Selected Sensual Stories No.13

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Name: Herr

Title: Vibrator

My new girlfriend is 19. She was unsophisticated at first but she learnt lots in a short period. Now she is an eager beaver. So...

I decided to have a vibrator to help me. She seemed little discontent with the toy at the start. "How to use?" "It can tickle your clit or you can insert it in." As you know, tickle worked better.

As she has gained more experience, I can put it in her now. She loves it. I put it in and put it in and out. It wriggles in herself. I brush her bud with the vibrating li ... 472 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 34
Sex: M

Date: Fri Apr 27 15:58:08 2001 GMT


Title: Old Lady

"Kids your age, what do you know? Nothing is what!" She was giving another lecture, but this time to no one in particular. She paced back and forth lighting one cigarette after another. She would pause every so often to mutter something about our ignorance of the world and life in general. She would be talking directly to the girls playing about the lack of knowledge that boys my age posses. As far as she was concerned we knew nothing. We did not even know how to hold our dicks straight when we were taking ... 3322 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Wed May 2 04:34:25 2001 GMT

Name: Mary

Title: Phantasy

I often have thoughts of being raped; I like to think about strange hands roaming all over my body. This obsession with being raped has led me to search the web and I found this site where I can tell my story.

I have been married for 12 years. For the past couple of years my sex life has been almost none existing. Although we have sex once a month I have not tried to cheat on him. The last time I had good sex with my husband I sucked him for almost two hours and then rode him for about twenty minutes ... 7863 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 41
Sex: F

Date: Sun May 6 20:34:15 2001 GMT

Name: Paul

Title: Great Weekend

Last weekend I went to Wisconsin with a few buddies. We drove up to see a friend who has been inviting us up for months. She was having a party so we jumped in the ride and took off. Her party was a blast, beautiful women everywhere. Only one thing, most of these girls were young and obviously virgins. They did not want to get down so we ended up sitting around and chatting, you know the usual bullshit. Our friend made a fatal mistake. She invited a few guys who were all interested in her and after a few ho ... 6614 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 23
Sex: Male

Date: Sun May 6 21:41:51 2001 GMT

vivid (Tue 22 May 2001 05:09:38 GMT)

voluptuous woman in bus

I had boarded the bus from bangalore city terminus, it was not a crowded bus,
and there werent any good women to look at too. i was standing in the aisle
and almost dozing off, then suddenely at one stop, i opened my eyes to see
a gorgeous woman dressed in a black saree standing in front of me. i was attracted to her instantly, i looked around to see if any were watching,
an elderdl

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vivid (Tue 22 May 2001 06:27:53 GMT)

hot, sexy, woman in mall

i saw her in a Arrow Shirts Annual sale, there was a fair amount of crowd at the the shop. but not enough to stick my dick into a woman without being noticed. she was an average looking woman, a little plump, rather light complexioned, but there was something sexy about her inspite of her avg looks and her age(around 37-38). she had her son, around her who seemed to be interested in the merchandis

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vivid (Wed 23 May 2001 07:53:26 GMT)

hot married woman

i saw her at the cake shop, and instantly i knew there was something
great about her. she and her husband were buying a chocolate cake.
fortunately there was a small crowd at the counter, and i barely
managed to get a proper feel of her wonderful piece of ass with my
hard dick. a deep, soft, shapely crack in the ass, was a perfect
way to start a weekend fun. and her nice perfume

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consensual (Wed 23 May 2001 14:12:54 GMT)

at empire state

i had some visitors who wanted to go to empire state building, so I took them there. on the cue, I was standing behind a very attractive tall (5'10"), thin blond about 20 yrs old with her slightly older and shorter but equally cute brunette girlfriend. they were speaking french, I think. she was so attractive that, frankly I would have rather date her than grope her (but she is a tourist). i wishe

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Copier (Mon 28 May 2001 13:56:37 GMT)

Private feel

This is not a public groping story but I feel I want to write it on this board anyway. This is a story that takes place in a private area at work.

I accepted the job because there were a few really good looking women working on the floor. After the first month I realized that I was drawn to the copy room because I could cop a feel there. You must have a key to enter the long narrow room. As

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MASHER (Thu 31 May 2001 06:36:52 GMT)


I was especially horny this evening because I did not mash any girls in the last month. I have been constantly thinking of all the opportunities I missed. For the last week I did not get any chance to mash a girl and this caused me to feel horny. I remembered yesterday was supposed to be good but I did not end up behind her, instead I was close to her but separated by a very large woman and her so

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Paul (Sat 02 Jun 2001 22:47:00 GMT)

Madison (Second Trip)

Are you kidding me? You guys gotta go to Madison one weekend, or if you want to grope in public go to a crowded club. Man, this labor day weekend I went back to Madison.

Have you ever told a story and by the time it got back around to you it was blown way the hell out of proportion? Well this is what happened with the story of my first weekend in Madison. My friends were all asking about t

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zteq (Mon 04 Jun 2001 14:17:04 GMT)

Thank you for riding the MTA

Hi chikans, i found this on the net :-Thank you for Riding the MTA

* This story is a fantasy and is protected by the First Amendment.

Rush hour on the E train is always insane, especially on Friday evenings in August. I had finished work at my firm and was on my way home for an important appointment. It was my fiancé Rachel's birthday, and we had reservations at her favorite rest

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vividreality (Tue 05 Jun 2001 08:00:34 GMT)

humping a nun

I always maintained that sex is a taboo and no one is spared to run
away from it. the holy people are not any different from us, and i
have personal incident to share.
I had a boarded my usual 3 pm bus, it was my favorite. the usual
school girls crowding into it. no complaints. hassle free jacking bus,
and the fact that not many gropers were aware of this made my life

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MASHER (Wed 06 Jun 2001 05:48:45 GMT)

Mad girl

I hate that feeling, running to catch the bus and barely missing. I stood back to watch the people as they came to wait on the bus. There were three boys playing, running around as if they were in an open field. One of the lads was accompanied by what seemed to be his older sister and her two friends. She could not control him as he ran around with his friends. A bus came and one of her friends go

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autoerotism (Thu 07 Jun 2001 14:26:43 GMT)

gang grope

I was surrounded by a gang of gropers last morning. I was with my boy friend to go to school by train. He took notice of it soon but, instead of helping me, he touched me too. My blouse was unbuttoned. My brassiere was put off to the side. My boy friend smirked and pinched one tit. Somebody another. Many hands rub and rub all over my body. That made me hot. My boy friend did not realize but my panties were put down. Someone thrusted his cock in the crack between my cheeks. He released sticky fluid.

a vice teacher (Fri 08 Jun 2001 22:33:23 GMT)

a schoolgirl...

I thaught 6th graders few years ago. Schoolgirls nowaday are well grown. Some have tempting breasts. Yet a lot of them do not wear bra. Judy was one of them.

When Judy began to wear sweater in autumn, her round breasts were emphasized and all the more attractive.

If I do something wrong, a girl of her age would tell her parent. So I checked myself as much as possible.

But one

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Concert Dad (Sun 10 Jun 2001 06:40:50 GMT)

Teenage Concert

He was so cute, standing there patiently as I served everyone else around him. He just kept flashing that big beautiful smile as I walked by him time and again. He held his money between his fingers shaking it in my direction but I paid him no attention. He never uttered a word, but kept looking at me and flashing that smile. When I finally decided to serve him I leaned over and asked, "what may I

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Guest (Wed 13 Jun 2001 15:36:16 GMT)


I'm a Japanese student. I take city train called Seibu-Ikebukuro line to Ikebukuro station. Ikebukuro is a transfer station. It is a station for changing trains. Time is about 7:30AM. It can be later. This line has only one exit at Ikebukuro station. It is at head of train. First car is very crowded. Second car etc. is not. First door of first car is most crowded.

I take first car at first

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Minnesota girl (Fri 15 Jun 2001 17:27:34 GMT)

rub me hard!

I go to work by car. Once I took a bus when my car broke down. That was my only experience of groped. I was felt up my breasts lightly.

cinch (Mon 18 Jun 2001 15:31:40 GMT)

touch football

I am heavily into touch foot with the neighborhood schoolgirls. My fav is M. She is a tall pretty girl with round tits. But she does not wear bra as she is still eleven. Though it is touch foot, I do more than just touch. When the ball is passed to her, I catch her, I hold her in my arms and I fondle her tits pretending accident. She squeals but with delight.

vivid reality (Thu 21 Jun 2001 08:30:43 GMT)

jacking a veiled woman

this was a real smashing experience. muslim women across the world wear veils
to cover their face, esp when they travel out. i had boarded a bus . it was not
crowded at all. i saw a muslim woman in black. covered from head to foot.
it will scare any groper to try a hand at her, as if she raises an alarm, they will be killed by the mob. i thought for a while and then moved cautiou

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Minnesota girl (Tue 26 Jun 2001 16:09:19 GMT)

Gee! You want more details.

It was nothing but a slight touch. I was standing in the aisle. A young fabulous black man was leaving the bus. When he passed me, he raised his arm and brushed my chest. It all happened in a flash. But it cannot be an accident. I turned round after that. The next man left the bus at the next stop. He brushed pass. He stroked my bottom slowly.

Minnesota girl (Wed 27 Jun 2001 17:26:21 GMT)

Funny questions.

Answer: I was surprised - so that I turned around. I am not upset anymore. Now I know it could happen. And if it happens again, I know that it won't come to much. And I love it on my chest ;).

And oh! yes, two in a row touched me - cause I was in the narrow aisle.

(Webmaster) see memorable comments for the original questions.

flyer (Sun 01 Jul 2001 00:19:43 GMT)

airplane fondling

Groping on an airplane, sure, I did that as a kid.

Now I was a geeky 13 year old when my parents took me on my first flight, it was to attend my grandmother's funeral, and it was transatlantic.

For me, the flight alone was an experience. All those pretty stewardesses bobbing around. I took advantage of when they were serving a meal to pass by a couple and do my best to discreetly b

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Drunken Master (Mon 02 Jul 2001 00:22:40 GMT)

Jet Ski

Guys I found the best way to grope a female to your heart's delight. I cam accross this by accident, at the beach. I was out on my jet ski havin a spin and then when I came back to the marina there were a couple of girls not older than 18, in bikinis. They were both very sexy and I casually said hi, they asked about the jetski and one of them said she would love to try it as she never has. I told

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summer vacation (Mon 02 Jul 2001 15:57:49 GMT)

sleeping cousin

flyer's story 'airplane fondling' reminds me of my first grope. i was about 10. i went my aunt's home to stay. her daughter, my cousin, was about 17 or 18. she was a nice looking blonde. maybe she had her hair dyed, though.

i slept on her bed with her. because it was a double bed and i was mere child and nobody anticipated anything sexual. i didn't, either.

it was summer night and sh

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not so vice but a teacher (Sun 08 Jul 2001 18:14:49 GMT)


I am a teacher, too. I love the job and schoolgirls. Although I never seduced a girl. Usually I'm happy with just watching them.

Even though, a girl may not be contented with merely watched.

My first experience with a girl was with a 8-grader, Amy. I was 23 then - only a couple of years had passed after my graduation.

Amy loved to touch me. She really loved a hug. She also lov

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anonymous (Sun 08 Jul 2001 21:04:31 GMT)

My groping experience (via email to webmaster)

Found your site and read the mail with interest. Here is an experience that I had when I was 18 and living in Chicago. I was on my way home on the subway during rush hour. I was holding on to one of the straps when a woman in her 30's pushed against me. My mouth went dry as the thought of touching her formed in my head. I had always dreamed of this, but never had the courage or the opportunity to

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consensual (Mon 16 Jul 2001 13:59:28 GMT)

nyc subway

a couple of weeks ago, the urge came over me in a big way. i rode the subway for hours looking to grope somebody aggressively. the best way, if you don't care about the stares, is to go behind a woman into a very crowded train. this all happened on the same day, in the same pm rush hour. a woman made a big fuzz, quietly, thank god. (I felt bad about that one.) one willingly let me, but my hand cou

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zaqman (Mon 16 Jul 2001 14:47:35 GMT)

felt up

Today, I am going to tackle the subway. Yes, that lovely smell that greets us every morning as we head down to the pit of despair. What happens to people when walking down those grimy stairs? Every possible attractive feature of a person goes down the drain, except for the local prostitute, Helga, how can she not look good? Especially waiting on the shuttle for the sailors to arrive ...


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zaqman (Mon 16 Jul 2001 15:40:10 GMT)

london underground

london underground is good especially during college term . mornings the trains are packed with lots of girls and young woman. Suprisingly some of the real good looking girls are quite open to chikan.

Chikan is different in London. u can rub against a woman's arse, or position ur elbow so it rubs against a woman's breasts. try anything more and u'll be in trouble.

oVer the last 2 yea

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Spike (Tue 17 Jul 2001 02:52:24 GMT)

Sorority girl

A few years ago at an outdoor concert a cute, short, sorority girl with short white shorts and killer legs asked to sit on my shoulders for a better view.
Being a leg man, that was heaven for me! I must have explored every inch of those thighs and calves. I guess she did not care or did not notice, 'cause she never said anyhting.

dolphin (Tue 17 Jul 2001 21:50:29 GMT)

biker chick

Daytona Beach during Bike week and Biketoberfest
is always a wonderful place to find willing
partners. The weather was slightly cool.
After one hard day of partying, I was walking
down Main street which was so full of drunk and
partying people that no vehicles were allowed on
the street. I was behind a couple with the man
leading his girl by the hand. She was very hot

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JuJu (Tue 17 Jul 2001 21:51:10 GMT)

Once in junior high I was in metal shop class.
Also in my class was a girl that I had known
since first grade. She had always been a
unattainable fantasy. Perfect body and a luscious
One day a bunch of the guys were screwing around
and we started tickling her. She really started
to squirm. I was behind her and had my hands on
her ribs. To my surp

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shorty (Tue 17 Jul 2001 21:51:26 GMT)

Don't know if this qualifies but here goes...

We were partying with friends and were going to the
next destination in my buddies compact car. There
were too many of us so we had to double up in the
back seat, with the girls (the girlfriends of the
two guys in the front) sitting on mine & another
guys laps.
Well the ride was bumpy, the ass on my lap was hot
and t

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apeman (Wed 18 Jul 2001 17:09:34 GMT)

An apeman strikes twice.

I have had strong sex drive since I was teen.
I just couldn't stop but grabbing female butt.
Everybody called me 'apeman' because of it.
But I have high intelligence.
I am normal in all respect except the sex drive.

I used to grope a girl on her way home.
If she is submissive in the subway,
she will be submissive elsewhere too.

If I find a docile girl, I stealthy fo

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MASHER (Thu 19 Jul 2001 06:25:21 GMT)

Worth tha wait

I had been back for two days and have not had the chance to ride the bus. The third and fourth days passed and I started to go crazy, especially when I would drive by and see the crowded buses and wonder who I could be feeling up on the bus. Which girl would stand there and let me play with her private parts, or could I find an easy and willing girl not to resist when I place my condom covered dic

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MASHER (Fri 20 Jul 2001 10:41:00 GMT)

All night

I was home playing around in the garden in back when I was told I had a phone call on my mother's line. I went to take the call and my aunt took my place pulling weeds from between some of the plants. The was a school mate of mine wanting to get together so I told him I would come over to his house in a few. He lives about 1 1/2 hours from me. I returned to the garden and my aunt was busy getting

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HK Fighter (Fri 20 Jul 2001 12:59:03 GMT)

Chikan Paradise - Hong Kong

Are you ready?

Wonder if there is a paradise for chikan to feel their babies but never
get caught?

Here it is. Come to HK. HK is known for large population in a small land.
There is a chance for chikan to paly once per year. That is the HK Book
Exhibition where thousands of young readers are rushing into the exhibition
hall and of course chikam can feel many asses for

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Drunken Master (Tue 24 Jul 2001 17:22:29 GMT)


I live in London, England. I went to a job interview last week, and unfortunately did not get the job. On the way back (a long ride on the underground) I watched people relax and enjoy the lovely summer day and did my best to take my mind off the interview. The train was quite packed and I stood to the back holding onto the overhead rail. We stopped at a station and crowd of people pushed their wa

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GMAN (Fri 27 Jul 2001 15:12:55 GMT)

Market Day

Today was an interesting day. Went to the market and as friday night is usually the most crowded in the market, I was hoping to get some feel.

Got there and yup as usual, many people and very crowded. First interesting one was a teen schoolgirl with a very short skirt, I was walking towards her and she was coming towards me. As we approached, we hit a bottle neck in the crowd and she was st

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vanesa (Sat 28 Jul 2001 23:54:24 GMT)

London underground

The London Underground

Jon sprung yet another surprise on me when he came home from work one Tuesday night and told me that he had a business meeting in London the next day. He’d decided to take me to London with him and leave me to fend for myself while he went to the meeting, but have a bit of fun with me before and afterwards. We quickly packed a bag and caught the 7 something train.

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Rubbub (Mon 30 Jul 2001 02:00:06 GMT)

More Than Thunder from this storm

I am 29 and was with my family in Cancun, Mexico last winter. The weather can be a bit unstable during late December. While we were at the pool, a heavy thunderstorm with a soaking shower blew over the resort. This type of shower happened at least 6 times a day for several days. As it started to pour on this first day, about 15 people rushed under an outside stairwell to get out of the rain. My wi

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G&E (Tue 31 Jul 2001 19:20:42 GMT)

grope & exhibition

I spent one full day on grope & exhibition not long ago.
I took trains wearing no underpants but pants and a shirt.
I had the pants unzipped but the bottom of the shirt covered the flies.
The first game was a red head highschool girl.
She wore quite a short skirt.
I could see her plump thighs in full view.
I put a hand under the shirt to stroke myself.
Soon, the hard-on was ev

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filmbuff (Thu 02 Aug 2001 16:03:47 GMT)

Mardi Gras Grope

I was walking down the street during Mardi Gras and I noticed this girl in a short skirt with fantastic legs. She was showing her tits for some beads. My first inclination was to try to sneak by her and get a quick feel of her legs; they were so awesome. But then I thought, hey, this is Mardi Gras, why not try the direct approach. She was obviously game since she was showing her tits for beads.

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vivid reality (Sat 04 Aug 2001 07:26:55 GMT)

young butt at fast food joint

i am posting my encounter in here after a long time. well this friday
night was a bit special for me. infact quite a surprise too. we decided
to grab some ice candy at a fast food joint in the neighbourhood.
when we walked in there, i was excited to see a crowd in front of the cash counter. the counters are the best places to jack babes. i waited for
a young girl in her teens

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yatin (Sun 12 Aug 2001 12:35:11 GMT)

school girls groping

last time i had groped 2 girls from school .boobs of the 1st one she just slipped off my hands.the other one got stuck up due to the crowd
the 1st thing i did was touched her ass over the dress .she din't react much so slided my hand in the skirt till the knee level.she asked who's it and turned back.still i just carried on .till i reached her panty .but no succes to reach till her bare ass or pussy .slided my finger in the oanty also but not much,had to remeove it imediately.
i'm intrested in such type of videos also if any body knows bout it pls give the site name .

vivid (Sat 18 Aug 2001 11:35:25 GMT)

groping a teen in IKEA

had been to ikea showroom last evening. as usual saw lovely women
with great bottoms. i always wondered why ikea attracts such lovely butts.
i was ogling and drooling over the butts prancing past me..
and then suddenely i felt a soft breast against my back........
it was a young arab girl in her teens, brushing past me
she was a great looker too. she glanced back at me and then smi

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Guest (Sun 19 Aug 2001 11:53:39 GMT)


this is one of those morning surprises thats really hard to forget. i was standing at the shirts sale. it was only 10 am in the morning, and there was hardly any crowd....i was seriously looking for some good buys,in the heap of shirts thrown around in each of the segments. i then glanced at a nice punjabi woman in her forties also browsing at the counter..i didnt take much interest as there

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chister (Tue 21 Aug 2001 22:41:58 GMT)

in the midwest

i took the el yesterday (chicago), and found myself in a crowded train, which rarely happens. I got behind a lovely midwestern looking girl, and started touching her bottom with my fingers. she didn't like it. eventually I quit.

a funny thing happend. out of nowhere, this mid-30's woman walked from behind an indian looking guy right through the crowd. it was so obvious he was rubbing her be

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grope & exhibition (Wed 29 Aug 2001 16:30:31 GMT)

late at night

I prefer country life. But a train is deserted at night here. I moved three cars and found a girl at last. She looks like a highschool girl. She was alone at a box seat. I sat diagonally opposite her without her permission. I thoght she was surprised. She looked me up and down. But as I stared at her in the face, she turned eyes away. I spoke to her and eased her mind. I was given halfhearted repl

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rattlesnake (Sat 01 Sep 2001 14:31:28 GMT)

I'm kinky but timid

I love an escalator. My trick is to have my shoelace loose.

When I take a crowded escalator, I jump onto between two young good-looking men. Next, I notice that I need to tie the shoelace tight. So I bend down to reach the shoe but without bending my knees. My back is naturally thrusted out agianst the man at the back. My face brushes over the back of the man in front. "Oh! I'm sorry" I jus

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Little Picker (Sun 02 Sep 2001 17:49:53 GMT)


When I was 6-7 grader, I took the swimwear of my idol. I masturbated with it recalling that SHE HAD THAT SWIMWEAR CUT INTO HER CUNT!

Female (Mon 03 Sep 2001 21:40:45 GMT)


A female organ looks indecent. But I wish it looks much more obscene. I wonder if I have an organ with minor lips which when sexually excited jut out about a foot from the crotch. They look like a flesh skirt covered with sticky fluid. They arrest man's organ and pull it into the vagina hole. In that case I want to be a schoolgirl again.

When I was fifth or sixth grade I was very cute. They

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diver (Tue 04 Sep 2001 19:12:25 GMT)

summer beach

This is my groping havoc in this summer. I went swimming in the sea. I saw a good looking well built young teen girl in a large swimming ring. She was away from her friends and dabbled in the water alone. That was a chance I could not miss. I went under water to reach her. I looked up her from the water and found that she had that bikini bottom with side strings. The strings were untied easily as I pulled them. I rubbed the naked pussy and swam away.

The spoils' of this summer: four bikini bottoms, two bikini tops (one from a girl who also lost her bottom) and more than thirty molested pussies.

itouch (Wed 05 Sep 2001 02:52:47 GMT)

at the store

I found that at stores is a good area to feel up women. I have gotten a little bolder since I found this site. I've noticed that the gropers here at this site actually palm and press up against women. I have been doing this since I was probably about 13 years old and now 20 years later am still doing it. It is quite exciting. But I would always just rub the back of my hand against a unsuspecting w

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Mutface (Fri 07 Sep 2001 03:19:24 GMT)

First schoolgirl grope...

I am a western male living in Hong Kong and late last night after out for a few drinks with friends I jumped onto one of the small mini buses to wisk me home. I noticed a very young girl in school uniform sitting alone with her head down as if trying to sleep. The mini buses in hkg are very small so it was easy to change my seat location to one beside her. After a few minutes I tested the waters b

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bumpn all the time (Sat 08 Sep 2001 03:43:09 GMT)

Madrid Subway

When I lived in Madrid, I had to take their subway twice a day. My ride was about 25 minutes on a packed line. At least twice a week, I got the pleasure of having my cock jostled or rubbed.

My most thrilling rides involved willing participants who made it seem like the contact was all accidental and unnoticed.

The best spot I found is all the way inside the car with my back to the d

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rubbing freak (Sat 08 Sep 2001 04:24:05 GMT)

Swimming "hole"

Last week, I went with my neighbors and our kids to a water park in the West about an hour from our house. It was my first time in one of these parks. We had been in the wave pool after riding many types of slides, but my kids wanted to go back to the slides. My neighbor took the kids and I stayed in the wave pool alone after arranging to meet in two hours at a snack bar.

It was a hot day a

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Consensual (Mon 10 Sep 2001 11:19:55 GMT)

Touching while talking

A great thing happened just yesterday. I was on a ~3 hour flight, and sat on a full flight, next to a ~22 year old recent college grad who just started work in the big city. We started talking right away, and didn't stop talking until the end of the flight. We had a very animated the whole time.

The real fun began about halfway into the flight, when I lifted the armrest between us, and she

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swelling (Wed 12 Sep 2001 21:44:21 GMT)

another water park story

My summer was also fantastic!

My girl was about 27-28, brunet, dark pupils, tall, slightly-built, small tits. She is a modest office girl in all respects. She even doesn't wear bikini. She had a plain red one-piece swimsuit.

I went local swimming pool in early summer. It was a hot sunday. The pool was small and it was crowded with people.

Some attractions like water-slides are

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itouch (Thu 13 Sep 2001 13:52:06 GMT)

walking from train

This morning was an exciting one for me. Got off the train and saw this gorgous red hed walking to work with her arms full. I looked down at her ass and she had tight black dress pants on. Made her ass look very shapely. I could see where the cheek met the thigh and I could see the crack was deep.

I walked behind her for two blocks and then we finally came to the light where the constructi

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Tristen (Fri 14 Sep 2001 09:23:57 GMT)

feeling up at a club

Me and some friends who are always looking for action, visit a local club on Thursday nights. You see Thursday night is "College Night" at this particular spot. They let in "kids" 18 and up, when usually it's 21 and up. Thing is though, that usually it's full of kids as young as 15. Well the place has 3 different dance floors, six large bars, an outside balcony, and plenty of little corners to get

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rub a dub (Sat 15 Sep 2001 03:53:31 GMT)

sleep time with an exchange student

My wife and I have one son who is 6 and a daughter who is 15. Last year, our daughter became an exchange student overseas for 3 weeks and a student from that country came to stay with us for 3 weeks. Our exchange student was from a Scandinavian country and was breathtaking to look at. She had the body of an 18 year old, short blond hair, blue eyes and very tanned. With 34B tits and nice hips, she

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kindergarten teacher (Tue 18 Sep 2001 18:10:40 GMT)

small kids' sexual harassment

I'm 31 years old kindergarten teacher (male). I live a life far from adventure stories here. But I also witnessed waterside swimsuit-robbers. And they were small kids too. (they must be smaller than beach girl's.) Few years ago we had a newly-hired employee. She was a cute, fresh out of college, short but full-bosomed and broad-hipped girl. She was not only lovable, huggable, she was ignorant of t

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chikan (Sun 23 Sep 2001 02:04:08 GMT)


the other day I spotted a young girl dressed in short skirt in big crowd. I slowly placed myself behind her. My hard on was pressed against her butt. She did not do a thing so I kept pushing deep in her croutch and held her by the hips as I wetted my pants.

sarita (Sun 23 Sep 2001 06:10:31 GMT)

my story - 1

It all began when my friend Ranya came to me and related one of her experiences. Ranya was my best friend in school and we told each other everything. We were at an age when sex was the most interesting thing in the world. So Ranya started telling me her story. She and I both traveled to school and home by bus but since we lived in different areas of the city we took different buses. It happened y

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sarita (Sun 23 Sep 2001 06:11:04 GMT)

my story -2

Now after a few days going to Ranya's house I was experienced. It didn't happen everyday and sometimes just a light touch that is all. So I will tell you my best experience and the things that happened after that. We got into the bus as usual but today at the college stop lots of guys got in. The bus was now packed. I was surrounded by several guys. Soon I felt the familiar feeling he was rubbing

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sarita (Sun 23 Sep 2001 06:11:37 GMT)

story - 3

Kumar was my cousin and he lived next door to us. He had finished school and was waiting to go to college. Our parents worked and it was not unusual for him to come over to our house sometimes. Soon after my last experience he came to our house one afternoon. I was alone and was reading a book lying face down on the floor as it was hot. He came and sat down and started talking about school and so

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Consensual (Thu 27 Sep 2001 22:47:45 GMT)

groping in airplane

I've been having lots of fun and success groping women on flights. Since the college-age girl who I groped while carrying a conversation with her, i've had another experience.

Last time, I sat next to a 30-ish woman. I planned to groper her later, so I started by talking to her in a friendly mundane conversation - I have found this to work great.

We didn't talk much. After the conver

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Guest (Fri 28 Sep 2001 14:40:11 GMT)


>Unless you are asking their permission first,
>you are coercing women into activities for
>your own sexual pleasure. That is wrong.

What formalism!
When is the last time you ask a woman a kiss?
Why must everything be verbal and explicit?
Don't you know nonverbal communication?
Don't you know a tacit understanding?

vivid reality (Sat 29 Sep 2001 16:08:34 GMT)

action packed groping in bus

hi, its long since i posted here..
i and my best friend were traveling in a local bus. it was evening rush hour and the bus was packed. we as usual made our way to the front area of the bus where women and college girls were fighting for space. within a matter of minutes we found soft, bubbly butts in front of us, and soon got into action. the women didnt seem to enjoy it, as the oppressive hea

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chikan (Sat 29 Sep 2001 23:45:41 GMT)

airplane groping

I was on a flight and next to me sat that young girl with a short skirt. While she was sleeping I managed to cover both of us with blanket and I started running my hands on her thighs. Slowly I spread her legs and went for the panty. The panty was silky. She did not wake up. So I ran finger on her clitoris underneath the panty. It went on for around 15 minutes.

erotic man (Wed 03 Oct 2001 20:12:54 GMT)

erotic girl

So you came alive with a story of erotic children. I have many of that sort too. But most of them are like a girl willing to be fondled on her flat breasts. The only girl whom I can call kinky was:

She was a girl in my school about 20 years ago. She was a sixth-year pupil then. Girls in those days wore quiet clothes and she was no exception. One day I went up stairs behide her. As I realize

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erotic man (Wed 03 Oct 2001 22:51:52 GMT)

erotic girl

She had not come to my room for one month after the first exposure. I could not wait any longer. I called her. I asked if she had kept the promise and not exposing herself after that. She was little giggling and said that she did as I had told her. Then she asked me if I wanted to see her upskirt again. I said yes. She flashed her panties and asked if I wanted to see more. I said yes again. She li

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erotic man (Wed 03 Oct 2001 22:53:40 GMT)

erotic girl

Then she sat up. She said that she had another way to make herself come and came to the corner of the desk to sit there. Her pussy was just on the corner. She crossed her legs again and pressed her underbelly with her closed fingers. She wiggled her bottom, twisted her waist or jumpped up and down with short, quick motions. She also tightened and loosened her legs pressing her pussy. Her fingers m

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erotic man (Wed 03 Oct 2001 22:55:07 GMT)

erotic girl

She came to see me everyday since then. She showed me her pussy and I caressed her untill she came. More and more she became daring. One day she took me to the mall. We went her favorite landing and she started masturbation as I stood by her and rubbed her back. In the end she wanted me there on that spot. She strongly insisted so and said that that was the only chance I could fuck her first. She

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X (Thu 04 Oct 2001 19:16:07 GMT)

Voyeurweb Thread

Daytona Beach during Bike week and Biketoberfest
is always a wonderful place to find willing
partners. The weather was slightly cool.
After one hard day of partying, I was walking
down Main street which was so full of drunk and
partying people that no vehicles were allowed on
the street. I was behind a couple with the man
leading his girl by the hand. She was ver

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x (Thu 04 Oct 2001 19:17:08 GMT)

car ride

Don't know if this qualifies but here goes...

We were partying with friends and were going to the
next destination in my buddies compact car. There
were too many of us so we had to double up in the
back seat, with the girls (the girlfriends of the
two guys in the front) sitting on mine & another
guys laps.
Well the ride was bumpy, the ass on my lap was h

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chister (Mon 08 Oct 2001 21:06:45 GMT)

The L in Chicago

my latest adventure. I got on a pm rush hour red line train, and manuvered myself betweeen 3-4 attractive young (20-ish)ladies. Until the 1st stop, i have the back of my left hand firmly pressed against the side of a young lady. she didnt' say a thing.

at the 1st stop, some people got off, some got on, I manuvered myself behind another tall (5'11" with heels) 20-something girl. I put my lef

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GMAN (Wed 10 Oct 2001 15:15:47 GMT)

Restruant Feel

Had dinner at a chinese restaurant yesterday. We had this really cute waitress to serve us and as the table was full, she had very little space to get between the charis to put the food/orders/drinks on the table.

As it turned out, the route that was most accessible to the table was by my chair. So she kept using it and I kept getting a feel of her thighs, her ass, after a few times of doi

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Iken (Fri 12 Oct 2001 21:18:07 GMT)


London underground is good during rush hour to grope young women with good bodies especially on Victoria line, lots of sexy women with long blonde hair and plump arses. There are lots of gropers who hang around 5-00 pm, there are lots of young sexy looking chicks leaving the office in business suits and split skirts, u should just jump onto tube last minute before the doors close and you can crush your penis into a sexy chick with a plump arses. When you jump on the girl open your legs wide so you can stick your erect penis in the crack between there arses. Many times you can crush your penis hard into there plump arses and push your face in their hair and there get school girls to who you can do aggressive gropeing just keep smashing your penis into there arses.

chikan (Sun 14 Oct 2001 18:14:10 GMT)

movie theatres

Movie theatres are a good place for the chikan. My experience was a schoolgirl I followed in theatre and sat next to her. For the whole movie session I groped her and had fun.

chister (Mon 15 Oct 2001 22:01:09 GMT)


hey thanks for the tip in Chicago. To bad baseball season is over.

was recently in Ldn. I love English women - such plump behind, and so polite and proper. unfortunately, didn't get many opportunities to feel anyone. except was in a late night bus. I was a little drunk. I sat next to a 30-something type woman. sat very close to her, so my legs were pushed up against her legs. she didn't mov

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X (Tue 16 Oct 2001 23:09:18 GMT)




Terri crammed her way onto into the third car of the Englewood-Howard subway line on her way to the loop for work It was only 7:00AM and the car was already packed like a can of sardines. After about a month of subway rides, Terri would get fed up and take her car to work, but that usually only lasted a day or two because of the horrible traffic and expensive

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Paul Orlando (Wed 17 Oct 2001 00:46:50 GMT)

Russel Crowe concert

I went to a concert recently of Russel Crowe's band. I forget their name, but I was attracted because I walked by the concert hall and saw that the entire line, stretching around the block, was about 90% women. I went in and got behind two women, looked to be 22 or so, speaking Russian to each other. As the music started I sidled up behind one. She was wearing jeans. She was taller than I am by fo

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chikan (Fri 19 Oct 2001 01:17:06 GMT)

subway groping

It was during rush hour. I noticed a young sexy girl in short skirt. I managed my way behind her. I gently put my hand on her thigh and she did not move, so I sneaked my hands higher and reached the panties. Still she stood still. So I continued while I pushed my hard on her buttocks. I continued that during the whole ride which lasted 20 minutes.

x (Fri 19 Oct 2001 01:36:24 GMT)


It had been a long day at work and I was feeling horny and tired so a stop at
the mall was in order. hmmm ... Friday before mother's day, overcast and
gloomy, should be a fairly good crowd. upon arrival I realize there is also a
20% mall sale going on as well. The place was full of young girls in thier
tight stretch pants, a dream come true for a perv like me. The gloomy weather

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x (Fri 19 Oct 2001 01:37:41 GMT)


Julie used to commute on the subway to work and during the rush hour she

has felt men pressing themselves up against her in the crowded train.
Sometimes it really turned her on especially if she could feel their
erection pressing against her. She told
me about on occasion when the train was really crowded and she was
standing up and as the train pulled away it lurched and she wa

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