Selected Sensual Stories No.8

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Name: Jingu
Title: teacher's pet
Comments: When i was young, women were more submisive. I put a finger in some of them. I groped and groped a finger in her pussy. About 5 minutes. She did not speak. I sniffed my finger. It smelled good. But I stopped grope one day. I was and still is working as a school teacher. I was a grade school teacher then. A pretty girl was in my class. She was 10. One day she had loose bowels. I did nat know and she was too shy to say so. She tryed to put up until the break. She looked pale. And paler. I was not a teacher for nothing. I noticed that. Although I did not konw she wanted to go to ladies' room. i gussed she felt ill. I asked so and suggested she went t o the school infirmary. My blunder was I attended her. But it was a lucky one. We passed the rest room. She was too shy to say the true reason she felt bad. She did not need to go to the infirmary. Only a toilet. She began to weep when she defecated on our way. It was slight one but I took her to the teachers' restroom. I removed her dungstained panties. I made her use astool. Her buttocks were also dungstained. I took her into a shower stall. When I said I would wash her, she hesitated. I did not mean anything sexual. She was merely my schoolchild. But her hesitation arose my interest. I persuaded her that I needed to wash her. She became all naked below the waist. I washed her with my hand. The inside of the thighs. The crack between the cheeks. The back passage. Painstakingly. And the fingers went to the front. My attempt prompted her tclose the legs. Again I presuaded her that I needed to washe her on her pussy. I carefully massaged her between legs. Little by little, queer feeling creeped up her body. When I finally put a finger in her slit, she gasped. I slid the finger back and forth caressing her lips. The each move made her moan and groan. I found a stiff swelling then. I touched the pleasure button softly. Still the spur was too much for a preteen to bear. She couldn't stand still. She wiggled hips. She went into mild fits. She became my pet after that. I stopped groping a stranger. No need. I have many pretty girls around. Although I never fuckd the first girl, I lended her a lot of helping hand and mouth and toungue. I fucked second girl and I have got used to it. Later I have takn a job in a high school. I may disappoint you but I am not specially atracted by a preteen. Younger one is merely easier to persuad. Later as I learnt how to trick a girl fall in love with a teacher, I can fuck with older girls. They make better sex prtners. Girls around 14-17 are thebest.
age: 29
sex: Male
Date: 16:02:51, January 18

Name: P.C. lover
Title: miniskirt in the middle of winter
Comments: I found a Pink Coat girl. The PC seemed to wear a miniskirt underneath. I could catch glimpses of her long legs through the slit. I followed her to the subway station. The car was not much crowded but I resolved to touch her. When got on I put a hand onto the slit. Sooon my hand reached her . . . . . . . hard material. It could not be underwear. She wore pants under the miniskirt. This must be against the rule. I put a finger under the pants. I tried hard but barely felt her panties. She must know that. But the PC ignored me. "Ok, that you way of driving back a molester." I stopped touching her but waited the right moment. I came round and faced her. Immediately I unbuttoned her coat. Two at the bottom was enough. I touched her pussy mound. "Shit!" PC grumbled under the breath. But she trusted her pants too much. She turned her face away from the reality. "Ok good girl and you don't know how far I can go!" I wasted no time. I undid one more overcoat button and pulled up the skirt and then unbuttoned the pants. She could not follow what was going on. And I unziped the pants. She wore pink panties just the color of her coat. She seized my arm to stop me. Then she found her pants was going down without my hand holding the clothes. Now she had one hand holding my arm and another holding her pants from slipping down. But I have two arms. Calmly I undid all her coat buttons, put a hand in, and caressed her tits. She holded my arm over the overcoat. That was, she merely pressed my hand onto her breast. Meanwhile she did not pay enough attention to my other arm. It moved up to under her skirt. Her restraint was nothing. So I grabbed and rubbed her tity. I cupped and palmed her pussy. "Shit! Stop!" Again in whispers. But I went to the next step. I grabbed her pants and panties together and moved them down over her beamy hips. They would slip down all the way to the floor if I let them loose. Well, I didn't. I let her hold them. I whispered her to use both hands. "No!" she said. She kept holding my arm under the waist. But she had another hand holding her garments from over the overcoat. I could feel her breasts freely. When I pulled her clothes a little down by force, she released my arm. She was naked under the miniskirt, from the navel to the crotch, having both hands holding the dress. Unbuttoned coat screened us from view. I worked on her very hard. I pulled her sweater up. Her brassiere was off upward. I coould feel her pointed nipples. I pushed my fingers into between her legs. She lost all the resistance. I worked on her slit. Not that overcoat slit but her slit. I slid fingers back and forth, at first slowly and when her was hot and wet, rapidly. She merely moaned "agh agh." I realized that her brassiere was coming down to her waist. By good luck her had strapless brassiere. I hurriedly undid it and took it into my coat pocket. I pulled my tool out, slipped it in between her legs. But the hole was up. I could not have my tool aiming up. I held it and aimed higher up. But it merely rubbed her between the lips. I then tried another way. I reached on her back and griped her clothes, panties and pants there, and pulled them up together. My penis was pressed by the clothes to her crotch. I thrusted my groin against her. There was no space between her clothes and her pussy. The cunt was only room the tool could go into. And it went. She was so astonished, she stared at me for some time. Then she accepted the situation. She accepted my cum. But I wanted to have her more than once. I took her tto the coupler. Although the train was crowded, nobody was above the coupler. And there, once the door was closed, nobody can see us below the waist from a car. It was such nice coupling place. Only the small window was on the door. But I made her face the window and raped her from back. I guess she had a hard time not to show any sign of being raped to the passengers in front of the window. She covered her face with arms and reached climax. When all was done, I grabbed her pants and panties, pulled them down and robbed her of them. She was still half dazed when I left her there with a parting thrust "You do not have pants under the skirt!"
Date: 12:49:52, January 21

Name: A.B.B.
Title: Paris' metro
Comments: I don't like metro when it is crowded. I do not grope in ordinary circumstances. But if I have a beer...... I faced a young woman when I came on board. Soon I reached for her pussy hill. But she did not like it. I needed to stop as she resisted me. I looked around and I found a teenager on my back. I touched her behind my back. She was slow to respond. I pulled up her coat. Because I do not have plenty of time, I pulled it with her skirt at a single stroke. Soon afterward I could touch her smooth thigh skin. She was receptive girl. Just by poking she twitched her muscle. I could not go any further with the back hand. But I enjoyed her reaction and I kept caressing her to the station. I like a crowed metro when I can grope a young girl.
age: 42 but still young
sex: Male
Date: 11:33:10, January 27

Name: newman
Title: new year, new life and old instinct
Comments: 1999 was over. For year 2000, I resolved never to grope again. I lived straight untill I saw a pretty girl in a white coat with long black boots. I know this kind of girl has a miniskirt under the coat. But I was off groping. I didn't mean to touch her. Still I wanted to be an idle spectator at least. I had two to three men between us as we got on the train. So, I could not touch her even by an accident. Two men were pushing their way into the car. Their move showed that they were gropers. Their push thrusted me to the girl. Men between us were squeezed out of the place. I faced her. She was beautiful. She had round breasts. Yes, her breasts were pressed on me. But I had my resolve. I decided to feel her breasts but never touch them. I closed my eyes and felt her roundness on my chest. But she made little yet unnatural motions. I opened the eyes and saw how things went. She was nervous. She felt uneasy about her back. I guessed that the old man on her back was groping her. He was trying to put a hand up under her coat. But her coat didn't have a slit. The untrained groper got over it but started to press his cock on her and felt her back. She seemed to be a shy girl. She could not oppose the grope. But she asked my help with her eyes. I thought twice before I did. I had been a groper. But no more. So I changed my place with her. Her bosom was still pressed on me. Now much tighter. And I knew the girl was shy. She could not oppose a grope. I had the old man on my back and she had a door. Both sides were facing other way. One of the best opportunity I ever had. And I realized that she had not buttoned the coat. I untied her belt almost without thinking. I slipped the hands in her coat. I hold her tight by her hips. She had a miniskirt as I thought. I could feel her bare legs on my thigh. Yes, I put the leg between her legs. It's a learned move to keep a girl from closing her legs. She stiffed the body but no other move. I slipped the hands down along her round backside. When they came to the hem of the miniskirt, I pulled up all at once. Now she realized that I was much wicked than the old man. Under the coat, her skirt was all pulled up to the waist. It must be quite a sight. The image of her now exposed underwear made me nastier. I caressed her butt. I traced the edges of the panties. I gave her enough time to imagine the following torments. And I went far more than that. I grabbed the edges of the cloth and pulled them up and pulled them to the center. I made her panties T-back by force. I pulled her "string" up and down on her back while picking her front on my fingers. That made the cloth cut into the cleft pulling the organs up and down while the front fingers giving the most sensitive clit extra spurs. She seemed have her mind somewhere else. A girl molested beyond her expectation would be like that. Few minutes later, she turned red. She had her head rested on my shoulder. She wanted to keep her turned-on secret. Our secret. And the head on the shoulder was also her way of bearing unbearable. I could feel her moist over her panties. "You are wet" I said. She stiffed again but no other move. I was convinced that I could do anything. I released the cloth. I put a finger in her pussy. She had fine soft hair. I put the second finger. I tickled her clit while slipping a finger in and out between her pussy lips. I unzipped myself. She stiffed and gasped a little when I put the dick in her panties. She was shaking with fear of being raped. I grabbed her hips and held her tight. The train's move covered my thrusts. My cock kept rubbing against her pussy lips. She kept silent. I guessed that she bet on the hope that I could not break into her in that position. Generally speaking she was right. But few and at long intervals, the nob slid into her cunt. She gasped. And she adapted herself. At fourth or fifth time the nob slipped into her pussy hole, but hundreds time after my dick slid in between her cunt lips, I released the ejaculation. She was stunned. I took pity on the old man on back. This was his girl. I stepped aside making room for him. A girl with a crumpled skirt in a state of shock came into his view. Instantly he stood very close to her, pressing himself against her body. He found her panties half dragged down. He assaulted on her pussy which must be now full of my sperm. I joined him and molested her breasts. These round breasts ruined my resolve. She tried to leave the train later. But her few attempts were blocked by gropers who then sensed booty and crowded around us trying to have a small part of the girl. Somebody tore off her panties and a brassiere. Both her jacket and skirt were rode up forcibly. She was all naked but the overcoat. I left her in the train thinking "if we do it at all, we could gang rape her in little cooperation."
Date: 14:32:04, January 31

Name: John
Title: an idol of college boys
Comments: I'm teaching in an institution of higher education. Sophie is the most beautiful student in the department. By chance I gave her a part-time job. She helps me putting the files of reference material in order. By chnace again I bumped into her when I was taking an object down from the shelf. She was bending forward to the floor and picking up a thing when I hit her on the backside, actually it was between her legs to put it more precisely. Although I passed my hand across her pussy she merely said "Oh, no" with a smile. The smile was not cynical one nor bitter one. It was her usual sweet smile. It was a wonder to me. She is a tall, slender girl who looks intelligent. And she is a very intelligent woman. She always stay cool. I think she could handle the situation. She could assert herself without making much ado about nothing. Yet she merely smiled. I wondered if she liked it. I resisted the temptation for few days. But when I saw her bend forward again, I could not stop. I turned around and stepped backward toward her. I bumped into her again. I hit her between the legs. "Oh, I'm sorry!" I apologized immediately. "It's okay" she said with the usual smile. "Is it OK?" I asked her to make sure. "Yeah..." she answered nervously with a little blush on her face. She sensed my intention. She became quiet. I bumped into her 3-4 more times in the day. She kept silence. No more smiling but she did not dodge me. She looks a girl from a good family and she is a girl from a good family. But she kept her back to me. She was accepting my bumping. Soon I regreted what I did. I have not touched her since then. She is still coming to my office to help me. She is just as cheerful as usual. But she falls silent sometimes with suggestive pose. She sticks out her chest and emphasize her round bosom. And she gives me a suggestive glance. May I go further? May I grope her?
age: 33
sex: Male
Date: 17:17:02, February 02

Name: an enemy to womankind
Title: coat slit
Comments: I havent goten into a coat silt lately. Er, I have been busy tucking up short coats. But tucking up a coat is risky. You may be found easily. I groped the first slit coat in Y2K toeady. I tailed her to the subway. I was late that day and it was the last train. The car was crowded. When we were about to get on, I exploited the bustle and confusion. I had my hands in her slit. I felt her miniskirt. I made a quick decision. I pulled up her miniskirt and pulled down her panties. She started at the sudden attack. She was too surprised to let out a shout.Rather she was freezed. I made another quick decision. When we were on board and we were settled, I had my index finge in her cunt. She was undoubtedly upst. I needed to wait her cool down because she breathed so hard. I feared thah she would arouse suspicion.. A few minutes later I resumed my adventure. I didn't know if she as virgin and I did'nt care. I twitched my finger to give her good vibrations. Soon I added thrusting move in and out. Then twisting move. I slid the middle finger toward her front button. I found it. I played havoc with her pussy. She became slightly wet. But I dont' know if she felt good. I had my cock erercted. I undid my zip before too late. I had a hand between her leps so that I could not put the dick there. So I poked her cheek. "...." she tried to say something through her chattering teeth. I tried to put the dick in herself. I guss I should have my hand out first. I thought of raping hte back door. If she is a bit taller, I could. I grabbed her panties and released myself. I was very happy with her. I took the opportunity and turned her around. She was too astonished to offer resistance. I unbuttoned her overcoat to work with her breast. I rubbed her tits over the sweater and then put a hand under it. Somehow I could make her bra out of place. Her knockers were round and smooth. I had my rose-again-cock pressed on her body. I made small but quick thrusts. The cock bounced to hit her on her underbelly or dived into her crack to slap her clit and pussylips. The second release wetted her crotch. To finish my work, I pulled up her panties. I didnt fix her skirt. I didn't fix the bra. I put the panties which were wet with my semen back in the place. I stroked her over her coat so that the sticky semen smeared her underbelly. And I wiped my cock with her coat.
Date: 13:05:35, February 03

Name: Cupid
Title: The first successful grope of the year.
Comments: I am going to write of the first chikan of the year. 31 of Jan, on my way home from office, so that I took crowded metro. A high school girl was in front of me. She was about 165cm high and slender. At first I put my hands in coat pockets. I pressed the backs of hands on her back. I took advantage of her slow reaction. I turned the hand. Though she was slow, the palms alarmed her. She hated it at first. Still I had been touching her until she began to accept it. Maybe she gave up. When I discreetly put the hand in her skirt, she closed the thighs tight. I couldn't go further. I must make allowance for her youthful inexperience. I put the hand in her panties to touch enough of her cheeks. Cheeks of a teenager is soft and smooth, after all. She put me in mind of bum of the girlfriend in my high school. I used to fuck her from rear. When the sub took a tight curve, she lost the balance. I timed my move to put the panties down. I pushed my hand between her thighs by force. I could sliped the fingers into the hidden flower. She was astonished. After that, though she had her ears turned red and with her head down, she tried to show no sign of it. I pulled the panties down. And I found the hairly skin. She was desperate to stop my intrusion. She closed the thighs tight. I prized them open by force. I put a finger for a start. I put one more when it was just wet enough. The inside was hot. Her breaths were coming faster and harder. I maneuvered the fingers dexterously. I enjoyed her cheeks too. I moved to the next stage. I pulled the hand out of her crotch to draw her closer. I pulled her skirt carefully covering my move behind the coat. Her backside was exposed. I pressed my hardon over my slacks to give her slow grind. I reached for the front in the skirt. I had been touching her on the precious parts since then. When she got off the metro, I followed her. I watched closely the way she walked and I was satisfied to see the girl walked with short, careful steps. She had her panties around below the groin. She had such awkward steps because she had her underwear barely stop there by rubbing the thighs each other at each step. When she came to the stairs, I accidentally on purpose pushed her off balance. You must be there to see the juice soaked her panties finally slipped down to her lustrous calves!
age: 31
sex: Male
Date: 15:32:59, February 09

Name: anonymous
Title: To your BBS (original japanese text via email, translated by webmaster)
Comments: Dear sir, I have heard of your site from a friend. How was the days of the university entrance examination given by the National Center. Of course I am talking about the buses and trains jam-packed by examinees. Did you make it? I also tried but I could not position myself well. I regret because the city bus was packed so tight. My own examination comes to my mind, however, and I will narrate it. I took a bus after I sat for an entrance examination in Tokyo. It was filled to overflowing. In any case, I like "pressing" my hard-on. An unlucky girl in front of me was pressed my stiffness and had her nape of the neck breathed on. She stood with downcast eyes and with a blush. She was so lovely. The sight made me excited. More, the heavy jolting of the bus incited me increasingly. I, at the end, could not stand it. I released in my pants. I wonder if she felt the gushing beat of the stuff. Since then I get to love to ejaculate in public transportation in this connection. But I can rarely able to let my tool out in a car as I do not have much crowded trian where I live. I always released in my pants. I was dreaming to get my stiffness out, press it against a woman and dash semen on her for many years. Finally I did it when I went Tokyo not long ago. She was a high school girl. She wore school uniform. I wetted her deep blue skirt!
Date: 16:14:57, February 11

Name: A student
Title: Friday night
Comments: Although it was friday night I needed to go the laboratory. My research was greatly behind the schedule. The last friday was the third consecutive weekend I spent without my girlfriend. I was mad about it. I was made madder when I realized the train was overcrowded by the people who were going to city center. Shit! They were going to have night life. A girl was in front of me. She must be a high school girl. She must be with a friend or two. But the crush parted them. We were facing each other. She was the perfect target to vent my anger. She was young, pretty, alone and going to have a crazy night. It's my right to ruin her weekend. Mine was already rotten. Before I groped, however, she started to fidget. What! A man behind of her had already started. I spied on her face to judge her character. She must be OK. I reached for her. She must be surprised as she was groped from back and front at the same time. Still she stood still. With this, I put a hand up under her skirt. She must have silkly scanty panties. I could feel the hair over the cloth. Soon I traced her slit and found the clit. The double click on her button made her windows closed. No, I am joking. She closed eyes after the tenacious clit picking. Then the time to went in. I slipped the fingers in the panties, rubbed her lips and tried to go deeper. There I found a finger, however. The grope on the back already had it! No wonder, she didn't offer me resistance. I didn't see any reason the backman monopolized the orifice. I put my finger forcibly into it too. After I made it, I wondered if she could take one more. I put the second finger forcibly but successfully into it. And then, the groper on her back, I don't know what he was thinking, tried to increase his share. I heard the girl groaned to me "Ouch! It hurts!" when he was about in. In the end, nevertheless, she had four fingers in. Her wry face clearly showed that we had stretched her to the limit. I arrived at a conclusion by this experiment that too many fingers into a cunt would be harmful.
age: 25
sex: male
Date: 11:42:00, February 12

Name: Looking for more like her
Title: assman
Comments: I find this site to be the best so far. An experience I had took place at a concert. The place was wall to wall pack and I was standing in the corner with 8 inches of personal space between the person in front of me. A nice looking female step right in front of me with her ass pressed on my leg at first. I step back a couple of inches at first as not to frighten her. A few seconds later she back up to make contact with my leg again. After a few seconds, she move directly in front of me with her ass crack pressed hard and squarely on my dick. So, I gently place my left hand on her waist and just stood there. She didn't object, and since she made the first move, I felt it was ok. I got so hard that It started to hurt but don't get me wrong it felt great. Being packed in such a small place was just what I needed. I stayed with my dick pressed on her ass for about an hour and a half. She started to wiggle to the beat of the music and that only serve to exite me more. She knew exactly what she was doing. I would never have believe that there were women who made the first move on a man and actually enjoyed it. After throughly enjoying her ass and having her pressing against my hard as steel dick, I climaxed in my pants. I knew she had to feel my dick throbbing and I must say that was the first and the greatest time of my life. Thank you whoever you are. This kind of behavior has gotten me into a chikan frame of mind and I love it. I'm scare to take this action first, but in a crowded situation, it's unavoidable and therefore might be dismissed as an accident. If anyone knows where I can get more of this kind of treatment of having a female pressing her ass against me or places where there is crowded with lots of females, drop a message on the board. Great site man.
age: 30
sex: male
Date: 06:05:28, February 13

Name: band
Title: my experience
Comments: i live in a small town where i run a small but highly profitable first food restaurant. i take few students into part-time employment. juli is one of them. she is the prettiest girl. i do not have nerve to grope her. instead i offered her wine and dine. the cheeky girl flatly declined it against my expectation. a few days later i found her purse. i made a copy of her apartment key before i returned the purse back to her locker...
age: 43
sex: Male
Date: 13:40:04, February 18

Name: band
Title: my experience - 2
Comments: i shadowed juli to find her apartment. i tailed her for several days untill i confirmed that she was living alone. i checkded her schedule. i broke in the room at lunchtime on tuesday. i could stay there longer in the evening. but other students nearby would be back then. her room was put in the perfect order. her belongings were... she had many showy clothing. we have a common taste. both of us love miniskirts. i found her underwears. i loved them. ;-)
age: 43
sex: Male
Date: 14:07:11, February 18

Name: band
Title: my experience - 3
Comments: i stayed too long. i knew she go to class after the part-time job. at least that was how i was told. but she was coming home. when she opened the door i was just wearing her panties on my head... investigating her laundry. of course i was panicked. i must run. but she was at the door. even if i run from a window i must at first come out of the bath room... and run into her! i decided to hide in the bath room... and realized that she must know the break-in soon. she must see the messed up room. the girl was walking in the room. she passed in front of the bath... i got into action.
age: 43
sex: Male
Date: 14:58:05, February 18

Name: band
Title: my experience - 4
Comments: i seized her from behind, covered her mouth with my hand. she tried to cry. i hit her in the ribs. i hit her until she stop crying. i gaged her with panties and tied her hands behind her securely. i afraided that she saw me before i blindfolded her with a towel. i could not turn back then. i took a knife from the kitchen on the way to the bed. when i pressed the flat of the knife against her, it worked a miracle. it pacified her. i ripped her clothes before i tied her on the bed. the poor juli was put down to lie on stomach, with her legs wide open and each ankle bound to the bedpost.
age: 43
sex: Male
Date: 15:46:28, February 18

Name: band
Title: my experience - 5
Comments: she had smooth skin on the back. her ass cheeks were round. the ample tits were flattened out under her body. she was trembling. i reached for between her thighs. i caressed downy tissue. and i stroked her on her butt with the flat of the knife. she breathed hard for fear and in excitement. "open your legs wide" i traced her slit with the back of the knife and said. "i wanna cut ya hair." "open them or I gonna cut ya skin." she tried her best to follow my order. but she couldn't move much. oo I made her butt stick out in the air high. nonetheless, the knife was too big for the fine work. i cut her skin. "sorry, girl. you gonna open the legs wider." she groaned for something. somehow I knew it. i found out a shaver. it was a lot safer. and soon she was all clean. but i kept operating the appliance on her pussy. the shaver was giving her the nice sensual vibrations. her white skin slowly turned pink. she got damp between the legs. only when she started to moan with joy, i gave her my hot rod. she rewarded me by pumping back her haunches.
age: 43
sex: Male
Date: 16:23:42, February 18

Name: band
Title: my experience - 6
Comments: violating a girl is not enough. i must keep her holding her tongue. i needed to have real something on her. i searched her apartment and found rope and packaging tape. i fastened her securely on the bed with extra binding holding an electric toothbrush beeply in her cunt. i turned it on and ran to the office. when i was back, she was still on the bed wriggling to remove the rope binding her hands behind her. Her pussy was dripping. i set a video camera and took the bandage over her eyes. i turned her face to the camara by force. her desperate efforts to turn the face away convinced me that it worked. i teased her a lot till she came. she moaned and groaned with sexual ecstasies in front of the camera. i shot close-up views of the wide open pussy having my fingers, a weenie, an electric toothbrush and many others in and out. I tried various bindings. i forced her to give me a blowjob. all was minutely recorded. just before the tape ran out i made her ride on my cock with her legs spread open. the frontal view of the half broken girl must clearly show the every detail of the throbbing shaft moving in and out of juice soaked box.
age: 43
sex: Male
Date: 16:49:00, February 18

Name: band
Title: my experience - 7
Comments: that day, i enjoyed her untill midnight. and i have been enjoying her ever since. as far as i have that tape, she must obey me. how can she say that she is a victim, while the girl on the tape rides on a cock like a nymphomania? besides, i pay her much better than anyone else in my restaurant. i do not need to exert a force anymore even when i try something new. today i have her waitressing without panties. she have a roll of notes packed in a condom inserted in her female organ. i would give her the money if she could hold till the end of the day. would you like to have the same deal? i'm looking for the three-way-partner. if you live in chicago or the suburbs, give me an email. you can send my voicemail or fax at toll-free number: 1-888-Excite2 ext. 291-346-7392. it is free from anywhere in usa.
age: 43
sex: Male
Date: 17:34:54, February 18

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