Rip-and-run camera crews feed the popular 'panty dropping' DVD market

Large numbers of Japanese women are falling victim to teams of sneaky men who run up behind them, rip down their undies and then send footage of the attack throughout the world via the Internet, according to Shukan Jitsuwa (5/25).

"These movies of guys lifting up women's skirts and even tearing down their panties are spreading everywhere. At first, I thought they were all set-ups, but the footage with the women shocked at what they've just been put through is actually all real," a writer on Japan's underground DVD market tells Shukan Jitsuwa. "They're all underground movies, so the faces and other parts you see are all real. And it's the horrified reaction of these women that's apparently the biggest turn-on for the perverts who are into this kind of thing. They're really popular."

Naturally, the women being targeted for these heinous productions are outraged. And, with about 30 women being targeted for every DVD filled with footage of the attacks on sale, there are many people being victimized.

"There are currently five DVDs on the market that specialize in Panty Dropping. Simple math suggests that at least 150 women have been targeted indiscriminately if each movie has 30 victims," the writer says.

The method the filmmakers are using is simple. Film crews are made up of at least two people -- one who operates the camera, and the other who actually does the shedding. Crews pick a target and follow her until they find what they consider to be the right spot, then one of the men races up behind her, whips up her dress, rips down her underwear and speeds off into the distance, with the whole episode over in a matter of seconds.

Nearly all of the footage is captured in secluded residential districts, but there have been exceptions, including a bicycle parking area, an ATM and even a supermarket.

Several women have been hurt during the sly attacks, but many of those who have been set upon have been so filled with anger, they've been unable to react quickly enough to go after their assailants, according to the lowbrow weekly, which adds that things could be about to get worse.

"These filmmakers are flushed with success and now they're becoming even more brazen," the writer tells Shukan Jitsuwa. "Now they're going after women in tube tops and the latest footage shows them getting their tops ripped off."

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