crowd is so packed as long as you can hone in on a girl and keep your spot, you're set (a lot of good looking girls show up to this event for whatever reason). Just make sure you're somewhere in the middle of the crowd because police walk up and down this middle section thats barricaded off to make sure everything is cool. Also, be discrete (no wild humping or groping) because there are a lot of families around, which means a lot of nosiness, and people tend to get really aggressive waiting in the crowds so there's a good chance of a fight breaking out.

Pictures 1 (Mon 03 Dec 2007 00:09:24 GMT)

Here are a few amazing ass pictures I found.

Pictures 2 (Mon 03 Dec 2007 00:10:12 GMT)

Imagine being behind the brunette in the red shorts at a dark concert...

Pictures 3 (Mon 03 Dec 2007 00:12:06 GMT)

Or behind either of these two at the same dark concert. Wearing those thin shorts of course. By the way, all the girls in these pics are in college, so don't freak out and think they're underage...

Pictures 4 (Mon 03 Dec 2007 00:13:52 GMT)

Saving the best of the hot teens in booty shorts for last...

If that girl in the pink was in a crowded concert with her shorts hiked up like that, I'd probably have a heart attack...

Pictures 5 (Mon 03 Dec 2007 00:15:34 GMT)

Tickling is always fun. Especially tickling a busty MILF from behind when she's wearing a thin cotton dress (and presumably a thong)...

Pictures 6 (Mon 03 Dec 2007 00:18:18 GMT)

The last of the pictures for now, sorry. I just thought this was a really nice ass, plus with those dress pants she kind of looks like someone you could meet on a morning rush hour train.

TheConflict's Video (Mon 03 Dec 2007 22:52:01 GMT)

TheConflict, what band was that? I couldn't read the sign and the sound is all messed up...

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