Selected Sensual Stories No.6

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Name: Julia & Denis
Title: Oh! This is wonderful.
Comments: Hello there! I'm Julia. My b.f. is Denis. We seached for nice prono sites on the internet. We found this page this very minute. This is terrific. You have many marvelous stories here. They make my cunt throb. I can be wet only by reading them. I will download all the stories to read later on. We will have sleepless nights though. Wow! You know? He is just touching me now. Ummm............. He traces the outlines of my brassiere. Aha! His left hand goes to my pussy. He puts his hand in my pajamas. He tried to wriggle fingers into my undies. I will tell you the outcome. P. S. Hey, this is the outcome. She feels good. Her pussy's wet. No bra, no panties right now. I rubbed her cilt while sucking her nipples. I put a finger in her cunt and then two. I rammed it hard back and forth. She is now sucking my dick while having a dildo in her cunt and pumping it. Hey, she says something in a muffled voice. I don't understand it. Well, she loves lonely play too. Maybe she needs these sexy stories for her bed time. Friends, See ya! - Denis
age: 16 (Julia) & 21 (Denis)
sex: F & M
Date: 14:03:33, October 20

Name: freshwoman
Title: high school xxx
Comments: I am a freshman in a college. I lost my virgin already and this is the story. I was watching video (pornography) with my friends. All others (4 or 5) were boys but they were such good friends so I didn't expect anything serious. The video was about a girl who had been raped. I guessed it was an illegal one. She was chain raped and was crying for help. But she began to feel good before long. She arched her back and jerked. She started gasp out something. I said that was crazy and she must be acting it even though I thought it was not a fiction. Boys were grining at me and ignored my objection. There were dreadful silence. I was on the point of getting out, (or better to say I was thinking a good excuse to do so) when I saw a close-up view of a penis covered with love juice and shining. It was pumping hard and fast. I heard myself crying out. One boy glanced at me and asked me if I was wet. I ignored him and said that I needed to go home then. Boys began to talk if I was excited in spite of what I said. They said that I could go home if I was not wet. I said I was not and stood up to leave the room. Two of them pounced on me. They dragged me to the center of the room and with other they pushed me and pinned me down. I shouted all sorts of abuse on them. They shouted me back saying that I must be wet and want to have sex with them. They said that I could go home if I was not wet. And they started to undo my jeans. I stopped them. I said that I undid myself to prove that I was not wet. I took my jeans off. I knew that I was wet but I thought I could lie because I believed my underwear was of thick cloth and I underestimated my own wetness. I was ordered to open the legs wide. They found a small stain along my center. One of them found the cloth was thick and insisted that the wetness inside must be more. They pinned me down again. I said that the liquid was of pee and had nothing to do with sex. But they took no notice of my plea. They took the panties off. They fingered my wet slit. They licked there. But more they licked the juice off, waterier the part became. I felt it good. I panted. I could not recall when I was stripped stark naked. I was deep kissed. My nipples were also caressed. I felt queer in the cunt. One by one, they raped me. When one of them raped me, he bent me in two. I could see his glaring penis moving in and out of my cunt. It was just like the video. The moment, I lost control. It was not rape any more because I became willing mate. I asked more and more. I had felt it good and I stopped faking it bad. We fucked in many positions. We tried many places too. A toilet in a park. The school. (Porno) cinema. But, little by little, I lost interest. Doesn't a man grow tired of raping the same woman? I got sick of them. If I need to be raped in any case, I want to be raped by many different men. I have left my home town to go school. I am now free from the forced relationship.
age: 18
sex: F (and M) who want to see M (and S)
Date: 15:39:41, October 21

Name: Blue
Title: Shop Girl 6 - a Married Woman
Comments: Today the Shop girl was back after her wedding. She smiled a little when she saw me, but was careful to keep away so I could not touch her in the shop. At the end of the day, though, when everyone had left, she let the Manager and me take her into the office and touch her a little. She had promised to tell us about her wedding night. As she lay on the bed in her new white nightdress, she told us, her husband knelt to pray beside the bed. As he got into bed he lifted the front of her nightdress, knelt between her legs, and pushed his penis up into her without any foreplay. "It really hurt," she told us, but with a little smile at me she said she had remembered how my fingers had made her wet, and this was enough for her husband to penetrate her. With just a couple of thrusts he shot his sperm in her, then rolled off and went to sleep. "It was not what I had imagined and hoped for," she told us, and she did not seem to mind that we were unfastening her clothes like before. In the morning after her wedding, the nightdress and the bed sheets showed a little blood, and her husband seemed pleased to see it. Each night was similar, she said, little kissing, no touching her breasts or pussy, and when she tried to touch her husbandís penis he knocked her hand away and just pushed into her. By now she was sitting on my lap, leaning against me, but this time my erect penis was between her thighs and her fingers held my knob against her clitoris. "I canít let you into me," she said, "but I want to feel you against me." The Manager stood before us and he held her nipples and pushed her breasts together with his penis between them. She was perspiring a little, and that let him slide up and down. My shop girl moaned and wriggled, and moved against my penis. Almost without realizing what was happening, she was standing a little and my knob moved from her clit to the lips of her pussy. Still she wriggled, and I knew I was entering her vagina. She was hot and she was wet, but it was the tightest place I had ever been. Slowly she was accepting all of me, and at the same time the Manager was thrusting hard between her breasts. There was a cry and she shuddered as she had her very first orgasm. Almost at the same time I lost control and released everything I had into her. The Managerís sperm shot under her chin and onto her breasts. We let our hands explore her slippery body, then we cleaned her a little and sent her home to her husband.
Date: 16:14:34, October 26

Name: brother xth
Title: gang-bang
Comments: We are the white gang. All of us are from well to do family. We dress cool. We play cool. Besides engaging in drug traffic and few odd jobs like mugging, we pass as good boys. We study cool too and the most of ex-member went well known universities. I am not bad either. But my parents wanted me to go the best schools. So I studied under a tutor. She was a round faced, short, cute co-ed with plumpest bosom I ever see. The moment I saw her I decided to rape her. Usually, I was alone in the home in the daytime. I called some of my best friends and waited her. We easily overpowered her and tied her on the bed. She was moved to tears begging for mercy. We didn't care. We stripped her clothes off and tied her again in the open legged position. We used fingers and tongues to prepare her. She was awfully hot and wet, really ready for fuck when I screwed my dick in. I slammed and slammed my hard tool against her tight box untill she started moan. Brothers followed me. We filmed all this into three video tapes.
age: 18
sex: Hard
Date: 12:15:26, October 29

Name: Heather
Title: Zuma Beach Update
Comments: Zuma was great. Jeff showed up after all, and we had a great time. (Thank God Hose9nch was not there) I let him rub oil on my bare back. I had removed my top, and was laying on the blanket face down. He took his time and rubbed the oil in very slowly. I kept watch and every time a cute guy would walk by to sneek a look at me being rubbed, I would roll over a little bit a flash my tit to him. I had a great time causing the boys to stumble and trip over their feet. Jeff rubbed the oil slowly down into my suit bottoms, and slipped his finger in my butt crack. What a turn on. Being rubbed in my ass in public. Jeff slipped his hand under my breasts and rubbed the oil all over them. I was in heaven. I can't remember how many boys and men can running over to watch me being rubbed all over. After I had gathered a circle of watchers, I had the best orgasim ever. What a blast... Jeff and I went to the parking lot where his car was, and I sucked him to pay him back for the great cum I had. What a weekend... I must do that again.
age: 15
sex: Oral is good too.
Date: 23:22:01, October 29

Name: Blue
Title: Shop Girl 7: Exploring
Comments: Since that wonderful time she slid onto my cock, the Shop Girl has not let the Manager or me enter her. But she came into the office, and shyly took off most of her clothes. She is only just 18, the Manager is nearly 50 while I am older. We have explored all parts of her plump white body. She has never shaved, so there are small tufts of black hair in her armpits. Her pussy hair spreads a little onto her thighs, and back around her ass, and a thin line of hair reaches across the curve of her belly nearly to her navel. Not everyone might enjoy her hair, but I love to see it and touch it. Last night, while the Manager locked the shop, I led the girl into the office and dropped my pants. I put the girlís hand onto my cock which was still quite limp. She watched with wide eyes as it came up to full size. "Let her bring you up, too" I told the Manager as he came in. The Manager is not circumcised, and she gave a small cry as the hood of his foreskin slid back and the knob pushed out. She told us that she has still never seen her husbandís penis, though he pushes it into her every night. We ease her panties off and find her wetness. "Please, please let us enter you," I ask, but she says she cannot. With some lotion I moisten her hand and hold it wrapped around my penis. I guide her to satisfy me, and she cries out with delight as she sees my cum explode. She is very excited, and has one hand tight between her thighs as she turns to the Manager and strokes his erection. He is sitting on an office chair, and my Shop Girl suddenly stands astride his thighs and lowers her pussy onto his shaft. I have never shared a woman like this before, and I donít know whether to be angry, sad, or just excited as I see her white ass bounce up and down and see that black hairy bush swallow his whole length. Her small brown ass hole tightens as she cums. "Iím sorry, Mr. Blue," she gasps and I know I shall be in her again soon.
age: 64
sex: M
Date: 16:05:57, October 30

Name: keel
Title: Long Ago in German
Comments: 7 years ago I was worknig in a lab in German. I saw two girl in their early teens in a station. One was red head and other was brunette. We took the same train by chance. They were well dressed pretty girls. The train was rather crowded. They were pressed to each other face to face and I was standing beside them. I touched the thigh of one girl while pressing my root against the other girl's thigh. The red head whom I had my hand on made slight jump. The brunette blushed. I stopped touching the red because the reaction was too big but I could not stop feeling the brunette because I was pressed toward her. Soon my tool gained firmness. The brunette blushed redder. I was in trouble. I might be caught. Indeed the red head realized the situation and let her friend shift the position. Then the red was startled to feel my erected cock. She said nothing, however. It seemed that she was resighed thinking it involuntary physiological phenomena. She had flushed cheeks and just stared vacantly into space. She ignored me even when I rubbed it against her deliberately. I felt up her bottom slightly. I would stop if she ever took any reaction. But she kept stay put. I stroked her back repeatedly, over and over again. I traced her roundness up to her crack. My fingers reached her anus, then, pussy. I kept touching her over the skirt. She seemed to be entranced. Her brunette friend concerned about her and they shifted the positions again. Then the bottom of the red was far from my arm's reach. I could not caress her further from her back. Only the thigh, I thought. But the girl twisted her body at the waist. Then she was feeling my dick on her hip. I could caress her with my penis. But I keenly wanted to touch her. The only way possible was from her front. And her friend was in front of her. I weighed the risk and the gain. But in the end I put the hand between two girls. The brunette was blushed reddest. Yet she did not cry out nor move her body away. Rather the red head twisted her body back and my hand was pressed between two loveable mounds. Slowly and repeatedly the girl pushed her mound against my hand. My hand was busy caressing her mound and pulling her skirt up simultaneously. Soon I exposed her panties and put fingers in. I could feel the wet slit and firm clit. The direct touch made her moan. She rested her head on her friend's shoulder to lower the moaning. Our every movement must be transmitted to the brunette through the back of my hand. It was her turn to just stare vacantly into space. I managed to shift my body to face sideways. I pressed myself into two girls. I managed to position myself partly between them. I pressed my throbbing stick against the red head while my hand caressing the mound of the brunette at my back. Then the red head moved and we faced each other while her brunette friend was beside us offering me her pussy to be fingered. The red repeatedly squeezed her mound against my hardon. I reached for her crack over her hip. I reached only her anus but gave her prolonged massage. Then I lifted my arm to reach for her breasts. Her nipples were firm. She pressed her breasts against my chest squeezing my hand in between. That was her way of feeling my fingers. She really rubbed her bosom against me. I worked on the brunette too. I slipped fingers into her panties. She enjoyed it. Her pussy was juiceful and throbbing. When I put a finger in her cunt, she tried to tighten the entrance. I wondered if she was virgin and wanted to reserve it. Taking her age into the consideration, being virgin was feasible. But the slippery pussy offered little resistance. I pumped the finger up and down while caressing her clit with the thumb. Then she sighed and panted and opend the legs a little wider. Her head was rested on my shoulder. I put two fingers in and pumed it in her gushing cunt over and over again. Then suddenly they jumped out of the train. I didn't pay much attention but the train arrived at their station. I hesitated to follow them. And before long the train left there. I haven't met them after that time. I really hoped to meet them or at least see them. I took and took the line only to see them again. But I couldn't. And I left the country two years ago. Perhaps I never be able to meet them. Good-by the red head and the brunette. If you ever see this posting, let me say that I LOVE YOU.
age: 34
sex: Male
Date: 13:04:20, November 02

Name: Sophy the flasher
Title: Pussy in full view
Comments: This is my first posting. I love to flash my pussy. I have shown it to schoolboys today. They were surprised to see the hairy pussy. I asked "do you like this?" but they got away. "Fool, you could touch this" I thought. And then, I walked around to find a boy. I found a lovely young school boy about 10. I asked if he wanted to see something interesting. He said yes and we got under cover. I told him to pull my one-piece dress up. He did and he found that I didn't have panties. He was amused. I pulled the dress up further. He found that I didn't have bra. "You can touch" I said. He timidly felt my breasts. I told him that he could touch me bottom. But he was unwilling. "Then, you cannot go home" I said. And I opened the legs wide. He was eager to see inside. "You can touch me" I said once more. He spread the flesh to look into. Then he began to touch all over. He was surprised to see the flesh very elastic. I was turned on. The cunt was wet by the love juice. But he thought I pissed. I explained that he was wrong and promised to give him more sex education. The next time, I will show him how I can take a banana in.
age: 17 and still virgin
sex: Female
Date: 10:14:55, November 05

Name: Blue
Title: Shop Girl 8: Red Zone
Comments: The Shop Girl has rules. She now lets the Manager and me have sex with her most days, but she will not lie on her back because this is how her husband enters her. She says she now enjoys her husband more and is usually wet for him. Although he still cums very fast, one night she had an orgasm which surprised him. He asked if she had touched herself which he says is a sin, but she truthfully denied it. Her secret was over sixty minutes that the Manager and I had excited her and had taken turns with a cock deep in her vagina. It is wonderful that we have her, but I have some problem that when I am in her first, the Manager is waiting for me to finish so he can use her. When he is first I am very excited to watch them, but then it is different to push into her where he has just released his sperm. Today she said there could be no sex because of her period. Her husband says she is unclean for seven days. The Manager had her relieve him with her hand but I wanted more. I remembered when my wife was alive she was often very horny at this time. As I fingered the Shop Girlís clitoris I could see the white cord of the tampon among the black pubic bush. She objected, but did not stop me as I pulled the red cylinder out and put my penis in its place against her pussy lips. The tampon had made her dry, but slowly I pushed into her as she sat on the edge of the desk. She was very hot and soon was wet and she wrapped her legs around me as I reached full penetration. I must take a shower now, because I still have a smear of the girlís blood on my thigh. But I wanted to share with you how special I felt that today the Shop Girl was only mine.
age: 64
sex: M
Date: 10:16:47, November 06

Name: Sukebe
Title: She goes to a school.
Comments: I waited a gicl at sub staiton. Here is new yourk suburb. A slim blond girl came. she is slim but she is bosom. The type I love to molest. She is an universtiy girl. Yet she came in the busy morninwg traffic. This means she si a fresh man wha know nothing abuort subway groger or love to be groped. I tailed her into he car. I slipped into her left positoning my dick onto her thigh. Soon my faucet was turned on. She must know that. It is a 10 in. long dick with a diameter of 2 in. She ignored but blushed. As the car joggled hel thigh rubbed my tool. I put a hand in my pocket to adjust the meat in the best position. When the car swing wide her thigh was pressed on my dick against her wll. The abashed girl took a paperback out of the bag. I knew that she weuld not going to read it. A woman does not hate to be groped. She hates tho be known to be groped. I know if a girl start to read a book, it measn ok. She wants pas unnoticed. She reads a book to appear to be absorbed. And the book is her excuse not saying no. So she gave me ok. Btu I did not go further immediately. I enjoyed to see her first. She was undoubtedly turned on to feel my 10 in. Her eyes were on the book but she was not reading it. She was preoccuped to feel the shap, the size and the solidness of my tool. I gave her enugh time to picture herself molested in her imagination. Then I proceeded to the real action. I put the hand on her thigh. It took her breath away. That was the crucial moment. Seconds later, she breathed out. She turnd the page. She was now gettig what she had expected.3 My hand went up to her mound, cupped her flesh. Other hand went from her backside. Undehr the skirt and over the panties, the fingertip reached the anus. That was more than her imagination. She held the breathe and tighted the sphincter. Yet she did nt reject my incursion straightforward. The hesitation sealed hr fate. I produced a knife. I pressed it against her pussy. "be quiet" I whispered in her ear. She as frozen. Slowly I cut the crotch open. I positioned the back of the knife just on her slit. Slowly, I pushed it back and forth till the metal was buried in between her lips. The fear and the excitement quivered her knees. The cold smooth metal caressed her most sensitive genitalia. I put a finger of my other hand on her anus again. No resistance then. Yeah, I could turn the blade at any time and the cutting edge would harm her. Little by little the finger entered into her rectum forcibly. I felt the knife slippy. That was due t her nectar. This is my winning position. Urging a girl from back, front and side. I kept sawing the blade back and forth and twisted it right and left to gtve her maximum stimulation. The fear and the shame made her sex drive far more powerful and irresistiwe. When I told her to get out the sub in a small voice, she simply obayed. She came to my house to be fuckd.
age: 28
sex: temptadle
Date: 07:43:05, November 07

Name: Blue
Title: Shop Girl 9: Discovered!
Comments: Last week the Manager and I were teaching my Shop Girl about oral sex. At first she did not believe a mouth should be used, but after I had licked her clitoris she agreed to put her lips on my penis. She bent forward to let her mouth touch me. The Manager stood behind her and pushed his penis between her buttocks into her wet pussy. His thrusts were pushing her mouth further onto my shaft when suddenly the office door was unlocked and the Managerís wife rushed in. She began hitting him with her fists and trying to kick him. "So this is why you never touch me," she cried, "Stop, stop, stop!" My knees felt weak, and I sat on the floor. I realized that the Manager was at that delicious point where he could not stop fucking, and indeed he grunted as a final push released his cum into the girlís body. His wife was in a terrible rage, and turned to push me back onto the floor and I lay with my foolish penis still erect. "Is this where I must come for a fuck, Mr. Blue?" the wife screamed, and in a quick move stepped out of her skirt and panties to show long legs and a shaved pussy. She spat into her hand then wiped her fingers against her crotch for quick lubrication. To my amazement, she stepped astride me, then squatted to lower herself onto my penis. All the time she used me she was shouting at her husband, insulting his penis which now was small and limp. The wife screamed threats at the Shop Girl who was crying in fear and distress at being discovered. The girl was almost naked, and a glob of the Managerís sperm ran down her thigh. My attacker soon seemed out of breath, but still she pushed down on me even as I let my load shoot into her. Her back arched, and her nails clawed at me as she had an orgasm. Pausing only a moment, she stood up and tried to kick my penis and balls but only hit my thigh, bruising it with her pointed shoe. She spat at her husband and at the girl as she ran out of the office with her clothes. Now it is decided that the Managerís wife will come to work at the store. My Shop Girl will move away where her husband has work at a new church. If you meet a slim young man who is very religious, and he has a wife who is pretty though rather plump, you should try to touch her. But please be very kind to my Shop Girl, for she has been so special for me!
age: 64
sex: M
Date: 18:22:46, November 22

Name: Aron
Title: Fantasy 1
Comments: I live in Mexico City. Our public transportation is crowded. It is thronged with pickpockets and gropers. But this is my fantacy. A young female looked a college girl was very receptve. I thought I could not go a long way. Because my first impression of her was a girl from a good family. However she did not look back when my umbrella touched her leg. Then the handle of an umbrella was pressed on her back. Even when the handle was stuffed between her cheeks, she showed no reaction. At the next station I moved to her side. I touched her hip. I resolved to grope her. I stole my way into her overcoat and up unher her skirt. I could not excuse it as an accident. It was not an umbrella. It was not a simple touuch. I had my hand upon her panties. But she remained quiet. I storked her mound. I cupped her well-rounded flesh and clenched and unclenched it. I could feel it hot... and hotter... and moist. She tried to close her thighs. But she merely made her knees shake. I wanted something more than cupping her pussy in my palm... something more than kneading it over her underwear. Thanks to her long overcoat and the short skirt, I could easily reach the top of her panties and a pair of panty hose without making anybody notice the movement... except her. When I started to push my hand into her underwear, I guess she wavered between being my accomplice to hide it from other passengers and stoppinn my hand. She merely closed her thighs weakly. I respected her decision. She would accept it up to her mound but not into her pussy. I kept kneading her tender mound. She had little hair. I could feel the upper end of her cleft. It was wet and very slimy. I think than she did her best to close her legs as tight as possible. Maybe she didn't want me know how wet she was. I knew it already. I picked the very top of her wet slimy tender cleft. The sexual stimulation drained of her strength. Gradually she gave up the resistance. When my finger reached her firm clit, she gasped of the jolting sensastion. She coould not do anything then. She stood there with loosely opened legs, receiving my molestattion, with her eyes moisted and was bitting her own lower lip. Otherwise a joyful moan would escape her lips. I fondled her to the point of putting fingers in her cunt. I inserted three fingers and when I was trying four, she became uneasy. It was out of my expectation but she said that she was goingto T university and she needed to leave the train soon. I asked if she could find time. She declined. I still had my fingers in her cunt. She said "please" in a small tearful voice. I regretted that I let her go. I could keep her there by simply not pulling my hand out. It took three more years till I saw her again.
age: 27
sex: with you, baby!
Date: 09:21:01, November 29

Name: Aron
Title: Fantasy 2
Comments: Three years later I met her again. I saw her standing the same place and the same time and waiting the same train. But after three years I could not recognize her for the moment. She wore jeans. I watched her wondering. She smiled back at me. But she also looked puzzled. We got into the same car not knowing what to say. We met before for sure but could not recall exactly. The affair suddenly came to our mind almost at the same time. Yes, I was a groper and she was a victim. The pleasant smile vanished from her face. We felt awkward with each other. She, the victim, should not smile at me, the groper. Normally we do not greet each other. We are supposed to be enemies. She was blushed slightly and looked away. I hesitated to touch her. But we were in the same crowded car facing each other. We were more tightly packed at the next station. I could feel her body. Soon my dick mas bulged. She could but did not sidestep me. I reached for her thigh and her mound. I cupped her pussy and kneaded patiently. I think she let me do so only because she wore jeans. The thick cloth can be a good protection but only of short duration. I kept the physical labor long enough for her pussy. And it started to assert its own cravings. She parted her legs a little and thrusted her mound against my palm. She kept facing away but she devoted her full attention to feel the movement of my pleasure giving hand. She was so absorbed in it and she did not pay any attention as I was undoing her jeans. She was surprised when I put my hand into her underwears. But she merely casted a glance at me and looked away again. As I thought she was alread wet. And she was very hot. She was defenseless justn like three years ago. She was wet and ready just like three years ago. The difference was I decided not let her go. But she made her own resolution. "Not now" she whispered. She put my hand out of her cloth gently. She made me caress her over her jeans and caressed me back. She gave me a piece of paper before she left the train. It aws her telephone number. She asked if I would like to meet her. She made sure that our relationship must be sex and only sex. She was gorgeous. The sex was great. We kept the sex-only-relationship abuot one year. Then I ditched her. She was the most insatiable and the most wanton woman I ever met.
Date: 11:35:22, November 29

Name: Aron
Title: Today's fantasy
Comments: I'm fantasizing moderate groping recently. But they usually go less than expected. I have not been behind a girl these days. However I can fantasize to touch a school girl's buttocks today. She must be a high school girl. I was lucky. I was just behind of her. Therefore I started my imagination without delay. I touch her on the back of my hand. I enjoy it and this is how I make her knows what I am. I am a groper and I want to know how far she would accept the flirtation. Nervously but she presses her bottom against me. I think that she might like it. I turn the hand and touch her with the palm. I pass my hands over and over her tender cheeks. And I grab her cheeks to part them. I press my root against her crack. I hold the cheecks and knead them together with my tool between them. She pays me back my effort by pressing her back against me and standing on tiptoe to adjust the height. I bend my knee a little. We get out the train at the same station. I hope to see her this afternoon or tomorrow morning.
Date: 10:33:48, December 09

Name: SW
Title: a beginner
Comments: I'm studying at an university in a small city. I chose the time when a tram is usually crowded. But contrary to my expectation it was not much crowded. Notwithstanding, I could stand next to a girl who seemed very likable. She looks like Maraiah Carey. She liked it or not, I would try her back. My hand on her cheek but no reaction. My palm on her cheek but no reaction. My fingers between her cheeks but no reaction. Hey! I found a rent on her jeans. I could touch panties directly. My first direct pantying :-) I had pushed and rubbed her with my fingers. I was turned on. I had pressed my hard hotdog on her hip but no reaction. I searched the hem of her underwear. A finger penetrated deep inside of her. She was hot. She was slippery. The finger reached her depth without resistance. I had had about 10 minutes of happiest experience. She flushed deeply with excitement. She hardly stood still. She barely walked steadily after getting off from the tram. When she arrived at the school, she went straight to ladies' room. I could not wait her because I did not want be late. Anyway, she is in the same school but different department. I am looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.
age: 19
sex: is fun
Date: 10:43:11, December 13

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