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Do you know CHIKAN in Japan? A sexual pervert, Hentai who molests an innocent young girl... Have you ever be in a jam-pack Japanese train? A man and a woman, who never met before and may not meet thereafter, would be pressed each other in a position unthinkable of any other situation but in the most kinky couple having foreplay. And who knows? They may be feeling each other indeed. Anybody turns inevitable physical contact into intentional caress must be accused of rape. Yes, rape. The feeler is raping the victim in his mind even if the feelee is not aware of it. The touch may be too soft. The timing may be accidental. The position may be by mistake. But soon, the naked truth reveals itself.

She may sense something unnatural. But anyway it's in a crowded train. Physical contact is unavoidable. Sometime the feeler assails her on her back. The feelee shrinks back from cry out in fear of accusing wrong one. Maybe she is too good to make such mistake. Maybe she is too shy or simply lost her voice in astonishment. The assaulter exploits the hesitation. He feels her, touches her and sexually massages her. But they are packed like sardines. The next stop is long away. The timetable has caught the innocent girl in captivity. She can not run away from the molester. Fighting back? She starts weighing the risk of fighting back against loathsome feeling of a stranger fingering her all over. Then she takes account of embarrassment due to coming out. Then the humiliation of somebody realizes she is not coming out.

Well, the push is too soft to be deliberate. The hand may be merely misplaced there. At least it doesn't hurt. Now, she is back to square one. The man teases the helpless woman while she is still undecided, feeling up to her buttocks, tummy, tits, down into her skirt, rubbing her on her pussy over the underwear, slips a finger in, feeling pubic hair, then two and three. He thrusts his fingers in, traces and fumbles her slit, pinches the clit, jerks the labia, penetrates deep inside the gap to undress her of the veil of uncertainty. No mistake! The man IS a MOLESTER. No excuse. This is WRONG! Her heart beats fast. The blood pressure shoots up. She pants for breath. She blushes fiery red for shame. She must speak out! Anyone can see something wrong with her. Before anybody else starts talking about her, she must speak out and prove she is not a collaborator nor an incompetent.

But how? Didn't she overlook him when he approached her? Didn't she tolerate him when he started molesting her? Didn't she pretend that she was unaware of anything even when he start pulling her skirt up? How can she say she didn't realize his erotic if not obscene intention when his finger slipped over her lingerie. She knew everything from the beginning, didn't she. The man is CHIKAN and he means to molest her. That is what she sensed when the man accidentally bumped into her in the railway station, followed her and jumped into the same car. Didn't he just came out of the train from the other direction? Had she waited until it came to the limit? Limit? Is a finger put in her cunt hole her limit? After having a sexual pervert sliding his fingers up and down in her gap and pinching and rubbing her clit, does she say a finger inserted in her vagina out of the limit?

Well, she does not need to speak out now. She just disguises that she is shy and weak. It's not her fault. She is afraid of the man. He may physically injure her if she fights back. So she was waiting somebody to help her. If she can fight back at any moment, why she haven't done so until right now? Well, she did not cry out because she could not. You should not accuse her of waiting until it reaches the limit. She never set the limit. No way she decides chikan to be forgiven unless he puts a finger deep inside her twat. She never yielded to sexual harassment. She was merely overcome by the panic. Now she is playing chikan's game by cheating herself. She does not cry out because she decided that she could not. She does not resist because she decided that she could not. She does not walk away from the man because she decided that she could not.

By deciding that way, she ends up patiently accepting all sexual abuses physical and mental. In her mind, she is not a masochistic woman subjecting herself to sexual tortures. But in reality she is a resigned sex slave, a girl in bondage reluctantly and helplessly reduced to a sex object. She is caught in the trap so effectively even when a flight becomes possible, she keeps standing there as if she is shackled to the floor. No, she holds on to the strap. But the fear of disgrace straps her. She is staying in front of the erotomania not because she likes it nor the tormentor quickly trained and disciplined the panic-stricken girl to receive the kinky sex play obediently. This is only because by leaving the place she ends up acknowledging the fact of being abused. She wants everybody believe that she never accept the man's hand out of fear or indecisiveness nor allowed it out of indifference. She merely does not know it.

She never set a limit nor let a man to grope her within it. The physical seduction is already done. But she can prevent the man raping her in her mind. As far as she never realize it, no matter how rude the man takes liberties with her body, her soul is saved. That's her excuse. And she is tied up by her own deception. She has decided that she would not admit that the hand is grabbing and rubbing her crotch. Silently, the enslaved female endures the sexual ordeal. She would not admit it until the man goes out of her limit. What is already done is already done.

Comforting one's own spirit is more important than just avoiding few more strokes. She submits herself to the further sexual assault only to down play the seriousness of the sexual mistreatment she could not resist. It doesn't matter much, the guilt-bound lady says to herself, if it goes more than just few pinches, she must stop the man and she must be able to stop the man. And the man goes out of her limit knowing if he carefully chooses the timing the submissive girl never stop him nor leave him. She sets a new limit instead and the new round of the game starts there.

Yes, this is how chikan operates. The victim has herself to believe anybody can not do anything more than occasionally feeling her buttocks in a crowded train. She has a good reason to believe that. Chikan is a crime. It is a risky crime. But a few crazy men would do more, and more, and more, testing the limit and if the limit can be negotiable. Some reckless Chikan even use a dildo or a vibrator for effective sexual stimulation or to ensure the sexual humiliation. At the end, however, she knows that she is not a sex prisoner once she leaves the train. Even if the offender succeeds to make her feel good, she can get off the train without a trouble, disappear in the crowd, take refuge in a ladies' room, wipe the love juice out from her groin. Just in few minutes nobody knows her as usual. In this sense chikan is basically safe game for women. Lewd and disgusting the experience may be, it rarely results in a physical injury. And for good or bad, the safeness makes sexual agony bearable.

Chikan is no way unique to Japan. If you have overcrowded place jam-packed with men and women, you can expect chikan. But Japan has astonishingly large number of jam-packed commuter trains producing amazingly huge chikan population. Not only a man fumbles a woman, a woman may fondle a man, a man gropes a man, a woman grips a woman, a group of men surround and molest a teenage woman or a kinky sex freak pinches two or three sweet-tempered school girls at the same time. Men and women of any age can be molested. Although a pedophil looking for a lolita or preteen for his kids' porno delusion may not find a child easily, early-teens are plentiful in a congested train.

Chikan usually work on sex slaves they have met just minutes ago. But some relationships are long lasting. At rare intervals Japanese newspapers report of chikan who after months or even years of molesting a specific female arrested by the judicial authorities. Maybe the captive beauty finally has decided enough is enough. Maybe a young amateur girl has grown into a mature adult sex. There is also a rumor that some nymphomaniac women want to be toyed and sneakingly looking for a man of suspicious behavior or intentionally waiting where chikan is known to operate. Other rumor says of an apparently aphrodisiac woman who willingly waits chikan to advance, let him to shove her all over and when it becomes unmistakable, suddenly cries out, seizes him and turns him over to the police.

Most of foreigners new to Japan are shocked by the rampant activity of chikan besides all other erotica craze. Their number and variety are overwhelming. Many expatriate females become the prey of a nuisance or two within few days or few weeks after their arrival. And I do not deny expatriate males who begin taking advantage of the conditions are not small, either. They may start touching simply because it is possible or sometime touching itself is inevitable to begin with. But in few weeks or few months, while they had been good citizens in their own countries, they are touching females on purpose.

Yet, these victims of Japanese traffic system have been stripped and denied of any public platform to come out. They had been merely murmuring and grumbling at their fate. The messageboard is created to provide expatriate population a media to discuss the problem. It gives a victim of chikan and a chikan himself a common ground for free exchange of information. It also brings both Japanese and expatriate together to present their point of view. A resident of any other country is also welcomed as long as he or she faces the same problem. The webmaster of the site may not take a side though he himself has his own opinion.

A scolding never works. Chikan is a crime. But calling a crime a crime never brings a criminal repentance. He needs a imagination how his victim feels. A victim can best repel the sexual offense by knowing her predator. This is the place to know each other. The first step to tackle a problem is to confront the problem bare and square. You could not confront that chikan in that train. But here in the safe distance of the world wide web, you can confront anybody. Chikan is a crime. But talking about chikan is not. Here, you can talk any fantasy or erotica as you like instead of actually committing a crime. The messageboard can be your trash can. You can write the most explicit sexual daydream here. Don't worry. I set a limit and anything goes out of the bounds, I delete. Do you want to play a game with me? You can test my limit and see if it can be compromised, huh :-)

Or you can play a game with other participants. Find a girl here instead of in a train. Use her and abuse her. Bend and spread her till her breaking point. Whatever intercourse or discourse you may have with her, here on the net, she can walk away any moment if she wants. And who knows? Are you sure whom are you talking dirty? Is she really she?

Go ahead! Have a nice day.

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