Selected Sensual Stories No.4

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Name: Mark
Title: My fav girls
Comments: What I like abuot groping is molest preteens. Because of their age, sex with them is crime. A girl without sex exprience is scared first. But with good groping she starts feel sexual arouse. Her heart is filled by disgust but her pussy is soaking wet by stimulation. With her eyes closed she holds back the ecstasy. Whenevre possible I molest girls. Rarely they let on to the parent about it. Some come back to be molested again and again.
Date: 12:55:15, July 19

Name: Marilyn
Title: I have a dream
Comments: I found this site and became a secret admirer. I have a dream. I want to be raped. I want my hands and feet tied, blindfolded, forced to eat man's meat, all holes pierced by men, by many many men, for hours. But I know I must keep this only dream. When I am bumped or groped I think of my dream. Once I was bumped and grabbed down there in a mall. That was the nearest to a rape in my life. He pretended he staggered and said "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it" and he walked away. But I know the man did it on purpose. I was very excited. I went toilet and masturbated.
Date: 13:15:57, July 23

Name: Naomi
Title: It's a cold
Comments: I am a college student. I caught a cold not long ago. So I went the medical center. The doctor in the school infirmary was young and handsome. First, He took my temperature. It was high. Then he listened to my chest. But everytime his hand went up and down his little finger brushed my nipple. As he found I remained silent he said that I needed palpation. And he started to examine by feeling with his hand. It was loathsome. But if he said it was a medical examination, I did not have any proof against him. His examination concentrated on my breasts. Then he asked if I ever bled from my breasts. He said that I had a stiffness on the left nipple. He carefully pinched it and massaged it. And he compared it with my right one. I knew why but I didn't know how to explain it. The left nipple was firmer only because he made it firm. Yes, he turned my left nipple on and kept caressing it. He then started pinch and massage my right nipple too. Only after the both nipples were well stimulated and equally firm, he said that it was not a cancer as I didn't bleed from breasts. The doctor said that his relief must come soon and he could give me a lift. Though I felt dizzy from the cold and the sexual excitement, I declined the offer. I have repeatedly masturbated thinking if . . . If I accepted his offer . . . I don't know why he could do that. I haven't gone the clinic thus far. But I want to see him again. I mean my sex drive want to see him. But I am scared.
Date: 13:32:30, July 26

Name: Alex
Title: a good view
Comments: I went camping last year where I was caught in the unexpected rain. A young female biker hurried on her way back. She wore a light-colored T-shirt. The bosom blonde had brassiere but wet clothes molded to her body, gaving clear view of her pointed brown nipples. She might not become aware of it. It doesn't matter much, you may think. But I found a wet T-shirt more sexi than naked breasts.
age: 23
sex: M
Date: 13:36:00, August 01

Name: T&T
Title: me and my boyfriends
Comments: I have three sex friends. One of them found this page. He told two other boys about it. They were all excited. They asked me if we would try a groping adventure. I was more than happy. We took a subway early in the morning. It was not much jam-packed one. I was surrounded by three boyfriends. But they were timid at first. Because an old woman repeatedly took a brief look at us. But soon the train was very crowded as it came within the city limits. (Well, this is where it really becomes subway.) The crowd cut off the old woman's inquisitive view. The three groped me back, front and top. I could feel an erected P**** on my bottom. A hand made an invasion into my miniskirt. My well-developed breasts were cupped by hands. I tried hard to held back my pants. I felt dizzy. My knees shook. Two men's fingers met in my wet C***. I was dripping. When the train arrived at the city centre, we took the train back to the home without delay. We could have hours of nice gangbang that day. I love ya gropers.
age: 19
sex: female
Date: 12:49:44, August 04

Name: Carmelita
Title: student
Comments: I was first played with when I was 12 by my stepdaddy. he loved when I sat on his lap I remember feeling his crotch grow against my tight little but. my pink puffy nipples would stick strait out from under my t shirts and he would sometimes come in my room at night and talk to me when i was afraid of the dark he would rub my back and my legs and my but. but one time he rubbed my flat belly and my hairless kitty to it made me feel funny but i liked it alot. i would get real sticky and take my panties off. he taught me how to french kiss and i learned how to lick and suck him on my knees. he loved my hair in braids he always braided my hair.
age: 16
sex: female
Date: 15:59:20, August 04

Name: Kent
Title: grope and be groped
Comments: We have hot days here in Washington and girls are almost naked. That girl wore thin short pants. I approched her from behind and pressed and grinded my hardened meat. She must know that but she stayed still. She had elastic fleshy bottom. I pressed my thing vigorously on her cheeks, and also on her womanly crack between them. My precum wetted undershorts. But a few bus stops later, a man leaving the bus parted us. He plowed his way between us and through other passengers. After the nuisance, she turned around. I could read a "so-what" expression in her eyes. I looked away pretending ignorance. But she look me up and down suspiciously before she too looked away. And she turned her body about 60 degrees. Her hand was just in front of me. And she held out her hand little by little. It was coming closer to my dick! God! Thank you! My thing was as hard as a rock. I rubbed my cock against her hand. And I turned my body a bit. Now I could touch her pussy. We groped each other. I rubbed and rubbed my cock against her hand. She seized me and scratched me. She fondled me really tooooo gooood. I also seized her crotch and gave her sexual massage as good as I could. And I wetted my pants. Since she didn't wet her pants as much as I did, should I regard this my defeat? Anyway, I want have a return match. Girls in thier 15-16 years are very naughty, aren't they.
age: 20
sex: Why not?
Date: 13:51:13, August 09

Name: kneader
Title: I was lucky.
Comments: Lately I had double groping. I saw two girl in their late teens. One had an ample bosom. Another had a pretty face. I don't know why, but I was standing between them. I touched the big bosom faintly. This was merely the biginning. The probe was successful. I kneaded her tenaciously. But she went on chating with her friend. A playful idea struck me. I reached my hand behind my back where I could grope pretty girl's pussy. Sure I probed her first. She pretended ignorance. It's fun to see these two girls keep talking innocently while their tits and cunt were fondled.
Date: 15:27:13, August 15

Name: Sara
Title: I was gangraped by 10 men.
Comments: I was on the bus and a man walked to me. he put his hnd on my left boob and mssged it. he told me to get off the bus at the next stop. i said why. he said tht he wanted to fuck me. i was a virgin nd was hot. i said ok. then we got off nd he and his friends gangrape me. i loved it.
age: 14
sex: Female
Date: 12:20:54, August 16

Name: Lynn
Title: A skillful grope
Comments: I have written before that I go out of my way to be groped on the New York subway sometimes. Not that anyone has to try hard, the subways are packed and there are many willing hands. I don't seek out this fondling every day just when the mood strikes me. Avoiding contact is all but impossible. There is a great difference between rough contact and an intimate grope. A few men have the finesse to make love to an unknown girl. These are the skillful ones that get me moist and so excited that I must masturbate after the ride. A good 'chican' has a real sensativity about how far he can go. He might touch me along my spine and let his caress follow the cleff in my butt. It is a lovers caress that might panic some, but for me, the touch sends chills through me right to my clitoris. My chican reads me and his hands soon kiss my body again, perhaps down my flank and then up, brushing my rump again. He feels me quiver with the delight of it. He understands that I am reacting to his sexual advance. I am his to give pleasure to while he explores my body at will. We now engage in a public sex act, where he hides his movements from others, knowing that I will just be passively enjoying what he does to me. Foreplay starts with touuching my behind and the back of my thighs. When he is ready my chican will move on to my breasts. Now my unknown lover and I see each other clearly and as lovers do, he will proceed at a pace which depends on my response. Having explored my breasts and hardened my nipples with his fondling, he then moves more to my front with his hands down low. A good chican knows that I wish his touch between my legs. Through my garments he will feel my slit and move to its apex and rub my excited clitoris. My lover trys hard to satisfy me, rubbing firmly and without hesitation. Too often before he can bring me to climax, I have reached my station. A few quiet words as I leave, glowing and rushing to a place where I can finish our love act with my own fingers on my core.
age: 25
sex: female
Date: 01:02:30, August 20

Name: Blue
Title: Shop Girl
Comments: I go to a store with very narrow aisles. One clerk is a pretty girl who is plump, and the manager always tells her to hurry. She had to pass my cart and as her buttocks pressed against it I put my hand on the cart so I felt her. When she came back she turned the other way. I put my hand on the cart again and said, "Be careful, it is sharp." She pushed past the cart and blushed because she knew my knuckles could feel the hair on her pussy through her skirt and panties. But she said, "Thank you!" I shall touch her again.
age: 64
sex: male
Date: 14:03:31, August 20

Name: Edie
Title: RE: Shop Girl
Comments: I am curious if she turned the other way, to give her pussy knowingly. If so, why she pushed past the cart? What if Mr. Blue waited till she touched his hand? He might say "Oh, I'm sorry. It is sharp" only then. He could even pull the cart back little, prolonging the contact. Daring, daring. I can hardly look in her face.
Date: 10:09:03, August 21

Name: Blue
Title: Shop Girl 2
Comments: Edie asked: >I am curious if she turned the other way, to give her pussy knowingly. If so, why she pushed past the cart? < I think she wanted to see if my hand was on the cart. I did not put it there until she squeezed past. the manager was telling her, "Hurry" with a box she fetched and her hands were full. Today I asked my shop girl to find something which I knew was in a corner. As she pointed it out I put my cart behind her, then reached for the can so that my arm brushed past her breasts, then again bringing back the can. She made a small noise of surprise, and the manager looked our way and told her, "Help Mr. Blue. He is a good customer here!" She could not move, and she seemed to hold her breath as I reached out again and let my hand pass over her breasts. "You do a good job here," I told her and smiled at her as I got a third can for my cart. This time my thumb touched her, and maybe I could feel her nipples. "Thank you for helping me," I said, and I took my shopping home, thinking of my Shop Girl.
Date: 15:15:10, August 23

Name: Commuter Jam
Title: A tall woman
Comments: I arrived at a station where I must get out of the sub. But a tall woman of pretty face was getting in. She is only slightly shorter than me. She must be about 175cm. Instead of stepping out, I stepped backward keep facing her. I holded a bag in my arms. It's natural posture and I could feel her tits. At first I grazed them carefully. And then press them hard. She was very slow to respond. Only when I started to scratch her nipple, she leaned back somehow. I lowered my arm. I touched her venus' mound. Again she waited until I fondled her pussy tracing her lips. She leaned forward. I raised my arm, scratched and pinched her nipple. I kept raising and lowering my hand, touching her top and bottom alternately until she got off :-) And I was late for work :-(
age: 24
sex: Male
Date: 13:59:48, August 31

Name: steve
Title: my technician
Comments: I am a 52 year old chemist working in a lab. I have a technician who is a married 25 yrear old woman. We became very good fiends. The last days she made some unusually provoking jokes on me. First time I just touched her bottom qite gently. She stepped away but kept smiling. When next ttime she made jokes on me I stood up up, stepped to her and playfully grabbed her neck to shake it. She was laughing. Then with one of my hands I tuched her left tit and also took it in my palm. She defended it with his arm, but was not hurted. An other time we sat next to each other and she started to make jokes on me again. I tuched her knee and playfully started tickling her while my hand approached her pussy. He did not wait till I reached it, some moment before she stood up. I told her I felt swelling. She was smiling and told that was my problem. So we play this way 1-2 times a day. I do not know what will come out of this. Once I should like to give a long kiss on her neck. Or more :)) Steve.
sex: male
Date: 07:58:17, September 02

Name: Marissa
Title: I enjoy old men!
Comments: I am a young woman who from an early age enjoyed turning older men on with my little body that started blossoming at the tender age of 11. I use to try to make my teachers get hard by sitting in class with short skirts showing my crotch with and or without panties. I think it was the power my pussy had.
age: 18
sex: female
Date: 19:10:44, September 03

Name: george
Title: another subway story
Comments: Friends, can you really put your hand up girls' skirt? I couldn't believe that. That aside, here is my subway story. Around 7pm is the time the subway is usually not crowded. But a group of teens jumped into the car just after me. I was push to a woman by those ill-mannered kids. "Thank you, kids" I thought. She was short haired short woman. I could press my dick on her back. I could see her eyes closed with a walk-man. I traced her bottom lines with my elected. I guessed I could go little further. I held her hips firm but before I thrusted my pubis she opened her eyes. So I released her pelvis. I kept touching her with my elected and her must knew that. But she closed her eyes again and listened to the music. I could not estimate how much I could go. I kept pressing my hard bulge. Without courage to reach her pussy nor her tits, I indulged in wild fancies in that I cup her breast and squeeze her nipple while my other hand goes all the way down to her belly button, then dip into the swamp of her femininity. I was about to do my load but I saved it because I hate wetting my pants. I hope you experienced gropers unveil the trade secrets.
age: 21
sex: M
Date: 15:08:49, September 04

Name: Blue
Title: Shop Girl 3
Comments: I was in the store at the end of the day, and as I followed my plump shop girl I had my hand on her buttocks. The manager saw me and asked, "Mr. Blue, are you touching my lazy girl? Come into the office." He locked the shop door. Everyone else had gone, and the girl and I went into the small office. "She is not lazy, she is your best worker and you should pay her more." I told the manager. "Maybe I should, if she likes to be touched!" he said and he put his hand under her skirt and felt between her buttocks. Then he took her hand and put it onto the bulge in his pants. Standing beside her he felt her ass and cupped one breast. I was so excited I put my hand under her skirt and touched the front of her white cotton panties until I could feel the hair of her pussy. My left hand took her right nipple between fingers and thumb and squeezed gently. Then something wonderful happened. Without being asked or forced, my shop girl reached out with her other hand and held my erect penis through my trousers! Four hands were exciting her, and she held two erect men. Her eyes were closed, and tears ran down her face.
Date: 16:09:22, September 05

Name: Ashleigh
Comments: My Uncle Jim introduced me to this site. He let's me stay over and take care of his little boys 2 & 4. I enjoy my new experiece with being turned on be a man older than my daddy. He plays with me and rubs up against me every chance he gets. At first I was afraid, but now I get wet just thinking about it. His wife my Aunt Gina would kill us both. But he makes my pussy throb and ache to be rubbed. I can't get enough of it. Soon I will let him teach me all about oral sex. He is 50 overweight and balding but he really makes me hot!
age: 17
sex: female
Date: 19:20:17, September 05

Name: Lisa
Title: RE: Uncle Jim
Comments: Ashleigh's uncle, 50 years old overweight Jim has little boys 2 & 4. Aha! he must have a young wife, maybe early 30s. You don't beleive a wife late 40s would have toddlers.
age: 14
sex: fem
Date: 18:17:23, September 07

Name: Revenger
Title: I raped a sister of man who raped my girlfriend. hahaha
Comments: Ever since my girlfriend was date raped, our relationship went down. Because of that I decided to rape his sister. She is not bad. Her only fault was; when my girlfriend was raped in his home, she was there but didn't help her. I waited her way back from her school. She is tall and well built. But she is no sport woman. Just moment she opened her car, I grubbed her from behind and closed her mouth with anesthesia filled handkerchief. She groaned for a period of time and fainted. I stuffed her into the car. Once in my home I took her clothes off. On my bed and spread-eagled, she responded my petting though she was still unconscious. But I waited until she come to herself. I had enough time. I made her ready. Her nipples poked out and her pussy was all wet. I don't think she is virgin but she is not doer either. Anyway, she moaned and grinded. But all the sudden she stopped respond my stimuli. She came to her sense and realized that she was being raped by the boyfriend of the girl whom her brother raped. And she decided to make herself appear still unconscious. All tied, she could not get away nor fight back. Maybe she thought she could avoid humiliation if she was unconscious. I played her game. I pretended not aware of her awareness. And sucked her nipples, licked her pussy till she could not bear anymore. She panted. She groaned. She sang sweet. I started abuse her verbally first pretending mumble to myself, gradually against her. "yeah, you are wet 'n horny" "you want my dick or anybody's dick, don't you" "you are the sis of rapist and blood will tell" I made it clear that I knew she recovered consciousness. And I pinched her nipples and bit her pussy lips. She could not pretend anything anymore. And she openly coveted my tool. I made her say "I'm whore. I want a penis" etc. Now she is my secret girlfriend. I'm training her to be my sex toy. If you have any good idea how to break in a girl, make her crazy about sex, I want to know that. Also if you want to know a lot more about her, I would write the sequel to the story.
age: 22
sex: man
Date: 14:43:55, September 09

Name: Vic
Title: A big vib for a big bum
Comments: The sub was filled to capacity. I put a vib of great size to a gal of great butt. I pressed it hard and soft. She couldnt bear it. She bent slightly to receive more of it.
age: 21
Date: 18:34:20, September 12

Name: teacher
Title: 14 and masturbating
Comments: She's better stacked than her 14 years. Although she is not best bosomed in her class. She is not prettiest girl. Never the less, I have kept eyes on her. She is one of the most amorous girl I've met. That's my educated guess. Indeed, I found her masturbating during a class. It can't be helped, considering her age. Quit a good number of girls masturbate in their early teens. I know how to deal with the problem. I'm a teacher. She crossed her legs, slowly swinging with regularity while her pencil case was pressed against her underbelly. Quietly, I approached her from behind. I patted her shoulder. I said no-no with my eyes. I was sure that we didn't attract anyone's attention. I met her later. I asked her about the incident. She blushed with shame. I changed the subject before long. I knew she was absorbed in algebra, unconsciously masturbating her pussy. Now she is conscious of it. It becomes our secret. She plays innocent in the following classes. Me? Occasionally I fixed my eyes on her. She is embarrassed. When we happen to pass by walking down a corridor or somewhere, I give her a word or two, flattering her beauty. She is confused. If I give her an advice in a class, I pat her shoulder or back, whenever nobody's watching. Quickly she became very friendly. I started to call her in my room asking her assistance or giving her supplementary lessons. None was necessary. I just kept caressing her back. Finally, I put in a phone call. Without giving my name, I said that she must put on so-and-so miniskirt. I knew she had it but she rarely wear a skirt. I trusted that she could recognize my voice. The next day, she wore the miniskirt. I called her in my room, asked her if she stopped masturbation. She said she had not and whenever she did, she was thinking of me. I asked if she was wet. She answered yes in a small voice. I asked how she was thinking of me when she masturbate. She could not answer. She looked down with a scarlet blush on her face. I said that she needed to remove her panties or they got stains with her wetness. I helped her. I said that I would wash her undies so that her mom would not notice them. I have been a teacher last five years and have had affairs with some of girls. But that was the first time I took a bottom-less girl out for a walk. I couldn't stop my crotch swell against my already-soaked slacks. I hid it by a bag and took her to my car. But I couldn't wait till back to my house. I put a hand in her skirt. I reached between her legs and the tip of my fingers slid over the hard little bump of her clit. We could be seen any moment. The danger made me and my young girlfriend enormously excited. When we arrived at my house, she could hardly move but twitch. I needed to bring her in my arms. I always tell my students; "If you don't like study and keep playing with other kids, you can't be, at least, a teacher. And if you can't be a teacher, you can't play with kids." wink ;-)
age: 27
sex: M
Date: 11:43:34, September 13

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