Selected Sensual Stories No.10

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Title: Japanese girls (in Kyoto)
Comments: I met a pretty young girl in Kyoto. I was visiting places of interest, old and famous temples, in the old city. I was in a state of touristic enlightenment, renouncing this worldly affair and contemplating hereafter, until I saw this all tits and ass. She was young. She was small. She looked preteen as far as you looked at her face and hight. She had a pretty-pretty childlike round face with a small nose and round eyes. But her figure was nothing but a miniaturized adult woman. The tits were firm and round. The bottom was beamy and round. They were out of proportion. I was lost in worldly passions. I must caress her tits. I spoke to her and asked the way to XXX by quick wit. I knew where it was. I was from there. She spoke English moderately. The good girl told me that I must go back the way I had come. And that was the way she was going. I gave thanks to her and we started to walk side by side. After some hesitation, she asked me where I was from. That's not bad. But that was not enough. I wanted to touch her breasts not just to talk. I noticed that she had a wristwatch. I asked the time and when she looked at the watch I looked at too. I had been grabbing my shoulder bag strap. When I consulted her watch, the back of the hand stroked over her tit BY ACCIDENT. Of course, I knew it would be. But it could be an accident and I could insist on my innocence. She was frozen up in the very moment but soon she was as friendly as she had been. She didn't raise anything about the accident. I found that she was fifteen. Her sister was an university student living alone in Kyoto. And she was visiting her sister and staying in her apartment. She wanted me come over there to meet her sister. I accepted the offer right away. She said that the sister might not be in the flat just in time but she would be back in two hours. This angel didn't understand what she was saying! I was thinking how I could touch her tits again. But no more. I could have her cherry popped! I must not do anything to tighten her guard and I didn't until I came into the apartment. Her sister was not there. I pinned down the young girl and kissed all over her. She was panicked. Who care? I stripped her pants violently, grabbed ankles, spread out legs wide and roughhandled her pussy with the tip of my tongue. The virgin beauty groaned and shook the head with the acute sensations she never had had before. She wiggled the hips to dodge the attacks. Soon, she lost control of her body. She kept wiggling her hips but they merely automatically responded to the stimuli given to her pleasure box. Breaking into her narrow gate was fine. My thrusts gave her awful pain. I even felt pity for her. But I gave her non-stop torment as she declined my proposal to have 69. While I was giving her full 30 minutes bang-bang, tears welled up in her eyes and trickled down her face. I further used her tears wet face to wipe my semen-white=blood-red dick. To be continued.
Date: 18:25:19, April 28

Title: Japanese girls (in Kyoto II)
Comments: I wanted to have another bang-bang with her sister. She must be sweet 19 year old ass. I heard that she was expected at any minute. The high school girl was not happy about the idea, though. She did not want her sister raped. She begged me to leave the apartment. She even became overexcited. I could rape her for the second time to gain time. It could quiet her but it could upset her more. "OK, if you want me to leave, I would. But only if you come too." I said. I stated that she must obey me. "When I say 'such my cock', you may ask 'how deep'." She hesitated but she decided. I allowed her to wear a T-shirt and a miniskirt. When we met, she was in a pair of jeans. But a miniskirt is better. It is far better specially when a girl can not have on panties. I forbade her wearing tops too. This was the price she paid for her sister. The way to my hotel was the best. The poor little pussy did not know what to do with her big boobs. Without bra, nipples were nothing but obvious under the filled-to-bursting T-shirt. As she became aware of them, she lost her head and blushed for shame. The more nervous she became, the more stimulated and stiffened were her nipples. When we arrived at the hotel, pussy juice had soaked her crotch and dripping to the legs. As promised, she obeyed all my orders. She sucked my cock. She rode on my cock. We enjoyed many positions. Atfer that, I asked her if she would be my sex slave or I would take the key to the apartment and going to rape her sister. She liked to be my carnal prisoner. I took few photos of her as a proof of her servitude. She spread the legs wide, put fingers in the box and masturbated for the pictures. I assured her that I would not develop the film. One week since then, while I was in Kyoto, she came to see me to be raped everyday. She learnt finding pleasure in sex. Besides, she was my tour guide with a blush on the face and with pointed nipples. On the last day, I really wanted to rape her sister. Er, I wanted to try her. But the young girl literally "sucked up" all my virility. We had become so good sex friends. We took commemorative naked and spree video on the day. I want to go Kyoto after graduation. Do you know any good job there?
Date: 14:56:07, May 02

Name: "H" Teacher
Title: she likes being seen
Comments: I teach at a university. Most of my students are girls between 18 and 22. I like my job very much! I usually manage to peep up a skirt or down a blouse EVERY lesson! I think some girls realise I do this. They don't seem to care. Last week though, I had a very nice experience. One of my students, who always sits at the back wearing very short skirts, moved to the front of the class. The front row. Of course I was disappointed because I couldn't enjoy the sight of her panties so easily. During the lesson, while the students were doing some discussion, I joined her pair. I was standing, she was sitting. I asked her about her opinion and we began chatting. She was wearing a denim jacket which was buttoned up to the top. Suddenly, she undid the buttons. Underneath she was wearing a low-cut T-shirt. She moved forward in her chair allowing a gap to open between the T-shirt and her skin. This gave me a lovely close-up view of her breasts and bra. I couldn't believe it! What a nice girl. I wonder what treat she will have for me next lesson. By the way, this is true, unlike a lot of the interesting stories on this site.
age: 40
sex: 18-22 only
Date: 00:45:21, May 04

Name: Blue Satan
Title: Rock concert rape
Comments: It was in March. My bad friend asked if I would go concert. "Why me? I dont like music." "But you like girls." He said that a popular rock group was coming. "There must be a large crowd." "Good!" Two days later, total seven of us met at the concert place. The audience were mostly young women. :-) "Great! And who has the tickets." We didn't reserve tickets. We couldn't and we shouldn't. We were there to molest a woman. "You know, we are not interested in a reserved seat. The gallery tickets were sold on the day only." People had formed a long line in front of the box office. "It's too much." Two of us hated to stand in the line. "But they are young girls. This is worth waiting....." We waited and waited. While we were waiting, I found that good-looking girls had advance tickets. Only ugly women were going to buy day tickets. After an hour, we finally we got tickets. The inside was a mess. We were violently jostled in the crowd in the aisle. We picked a girl from the standees. She looked better than other girls. The girl got separated from her friends a little. We plowed our way through the crowd by force. People must complain about us but the music drowned out the voices. "Good! We can rape a girl and nobody know it if we can surround her completely." "What?" "I said we can rape a girl." "What!?" We needed to give a loud cry into each other's ears to talk. In a few minutes, we surrounded her. I was just at the back of the girl. I pressed my cock onto the crack between her cheeks. She started at it. Before she turned around, a man in front of her touched her on the front. Men on both sides of her reached for her body. Many hands grabbed and groped her. I think she said something, even shouted. The cry for help reached nobody's ear. I stroked her round cheeks. Breasts and pussy mound were taken by other men. Her both hands were seized. Someone undid her jeans. We tore the panties off. She became silent but did her best to escape. She struggled to get free from the vicelike grips to pull herself free. Needless to say, it was no use. She turned red. She merely squirmed. I pulled my cock out. I struggled to put it in her pussy. However, she was short. I could not penetrate her. It slipped and bounced between the legs. She was wet and hot there. I shot the seed at the door in spite of myself. The next man held her tight from behind. She was lifted a little. I guessed he violated her successfully. Her breaths were coming faster and faster. We raped her by turns. When my turn comes again, she was thoroughly exhausted. She would slump down to the floor if we did not support her body. Her jeans had dragged down to the ankles. I slipped a hand into her jacket. Her brassiere had slipped out of place upward. I crumpled up her nipple. She had been struck dumb. I managed my shaft up into her cunt. She came to her senses again at the moment. Soon, however, she was lost in the sweet torture. Flicking her swollen clitoris gave her a jolt. I couldn't restrain myself any more. I thrusted the cock back and forth wildly. I didn't care the eyes of others. I could hear her pant. "aagh" "uhmm" "mmmgn" I was struck with an indescribable sensation of sexual climax. I could not hold it no more than 2 minutes. The concert was over before the third round. We put her on the clothes right and left her there on the floor completely shattered and covered by cum. No problem. Many young women faint during a rock concert. They will be carried to a medical office if they do not come to themself soon.
age: 35
sex: twice a day
Date: 11:14:35, May 07

Name: VampInSchool
Title: The bar was tempting.
Comments: I'm a teacher at L***** Elementary School. The school has vertical and horizontal bars for gym and for play. A girl who is in the lower class was playing with a vertical bar few days ago. Whilst others up and down the bars, she held on to the bar and wriggled. Certainly, she was masturbating. I didn't know if she was doing it knowingly or unknowingly. But..., she was doing it. I could tell so for sure. I am ashamed to say that but I was doing the same as a child. I talked to her and diverted her attention. She is a round-eyed pretty baby. Something in me tempted. "Do I pick you up?" She is not a small baby any more. But she is a young child love to cling to a teacher. She threw her arms around me and started to climb up my body. She held my thigh between her legs. Her pussy was pressed on me. I held her in my arms and played with her for a period of time. I rubbed my thigh against her crotch knowingly. She wriggled back. We were kiss'-kiss'-buddy-buddy for the rest of the break. We played again yesterday. After ten years, I had clinged the bar first time as an adult. I gripped the bar between my legs and pressed my pussy against it hard. As I up and down, the bar rubbed my tender flesh over the jeans. To be sure, I helped the girl to climb the bar too. I supported her on her bottom and lifted her body. I slipped a hand onto the heart of her buttocks and pushed up her body by pressing her pussy. I even kneaded her there. We also hugged and kissed and pressed agianst each other's pussies. I remined her that she should keep our relationship secret. "Because a teacher should not favor one child." So far, I can stay with in the limit. We didn't remove our clothes. But I afraid that I may lose control of myself in time.
age: 24
sex: female
Date: 18:49:56, May 21

Name: Nina
Title: re: VampInSchool
Comments: Indeed, an agreeable sensation learnt in childhood cannot be unlearn. I love the corner of a table or a desk even now. The corner of a washing machine is the best. I usually do it in that way. I straighten myself, press it on the corner and twitch legs by turns. I like an automatic washing machine changing the vibration automatically.
age: 21
sex: Female
Date: 14:07:31, May 25

Name: H Sensei
Title: Update
Comments: Hi everyone! Just an update on my student who seems to enjoy allowing me a clear view of her panties and bra during classes. Since my last posting, I have been less discreet about where my eyes wander. Her behaviour hasn't changed. She's still coming to class in very low-cut T-shirts and super-minis. Of course I take full advantage of her generosity. A nice thing happened last lesson though. The girl and her best friend both sat at the front! Her friend, actually the more attractive of the two also gave me a show. By accident or design? One can but speculate. The weather has been a little hot of late. However, I kept them both behind after class and asked them if they might be free in the summer to do some extra work for me. Actually, a legitimate inquiry. Guess what? They said that they would love to!!
age: 40
sex: hopefully 3P
Date: 08:52:38, June 02

Name: subway

Title: New York Is Interesting


I ride the subway each workday from Queens to Manhattan. It
usually gets very crowded in the morning, with too many people
jamming into the subway cars. It isn't unusual for someone to
brush up against my breasts or ass. Most of the time, I have to
believe its intentional. Sometimes they linger, sometimes they
squeeze, sometimes they rub. There is no point getting angry. To
... 17736 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 29
Sex: F

Date: Fri Jun 23 11:32:55 2000 GMT

Name: Guest

Title: When I visit Japan

I find this site by looking at history from my work computer. Is there more like this one?

I was young man in Japan when I learn this behavior. I am not Japanese but my father married Japanese lady from my mother. I was not liking this Japanese woman for a long time. Then I get older and I live with my father and his wife. For my work I visit Japan to help develop the marketing strategy in Asia. For one year I must live in Japan so my father together with his wife transfer his job to Japan. After on ... 6668 more byte(s), click here!

Age: >40
Sex: M

Date: Fri Jun 30 09:18:04 2000 GMT

Name: Stock broker

Title: I want an adventure too.

Two years have passed since I came to Japan. I live in Osaka if you know, with my wife. I want to have a secret adventure like you guys. The commuter trains are alway crowded. I have been pressed against lovely girls here and there. But I cannot touch them. I even have not seen any chikan groping a woman.

I heard a chikan story frm my man on one occasion. He said that he was the leader of a cheer group. A cheep group in Japanese campus makes too much of seniority. A leader acts like a god. When he sp ... 2264 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 34
Sex: M for married

Date: Mon Jul 3 15:19:10 2000 GMT

Name: a man with silver fingers


She was the 6th grade. I knew that from overhearing their talk. She was with two friends. All of them were girls. She was a little less than five feet. She was the best! Dont misunderstand me. I didn't mean to touch her. She was merely a little girl.

Yet. She came to stand just in front of me. We were in the sports stadium and we had standing room only. She pressed her back, although not deliberately, against me. The play was about to begin. She standed on tiptoe when it started. Then she came down. ... 3028 more byte(s), click here!

Age: You guess
Sex: You guess

Date: Fri Jul 7 18:35:14 2000 GMT

Name: linda

Title: I love to be felt!!!

I was on a train that was very packed and I was pressed between these two older men. The train jolted to a stop and the man grabbed me to hold me up. He never let go. I turned to him and smiled. He smiled back. He held me all the way to the next destination. As we rolled to a stop, he slipped his hand up under my skirt and felt my pussy through my panties, which were very damp by now. I looked back at him and we didn't say anything, we just smiled at each other. And just like that , he was gone. I have boar ... 68 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 14
Sex: female

Date: Wed Jul 12 02:49:01 2000 GMT

Name: linda

Title: My first feel-up

I had my first feel-up when I was 10. My parents and I were on vacation at a hotel. I had just gone swimming and was still in my bikini. My parents sent me to go get some ice for their drinks. So i went upstairs looking for an ice machine. A man was standing in the hallway. He was in his late 30s or early 40's . I asked him if he had any ice in his room. He said "sure , come on in". I went in and he closed the door behind me. I didn't notice at the time that he locked the door. He said it was in the bat ... 1008 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 14
Sex: female

Date: Thu Jul 13 02:02:39 2000 GMT

Name: Salome

Title: Untitled

I merely dashed into my train at my time.
But the man was following me.
I became aware of him only when his hand groped about for my hand.
At first his little finger touched the back of my hand.
I thought that is was because the train was crowded.
Then, I moved the hand few inches away.
It must be enough to leave his hand.
The hand followed me.
It was intentional.
My heart beat quickly.

May hand had been on my side.
Therefore, I moved it and folded my arms.
But the li ... 1559 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 23
Sex: Female

Date: Thu Jul 13 22:41:54 2000 GMT

Name: Nina

Title: My favourite wildest fancy

I am found. He threats me and rapes me as he finds my sex fancy. He takes me out to a neighboring square. He checks my pussy. He finds lascivious honey dripping down on the thighs. He makes me open wide. He violates me from back. He doesn't care if we may be seen. He strips me of undies by force. He brings me to the bench for further harassment. He puts a hand under my skirt. Clearly, we must be seen. He gives me finger-job. I'm seen. But he keeps me there. He will not let me go untill I climax. And maybe h ... 201 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 21
Sex: Female

Date: Mon Jul 17 14:26:24 2000 GMT

Name: Mash

Title: Close Encounter

Close Encounter

She stood with her back towards me while talking to two of her friends. She was tall for a girl that age, all three of them were tall. She was about 5'7", wearing an expensive pair of running shoes. I know they were expensive because my sister had just bought two pairs. Her socks were loose and just under her knees. She was wearing a plaid skirt with pleats that came to about mid thigh. I did not see her face at that time but I imagined that she was beautiful. Her friend kept talking ... 3486 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 23
Sex: Male

Date: Wed Jul 19 08:16:14 2000 GMT

Name: Pete

Title: Grope/Rape my Wife..

I have fantasies of having my wife groped, felt up against her will, even raped by at least one guy. She shares this fantasy too, and when we have sex she gets on top so I can finger her ass, we both pretend she is being raped by another man. I have seen her felt up on the subway a couple of times, it made me instantly hard so I didn't stop it, although she was annoyed...
Once at a party with a load of guys she passed out. I went to get a wet cloth for her face and some water. When I came back her blouse ... 913 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 30

Date: Wed Jul 19 18:52:40 2000 GMT

Name: MASH


Close Encounter II

Unlike Japan we do not have any commuter trains. We have buses, very crowded buses.
Can you tell when a girl is attracted to you physically. It is easy to spot the girls that are attracted to me, I have mastered that art over the years. I am very good looking, and very well dressed. I live in a poor country, but my family is very wealthy. If you have been to a poor country you can easily distinguish the rich from the poor. I sense that when I am at the bus stop girls are drawn ... 4218 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 23
Sex: male

Date: Fri Jul 21 09:02:48 2000 GMT

Name: Mike

Title: Concerts

I have always loved going to concerts, standing room only of course, so I can get caught in the crowd crush and press my dick against a cute chick's ass. I have never used my hand to grope a girl, as this would be too obvious, but I have casually kept my hands at my side and brushed them against some girl's rear sometimes. Actually, I guess I could say I have groped when a girl-crowdsurfer gets near then I can of course grab her without being obvious. But what I love the most is grinding my dick against a g ... 2662 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 28
Sex: Male

Date: Sun Jul 23 03:46:56 2000 GMT

Name: Masher

Title: Convoluted Recollection

During the early days I would sometimes end up mashing the same girl. We were in high school and this girl was about 2 years my junior. She was a cute girl, but she had an unapproachable demeanor. I knew her from her academic accomplishments, her scores for reaching high school was one of the highest in the nation.
She was tall, slightly heavy, with long black hair. Her thighs were thick and she liked showing them off by wearing the shortest skirt allowed by the school. Sometimes she would go home in he ... 5127 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 23
Sex: M

Date: Mon Jul 24 10:29:54 2000 GMT


Title: Festival

I came from vacation and was ready for some good old mashing. I found no good opportunities as it was still holidays and the buses were less crowded. There was a big festival and I got separated from my friends, so I left a note on the van saying I will make it home by myself. When I went to the bus stop there were lots of young people. The bus would be crowded but with few adults. The girls were skimpily dressed and I had a difficult time finding the right girl. Finally I went for a tall slim girl who was ... 1777 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 23
Sex: M

Date: Fri Jul 28 10:02:33 2000 GMT

Name: Luqie

Title: She humped her back and I bumped her front.

     She had a long sweet face and fashionable long red hair. I think she had her hair dyed. But the face nor the hair did not catch my attention. The teen walked with downcast eyes as if she did not have enough self-confidence. No. The girl humpered her back because she did not want to receive much attention. If she was not shy and if she threw out her chest, all the men around her had their eyes on her bosom breasts. They were wonderful. They must be F or G cup. But the girl s ... 2642 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 22
Sex: Man

Date: Wed Aug 2 15:47:23 2000 GMT

Name: Jose

Title: Football

They invaded my space. For years I would exercise by myself on the field close to my house. Usually I am the only one there, until they arrived. A group of high school girls showed up this past year to make this their football (soccer for the Americans) practice pitch. At first I was upset and did not exercise at the usual time. One evening I decided to watch them practice. They were terrible. I mean really awful. Only two of them had any skill on the ball, and those two were also bad. I felt sorry for the ... 3949 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 38
Sex: M

Date: Fri Aug 4 04:21:29 2000 GMT

Name: Michael

Title: Disney World Part 1

When I was 13, my parents and I went to Disney World for our annual summer vacation. Since they didn't share my taste in rides, we would all get our park passes and then go our seperate ways for the first couple of hours. Disney World is incredibly crowded during the summer season as it is, so you add the fact that there were several new rides opening up, and the place was a mob scene. It was during this vacation that this little pervert discovered the joys of groping strange women in public.

It all ... 2363 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 18
Sex: Male

Date: Wed Aug 9 02:00:27 2000 GMT

Name: Michael

Title: Disney World Part 2

I made up her mind for her. As she took a tentative step forward, there was a sudden rush of people from behind, and we were both pushed, almost against our will, into the crowd. Our bodies were now touching, but we were still on the outer edges of the crowd...not where I wanted to be. I took a deep whiff of her perfume, and then pushed forward. She tried to step to the side to make way for me, but since there were people on her left and her right, she had no choice but to move deeper into the crowd herself ... 2976 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 18
Sex: Male

Date: Wed Aug 9 02:40:37 2000 GMT

Name: Michael

Title: Disney World Part 3

I slid my hands down, was the crowd as too tight to just drop them, down until they rested on her upper thighs. She tried to push them away, but her arms were pinned to her sides as if she was tied up. She was now letting out very loud, extremely annoyed sighs. I found the hem of her dress and began to slide it up her thighs. She glanced over her shoulder, and now the look on her face was more panic than anything. I tried to slide the dress up to her waist, but the butt of the guy in front of her kept me fr ... 3258 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 18
Sex: Male

Date: Wed Aug 9 03:15:14 2000 GMT


Title: Good Days: Bad Days

I went home for a couple of days and dug out a journal. Here are some translated entries.
There are good days and there are bad days, most days for the masher are bad. What happens when it is a BAD day turned good?
My exams ended early and I went to the plaza to browse until evening. Already it was a bad day, what with knowingly failing the final two exams for the term. I browsed for hours before settling in a novelty shop where I read some comics. I was not permitted to leave the shop until I purchas ... 7021 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 23
Sex: M

Date: Sat Aug 12 06:26:34 2000 GMT


Title: Good Days: Bad Days

Some Wednesday after gym class we left school because Mr. C., our teacher after gym had to be at the military base. This Wednesday I was coerced to go to the matinee with a few classmates. My presence was needed to get everyone in (movie house operated by friends of the family) below regular cost. Ten of us went and I had to give the girl at the booth some cash to keep her happy. We were very rowdy and this led to a few warnings by the usher. I excused myself for fear that someone who knew me ... 7862 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 23
Sex: M

Date: Tue Aug 15 06:54:40 2000 GMT

Name: pantysniffer

Title: Tight Crowds

i like it in crowded areas when i put both of my hands on a tight cute ass in front of me and palm both ass cheeks and push on them with my hands but the girl cant do anything cause her hands and arms are caught in the huge crowd... this usually happens at crowded concession stands... also, i like it when they're done ordering and have to turn around to leave the concession area...the crowd is so packed that they can't help but brush their boobs right across your arm, i usually stick my other hand on my arm ... 1855 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:37:43 2000 GMT

Name: cmorebuttz

Title: Picture Perfect

Well I am glad you started this site....there is enough message boards getting these comments and now a dedicated board! Thanks!

The following is a true story of my events into groping.

Well this past summer I had the privaledge to go to Maui for 5 days. During this period my family and I went to a Luai (sp). Well I spotted to nice mid-to upper thirty mothers attending the function with families in tow. They had nice long sundresses on with NOTHING under them. One mother did have a bra on sinc ... 1168 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:38:36 2000 GMT

Name: JB

Title: groping

i don't wear any underwear and put on a loose thin fabric pants and try to go to places where people jampack the elevators like in office buildings wear something casual and neat so as not to attract attention and carry with you some folders or envelopes move up to the woman in front and be just inches away from her for sure when people starts coming in she has to move back to you that's when you press your cock on her nice butt then move back a bit so as not to be to obvious. you can do that too in the clu ... 282 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:39:27 2000 GMT

Name: HBK96

Title: frat probate show

It's good to see a fellow groper and read stories!

I also forgot to tell you about another Greek Frat Probate Show, where the crowd nearly fell over itself, and I was at the center of about 8 women!! During the chaos that ensued, I grabbed every female ass in the vicinity! I did hear some girl yell "He's grabbing her butt!", but I got away unscathed. I also rubbed legs, tits, and even did some "pussy feeling"! Talk about fun!! And to all those who would flame me for this; the girl can't tell it's you ... 156 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:40:13 2000 GMT

Name: 5i's

Title: Austin Powers

Had one of those voyeur type opportunities last night which come along unexpectedly and you have to think and react quickly to get maximum benefit.

I had gone with my gf to the cinema to see 'Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me', we were sat towards the middle row about 6 seats in from the end of the row.The cinema was full as the film has just been released over here. After about an hour I noticed people shuffling around on our row.A young lady (about 20) was making her way along our aisle to go ... 1121 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:40:57 2000 GMT

Name: HBK96

Title: pool party

Ahh yes!! I must say that was a job very well done!! I am also a master of the art of groping women I don't even know. At a pool party on campus recently, there was a crowd (perfect set-up!), and one girl I only casually knew passed by, and I made sure my hand was in the perfect position. As she moved by, I dragged my hand by the upper inner thighs. I think she liked it, because later that night (still at the party) she passed by again; this time she made sure her ass rubbed across my crotch. I wasn't weari ... 214 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:41:40 2000 GMT

Name: Road Dogg

Title: WWF

I went to a house show this past weekend at Madison Square Garden in New York. During intermission, the halls were PACKED with people getting food, merchandise, and going to the rest rooms.

I would just stand by the ladies' room, wait for a hot looking woman (or girl...those teenage girls are pretty naive.) and get behind her. Within seconds we would reach a very congested area and as the people behind me pushed forward my dick would press right between her ass cheeks. Several women glanced over thei ... 440 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:43:40 2000 GMT

Name: mrdolly

Title: My first experience

Growing up I was more interested in peeping up
skirts of women who wore stockings...The first woman I "felt up" was entirely an accident on
an elevated train on my way to high school when I was 15 somehow I got wedged behind an older lady (About 40-50) anyhow I was right in her behind and got hard rather than back away i rode this woman like she was a horse I think she was too shocked to say anything if I wasnt scared of my poarents finding out I probabl ywould have rode her till I came or followed he ... 17 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:44:20 2000 GMT

Name: cleanpenguin

Title: Paris Metro

About the only time I grope is on crowded subway systems, as I feel confident there that I won't be caught. It started when i was in Paris one spring watching all these beautiful young women go about in their spring dresses and thin pants. Lots of times you could see their asses shifting and jiggling and move about. It was too tempting! I was getting on a subway at one point amidst a crowd and passed right next to a beautiful eighteen year old with thin pants and a beautiful ass. I slapped her ass hard with ... 293 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:44:49 2000 GMT

Name: mrdolly

Title: cheap stores

I thought 99 cent stores would be a great place
to start .. I had a field day Tuesday my taste is for "stuffy" looking older married ladies..
i found a bargain store in the basement of a drugstore on my way to the library (where I
look up skirts) anyway I thought I was unlucky
till I spotted a 40-50 year old woman she was
short but well constructed. first i squeezed past her in a narrow aisle and felt her juicy stuffed posterior then to look innocent i left her alone(and looked for other "vi ... 682 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:45:35 2000 GMT

Name: steve

Title: older chicks

my name is steve, and i'm 13 years old. i've been into groping since last year. i'm not really into groping girls my age...i'm more into groping older women. my favorite places to go are concerts where it is standing room only. i also love to get in the middle of crowds as people are leaving or entering an arena and the hallways are narrow...everyone is pushing and shoving, everyone is pressed up against everyone rules.

i look in the crowd for a woman that id like to grope...i like women in ... 1480 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:46:09 2000 GMT

Name: S_Megma

Title: School days

When I was in school, I had a hot teacher. After school, I would stop in when no one else was around. I was one of her favorite students. I would sit a little behind her as she was doing her work. I would palm her ass very gently and feel her bikini panty line underneath her clothes. She never suspected anything. If she did, she didn't show it. If I knew any upskirt tricks, I would have upskirted. Still turns me on to this day to think of those glory days.

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:46:37 2000 GMT

Name: dickaqua

Title: concert

got a great story for you guys.
two days ago went to a big rock concert in my hometown, got right down in the mosh pit and searched for the hottest girls.the first i found was this brown haired girl about 5'1, probably about 16 years old. she was wearing a skin tight black top and black stretchy pants. i waited behind her for the band to start playing occasionally bumping my hand lightly into her ass. as soon as the band started playing and the crowd got tighter i fell back about one person behind her an ... 587 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:47:18 2000 GMT

Name: uriko_1

Title: concert

I keep trying to write but get cut off. so this will be short and hopefully sweet.

I attended a concert at the beach, it was third eye blind i think. the place is a small hole in the wall, not your normal hall. we went early, so we could get up close and see the band. all the night the place got more packed with people. and of course, i had to excuse myself to visit the restroom. i had many opportunties as i pushed my way to the restrooms. but being as old as i am, and hopefully wiser, i just looked ... 880 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:47:43 2000 GMT

Name: uriko_1

Title: New Year's Eve fun!

I know this isn't a concert groping story, but i have always found that my best opportunties are during concerts.

last new year's eve, we attended a very nice party; everybody was dressed to the max! there were alot of gorgeous women, all in semi formal outfits.

after the "toasting in the new year", a while later, about 1:00 or so, i noticed one of the couples had really celebrated a little too much. the date/husband/whatever, was holding up this gorgeous blonde who seemed to be really drunk ... 652 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:48:14 2000 GMT

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