Selected Sensual Stories No.12

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Name: Beasties

Title: concert

Not really public transportation, but crowded and public nonetheless:

At a Beastie Boys concert in Miami the seating area at the outdoor Bayfront plaza was crowded. My friends and I moved up as far as we could. Where we were, there were people standing on the ground, more people standing on the seats and still more standing on the BACKS of the seat, like we were.

I was next to a girl and her boyfriend. After a while I got a boner and sort of brushed it against her side. To my surprise, she p ... 863 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Thu Jan 11 01:18:19 2001 GMT

Name: crawlinguppies

Title: uppie/frottage

I once used a train station with a very long escalator, and would always pray for a good-looking woman to be the last person (besides me) to exit and go up. This almost never happened but once I caught a short-haired, brunette goddess with perfect pantyhosed legs. I had just spent the last 15 minutes of the train ride trying rather blatantly to get a sitting uppie, and, without going into details, it was obvious that while she was flattered by the attention and teased me with more and more leg, she simply w ... 1434 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Thu Jan 11 01:19:04 2001 GMT

Name: Founder

Title: Disney World

My husband and I just got back from a trip to Disney World and I had an
experience I can't stop thinking about. We were at the Haunted House where
they start out by taking you into a room to set the spooky mood. They have
everyone squeezed in there pretty tight. Well suddenly the lights went out and
you got a feeling that the floor was falling out from under you. I know it sounds
dumb but I really h ... 1401 more byte(s), click here!

Age: old
Sex: yes

Date: Sat Jan 20 01:17:45 2001 GMT

Name: founder

Title: Guards! OH Guards!

Cindy, My experience is only like yours in the sense of being unexpected,
arousing, in public, and anonymous! At the changing of the Guards at Buckingham
Palace, I was in a crowd, which gradually got tighter and tighter. A woman behind
me was pressing into my back, and after a while, moved her breasts, rhythmically,
on me. then put her hands on my waist, and continued!! I tried to look at her but
co ... 568 more byte(s), click here!

Age: old
Sex: yes

Date: Sat Jan 20 01:20:30 2001 GMT

Name: wrong person

Title: the wrong hand gave her the right touch

i had that experience too. i was in a movie house with my girl friend. it was our first date. we arrived there a little late. it was already dark and people were heading the seats with hasty steps. the movie started as soon as we took the seats. my girl looked at me with a smile on her lips. she stroked my thigh. that made me surprised. but i liked that. we became more than friend that night. and we realize the true story.

someone was walking after her and before me. he grabbed and groped her bottom. ... 122 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 19
Sex: M

Date: Sun Jan 21 14:03:13 2001 GMT

Name: Eva_hot

Title: Groped in India

I just returned from a vacation to India with my husband. We did the usual touristy things, visiting the Taj Mahal.I had three such encounters including one on a crowded train in Bombay.I must confess that I encouraged the young boy in the train. We were travelling from a suburb in Mumbai to Churchgate( the heart of the city). You won't believe how crowded the trains get. The compartments ( as they are called in India) get packed like sardines.

At a particular sattion there was a huge rush and hellu ... 748 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Mon Jan 22 02:20:57 2001 GMT

Name: manbelow


At Disneyland, there is (or was) an attraction called Tom Sawyer's Island, which featured a steep ladder up thru a narrow hole to a treehouse. The size of the hole implied that the treehouse was for kids but a few adults were game, including a young mom following her kids. Naturally I followed, and as she paused near the top to squeeze herself thru the hole, I advanced a couple of steps and had my face well underneath the hem of her dress. The steep angle was stunning, and I would have stayed and tried to c ... 169 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Mon Jan 22 02:29:11 2001 GMT

Name: accidental tourist


I had my first and only public rub in Paris on the metro while with my wife this summer. We jammed onto a metro car during the afternoon rush hour. As I got pushed back into the car, a girl of about 17 backed into my crotch with her butt. She was very good looking, with good size breasts and short dark brown hair. She was wearing a very alluring perfume which was in itself a turn on as I was only inches from her neck. She was wearing a very thin school type skirt. I could not move because I was backed into ... 1739 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Mon Jan 22 02:37:03 2001 GMT

Name: longislandsue


I was groped on a train in India last year. I never told my husband because I was embarrassed that I let it happen and by how turned on I got.

We were tourists and had decided to take a train to visit a site. On the way back to Bombay, we ended up on train packed like sardines in a can. You can not believe how their trains are packed. They take out almost all the seats so it is almost all standing room. We were inside the train and there was one man between me and the back corner of the ... 3399 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Mon Jan 22 02:39:12 2001 GMT

Name: passive

Title: Untitled

I am now in New York and it also happens to me on the subway at least a few times a month. This summer, I was wearing a halter top, no bra and a mid-thigh skirt going south on the East Side at rush hour. I had the day off and I was meeting friends near Wall Street. Within seconds of the stop after mine, I felt an arm pressing against my breast. A teenager (15? 16?) in front of me was turned sideways and the side of his arm was rubbing my breast. He was wearing a t-shirt so his bare arm was rubbing against t ... 1275 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Jan 24 23:37:22 2001 GMT

Name: linda

Title: fun afterschool

When I was 13, I was a cheerleader in Middle School. One day , on a football day when we were supposed to wear our outfits, I forgot to wear my undershorts so I just wore my panties under my short skirt. My english teacher asked me to run some errands after school and , as I picked up a stack of papers , my skirt rose up and I saw him looking at my behind. He didn't say anything......he just stared. Afterward, he asked me why I didn't have my assignment for today. I told him I was just too busy. He said ... 260 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 15
Sex: f

Date: Wed Jan 31 05:42:52 2001 GMT

Name: stick under briefs

Title: re: fun afterschool

>It hurt but I kind of liked it.

i guess it hurt him too. i mean, having hardon stick pressed under the full weight of young teen . . . . . uuuuuumm, i kind of like it too.

Age: 22
Sex: m

Date: Wed Jan 31 16:51:38 2001 GMT

Name: lover

Title: Untitled

one of my favorites was last summer i was in my favorite crowded thrift store and there was a young hispanic female about 17 or so wearing tight capri pants and a tanktop. she was rather lovely and her pants really showed off her butt nicely. the great thing was that the aisle was narrow so that incidental touching would not be so unusual. on both sides of the aisle are clothing racks about 7 feet high so i dont have to worry about anyone seeing me. ishe was busy looking at the clothes as i made my way clos ... 651 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Jan 31 18:39:18 2001 GMT

Name: Drabble

Title: Untitled

I had a friend whose mom i still think of today. She was about 5 foot 6 small waist, round ass and huge tits, they had to be 38D. I started noticing her when I was about 12 yrs old. One day my friend invited me over for a pool party. We all made a train holding the person in front of us by the shoulder's trying to make a whirlpool, I hopped on her back and noticed my dick was laying on the crack of her ass. It didn't matter how cold the water was, I had major wood!! I would also pretend to slip off and and ... 637 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Thu Feb 1 19:28:31 2001 GMT

Name: Renee

Title: Untitled

I ride light rail and a attractive man who was standing next to me brushed his hand over my butt. I looked at him smiled and he said excuse me I said thats ok. A few seconds later he put his hand there and I leaned back in to him and pressed my ass to his thigh. He responded by reaching around and rubbing my leg and pussy through my skirt and under my coat. I raised my skirt and let him feel me until I came and he dry humped my ass. That sure made me horny and when I got home I sucked my husband dry, I hope ... 24 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Thu Feb 1 19:33:24 2001 GMT

Name: #1northbound

Title: Untitled

I was rubbed against today in the subway in New York. I read about this recently, but today was the first time I "allowed" it to happen. In the past, if someone was rubbing against me, I would move and presume it was an accidental contact. Normally, that would be the end of it. Today, after reading some of these stories, I did not move. I also did nothing to encourage the touching since it was all new to me and I was a bit nervous.

A young man, I would guess around 17, came into the car during the a ... 1258 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Fri Feb 2 19:38:59 2001 GMT

Name: lovedit

Title: Untitled

I loved it.
We were standing in line for a movie on a warm Saturday night. I was wearing a thin cotton dress and as usual in the warm weather I had on no panties. My husband was in line in front of me. I felt a slight brush against my ass and thought little of it considering the size of the crowd. Then I felt it again. I still thought it was an accident. The line moved forward a little and I was brushed again. This time I felt the unmistakable outline of a very hard and large cock against my ass. Startl ... 867 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Sat Feb 3 20:11:23 2001 GMT

Name: mini

Title: Touch me tender

I get to know this page from a friend few days ago.
I had my pantyhose torn by a groper.
So I do not have good feeling to groping.


It may be interesting… only if you touch me tender.

Do you have a story of 22 years old half-latino woman molested by 14-15 years blond boy in a dark movie house for softcore porno? The woman is bosom brunet. She was stealthy masturbating. But the boy found it. And so and so…

Age: 22
Sex: F

Date: Thu Feb 8 16:13:05 2001 GMT

Name: clay

Title: Story I enjoyed

If you have ever ridden the New York City subway system, you will
appreciate this fantasy -- which cums, by the way with the usual
disclaimers as to appropriate age, gender, ethnicity, religion,
socio-economic status and political affiliation. 8-} Let me know if you
enjoy it.


RUS ... 8010 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Feb 14 21:59:16 2001 GMT

Name: Consensual

Title: Chatting up girls while fondling

Thanks to webmaster for the comment on chatting up girls. The scenario you describe seems less likely to occur in US (trains don't get as packed), but I will definitely try the idea.

Meanwhile, something happened last night along the same subject I'd like to share. I was at a dinner party of 4 couples, so 4 men & 4 women, all 30-something. We sat in boy-girl-boy-girl fashion, so I sat between 2 women while my date was across the table. After dinner, we all sat at the table and just talked. While ... 1712 more byte(s), click here!

Sex: M

Date: Sat Feb 17 18:10:52 2001 GMT

(Webmaster) see memorable comments for related story.

Name: Consensual

Title: Chatting while fondling experience

Another time I was able to fondle a stranger (woman) while chatting with her was on a flight from LA to NY. It was a full flight, took about 5~6 hours, and I was stuck in a middle seat. To my right was a 21-year old flying to meet her husband. She was a little too skinny for my taste, but was very pleasant.

As as I sat down next to her, I struck a conversation with her - about the pains of flying, etc. Pretty soon we started talking about other things, and I was able to find out that she was 21, ... 2965 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Sun Feb 18 22:53:28 2001 GMT

Name: Consensual

Title: At the bookstore

I am addicted to this site, and to frottering.

I was at the bookstore, and noticed a family of 4: dad, mum, son & daughter. Mum & sister were both hot. Mum in her 30's, dauther in her teens. At the check-out line, somehow the mum was in front of me, and the dauther behind. I knew if I tried to touch the mum, the daughter would see for sure, not to mention others. But I was too hot, so I went ahead anyway. I held the book I was buying such a way that my right hand was way out in front of me, and ... 625 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Mon Feb 19 23:23:52 2001 GMT

Name: zaqman

Title: rub-a-dub in London

I travel on the london underground everyday.. At first i found it a real pain. Smelly people, foul breath, no room to sit or read. One morning i was standing in my ususl position and passengers got on. I felt something soft on my back at first i couldn't work out what it was, then i realised it was a womans tits. i pushed back whenever i could and i could feel them on my back. my dick got so hard. The woman did not seem to care and she was hard up against me. women are more aggressive chikan than men ... 45 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 30
Sex: m

Date: Wed Feb 21 15:34:47 2001 GMT

Name: paul

Title: Gaggle

Yesterday I was riding the 1,2,3 uptown from Grand Central. This is a great spot, as huge crowds congregate at the front doors. Today, however, I was running a bit late so I had missed the worst (best) of the rush hour. I got an uunexpected treat, though. There was a gaggle of girls, eight of them, maybe 16 or 18 years old. Or 20, who can tell anymore? And there was a guy playing conga drums in the station. The girls, obviously tourists, were goofing around, dancing, daring each other to dance, etc. ... 2440 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 35
Sex: M

Date: Wed Feb 21 20:42:24 2001 GMT

Name: Consensual

Title: Bookstore 2

I was reading on a bench in a bookstore nearby. A girl came by and sat near me. Over about 5 minutes, I shifted while reading, and stealthily moved close enough to her so that when I put my left hand down, it would be right next to her butt. I scoped around, making sure no one could see what I had plan, then I put my left hand very, very close to her butt. Then I pushed it slowly to get contact. She didn't move. Then I applied a little more pressure. She still didn't move. A minute passes. She shif ... 558 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Thu Feb 22 00:35:49 2001 GMT

Name: jill

Title: subway story

I found the idea behind this very exciting so I tried it this afternoon with my husband watching. We both find this idea very exciting but I was nervous risking being groped without him there.

We took the afternoon subway in New York at rush hour. I wore an above the knee silk skirt with thong panties and a thin silk blouse with no bra. I have 34B breast with very prominent nipples. It takes nothing to get my nipples hard. It was relatively warm today in New York so I took my jacket off as we boarde ... 2019 more byte(s), click here!


Date: Sun Feb 25 22:08:46 2001 GMT

Name: twin

Title: elevator

Great Groping always seems much better on public transport, the more people the better. I have had several memorable occassions but one of THE best was in an elivator.

I had a small box in my arms which I hedl infront of me, one of those cute young things that always seem to make these stories more interesting moved into the elivator with her cute young friend. As more people moved in this woman was eventually pushed against the back of my hand.

Realising what a great position I was in I put ... 816 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Sun Feb 25 22:09:10 2001 GMT

Name: nirvana

Title: Untitled

4 years ago, when I was 17, my parents took my sister and I on vacation to Cancun. We were at the pool one day and a ferocious storm blew in without warning. A bunch of us ran from the pool to a small alcove under a concrete walkway to get out of the downpour and wind.

I was one of the first to duck in and another 15 people backed into the tiny alcove. Just in front of me was a women in her late 30s with short dark brown hair, a big set of tits and a great body. She was wearing a yellow bikini- whic ... 1308 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Fri Mar 2 03:18:23 2001 GMT


Title: I've been busy

She was about 15 to 17 years old, tall and slim with very long legs. She was a very smart student because she went to one of the most prestigious high schools in the country. She wore a pair of patent leather black shoes that were very clean, and her knee length socks were navy blue with an emblem of some sort at the top. Her hair was long, thick and jet black, it came to the middle of her back. She wore a white short-sleeved blouse with buttons to match her blue and gr ... 4269 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Fri Mar 2 04:34:29 2001 GMT

Name: filmbuff

Title: Untitled

This happened on Mardi Gras night. I was in the French Quarter (the only place to be). I had read on this site about people who would rub against women and see whether the woman wanted to play, but I had never had the nerve to try it. I did this time and I'm hooked.

There were three girls who had been stopped by some guys flirting with them. I saw them, and as they proceeded into the crowd, I followed, hoping to get a quick feel of ass. I ended up right behind the last girl as we all slowly inched t ... 2088 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Fri Mar 2 18:54:24 2001 GMT

Name: anonymous

Title: pls post (original via email)

It was a Friday evening and I was returning home after
work. I had got later than usual and missed the usual
bus. Buses in Delhi, India where I live are always
crowded and that day it was more so. I managed to push
my way into the first bus that came and struggled to a
side of the bus. Just in front of me I noticed two
young women, obviously officemates who were talking to
each other. I was just behind one of them. Like I said
it was very crowded and I was getting pushed by the
cr ... 1943 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Sun Mar 4 21:05:23 2001 GMT

Name: gong

Title: concert frottage

about 5 years ago I went to a concert. When the band started playing I went up the front to get a better look. At the front was a moshpit, where people jumped and bounced about, frequently into each other. The nature of the moshpit is that everyone is squashed together, in a mass of sweaty bodies.
As the crowd swayed and moved a girl appeared in front of me and was pushed into me by the surge of the crowd. She was about 5 5', black hair and slightly plump, she wore a small top which covered her breasts, ... 1816 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Mon Mar 5 02:44:30 2001 GMT

Name: Consensual

Title: Train in Europe

I backpacked through Europe a few years ago. With a train pass, you get to meet fellow backpackers on the train, usually really cute girls too. The trains in Europe had mostly compartment seating, with 6 seats in each compartment, 3 facing 3. When the train is not crowded, you could pull the seats closer together, and turn 2 opposing seats into a long couch & stretch out.

One time my friends and I, the three of us, got on a late train going from Italy to Austria (I forgot the towns). As we got on, ... 2647 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Mon Mar 5 22:41:03 2001 GMT

Name: G

Title: Chikan?

This is the weirdest website I have seen. I looked or searched for a site with this material and now I find it. I am not sure what or who this site is for, but I can tell you something that has shaped my sex life forever. I was fifteen years old and have only heard lies that my friends told about boys. I have never seen a boy naked nor did I know what a boys penis looked like. I was sometimes horny but I did not know what to do about it and most the time I would feel horny and think about my girlfriends or ... 1557 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 30
Sex: F

Date: Wed Mar 7 12:49:19 2001 GMT

Name: assman

Title: waiting in line

This happend some time ago, when I was waiting to see a much anticipated musical group, see, I live more than 200 miles away, so I had to drive over the mountains in the snow. I waited in line for tickets, nearly freezing my ass off in the process. but it was more than worth it. I got to see my favorite band in concert in spokane last january. That was sort of the high point of the winter for me- not just the pleasure of the band but the pleasure I got in the crowd outside the coliseum ahead of time.
... 5363 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 30's
Sex: m

Date: Thu Mar 8 04:10:53 2001 GMT

Name: G

Title: cont'd

…I started to have some feeling of panic yet I was somehow aroused. As soon as we got off the train my friend looked at me wide eyed, "Did you see that?"
"What? see what?" I asked.
"Those guys on the train, he was feeling her up!" Milla whispered.
"The girl standing next to me, and the guy with his hand around her waist." "I can't believe you didn't see, his hand was touching me while he was feeling her up, that's how come I know he was doing it." Our conversation abruptly ended as my mot ... 2298 more byte(s), click here!

Sex: f

Date: Thu Mar 8 10:20:17 2001 GMT


Title: It worked

Translated twice.
It worked, my grand plan worked and all because my father received some good stuff for payment from one of his debtors. They had given him a shitload of condoms, all sorts of condoms. Assorted colors, glow, edible, ribbed, different materials, I am now somewhat an expert on the available types of condoms.
My plan was to have the condom ready, I debated whether I should put it on before or after I was on the bus. I thought about all the possibilit ... 3158 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Thu Mar 8 11:07:46 2001 GMT

Name: anonymous

Title: pls post 2 (original via email)

Anyway, around two weeks had passed after the
encounter I described in my previous story. I hadn't
seen the two girls after that but was always hoping I
would get to meet them. One day I was again coming
after work, when I got into this bus and wow there she
(one of them) was some distance in front of me. I
shoved my self through the crowd. My cock was already
beginning to harden by the time I managed to get
behind her. I didn't waste anytime, and immediately
placed my crotch on h ... 1828 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Mar 14 20:58:48 2001 GMT

Name: grpr1

Title: todays adventures

two good stories today. first - was following this hot asian girl onto the subway, just managed to squeeze into her car behind her (it was rushhour). I got a nice surprise. When the car doors shut i looked around and about two people away from me was a real hot 16-17yo. she was white with dirty blond hair, about 5'1 and 100lbs. she was a real hottie with nice full lips, nice titties and a nice firm round ass. she was wearing skin tight capri pants with chunky highheeled open toed shoes, and a tight white ta ... 1972 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 20's
Sex: m

Date: Thu Mar 15 08:41:14 2001 GMT

Name: grpr1

Title: second story

second story. was waiting for the bus and noticed this girl waiting as well. was about 20-21, blond, 5'3, 100lbs or so. she was wearing skin tight flesh colored jeans, a white turtleneck sweater and a short black leather coat. she was also wearing black chunky high heeled shoes and was quite done up , a lot of make up, done hair etc.(if you also read the first story you probably know what kind of girl i go for now heh?)anyways when the bus came she stood up in front of me and gave displayed her goods, and t ... 1534 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 20's
Sex: m

Date: Thu Mar 15 09:08:03 2001 GMT

Name: GMAN

Title: Restruant Feel

Just had dinner at this thai restruant, and it was a pretty tight fit and squeezy. The waitresses at this restruant were all thin and good looking, and when they had to walk between table to serve the food, they had to squeeze between them. I noticed this because I had my hand resting on the arm of the chair and this waitress walked past and she brushed my hand.

They were all wearing tight wrap around skirt with very thin material so the tops of my fingers got a good feel of her ass. The next time s ... 1278 more byte(s), click here!

Age: unknown
Sex: M

Date: Sat Mar 17 13:13:46 2001 GMT


Title: Enouh is Enough

Enough Is Enough!

We went to the movies today and saw a couple of old flicks. Anthony Quinn and Audy Murphy lit up the screen. My friends chatted all through the movies and even tried to pick up some chicks. They got nowhere. It was late when we left the theatre and everyone was rushing for home. All the working people were on their way home and at this hour the buses are especially packed. I generally do not like to say that someone is ugly but this lady was not very pretty. At first glance she had ... 3720 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: male

Date: Sun Mar 18 18:00:45 2001 GMT

Name: GMAN

Title: POD2

Went for my podaitrist appointment today, she is a fine woman, about 5'8" toned, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a very nice personality and is very sexy.

The examination started off with the routine take off your shoes and stand on the orthortics exercise, while she was doing this, I got a good look at her lacy undies, that got me hot, she was wearing hipster pants and so the undies showed, they were black, I just wanted to touch them there and then, I also got a good look down her blouse as ... 1464 more byte(s), click here!

Sex: M

Date: Wed Mar 21 08:13:09 2001 GMT


Title: Second Time Around

As far as I could tell they were factory workers. It seems as if they went to some training and then they were either going back to the factory or going home. I have never seen any of these women before, none of their faces looked familiar. I knew whatever bus they got on would be particularly crowded. My eyes waded through the crowd of women. They all were wearing skirts and most had a big bag. I was admiring a couple of them especially. There was a tiny one with an oversized bag. She was wearing a lot o ... 3463 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24

Date: Thu Mar 22 13:52:03 2001 GMT



It's Wednesday and we got on the bus as usual, but today I was a bit to her side as she was wedge in sideways, squeezing on the seat rail whoever was to her left. I forced my hand to her ass and found it nice and soft. I rubbed her over her skirt while inching her skirt upwards. When I got under her skirt I started playing with her panty covered ass. I found the crack and slid my fingers under to reach her pussy. While I was playing with her pussy she started to shift position. She struggled until her back ... 353 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Fri Mar 23 08:18:21 2001 GMT


Title: good day

They were playing, running around wildly. She always looked over at me, I guess to see if I was watching her play; and yes, I was watching. I was hoping all along to see if I could get a glimpse of her panties. I wondered what kind of panties she wore under her skirt today. At one point she almost fell but I still did not see under her skirt. This Wednesday seemed special from the moment I arrived at the bus stop. She was extremely happy today, running around, laughing and playing with her friends. I wonder ... 1371 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: m

Date: Sat Mar 24 05:38:07 2001 GMT


Title: Good Day Cont'd

Almost got caught translating - it's a good thing she can not read my language.

...I could feel the split of her fat pussy lips covered by her cotton panties. I pulled her cheeks apart again and this time I reached for the leg of her panty and pulled it to one side. I ran my fingers all the way to the front and then all the way to her ass. Her panties were hitched to one side exposing her sweet pussy and ass. I played with her hairy pussy and found her slit to be very moist. I parted her pussy lips a ... 192 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Mon Mar 26 08:25:43 2001 GMT

Name: paul

Title: my story

I got on the subway yesterday followed by a gorgeous tall blonde, about 5'10, with her jacket open exposing a tank top filled to bursting with large luscious tits. I normally like smaller ones, but on the subway big ones can be nice because there hard to miss. She bumped right into my back, catching me by surprise. I turned around to face her just as this old wierd guy forced his way on saying, quite loudly, "make room! we all love each other, presss on in folks, I got to get on this train!" The result ... 1707 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Mar 27 21:34:03 2001 GMT


Title: Cute

My idea of pretty is a little different from my classmates'. We went to the library very early today as we had a history project to complete. While at the library we evaluated all the girls we saw, and the ones I thought were very cute turned out to be dogs in my friends' eyes. There was one girl in particular that stood out in my mind and my friends thought she was ugly. She had brown, straight, shoulder length hair that was clipped to the side with butterfly clips. She was wearing small diamond studs in b ... 3529 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Fri Mar 30 08:12:44 2001 GMT


Title: Pink

I saw my favorite pastry girl today, and she looked sad. I think she was having a bad day at the bakery? That's beside the point…

She was outrageously dressed. White pantyhose (or so I thought), incredibly high heeled plastic looking shoes with a large bow on the instep, patent leather pink skirt that flared off her ass, it almost looked as if there was a wire around the hem of the skirt the way it flared off her ass. She was pleasing to look at, what with her pink skirt and halter-top showing the cu ... 1151 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Mon Apr 2 00:14:49 2001 GMT

Name: scratchy

Title: moshpit fun

Went to a concert last night and was in the mosh pit and all these lovely late een girls were in the mosh pit. it was quite a rocky group on and was getting pushed by people into all these lovely young ladies. i was getting pressed against all these tight asses.

between the arm and side i was putting my hand on girls tits but was pushed away. it was getting real tight now int he mosh pit and i wasin the 3rd row of people. I did the same to this real beautiful girl, slid my hand on her breast and she ... 382 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 27
Sex: m

Date: Mon Apr 2 17:47:10 2001 GMT

Name: Mr. Ass

Title: Stephanie McMahon

I was at WWF Axxess (a fan festival) in Houston, Texas this past weekend. They had four to six event staff members escort the WWF stars from the backstage area to the 24-Hour Fitness Body Stars exhibit, where they would do Q&A sessions with the fans. They would usually escort the stars in through the rear, but when it was time for Stephanie McMahon to come out, there was an oversized autograph line that stretched all the way to that area of the floor, and they couldn't sneak her in that way without several ... 1229 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Apr 4 00:01:10 2001 GMT

Name: grong

Title: concerts

Here's one that's related to a prior thread where i wrote about an experience at a rock concert. at these concerts, when the band comes on the crowd goes wild and the 'moshpit' starts, bodies are pressed into each other and the normal rules of public interaction go out the window. apart from having no choice but to be pushed into others(sometimes welcoming it!)a favourite thing to do is crowd surfing, where someone climbs up onto everyones shoulders and is passed and rolled over the top of the crowd, mostly ... 757 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Apr 4 04:48:23 2001 GMT

Name: petting panty

Title: petting panty

I always put my hand aside my legs in crowded busses or trams. If a lady is nearby I try the move my hand between he legs to feel the panty line from the front side. I she wears a thin mini I mostly manage to feel her pub, sometimes I manage to go down a little bit to feel the top of the beginning fun lips. I once could pet her 20 min. and she didn?ove away.
I do the same on moving staircase, but from behind. Somtimes I had a finger under the skirt on her panty, feeling her pussy and she didn´t move awa ... 3 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Apr 4 04:48:49 2001 GMT


Title: Holy Decisions

I have not written in my journal for the past four weeks, and have decided to write today because I decided it was an experience and I should remember it like all my others. From memory I recall observing a young girl with her friends. I had seen this girl many times but have never stood behind her in the bus. I thought that day I would because her skirt was especially short and she was playing very hard while waiting for the bus. She was also looking over at me every chance she got. When the bus came I had ... 3289 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Wed Apr 4 05:47:19 2001 GMT

Name: Consensual

Title: this morning

While going to work this morning, at the subway station, I noticed a tall young lady (~5'10", about 22 years old) waiting for the train. She had an overcoat on, but you could still tell that she had a larger than average hip (my favorite), which I think attracted at least 3 guys to her. A the train pulled in, a black guy pasted himself right behind her on the platform, pushing her onto the train pretty hard, after adjusting his thong. Then I noticed he didn't get on the train. I ended up right behind to ... 1860 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Apr 4 19:31:51 2001 GMT

Name: Consensual

Title: this morning (cont.)

I just want to add that the tall young lady was not fat or flabby in any way. She just had a bubble butt. I just find it amazing that an ample bubble butt like that seems to be a much bigger turn on than, say, a skinny beautiful blonde. That's always been the case with me, but I just can't believe it's the same with lots of chikan.

Date: Wed Apr 4 19:38:31 2001 GMT

Name: tar heel

Title: good old days

March, 1982. I was in the 8th grade and the University of North Carolina had just defeated Phi Slamma Jamma (Houston) to reach Georgetown in the finals. It was a sunny Saturday and all my friends were watching the game at a local arcade (its now a Kinko's).

UNC had just kicked some butt when we realized that there were 8,000 screaming fans descending on Franklin St. with about 8,000 more on the way.

I swear I saw this chick drink some everclear straight from the bottle (my dad owned a bar an ... 2176 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Thu Apr 5 02:29:29 2001 GMT



I was in an elevator going up when the maintance personnel pushed his cleaning cart into the elevator. The maintance man was going upstairs to start at the top of the building and work his way down. I was working as a security guard also going up to do my routine security checks. A female entered the elevator on the second floor. She was on her way up to the sixth floor towards her office. As she entered the elevator, she stepped in front of me along with the maintance personnel and his equipment. Because o ... 533 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Thu Apr 5 02:32:24 2001 GMT



This is an exciting concept. I had a mild, but fun experience in Salvador, Brazil, years ago on a public bus. It was very crowded. Not being used to the closeness of all those people and the acompanying odors, I was not having fun-- at first. Then, I noticed the gal in front of me was occasionally touching me just a little, not on purpose. Of course, I noticed the feeling of even a light touch against my dick. So, I gradually shifted my position so I was directly behind her ass crack. I let myself gradually ... 516 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Thu Apr 5 02:32:59 2001 GMT

Name: GMAN

Title: Nice touch

Today was a good day, where I work, I have a colleague who is brunette, slim and about 5'9" tall, quite sexy if you ask me and she was wearing a mini skirt today because it was hot, she has her desk facing mine and so I get to look at her without her noticing that anything strange is going on. She had ask me something and came over to my desk and leaned over. Because her blouse was low cut, I got a good look at her bra and cleavage. She was wearing a white lacy bra that was only a half cup. I had a good vie ... 3494 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 28
Sex: M

Date: Thu Apr 5 15:14:24 2001 GMT


Title: No Panties?

She wasn't wearing any panties! She wasn't wearing any panties! As soon as the bus started moving I wetted my pants. The anticipation was too much. I did not even situate myself properly behind her and I was wetting myself. Just the thought of being so close to the uncovered pussy. All that separated us was my pants and her skirt, and that was enough to get me off. I just knew I could not bottle my excitement.

I had been watching the game they were playing while waiting for the bus. One of her friend ... 1761 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Fri Apr 6 07:56:33 2001 GMT

Name: consensual

Title: short guy on tall woman

Yesterday after work, as I got off the train, I passed by this smiling young blonde girl (~23 years old) with a jean jacket and tight white jeans. She has a PERFECT ass. As I passed by, I copped a feel with the back of my fingers, and it felt great, perfect balance between firm & soft. Then I noticed that there was this short, wimpy looking poorly dressed ~45 year old Asian guy pasted up right next to her, with one of his hands on her ass. After I got off the train, more crowd got on, and I noticed that ... 785 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Fri Apr 6 14:44:13 2001 GMT


Title: Favorite Panty

The library was great today. I went early to work on a history project. As I sat in the back reading a comic I noticed someone came and sit in one of the cubicle on the side of the book stacks. Usually only older people doing some serious work would sit in those seats. I was sitting on the floor reading when she passed by me to retrieve some books from the stacks. On her way back to the cubicle I noticed her thick somewhat hairy legs sticking out from under her below knee length dress. I changed position an ... 3991 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Mon Apr 9 09:35:36 2001 GMT


Title: RE: Mineral Water

I looked for these entries and decided to translate them after seeing what "Mineral Water"

If you've never been around to see her you will first think that she is crazy. All the children are sort of afraid of her yet they are very attentive when she is speaking to them. This is because she is very funny and she tells them things their parents would not tell them. She talks about sex and other things and she is sometimes quite graphic. You could tell that in her youth she was a beautiful gi ... 6774 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Mon Apr 16 10:14:10 2001 GMT

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Title: Four hours to get home

It started out as a good evening. I was drawn to her cute face and petite body. Her hair was blond and done up in a bun with a butterfly clip on top. She wore a white dress that showed her dark bra underneath. Her breasts were large and appeared firm, I guess it appeared that way because of the bra. Standing behind her I could see her panty line. I could not guess the color but I could trace it over both butt cheeks and as it disappeared between her legs. It was cut high on her hips. I stood admiring her dr ... 4639 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Tue Apr 17 12:17:50 2001 GMT

Name: paul

Title: Welcome to New York

There are street fairs in New York when the weather warms up, as it is now doing. These fairs are a bunch of food, jewelery, stupid tourist t-shirts. The booths force many people into a small pathway through the middle. This fair went for two short blocks, maybe 200 yards total. I walked up and back four or five times, elbowing every tit I could see. Some of them were absolutely beautiful and unbound by bras, though of course most were just normal.

For some reason this girl with what looked to ... 2459 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Apr 18 20:22:13 2001 GMT

Name: GMAN

Title: Thai Restruant

Went for thai food again today and because we had lots of people and the restruant was crowded, we sat in the same spot as last time, where the waitresses have to squeeze past to serve you, got a lot of good feels today, it started with my elbow finding its way along the bum to the crack of the ass as the waitress squeezed past, then when she came back to take orders, she was standing directly behind me with such little space, she had to bump into my elbow or hand, I then let my hand dangle and started feel ... 828 more byte(s), click here!

Sex: M

Date: Fri Apr 20 14:45:40 2001 GMT


Title: Wednesday

There was a big match played today, it was an afternoon game and the bus stop was quite empty by the time I got there. I sat beside Wednesday on the bus and we did not say a word or even look in each other's direction. What was funny was there were other seats to choose from and she sat beside me. It was a very awkward and tense ride all the way home. Our bodies carefully not touching on the small seat but our legs were touching. I could feel the heat burning between us were we touched. I will spend the res ... 1440 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Sun Apr 22 15:42:50 2001 GMT

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