The man of the year, 2006

He is also the winner of November award.
Carlos, he is winner of January award, is given webmaster's special mention for his many cute, sometimes funny pictures.

January award: The Latin Groper Carlos
and the University of Caracas.
(Hey, this must be coeducational.)

Master of Groping and Humping (MGH degree) (Sun 22 Jan 2006 23:56:12 GMT)

Dear chikan friends.
Do you like this master degree program ?:

Master of Groping and Humping (MGH degree)
University of Caracas, Venezuela

The Master in Groping and Humping offered by the University of Caracas addresses the problem-solving and decision-making requirements of the modern Chikan. It is based on the case study method of the real life stories of all the chikan hall famers. It also uses practical experiences in crowded environments, such as imitation rail road cars.

The full-time 1 year MGH program contains the following subjects.

First Semester
1)Groping Techniques I.

Case study of all hall famers chikan stories about groping in the subway, bus, lineups, mosh pit, crowded bars and other crowded environments.
It deals with rubbing up against women and fondling girls' buttocks in a crowded place.

2) Psychology of women, schoolgirls, and chikans

This subject deals with the problem of studying the complex mental process and behaviour of women, schoolgirls and chikans. It deals with the question "why some women let you grope them" ?

3)Sexuality, physiology , and anatomy of women, schoolgirls and chikans.

This is the study of women, schoolgirl and chikan`s organism and sexuality. It deals with cumming in the crowded subway.

4)Basic course in physics of trains and buses in motion

This is a basic course in physics to understand the forces that interact in a train or a bus in motion. It deals with optimizing your groping abilities in a bus in motion.

Second Semester
1)Groping Techniques II.

Practice in a rail road imitation car, lineup imitation, mosh pit imitation, crowded bar imitation, and other crowded environments. The girls will have onion booty and will make you enjoy standing behind them.

2)Legal aspects and cultural problems of international groping.

This subject deals with rules or laws of the operation of chikan activities in different countries.

3)Crowd management strategies and security techniques for chikan detection

This subjects is taught for a better understanding of crowd management of large crowds in concerts and other events. The students will learn about crowd behaviour, crowd control, types of facilities for large crowds, methods of entrance, communications, queueing, mosh pit control, accidents, groping, and so on. The students will learn about the latest technology for chikan activity detection in any crowded environment.

4)Groping and humping in Caracas.

The students will have a real life chikan experience by groping unsuspecting women in Caracas crowded public places. You will hump the girls of Caracas.


February award: Bad-Boy
and phat black asses.
(You don't need to be a bad humping boy to love a woman.)

The Retirement has been postponed again.. (Wed 01 Feb 2006 21:45:32 GMT)

I was boarding train heading to work yesterday when i saw one of my favorite type of players, an older west indian black woman looked about mid 40's,about 5'5" with a short jacket tight dark jeans on with a juicy ass she was standing near the door facing sideways so i could get a nice view of her ass sticking out and looking plump. I immediately positioned myself back to the door and when it closed i was leaning up against it with her in front of me a couple of inches with her right hip closest to me. Now i did my test, I leaned up off the door and came within inches of her not touching, i wouldn't even let the movement of the train bump me into her just enough to she if she would do 1 of 2 things, move away or move closer. If she moves away it's like fuck-it to me i'm going to the club this weekend anyway so i'll get that back 10 fold, but if she leans the other way.....She leaned the other way. first with her right hip, I caught a chubby in my slacks almost immmediately i leaned back on the door to see if she would follow me, she sure did! Now she's leaning her hip on my now rock hard dick and i'm rubbing back and forth on it, I looked around to see if anyone was looking and there was this one african looking guy in my business but i just ignored his ass. I decided to try something and se what she would do. I slowly slid around from the door still with my dick on her hip slid around to her big ass, I mean the hip action was nice but this was the Motherload !! So now I'm right behind her grinding into her big soft ass and letting her feel all of my dick. She then did something that excited me even more, she looked at our reflection in the train door glass then arched her back and stuck her ass out further !! i was all in now i started wiggling back and forth watching her body move from side to side as i wiggled my dick in her ass, Then i got a little bold i bent my knees slightly then got a good grind right up into her ass i looked at the subway mirror to see how my action lookd on her ass and guess hat? she was looking too!! while she still had her ass arched back on me. Now the african cat that was sitting down staring at us before was now on the edge of his seat staring at us! I didn't care, because i had a more important issue i didn't want ot come in my pants and felt a wave coming on so i had to pull back off her ass and squeeze for dear life to hold back the flood. Somehow i succeeded and only some pre-cum leaked out down my leg. The train was running express so i was on this ass for a good 3minutes. even when the next stop came and some people got off she still stayed in the position. I was kinda caught off guard cause i wanted that ass but our crowd concealment was gone. So i thought i'll act like i know her, i bet over to her and said " do you want to sit down? as there was an empty seat in our car not far from where we were standing, her reply? "No Tanks, do you have enough room"? That was what i was waiting for, I said " I'm good right here" and got right back on that ass for one more stop. wen my stop came i told her "take care" and she grinned back at me like "you've got nerve" and i went on my way horny but happy.

Oh What a Morning !! (Fri 03 Feb 2006 17:44:14 GMT)

I woke up this morning late as hell for work, i went to the Shadow Nightclub in New York City last night, And i was on so much ass i stayed way longer than i should have, My most memorable hump from last Night was this tall black chick in a tight mini with a Phat, Juicy ass and hips, she was my exact height too. i was rubbing on her ass while some dude was begging her to dance, at first she was telling him no thank you as she was rubbing her ass back and forth against my dick in the raeggae room. I said fuck it and started grinding on her ass back but real subtle like, so while this dude was begging i was rubbing and grinding and she was letting me, then he saw what was going on and did the ultimate bitch move, "can i buy you a drink?" What woman is turning down a free drink? so off to the bar they went. I was in Strip club dress mode too thin slacks with thin loose fitting boxer shorts, and she had on either a thong or no underwear because that ass was jiggling every time i bumped her with my dick and was soft as hell when i was grinding into it. Now back to this morning, i woke up at 8:45 am ( i gotta be to work at 9am !!) so i quickly shower, dress and hit the train station. the first train i caught was empty as can be expected after rush hour, but when i transfered trains there was an anouncement of a train delay. Now i wasn't looking at this as an opportunity to hump I was more concered about getting to work because i had a lot of shit to do today. but the platform became packed and my mind started wandering.....i saw this girl, black around 5'4" with some thick legs and an ass to match, she had on tight jeans but she looked mean as hell, some guy stood behind her not on a chikan tip just stood there, and she got this disgusted look on her face and moved to her right, I immediately crossed her off of my list. there were a couple of other phat ass chicks all looked to be between 17-25 but they were kind of spread out and i wasn't chasing ass, i never get any when i do that. So the train finally pulls in and i was pissed, i was crazy late, and when i got on the train guess who i found myself behind? Ms. meanie with the phat butt. So now i'm like damn i got all this ass in front of me and if i do my personal space test she's going to embarass my ass on the train. so i just grabbed the pole overhead opened my paper and started reading so that i could get my mind of her juicy ass. Ass the train started moving i felt it almost immediately, her ass brushed against my dick, I didn't push back because i couldn't tell if it was an accident or not and i was not going to incur this broads wrath but she did it again, 3 more times in fact then she just let her ass rest on my dick. I didn't get hard with the brushes cause truth be told, i was scared but when her ass rested on my dick i could feel my dick swelling up and i know she could to because she pushed back a little more until my chest was on her back. I didn't have much room because the train was so crowded so i just slowly humped her juicy ass for 2 stops. Now at the 3rd stop the car got even more crowded and i had to move off this ass, Damn!! but when i turned around i saw another black chick with dark jeans on she was slim, looked about 25 and had a nice little round butt it wasn't ass big as the previous girl but it was shaped nicely. I moved over to her and stood slightly to her right. at first she moved to the left away from me but as the train started to move she move back to her right and i could feel her ass first lightly press on my dick and then more firmly as the ride went on.she started out only giving me her right hip but i, and this is funny, i used my dick since it was hard to "pull" her ass over to me so that i was right in the center of it. I guess she sensed that was what i wanted because she kept her ass there for the rest of the ride. I enjoyed her ass more because she was moving her ass around on my dick and using the trains movements to conceal hers which were slightly exagerated, and then she put that famous arch in her back that i so love. when the train got a little less crowded to my disappointment she ended our game and moved back over to the left of me, before my stop came she moved back over to me twice, as if to give me some "goodbye" humps because the next stop was a major transfer point and the train always empties out there. Now the route i chose forces me to take 4 trains it's a pain in the ass but it gets me closest to my stop without having to walk a "gods mile" to get to work. The third train my greed almost caught up with me. i got into the car behind thsi big ass west indian chick she gave me the ass immediately(that's why i like them so much) but for some dumb-ass reason i guess i was on a high from my previous humps i touched her thigh, SHE DID NOT LIKE THAT!! She gave me this disgusted look and pushed my hand away, i was afraid she was going to freak out on me, i said to her "I'm sorry, i lost my balance" she didn't say anything back but she moved out of reach and i knew better than to push it. We got off at the same stop and i walked off without further incident. Now the forth train i guess was late too. And i saw her, tall black chick grey slacks, Big ass. When the train pulled in i only needed 1 stop i got behind her right away. I figured i couldn't hump that fast but i could stare, But as fate would have it when the train pulled off she feel back and her big ass landed right on my dick. She said sorry and i guessed that would be all i was going to get. But then she did the personal space test on me! i felt her ass on my dick lightly at first then more firm until i was on it but good. and just as i was about to get a chubby on, my stop comes up and everyone including her gets off ARRRRRGH!! I just took my horny late ass to work after that and tried to salvage the rest of my day.

Thick Girl......... (Tue 07 Feb 2006 01:34:08 GMT)

Got on the train going home from work today and caught a female Chikan. YUP!! a female one not just a willing player but one who knew what the deal was and intiated it. As soon as i stepped on the train i caught her staring at me, She was a black woman about 30ish a bit on the chunky side with a short red ski jacket. Her hips weren't that big but She had a Booming ass, I don't know how or why but i knew i was gonna get that ass and i moved over immediately to wear she was standing I took a position to her left and was about to do my personal space test...i never got a chance. she leaned back and to the left right on my dick. She bumped me like that 2 more times. I jumped on her left hip and kept my dick there and let it stiffen up then she took it to the next level she pulls out her cell phone then rubs her ass back and forth across my dick!! this had a dual effect not only did it get me rock hard but it also freed my dick from my boxers i was hanging right out of the slit and firmly in the center of her ass now because me shifted her entire body in front of me and we humped for 7 whole minutes....I was Chikan love Ladies and Gents, we were humping and rubbing my dick was deep in her ass pumping her booty i looked in the train window to see her face and she was looking in the window looking right at me! so we stayed that way eyes locked and humpimg and grinding nice and slow and deep..... and....she let me hold her thigh!! not hard but all of my fingers and the palm of my hand was ressting on those big thighs. Finally the train empteyed out so that we lost the crowd cover but we went right back to me humping on her left hip until our stop came which was the last stop and we all got off. I wish i could run into her everyday.

March award: Reddy
and his family.
(I wonder what if you have a daughter-in-law, too.)

MOTHER IN LAW (Thu 02 Mar 2006 06:49:57 GMT)

I got married about 6 months back with a young girl..I was having satisfactory
sex life with my wife for last 5 months..Last month my wife told me that her
widow mother was finding it difficult to live alone and so we brought her to
our house to stay with us..This was the starting point for the storm in my
sex life..

My MIL aged 40 has well developed big firm tits and an astounding ass..Her
butts were huge but well rounded, tight and standing out of her saree..
Moreover she used to walk in a sensuous way which used to excite my dick
immediately..Her tight butt cheeks used to jerk randomly inside her saree..
She was also observing my interest and erection due to her tiny hillocks
like sexy butts..

One day i was travelling in a crowded bus along with my wife and MIL..
I was standing behind my MIL with a small space between us..When the driver
of the bus applied sudden brake, my semierect dick simply got buried in
her deep butt crack..She did not turn back..I too did not disengage my dick
from her buttcrack..As it became more crowded,my dick in her buttcrack
became rock hard and started sliding up and down in her deep tight butt crcak.
At this point of time, mil brought her right hand backwards and squeezed
my dick along with pant for few seconds and took away her hand back..This
was a positive response for me ..I humped her buttcrack vigorously for 5 mts
and discharged my cum in my pants..When we returned home,my MIL went on
smiling at me and staring at my groin..

The next day mil started teasing me with her big butts in the house..When
my wife was cooking in the kitchen,mil used to change her blouse and saree
in her bedroom with doors wideopen..I could not resist seeing her naked body..
Then she will come to the drawing room and in the pretext of cleaning the
room ,she will present her bottom close to my face..She had found out my
obsession with her butts..

The next day my wife told me that her mom is not well and requested me to
look after her since she has to go to market for shopping..I closed the door
and reading newspaper..I heard some moans from my mil room..I entered her
room and saw her lying on her stomach with her protruding butts raising the
saree..I enquired about her problem..She told me that she has severe back
pain and requested me to apply some oil on her back..I could not refuse..
I took that bottle of oil and sat near her back..She immediately loosened
her petticoat and saree and slided them below her butts..OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH
What a marvellous pair of butts..The buttcheeks were looking like two big
volley balls kept together..I understood her intention..I took few drops
of oil on my palm and started massaging those hillocks like butt cheeks..
They were super soft ,smooth and shining with oil..I continued my massaging
those butts while she was moaning..I spread her butt cheeks wide apart and
oiled her crack..The inside of her cheeks were so soft and smooth and her
brown butthole button was shining with oil..Who will get such a chance to
see such sexy nude butts and freedom to do anything..I simply slapped my
long tongue deep in her warm buttcrack..

I could not wait anylonger..I knelt down on the bed with my legs apart on
either side of her butts and placed my hard dick inside her buttcrack..
I held her buttcheeks together and my dick was now getting squeezed by her
soft buttcheeks..I started sliding my dick harder between her tight butt
cheeks for about 15 mts and i bursted my cum in her crack...Since she
satisfied my lust with her butts , i satisfied her by frigging her pussy..
This episode is going on even now without the knowledge of my wife..
Because of my MIL now i have become a buttlover ...........

Mother-in-Law (Wed 08 Mar 2006 08:43:03 GMT)

Yeah, I received many letters and queries and congratulations.Thanks for all that. I told my mother-in-law.She is amused.She is excited.I fuck her butts every now and then.Whenever my wfe goes out to the market I grope and jack off on my mother-in-law.Because I am always at home. I dont have a job , you see.Mother-in-law and wife are not bothered.They are rich. I have to look after their property.And fuck them both.That'a all that I have to do.What a cool life,see.My wife 's the only daughter.So I am the only son-in-law.There's no rival, see.ASbove all, I think my biggest blessing is that booty of my Mother-in-law.So much of fun, I have,see.

Nobody gets April award but gentleman frotteur
gets webmaster's special mention.

(When the light goes out, beware of pickpockets too.)

Part II of Market Humping (Fri 07 Apr 2006 10:05:03 GMT)

I hope you recall the incident that I related a few days back when I found myself and my amorous ambassador welcome behind a shapely posterior that belonged to the wife (in her early forties) of a senior government official.Please ensure you have revisited that March entry before going ahead.
well, to cut it short I followed her around the market, humping her ass off and on, an act that she encouraged whole heartedly, assisting me in my valiant effort , by stopping and bending forward whenever she could.
I was in the seventh heaven, and sooner or later I lost all sense of space and time. I found myself walking behind her, reaching out and gripping both cheeks of her ass.(Nobody seemed to take much notice, for the people thronging around had only one thing in their mind- to deal a decent bargain and minimise the pinch on the pocket).And lo, my dear friends, the stars up in heavens appeared to have taken sides with this striving chikan, for the lights went out.You can imagine my exhilaration as I pulled her close and was literally breathing over her shoulders. The ambassador down below, needless to add, was testing hitherto unchartered waters as he ran all over that exquisitely chiselled mound of ass cheeks and played hide and seek in the crevice in between.He was at his hardest , ensconsed in the soft foldings of that aristrocratic behind throbbing with lust. I did not hesitate now, to reach into her arm pits and further, and was soon fondling her luscious mammeries.I licked the nape of her neck and as she stole a glance backwards, I could sense a sly parting of her lips, that suggested a smile. I was raving with passion.We were all standing still, as the oil lamps were being lit around, and, as I told you, I had mounted my mare and was holding her still.
Power supply was restored soon. But then, we both desired darkness and the many liberties that awaited us.I steered her to the furthest coerner of the market, near the boundary wall, and she was soon standing bent over with her posterior facing the wall, and me, not to mention, was back in action, running my cock back and forth along the deep channel.She straightened herself after a long while, by which time I was on the verge of an ejaculation.I was behind her for more than forty minutes by then. I whispered to her in Telugu "Chala Bavanarandi" meaning "You gave me a great time!".She did not reply, but smiled coyly, looking away from me , as she paid the vendor.
All things have to end, my dear friends. It was time to go home. I accompanied her out of the market.(I had, in the meantime organised a porter for her; the porter walked ahead of us carrying vegetables and provisions as headload. I suspect he had witnessed my antics at times, during the last hour; he was not bothered; or he must have seen through the game; or he must have been seeing such games everyday in the market!).
As I disengaged from my last longing thrust, the husband came into view, checking his watch impatiently. I had the discretion to move away unnoticed, since I had no intention whatsoever to cause any embarassment to the lady.(One does not kill the goose that lays golden eggs, is n't so, folks?)
I watched with affection as the jeep swung away through the crowd and as I caught one last glimpse of the femme fatale who had bestowed on me an hour of blessings!

May award: Guilty Groper
I mean all crazy girls in Edmonton.
(Gee, Oilers brought joy to Edmonton.)

Hockey celebration (Sun 28 May 2006 08:50:12 GMT)

I live in Edmonton, Canada. The local hockey team, the Edmonton Oilers, has been in the playoffs for the last few weeks, which is a big deal because, in Edmonton, hockey is god and the Oilers haven't won the championship since 1990. They are now one of the last two teams left.

Every night the Oilers win, a street called Whyte Avenue is packed with people celebrating - and I mean _packed_. They close the whole road, and in a couple of intersections, people are packed in like sardines (if you want a feel for what it's like, check out, which has pictures and videos of the festivities.

I used to be a chikan, but I quit because I felt it was wrong to touch girls and women without their consent. However, with all the celebrating and all the girls showing their breasts, I was quite aroused and I couldn't pass up the opportunity for some groping.

I touched a lot of great asses tonight, and had my cock stuck in some girl's ass as she jumped up and down celebrating (it would be very hard to cum like that in this environment because people aren't standing still watching something like they are at a concert, but milling all over the intersection). Two stories especially stand out, though.

The first one was when a group of girls walked by me - they were holding hands so as not to get separated. I would estimate their ages as between 16-19. I touched all of their asses, but I singled in on the hottest one for some special treatment. She was really short, a few inches under five feet, and looks philipino. She had her hair pulled back in an elastic and was wearing an Oilers hat. She had B-cup tits and a nice big, but not fat, ass. She was wearing a T-shirt that ended about an inch above her jeans.

As I walked by her, instead of touching her ass over her jeans like I did for her friends, I stuck my finger down the back of her panties right into her ass crack, and got a quick touch on the top of her anus. Her cheeks tightened up suddenly around my finger, and I pulled it out quickly. She screamed, but there was no way she could know who did it - people were packed in so tight it wouldn't be possible.

The second incident was with a girl who was up on her boyfriend's shoulders. She was petite and blonde, and was wearing a white Oilers t-shirt and thin white pants (I was about to discover just how thin). She might have been 18, but she sure didn't look it. As she sat on her boyfriend's shoulders, the people around her started chanting "Show your tits! Show your tits!" She giggled and shook her head, but people only got louder. Eventually, she gave us a quick look at her small (A or B) tits and her small, perky nipples. The crowd roared its approval, but that wasn't enough for me.

I followed her boyfriend around until he let her down. Then I squeezed in between her and another person so that she was facing away from me, and cupped her ass. She didn't even notice, because we were packed in so tight. I rubbed it a little, feeling its firmness. She still didn't notice. The material was so thin I could feel her pantie-line at the waist (she was wearing a thong) even though her pants weren't that tight.

After a few seconds of palming, I shoved my hand between her legs to feel her pussy from behind. I could feel the heat through her thin material - I'll bet she was pretty aroused from exposing herself to all of us. She sure noticed that, and pulled away, and I just walked away like nothing had happened.

If the Oilers keep winning, I'll keep groping and reporting.

(Back in my former Chikaning days, I found the best place in Edmonton was the enormous wavepool at the World Water Park. If you'd like, I'll share some of the stories of my exploits there.)

re: May 2006 Man of the Month (Mon 29 May 2006 14:10:26 GMT)

Thank you, Black Shogun, as a guy who's been reading these boards for a long time, it's an honour to receive a nomination by somebody as esteemed as you. At the same time, that a guy can come in and make one post on the 28th of the month and then receive a MotM nomination is a little bit sad.

The Oilers won't be playing for a few nights while they wait to see whether they'll be playing the Buffalo Sabres or the Carolina Hurricanes in the Stanley Cup finals, so I won't have any new stories for a while. Also, there has been talk of shutting down Whyte Ave on game nights, since things got so out of hand on Saturday (people set fire to a phone booth, among other things). But I'll try to write up some of my wave pool stories within the next couple of days.

By the way, like I said I've been reading this board for a long time, and my favourite poster was Pervman, partly because of his writing style and partly because he seemed to prefer the same sorts of targets as I did. Does anybody know whatever happened to him?

June award: JohnnyX
and his Woodstock stories.
(When mob psychology rules, all men are chikan and some become worse.)

Woodstock '99 day 1 (Sun 25 Jun 2006 17:53:01 GMT)

Woodstock was three incredible days. I'm sure everyone knows what it is, so i won't bother explaining. It was quite a long time ago, so i can't remember all the details, but there are many moments that stand out very clearly in my memory.

Woodstock was so huge a concert that everyone lost their inhibitions. At most concerts if a girl is surfing maybe she'll get groped a little bit, but here it's different.

A girl comes surfing overhead. She's a cute one and looks pretty young. I don't know why these girls decide to go crowdsurfing, but i doubt many tried twice at woodstock, especially the cute ones. She's only been up for a few moments but already the guys in the crowd are taking liberties with her young body. This girl looked like the girl next door. She had brown hair and a cute friendly face with a few freckles. She's wearing jean shorts and a white tanktop. I see the first hand go up and grab her breast. She let's out a gasp that I can't hear but she's all smiles and laughs. She's probably here with a few girlfriends and thought it would be fun to give crowdsurfing a try, but the prevailing attitude at woodstock seemed to be that girls in the pit were fair game for whatever you could get away with.

More hand are quickly on her. She's on her back and I can see hands reaching up around her trying to get a quick feel of her breasts. Her breasts are small, probably an A cup, but no one seems to mind. She's not smiling anymore, she's crossing her arms across her chest trying to keep the hands off. More hands are busy with the rest of her body. Hands shoot up quickly to grab her crotch and ass. No set of hands is on her for very long, as she's quickly passed thoughout the crowd. She circulates on top of the crowd for a few minutes, getting more attention than she wanted, but eventually falls back into the crowd, probably not very happy, but no worse for wear. She's lucky that she decided to crowdsurf on day one when the crowd was still somewhat civilized. By the end of the weekend any girls that decided to crowdsurf did a lot worse than her.

That was the first thing I remember at woodstock. I have a lot more stories I will try to post, but I'm not sure when I'll get to it. Also a warning, things got real ugly at Woodstock by sunday night and a few of the things I saw are not for the faint of heart.

Woodstock '99 day 2 (Tue 27 Jun 2006 02:15:20 GMT)

Another story from Woodstock. This one took place on saturday night when things were starting to get a bit wilder.

A girl near me is lifted above the crowd and throws herself onto the waiting hands. The crowd is more than happy to support her and she is passed around like a piece of meat. She has short black hair, worn in some new age punk style of messy gelled spikes. She has a pierced lip and a tatoo on her back. She looks like she's been to her share of concerts, but she was not prepared for woodstock. She looks like she's in her mid twenties, she has a nice body, she's skinny, but her breasts stand out on her small body, probably a C-cup. She's wearing a loose green tanktop, and brown shorts as well as heavy boots. The boots are a dead giveaway that she's a seasoned concert goer. As soon as she's up the hands start in on her. Most of the hands that grope her belong to guys that probably wouldn't even talk to her in real life. She looks intimidating, with her punk hair and a mean scowl. Most of the crowd is drunk college kids, who wouldn't give her the time of day normally, but are perfectly happy to take advantage of her when she is vulnerable.

As soon as she is up, there are half a dozen hands on her. A hand reaches up and squeezes her breast, but she quickly pushes it away. She's done this before it's obvious, she knows about the guys looking for a quick feel, but she knows she can take it. She floats along the top of the crowd, hands stealing a feel of her body wherever she goes. Another hand goes to her breast and gives it a hard squeeze. The crowd pulls her away from the offender, but he doesn't want to give up his prize. He grabs the top of her tanktop and holds on. With the crowd pulling her one way and the one person holding her back, her tanktop is pulled down and a white bra is exposed.

The crowd see flesh and all of a sudden the new game is "strip the punk". Her shirt is stretched out from the pull and hangs below the curve of her breast, tempting the crowd. Hands are all over her now, pawing at her breasts. With one hand she is holding her shirt up and with the other swatting away the hands. Someone grabs the back of her tanktop and pulls, stretching it out further. Now it's so stretched that it's just hanging off her. Someone grabs the shoulder strap of her top and pulls it down. She's trying to hold up her shirt, but now an entire half of her body is exposed. Hands quickly grope at her left breast, which is now covered only by her bra. She screams and starts punching at the people below her.

She's coming closer to me now. The people around raise their hands, waiting for their chance to grope this pretty young girl. I'm no different, I just want to be part of the crowd and get a feel of this defenceless girl. She comes within reach, her legs are towards me and her head away. I reach up and run my hand along her leg, reaching for her crotch. Her skin is soft and smooth, damp with sweat. She come a bit closer and I reach underneath her to grab her ass. it's a mad scramble under there as dozens of horny guys squeeze and grope her ass. Her ass is small and firm, but more than worth a squeze. I reach up and grab her crotch, just because I can. I can see hands fumbling to undo the button on her shorts, but always she moves just before they can get it done. She passes directly over me, I duck my head. She gets over me and I reach up and squeeze her boob before she is quickly whisked away. Her breast is soft and feels wonderful to squeeze. I can see why the crowd wants a piece of her.

She is not far away from me, everyone around me has stopped watching the show, and is just watching this girls struggle. She is being groped even more forcibly than before it seems, and she has stopped moving. Someone has grabbed onto her shorts and is holding her in one place. She squirms and tries to free herself, or at least get down from the top of the crowd. The crowd will not let her go, and they will not let her down. Now that she has stopped moving hands are on her from all sides. She has managed to get her shoulder strap back on and is holding her shirt up. I can't even count the hands on her breasts now, before people would get a quick grab, but now they are getting prolonged gropes. Hands are on her from all sides. She has her breasts covered with her shirt, with her arms crossed across her chest. Hands reach in from the bottom, top and even the armhole of her shirt, trying to squeeze their hand under her tightly crossed arms.

So far she is succeeding fairly well at keeping her breasts protected and her clothes on. She has been in one place for almost a minute now and someone has finally succeeded in undoing the button on her shorts. Someone yanks her shorts and they come down a few inches. Her panties are exposed, white, matching her bra. Again someone pulls her shorts and they come down a few more inches. She's aware that she's losing her pants now, so she reaches down and pulls them up in one swipe. As soon as she does she leaves her breasts exposed and there are hand all over them. She tries to protect her breasts and her pants are pulled down again. She is in trouble now.

She tries to hold on to her shorts with one hand and her shirt with the other, but she is losing both battles. The crowd is massing underneath her now, everyone wants a feel. I try and force my way over in that direction, but I cannot get close enough to touch her. Her shorts are at mid thigh briefly and I can see a hand rubbing her crotch, with just a pair of panties protecting her. She is forced to hold onto her shorts with both hands, and the mass of hands attack her breasts. Her shirt is so stretched out that her breasts are hanging out, and the crowd is all over her. It looks like there are dozens of hands on her body, all fighting over their share of her breasts. Some people are trying to remove her shorts while others just want to squeeze her ass. Hands greedily grope and squeeze her breasts, while she is helplessly held in place. All this has taken place in just a few minutes, it was just a few minutes ago that she confidently threw herself onto the crowd, and now she is yelling and trying to keep her clothes on.

All of a sudden she is flipped over onto her stomach and freed from the hands holding her in place. She starts circulating throughout the crowd once more, this time on her belly. Wherever she goes there is more hands pawing at her, on her belly she is even more vulnerable, and people take advantage to mercilessly grope her breasts and crotch. She is moving farther away from me. By the time she is flipped over onto her back one of her bra straps has been ripped and her left breast is completely exposed. This just incites the crowd more, every guy she passes over reaches out and tries to squeeze her naked breast.

Suddenly, she hits a thin spot in the crowd and goes crashing to the ground. That's the last I saw of her obviously. By the time she hit the ground her shirt was stretched to the point of uselessness, her bra was ripped and her pants were undone. That's just how crazy the pits at woodstock could be, and that's not even the worst of it.

July award: Saree the sexiest dress
such as told by hornyindiandude.
(Did I mention sexy butt in it too?)

RAILWAY GROPING (Sat 15 Jul 2006 16:13:09 GMT)

I am a horny Indian living in the great, bustling city of Delhi.I have been addicted to groping buttocks-relatives(old and young); random women in the streets, malls, bazaars; classmates when I was in school etc etc. I love the feeling of handling the crack of a sari-clad middle-aged beauty with all her assets on innocent display and offer.I squeeze the buttcheeks and lift them up with great happiness. Especially if I get to grope a salwar-clad mother with a small kid in tow , my day鐃? made.
But enough banter.Today I wold like to share a strategy and provide my day today as an example.
Railway stations.Overcrowded, bustling and blissful.Grab a bun , squeeze the air out of a Punjabi bubble-butt, sample cracks ranging from the young 16-years to the respectable 50s. What I did today was simple.Whenever a train came into the station I would be boarding it as in the extreme pandemonium no one minds her bottom handled with vigor. Case in point.An extremely sexy and svelte(and a delicious prominent yet not fat buttock) Punjabi mother with a child entered the train.I was right behind her.While in the narrow corridor between the rows of seats she was asking her husband which seats were theirs I moved past her as if avoiding contact but grabbing a buttcheek nevertheless.I was acting like a passenger too.Then when I had crossed her I went back the way I came this time pushing my hips into her toned, bulging bottom.Whoooooo! a rush!
I got off the train as it was scheduled to leave in a few minutes and wandered to a different platform here a trai was standing. I scanned the envron and there she was.A 35-36 year old bidding goodbye to an old relative.How touching! Very stylish,tall, sunglasses pushed over her templesand a wonderful cheery smile.I had to have her. She was speaking nineteen to the dozen with the relative and two other women who were part of the farewell party.They were old trash but my target was super-sexy.I monitored her closely but didn鐃? make any move.I could see a few 鐃?entlemen鐃?taking advantage of the bustling crowd to touch her bottom as she bid farewell frantically and the train moved away.Then followed few minutes of idle chatter among the three women.I was getting restless.Finally they started to leave and I tailed them.The target was forced to move slowly to compensate for her older companions.They were moving over a footbridgeand I still tailed them waiting for the apposite moment. The moment finally came when we were descending the bridge.She had moved forward ,alone and as I had expected stopped and turned sideways to wait for her companions.You must understand that there was no one around her at that time and I was probably pretty obvious but I brushed past her and pressed my palm flat against her ass and then as a finishing move attempted to dig my fingers as deep into her asscrack as I could. All this in three fluid seconds.Her expression was worth the risk.The look of surprise and disbelief -that anyone , in broad daylight can just come up to her and manhandle her buttocks 鐃?was priceless.I nearly came.But I dared not try to squeeze her again and hurried down the stairs .I saw her leaving with her companions from a distance.This was again in acrowd but I dared not try and touch her again.Should I have? Please air your opinions friends.

Mum grope (Wed 26 Jul 2006 04:41:16 GMT)

I went to a mall yesterday.One experience I have to write in detail.There was this narrow shop(gents wear)The shop was overcrowded.There was this enthusiastic couple with a small child.The mother was wearing a light pink salwar kameez.She was laughing with the husband and child and choosing shirts for her husband.I made as if moving towards the other end of the shop and bumped against her sexy buttock.My penis was plastered between her buttcheeks.She carried on normally probably ignoring it as a result of the crowd.Then I made several other passes each time grinding against her while she talked to her husband or attended to the kisd.When I was leaving the shop, she was standing in front of the cash counter and I used both hands to grope her buttcheeks and the side of my palm to feel her delicious buttcrack.Some indian women are so innocent that they ascribe evn blatant gropings to crowd pressure.

August award: The Phantom
And young girls in a nightclub.
(Going out at night for pleasure is not for girls too young.)

I groped girls in a nightclub (Wed 09 Aug 2006 18:45:21 GMT)

I know groping is wrong, yet every now and then, when the opportunity presents itself, I will indulge if I can get away with it. Last week I was out drinking with friends. I went to the toilet when it was closing time at the pub, and when I came out everybody had already left. Suddenly I was alone in town, without the pressure to share a taxi home with someone else, and without anybody knowing where I was. I headed straight for the clubs. I found myself in the queue for a club which I knew was frequented by the younger girls, 18 year olds, and those posing as such.

I had had too much to drink, thus my inhibitions were gone. I headed straight for the bar. On the way I let my hand dangle by my side and accidentally brushed a couple of bottoms on my way there. Once at the bar I kept my hand down by my side, hoping to get lucky. I did. An attractive girls stood next to me, with her back to me. I edged closer until my hand was resting on her bottom. I was delighted when she seemed to press against me. Suddenly my hand was right up against her arse, and nestled comfortably in the cleft between her buttocks. Her arse was very firm. I was in heaven. I dared not look at her, pretending not to notice. I kept my hand there, rubbing against her bum for as long as I dare, then I was served. I took my beer from the barmaid and left, with a big erection, feeling rather pleased with myself that I had managed to firmly grope a pretty girl's bottom without getting noticed.

I moved around the club, deliberately brushing my hand against the bottoms of the girls wherever I could. I gloated that these filthy slappers, in their scanty outfits, hoping to get laid, were getting what they deserved anyway. I decided not to push my luck. I finished my beer then headed straight for the exit. I am sure my activities did not go unnoticed. Better to retreat while the going was good. The memory of the girl by the bar, her firm young buttocks pressed against my hand, is enough to get me hard, even now.

The Phantom

September award: holdingtite
It's an overnight flight and she's a dream girl.
(You are too lucky!)

On an overnight flight (Tue 19 Sep 2006 18:49:53 GMT)

Flight to Heaven

Recently, I was returning from Africa to the U.S. via London. Our flight to London departed towards evening. I fly frequently and love plane rides because I often get to ?rub? up against women discreetly. This flight turned out to be my all time favorite flight.

The plane was almost full with only a dozen open seats. My seat held no promise so I scouted out other available seats shortly before they closed the doors. I found an aisle seat next to attractive women who appeared to be about 30 years old. She was sitting next to a man who looked in his mid 40s. The man was in the window seat and the women were in the center seat. She had her bag hanging over the back of the seat in front of her and dangling between her legs. She had her legs spread out on either side of the bag. As I sat down, I expected her to change her leg position, but she did not. My anticipation grew with anticipation as her right leg was clearly in ?my space in front of the edge of my aisle seat. I was not going to risk any contact until after the plane departed and we were well underway. D

After a few minutes, I overheard her name as Adrian, and it was clear they were a couple but neither was wearing a wedding ring. After take-off, there was a meal service and coffee. During the meal service, with the trays down, her leg was often resting lightly against mine. She was wearing a light weight one piece, loose cotton dress that stopped several inches above her knees. I was wearing light cotton gym type shorts. Her bare legs pressing against my calf had me very excited and dreaming about what might happen when the lights were dimmed for sleeping. It seemed to me, with her legs spread, that he was aware what she was doing and it crossed my mind that they may like to play this game in public. Adrian had soft, shoulder length light brown hair, well rounded breasts (probably 34c) and killer tanned, smooth long legs. She was wearing an intoxicating perfume and the top 4 buttons of her dress were open showing off her tanned voluptuous cleavage. She clearly enjoyed showing off her body and I was the right guy to enjoy the view.

As soon as the coffee service was cleared, the crew announced they were dimming the lights for sleeping. She turned to me, said she needed to get out, and lifted the arm rest between us as she rose to slide out of her seat. 5 minutes later, she returned to her seat but did not put down the arm rest. I was almost sure I had someone who wanted to play during the flight and I tingled with excitement. Her ?friend? said he was going to sleep, put in ear plugs, draped a blanked over his head and leaned against the window wall to sleep. All this time, she continued to have her legs spread around her bag and against my leg.

I put on my eye shade but kept it high enough that I could see down to her legs. As we both started to get comfortable, she shifted positions slightly, bringing our hips into contact. She was leaning toward the fellow next to her, but her hips and leg were pressing against mine from hip to calf. Over the next 20 minutes, she changed positions several times, each time letting her dress climb a bit higher in the dim light and increasing the pressure of our two legs. My dick was twitching madly as her smooth skin rubbed against my bare leg. When she opened her blanket, I thought I was in trouble, but she spread it only over her side away from me, leaving her right leg uncovered. As she put the blanket into position, her dress slid up until it was only 4-5 inches below her panties. The smell of her perfume, the sight of her long smooth legs and the pressure of her skin against my leg had me hard as a rock.

At this point, it was clear that she was into playing and it was my turn to take a bit of a risk. I had been pretending I was asleep with my hand on my thigh. I pretended to change position slightly allowing my hand to slide off the top of my thigh resting my pinky and outer palm against her smooth thigh meat. This was the moment of truth. If I was misreading the situation, she would do something to break the hand contact. If I misread, it was in the wrong direction because she immediately placed her hand on top of my hand and gently guided my hand until it was fully on top her bare thigh. At this point, I took off my eye shade. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I had many fun experiences on planes but this was the first time I was being encouraged to feel a bare leg. I started sliding my hand, ever so slowly, up and down her thigh dipping down between her open legs on occasion. As I worked my hand higher, her dress started to pull back the last few inches. At this time, she moved the blanked over her leg and covered my arm and hand. Slowly I stroked her inner thigh until the outside of my little finger brushed against the soft curly hairs which were amazingly not covered by panties. As I worked my hand onto her mound, she slid down several inches in the seat and I could now work her button and slide my finger down over her sopping, slippery slit. Her right hand was now on top of my left hand moving up and down as I worked her toward an orgasm. I rubbed her clitoris and down over her slit, back and forth, for a good 10 minutes until she started shimmering with her first of many orgasms. She was dripping juices as she moved my hand down and guided my middle finger inside her while pressing the heel of my hand against the top of her mound. I continued to plunge my finger in and out of her while pressing the heel of my hand against her clitoris. Within a few minutes, she had several more powerful orgasms. Just before she came, she undid two buttons on her blouse and pulled my right hand across my body to tweak her elongated nipples. I wanted to suck on them but there was no way to do this discreetly. Tweaking her nipples and plunging into her honey pot had her over the top within a minute- with several very powerful orgasms. As she was coming, I was rubbing and staring at her nipples and inhaling her sweet perfume.

After her 6th or 7th orgasm, she settled in to catch her breath and button up her dress. As she relaxed she turned to look at me with the dreamiest, sexiest look I have ever seen and gave me a sweet smile and a sexy kiss with her tongue buried deep into my mouth. We kissed for about 30 seconds which was another first for me on a plane. I was bursting with excitement and hoping she would reciprocate.

After a few minutes, she put another blanket over me then turned and kissed me again- long and deep. I was so excited as I love kissing. Then she stopped kissing, pulled her head back a foot to gaze at me, and slid her hand under my blanket and onto my thigh. She ran her fingers and finger nails over my thigh and up under my gym shorts. The legs on the shorts were very loose and she could easily slip her hands up. Then she whispered for me to pull down my shorts- which I did, and she slid her hand up and grasped my throbbing dick. There was no shortage of pre-cum, but she rubbed her hand against her pussy to juice it up and then started sliding her palm up and down my shaft- ever so slowly. It was so slow, as slow as I have ever experienced, but it was great because it greatly prolonged the thrill. She slowly worked the shaft, only occasionally coming all the way up to the bulb of my dick. Finally, after about 7 or 8 minutes, she increased the pace and started sliding up over my bulb with each stroke. One minute of this and I exploded with the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. Gobs and gobs ejected onto her hand as she kept sliding up and down over the bulb milking me until my spasms totally ended. She wiped her hand on the blanket, gave me a deep kiss and said she would see me again in a few hours. We repeated the whole thing again in the middle of the night except this time; I got to suck on her nipple for a few minutes while fingering her.

Who is the lucky guy flying next to her now? Wow!

Nobody gets October award but CityBoy
gets webmaster's special mention.

(Give my best regards to Nicole the perfect body.)

Hot Hot Hottie at the Hot Springs (Sat 14 Oct 2006 18:29:57 GMT)

This is one of the best chickan experiences I have ever had...

I go camping at various hot springs with a loose group of friends and acquaintences every summer. Living in California, there is no shortage of wonderful natural springs all over the state, and we have been to a lot of them over the past 6 years or so. This experience happened 2 summers ago.

There were a group of about 10 of us at a campground about 15 miles from the hot springs we chose to go to that year. I came alone, and there were a couple of couples (older), and a couple of other guys and ladies (older also). One of the couples that came brought with them their 15 year old niece Nicole who had never been camping before, much less to a remote natural hot spring. She was just perfect...long straight brown hair, perfect body, awesome face, everything.

The rest of them had been there a couple of days, and I arrived on Saturday. By then, they had already had Nicole out to the springs, and she had been "peer pressured" into going into the springs without clothes. Most of the people there were naked hippies anyway, and what with everyone being significantly older than her, she felt OK with it, I suspect. I was, of course, much closer to her age than the rest of everyone else.

So, Saturday night, after everyone had had a bunch of beer, we all piled into two vehicles to go up to the springs. We brought a cooler of beer. As it turned out, Nicole rode in the back of a pick-up bed with me and with another couple. The pick-up, like most, had raised wheel wells in the bed, and she sat on a wheel well and I sat on the floor of the bed. The ride up was uneventful...small talk, bouncy road and it took about 30 minutes up dirt and gravel roads. I was in shorts, running shoes, and a t-shirt. She was wearing cute tan shorts, flip-flop sandals, and a t-shirt.

It was nearly a full moon, which made it very easy to see when we got there. As I had been talking to Nicole on the ride up, I just kept close to her and kept talking after we arrived. We were standing at the edge of the bed of the pick-up, and everyone was getting ready to go for a swim. Her Aunt and Uncle called over to her..."Are you going to go in or what?" She was standing no more than three feet away from me at that point. I said to her, "well, we better get going." I could tell she was stalling and thinking about what she wanted to do. I could tell she was not particularly comfortable with me being there, but she also had been naked the night before and would have a hard time explaining why she didn't want to get naked tonight. I was not going to be walking away, she noticed, and so she had to make a decision.

I began to pull my shirt off, and take my shoes off. She apparently felt the pressure again, and so she began to remove her flip-flops. As I continued to undress, she did too. She took off her tshirt and her pants with me right there, watching her the whole time. She glanced over at me as she did this, and I could tell she was a bit nervous and a bit embarrassed. Then, with me facing her and basically waiting for her, she took off her bra and her panties. I just stood quietly and stared at her...she was busy fumbling with her clothes and a towel to see what I was doing...she had a perfect body...soft patch of light brown trimmed pubic hair, perfectly pert tits...wonderful.

We all got into the hot springs for a couple of hours, and had beers. It was a grand time, but, since I was camping with everyone there, I dared not go for any touching or anything. I did not got the "I want to play" vibe from her. But, fear not fellow chicans, this is not where the story ends...

It came time to go home. Of course, the re-dressing happened, and of course, I was there to watch every second of it in high-definiotion. We all assumed our same riding positions. Most everyone else had had a little too much to drink, including the couple in the bed of the pick-up with myself and Nicole. The driver was feeling pretty good too, and he decided to take the road a little faster, thereby increasing the bounciness by a good deal. I rode home wearing only my towel, and nicole put on her panties, bra, tshirt and shorts. Her flip-flops stayed off.

So there we were, Nicole sitting on the wheel well, holding on tight to the bed rail so as to not be bounced out, and I am on the floor of the bed in front of her facing her in a towel. As we hot more bumps, I worked my leg behind hers so I was basically sitting cross-legged with her foot on the inside of the circle made by my legs. I did this as we hit bumps, so I am sure she thought it was to keep myself from sliding around, and at first, that's just why I did it.

Then I realized the position she and I were in, and my motives for sitting that way changed. She had gotten quiet when I had gotten my leg back behind hers like I had, and I realized she was probably uncomfortable having a guy surpentined around her naked foot and leg wearing nothing but a towel. As we travelled, I adjusted my towel so it was covering the entire space between my legs, and her lower leg. I then began to scoot forward until I felt it...the side of my cock brushed up against the side of her leg. I immediately went totally hard, and I KNOW she knew it. I scooted a little farther forward until most of my erect cock was bouncing up and down, and rubbing up and down on the side of her leg. At this point, to "keep balance," I had also put my hands around her leg, just to hold on.

As we rode, and as we hit violent bumps, I would pull her leg and foot farther into my crossed legs. The entire time I am acting as if I have no idea as to what is going on, and she might have been believing it. By the time we are a few miles from camp, I have the toes of her foot under my nuts, my sac resting on her foot, and my boner rubbing right up the side of her leg. It was such an awesome feeling, rubbing on her leg, remembering the newly-seared images of her undressing and naked in my mind.

I did not cum, because I knew that could not have been argued as something I was unaware of, but I came close. She was not as talkative with me the rest of the night or the next day. Sunday afternoon I went home.

So hot.

I am,


November award: SHADOW
And award goes to your accidental girlfriends, too.
(Anyhow, you must be very charming, SHADOW.)

Some concert action... (Thu 02 Nov 2006 03:41:16 GMT)

Had a GREAT time at a hip hop concert last night. I arrived at the nightclub venue much later than I intended...but luckily the main acts had not come out yet. There were so many half naked girls at this club, it was unbelievable...particularly as most of them were dressed in sexy costumes.
I was able to get a lot of feels in at the bar..but nothing the performers had not started.
As the main stage was being prepared for the three acts, I saw a lot of people making their way towards the front of the stage...which is when I made my look for the sexiest, most portruding ass I could find among the women there..which I found quicker than I had expected. She was Hispanic, about 5'3, jet black curly hair and an olive complexion. She wasn't wearing a costume, but she had a nice tank top on with a tight skirt that showed off her bubble butt nicely.
The area was quickly getting filled up, so I stepped in behind her immediately. Luckily by that time, the area was dark and crowded enough for me to completely abandon the dick I just pushed my dick into her crack and remained there for a few mins. She was talking with two other girls and did not even turn around. Then, a familiar chant came on from the host on the mic.."Do the ladies run this?" In unison, the ladies went wild...resulting in my Latina jumping up and down on my dick, while it was still nestled between her round cheeks. After that, the host then shouted "Do the fellas run this?" I used this craziness of this opportunity to push back and forth, round and around in her ass. At that point, she turned around and looked at me blankly. I shot her a friendly glance..and whispered in her ear "you ladies don't run shit" in a joking tone and pushed my dick against her while saying so, which caused her to jolt forward a bit. She chuckled and smiled at me, before turning back around..still not acknowledging that my dick was now extra warm from the wedge between her buttcheeks! I was surprised by her that was a FIRST and rather bold move on my part. Still, it gave me the confidence to realise that either she had never been humped before (which I doubt with an ass like that!) or she was so used to it, she didn't bother to do anything.
Either way, I was enjoying myself, as I was hotdoggin' this girl like a maniac! I saw her whisper something to her friend only once...then her friend looked back at me. As I made eye contact with her friend, the friend smiled at me...whispred back to my Latina..then faced the stage again. Whatever was exchanged between the two of them did not affect my situation in the slightest. Her friend was cute too...a nice ebony with some curves of her own. As the area was fully packed now, I usd the back of my hand to rub against the friend's ass, to check the firmness, roundness, unlike the Latina in front of me, I did not get to actually see the ebony's ass when I arrived. It felt round and firm. She also did not budge as I was touching her. I was tempted for a moment to leave the Latina and go to her friend but I thought otherwise as, firstly, all of us chikans know that when you are HOTDOGGIN' a girl and she shows no reaction...STAY it does not get much better than Secondly, I could not be sure that I would have had the same luck with the ebony..along with the fact that I would have to reposition myself behind her which would have been too much of a hassle..while leaving my NAIVE prey for easy picking by another predator?! HELL NO! LOL!

As the acts performed, I got away with practically EVERY term in the frotting glossary imaginable behind this girl! It was incredible! She even made it easier by gyrating her hips while the acts performed, as well as the music between sets. Even when the acts were performing acapellas, I was STILL grinding DEEEEP into this mamacita's crack..and she still did not turn around! Not even a glance! I decided to take a route I rarely go after I have already started to buttfuck my targets...and whispered an apology in her ear, in case I was crushing her because of the crowd. She simply smiled at me. I exchanged names with her..and she turned back towards the stage. As she did that, I felt her move her body back against me..easing that juicy ass even more on my dick. That was more than enough confirmation for me! Periodically, I would then hold her shoulders and waist while riding her. I even slapped her ass lightly while she was dancing, which she seemed to like as she started gyrating even harder.
By the time the main act came on....I had my arms around her, with my hands placed strategically beneath the lower area of her breasts..while rubbing them with my fingers. She had her hands on top of mine, her head on my chest, with my face nestled in her hair. She smelled so good. By this be honest...I was in my own private world. Weird Al Yankovic could have been on stage for all I fuckin' cared! LOL! I was experiencing a chikan's and direct. At times, I would hold her close...and she responded to that quickly by holding onto my hands even tighter. I knew that would every woman I have ever known as ALWAYS wanted to be held and cuddled. It also worked as NOW..she would guide my hands around parts of her body while I was pushing my dick into her ass in a circular motion. I even glanced at her face from the side and, at one point, she had her eyes closed. HAHAHAHAHA! I could not have been any luckier...damn!
As the show was coming to a close, I was going to leave in mystery...but thought that maybe I would get a few more details on this, next time, I wouldn't mind trying to fuck her. So, I asked her if she had a man...(like I cared throughout the whole show! LOL!) She said no...which made me think she really enjoyed being held more than normal. I got her she asked me if I had seen her the crowd had separated us from them. I said I'm not sure..told her I would call her soon..and left her to look for them. My job was done...walking her to the car with her friends etc...that shit was unneccesary overtime. Hopefully, I will grope the hell outta her again....then end the night my way next time.....

Rock Concert Activity.. (Sun 19 Nov 2006 10:36:28 GMT)

Man...where do I even begin?! This 'Deftones' cocnert had so much ass, I almost felt dizzy! LOL...unbelievable.
The first upside to this whole event was that it was COMPLETELY SOLD OUT, through Ticketmaster that is. That ALONE made me feel even more I know how that venue can get when it is really crowded...chest to back EVERY TIME. In addition, the admission was 18 and over...which was even the type of girls, at that age, that go to these rock concerts are used to being saddled, anyway.
By the time I got there, there was one helluva line. Luckily, I had bought my ticket about two weeks ago, so I did not have to stand in the 'purchase day of show' line ...which was even longer. As I had said before, this was my first rock concert here, so I didn't know what to expect, regarding the attitudes, demeanour etc. I was pleasantly surprised...the attendees were friendlier than I expected.
Once I got in, I headed straight to the beer line...which was also long and slow moving. There were two blondes in front of me...looked like they were in their early twenties. One of them was skinny with glasses, no ass whatsoever. Her friend, on the other hand, was more voluptuous, wearing denim shorts with a nice round butt. Needless to say, I did not waste any time...allowing the surge of the crowded line behind me to press my dick on her ass. She turned and smiled at me, I responded. The line was getting a bit rowdy now, as the bartender seemed to get slower by the minute...and the main act was due to come on within the half hour. The blonde I was riding seemed to like it...jiggling her butt to the intermission music...making it easier to move my dick from her left cheek to the center of her ass, easing it into the crack. Right as my dick sank into her crack, she slowed her movement down...stopped talking to her friend..and started to stroke her hair. ANY chikan knows that is one of many tell tale signs that a target is willing. As the line progressed, I stayed glued to her, my chest pressed against her tender back. This went on for about 15 mins, before I was finally served. Not a bad start....
I got my beer..and headed for the crowd...with what seemed like an impossible aim to get to the barricade. The floor area was this took some time. I waited to the main act came onto the stage...and allowed the crazy surge of the crowd to carry me, fighting my way through two mosh pits in the One of three encounters began as I got to the barricade.
She was a brunette, early thirties, dressed in a black pant suit..(which was a little odd for this type of concert) a little heavyset...but not completely out of shape...a small enough waist with a BIG, FIRM butt. I watched her make her way through the left side of the crowd, with her camera phone in the air. She settled next to me. The dick test was of no value here, the vicinity was waay too packed. I tapped her on the shoulder, offering her the space in front of me. The dumb broad agreed, thanking me with a goofy smile. I sighed with relief, as she bent over the railing in front of me, fixated on filming the show with her camera phone.
I practically mounted her, my hands on her hips and thrusted deep into her crack. My only wish is that my dick was those black linen pants would have felt so good. She stayed relatively still, moving only her ass from side to side to the music, still fixated on the show. As the crowd behind me continued to mosh, I violated this woman, my hands all over her thighs...with my dick buried in the center of her ass, leaning down with my chin on her right shoulder...hahahahaha!! She only turned halfway slightly when she felt my chin nd siad " I didn't realise it was going to be so crowded" in a friendly tone. Dumb broad...I didn't realise that you would be so stupid!
Well, needless to say...after about nearly a half hour of deep riding, I left her with a nice, sticky souvenir, with the crowd disguising my jerks as I was coming. OMG! Her buttcheeks clenched as I came in her crack...with my eyes closed. Nobody noticed....everyone was concentrated on the show.
Once I used a few mins to get my bearings, I decided to move away from her without her noticing...even though, by this point, she was completely bent over the railing with her ass sticking out. I had came on her she was old news. As I moved away, another chikan got right in and leaned on her. I looked at him and we both started laughing...knowing each other's intentions. I love when that happens....
My next target was off to the right side near the barricade, with her boyfriend. My guess was that they were from Argentina....based on the flag on both their t-shirts. She was about 5'6, medium sized breasts, a small waist...but with one GREAT bubble butt in a mini skirt. The boyfriend looked weak, like he was 99 pounds soaking wet, trying his best to hold on to her.
I went for friendly contact to position myself. I asked him the time, he told me. I then asked them about their t-shirts...but it was too loud to hear their responses. He then put his arm around her waist as a way to guide her in front of him. Maybe she wanted new dick on her ass, because she wasn't having she remained in her spot. Thankfully, a crowd surge moved him away....and her in front of me. He looked at her with sad, puppy dog eyes..she didn't seem to care. He then gestured to me that he would like to stand in my place. I gave him the "look around you, what can I do to change the situation?" look, shrugged my shoulders, smiled and turned around. Once I turned around, she was standing behind a girl, who was leaning over the barricade, therefore pushing Miss Argentina right onto me. I then whispered in her ear, asking her if she was ok, she said yes....paying no mind to her boyfriend looking sorry for himself a yard or two away. Another mosh surge came our way...and I held her steady. She looked back at me, thanked me...then put her hands either side of the girl in front of her on the barricade...and leaned over...pushing that Beyonce jelly ass right onto my dick...maybe as another way of showing gratitude..heh heh. and brimstone could have come from the sky at that time and I would not have noticed. When I had bought my beer earlier, I had also bought a bottle of water..which I had steadily been drinking throughout the show. Needless to say, I was well recuperated from my earlier climax...ready to do so on this bombshell in front of me. The music was manic, but she didn't even move, she remained leaned over, still. Again, I mounted her...placing my palms face down on her back as I rotated my hips, riding her. As I was doing this, I felt was her moving in the opposite direction. This fucking rock concert was full of willing females, man! I looked over at her boyfriend, who was a lot nearer now. He knew what I was doing...looking downwards at my hip movement....but he did not say anything to me...he just looked too pitiful. I felt bad...(for about...10, thinking what it must have been like to watch some strange guy bury his dick in his woman's ass....and she is not looking for him and trying to move in the process! Poor dude. Oh well.....hahahahaha!!
He went away in a huff as he saw her raise up and throw her hands in the air in excitement, with my right hand on her right! That is too much for ANY man to bear! I continued to squat and ride her...eventually cumming as she pressed back on me, while she reached behind and held on to the legs of my jeans while I jerked a little. Man, my Calvins must have been a I palmed her ass like crazy...before taking off again, not even asking her name....
The final target looked like she was biracial, about 18-20, short..about 5'3,small waist with a wobbling butt of her own. She had a lowcut top with jeans on. She had an interesting tatoo on her exposed back...which was perfect to break the ice with, so I could position myself. There was a bar in the floor area...and she was leaning over the bar, watching the show from there. She was with some other girls, but I didn't pay attention to them. The mosh crowd had a surging dominoe effect, even all the way over there, leaving me almost on top of her back. She was yelling in excitement and didn't seem to care or notice. I got bold and plamed both her buttcheeks. She turned around quickly...looked at me, raised her eyebrows with a "I know what you just did" look with a half smile and turned back around. I said 'fuck it' and did it again. This time, she didn't even turn around. The song that started at that moment was a slower 'lighter in the air' type of I just rode her all the way to the end of the show...not speaking to her. When I started to thrust hard, she stayed still until I eased the pressure, where she would sway again. Admittedly, I didn't cum on her, fellas...though I wanted she was so pretty. Facially, she looked like the actress Lisa Bonet..(those who don't know who I am referring to...'Google' the name.) My dick stayed snug in her crack all the way to the end of the show. Even after the performers had left the stage, fans remained there for another fifteen I kept my dick in her crack too. She didn't turn around...until when I was leaving. I looked back..and watched her smile at me as I walked away. Honestly, under regular circumstances, I probably would have attempted to get her nbr...but I WAS BEAT!! Those three were the most memorable of the evening....but if I had count ALL the encounters...even the short 5 min ones...I would say it was close to nearly nine...not including all the feels of course. All I have left to say is...thank you, Deftones. PLEASE come here again...:-0

December award: Manhattan
And Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting.
(You remind us that where are crowds, there are lucy men.)

Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony (Fri 01 Dec 2006 01:24:26 GMT)

I had a great time at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting ceremony yesterday. Now, let me just clarify, I actually went there with the intent to see the lighting; Ive lived in Manhattan for three years and never gone. I consider myself more of a passive chikan, if its thrust upon me (pun intended), Ill go with it. I normally only chikan at clubs and bars with willing partners, other than that, if Im stuck in a crowd, well, I cant help my urges. However, I never grope, Im not passing judgment on those that do, I just dont enjoy it. Actually, from what a friend of mine told me (not a chikan), it wasnt that crowded when he went three years ago. However, I think back then terrorism fears kept a lot of people from these events. It makes it ten times better when things happen when you least expect it.

Before I start my stories from that night, a word of advice before you go dashing off to make plans for next Christmas tree lighting. It is extremely dangerous chikan territory. Most (Id say close to 90%) of the people there are either family or a group of female friends, and its not dark. The only reason I got away with what I did is that Im 20 years old, but look like Im 18, so people dont suspect these things from me. A 30 year old or older by himself might be viewed with a lot more suspicion. Also, Im pretty good looking (in that baby face, innocent looking kind of way), so Ive noticed that women dont view me as a pervert when that happens, but because of a combination of my looks and my age, they normally give me a knowing smile, and if theyre uncomfortable, they move away. But Ive never had any problems with women causing scenes or getting upset. Part of this might also be the fact that I dont grope, so a lot of times, they probably just figure its a natural thing and not an intentional act (which in my case, its often not an intentional act). Note, I have taken a few psychology classes at NYU as I am an undergraduate psychology major, so these arent just random speculations, but I have actually applied what Ive learned to studying reactions. After the first time I cum, my jeans obviously were a little damp, and as these two girls were trying to get by (they were holding hands to stay together), they ended up brushing against the wet spot, and immediately jerked their hands away. This huge black guy they were with looked over at me and started to say, Does that boy and then stopped when I quickly glanced at him. Im guessing he was going to say, Does that boy have an erection? However, maybe because of my young looks, he saw it as more forgivable or whatever, as he dropped the topic. An older man probably would have gotten decked. Also, this Mexican guy got behind this one girl, and she turned to her friend (I was on her right and so was her friend, so I could see what she was mouthing) and mouthed, He has a boner. Her friend (also a girl, but much biggerlike six feet tall and athletic) managed to pull her friend away and must have elbowed the guy, because he quickly took off.

That said (dont mean to be a downer, just looking out for you guys), I will post my stories in the next two posts. They might be quite wordyI freelance write for magazines from time to time, so I have a tendency to be poetic, but I will try to forgo my usual writing style for brevity.

I hope you enjoy them!

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Part I (Fri 01 Dec 2006 01:29:32 GMT)

Here's the first part of my night:

When I first got there, all of the entrances were blocked off, and they told us only people with passes were getting through. All of the streets were blocked off with one way barriers strictly enforced by the police. Fortunately though, I figured out how to walk through the maze they set up and a few blocks later, I was at the one and only entrance (especially important in generating huge crowds). As I got closer to the tree, the area became (obviously) more crowded. Next to me was a gorgeous blonde with her husband. She was about 55 (a perfect height for me), dirty blonde hair, brown eyes and that perfect body athletic women in their mid-twenties have. Now at this point, I was still not trying anything, like I said, thats not my style. She was wearing super tight jeans, and the way she rested on her high heels made her perfect ass stick out even more. However, the gods were clearly shining down on me that night; as the crowd surged, she was pushed in front of me.

Now, when I say it was crowded, I mean even her husband, who was by no means a small guy, could not hold on to her or fight the forces of the crowd. A second wave of pushing had my groin crushed up against her ass. As I started to feel the blood heading down south, I was still not hard, I need more movement to do that (which is part of the reason I normally just grind with girls in clubs). Suddenly, a family decided the crowd was too much and turned around, trying to leave from the only exit (the one we came in from). Needless to say, the crowd tightened even more to make room for them, and the blonde pushed her ass hard against me several times, with the jostling of the crowds. By the point, there was no way she didnt feel my erection wedged in between her firm cheeks (she was definitely a runner). Fortunately, she wasnt the type to make a scene, and there her husband has been pushed two feet away. As the crowd pushed us forward, she was forced to take small steps forward and buck her hips to both move forward and keep her balance. I was in heaven. There was even several times when she clearly wiggled her ass against me on her own (as the more experienced chikan probably know, women do this sometimes, maybe to make themselves more comfortable, maybe out of curiosity, who knows). Between the smell of her perfume, the heat emanating from the crowds and her firm ass cheeks cradling my rock hard dick and occasionally massaging it with glorious movements, I soon felt that familiar feeling building up in my loins. Finally, as another couple decided to leave, blondie pushed hard against my dick two more times and I began to cum uncontrollably. I hadnt come that hard in months, even during sex; I felt light-headed, and if the crowd wasnt holding me up from every side, I probably would have fainted. The feeling was further elevated when, as my dick jerked wildly against her ass, she turned around partially and I caught a sight of just how beautiful she was.

I used another shift in the crowd to move off of her ass, and as I turned around to admire her for one last time, I noticed her husband eyeing me. Fortunately, he had no idea just how much I had enjoyed his wife, he probably just figured I was another young kid taken away by her beauty.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Part II (Fri 01 Dec 2006 02:01:48 GMT)

As I moved further towards the Christmas tree, my nuts literally felt drained. For those of you who have been lucky enough to have received really good head, where the girl (more often that not, very drunk) continues to give you head as youre coming, which makes you cum even longer to the point where youre about to pass out, thats how my nuts felt. Needless to say, I wasnt looking for any more play after that, and like I mentioned, I was there to see the tree, so I ventured on.

About ten minutes later, I found myself being crushed against a brunette, about 18 to 20 years old. She was with four of her friends, and they all had a British accent, which only made them hotter. Unfortunately, I was way too spent to get an erection off of just being plastered against an ass. Now, dont get me wrong, she was stunning (as a lot of the women who were at this were), brown hair, brown eyes, and a nice ass. She was one of those girls who wasnt anorexic thin, but not chubby or fat by any means, the very definition of thick if you now what that means in the American sense. I was pressed against her very soft ass for a good 15 minutes, and because of the movements of the crowd, I managed to get a semi. However, for some reason, I just wasnt feeling it. I think part of the reason was she was constantly talking to her friends, and the risk of getting caught was too high. I mention this incident, however, because at this time, several groups decided to leave, and to do so, they had to crush against us. Now, I had my camera in my hand, which is a fairly expensive camera, so I held it close to me to avoid dropping it. Once again, circumstances were in my favor, I quickly realized I had inadvertently moved my camera, and by extension, my hand, to the perfect level for my hand to brush up against the passing breasts. Now, as I mentioned, Im not big on groping, but when the line would stall and a girl would have her breasts pressed so tightly against my hand I could feel the nipple harden from the contact, it was quite something. Finally, with all this movement, a big break in the crowd came, and I moved up a good 10 feet.

This put me right behind another husband wife couple (there were a lot of these that night). When I saw the wife from behind, I wish I could have taken a picture (but it would have been too obvious with all the people around looking at my cameras screenthe one downside to digitals). In front of me were two perfect globes, wrapped in tight stretchy pants. Now, Im not a fan of the giant ass as many of you are, I like the well defined, firm, athletic ass. Im a distance runner myself, so Ive had a good deal of experience with this kind of ass from different girls Ive met in charity runs and the like I take part in for different college clubs. This was one of the finest Ive seen, think more like Jessica Albas small, but well defined ass than a giant ass like Jennifer Lopezs famous ass. Unfortunately, her husband was a real hot head, constantly cursing under his breath at the people around us, so I kept my distance. How a sleaze bag like him ended up with her (a good 10 years younger than him), Ill never know. However, luck was definitely with me that day, a single file line formed to push upwards, he decided to take the lead to push people out of the way, and I was right behind that lovely ass. Oh the joy I felt when I first crushed against it, my erection instantly came back.

As we were much nearer to the tree, the crowd was much more pushy here, and her ass was sliding all over my dick. However, the line came to an abrupt halt when there was no more space, and my dick plunged deep into her crack, practically uninhibited by the very thin material of her pants. What made it even better, after standing around for more than an hour by now, we were all exhausted, so she relaxed her thighs, pushing all of her weight on to me, to the point where if my hard on was free, it would have been sinking into her asshole. Unfortunately, I was wearing jeans that day (like I said, I had no intention on chikaning) and there was no way I was going to risk pulling my dick out. We continued on like this for another five minutes, before the line had pushed through to an area very close to the tree, where, unfortunately, a blockade formed by the people prevented the large crowds from getting in, giving people enough room where they were not on top of one another.

I thought Id be done for the night, so I just focused on enjoying the show for a while; however, the crowd was not done with me. More to come in the next post!

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Part III (Fri 01 Dec 2006 02:27:30 GMT)

By now, it had been about three hours since my first orgasm, and the time plus a few good experiences helped me recharge my sex drive. Soon after the tree was finally lit, people could not have been more anxious to get out after standing for over three hours, and the crowds pushed to get out of the two exits (fortunately they opened up another exit on the other side, or anyone under five feet probably would have been trampled or suffocated that day). At first, I was stuck behind people I had no interest in (I need the girl to be good looking or it just doesnt do it for me). Finally, I got to the gates with nothing more than a few brushes against asses here or there. I thought my luck was through.

Just then, the police closed one of the gates to open up another one to even out the crowds (there were several crowds at different blockades trying to get out). A girl, about 16 climbed up onto the barricade to get a look at who knows what (the tree was to the left of her and the exit was to the right). She was another brunette, Italian, with a really nice face. She was bent over the rails to hold herself up, sticking her juicy ass out right at my dick level. Of course, because this was to be one of the luckiest days Ive ever had, she was wearing those black cotton stretch pants women seem to love wearing these days. For those of you not from the states, imagine a pair of pants made of thinner than t-shirt material, which stretches and thus hugs the ass. By this time, I was so horny again that all my usual morals (she was underage after all) and carefulness flew out the window. Even though the crowd wasnt exactly pushing me into her, and even though the police were fairly close by, I pressed up behind her. I dont know what must have been going on in her mind, with those pants on, she had to feel my boner, yet she continued to wiggle her ass around as she moved back and forth to look at God knows what. Now, you have to understand just how great this was. Because of the way she was bent over the railing, my dick wasnt in her ass; it was right up against her pussy. If I had been wearing thinner shorts, Im sure I could feel the warmth of it. In fact, through my jeans, I could feel a bit of warmth. The sensation was incredible, the only time you get this kind of service is when youre legitimately at a club grinding with a girl and she does what my Spanish friend calls the perro where the girl bends over while humping against you; basically, doggy style sex with clothes on (trust me, when the girl is wearing a skirt or club pants also very thin materialit feels amazing). Unfortunately, that is almost as rare as getting that kind of service presumably unwittingly from a girl at the Rockefeller Center, the only two times I have gotten were at Spanish clubs. At one point, I even went so far as to lean over a bit, like I was trying to look for something too, and then when I would stand up straight again, my hard one would drive against her pussy. Either this girl didnt care, or was actually enjoying it, because I was looking to get slapped and probably arrested. Luckily, because of my age, people who noticed probably assumed I was her boyfriend or something, because of the way we were standing and the fact that she wasnt doing anything about it. Finally, the line moved again, and I thought my ride was over, but then, she hopped off the railing, sliding her ass down my dick and putting me right in her crack. She had a really firm ass, as many Italian women do, it wasnt really deep given her young age, but it was nice. The barricade was only opened slightly, so maybe one person could get out at a time, and the crowd behind me didnt seem to understand that pushing was only helping me and making everyone else worse off. Using the crowd as an excuse, I thrust against her ass a couple of times, and she didnt even turn around partially. However, I did manage to move my upper body a bit to catch the look on her face, and she actually seemed to be enjoying it (probably at her age, this was new to her and made her feel good that she was turning someone on that much). I came hard as hell, making sure she felt every spasm, and as this was my second orgasm of the day, and I was kind of walking forward at the same time, therefore still rubbing against her ass as I came, I practically started hallucinating. However, I had to quickly close the front of my coat to hide the wet spot, as I was now out in the open with police all about, and quickly got out of there.

Twenty four hours later, Im still feeling the euphoria for that night. However, considering the risks I took, I think Ill go back to grinding in clubs, leaving true chikaning for special occasions.

Hope you enjoyed my recap of the night, feel free to comment.

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