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Gerry (Thu 28 Mar 2002 13:58:23 GMT)

The Great 23rd!

I ahd a wonderful day on 3/23!! The honorable Vonetta Flowers, 1st Alabamian to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics, was being so honored downtown that saturday morn. I knew that that there would be chikkan opportunities in the expected crowds so I took the day off & went-a-huntin'! Well it was a cold morning & all the best butts were covered byu thick coats. So I paid my respects to our hom

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Dev (Thu 28 Mar 2002 14:20:35 GMT)

B00B contact??

What's the best way to cop a feel off a large bosumed women? Off course in a crowd, but how to if she's tall too? I had this problem yesterday and the frustration was almost overwhelming! The dame was about 5'10" maybe 6ft. She was hauling around (est) 40+ EE's! Luckily, I was able to satisfy myself with a little Hottentot of light complexion! She was about 5ft tall with probable measurements of

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EcstasyGroper (Sat 30 Mar 2002 03:16:39 GMT)

Orgasmic moment

It finally happened...having an orgasm with HER.
Today I was out in the subways again, nothing exciting happened, I realized that it is STILL not spring, almost went home, when I saw HER, she was coming down the stairs with her older sister and her mom. I guess she was around 20, long brown hair, cute dimples, slim build and sexy butts, wearing tight jeans. Her mom was holding a tourist book o

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webmaster (Sun 31 Mar 2002 21:21:19 GMT)

a young plump girl

Once upon a time I went to a museum to see relics of the ancient Egypt which were on special display for just few days. If you miss them, you cannot see them again unless you go to Egypt.

The exhibition was popular, and crowded. Once in the museum people formed a tight line along the desplay. I was pushed by a girl from behind once in a while. No, she didn't push me. She never shoved me. Sh

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nychikan (Wed 03 Apr 2002 19:05:44 GMT)

tits day!

Tits day!

What a great day! I started at about 5:40 on the E line headed uptown. A gorgeous, tall blonde woman, wearing a suit, got on, and the train was much more crowded than an E usually is. She almost didnt get on because there really wasnt room. But the guy behind me (bless him!) said to her, squeeze on in! and she did! She was immediately pressed against me. She was tall, pr

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Dev (Wed 03 Apr 2002 22:45:55 GMT)

I pissed in my grits!

Aw shit!! I've had a bad day! There's a shop near downtown that I have to stop visiting now. I tried to be nice. You see there's a lovely Colubo-Ecuadorian woman who works there & she's for some unknown reason, become afraid of me! She's a mature woman of about 50ish. Hourglass figure, long dark hair, speaks spanish, Portugese & english. I know this from having had a long & friendly conversatio

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 04 Apr 2002 19:50:54 GMT)


Hey Chister thanks!!

I have learned from chister how to gently grope women who are next to you without causing too much friction.

On the bus today I sat next to this teenage girl, whilst reading my book I quietly smiled to myself and let the palm of my hand rest against her thigh, Whilst smiling to myself the girl looked around and a smile appeared on the corner of her lips corrrrrrrrr !!.

I began moving my palm in circles on her thigh, slowly rubbing harder and harder into her soft fleshy thigh. She didnt react just sat there watching me rub her down corrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!.

Such a good feeling my cock was really hard and I kept peering at her and smilling because she was young, fine and beautiful with such nice buttocks corrrrrrrrrrr !!. Oh what a day !!

chister (Fri 05 Apr 2002 17:43:39 GMT)

re: paki groper

(I hope "paki" is not considered vulgar, condescending, or offensive - just trying to shorten typing)

sounds like you are already ahead of me. I rarely get away with so much as your last story. Although I agree - women are unusually compliant when you softly touch their thighs while sitting next to them on buses, subways, trains, planes - I should know, I have tried them all.

For a

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Pakistanic Bottom Groper (Fri 05 Apr 2002 19:20:18 GMT)

re:chister and more groping adventures

No worries chister, I now make it a habit of sitting on buses next to teenage girls with good buttocks and thighs.

When I get on the bus and spot a girl sitting by herself, I ask her wether I can sit on the side of the window, this way I do my work away from prying eyes.

This afternoon, I sat next to this 15 year old girlm whilst pretending to read my book, she kept leaning over to h

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Dev (Sat 06 Apr 2002 15:59:38 GMT)

workplace jitters

I really had a nice time @ work yesterday. I don't like to groppe @ work though. "Don't eat where you shit"! I have a (Very) female co-worker (who's of another race). She's 5o years old, we celebrated her birthday a few days ago. She's also athletic, tall, charming and dosen't mind being touched...if no one see's it!! When she wears them, she's allowed me to take a nice,long look up her skirts! I

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Kyle (Sun 07 Apr 2002 18:48:51 GMT)

Party Grope

Hey all, here is my little story of gropin a hot, fussy little chick at party-

My friend Steve (17 yrs old) threw this late party at his house one Saturday night. About 25 ppl were there, some booze and sex and drugs and shit, what ya usually expect at a good party.

I went in the TV room and there was this hot little chick sittin alone on the couch...light brown hair, blue eyes, slim

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art (Tue 09 Apr 2002 20:57:44 GMT)

Subway Affairs

Subway Affairs

It was the end of the month of May, a Wednesday, about 6:30, in the metro.
It's extremely uncomfortable to take the metro then, because of the enormous crowds in all the cars--pressed against each other, sometimes in direct contact with people less clean... I had no courses that afternoon, and I had gone to Paris to shop in the big stores.

Coming back, I had an

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art (Tue 09 Apr 2002 21:01:48 GMT)

Subway Affair (Part2)

I tried to tell her with my eyes that I did not find this disagreeable. Her pelvis seemed overly pushed against mine, with respect the rest of her body. I did not object to that. That day, the metro seemed to bring me everything at the same time.

As soon as the metro started up again, the hand went directly under my skirt; I imagined the man's joy in finding I had nothing on underneath; the

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art (Tue 09 Apr 2002 21:03:16 GMT)

Subway Affair (Part3)

It is over, and I have just known an unforgettable sensation. --You get off here? a voice behind me asked.

--No. I spread my legs out. In front of me, the woman gave me a small glance of complicity and turned around to get off, while the man who was behind me passed in front of me, giving me the very slightest attention. Incredible! (I repeat this adjective often, but remember the circumsta

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pakistani bottom groper (Wed 10 Apr 2002 13:29:35 GMT)


today I was extremely horny and my cock was rock hard and wanted so badly to deliver its load.

During the rush hour I had to fight my way through a crowd at the local station.

As u know chikans are always looking out for "tasty meal" for breakfast. True chikans can home into a prey, they use tunnel and peripheral vision like a smart missile. True chikans see "through the eyes of god"

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Ricky Merry (Wed 10 Apr 2002 16:12:54 GMT)


I once stood in a crowded train right behind this cute looking blonde with the most wholesome and juicy looking butt dressed in a business suite.

When the train stopped the doors opened to let the passengers out. As passengers pushed passed her to get out, she swayed to one side to allow room for them to move. As she swayed I looped one arm round her waist. She smiled and said thanks, thi

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Ecstasy Groper (Wed 10 Apr 2002 22:31:32 GMT)

female psychology

Hi webmaster,

we should talk about female`s psychology during a grope.

Today, I was wet humping a tall slim brunette. You all know, that I thing the whole set up before a grope must be perfect. Im this case, my trick to stand in front of her while waiting for the sub, then slowing down while entering to let her pass, worked again. But this time there was a guy sitting there with his

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 13 Apr 2002 09:11:55 GMT)

Last Night

Last night was such a good night, I humped three good looking spanish girls and palmed this tasty looking irish girls arse in a crowded bar corrrrrrrrrrrr !!.

Whilst standing near the bar waiting to get served. I let me hand dangle and accidently on purpose touch this irish girls thigh. Corrrrrrrr so heavenly !!.
She didnt say a word and continued speaking with her friend. Slowly I incre

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 13 Apr 2002 22:21:45 GMT)


Tonight I palmed so many women on the buttocks, I wont even describe by adventures as it would take up many pages. In the bar tonight I was crushed up against a sexy irish girl and was licking her hair, in fact most of her beautiful smelling hair was in my mouth and she was too drunk to notice.

Very sneaky eh ? ehehehe !!, will post my stories later.

I was busy (Wed 17 Apr 2002 20:00:31 GMT)

The sub's not crowded

I went out last sunday. It's sunday. The sub was not crowded, although it was not empty. But I met a pervert like you! The pervert fixed the eyes on my hips when we were on the platform of the station. He stood behind in the sub. He came near and near ever since. He completely pressed his body against me at the end. His dick was sank in between my cheeks. I wanted to leave him. But he held me on my hips. He was very pushing. He lifted the hands to cup my breasts. I think that others in the sub thought that we were a loving couple. I left the sub next station. I hate YOU!

X (Thu 18 Apr 2002 00:09:42 GMT)

Black on white

One day While ridding the subway home during a very crowded rush-hour.
I found myself in a situation that both frightened me and excited me.

There had been a few delays that day and when I finally got to board a
train it was overcrowded and I was pressed against several people. It
was a little difficult for me to keep my balance since I was wearing a
pair of high heels and the r

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 20 Apr 2002 00:05:37 GMT)

Hey !

Welcome back Dr. Iron Dick.

Tonight has been a very good night, apart from chatting up two english girls and getting their phone numbers, I humped this beautiful blonde girl in a bar in lecister square, I get thrusting my hips forward driving my hard cock into her buttocks and cumming inside her lovely crack. She was stunning man, oooh I love these blonde english girls they are so horny.

Anyway I am too drunk must sleeep now and speak later.


punjabi butt humper (Sat 20 Apr 2002 04:26:38 GMT)

humping a white south african doctor

Its been long since i chipped in here. i have been travelling, so have lots of stories to tell. infact i havent even completed my humping stories during festival in dubai. meanwhile this time, when i was coming back to dubai, i met a woman in the flight. the first thing i noticed abt her was that she has a lovely butt. round, firm and shapely. i was desperate to touch it while i boarded the flight

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X (Fri 26 Apr 2002 20:07:14 GMT)


She was 15 at the time, and still a virgin, and that was what got to
her....Each and every single one of her freinds had done it already, and
some how she felt left out....

She wanted in on the fun, she had masturbated for a long time now...but
she figured it wasn't the same as the real thing....not even when she
used candles and the like....So she had decided that this was goin

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X (Sat 27 Apr 2002 05:52:19 GMT)


My first butt
Ive always had a thing for female butts. Even when I was young, I had a fascination with them. I can remember watching aerobics programs on TV when I was a kid and wishing the cameraman would get a close-up of the womens butts. Unfortunately, they rarely did.

In middle school, my fascination with the female butt blossomed into a full-blown fetish. At school, I would t

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 27 Apr 2002 12:39:48 GMT)

Last night

Last night was a good night. Got to brush against girls breasts. Slapped my hard cock againsts lots of sexy young spanish girls with fine plum bottoms corrrrrrrrrrrr. I palmed dozens of girls bottoms in a crowded pub corrrrrrrrr.

Will give u more details later as I have to recover from my orgy last night, speak later.

Dev (Sat 27 Apr 2002 14:53:53 GMT)

Hi Guys!

Well said Gerry, s. m. Frye was a Big slap in the face for us! Paki! I'm having a difficult time believing you. Nevermind-I'm just jealous! I'll tell all the story that Gerry wants told as a measure of "retaliation" on my behalf! Commuting to a former work place was Nirvana. It was my "orgy" on wheels! Now mind you I had the pick of the most succulent black and brown bumms the South had to of

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 28 Apr 2002 09:31:27 GMT)


If you want to touch breasts in a busy bar, just put your glass down on the counter of bar, make sure theres a sexy woman standing nearby. As you pull your hand away from the glass, brush your palm against her breasts corrrrrrrrr !! what a feeling. Done this so many times women dont seem to mind or just ignore me.

Last night I forced myself against this gorgoeus austrialian blonde wearing t

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 29 Apr 2002 21:16:38 GMT)

Thankyou Guru !!

Hi Guru,

Thankyou for voteing my name for the chikan of the month. I am truely honoured to have a mention from guru.

Last two nights I have been fantasing about the blonde girl I humped in a bar on the weekend corrrrrrrrrr, the smell of her long blonde hair in my face, the feel of my hard penis pressed so hard against the crack of her plum round house.

The feeling of my inner

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Dev (Thu 02 May 2002 18:41:17 GMT)


On a scale fo 1-10, yesterday was an "8". I had to report to work for a training day. I had to provide assistance for instruction for the new personnel. I don't really like this due to the risk of various temptations that always present themselves in these classrooms. The majority of the new staff are always women, mostly young, mostly negresses, with round, plump bumms!! I have to be very carefu

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X (Fri 03 May 2002 18:33:40 GMT)


My husband and I were in Japan last year on vacation and as always we were looking for some new source of erotic fun. We had heard about groping activity on Japanese subways and decided to let the local Chikans add to our experiences.

From all the adult websites we peruse we know about the Japanese mens fetish for subway play. We purchased the requisite short skirt; tight blouse, sheer

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Gerry (Sat 04 May 2002 00:57:23 GMT)

How 2

Hi guys! Dis wuz da happs @ da gymn. championships. Doz grrls wer da 1's dat representd univ. of GA. Tey wer mostly white, wit several blacks sprinkle about. One of da blac Sisters had no booty! She got major points for GA but not from me! Dey wer all about 5'7", n condition. B4 da meet start dey wer buggin. Dey hyped up!! I couldn't get 2 my favorite. Alabama had 2 much security! My boy @ da b

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X (Mon 06 May 2002 21:46:28 GMT)


I'll relate a story from quite a few years ago. I
was riding a subway here in the US while
wearing thin cotton slacks and no underwear.
The car became quite crowded and I'd
managed to become sandwiched between
the crowd and an attractive petite woman
wearing a long (but very thin) skirt. This young
woman had her backside to me and faced
against a metal railing... so

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Y_to_Z (Wed 08 May 2002 09:02:34 GMT)


Sex = Male
Age Now = 49
Age Then = 15
Where it happened = Toledo

There wasn't much to it. She was a neighbor from a few doors down, about my age but maybe a year older. I think she flunked an early grade at school. Anyway, it was almost evening on the 4th of July and I had some firecrackers. I tossed one at her feet while she sat on the front steps and she chased me.

I ran

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Y_to_Z (Wed 08 May 2002 09:03:49 GMT)


Whoops! :-)

Posted by Lydia on March 07, 1999 at 18:58:58:

This is something I did last fall, when my husband was away. I gave this guy who was a friend of mine a massage on the couch one day. He was wearing only his shorts, and I began to feel a little devilish. As I massaged him, I brushed my hand lightly along his crotch, giggled and said "Whoops!" like it was an accident. Of cour

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X (Fri 10 May 2002 01:26:34 GMT)


True story: I was at a conference in Toronto in 1973, I think it was (maybe '74) when the Queen of England happened to be visiting Canada. As I was walking across the beautiful campus of the University of Toronto, I started to hear cannon fire. It was a 21-gun salute. I walked in the direction of the sound to a large government building on the edge of campus, and sure enough, the Queen was there a

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X (Fri 10 May 2002 19:21:09 GMT)


The Concert

She had lost her friends to the crowd several songs ago, but it didn't matter.
This wasn't that sort of concert. It was a lonely concert, an intimate
concert, where the music leaned in and spoke to each person privately.
The sheer volume alone was enough to keep the intruders away; the
surroundings finished the job.

She closed her eyes and rolled

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X (Fri 10 May 2002 19:23:52 GMT)


(by Eros)

The elevator was very crowded on the way down, packed tightly. Terri Stafford
felt herself being pressed against bodies, her hands tightly holding those of
Mandy and Jimmy. Their small bodies were almost smothered by the people, but
they didn't complain. They seldom complained about anything. The elevator
was slow,

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 12 May 2002 14:08:36 GMT)

Groping and Humping

Hey guys have there been times when you have not been in the chikaning mood but all of a sudden a girl decides to crush her buttocks against you because of the crowde.

I recall being on the subway train one evening, coming back from work I had this awful headache and was not in the mood for a chikaning.

Anyway the train was packed out and I was very near the doors to, as the train pu

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Gerry (Tue 14 May 2002 20:33:10 GMT)

Run Dev!-yeah right-watch 0ut Paki!!

Me & Dev went 2 da Uab B2B expo a few ago & Dev almost got busted!! He got got 2 xcited cuz of da floozes & bimbos wer n abundance! 4 it 2 B a business fair ther wer just a handful of people. No cover @ all! da women ther wer n 3 classes. Legit, bull-dyke-feminazi-type, slut-bunny/hoochie-mamas lookin 4 a pimp daddy. Da legits wer fine 2 me but I c no crowd cover so I left em alone! D bull queers

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Dev (Tue 14 May 2002 22:51:27 GMT)

Never Mind!

One should not make light of anothers misfortunes! I'm sorry my frotteur brothers for my rank amateurishness! In my defense I must state that I couldn't resist, she bewitched me like the Sirens of Illyad fame. I'd just "plowed my first furrow" when on my second grind that harpy went on a rampage!! I had to attempt it for she was the appropriate height (aprox. six feet) and she had the required

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X (Sat 18 May 2002 02:20:28 GMT)


Went to a GA concert last night and had a great time. The target: a short teenage girl with light brown hair and a big ass in tight (but soft) denim jeans. She was right up front, against the barricade. In between acts when the crowd was thin, I would press against her lightly, either poking her ass with my semi-hard cock or rubbing it across her butt cheeks. When the mosh pit got started and the

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jay (Tue 21 May 2002 05:18:26 GMT)


My first experience with chikan was when I was 4 years ago, when I was 14 years old. Me and a friend were standing on line for a sold-out New York Giants football game. Giants Stadium holds 80,000 people, so it can get mobbed very easily. At first, the lines were moving along fairly quickly. But once we got inside the tunnel, it got chaotic. The dozen or so lines merged into one big blob of humani

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Hancock (Tue 21 May 2002 14:54:20 GMT)

March 23

I didn't do any frottage about one year since I made a girlfriend. Even when a pretty teen is only few inches from me, I didn't.

But she left me on March 23. She made a new boyfriend. The life sucks. I was broken.

I drowned my sorrows in drink all through that night. The effects of the drink did not wear off enough next morning.

The life was as usual. The usual railroad. The u

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Dev (Tue 21 May 2002 21:12:05 GMT)


Fellow Frotteurs, Hello. I'm sorry for not placing a warning about the City Stages festival this past weekend! There were "wall-to-wall" undercover authorities in abundance. Gerry had timely & accurate inside info in this instance! They were looking for underage drinkers which is quite a hazard to those looking for "underage bottoms" to grope! I left after a few hours as I knew that South Carol

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Ichiro (Wed 22 May 2002 09:03:49 GMT)

Sex in toilet

after sch day, my fren, tiffany came and ask me.. "can i go to the handicapped toilet with you?"
i went with her.. thought she had sth to say.. but once i closed and locked the door, she hugged me tightly.. and said she love me.. and she let go and took off her top... she was wearing only bra and hug me.. i peep down.. oh man.. her boobs are big.. she rubbed it against me.. my penis erected and i touch her breast gently.. its so smooth and bouncy.. then she unzip my pants and my penis came out.. and guess what.. she on her knees.. putting the penis in between her breasts.. and then she sucked my penis.. then she dressed herself and shook my hands.. and went off.. oh man.. wanna see her again

Gerry (Thu 23 May 2002 19:35:11 GMT)


Got my slappd! happened hour & 1/2 ago. there was a free concert n Lynn park. The city was celebrating the guilty verdict n da Bombin bob cherry trail! Man what a crowd. Dj was jammin & free finger food! I kno a city employee who got me thro da city hall basement & up out fron. Guess what I see-pleanty fine brown booty!! I make my way over to a trio of sisters in da front row. 1 has a pissed look

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 26 May 2002 14:41:21 GMT)

Where are all the chikans gone ?

Last night I rubbed my hard cock against the frontside of this spanish girl. I got to the point where I was making full bodily contact with her and my cock was poking her vagina area corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!.

Has anyone done this before ?

Where is guru, ricky merry, gerry, dev, x and nanbread ? I guess you guys must be having a good time humping girls in your part of the globe, shit !!

teepee (Tue 28 May 2002 22:56:19 GMT)

grope and rape mix

10 years ago I was working for a junk food restaurant. M.W. was a college girl working her way through school. She was tall, slim, sexy, intelligent. She was as unattainable as the moon for me, the high school dropout. Although I was a shift chief only by the long service.

The kitchen was small. Sometimes I brushed her butt accidentally. She either did not take much notice of it or smiled a

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French Boy (Wed 29 May 2002 19:33:09 GMT)


Since I was 14 years old I have been addicted to frotting. In fact whereever I go in the world, I ensure I frotteur young slim good looking girls.

At school I would frotteur the best looking girls in the years above me. By hanging around in the crowds and forcing myself against the backsides of girls.

I then moved onto frotting women in crowds, always humping forcing my hard cock in

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jay (Thu 30 May 2002 03:00:10 GMT)


My second chikan experience was when I was 15 years old (3 years ago). My mom had dropped me and my friend off at Madison Square Garden in NY for a WWF show. The Garden has a very open and spaceous corridor that wraps around the upper level, and also a very narrow hallway that winds through the lower level of the arena. For this show, the top-level corridor was closed off, so everybody had to jam

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vin` (Mon 03 Jun 2002 11:46:41 GMT)


today i cycled with my fren, halfway, it was raining.. got drenched.. so we both headed for the shelter.. it was very quiet.. we cycle pass each ohther.. she started asking "hey.. its so boring.. what u wanna do?" i replied "i don't know" after a while she ask again.. and said she was tired.. she got off her bike and walk towards me.. i could see her pinkish nipples.. so small.. but no clear.. she give me a kiss on my cheeck and put my hands on her waist.. her butt was facing me when she did that.. she was abt the same height as me.. my penis kinda erected and her butt was quite round.. could somehow put into the crack of it..then she let go of me.. just a few sec.. but i felt real great..

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 03 Jun 2002 17:28:05 GMT)


This weekend, I squashed up againsts a young spanish woman, in her business suite. In the crowded pub in leciester square she was fighting through the crowd to reach the toilet. Naturally I fought through the crowd with her !! :-)), keeping my entier body crushed up against her backside, pretending we were a couple and she was my beloved girl corrrrrrrrrrrrr !.

My hard dick pressed into th

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rookie chikan artist (Sat 08 Jun 2002 17:08:46 GMT)

The Hockey Game

Hello all..this is my first post.. I've been reading here for awhile. I am from Ottawa Canada.. a farely big city with beautiful woman and always a place for good chikaning. I've had fantasy's of groping/rubbing against women for awhile now but only began to do so recently after having read some stories here for the last few months....I've found the best place to commit chikan is at sold out spor

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nanbread (Sun 09 Jun 2002 09:40:54 GMT)

humping at the marker stalls

Has anyone managed to chikan a young girl who is out shopping with her mother.

I recall many years ago, the open market stall near where we use to live, would bustle with young daughters who went shopping with thier mothers.

The young daughters were around 14 to 16 years old, at that age thier bottoms are nice soft and plum and still ripening likes fruits on a tree.

On man

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X (Fri 14 Jun 2002 01:45:06 GMT)


The Elevator
written and shared by my dear friend, MMystere

Oh Great. you think, looking into the elevator that just opened. Its crowded. How am I supposed to know who he is?

You squeeze into the elevator, some people graciously moving to make room for you and others standing their ground. You end up more than half way back in it.

Top floor, please? You

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Guest (Fri 14 Jun 2002 02:00:30 GMT)


adema came on next and by the middle of the first song i had some huge, i mean HUGE guy behind me. everytime the lead siger would say "jump" i'd get hit in the head by this guys arm.. and his crotch was up my ass. it started really pissing me off.. soooo this is when i started to get REALLY fucking violent.. i grabbed the gate with both hands put my foot on it.. then pushed back as hard and as fas

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jay (Sat 15 Jun 2002 00:25:38 GMT)


in the 8th grade my class took the annual 4-day class trip to nyc. the first couple of days sucked, boring tours and being locked up in the hotel, but on the 3rd night we got to go to a broadway play. tons of sexy women in their 20s-40s all dressed up in tight skirts and slinky dresses. at intermission the first level was a mob scene. there was only one men's room and one women's room and they wer

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char (Sun 16 Jun 2002 15:08:31 GMT)

tit gropes easier than the ass?

i was in a bar last night...was really crowded, for an hour or so had been checking out this tall girl 6foot with an amzing hard body with large breasts that must have been a d-cup. anyway was dancing near here bumping into her and just really enjoying casting my eyes over her delicious body. i was going to go talk to her but she had started to leave...

i followed here through the crowd jus

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Guest (Mon 17 Jun 2002 02:34:06 GMT)


I chikaned a young girl the other day at airport. she was with ehr father. real tight ass and short dress. i went behind her and pressed my hard on in her ass crack smelling her hair.

X (Tue 18 Jun 2002 18:23:40 GMT)


Please help...
Yesterday I was in a great mood on my way to my local community radio
station to volunteer for their fund drive. I was standing in the crowded
subway car with my hands above my head holding onto the bar. Suddenly I
felt someone rush into me from the back right into my ass as he tries to
hold the other bar next to mine. I felt this feeling before. Another
pervert w

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X (Tue 18 Jun 2002 18:33:03 GMT)


One day While ridding the subway home during a very crowded rush-hour.
I found myself in a situation that both frightened me and excited me.

There had been a few delays that day and when I finally got to board a
train it was overcrowded and I was pressed against several people. It
was a little difficult for me to keep my balance since I was wearing a
pair of high heels and the r

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X (Wed 19 Jun 2002 23:19:38 GMT)


Finger Music

The room had not been designed to accomodate such crowds as
this. Normally the organizers would have provided for more that
one performance, but this was one of those times they had simply
underestimated the amount of local interest.

Arriving late, I had stood in the back of the room, against
the far wall, and had felt the

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Ricky Merry (Thu 20 Jun 2002 19:46:00 GMT)

Clapham Junction Station - London

Hey Guys,

This morning I boarded a pretty crowded train on the way into waterloo, the train was packed in fact I ended up being pushed up a cute tall blonde wearing a nice business suite. I was pressed against her front and got really horny.

I began a conversation with her and then begain gently rubbing the palm of my hand in small circles against her portruding cheeks. She didnt say a word and continued to chat to me as though nothing was going on !!, to the surprise of the onlookers !. Her buttocks were so nice, healthy and plum.

Unfortunatly I had to get off at the next station and didnt get a chance to ask her for a date, maybe I shall see her tommoro :-))

pakistani bottom groper (Wed 26 Jun 2002 16:58:54 GMT)

Chunky Chicken Girls

In my younger days, I was always a horny lad. My favourite girls to chikan were the nice curved "chunky chicken type". Chunky chicken girls are my favourite. In the old days when the underground would suffer delays every other day. I would go hunting for "chunky chicken" blondes in business suites.

There were times when I would have my entier front part of my body sandwiched against a chunk

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jay (Thu 27 Jun 2002 04:16:19 GMT)

Has anyone ever tried kissing a stranger?

Has anyone ever tried orally groping a stranger? Two years ago I was in a mosh pit, rubbing up against this hot girl in skin-tight stretch pants and getting really excited. She was tall with dark brown hair a pretty face and a big ass. I guess she felt my hard-on pressing into the crack of her butt because she turned around as if to say something to me. Not sure if she was going to tell me to back

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Carlos (Thu 04 Jul 2002 05:04:25 GMT)

Lets do the line in Venezuela

Doing a line of people who are pressed up against the others is one of my fantasies. I would be standing behind one girl of large buttocks who would be wearing a light skirt. I searched all possible places where lines are done by people in Caracas, Venezuela. I found that the best place is the Caracas bus station. During certain weekends, a lot of people want to travel from Caracas to other citi

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yatin_red (Sat 06 Jul 2002 15:12:50 GMT)

school girls in crowded bus

any body having videos of molesters in crowded trains or any other public place pls let me know at

had some real exprience yesterday , it was the best , the gal in front of me was a school gooing one .with the size of boobs that can fit in the palm very perfectly ,n the ass tight very tight .
when the bus came it was crowded as usual the gals from school r not very carefull as well they directly make thier way through making it really easy to grope them similar thing happened , one of them came in my grip , pressed her ass 1st later the boobs ,could evben feel her tits then put the finger in the ass . was fingering her for a ,long time , and had a real nice exprience .

anaymous (Sat 06 Jul 2002 19:03:07 GMT)

sick bastord.

I am in the states and the 911 system sucks. the best place for groping is either standing in line on a plane or groping childern after dark on the street.

I stalked this 11 year old and parked 3 blocks from where she was walking to.

sick basterd (Sat 06 Jul 2002 19:11:44 GMT)

sick basterd

and to continue she saw me park and i waited on her. she tried to cross the street but i ran and grabbed her. she was terrified. she was wearning a mini sun dress. I slowly groped her young developing tits and ran my finger up her dry vargina. she sayed no in horror but then it slowly started to get wet. She could not have weighed more than 60 pounds. I took her to my car and started to suck on her vargina. I told her childern should always have adult suppervision espically in this perverted town. After begging me to stop I finally let her out only after I instructed her to jack me off. Her tiny hands was great and after i came i put a little on my finger and put it in her mouth. I have seen her many times after that but she is usually with her mother. Maybe her mother will be next.

sick basterd (Sun 07 Jul 2002 02:38:26 GMT)

sick basterd

The second place it is totally legal to grope young women is in a crowded bar, and most of the time they are too drunk to care and they grope you back. I remember this one time i fingered fucked this drunk lady for three songs, it was great.

Carlos (Mon 08 Jul 2002 02:48:39 GMT)

Groping in a high school in Caracas, Venezuela

In Caracas, there is a certain public high school for poor people located in a poor area of this city. The school has 500 students and has a small store where the students can buy candies and refreshments. The store has a small counter, so when the students go to the store to buy candies, the store becomes overcrowded. I decided to pay $15 to the surveyor of the school, so he would let me get in t

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spicy ummmm (Mon 08 Jul 2002 09:13:32 GMT)

Hi Hubbies

My wife and I wanted to visit a school friend of mine who was living in the suburbs off Mumbai in India. As we are from Bangalore we wanted to kep in touch with other Bangaloreans. It was in the evening and the roads would be crowded. So we decided to take the rail. Though we recently brought a brand new Ford. My wife wanted to wear a mini as she was tired with the formals everyday due to the ca

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real life (Mon 08 Jul 2002 15:42:47 GMT)

Real experiences

Two stories,

first one occurs when my friends and I are leaving a movie theatre, we are walking down the aisle and as the movie was full, there were a lot of people also trying to get out. In front of me I see three girls in their teens, one tall one with a mini skirt and the other two with tight silky pants. I try to go for one of the ones with the tight pants as she is a real looker, she

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Megumi (Wed 10 Jul 2002 06:35:47 GMT)

Taken advantage of by group of black man

In summer of 1992 I was visiting United States for the very first time and was staying with an American friend who I met at a U.S. Military Base in Yokosuka, Japan where I was receiving my English lessons couple years earlier. She was a black girl living in Inglewood, Calif. One night she drove me to a party at her friendfs house. As we entered this fairly large but old house, there were loud mu

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Carlos (Wed 10 Jul 2002 14:39:33 GMT)

Underwater groping

I went to a beach club to meet my young relatives and their friends. They were 9 girls and 2 boys. (girls age 13 to 15). We went to the pool. When I saw the beautiful young buttocks of the girls, I started to figure out the way to grope them. I suggested to play a game in the pool. The game consisted in doing a line in the pool and opening the legs, so that the boys would swim under us. I had secr

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punjabi butt humper (Thu 11 Jul 2002 04:42:07 GMT)

thnx for ur condolence msgs

paki bottom groper, carlos, nanbread, rick merry, webmaster- thnx for ur condolenses. im getting to terms with the shock. mom lives in my heart all the time.

btw, i like carlos ideas of groping underwater. he seems to have the right ideas at the right time. this time during the Holi festival celebration, i too had a novel idea. lots of young girls were filling their water bottles at the co

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Guest (Thu 11 Jul 2002 14:39:24 GMT)

RE; Underwater groping

Great idea!

>doing a line in the pool and opening the legs, so that the boys would swim under us

I rather wanted to be one of boys! swim under gals legs. That must be great view! I can even dump my face on one of gal's crotch!

Carlos (Sun 14 Jul 2002 04:04:42 GMT)

Young Chikans

I was in the pool of a beach club with my young relatives, girls and boys age 13 to 15. After using the pool, they did a line to take a shower. They were pushing and pressing up their naked and wet bodies in the line. The boys were standing behind the girls. I decided to enjoy that sight of that line and I paid $10 to the security surveyor to delay them in the line. The young boys were rubbing up against the naked buttocks of the girls. After a while I could see the bulge of an erection in some of the boys. The sight of that line also caused me an erection. These boys will be soon new chikans.


Kavita (Sun 14 Jul 2002 11:05:52 GMT)

Torture in the bus

I am in India and I experience these groping here and surprised it takes place all over the world. One day I got into a crowded bus my husband works in the gulf so I am alone with my children Ladies have to sit in the front. The bus was crowded and so I sat sideways sharing a seat with another lady. One man has been brushing my shoulder with his hips. Soon he came right in front of my face as

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Nigel (Mon 15 Jul 2002 14:34:07 GMT)


Can't talk for myself but my wife is japanese and told me about her experiences of being groped on a train. It happened to her several times and her first experience was at the age of 17. When comming back home late one time, she was sitting at a quiet part of a train when suddenly a man sat next to her. She thought of it as abit odd as there were lots of other empty seats for him left.

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sick basterd (Mon 15 Jul 2002 20:26:52 GMT)

sick basterd

OK it is summer-time and the cops are bussy. I have a game that I love to play I park in a high class department store parking lot like nordstrams and wait for the best opportunity. Usually it is around 8 oclock at night. One example i saw a beautiful woman in a tight mini with her hands full of bags. I got out of my car and started walking behind her. It was dark and she hard parked at the end of the car lot. she must have senced something was about to happen but she was almost to her car. I had to act quick, so i sprinted towards her. as she was searching for her door key I palmed her ass and fingerd her pussy at on quick motion. she screamed but could not even get a good look at me. Damn I love being a sick bastard.

Gerry (Wed 17 Jul 2002 02:19:22 GMT)

Hey Y'all!!

I just had to come ta tell ya! I been out of town & da day I get back who do I see? The one & only Shelia Big Booty Smoot!! She still ugly but her Supa-round Azz mor than makes up for her face!! She was downtown waiting for something and I time it just right! She was on da sidewalk near 'bouts da curb, da trafik picks up, a crowd moves in, I get tween da crowd & her juicy Azz! Thump-thump, both cheeks!! I don't even look back! I just pick up the pace & head for cover! She can be a real bitch-just ask some of da assholes she's she's ran out of bisiness!! Her soft azz waz worth it tho!!

John (Wed 17 Jul 2002 19:11:30 GMT)

wife's chikan encounter

It took awhile for my wife to open up regarding her chikan experiences. It finally made sense to me, as to why there were times, she would come home very sexually arouse either after work or after running an errand. For instances, one day after coming home from work she came in, sat next to me we had some small talk. Then she started kissing me and grabbing my dick. Well, I was a bit surprise bei

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PoorMan (Wed 17 Jul 2002 22:38:08 GMT)

>sick basterd

Hey brother,

I never went after a shpping girl with hands full of bags on purpose. But I had followed a good looking girl by coincidence. She reached her car, pulled the key out, opened the boot. Gosh! She bent in two to put her booty. Her arse sticked out at my convenience. I hastily pulled her skirt up and fingered her cunt. Surprise! Surprise! She was surprised. And she jumped to hit her head. I run away before she recovered her full senses.

John (Wed 17 Jul 2002 23:09:35 GMT)

Re: mw &Ricky Merry Question

We live in Los Angeles, California. This particular incident took place in a Bank Of America in our area. My wife is 29 yrs. old hispanic woman with a very well rounded behind. She is a Secretary for a local company. she just got home a little awhile ago at about 1:00pm. Part of our understanding is that she has to tell me every chikan encounter. she was surprised that I wanted to know. she said s

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