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NOE BUNZ (Thu 27 Dec 2001 21:06:33 GMT)

Re: Adventures in Mashing!

I LOVE the ass of the negress! I'd lived in Italy for a while and I moved to the southern US a few years ago. When I arrived here I found that there was to be a festival in my city center in a few days. I'd know that the girls here had asses like I love them, round and protruding!! So I decided to attend this function. I had a blast! Though I had to be careful, I found the negresses to be mostly a

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jeremy (Fri 28 Dec 2001 08:29:24 GMT)


I donĀft know if you have ever noticed, but when somebody is doing chikan the people around also get excited and sometimes join in the fun. This happened a few days back. I was coming back and the subway was crowded as usual. It was my lucky day as a woman in her early thirties ended up in front of me. She seemed Hispanic and was quite sexy. I was all prepared for such an opportunity with my cock

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IRON DICK (Fri 28 Dec 2001 22:20:14 GMT)



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Gerald (Mon 31 Dec 2001 15:30:56 GMT)

Chikan-good times!

A fun place to "grab" some ass in the South, is during a funeral! Now I know that may not seem so but it is!! If you go to one with a large crowd in attendance, be ready to give a good "handjob"! In the major cities, on Saturdays( the schoolgirls will be there)I've had too much fun!! Make sure that you're appropriately dressed. Look serious and don't be seen "measuring your quarry"! Its a BIGG hel

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Vancouver Chikan (Mon 31 Dec 2001 21:26:58 GMT)

Chikanning in Vancouver

It's nice to know that there are fellow Chikans working the streets and malls of Vancouver! However, the opportunities are very rare here, or so I find. The only really good opportunities are during Xmas time (especially Boxing Day), PNE (July/August) and a Sikh parade that takes place in mid-April, attended by about 30,000 people all packed in the the space of 3 blocks of a narrow street...:-))))

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Peach (Tue 01 Jan 2002 16:22:53 GMT)


When I was 14, a pervert hung around my school.
He was a flasher if you believed a rumor.
He was said to come by car and wait a girl.
He had a map on the lap and pretended to look up a place.
But when a girl passed by, he removed the map.
His flies had been open and naked, overswelling penis was there.
One day I loitered on my way home from school.
I didn't know why I did so.
Maybe I wanted to know if the rumor is true.
Maybe I was a pervert too.
I went where the flasher was said to be.
I was taken into his car.
He touched me here and there.
While touching me by one hand, he touched himself too.
And he came.
And he left.
He just touched me over the clothes.

Ricky Merry (Sun 06 Jan 2002 15:19:04 GMT)

Chikan Exeprience

For me chikan is so exciting, when I am in business meeting with secretaries I dream of chikaning them !. Funnily enough I am senior director of one of the big investment banks in london, I could have any girl in the department, however prefer chikan stuff.

Last week on the trains, there were train delays left right and centre. The entier platform was crowded, it was cold so everyone was w

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MovieMan (Tue 08 Jan 2002 17:14:41 GMT)

A happy new year!

I went to see movie to kill time on New Year's Day. The movie house was rather crowded. I took a seat next to a young girl. She must be 14 or 15 and beautiful. But she came with her boyfriend. Anyway the boyfriend was also 14-5 so that he must be irrelevant.

The girl had tight jeans. But the material looked soft. Soon after it got dark I reached for her aft. The material was soft. She wiggl

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Guest (Tue 08 Jan 2002 21:30:09 GMT)

Re: Movie Man

Great story. Reminds me of a few sweet memories I have.
I always start slow, sliding a finger first, to see the reaction, and slowly build up pressure & cover a bigger area.
Once I progressed all the way until my whole right hand, palm & fingers, was holding the left cheek of the woman sitting to my right, and she was with her boyfriend. I must have held her for 45 minutes. I was with my

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Ricky Merry (Wed 09 Jan 2002 00:08:47 GMT)

London Underground


Its been a great day on the london underground for groping activities.

After having sex with my secretary in my office on top of the table, I was still feeling horny afterwards so decided to hit the rush hour on the northern line london underground. There were loads of delays and I managed to squash myself against lots of pretty young office girls. One moment I barged into the

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Ricky Merry (Thu 10 Jan 2002 23:53:22 GMT)

Trip to Amsterdam

Hi Guys,

Presently on business trip in amsterdam, just tonight been to this really busy bar called the Luxembourg cafe, whilst I was chatting up this dutch girl I cupped my hand on her friends cheek and began rubbing my palm in circles around her left cheek. She did not say a word !!..She just kept gazing at me !1 fuck these dutch girls are all game man !! dutch girls love sex and anythin

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IRON DICK (Fri 11 Jan 2002 20:42:42 GMT)






Vancouver Chikan (Tue 15 Jan 2002 18:17:04 GMT)

Birthday Party fun!

I had a brief, but exciting, encounter this Saturday at my nephew's birthday party. It was held at the Gandhi restaurant on Kingsway, and there were about 100 people invited to it, mostly East Indians (I'm East Indian, by the way, in case u haven't figured it out yet...:-)))))..). By late evening, the room was quite packed and everyone was dancing and having a good time. I noticed this 40-ish woma

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The Ninja (Tue 15 Jan 2002 19:20:18 GMT)

A short story


This is my first post on this forum, anyway here goes, today it was rather packed out on the northern line, anyway to cut a long story short, I groped this foreign girl whilst smiling at her and gazing into her eyes, she just smiled back god she was beautiful !..

Anyway not really an exciting story but thought I'd mention it

Ape Man (Tue 15 Jan 2002 20:18:25 GMT)

Mashing School Girls

I love squashing my entier body against school girls. Where I use to work there were always school girls getting onto one particular bus in the morning. What I would do is wait until the girls began pushing thier way into the bus, I would then jump into the crowd and forcing myself through the crowd squeezing against the girls bottoms. It was great because all the girls are laughing and giggling.

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Charles (Tue 15 Jan 2002 22:02:04 GMT)


I love your stories ape man, I love school girls they are so young and pretty. Even at school I use to rub my cock against the bottoms of school girls in my class.

I also use to rub my cock into cracks of girls 2 years older above my class, then me, because I loved the older more mature school girl.

The older ones had developing breasts and round developing bodies which were sexy to grope.

I always tell my wife to dress up as a school girl so I can hide in the bushes then I get her to walk with a school bag then I jump out of the bush and rip all her school uniform off then shove my cock in my wifes bottom..

Doubletrouble (Wed 16 Jan 2002 07:51:29 GMT)

Unique Strategy

My name is Josef and my partners name is Chris and we partner grope. I create a distraction while Chris grabs the school girls ass. 8th grade is the best! Then, when the girl screams I accuse my friend and run after him. When we get around the corner we both stop and rub our erect penises. Just the look of terror that comes to the girls face is enough to get me off! Sometimes we switch rolls and I get to jab my wang into those sweetjeans. Once I came in a girl's backpack!

Ass grabi'n chris (Sun 20 Jan 2002 01:31:31 GMT)

QUICK LATINA BUBBLE BUTT STORY, many to follow, my story...

Subject: Quick latina story, many to story...

I was on a jam packed rush hour train, the 6 train actually , when i
notcied a fine latina buisness woman standing aginst the doors with
her side agianst the doors. She was about 5,8 , long curly jet black
hair, butter pican skin tone,full big sexy lips ,and jungle cat eyes.
She had a conserverative yellow buiness dre

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ass grabi'n chris (Sun 20 Jan 2002 01:44:24 GMT)

What i like....

I would love to hear , how the groping goes at the fesival in peru,
for the dude that wrote posted on it. You see to me there is nothing
that i love more then groping,grabbing,frottaging,molesting a fine
bubble butt latina. I right now, i'm living in New York City home to
some of the finest bubbleassed latin chicks around. We got cuban
women,domincan,puerto rican(pr

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an enemy to womankind (Tue 22 Jan 2002 14:03:56 GMT)

also a good companion

I usually am groping young women as an enenmy to womankind. A crowded subway is my venue. But I had unexpected encounter at the end of the last year. It was late at night. The subway was far from crowded. Three drunken girls were merry in the car. I exchanged looks with them by chance. We somehow started a conversation after that. The chat was nice. I took the seat next to one of them. I had no in

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x (Wed 23 Jan 2002 04:45:13 GMT)


Nearby, serious rock n' roll is booming from a gargantuan sound system: Ozzy, Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses. High on a stage of scaffolding, swathed in gusts of dry ice, Teri Wiegel is rocking out. She's the poor man's Pam Anderson, all pretense of respectability stripped away, just big blond tangles, severely fake tits and party-girl hollers. She's tossing tiny lace panties into her audience of men; t

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Monkey Breath (Wed 23 Jan 2002 20:55:18 GMT)

Rubbing school girls

I love rubbing my thighs and cock against the legs and bottoms of schools girls. I just love being really really close to them in crowded buses and trains whilst masturbating in my trousers. It really turns me on when I see the 13 and 14 year olds wearing black tights, there bodies are slowly developing into fleshy rounded sex pots and there bubbly plum bottoms are so fresh and virgin.

I a

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tall man (Thu 24 Jan 2002 22:49:07 GMT)


I dont' like crowded subway. I usually aviod it. Nonetheless, the sub used to be crowded due to frequent delay. One day, a young girl was in front of me. She must be 19 or 20. She was very short, around 5 feet only. My dick was therefor pressed against her waist. Her round cheeks gently rubbed my dick up with the sub's move. They were exquisite massage. My dick was hardened. But she didnt not

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Rick Merry (Fri 25 Jan 2002 21:35:42 GMT)

Groping and Groping

Hi Guys,

I have come to the conclusion that their are alot of women out there who simply relish the opportunity to be groped by a good looking man with a pleasant smile.

Just tonight I rubbed my hands up and down the thighs of some girl having a drink with her boyfriend in abar. Initially she turned round in horror, I smiled back at her gazing into her eyes, all of a sudden she just smiled back and turned away, her boyfriend wasnt too pleased though as he gave me a mad stare, left shortly afterwards as I didnt want to end up in a fight !!.

Ape Man (Fri 25 Jan 2002 22:56:31 GMT)

groping in london pubs

All my mates callme ape man, my arms are really long and dangly, I love swinging them about and groping womens bottoms and letting go like lightening.

I often swing my arms round like a chimpanzee in busy pubs in london and slap girls bottoms, its such great fun.

Once I did my chimpanze act and swung my arms like a helicopter in the air and began slapping womens breasts ( I was very drunk then), women started hurling abuse at me the bouncer kicked me out !!..

If you see tall thin man in a london pub swinging his arms about like a chimpanzee, you'll know its me APE MAN !!.

Bobo (Sat 26 Jan 2002 08:12:38 GMT)

Great night

I just had a great night at my local bar. It gets really crowded. A lot of good looking woman to cop a feel. I was grabbing asses left and right. Best of all were the waitresses. I rubbed up against them at the bar. They dont want to lose that tip so they dont say anything. At most they try to move away. Then abot 1230 am, I got slapped upside the head by one girl, figured that was my cue to leave. In AZ the bars close at 1am anyways(which sucks), but overall a Great night

charlie kane (Sat 26 Jan 2002 20:28:20 GMT)

friendly tits

my favourite grope is all over the tits.
and there are some of my girlfriends friends who i am always touching up.

i had some friends over last night, one girl i had only met a couple of times she got really really drunk. she was wearing jeans and tight red zip up top. her tits looked all tight and pressed up against it, they are nice size b-cup i think. i was having a good look at them

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Ape Man (Sat 26 Jan 2002 23:19:27 GMT)

The Return of Ape Man

Hi, my nick name is ape man, this is cause my mates always comment about my long dangling arms, when I am drunk, I act like an excited chimpanzee.

Tonight I wrapped my long dangling arms around two gorgoues looking women in a pub. They were totally pissed out of their heads so it was so easy to rub their bottoms and upper thighs. I then began to try and rub my mouth on one the womens neck, not a good idea !! as I got a slap on my cheek !!, well I thought time to make a move and go home.

If you happen to see a tall thin man with abnormally long dangling arms in the west end of london drinking in pubs, its ME ape man.

char (Mon 28 Jan 2002 17:41:55 GMT)

update: friendly tits

as an update to my earlier post...

in between my first and last groping of the girl who came over, a guy in my flat had cornered her on the stairs on the way to the toilet - he has not admitted it but was spotted by another flatmate - the guy had physically pushed her up and against the wall and was running her hands all over her, inside her top and between her legs. when they became aware

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snuffle (Mon 28 Jan 2002 23:28:58 GMT)


you know i initially found this discussion repulsive and absurd, but the more i think on it, the more i realize i've always been inclined to behave this way too. seemed unworthy of examination though. now i recall so many times on the boston green line i groped without thinking, just a natural way to pass the time. hehe, but i dont think i ever encountered a girl who appreciated it. well maybe one. there was a bu student in a slinky summer minidress, her thong was quite visible in the noontime sun, and my appreciation of it was equally visible to her as we waited on the street for the trolley. she didn't object when i slid my palm up into that holy crevice of nylon and summer pussy sweat that presented itself shamelessly, especially when she bent over to fiddle with her baggage. drool..

vivid (Tue 29 Jan 2002 05:30:45 GMT)

back to my frotteur best

the last month has been very dry for me. i had great plans of dry humping babes in crowded places during my holiday visit to india. unfortunately i didnt get the time for it, and hardly visited any crowded areas. recently i had been to a a very crowded departmental store in dxb. this one being the most visited place by housewives and working women alike. the vegetable section is the best place to

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hungry bitch (Wed 30 Jan 2002 05:45:19 GMT)

sexciting board

looks like this board has gotten me turned on. i like the idea of dry humping. especially when the dude behind me is dressed properly, has fresh breath, clean shaven, and doesnt force himself on me. i often liked some oldies who have dug their dicks into my butt. but they had patience and went slow, and knew where
to draw the limits. i hate when guys stuff their hands into my panties.
i wud pinch their skin out. i guess i shud try london tube someday

what do ya guys out here think

Bengal (Thu 31 Jan 2002 20:23:53 GMT)


I love getting into a good squash on the tube trains, the last few days have been very good for squashing against womens arses and rubbing your hard dicks into their cracks. I can stand for hours or even days squashed in a train carriage with good looking women

Yesterday I dry humped several good looking chicks, including a tasty busty blonde with huge knockers, unfortunately her hair was not that good smelling ( I managed to end up with her blonde hair in my mouth)because I think she forgot to wash it or somthing, neverthless pushing my throbbing hard cock into her skirt and letting it explode was sheer thrill. She didnt say a word !!.

I think punjabi girls are far to difficult to hump, the minute u get near them they try and move away straight away

EctasyGroper (Fri 01 Feb 2002 01:41:42 GMT)

groping in the winter

I discovered this site yesterday and I LOVE it! Wow! While reading all the stories yesterday, I was so hot that I had to go out hunting today...even it is winter now. But whoooooo, it was unbelievable. Well, now every cute chick is wearing a coat now, grrrrr. But believe it or not, this can WORK for you. I still can`t believe I did this, but I was in heaven. After almost 60 minutes without

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chister (Fri 01 Feb 2002 13:42:18 GMT)

in law

I laid a move on my brother-in-law's sister-in-law a while back. Since then I've touched & caressed & pressed against her here and there whenever there is a group get-together. One time I did in front of her husband, while pretending to show them some photos. She got pretty nervous that time. But when no one can see us, she responds by not moving away, or pressing back. But it was always uns

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I love it! (Sun 03 Feb 2002 17:31:14 GMT)

high school girl?

She is roughly 5feet and half, with long red hair and no superfluous flesh. She looked like a high school girl from a rural district. She is my type.

She boarded the Tube at a quick pace. I followed her in a hurry. The Tube is crowded today too. I grabbed her butt. She must be astonished. She tried to turn around. But she could merely catch a glimpse of me and no more. She did not say a wor

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 04 Feb 2002 05:25:46 GMT)

crazy punjabi butt humping

it was a weekend and i went to the bombay chowpatty, a little walk away from my home. the chowpatty is a typical fast food joint that serves spicy,tangy western indian and north indian stuff. most families land up here and some women are so engaged in eyeing the food counter that they wont even feel a dick sinking into their soft bottoms. but let me warn u, indian women are super sensitive to grop

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My dream (Wed 06 Feb 2002 16:11:17 GMT)

The girl's panties are down to her knees.

Has anybody ever pulled down a girl's panties while groping her? It's my favrt fantasy. Not just dry humping a girl over her skirt, not just slipping a finger through the leg of the undies, but pull down the panties and actually rape her in a crowded tube. The girl womanfully holds back her tears and bears up under misfortune. After the all is done, I would pull her panties farther down to her knees. I leave her and I observe her away from. SHE WORRY ABOUT THOSE AROUND. SHE PULL UP THE PANIES STEALTHILY.

The Purv (Wed 06 Feb 2002 22:01:23 GMT)

Humping in the US

I was on the train platform, waiting for the 7:30 a.m. Ďexpressí, alongside hundreds of others. I am not one of those guys that ogle and stare at a beautiful girl in my presence. Of course, as a normal man I have, at times in my life, become aware of a great looking girl and have taken notice. However, always, after a short admiring look, I have moved on.

On this day, while awaiting this

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Ty (Sun 10 Feb 2002 00:55:40 GMT)


I went on a medical mission to Mexico - San Luis Potosi. We had young women students assist us. I noticed they really liked my blue eyes and on a break went to get a soda and talked tried to communicae with some of the good looking mexican girls. They were wearing the catholic outfits of plaid skirts and white button down shirts. One was telling me my face was nice and the two wanted to know which

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Jacko (Sun 10 Feb 2002 09:56:06 GMT)

Grinding Grinding !

In a club last night I spotted this tall blonde wearing tight cotton trousers revealing her soft plum arse which sent shivers down my back.

Anyway it was crowded and I pretended to go the toilet, when I passed her I would deliberately grind my cock between her cheeks. The feeling was so good !.

I repeated this three times,each time grinding past her rubbing my cock into her cute bottom, I had to stop after three turns because people began to get suspious.

What I really wanted to do is wait till she went to the bar to order drinks, I could then mash tightly into her from behind trying to reach the crowded bar for a drink, however she never moved, fucking bitch. Such is life !!

Roti & Chapati Man (Sun 10 Feb 2002 21:06:32 GMT)

Humping Punjabi Girl in London

During the rushhour on the victoria line I got the chance to hum the most horny looking punjabi girl, she was nice and chunky, lovely breasts nice and meaty, thats how I like my girls, if she was my wife i wouLD wet hump her every night in bed. Her long curly hair smelled of perfumed coconut oil. The ultimate punjabi goddess

She wore jogging bottoms which made it all the more better, making

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mexgroper (Mon 11 Feb 2002 20:32:40 GMT)

Groping in Mexico

I've been a groper for 18 years in Mexico City. Have you been in Mexico's Subway System? It's marvelous. I'd like to exchange some stories with you guys. Here is the last one:

Last week I saw this couple of blondes (from the Czech Republic I think because their language), I took my position moving in front of them in order to board the train and wait for them to turn around when they board.

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Nan Bread (Thu 14 Feb 2002 11:50:47 GMT)

Humping in London

Hey Punjabi Butt Humper,

Me, you, chister and iron dick should show these english babes what real humping is all about !!, its about showing the woman that we all men with sexual urges. I mean forgive me for being a man !!. I can tell u when a man is squashed against a beautiful woman, tellme hes not enjoying himself !.

Give some information about indian, punjabi what about mumbai ?

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hot dick (Tue 19 Feb 2002 13:42:00 GMT)

Fantasy or Fiction

today was a field day for us london chikan, all the tube trains were jam packed like sardines, lots of slim female bodies crushed up against one another.

On the central line pushed my way inside a jam packed carriage right behind a blonde girl with the most amazing buttocks, no jacket or overcoat just bare buttocks in tight trousers.

In london you really have to be careful, this is n

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chister (Thu 21 Feb 2002 21:38:27 GMT)

at the rink

We need more stories. Here is one from the memory lane.

My brother in law took his son and me to a nearby roller skating rink. It was mostly kids 5-15 years old, and their parents. I was just skating round aimlessly to pass time, when I noticed that there were lots of young yummy moms around with the kids Ė and very few husbands.

So I decided to get off the rink, and started hangi

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chister (Thu 21 Feb 2002 22:01:50 GMT)

at Sea World

Here is another one from the memory lane.

This happened a looong time ago, when I was in high school, and very geeky. I went to Sea World in San Diego. It was summer, and all the women were wearing shorts. In those days, I really didnít consciously rub, and a few times when it got crowded, I got the gist, and got excited.

At one of the killer shows, all the bleacher seats were tak

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UncleBickDick (Sat 23 Feb 2002 20:13:25 GMT)

want to be the first man...

i have a fetish that i want to be the first man
for the girls to look at the man's cock that erected and ejaculated.
spring is good season.
i always walk behind the lowteen girl putting a hand inside my pocket.
i got a hole in my pocket so i can play with mine.
watching at the girls cute ass, soon i got hard.
and when noone is around i unzip, expose it and start stroking hard.

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 25 Feb 2002 04:28:18 GMT)

humping an arabic babe

It was one of those rare occasions. It was during GITEX (gulf Info Technology Exhibition) where the consumer IT stalls were staged. i saw a huge crowd, rather unusual in dubai. there were more arabic men than women. and the pavilions were bustling with crowds. the distinctive scent of arabic women caught my nostrils. i ambled around searching for a perfect butt and safe crowd coverage. this didnt

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chister (Mon 25 Feb 2002 16:21:09 GMT)

on the plane

I sense most people here are daring humpers. I have no gut nor skill of punjabi butt humper. When the crowd doens't allow humping, I use my hands. I love palming a consenting stranger's butt.

I was on a pretty full flight recently, and sat on the aisle next to a guy. I spotted an empty aisle seat 1 row back next to a cute 20-ish brunette, a typical . After take off, I went to the bathr

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punjabi butt humper (Wed 27 Feb 2002 05:01:11 GMT)

humping in a crowded bar

Crowded bars in this part of the world are more of a call girl joint. girls outnumber the men. And to me its perfect groping place. I want to share my experiences last week with u. This was one of those packed weekend night club. i was with my friends and was shocked to see the beauties and broads jostling for space in the bar. this was a perfect chance for me to grope and rub them. i walked past

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dr strange (Thu 28 Feb 2002 13:57:20 GMT)

married women and young girl groping

When I was a lad, I was totally frotteur mad, where I use to live there was always an open air market where married women and young girls would come and do their shopping, in the summer the market would get very crowded, the market stalls which were always pitched side by side would be very close together so one had to squeeze between the stalls to get past, perfect for grinding.

The best p

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dr strange (Sat 02 Mar 2002 09:48:48 GMT)


When I was a young lad, I'd frotteur around the busy open markets. For me married women had an uncanny attraction, there was somthing very horny and sexually gratifying about mushing my whole body against one of these beauties.

First thing when your 14 years old and "super horny" you know married women have had plenty of experiences and my thinking was that their husbands bottom fucked the

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filmbuff (Sat 02 Mar 2002 20:29:31 GMT)

mardi gras

As soon as I got to Bourbon Street, I started looking for possible objects of attention. There was this very nice looking woman (19 or 20) negotiating with this guy about beads. The thing that I noticed was that the guy was really not that good looking. I wouldn't say he was ugly, but he was not attractive enough to have warranted this girl's atention at any other time (in my opinion). She was wea

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IRON DICK (Sun 03 Mar 2002 17:19:21 GMT)







ricky merry (Sun 03 Mar 2002 20:47:17 GMT)

a groping weekend

I love rubbing up against drunken english girls in bars, believe me they are all game, they love the attention. They love it when a hard mean cock begins to massages their tired thighs and sensitive buttocks and cracks.

For them its massage therapy and foreplay mixed into one.

It all makes logical sense, why do women play with vibrators ?, its all about stimulation, a woman needs to

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The Poet (Wed 06 Mar 2002 22:26:52 GMT)

The day in the life of a groper part I

Richard entered the busy station, he smiled to himself as he saw the mad rush of the commuters moving towards the turnstiles.

The long lines at the turnstiles assured him he had made the right choice. While his fellow commuters in front and behind him complained and groveled about the congested state of the subway he just smiled. Their discomfort was his heaven since the "sardines in a can"

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punjabi butt humper (Thu 07 Mar 2002 08:17:44 GMT)

hungry lebanese butt

hello fellow humpers,

As i have mentioned earlier in this site, Dubai has its shopping festival, and the global village is the perfect gropers place. last march, i had amazing humping encounters. sometimes 3 in the space of an hour. i cudnt believe my eyes when i saw huge female crowds. like iron dick says, i felt that yummy feeling. arab butts are so shapely, and they have lot of elasticit

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riley (Thu 07 Mar 2002 23:55:54 GMT)


when i was 14 a friend and I would wait for the
papers to be delivered at our local shop on a
saturday night about 9pm. One night a woman was
waiting too. she was about 40 and her dress was
torn across her breast and her nipple was
visible. i pointed it out to my friend and we
watched her and it was clear she was drunk. she
noticed us watching her but just stared back.

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Carlos (Fri 08 Mar 2002 02:01:09 GMT)

Groping by mistake in a Venezuelan elevator

I got into an elevator of the building of an University in Caracas. The security staff of the school controls that only 20 people get into the elevator at ground level, so were almost packed. As I usually do, I was standing behind one female teenager student, very close to her. The elevator stopped on floor 1, and one very fat man pushed everybody to get into the elevator. Suddenly, the girl

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BB (Fri 08 Mar 2002 11:43:27 GMT)


I tried so hard so hard to jam up my crotch against jenny lopez lookalike arses, in crowded trains and bars, the only trouble is when on trains and I follow the woman in behind her she automatically turns to face me, I then try toget behind her but she just turns around as though she knows what I want to do and prevents me from coming near her arse, smart women eh ?.

Have you come across wo

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mxgroper (Fri 08 Mar 2002 23:52:47 GMT)


Congratulations to Joe and Punjabi Butt Humper. I'm impressed

Dr. Iron Dick: Please, please, please unlock your uppercase.
I wouldn't bother with your spelling, but uppercase is really rude, and you are now considered as a true Eminence. Pls. Be sensible, be kind.

Carlos: Great stories. I was in Caracas (just for 1 day) during my honeymoon but a didnít had opportunity to grope any

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(Webmaster) Joe and Punjabi Butt Humper won the groper of the month awards.

Jenny (Sun 10 Mar 2002 01:00:41 GMT)


I have never been "figered in a
crowd", and don't think I would like that to
happen either. Buttttt, I do love it when a man
rubs against me in crowded area though. This has
happened many times. The other day I was
at "Valley View Mall", in Roanoke shopping
at "Old Navy" and was in line checking out. The
store is new to Roanoke (just been here a month
are so) was ve

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bill (Sun 10 Mar 2002 01:07:09 GMT)


this was a few years ago,when mini skirts was
really in.My wife and I was at a bar with her
brother and his g/f.After a lot of talk and most
of the night gone by, the brother and his g/f
left.So we decided to leave also -but I had to
stop at the mens room and drain the ole lizard
first, and my wife said she was gonna finish her
drink while i did my business.She was alre

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roti keema (Sun 10 Mar 2002 09:57:54 GMT)

I remember the good times

last night I was feeling really horny, my inner voice was screaming "your hunger needs to be satisfied" "You are a man with primal urges", I visualized juicy bubbly buttocks, I dream't of crowds of young females bodies jammed like sardines in a tin, all laughing, screaming, I dream't of me jammed in the centre of these fleshy female bodies, the scent of their perfume, the brushing of their buttock

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The Man (Sat 16 Mar 2002 07:23:21 GMT)

Tell me what you think of what hapened in this story.

Anyways... just thought I should make an addition to this board. One day after working out... I decided to head on home. I was kinda regretting that I finished around rush hour... but I noticed later that would soon be a blessing.

I headed over to the bus stop to wait for the bus to come. A small crowd of people started to develop as I waited for the bus. When it finally came, the do

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dr realperson (Sat 16 Mar 2002 15:18:26 GMT)

just thinking

I was in a club this past winter, on a Saturday night, and the club was really small, but being very popular with the college crowd, it was packed. I was drinking and had a good buzz on. Naturally, when one drinks, you have to piss. I made my way from the front of the bar to the bathrooms in the back. As I was making my way through the crowd, I noticed ahead of me a very nice pretty girl stand

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Charles (Mon 18 Mar 2002 17:45:38 GMT)

groping in london

My lastest humping experience was with a girl in london on a crowded tube, this young blonde girl about 18 years old, slim build, elastic cotton trousers was struggling to get onto a jam packed sardine crammed carriage.

Naturally being a man or shall I say a happy humper :-)) followed her on, stalking a buttocks with extreme accuracy. I crammed myself onto the tube, pushing my whole body ag

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Kellie Cece (Tue 19 Mar 2002 00:37:56 GMT)

My Concert Incident

I was groped and fucked at a concert like a year ago. I won't say what concert.
Well anyway it was late at night, me and my friends were partying and this awesome group was up so everybody was swaying and singing along and yelling and all that. We were up close near the mosh pit, and a lot of ppl were crowd surfing. This big group of drunk guys were running around and one guy, like 6'4, came up

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Caitie (Tue 19 Mar 2002 01:00:15 GMT)

I was raped by older guy at school

Well to start off I'm about 5'7, slim but full hips, long dirty-blonde hair, blue eyes, bra size 34B and i don't mean to brag or anything, but i'm hot!. Last yr when i was a sophpmore, i was raped at my house by a senior i didnt really know but he said he'd make me his sex slave if i told anyone so i didn't.

I was at home alone readin a magazine and he banged the door open and ran right in

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punjabi butt humper (Tue 19 Mar 2002 10:47:29 GMT)

gorgeous paki butt

This week has been massive fun for me. First of all, it rained heavily in dubai (a arid desert). a rare occasion that too. while romantic weather helping the groping desire, i ambled across my favorite groping joints, trying to find some erotic butt to hump or some lovely russian to grope around.
The rain had just stopped, invigorating breeze, muddy water pools, droplets of rain still in the a

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nanbread (Tue 19 Mar 2002 11:56:17 GMT)

re:punjabi butt humper

My humping friend, I loved the part where her you had to lean over the counter to dry hump women.

This is also my favourite ploy, when I see women at crowded market stalls, I just lean into them, forcing my hard cock into there heavenly warm cracks, yes that dark hole of no return. To me its the perfect doggy style humping position, I once did this to a young mother who was so heavenly loo

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 19 Mar 2002 20:55:50 GMT)

Student of punjabi butt humper and nanbread my adventures

I AM A student of punjabi butt humper and nanbread and always read there humping
articles I hope one day to become as famouse as my masters.

I am not as good as PUNJABI BUTT HUMPER as he is master humper

and I still student learning about humping hahahahah.

During the rushhour in the tubes, I squashed up really hard
against the backside of this spanish girl. Forced my f

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pakistani bottom groper (Wed 20 Mar 2002 10:54:11 GMT)

poleing young girls with jogging bottoms

my favourite girls are those who wear jogging bottoms, when mothers go with their young danghters shopping. there young daughters always wear jogging bottoms, it gets me so excited when these young girls bend over, their cheeks are very prominent through the thin cloth of there bottoms, I all excited when I notice that these girls dont wear any underwear. Such girls have such heavenly wet buttocks

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ricky merry (Wed 20 Mar 2002 15:42:55 GMT)

hey guys

It looks like our humping friend is having a whale of time in Dubai with all those sexy chicks, well have to make an effort to be there next year on my business trip. Welcome paki bottom groper to the ultimate chikans BBS, please be free to share your experiences with us and learn from fellow chikan. Indeed humper is a true guru in the art of humping. He must write an ebook on his experiences soon

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Ass Grabi'n Chris (Wed 20 Mar 2002 21:33:25 GMT)

My best Latina (spanish bitch) Bubble Butt Groping Story!.......

many to story...

I was on a jam packed rush hour train, the 6 train actually , when i
notcied a fine latina buisness woman standing aginst the doors with
her side agianst the doors. She was about 5,8 , long curly jet black
hair, butter pican skin tone,full big sexy lips ,and jungle cat eyes.
She had a conserverative yellow buiness dress on, but her ample

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pakistani bottom groper (Thu 21 Mar 2002 23:45:47 GMT)

I am learning slowly about humping

one time I was approaching a bus stop and noticed this girl standing in front of me, she was awsome, long blonde hair blue eyes about 15 years old, nice and ripe piece of fruit ehehehehhe. As I eyed her up I became horny as I noticed she was wearing really tight jeans and a thin sweater, her arse was so plum and rounded, her cheeks were so rounded and prominent they stuck out a mile away.


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Ass Humper (Fri 22 Mar 2002 19:30:02 GMT)

At the market

Like some of u felow humpers mentioned before about the juicy Punjabi or Paki butts i have to agree about the benevolent of their arse.
Especially those who wear traditional clothes. I have to admit it seems like they not care about a hard on against their buttock. When i see Punjabi or Paki babes its like their butt invite me to shoot my semen in their crack.

When i go to the market

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Ass Humper (Sat 23 Mar 2002 19:38:29 GMT)

3 black bums

Dear humpers

i have another adventure to share with u. Like i've told u before, the only crowded places we have are the market places.

On a sunny sunday a went to the market with a juicy butt in my mind i started to scan the fruit stall sometimes the textile stall also atract soft and tender bums.
I've masturbated at home before i hit to the market that makes me hump 'n bump l

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pakistani bottom groper (Sun 24 Mar 2002 09:14:28 GMT)

re:ass humper

I like your stories, especially your multiple humping exploits. I recall going to market stalls and like you choosing mothers daugheters to hump cooorrrr so beautfil.

Young daughters are like newly ripe fruits, sweet and delicious, my my pole comes in contact with their ripe buttocks, my whole world turns upside down. When I press harder on their bodies, sometimes they dont say anything,

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 25 Mar 2002 04:32:36 GMT)

conquered an english butt !!!!

Hey guys. many were inviting me to london. but little did i know that i will get a great opportunity to dry hump a lovely english woman out here. dubai world cup is the worlds richest horse race. and it has the same flavor as the Ascots derby in UK. the nad al sheeba club, the derby arena looks like its been located somewhere in UK. Ladies dressed in their best land up here to show off their cloth

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Crunchybar (Tue 26 Mar 2002 18:39:27 GMT)

Wild wild times...

Well it had to happen sooner or later. I was at the beach last summer tanning and watching babes in skimpy bathing suits frolicking in the sun. I was due to meet some friends, a mixed bunch of males and females. When they arrived I noticed a couple of real good looking babes and when they went to change it was heaven to see them in bikinis. I had planned for this event and brought a few bottle

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