Selected Sensual Stories No.7

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Name: NiceMan
Title: Cinema
Comments: I look a lot younger than my age. I am a government employee. I am known to be a nice man, a nice husband, a nice father. But I have a secret. It took place a far away cinema. The target was as young as my daughter. I thought she played truant or left the school early. Probably I should reprimand her. But I was off duty and the cinema was outside of my area. I took the next seat. You may take it for granted that everyone was interested only in seeing the movie. She was, needless to say. But not me. I pressed my leg on her leg. It was too light so that she could barely notice it. She took a brief look at my leg but she probably thought it was done by accident and left it as it was. I reached for her thigh with my heart beating fast. She might be a softhearted person but my hand on her lap must convince her that I was a groper. The good-natured girl, nonetheless, merely put a bag on her lap. It was not enough to block my hand. It merely covered my crime. Maybe out of curiosity, or maybe out of shyness, she didn't show much resistance. She passive nature made me bold. I flanked her panties and touched her over there directely. I put my hand in shirt and cupped her tits. I fondled her as much as I pleased. She was also heated but was exhausted too. After the movie I took the girl who had fellen half senseless out to a motel. I kept fondling the fuzzy head girl during the drive. I fucked her for hours in the motel. She came so many times that I stopped counting after seven. Do you want to be the next? Wait me at the Day Town Cinema B.
age: 38
sex: M
Date: 15:25:28, December 17

Name: Heather
Title: I Grope Uncle Ted
Comments: At night after we had a great dinner, afterwards we all sat in the family room watching movies and talking. Uncle Ted kept looking over my way I would just smile at him and lick my lips. One time he went into the kitchen to get a drink, I waited a few seconds then I followed him in the kitchen I walked up slowly behind him and reached around and gripped his cock in his pants, he almost dropped his drink. I laughed grabbed a soda and went back into the family room. Later we all went to bed. I was in my shower washing my body running my soapy hands all over my tight little butt and tits, and wishing they were Ted's. I noticed that some one was in the bathroom with me. It was my brother he had come in to brush his teeth. Jim stood there brushing his teeth and watching me in the shower. I don't mind and fact I like the attention, I noticed that Jim had his cock out and was stroking it! I turned off the shower and stepped out, I grabbed my towel and started drying myself, Jim just kept stroking his cock. I asked him if he would like some help with that , he said sure so I dropped to my knees and started stroking and sucking his cock. Jim always love it when I do this and we fuck probably 5 times a week. I grapped his balls and started squeezing them. Then I stood up and put my elbows on the vanity counter and spread my legs, Jim shoved his cock into me grapping my hips and fucking me as hard as he could. I reached down and rubbed my clit and touched his cock as it slid in and out of my pussy. Jim pulled his cock out just as a stream of his cumm shoot all over my butt. I kissed him good night and cleaned up. I lay in bed fingering my clit as I thought about Ted's cock. It was almost 2 am when I knew everyone was asleep, I left my room with just a T-shirt on and crept to Ted's room . I opened the door and there was Ted sound a sleep, he was naked and the sheets had pulled aside and I could see that cock. I wondered if he had been jerking off! I walked to his bed and I grapped his cock I started stroking it and it sprang to life. I took it in my mouth and started licking and sucking his cock like I had this afternoon. It got hard almost instantly and Ted started to squirm. I Stopped sucking and got on the bed! I straddled his body just over his balls and started to rub my bare pussy back and forth over his long thick cock. I really wanted him in my pussy but it was so big I wasn't sure it would fit. My brothers cock and the other guys that fucked me were all in their teens and they're cocks were no where near as big, hell most of them barely had hair! Ted woke up and started to protest telling me that it wasn't right and that we'd get caught. I said don't worry and that I was going to fuck him "I had been with other guys, but I wanted a Man's Cock' and he was it. With that I raised up on my knees reached between my legs and grabbed his cock in my hand. I gave it a few more strokes then I held it as I slowly lowered my tight wet pussy on to it. God it was so big I could feel my pussy stretching and it hurt a little, I raised up then lowered myself again . I kept doing this till I had it all in my pussy. Ted said my pussy felt like warm butter, and I told him his cock felt like a hot log. I fucked him as slow as I could then as my pussy stretched I started moving faster, up and down, up and down I fucked his cock. Then I rolled off and turned around, "Come on Uncle, Fuck me from behind!' He grabbed my hips and stuck that cock in my pussy, he fucked me so hard and it felt so good, I started cumming and my juices just made my pussy wetter and the juice ran down my thighs in streams. Ted kept fucking me then he grabbed my hips gave one hard thrust and I could feel his hot cumm squirt in my pussy it was so hot and he came so hard I stood up on my knees and turned to lick his cock clean. Cumm ran out of my pussy, it looked like a pint had come out of me. I licked his cock some more then kissed him good night and happily went to my room.
age: 16 at last
sex: God, yes...
Date: 21:32:39, December 18

Name: GURUJeff
Title: Girls grope me..
Comments: MALE MODEL I had been a nude model for life drawing and painting classes for a long time, posing for classes on college campuses throughout the area where I lived. I always enjoyed posing in the nude. While it was a sexual turn-on, I was seldom stimulated to the point of getting a hard-on. I always saved that for later, when I was alone and could jack off, remembering the relishing looks in the eyes of the young girls as they stared at my cock. There was one time, however, when I posed at an all-girl college near my home. The instructor was an old man who had been in the art business for years, and he posed me in positions that few other instructors would have thought about. Then, he told the girls to move a little closer, and one girl in particular moved her sawhorse right next to the model stand. From her vantage point, I knew that she was getting a really great close-up view of my cock and balls. Indeed, her entire field of vision had to have included just my groin and thighs. She was so close, if she took a deep breath, I could have felt it on my balls. Then, she did. She sighed. I felt the breath blow along the fine hairs on my thighs, then my balls were cooled by the breath. My pubic hair moved with the breath, and I could feel my cock jerk all of a sudden. My heart throbbed in my chest, seeming to skip a beat. Then my cock began to grow. I could see it out of the corner of my eye, and that made it even worse. I could see it expand and grow, could feel it begin to lengthen and expand. The class was quiet. The instructor was sitting quietly at his desk; my pose faced me away from him as I sat there. He couldnít see the hardon. I had no idea if he would break the pose or if he would ignore it if he saw it. Some did, some didnít. Some even liked it. It all depended on the individual instructor. He didnít notice, or if he did, he didnít care. The girls noticed, though, and they cared a lot. A whole lot. One girl nudged the girl next to her, and she nudged the girl next to her. Some of them got up and changed positions to get a better look. I wasnít embarrassed and really didnít care. In fact, it was kind of a thrill to be the center of so much obvious sexual attention. But, it was what happened after the class was over that really grabbed my attention. As the class filtered out, the instructor finally called an end to the class session, and I went to the model room to put on my street clothes. Leaving the class, I found five of the students waiting outside, milling around, chatting. I nodded goodbye as I walked down the hall. There was a tap on my shoulder. I turned. The girls were right behind me, and I smiled and stopped. The girls all stopped, and one of them, I guess the spokesman of the group said, "We really liked your posing." "Thanks," was all I could muster. I looked at the group. Three of the girls were cute, and one was pretty standard looking. One of them was a little overweight, but cute none the less. All were young, no more than nineteen or twenty. I looked from girl to girl. "Do you pose in other places?" the spokesman asked. I nodded. "Iíve posed at most of the colleges in the area," I said. She shook her head, then grinned as she glanced around at her companions. "Uh unh," she moaned. "Do you do private poses?" I swallowed. I followed her meaning right off the bat. I had never done that. "I could." "We will pay you." I told them what private posing cost, and it was readily agreed upon. I couldnít believe that these young women had that much money, or that they were so hard up that they didnít have boyfriends. But, I agreed that I would show up at their dorm that evening...two hours away. It was a private college, and the dorms were pretty much open to visitors. I arrived at the designated room at precisely seven oíclock, and was let in by the overweight one. The girls were all there, pads of paper ready, as if they really intended to draw. I disrobed in the middle of the room, and the girls crowded around, fighting for a spot right in front of me. My hardon was immediate. The girls were so close, and the room was so small, that there was no way around it. That was what the girls wanted. One of them just sat on the bed and stared at my cock, smiling. "Touch it, Marie," one of the girls said to the fat one. She looked up at my face. "Is that OK?" she asked. I looked down at her. "Sure, if thatís what you want to do, if thatís what turns you on, go ahead," I said. Without saying a word, the fat one --- sitting on the bed right in front of me --- reached out and touched the head of my hard cock. It was sticking straight up. She rubbed her finger over the head of it, then pressed the head with her thumb and forefinger. Her touch sent thrills of excitement through me. Her fingers were warm, and the pressure she put on the head of my dick was just right. "Oh, God," the one of them said. "What a dick." She reached forward and wrapped her fingers around the base of it. She stroked upward, and her hand came in contact with the fat girlís. I couldnít believe this was happening. I could hear gasps of curiosity and delight. It was like they were in a candy store --- and I was the candy. Soon, there were hands cupping my balls, feeling of my ass, and stroking my cock. My hard dick was throbbing, and my knees were shaking. There was one girl in particular, a cute girl with light brown hair, that had two hands on me at once, and she was pushing the other girls out of the way. Soon, I could feel something wet and warm on the head of my cock, and the other girls backed away as I looked down. The girl had the head of my dick in her mouth. "Suck him, Charlotte," said one of the girls. "Take it all the way in your mouth," another said. Charlotte did. She opened her mouth wide, and took my stiff prick all the way to the back of her throat. With one hand, she reached around and squeezed my ass cheeks, and with the other hand, she cupped and massaged my balls. She stoked my dick, then pulled it out of her mouth. She ran her lips across the head of it, smearing it with saliva. She opened her mouth a little, and I could feel her tongue dart out and tease the head of my throbbing cock. Then she moved away and looked at me. "You going to cum soon?" she asked. I nodded. Without saying another word, she bent toward my cock, and suddenly, my cock was warm and wet as I felt her put her mouth around it again. She took it deep into her mouth, and as she built up a suction, I could feel that sudden point of no return come on. I couldnít believe this was happening, that the beautiful young woman actually had my cock in her mouth, sucking on it, swirling her tongue around the head of it. I grunted and she sucked. My knees buckled a little, and I could feel that strange sensation in my groin that told me I was going to cum. "Iím going to cum," I said. She didnít stop. I could feel her suck even harder, and I could feel her hand massage my balls as they tightened. I came, filling the back of her throat with cum. I shot a pretty good-sized load of jism. She didnít swallow all of it, and a lot of it just dripped out of her mouth, to the obvious delight of the onlookers. I could feel her swallowing, and the thought turned me on even more. My dick didnít get soft when she pulled it out of her mouth. To my surprise, she kept kneeling in front of me, stroking me. She leaned toward me again, her mouth full of cum. She pressed her lips to it, then took it deep in her mouth again. She swirled her tongue around my cock as she slowly came up. Then, she popped it out of her mouth and let it jerk straight up and slap me in the navel. I could feel her tongue running down the length of my shaft, smearing the cum dripping out of her mouth on my cock, then on my balls. She licked my balls for a while, my cock still hard and throbbing, sticking up in the air, throbbing. "My turn," said another girl. I lay down on the bed, legs spread, dick flopping around my navel. I left the girlís dorm three hours later, exhausted, pocket full of money. I had another booking with them next week. More girls would show up, I was told. I knew that I would be fired from my modeling job at the college if they ever found out, but, under the circumstances, who would care?
age: 30 ish
sex: as much as
Date: 21:46:17, December 18

Name: Kaoring
Title: Old experience
Comments: I am a maried woman in my late twenties. This homepage arouses my interest. I was molested by a stranger when I was 16. I had been touched a few times before. I had been touched on my bum. I had been pressed erected. But that was my first experience touched on my private part directly. I was going to rock concert by underground. The molester of that day was extremely bold. He touched me on my secret flesh all of a sudden. I was panicked. And I couldn't say anything. Once inside my underwear the fingers traced me slowly. That gave me time to think about my situation. It's shameful if a woman is touched by an unknown man. But I was already touched. So I ignored him hoping it would finish soon. He must read my mind. The fingers started quick movements. They circled around my most senitive part, traced the frail slit and tapped the entrance. I hated that. I really hated that. But I could feel something was agitated in my center. I thought that I should stop him. Then he stopped touching me. He pulled the hand out. He could feel what I was thinking. But my ordeal didn't end. He smelled his fingers in front of me. They must smell like me. He licked the fingers which must taste like me. I was panicked again. The sense of humilitation and shame paralyzed me for some time. He sensed it too. I realized that he put his hand again up under my skirt only after he started to caress me there. I was completely at a loss. I could'nt stop him because he interrupted it. He would stop it any time if I tried to stop him. And he would resume it shortly after that. And his fingers were giving me the sensual feeling. I hated it in my heart but my body could not resist it. I felt my hot honey wetting his fingers. I was torn between the heart and the body. You might not understand the sense of defeat I felt. I could not control my body but he was cotrolling it. I was more worried about to be seen than the molesting itself. I feared that some one found me turned on by a stranger who molested the girl in public. I felt hot with shame and sexual arouse. I couldn't recall what he said but he got out the car with me and speak to me something. When he got to know that I was going to the concert, he ran to the tickeoffice. I think he couldn't buy it. It was full. But during the concert I was filled with fear and expectation. I feared that he might show up and sit next to me. And I hoped so. I have been imagining myself molested by a stranger from that time onward. I sit in a movie or concert in the imagination. A stranger comes next to me and touches me forcibly. He drives me uncontrollable. He turns me on against my will. I come at the end defeated and exhausted. I have kept the imagination strictly secret. Even my husband doesn't know it. And I never act it out.
age: 26
sex: F
Date: 09:13:18, December 19

Name: 1st time visitor
Title: hand to hand
Comments: I had a party last week. It was my friend's birthday. I sat next to a pretty girl. I touched her hand under the table. She touched me back. I touched her thigh, and her underbelly. We pretended the innocent but we saw each other with smile. She even giggled a little. Tracing the shape of pussy under the table is so exciting. She toyed my hard bulge. I was almost cum.
Date: 12:14:24, December 23

Name: Blue
Title: Shop Story 10: A Groper Groped!
Comments: I do not go to the store very often since the Shop Girl left, but yesterday I needed some things late in the day. The Managerís wife was serving the last few customers, but I did not see the Manager. In a minute the wife came to pass me, and to my surprise I felt her breasts brush against my arm! Then as I wheeled the cart I felt her hand on my buttocks and between my thighs. I did not understand this, and quickly found my needs and paid for them. As I picked up the bag with both hands, the Managerís wife reached out to feel my balls and penis, and she said, "Come into the office, Mr. Blue. I have a question." I went in there and put the bag down as she locked the shop door. "Tell me," she asked, "Do you miss that fat girlís mouth sucking your cock?" I was speechless with surprise, and just leaned back against the desk as she knelt down and took out my penis. I could not tell her my Shop Girl didnít know how to use her mouth on a manís shaft, but this woman really did. With tongue, mouth and fingers she quickly got me to the point where I could not stop the release of fluid. "Stop, stop, I canít hold back any more," I cried out, but she sucked and licked as my full load shot into her mouth. She opened her lips to show a pool of semen behind her white teeth, and she let it slowly dribble off her tongue into the waste basket. My knees were trembling, and I looked past her into the dark store. There, between the shelves, I saw the white face of the Manager, and I realized his wife was again just using me for revenge.
age: 64
sex: M
Date: 10:12:24, December 24

Name: Kin
Title: Two month ago and yesterday
Comments: About two mnoth ago I was waiting my game in front of universite. It was around 7:00pm. A young girl was waiting tram. She was on bench with short jupe. I saw her pantis as she had her legs loosely open. The tram was crowded by studiante. I rubbed her bum. I reached her bare thdigh easily. She did not care. But I could not do anyfucther due to my position. Wej had a little space. But we could come into heavy contact at the nekt stop. I thrusted my hand in her jupe. She had silky panties. She was very smooth. I wondered if she had bush. I could not feel shaggy there. I slipped a finger in. As I thought she had shaved there. I played with her tender box. She was excited too. She came to directly in front of me and she opened the legs. She stood still closing the eyes while receiving my caress. And I met her again yesterday. But she had heavy long overcoat. Although she was as willing as the last time I could not touch her directly. I massaged her over her overcoat. I want to know how I can up her overcoat? I want to touch her breasts too. How can I do that?
Date: 09:10:23, December 25

Name: lamb
Title: a young stranger
Comments: Dear everyone, How are you groping nowaday? I haven' have lately. But when I was quite young, I had a quite lot. Here is a story when I went the edge. Well, I didn't know the edge of what. I was really young. Only the 5th grader. I was just back from the summer holidays. It was still hot. I had my fav mini skirt. I had my friend coming to my house, or so we planned, after the school. But we had a little quarrel. I forgot exactlly why but I met a young man, around 20, and followed him. We went a little deserted square. He asked if I would like to get on a swing. I thought it's too childish and I said it's too childish. He asked kiss and said the real kiss was not childish. I kissed him but he held me tight and he put the tongue in my mouth. I was staggered. But he said that was the real kiss and that was how grown up kiss each other. When he kissed me again, I put my tongue in his mouth. He took my hand and we went somewhere more deserted. He showed me the cock. He pulled it out and let me touch. I stroked it as he said and it became hard. Then he stopped me and put the tool back in his cloth. He said he want to see mine. I was reluctant. But he said that I already saw his. It was my turn. I had a little knowledge abuot sex already, so I asked if he wanted sex. He said no. So I was reliefed. I pulled the skirt up but I was still reluctant to pull the panties down. He bent forward. He slipped a finger between my legs. He rubbed my pussy over my panties. The finger was easily pushed into my cunt lips. He stroked the crack slowly and slowly. I felt the panties cloth a little sore and a lot itchy. He asked why I bent in two and proposed to touch me directly. He said that I could avoid irritating feeling of panties and went on pulling down my underwear. I was hesitating about that but I kept holding my skirt up throughout the incident. He put the finger directly in my pussy and rubbed and rubbed and rubbed my hypersensitive parts. His finger went deeper and deeper in my slit. I felt jolting sensations each time the finger scrubbed the inner lips. I think my clit was also swelled. But the inner lips were so sensitive that I could not feel any special kick from the clit. I was quite out of breath. The panties had dragged down to my ankle before I knew. He gently stripped me of the underwear and made me open the legs wider. He sticked the finger in my cunt. He thrusted it in and out while caressing much upper part by other hand. Then he sticked the tongue out and with the tip of it touched the upper part. The part was my clit. Though I was virgin, and he put a finger in my cunt, I didn't feel it hurt. I felt it good, so gooood! He laid me down on the ground. He spread my legs wide open. He licked my pussy up with the tongue. I was speechless with sensual pleasure. I was merely moaning. He thrusted his tongue deep into my cunt. He thrusted it back and forth repeatedly while spreading my pussy lips with his fingers. His nose was rubbed on my clit. I guess he did that purposely. He unzipped himself and undressed waist down. He asked if I wanted sex. I said no. He asked if he should stop. I said no. He kept licking my pussy and jerked himself off. I think if he forced it on me I could not offer much resistance. I was so horny. Even now, I think of his tongue and I feel hot.
age: 19
sex: Yes but .
Date: 14:44:38, December 25

Name: Laura
Title: Old men are the best teachers
Comments: I too learned how to receive and give such hot pleasures by a much older man. I was 12 when my girlfriends father played with me in their swimming pool. He would pick us up and throw us into the water. One day he came up behind me and rubbed his hard dick head into my wet tight butt. I was a little scared cause I didn't know what an erection was. I never seen a hard peepee before. But he really made me what you would call curious to really feel what it was like. When my friend was away with her mom, I would go over and he played with my little pussy in the pool, until I got really wet and hot. I just took my little bottoms off and he carried me into their basement. He taught me just how good a hot tongue would feel flicking in and out of my soaking wet pussy kat. Then he told me that if I wanted my little tits to grow he knew just what to do. He then rubbed his huge purple cock head over my full lips and told me to kiss and taste his hardness. Almost immediately he shot a huge load over my face. I was so scared I took off and stayed away. Until I became aware that my breasts were getting bigger. I started going back over and he was so glad to help me grow up.
age: 17
sex: with men 45 and up only
Date: 17:11:58, December 25

Name: A.H.
Title: A happy new millennium
Comments: We had very crowded new year's eve in USA too. I took sub to TSQ to celebrate the new millennium. I touched a girl next to but she glanced at me. I took a short rest and tried again. She stared at me. Taka, you should stop here. I did. I targeted a new girl. A girl just in front of me. She had a little back pack. So, touching her was rather difficult. But nothing could stop the lust. My arm creeped her like a snake. I reached her bottom. I gave her a slight push. No reaction. Is she ok? Or didn't she feel it? The moment came. The sub was arriving at a station. I pretended to stagger. I grabbed her cheek. A good excuse. And no reaction. I rubbed the butt. No reaction. She had a short coat and a short skirt. I tried my luck. I reached up under her coat. She knew it. She was nervous. But she didn't move. Or she couldn't move. Then I reached up under her skirt. She had no panty hose but stockings and panties. I reached between her legs. I rubbed her. I could feel her tender pussy lips. She tried to close her legs. But her lips came apart. I could trace her inner constructions. She wiggled her hips. Less to evade hateful, but to evade the sensation. I didn't let her go. I slipped the fingers into her undies. The first pussy of the year. Of the millenium. She was already moistened. I couldn't reach the clitoris. But I carssed her slit to the hilt. Well, she took my finger to the hilt, actually. I moved the index finger in and out of her cunt while vibrating and inching the middle finger still hoping to find her love button. She bit back the sweet gasps. Still she twitched now and then. I think she came. At the end, she merely managed to stand with my help. I held her tight. And I kept finger fucking her. Unfortunately she was with a friend. She was alarmed. My target cooked up the story and said that it was too hot and she had an attack of anemia and was dizzy. I joined her and said I held her because she was almost falling. I pushed my luck too far. She said everything was okay and declined my proposal to take rest. All right then. You wetted my fingers, girl. Next time, not just fingers. And you too, the friend of my friend. You knew what we did. Though you too played the innocent. Next time you are not just watching your friend coming. I will make both of you coming. Not just in a sub. But somewhere much more suitable for love making.
age: 24
sex: male with golden fingers
Date: 13:20:10, January 07

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Name: Junko
Title: Stop it (original in Japanese, translated by webmaster) No.1
Comments: I'm 22 year student. I go to a college in the the city center, nearly every day, from my apartment in a suburb of Tokyo. Let me make it clear, I'm harass by gropers with each passing day. I chanced upon this homepage. I can not overlook it and decide to send my writings. You gropers are making a big mistake. You may think that a girl is delighted when she feels sensual pleasure or has cum. That is a big misunderstanding. If she is given disgusting treatment by a man whom she does not like, and feels pleasure against her will, she hates herself. She is mad with anger and sadness. I, having such experiences, want to make a strong appeal. Stop groping. Not because it is crime. But please do not hurt a girl any more. I, bearing a disgrace, inform you of my worst story. I want you gropers understand agony of girls. It was on the morning of the 6th of October. I was on a crowded train as usual when I felt something strange on my backside. A groper was pressing and releasing the back of his hand. I meet gropers every day. But most of them merely touch the behind by back of hand. Sometime a groper presses by the palm. I endure it because I think it too much trouble, and because he could go onto the offensive to say it's an accident. The groper of the day, however, soon ran his hand over and across my back. Clearsy, it was an act of groping. I was worried about how to cope with the man. I meet a groper like him who carries things too far, or the true groper now and then. Then, I always think of coming out and hand a man over to a station employee. (Though I do not have enough nerve.) He is passing as a honest man in an office, whom a wife and sweet children are waiting in the home, touches a girl on her butt and gets fired from the job, and his life ruined. The innocent children cry with hunger. The wife seriously think of family suicide... I visualize such images. Maybe it comes only me but I am anxious about if his family lose their means of livelihood even if he is a good-for-nothing. Am I an easy mark? Or am I deceiving myself and I am merely fainthearted? That aside, I didn't make any resistance. If he escalated the conduct, I said myself, I did resist then. The groper became more and more daring. He kneaded the cheeks firmly. He passed his hand all over my backside. I sensed danger. One reason was I wore a miniskirt and did not wear stockings. Gropers may say of them the proof that I wanted to be touched. But a girl has a moment when she needs to dress like that no matter how she dreads gropers. To me, the day was such day. I had my back stroked and massaged (about 5 minutes) to the next station. My perseverance had been weakened by degrees. Maybe because his palm of hand got to fit the bottom flesh, maybe because I lowered my guard as he had not gone any further, I began to feel that feeling. I felt the buttocks somehow warm. They were mysteriously sensitive. That was not the first I was touched and turned on by a groper. If anything, when I was touched by a genuine groper who means it, I, for the most part, am sadly turned on. But I am definitely not pleased. I am thrown into a panic in frustration, regret, confusion, and just little craving to be touched more, coming all at once. You gropers may say that I do want it more as they thought. But don't misunderstand me. Turn on is physical reaction. No matter how humiliating the circumstances, or persevering, I cannot but respond as I also know feminine pleasure. I am but a flesh and blood woman too. Moreover, once turned on, there is nothing for it but flesh wants more and more. A girl has sex drive too. She will be increasingly wet and want it if her sexual feeling stimulated. But, what I want you know is that mind and body must be discussed separately. However delighted the body may be, the mind is not pleased. Rather it is tormented by distresses. I would better to get away, as lost in the crowd getting on and off, at a railroad station on my way. But I had my bottom molested even while the train made a stop at a station. I could not move. What was worse, I had not been caressed for so long in my whole life. He was more good at it than my current boyfriend. When the train started to move, the groper carried it to the second stage. He held my hips by both hands from behind and pressed his groin against my back. I felt a stick like object between my cheeks. I uttered "aah" in spite of myself. I blushed for shame. Though those who were about might not notice it. I don't know if the groper did hear it. He, while pressing his groin against me, put out his hand to my front, up under my miniskirt. You can take it for granted that I had my legs closed tight. I didn't want to be made a toy of any more. I was inadvertently turned on by the dirty hands. But the frolic ended there. I did not let him go any further. No, I merely said so to myself and put up with it. The groper's hand was moving over the underwear, centering on the most sensitive spot, and made a circular movement of sorts. That was a soft touch which even I could not do. I was feeling the alien substance pressed from behind. It was asserting itself between my cheeks. I hung down my head, closed my lips tight, shut my eyes, and bore it as much as I could. He was a good-for-nothing. I could not feel good whilst I was touched by such fellow. I did not feel pleasure. No, I desperately repeated so in my heart.
age: 22
sex: Female
Date: 16:56:36, January 10

Name: Junko
Title: Stop it (original in Japanese, translated by webmaster) No.2
Comments: I could feel a little greasy sweat on my forehead. Don't be silly. It couldn't be.. But I could feel down there getting more and more lubricated. I found myself straightening my back and taking a position, in a sense, pressing my pelvis against his hand. His fingers made an invasion from the side of my underwear. My legs, althogh I had made them closed tight, came already loose without my knowledge. Fingers slipped into and inserted along my private parts. They were long fingers. They slowly slid along my crevice. By the slippery feeling, I understood that I was very very wet. From that time on my most distraught time started. Now I am giving the account of my own disgraceful experience solely because I do not want to go through that emotion again. It made me went off my head. It was a bitter experience and I will describe it truthfully and accurately. (This was third time I was touched on my private parts directly by a groper including my high school days. My first one, it was an unforgettable, was the first year in the high school. I was still virgin then. I had just found out masturbation and could not stop but masturbate every night. In those days I worried about it seriously thinking I might be abnormal. A groper shamelessly fell on me and made me turned on. I didn't know what to do, how to dodge sensual pleasure. He had me cum. It was my first cum by some one other than myself. I felt strong self-hatred. I even thought of suicide in all seriousness. But on the other I was indulging in masturbation every night imagining myself groped. And I hated myself more in the next morning.. I had such gloomy young days.) The groper's fingers came deeper and deeper into the crevasse just as if sank into. From there, they went up to, aiming my most vulnerable point in front. When a finger reached there, my whole body jerked. The finger vibrated quickly. I had been holding my voice and I enduring it It was good. It was terrific. I thought I would cum if he kept it. It was a hell on earth. The train must stop a few more stations on the way. But I did not notice. With all my efforts to deny it, wave after wave of sensual joy rushed on me. "Stop that" "Help me" "This man is too good at it" "Please finish soon" "Please there, I feel good" "What a lewd girl am I" "Touch me more, touch me harder" If I could utter voice, I wanted to shout all of them at once. And when a long finger slipped into me without difficulty, I, at last, understood that I must be prepared for. I was resigned to. Forced to have orgasm. The long finger violently wound and slid up and down, in and out while another finger gave my most sensitive parts quick vibration, picking up the carnal pleasures. I felt something swiftly running up my body. I kept holding my voice but opened my mouth, I gave out quivering breath. That moment, I felt a sense of unity between his fingers and my body. I lost all reason. I can not recall things thereafter but only in fragments. He made me leave the train at the next station. He was all but holding my arm and took me into a hotel. I did not put up any particular resistance and followed him with unsteady steps. So I remember. In a moment we were in the hotel room, he pulled my underwear down, having the miniskirt still on, and came into me from back. He fucked me hard. The hard fuck I never had before. I could hear it "splash" in and out of me hundreds of times. And I came a number of times. (This was my second to be taken into a hotel after I was groped. The first one was when I was 19. It was summer. It was also the day I was groped directly second time. The college was over for summer. And I might have my guard off. I had the groper's fingers intruded in easily, and just like the first time, I was made cum. He, half threatening me, brought me into a hotel. And again, I was the prey of fingers and a tongue. He made me undergo a series of orgasm. And then, he teased me by the penis. He was pathological man. He raped me and teased me and teased me and raped me. He kept fucking me almost all day long. I, after the certain point along the process, started to ask for more and actively did grinds. For the period of time after the incident, I was almost drove to insane. I became anorexia from self-hatred, yet could not stop masturbating recalling the experience.) Even now, intense self-hatred and hatred against gropers drive me crazy. Maybe the madness made me narrate the account of my personal experience. Honesty, I felt sensual pleasure as groped. I reached climax in a train. I was taken into a hotel and raped. Even though I was beening raped, I was thrown into ecstasies. More, I recollect the experiences and masturbate. When I make love with my boyfriend too, I imaginine myself raped. Nevertheless, I do not condone groping. I keep them separate. A rape is out of the question. You do not think a woman is lustful therefore you can do anything. However the flesh is rejoiced, the soul is hurt. Granting that she had orgasm, she will be tormented later. Do you understand it, gropers? You must be a good citizen once you get off a train. You work for your family and company. You must have soul. Please do not grope again. Thank you reading to the end.
Date: 16:53:38, January 10

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