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Name: Leily
Title: Long time no touch
Comments: Last week I took a crowded train. I was pushed into the car to find myself in an awkward position. I was facing a man. I didn't have my coat buttoned. A hand slipped into my miniskirt. He wore a poker face while touching me. He traced my panties. Slowly, he put the hand between my legs. He passed the hand over my fissure. He was too skilled in touching my pussy. I felt good. My legs opened of their own accord. The inside was hot. He sensed that I didn't offer resistance. Quickly, he pulled the panties aside. He put the finger in the wet honey pot. "You naughty girl. You are wet." He talked to me dirty. He touched me hard. When I was wondering if I could not be standing any longer, he put the sweater up. He caressed my tits. He put the finger into it. He groped my love button too. I didn't care a bit about those around when I wagged my hips. I was heated beyound my power when I got off the train. I went a movie house to find someone grope me more. This story may continue......
age: 34
sex: F
Date: 12:18:52, February 22

Name: a spider woman
Title: get caught in a web
Comments: When I was young I met a spider man. He was not a man in the comic book but he was a real man using a real spider. We went camping in the summer of the 7th grade. One fine day I went to the campsite office for some equipments. A young man, one of my neighbors, was there on duty. Though we do not know each other well, he was very kind to me. He provided us everything I asked. "SPIDER!" he shouted suddenly. I big spider was creeping on my dress. "Don't worry. This one does not have deadly poison." He reached for the spider. But the bug fell into my blouse. The spider was so big, I was paniced. He told me that I had to remove the dress. He said the spider might bite. Of course I would not do that. But the spider was creeping on my body. He helped me off hastily. He checked my blouse and brassiere. But he could not find the spider. I felt something creeping in my jeans. Although I was too bashful to say so, he realized where was the spider. He unbuttoned my jeans against my protest. He inserted the hand searching the bug. Even though I was slow in maturing, I already had hair down there. He groped in my jeans. He felt my crotch over the panties. Still, I feared the spider too much and I naively believed that he was searching the bug. "Is this?" he picked the small projection. That made me hold the breath. Although I had just learnt the name clitoris, the point was familiar to me. "uugghh" I moaned. I must stop him. Because I knew what he was doing. He was sexually stimulating me. But I didn't know how to say that. How could I say "please search the bug but do not touch my clitoris, it will make me hot" and at the same time pretend I knew nothing about the spot. I wanted to play innocent. I wanted to keep my masturbation secret. Before I could think out an explanation, the sensitive organ started to respond. My back felt like melting. I felt my crotch sweet. "This is it, huh?" the man pulled my jeans down to around my knee. He repeatedly stroked the slit and picked the clit. I merely could say "no, not there" in a feeble voice. "Okay, let me see then" he took advantage of my words. He pulled my panties down. "The spider must be hidden in this jungle" he referred to my pubic hair. He carried me to the sofa where I was laid, the panties were taken, the legs were wide open. He even pulled and opened my pussy lips. "This is not searching a spider" I thought. But I couldn't say that. Queer excitement enveloped me. Then, he ate my pussy. It was as good as masturbation, only longer. When finally he sat between my legs, the only thing I could think was FUCK! It was painful. Yet I was driven by lust. I kept thrusting back my pussy against intruding manshaft. I had kept the affair with him few years. Nowadays I volunteer for camp. It's my turn to teach a young men to puberty.
age: 27
sex: female
Date: 19:42:34, February 25

Name: LION
Title: Lost opportunity?
Comments: I saw a young girl in a shopping mall. She may be 12 or 13. She looks really young except her tits. The girl has good cone shaped knockers but she does not yet wear tops. Firm tits sways as she run about. I am tempted to grope her. When I pass her, I stroke over her breasts. Contrary to what you might think, she is all smiles. She even beckons me. I am quite surprised and I run away. With hindsight, I think of it. Did I lost an opportunity?
age: 16
sex: MAN
Date: 17:02:12, February 26

Name: LION
Title: second challenge
Comments: I went the same shopping mall again. Today I found a young pretty girl, maybe 10-11. I saw her in a drug store. She hanged about in front of porn bookshelves. I thought those dirty zines roused her interest. I approached her quietly. I rubbed her back gently and I whispered "I have zines better than these in my room." But she fled. I think she must be surprised.
age: 16
Date: 17:15:35, February 27

Name: Nina
Title: Abuse me..
Comments: I am 21 years old Nina living in Stockholm. I met a chikan yesterday. He stood behind me. He had a briefcase. He pressed it on me. I had a doubt if he meant it. Out of curiosity, I waited his next move. He became daring by degrees. He thrusted the case between me legs. He rubbed the inside of the thigh with the case. The case creeped up with each stroke. In the end he made the case stuck to my crotch. He lifted it further. I was made riding astride of it! He never directly touched me. But he moved the bag subtle vibration. That made me hot. Do you know any chikan site in Swedish? Maybe you send me email in English, Swedish or German.
age: 21
sex: female
Date: 11:37:25, March 02

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Name: groped by four men
Title: lisa
Comments: i am typing this with four men. i am all naked. one of them is inserting a dick in my cunt. two are caressing my tits from both sides. last one is taking photos. i was groped in a cinema. they took me to a men's room. and they raped me. they took me to the home. i showed them my fav porno sites. they raped me the way i like. i am pervert. i became their sex slave. i announce my slavery. lisa is a sex slave. i do evrything for sex.
age: 23
sex: slave woman
Date: 17:01:16, March 04

Name: Nina
Title: Do you look for me?
Comments: Hi! Nina from Storkholm. I don't know how many of you live in Stockholm. Maybe very few. But if the briefcase man read me, he knows who am I. I am lustful. He may touch me directly next time. He may even speak to me. I fear that. But I enjoy my imagination. After the man touched me by the case I checked my underwear in the ladies in the office. The bikinis had a small spot. The sub was not crowded on my way home. But I was thinking of the man. He might be watching me. The imagination made me hot. When I got back to the home I looked into the panties agian. I had a bigger spot. I checked the unherwear again in the office this morning and I found a juice spot. I soothed my craving by myself. I needed to finger my pussy in a lavatory. It was only few minutes. I tried my best but someone might hear me pant.
age: 21
sex: Female
Date: 12:49:09, March 06

Name: a white man has a big cock
Title: an Indonesian ferry
Comments: I went Indonesia last year. I took a ferryboat in that I met a lovely asian woman. The girl was about fourteen and she was traveling with family. We met in the steerage. All the third-class passengers slept in one big room. About 40 of us were in the compartment. The light was dimmed after 10pm. "It's a golden opportunity" I thought. The girl was sleeping just next to me. I slid a hand under her blanket. She was facing other side and I could feel her back. She made small move and stiffened when I stroked her round ass. She had not slept yet. A girl asleep can be groped easily unless she does not awake. But a girl awake and does not move is a better quarry. I stroked her ass and groped tender flesh between cheeks. She wore jeans. So I rubbed her with enough strength. The small swell was there. I tried to pressed the cloth cut into her slit. I groped clit too. She breathed hard at first but little by little she fell into a doze. I undressed her waist down carefully. But she stiffened the body again. It's okay. All others did not awake. I put a finger in her lips. My finger was covered by honey. I gave her a massage until she became really hot and wet. I finger-fucked her before penis-fucked her. Though she was all wet, I could not penetrate easily. My peepee was too big for her young cunt. Worst, she was virgin. I grabbed her waist and broke into her by force. "ummm.." she murmured in agony. I thrusted it back and forth slowly while groping her clit. Her moaning became that of pleasure against her will. I feared that others might wake up hearing her voice. But she feared it too. She covered her mouth with a pillow I fucked her all through the night and I gave her five shots in a row.
age: 32
sex: Man
Date: 11:54:55, March 08

Name: Edie
Title: a cute highschool girl.
Comments: I was on a train as usual yesterday. A coy highschool girl was in front of me. I couldn't see her face. I was pressed on her back. Soon my dxxk bulged. I couldn't stand still. I rubbed my stiffness against her crevasse. She felt it. She looked me over her shoulder. "uh, I'm sorry. but.." I said sincerely. She would be surprised. She looked ahead and never looked back. I took her hips to hold her tight. I shoved her repeatedly with my stick. I felt that she breathed hard. She quivered. After 10 minutes she turned around. I understood that she was getting off. I took her hand and led it on my bulge. She glanced me and patted there before she went. I stroked her pxxxy in return. Give me an email if you like PRESSING.
age: Before 30
sex: Hard and Many times
Date: 09:03:28, March 11

Name: No name
Title: I hated gropers.
Comments: Have I made myself understood? A stranger molesting my bum. A hand up in my skirt. When the worst comes to the worst, a figer in my panties. Subway in Seoul is awfully crowded. I hated it. I had reacted quickly whenever somebody touched me. I looked back. I looked down. I was after touching hand. That worked at once. Until last year. I was late on that day. I was almost late for the school. I felt a touching hand. I tried to look back. I could not turn around, because the subway was jam-packed. I could not see the hand. I looked about to see a questionable face. But I could not guess who was doing that. I could not specify the direction. Was he just at the back? Right? Left? No. All directions. I was surrounded. I twisted my body to gave them a fierce look. All of them put back hands in a moment. All of them played the innocent. But hands came from other directions. I looked other side. And hands came from elsewhere. How vexing! I don't think they did it in conspiracy. It happened that they were on the same train. I seeked somebody to help me. I found a woman in early twenties. She was right over there. But she was also groped. She was surrounded by three men. One of them cupped his hand on her chest. Another had a hand under her skirt. I was turned on by the sight. I cannot say positively that the sight turned on me. But it paralyzed me at least. Men around me started taking advantage. They got naughtier and naughtier. One of them slid a finger in my panties from front. Another tried to stick in my anus. Tits were molested from the both side. The woman gave no move, but just stared vacantly into space. Maybe me too. I felt completely shattered when I realized that I was wet and hot. Maybe she too. I was firmly determined never to be late again. But if I can take a crowded train without being late for the school, I think I will enjoy it.
age: 17
sex: a high school girl
Date: 09:59:41, March 19

Name: knee knee
Title: RE: I hated gropers.
Comments: I rarely group-grope a girl. My first encounter with grope was as an onlooker. It was few years ago. A young girl, teeny teener, was surrounded by about six men. I was quite young and I knew nothing about grope then. The plump girl's face turned red. Her eyes wide opened. She breathed with difficulty. My intuition told that that was no joke. Yet I didn't know what I must do. I merely stood there, without moving and just watching. She jerked at intervals. She never asked help. I think she was abashed. I was standing next to them before I knew. A man at her back noticed me and smirked. He, then, put a finger under my nose. It stank. It smelled shit. He had been putting the finger in her back door. Probably somebodyelse was putting a finger in her front. I could see a hand molesting her chest. I have been addicted to grope after the day.
age: 21
sex: male
Date: 11:32:53, March 20

Title: Japanese girls (Tokyo No.1)
Comments: My first chikan was in Tokyo. I was with my brother to catch a morning train. We didn't need to get up early to go to the school. But we needed it to grope a girl. He asked me which girl I like. I suggested a girl with long black straight hair. Her skirt was extremely short. The brother spoke to the girl. The round faced girl seemed to be confused but we kept talking to her. When the train arrived, the all three of us got on together. Two big gaijins neatly stood both sides of her, front and back. The front man was not talking anymore. I couldn't see exactly but there must be a skirmish. He winked me. I knew what its meant but I could merely touch her over the skirt. He smiled cynically. "Yo chicken hearted" he murmured me over her shoulder. He, then, pulled her skirt up. Then I was touching her panties directly. Needless to say, she tried to fix her clothes. But her resistance was focused on her front. I put my hand on her back and enjoyed the roundness. After we left the commuter line, he said that he was about to put a finger in her panties. He explained that I could pull her panties down. Just putting a hand on a girl, according to him, is not counted as a chikan.
Date: 17:53:12, March 22

Title: Japanese girls (Tokyo No.2)
Comments: After a couple of days and a few more experiences and gained self-confidence, I met my brother's pet. She is the girl he frequently gropes. As he told me, we could grope her easily. When she recognized my brother, she merely gave us evasive oriental smile. We got into the train, positioning her in the middle. My brother hold her tight. He pulled up her skirt and down her panties so that I could touch her cheeks directely. I couldn't believe it but she stood calm while she was ripped off. Soon I sensed that she was finger fucked! She must be wet. I wanted to make certain of what I had been told. My heart beated quickly. Timidly, I passed the hand onto the crevice between her cheeks. I felt the finger there. Indeed my brother had a finger in her pussy. He prompted me. He pulled the finger out to make the room for me. I trembled with fear. I had been told that this girl was ok. But I never really groped a girl before. I creeped fingers up onto her pussy in a gingerly manner. Her privates were wet. The pussy lips were twisted back and forth. My brother was giving her that oscillation. I sticked the middle finger up into her cunt. I finger fucked her quick and hard. The experience relieved me of anxiety. I groped the same girl a number of times after that. And I groped many other girls while I was in Japan.
Date: 17:52:05, March 24

Name: peeper
Comments: 8:00AM. She started her morning rite. She was stripped stark naked. She sleeps with nothing on. She masturbates before getting out of bed, before everything. I had been watching her for long. I wonder if she is making a show of herself. She went on all four. She thrusted out the butt. I could see he genital area clearly. I have seen many times but today I filmed her. I suspect that she is an exhibitionist. I would call her. I would tell her that I have her kinky video. She may have no choice but come to my apartment.....
age: 20
sex: man
Date: 11:03:50, March 26

Name: Debbie
Title: Confession
Comments: I think I am beautiful. I have many boyfriends but I don't have a steady. I live in London. I am a shameless woman who look forward to see a groper. I take an underground without undies. One chikan knows my strange habit. He has begun following my example recently. He takes the line without pants. He gropes me in my pussy. I go to a convenience after that. I wipe the love juice off my pussy and I wear panties to go to the office. I did not wear a skirt to get into the underground yesterday. Soon he found out that I had nothing under the coat. I think he was incited. He undid the zipper. He concealed it under the coats and put it between my legs. I was wet even before I went on board. He pressed it against my pussy. I didn't think he could make it. Because we were both standing. But he leaned against me. He made me bend slightly backward. And when he lifted me a little, the tip of the john slipped into my cunt. I was upset. My head understood that I needed to stop him. But my cunt wanted it more. The head couldn't decide what to do on the spot. The cunt tried to ride on it. I was dripping wet. The rod was in only few strokes. It came off when he thrusted pubis. I really wanted it back. But he couldn't. He kept rubbing the stick between my pussy lips. And he came. Semen trickled down my thighs. Please help. I need your advice. I think he will want it again. And my body will want it too. I am afraid that I cannot stop it.
age: 26
sex: Female
Date: 11:53:59, March 31

Name: echo 1
Title: Touch me hard
Comments: As I live in a rural district I haven't met true chikna. I have been my bottom caressed thu. I rather like a man neat and clean. He would touch me on the breasts or back. He tucks up my bra, touch me on my nipples over T-shirt. Pressing & rubbing the very end is the best. I hoooope someone touches me under the skirt at the same time. Men around me see it and come to join it. I will be surrounded. I will be pinioned. I can feel a hard dick poking againstt me back. Someone puts a hand in my panties. Pointed tits are rubbed and rubbed. "ummmm........" I breathe hard. It is very good over the clothes. I want meet you true chikan.
Date: 10:11:58, April 05

Name: simon
Title: train sex
Comments: This may be off the topic. This may not be groping. I met a girl in a buffet car. Later when we brushed past each other in the aisle, we really brushed. She had a small backpack and big bosom. My chest brushed against her breasts. She giggled a little. I wanted it again. And so I went back the way I came. When I passed her, however, she turned her back. I didn't want her bag. I forced my way passing in front of her. My arm brushed past her tits. The back of the hand touched on her mound faintly. I wanted it third time and so I waited her catch me up. When she overtook me, she turned forward. She passed me slowly. She smiled bashfully. I followed her move. We walked few steps together. We rubbed against each other. She broke into a cackle of laughter. "What'cha doin'?" she said. "Feeling you" I answered. Then we went to the end of the carriage and hugged. Soon she started to giggle again. "What's this?" she rubbed her pussy against my hardened cock. I said she could share the secret and we went into a loo. After the event she told me that she was a whore. She was 17 years old then but already in the business for four years. Well, I paid her in full.
age: now 29 but I was 19 then
sex: is worth paying
Date: 15:18:47, April 06

Title: Japanese girls (in Yokohama)
Comments: One fine day, I went Yokohama. I went there for sightseeing not for grope. But I found a pretty passer-by. She must be a high school girl as she was in school uniform. I made a change of direction promptly. I started a conversation and pretended to go the same way myself. She spoke a little English. I wondered, after a short chat, if I could touch her. It was not in a crowded train. I didn't have any excuse to press my body against her. Still I wondered if I could. She wore some badges and one of it was put on the top of a knocker. I just diverted the conversation to the badges. I touched one of them, the one on her waist, and asked what kind of badge was that. I kept the chattering and touched next one in a casual manner. Then the next. Then the next. The hand went up toward my target, the badge on top of her nipple. She was perplexed. But even when I reached the last badge, she didn't refuse me. Actually, I didn't touch her on the body. I touched only the badge. Then I fumbled with it. Then I felt her nipple slightly with the tip of a finger. Even then she didn't reject me. I could caress her tit openly in broad daylight. But that was too much to me. I took her round the shoulders to walk together. Soon I lowered my arm to the waist and to the hip. I could feel the top of her backside. I deliberately asked her if it was ok. Shyly she said no. Then I asked her if I should lift the arm. She said yes. I respected her wish and placed my hand under her arm. Gradually from there, my hand went up to her breast. The abashed girl covered my hand with a bag. She didn't want to be seen. I could really grab and rub her knocker. By and by we came to a public garden. I found a stone monument there. She didn't know what was that. I suggested to go round to the back. Still she couldn't tell exactly what it was. It's ok. We were not open for all to see there. We sat on the base and I toyed with her boobs. I put a hand under her skirt. It might be more than she could bear. Her face turned red. She seemed to be very anxious about to be seen. Me, too. It was out-of-door. So I didn't do any more than touching her.
Date: 13:28:23, April 09

Name: leech
Title: miss easy prey
Comments: i stood in front of a highschool girl. I pressed a hand on her breast lightly. she showed no reaction. i slipped a hand in from the bottom edge of the blouse. the soft bra slipped up soon. the nipple was small. i stopped to work on it as she tried to cover the chest. she showed no reaction when i rubbed "herself" over the skirt. i pulled the skirt up, Then slipped a hand into the panties. i could not put fingers into her as she closed the legs. "open your legs" i whispered in her ear. surprise! surprise! she opened legs. i could touch her as much as i like. her inner lips were big. i could rub her clit and lips together. she sighed. i was convinced that slipping a finger back and forth was effective. i inserted a finger as she became wet and slippery. i enjoyed it about 10 min since then.
age: 31
sex: yes! yes!
Date: 00:48:54, April 11

Name: E-Z GIRL
Title: Shame butů
Comments: I am seventeen. I am a highschool student in Japan Tokyo. I am interested chikan because this BBS. I do not like a train which is crowded. I take one in advance which is not crowded. But today I took a crowded train to see chikan. It was very tight. Soon as a train begin to move a hand begin to move on my back. I waited. He turned a hand. His palm touched my back. He is clearly my first chikan. I felt small shame. But he kept touch my back. A hand went interval of my backs. He touched my coccyx. A hand went where is anus. A hand went where is vagina. He went more than I wanted. He turned over my skirt. I surprised. I could not think a man reallly touch under skirt. I afraid someone sees me. I took off a train when it reach next station. But next train was more crowded. Another man stood in front of me. He is my second chikan. He put a hand my under. He did not turn my skirt. But he smiled. I think he know me. He was expert chikan. He moved a hand. A hand gave my shame spot massage. A hand slided up my skirt too. I wanted take off a train next station. But he was in front of me. He blocked my way. His finger was in my vagina. This was worst. A finger pressed my pantie hard. Soft cloth fitted my shape. He moved a finger in my vagina. He found my clitoris. He pressed it. He repeated press it. I am absent-minded. I could not try experience chikan. My clitoris felt good. My power came off. As I took off a train I found my pantie wet. I grew up some.
age: 17
sex: girl
Date: 11:00:18, April 18

Title: Japanese girls (brother's toy)
Comments: My brother is English teachering in Japan. He has a toy, Aya. She must be a college student now. But she was a high school student when I met her. She is rather slender, small tits girl. The almondeyed beauty looks innocent and she was so until she met my brother. However, she became a real whore soon. The brother merely caressed her back in the class and she was turned on with a little blush on her face. We knew she was already wet there. Yes, we. 'cause I joined in the training. She had been ordered to masturbate in the school toilet. We gave her the best training on that day. We called her out in the early morning to go school together. She came with the school uniform. However, she was told to roll up her skirt in the waist. This is common practice among Japanese girls to make a midi mini. They roll it down once arrive at a school. We made it mini-est. We put a vibrator in her panties. She stood between us and to the door in the crowded train. She loathed exposing the chest. But she swallowed the humiliation once we unbuttoned her coat and pushed up the clothes. She pressed the titties flat against the door glass so that her bare chest may not be seen by the passengers. They were in full view from the outside. We gave Aya a couple of marbles to replace the vibrator once we arrived the school. She passed a rope between the legs and made a knot to cut into the pussy and passed the rest around the waist all by herself. She gave up resistance and she didn't want the marbles slip down from her cunt. Juice soaked marbles could bring her disgrace. And she needed to masturbate in the school toilet. We gave her a cellular phone and gave a strict order to do the telephone sex. She was afraid that someone might overhear her panting and moaning. But we knew Aya was lewdest under the fear of exposed. She managed to put a finger under the tight rope. She needed to make her come. And she made it.
Date: 14:43:49, April 21

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